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,t '5 .
III r .
Great it ihs 'Diana' Qf Wisconsin. The
' oumigwooCouniy H oral J f the" 18th init.,
ro'ntos the fallowing most rcmnrkaMo Inci
dent. iMiss Emrjm Thaver, a youni My of ftf-
r'Uinr.I.,c... Q.l-. . t..
ini county, wmie warning on mo pcacn
on iho morning ofihe first day of May, taw
. n wolf a short distance off watching a deer
which be had driven Into the lake; and with
a courojio rarely equalled, drove him awny,
and wading Into the lake, brought the deer
on snore oy tne far, A liar potting him a
short time, the utigallant fe'ow made nn at
tempt to gai away, and finely carried mat
ters so far 14 to knock her down, an . rv
- her dress $ when becoming justly . incensed
at such treatm snt, she took a atone, and
dashed om his brains. The wolf was all
(he time standing by, a silent speciaio of
nptii, tu which he too no iurther part,
i II man bv occasions v smiwloe a rorml.lnliln
, w mj - j j a v
row of white, teeth. .. - .. .
It la safe onough. to predict thai If this
Jirl lives a few years more she will be able
td - whip her weight in wild can,' give some
young 'Badger' the heart ache, or what is
perhaps a treat deal better, preside with
grace and dignity over ths destinies of some
'wild Wisconsin home.' . ; ,- ; ; -r
Ve understand that Miss Thayer was in
sompnny with another young lady a Miss
Stone who ran to call her brother in their
Assistance. When they returned, tne ar!
ii mal, a large l-uck,' lay dead at the foet of
tne vuwjucror. !
Tec Qbarbel between the Fbbnch np
KoauH SolOiebs. The Roman correspon
deal of the N. Y. Commercial Advertiser
gifts some particulars of the quarrel, men
tioncd In a previous paper, between the
French and Italian soldiers at Rome..',
s'Vms that the French troops celebrated the
anniversary ol the proclamation of the lie
public' On tho 4th of May, (which was the
oabuatCI..' " "K""5"' review, "ring miirnn,
cc. all vi"".ich WM fBr rrom agroeablo to the
Bomsn Deade. Uunog the day, some
French soldlerf, on r.eir way to a wino shop
nrmasinrr a rrowd of tomans wno were
listening to a streei preacif inierrupiw
and insulted them bv shouting Vfet I
vvbhqt, Vive la Liber f I and derided me
Human Boldiers who wore In the crowd ?v
calling ihcm Soldiers du Pope.
After tlio service was through the Romaic
went to thd wipa shop to ask sorr.o esplnnn-
ion ol the Frenchmen; and this, of course,
led to an open quart?!. The patrols which
were sent to quell the disturbance, joined the
combatants, and the row was iot suppressed
timll four rronchmen had bwen killed. Sov
en- Roman soldiers an 3 twent);five citizens
were seized and taken to prlwon py me
French. The Romans are revennini? them
selves by aumtssinatioz the French vildiers
in the streets; two nf whom had been ki'M
and a third wouuded, since the affray, at.d
the work was destined to go on.
In the meantime the French General was
nking measures to exasperoto the Remans
ni! I further, by threatening great severity
flgnin&i hi prisoners, and by ordering two
fumilions of Roman soldiers to be removed
from the city, and which had been done
even Hgttiniit the remonstrance of tlio Minis
ter of War; and in consequence, the Min
ister hud sent in his resignation. The
French were anticipating an insurrection
and preparing fur it, and the Papal Govern
ment was said to be greatly troubled by the
aspect of affairs.
On MoaJay lost, by Ev. Jsaish Houck, Mr.
Rot Bxw toSIUsMa Jam McKatm, both
of Poaieroy.
On the same day by Elder Heath, Mr- John
Wolf of Graham Station to Miss Sum JonxftOM,
of Pomeroy.
On Wednesday, the fourth day of June, Bessie
Mead CuranTON, aged eleven months aud six
teen days, youngest daughter of Charles R. and
Elizabeth R. Pomeroy.
Fourth of July.
The Pomeroy Temperance Society is requested
I o meet at the Court House to-morrow (Friday
'evening) at 8 o'clock to determine whethei they
will join the Sons of Temperance of this place in
celebrating the coming 4th of July. -
By order of the Ex-Committee.
Porccroy, June 19, 1861. .
XT Consumptionis a disease which is carrying
its victims to the tombs by thousands, without
being arrested in its progress by the medicines in
common use at the present time. But a brighter
day is coming, and has come ss to successfully
arrest this disease. DR. ROGERS' LIVERWORT
AND TAR, not only gives immediate relief in
Coughs and Colds, but from the testimony of men
of the highest standing hers and elsewhere, it is
making some very remarkable cures of Consump
tioo. Improvements in the treatment of diseases
are onward, and nothing can arrest its spirit in
the present age. Those who are afflicted with
diseased Lungs, would do well to call on the
.. Agents and see the. certificates of Dr. Wm. J
Richards, Judge AVm. Burke, the wife of the
Rev. Geo. W, Maley, and of Dr. Hiram Cos, late
'professor in the Eclectic Medical College in Cin
cinnati, ' ', , ;'
. For sale in Pomeroy by J. P. Fr.em.NS and D.
- lino, Agents for Meigs county. ' , n37w2. .
IT Da. GtnrsoTT's Iaraovap Eitsact or Yl
sxw Doca snd SiasArjaiixa is a euro remedy for
. Hereditary Taint. . ' ' ',' ,
i Thousands of individuals arc cursed with griev-
; out complaints, which they inherit from their pa
rents. The use of the Yellow Dock and Sarsa
darilla wilf save all this, and save a vast amount
;of misery and many valuable lives, for it tho
roughly expels from (he system the latent taint,
whiok is the seed of disease, and so takes off the
I' eurse by which the sins or misfortunes of the pa
P y rents are so often visit4 upon the innocent off-
fspriBg. -ii.
.' I Parent owe it to their children to guard them
''iirainst the effects of maladies that may be com-
Imunicatcd by descent, and children of parents
thst have at any lime been affected with oon
', suu lion, Scrofula or 6yphilis, owe it to them
v i seUv.i to take precaution against the disease oe
y int revived in them, tluysott's Extrsct of Yel
' fnV mA KnraanorillQ HIM BTltiflnti, IB
iUw suvit -- -
cases, bee advertisemont. noows
Remember the faithful Dead."
w1 w nr i lRTFR A LEONARD would respect-
nf Pomerov and vicinity
k.MW .till .nntin..!. thft MARBLE BUSINESS
in aU in all its various branches at their old stand
., io Marietta, Ohio. . , , ,
v Mavinv tnut rniotiisil lnrffP and Well Selected
awortment of Italian and American Marble Slabs
and Blocks, are prepsred to make to orner,
fa. evpry variety, on the siiostest notice, in the
I r i MIATIST siyic, anu mi ac iowiii iiiicvo.
