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? i
Arrival of the Pacific.
. , New Yori, April 19.
Tho steamship Pa ific .eached her dock
at 9J o'clo k litis morning, having mado ihe
nksimnii from Llveroool in 91 (fujs. She
' lutings Liverpool dates to ihe 9th Inst. This
was the quickest run on rocord. .
A-he Liverpool Cotton market was dull
' d prices nominal. The sales oo Monday
reached 50O0 bales, and on Tuesday, 2.000
Uo. Grain market was firm without change
in prices. Provisions were as lost noticed
Trade In ihe manufacturing iHstricts was
?!s dulLand unsaiUfactory. j...,. - r r wv ,
t" SECOND DisrA'CB-'
TThe Pacific left Liverpool on VVednes hy
alSJJP. M. making her juo from dock to
'""dock jn 9 days, 21 hours and 30 minute.-.
Thls ta the first time the passage has been
made In less than 10 days. The shortest
TasiagVprevioui io this was 'also made by
Captain Nye, September last, when he cross-
,,. d he Atlantic in u uays,
6 hours and. 46
hti ni. ' cn fcvnr mada from
Mill IT ICTBk UUkWUKV ."- . -------
a. . ' , , ;
k- VZ-
The great success attending the use of this Bal
sam in Pulmonary, diseases, having naturally at
tracted the attention of physicians, and others,
various opinions and surprises have arisen with
regard to its component parts, some have supposed
it to contain indine, others mercury, 4c., and to
such substances they attribute its extraordinary ef
ficacy. Such opinions being entirely erroneous
and calculated to prejudice many persons against
the medicine, we pledge ourselfves that it contains
nothing of the kind, or anything the least injuri
ous on the contrary, it is composed principally
or extracts from the MOSS of ICELAND, WIRD
CHERRY, and the PINE of our NoaTinax lati
tudes. ICTSee advertisement.
CGiikat Inconbibtcict 1 1 Physicians . pre
scribe Dr. Rogers Liverwort and Tar in the last
stages and the most hopeless cases of Consumption,
after all other medicines have failed.as It has proved
itself to be the most extraordinary medical aid in
curing that disease. Now this medicine is as valu
able in the incipient stages, such as Coughs, Colds,
4c., &c when the. Leungs are not too far gone be
fore alceration takes place. It is seldom or ever
known to fall in breaking up the most distressing
Cough or Cold in a few hours time, if the directions
an strictly followed, s . .
AND TAR, which makes so many wonderful cures,
is for sale by J. P,'Flsmino and D. Reed, Pome
roy, Ohio. . - 'l .
i' ftew York to Jjverrxw., was performed by
. ' . ' ' - 1 a- . a iM. iT
the Asia 1n Decemft if last, ttv.iv wjSjji
hour and SO mirrors.
-rfOiUtei shall mm, ii. ........ i
ihinl. ...,.t. ....... , i. . ... .-;uuu one-
naoiiities on accentor or
cc,p,ur., one-fifih, and exclusivS 0f b
lfs o,si,ch bill, of t,tch(,n
r. . of the amount of the Ooles whS
t. such company Is authorized "to cirrulaio a
...UuMinte o( snch liabilities. "
. Sec. 26. No bunking company' shiiii m
any time pay ou. on 'loan. or'dSun o
: : purchasing of drafts or bill, of wchSe
" " Pyei.t of depositor,, no hall K
' ' Kt r0de, PU! c're"'a,l0,, tho notes
.ol any bnuk or banking co.nimnv j-,,.n
or of this S,.(e, which notes shdl noi
el and b;C,heiVabl J in "
" nf,,, i 'he coiTipuny so paying out or
pay out ot put in cimn m;n. b. J-
ued by unC bank ;. l Z , m ,8'
which, at n ,!,:: "'i"" .c,,mi"inJr'
i.in i i. ' r, .ouw' l"J"ng o.tor
r-- -..wumuon, not rcdeeniinir its
,1 ? ' of a ddnomi.
,.w.. .k. , nY0 aouars
' SfiC. 27. All no. .;
- .... iiuiuo, Ul . nnl ii
nces of debu exon,;n.. i.,i7. ", .' 01 "
ou,d by sy 00n7n
2 maJu y h wm. thereof, or' by speciu
OUOrsuillKni. n..,,M I i "I'1-1-1"1
... "viucnce o deiiUihall h
W. H. Remington's Warehouse, on Liud Street,
where he will bo happy to wait on his old friends
and customers, and convince them that be is nei
ther burned out or drowned out, but has plenty to
supply all demands for articles in his line.
He expects to be at his old stand in another week,
with a new stock, in a new building.- Be snre,
however, in the meantime to call at thehayscales.
Pomeroy, April 17, 1861. .
111 I j
The Greatest
In tub wholi Would!
W Pria 1 pm HwU, or Sir Btltlmft $3.
II ti bow pui up ta QUART BOTTLES, of to mm
r vh..vbi mm vrivn in nuuaii uatuei,
bottk coatabM Hi'
TV-FOt'K IX)8K8, ma Uw
la. ntlukr mhII.Iu I. .. I I.
,t m;i. - iwa v uttntii T mi m qom,
-Si? t Uii. Ulootl Parifler or M
oKior nwllclm, conmu la rreu miwire to lu bommId(
Indian Roots end Barks, !
wlileh no oUht medicine pwewt Tbeto ire Uw moti rMi
rurllleni of Ihe Blonit llml were evar known to eltbnr
Id,,ui ur wil, m, aod ikow twing wipomaW wtUi Uw tirtrnf-
Bars aparilla, Yellow Dock,
make Uili VeaeCablc Ex tract, not only tka ru.tBI4
Partner, but alio, a cktinper mmticm by rrnt aaila
Uaa any father, it la dkaoixr, baaaoaa tba axuiht. of It laat
mr b. bou ht Sir Oh Uollmr wlU laat aaaeh lexer, aixl
of funded Jubw
K I . . . . 1
t-uii mm by,- such company, and
aWil thO ComoratS DOWHrs nf annk
. - r - - -. t r
IQiJI 1 ' V:c?Plsucl1 Bs ,nn" be necessary
"nvsaffairs8ha!lfceosc- ' i
15. Etstao,,rComPany.S,!a11 Iiab'8 A
in -
;rhiA Orwii. tvr of-Tjverrbill'or note fiiil inT-I,UBSDAY,
stock constituts money by suoh compny, the
luuuain UIWIV IIC 1 SHU II ImVA hpnn flumanrl.
