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'mMfifftt'IK'SiSWnr tfcaatir
o di
1 It. T TAMJ IIOIUI, lEditor. :)T
IBbHnUrI w Thuraday Morning.
ft One DoUftir un Fifty tnu, "'
if -paid in advance, " i
,-'fir Dollars within the year.
lft ao paid until after the expiration of the year
Two JHar and Fifty Cent ...
will bt charged. ... ' .
fT"to paper will be discontinued until ell ar
' reeMgweii paid, except at the option of the pub-
lithe. -.vr.f. : .- ''. i :': ' --J, "
flj-All communication on the business of Hie
office must be postpaid to lecure aiieiuiun.
irr TeCjfnba.Tr ten or more, the paper will
btiqrniiihed t t liberal reduction in price. ;
... . . - "V .. i' V. . .
per Annum.
... i ... .f,.-i
-Y--4 0 NE ,DES TINY
91.30 in Advance.
BY 11. T. YAK liOM.
EAY-22,1 1851.
-i ,1.
,VOL. 3.-7NO: 33:
mm nrtKm n.i i. i j t-. In
. Hi'fl-OuoM w'ut- ink iotar- hobw.
FOMErtpy OHIO.' ;Q -i
pncaqiiafe (13 Imca or less) three weukiv" SI orf. .
ETCTTJuBJcqucnt insertion, i f :
One tquare, thrfe month. .', .. : , r , r f J 00
One square, ix months, j j t j: ft co-j
One jquare, oe year, .V C. Vil. . : 00
One half column, one year, : " "TT 7 ."f 50" 00"
Three.-fonrtha of colurunV one year; tVt W 0
One column, one year, : : : .; : t- JO 00,
UTAdvertisementB not havlnfthe number of in- '
sertions marXed on copy, willlbe.'-continuedlintU i
forbid anffcharged accordingly. , , , T
! BTCasual advertisera must pay irf idvanie.w sU
O" Job Printing, of erery desctiiitioir will
oe executed with accuracy and neatnese. i vj"owl
' tiai jiuVoy Smith had flaxen hair, t . .
!?. , tody 'iad the pewter, , , . .. "n
j Hef fig ;ere,fre5rj and looked serene, ,.
D.VrKPP11 teifayori.te-iiuUou r t: -v
'' SplWiblltlith'B and brawny, ' ' '' '
, -,:AnS Wr.eB'Ikoara that beww gone,
....t 11wVfeMl, 6t Wet!" ; "
i rjBaWttySelf 4Ad greased" my ihoc,:i3"'J
. JTlM trfed'to tool fight clereT;-
I rigged myself from top to toe,
. i . I i Aftd saajjht and momntcA Robin,-' i m
': :. For the Telegraph,
L6CY. 1
. EV. . H. BAIlBKTT.a)
, . . my mail u aepi a uuwootu'i 1
ni f hen.I reached her daddy' boute, ; .-n.-:7i.riftJ
o 'humpin, ..,
UBut jrhen I taw. that heavenly maid, ;
It kinder stopped a jumpin'. . ,
'tirai'liaif riast'te"n, when at her ftet
I knelt, and yet ere dinner,
.With bqnjed speech and winning ways,
i"' " I had' contrived to win her. , ,. .
k' '-' v-. ..
' Some months elapsed to set the day '
i1' ' I now began to press her; " ' -.:
' I urged, entreated, plead in tain. .
" 1 In vain did I caress her.
1. While mattors were thus cross'd and spil'd,
. " My clothes all growing seedy, : .
s My rival from the mines returned,
: Still for my Sukey sreedy.
i,! saw jbtm kinder sidlo up .,, i . .'; .
, And slip his arms around her, ., m1.- tv
;. When heavens and earth ! she let him kiss -.
..Those precious lipsl : Confound tier! -
" I tolif her that 1 iwas surprised
" My eyes had sure deceived me-- ,
' And aske4her to renew her vow , ...,.
I . And fiow suspense relieve me. x'; -
When don't you think, the tarnal gal,
' Her thumb upon her smeller;
Her fingers wriggled as shesaid,'
' 'Cm't come it, litUe fellerl"
! i
11 he dead exceed tive-Iold the minutes
ncfethe creation.
"Texas derives its name from an Indian
word, signifying boauiiful.
Tho peopto of London, annually drink
about 8000 tons ot chalk.
MM, so nutritious when taken as fond,
if injectedimo the veins acts as a deadly
ooison. : .....
laMMoatant unmarried lumales more
than sixteen ycnis of age, are regarded as
infamous. ' , .
Deborah, from the Hebrew, means a bee ;
Rufi!ie! ft alicnp ; Sarah a princess ; and
Hannah, the gracious.
. i rti i i. .i .i .
u uuuucer s woras wiera are at least uni
ty thousand verses which may ba said to be
dedictticd to love.
" There is a plant growing in the springs of
Iceland, which not only flowers, but bears
seeds (n water hot enough to boil an rgg.
Some curious curiosity-hunter has found
that the number of grains In a bushel of
wheat weighing sixty-two pounds, is upwards
of 639,000.
Tho earth, and thosa planets which, with
their satellites, form what Is called the solar
system, moves through apace at the rate of
rhmy-hve miles nn hour.
The larvae of tho "great goat moth" in
creases their weight one hundred and forty
times In an hour, and when full grown, are
72,000 times, heavier than when first
hitched, i.
!' The ancient cooks carried the art to the
moist whimsical 'perfection. They were able
to servo up a whole pig boiled on one side
and roasted on the other.
