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1. Either brunch of the Gen ml As-
sciiiu'y mny propose amendment i this
constitution; and. if the same shall be aaroed
t ), by ihie-firihs of the members elected 10
each House, such proposed nmendmcrts
shull be entered on the journnls, with the
yens rind nays, and shall be published in tit
Ihbsi oao nowspapcr in pach county of the
Smii. where a newspaper; is published, fur
si month precoding ihu next election for
Senators and Representatives, at which time
the sum a shull bo submitted to the electors,
for thoir approvul or rejection; and if a ma
,ol the electors, voiin) at such elec
tion, snail a I jut such amendments, the
same shall or co mo a part of the Constitu
tion. When more .than ono amendment
shall be submitted m itie same time, they
shull bo so suhmiued, as to enable the e-
lectors l) vote on rucli amendment, sepur
Sec 2. Whutevnr two-thirds of the mem
bers elected to each branch of the General
Assembly, shall think it .necessary to cull
n Convention, to revise, amend, or change
tins constitution, nicy snail recommend to
the electors to vote, at the n -xi election for
inr-iiiLers of the General Assen bly, for or
ufiiunM a Convention; and il u major jiv o
till the electors, voting at said election, shall
have voted for a Conveiiiion, the Genern
Assembly shall, at their next session, pro
vide, by law, for railing the same. The
i ne convention shall consist ot as many
members as the liousa or Itupreseninuvos,
who shall bo choson in ilio sumo manner,
anU shall meet within throe . months alter
their election, for ihu purpose aforesaid
Six. 3. At the general election, to bo held
in the year ono tl ousund eight hundred and
seventy ono, and in each twentieth year
thereafter, tho question: "Slut' I there be a
Convention to tevis . alter, or anion 1 ill
Constitution." shall bo submitted to the elec
tors of the Stale; and, in cuse n majority
of all the electors, votini at such election.
shull decide in favor of a Convention, tho
Ucnernl Assembly, at iis mxi session, shall
provide, by law, for ilio election of delegates,
and the assembling of such Convention, as
is provided in tho preceding section; but no
amendment of this Consnnion, agreed upon
vy imy convention, assembled in pursuance
oi mis article, shall take ellect. untl th
sumo shall have been submitted to tho eloc
tors of tho Siote, and adopted by a majority
oi 111030 voting thereon.
bEC I. All laws ol this State, in lorce
on the first day of September, ono thousand
eight hundred and fifty ono, not inconsistent
with tins constitution, shall continue in force
until uim-nd.-d or repealed.
Sec. 2. Tho first election for members ol
tho Generul Assembly, under this constitu
lion, shall be held on ihe second Tuesday
of October, one thousand eight hundred and
liliy on?.
Sec. 3. The first election for Governor,
Liouienani Governor, Auditor, Treasurer
and Secretary of Stat" and Attorney Genu
ral, shal bo held on the second Tuesday o
October, ono thousand eight hundred niid
fifty one. The persons, holding said offices
on the first duy of September, one thousand
eiuhl hundred and filly ono, shall continue
' therein, until tlj second Monday ol Janu
ury, one thousand eight hundred and fil'iy
tw.-i--rire-(!rm i-ivjv.iuii ftr jniigcs or
the supreme court, courts of common plea,
und probate Courts, sud Clerks of the court
of common pleus. shall be held on the sec
ond Tuesday of October, one thousand eight
hundred and liliy one, and the ..lliciul t rtn
of suid Judgos and clerks, to chcted, shall
commence on tho second Monday of Febru
ary, ono thousand eight hundred and fifty
iwo. Judges and clerks of the courts ol
common pleas and supreme court, in office
oh lho first day of September, one thousand
eight hundred and fifty one, shall continue
in ollice tvnli their present powcrg and du
ties, until tho second Monday of February,
one thousand eight hundred and fil'iv two.
Wo suit or proceeding, pending in nny of
tne courts oi mis etato, shall bo allected by
the adoption cfiliis constitution.
Sue '5. The Register and Receiver of the
land ofiicc. Directors of the Penitentiary, Di
rectors of tho Benevolent Institutions of the.
Slate, the Siato Libruriun, and all other of
ficers, not otherwise provided for in this
Constitution, in office .n the first day ol
September, one thousand eilu hundred and
filiy one, shull continue iu office, until their
terms expire, respectively, unless the Gene
ral Assembly shall otherwise provide.
Six. 6
The Superior und Cimimerciaf!jr' Clermont, Fuirlield, Guernsey, Jeffer
Courts of Cincinnati, and tho Superior Couri
of Cleveland, shall remain, until otherwise
provided by law, with their present powers
. and jurisdiction; and the Judges and clerks
of said courts, in ofiko on tho first day of
September, ono thousand eight hundred and
fil'iy one, shall carnitine in office, until the
expiration of iheir terms of office, respec
tively, or, uniil otherwise provided by law;
but neither of said courts shall continue af
ter ihe neennd Monday of February, one
thousand eight hundred and fifty three; and
iio suit shall he commenced in suid two first
ineniumed courts, ufler th second Monthly
of February,. one thousand eight hundred
anj fifty two, nor in said last mentioned
court, after the second Monday in August,
one thousand eight hundred and fifty two;
and all business in either ol said courts, not
uispnsud of within the time limited for their
continuance as aforesaid, shull be transfer
red to the court of common pleas.