J . -
Sv.? cVculaan
maybe found al"""uul 5u" uemana ana re
consisting of , f ch company shall have sus
Figured and Wklly, ,he payment of its notes
Black. Greav1 9 mierest, at the rate offif.
Black and fituthk per annum from the time
figured, fuuisal or; suspension, as the case
i Frenoh Prii-' V lls noles in gold or silver
With an k'a'W in case or such general sus
cotton boodstv e. given three weeks notice of
.V.;7l0vin one newspaper in cena
Bleacheda40,n," thocounly wnere lhe Prin-
AIO C14P1 awn uanRing company Is oca.
Tweeds, Ac. We newspaper published in the
Pomeroy, Ag,nbugj provided that nothinir in
"VT EEDlnained shall be construed so as
LI Collars, Q continuance of bankine busl-
, -r-Bia aci alter tne year 1872.
TENNYlhe president and cashior of
9 J lors, at
fly formed pursuant to the orb
, " ... a
BONNET801 nan,Tat all times, keep a
dy, MilanJfcl list of the names of all the
Bnud, colored Oof such company, 'and the a
we by . affoegtyned b each,' and shall file
Ta TIhmm mora BlomLiltMMA. (tun. " " -
vortkaf uyoUmMMdictm. " V" . .
. .Wl. R . tl
rrvmmni i iiiirnnmaaiii ri it inorAni. inai n anv hnb. . i l-
IV, ,. , T-r l ' ' ""J vvuiinuii," KUIilfei WlltC
iiv.1 ue liuiu HI SUCH Cnmunnu ., ...
.. . i . -.. iqvo uuen lnsuiuieu. an orv
bKC 33.: The stocks transferred 'to the sc"bed, in this section, on account of any
Auditor of. Simo, by any banking company, supposed act of iniolvency, shall den hav
ror the socurity of its circulating holes, shall lng committed such act, sicr. company may
ItQ hp d hv llim ovl..cl..l.. r.. .L-. nnnlu In ... C , .. . J
. 7 "-".aitij iur inai purpose, "rrv ,v" " ;ui ur uumpuiuni juriSUICIK I
until such notes shall be redeemed, except enjin or proccedincs in the nremis
as Dereinnlier provided. - : - ; i-., es and such 'o irt, after citins the Treasur
Skc 31. i If an v such ha nljimr Pr -"Secretary, and Auditor of State, to show
shall fail to redeem, in gold and silver coin, ca"s.e wny mller Po eedtnga should not be
si.juii.Ku, iinu uuer ine nnatng 01 n juiy that
duvu vuinpany nas not -suspeiidcu the puy
ment 01 lis notes, when legally presented
in gold and silver i-oin, shall makj an order
enjoining said treasurer, Auditot and
reiary of State, and any receiver or receiv
ers oppointoJ by them from all further pro'
any ot its circulating note issuod In putsii
ancc of the provisions or this act, when pay
merit thereof shall bo lawfully domanded,
during the usual hour's or business, at ih
odico of such company, tho holJer of such
note or notes may causa one or more
InArtnf In ha ntninaiA k.. - . ..
i l .7 f y a nomry puOlic,
who shall, on protesting the same, forthwith Coedin85 on account of su;h su iposod act ol
forward notice of such protest to tha Audit- ilcy. : . t.. ' . .
oroi Diate, ana after such protest suffered OBw 0' " ,r,8 original capital stock; o
SI AlinM B... I r if.-
!. .1.-11 I I o a
.i eiiui. noi du lawiul lor the company thus
sulTering protest, to pay out any of Its notes,
or bills, or otherwise engage In the business
ol banking, except to receive and : safoly
keep moneys belonging to it, and deliver
any of such banking companies shall in any
maiiui r us uimintsnea, or any portion there-
oi dq wunurawn tor any purpose whatever,
wniie any debts demands acainst such
company. remain unsatisfied, no dividends
noiltrn.M.. .r uc
. - vep, lor collection, or for the
h.flr 10 PflJ redeem
cj :: ?T. ?uch C0'Pny;
-- - I- wiuer linuillllcs of the said
. , Company, and sfiPr ,,.,. li.i...... , . .. . al,J
borm H.L.I , "r . "eaiiuii nave
; 0C. XV.
spocial doposits, and where the holder of sha" ,nereu''er made on the shares of the
such notes ahull cause more than one to be Papilal aoc of acil con'Pyt until the or
protested on' the same day he shnll not re: 'i?inl. mount of th capital stock shall be
ceive pay for more than one such nroiest Hes,,ore(J either by contiibution of the share
Seq. 35. In caso anv aur-h hnhL. ,,olllers' or no of " profin of: the business
pany shall, fail to pay, and redeem its rircu- Li' !,,!CL,.p?in?B0'ri .fnd CaS0. dividen(J
laime notes on demand, in u . .-.i....
. i . gjk, ui anvor
coin, as specifud in the next rm.Hin.T c.r.
tlon of this act, the Auditor of State,, shall,
within teniydays after ho shall h
coived notico of such failum. k.hc, iK
ocks pledged by such companv. or. an
much thereof as mav bn nMii,.
deem the outstandlnri' f?ironinn a.-J -r
O -.k..iii IIUIC9 . Ul
snail bo made whilo the capital stock shall
remain so diminished or withdrawn, it Khali
be th i duty of , any court, having coropeieiu
jurisdiction, to make the necessary orders
and decree for closing the affairs of such
company, and di viding its effects among its
creditors and shareholders M in this act prq:
V'dt'-.;.'l !.''( j.(; vna ;;i '.: rr,,r;(, i ;
Sec 39-fAll fees for nroiflstintr ika nnt'na
j t ?V ,wcn Dankng company alrelt
Km lira person procuring the protest
o lupuuaua sucn company 6ball be lia
therefor, but no ban of the stock nAaaA
i. i judgment or docroes in its favor nil' A,!. ,,ock8 10 be off,!r for sale, in two or more . u.ch Co,npnny o ihe;i Auditor shall be
IT r nlon('v, bullon. or other valuable "aw,sPaPcM published fn the city of New PPl,e ne payment of such foes; and all
i Wg for its use. or fnr . .. .-. York, and In nmifirat ,.r,nJ, ' . i.. expenses Incurred in conduciinir ili n'.
1. 1. . - -- UOU o onV 01 IIS I , a k-mmivu, iju, H.-3S i i . .O v
. -"'i.i:ra-w -creditors, all navmenm ,,f uian consecutive days beforo the day of pieugea siociu, ana advertise.
