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... . .-;"V
' -Sjok. -'
i " I I l . . .- I iJ'. "'j-..-r.i-
The school ihe schools of other Jays )
Those wro tlju school fur mo, - .; .
When in a frock and trowsers dressed, .
. I letfnvd my A D J. "
When with tny dinner in my haf,'-
I trudged away to school, , "'; ;." '., n ,. .V
Nor dared w atop, a boys do how-- . ;
Fur tchool'tna'am had rule. '
AV UH locks well turloJ and focu a1 clean
Bfcyg Washed iheir faces then
AnJ a slick horse to ride updn,
What happy llulo nun I
And if a traveller we met.
We thru noaticks or 6toncs,
To fright the horses aa tlioy passed,
Or break, good peopled bones.
Bui with our hat's benoatli our arms, . ;
We beta our heads fall law,
Tor ne'er the scbool-mn'nm fulled to ask,
"Hoys did you make a bow f" ;
And nil the little, girts with us
Would courtesy full low,
And hide their onMcs Vatli
li their cowns
uins aun t nave- ankles now. ; . i t
We stole no fruity -nor langlod grass, - , ;
We played nri rtoiny grimes, :
And when we spoke to older folks, :
?M handh$ on their namtt. ' . '
And when ihd hour for school hod come,
Of , bill we had no npid,'
The s( hool ina'am'a hp upon tho glass,
Each one would quickly heed.
That school-mn'am 1 Ilmiven bless her name!
When shull wcWtt her tike I ,
She always wore a green calash, ' '.
A calico'vandyke. ;
Sho never sporiod pantalettes.
No silk on hei did rustle
Her dress hung gracefully all round
She nuvorwore bustle.
Wiih mndest mien and loving heart
ller duily task was done.
And true as needle o the pole,
The next one was begun.
The days wore all alike to her,
The evenings just tho snino,
And neither brought a clinngo to us,
Till Saturday forenoon came :
And thmi we had n "spelling match,"
And teamed tho sounds of A,
The months und weeks that made tho year,
The hours that made the day ;
And on that dny wc enw her smi(c,
No oil er time smiled she
'Twarwhcn shu told us learnedly
When next "leap year" would bo.
Alius! kind soul I though leap venf came
And went full many a timo,
In single blessedness she toiled,
Till fur beyond her prime
But now, indeed, her toils ate o'er,
Her leigoiis ore all said,
Her rules well-learned her words oil
Site's gone up to the head.
A tall awkward looking chap, just from
the Greet: Muuniuins of Vermont, came on
board of one of the splendid North River
boats at Albany. His curiosity was greatly
excited at uncc, and he commenced peeking,'
as he called it into every nook and corner of
the boat. The captain's oflico, the engine
room, the wuter closet and the barber's shop
all underwent his inspection and then hi
wont on deck and stared in amazement at
the lever beam, tho chimneys, and the vari
ous 'fixing,' till at last he caught sight of the
bell. This was the crowning wonder, and
ho viewed it from every position, walked
around ii, got down on his knees and lookod
oj into It, exclaimed, 'Wall raly, this beats
the bell in our mceiin' house, a darned sight.'
By this time tho attention of tho captain and
several of thejassnigcr was attracted to the
genius. 'How much would you ask to let
a fuller ring this bell?' 'You may ring it
for a doll at, sir,' said the captain. 'Wall,
it's a bargain' all fuir a. id agreed to, and no
Lucking com.' 'It's a bargain, sir.' said the
captain. Our hero went deliberately and
brought a scat and took hold of the boll rope,
and having arranged everything to his sat
isfaction, commenced ringing slowly at first,
and gradually faster and faster till every
body on board thought the bi at was on fire,
und rushed on deck screaming with alarm.
There stood tho captain, and there sat'Vair
mounter,' ringlrg uway, first slow and then
fnst, and then two or three taps at a time.
The passengers began to expostulate; the
captain said it was a bargain.
But the passengers became uigont that
the eternal clangor bo supped. All the
while there sat our hero undisturbed, ring'
jug away more ways than a cockney chime
ringer dreampt of. At last tho captain bo
can to think it timo to stop the simpleton (
but his answer was. 'n fuir bargain and no
backing euut,' and he rang awuy fur dear
life. 'Well, says the cnptaioi 'what will
you take to nop !' .'Wall, captain, I guess
I sheau't I use nuthin' if I tako five dollars
- and a free passage to New Yolk, but not a
Jarhed cent less.' 'Well, walk down to the
oflico and get your money and passage lick
ot.'says tho captain. After that wo all went
io aloep. ' , '
03A negro preacher, says a correspon
dent of the Button Museum, referring to
the judgment day, in one of his sermons,
Bni(l "Bredreu and sisters, in that day the
Lnrd shall dlwide the sheep from the goats;
tmd bn-ss the Lord, wc know which teear
,fr mw.."
To oaf Friends and Customers
W' E thus ceg leave to inform van and thro
your kindness our and your fhendsof your
neighborhood and 'elsewhere not forgotting our
enemies if any there bo that wa are now receiv
ing tinx-t from New Orleans and the eastern cities
a kTsh fetork of Oroeerieti, which we
are now offering for sal at room No 6, Front street,
Portsmouth, Ohio, and have made atraogements to
b be supplied during tho season from same places.
Uur stock trill at ail times cousin ot everyunng
in the Grocer? inc.- - ' .
Althotich in the matter of Durcharfini and in now
offcrtng oar goods for aalp, we frankly confess that
we Have been sua mi are directed mainiv oy a
desire to promote our own interests yet it will
nevertheless anord us great pleasure U) accommo
date our friends to .the fullest extent that a due
regard for their and oar interests may seem to dic
tate. '
The hackneyed and stale terns, 'cheap,' 'cheep
er than ewer," and cheapest,' we abstain uom
osine, lea viae to others (less modest men than our
selves) to derive all the advantages tfiat an intelli
gent community may concede to trus Kind of boast
ing. OiK.ES & BCSKIRK.
: t, oaiis. . r. w. Bussiaa.''
Wholesale Grocers and Dealers in Rectified Whis
key. Foreign and Domestic Liquors.