Sec. 7. All County and Township officers
and Justices of the pence, in office on
ihe first duy of September.one thousand eight
hundred and fifty one, shall continue in of
fice until their terms expire, respectively.
Sec. 8. Vacancies in office, occurring of
tcr the first day of September, ono thousand
eight hundredandfift me, shall bofilledasis
now prescribed by law, and until ofJicers are
elected or oppointed, and quulified i rider this
Sec. 9. This Constitution shall inke ef
fect, on tile first du September, one lliousund
eight hunJred and fifty one.
Skc. 10. All officers shall contitiun in
officii, until their successors shall bo chosen
and qualified.
Skc. II. Suits pending in the Supreme
Court iu Bank, shall , bo transferred to the
Supreme Court, provided for in this consti
tution, and be proceeded in according to
Skc 12. The district courts shall, In tbeir
icfectire counm.,
Le the successors of the
present Supreroj Court; and all suits, prose
cutions, judgments; records arru proceedings,
pen Jin,; and remaining: In stitu Supreme
Court, in the several counties of any district,
shal bo transferred to the respective d'u rict
courts of such counties, and be proceeded in,
as though no Change lino been made in said
Supreme Court.
Sec. 13. The said courts of common
pleas, shalj bo the" successors .of the present
courts of coin iron pirns in the several coun
ties, except as to probate jurisdiction; and
all i tits, prosecutions, proceeding, records
and judgments, pending or being in said last
mention hi courts, except as alore&uiu, shall
bo transferred to tho courts of common pleas
created by this constitution, and proceeded
n, as though the same had bujn therein in
6tituted. - ' '. " " "
Ssc. 14. The Probate courts provided for
ti tins Constitution, as to all mailers wiiuin
he jurisdiction conferred upon said courts,
shall be the successors, in the several coun
ties, of tho present courts of common pleus;
and the records, lilos and papists, business
and proceedings, appertaining to said juris
diction, shall be nansferrud to said courts of
probate, and bo there proceeded in, accord
ing to law.
6bo. 15. Until oihrrwiso provided by
law, elections for Judges und Cieiks shall
be held, and the poll books returned, as is
provided for Governor, and the abstract there
from, certified to the Secretary of Statu, shall
be by linn opened, in the presence oT the
Governor, who shall declure the result, and
issue commissions to the persons elected.
Sec. 16. Wltoro two or more counties
aro joined in u Senatorial, Represc:ua:ive,or
Judicial district, tho returns of doctors shall
be sent to the county, having the largest pop
ulation. Sec. 17. The foregoing constitution shall
b ; submitted in the electors of the State,
nt an election to k be held on
the third Tuesday ' of Juno, ono thou
Aunl eilit hundred and fifty one, in the
several election districts of this Suite. The
ballots at such election shall bo written or
primed as follows: Those in fa tor of the
constitution, "N .-w Constitution, Yes; those
against ilu constitution "New Constitution,
No." The polls ot said election shall be
opened between th t hours of eight and ten
o'clock A. tl., und closed at six o'clock P.
M., and the said election shull bo conducted,
and the returns thereof mudo and certified,
to tho Secretary of Slat ;, as provided by law
for annual elect.ons of State and County of
ficers. Within tweniy days after such e-
lection, the Secretary of S.ato shall open
the returns thereof, in the presence of the
Governor; and, il it shall appear that t ma
jority ofuli tho v les, cast at such election,
are in favor of the constitution, the Governor
shall issue his proclamation, stating that
fact, and suid constitution shall be tho con
stitution of thoS.uio of Ohio, and not other
Sk:. 18. At the t'mo when votes of the
electors shull be taken for the adoption or
rejection of this constitution, the additional
section, in tho words following, to wit: "No
license to traffic in intoxicuting liquors shi II
hereafter b . grunted iu this State; but the
General Assembly may, by law, provide a
gainst evils resulting therefrom," shall be
separately submitted to the electors for a'
doptiou or rejection, in form following to wit;
A sepurute ballot may bo given by every
elector and deposited in a separate box.
Upon the bullois given lor said sepurate a
mendineni shull be written or printed, or
purtly written and partly primed, the words;
"Licejiso to sell intoxicating liquors, Yes;"
und upon tho ballots given against said a
tnendment, iu like manner, the words: "Li
oense to sell intoxicating liquors, No." If,
ut ih' said election, u majority uf all the
votes given for and oguinst said amendment
shull contain the words: "License to anil in'
toxicrtiin liquors, No," then the suid amend-
w.,. -1...I1 I . ! - ........
mewl cuuii uu ii orjiuiuie section oi article
lilieen ol the constitution.
Sec. 19. 1 he apportionment for the
Houso of Ropr sentutives, during tho first
ueccmuui period utider this consiiiution,sliall
be aj lollows:
'Pi. ....... I . I ... . .
mo counties oi Auains, Allen, Athens,
Auglaize, curroll, Champaign, Clark, Ctin
ton, Crawford, Durke, Delaware, Erie, Fay.
ette, Gallia, Gi uuya.Greeno, Hancock, liar
risen, Hocking, Holmes, Lake, Lawrence.
