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J, '.'.- ' ' - : if
1LLA.The remedy for Purifying tho Blood,
and curing disease, and the only remedy that it
thoroughly efficient and perfcttiy harmless.
Thi Medicino.wbea used according to directioni
Will Care Without Fall.
.Scrofula, or KingaEviL Cancer. Tumors, Erup
tion of the skin, Erysipelas. Chronic Sore Eyes,
fingworui.-or Tetters, Scald head, Rheumatism,
" . - Pains in tho bone or Joints, old orca and ,
ulcers, swelling of th glands, Syphilis,
. , Dyspepsia, Salt Rheum, disea.vsof.the ,,
'! ' Kidneys, ton of apptito, diseases ar-' -rising
from the use of Mercury,
. ' pain in the side and shoulders,
" " i . general debility, dropsy, lum- ''
t'. - .. . bago. i - - ,
The best Female Medicine known. Incipient
Consumption, Barrenness, Lcucorrhea or Whites,
irregular Menstruation, Incontinuence of Urine,
General Prostration of the System, Depressed
Spirits and Gloomy State of Mind are cured by
DOCK AND SAR9APARILLA, which gives im
mediate Wllcf, by renewing the fountain of Health
, .-and 8trenth, the Blood. It neutralises bad hu
mors, atop unnatural secretions, and gives heal
thy action, to all the vital powers.
' Itratild sltmtfre properties render it peculiar-
.- tkm of the female. It immediately contracts
a. thin flissressinr rvotMnes lnatituue' so
4yjnimon to the female frame, and impart an en-
nd buoyancy aurpriing t they are grate-
"' i rfmnfW to ieniend this medicine to mar
' . hen blessed with off-
...neu vKuvu; -u ,v
spring, " v " - - - .
" Prolapsis Uteri, or Falling of the Womb, of n7e
" V years standing, cured by Dr. Gupsotf Extract
of Yellow Uock ana narsapanun, mici ioj
other knoWn remedy had been tried without
relief. r .v ,
. ;wianmoTo)ir O., February, 1849.
' Thi ctttifiei that my .Wife,' aged twenty seven
" ' years, hai bce , suffering under the above com
i btaint for nvt.years! nearly aU that tune confined
to her bed. I have for four year constantly em
' Blt-ycd the best medical talent that could be pro
'' VVwli (n thi. untion of the country, without any
benefit whatever. ; I have also purchased every
instrument recommenced for the core ot men -is
.ii i.r whirti nmved worthless.
.. In the spring of 1848, was induced by my
M-nda in trv Dr. ' Quvsott's Yellow Dock and
Sarsaparilla, which wa used for four months.
: Aft )ie had used it for about four weeks, it
.. tn all of ui that she improved rapid
i ami ained flesh and strength, nntil she is
V enjying elCCUent WM. MONFORT
We being neighbors id Wm. and Julia Mon
fw know that the above statement as to the
ickness of Mrs. Monfort, and s to the cure being
'.ff-Mted bv "Ouysotfs Yellow Dock and Sana-
tof!Uytttte-JANE EDDY. .
, jl casi o rJLc?aM.n limb oje 16 tas stand
Th fbllnwins is an extract of a letter dated
March 27, 1860, from E. B. Perkins, M. D.,
hiirhiv mnctable Dhvsician of Marietta, Ohio:
Johh Piaa Dcat Sin I have under my care a
-young woman who," for 'Sixteen years", has been
aufferine from Ulcerated Limbs, and whose case
ha htn Dronounced hopeless by three of our
best physiciau. 1 took her into ny Amly, and
have used Guyiott's Yellow Dock and Sarsapa
riiia frcelv. and I am confident that the Yellow
Dock and Sarsaparilla will effect permanent
cure. She is better in general health than she
has ever been before, and walks a mile or two
" without fatigue or pain. A a pear ago she used
nr,it,.hM. I will reDort the Case in aue lime
Very respectfully, ' '&JUPERKINS,
" , evilQAse op o. ml Leonard.
m-If tha reader will bsciive, he will see that.
in nearly all cases, . the patient has tried nearly
:'""'vrv nhyiician within hi reach, and nearly
every remedy; but when he hit upon GuysotF
VpIIow Dock and Sarsapuilla, .the cure is tm
'mediate. ''
Bi.oomiso Gsove. Deo. 1st 1849.
Messrs. S. F. Bsnnett 4. Ccv Gents; Some
iin. in 1843 I was attacked with King's Evil in
1 mv arm. which Wame so sare that I could not
use it, and in 1846, mortification set in. I cm'
nloved. at different times, each physician of cele
twit withinfjnv reach: all told me that my arm
. ,i . must be amputated. From the shoulder to the
forearm, my ann was full of running sores, some
f them as laree as a fifty-cent piece. I then
4 r;t n Indian Doctor, who removed mc mom
I. ..- lied flesh, and stopped the mortification, but
vnif nnt npm mv arm. m y atreuKtii av m .
llUlb . w , ' - ... i
much emaciated. I continued m this state unui
, nmmsT Ot 1H4H. WHCQ 1 W . RU ucllloc-
ment of "Guysbtrs Yellow Dock and Sarsapa-
tottle of the article. After using it a few days,
V . the dicharge from my rm increa.ed, and as-
. turned a light color, and less onensive ouor. i
' ?acit for second bottle, and while using it I
found my strength increasing, and the discharges
'. mm mv aim decreasing. I continued using it
. ..ntil I had used six bottles, though I felt myself
s .a - m ! ..iL VS1.
perfectly xuieu ociore t useo me sum oow
' Since that time I have not felt any pain in my
jknn:-'ne aores have reappeared, and I have no
,.. doubt that it is Uiorouehly cured, for I
i , i.- ivn paaon to doubt that it is thorouehly
l'Urfd. for I cau labor with it as well as I ever
'. Gnysott'l Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla ae
lone eured me: I took no other remeay whii-
P it. and had I used it at the first appear-
' M aee"the malady, I fnlly believe it would .have
- saved me from yean of suffering. And I most
, . earnestly recomined every person suffering under
- . aimilar diseuc' to use VQuysott's Yellow
i . : Dock and Sarsaparilla," which will restore them
to besllB, lours in grauiuac,
Barbcr-ous Remoral !
PJ. ADDISON has removed his Barber Shop
to, Court street, where he may always be
found reaiy and willing to serve his jpativni in the
neatest and most fashiouable style. Feeling thank
ful for past patronage, he would respectfully soli
cit those who desire to have their countenances
scraped, and hair trimmed neatly, to give him a
With rai&f sharp and water hot,
He'll always be found tm th spot, ,
Ready to serve all who please to call.
Both old and young, and great and small:
, Then don't delay, but come along
And have it done up neat and strong. .
