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The News-Herald's Biggest Offer
"Don't mention it," said Norton ami
ably. "Wo thought something like
this would happpn Keep perfectly
mwy'C'i'.ivi r" i '',
n wwo hokum, jnmae lilMnfjFvt''ijV J I '
yJ-I. b l-, H h.,- I .IKMViIWl i. r L
,. Tt Mini 1. L
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I , HJ
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if LyiMja
ri -a
j i
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December 28, 1014.
A Merry Xmas and a Happj New
Year to all the readers of the News
Herald. Kev. Warner, of UIgi,'lnbDort, will
fill his appointment at this place,
Jan. 3.
Eldon Larrlck and wife, of New
-r-ienna, and W. A. Caley, of Middle-
town, are spending their Am as vaca
tion with J. C. Larrlck and family.
J. V. Sanders and family spent Sun
day with Amos Igo and family.
Cedora Hatcher, who is teaching
school at Mt. Washington, is spend
ing her vacation with home folks.
Mrs. John Hetherlngton returned
home Thursday from a three weeks
visit with her daughter, Mrs. Ira
Young, of Leesburg.
J, 0. Larrlck and wife, Ruby Caley,
Eldon Larrlck and wife, of New Vi
enna, and W. A. Caley, of Middle
town, spent Sunday with n. M. Igo
And family.
Mrs. Harley Stanfoith and Viola
Ferguson spent Saturday afternoon
with B. W. Bradley and son, Ch.-rlie.
Dealers Wanted
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Slinth fit,, Cincinnati, Ohio.
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f?ttESff "? """
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SiLl iT Ml 'IT 'I
ini fTW-? mci err.-i
- ,tli?l
?- ;VvlSka1i
SraCAjti " u VllL .sbiShBB1
fc-" it r A
aJT'i-r 1
Jn.jtiie LJb.s&r. -V
.Z&FrL E&JT.tT'-?.:iTt-2 S
Dec. 28, 1914.
J. W. Carroll and wife and daughter
spent Sunday with his mother, Mm
Mary Tedrick.
Mrs. Allle Henderson and family
spent Xmas with Fen Shaffer and wife.
Urban Stroup and wife, of Lynch
burg, spent Sunday with his mother,
Mrs. John Wilkin.
Leonard Aber and wife spent Thurs
day night and Friday with thelatter's
parents, Wm. FQster and wife, of
Mrs. Leslie Baker and children, of
Trenton, are spending severa days
with Peter Baker ana family.
Mrs. Sopha Stroup and Mrs. Joe
Driggs spent Sunday evening with
Chas. Wolfrom and family.
II. F. Tedrick and wife spent several
days with her daughter, Mrs. Oscar
Chaney, at Cincinnati.
Cary Taylor made a business trip to
Cincinnati Monday.
Several friends of Curtis Aber spent
Thursday afternoon at his school. All
report a line time
Miss Madge Stroup and girl friend,
of Norwood, are spending several days
with her father, M. C. Stroup.
Bert Strieker, of Norwood, spent a
few days last week with his parents,
Frank Strieker and wife.
Ora Taylor, of Norwood, spentXmas
with Miss Iva Strieker.
Loney Wilkin was calling on Clar
ence Aber, of Harwood, Saturday.
Mrs. Green Do you ever flatter your
husband ?
Mrs. Wyse Yes, I sometimes ask
his advise about things Transcript.
Doan's Beguiets are recommended
by many who say they operate easily,
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V i
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CLTJB No. 21
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CLUn No. 33
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Dec. 28, 1914.
Miss Viola Sypherd, of Xenia, is
spending the holidays with her moth
er and other relatives.
Miss Nelle Stethem, of New London,
is spending a few das with her par
ents, Wm. Stethem and Aife.
Mrs. N. M. Overman and sons, Ver
non and Robert of Overman sppnt a
few days last week wlt'i relatives here.
A daughter wa9 I orn to Harry
Wright and wife last Wednesday.
Mrs. Benton Kesler spent Thursday
with her son, Fenton, and family, of
Harley Suiters and family spent
Friday with John Boyd and family.
Misses Maude Cameron and Mary
Bell called on Miss Elva Spruance
Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Clara Knolsley, of Cynthlana,
is spending a few days with her
daughter, Mrs. Harry Wiight.
Mrs. Flo Boyd and children and Mrs.
Fannie Spruance called on Mrs. Ella
Burnett Saturday evening. ,
Mrs. Lem Hunter and son, Charley,
and daughter, Blanche, spent from
Friday until Sunday with relatives at
Serpent Mound.
Mrs. Anne Elliott spent the past
week with her son, Frank.