In the reign of Henry I, about the year
i 1130, a shei'p could be bought in England
for four pence and wheat enough for feeding
one hundred men a whole day cost but i
iingle'shlling. '
bnatls were a grcnt luxury among the an
iem Romans. Pliny tells us of a man who
had Invented a mode of fattening snails, by
vhich a single shell was mado -to contain
I Mnore than a quart ;
r M O .' . Lt , . 1 ! . 1
Diiiuoiiiing irons uuoui 10 do rum era :a.?
nVetltlrh.'' Abolt the lime of Elizabeth and
aoresiy large stones; Inscribed with texts of
crlpiurd, wore "rj'sb'd Tor'the purpose; of iron-
l. . J has UsU'WrdiTelwJ' that If those who
Yv tforie before us to death, were all li'vine',
'(nd disirtouTerhetiviully orer the surface of
howrt-tHHhs- United btates would toutain a
Kpulatidn of si least three thousand mill-lh.-j
.ftMa l " "-'! '
i Iri ihs Canary" Islands there are to be fou nd
..vi.i. i.r..l 1 i.-t...' -t f..K
jjc wiiiuii yieiu un uuuiiuuiiuu ui uuia iicaii
i iiHr ift ine onesr seasons." in vuiiia, iui-
uT is produced by a certai n species of plahus;
l 7 mnt tit .1 l i J . Lt l
ana in unm mere are trees wnicn auuy sup
ply he.pe'opte; with salt.", ' 1
1 CabSago mean;t the head ; hence we say
the kale has cabbaged, the lettuce has cub
btiged, i. e. headed." ' Hence, also', it is said,
the tailor has cabbaged, meaning in this caso,
that bans of the cloth have been rolled up
and packed away like the head leaves of a
cabbage. . . ,
''histoid, on the best authority, that an
Knalishman was introduced to the celebra
, ted John Hunter, who could, and did, at will,
throw himself .into a state resembling in ev
ery 'particular actual doam. Attur many
successful trials, one was at length fatal, for
he awdke no More, .
''Plants perspire more abundantly than an
Imals.' Thus a sun-flower will perspire in a
warm day thirty ounces, cr, as it is said, as
f i milch at seventeen men. The stem . of
vino cut off near ihe head,, with a bladder
fastened tiehtly around it, will, in the sun
soon sod off in tho form of perspiration sap
e'rioilgh to swell and burst tna bladder.
A cana of Incendiaries are infesting Jjou
u.rtu at this time. Their purpr, proba
blyk it to alarm peighbjrs and rob tha hous
es of those who leave jUiejr fl
Phrenology, derived from tho two Greek
words "Phrth," : w'hich' signifies mind, and
"Idostlfse'orjrse, professes to be a sys
tem of Philosophy of the Human Mind, or
the 'sconce of mind. . Dr. Gall, a Celebrated
physician of Vi una, 'claims to be ilk origi
hal founder. From early childhood he Was
a great fraction! obsonrer dtmen and tbltiga.
lie at once nere'eivod that his brothers, sis-
liaiia oi tuniui ici, poiuimi w lumuwuvpt
For instance,' one was distinguished for the
unsurpassed beauty j1 of his penmanship,
another for paiming, another in composition,
another in mathematics, another in- Ian
guages, &.c. Some were remarkable for ilia,
mildness of their dispositions, while others
were turbulent and morose.; Hi continued
to make , further observations. He noticed
that those who had the best faculty of com
mitting to memory, had full and prominent
eyes. Those that were distinguished for
real kindness and ttue benevolence, were
high at the top of the frontal portion of the
head. Those that possessed a mean and
selfish disposition, were thick through the
hea J from car to ear. Those that evinced
great decision of character, were elevated at
tho crown of the head. Those that exhib
ted great manifestations of mental power,
had bold, high, and prominent foreheads.
In this way Phrenology has arrived to its
present degree of perfection. Scientific and
literary men have examined it with much
precaution, smong whom are Messrs. Spurz
heim, Combe, Fowler, and others too nu
merous to mention. The result of their ex
aminationi have proved satisfactory, bring'
Ing to light that which ' has been shrouded
in darkness for ages.; Why, then, do so
many set themselves in hostilo array against
that which is so eminently calculated to el
evate the moral and physical, condition of
man, and develop the various powers and
faculties of his expansive mind? There
are many, very many causes for this. One
reason is, the discovery is of resent origin
People generally have .not had. sufficient
time to investigate it, and are not therefore
fully prepared to appreciate its intrinsic
mer'us. Again, many wish to be regarded
as men of scienue and literature. After oh
taininga slight knowledge of this science
J.'f.v set themselves up as practical Phrenol
ogists. In esanlistoS! heads, they are liable
to make mistakes. These mista!jf are un
justly attributed to some supposed defect in
the science, instead of the profound igno
rance of the pretended examiner. .
Men also possess a combative disposition.
They are ever ready to oppose any new the
ory, however true, useful, and beneficial to
mankind. This has been the case in al)
ages of the world. Harvey's system of the
circulation of the blood, was at first wholly
discarded, and his practice taken from him.
The astronomical discoveries of Gallileo
weie viewed in the same light To assert
that the sun remained nearly stationery, and
that the earth performed a revolution around
it once in three hundred and sixty-five days,
turning at the same time on its own axis
once in twenty-four hours, was, considered
the height of human folly and delusion.
