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Meigs County telegraph. (Pomeroy [Ohio]) 1848-1859, June 12, 1851, Image 1

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'""'''"'''"'"' """ nn 1 1 1 ' 1 in 1 1 , ' " 11 ,. hi. -- - - 1 , .,. - fc, 11 HIM ' '" ' ' "ta '
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'' La. J..f.'.iH..'tLl.il'i
O F f'i c c F TH E Tk LEGR Af H?
V ' ! I I. I "
n T. VA KOBEX, loiter.
Kateae e( AlvprUia.
Oaeqasre(13 lines er ten Hit wetta
Every ubteaunt inscrUoa.. i; t :
i i i i I i.lt m n . . i.
' M
if paid in advance, i ri l H'lkJ ). la.ini
Twa IUar , wit&in tke Tear. -,
One snutre, thrs stcnthr, rf ; : .L.I.W
Oho squaw, taawatkAy f "i f.'!-l: e6
One aqaare, one year, t ; -v--" t "- P tKi
, If u until nur the expiration of ta ytii
One half eolumn, oae yw,.:' V".
0 00
i w vmun ana a my Man .
J. 1 " fc... .tM) ml i'l.m ii v." !,.. j, I., ' l I u,,,....h" 1 " " 1 ll'M i ,'1 'I 1 1 , j I l ',' iuVf'
' rrHo papct will to dIaotaud -later aiili-
, tearage we paid, except at U action of: li JfUP
. kahef. . . .... .1 ... , ., it.
XTAU OtftnmuaioatioM Ofa fhc bturinees of the
offii mutt to (Autpaiil t v-cure attention;' ' j -
' bejx XVI Clubs, of Co 01 mutt, tie paper will
furnUhud at a hUrtal reduction in pnoe. " i ,
. - . . i.-. . , . ..1 . - . . 1 -
r-. ti:H.J tiW tt
,!'Ua't niiif lie li!
ai ii ".sDiitthnijCa'iaAilVaarsNi
- KTAavcrasenieauaottoiait8eemMw in
sertions narked patlPTtf'WiU be eoatiaaeii aaiil
forbid and charged acoordinx.lj, rk
' irjfaaydadvertitcrs tttuat aya aihanea.
' JIJob FrlatUaf, of every. 4criptoawui
be executed with awsiyacy. ihjt Rainess.
frill1 ''li a ai gi.jl fisfl ibi n"n4i
- i i ft '- " i ii' ' ' " - "
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f ti!llt'IK
iiil bmr'
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' A ' . '
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a, V
CJ&EAT 131
-A iravaljcf thr.iugh a dusiy.roal , , ,.
.t . SifeweJ acorni on the Iwa, : . i -j,'i .;
, Aft 6nd wok root irtd iprouie4 up, ! i'"
- And prY into twee. "J "
toy e a'oyght Its ahado at
.Tftbreaiha lip earlv Tpwa,
- And aga waf pleated, In heata of hood, .
: ' To bask beneath ita bo ighs; ' 'y
The dormouae loved U dartgRrig iwlga,
Tho birds iweei music lore; ' t)."
,e Ji ood a glory Jo Itt placo,,. t(S:, ' ,';
'vp' . A blessing erfnorl i hi j!-'S
' Aniid ib eras ami-lew:-
, A passing itrangcr acooped a well, ; ,
- . , , y here wpary men mlgnt torn,
tio walled it In, and hung wlibcara.
A ladUatibobrink :J ,,.; ti, ;
. Ha thought not of tha deed be did, - .1
But judged that toil might drink.
' He pnsstd again and lo! ibe well, '.
' ' "By summera never dried, , , ..' '
r Uad cooled ten thouaand parching iimgucsi
And so ved a life betide I ' J
, .; i. . " -.f,j. ' i- . i : -
.A drean.er dropped a random thought; ,
'IVas old, and yet 'twas fiew
A ainiplu fancy of the brain; : 1 ' ; .
But strung in being true; , , 'r'ii
hahunu upor a genial mind, , .
: . And la 1 its light became ,: -
A lamp of Hghva beacon ray, f .' '
'"' A niimiiorf flame. ': ' " : 's !,
. . ., . r. . .
The thought was small ha Issue great,'
; A tvvtch-firo on the hill, . , i r
-liflieds Its mdiance faradown,
'And checra the valley I '
A nu'iii'lcss man, amid a crowd '
Th-cU throngud the daily marl, '
If.i full a word of hope and low '
. Unxudicd, from iho lioari; , (
A whisper on the tumult ihrown
A trnnsitory breath
1 ruited a brother from the dust, .
It aaved a soul from death; .' , '
0:i,gi;nn! oh, fountl oh, world of loval ,
y wutu but little at thei firei, ' ' : ,
But mighty at the last I ' "
-,-acsa-ajf itasr UNO.
'BiBDLUat why sing in lliu forest wide!
" Say whyl sajr whjt " e" " '
Callrltbti tho firidegrdom oria UriJuT
.. And why? and whyt" ... : .,:
""1 call no Bridegroom cull no Bride, ,
Uihuugli 1 sing in the forest wido,
: Nor know I why I'm slnging.,,
"BtRDUNol why Is thy heart, so blest 1
. Oh, say? Oh, siyT '
Jduslo o'erflotving (xoia thy breasit
Oh; say? Oh; nty f
My heart is full, and yet It is light,
Jlly heart is glad iu day or niglit, , , ;
Nor know I whv I'm ainging,'
' BjbplisoI why sing you alt iho day? '
"' .rr:. Oh, toll? Oh, tell?
Du any listen to th) lay!
' ;;; Oh, tellt, Oh, iell? , ",' , , "
;i "'I caro not whai my song may be;
1 ffow ihli, now that I .warWei froo,',;.
V - Nor know, yet must be singing,"
J ' For the Telegraph. '
.--.? 1 VTl ."V
r t
I., f
NO. IV. , ,!