' f Marble Mantels, Centre Table-Tops, Ac. el
fJLS ways on hand. '.
1 ' Mrindstones from ths best Warren quarries,
roastantlyon hand, wholesale or retail.
Aav orders addressed to ns at Marietta, or II.
B. Smith, PomtToy, will be promptly attended to.
Marita, 0. Jnw 1, 1' ninni.
McauxaKB, . Down Sunday, Up Wednesday,
Buccxtc Btats.
Monday, " Thursdav.
KkYstonc Btati,
Tuesday, Friday, '
Wednesday' Saturday, ,
Thursday, " Sunday, '
Friday, Monday,
Saturday; " Tuesday,
Ohio, , Down Tuesday. Up Sunday."
Bri, , .. i a romeroy .nonaay a. i uursoay
Between PItsburgh.lTInrlettn, Pome
roy and waiiipoiM. . : ;.
Wlv ; Tin new and fast runninssteam
mn'JJ er 00 V. MEIGS, Captain Joan N.
Skunk, will make regular weekly
trips between the above ports. '.' ;.
Leaving Pittsburgh for Marietta, Pomeroy and
Osllipolis, every TUESDAY, at 2 o'clock, P. M.
Returning leaves Pomeroy for Marietta aud
Pittsburgh, every THURSDAY at 9 o'clook, A. M.
June 19, 1861.n37tf. - ' r - - "
Inhuman Cruelty Barbarism.
The inhuman creature who would suffer his
better hslf the partner of his bosom to standby
a hot stove and bake bread, this summer, ought
to suffer the fate provided for old Daniel. 1 R. A.
Sidebottom's Bakery, Front street, above Lind, Is
the great depot of Fresh Bread, Crackers, Cakes
and Pies. no37tf
HAVING newly fitted up my Wharf Boat,
Mid improved its capacity, I am prepared to re
ceive and forward all kinds of goods, produce, die,
eirhcr up or down the river, at the most reasons-,
ble rates. Having made permanent arrangements
with the steamers plying regularly to Cincinnati
and Pittsburgh, I am prepared to forward freights
at uniform rates regardless of the season. Those
wishing to ship on the Pittsburgh and Cincinnati
Packets, or on any of the smaller boats plying re
gularly "Ohio," "Reveille," or "Gov. Meigs,"
can make their shipments through me great
advantage. My charges are moderate, Vm1 as my
facilities for storing goods are not exceeded by any
other boat on the River, I invite businessmen to
consult their own interests by advancing mine.
Careful and attentive hands are always ready day
and night, to receive or discharge freight.
Fainillett removing to the West can be ac
commodated on board the Wharf Boat.
iunel2n36 JAS. MARTIN.
N. B. All letters and freight should be direct
ed'. Martin, Pomeroy Wharf Boat, Court House
ojAthens Messenger copy to the smount of 11
and charge this office. .
Attachment. On the 23d day of May, A.
D. 1861, David Barber caused to be issued
frnm hrnnrt nf f!i mmon Plens, of Meigs coun-
tv. Ohio, a writ of attachment, for the sum of
one hundred snd one dollars, against the proper
ty and effects of Abraham M. Hinkley, which
writ has been served and returned
T. Montague, Att'y for Pl'ff.
June 11, 1861. no36.
' Administrator's notice.
ATii..; JimeTerm of thecourt of common pleas
of Meigs county, the undersigned was appointed
ed and qualified as Administrator, with the will
annsxed. of fke estate of William Mcuaruei, late
ol said county, deceased.
Jane 12, 1861. .noS6w3.
tk ...hfrfher is tjreoered to furnish Physi
cians and Dr.'tgSista throughout Ohio with these
celebrated Extracts at proprietors wholesale pn-
- . . w mimTmrrsn
The subscriber h.as oeen appi wUubi.b
airent for this worm
renownea unweiii, aim
will furnish the trsde
with it at the proprietors
price-16.00 pr gros. or tl.Ma gggfa
NOTICE. A petition w;U be presewted to the
Truste.sof 6cinio towxiship, Meigs county,
on Thursday, the 3d day of uiy next, praying
for a township roaato De lata o nuw "--
i.r.. honui nf Henrv Webster.' in 6ecttoa 10,
rown 7. Kanee i. w tn mma
" . , . ... mnmA n c.i T1 (7
through said section. HKriKi wtwiwv,
June 6, 1861. n35w4pd.
Aaministrator's Notice
TlHE subscriber has been appointed anel qtiali-
I ed as Administrator on the estate of Loreno
TW late of Coalport, Meigs county, aecewsca
AU persons indebted to said estate are requesieu
to make lniweaiBve pajriucui, aim viiuKs uaiin
claims against against-saia estate win present
them to duly autucnticatca lor setuemeni wnnin
one year from this date.
JUiNAiMAii u. nurr, nuiu i.
Sheffield, May.. U51. n36w3.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Nuts, and
would respectfully announce to his customers,
and the. public, that he has constantly on hand a
large assortment of every article in hiline, which
he is prepsred to warrant equal to any brought to
this market.
He keeps constantly on hand, besides CAN'PILS
And in a word every variety of articles usually
found in a wholesale Fmitery and Confectionery.
Having an excellent BAKERY attached he is
prepared to furnish BREAD, CAKES, CRACK
ERS, PIES, c, as may be desired.
XTParties furnished to order.
The subscriber pledges himself to keep such a
stock as cannot be surpassed in this Market.
Dealers generally, and especially Merchants
from the country, are invited to call.
ILTOrders promptly and satisfactorily filled.
Pomeroy, May 29, 1861. no34tf.
rmon Nyrup, for sale wholesale and retail
CE CREAM.- This delicious summer lux
ury will be served every eyening and families
supplied to order at HOSSICK'S.
HORSE BUGGY can be obtained on Ii
C s I m be,-,) terms by application to
ineral Water kept constantly on hand
IT I and for sale by K. A. KtlJJiBy r TOM.
May 28n3ttf.
Whc nimsle sixrENci roREvta t In addition to
1 our late unprecedented low prices, the cash
system enables us to add another and still snother
article to the catalogue which we are selling at
from 20 to 100 pr cent less than ever before otter
ed in this market. We place on the list:
Fine. Eastern, cold pressed castor oil, the only
article of the kind in this market, prdoz. 80cts.
McLanes Vermifuge prdos I 26cts.
Lees Pill's pr dot. 60 cts.
Pain Killer pr bottle 20 cts.
McAllister's Ointment pr box 20 cts
Genuine Mustang Liniment (not the coun
. tcrfcit with which the county has been .