Ncwton's.iheory of philosophy was, in like
manner, scornfully rejected. But now the
literary world has learned that those useful
and important discoveries, though long com
batted by the assembled Universe, are based
upon the broad principles of unerring truth
All intelligent physicians unitedly agree that
Harvey's system of the circulation of the
blood is substantially correct, that Gallileo's
discoveries are truths mathematically de
monstrated, and that .Newton s theory: was
hot the unhappy result of. airy speculations
So it ia with Phrenology. Unfortunately it
now looked upon with, utter .contempt
But the glorious era Is near at hand when it
will be regarded in a different light, when
it will, be hailed with universal joy all over
this enlightened land. . -
Rutland, Ohio, May, 1851. ' :Y
, t - ICE MOVNTA1W,-.. .. t . . '
A correspondent of the NailohaVIn'teillk
gencer writing from Romney, Va.5, 'furnishes,
tho following account of the -remarkable
naiural curioalty existing In that region: ' '
It lies in ; the vicinity of North river, a
tributary of the capon or Cacapon, and is
surrounded with hills of .some eight hundred
feet in height, while its own, elevation is not
over' five hundred. It . is a common-place
aHuir to tne casual Observer; but, orf be)pg
inspected, it is found toconiain.heartu sum
mit a kind :ofi:naturaJ ice-hoube ! buill ofi
Sand-stone. It is subject to the rays of.jihe
sun Jrom nine o'clock In the morning until
CTeningj anrxyel the oldest, inhabitant ol me
country 'cannot remember tne' rlttia I whenlari
abaateewir-tMimr'chrystal fTce fould
not bo vltained therefrom at : all seasons of
1(he year,i , The ice is imbedded.in, the rook
ui anme oi tne devices .snow, iriauie
I? i,
Islnd -crystalline as when newly fallen: is' of
ten round in the month ot August.1 'As
might be sxpected", the waters flowing from
the mountains are; by several degroes, cold-
er than nose in the neighborhood . Accu-.
mutations oi ice similar to tnis nave oeen
discovered in other' sections of Hampshire
county, but none so extensive! To account
for this phenomenon upon Scientific princi
ples is out of my power, but I can see much
plausibility in the following remarks from
tho pen of C. B. Hnyden, bsq., as publish
ed in Silliman's Journal in 4843: j
"The solution, I conceive, is to be found
in the large and unusual collection of Tocksj
which from their porous homogeneous'tex
lure, are exirethely poor conductors of, hedt.
K)ne side 'ot the mountain 'consists ol a
massive wall, many hundred feet in thick
ness, and heaped up agftinst ibis, as on abut
ment, is a mass, of rocks containing several
thousand cubic feet. " As the mountain bus a
general direction from northeast,' to south
west, the talus heap containing tho ice has
a north west exposure. - lhe cavernous ,nt
ture of this heap would admit the free en
trance oF atmospheric waters, which during,
the winter would form ice in the interior of
the mass. ' The ice thud situated would be
protected from external heat by the surround
ing rocks, as ice in a reftigeraior 1b isolated
and protected from tho external temperature
by the non-conducting sides of the refrige'
rator. ine ice mountain only requires tor
the explanation of its phenomenon the ap
plication or the familiar pci nciple upon
which is constructed the common refiigora
tor, which temporarily effects what the ice
mountain permanently does a temperature
independent of external causes. This moun
tain is, in fact, a huge sandstone refrigera
tor, whsoe increased and unusual effects,
beyond those of the ordinary refrigerator,
are due to the increased collection.-of poor
conducting materials which form its sides.'
, - i i... . I. . '.."i
Tho following piece of intelligence as
"good news to the afflicted," which comes
from that high authority Chambers Edin
burgh Journal. The remedy is simple and
accessible to all. No possible harm can re
sult from iw application. Try It. As Sir
Joshua. Reynolds usCS to soy to his pupils
of the Acodemy, "Perseverance and a ittle
oil will overcome every obstacle. f cttDB
can be cured by the application of a little
sweet oil we shall be fully convinced of ihe
truth of the old fellow's favorite axiom.
No More Corns. There is no doubt Beaver, to make arrests'.
iVe have a community of E
so.es much nearer us than most
for, Two days' sail, lands the r
Beaver .Island, in ake Michi;
pletely cut off from the world
half ihe year, as was Crusoe r
i , ; "Monarch of alii survey."
There he will -find a brand.
mon Church, tinder the prophet
claims bq the true: tucoesso
Jered Joseph Smith. Jkssb
uita-a community in'lhat 1so!
judging; from ; the, tone oi L.
Northers . islander, no . inicnu
shall enter upoa arid ccn; y she
Innds iJi4 tuand , ? ,hl"
fnighMniaker.flghi;". Isluuu
the group are described as fertile, and dosir-
ible, well adapted ; to the wood and lumber
trade and agricultural purposes, and In li e
midst of the best fisheries of t the LakesA-,
The Northern, .Islander stale, that ! 15,000
barrels of fish were shipped from there the
past season, : Saint Jatries is 'the nama of
ihe- Mormon :town, and a large emigration to
it i looked for. ihis reason. - Warren Post
invites the "Gaihering" in Mormon poetry.
The first verse reads: . t, ' . v !
1 O come all ye Saint without lonier delayt ' .,
Come up to Big Beaver, for this, is the way, ? . .,
To build again Zion, the Saints blest abode,
And anchor your souls in the kingdom of Qod.
. : ; hoi;all yelandless!;; ;:
Come un to , the Islands T and receive a
neriieuiaJ inheritance for yourselves and your
- T1 i :u .J -Uk.-.-.r..! m..:A
pugierKV.- x uere is nuu auu ucumui vim
land here,' which will, riot float away, and
you can nave an abundance, without money
sou w tnout price.- juana. speculating is a
boltshed here,' by giving ,each man enough
for his'owrl useV without price', and treating
all sales' tffrauds tl'pdri hei ft', and therefore
world for all the people,' 'and '' God made it:
who shall deny each of his creatures a tharel
: From" the close of rin'vigatdri' last fall to
the first of April.no' mail had bebri:recelved
at" Beaver Island.' The'. Islander; however
claims that the "Saints" hud a good tittle
of it, in visitingJ feasting atid dancing' This
season a sailing pacKetis to run every weeii
to Mackinac,' and a largo vessel is to make
regular trips up and down. the Lakes for the
transDonauon bf lumber. &c. 1 ha Uetroit
Advertiser has tellers of , late' daie which
show an unsealed stnte of affuiri in Strang's
dominions. V As ihe winter wore on, the idle
fisherman 'became troublesome to Strano
and he had a whipping post erected for the
punishment of those who spoko reproacu
fully or tha Saints ana the fropnet, or ques
tioned his 'right to , rule! ' The letters" state
mat several persons were wnippeo wun ai
ry lasnes uponuthe bare DaCK.witn ooacn una
hickory rods.". Terror was then spread a-
motig those remaining 'upon the Island, and
implicit obedience enforced. A man by tne
name of Muore, a Mormon, becoming dis
affected, left the Island, whereupon his prop
eny, real and personal, was declared confis
caied, and was given to another, by Virtue of
a royal edict. During the winter, Moore re
turned upon the ice, and auampted to regat
possession of his house and goods, but was
eomp tiled to nee Tor hip lifei Ue was pur
sued by Strano, but was rescued and da
fended by a small party of Indians, with
whom he remained and passed the winter
Upon the opening of navigation, Moore ob-
lninpct hi-nrss at MaciCinec BEainst dtbah.