Phrcnolugy ,'wil also aid ia funning
correct opinion of the character and natural
disposition of strangers, j.How many have
' iecn duped, cheated, swindled, robbed, and
deceived by those whom ihcy imagined to
be.hdnesi and jiprighi men. But this set-
' mcc, correctly understood, points out the true
rh aotpryV, A.snjiling counttnonci,,oudy
.plcarJng addiea, ond ulirBlng
,rsicViedi dceelvis iho studunt of Plre
hblogy. ,' lfo"ti6t'ani!j ueietw ilioV 'eal ino
.! ttra. aud true ir.unt of the mind.," The pro
''liivi ji'uii ' Arxpbnent mt the, ncari. linoo
aitloit may thus be avoided, and many snares
" , eUojkdi,, Indeed a knowledga '. of thia .aci
( It of incalculable benefit to the trav
. efS',,'. whose business compels him to huve
- ..: much intercourse with strangers, and even
'iip cfiUKS with suspicious characters. Who
would not, then, wish to have ii in his power
jo discern buiweon the 'good and the vile,
- fnd beW6' to eatricaie himself fromihdse
.irioultJfS mto'which no would otherwise
. .."Not b jKW.!VIt Is eaid that not one
Jew, during ihe Revolutionary war took part
Tni'H ns Uia loera pany, an-ne "f
Li ulwavs taken iha side of. freedom aguinst
ai)pprss'loiJ. " Thai" they ahould love liberty
' as other (plo,, will appear natural unough,
7.wi.rtn wn riTiamber the tyranny and, hard
' ahiDS io which iha morlarchioa of tho werld
bavd aJbjtKJicd thek ancestors Tor aojnany
hundred yeari. '' 1 n
ftjr A cofratporkfeirt lafnlxi Lbwoll Coju.
rfct, Vriling"f't Earf 'Jose",B?isloriV y
1 J,tha :tha (tills. A thatregioi) ur,h a
Ions Pol'i to ihn ahiaf- Ad horrta o4ai
iha wrinMet run opt , , . , . ,r
Id i ii 'I ' . i i ' i v mi ii J " :
, q From New ;Vor.Tribirt..n ina .
iriie'.lcria Ciiiijitr at Watty oo.
hi y-j.ia. X.YA i,n'in e.jf.ont'ifii
We had on Friday ihe pleasure 61 ti' visit
M.CiBif. tna 'founder aAi head of
thff Icarlan Community at NauvW, 111.; and.
were glad. to see him looking quite as! young
and ' vigorous as wheh we .met' hint eothe'
ihree afe'ain.CB'av Parii. Ile1 ls-ndr: on'
his Way to London, whonce:, H the political
atmosphere Is sufficiently tranquil, he will,
goto France, to seek justice in respect rf
tho legal condemnaMoni passed opon him
since his absence in this country, ori accu
sations and evidence which 'only Could he
entertained In time of public commotion
and bltiof parry feeling.1 If alt is qJiot, ili
Cabet is Confident that the ehtenCoe will be
reversed on his appeal."' 1 ( ' i
at itttuvoo in in a kiuie -vi iiiui.iuiny huu
that he regards it as successful; Indeed, Were
it othutwlse, he would hardly leave 11 for
so long a time. '"The benelita ef Association
ho fconsidors are fully demonstrated by his
experiment. Greater cheapness ; of living,
social1 happiness1 and intellectual Improve
ment. are among these benefits, and although
tho Community suffers from the want of
adequate capital and means of organizing
tho various branches of industry, it has still
made satisfactory progress and Is regardeJ
by its founders and members as firmly estab
lished. "".'''i, u;1 ",
-The fcarians, 'now ahbui threb hundred
in number, occupy fiAeen acre of land ii
the town of Nauvoo, where are most tl ihfir
workshops and residences; 'There tod ihey
have a kitchen garden of 10 acres! At five
miles distance is tliOir fc.v-rh of 700 acres,
leaned lands. Of this, they now have 100
acres In wheat,' 150 W Indian, corn,' 50 in
oats arid 5Q in. 'barley, They have also in
growth, nurseries, vineyards, &C., the whole
requiring the constant ,lubor of six' farmers
and gardeners with reihforcemeritt from the
uther trades In' Case of necessity; They
keep 14 horses, 8 yoke of oxen, ''30 cows
and heifers and a small flock of sheep. For
fuel they Use wood procured on tho islands
in 'tho river, beloneine to' the iptovernment,
and brought down to Nauvoo, a distance of
j . i . jiy . a. ' .'J J l .LtL
some nve innes, on nai ooais, anu coai wuicn
they dig almost at their doorr' 'They have
a steam mill with two run pl stone, which
enables them not only to grind their own
flour, but to accommodate the people in the
vicinitv, and two. circular saws. ', This, with
a whisky distillery adjoining, occupies some
1 o men. . , ins iuuimuiiiiy aiau iiuinucra
15 ml lore, 12 shoemakers, 12 cabinet-ma
kers, 6 carpenters, 5 coopers, 6 ' masons, 6
machinists, 6 1 printers,' 2 rope makers,! 2
weavers, 1 watch-maker, ana tanner, ao
that it is welt provided in respect to' mechan
ics. The tailors and shoemakers ' not only
make' slothes and shoes for the Coni'mUnby
and iu neighbors, but send their products to
bo sold, at di, fiOUia( ,w,liero the vorrtmunity
keeps a store, and where the whisky oi the
distillery and other surplus articles ate also
sent, i ho machinists also work as black
smiths, and the men of the other tradoa find
tiioro or less employment in repairs, &e. for
tho people of tho vicinity, h .-.'.; . .
..The domestio arrangemenut are far from
complete, though, as .is the case with every
oilier department, they aro constantly im
proving. TheCommunity occupy one large
housu with 40 apartment, in which 120 per
sons, married and single, have ther lodgings.
There are also some twenty smaller houses,
four of which are occupied by the uhoos,
A large edifice, 150 feel by 60, is now near
ly completed, the ground floor of which will
serve as ilia kitohen- and dining-room with
apartments above. ' Thia dining-room will
accommodaie' above eight hundred persons
at table, I Ui !..: i ; ' . . .
The wholo body now eat together except
the children at school, who aie served in a
scparatn room, where they! are also lodged,
at some distance from the common dining
room, whither their meats are carried from
the kitchen. 'The carrying of. these meals
being a comparatively difficult and unatuac
tiva duty,'owing' to the' distance and to the
fact that i in bad weather kite way is muddy,
it is done by the leading men of the Corn
rnuniiyj The same persona also serva the
tables in the dining room. There are three
meals dailj'i at 8" A. M. and 1 and 6 P Al.
Meat is served at all, the severe labor of the
men being thought to render thai necessary.
Tho bever: ges used are water, tea and coffee.