Pomeroy, May 32, 1851 nS3tf
nouve audi Lot for Sale.
rilHE UNDERSIGNED offers for sale bis House
J and Lot in Minersville, near V B Horton's
upper coal-bank The site of the house 30 by 18
feettwo stories and a half high. The lower
story is made sufficient to keep a (tore, grocery, or
boarding house The lower story i 18 feet square
of a room. The second story has two large rooms,
with a good fireplace. The upper story is all in
one room, with a good fireplace. Also, a good
cellar, 10 by 18 feet The lot is 60 feet in front
by 226 back.
Any person wishing to purchase this property
shall have a great bargain.
May 22, 1851 n33w4pd
1ST OF LETTERS remaining in the
Post Office at Pomeroy, May, 15,. 1851.
Aughenbaugh Anuw Montz Siirnh
Beck John Martin U 2
Buckley Wm A Mecum John -Cook
Andrew '' McCord Jamet !
Cunningham Terance Mitcholl, Edward' '
Coitrcll Gmndson . - Mosebach Ferdinand
Corlcy Catherine OmbW loha
Cook Charles W ' Phanmer Nelaon 1 . ;
Church Alvira Price Charles G
D Dawney Solomon 2 Petit Enoch
Dorst Peter
Evan Thomas B
Erinon Timothy
Erwln Samuel
rccb John
Fralcy William E
rult Abraham '
Gilchrist Wm
Gardner Martellas
Hart Abigail F
HigleyAustin z
UVsell Kawton
J one J W
Jiihnson S F
Kazey Rudolph
Killson Harriet
Peck J J
Pullins William
Roush Jcpiliah
Roush John
Roihgep Zaclmry
Russell John
Ralph Stephen
Kose Edward H
Stiver James
Strong Silas
Shanks PP
Surtees Wm
gmiih Valentino
Sherdan Thomas
Smith Luthor W
Sppencer Lydia
Prtestaiit Episcopal Rev. Tbohas B.
Doolit, Rector:"-8en-ices every Sabbath moming,
at 10 o'clock.
Prcsbrterian flev. rt. Wixbinson. Pastor:
Service every Sabbath moruiug at iOi o'clock
lKeUMSltBt Eptaeopsai Rev. J. r.Giftn,
Pastor: Services at the unner church on alternate
Sabbath mornings, at 10 o'clock at lower church,
every Sabbath afternoon, at J o'clock.
Roman Catholic Rev TnEomiun four,
Priest Services every Sabbath morning. , ; :
German Methodist Rev. Mr. Gcvca,
Services every Sabbath morning.
uerman Lutheraia-Rev. Mr. Hasku
Service every Sabbath morning.
IltASOIVICi PomeroT Lodare.
No. 164, Stated Meetings, the Monday
Evening, on or before the full moon in each
month. Hall in Murphy's building, Second it
fK O. O. F. Naomi Lodge,
L jh-Ne. 11T, Meetings on every Friday
Evening. . Hall in Edwards' building.
weiiare isivision, xao. w, wm
livening, nau m Aieuamp s ouuumg.
a aaa
sausmirr jwavisawaa .
' V r m XI . nn CtunlaV
a iaonsw xempeiauueuiccuiiis
Kjousc Donna Maria Tenney Lydia S
Key James M Terril Hugh
Larue Ciarinda
Lewis Daniel
Lewi Samantha
Leo James
Leo John
Lewis John -
Lot Amarilla M
Maupin C W & Co
Mecs Samuel
Mnnahan ST
May 22, 1850.n33w3.
Thompson Aaron
Titus ZM
Thomas Hugh
Vincent Uriah B
Williams Wm H
Wilson Wm 2
Willis Joseph
Young Mary E
Regular Pomeroy and
Portsmouth Semi-Weekly
k Packet The Steamer
JOHN BRUBAKER. Masts, will make semi-
weekly trip between Pomeroy and Portsmouth.
Leave Pomeroy every Monday ana l jursaay, at
7 o'clock, A. M.
Leaves Portsmouth every Tucsaay ana maay,
at 10 o'clock, A. M. . . .
rrThe REVEILLE having been purchased and
fitted uu expressly for the Pomeroy and Portsmouth
Uft4c, wiU. tun regularly, leaving promptly at the
above hours All business entrusted to this Boat;
will receive particular attention. -. ;
romeroy, May is, lsot. nu. . ; , . ... .. .. t
Merrill's Black Salve.
For curing Frtih Cuts, Bruise$t Burnt,
fever Sore$, Wkite' Swelling, and',.
Gathering! of all kinds. -
Whon iicpiI io ba spread on a piece of
linen or conon cloth , sufficient to cover the
wound; dress the wound once a day, ofiener
if thought necessary; cleanse the wound
with a light wash made of castile soap, once
. Aati Annlv the plaster thick or thin as
ik. m mav reouire. No case of moriifi
cation hes ever been known while using this
salve; and a thorougn trial wm give saiiaiac.
lion to all wh mane use oi w. ........
Manufactured at Butlana, Meigs county,
Ohio. Price- 25 cents per box.
04rD. RUTHERFOKU, lienerai Agent,
to whom all oraers must imj ouuiv.u.
I have used "Merrill's Black Salve' more
nt Ua for a number of veors, and from my
knowledge of its heatina properties, do not
hnaiiam to sav that it Is superior to any salvo
I have ever used, and that it Is highly re
commended by all who have given ha trial.
To such as have fresh wounds, old sores,
&c., 1 would sav, use the Black Salve and
be made whole.' B. DOWNING.
Middleport, O., Jan. 10, 1851. ,
Having seen the effects of the said salve
for many years, I fully concur with Mr.
Downing in the above certificate. I
, v S. HALL1DAY.
Pomeroy. 0., Jan. 10,1851.
I liavo been using Merrill's Black Salve
in my family for a number of years and can
highly recommond it for its healing proper
ties, and find it to be superior to any salve 1
have used. . , ., ia "
Addison township, Gallia county, O.
For sale at the Drug store of D. REED,
Pomeroy, Ohio.. .. , " .... . s !
May 8, 1851-n3hf. '.-..' .; ';r. ;V ;;, ;
THIS ESTABLISHMENT, which has been In full
operation more than two yertftr, has, within the
lastyeat, received an additiofiM srt of fiew rr.a-1
chiaefy, nd the prorrtietors feel ewiflaefft that
they ore fully preparea to give perfect satisfaction
to their patron. Their machinery being the ; (
Best ana most AproTea
and their workmen txrcaiciiccu attd raiTHrvrw tha
Good raandfoetufed Will equal in quality any in
the East or West, and Will be sold at price a low.
Who will not patronize the home manufacturer
' Wnen Otmlity ana Price
. CvnMihief The oromretorttrhst that mer
chants and others, wishing to purchase uooo oi
the description manuracturea ai weir mm, wui
extend to them their patronage. They are also
prepared to - - - '
for customers, at very low rates, but in all ease
the Wool must be brought clean,
P. 8. Price for Carding Roll White, 8c.;
Mixed. 8 to 7o. i Carding and Spinning, 15c, and
other work in proportion. ! V f
ITThe most lioerai prices paiu iot oui ai um
Factory. ... ..- ' . y"' . :
Uallipolis, May I, laei. " - .