- y.-j ,naue alter iho commi.siinn u,D,"r ,,,eoincec" tne Auditor of State. " ' ""ivuiw me pru
Hk., 0 insolvency, or In Pr,nIm.,i. "'o city ol Uo.umbus. a vihrr nniip tr. wu" u' 'es.
ILi.i.r UM. . ' II.IUIIUII ;J " , , -o O . ,..-. .
inn f i to prevent the applica- '"Pny. ana also, advertising in one
'F hiZ J minsftj.rs .Iie noles, WnJs", .uCom,if tty: 10 SSuaekL
; dlk, ' """""ge, ana other-evidences of """fi" ,n '" city ol iNew York, after T
1 i!"iW.m l "7 ba"king company, or ol 8fV,,n """f0 ( ?uch "ch company; ia
IZ . u eU" aMi8nmcr..s or mon- "7 , aavcril8in8 time and place, of
' or othir securliin. i sale, with a neftinnm HB1!,.rin.i 1 r .t. ble
Sec. 40. The stockholders colloctively, of
I assets in ilm m... .... ' 1 .. . or more newsDnnnra niihlicKo1 nnJ :. lanvhnnki
), ,t- , "laiiiiur linscriOw'U I i , i . r-i , - aim iii stiller' v o ..'jt ouu.i at uu tuna ue
i. - nvt. wiin a View in th a "r r ' circulation in the civ of fl.. nmK A IIBUIO 10 such eomnnn. nihoF .c r..in.t.i
...v iiuivruiicB oi I v-.ui.ik.ua, aim , , 1 iiiiiii,iuai
. Ann, ....
T.""'"l,ur anoincr. cvepnt i..
OI ill nirpnUiln. . . I.
Minn fil" mnrA nnluinr.A - ' I
payment 7 , -o,m,,l3,s m general circuia-
I . l .
uouiuia ur BuruueB. or DO I I. in nn amnnn.
iio i iii ino county where the office of such Breau-'lf ,ni two-hlths or the amount bf cap
failing company is situated, which advHriiKo. '! "lock actually paid in end remaining nn.
"Sec. t9. ' U ,h dir. ,n ,.c .... . . menls sn" contain thosame narticulaw as dimlnlsncd by lossos or otherwise, nor shall
;c.trnpany which shall have availnil i,a if r ari,Jrc,ui,'fd n'n. where sales are to be ,ho Actors be so liable by the by-laws ol
ny of the nrivilf.. , T.UI 01 mad8 m the city of New York : and out nf uch company, adopted bv its atockhnl.lpr.
' ihall knowingly violate, or knoivinclv n!rmi, Proc7d8 !'r uch sale, the Auditor shall 10 regulate such liabilities; and it shall be
j oi tne olhcers,' agents, or snrtrnmo , r 1 " 'rcuiuung notes ol such bank, ,uo uu,v ,no auanor, treasurer, and st-c
uch company, to violate anv of t ZZ ,i ttS "I?8. muy ba Pre8en'ed. ratable pro- rctary of State, or a majority of them, as of
tons or this an. .li ,i... :,.A.. I"? r 'vu Por,,on or the liroceeds of such inl( nnt ot. I len 81 Once in each V6ar. to annnini mnu
J - I- . . "KIIIS, PriVlIt'Pl.JC. I flUArlnn .1 ' J .. ' . I ...I.-UI , .. ' ... " " .
pu irancnisos nf ni,l v . "'"S "mouni uue on said notes : ami "i"w yerson in tne vicinuv ol each banU
irom this aci.s mli !, ..!... i 'r X uue iioucfl snau ue civen bv ihn Amli,r
. . . ' i.iuuv ue iiiriniiAn m.h i .l.. i ... . - '
; vio.ai.on shall, however, be d,..,r nVrTL.: .M1"B" wl" PW at the office
.ijtiflged by. a court of crnnw usn iurlsd c T.uT , B'a'C; Fr0vided' ,ha' if any
". agreeably ,o the law, Xhl "s at r a S ,ho.c,!,,,w,1n8 ''es or such failingcom-
ihepraclco of .uch Coult, before K, Pny shall 0 be prcaenied for redemption
noration shall i, ,ii Telor.u ,.be cor- he office of the Audiiorof Sia,. ,-, 11 .r.
T)onnetSl.eh lisUn the office of the fecor-
if. -iitFwmj where any office of such
iur Doniieix.,... l, ia . j j i . .
rr '' V'i1 "i . ,u(;lueui an'i. aiso in tne ot-
lutrauuuor orito, iwThs months of
auuury ana July in every year.
- Seo. 44. No banking company shall com-
mence the business ef bankinir iinrlr ihi'.
act, until" such company shall have deposl-
Ifkil avllli iU ....1: .l. . . I
- ...... nuuitur mo securities required
by law, equal in amount 10 sixty por centum
ol ihe capital stock of such banking company.-'.-
(.,.! ,V-li.A,..---.l t.-r.. .
Sec - 45.. No; bankjng company as such,
shall issue or put in circulation any circuia
ting note or holes of said company, unless
tho same shuH be mado havnhu nr. .nj
and without interest, and every violation of
in is secnon, by any officer or member of
u uanKing company, or any officer or agent
thereof, shall deemed and adjudged a misdo
meanor, punishable by fine or Imprisonment,
or both, in the discretion or ihe court having
cognizance thereof; each bank established
by virtue of this act, shall be subject to the
provisions of "an act to restrain banks from
taking usury," passed March 19, I860.
Sec,l46. If any bank or banking com
pany shall purchase, buy in or take up, di
recily or indirectly, Bny-of their circulating
notes of an amount less than what is due
mereon, ail the stockholders of any sue
bank or banking comDanv: hll h n.Ku :
heir individual and in their
r v ''
pactty iorf all sum or sums for which any
such; circulating . bills or notes shall be so
purchased, below thoir par value, and any
inierosi.that may at the time be due thereon
wgemer wtirx twenty-five per centum penal
ty upon all such sum or Bums.
Sec. 47., All laws now in forca whloh n,
applicable to the banking companies herein
uuwioriieu, ana wuicn conflict with the pro
Visions 01 ibis acti are repealed, so far m ihi,
sam,e,inajr,oerappIicablo to the baukin
companies) irereip authorized., ; i .