There is excellent 'fishing by seine Un tho
river, which after supplies the table of the
society. I For a single meal 250 lbs. ef fish
are required.': iivi w(i'to'j sili sfujui.i j
The labor of the kitchen and dining room
is performed regularly- 6y four! men and
threa womem 'After tea; four other women
comw into Imln.-and irt Ikia lain AlBCtiOQ all
the women of iUeKJommuiy take turns a
a week at a tiroes -On Banas.atbe icoolu
Also have iweoihe men.io eid thom i Tbera
ia no cooking at private kitchens except for
nurnesaad theaiok, ali the mutls being pre
pared.arid taken in common, i .(,. ' '
The washing ia dond at balf-a-milo dis
tance, oa a little creek Which flows into' the
Missoari. . The clothes are received by two
women charged with that duty; they are car
riod in", a wagon to the wash-house where
the labor of washing is done, by 14 women
with the assistance of One man,:., After be
ing dried they are handed over to the mend
ers, and finally to the ironers, from whom
they i are again takeni by the twd overseers
and disiributod to theirewners. :i mi. I f
The Schools aro far from ' compleio and
in consequeace the Community baa beefi
obliged to idealine many, aiiplicaiiona which
if ba received Cor the admission of pupils
from abroad.1 n i From thia aburde, aa sooa as
the proporarmnsementa ere flompletad, die
institution may derivo a large Income u : ' '
T.Th arlairs bf the Community' 'are dis
cussed and decided In.weekJy meetings, held
ton Saturday veeincs, rwneni all the noeni-
bres, men sjvJ wemeriv ere expected to jbe
present. in ihenmnjoroy dectdeo. Women
take pkri tn iba delibeiaiions', but not is the
yOKsyi'M-.l j'lll ili L)'i;!ii:;-)!i ti ij
; t The Commuftiiy -puUiahesi a. weekly ipa
per called IhtyFymlm 7i4i,nf whoss
merbe wohavo; beforo apokeal Uhas aomo
ihfdc or fuiir hundred subsedbaraii.Mon of
(jhB originV Brcotf aw . won-fn f'feeeh
by"M.'CJabet'an'dfi,e oilier sclitora rans
lated Into English' beffore going" 10 the corn-
posiiort'ii i.' :a uiin n-y.An ;.iuhtj 1 r
fi- "''' .VOiedjcvjrecreaiion. a, ltth
W i-i X6 ,9fm
lummy hub oinuiijj 119 iiininuera iiopu in
sirumental muslciaha, and the Voung peoloy
and Indued ' ihe' lpreatar 'parti of lh other
niembersv are. aicd to alng tft ;horut .
There are dances in . the. open air, and ,lh
Theater within doors. ,, A temporary stage
is elected and arranged in the large diriing
baU, and there comedies add vaudevilles are
performed for the atnaaeme.nt of both actor
and, Attdienen'I Th children ake oarti In
the performances, and exclusion frvm the
stsge r the chorus ont Sunday m tnese
vt rBsr punishment that ca'd be inflicted 'on
the disorderlyvat school. ' s'Jc'!,;n i e;
trine es being purely thut of the Founder1 of
vyiiuBiiauiijr. in ma view, wun aim uaiii
pihbis' arfr tho best and truest worship and
a. Society based on and living in eauaiity and
fraternity needs no other ritual, r This., with
the mode of spending Sunday, hut scandal'
'ized 'ome',of the neighbors., 'otti none who
ha v: visited the Icariana on that day have
been able to deny thai they seemed happier
than; people in: the common world without.
-1 1) sj"" ;' ', i. ; k!i 'i I
Fiobi Late Sketches of , the . Haygars, bjr
;.,!,.,... Von Kora.J,.,;, ;,,,,.m)
, A Rbminiscbncb of Kossotii. Whoever
saw the sun-burnt faces of the warriors who
surrounded the tending form of Kosslnh,
when -he pronounced his farewell words in
the barracks of Shumla rwhoever beheld
the hot tears coursing down, the cheeks of
nts oearded flonveds, when Kossuth. Dade
them' "lasoa," adieu--will have1 been re
mirided by the incident ol the (tOld Guard."
who retained their unawervlnff devotidn to
Napoleon in the very latest moment,.,, I hat
moving scene so often, represented in r:o
resented in tJ:o
lures "Napoleon s farewell lo his ralth
rut" was. eft the ' 13th ol February. 1850,
rebeursed before' my eyes In living colors,
,ugTb$y hung in silence pn his every ;wprd.
thai tho echo of (those well-beloved and in
apiring tones rriight long linger in their souls.
Nor did Kossuth forget to gaze long and in
lantly with 'his streaming 'eyes upon the
countenance of each brave comrade there,
to fix the features on bis memory..,,. Pro
foundly agitated as he was; with a trembling
voice he spuke these words'! : 14 '"' ".' " e:'
"Brothers! the first hard oeceasity of my,
life, for me, was that to which 1 was tub.
jected' when constrained to abandon rny na
tive soil and ndble nation; the second elects
me to-day, when I behold myself,, obliged to
bid a long farewell to you, glorious remnann
of ihe hrave IlUbgarian army, and Compelled
by force to depart Trom Europe to-a place
where ibe graveyearna for ririe; Inn m s '
, (,4Ye.are still strong and .effioieni-y are1
nil permitted by, fat to bear arms for pur
fatherland, and to struggle for its freedom-
a boon bo longer granted to me'; for 1 feel
my strength' failing me with every day.' 1
yield to tile unalterable decree' of destiny,
and see. myself .tjoomed to the sad lot of, ex
ile which was meted out to my predecessor,
Rakoezy. ' . '
"Broihers! ye are yet young enough to
see our fatherland in the glory . of her resto
ration to freedom. Should ye be so blest as
lo witness this, awear to me thai ye will not
leave my bonus, to moulder in a foreign soil,
in the land of the barbarian I;, This ye will
P,jmiRj me,, and thjs, J am ; convinced ye
win minr.v , . , , ,,, .,, i ,
iHere Count Ladislaus. Vay,' wfih uncov
ered head, stepped up to Kossuth,' and said
aloud, in a strong and inanly voice: ' t
"Great man I w ho aiandest ihere pure and
spotless . before ihe. eyes jf the world thou
whom the Hungarian nation honors to-day
as it honored thee when It chose thee for its
regent thou wilt, thou shah, thou must live!
Not thy bone, but thy living self Hill we
bear back iu triumph to our fatherland 1
This we swear by the Almighty God V
And all bared their heads while they up
lifted their hands to take the oath, and sol
emnly repeated, "Eskuzunk We swear it.