Logan, Madison, Marion, Meigs, Morrow,
IV-rry, Pi.:kuway, Pike, Preble, Sandusky,
ocioio, aneiby and Union, shall, severally,
be entitled to ono Representative, in each
session oi the decennial period.
The couniies of Franklin, Licking, Mont
gomery and Stark, shall each be entitled to
two Representatives, in each session of the
decennial pd'ioJ.
I ho couniies of Ashland. Coshocton,
Highland, IJuron, Lorain, Mahoning, Me
dina. Miami. Porta-M, Seneca. Summit and
Warren, shall, severally, bo entitled to ono
Ke)iusen:anve, in ouch session; and one ad
ditional Representative, in the fifth session
pi the decouuia. period.
L Tho couniies of Ashtabula. Brown. P.m.
son, ivnox,aioinoe,Worgun, Richlund.Truni'
bull, luscarawaj and Washington, shall,
severally, be entitled to ono Representative,
in each session; und two additional Renre
sentatives, ono in the third, and one in the
lourih session, ol the decennial period.
ilie couniies ol Belmont, Columbiana,
ttossand tvuyno, shall, severully, bo enti
tled to one Representative, in each session;
and three additional Kepresetnatives, ono
in the Inst, ono in ilio second, and one in
the third session, of tlin decennial period.
The county of Muskingum shull be enti
tled to ivvQ.Represjiimtives in.each session;
and one additional Representative, in the
fifth session of lho decennial periods
The couiuy ol Cuyahoga shall bo entitled
to two Kepreseniaiives, in each session; and
two additional Representutives.onein ihoth n
and one in the lourih sessions, of the decen
nial eriod.
Tho county of Hamilton shall bo entitled
to seven Representatives, in each session;
and four additional Representatives, one in
the first, one in ilio second, one in the third,
und or.o in lho fourth session, of tho decen
nial period.
The following couniies, until they shall
have acquired a sufficient population to en
title tliem to bloct sopuratoly, under the
fourth sic.ion ol the eleventh article, shall
form districts in manner following, to wit:
The coumks of Jackson and Vinion, one
district; the counties of Lucus and Fulton,
ono district; the counties of Wyandot and
lluidin.ono districtjtho counties of Mercer und
Van Wei i, one district; the counties of Pauld
ing, Defiance and Williams, one district; the
counties of Putnam and Henry, one district;
nndtJie counties of Wood and Ottawa, one
diftnet: each of which districts shall bo en
titled to one Representative, in every session
of lho decennial period.
Done in Convention, at Cincinnati, the
t mh day ofMurch, in ihu year of our Lord,
one thousand eight hundred and filiy one,
nd of the Indeoond noe of the United
Siifes, the sejrenty fifth. ? f"
WILLIAM ML'.niLL. President.
Kami Wm. II Gat, Secretary, i '. L
S.J.Andrews; j j .Thai. J. Lnrsh, J f
William Burbio, 'William Lkwtittea.'-
4UBt-pi UUTIIUll,-"
i ...... i. a ..
' John Lirwill, -.
. Robert Leech,
D. P. Loadbjtwr,
Uavid Burnet,
Win. S. Bates,
A. J, J3jnnati,; -t j-
fnhn H'. H!ir? 1
t-rfunn wuHy, tttfftf
- Charles McCl.uUuV- -
Jacob SlickensderfcrH, S, .Manni
Van Brown,
Samson Mason,
R. W.Cuhill,- .',
L. Case.
David Chambers,
John Chany,
11. D. Clark,
George Collings, "
Friend Cooke,
Otway Currv,
. Mat how M. Mitchell,
Isaiah Moiris,
S. F. Njrris,
w.s.c.'(;ii,! ;
Chas. J; Orion, ' v
Thomas Patterson, '
; Danl. Pack,
Jacob Perkins, .' : i
Saml. Quigley, j
R. P. Ranney,
Chas. Reeinelin,
Adam N. Riddle,
Edward C. Roll,
Win. Sawyer, '
Subirt ckoit,
John Sellers,
John A. Smith,
George J. Smith,
B. P. Smith,
Henry Stanbery, ,
B. Star.ion, V" ;
Alvert V. Siebbins,
G. Volney Dorsey,
Thru. VV. Ewari,
John Lwing, .
Joseph M. Farr,
Elias Florence.
Robert Forbes,
H.N. Gilleit,
John Graham,
Jacob J. Greene,
John L. Green, ,
Henry H.Gregg,
W.S. Groesbeck,
C. S. Hamilton,
D. D. T. Hard,
A. Harlan,
William Hawkins,
llarman Siidger,
James P. Henderson, James Strubl
Peter Hitchcock,
J. R. Swan, i ivt
L. Swift...
James W. Taylor, "
Norton S Townsht nd
Elijah Vance, ; -Wm.
M. Warren,'
Thomas A. Wav.
J. McCorniick, ,
V.B. Horton, ,
G. VV. Holmes,
Geo. B. Hoh. r
John J, llootmnn,
John E. Hunt,
Saml. Humphreville, J. Milton Williams,
J. Dan. Jones, , blzey Wilson,
John Johnson, Jas. T. Wonljingion,
o. j. ivirKwooa, n. u. Woodbury, .
James B. King, H. C. Gray,
James Loudon, Edward Archbold,
Reuben HitchcocJc.