1851. SPRING COODS. 1851,
En. EDWAKDS has just receives fura
; the East a lnrge assortirent of aew and . de
sirable Oooda, which in addition to n previous
stock constitutes as large an assortment as can do
found in this region of country. His articles are
of the best quality, and he will Serial atery mnll
advance on eastern prices. - Among his artiele
may be found a large variety of DRESS 0O0DS,
consisting or
Figured and Watered Drees Silks;
Printed French Grenadines, Bersgcs, Tissues, e
Black, Green and Maroon French Mcrinoe
Black Green, Mode and Maroon Thibet Cloths;
; Black and Fancy Alpaca)
Figured, Plain and barred Swiss Muslin;
A large assortment of Primes Lawns, compri
sing the newest styles;
French Printed Jaoonelsi Oingnams, etc.
With aft assortment of Worsted, Linen, and
flnttin rtmHa for Men s summer wear.
Together With a splendid assortment of Prints of
the newest ano mosi aesiraoie bijikm,
Bleached and Brown Sheering ana bhirtinrs;
ALSO Cloths, Cassimeres, Satinetta, Jean,
Tweeds, ae.
Pomeroy, April 17, 1WI. l -
DY. ben leave to in
form the Citizens of this
vicinity that he may be
found at his residence
in Sheffild, at all hours,
when not professionally absent. He i prepared
to execute all operation pertaining to the profea-
sion, in a nyieof neatness.-ease anu nurauuuy.
upon gold plate, with or without artificial Gums, in
so accurate a manner, as to deceive the closest ob
server. '" " -' v ''.. ' I :
. Hiirharees shall in all ease be low, and gradu
ated according to the amount of labor and material
expended; pledging himself to give entire satisfac-
tinn in all naaea entrusted to his care. . -
rrLADlES waited upon at their residences, u
required. ' , , . ,
rjThe NERVE killed and the Tooth saved with
out sensation of pain to the patient. .
BTThe Letheon will be used tor extracting
Teeth, if required. , ,: ' '
CANCERS, all kinds; old RUNNING SORES,
oond stares of CONSUMPTION, on moderate
terms.': . 1
He invites the afflicted portion of the community
to give him a call. A fair trial is ail he ask.
May 1, 1851 n30tf. ' , v-:'
. . - Farm to Sale.
T OFFER for sale my Farm lying on the road lead-
X ing from Chester to Parkersburg, in Chester
towushin. a half mile from Adams' mill, contain
ing 90 acres, 60 acres under cultivation, with two
dwelling houses and a well of good water, a good
apple and peach orchard, and a good shop suitable
tor a a blacksmun or wagon-maaer.
May 15, 1851 n32w3pd. R.W.SIMS.
HAVING concluded to close lip the Dry
ii Goods business in Pomeroy, and giving
no further credit to any one, we respectfully
ask all those indebted to us, to call immedi
atelv and bpiiIo either by ' Dote or psyment,
Don't foreei our former noticei "thai all
claims due us previous to4ih of July, 1859,
will h nut tn suit immediately" for collec-
lion. :.
To our customers then, we kindly ask
them to come' immediately and. settle.
is important to make a speedy wind up, so
as to commence in our other intended bust
noss at a certain time. It is not our wish to
make cost or trouble. Come now come
May I, 185.L ... :..v. U "
dr N. B Our stock on hand will bt
sold from 10 to SO per cent, cheaper than
former prices, or cheaper than the same ar
ticles can be had in any other store,
:, R. & B. ;
ieathev bound Spring Back.' Day
OU Books for sale very low at
. May 8, 1851
T)OAD NOTICE No'.ioe is hereby given,
11 a
UBLIG ALE.-fy-ilrtUft sotY) decrek
: of the courf f corriiiion'jileas 'oT Muig
county, i pui Xitivf, n.r saie at.inuoor i
the court liouou lltu 3J day pf ' Juno, next,
the' Wlowing pace4 of land to wit; Jot fJ.
8, tn the o ii of Middli jMwiin said county.
Ordered to be suld as the propert y wDohn W
Mathews at the suit of llainptvfl, Dinlili
Co. Appraised at C1S00.
' TH. IRV1N.
. , MnMcr Cm. in Chancery' M. C ,
May 1, 1851 n.30fi. .$10.?
Collars. Chemisettes, and Corded skirts, for
sale by aprill7 . EDWARDS,
JENNY UNDTRIinniNOS of all co
lors, at mpiin EDWARDS.
TtONNETS Florence Braid. Roueliand Rea-
13 dy, Milan Edge, Hungarian, Alboni, Needle
Braid, colored Chip and China Pearl Bonnets, for
wdeby apriin ' ' EDWARDS.
T)onuet Silks and Satins, various colors
JL Crape, Thule and Florence, assorted colors,
for Bonnet Lining, tor sale at -?
apnllT - auwAMuts
rj ewlerr A line assortment of Ladies' and
IT Children's Hose, comprising every variety,
just received by spriin EDWARDS.
ace Boats Kid, Morocco, Calf and Kip,
A for sale at apnU7 KUWAKUS.
1 inen, Cotton, Jaconet and Swiss Edging1
1 A and Inserting, for sale at
Krkik Fleece Bonnet and Cap HiUDons, wr
JUl sale very cheap at . ' EDWARDS.
tlovea Black, Colored, White Kid and bilk
VI Gloves of superior quality, et.j.l,
-nitr-rn and Half Ga ters, Kid, Morocco, vbu
I T .nH Kin Bnakirts. and Jenny Lind Ties.
Also, a good assorunemi oi ..
Buskins, and ce Boots, ior saie at
aprilH -uwAK--
ra Ilundre- Beatae sjap raper
yj Also, Flat Cap, Letter and Bill Paper, at
the 31st day of May neKt, bctwiwii ih
hours of ten A. M. and 4 P. M., at tne floor
of the Courthouse in the town of Pomeroy,
will bo sold to the highest bidder the follow
ing rial estate a the yropeny of J-'bn Dyle.
deceased, to wit r the north cnsturly halfof
lot No. 102 oil court street hi Pomeroy. 1 h
same to be sold uljcct to the duwer of Mary
rish ilierein. luruia ol sale, one-third in
hand ono'third in six, and tho residue in
twelve months from sale with interest on do-
furred payment
May 1. 1851.
of John Doyle, dee'd.