Miss Myrtle Watts took dinner Sun-
ner with Misses Mary and Flossie
Miss Maude McCoppln spent Satur
day night and Sunday with her par
ents, at Carrael.
Dr. Mason and family spent Xmas
with Benton Parkes and wife, of
Miss Katherine Oreod spent Satur
day night and Sunday with her grand
parents, Clate Creed and family.
isrsM 4 tf9WJ,rtlHByf 7
raZSfii?Jr rtV? &i&F - i i
BWMfttfggiSf7ff??,t I
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Rf.Vn No. 2T
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CLUB No. 28
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CLUB No. 2f
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CLUB No. ao
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CI.UB No. 31
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CLUB No. 32
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Spinster How many Masonic Lodges
dla you say yourhusband belonged to ?
Wife Fifteen.
Spinster My goodness I Just think
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Perfection Sales Agency
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Hosiery Direct from Mill to the Hem.
Brains and His Accomplice Plan Cap
ture of Servan.
quiet, you chaps Drive oi, chauffeur;
drive oni"
"Yes, my Jord! To what particular
police station shall I head this omni
bus?" "The nearest, Jones; the very near
est you ean think of! Some day, when
I'm. rich, I'll hire you for my chauf
feur. But for the present I shall ex
pect at least a box of Partagas out of
that hundred."
Jones chuckled. "I'll buy you a box
out of my own pocket That hundred
goes to charity."
"Here -we are! Out with you," said
Jim to his prisoners He shouldered
them into the police station, to the
captain's desk.
"What's th!3?" demnndPil tho cap
"Holdup men." said Jim. "Entered
this man's car and tried to rob him "
"Uh-huh ! An' w ho're ou ?"
Jim showed hi3 badge and card
"Oho! Hey, there; I mean you',"
said the captain, leveling a finger at
Otto. "Lift up that hat; lift it up
Sure, it's Fountain Pen Otto! Well,
well; an' we've been lookin' for you
for ten months on the last forgery
case. Mr. Norton, my thanks Take
'em below, sergeant. You'll be here
to make tho complaint In th' mornin'
sir." he added to Servan
"If it is necessary "
"It may be against Otto's pal I
don't know him "
"Very v. p11 "
And Jones and Norton and Servan
trooped out of the station
At last Jones and the reporter en
tered r. cheap restaurant and ordered
coffee and toast
"You're a wonderful man, Jonei
even if you are an Englishman," said
Jim as he called for the check
"English? What makes you think
I am English?" asked Jones with a cu
rious glitter In his eyes
"I'll tell you on the night we put the
rollers under Braine and company."
Jones stared long and intently at
his young partner. What did he really
(To be continued )
Dec 28, 1914.
David Carrier left Friday for a visit
with his sister, Mrs Lowell Fawley,
and other relatives at Peebles.
Ambsla Shelton and wire, of east of
Hillsboro, spent Thursday and Friday
with the latter's parents, Rev J.
nollingsworth and wife.
John Luck arid wife, of Lynchburg,
were the guests of J D. Van Winkle
and family, Thursday,
A. N. Dunn and family, G. G. Rob
inson and Mrs Lottie Robinson spent
1 Saturday night and Sunday the guests
j of Chas. Tice and family, near Buford.
P. S. Bell and family had as their
guests Friday: Guy Purdy and wife
j and Forest Emery and family. They
also entertained a number of relatives
at dinner Sunday In honor of their
son, Mack, who Is spending his vaca
tion with them.
Oscar Pigott, of Springfield, is spend
lntr a few davs here with his nnrpnts
I Roy Harshbarger. wife and daugh
ter spent Xmas with the former's
mother and sister, at Point Victory.
Effort McCoy and wife, of Miller's
Chapel, and Ervln Carrier, of Danvijle,
were the guests of Wm. Carrier and
family, Sunday.
Ed. Williamson and family were the
gnestsof relatives near Belfast a few
days last week.
Clyde Holllngsworth and wife, of
Springfield, are the guestsj-of Rev J.
H. Holllngsworth and family.
John custer, of Chillicothe, 111., was
called here last week on account of
the illness of his father; L. B. Custer.
Nelson Barrere, wife and son and
Martha Barrere spent Friday with
Homer Catlin and family.
Aunt Harriet Roberts fell against
the stove one day last week, burning
her hands and spraining her ankle
She is getting along very nicely.
Mrs. Margaret Gibler Is the guest of
her sister, Mrs. Roberts, this week.
Mary Ellen Stewart has sold her
town property to Roy Harshbarger.