and taking the SherirT, with 1 1 posse of fifty
well-armed Indian warriors.' "wehf to lhe.
Stran, however,
i I TtT.
The Greenville (S. C) Pairtrrt, relates ihe
following Interesting incident of MissDlx :
i Tne other day, fn conversation with Miss
Dix, the Phirsritnropi8t, during her. visit 10
Greenville, a lady . said to -her, "Are you
,...:: . .... ,. .. is ..
A sliort time since, in tho city of Boston,
a poor fellow .Jeclining under a consump
tion, was seized under a legal pr. cess for a
uobi which he was unable to pav. carried
to jail when he was so weak he could wiih
rot afraid to travel oil, over .the country difficU',y r'ML l,ims.elf up ,he B,0Pa of ,he
i. . i I nricniL and ihnfa : Inn nnniti.rl 'o"l... .i.
gers and been in perilous stiuations?" M
am ' naturally tlmia," ' said Miss ' Dix, v,and
alone, and have you not encountered dan- I?"0" r,a nere:ien unpmed by -Ins re-
muiacivoo vmui,u(, u iuc iiiiuaiQ. mi. exis
tence. He-soon died.. An 'act .of, more, re-
auk, tiko ill ;. .. kni in . voiitng cruelty we have seldom hoard of.
carrv out my. purposes. I know that ft is ne, Bul e w" mer.el7 ' ,nan !
cejwary . to . make sacrihees and encounter Y' ' uiock
danrfersMt is true ,1' have" been, in my n ,,hl' philanthropic age. No com.
uavels thiioughhd'difrerehrSiates.lin Kpril- m'ee or vigilance spied out the track of-bls
: situauoiisni'wiHIrheniidn -one which lersecuior, or smelt through the stone walls
,,, ,. B.',,,r.(. fipMm,5 '1 'InrlT1'"5 lrrnce 01 niSWflPB.' 1 He hPV. !
aud.a carriege; and driver to convey me i';''"'. t'iJSf aywut i.u-,
sqma distance through an uninhabited por- mnn "?anotina Weniieil rhltlpsinyolcqfj
fion 6f the country, in storting, I discover- y-7 "-!, . ,: morivan.
d that the driver, a young lad, had a pair wnsiitution was rmi denounced, nor the or-.
6f pistols, with him. - Enquiring 'what he Cer4 of ,n8pci,y ,ibe leJ fr lho fttiil,rul Ptr-
fasdblng.wiih arms, hei said he eairied "" of an unpleasant duty. , He died
thera to protect us, as he had heard that rob- U,B"" " os wo
hoKi-.-haJ hn nommiiioH rln'miK mi,,! l hoar, without pity or sympathy. Philan-
said to- him, give me the pistols, I will lake l.hr.Py '8leP' uiidly. Its bosom was unruf-
care of then.' He did so, reluctantly. Y , , ,
"In pursuing our journey through a dismal s"ori ume tt ne8ro came along, pur-
looking forest, a it an rushed inio the rood, ueu "J '"',owner ' agoru' clfl,,,u,a n p
caught the horses by the bridle, aud demand- 8 av0; ' Phmhropy is in a blaze. ; Philan-
ed my' purse. I said 10 him, with as much 'l'r,py h" murr, sleeP Lara h"nd'
4ir.nn0.o00in ImmM pnmmiinil. "Ar bills .are paraded. Reverend and lenal gen-
B,iruuUDWDIIIUII wwi ww... t I , . . S.t 11, .
- . . . .1 llanrtAn imnlrtrrt ihn miiliifttlfi ia Kl.lr k..
you not ashamed to rob a woman! l nave but '"""" "" """' "c -
Utile money," and that I want to defray my creels-surround the prison-if need be,
.. J ' . m -I tout II n lho ,a a iinAt. tka m..! (...., I ...J . .11
exDenses n v is it no orisons and poor houses. .-r - -r'"" y u ui un
..i,.ii.. in ntu,n,innKio.,0 nr hnr. events to prevent the execution of ihe laws
VV'VUOIWIIUHl ill tiili't iv viiv,.. vi wkwi I mi II. II I .
iiy.. If you have been unlortunate, are in "" ' """bju
on in ..m nf mnnnv. I u.ili mv one sine, more time, money and leelinirs
- ' -"" J' e-"r .i.. ii .1.. i ..... r
Vou some. . Whilst thus sneaking to him, I ",u Py io i-euis oi
discovered his countenance changing, and 01,0 ea suo,n 1 wu,le n LS a ,n Ja";
T ... - - - I am mnn M lll nnwnlil miHnl 1 I: ...... . . f
L. nlo"--'Mtf iinrt." ho wuuiu huiiviiiwj, iiuiuunao mo uueny UI
Ita(mM. That vnliMlVnnd immndintAlv ,orfy lave
I.M m.i,. hhHKftBnin iKa Phttrl,,inl.in M In vioy of such transactions ii is difficult
...W...-. ..- ww.. ... ... ..... - : . . ! LL ..J , ... ....