Secretary of State's Officr.
Coldmbus, March 29, 181. "
I hereby certify that the foregoing is cor
reetly copied from the original roll deposi
ted in this office. .
Secretary of State.
Auditor's Office, Meigs Co. Ohio,
Pomeroy, April 18, 1851.
1 comfy the foregoing 'Constitution" to
be correct, according to the copy furnished
County Auditor,
For the Meigs Co. Telegraph.
Ma. Editor: I have noticed in the col
umns of tho Tulegroph some very specula
live notions in relation to the destinv of
Pomeroy and its vicinity. Picturing to the
mind its plunk roads, rail roads, stratums
and sub-strutums, coal, salt, and subtcrrane
on cities &c., making in the aggregate "The
place what is a place."
I am not objecting to those fanciful pic
tures, but am of the opinion that we ought
to pay moro attention to the moro import
am maiiers, wnicn atlects our present as
well as our future destiny. We have to do
with mind &s well ns matter, and much
mora depends on the siato of morals than
on tho extent of om coal roina, or urrorgth
and quantity ol our sail waior,
From ihe fuel of these nateral advan
tages, it is now, and always will be our lot,
to be a community composed of ciiizens
Trom nearly all parts of the world, speak
ing different languages, having imbibed dif
lurent religions and political notions, and
consequently some of them are apt to view
our laws and customs as they did those of
their own country, as operating only as
system of oppression. Therefore it is noi
only the business but the duty of every
true citizen, to aid in disseminating the true
principles of law and morais; teaching that
society based on any other foundation must,
in the very nature of ihings fail to accom
plish the most desirable and beneficial re
..l, LV. !. . .i . .
suuo. rur a is impossible mat any man
should, in the issue, bo a loser in doing his
duty, lor while he is faiihlul in the discharge
oi evory duty, he is most effocually con
suiting his own happiness as well as that
lie only who in all cases does what he
ought to do, is the perfect man, the btit
citizen, or lho true christian. One of the
laws of our naturo Is, that guilt makes
man at variance with himself; he sees and
knows that he is not what hd'aught to be,
and ieels that he has fallen from the disnitv
of his nature, and sold his real worth for a
thing of no valuo. Yea, more, he feels on
abiding consciousness of demerit, and can
not avoid the diead of meeting with its re-
warI On . L .1 I, i
aiu. .no inner nana, ne wno pays a
sacred regard to duty cannot fail of a pres
ent reward, proportioned to the exertion re-
QUiled ill . pernrmmg -it.TK
better established by experience than thai
ihey ho in opposiii in to strong temptation,
by a noble effort, have mainioined their in
tegrity, have realized the greatest amount
of happiness, and honor, attainable on
earth, and their positions are the most to be
envied. The man firmly established in
this position, feels a cc nsciousness of in
ward worth, which gives strength lo his
heart, stability and firmness to his purposes,
enabling him to realize that amidst the most
severe conflicts are to be found the brightest
gems ond the most lasting honors. There
fore lot us all adopt the favorite motto ol
old Zack "Do jour duty ond let conse
quences take care of themselves."
03" The puzzling name of "Tariff" is de
rived from the town of Tarira, ot the mouili
of lho Straits of Gibralier. Ii was lho last
stronghold which tho Moors disputed with
ilio Christians ; and when the former held
possession of both the pillursof Hercules, It
washere that ihey levied contributions foi
vessels entering the Mediterranean, whence
came lho generic.
tWtip (Eo Stlegtapl).
:pomkroy; ohio.
::i:j::::::MAY 1, 1851
"wake up"ii;
The public seem to forget that four weeks
since our office was burned, and we' sub
jected to an outlay of 8600 10 repair the
lossj ' We wanf ftoneyj krid What is inpre -i
WE WILL HAVE IT. ' 1 1 '
03" Anotues Firs. On Thursday night
last about 10 o'clock our town was alarmed
by another cry of fire, which was discovered
to be in the Foundry of R.' R Grant.
The fire soon spread to the adjoining engine
shop, entirely.; consuming both buildings.
The Foundry and Engine shop were both
occupfed by John C. Deprw, whose entire
stock of patterns', tools, lathes, 6ic, were
destroyed. . Sevsial . engines were in the
shop, some completed and. others in differ
ent' singes" of progress, which have "been
greatly damaged.' His loss cunnot fall' be
low $4000.. No insurance on the building
or contents. . Although confined to the one
establishment,' ret it has boon most disas
trous in its effectt. Mr. Depew had work
ed himself into a lucrative business,' after
several years struggling against adverse cir
cumstances. and was fast gaining a position
of competence and profit. Mr. Grant, too,
has been most singularly unfortunate.' But
a few years ago he had a tannery burned
down on the same premises, and had not yei
emirtly recovered from his losses ere this
double calamity has fallen upon him. It
is hard thus to see the . accumulation
swept years away in a moment, leaving us
at middle age to recommence the struggle
of life anew , ,
y tho active exertions of our ciiizens
(ome of them) the adjoining buildings were
saved. We say, some, becnuso at this, as
well as the former fire, wo saw crowds of
hale, hearty, robust men, stand with their
hands In their puckeis, looking carelessly
on, while- dulicato women labored and toiled
in the effort to extinguish tho flames, and
would not even so much as get out of the
way, but obstruct the efforts of others by th
obtrusion of ihsir superfluous carcasses.