ITisyWe belisfe pot gentsv'ly nndersropd na
yet, that the chmrx-t nlsce to buv Goods in'
Pomoft)y, is -at the New Strj of A. Locsnsa, on
Front street, tjetwece Lind and Brromcrs, in Ajar-'
tin's old stand. 7hf ocension is tlereforo em
braced to pruclauaT the intcrnticf far.t to the world
at large. Having ojmttd buin for lumielf, l.e
invites those he has to iaithfully crre4 Iq. yMrar
to return ia part the favors received: - "
He has just received a choice stock of tho vrr
best quality or goods in the mark, esnLrscing alt
kinds of Cloths, Cassiuteros, Vestiaes, 8nn.tn:r
Cloth. Calicoes, Prints, Lewas, Laces, Kibbona,
Handkcrchiel, Boots, Shoes. Hat, Cap, Bonnet
Tnsarmnjr. 4c. Alsa. Groeetiea. Eracaa. Knirk
iKnacks, and Jim Crack, la (hurt, every thin.
uat prudent, honest, industrious and economical
people may need. . Givt hira a caU, as Andy int.
boy to ffivo you good bargain.
- " ' A. LmTJNBR:
romeriy, May 1,. IM1 30tf
RIOTICE I hereby given iliore will be . C
Id pt tiiiuii presented to the Commissioners
of Meigs county, Ohio, at there next siion,
prating lor an nlterat on in thectato road
loading from Athens to (JaUii'oli, to com-
nienco in this tfiitt-r of tho.rond at the
crossing of ihe creek riear Jusi ph Ifowell's,
and to lermiuatu ia iKO Cciiicr or Hie ral
atSeletn Days, so that faid road will run
parallell with the Saline between Horatio
White and Peter Aikin, the rond 10 bo loca
ted on said White land, and to vacate u
much of the old road as i bctwenn thu
Wilkitville roaJ and the croscin of the
creek first' named. Mn'y 1. 1851.
SMlTlk'ssvs that the Casff system worts like
a charm. lie has just returned, from the
Queen City and M Spared to accoicnodate hie
numerous cuatomeff Wi! rbe' fcllowiirg artietes
at hi cash prices. . . . -.c, ...t
40 Barrels best Moffitft;' ,
15 ' do Middling . A,' 1
10 Boies Raisin; --a iK."-
10 do Soap; ,'
10 do Cndle; ' ' '-i M ' 4
Sugar Crackers) Soda aad Battdi c vi'.i
Coffee, Tea, 4e, ,. ..,., - , .... , .
Spier and other articles fc'etongtag to tie isaie
at Wholesale or Retail. CMl and see bin Ant
housa above the Rolling Mill. .. "lie's Utre."
Bucket oa hand and for sab) by -.
V V now hs,,e nd shall continue to keep the
unnerior article of Salt for sale l y the barrel or
bushel. It has no superior, and can be sold low
er than the present prices of other salt.
March 27, 1851. '
JUDGE NYE resumes the practice of the Law,
He will attend the Courts in Meip and Gallia,
and the other counties of the (present) eighth cir
cuit. aprill7n.8w4pd
aft roceriee A General AssortmentofoPr
1 t nR nr. FRIES, for sale low by
apriin EDWARDS'.
teel A general assortment of Cast, .near,
German and E B Steel, for sale by
iA large lot of all aises, f' ale at
"ails and Spikes of all sizes, just receiv
ed and for aale very cheap at
Jwder-50 kegs Rifle and Blasting Powder
I on hand and for sate at
aw.wL The attention of farm
! Miiit to mv assortment of
pt-l.nna Patent with or witn
out .tocVs , al80( Plow l'oin ana uw jjgj
Ann, 17. 1851. E- 8- EDWAKUS.
i.. .ni.i Vniin. Hyson n Bl
TDie -WhlmnrennWtoScUlUOri
fpTckag cither "of 6 lb.., by the half chest,
or by the slnglelb, at very low Pyjc- . on:;
April 17,
TEA ST01IIavin- lust received
a new supply of . that splendid TEA, from
Philadelphia, loner u to tne puwio wn
renewed inducements, ,v;t IL B SMITH, Agent
Pomeroy Acddemy.
rrHE SUMMER TERM of the Pomeroy Acade
X will commence on Mo.ndv, May 19th.
May 16- 1851.
petition will be presented to the Trustee of
Sutton townshipat their session, on the 8th day
nf June next, to open a township road, as fol
lows: Commencing at Joseph Wolf farm on the
hit thence on the old road to intersect tne roao.
lerdin from Graham Station to Pomeroy, at the
. . v. , ' i ' wt i i i : n " j J
:idge wnere rnuip narpoia now iwc. oaiu iuu
ill cross parts of Philip Harpold and Adam Har-
pold's lands. A PSTHTOisit.
Cuba Expedition Successful!
THAT cheap stove store man bil.
PRALL. ia on hand again with the larg
est stock of STOVES ever brought toi
itTT. mitr.At. selected with the neatest care, em.
hranin. everv variety of style snd finish, with the
latest snd most smprorea raienu. Among iaie
receipt of Stove at his store we notice the fol
lowing: - .
Ail of the best materials and warranted. He also
keeps on hand large supplies of custom made TIN
WARE, which he will sell to merchants and oth
ers lower than the same article can be bought in
tli west
(r Don't forget the Ciuur Tin and Stovs Sroas
under the Kiheldarter House.
Pomeroy, May 15, 1851 n37tf. : -1
Li Aeent The undersigned having establish'
ed a Store at the residence of Myrou Wells, on
tice of the Peace of Olive township, of the coun- Horse Cave Creek, will keep said store constantly
tyofMeies, against the property and effect of supplied with such goods as may at any time be
Keese w hims, an aosconaing aeDtor. ; uaieq inis nu u mo uivuscua iu
29th day of April, 1861
May 8, 1861.n31w4pd
Ti OAD NOTICE A petition will be presented
It to the Commissioners of Meigs county, at their
June session next, praying for a county road oom
nnr,ine at or near the residence of Lemuel Pow-
elL in Salisbury township; thence the nearest and fnt be taken in excha lge at the market
:Aia, l.n.ll nn f.om HliT-l . . . l. .m.in
oesi rouio i ww " .-i..5 rce in f omerov. t KSUJ a unvm-n.
awn i
llV-ti. marietta. Pataerar, bb1
1. lnl-otlTliaiuiw rallrim,
mger steamer, OHIO, M. COOLEY
'', nrTNona eehuine unless putdpiniatgcboltle.
eentaining quart, arid name of the aXrup blown
" inHhe glass, with the written signature, 8. P. Ben-
nett. on me ouisiuo winjjici. ... ......
Al Por bottle, or bottles for 15.
vTtiold bv ' J1. Dc PARKr Oineinnati. O.
Nnrth,east comer Fourth andWalnut Bts., en-
', uaace on Walnut atto whom all order must
be addressed. . .