The fact is, the three magazines we
sell with The Newb-IIeualo for 25c
extra, represents the biggest reading
value ever offered the public Hae
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CRr COS .I.LI US Acting Director of
Sun lay S liool Course.)
GOT DFV Ti;XT-X sill hinl their batk
fillcllm?. I will loe them freoly. Hos 14 4
This year we again return to the
history of the chosen people and fol
low them through the reriod of the
Judges, the days of the monarchy un
der Saul, Darin" and Solomon, and the
divided kingdom In the times of Eli
jah, Amos. Hosea and Jonah, down to
the time of Daniel during the cap
tivity. I. Another Generation, vv. 7-10.
During the days of Joshua Israel
servpd Jehovah, but his Influence did
not last long after his death. Ever
and anon God must needs raise up
a Joshua to lead his church. We
have another "Joshua" Jesus who
Is ever with his people and we do
not need any earthly leader (Ps. G2:5;
Phil. 212). Still God is working
through human agents and in every
crisis raisps up his spirit-clothed
leaders. No doubt this "another gen
pratlon" honored .ToBhua as a hero
but they did not follow In his obedi
rncp to Jehovah It Is easy to dls
i libs Hod's mighty deeds among men
In calling them mths and traditions,
or to dmy thp "accuracy of the rec-o-ds."
Doubtless the Israelites fplt
tln-Ir obligations to their neighbors
and feilow-trlbesmen. but they lost a
realizing sense of their obligations to
Sin of Idolatry.
II. They forsook the Lord, w.
11:13. Backsliding Israel Is a prov
erb Over and again there was a re
turn to true worship and just as
often a forsaking For centuries Je
hovah bore with, forgave, restored
and punished this "stiffnecked" peo
ple, until the final overthrow and cap
tivity burned into their consciousness
the sin of idolatry The reason for
this was their disobedience In not
putting out of the land "the gods ot
the peoples that were round about
them." Liberality of this sort always
results in spiritual ruin. A nation's
ideals about God not alone determine
Its moral status but eventually its
physical and temporal welfare as well.
Their way was not evil In their own
sight and doubtless they were con
sidered very progressive, and their
course an evidence of greater wisdom
than that of their fathers but it
was "evil in the sight of the Lord"
We do not understand that theso
Israelites took up the worship of
Haal, the sun god, with all of its
abominations at once, but rather
sought a combination, a compromise
worship, which of course led to the
inevitable forsaking of God Verse 13
indicates the base ingratitude of
such a course for he it was "which
brought them out of the land of
Egypt" (Titus 2-14, 2 Pet. 2:1).
III. The Anger of the Lord, w.
14, 15. There is no anger like that of
outraged love. We are apt to forget
the other attributes of God, those of
Justice, holiness and purity and that
God can not look upon iniquity (Hab.
1:13). The light men enjoy only
heightens and makes more black their
offenses. God's angc can "wax hot"
and here he "delivered them into the
hands of the spoilers that spoiled
God Keep Hie Promises. '
IV. And the Lord Raised Up
Judges, R. V. vv. 16-19. These wero
men who Mt the bitterness of tho
distress of their nation. God keeps
to the letter his promises, both of
blessing and of punishment, but "In
wrath he remembers mercy." These
judges had higher aspirations than
simply to Judge, for they "saved" the
people. We who live in this present
dispensation of grace have one who
is now the savior but who shall yet
be the judge. I'hnt these righteous
leaders of the people had a difficult
task 1b suggested bj verse 17. The
hearts of the people 'went a whor
ing," lusted after the things repre
sented by Haal and Ashtaroth, which
history tells us were too vile to bo
enumerated. The judges secured for
the people of Israel their rights ac-
cording to the mercy of Jehovah. At
the same time they were rulers, and
as such secured for IndMduals tireir
Tho worship of Jehovah always
taught and Impressed moral and
spiritual truth and required the con
fessing and forsaking of evil. Theso
Judges were God endowed and did not
prostitute their gifts. They were God
led, saw Israel's need and had cour
age, faith and zeal enough to show
Israel that the first thing they needed
to do was to forsake the evil and re
turn to a life of obedience to God.
Their equipment was in that "th
Lord was with the Judge" (v. 18).
Notice that God was with those whom
he "raised up." Of course not all
of the time, nor all ot the land at
I ill times was thus torn nnd belnff
punished as Is clearly suggested by;
j tho stories of Ruri Hannah and'
samuei. Aa Jenovah was with tho
Judges, as they wero exercising fidel
ity in their obedience of his word,
they brought to the people deliver-
. ance as long as they lived (v. 19).
The word "repented," which Is In
I Terse 18, Is one which signifies grleJf,
and sorrow.
I ;

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