9io. 6, Front St., Portsmouth, Ohio
Sugar tOO hhds Prime Hew Orleans Sugar,
on hand and for sale low by
lasses 400 bbls new crop, on handand
for sale at no o.
io Coffee 300 Bags' superior article Just
received and tor tale at No 6.
No o acainst the World I
FOR go od articej at ow prices. '
I.AuIl Assortment We are now receiving
; large additions to our stock of Groceries,
which we are selling very low for cash. Come and
examine for yourselves.
sbot, Powder aud Lead 120 bags Shot,
O 20 kegs Towder Dupont's best; 2000 Bars
Lead- For sale at No 6.
ri'cas In chests, half chests, and qnarters;
X Iresh articles, ror sale low ny
' up and Caudles A good article of both,
) on hand and for sale low by the box.
iiVll tl.... A UmnA .!.! f.r a.lal.U
ourbon Whiskey 20 Bbls. on hand,
from one to ten years old, ror sale at no e.
i,Obac;o 20 Fine Virginia Leaf;
10 do Missouri do:
10 do Virginia Fives;
10 do do f Eights;
15 do Missouri Twelves;
20 KegsKy.Si9 Twist;
Received from the manufacturers, and for sale low
at No fi. OAKES & BUSKIRK.
Rectified Whiskey From 100 to 600 bar
rels, always on hand and for sale low at No 6.
Ilqnors Brandy, Wine, Gin, Rum, etc.,
a both Foreign and Domestic, on hand and for
sale at No fi. OAKES & BUSKIRK.
S1I. molasses 20 barrels und 1U halt uar-
rcls, for sale by
Rye Whiskey CO Barrels Old Rye, for sale
r I tar, Pitch aud Oakum on hand and
A . for sale at No 6 by
cigars 20 Boxes Fine Prineipes;
10 Boxes Canones;
16 do Fine Havanna; .
60,000 Half Spanish;
10,000 Common; on hand and for sale low
GRAIN. 600 bushels shelled Corn in bbls.
300 " Oats in Sacks;
250 Afery fine potatoes;
100 " Dried Apples 4 Peaches;
300 lbs. Tallow in casks.
We now offer the above erain by the quantity.
It is all in firm order and the best quality.
April 17, 1861. KEED ft BKU.
LiriTIB B. Bedstead Lumber;
Sheeting Boards;
Sawed Lath.
For sale very low for cash by
April 17, 1861. itbiyj ctvu. -
-aw- aj w aajsui p - "
ca iuvitc the attention of Country Merchants to
Co my stock of ivotions ana fancy uooas, wmca
AOn h. mnA at Imu nrirpa Antt An rejisnnfthle tim8.
60nsiating in partof the following articles:
800 pieces Bonnet, Cap and Taffeta Ribbons;
H'u doz Tuck, siue, wresstnganunne uumua,
100 " Whitcand colored Spool Thread;
100 lbs. " " Skein do
100 M Black assorted Patent do
100 dot. Artificial Flowers;
100 " Elementary Spelling Books;
20(1 Gum Susnenders:
200 Gross Hooks and Eyes;
300 " Pearl ana Agate bmri uuttons;
600 " Coat and Pant do
600 M. Plain-and Ribbed Percussion Caps;
... .... 1 . 1 . 1 n .. . , xT .ii. .
6U ' llocaweii s. Don aim Daies iiccmcn,
60 doz Men's Cotton and Lisle Thread Gloves;
20 " Berlin Lined snd Wool Gloves;
CO " Ladies' Lisle Thread and Cotton do
20 " Kid and Silk do
26 " Military Shaving Soap;
60 " Razors;
20 " Clothes and Hair Brushes;
60 " Shaded Comforts;
100 " McLanc's Celebrated Vermifuge and Pills;
60 Packs Pins;
Laces, Edgings, Fringes and Plaid Grectancttc;
Silk and Worsted Uoat Juindings, oua tnreau
aud Twist, dec. &.c.
h 6. tUVVAJtUS.
Pomeroy, April 17, 1861.
DP. 8. D. HOWE'8
T 1 HE Great Spring and Summer Medicine.
J Proof. More evidence. Read it. It is from
a young lady residing in our city.
Cincinnati, Feb 7th, 1861.
This is to ecrtifv that my sister. Mary C. Belman,
was attacked with a disease in her hip, more than
three years sgo, which rendered her so utterly help-
leaa that she was coniDcuea to Keen ner oea. au
hones of her recovern were despaired of. Some of
the most eminent physicians of Covington and Cin
cinnati attended her, all of whom declared her
case a hopeless one.- Passing by. Dr. Howe's de
pot, an idea suggested itself, that to try one bottle
of his Shaker Sarsaparilla could do no harm. Ac
cordingly 1 purchased one Dome, ana oeiore iu
contents were entirely used she received benefit.
I was induced to try another, and another; before
the last was used she had nearly recovered. Now
she has no pain, can walk, and has the entire use
of her limbs. To Howe's Shaker Sarsaparilla we
attribute this effective cure. It is but a few months
since she commenced Viking it.
(Signed) J. C. BELMAN.
Cincinnati Daily Commercial.
Remember this wonderful and astonishing cure
was effected by the use of three bottles only of
Dr. S. D. How's Shaker Saisaparilla, the Great
Spring and Summer filedioine. v.y ...
It is the onlv SarsnDarilla that acts UD011 the liver'
kidneys and blood at the same time, which renders
it altogether moic valuable to every one, particu
larly females. , .
.. Dr. Mussey, professor in the Ohio Medical Col
lege, says the Shaker preparations are truly valua
Me. and recommends them to the nublio.
No Mercury no Mineral no Poisonous Drugj;
in the Shaker Sarsaparilla.
It is warranted to be ' ' -
and as a family medicine it has no equal.
Be sure you envuire for S. D. Howe's Shaker
Sarsaparilla, tmd take no other. ' 1
Quart bottles $1 per bottle; six bottles for S6.
For sale by D.' Reed, Pomeroy; Magnet A Naret,
Gallipolis; McVey A. Co., Portsmouth, Ohio; and
by by Dr. S. D. Howe,. No. 1 College Hall, Cincin
nati, Ohio, to whom all ordcrsiuust be addressed
Potatoes Early Potatoes the best kinds for
sale by apriln - REED A BRO.