.flooded) but the genuine at the proprie
tors only agency for this county; pr bot. 20 cts.
Late receipts place us in possession of the hcav
iest stock and best assortment, (patent medicines
excepted) in the market, purchased at the lowest
importers price, with 6 pr cent off for cash, which
enables us to undersell . Call and get somo of that
prime Snpercarbonate of Soda at 10 cts. pr pound
it goes like hot cakes. "Jl ind the cheap cash drug
htpre is in Kemington's corner, j f fXbMINU
r ) eetilied Whiskey From 100 to 600 bar
XV rcls, always on hand and for sale low at No (I.
I iauors Urandy, Wine, Gin. Rum. etc.
JJ both Foreign and Domestic, on hand and for
sate at o o. vi.na.rvf! or nusjuna..
1 3 lasting Powder A fresh supply fur sale
X by : H. B. bMiTil, .
M ay s, 1801 , AfftyU far the fVpipnny.
,MSMk . Bcirular Pomeroy aad
IVWI Portsmouth Semt-WeelUy
k Packet The Steamer V
"i v
JOHN BRUBAKER, Mastss, will mske semi
weekly trips between Pomeroy snd Portsmouth.
L gives Pomeroy every Monday and Thursday, at
1 o'clock. A. M.
Leaves Portsmouth every Tuesday and Friday,
at 10 o'clock, A. M.
STThe REVEILLE having been purchased and
fitted up expressly for the Pomeroy and Portsmouth
trade, will tun regularly, leaving promptly at the
above hours. All business entrusted to this Boat,
will receive particular attention.
Pomeroy, May 15, 1861. n32tf.
1tT ilala ljmMjfcVAW- nnsl
ftSrsasiZi- Cincinnati The new, fast run
ning pass8enger steamer, OHIO, M. COOLEY,
Master, will make weekly trips between Marietta,
Pomeroy and Cincinnati:
Leaving Marietta, Tuesdays 7 o'clock, A. M.
'" Pomeroy, 1 " 6 P. M.
Cincinnati, Fridays 4 " "
The OHIO, is designed permanently for the a
abovs trade, and the public may rely on her regu
larly. nov7'50no7tf .
House and Lot for Sale.
rHE UNDERSIGNED offers for sale his House
and Lot in Minersville, near V B Horton's
upper coal-bank The size of the house 30 by 18
feet two stories and a half high. The lower
story is made sufficient to keep a store, grocery, or
boarding house. The lower story is in leei square
o1 a room. The second story has two large rooms,
ith a good fireplace. The upper story is all in
one room, with a good nreptace. aiso, a gooa
cellar, 10 by 18 feet. The lot is 60 teet in tront
by 226 back.
Any person wishing to purcnasc mis property
shall have a great bargain. .......
May 22, 1851 n33w4pd -
W Farm for Sale.';
T OFFER for sale mv Farm lyine on the road lead
I ins from Chester to Parkersburg, in Chester
township, a half mile from Adams' mill, contain'
ine u acres, ou acres unaer cmuvauuii, u vwo
dwellinir houses and a well of good water, a good
apple and peach orchard, and a good shop suitable
tor a a biacKsnutu or wngou-maner.
May 15, 1861 n32w3pd. K. w. biais.
Cuba Expedition Successful I
THAT cheap Stove Store man uill
PRALL, is on hand again with the larg
est stock of STOVES ever brought to
this market, selected with the greatest care, em
bracing every variety of style and finish, with the
latest and most improved raieuis. moiig mie
receipts of Stoves at his store we notice the fol
CELEBKAl tl KU rAltT oiuii,
Ail of the best materials and warranted. He olso
keeps on hand large supplies of custom made TIN
WARE, which he will sell to merchants and oth
ers lower than the same article can bo bought in
the west.
crDon't foreet the Chea Tin and Stovi Storc
under the Kiheldarter House.
Pomeroy, May 16, 1861 n32tr.
t ,stnv Store man BILL PRALL, has been ap
pointed, qualified, and given bond as Auctioneer
for Meigs county.
He will receive on commission anu kcu guuua
on the lowest terms. Call at the No. 1 Stove Btore.
Pomeroy, March 27, 1851. no27tt.
1 Havins finished the Book, we shall now turn
our attention entirely to the manufacturing of all
kinds of
Saddles, Harness, Trunks, Saddle
Bags, Whips,
Or, in fact every thing that is kept in a Saddler's
shop, from a saddle down to a pump sucker. Hav
ing been selling work for some time for the profit
of it, we now intend to sell for the fun of it. .
Call and see us whether you want to buy or not,
for I am always at home on the west side of Court
street, one door above Reed & Brother's.
January, 1851. L. S. CR0F00T.-
ROCERIIS of all kinds just received and
J for sale at H. B. SMITH'S.
BLASTING POWDER. 26 kegs just
received on commission and for sale upon the
cash principle, by H. B. SMITH.
OLE LEATHER. A splendid article o
O Cincinnati and Hemlock tan, for sale at'
y V J agon A new two horse WAGON well
V V ironed and complete in all particulars, for
saleiy apriin REED & BRO.
ROAIf NOTICE Notice is hereby given, that
a petitinn will be presented to the Trustees of
Sutton tow nsljipat tneir session, on ine bin asy
of Juno neXW "PCO wwusuip iuuu, na iui-
tnars- finmmpncine at Joseph Wolf's farm on the
hill- thence on the old road to intersect the road
leading from Grau'sm btation to romeroy, attm
bridge where Philip Harpold now lives. Said roa
will cross parts of Philip Harpold and Adam Har
pold's lands. . A PETITIONER.
ROAD NOTICE A petition will be presented
to the Commissioners ot'Jeigs county, at their
June session next, praying fo" a county road com
mincinif at or near the residence of Lemuel Pow
ell, in Salisbury township; thence the nearest and
best route to intersect the road lea. ling from Rut
land to Sheffield, at or near the tan nery of W H
Grant. A PETI iuiyi.k.
May 8, 1861--n31w4pd ' '
To tinr Friends and Customers.
Ti V. Mius ceir leave to mtorm you aim lnro
W yur kindness ourand your friendsof "0ur
neighborhood and elsewhere not forgotting otur
enemies if any mere oe uiai we arc uow icceivr
ing direct from New urieansanu tne eastern cuics
a Freh StocK of Groceries, which we
are now offering for fale at room No 6, Front street,
Portsmouth, Ohio, and have made arrangements to
be be supplied during tle season from same places.