There soems to be a fatal inaction among
our people in relation to securing a pioper
fire apparatus. With n a month fire has
destroyed over $30,000 worth of property
yet no step is taken to avert such calamities
in future. Will they not do something
We can get up a tremendous excitement if
a worthless, debauched, drunken vagabond
is found committing some act which his de
based instincts compel him to but to the
protection of the hard earned fruits of labor
we turn a leaden ear, while we join full cry
in the chorus of commiseration for ihe mor
al condition of some abandoned vagrant,
who is unab'e to distinguish between the
moral attendants of a funeral procession or n
fox-chase. It Is to be hoped that the day of
such ihings is past, ond that Pomeroy, at
least, will do something for the protection of
itself the preservation of the proceeds of
its industry, and enterpilse. ,
03" The Buckeye Stale and Messenger on
last week's race excited the highest enthusi
asm among the partizans. As they passed
Pomeroy our boys brought out old ' Rough
and Ready," who talked as of old most el
oquently. The following is the time to
Buckeye State, 35 hours 30 minutes.
Messenger, 39 4
Barnum, was thus completely hoaxed for
once. Sharp as ho has the reputation of be
ing, he is not well posted up in Western
03-Pomeroy, is again on the advance
business is t eviving improvements are in
contemplation and proseeution, which w'len
perfected will add greatly to the prosperity
of the city. By and bye when a bank is lo
cated here, under tho new law, we shall bid
good bye to towns, and step into the compa
ny of Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland,.
Dayton, &c.
03"PEorLE's Circus. By reference to,
on advertisement in another column, it Will
bo seen that the Circus, with clowns, horsel,
ponies, tumblers, actors, dec. dec, will be I
town next week. Great tunes for ihe bo
and the rest of mankind. ;
03" Kerr of the Cincinn&ti passed up the
river on Sunday we know this from; the
fact that'our devil had hard work to bring
iwlMD..ihai.bundLeiif.iuipprslefLto ihe -'Esq,"
of this establishment. Mr. K. isnn "Boss."
03" The Board of Aldermen of Boston,
have refused the use of raneuil Hall to
Daniel Webste.i. Nothing in the onnals
of political warfare in this country can
equal the vindictlveness with which tho in
furiated fanatics of the country are pursuing
the great statesman of New England. How
execrable a thing is fanatacism.
The same Board of Aldeimcn refused a
sjiort timeogo, to invite President Fillmore
to visit Boston. A short time beforo Geo.
Thompson, the British Abolitionist, ond
Fied. Douglass, the negro libeller of the
memory of Washington, were greeted by
this same Board with all the demonstration
of filial regard, and permitted to fulminate
treason against the Union and blassphemy
against God, within the hallowed walls of
the cradle of liberty. Con such men longer
ware the garb of Philanthropy.
03" 1 1 was reported by telegraph on Sat
urday that Mi.Sumnfr had and had not been
e'ected U. S. Senator from Massachusetts.
Wo inclined to the opinion that the "had
not" R'pori is ilio true one.
03" Ptmrs. We have noticed for some
timei at the Court house in this placoi a now
style of pump, which is called "Newman's
Double Acting Force aid Lift Pump,"
which wa think surpasses' anything of the
kind now In use combining the properties of
the Lift and Force pumps, with the greatest
simplicity and durability of construction.
vTJhe pump exhibition j)as a cylinder 2)
inches in diameter, and 6 inches stroke of
piston, can bo worked by a child of five years
old, and discharges 11 gallons of water in
30 strokes about half a minute. By attach
ing a hose two feet long you can convert it
into a fire engine capable of extinguishing
a fire on the roof of any building or by
lengthening it to suit lho purpose, it can be
made ihe most valuable auxiliary in garden
cultivation, enabling the owner to water his
garden at all times without the least trouble
in draining or carrying water for the'pur
pose It being a complete irrigator. In fact
it is the ne plus ultra in pumps.
Accident. On Wednesday evening last,
as the steamer Messenger was passing Pome
roy, with Jenny Lind on board, and while
some of our people were engaged in firing
i salute in honor of lho Nightingale, a
juantity of powder ignited, while passing it
to the mouth of the cannon, severely inju
ring three young men engaged in firing-
burning their arms, breasts and faces in a
shocking manner. The persons burned
were Josiah Pratt, Wm. M'Cain. . and
Valentine Inoleiiabdt. We learn howev
er, that they are now considered out of dan
ger.- ' ; '
i i I.
03" Pomeroy and Portsmouth Pack'
ets. We believe that there aro two steam
ers running between this place and Ports
mouth, bo it is said in the papers below.
Persons however, who read the ' Telegraph"
usually travel on the Ohio and Lady Byron,
because they know from tho advrtisements
that they are engaged regulurly in the busN
ness. Not being advised by the owners ol
the other boats, we are unable to give their
days of leaving port.