IKDIUO Best Spanish Float only tl pr lb.
at cheap drug store. - ' FLEMING,
PAM8H KKOW!V.-Only 6 eta pr lb.
- NijWf xGOODS!
THE UNDERSIGNED have new received their
stock' of Spring and Summer GOODS, con
sisting in part as follows: ' :
200 pci Prints the newest and most fashionable
Furniture Chinta ery rich; ?. : -
Sutinetts, Enuine Clorti, CaasunereS and
Kerseys, - . " "'" -j
Kentucky Jeans, various colors; 7. v.
Blue Black, Figured and Col'd Alpacu;
Eastern Linseys, of Marions colors; v f.
N,r xtvle Oinrhams: ' -
200 bolts Brown Muslin, 4-4 best; - .
100 " 8-4 cheap;
26 pes. Flannels, all colors;
60 " Bluached Mushna, all prices:
Bleached and Brown Drills and Canton Flannels;
Shawl-Tliibt Wool, Silk Embroidered A Plaid;
Cashmere and D'Lane Dress Goods, very hand
some; .
10 cases Hats and Caps, New styles; -
I WireHm. nomi t Rnira and Satchels!
Jaconets, Cambricks, Book, Swiss A Mull Musliaa;
Sadaiery inasaM.
Saddle Trees and Buggy Hames;
Oil and Gum Cloth;
Patent Dash Leather nd uoacn i-ac;
Harness Trees New style; - - -1
Carpet Bag Frames and Trunk Locks;
Buckles, Bridle Bitts and Stirrups; . " ' ,
Pn.n Kn.TII. TpitrUi and Water Hooks;
Spurs, Saddle Plush and Strain Webb? "
Harness and Martingale Rings;
Bridle and Shoe Thread and Silk; , .
Strain Web aud Girthing ;
Saddler's Needles, Awls, Punches and Hammers;
Cutting Knives and Cutting 'inrusxa
Pad Screws, Spot, and Brass Nailsr - - .-
Brass Buggy Bands and Carriage. Handles and
ft Hinges; r . ;
Buffet and Carriage Springs and Dash Frames;
CurUin Cloth and Leather; . .. ,
And every other article in Saddlers' line.
s . Hardware
60 different kinds of Locks and Latches;
AU kinds of Fires and Rasps; ' 1 r
All kinds of Chisels and Plain Bitts;
All kinds Of Augers and Bitts; - 1
All kinds of Saw Sets and Gimblets;
Mill, Scroll and Hand Saws; ' ' . i ""T
Tenon, Circular and Key Hole Saws;
Wood and Billet Saws;
Broad and Hand Axes;
Hinges, Screws and Finishing Nails; . , r
Braces, Oil Stones and Rules;
Shoe Hammers and Peg Floats and Punches!
Shutter and Window Fastenings;
Bed Screws and Castors all kinds;
Sash and screw arm Pullies;
Brass and Mahogany Knobs;
Anvils, Vices and Screw Plates;
Bellows' and SledSe Hammers;
And a great variety other articles in this line.
Boots and Shoes,
t cases Men's, Boys and Children's Boots;
3 " Women's heavy bootees and buskins;
2 " Children's shoes, best article!
2 " Misses bootees and shoes, a sup. article;
6 pos. Ladies' Calf and seal bootees and buskins;
10 " Infant and Chhildreh's small shoes sup.
10 " Ladies and Misses Kid Slipper,, and thick
soled Shoes.
We especially invite the public to call and ex
amine our stock. We have now the largesj and
best selected stock we have ever hud; and many
very fine articles such as have not been kept in
Pomeroy before. . .
We are prepared to fill any orders either Whole
sale or Retail on very reasonable terms. - -
Pomeroy,' April 17, 1861. n28tf.
onrciii IT
SARSAPARILLA. put up in the largest
sized bottles, contains more of the pure Honduras
SarsnDarilla than any other preparation extant.
which is chemically combined wun me uxtraci 01
Yellow Dock, the Extract of Wild ujiernr, and
the Balsam of Fir, thus making the remedy more
thoroughly efficient than any other Sarsaparilla
before the public. At the same time it is perfect
ly free from all mineral poisons, which cannot be
said of any other of the Sarsaparilla compounds.
The invalids snouia ueware 01 poisons, mercury,
Iron, Quinine, Potash, Iodine, Sulphur, Arsenic,
and many other mineral and metallic poisons, en
ter into, and form the active basis of most of the
Sarsaparillas and Panaceas of the day. Uuysott's
Uompound Extract 01 reuow uocx ana sarsapa
rilla does not contain a particle of these substan
ces; as any one can ascertain by applying the ne
cessary tests. f
These poisons may occasionally remove the dis
ease, but they so vitiate the blood and completely
impregnate the whole system with their baneful
effects, that the first cold, or the first attack of dis
ease, prostrates the patient's strength, and sub
jects him or her to the most excrutiatmg torture,
aud renders another cure almost impossiDie ana
honelest. Let all poisonous Sarsaparilla prepara
tions alone and use Guysott's Improved Extract of
Sarsaparilla, which is thoroughly emcacious, per-
tectiy harmless, ana purely vegeiame. au Kinos
of disease yield to its genial influence.'
The following is an extract of a letter dated
March 27, 1850, from E. B. Perkins, M. D., a high
ly respectable physician of Marietta, Ohio;
John Pa a a Dear Sir: I have under my care a
young woman who, for sixteen years, has been
suffering from Ulcerated Limbs, and whose case
has been pronounced hopeless by three of our best
physicians. I took her into my family, and have
used Guysott's Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla free
ly, and ain confident that the Yellow Dock and
Sarsaparilla will effect a pennanent cure. She is
in better general health than she has ever been
before, and walks a mile or two without fatigue or
pain. A year ago she used crutches. 1 will re
port the case in due time. Very respactfully,
O None eenuine unless put up in large bottles.
containing a quart, and name of the Syrup blowed
in the plass, with the written signature, o. jr.
Bennett, on the outside wrapper.
("Price tl por bottle; or six bottles for $5.' .