Uur stock wm at auuwcscouBwiui b)uj
in the Grocery inc. -Although
in the matter of purchasing and in now
offering our goods for sale, we frankly conless that
we have been ana stt are airvowu uumi? vj
desire to promote pur own intercsts-ryet it will
nevertheless afford us-great pleasure to accommo
date our friends to the fullest c,xUmt that a due
regard for their and our interest may seem to aic-
tate. i . j
The hackneyed and stale terms, 'cheap, , 'cneep
than ever." and 'cheapest,' we abstain from
usi ng, leaving to others (less modest mea than our
selves) to derive all the advantages that an intelli
gent community may concede to this kind of boast-
lllg. , UAOCi UL UUOTiV..'
F. J. OASES. . V. W. BU8KIK.
Wholesale Grocers and Dealers in Rectified Whis-
kpv. Poreiirn and Domestic Liuuors,
No. 6, Front St., Portsmouth, Ohio
ugar 400 hhUs rnme ew urieans ougar,
on hand and for sale low by ' ' ,
UalVta ol uu&rviurv
lasses 400 bbls new crop, on handand
for sale at No 6.
Tl lo CoiTee 300 Bags'
superior article just
XV received and for sale at No 6
; No ft ugainst the WorlTf
FOR go od artices at ow prices. .
J,Aull Assortment W o are now receiving
. large additions to our stock of Groceries,
wiiich we bto selling very low for cash. Come and
examine for yourselves. .
hot, Powder and Lead 120 bags Shot,
20 kegs Powder Dupont's best; 2000 Bars
Lead- For snle at No 6.
IVT OTICE At my iustanoc an attachment was
1 1 this day issued by William 11 UtrtK, a jus
tie of the Peace of Olive township, of 'thecoun
ty of Meigs, against the property and effects of
Keeso W Kims, an nosconuing ncoior. watca inn
29th day of April, 1861
May, 1W1. ; n31w4p'l ' '" '
Protectant FpiscopaJ Rev. '
HAS 8-
DoetJtT, Reetor ifcei every Sbba
at 104 o'clock.
Presbyterian Rer. R. v?n.m
Scrvines every Sabbath morning at li.
Ffethodist EpitcopalRov j .
Pastor: Servioes at the upper Church
Sabbath mominfs, at 10 o'clock tlo'
every Sabbath afternoon, at J o'o'j. .
Roman Catholic Rev Tnton; .
Priest: Services every Sabbath mornir-;
German Methodist Rev. Mr. (v-
Servires every Sabbath morning: "
Oerman Lutheran Kev. wr. habel,
Services every Sabbath morning.'
MASONIC -Pomeroy '.odire.
No. 164. Stated Meetinra, t. Monday
Evening, on or before the full n i in each
month. Hall in Murphy's building, S nd st.
rV I. O. O, F. Naomi i.ode,
vNo. 11T, Meetings on every Friday
Evening. Hall in Edwards' bi ilding. -
1rs- Welfare Division, No. Sons
VMo' Temperance, Meetings ever)' r-aiuroay
iWSEvening. HaU In DeCamp's building. - ..
wm Sallsbnry DiFlsion Ro. 893,
x4!Som of Temperance-i-Meetings mi Saturday
imM Evenings. Hall, Rice's building M.ddleport
ILL A. The remedy . for t Purifying he Blood,
and curing disease, and the only remedy that is
thoroughly efficient and perfectly harmless'. J
This Medicine, when used according to directions
Will Cure Without Fail. ,.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, Cancers, Tumors, Erup
tions of the skin. Erysipelas, Chronic Sore Eyes,;
'ringworm, or Tetters, Scald head.Rhcumatism, '
Pains in the bones or joints, old sores and' '
ulcers, swelling of the glands, Syphilis,
Dyspepsia, Salt Rheum, diseases of the '
Kidneys, lossot sppeuir, aiseases iT , -.,
rising from the. use of Mercury, '
pain in the side and shoulders,
general debility, dropsy, lum-. " . v
' . bago. . . V. , ''
The best Female Medicine known. Incipient
Consumption, Barrenness, Leucorrhea or Whites,
Irregular Menstruation, Incontinuence of Urine,
General Prostration of ;tho System, ..Depressed
Spirits and Gloomy ; State of Mind are cured by
mediate relief, by renewing the fountain of Heajth
and Strenth, the Blood, It neutralizes bad hu
mors, stops unnatural secretions, and gives heal
thy action to all the vital powers. ;' '
Its mild alterative properties render it peculiar
ly applicable to the slender, snd delicate consti
tution of the female. It immediately contracts
that distressing nervousness . and lassitude so
common to the female frame, and imparts an en
ergy and buoyancy as surprising as they are grate
ful. We have evidence on fie, which induces
us strongly to recommend this medicine to mar
ricn people who have not been blessed with off
spring": : ":'v' ''.
Prolapsis Uteri, or Falling of the"Womb, of five
years standing, cured by Dr. Gupsotf s Extract
of Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla, after every
other known remedy had been tried without
relief. k r.s . . . .
-r WASiiiNOTON) O,, February. 1849
This certifies that my wife, aged twenty seven
years, has been suitering under the above, com
plaint for five years; nearly all that time confined
to her bed. 1 have for fout years constantly em-
nloved the best meaicai talent that could be pro-
cured in this section of the country, without any
benefit whatever. I have also purchased every
instrument recommenced ior tne cureot such dis
eases, all of which proved worthless. '
. In the spring of 1848,'. was Indue ad' by Jny
friend in try Dr. Guvstftt's Yellow Illicit unH
Sarsaparilla, which was used for four months.
After she had used ii lor about four, weeks, it
was evident to all ot us that she improved rapid
ty, and gained nesn anu sirengin, nntil she is
now enjoying excellent health. .'. ..
We being neighbors to Wm. and Julia Mon
fort, know that the above statement as to the
sickness of Mrs. Monfort, and as to thecure being
euecieo oy "uuysous leuuw dock, and Sarsa
parilla," to be strictly true. ..
The following is an extract of a letter dated
March 27, 1860, frun E. B. Perkins, M. D.
highly respectable physician of Marietta. Ohio
John Park Dear Sir: I have under my care a
young woman who, for sixteen years, has been
suffering from Ulcerated Limbs, and whose case
oas Decn pronounceu nopeiesa oy .tnree of our
best physiuiaus. 1 1 took her into my family, and
nave used uuysotvs Ye now jjock and Sarsapa
rilla freely, and I am confident that the Yellow
Dock and barsaparilla will effect a permanent
cure, one is Deuer in general aealth than she
has ever been before, and walks a mile or two
without fatigue or pain. A a pear ago she used
crutches. 1 will report the case in due time
Very respectfully, E. B. PERKINS.