nniiAtitiflrv.. ana had heard itia. nctur ni iicuumiiiuies, ma ui
r ih i,np in an aHminin,, oHll. ooiicoi or ma groiesquewiioiiier 10 DO
inJ fliat tin n. ronnnnWon m vnlnn . Ho HS affeCted b.W disgUSt Or, H SCnSO of the
. . . ' . J I iairlrt1tea nnV 1b t iviimli mniln r.x ll.ntl
llien desired me to pass on, and expressed ,","u'"uo. V ,. , j "" "j
deen sorrow at the outrage, he had commit- a,D wu uu y,. uium;
ted. v But I dreW out my purse and said to
him, "1 will give you something to support
you until you can get into honest employ
ment. ' He declined at first taking anything,
until I insisted on his doing so, for fear he
might be tempted to rob some one else be
fore he could get into honest employment."
1 , , LATB .Fitoat; UQKKIA. ; , 7
. Letters from Monrovia to the 13ih of Feb'-"
ruary, state that Liberia will soon become a
Inrge exporter of Cotionv The success whichl
attends its culiivntion is beyond the expec- i;
taiion of its warmest friends, , ."
: Tho following is a leuefiQin Ileiiry M,
West, who was one of the emigrants sunt ''
oui by the New York State Colonization So-j
ciety, in the bark "Edgnr.4 - -I
Bexiev; Ljbi ria, Jan.'0W.
I "To ihe-Rev. John IJ.,Pifiney;
I ''Dear Sib: I wroto tu inform- you of our
safe arrival on the shores or Africa. " 'On '
passage waslontf and- tediooi: ; I tikVthu .
country much; parricuUrly'hi)' ipr-iioii p
COUIlirV IUU lifii UI LlUlinu. Ill .n:, sci lur .
. uw... ... ,,,, ui,m,uii it 11 UUIUMVIl
to be a great place. I am sorrv id su'eVueli'
a spirii'of oppositon among ilia colored peo-
plo of iho United Stales, in reference to com- 1
Ing here.
All the disadvantage iliat Liberia labors-
ilnder at present,- so far ns 1 can seo, is the '
want of good; enter) risng, 'industrious men-. '
The very men who ,sro now beating their-
brains oui Tor tho benefit of their oppressors,
arc lhe very ones whom I want Jo see hore.',
piay tuny loarn wisdom and come...
"Your respectively, - '. 5
' "IlENRY'M. WEST."' .
It is expected a Inrge number will Vo 'out
by the : Liberia packet, ironi Baltimore, 'aj "
bout tho first of June. One hundred and
fifty are expected from .Virginia These,
emigrants will form 1I10 new setildineni at
Bussa Oove. A sioain chgiiiu will be seut"
out with tho pnriy. '
ing and ridiculous. The instigators of such
disgracclul scenes claim to be In hot pur-
It is ronsidered on all sides that tho boiJy
does not fuel one instant after 'decapitation; '
for ihe brain being th seal of sensation
10 the whole frame, through the medium Of
the spinal marrow, every pan of iho body 1
beneuili.tho joint where the latter may be
til.,!. I. .A I... J . I r 1. r i
ui.iucu, uiuai uo uuuriveu 01 leciuig. dui
it by no means follows thai iho head is doi
suit of a principle, which ihev can discern prived of sensation immediatoly after docap;
iiuwuero ejuejii in a negro, w imi an oys- nation, nor that it may not retain its con.-
ter is to a pearl fisher, u negro is 10 thorn, sciousness for a considerable period,
wiih this tliffeience, that they seem to con- In support of this unpleasant tlleory,rnany,
found the pearl with the oyster, and consid- facts are adduced with uhiva "in.w.h,. fi...
VS..A ma rLI am Pit ftlran nneraorinri ftf t K a er a negro and a principle tho same iuonti- their nuihmu
1 unu llUk 11100 J.IA innu woooooiw ui nw 1 . , . . . 1 'J umwit 10 stiu 1111-
pistols, in all probability they would have cal lh,ng- w.un . lhein w.h,le men aro tec- fortunate Queen of Scotts, whoso lips con-'
been used by her driver, and perhaps both """"'J" v'"""." nueu 10 move in prayer tor ut least a qdar-
of them murdered. That voice" was more ondary; even tho consfuuiion and laws oi tur of an hour afior the executioner had per- -
we country seconaary. wun mem tne lormed 1 is dntv. Wind ai,,i,. ii,-, .
:rs or death!'- nm hii .i. . -p. .1
powerful, in subduing the heart of a robber,
than the sight ot a brace ot pistols.
mono seems to be, "Niggers or death!
u. a. Journal.
Medical men are very often asked if .vac
cination is ' sufficient to protect the system,
through life, from small pox or how often
it is necessary to have the operation pe lorm
ed? . The late Dr. Fisher of Boston, for . a
put his mouth 10 the ear o'f a decapitated
viiiiiiiiui B uuau. unu cu uu nun nv namn
the eyes turned to iho tide from whence iho '
voice came; and this fact is attested bv Font. I
enollo, Mooro, Guilloiirp, ..Nancho and 4l ,"
aim. un the word murder being called, iu
the case of a criminal executed for iliat crime ,
at Cobientz, the half closed eyes opened wide'.'