, , Kossuih kissed and embraced those who
stood nearest to him.. All Dressed towards
hmr to grasp his hand and bathe it with tears.
The Old Hussars strove once more to press
iha hern of hie mantel to their lips. 1 The
whole croup was heart-rehdine to took upon;
and even, the Turks and; this is saying
much were movtd to tears, at the bight. ,
i no irnm mail rcpaircu iu vuuni vaaima
Baihyan to' bid him also 'it heartfelt.7' The
Count left many beautiful reflections of hia
noblo soul in the remembrance of the emi
gration.. ,. :. . , o ,;
uunuui uiuuiiiuu un iurBo, anu waa oqrno
awav.' 'That brilliiint llnr of lhfi ISrmnmnni
of tiungary, Jrom wntcn ui
ceived iui greatest Jight, gradually disappear
ed, until ii could no longer be seen fp the
whole circuit of ihf horizon. The waves
of the Black Sea1 once mora gave back a re
flection of Its splendor, and a long night
dosed in upon that too bnef day n mm
...nrrj 'u1: i ' ' " ' vi :nU .;,
, F.vturb Wtycs of EKCtAKB. My pret
ty Utile dears, you are no, more fit fpr mairl-
monv than a pullet if to look after a .family
of fourteen chickens The truth, is, ;my'
dear girl8,,'you want,, generally, speaking,
more liberty and less fashicnablo restraint ;
more kitchen and less parlor; more leg ex
ercise and less sofa i more making puddings
ant) l ies'! pipno ; . more frankness ,, and eas
mock-modesty ; more breakfast and less but
tle, like' ihe,' huxom, bright-eVad,, josy
cheeked full-breasted, bouncjng lass,, who
jjan darri( stockings,- make . her, pwo jfrock,
mend, tiroupere,' command a regiment of pou
and kettles, milk,)ha i.cpwp,, fiej, ,pigs,
chpp. ibe wood,, and shoot a Vjl ,du9k as
well ii, the Duchess of , arlborough,; or thr
Qu'e'r pf Spain i and be a lady, with all in
flie drawing rqra,.,f But a for your; piping,
moping;, wasp-wasted, .putty-raced, .music-
murdering, . nQvel-deyoyring jtjaMghiera of
Tushion anddluness, with your cpnmnpitotr
soiea snocs, aiix stocainga pna, calico , shjits.
you wom ao ,ior inoiuture wiyep poa mom-
?P"8''n,;ri!.u fliiy rojiiuM nvlw 'J
. Mrs. Ellis' Lectures addressed. ta aounir
ldic,i'"guiq applicpblij, pwhapiur . HHUre
nmencBirwives anuuwuorjj, j i.,j, i lfj
fcoiw TO DaiD t BUFURE A 5. TfuV
ilyiJ l.ta gnoj dl W?iiili -M-kicib nil
m.IiJ ft 9 tiinn n;.u,
Ne to Judire ''Horse 'Allen 'Wlissoui
T'indgfl Rougai,.pri!!lnpis. a Jtfct,ded A
mostngtnal ppdfamup'Og mt'UperM mp
western iaS!, or we are nb Iudgi.r'. ' M
Al i: wtls tay'injft terr Vekrs a'ot Jddce'D.,
of llllnrti was a oetirdless!youihto'f twemyi
ikoo years Cf ajte, freshly iCoine qmbogsiAhe
people of the, Suckvr, State,' with an a1r
about Kit? suspiciously;1' redolent of Yanp
land ' A'mWe vouthful'adventiu arhoncst
iheequirk''SutkersVoheirwou' I" deem 'the
poahwn emburrassing. v rio f .he Judge
he had comm on businessA A ' lineal or-
tune. was to Je made, and 6 lost. He'
....... . . . ,...or tv.... .
vt-y me tlay he BrriVrd. V. Ue aoojp' made him
self Disiriot "Attorney, fflemberf jhe .Leg
islature, register, of the Unifd State's land
office,' Secretafy' of State," 'arid JudgrV'df ihe
Supreme court. V.'C!' ,f-l!) wfoi in ooi
i vHow do you pdapt y6urselfiJudge;'id
I.?io he peopip? ,low did.jou, natural
izo' yourself,, as il were.", ','..!''
'0h 'nojhing eatier yoiL! see 1 like it.
It's dethot-ratiC, " But It did ome awkward
at firsi.'i "Your know Inamnor ratheiii was,
bashful to rather painful -degree. h Vell,
now, nine-tenths of my constituents despise,
luxuries, and have no such thing as' a sec
ond room1 in their' houses! ' Ili beating up
votes I live with my constituents, drink with
thein lodge and ipray with ithem laugh',
hunt dance and woik whh them I eat their
corn dodgeis anoj, fried bacon; and sleep, two
in'a bed with them; ! Among my ' first -ac-quai'tiia'nees
was' the L-sj by the waj, I am
sufejoT five1 vole "there .WelUf youeper
Ceive, L bad to live there: I I own it-r-1 ock
n,ijM .u i,:- i ini. i.
orne,hin-. bu, w dono ,0 icicio.
ui i rLJ'j...- '-iiu
had periodical chills for ten day. Did you
ever see a Venus in linsey-woolsey T"'' i !
JNOif. V ten' i -MV j it !! Vti "
"Then yon shall see Serena L They
cal ,he,rj the V.WbUi Plover,!,' ,peventeen,
plump as a pigeon,, and smooth as a persim
mon. ' flow the D-r-l. aaid I o mysellVsnIil
oquizihg, tho first'night I slept there, 'am 1
ia go to bed' before this yeung' lady I I do
believe my hbart'iwaa topay-turvyifor ihe
idea of, pulling offmy, boots beforethe young
lady was, death. And an to doffing my oth
er fuurea,'f Wopfd Sooner hive my leg; ta
ken off with a wobd-sav. ' The crisis was
tremendous. .!Iti'waa nearly, midnight, and
the family had been hour in bed, t,Miss S
remiined bright asho sun, tJie merry miox
talked on. It waa ponehiioualy obvious o
me at last? 'that Phi was "determined'' to out
sit 'mel By Yepeauid spasmoUc 'effort,1 tny
codt, . araiatcoat, ' orasat. booi4 aadi' socks;
werp broaglu,,! OuringjhefWjeHfOmy bead;
tilul neighbor talked op with una.enud eyes,
and with that peculiar kind of placidity em
ployed by painters to emiody (heir idea of
the virgin. 1 dumped myself artwn in the
chair in a cold: aerapiratioa. A distressing
thought occurred to m. ,,Uoes not ihpdant-
sel stand on a point of Ideal etiquette It
may bo the faahion of these people to see
Puranger o bed before retiring themselves.