Mm"m ' i 10HN P. MAR 517
, : . Speaker th$ llouteof Representative
j:;- r.i -iJ-'Mi '; .Speaker of the Senate
i,nwon ooi. i;..- ..,. :.
ittciggCa. gTclcgrapI);
.APRIL' 24, isit,-
.0OrV. hope our readers will excusa, the.
unusual space occupied by the laws this
week. '-Owing o our publication being two
weeks suspended, wo aro behind in their pub
lication, and are compolled to occupy more
space than would otherwise be necessary, in
urucr io uispose ot mem as soon as possible.
temperanco hve long demanded something
01 tne kind, and we think it is due to them
that the matter should bo tried
JVe Jiafo thus, in answer to our friends,
given our . views bfiefly as we could, and
ha.vJ.ng.do1. 0. 8haU leave the, question to
others, lor the reason, that we .do not wish
to be misunderstood or misrepresented;
wnat little influence as a public journalist
we possess, we wish to be exerted on the
sido of good morals, of temperance and all
movements tending to bettor the condition of
society, When we can acree with the
friends of reform wo are ever glad id assist,
and when we disagree, we would -rather be
Next week, we will re-publish ihe New Con- seem 10 arry ourself opposl
...... .w .krfll kUVI 19. a)
stitution from the certified copy so that our
readers may have it in its correct form. ' - f
tJCrOiru Town Reb0ildiiio.Two of
thoso burned out have already rebuilt, and
we learn that others contemplate common
cmg ; soon. several . projects have been
mooted, but none seems so practicable to-our
mind, as the joint stock plan. This plan
we understand meets ;with favor from the
majority of the lot owners in the' burnt dls
fj-VVe learn that two companies have
recently been organized on this side the
ijver, to engngo in the salt business. One
in Middleport, and one in Pomeroy. These
companies are composed of our most sub
stantial . men. The operations we under,
stand will be commenced immediately, and
but a brief time will elapse before we shall
iric.-Ourplan.wouia: Oe. something like ZltTT
ih. fniu-in. t. . i. ? i throughout the Market reports of ther West.
the following! . Let company be formed
wllh fnnttl. an .7 nCSniiVift -L . .A' A'S-Tf ilvnn'-.li'a n; U.lN
- Hu . v. .yv . wk. iii iiares u 1 1 . - . .. u .. . u m vviiim. uai rumn
such on amount as to render it open for men performing at the Court House in this tftace.
oi smati means to iakd"Siock. Lej the lot- W8 did not attend, but from ythjsniti can
owners tako stock to the value ol iheir" lotsTar 'earn w .should say they are rr4(er a "one
least, nnd as much, beyond as they may see horso" con7e?ri. YlojvaDnj niKer
r,. i iien Duita a diock or three story cuts aon't take in this place.
kplnk - k..HJ! : ' ' " . '. . . " - : r
uin.iv uunuinus. aopronr ai nnr ihn ita
w . . it -1 r ...w . . " k. .
i iivuh okadt, colonel J
ichfof IT. S, nrantryV V
killed at Detroit, Mich'J
B4DT was in the eighJ 1
" DKATU OF GE1V. HTJGn fiflATtr.
' The telegraph : announces lhe death of
Br.erM.ijor General Hugh Brady, colonel"
ol the second rrgimehf'of U. 8, Wantr'tV
who was acciaenially k
igan, on the JOih fnstar
Pllrrlliffn. Clannrii Da..
uiUI D)m tne eigb
teentlt yearpf. Jjis age. ,IU originally en
tered the army as an ensign of infantry on
the 7th of March, 1792,' "was but of service
lor some years, and re-entered as a colon-
ofinfantry on tho 6ih of July, 112, and co7j
tinuecl in military servica until ih. fa J- 4.
I . . Ul
ins ueatn. lien. H.
was a nativu of Pnn-
0.5-The steamer Buckeye Slate has laid
us under obligations for river favors, ,4,i9.,'
McMollen, has also our heartfelt thanks for C
his valuable prescription It works Ilka
charm wo hope his
indefinitely. Should he ever want t oeril
ficnto for his invaluable prepsratlon we shall
give him our name in blank, io').o filled as
he pleases. W malie our prolbundest
"Salaam'Vw the D." of the Buckeye. 1
O-Mr. KsKiof the Cincinnati, is again
entitled to our grateful acknowledgments for
warn of daily' papers, representing th
nntlra if .7trd " '" i ' -'
...... v iiTsi jiigasr,.. . - ;
The Whig County Committee; 'of Juniata
county, Pa.i -ai a; meeting 'on .the tOth of
February, adopted resolutions In favor of-
', ri--sanr4. Jn.u W . . .
..ories or business houses, and the' upper U ai SoS, Sc which being
Slor IPS fnr lini.1 .K. -fn - . .... 7 r "'""A " wwa r.JH. ,.,..r:,.j l. .. . .
. ollupa, vmos. b puunc j aneaa ot tne Messenger one hour and thirty-five "v,"""",cu ,u """t ne tnus acknowledged
mi., ana other purposes. The lot 'owners mmutes' ; Washington, March 12. 18 I
reserving the right of renting their old stands Some of the reen onea suprosed that as Jenny . Ueak Sit. The Whig Committetv and
at a fair rate in preference to those who J:,', was aboatd the Messenger, she could beat "? sfre,ary. of Juniata county Penjisylta.
have now no claim. V .1, the Buokeve! H our old favorite yet "wears the nia'hav me great honor..: ...
Ir"' ,h Pre?,sesT. horns'" I? staining her repuUtion Z the , Tha aPProbaion of my country was the
-j ...vM..t mis vwuiu oevjufa ineir oia Bwiitesi am it. that .a iv.,
, aaavau wt V11U UVaU
tifui Ohio.
first, and will be the laat irrat nU- nr
'ife' If I have the happiness to obtain that,
it will be minor importance whniKr 11 u..
ICT We see by the last Medina Whiir. to a chango in my official noahlnn AI MAI.
nM friond Tm,. C 1 1 a m .... .1 With m t m. r i .
be found who will ,U .,n,b . k. rcHreI ,rom the "iZ 'r'.rrm o
" w.wvi V MQ UI1JUUI1I I "W i
places of business in purpetuity if they should
deem proper, at a fair rem. We have no
doubt but that bricklayers and carpenters can
gemlemen of the Committon.
1 remain, my dear sir, yours truly.
' .WmriiLDScoTT;
a,; SsctETAt? or State's OFricE,
Columbus. March 9ft 1RA1
,1 hereby corufy that the forecoinc acts nrn
true copies of the original rolls, now on file
in mis ome.
s.V(,f;.,, v HENBY W. KING.