ICTJENNy biNO would only sins one
nig it in Pittsburgh, owing to the unmanner
ly conduct of the people of that city. They
protest thai it was ull meant kindly, but like
ihu fisherman wiih bear's hut. Jenny tho
that their way of showing ihir affection was
raiher rough. Served them right if she
had only stopped in Porteroy, she would
have been greeted, in suh a manner as a
refined people know howio extend such fa
vors. But Piusburh-4shaw, who could
expect any thing else tnan rowdyism in a
city that elected Joo Barker Mayor.
It is said that myriids of grasshoppers
have made their appearance in the southern
towns of Ashtabula county, The Telegraph
hopes that the lie fold weather they I ave
had there has effect Jally disposed W the crop
of them now on hand
03"The Washington RepubHc, of the
1 7th inst, contain a list of the awards of
the Commissiones of the Mexican claims.
The whole numjfer of memorials presented,
was 272. Thenumber rejected as insuffi
cient was 40. The sum appropriated was
$3,250,000. The aggregate of all the a
wards was $3203 523; leaving the sum of
$46,477 to bopaid back to the Mexican Gov
03"Greier,the Whig Poet andSiate Li
brnrian, ha accepted the appointment of In
dian Ageni in New Mexico, and has left for
that lerriwry.
The etitor of the Ironton Register thinks
that Iroiion will have a population of 1500
by the u st of January next. At present it
contains 933, and is not twenty-two months
The 'Democratic' Senators of ihe New
Yorj Legislature, with two exceptions, ab
squatulated, in order to prevent the passage
of the Erie Canal enlargement bill. This
disgraceful method of thwarting the will of
ihu majority is becoming loo common.
The Steubenville Herald says that the
Whigs in that Senatorial and Congressional
LDistrict will vast iheir ballots aguinsithe new
03"Persons calling at this office on bust
ness with ihe firm of Davis 4 Morion, car
ponters, are informed that ihey have removed
to the foundry building below bugar run,
where they will be happy to wait on iheii
friends. This building is no longer the
place of hand saws ond jack-planes, but of
"wise saws" and and plain facts.
DAnwux " eat. Sims,- tho ftigittvc
slave about whom so much fuss was made
in Boston two weeks ago, has been purchused
from his owners by a patent medicine vend
er in that city, who Intends to employ him
as a peddler of his preparations. This
ihe last phase of speculation as well as of
On the last trip of the steamer Messenger,
the passengers on board were robbed to the
amount of $1500. On arriving at Cincin
nail before landing, the yawl was sent ushore
for a police officer, who on boarding the
boat, immediately recognized two old well
known thieves, Bill Burke and Theophllus
George, together with a third person named
Jas. C. Morgan, who were all taken to the
lock up. Much praise is due Capt. Fisher
for his efforts io arrest the villuins.
03" From some cause unknown to our
renders, but very clear to us, we do not feci
like giving much editorial matter this week.
We hope our selections, however, will more
than atono for this omission, and that our
readers will thank us for substituting the
scissors for iho pen.
Laws of Ohio-Published by Authority.
No. 48.
AN ACT to tx hanks and back sud other stocks
' the same as other property is now taxable by the
laws of Oris State. . p
SoO. 1.-: IU it mm if A Km Clmrrn At.
sembly of the State of Ohio, Thai it shall be
. L J ..r .L I. -i . . i
um uuiy ut me i rcsiueni ana casnicr oi
each and tvery banking institution incorpo
rated by the laws of this State, and having
the right to issue bills or notes for circula
tion, at ihe lime for listing personal proper
ty under the laws of this State, to list tho
capiial stock of such banking institution, un
der oath, aMis iruo value in money, and re
turn the same, with the amount of surplus
and contingent fund belonging to such bank
ing insiiiuiion, to ine assessor ol the town
ship or ward in which such banking insiitu.
linn is located; and the amount so returned
l hall be placed on the trrnnil (Innllnninof ih
. - o 1
proper county, and upon the city duplicate
r..m n!m . i- ...I L '
vi. iu.ci, in iuaca micro sucn cny iui
does not BO unnn ihn nrnnH Hunlienio hm
collected by the city officers, and taxed
r the same nurnoses. and in ihn mkm pv.
tent thai personal property is or may be re-
quireu 10 oe laxou, in tne place where such
bank is located : and aueh i nlmll ha mi.
leciod and paid over i n the same manner thai
a . I I .
nixes on oiner personal property are required
vy iuw iu uu coneciea ana paia over; pro
vided, however, that the capital stock of any
bsnk shall not be returned or inxerl for a Iocs
amount than its capital stock n&id in. :
Obc. z. li,ach assessor, nl nnv inurnehin
r. . .1
word, within the limits of which any bank
DanKing company may bo located, shall,
case any resident or Cushinr nf nrh
ink or banking comoanv. shall rnAieA r
i i . r . .. - r
neuieei to mane out ana on ivnr in tho n.
sessor tne statement herein required, enter
,s ine amount oi capital, bo per cent, in
ddilion 10 the amount of ihn rnniinl ciwk
of said bank or banking company, and shall
iciuru iiiu ouuio iu wecoumv anniinr. nr in
such other officer as tho law regulating his
duties may require j provided, that in cases
where city taxes are assessor) nnd nllrtori
by the city authorities, the taxes upon banks
as provided for in this act, shall be assessed
and collected the same as city taxes upon
oiner propeny, lor tne lime Doing, are as
sessel and collected in such ciiv.