Had I nov kept those Vauuful; eyes open',
from ignorance of. what these people deem
good , weeding t , Neither' the .lady's eyes
or tongue betrayed the least latigue. ' Those
large, got eye seemed 1 to 'dilate and grow
brighter a the Wazeof the wood fir died
awuy but doubtles, this w from kind
cons'ideraiion ibr.the auranga wekefulnes? of
her guest. The thing , was clear. ( I deter
mined to re Ire without delay,",' l arosP with
firmnrts,' unloosened my' suspenders,'' and
in a voice not altogiher ateady, iben said t
' "Miss Serena, I think ! will retire' ' .(
, "Certainly sir," , ahp quietly observed,
"you will lodge there, air," inclining her
head toward a bed aianding a few yards
from where she was luing.' ' I proceeded to
uncasH, Entredching myself behind a t chair
ihe while, fondly imegining the position af
forded some security. (Ji i simply plain to
a man in nts senses, mat n cnair ui mo iasn
ion of the one' thai I' had' thrown between
myself and 'ihe enemy aa a' military man
would, say, afforded almost npecuriiy utall.
No more, in fact, than standing up behind P
ladder nothing in' the way of artillery of
bright eyes,' as a poet would say,' sweeping
one down by platoons." 'Then 1 had a dead
open space of tea feel between me and '.the
bed ; P or of bridge of Lodi passage, which
I was forced to make, exposed to a raking
fire fore and aft.;; 'Although T aPy' ft," who
should not say it, ari emergency ftever arose
for which I had aot a reaource. t hkd one
for thia. ,s The plan, wap the work of p mo-
"STiLfv' " "'v'tcu
Ah I I aee you stormed the buttery, pnd
!niBah donft Interrupt mer Kb 1 dele
sol prd o) a bold hue di gwerrtfi throw her
attentionj off, clear, the , dangerou pnge,
Pnd fortify myself under the Counterpane
before ahe recovered from her surprise.
The plun railed. 'You're l am a email man,
physically speaking. ' Body, HmKprtd'head
selling up business on ond hundred wad a
half pounds, al) told, of flesh, of biood,tand
bqhes,' c'pnnpt Individually or'.cojleciively.
sot up1 any Very ostentatious pretentions. I
believe the tounjt lady 'muoVhave teen'' seU
tlliig iii her mi n r some' phllotophlcat point
on mpt. head, i ferhap her aense of juAice
withed tOj, assure ; itaelf ,of "a iperlocily air
d'tirPiuiion of the respective moil yes,, -,Pef
haps site did 'riot feel oaiy ' until shs knew
.t. t a i, ii, rl i. a. : at :. 1 . 1 e . a- .
inata una1 rrevtaenee nax not "added to
general poverty Individual wrohgd Certaio
it was aha peenipd. rather, pleased .cvith her
speculations : for when i arose from p stoop
ing poaiurel Bhallv,1 'wholly dise'hctliriberod
fromcloih, I. notictd imkchle'VdUd shadow
p'yng atauMbe coroera of h rtomh. .' li
waj ihfy moment J had determined p .direct
her eye to some asi6nihing eircumsiacce
but 'of the' window.'" But'the young' lady
poke a'r ihe eriticaJ rubmenU
..IrMfiiDouglM, jwu'e go a ty idall
.Moiifeldmhavp, a py. motion , of tbalr
own power. ' Fnever made any pretension
lo'grouhd and I'.fty Jumbling but it Is'pirWr
ty truej I clewed t'bnP hoOrld Ihof opeh
pato.'plttiled.myaelf ioMh feemn' of tho
M.'and wis1 buried lif the "blankil " tn
twinkling ii itt v.iif. jr. i n Hoi" a mill
I ftll.iflppgrawlata'you.Jmji boy' aaid I;
'jiwep a lucky escapej, truly, B4t( was .the
''Modest. "ir!':nHere'P! not In'Illlnois
mWerhodePt' W iehsible llrl It's' habiiV all
habit; i i think aothinglof lit howJ m Why
wap.ojily lasliweefc l.wa pt p, fine, weddjng
pariy and, large .ard ftpesspmbly of both
sexea lodned in the tame room Wih only
three feet or ao of 'neutral territory beiweeoij
tbem." .
'' "Yoti Psto.11l m, Mr. DoUglart ' i
; n Foti -Mn ij unonl my hpnr.; i x ou aee
these Daonle are the.vpry aoul o bospitaliiy
pnd.never pllow p. mse ocifli party ; w (turn
out at midnight to go a lofig qistano nornp
Xif ihis la mora ctev'eirfy "inaYtaced hefaV' An
U,uitiuu.4Ui,ubi.y shiijuiu.i4I WaiiwiOI
Oner oed, (our feet wide, will, on occasion,
flank: one whole side of the bouse, and Is
called'a field, bed; Pnd ' large' parties' wilt
raiige themselvee; on oppositP side of the
house as economically as candles in at box.
Umimp States. The flowing ia, from; the
recenj speech of iMr,, Webster aiBufTaloj
. New York In all its relations, in its fall,
It river;' and secondary waters, is attractive
to all the world ' But then New York Is in
the State of New York.' ' Gentlemen, tho
commercial' character' so far peivades 'the
mind of commercial men all over ihe world,'
that there are many men !who are very -r
spectabte Pnd Intelligent, and who do not
seem Xo know that there IP any pur of the
United Siates I bui New York Laughter.
1 was in England Snd wheel 1 wa there, ii
was asked of me, if I did' not coma from
New York; Great laoghter. ' I told them
my wife 'came frotr New 'York; 1 Contin
ued laughter. "That Is something? Great
lauehter.l ' Well, gentlemen, I bad tlie ho
nor one day to be invited to a State Dinner
by ihe Lord Mayor of London. " He was a
portly and corpulent gentlemen. Laughter.