., , , Secretary of ' State,
I do hereby certify that the forecoinc is
correctly copied from 1I13 published list as
ceruneu to by the Secretary of State.
f fJIIIVtnf a.asa. -
; Audiior of Meigs County
i he ew Ibbbe-Cent Coin Tha
Washington Union referring 10 the new
nan-win coin, puotishes a letter from
Case of such
of uer in any bank ot this State, who shall have
power 10 make a thorough examlnotioo into
an ino auairs ol the bank which he may be
appointed 10 examine, and, in so doing, to
examine any oi the offinr flnrl nrr.ar.ia .f
ler ihe term of two venra fmm Am r such bonk, on oath: unrl ci.pK ,,. -u.n
, , ... UUIU VI -ttw.a HgMll anon
the first publication of the notice to the hoi- mako a eiailed report of the condition of
. iiviu 11
ing company, who shall noi h. a a.onlrhnl. IT'" .,n, ,na ra,n, which contains the
i)a,i..i...t.f.i.!.o... . . lonowinz -tniormation lasnaraina it mkii.
J: I 1
Q SSn VM 11 in
Part.c mited In. nr ..... ' .i wu" ? "
be held liable In his personal snd indivU.m ? f f, "T 10 Prcsenl ,he "' fuc.bank i0 lhe audiiorof State; and the
capacity, for all damages which 1 the comi. u tai,Ua!t ,c,0' ,ho Audi'r may pay fa"k'ng companies herein authorized shall
-ny. us shareholders, or anv oihpr ..,.. """'' ," 'crs 01 me noles previous- T . J , . 0,ner visitorial powers au-
'My politic or corporaiehall have Eah M no.CS have ' .n tTl l'' and W appointed,
ia inconscaiienen nr ...ni. "w". "V '''" wnaiever o the nto- r" .-nuu proviaeu, sua . recwvfl fnr
' , --v.. ,,u,aMO, ... , r . , , r ,' hiiu,U... ,kl i . . '
.rinuiuiiig m nis lianas, .- ' . ruia 01 two dollars lor
...ay uU iiecdeu lomny discharge such notes U U Jf oy Dlm employed in s.uch exami
Sec. 30. Everv Pr.t.n.'..i" nt . .
Ilor rt 1 .;""" vnci ior.asn
ler, Clerk, or Agoni,.of any bankini
ullvmisZlJ Tere,libm' or mad0 1,1 lho PVme" r no circulating notes mile h
rcL. !r1P yi Uny "f ,ha mone'8' fu"ds of My bnnk'' company established under Perform
fr! T..IUr' n..!.' M..v. iur,va
nm.n 7 ,"-yoni.l any banking so presented. Whenever default shall h "ution, and two dollars forevnrv twnn,.
. Illlk.ln InlU. i .... I llkll.. U . L..II . .. ' . V ..'V
aijuH necc
nice of his 1
the bankinir
ne shull necessarily rav..l. ,n !
' w vf ais
uuce of his dmv.. which bIiaII ia
comnanv hv kirvi ..
a nw ufL'hn r- t. . a . am " "
U VI Olll I V. I Ol 1 11 1 I . III! K I I " 1 1 nntflD WH nr i I . li I HIIJ1IICTU.
audi comnanv. nr. 1. 11 bin. In nr,,n " : l"' TTV "
. ' - iiiuiim.ii noi(j oy such
' or credits
oui 1 authority from the directors, issu
In til ihn 'nnt. .r -,w.la
- va auoii tiiJiiiiiH n v . rv aim 1 1 1 ri 1 a n n,.r..i : . .1. a a . . .1 an . . .
Hold by such OBC- Whenever anv bankl tiff i?nm
and f Jfny being desiruu io dlmiaish ihe amount
of iis circulntincr nnms. ahull Dli.,. .u .
o ned in such bank by su:h stock- udlir of State anv oonion of au.-h n..
or. Where a bank is nwnmi u.. I not leoi in amnnn. ... .. .1
----- - ,t icon,-. .mi uiid 1111111 uian nve
six stockholdors, tbev shall h inrliairi. thousand dollar.
ni.lluli.Klk. li L.11 j . 1 u, oauui-
j-i, . ,B,UI, Fsons, ior an debts ""'i uesiroy tne same, as prescribed
and liabilities of suchjwok. this. act, ttnd shall, thereupon, transfer 1
okc. 00, 1 lieAudi tor or State may, if " t"ver 10 8Ucn company, cer
he ahull doom that tho inter. aia of th r.n, funded debt deposited with him
holders of any insolvent banking company "mPany 10 an amount equal to the amount Butln liinnMr! "ML'''. " ! ' '' 1 ;
ri.innn. ...r.t . .. i "w & udQuitii u iiu AjtrCrfliHr u fit .viain i wmwis wvi iiuLB.Ki ramn.nir.rj tVHh Kill - l I '. w e-
...,,. ,,, nn ,nlen, , ttthor hvm,ihfici. nr ii .i" ..i' J. the auditor shall nn, .h..... Z:B,7"' bitoiv, tne Issue oi the threo com
chcomnanv. ftr.i..'..-L..'::r" : ' ",D' V'T 01 .. 1. " r I.. o- com as auxiliary to their nrmVmnnrl
iraiisierrou IO and rtpnnaili.H I,K uuiuuin o Ilia CBOIta I slnntr nr c,,nk 1 .'. . 'r. """"
. . u . . V. IT I k r I I . r -ww V k kUU,
nm l 1-.,. . ... 1 v '
bank, other than T tho d a " !! ! . '1.? 5 ''1 r.crc,iv? of "'" Wlw to tho
v.. .oy .ue Auditor or State, as provided hold:
ror by u,,, jet. cither with or wiihout the than
r...niy oi .wo directors, or shall wiil.out
stch auihoriiy issue or put forth any certifi
cats i of depositr draw any order or bill of
AGUnKg, mate any acceptance, assign any
JlntA. hnnl lr. I. ill ' . '
, .. u,u ol oxenango, mort
gage, judgment or decree, or shall make any
false entry on any book, report or statement
is interesting! , T, he coin will be ready for
-.uw Vj nn ur oi. may.
Th metal is . composed of three-fourths
auver ana one-lounn copper, and will al
ways retain a silver color, though not quite
equal in that respect to the other standard.
it i leaves a margin or profit to government,
mo wner coins do not; ihe reason or
w men may oo explained as follows: The
original bill for this coinage, prepared before
the postage bill was initiated,; contained An
other, provision hv whin) ih. ....