wun an expression 01 reproach 0 1 those who '
We presume there is no man living who
has a stronger hold on the atl.ictions of the
American people than V infield Scott, tho I
hero onwo memorable wars. At ihe men-
long time cave attention to this object; and "on of h,s nam,e .e lieartof every fairiouc sl0OfJ ttroundi
in January last published, with oihers, the American tnri.is wun a joyous inrou, and Tnig recordeJ
following propositions, which aro supported Bwe"" w"" w,,scloTU8 P,easur8 .'nttl 116 18
by, numerous statistical facts, and are fully niryman. ivery American may ,nirig in lne ,he6 or re(.ordod f tQ
relied upon by the profession: . sen the physiological possibility of con-'
1. That onp single and perfect vaccination " , """"" . ."c '.r science after decapitation. In diseases and!
does not. for all time, in all cases, deprive Pa6e8.01 our u.mry 8 ni8,0,y' ana n's " dislocation of ihe spinal marrow, tho mind .
the qr.iem.of its sueceptibiliiy of variolous . 7 - ,rrM,"Mln,n.fu potssion of all its faculties.
diseases., , : , .,.. , -,. , : " "f "I. 7 though all tho lower limbs are utterly Jo
in the Muilical Ghzhiip?,
bul whether it be believed or not, we see no-
9. Thai An a Ar mnra A.tfanp.inniinna Ha- n" "gins OI1U ner nonor. rrom V.,IA ol rHAlin,,.n . ...1... i... P ......
r-1 wb.m v . v .MVwatv..u -w, , I 11 . p 1 I , n. I 1 UIIM HI W ItUt IMJIUI UI fiUUUf-
! 1 1 ' -i u 1 111a uuiiiuiu uuiii 01 b huiHjruniDif fiincor n . . . . .
ana tnai, consequently, a pnys.c.an anou.u r - - - --- --- . are we jusuneC in saying the mind
recommend re-vaccination, when questioned "r , ' J "i --.- ., j must lose Its raiionul powert If the brain
as to its necessity, , ,-. , ' ..- . - -
some quackery in acorn doctor's trade boil spied out their approach, and Suspecting their
Here is more ignorance, for the benera obiect, and wan tne icovat examples 01
both of him and his patients we. will disi I Charles II and Louis Philippe before .'hit
close a secret which will relieve humanity eves, fled amain, and toon refuge on a
rom a load of misery not less difficult io small island some ten miles distant. From
bear than it is unputed or ridiculous, lhe Wins place he was driven by Ihe bherirx ana
cause of corns, and likewise of the torture pis Aboriginal forces; who, at our laiest ad-
they occasion, is simple friction; and to les-pices (April llthj were etui in full .pursuit,
sen friction tou have only to use your toe hiving captured a large yawl Several stands
as you do in like circumstances a coach of.arms; and a quantity u miliiary aiorot De-
wneel luoncate 11 wun some ony suosiauoe. 1 lunging iu uis mojaaij
ThA hpst and cleanliest thino to uka ia al I -
littlo sweet oil, rubbed upon the affected part, No Scch Thing as an' Atheist. If has
after the corn is carelullv pared, with the been well said, that no man can be an atheist,
finszer. which should be done on ceiling up I in the strict sense of the word. . The most
in the morning, and lust betore stepping any one can say is, tnat r.otntng ne nas
into bed at night. In a few days the pain seen reveals a God to his mind, ' He cannot
will diminish, and in a few days more it I say, "tfwe Is no aod,' until he has soared
will ceose, when the nightly application I to the farthest star, and. sunk to the lowest
rtilaill lhA Imnnn, fiT uieinn ttn1 lU nC'
iii;ii.-o wii.im.r huiiui ui Inimh. nnn nH... .1... I. I. :k, ...J
is laurels have been nobly lh(jm nrQ ilhdrawn( wnJ m w
vaccine influence, at tested by re-vaccina
Uon.'' e ''Hi s-::m ,ii - .
Every person, therefore; who would be
. . A f.nm tkn email vav ekmilrl
un, pro.e"u ...... F. ---- - meet8 wh due reward
oo 101 oniy ouw "i i . nflmn f R g. .
hauA ihannnrntion rHnRAted One 0 1WO Ume8. - . . . m.
. t rtr i t
PnlilHlTlOD W liuti ia i iiv iviikci duoucuii uiu ui a i II.. I
" . . ... j l.. . won. ana long may ne live o cntov tnem. .k j,: '
His fame is part of oir, national glory, and eralion of ,htt OI.,lnI,npt T,iU lh .i.i,'
as such-will be cherished as long as irue ... ninlllllntiirl litrv amikwtU fnAla ila f"-
heroism is admired and devoted patriotism j.... and J ,,. .flo, lhn ,,,, . .
may remain in imaginary possession of its
. l L . L . llf L !
:i .u" .n k fn,niA,l k toweroi strengin 10 me vv nig pany.
or un ,, - ' sands of honest Democratic voters, although
may be discontinued, i no writer oi tnis
Daracranli autlered Irom these horrible ex
cenccs tot years. He tried all sortB of in
fallible things, and submitted to the manipu
lotions of the corn-doctor; but all Ih 'vnin;
the more "he1 -tried -them the more-they
wouldn't go-, or if. they did go, (which hap
pened onca or twice under tne strong pre
vailment of caustic,) they were always sure
. - . o a i . 1
to return with ten iota venom, since ne
depih of earth and sea, searched every thing
and every place, not only in this world, but
in ihe whole universe' .without", being able
to discover any trace of. bis existence. . To
say positively there is no God, a man must
himself aksume one of the attributes ol uod,
raniscnce, and say, "I know all things.
Frmale Purity. All the influence which
women enjoy in society thoir right to the
exercise of that maternal care wliicb,-forms
the first and most indelible species oi edu
caiion; the wholesome restraint which they
possess over the passions ol mankind; their
power of protecting us when young, and
cheering us when old, depend so entirely
upon their personal , purity, and the charm
which it casts around them, that to insinuate
a doubt of us real Value, is wilfully to re
move the broadest corner-stone on which
civil- society rests, with all its benefits and
til its comforts.