He had a big wig on his head, all powdered
and ribboned downed behind, and i had the
honor to sit betwedn him and the Lady May-
oress4 and there wereUhree huridred gue'sts,
with all the! luxuries and gorgoousness of a
Lord! M'lvor s dinner. By and by. in the
course t of the ' proceedings, his Worship
thought proper, soon Piter the cloth was re
moved, to lake notice of hit American guest
H? seemed not , to knqw who, he was. Ue
knew I was a Senator, but , of, the United
States he seemed to have but little idea of
any place but New York. ' Lauhier.T ' lie
arose, gentlemen, said he, I give you th
health of. Mr. ' Webster,' a member of the
Upper Senate of New Yotk. ' Great -out
bursuj of I Isuahter.l ' Wellf gentlemen, li
wa a'grdat ' honor to- be a- member of any
Swnaia of New York, but if there waa;an
Upper Senate, to be a member of that would
be a great 1 honor indeed.- Tremendous
laughter. -! pi '". ! "' -'''"'j '
T,7 I II.'.! i " " i "' ' ' I'-.iil , I "
,F06S and Chbstnbt Buaa, Many ypar
sgp, p young man twenty-one years of age,
and, whom I will, coll Daniel, waa hired to
work on a farm byMr. W , a man
of considerable note as a farmer, in ,Massa-
chusetuj.j , Mr. ,W;. had p daughter and i a
hired girl, about eighteen yeara of age, and
Daniel being of a steady turn was hoi talk
ative enough to suit thoir fancy, and after
trying various plans and tricks without tdc;
cess, to (aa they said) raise his' ideas, 'they
caught a large frog and put' it into Daniel's
bed. On going to bed, he soon discovered
the whereabouts of hi, uncomfortable bed
fellow, and pitched his frogship out of. the
window, and never afterward betrayed the
least sign of knowledge in regard to the
joke. '''" i - . :
, About e month afterwards Daniel found
a lot of chestnut burs nearly as sharp as
thistles, and contrived to deposit nearly half
a peck In the girl's bed, and after the girls
went to their room, arid had time to undress,
he took a candle, and went to the door -and
rattled the latch, when the girl put out their
light and jumped into bed, and auch p equal
ling' and screaming was seldom heard or
seen before. . Daniel now opened the , door
and stood in it withltght iii hand.!,
'Dan, torment your picture; I wish you
were hr beyond the light bouse as you
. .l;-.U " ..M 3,,t,u ' ' I
are mis aiuo, . v ,; , ., ,,
. "Why what is ihe matter haye. ypu any
viJ. t miA nnipi. . . ! "
l"6" fr-TV-; Hi'"' v ,) iii hi,
,Dan if you dont shut that door and clear
out, J( will,, call ,$rs. WM" continued the
tiaraeyolce, ,;, .,.,.:!.., r .i.r! f'
"I will call her piyseUV if you wlsht',paid
he. ' i
"Daniel," aaid Anna "if you'll hui
the door and eo back to th kitchen,! there
shall be no more trick or jokes put pn ,yjoui
by u lor one six monins, at least. -... ) -,.
Dsniei thinking he had punished the girls
enough, shut the door and left, A TeW mo
menta after this Suky cameoul to light, ijer
candle. w , ,;..., i ii .!- p-H j ..
',"1 thought you had gone to bed kuky,
sad Mr. W. . f , f
Sukymttde no reply,' but looted' daggers
at Daniel and quickly ireidrned. if After this
scrap, those girl put no more joke or iriaks
upon Daniel., lie was a steady faithful mnn
uvtng'evory dollar of his earnings, and Jin
six year from that hine'owned d good farm,
Biarried:Anna Wi'and wa three year first
selepimar) id iha Iowa, vhiol he ! afterwai ds
repisemed ln,iheS,iai Legislature.,,,
" '1'b aAtnkB CABaV' it tnABAt 'MoRr
ia. SuooU -Going frorfi market 'the xiler
ay, wabwryedwa, yeryfSmaU boytj who
gavp no. apecial indication, by dres ,pr ,face
of other than ordinary sensation or irainlhg
iiflife; carrying a basket'ihai Wail sd' healry
a to tpearlybea? Mirl:doabePialh'rf!'';W
observed "my boy yoa have a heavy load."
Xes," sad, he.jVbui Jl'd rathe; carry inban
that mqtlier should " The remark was. one
of a' haiurtt'we tova io' hear; but) we do !noi
know that rf'h6uld haVef tn6ughl erlduih
Of , to have chronicled hv had we -nor en
aqrw iitha.i troot,.a1ihigbly.'acpomiAW
young, .lady, pipy log,, the. piano. while hrt
minher was ,w taliiog ihe window. We
have hoVcairtrl l&rforostulftn'g iHe'rrflociio is
0(J Cbrnpar'ishk tf tut reader on' thn fac '.
i 1 ') i .1 i k f
Prd:1eoir,TMitrjrietf, ''.rhe,,1greaf1' American
aitronomerrhaaJraen delivering a course f
popular lecti res j 4h ciat fiiUtHTi "H
on hit favorite science, ...From, a, r.epfirt.bfl
iliete lectures in the New York Tribune, e
soiect' the followlnV'ridniihi' io "tfid 'rritfdn
which atrikl'ngly iilustraleP tlieXhPrmdriy1 of
too universe.-.! m -jMii ju! .i-.iMdid hI oi
, vBy;a comparlson.of ;ihp, accounts , ihe
tpiipsos, by, .the ancients,, particularly ()ihp
uauvmnians, ,wun mooern . ooservaiious, it
appeared that the moon nioVed swlfu r that)
she diJ three thousand yeSrsi ago;:!,, The
increase waa amall, to bo snre lleri placu
having advanced only . throe diameters n
thpt. timer, Bui whatwaa the i4use Ti aad
wniuiveo ajp ui finee. fl j nc eorin or on
toSliiLijMMius) ta'tuinotelf.
opening''lhrough'ilie atiraciion 6f ixirahe-
ihoughleljlptical, ja rnlnwiely opening throoirj
the attroction of exfraneousi bodies, ,. The
orbit being thus enlarged, and. ilio suns in
fluence, diminished, iha, Crtlt's ;influencd
over tbp moon becomes proporiioiiaiely
greater, its orbit isdimtnished and its speed
increased." Though the whole' disturbance
is ao slight, it has been accuraiely oalcula
led. The earih's orbii.wi l, coniioue ,10, in
crease through miUions of centuries till lit
shall become a circle and then will slowly
return again, to Its prcient shape, swinging
back and forth like a nondulumi striking the
ebbing seconds of eternity itself ., 1 j
, Bu though (omeiixty or seventy difforeht
sources of disturbance have been, discovered
arid calculated, still the moon will not get
out of her place: It Will not' answer for the
minute and hour haad of the world's time-
Iiieco to be wrong. If alio hides a pnrdru
ar star to-day, we must know exactly when
she will 66 so again.1 ' Hanson a most indo-
fatigable iiotmao astronomer,, lias clculn
ted several qf the disturbing force, and will
probably conquer, ail difficulties rciiininiiig.