For wle by DReed, Pomcroyj G. W, Cooper
rv... Chester. John-frarnej CoolviUcrJ.'Cape-
; hart. A Co., Poiat Pleasant John Perkins, Athcnsj
nin nasaapn-er
MasTxa, wiU make weekly trip between Marietta,
Pomaroy and Cincinnau:
I ovm Marietta. Tuesday I o ciock, a. to-
o ' .. . ... n r
f Fomerov. - o r. m.
a fSi'p.innati. Friday 4 " "
t, OHIO, is sined permanently for the
above trade, and the public may my oa her regm'
larly. novTlHJnoTtt
C Magnet di Naret, GaUipolisj 8. 8. Murray, Wilkes
i vine; O.J. Payne, Porter. ' . ; ; ' Capt
- mavMnn-a. : - leaving
PAPER HANGINGS The undersigned
has recently opened in eonnection with the
Drug business a choice selection of 9,000 Pie
ces of Patter llansintrs. Also, 800 Oil
aaa Patter window snaaes, consisting
of Draperies, Arches, Lai flscapes,, ana tnose oi
. 1 , 1 3 41.J .1
uie -ninese aim uuuiio-uiutia. .
The maenitude and variety of the selection en
ables him to sell at such prices a will, without
doubt, harmonize with the varied tastes of this
community. . 21tf. , DARIUS REED.
Wholesale Grocer and Dealer in Foreign and Do-
- - -i-n-- .il I., fmjsitin LiqunTta ' -
Na. 4,Main St., Middleport," Ohio
CGA1-.--0 hhds. N. O. Sugar on hand and
for aale low by GKt- w. rtuumo-.
VT OTICE At my instance an attachment was
! H this day issued by William H Clark, a Jua-
that section. It is our
drign to sell at Pomeroy prices, though some ar
ticles in Groceries, d urine bad roads, a small ad
vance will be added. Anv article wanted by the
citizens not in said store can be ordered and sent
out at shortest notice.
The a eck in said atore is now much larger than
heretofore. So that customers will find neatly as
full an assortment as in any store, in Pomeroy.
land to Sheffield, at or near the tannery of W H
May 8, 1851-n31w4pd
November 27, 1850.
TILATFOKJI SCALES, for sale at Cin
J7 oinnati price, at ; - SMITH'S
AMP CIIIMNIES-Only 20 cts., at
i , - . FLEMINGS.
S HEREBY GIVEN, to Matilda Patterson, Jane
Patterson and-Samuel Grafton Patterson, minor
children of Wm. Patterson, deceased, residing in
Linn county, Iowa, that James Robb, Adminia- fAlOTlCE is hcrew given that a petition
?!? J:JTrTaVn.vT be presented to the Commissioner.
IBM All. hia nptltjnn in the UOtirt OI UOlnmon I ., vw-tj r.i .snivu, . vi
Pleas of Meigs county, Ohio, praying for ajthor- praying Tor an alteration in the county road
ity to execute a real contract which was made by leading from Tupper'a. Plains to the Brick
saiu wm. .aibciaua m uia uiouiiki, wiui muiuw
" --" - . t: i ..r I u nt. -. ii
numbdr, 1, inTown 9 an-Hange is, in said coun- uouao u aw.ni aiun, sis man uriug-
ty of Meigs, i . , ,.. M. HtUKAKJJ,
May V, leot. nsiwa . , a ivy ior reuuoner,
Pattersoa in Ua lifetime, with Samuel Schoolhouse, in Orange township and coun
AVn ty aforeaald, tp .wkl tannin? near .ho
bouse oi . Josenn uoit, at a small brldee in
the road, thence a westerly direction where
the road now runs lo said HoM a ' barn.
thence to pass the said barn .and down'
drain In a southerly direction from twelve
. . i .i , . i - . i i
, , i . twemy rous, iiieuce arounu tne souin siue
k U1 P Zr ux 're5P"lcu jo the bill, between said Uoit' a and George
EYl. a. ska- r,nr.miaial-a.irs Vkl Molarst .mint V I .
attheii June session next, praying for the tnlBrieu ,. . ne.-.!(r vv0hen'a
'OF the Uotintv road k,. ; . ...
tatoca Early Potatoes the best kind for
ale by . apriin , . UK-U & tmu.
; " alioveNaylofs run bridge
---.--i pomeroy, Ohio.
HANING lately enlarged their esiablishnient
and erected a steam engine in the turning
department, have now the most complete and best
arranged and appoimea
O Cured, for sale at ' . ,
pounds- Stuw
. SillTH'8.
Bed Pin just rcrW
H. B. r-hilTH. Aflat
r 1 olio W Ware A large assortmenton hand
tl and for lale at. ; , E 8 EDWAK-S.
April 17, mot.
1 M OEASSES. 100 bbls. new crop just ro
ll.! ceived and for sale low by "
uwnua iwiu.
COFFEE--0 bags superior article
1 for aale low at no 4.
a in
Jri, iust received and for aale low at No 4.
in this pvrt of Ohio All kinks of Furniture will
be manufactured at the lowest prices, viz:
Rosewood, Mahoganp and Black Walnut setts,
carved, ornamental and plain, suitable for parlors,
drawin. and bed-rooms. .
Persons desiring any articles in the Furniture
line, from the plainest to the most elegant and
costly, are respectfully invited to call.
Th mi-;-- rtiot vvill be made to oidcn
J Bureaus, Tables, Stands, Hedi'lw.s, Cupboaru
and all kiniiii 6. uOusehold furniture: i jo
Tete a tetc sufu) . , Tele a tete divanai
Conversation Chairs; Raception chairs;
Rosewood parlor do ' Mahogany parlor chairs;
Black walnut do ' Cane scat da
Mahog'y rocking do Piano stool do
Sofa in plush, hair and cloth covers,
, Divans , do do do do " "'
Ottomans, mahogany French bedsteads; ,
V Black walnut do do . ,
. . . Maxbla top centre tab.es;
Marble top dress bureaus;
Marble top fancy stands,
Mahoeany wardrobes. Secretaries and
Book cases, won, stands, toilet tablet), die.
t"AU order promptly attended to.
buLu in l? Coffins of every description mn
nufacturcd promptlyto the time. feh!4n20tf.
arIGAIlS--20 boxes fine regalias;
I" j 10 do Canones;
.... T ! U....-M-.
SOOO " Commons on hand and
f, ,t low bv . GEO W HOLMES.
f)OW DEB, SHOT JAI-For sale
at No. - "V"--1
rpEAS Inchests, half chests and quarters,
f fresh article, iot aie cry mw .
article of
rtaiAI Sl
O both on hand and foi sale by the boi
Maa mn of aaparlaata, aad mm Una Vndni
ntmMl Cma af Coaaanstlre Compliinu, hava
arand loiha ondoubwd mutation of all panoni who aaa
baeonw acooatatB wltk IhU nmtiy. lh U - mab
lfi V" '. know, hearer, Thai hU M
t Moia that Coanimptloe eaa M fca ear L B mat lha opln-
1p hv the box.
dCn W ItniMES ptoTdlatiaaaaofcathabBilleliBaeBr
OhU W liJllE. I mTj whteh. tha eo a weraalTaclod, wa
in, of Iba nany or aw w, wa aaall M t ariraa wi
ineh, but Ala wa wi wv, aad do wrfiM Ua, which aaa ka
aissiS81ioes lust received and for
. -. -nr t,rruc I
sale low atjo 4 ur.u r rw
-st-iiiitit: ni.is w . ooi. uu
r hand from one to three years old for sale at
No i , GEO W HUbftiEB.