(tr Said a bed-bug, to a musquito, whom
he chanced to meet, 'How is it you extract
so much more of life's current than myself,
when,l can biw as severely as your 'How
can you explain, til' 'For particulars see
mall bills!' quoted the musquito, with dig
ftV" The less, married men", help thei
chamber-maids, tha better pleased they will
nd their wives. " ' -" v
be busy
Wife Yistrrss Ladt, - Whd'marries
iriPd thn nil: some months aco: he hos had front loveHea a wife? who marries for con-
j . i.u-....: . .AJi v;.i i:j i J v..
no pain, and is able to take as much exer- Biuaraiiou .mwo n uu,. iuu ro mvou
else as he cheeses. Through the influence y1'"' "wife, Warded by 'your lady.' You
or this mild persuasive, one.of the most in- nave a wite tor yourseit, a mistress tor your
tni,o... p hi. Pnm hn airfiarl taknn it- houso and lis friends," a lady for ihe world.
self off entirely; the oihers he still pares at Your wire wih agree with you, your mistress
. . . ...111 .nnMmn11... n . . . In J . ..Ill
rarA Inmrwa : hilt Blirtnrlnff no InCOnVont- ' oi,wiiihiuoi yuu, vuur hut nm iiibh-
...ko.ovo. rm ihom. ha has nm thmmhi age vou. Your wife will take care of your
it necessary to have recourse to caustic householdyour mistress your housoi your
which sometimes, if not carefully used, and lady of appeaarknees: If you are sick your
ftrlf tod would W cheerful,
Indolence and low spirits are at ntarly ve-
lated as whisky, punch and ideviliry( r?
a . .. .r,r. nnnA m kninn wife will nurse'vou. vour mistress will visit
vinegar auu waioi Bjjpnovi wivw w ...w ,w, ,f , ,
causes almost as much smart as the actual you, and your Ikdy will inquire after your
health, xou take a walk with your wire,
ride with your mistress, and join parties with
h vlrtiii. For most oersons. one operation . . L . .- "- .
..i j u-e...-j ...s-i mkiu ;k:. mik. diltenng wttn htm in their political views
Loire , several. Re-vaccinaiion. at least but fondly cherishing his name for his gal.
once, should always be practiced., If this
were the case generally, this dire disease
would soon become almost unknown.
corporeal members, until the cut tains ol ob
livion are gathered around its fading vision,
and it sinks to repose in the chambers of
death. , '
I1ARD OF HEARING, o.'.o ;:,:
A pious deacon in one of the orthodo.t ,
lanl- services to his country, would rally
with enthusiasm to the standard, while the
shafts of malice and envy from the hands
of political foes would fall harmless at his churches of Connecticut was somewhat dis-
p n-L .LIP. .l J .. . .. ... . , .
WHITE HAM SOLI) AT AUCTION. . ieet. , i ne scar-woin cmeiiain nas wiinsioou Ninguisnea tor zent beyona ins Knowteage,
. L.. i ,. . , 1 I many. a bra, both W irom and rear, and has and his heart yearned for a moio extended
..Th' follolnff occurs in a letter written always come off victoriously and gloriously, field of usefulness. He became seized with-
iri,. rvA u. k. ...!,. jr..,j .i..,.. j .L ,
ua viu uciu nas uoin jwi wtu uoituwu ig uesiru iu BUUIIU 1110 gospel uuill)t:i, nuu ,
tnere is no sucn wora in nts vocabulary stand in a prominent position upon tho walls
and it is not to be believed that having 0f Zion. After being much exercised itv
routed and defeated all his country's Toes, his mind by Questions of duty oti this sub-
his own countrymen would turn against him jec. he repaired one day to lay thumatter J
tear the laurels from his brow and do before his pasior. , o i 1.. i sj -m
more than any foreign enemy was ever able The venerabla clersvman , of the parish..
to accomplish. 1 There is in his very name WQ8 nn exceedingly good man, a shrewd obi
a rx....;n. : .rlM.A... .n I . P , j ' .......1:15 J "
on the 8th inst., from Rushvllle, Schuyler
eountv, Illinois
The Mind Aspires to Perfection. The your lady. " Your'iWife Will share your grief,
soul during her confinement within this per your mistress youk money, and your lady
son or the body, is doomed by late to under- your aeots. 11 you are aeaa your wue win
go a severe penance.. For her native seat is shed tears, your mistress lament, and your
in heaven; and it is with reluctance tnat sne may wear mourning, a year auer uestn
is forced down from those celestial moun- maries again ' youi wife, in six months
tains into these lower regions, where all is I your mistress, and In six weeks or sooner,
foreign and repugnunt to her divine nature- wtion mourning is over, your tady.
But the gods, i am persuaaea, nave tnus - r
widely disseminated immortal spirits, and instinct of ,thr i crtlb.- it
cross uio ui
P. ;) . ti :1 . '. "M ' i ' . ' "
There has lived hers for. many years a
man Darned Barnnby.by trade a blacksmith,
having a. wife and a Jargew family of chil
dren, i He has always been somewhat in-
lAmrieraia. but lauerlv the habit has so com-
. r. ' ' I ..... . I !,,! Cl J .U- ! -I ... z.. I 1 . . " " , . ,
pleiely fakesl posseasioo otk him, that no was " m-ueiu mtj uresuga i ui viuiury, uuu ,erver ot numan nature, ana was quuunea
found si.uroes rolling In the streeis utterly tcneerea ey tucn a gauam loauer, wno couiu by his great experience to give proper ad
helpless.,,! Complaints were lodged against despair of success. ndia?ia iiiroict. vice on this occasion. The worthy deacony
him by sorrte of the Ciiizebs, and be was ar-1 j ' ., : who was rather deaf, was ushered into the
rested as a vtgranu lo ::i i ,i r- v, I I TRtttH.-TrOih Is the foundation of virtue, parson's siudv, and, after a rehearsal of his
' .. . t t .( ,:ii.L.i.t....i i. p. i. - i i. . i I ' . . ' . j . l- -
, 'jAi Bit tnai no provou.inni nm luiniiy .iiBu nu mmram mjuiu iu, uuouiuhjij no- anxious menial exercises, biuiuu iv iii aaiui
never suffered by his intemperance,, and cessary He who walks by the light of it islied pastor that be had lately received da
that then there was in his, house sufficient has the advantage of the niid-duy sun; he call' from the Lord to preach rhd gospel."