0lf the reader will observe, he will see that,
in nearly all cases, the patient has tried nearly
every pnysician wuinn nis reach, and nearly
every remedy; but when he hits upon Guysott's
leuow uocs. and aarsapamia, the' cure is im
mediate. , v
Btoojimo Grove, Dec. 1st 1849
Messrs. S. F. Bennett & Co. Gents: Some
t nje in isii I was attacked with Kini's Evil in
my &,rm, which became so sare ' that 1 could not
use it. anu in law, mortification set in. I em
ployed, fit different times, each physician ofcele
nritv witn.n uij icacn; an 1010 me mat mv arm
must be amputated. From the shoulder - to the
forearm, my ara was full of running sores, some
or mem as largv." nuy-gc in uiece. - i men
tried an Indian. i'octor, who removed the morti
tied flesh, and stofied ,jthe mortifiratinnt but
could not heal my arm.;. My strength at,.this
time was completely exhausted, and my person
much emaciated. I coni'nued in this state until
the summer of 1848, when ' I saw -an advertise
ment of "Guysott's Yellow Dock and Sarsapa
rilla," which 1 read attentively',, and .sent for one
bottle oi the article. . Alter Usui it, A tew days,
me . oiscnarges irom my arm lucK'a.fcu, ano as
sumed a light color, and less offensive odor,
sent for a second bottle, and while ' using it
found my strength increasing, and the discharges
from my anu decreasing. 1 continued usimr . it
until I had used six' bottles, though I felt myself
perfectly cured before 1 used the sixth bottle.
Since that time V have . not felt any pain in my
arm; no sores nave reappeared, and i have no
reason to doubt that it is thoroughly cured, for I
have no reason to doubt that it is thoroughly
cured, for I can labor with it as well as I ever
could.- . " "" " ' 1 ' .' i'f .
'Gnysott's Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla" ae
lone cured me; I took no other remedy whil
Osing it, . and had I used t it at the first appear
ance of the malady,. I fnlly believe it would have
saved mo from years of suffering. And I most
earnestly recommed every person suffering under
any similar disease, to use "Guysott's Yellow
Dock and Sarsaparilla," which , will restore them
o health.,. Yours in gratitude ' .
'-;-.::"' V.;."". ,;r-:P' Leonard,
ITNonc genuine Unless put upin large bottles,
containing a quart, and name of the sXrup blown
in the glass, with the written signature, S. P. Ben
nett, on tho outside wrapper.' , nt, . fc .-),
BTPrice 81 per bottle, or bottles for 35.
Sold by ; J. D. PARK, Cincinnati, O.
North-east oorner Fourth and walnut sta., en
trance on Walnut' St. -to whom all orders must
be addressed. ' .: -s ..-. ..
For sale by D. Reed, Pomcrot G, W. Cooper
& Uo., l.'hester, John Frames tioolvillei jj Cape-
hart, St. Co., Point Pleasant; John Perkins, Athens;
Maguet Ac Naret, Gallipolis; S. 8. Murray, Wilkee-
vuie; w. . fayne, mter, --t-' . ;: i ..'j
Ihts establishment, whick nabinfun
. operatioamore than two years, has, within the
last year, received an 'additional set of new ma
chinery, and the proprietors feel confident that
thy are fully prepared to give perfect satisfaction
to their patrons. Their machinery being the
. Best and moat Approved,
and their wnrkmen sxpkrikickd and vaitifvui., the
Gond rraauft'tured will equal in quality any jn
the Eas! or W . st , and will be sold at prices as low.
Who wit not patronise the home manufacturer .' '
t When Quality and Prlrc I
are as fevoralile? The proprietors trust that, mer
chants and others, wishing to purchase Goods of
tne acscnption manufactured at thtnr null, will
extend to them their patronage.- They are also
prepared to 1 i ,
for oligomers, at very low rates, but in all cases"
the Wool must be brought clean. .
P. 8. Price for Carding Rolls White, 6c.;
Mixed, 6 to 7c.; Carding and Spiuning,' Uc, and
other work in Proportion y
. ICTThe most liberal rioc paid fbi W'ool at the
Factory. a , , ,
,, Gallipolis,Msy 1, 1851. . : ' '
DY, begs leave to ":
form Ihft Aitip.f.ns nf H. '
vicinity that he may be
found at his residence
in Sheffild. at all hours.
when not professionally absent. He is prepared
to execute all operations pertaining to the profes
sion, in a style of neatness, ease and durability .
TEETH inserted in complete or parts of setts,
upon gold plate, with or without artificial Gums, in
so accurate a manner, as to deceive the closest ob
server. " :..'!; .-i . .,.
" Hiscliarres -shall in all cases be low, and cradu.
ated according to the amount of labor aud material
expended; pledging himself to give entire satisfac
tion in all eases entrusted to his care. . ' ;
0"LADIES waited upon at their residences, if
required. " 1 ' - . i
CrThe NERVE killed and the Tooth saved with
out sensation of pain to the patient.
ITThe Letneon will be used lor extracting
Teeth, if required. : - ..,,
CANCERS, nil kinds; old RUNNING SORES,
SCROFt LA, FITS, RHE' MATISM, first and se
cond stages of CONSUMPTION, on moderate
terms. ........
' He invites the afflicted portion of the community
to give him a call. A fair trial is all he asks.
May 1, 1861 n30tf. .
AVING cone tided to close up the Drv
It Goods business in Pomeroy, and iiivinft
iir fun her Credit to any one, we respectfully
n.sk all those indebted to us, to call immedi-
atfly and 8' tile eiiher by note or payment.
Uoirt lorcet our former rionce, "that till
aims due us previous io 4th of July. 1050,
.ill b"put in suit iinmediaiely" for collec-
inn, ,
To our customers then, we liindly ask
litem to come immediately nnd settle. Ii
is important lo make a speedy wind up, so
as to commence in our other intended busi
ness at a certain timo. It is not our wish to
mukc cost or trouble. Come now come
nil. REED it BltOTfJER.
May 1, 1851.
(ttr N. B -Our stock on hand will be
sold from 10 to 20 per cent, cheuper than
former prices, or1 cheaper than the same ar
ticles can bo hud in any other store. ;
R. & B.
TEA STOBE-IIaving just received
a new supply of that, splendid TEA, from
Philadelphia,- I offer it to the public with
renewed inducements. II. B. SMITH, Agent.
jan9'18G0; , . r , ,
)APER HANGINGS The' undersigned
has recently bperted in connection with the
Drug business a choice selection of 9.0OO PI.
res of Paper Hanfrinirs. Also, 30O Oil
ana raper window-Shades, consisting
of Draperies, Arches,- Lnndscspes, and those of
the Chineso and Gothifc'orders. ' "
The magnitude and Varietv of the selection en
ables him to sell at such prices as will, without
doubt, harmonise with the varied tastes of this
community. 24tf. DARIUS REED.