Sold by J. D. PARK, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Northeast corner of Fourth and Walnut sts. n-
trance on Waluut st. to whom all orders must be
addressed. It is also sold by the following persons:
' D. REED, Pomeroy. ? " - ' . . -
G. W. COOPER A CO., Chester. j
J. CAPEHART A CO., Point 1'leasant.
JOHN FRAME, Coolville.
JOHN PERKINS, Athens. ';..':
. MAG LET A NARET, Gallipolis. ..... j
' 8. S. MURRAY, WilkesviUe. , : i ,
J. G. BYRNE, Porter.
April 17, 1861. n28. ' ;:
fPHE subscriber has been appointed agent for
X the sale 01 ine ceieoraiea worts, meaicines
and Instruments of Dr. Fitch, vie: .
Six Lectures
on the cause, treatment, and permanent cure of
Silver-plated Supporters,
Patent Steel Springs, Shouider Braces, Silver Ex
haling1 lubes.
Including Pulmonary Baisam, Pectoral Expi" '
rant, Pure Medical Cod Liver Oil, Pu'niionary
Liniment, Heart Corrector, Huron; conector, De-
Ac Aol an.d' ll0lic Specific, Vermifuge,
The rfjve ,orm the system of treatment of Pul
"wnary Consumntion. Asthma. Heart Diseases.
Ac., which has been so eminently successful in
relieving and curing those diseased. All the above
remedies are prepared by Dr: F. for his practice,
and warranted good. His repeutation, founded
on success, will recommend them to the afflicted,
who will find Dr. Fitch's "Guide to Invalids," a
valuable book. It is given away at the store of
the agents. Those suffering from falling of the
womb will find Dr. F.'s Supporter light aud plea
sant, and fitting perfectly, and at the same time
most efficient. The Shoulder Brace, also is light
and efficient. The articles alone, or taken to
gether, are unsurpassed by any article ever made.
J. P. FLEMING, only agent for Meigs county;
also, Wholesale and Retail Drutrgist, and dealer
in Glassware, Window Glass, French, English,
German and American Chemicals, Ac. Ac., in
Remington's building, Front street
September 19, I860. yl. ' - : i
TUFTY BARRELS Muskingum Salt for
1 .sslf Iw for rash, by S.MITIf.
1 1 Yyi II I liltf f
itUAir. . 3 nxnv DEPOT I ; '
One door M CrotrW Sner't store,
r , ; Front s.rrr.t, PomrToyy Ohio.
1UST RECEIVE D from Cincinnati a large and
well relect -1 stock of READY MADB CLO
THING, which 1 never been surpts;ed in qual
ity or price in tine market. Being a ptactical
Tailor, and having been carrying on the business
for seven years in Pomeroy,! have setectea my
stock with a full knowledge of the wants of this
market looking to substantial goods and cheap
Jny Stock coi: -is or ijress, rrocn auu oat
Coat, Pantalo" Vests, Shirts, Undershirts,
Drawers, FurninlimK Goods, Cravats, Caps. Trunks
Ac. Also, a superior article of Tailors bfteara
and Points; an auicle kept nowhere else in f ome-
roy.!' .'- .-. - .ii, ' , ' '
The nndersiKmd does not feel 11 necessary 10
boast of tho gu nt variety and cheapness of Ins
stock. He knw that an examination of his
goods will tell more potently in their favor than
all the 'high-faluting' words to be found in Walk
er and Webster, could say for them. He there
fore leaves it for others, whose stook needs to be
praised, to tell about the variety, goodness, and
cheapness f their good. His goods speak for
themimlvM. nil c.omnetent iudeea must decide.
They are STRONG AND WELL. MADE, and he
merely bsks inose wisinng iu
, Pure!: sc Clothing Cheap,
To call upon him before buying elsewhere, as he
is confident he can sell them more Fashionable
and better Clothing at CHEAPER RATES than
any other establishment in the county.
, . . . WILLIAM JJtiAAliier. ,
Pomeroy, Afitil IT, 1861. n28. , . ' :
Wistar's Balsam of Wiid Cherry,
The Great Remedy for Consumption of the Lungs,
'Affections of the Liver, Asthma, Bronchitis;
Pains or Weakness of the Breast or Lungs, and
other affections of the Pulmonary Organs.
is a fine herbal medicine, composed chiefly of Wild
Cherry bark and the genuine Iceland Moss, (the
latter imported expressly for this purpose,) the
rare medical airtues of which are also eombined
by a new chemical process, with the extract of
tar thus rendering the whole compound the most
certain and emcacious remedies discovered for .
: Consumption of tbe Lunsrs.
. iNTiacsTiN' CosaEsroNDENCE. Dr. William Y
Banks, of Xenia. Ohio, a highly respectable drug
gist in that delightful village, has informed us that
the sale of Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry is
unparalleled. The demand for it is so eager, that
he can scarcely keep himself supplied with it.
He has had in his store medicines for lung affec
tions. Some of these were esteemed good, and
someeave temporary relief. - But since Aohai hn4
Wistar's Balsam of. Wild Qherry, number of the
most serious-Cases were completely cured by its
use. ' "I never sold a medicine," said the Doctor,
"in which I had the entire confidence that I have
in this"
It Coses! Whenever Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry is introduced, it at once attains that high
reputation which it so richly deserves. What can
prevent its sale, when on every hand can be wit
nessed its wonderful cures'! The worst cases of
Asthma, recent and dangerous coughs, (and also
those of lornr standing,) Bronchitis or Uonsump
tion, (in its early stages,) are always cured by this
remarkable medicine.
Hereditary Consumption!
Cured bv Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry. The
following cure of Jeremiah Isgrigg, of Consump
tion, (five of his brothers and sisters having died
of Consumption) is truly wonderful. Ought not
this uree the afflicted to make- use of this health
giving remedy, when it is effecting cures like the
lollowtng: . ? -
.- . fieaaant itidge, tuuniiion 00., v., 1 .
September 27, 1860.
j. D. Pate Dear Sir : 1 take the liberty of ad
vising you of the benefit 1 have derived from the
useot Dr. Wistars Balsam 01 wiia inerry. ;
was Drostrated bv that terrible scourge Consump
tion, in Msy last The attack was truly horrifying
to me: five of mv family, my brothers and sisters,
had died of Consumption. I was afflicted with
nearly all the worst features of the disease; I had
a distressing cough, and expectorated a great deal
of blood, hectic feaer. severe pains in the side and
chest, cold chills, alternating with flushes of heat
and copious night sweats.