Q I -'J . ' "". .ifQTTVIII UUI
Spanish money which circulate largely
among, and which is every where regar Jed
as a nuisance, si ould bo d rawn inin ilia
mint and worked up. Hut, in order to el
reel that, it was necessary in nrn.Ma
lor buying them at their nominal value, or
not mucn below, it: otherw
wuiu iiu uu cAueoieu to maua tha
iha e corns' beir really worth ten or twelve
per cent, less thujr current valuo, by reason
of wear. V . . ' '
The reduction of fineness from ninaltamh:
to inree-lourths in tha ihrHf?.ni,i nioa
in there intended la enable onvnrnini.ni
and in the fins, levin anrl nn SrAlHI aa aa nLn a.
r.r.ifi.,-r .... --,-:.-"'" uiov to
"' uny ezDensna n lrnnmnn.iinn
are sorrv to Idna Viim. nn i-
ol lhe work necessary to be done, leaving One is, that he leaves us alone. A few years
ine materials only subject to a cash outlay. " in'M wew tnre9 whij editors in Ohio,
In this way the entire block fcm.ld h hii, who hailed from th "Register" office, Indianafa.
un with a aavinrr r.p fn.Lu .x. m ine WJ". ochsan, of the ML Vernon United States CotrtT. Jud M'Un
;f , , i , , ' , "-""uiium grace, ana weare the only rv,u,m '"'Ji "'""ng otner remarks, conirrat-
necessary, built by individuals. More legitimate representative of the old hive left. w ulatcd the Jury tlinl no violation nr
.L. .1 . ... .V.llk... l .. "I . . ' . .....UV-
ian mis oy mis mode it ?ould be rendered nowevef. and bear our additional respon- llon 01 ,n a I elating to the reclamation
almost fire prooff bringing the cost of insur- 8iMliiea with bscoming dignity. , , of fugiti ves from service had taken placo
ance to ' a mere nominal raw afrrtrflir,n ' ' r : : . nhin ibis State. He remarked, that this
greater facMiues 3 ! . T 8 reference to out forein new column' & fac 'P ell for the character of the citi-
greater lacilit.es for iraie, and increasing will be seen that the American steamship Pacific. zeM ' 0hi- e trusted no forcible in.
has made the quickest trip ever run across the ,erierence with the requirements or onero-
Atlantic Ocean ninb mtsand twblvb noni. ,on of ,hl would at any time be ax.
Hurrah for American enterprise and skill.. hibited wilhin this State; If the law were
' . , .. oojecuonaDie, let n be remedied by the bal-
. ICThc Corporation election on Saturdav last ' box. Forcible resistance should noi h
was more warmly contested than any election since coumonanced' should be promptly dis
oui town was incorporated. Th n,.o.iin couraeed and frowned down, i Sur.K a ni.
greatly the value of the roperty itself.
GO We are frequehtly asked by ' our
friends, why we do not) say something on
the Temperance provision to be' submitted io
the Pcoplo as part oi tie New Constitution.
We can very easily aniwer this question : ;
The reason has boei simply because we
diner in our views i or Aha Temperance ques
tion irom the large ybody or Temperance
on the "gallon ordinance." Tha
of redress has no sanction, and can have na
ordinance elected their council ticket by an ave-J 8,nclion from .he institutions or morals of
rage majority of six or seven votes. , , mo ooumry. it tends alike to; tha subvor-
. ' "r ' ' "'on of all order, and the destruction of alt
LAssoomo. The boys in San Francisco, who the securities of our social existence, 1
are expert with the lassoo, have turned their atten- The Judge also called the attention1 of" in
men. and We have Irtnir fnll ihnl a mm'l.
considered a friend If the cause, who does v .v. J i !y lhe co,,,e, JUry 10 !ho ,aw of 18,8 Ae he
iwn.n.,. .i. T ,n8C0USe who loos andwhenthcysceadrunkenhombreturnit.they preparation of military expeditions against
not come up to the topular standard of op.n- desperately fling at him, and when once in the friendly governments. ' He remarked, ' that
Ion on the subject. Not wishing to Incur the loop, they give him a troL sufficient to work all from the late reports it seems theCamair.
censures of the unlhinking.or of those inca- thebile off his stomach. These new temperance yenera! of Cuba approhends such anexpe
pable of thinkingrationally on anv subiect efoner, were quite active lately, and seemed to dUion, "gains the government of thai island
I ' ' ' h veru aooiniia in ,. ...... " He arlmnnialmfl ilia i vv ikal li .W.I. J..
we have remain quiet, content t,b ,Mhr. ' , 1 ,y to prcsen, nZ.
good results as nay accrue from the efforts DTA young lady in Saint Louis has eschewed sons. If anv thorn . K k.j tI
in the cause, ratfcer than seilk to direct those Pettic,ata' and aPPcats dressed in pantaloons, coat, were engaged within the State, In the boi-
efforts in a channel consonant to nnr c. . b0. weU does she becora,J tho attire lh"t ' n 'P or siting on foot any such exnedi-
i " ' - IT IT IB loin f ai, . .1 T : 1 1 1 . . I a . I .! I t I a . a . Z
.. .. ... oa.u o,,c uim a ume more moacsiy snel anu in is amy no hoped would be faith
would be taken for a man. fully and fearlesssly discharged, as he had
vicuona or what is expedient or nolitie.
Our opinion in relation to all reformato
ry efforts is, 'that whatever stars vou can In-
duce socioty ti take by appeal ng to its sense
(KrThe first ticket to Jknitv Lino's con
certs in Cincinnati, sold for $580. M'Elb-
I no doubt it would.
of moral obligation is for the . better has Vr a Merchant Tailor, on Broadway was
permanence and stiengih. ' and whatever ,no purchaser.
steps you fofce them to take by the power
We have already announced ihe arrival
and departure or Henry Clay at New Or
leans, from , Havana. The New Orleans
or law, in thb absence of moral conviction.
. . . .
is injurious, will react and in the end cause
a retrogrado movement in the masses.
1 he provpion referred to in the New Con
stitution reads as follows :
iM. i:..i .ip- ......
i.u uue itt) io iraiiic in inmx rat no in. j, . . . .
. . " i i u.ivi in o uioiam mains.