called real Caaaama
ipvtoai that r-wmblM, and wera ia all T TJffiK
tomaofthoM wa au, and waai and are Mid to haa di wlih
tha Mai dtasaaa .oaaaaipiiaa. "
tkmaad, of peraooj who wsra aald to ba hopelaMly afllctail
" . . . . i , -1 - 4k at lla
OI1ACCO-20 boxe fine Va. and Ky.
nanulacturers, ana ,
.T low at No 4. GEO W HULfflia.
who bad aanL aVy, nMuf Caha-f--t la um if raaat,
Mi, aad BoS-liialoaUT of Broatblo-J-;
a-NM Vmw rr NifU-Stuat. md waitlM away
of lha Flea- and Bleed. Tna barla ant complaliiu
bare bean cared aitar h wia aatd lb. mU eat IWe weak
lonaer. Tola Mediciae aaa eor i o-- w - w
m a dalas elate, m ot u.
S. rfiW-B-' MAjm-M-mm.
. SYRUP, a good I article, low at.
a djlaa elate, bat, by the me of la r
w Hti, -3 wy iooi health,
rata Bl-aaT- mdiU mmpomd.
uu to takaand
, -in ! It affKI
nutaleaa Vareeby Parifyt-s
M - MwiinMiii It H
Im ajw- la aay Maa of dlaaua or aadar
raculta weadenei ana mimm w.
tmtumt, ana IBTia
IHiiONS t OltANGES--0 boxes fresh
and for aale cheap by O W HOLMbS.
bbTs. No. 1, 2; and 4
aale low at No 4.
a m aflIT.1lI.I Ml
1V1 lust received and for aale low at No 4
er-tlaa tha whole rtlaai-.y aw wfj. "
?S.Vafcian. iao-trCaiib-
Neiee-and a otMlotmi .xpecierauea. n
Cares the tbllewlaf itoeaaae, Tta, -
B BOOMS 20 do, first rate articles chea
(lODFISH A few druma Just reoewed by
DYE STUFFS of all kinds, warranted good,
"l awZk, 7-atwa V He IfcaW, aad aU.
WBAKNK aaa fta. brialt arWa iSere-
ae. a
autlcalaia ef Cares, aaa ear Pmae.
here teem tajlre awest,
The ateamer - ,
A P. Kerr will run as a ret ular packet
leaving Pomeroy every Monday moming, and Cin
Cincinnati on Thursday. For freight or passage
apply oa board. noim.
vacaiion of that' part'
that lies on the line of fractions 34 and 24,
in Sciplo township, that ia between the land
t ,i , ti -J 'Pi,.-., 'a
oi Janice ii. uu nn a iiuu
Ma J 1851. " pd '
May 1,
A Rnxea Glasswre received and for sale at
A rSTlTlONgl,
I TThe aubscriber ha hurt received and i now
.t openestthe finertaslortmentof Gen tlemen'i i Dresa BOUNTY AUCTIOTfEEIThat Cheap
ri. tn hn truing ia the eitv of Pomeroy. which he I m.n hi I.I. PRALL. haa been an-
I , M w"" w-f - - - - -t , , , I . OtUVB wwav aaaajaea --
tffi:rs-teU and make up when required, into the DoinU!d .Qualified, and given bond as Auctioneer
1 . a..t.-,HI n-na at ih lnwpst TiriCeS. . . -
His ltocs consuns oi tne toiiowing oinc.
lUaok, ferewn and Olive Ctothsj Black, Doeskin,
i? .. .nA Plain Casaiir-.r: Black Satin; Brown,
' 'n.,,..nd Stnel. Mixed Satinetts: Tweeds and
Jeanst Plaid CravaUt Black Italian Do. Fancy
Silk Neck 'Ties; Black.Oloth Caps, Navy doj Net
4hirtand Drawer ; Suspender, ie. ';
. . PonHforgcttheplace-Brading-.
Tlcnm. - aiiiu-Muiuwinu
P"1T-TIr( e r w Otf virtiiA nl a rlwrpn of "oiseinanuiaciurea irom tne oest materials, r.na
UBLIC SALE. y virtue ol a decree oi of at ,atest rtylei The prioe ra very WM0IlB.
the court of COn;rnon pleaa ol Melg ble, and the work warranted. . Those wishing, to
He will receive on commission ana sen goou
on the lowest terms. Call at the No. 1 Move atore.
Pomeroy, March 27, looi.no-m.
l. Havins finished the Book, we shall now turn
our attention entirely to the manufacturing of all
binds of
Iinrnees, Trn-Ut saaaif
w vul
passed Sejrtember 28. wotfc ranu" q, ta ftct everything that ia keptia aSaddlef
hop. from a saddle down to a pump sucker, tiav
n'TV .WDdFor thote who served ia
, lJtCWMc.llwithOre.tBr,tam
Madiai. i have received a copy of tha tfAot of . ,
.Ckmitres. pawed BtHemDer .9, ii '"""
:S lanST to., ad am. prepared to procure
lni4 under the provwionsof said. . - in geui-, WOrk for some time for the profit
. . .n,u,. Aa..na inCaraiation concerning ineiri a 1-.u tm h r. nf t
r1cto Und -an be uUbrmed by application 10 CM d whether you wtnt to Duy cr Bot
. . - p t
the court bouts on tne -a aay 01 yune oi,
tho followina parcel of land, lease bold es
tate to wit; the souin west quarter 01 tne
north east quarter, and tha south east quar
ter of the north wee, quarter of section
wemy-nioe, in township seven, range 14, In
wid county of Meigs. Ordered to be sold
as the property of Harmon Gibson at the sul
of? James Murphy. Appraised at 8640. .
, . 1 11. IK V IIS,
. 1 Master Com Chancery. ' '
May 1, 1851 no30wf . .1.60. :
" - ... ... :.tvt tn (Via
' V "toc-U wdtu.
' ;u?":.;a; of Mar next A.bei.
'TnooyTct IseiUe. and see how we
, Utt aaanol ,pay4" w . want -uick.
Ohio. ' . nnOTS a. EnOES
NIL, Aiooa sw- Zrnr. Court
Januarys, 1861. , L. 8. CROFOOT.
t IIOCEUIES of all kinds just reoeived and
IjUor sale at H. B. SMITH'S.
T-.I.A8TI7IO POWDEIU-25 kegS hist
Ijreceived on wirnmission and for sale upon tha
cas-pjinciple, by . . ...... H- B. saqTH.
O OLE EEATUEK--A iplcndid article
O CiaciaaaU and HemlocX taa, for sale at
two hem WAGON wU
all parUaalara,
TTr T ar
VV iroae4tdemiplfteinaJlparUlara,ror
r IHHE SUBSCRIBER haa on haad and is prepa-
' JL red to sell all kinds of Buc.ies oae or two
horsemanufactured from the best materials, r.nd
I wilt ofTf r for sale at (he door. Of purchase .one of these indispensable articles of
comfort are invited to call.