I was under the care of a skilled physician,
from the time I was taken sick until about six
weeks since, being then about helpless, and my
friends considering my case hopeless, of at least
beyond the reach of my physician's skill, advised
the use of Wistar s Balsam of Wild Cherry
Wiihout mv knowledge, my father procured it,
and commenced using it. 1 was able to be out and
oversee my business and labor, which 1 still con
tinue to do. 1 have taken four bottles of the me
dicine, and now consider myself well. 1 make
this statement to induce others that are afflicted
as I have been, to make trial of Wis tar s Balsam
of Wild Cherry, which remedy has, under the
blessing of Providence restored my health.
Interesting Correspondence.
Important to those afflicted with diseases of the
lungs and breast. Will miracles never cease 1
More evidence of its surpassing health restorative
virtues! ..
From Dr. Baker, Springfield, Washington, co. Ky,
SraiNoHELD, Kv., May 14, 1845.
Messrs. Sanford A Park: 1 take this opportuni
ty of informing you of a most remarkable cure
performed upon me by the use of Dr. Wistar s
Balsam of W ild Cherry.
In the year 1840 1 was taken with the inflama
tion of the bowels, which 1 labored under for six
weeks, when I gradually recovered. In the Fall
of 1841 1 was attacked with a severe cold, which
seated itself Upon my lungs, and for the space of
three years 1 was confined to my bed. 1 trieu an
kinds of medicines and every variety of aid with-
benefit; and thus I wearied along until the winter
of 1846, when I heard of Wistars Balsam 01 tvim
Cherry. , . . . ' . .
Mv friends nersuaded me to eive it a fair trial,
thouirh 1 had aiveu un all hones of recovery, and
had prepared myself for the change of another
world.' Through . their solicitations, 1 was in-
uucea 10 maKU use 01 tue genuiue uumi m um
laut of Wild Cherry. Tee effeot was truly aston
ishing. 1'. " ' ,
After five yeal of affliction and suffering, and
after having spent four or five hundred dollars to
no purpose, and the best and moat respectable
nhvsicians had proved unavailing. I was soon
restored to' entire health by the blessing of God,
and the se of Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild
May the blessings of God rest upon the Proprie
tors of so valuable a medicine as Wigtr Bpjsam
of Wild Cherry. 1 Yours, respectfully,
- " . , W.ri. BAKER.
The genuine Wisf , Yi'2am. of Wild Cherry
f. J".uulf! of the -ignature of Henry Wistar.
M.Pfcdeln gnd 6inford i Park. En
gravj wrape,, u0 other can be genuine.
r So'-i Dy J. D. PARK, (successor to Sanford A
rark,) Fourth and Walnut streets, uiucinnau,
Ohio, General Agent for the South and West, to
whom all orders must be addressed. ' It is also sold
by the following persons:
. D. Reed, Pomeroy; G. W. Cooper A Co., Ches
ter; John. Frame, Coolville; J. Capehart A Co.,
Point Pleasant; John Perkins, Athens; Maguet A
Naret, Gallipolis; S. S. Murray, WilkesviUe; G. J.
Payne, Porter. ' .
January 9, 1861. n!6m4.
IliEfJSAliTEH HOUSE, front
Street, Pomeroy, Ohio The sub
scriber has fitted up a large and commodious house
near the Steamboat Landing, where he is ready
and prepared at all times to accommodate the
traveling public His house is comfortable and
fnrniture entirely new i prepared to accommo
date a large number of boarders, and rooms can be
had for private .families on. the most reasonable
terms. ; ' . :
He thinks from the long experience that he has
had in the business he can give general satisfac
tion. His table sL all at all times bo furnished with
the bo.it that the market affords. 1 , , .
Baggage will be conveyed to and from the steam
boats for of charge. - A earefuland attentive Por
ter will at all times be ready to wait upon the trav
eling public with their baggage.
Ponicroy, December 12. I860. nl3m.
BOUNTY LANDPor those who served iu
1 nhe War of 112 with.Great Britain ojr uiy of the
I ndiatt. I have received a copy of t he lite Acls 01
Congress, passed oepU.mbei Sa, 1850, granting
bounty latia, ae., .aim am prepaien mi yiutuc
lands under the provisions of said. ' .- ' ."
.-.Those desiring information concerning their
rights to lands can be informed by application 10
me. : rio cnange win ue uiaue except ui-cue yiu-
viug successful, and in such charges will be reason
able. '
. .. . J. CARTWRlGHT. '
Or Oastrie Jnlcel
J)REPARED from Rennet, or the fourth stomach
"of the Ox, after directions by Baron Likbhi,
the great Physiological Chemist, by J S HOLGH
TON, M D, No 11, North Eighth street, Philadel
phia, Pa..
This is a truly wonderful remedy for INDIGES
curing after.Nuture s on method, by Nature's own
method, the Gastric. J uice.
Haifa teaspooufull of this Fluid, infnsed iu
water, will digest or dissolve Fivk Poi nub or Roast
Beef in about two hours, out of the stomach.
Scientific Evidence I
Baron Lrasio, in his celebrated work on Animal
Chemistry, says: "An artificial Digestive Fluid,
analagous to the Gastrio Juice, may be readily
prepared from the mucupus membrane of the sto
mach of the calf, in which various articles of food,
as meat and eggs, will be so softened, changed and
digested, just 111 the same manner as they would be
in the human stomach." --
Dr Peskiaa, in his famous treatise on "Food and
Diet," published by Fowlers A Wells, New York,
page Jo, states the same great fact, and describes
the method of preparation. There are few higher
authorities than Dr, Pereira.'
Dr CoMsK.'ln his valuable writings on the Phys
iology of Digestion, observes that "a dimunition
of the, due quantity of the Gastric Juice is a
prominent and all prevailing cause of Dyspepsia;"
and he states that "a distinguished professor of
medicine in London, wno was severely afflicted
with this complaint, finding everything else to fail,
had recourse to the Gastric Juice, obtained from
the stomach of living animals, which proved com
pletely successful."