Daqckhiieottpino the moojt. Snm voru Picayune has the following account of an
ingonious daguerreotypes of the moon, as it f"liveninS scene, which took place at .
appears through the Cambridge, telescope, hip'ohmT ???
nave been made by Mr. Whipple. In those The U. S. steam frigate Saranac, Captain
views the volcanic mountains may be dis- Tatnall, sailed from Havana for Pensacola.
tinctly traced, with the deep vallej s between, ?" ,hh 3d Snstani, at halfpasi 8 o'clock, A.
i. m 1 1 u ciock, a. iv., air. tiiay was con-
. veyed on board or the Ohio in the Captain
Ueneial's burge, when the Ohio immediate-
to be stead
of the
a?f UR'1 Pay. or ihk,
Pnmnnnii I i i i I a
todv cororaio or nli.in' ... .... -.T. T-1 ",n J 8Ucn compajiy, to any oiher bank-
, ST vt SJIIT 1IIUITIU1IRI i ai tw a.' .
person. io deceive anv officer or .7, or!, 'ividuol, person
.npninted to jfl.pcct tho affairs of anv bank- Z 1?? ",erTr f".' nV
Jng company io the State, shall be ,'uilty of n , v".1.1? CT'
.. - , ' , i j Him uu ouuu oiuuk snau ne
- less than the nar val
tiia new urK oiock IU
company at that time paid in, nor in value,
va.M..aiii.g me same at thoir current price
in lhe city of New York, below the amount
oi circulating notes still retnined by such
company; nor shall tho auditor be required
.-..uin.iur sucn certuicates in iraciional
. I' " be .h dly of tho Au any such stock be sold on credit
. diioroi.aiato to receive mutilated circuia- Sec 37. On receiving notice lhal any
ntig notes issued by him to anv; of audi audi hanki
banking companies, and to deliver In place ted an act of Insolvency, as herein before
theroof ,oiher circulating notes to an equal J defined, the Treasurer of State, the Secre-
.u.uu.,., .hu mo sum inuiiiaieo notes, alter a tary ol Btaio, and the Auditor of Staio or a
memoranduin xlinll have been entered in ihe majority of them, shall appoint a snocinl
nrnnor linnll nr kniklra aliall I... I......l .- . ...1 L.n i '. 1
r""r-' uc uun.uu io ogoui, wno Hiiau immeuiateiy proceed to as
aslics by the said Auditor, in the pri-soncs of certain whether such compony has refused
Ihn , Secroiarv of Sioto, and tho officer or to pay lis noles In pold and ilv,.r.nin ,u
i .r : t l. ..i. . r "
tagi-mm sam compsiiy- oy wnom me said tawiuiiy chjmonded, and report to ihe said
notes. boll have been delivered to the said Treasurer? Secretary and Auditor the facts
i nuuiHir, ana m- ocnuioaie oi ssia ourning.i so asceriainod , and if, from lho report
alcrnod bv said Auditor, shall ba made in th,.! mailn. imlA-Trnrr..r '3nn.n,.. j .. i
b.M,ks of iho.rcglsicr, and a duplicate ihore- or, of aftsjorlty of them, aholi ba sa.kfi,
Of Rvf n n said ngcni. j that such 'company bus suspended tho nav
, ' nmiR" vl anuiejaiimi giro iiiciii ui us circulating notes, when lawful
- ny rnwpiiny uy wnom any fiock small
'Wt lc'un lilcpiMiiiu uccu
Exchange, at the date whcnever any such, company, beirg desir-
I . .. I nil rl Vu Snm.:.!.. II. I ...
aX '"r-overl?olied the other, which contain
cd the only cround or raasnn Inr ..iinvtnn
III i Coin mora larirnlv ihnn th ml tlna tlaij.ia
. -B 'J a aa lliu UIIICI B 1 1 V t't .
It is, not lOo lata hownvnr. in iki.
fo... v. . '
kk. ikik,,. our rcnresnniat vn in iv......
imiuiy nennt the counirv m .rn.
oro eiiectuaily than by taking the subject
.., iur, oiinougn tnese ti e co ns
uors shnll lereafter be granted in this State.
L... A. I L la a . l
out tne osnorat assembly may by law pro
vide against evils arising therelrom."
Now sbould the New Constitution be adop
ted with this provision as one of in sections,
here would bo an end to restrictions on the
raffic in (intoxicating drinks. , Every man that amount. Dnrtn. I-.. .Wi ..... E"'ed on her so as to brine her hull in full
in the State would then be at liberty to set un mmnl. nnr,J r,.m .u- .f ktL . . !!e from.'ho deck, and at half past 7 waa
doggery on his- own premises and the amount dm 7l. .7 nn 1 T 1 .!beam 8nd
L-J .1- .l T I ... I ' ' auincMnHBigr mnu UlSIDni. - ' : f I J' .
handsor the Legislature ate tied all It can this drain. In cnn,MI,nn r .k- u. ThaS,.B...... u
, ... , . . .,-w..w ui nm licail im- uviaimg HH 1 1 1 Ullll 1IOICU Willi IBrffe
uo is to enact a law making him liable in oons. is mada tlm mn battle linhts fore and aft. and Hurino tha ..
damages, for any evil which may result from fact that the i resent shiDment. .ra n. in .u. "8 of .,he Ohio fired a salutef--Tr
caany on the Increase. For some smoke of a
i , . , , I , , , : , ikuii-uiii iwm
.....o uui-a 11 hub rangea irom i,ouu,uuu to aneaa, winch proved to bo the rrigste Sar
$2,000,000 por month,' but now is far beyond an.nc- Al 5, o'clock, P. M. the Ohio had
hi. e. a. in t. J:..; J...I. CI L . .- I . '
...m.uuB,., oucn provisions ver, which commands a premium inEurone
may oe severe, tney , may b, all , hat .he but, the supply 0f , bat metal being- oeaTfy
friends ofihia mcmnr. ..L . .u.l , . . 1
v. . Jei io- exnausteo, ot tne premluiB-Df it beinii drlv
...aiance. ot ,ne.r en.orcemen, will not be en up ioo.hiKh In conseouenca' nf ,!. l.r
.. , , --- -- - 6
.1. ' M t- -. I
in me proportion ot one to a thousand rnm. aa 1 i.t.. X : . , . .