Agent, The undersigned havine establish
ed a Store at the residence of Myron Wells, on
riorse t-ave Lrees, will keep said store constantly
supplied with such goods as may at any time be
wanted by the citisens in that section. It is our
design to sell at Pomeroy prices, though some ar
ticles in Groceries, during bad roads, small ad
vance will be added. Any article wanted by the
citizens not in said store can be ordered and sent
out at shortest notice. - .
The stock in said store is now much larger than
heretofore. So that customers will find nearly as
full an assortment as in any store in Pomeroy.
Produce will be taken in exchanie at the market
drice in Pomeroy. REED & BROTHER.
November 27, I860.
13LATFOR9I SCALES, for sale atCin
. cinnati prices, at SMITH'S.
JAMP CIIIMNIESOnly 20 eta., at
rl HE SLBSCRIBER has on hand and is nrepa-
I red to sell all kinds of Buggies one or two
horse manufactured from the best materials, and
of the latest styles. The prices are very reasona
ble, and the work warranted. Those wishing to
purchase one of these indispensable articles of
conuori arc inviiea to can.
Pomeroy, May 8, 1861.
v ooa I'-ountam for sale, with all the re-
ceipts and appurtenances, at
May8, 1851. SMITH'S.
Bacon A prime lot for sale at
May 8, 1861 .
DR. J. W. SPRY, Surgeon
Dentist, Portsmouth. Ohio. Will
visit POMEROY, in the first week of
the months of J une, September, December and
March. march26n21 yl
ri MVENTY-FIVE Barrels Curtis' best Crab
1 Cider for sale low to close consignment,
the store of " H. B. SMITH
1 EATHER. Upper, Calf, Topping, Lin
Jing and Binding skins, for sale at the store of
' " ... Notice
I 8 HEREBY GIVEN, to Matilda Patterson, Jane
I 'Patterson and Samuel Grafton Patterson, minor
children of Wm. Patterson, deceased, residing in
Linn countv. Iowa, that James Robh, Adminis
trator of Wm. Pntterson, late of said county of
Linn, deceased, did. on the 6th day of May,
1861. file his netition in the Court of Common
Pleas of Meira eonntv. Ohio, nrayina for author
ity to execute a real contract tThich was made by
said Wirt. Patterson in his lifetime with Samuel
Kirkendall, for the sale and conveyantK1 of eighty
serf s of lend in tho north east corner of fraction
ntobdr, 1, in Town 8 and Range 13, in said co.ua
ty of Meigs. ' ' M. HECKARD,
Mays, 1861. n3iw3 , Atvy ior reiiuoner.
TThe subscriber has just received and is now
openestthe finest assortment of Gentlemen's Dress
Goods to be found in the city ol 1'oineroy, which lie
offers to sell and make up when required, into tho
most fashtonablo gannents, at tlio lowest prices.
His atook Consists ol the lollowing articles:
Illack, Brown and Ulivc Ulotlis; It lack, Doeskin,
Fancy and Plaid Cassimeres; lllaek Satin; Drown,
Black and steel Mixed brumous; l wecus and
Jeans; Plaid Cravats; Illnck Italian Do.: Fancy
Silk Neck Tics; Black Cloth Cans, Navy do; Net
Shirts arm urnwers;nuspcnier8, etc. ate..
Don't forget the place Brading1! New Clothing
Depot; : ., -. v.:-.-. WILLIAM BRADING.
ii li1'".1"1." iik .
now have and shall continue ' to keep the
superior article of Salt for . sale by the barrel or
bushel. It has no superior, and can be sold low
er than the westnt prices of other salt. '
. , , flEEDfc RKO.
Marcher, Wi; ,- " "
HAVING received a Mt!c shorter Ho-13
M ticc to vacate the premises, we formerly 3
occupied, than the law,' In Us humane eperation.
allows, on tne nigni inc uus nw, we are iu.iif !
be found in Wm. H. Rcmingtun s building, one
door below his store, uaving Buppiiuu wutcnti
with all our missing articles, we are ensiled to
furnish our customers a reduced price. In addi
tion to our present stock wo have made arrange
ments with an eastern importing houre to supply
us with the latest importations of drills at impor
ters prices, and will receive, in t few weeVs, s
very large and extensive invoice of Fresh Drugs,
Chemicals, Basin's (formerly) Rousstll s) Perfu
mery, new Chemical Preparations. Instruments,
Piim DniM. mid Scarce Preoarations, never be
fore brought to this market. We will supply
Physicians and Merchants at a deduction of twen
ty per cent on their bills of former purchases -in
tWm nt.n. nr at the "Circular Prices" of any ro-
.rwmsiMn Pittshunrh or Cincinnati! Houre. We
Lnhpfif first oualitvaud en
lirtly pure; comii'g dirccUy from under the Drug
invnnnini'i hnndg there is no possible chance fot
their adulteration. Call and see what difference
there Is in the queUty of drura snd ascertain our
1851. SPRNfi
ti a.imwinn
KOODS, 1851.
has lust rcccd frni
Pji the Est a laree assortment of new and it
sirable Goods,' whioh in addition 4o his previous
stock constitutes as large an sssortmcnt as can bt
found in this region of country. ' His articles are
of the best quality, and he will sell at a very refill
advance on eastern prices. . Among his articler
nube found a large variety of DHLeS GOODS,
consist. of., ... , " ' ' .. .
Ficurcd a r " "'ct tJK'3 ";
Printed Frenc.T Grenadines, Bersges Tiwucs, c
Black. Greci and ""JVhr?',
-Black, Green, tecc ani Mawou Thilct Cl-.ths;
Black and Fancy Aificss;
Figured, Plain and Barrel Swiss H mi".
A large assortment of Prints LawS compn-
sine the newest styles; " . n ;.
r French Printed Jaconets, Gir.ghBn;, &.C - ;
i With an assortment of w otstcd, Linen, na
Cotton Goods for Men s summer wear. -.. . '
i Together with a splendid atsortment of Ptinfa of
the newest and most desirable styles.
Bleached and Brown Sbeetinfs and biartings;
ALSO Cloths, Cassimercs, Satinettc, Jeans,
Tweeds, 4c. -;
PomeToy, April 17, isai.
i-Collars, Chemisettes, and Corded skirts, foi
sale by apriin JEiAH
lors, at spill7 - EDWARDS.
B ONNETS Florence Braid, Roujrhand Rea
dy, Milan Edge, Hungarian, Alboni, Needle
Braid, colored Chip and China Pearl Bonnets, for
Mlc by apriin EDWARDS.
Bonoct Silks and Satins, various colors
Crape, Thulo and Florence, nsortcd colors,
for Bonnet Lining, for sale at
epnin EDWARDS.
Hosiery A fine assortment of Ladies' ano
Children's Hose, comprising every variety,
just received by apriin
nee Boots Kid, Morocco, Calf and Kip.