Di Gkamji, author of the famous works on
"Vegetable Diet," says: "It is a remarkable fact
in physiology that the stomachs in animals, mace
rated in water, impart to the fluid tho property of
aissuiving yanuus articles 01 ioou, and of effecting
a kind of artificial digestion of them in no wise
different from the natural digestive process."
Dr Simon's great work, the "Chemistry of Man,"
(Lea A Blauchatd, Phila, 1846, pp 321-2) says:
"The discovery of PEPSIN forms a new era in the
chemical history of Digestion. From recent ex
periments we know that food is dissolved as rapid
ly in an an artificial digestive fluid, prepared from
Pepsin, as it is inthe natural Gastric Juice itself."
Professor Dunolison, of the Jefferson College,
Philadelphia,, iu his great work on Human Physi
ology, devotes more than fifty pages to an examina
tion of tliis subject. His experiments with Dr.
Beaumont, on the Gastric Juice, obtained from the
living human stomerch and from animals, are well
known. -'Jj-1U cases," he says, "digestion oc
curred as perfectly in the artificial as in the natu
rajjligestions." AS A DYSPEPSIA CURER,
Dr Houghton's preparations of PEPSIN has pro
duced the most marvellous effects, curing cases of
1.' ..:...:. m r . ...
iuuiiiiy, .iuaujuuun, ncivuus xooune,' anu dys
peptic Consumption, snpposed to be on the very
verge of the grave. It is impossible to give the de
tails of cases in the limits cf this advertisement
but authenticated certificates have been given of
CuRES, in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston
alone. These were nearly all desperate cases, and
the euros were not only rapid and wonderful, but
pennanent. .
It is a great NERNOUS ANTIDOTE, and par
ticularly useful for tendency to bilious disorder,
Liver Complaint, Fever aud Ague, and the evil ef
fects of Quinine, Mercury, and other drugs upon
the Digestive organs, after a long sickness. Also,
for excess in eating, and the too free use of ardent
spirits. It also reconciles Health with Intemper
There is no form of OLD STOMACH COM
PLAINTS which it does not seem to reach and re
move at once. No matter how bad they may be, it
GIVES INSTANT RELIEF! A single dose re
moves all the unpleasant symptoms, and it only
needs to be repeated, for a short time, to make these
good effects pennanent- PLRITY OF BLOOD
and VIGOR OF BODY follow at once. ' It is par
ticularly excellent in cases of Nausea, Vomiting,
Cramps, Soreness of the pit of the Stomach, dis
tress after eating, low, cold state of the Blood,
Heaviness, Lowness of Spirits, Despondency, Ema
ciation, Weakness, tendency to Insanity, Suicice,
Price, ONE DOLLAR per bottle. One bottle
will often effect a lasting cure.
Every bottle bears the written signature of.J S
HOLGHTON, M D, sole proprietor.
Sold by agents iu every town in the United States,
and by respectable dealers in Medicines generally.
Also, for sale at the Drug Store of D. REED,
Pomeroy, Ohio- april24n2Syl.
, adopted the Cash system, 1 offer to the citizens
generally a splendid opportunity of realizing its
advantages. Cssh should give its possessor an
advantage which under the present system of trade
he fails to realize; it being an undeniable fact that
no business can be conducted as cheap for credit
mi cash, and no fair dealinx man will make a dis
tinction prejudicial to either, when two classes of
customers are brought tace to lace.
Therefore, in order to reward industry and fru
gality, I have established One Place in Pomeroy
where you can sare money by spending it at
decl2'60uol2. H. B. SMITH'S.
N otice There will be a petition presented
to the Commissioners of Meigs county, at
their next session, praying for a county road to be
laid out and established as follows: Commencing
at lot No. 3 in Danville; thence north with the
middle line of Section 13 in Salem township, to the
southwest corner of Swearengen's land; thence a
northwest course to William Davis' barn; thence
through said Davis' land and F. Andrews' land to
the northeast corner of said Andrews' land, thence
through W. Haycock's land, keeping on the east
side of a certain run to widow Edinundsou's fence;
thence on the east side of the run close to the hill,
to intersect the road at James R. Graham's ashcry.
April 17, 1861. n28w4pd.
Potatoes 25 bushels for sale low by
May 8, 1861 H. B. SMITH.
rari ll says that tno uasu system works U'.e
a charm. He has just returned from te
Queen City and is prepared to aocommoc' nj,
numerous customers with the followg articles
at his cash prices.
40 Barrels best Molasses;
16 do Middlins; and Extra Sugars;
10 Boxes Raising .
10 do Soap;
10 io'" Candles;
Sugar Crackers; Soda and Butter do.
Coffee, Tea, Ac.
Spices and other articles belonging to the trade
at Wholesale or Retail. Call and see him first
house above the Rolling Mill. "He's there."
25 DM
Buckets on hand and for sale by
Bed Pins just
Agcnt Xlfed and for sale by.
ant.' 1850.
JUDGE NYE resumes the prsctice of the Law.
He will attend the Courts in Meigs and Gallia,
and the other counties of the (present) eighth cir
cuit. apriI17n28w4pd
IT is, we believe, not generally understood as
yet, that the cheapest place to buy Goods in
Pomeroy, is at the New Store of A. Louinek, on
Front street, between Lind and Sycamore, in Mar
tin's old stand.' This occasion is there foro em
braced to proclaim the interesting fact to the world
at large. Having opened business for himself, lie
invites those he has so faithfully served for years,
to return in part the favors received)
He has just received a choice stock of the very
best quality or goods in the market, embracing all
kinds of Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, Summer
ClothsMCulicoes, Prints, Lawns, Laoes, Ribbons,
Handkerchiefs, Boots, Shoes, Hals, Caps, Bonnets,
Trimmings, Ac, Also, Groceries, Spices, Knick
Knacks, and Jim Cracks. In short, every thing
that prudent, honest, industrious and economical
people may need. Give hiin a call, as Andv is the
boy to give you good bargains.
rometoy, May 1, lS51-n!0tf
Mas? yetratf tftrttve wui nor (Bib a Handred
ThsUMBd Caret or Consumptive Compluliiu, lw
roved to It ondoubted wut.raot1rn of all persons who bsva
boeoin KoottDted with this vxmderful rMMiV tWl a Is renU
Jy BMrior, bocsoso it. io stwfiUp snd Mofop. and
ercjuu to rsjre ilonsnmntlon of tho Ln'nao, thsa siiy,
oUwr Keftmif hi tlx world, we knowhoworer, insl it is ssid
hy some tiisi Coonmptioa can not be cured. Be thst tbe opirj.