money, meat, flour and wood, n The jury, who would spurn it, goes forth amid clouds The Reverend gentleman was rather per
notwithstanding, brought him in guilty, and and darknes. There is no way in which a plexed at first to decide, upon- the proper -
the judge sentenced him to be sold at public man strengthens his own judgment, and ac-1 av to meet this case of hallucination, but. .,
auction to the highest bidder. 1 quires respect in society so surely, as by a Us he had a spice of waggery in "his compu-'
The sale actually tooK place yesterday ai scrupulous regaru to iruin. i no course ot uion,' and the cose required prompt treat-
1118 tuun-uoubo uuur, Hi tuts piosciwo ui sutu uu iuuiiiuum ia hjiii auu naijiu uu , ment, ne put on one OI Ills peculiar mimes,'
quite an assemblage of citizens. I. think He is no changeling, saying one thing today and applying his mouth to the deacon's ear
the South may well laugh at these ami- and another to-morrow; ' Truih to him is he exclaimed, "I don't doubt, brother F4-,-
slavery lanatics ot the iNortn, who navel line a mountain lanamarit 10 ine pilot: ne that vou are sincere in believing mat. you
thus forever cast a stigma of disgrace upon fixes his eye upon a point that does not have received a call to preach, but, as you .
.a,al,l A rMita kaa k I mnim nml ka AnlAM IriA k ak-knk 1 r f. I a I . I I 1 a L ! I . I. KIH.:
i. 1 ii. a. . . 1 l i . I . I " .1. . ... L J i .....L ...J .. . . . . ... i i . M ...
liciy veiling ine nusouna ana lauier an a ma uuiurary, one wno uespises iruin anu
alafe.' - - - i. . ' i loves iaiscnooa is line a puoiwno taKes a
pleco of drill-wood for his landmark, which .Tha Deacon was dumfoundedbut
tKrAn invincible wil and punster nsked changes with every changing wave. On sight .of the ponderous tome of iheojogy3
Via nantaln rC si svali larlnrl tall ill KnKffls I thlB hfl TXXPM hlB Attenllfin. Rnd. hnlnff fllRPn- I tukinti .-innnriearl tka mlniolnv a lihrnrv. hsln
ma saiii ws n vikii iwuuu tt ins vwhi wt r r 1 f iiivta vwuijvauu aiw iajwa . i f r
bow ha managed to gel dinner on the pas- sioiy tea irom nis course, sinxos upon some 0d him to apprehend his true position, as ne
niauen reel, ana sinxs to rise no-more. full that it would be impossible lor nini to
Instinct of the
o.lmhed them with human bodies, that there Observed that turtles
has been
ocean irom
might be a race of intelligent creatures, hot the Bay of Honduras to the Cayman Isles,
nnlv.to have dominion over this our earth, near Jamaica, a distance of, 450 miles,, with
but to contemplate the host ot heaven, an iwutoj aupenur ui,uu, mar, auu -and
imitate in their moral conduct the pass of human skills fos, His affirmed, that
tame beautiful order and uniformity,-so vessels which ; have,) lost their, latitude In
conspicuous in those splendid orbsr-Cieer. hazy weatner nave steered entirely; oy tne
, i j i f l I1VIB9 VB SIBV 1U wuoj its " itSJtSStasBjr "W WW
(WHnw hu'mblinir ' to human- nrlde is lent of thoir voyage, as in the case of the
the reflection that man is the only species of! migration of birds, Is for : tho purposo of lay-
jtbt animal ereaiion that Wart upon Hs kind.) ing eggs' or) a Boot peculiarly favarab.lt.,,;,,
"Why." replied the skipper, "we always I hut truth brings sucoess; fulsehood results wade through them in a coarse preparatory'-
cook aboard." in ruin and contempt. Dr. Charming. , to preaching." He accordingly Jeturnedio.u
I "Cook a aboard, do youl" rejoined the " I his ayocaiions, contented to wMtor ajpudej,,'
' ... . . t ii I . r . T , , . . I . . .... i. . i . '
wag, "then t soe you nave oeen wen pro- a rBRssvBsiNa uovsa. a young man "can. xonKee viaae,
vided wiih provisions this trip, at all events! , in Washington city, entertained an enaction
" ' I i I s.t , .1 I . m. : I 1 A a
i . ..- r 1 , tor a iaoy, wnicn was not reciprocaiou, en- i'HiLosoPHicAt.-ihe reason why tile"
i "The first reaihered rowl," said nn Irish- deavored to etiect an entrance to tne nouso egg ol monarchy is not hatched,, from iho
man, "that I ever saw in America was a for-1 by getting down the chimney. A short im- political quarrels In rliis" country is be'cauiie
kintlne, (porcupine.) 1 treed him under a prisonment did not cure him or his passion, the whites will not bear tho yoke.' f i.nvJ
haystack, and shot him with a barn shovel, on his release ne attempted to cntei the ,. ,. , ; ,. ,'t . ,m";. v-uaii.
The firtl time I thot him I missod him; ihe house by' picking tho lock. This mode of j (r Nearly twenty-five hundred persons
second time I shot him I hit him In the tame burglariously making his way into a lady1 signed ill 3 temperance pledge, in' Zanosville,
pltcc where I missed him before.." ,,, , affection is certainly nowl,toay the lasi. under the tabors or Mr. Uougn. "!-. .r.-
sti '
t '
1! .1
i .

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