A for sale at apriin FDWAfiDS.
I ine ii. Cotton, Jaconet and Swiss Edgings
Li and Insertings, forsaleat
apriin EDWARDS.
p Ai Piece Bonnet aud Cap Uibbmi?, for
JUU sale very cheap at EDWARDS.
loves Black, Colored, W httc Kid r-mlbilk
Gloves of superior rjuality, at
("1 alters and Half Gaiters, Kid, Morocco, I. all
f and Kip Buskins, and Jenny Lind Ties.
Also, a good assortmemtof Miwes and Childrtn's
Buskins, and Lace Boots, for sale at
apriin - EDWARDS'.
nc Hundred Reams Cap Paper-
Also, Flat Cap, Letter and Bill Paper, at
amiln EDWARDS .
Groceries A General AssortmcntofsPr im
GROCERIES, for sale low by
apnin liijHAiwy.
tecl A general assortment of Cast, Shear,
German and E B Steel, for sale by
.nriin EDWARDS'.
x ran A large lot of all sizes, for sale at
,. .nriin EDWARDS'.
1 '
(Uls nnd Spikes of all sires, just i
ed and (or sale very cneap at
Powder 60 kegs Rifle ana masting rowner
on hand and for sale at .
apfilH EDWARDS'.
PI.OAVS. The attention of farm
ers is called to my assortment of
Plows Lone? Patent with or with
out stocks i also. Plow Points and Land fctrtes.
Apriin, 1861. t E. 5. EUWAtwo.
Tea Store 1 have on hand a large
lot of Imperial, Young Hyson and Black
TEAS, which I am prepared to sell in origi
nal packages either of ei lbs., by the half chest,
or by the single lb, at very low prices.
April 17, 1851. K. S. fcDWAKUS.
OllOW Ware A large assortment on hand
rj and for sale at
April 17, 18ol
Wholesale Grocer and Dealer in Foreign and Do-
. - mestic Liquors,
No. 4, main St., Middlcport, Ohio.
:UGAU-20 bhds. N. O. Sugar 6n hand and
for sale low by
MOLASSES. 100 bbls. new crop just re
ceived and for sale low by
I) IO COFFEE. 60 bags superior article
H just received and for sale low at No 4.
ucukud w. uui,:.ir,:.
C'ICARSr 20 boxes fine regalias;
10 do Canonesj
13 do rine Havanna;
6000 Commons on hand and
for sale low by GEO W HOLMES.
at No. 4 GEO W. HOLMES.
fEAS. Inchests, half, chests and quarttrs,
X frcs h article, for sale ery low at No. 4. .
OAPak CANDLES A rood -article of
J both on hand and for sale by the box.
RAISINS 26 boxes just received and for
sale low at No 4 GEO W HOLMES.
PRIME OLD' WHISKEY.-20 bbls. on
hand from one to three years old for sale r t
' a OUACCO 20 boxes fine Va. and Ky. leaf
X ' received from the manufacturers, and for
sale low at No 4. GEO W HOLMES.
Oe SYRUP, a good article,-low at
EEMONS ORANGES.-20 boxes fresh
and for sale cheap by G W HOLMES.
ACKiEL7--l and 4
I? L just received and for sale low at No 4.
I ) ROOMS- 20 doz. first rate articles cheap
v at No 4 UtUKUh. W I1U I..M t',B.
CODFISII-A few drums just received by
DYE STUFFS of ail kinds, warranted good,
just received and for sale low by
. ... MISS E. A8KINS,
I i AS JUST RECEIVED and is now opening',
.1 in the basement of tho Rihcldarfcr House, a
general assortment of lionnets, Kibhons, ArncM
Flowers, Crapes and Milliners Trimrngs of all
kinds and of the best quality, whi.n . ill be sold at
a very small advance.
. Pomeroy, April 17, 1861 n28tf.
Anew supply of Calf Skins, Upnor, Moroccos
Huff Linings, Bindings aud Findings of al
Come along "shops," and sec at
(THE Administrator of Uriah Eblin, deceatcd,
-L has filed his accounts nr final settlement.
' , A. DONNALLY, Clerk.
May 6, 1861 31w3
BROWN'S Cantharidin Tissue, at -.'!.!
OCurcd, for sale at
' SMI'
CAB1KET TL'll N1T1.I I'.
tfunn r rtvov av vw
awve Nayt'.-r s run trt'if;i
H AXING lauly rhlajf tf tUirts aJjl)Hni
ahd erected a steam enrine in the tutm,.
department, have now the most rmf.fJt and Xti-i r: .,
L jt :-tl ...
in this'purt of Ohio All kiufts of t ufnitiiia'uri
be msnufartnred at th lowf st irics. vis: (
.Rosewood. Msbogsnp and Bls'rk Walnut scti.''i'. 1
carved, ornamental and plain, nuitsble (ft Jf'.ur,. i
drawing and led-rooms. ,
' Persons desiring any 'articles' in the f urrttnrw ,
line, from, the plainest to the most elegant aiid , v i.
eostly. src respectfully incited to call.
The following articles ill be made to ordVr:. ,
Burcai, Tables, Stnnds, Bedsteads, Cupbord, '
n- and all kinds of household furniture: also e
Tetc of tcte softs; , Tctc a te'.e divauEj
tonversalion Chein; Reception chairs;
RoroiPO-jd parlor do Mahtany parlir.ckifirs;.:
Black walnut do Csne scat d"
Mahc'y rocking do Piano stool , ,i ,, dt; ;
. Solus in plush, hair and cloth vers, ' . ,
Divms io do dn do '
.Ottomans, nihogcy Trench beOsicn-ifji
Blask walnst ii 4i
, xrhie lep centrr iittr; " ' .
Marble top diets buresur;
Marble ljpfsncy standi, :;; " '
' Mshogaay Widrcbes2t':tarif8 h m,,.
Bonk carer, wcr sisnrls, toilet ttblw. Ar: ,
' STAll crden prv mp'Jy a'teaded to,
txra''-' CoCIns of tvtry dcsrriptlcn ma-'
pufartnrcd prcmptly to the tunc. JclHtilOif.
The Greatest
In tbi wholb Would!
rrlaH pr BoUU, at Sb Botltm 'fir IS.
It h now pul up In QUART BOTTLES, of On i
eowif and Mtdieat
Larpt bottle contain
nediCfttiont are fto f
wdiutioot wo to Stroncly Couciitrnt4 u mlr
une TaoMpoonjw it raquircxi ai a roe Inree mm eSce
thai one boiile litu Ttrenty-One Daym, whlca U nucfe
lonpcr ihui a bottla or any other medicine laiu, beeaaea Ibere
ck1 at vott three mm iaw
m injmimi 01 ini, iph ejunntllT ac a OOM..