Ion of the msny or the few, we shall not ttempt to (rrue wltta
snca, but this we will r, sod do uurl as e feet, wutcb can be
proved in thonennde of eases, that thisoMdlctne hns cored
CovoftM and diMOMt which, ecorv the cares were effected, were
ailed real t'onsemptlea, and which were attended with
w-wOsh that leeernbled, and were In all rwMrO lOn ihs.yrop
m, of those , and ai 44 are said to have U with
SaT ratal dlsoeee
(Humane, of nersOBS who were said 10 be hopelessly sAtcted
whotoridr Miwev Cenka-ft. in the Brnaat,
Sid?, art toiflSSlty of
ItraMoe-HMa wr - WoUaawls aaj wasting awftV
or lbs Flesh and Blood; Persons VM
have been cured after it waa said they tmd rwHiTO a wet X
looser. This Medicine has cured tome who were sopposedto
te In a dylna state, but! by ike use of this fagwdr, T
Hew live, and enjoy good nealln.
This Baleen Ii jraraJy eseriaMs tmpmmd. It Is pleas
ant to take, and r torn injury in any stage ot disease or under
any circumstances. It effects its wonderful and alsiwl ml
rnr alone Care by Pnrlfylna, Sn-msimmo, and Invla
ratlna the whole sysiom by nualizua Uu cimlatvm, aud
producing a lualthy action thus allaying Ceng a loolhmf Hit
Nerrea and eiiuio and furHitatrnt Kspeetoratlaa. II
Cures the following diseases, viz. i
SOUGHS and CtUt, SVnuMM, AMmm, SjU(iiy qf Bloot
erdi'n el Ms .trap, Point in Ms Brmt, SUU, mi Chat,Nfr.
snuiasn, flight 8ualf. Palpitation of Ms Htart, snd all FK
MALK WEAKNEHMKS and CcwiplaBitt arising there
from. Cholera. Infantum, Ice.
tr Far Proof and particulars of Cures, see our Fans.
UeW and UmMUt-tll our Agents have Ihaia to fin away.
UKDKIESr-Phiia. Strain Syrup;
O Cotton Batting;
. , Grass Bed-Cords and I'lough Lines;
New Rice; . i . " '
" Grass ahd Hemp Ropes;
' - Crushed and Loaf Sugar;
- i ri ,; Plough Wings;-. ; ; . .
7 ' - Window Glass assorted sizes; '.
Nails end Spikes assorted. ,
Just received aijd for sale by '"
April 17, 1831. . REED & BRO. '
Sale of Real Estate by order of Court.
the 6th day of. July next, at the door, of
Court in Meigs county, offer for sale the folio w
ns; described parcel of land situate in said coun
ty, to wit: Being a tract of land in Salisbury
township, now owned and occupied by Royal C.
Grant, corsruencing at the fall of the rock on
the fiver hill six rods cast of the west line of
section eight, town two, range 13; thence running
north to the north line of the southwest quarter
of said section; thence east 11 rods; thence south
to the face of the rock on the river hill; thence
westerly to the place of beginning. Also, a par
cel of land fifty feet wide and seventy-five long,
with the coal platform thereon in front of the
coal arch, or entry, now open in said hill, with
the free right of way from said hill to said plat
form, and the common right of way twenty feet
in width from said platform to the river, with the
railway built or laid thereon; also, the landing
in front, nine rods in width up and down the
Ohio riverf in front of the foregoijig property.
Ordered, by a decree .of the Court of Common
Pleas of Meigs county, to be sold as ths property
of R-.'tril C. Grant at the suit of Ann McDanicl.
Appraised at 81,566.
. Master Com'r. M. C.
June 6, 1861. n35w8. 4 80.
Kft Quires leather bound Spring Back Day
JJ Books for sale very low at
May 8, 1881- ' . -SMITH'S.
New foiifecllonary.
rpHE SUBSCRIBER has just opened a tiew
' J. Coufectionary shop on Front street, above
Lind, where he offers for sale every article in his
line of business, viz: '
During the warm weather he will servo the
choicest LEMONADE, and other wholesome tem
perance beverages. '
His stock is choice and of the very best quality.
He invites the lovers of good things to give hiin a
Pomeroy, May 1, 1841 n30tf
BOOKING STOVE. One Second hand
Cooking Stove Premium No 2, for sale very
low by HEED 4t BRO.
April 17, 1861.
Spring Goods.
JUST RECEIVED a fresh supply of seasonable
GOODS, which now makes my stock com
plete, cossisting of Dry Goods, Groceries, Hard
ware, Queensware, Iron Ware, Stone Ware, Hats,
Caps, Boots, Shoes, Window Glass, Looking Glass
es, Clocks, Watches, Iron, nails, steel, Leather,
Manilla Ropes, Oils, Fish, Provisions, Cotton
Yarns, Carpet Yarns, Carpets, Mill Saws, White
Lime, Plaster Paris, &c; &c.
Corner Lind and Front streets.
April 17, 1861. n28w4.
N. B. Molasses and Sugar direct from New Or
leans, by the hhd., bbl., half bbl. or retail.
T7TTOULD INFORM their friends Uiat they
V V have survived the fire, and are now hold
ing forth at their Warehouse on Second street,
where they are receiving a fresh stock of GOODS.
to which they invite the attention of their friends
and customers.
It may not be necessary to remind those indebted
to us that this is a great time of need, as all arc
acquainted with our misfortune. "A word to the
wise is sufficient."
April 17, 1861 n28tf.
oir Jobn Franklia This brave Naviga
O tor has not yet been found, and his wife mourns
because she has not his Daguerreotype likeness.
Alas! he put it off until it was too late.
Professor Woolly has taken rooms at A Sted-
man's, in Middleport, where he will remuin but a
a few days, ready ana happy to wail on tnose wno
may be so fortunate as to give him a call.