Oneof those overcome is this ': Venus, whiclt
moves moro speedily than tho, earth, for olio
hundred pnd, forty, yeurq (ends yj bond ilio
earth's orbit one way, and then the same
length ' of time' counteract' the influence
The earth in turn affect the moon, so thut
it has advanced, in 240 yea s the 100th part
of ita diameter. ., , t . ,. ..'.......o ! '
So perfect ate tlie calculations at preserit,
that her place can never be more than one
or twp thousandths of her ,diameier frqni
that assigned her in kobl. s. Bui it is impor
tant that ihe tables should he perfectly accu
rate, and this will probably bo accomplished.
, The, professor then describes the physical
appearance of the moon at teen "through! a
telescope bei nir broucht within d tange1 of
250 miles, and showing all its craters, lakes,
mountains, plains, and ravines., lie explain-
en. dte fact that the qiuoox criurd (tiacoufieopa
than the other planets hever shows but one
Otoe to us re vol vine on her axis in the same
lime which she occupies in her orbit. The
fact that herrpvoluiion, had never ben ac
celerated was evidence that no comet or oih-'
er body .had ever dfsthrbod tho harmony
which , cx.isiod throughout ihu ; eniirq sys
(1, (: -idj lino ,-Vll 'hi :iq vr-i )
Reader.' if Voii ever hkval lived or'travcl..
ed much in the 8iato of Arkansas; you.
must! .hare remarked. the womon- aro not jof
the ordinary stamp in regard to tho person
al courage and spirit.- -Their very nature
seema imbued with the greatness and the
pride: of ihn ;creais; things that God has
placed' around them.. . When,! first went
there, 1 was made acquainted with as fine a
specimen of worrian of Arkansas women
as you everiaw.li Jl came 1 saw-s-1 loved
her, and on te thought 1 had 'conquered her.
My visits were frequent 10 her, . and gener
ally up to a pretty late hour 6f ihe night.
Her mother- as fine a lady; as -you could 1
with, but rathor large in dimensions alept
in an adjoining room, tho evening to which
I wish to refer f especially.)' Log cabins Pre
not very compactly bui;t, and sounds Can be
eptily distinguished from one room to anoth
er, Betty, for that .was the namo of my
(weathe'nrt; haJ reciprocated my Ideas 01
cerlatH points, to my c ibtCsi,irid I had ru
solved to start home.'0 Taking out ray watch
I expressed surprise (aa I al waya did,) at the
lateness of thq hour, , She aidshe knew It
must1 belate from the sounds.,, ., "'
'Sounds !' said 1 listening attentively, but
not netting what interrupted her meaning.
'Sounds. 1 don't hear anv,'. ..Again, I, listen-
. J l.... 1
beenalj this lime thinking it wa. tlie puffs
from an up river boat, and wondered, what
the deuce made1 tt to long coming rmrnd the
bend lii j'Your mother l waa going 40 say
more, but I didn't stranger, for as, truoi as
gospol, there was Bet making right at me,
with ner.bst rePdy-tor 11.0- aiiaca. I ain't
op poward, but icon k fight women so 1 just
incontinently sloped. J , never, have forgot
ten Betty, and 1 love her yet,, but I darsn'i
go men ner since .mat untorti
foriundt'o night.. 1
n' -
Poor Peoplb's Vices. The rich are thus
assailed, by Alton Locke, tailor, and poet, for
Heir condemnation ol the occasional, ex-:
ceaPes bf the poor:1'1"1 1v i1'-' ' "" : -':' ..
1 ."Though: amount of respectable animal
enjoymeni per annum is a hundred time as
greqi pa thai of, the, moat self-indulgent aril-
san. yel if you had ever foil what it ia to
hi i Ai.i'i.x.. iii i..-..lj'.f iul
nam, nut uuijr iuau, ui uo ouacoi
but even bread to Cut you would 1 think inojr
rnorcifullj opf. the maa wlw makoi vup,i ly
rare excesses, and those only of Jthp limkit-d
kinds possible to him, for long intervula of,
uuii privuuun, says in uia niuunon,.-uvi us
iiat Pnd drihkH fo tb-mOrroW wfc die!'' " We
have our ains, and you have your! 1 0urs
may be -the more cross and barbaric but
youra are none the ies!dainhable perhaps
all. the Biortao, Jbr being th sleek, 'fcubtlo.J
Why, Mark,' she said, 'dun t you hear
ma snore I'.and her face colored, wixt anger
and 'pKjwj -ri' she deemed myjeitilng!! '
,'tn utiet attoblshment. ' '1 swear r have
Hhle..Tpligh'Hap.ina ihey arPv'Ti t'.to ,b m!i rM
ii" "i iiji!
u rrr'Tntl'clioii.rtf hap apptttrod Vary sutf-l
donly atSprtngfioldlH,' "' ll'J
The tTircadbare white coat: with on slda
of tbecoilpr mrud andibP rVneCwn,
liko ihe ear of p Jt Icptthqiibat,
In which the gluo.and tho nap wer.) ijnex
rrlbably urifted by rcjiisaivd Vaiq atopiw; that
the sharpest Ciirrycoirtn'Wuld' 1101 'fiotich
them ihe cowhide boon tliar-'nevur lunrn.
cd to sbltie"-ilio'Tieckcloth with';ltJack
KetcW ii4rtlio h4lf f;benl fiarwi tharirUjbe.1
thrpti ho ptre. wiUtApi4e!Vlpga if ,
other hlsiy--ih Well, flirmed rintilctual
head1, unJ the cHaltt wliftp fttCum which ihe
opMisiiwexpresnlt'dgnc1(yrid Vfeilu
ity, sepmed (trangety blended; Jri ahasqitaH
the conipeiciii paiaof ,h,poii)(aJ 4ciifllP'. '
tho yisiufiary, the otiiroverwiljt, the phi
lahthroiiit, and''ifie' aloyc;' careil Uorace ."