Pomeroy, May 8, 1861, . -t,
T7"Bliawha Salt (0 barrel for sale very
JLV tow for cssh at . : " SMITH'S,
(THE "Administrator of Uriah Eblin, deceased.
A haa filed bis accounts for final settlement
May 8, 1861 Mw3
UBLIC SALE. By virtue of a decree
of the court of common pleas of Meig
county, I will oBor for- sale anna door ot
the court houso, in fomeroy on tna aa aay
of June next, the following parcel of land
to wit: the. louih west, part of fracuon 6.
section 16, township 9, and ranee 15, con.
tnlnlng 70 acres, veins the farm on which
Georce Wood resides. Urdercd to be fold
as the property of George Wood at the suit
of Win. M'Dowell.. Appraised at 13 per
aero. - -
Master Com. in Chancery M. &
May 1, 1851 no?0w5. $1 60.
V -da Fountain for sale, with all the re
O ceipts and appurtenances, at '
waye, iaai. . Bjirni'i..
aeeta aa BeaaHfc M ear Afeaai
! For ale by D Reed, Pomeroy; G W Cooper A
Co., Chester; P M Petrel, Graham Station. All
orders must be addressdto Wallace A Co., 304
j -r v i.w" . i
nroauwaT, inew jura. . .
April 24, 186F-n29)t.
Stale of Ileal Ota1 by order of Coiirt.
NOT'ICEIS HEREBY GlY Kn that J win in
pursuance of a decree of the Court of Cora-
13 ed and fur tale by,
jan9'i8S0. ,
Or Gastric Jalcel -
PREPARED from Rennet, or the fourth strmirh
of the Or, after direction by Duron Lirsio.
the great Physiological Chemist, by J S HOlOH
TON, M D, No 11, North Eighth street, Philadel
phia, ra.
This i a trnly wonderful remedy for INDIGES
curing aftcr.Nature's on method, by Nature's owa
method, the Gastric Juire. . , . .. ,
Half a teaspoonfuli of this Fluid, infnsed ia
water, will digest or dissolve Five Pound or Routt
ustr i asoi'T two hours, out ot the styrtatt.
- Scientific Evidence I
Baron Liisio, in his celebrate, work en Animal
Chemistry, says: "An artificial Digostivt f ruid,
analngous to the Gastric Juice, may be readily
prepared from the mucuous membrane of the sto
mach of the calf, in which various article of food,
as meat and eggs, will be so softened, changed and
digested, just in the stane Kasati a they would be
in the human stomach." , "
Dr Peseir, in his famous treatise oh "Food aad
Diet," published by Fowlers Wells, New York,
page 36, states the same great fact, and describe
the method of preparation. There are few bigger
authorities than Dr. Pereira. s- - -
Dr Combe, in hi valuable writings oa the Phys
iology of Digestion, observes that "a dimunitiou
of the due quantity of the Gastric Juice is a
prominent and all-prevailing cause of Dyapspsia;"
and he atatcs that "a distinguished professor of
medicine in London, who was severely afflictti
with this complaint, rinding every thing else to foil,
.hadlwomseW Uie .CtcUic Juice, obtained frcm
the stomach of living animals, wtuh pnved cc-rri-pletclysuccesrfvl,"
... ., .
Di Gsaram, author of the fan.ous works on
"Vegetable Diet," says: "It la a rermrkallo fact
in ph-iulogy that the stomachs in animals, mace
rated in water, impart to the fluid the property of
dissolving various article of food, snof tffectif;
a kind of artificial digestion of them in no Wise'
different from the natural digestive process."
Dr Simon's great work, tho "Chemistry of Man,,f
(Lea At Ulanchard, Ptiila. 1846, pp 321-2) says:
"The discovery ef. PEPSIN form? a new era in the
chemical history of Digestion. Frcm recent en
pcrmients we know that food is dissolved as rapid
ly in an an artificial digestive fluid, prepared from
Pepsin, as it is in the natural Gastric Juice itself."
Professor Dvnouson, of the Jefferson College,
Philadelphia, in his great work on Human Physi
ology, devotes more than fifty pages to an examina
tion of thi subject. Hi experiment with Dr.
Beaumont, on tho Gastric Juice, obtained from the
living human stomach and from animals, are well
known, "in all cases." be says, "digesUjan ce-
curreu as periectiy in uie amnciai as in the natu
ral digestions."
Dr Houohtos's preparations of PEPSIN ha pro
duced the uwst marvellous effects, curing cases of
Debility, Emaciation, Nervous Decline, and Dys
peptic Consumption, snpposed to be on the very
verge of the grave, it is impossible to give the de
tails of cues in the limit cf thi advertisement
but authenticated certificates have been given of
CURES, in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston
alone. These were nearly all desperate cases, and
the cures were not only rapid and wonderful, bat
It is a great NliU.NOUS ANTIDOTE, and par
ticularly useful for tcudency to bilious disorder,
Liver Complaint, Fever and Ague, and the evil ef
fectsof Quinine, Mercury, and other drugs upon
the Digestive organs, after a long sickness. Abo,
for excess in eating, and the too free use of ardent
spirits. It also reconciles Health with Intemper
There ia no form of OLD STOMACH COM
PLAINTS which it docs not seem to reach and re
move at once. No matter how bad they may be, it
GIVES INSTANT RELIEF! A single doss re
moves all the unpleasaat symptoms, and it only
needs to be repeated, for a short time, to make these
good effects ncmianent- PURITY OF BLOOD
and VIGOR OF BODY follow at oacc. It is par
ticularly excellent i case ef Nausea, Vomiting,.
Cramps, Soreaeas ef the pit of the Stomach, dia
tre:s after eating, low, cold state of the Blood,
Ueaviiu sa, Lowncs of Spirits, Despondency, Ema
ciation, Weakness, tendency to Insanity, Suicice,
dec. ... . . .' .. ....... . . .
Price, ONE DOLLAR per bottle. On bottle
will often effect a lasting cere. ' ' -
Every bottle bears Um written signature of J H
HOUGHTON, M D, sole proprietor. .
-ooln ny agents in every town in the L niled Slates,
mon Pleas of Meijjs county, Ohio, offer for sale at and by respectable dealers ia Medicies generally.
nOI-EN h-a.the plea- the door of the court house of said county, on the
Auwrf announcing that 2nd day of June next, tho following real estate,
throregh every obstacle and m the ccond township of the thirteenth Range
in despite of all misfortune of the Ohio Company' Purchase, to-wit: The
he i again at his post with front part of the fractional part of one hivndrcd
m micnuia lai ui inrc 101 iiuiiiuci AWt Ul wmn vnwaa ...
jidc. Said front part extending from low water
Also, for sale at the Diuv Store of D. REKT.
Pwnesay, Ohio- s- ,.. " aptirg.aWyi.