Sec. 3. The Ohio Life Insurance and
Irusi company shall bo taxes upon its cap
Hal StOCk. loaned in the nr-vorn ennmia.
which shall be roiurncd by iho president or
casmeroi me company, under oaih, to the
several county auditors, in the month oi May
annually, me average rate per cent, ol Ihe
taxes for all purposes levied upon thoicnl
and personal property of such couniies; ond
if iho paid company shull fuil to return to
.!, ... .!:.. r .u- i .
uu uuuuui ui iim eoverai counties, the
amount of its capital stock loaned in each
county, before the first dnv nf Jnnn onn,,,.l.
ly, the county auditor shall ascertain from
the record of mortgages or oiher evidence,
the amount of the louns made by suid c. m
nanv in his countv. and ha shll nlnm. iU
I m J ' fritAW
amount so returned, or ase.TtninpH. unnn 1K0
duplicate, and levy thereon the avurairoraio
ur peroeni. oi me taxes lovica lor all pur
poses, upon the real and personal properly
ui me uuuiuy, which lax snail oe collected
by the countv treasure!, and distriliiiiml Im
giving to the State its proportion, according
. .1 l ..i i r .. ci . o
io uiu rate levieo lor state purposes, and to
the county, townships, towns, corporations,
and rural districts, their share of the balance,
respectively, in proportion to the several
amounts on which lho averogo rates shall
have been determined: and in ensn rirnii
shall bo mdo in the payment of such tax.
wiimn tne nine limited by law, it hull bo ihe
duly of ihe county treasurer to proct eJ to
collect "tho same ; and for that purpose ho
may file a bill in chancery in ihe couri of
common pieus ot tne propel county, sotting
lortn ine amount ol taxes assessed ogainsi
said company, and the names nf ihudubiois
of said company, as u.hous by the
records of such county, and it shall be ihe
uuiy oi 6uca.coun to luKejunsdiciion thero
of, and to grant an injunction, appoint a ro
ceiver, and make such other and further or
der. as mav be necessnrv to mihippi ilio in
teresl accruing on the loans of said company
to the satisfaction of the tax aforesaid, with
the penalties and interest thereon as provi
ded bv law : and all ihe ranlial stnek nf
comnnnv. not loaned in ihn spvoml fnnn
.. r .i. c.. .i i .. j .
lies ui iiiu uiuie, unu it.-iurneu UI1U laxeu 8S
aloresaid, snail be listed lor taxation, anc
returned by the president and cashier of sail
institution, under oath, at its true value ii
money, and entered, together with the sur
plus and contingent fund of suid company
upon ihe grand levy for Hamilton county
and taxed for the same purposes and to th
soma extant that other nersnnnl nr.nurin
! - tr
taxed in the v.-ard in hich the office of said
company is kept.
Sec. 4. It shall be ihe dutv nf nvnrv n
sessor in whose jurisdiction there shall be
located any bank or banking company, to
leave with some nroDer officer of said hm
or banking cornnsnv. a notion tn mnlni nm
and duliver tho statement renuired in ihn firi
section oi tins act. ,
Sec. 5. The taxes levied and collected in
pursuance of the provisious of this act, shall
be in lieu of any taxes which such bank
or banking company would, by exist
ing laws, bo required to pay on its dividends
or prohts,
Sec 6. Stocks or shares held in bank
banking companies or banking association ,
or in other incorporated companies or asso
ciationsin other States, and State stocks of
other Statuii held by corporations or citizens
of this State, rither for ihomtolvoa or as
agents or guardians, shall be subiuct to laxa
lion, the same as bonds, mortgages, notes or
other evide ices of debts, held by ciiizens of
this State, aro now taxable by the laws of
this siato.
Sec 7. All laws or parts of laws incon
sistent with the provisions of this uct are
hereby repealed.
Speaker of the House of Rep's.
Speaker of the Senate.
March 21, 1851.
Loss of Life on the Mississippi
Senitor Rusk in tho course of a speech
against the River and Harbor Bll, at tho
close of the session, made the following re
mark :
The short litno thru I have been here
there has been upwarps of one thousand
livos lost on the Mississippi river. The
nmouui of propeny destroyed is incalcula
ble." The Lakes odd several hundreds to this
appalling list of lives lost. And yet Messrs
Rusk; Cass Ar Co. utterly refuse all assis
tance to these great interests. Milwankie
The owners of the sicomers Buckeye
Siate and Messenger havo como lo a mutual '
understanding and ogr?emeni, wh'.-rcby tho
opposition and the racing will Ikj dispensed
with in foturo . ' t .
03" Tho Posi Offico has been removed m
Front street, below Cmiri.
t I I III ': r
Go it. Boots.-Mrs. Bams, of Pciinsvl-
vania, has left her husband, Mr. Boots, and
sirayed to pans unknown. Wo presume
that a pair of bonis aro rights and lefts.
e cannot say. however, ihnt Mrs. Boots is
right; but there is no mistake thai Boois is
Monster Ox for the World's Fair
lie magnificently groat Ox raised by Col.