Oreetojvbdstcfl tL4 lMhddii''i"rtl rlie ' Bartic,
and will appear at the Crystal Palace in due
time as a part of the American contribution
to the World's .Faie. Wo think wq.tee jiin
now, daguerreijiypjng the whblo'scne
through the IcHS'ol liis eves, upiliiiKe clcaa
brain bohind 'tffbmj for reproduction in the v
Tribune, 1( Superficial obscrverp t will ihke
him for a zany; but, who so tries the- edgb oil ,
his intellectual metal, will find that if ni) aa
Colislied as a Dumdscus scimotor, 'ho is a
cen a a Yankee whittle Exefer Hall will
make much of him. nhd he will 'not object
to a little 1 tickling, for hia menial -e idemia
is a iieniitivf to. the touch of flattpry af If
ho wero a preliy' woman, ' Naiiirq' caine
within an ace of inaking Mr. Greely a'great
man, and. If hi temperament had been bil
ious, or oven sanguine, instead of lymphat
ic, und his passions stronger, lie might have
been ono At it is he has too little of the
small animal in his nature io b4 -practical
pnilosojpher. Man in iho acgregato js mpo
what of a beast, and hit affinity will) matter
as well na 1 with ' fiiind render hitri a 'stub
born aubject for the (experiments of specula
tive philosppjiers. Mr. Greoleyi wjtl 'find
plenty of hjs class In, London ppd-Pn Infi-,
uite, abundance in' parts. -AVe jiopi ho . will '
have a' pleasant tiinb with them) and thai in
looking through tlie sbclul fnb'ric'wlih; ' yW
of breaking down the pnrtllloh wallsj Wilno
ving tho fjotir, and incorporHtiu'g the tenants
in one grand Kiock company, they may.ii.'
)crii-nce da much self-f-nilsfuction as the
mad astronomer did wIV fancied that ha
had discuvered an improved method ' of reg
ulating the motion of the planets. Noah's
Messenger.) j, , , i ,- t'- -:u -t.J-
" . 1 ,T if '.
TESTiKd the Spirits. A Dutch widnwor
whose better half departed on the long jur
itey toithe spirit land twelvemonths agodo
terinined to consult the ."rappers,'.' and en
deavor to obtain spiritual communication,,
feeling anxious respecting the future stale, of
his late wife.' These "rappers" were hot the
genuine "mediums" but of a bogus kind
adventurer-; endeavoring to reap the: harvest,
out of the late mysterious developments.
.After iha usual roreraonies, iha spirit of Mrs..
Hauntz, manifested , it willingness to Con
verse with her disconsolate spoujo., . 1r i
' "Ish 'dat you, Mr. Hauntz," Inqulrod the
Dutchman'' " " ' ' " '"'
"Yes, dearest, ft ie your wife "
"You lie, you devil ot' a ghost' interrup
ted Hatimz, starting from hi choir, "mine
fraushpeak nutting but Dcttch, and she ne
ver said teerest i her life. .It iya always
'Hauntz you liof or 'Hauntz you dirty
8hkamp"'arid the old Dutchman hobbled
from the room',1 well satisfied that tho ''rap
ping spirits" were all' hambugs, and ihai he
was safe from, any uiher coromuiiicfflion
with his shrewish frau en. this eauh.i-Buf
fald' Republic. ' ' 8 , ' !, ,
, , i 1 1 -ya 1
Thb Fools Repboop. There was a cer
tain pgbleman. ssys Bishop Hall; who kept a
fool, 19 whom he. ope day gave a staff) ..ith.
a charge id keep It untihe should wcet. wiih.
one who was it greater fool than himself.
Not many year after thni the Pobloman felt
sick unto deaths Tho fool cptno to him
. ,'1 musi shortlyileayeyott. v.. l4
'And whither art thou going y , , .
'Into the Other' world said hi lordship.
.'And when' will ydtl coma bgaiivf. within a
mnmk '
u'ji.-.st'i' I-:
J b'n t'-jJ-ill
When theft IM I
noo i-s;'",
Never.' said th
e tool; 'nu what provis-
iohs hast thod made '.for thy ' entertainment
there,-Whither thou goest tUlii U,U J "
ii 'NoneatpU ii 1 iu-- n. uc.
'None!' said the fool ; 'none at all t here
take my staff for with all my folly, I am not
guilty of ,uch folly aa, ihivi'i . i-'t
''A Ptztotsa' PB0FEssoit. In
(,Alt,Ml,WMrwM v i WiimKMf Wn" A' -
wsggeryptHiie day the rrofeto-vor Logic
was endeavoring ;o sub-iaoUat that a ,1(1 ing
remains thq same notwithstanding a .substi
tution In somo of its pans. ' Our wag, 'who
had been exercising the 'Yankee 1 art Of whit
tling, at length held up his jack knife inqui
ring:.;, i ,:,.(J it:t'.i t 'd tr.-ii: ,Ji "C"4
"Suppose ,1 should joso thq blndp of my
knife, and should get another made and .in
serted in its place would . it bu iho same
knlfu It' was before f"'; '1i ' " 'J
1 To be sure,", replied the professor." !
i, " Well henVthe wag contipued, suppose
1 should then lose the handle and get anoth
er, would it bo iho samo 6iil?" , j
" "Of" 1'ourse I" ihe piofessor ' again re
plied.;ii ''-'1. ' !w '"' '"''
"But if somo boJy -Phould Cik) the old
blade and ihe old handle, and should put them
together, what knife would that oo ?', ,1,
' We have rievuir heard tho'pro'fossor s an
swer Cinot Radiator1. -;"K ""'"J
iku' Ji-;' 'i' i '.1 -i: ; i'lii"i"'"'J 1, II
Veuv Temper. Tho story is tula of a
qenait New Zealand .Chief,, ilia. young
missionary landed ut his island to succeed a
sttcred teacher, deceased somo' time Wore.
At an interview wiih- tho'' chief," lli'i'joung
minister asked : ,
-Did Vdii khow niy tfcuaricd brofheTl
ii abj yen 1 was a peaoon in nw cnurcn.
nlTAtti ihPn, you know nim wolt.t iund Was
not a tpuuVir-hopruiU flml ' , j ,-.i
cs, , . xepiicu me, pious uaci'tu .wnu
na fkiii.it a ildeai.ut
iiintii K-uiu ue was very guoj auu
Much eusid,' I
aot-. i etrr pico u! lliiM.i.'.Vf.",
bupplf fvrsuib

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