ISAAC SAMi;iL9 will lake aoliee tbat"' poti
ti m wa filed against hisa on the lflth day of
April, 1861, in the Court of Corrmon Pica of
Mci;s county, Ohio, by Jacob Shrlty, and is now
He has passed through the B1Brk in the Ohio river back as far as to tlve new pending thewin, wherein the said Jacob Shiley
flra and has not oeen iouiia itrect recently surveycaauaiBiu ounir t.. uu,- u.-uiauun fiv, ,-..v-iuk ion, awe, na:
anting. Altnoilgn one oil ton to tne upper side OI inesaia irncuonai ibii oi i ocwou i-v t, .vwu ,, naiig. o it, ana imo
ie severest sufferers, yet lot number 299. Said new street is supposed tion No 4 in Section No 10, Towu No 7, Range
ikr-nah the kindness of in hn one hundred and ninety feet back from the
-7--s"rVsr?r;:-v-,-r. Ph-nix-like. has risen nresent road on the bank of the river. Ordered to
Ktl.h "th of Jam,, Cahoonat the
"a He hones his buying fricnas wm BU,t of w Uliam MCAOoy,
rally around him and wsist in the work ol recover-
ing hi lo.
aeon A prime lot for ale at .
May 8, 1851
a Die. jr. w. SPItY, Surgeon
ify- V Dentist, Portsmouth. Ohio. Will
JIXIJ visit POMEROY. in the first week of
the month of June, September, December and
March. .- -; -. march26n21yl
DY virtue of a writ of vend. ex. to me directed
L by the Court of Common Pleaa of Meira coun
ty, Ohio, I will offer for Bale at the door of the
Court House in Pomeroy, on the first day of the
next term of (aid Court, between the hour pre
scribed by law, the following real estate, to-wit:
Tha westerly half of lot number one hundred and
thirteen Us in the town of Pomerov. Levied
on as the property of James Murphy at the uit of
vnanea a. suroy to ia use oi Mama H. Baun
. v. .... I f m, W. COLLINS, a. . c. :
May 1, 18oln30w6! . tl 10 '
..V-n.ut of Coats, Pants, Vesls, Shirts,
n.a av-JW-hU.fK. C &C. '
Urawers, rinnneio, """"""-,,;, Linen
A iJtfi Cloth. Cassuneres, VesiniKS, j'""1
1 AVWi0Jln?i-7'rr,,nks. CarnctHaes, HaU,
'"a WrScSnS to Take quick sale, i.e has re
' As it .s necessary w ma i defies cdinpe-
pueedtne pupa" Bvw:'"j ,
April 17. 18Mn28tf
MISS ti . ' f-
5 Milliner and Malillanlakcy,
f 1 1 WEJITV-n YE Barrel Curtis' best Crab
X Cider Jul iaie low to close conaignraent, at
the (lore of - , r t , t ..H. . SMlTH.i
1 .ILiTIIEl(-Unper,.Cal, Topping Lin-
JLJing and Binding skins, for sale at the store of
Special Master Com'r in Chancery.
May 1, 1851 n30w 3 00
" New ConfccUonary.
rrliR KIIHSCRIBKR ha'iut opened a new
X Confectionary ahop on Front street, ' above 1
Liiid,'whcre he offers for al every article in his
line of business, vU: . . ,
finrin the warm weather li will serve the
choicest LEMONADE, and other wholesome tem
perance beverages. , .i' u . r.
Ills iuis; ia vuuno auu v u- i
iv uu ll
HAS JUST KJSUttiVWJ na w w .vciui
in the bajemcntof tho Riheldvrft Houie,
... a r u D.Klwnsi A rtt tirLal
ra.na.rii naMriTKni, ui Duiiiicvi i . . . j. . i .1.: .:.,. s.;m . i .-.
VTum and Milliner. Trimming, of all Ha invite tne lover. o goou uu . - ,. - ,ttid oul a,i e,tabl,shed as follow.-
kindandof the Jeiiuaiiiy, wnicn -iii w..v v-. ---- - u w
a very small advance,
- . . ' i
fomeroy, Apiu 1 1
1651 n28tf.
-I' new aupnly of Calf Skin, Upper, Morocco,
V Buff Linings, Binding and Findings of al
T.onntious. Cwue along "ahops," and aeeat ,
ItutlsaS POWeler A fresh supoly for sale!
8. 1851
Agtr.t for the Company.
Pomeroy, May 1, 18S1 u30tf
-tHNDItIES--Phila. Strain Syrup
3 , Cotton Batting) , -
Grass Bed Cord and. Plough Lmcsj
' New Rioer ' (.,:! ,
r - Grass akd Hemp Ropes t r - ..
Crushed and Loaf Sugari . ; v
. J, Plough Wingsi . .;; ,'. i
Window Olaas asaorted isesj
- - Nail ana. Spikes assorted.
Jtwt received and for sals Vy " "
April IT, 1851. flERD& BRO.
No 14, in the Ohio Company' Purchase, in saiif- .
county; and that at the next term of said court
application will b made by the said Jacob 8hiley
for an order that partition may be made of mi
premises. T A PLANTS,
April 17, 1861 n38w6 Att y for Petitioner!-
asii XBXTSsTiiiT. ii"-
Vadopted the Cashiystcm, 1 offer to the ciur.ii
generally ! itriidid opportunity of realising its
advantage.;, Cash sheuUgive its pressor an
advantage which under the present system of trade
he rails to realise; it being an undeniable fact that,
no business can lie conducted as cheap for credit
as cosh, and no fair dealing man will make a dis
tinction prejudicial to cither, when two clones of
customer are brought fees ta fjce.- '
Th nrf. In nrtlnr tn hvhtiI injliinUt r.
galily, I have eitsblished Onb Plac in puracroy
wpcre you can save money oy spenaing it at , '
decl2'otinol2. H. B. SMITH'S.
Notice There will be a petition prescaled
to the Conunissioners of Jl.i.s ceuiUV. at
their next session, praying for a couuty road tu ba
30 as loiiow.- vorumcuciufi
ille: thence north with thr
middle line of Section 13 In Salem tow ushipi tothr
.1lhufttl -. itf tfr.tannn1. 1 . n .1 . ,L.iu
ruKthwlSt aoune to William Ilavia liarm thrarjt
thssagh said Davis' Ui4 and 1. Aadrews' bind to
the northeast corierrof naiil Andrew' land, thence
thJoagh W. Haycock's Wi, keeping on the east ,
aid aj a curtain rum to widow Edmwadma' rV-we;
theaoe en the cast idcoltheniaVe to the Ml), '
4o Intersect the road at James R. rahamVashery
fApnl-lVl-T728w4p4...i . .1 fV -.A .
POtAto-2o bwh.ls Ht sale lew by
May.i8, iTii. H. B. IMlTU..
tmefc PosasroT. ..r.
'sale by apriin
detl9'18M. H.B.SMITH
Fopewy; Ajsrtl 17, lM-

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