. C. Baldwin, of ibis city, will soon bo sent
i a pilifrimnL'e to ihn WnrM'a Vnr , ii,.
has been fed and fattened fnreiirhi
now weighs the enormous figures of 4,000
.i,r,J. IH... ir...i "... '. .
pu.iuc. ine r ona may sorely bj chal
lenged 10 produce his rniml A m,U
day Is his longest land journey. Ho will be
uaiwpuncu linsi oy waior, and from Boston
w. iiceu a preiiy goou sea croft for his in
dividual comfort. How John Bull's mouth
will water in tho sight of the Buckeyo Ox'
Cleveland Herald.
A rather novel case was brought beforo
one of ihe Philadelphia Aldermen on Satur
day. A married woman was bound over lo
answer ihe charge of misdemeanor in sedu
cing a young num. Sho had rented a room
during ihe pasi winter, where she kepr him.
The innocent victim is about eighteen years
of age, nnd the suit was hrnnnh. i, i,:
father, . --.. .
Established by Statute for buying and sel
ling Produce, J-c.
Wheat 60 lbs. for a bushel. :
Rye 66 lbs. for a bushel.
Flaxseed 56 lbs. for a bushel.
Corn 56 lbs. for a bushel.
Barley 48 !hs. for a bushol.
Clover Seed 60 Ibo. for a bushel.
Oais 32 lbs. for a bushel.
Stone Coal 2688 cubic inches to the
Coke 2688 cuoic inches to the bushel.
Unslacked Lime 2688 cubic inches to
the bushel.
In Rutland, on the 25th April, 1851, at the age
of 3 years, 10 months and 26 days, Mary Catha
rine, daughter of T. A. and S. A. Plants, of
Pomeroy, Muigs county, Ohio.
As the bird tn iis sheltering nest,
Where the stonnson the hills is abroad,
So her spirit hath flown from this world of unrest,
To repose' on the bosom of God I
Where the sorrows of earth never more
May fling o'er its brightness a stain;
Where, in rapture and love, it shall ever adore,
With a gladness uumingled with painj
And its thirst shall be slaked by the waters which
Like a river of light, from the throne of the Kixu!
There is weeping on earth for the lost;
There is bowing in grief to the ground;
But rejoicing and praise 'mid the sanctified host,
For a spirit in Paradise found I
Though brightness hath passed from the earth,
Yet a star is new-born in the sky, '
And a soul hath gone home tethe land of its birth,
Where are pleasures aud fulness of joy !
And a new harp is strung, and a new song is given
To the breezes that float o'er tho gardens of
Heaven I
03" We feel ourselves bound to speak of
McAllister's All Healing Ointment, as n
simple, yet groat and good medicine. From
the high standing it has attained all over the
country, and I'roui our own personal knowl
edge; we must say that not onother article
of putent mcdicino would we bu willing io
exchange for this Oiniment. For all dis
eases of ihe Skin, Rheumatism, Stiff Joints,
Gout, Scrofula, and a great many other com
plaints, we do not b dieve it can, or ever will
be surpassed.
See Pamphlets in hands of agents.
Who would jot rather enjov the
pleasures of health, and the agreeable con
sciousness of well-being, to the griping pains
of disease ihe bitter continuance of ill
health nnd the chilling thoughts of never
But of all diseases who is not most anx
ious io cscope a disease of the Lungs I The
very idea of falling a victim io Consuir.p
lion, sends a tremor to the heart-strings -of
life. But oh how joyful the thoughts that
lifk and health aro still our own, when
just before despair had spread her dark can
vass over us.
Such, kind reader are ihe pleasurable sen
sations experienced by hundreds who by tho
use of Dr. Wisiar's Balsam of Wild Cher
ry, have this dire disease slowly but surely
driven from their system, ond health rosy
healthagain restorod to thoir languishing
03" See advertisement. .: ;
I T is, we believe, not generally understood as
1 Vet. t int tho. ftheanMt nlnwi In. n
Pomeroy. is at thn N sinr nf a t L.
Front street, between Lind and Sycamore, in Mar
tin's old gtant . Thi. :. il r.
. """"i"" uieiciore em
braced to proclaim the intwstina f.M . ,.. i i
. , , . --w .no wuim
at large. Having opened business for himself, hfl
invites those lie has so faithfully served for years.
rA Pot 1 1 t m .L f
w .v., mi iii yon wic lavurs received:
lie has i list recnivpii rhni
best quality or goods in the market, embracing alt
r'l" J, Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, Summer
bu:uc, rnnrs, i.awns, Laces, Ribbons,
Handkerchiefs, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Bonnets,
rnromines. Ao. Alan. Rrnn. cV v.:.,.
Knacks, and Jim Cracks. In short, every thing
.-uv...., uuucai, inuuBinous ana economical
people may need. Give him a call, as Andy is the
boy to give you good bargains.
Pomeroy, May 1, 1851 n30tf , .
New Conforllnnarv.
rpilE SUBSCRIBER has just opened a new
- .., mi. iviut pueci, ftOOTy
Lind, whore he offers for sale every article in his
NUTS, - - CAKES, ,
DurillflT thft warm ufoaU.o .a -ii
-o "' i-um w uv will Hr t l hr
choicest LEMONADE, and other who leswie iem-
His stock is choice and of the very best quality.
He invites theloven nf ,i i.;.. :. i k;.
- 0vx UllllitO Wl' II1IU tl
call. HORKHT a Giiipiii-rnM
I'omemy, Mar l, iM5,i;(i'f

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