Tlio retit Siquriertty of ttala Blood Pnrifler erer an
oaber aiediclnaa, contlata In a (real niMMire In lti potelM
aa a prt of Ha compound, the povwrw Medical Vtrleew
of tome Scarce and Rare
Indian Roots and Barks,
wbteh no other medicine poaaemee, Thm are the uott tmttwi
Pnrlflere of Ine Blood thai were ever knows to atiher
Jndiaa or wMU iim.and iheea beinf anayraeMWIib tbeeWe
itreMuean-atal IMrattt ot
Sarsaparilla, Yellow Dock,
make thla Vegetable Extract, noi only Ida ewlM Bleeat
Partner, but alio, a cheaper wudidnt by great odd
than any other. It la duaptr, become the faanlity of It that
may bebouehttor One Dollar will leu muoh lonaer, and
will cure Ten Times more aiood-dtaaaae, Uiaa Om JfeUeTa
worth of any other medicine.
OT tot undoubted proof of Ike Carat of
Scrofula, Fever-Sores,
StoU-hW, XryMtu, Salt-Winm, Wmmalhm, SWaM, tVr
Nnu, Fimplm m l fact, LWer-Coaiplnlnta, PiUt, .aw
kso, Cmetroui Vkert, CoetlTeneaa, Sera yw, Tlvapep.
eta, Panu m Ua Sidt, Brttut, Bmm, mi Mm. ntd LL ciTina
iMMiai-BLOOD Oiiaaaea, aee our PAMPHLET i JeraeV
aTary Agent haa thm to glre away.
l'or saic ty D Heod, rcmeroy; G W Co"pcr &
Co., Chester; l M rclrr.l, Grahsm Static n. Ail
orders must be B-ltlrcsiT'l to Waltare it Co., ?04
Broadway, New Vork.
April :4, 1881 n?9yl. '
-Onlv . prlb.
Knnawha Salt
U w for cash at
40 I nrrcls p,r chIc vo.rv
Fire l'roof I'uiitt.
B LAKE'S Firo and Wattr l'roof Paint (inoil
Ho do it Dry
CI Rb!t Louisvillo Whito Limoj
6 Bbls. lly Iraulic Cinicnt;
1 d'j Calcined Piaster Psric;
CO Dtls. N. O. Molsfees;
3000 lbs. N.0. Sugar;
6JHh'ls. Queens and Glrraiwtre; '" ' '
30 Boxes. Windo-v Glass (sesonedoiteej
In store snd for sale bv
Corner of Front and Lind sis.-'
June 5, lfcM. n36w3.
11ESH1RE FLOIR constantly tn hnd and
sold cheap for cath by
J ute 12, isfil. . - II; B fiMiTn.
NOTICE. The undcrsigued has been appoint
ed nnd qualified as Administrator on the
estate of Mary Kent, late of Meigs countv, t'ee'd.
June 12, 1661. n36w4pd.
THE UNDERSIGNED lave n-. w received tfceif
stock of 8pring arrd Summer GOODS; con
sisting in part as follows:
200 pes. Prints the nowtst and most fashionable
25 " Furniture Chinta very rich;
21 " Satinetts, Ermine Cloth, Cassimorcs and
25 " Kentucky Jeans, various colors;
26 " Blue Black, Figured and Col'd Alpacar;
25 " Eastern Linscys, of various colors;
26 " New style Ginghsms;
200 bolts Brown Muslin, 4-4 best;
100 " " ". 3-4 chcspi
26 pes. Flannels, all colors;
60 " Bleached Muslins, all prices;
Bleached and Brown Drills and Canton Flannels;
Apron Checks and Check Shirtings; ,
Shawls Thibet Wool, Silk Embroidered 4 Plaid;
Cashmere and D'Lanc Dress Goods, very hand
some; '
10 cases Hats and Caps, New styles;
Umbrella, Carpet Bucs and Satchels ;
Jaconets, Cambricks, Book. Swiss & Mull Masltns;
Saddlery Findings.
Saddle Trees and Buggy llamcs;
011 nnd Gum Cloth;
Pvtcnt Dash Leather and Coach Lace,
Harness Trees New style;
Csrpct Bag Frames and Trunk Locks; .
Buckles, Bridle Bitts and Stirrups;
Rein Snaps, Terrcts and Water Hooks:
Spurs, Saddle Plush and Strain Wobbr
Harness ant Martingale Rings;
Bridle and Shoe Thread and Silk;
Strain Web aud Girthing;
Saddler's Needles, Awls, Punches snd Hauiiiicis;
(Jutting Knives and Cutting Thrusts;
Pad Screws, Spot, and Brass Nails; . ,-.
Brass Buggy Bauds aud Carriage Handles and
Bum and Carriaee Snrinea and Dash Frames:
Curtain Cloth aniS Leather;
And every other article in Saddlers' line. ;
Hardware. -
60 different kinds of Locks and Latches;
AU kinds or r lies and Rasps; ' ' ' " 1
All kinds of Chisels and Plain Bitts; . i -AU
kinds of Augers and Bitts;
ah Kttinsot saw bets and Gtmbletsr " '
Mill, Scroll and Hand Saws; . .. ,
lenon, Circular and KcyJIole Saws: .
Weod and Billet Saws; 1
liroad and Hand Axes, - .. ..
Hinges, Screws and Finishing NsiW;
Braces, Oil Stones and Rules:
Shoe Hammers and Peg Floats and. Punches?
bhuiicrand initow fastenings;
lied Screws and Castors all kinds;
Sash and screw arm Pullies;
Brass and Mahoguny Knobs; .
Anvils, Vices nnd Screw Pltftcs '
Bellows' and SledSo Hammcmr
Ana a great variety other artKJts ju Uiis biie.
6 cases Men's, Bcys nd Children's Ibx-ts;
3 " .Wctoen's heavyboottcs and buskin.-;
" Children's ' shoes, best article!
- " Misses bootees snd shoes, a sup. article;
A pos. Ladies' Calf and seal bootees and buskins;
10 " Infant nnd Chhildren's small shoes sup.
10 " Ladies and Misses Kid Slipper,, and thick
soled Shoes.
ve especially invite the public to Call and ex
amine our stock. ' Wc have now too large and
best selected stock we have ever had; and many
very fine articles such as have not Utn. kept iu
Pomeroy before. .
. We are prepared to fdl any orders either Whol. -salu
or Retail on very reasonable tertiis.
Pomeroy, April 17, 1831. u28if,
R'" ' ' OASES' 4xlk7sKLRK.
T WlsUUcy-W Barrels Old Rye, for rale
at No C. OAKES At 111 SHIRK.
ar, nun aul oauuiNLcu bunj and
U'l salu at No l l,y
,,:mkek. r.rsuniK;

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