. -; .-..,... .UkJ..,u..u, uuumj, ia wnoio oi the amount
J -.wuw.. .,10C0.VBIna, may come under now going forward is in gold, and the lar
' ' " "'" : ' -1 ger portion in American coin. "
We cannot but look upon tho experiment - V- ,
ai one ol fearful peril io the welfare of so- fctrJimiCaVS Electioks. The following
kUiu W j . r. ... . .
v.u.j. aro rcnuy &i any time, to sec eieciions ior justice oi ine Peace, in the
ond the adoption of a law, as an experl- townships named, were mado on the 17th
inst :
ol the last roc ived informailnn- nnr a.ii ous of relinquisinff iis bankinir biialn. ahii .i.. .!! ' ,.8 ' 110 matters in themselves,
.n...U .....I, .. ..1.1 1 " ,7 " ' "- hnva nnM Iu "ik... r" '. . " are 01 'l minKS the
. k,i gmj-uve per cenium ol they come into evrvhodv'i
lho maximum amount of its eirclaiino iJL. ' 10 evrQod.v
notes, and .hall h. A J .u- " '"7?B,'',y " "quisltion.
things the most diffusive, as
s hands, and are
Tl.. 'P '. . K ' : 1 '
audiiot of State, to be destroyed, and shall 'ITZX0
have delivered the same io :,h , . n TJt il .. wuono1? ,ha
Riiiin. tn n ,i,.e .j .... .C, - .w. -. , uo , nccumuiation of I a fa,
vik,0.,Uj,Cu, nnu aiiati nave provi- pieces to start with Th ;it a Wl
dtd means und civan PP.,r:. m ....,!.. L...V . 1 hoy .Wl" no doubt be
faction of .he treasurer, sec c'tary, and ud- &Z5Slg Th 7 V 7 C'
iter of Stste, for the redemption its out- TXTS J JR?
,ni,iik.i.j ,,i -v'T - gmj mousana io nve thousand dIccos .and
lobluhed, and shall havo a von nmira ih,.rn. ...m u i j , V'yuouu piecos .ana
rC,S 7toZ'Y "otice there- wi-l be exchanged for American
rt so or, bv advcniscmcni, for six consecutive ver coins, or foreign silver coins
ludit- monihs, in two newspapers of goncral circu- . h ' ' -
)0 v oiio, published. In the city, town, or villa ... . FC. I of.C'nc'nn re equal.
wf,.l. where tho office of such comnanv la locUi,.7l. "muc? ,n
. i i... i . . . :. . :- i,. i. i ... . . -.7 ' i n r ii mmiinir iitnu
ni any r.ncK snau iy unmntiuca. in gold anS. silver Coin, th0 " 1,a" uo ,I1W'UI "vr tho auditor or Stale tol j..,- a
rdiiig ti tho pro- shall forthwith ajipuint H receiver or roceiv.'.ro.traiifi.r and duliver to such company, ull j imj
ino jfi. to an. . it ii.oi.
nrst mowing ihey vojed 95 times for a presl-
,li ..n: i .v . . i
iwr, fnu me result was a tic each
ment, that will not make matters worse than
they now are, but we cannot give our assent
to a proposition In our organic law, which
throws open the traffic to every unprincipled
man In the State, and then saying that he
shall never be prohibited In it. The provis
ion for "providing against evils," is loochi-
t - f . I ' . ! '
moncai. uur criminal laws now, are too
uuiieuii io uu eniorcoa, io warrant such a fJCr Jorpoiation Election. The : fol
step. One year of this indiscriminate traffic lowing officers were elected at the corpora
will do more in besotting the moral percep- Hon election in Pomeroy, on Saturday last :
Chesior BiHziLLi Jiwktt.
Salem Joshua P. Cobusit.
Lebanon HEMnr S. Lawrewcs.
Salisbury S. S. Painb. '
lietart SfEitcEa U. Hatmar, Geoobb
.Piper. , . , ...
lions of the people than ten of he bost dl
rectod etiorts ior retorm. ,
These are our opinions we know ihey
differ Irom those of the great body of tern
peranco men, yet they are honestly enter
lained, and as Ingenuously stated. Under
these convictions we shall vote ' against the
above clause at the election in June, believ
ing that a well regulated system of license
laws is belter for the present ago than free
trade in alcoholic liquors. - ;
So far as the recent law passed by the leg
islature Is concerned, we aro willing to see
Its,, tflfciis fairly tented."-.. The friends of
Mayor Aaron Murdock,
Recorder Lewis S. Nye.
Council. Oren Branch,
M. Bosworth,
V, B. Uoiton,
;Wm. M'Aboy, '
! H. B. Smith.
Marssal Isaac Atkins. ; i
guns and four vollevr rnuiketry fh'lionor
of Henry CJsf"',f ha firing of rockets and
ihebuT.?nr of blue lights so illuminated tho
ships th'ti iherwiple could be TiUtWcily i re "
cognized from the decks of -each iettl
Tbree cheers were given by the psssengers'
of the Ohio, which woreanswered by tf
crew of the Saranac. Hie stilhjjttf th
nig ht and lhe Calmness of the water lent en. n
chamment to the scene, which was one of
the most magnificent ever seen at sea. This
ma"y be considered one of the finest com
pliments that Mr. Clay had paid to him du
ring his travels by land and sea. '
' frWe have printed a prospectus for our
new sheet, and hope .that our friends will
call and get a copy, and help extend the cir
culation of the "Telegraph" the cheapest
paper by half a dollar that thsy can got.
On tho 17th instant, by the Rev. Moses Miel'ael,
Mr. Huuh Baow.N to Miss M. JVIaodauni, eldest
daughter of Alexander Long, Esq. all of Masoa
county, Va.
On the same
Rosxauiv to Miss
Rine, Esq the former of Mason, tha latter o
Jackson oouaty, Va. i,.1-. u , . !r .
On the same day, by the Rev. R, Wilkinson, Mr.
LanuiL Coona and Mrs. Makt Ann Da via all
of Meigs county. ,
DIED,-On Monday, the Slit instant, at tha
residence of W, II, 8. Pge, Vicroau Bulstt,.
aged 2 ycarj. - ' '.'""'.'."
a I
day, by the same, Mr. Mica2p-- '
lias Eliakob, daughter of Qeoi5-
: iriedlcal Associati. ;., " , .
, Tut Muoa County Midicai. Akcution will
hold its annual meeting in Pomeroy, on ratnxday
May tOth, at .10 o'eloak, A. IS. , , . r
, A punctual attendance f H its memben is m .
quested,! :1. . ,yv ..",'. .!., '..
The antMiu leotijr will be delivertxl br Isaao
wn s
Wtilid low ", J
t sari, .
i kvuTi- k. " ' " "J''
. r
Xa. '--
" 1 - ......... .
m an , k
k.BTaWSBS"'' M - . ar4&v.!.kaaiaBmlra"
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