Professor Woollv has just received from New
York the Electro Galvanrco, which enables hiui to
take better Pictures than has ever been taken in
the West, and warranted to bo inferior to none in
the wotW, and cheaper than any before.
Come on, while every thing is ready. A.cloudy
oay is as goou as nay.
April 17, 5l-n28w3
,f Bo.iies Glassware received and for sale at
COHEN, has the plea
sure of announcing that
through everv obstacle and
in despite of all misfortune
he is agaiu at his post with
a splendid lot or
He has passed through the
fire and has not been found
wanting. Altnough one of
the severest sufferers, yet
through the kindness of
friends, his establishment, Phoomvlike, has risen
from its ashes, with all its former beauty and excel
lence restored. He hopes his buying friends will
rally around him and assist tn tho work of recover
ing his loss. .
His stork consists of Coats, Pants, Vests, Shirts,
Drawers. Flannels. Handkerchiefs, 4c ore.
ALSO Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, Linen
Goods, Summer Cloths, Trunks, LarpotBags, Hats,
Caps, Boots and Shoes, and a host of articles which
are amiable for the season.
As it is necessary to make quick sales he has re
puced the prices of goods, bo that he defies conjpe
tition, come from where it may. -
Storo Immediately east of the burnt district.
April 17, 1861--n28lf
' k ake Notice-i-Atl persons indebted to the
I subscriber are requested to call and settle
by or before the first day of May next. As he is
determined to square up all accounts as soon as
possible, we shall do well to settle
If we cannot pay lut us settle, and see how we
stand. W can do it a (treat deal easier and Quick
er than any justice of the peace u the Slate of
N B. A good assortment of BOOTS & SHOES
on hand aud for sale by the subscriber, Court
street, Pouieroy. DANIEL FLANAG1N
Pomeroy, April 17, 1861 n28v3 s
Tl lasting Powder A fiesh supply for sale
M.JVY n. ii. SMITH,
May 5, 13Sl Agent fot th Cpmpsn;'
..? V- & ' '' '
. j- "vnw,-? ; SWA ,; .
For th Removal and Pennantnt Can of alf .
ioi of those ComthiMit wMch are ceased by aa impaired ,
weakened u unh.althj- condition of the
This beautiful and convenient application ol the rnvtle
rioui powers of GALVANISM and MAGNETISM, has-beoa
pronounced by distinruiiheS nhyelciane, both In Europe aaJ
the United States, to be ths noli taluablt nts'ici'nsl eH'sceesri
of Hit mgt. .
Is uiad with the moat perftct and certain success In aU sans
Strengthening the weakened body, giving ton to Uia various
organs and invigorating tha entire system. Alio in FITS,
ENERGY, and all NERVOUS DISEASES, which complaints
arise from one simple cause namely,
A Derangement f tn Nerrotta System. .. .
Or?-In NERVOUS COMPLAINTS. Drugs and Medicines
htertait t di, tor they weaken the vital energies nf the
already eioatrated ayatara while nnder the strengthening,
life-givug, vitalizing Influence of Gulvankra as spnlind by
this Dsautiful and wonderful discovery, the exhanited patient
and weakened luflerer is restored to former health, tmngih.
ilasUcity and vigor.
Tha great peculiarity and excellence of
Dr. Christie's Galvanic Curatives,
eon.lits In the fact that they arrest and cure dissaie b oi -ward
application, in place of the ninsl mode of drugging r.A
phiiclung the patient, till exhanited Nature sinks hxpoi.-nly
under the infliction. -
Thei itrtnftkn tno wholi $yttt, tqualirt tht circuWim
of tht Hood, promote tht recrwlon,. end nsr do. tkt oUi-nt
Injury under any eireumsMness. Since their Intradnrli i. :u
the United States, only three yeara since, more than
7 5.000 Persons
ncluding all ages, cloues and condition!, among which i
a large number of ladies, who are peculiarly subject to N i-
ou Complaints, have been
when all hope of reUef had been given up, and every Uiiii 4
slid been tried In vain ! .
To illustrate the use of the GALVANIC BELT, supi.s
the case of a person afflicted with thai bano of civiii..-':i
DYSPErSIA, or any other Chronic or Nervous Disorder. !o
ordinary cases, stimulants are taken, which, by their action so
the nerves and muscles of the stomach, anord Itnr-n-ni
lief, but whicn leave tne patient in a lower state, and with in :
Jured faculties, after the aotion thus excited has cued N,.w
compare this with the eA"t resulting from the application of
the GALVANIC BELT .ake a Dvseptio surauM, evan in
the worse symptoms of an attack, and simply lie the halt
around the body, using the Magnetio Fluid as directed. In
a short period the iniensible peispiration will act on the posi
tive element of ths Belt, thereby cauiing a Galtanic circula
tion which will pass on to the negative, and thence back
again to the positive, thus keeping up a continuous UhIysou.
circulation mroughout the system. Thus ths most soyere
Or tliai moat Undoubted Character,
From all parts of tha Country could be given, tuRlcienl to
All every column in this paper 1
which conclusively proves that
"Truth is stranger than Fiction."
cure or
Rheumatism, Bronchitis and Dyspepsia -
of New Jersey, of dUlnguiiheJ attainments and exalted re
putation: 8inr, New Jersey, July 19, IB18. -Da.
A. H. f misTir Dear Sir i You wi.h to know of me
what has been the result In my own case, of the application
follows t ' . -
For about iicmfy ytsrs I had bean suffering from Dv.pcp
sia. Every yeat the symptoms becsme worse, nor could I ob
tain permanent relief from any course of medical treatment
whatover. About fowtttn years since, in conterpence of
frequent exposure to the weather, In tha discharge of my
pastoral duties, t became subject to a severe Chronic Uhew.
matism, which lor year after year, caused me indescribable
tnguish. Farther: in the winter of ' 4A and '48, ia come,
auenc of preaching a great deal in my own end various
other churches in this region, I was ettacksd by the Bronchi
tis, which soon became so severe as to require an immediate
suspension of my pastoral labors Jfy ntriwiis tyt'.m was how
thoroughly proitrattd, and as my Bronchitis became worse, so
also did my Dyspepsia and Rheumatic affection thin evin
cing that these disorders were connected with each other
tStough the medium of tha Nervous system. In the whole
phaimacnpotia there aeemed to be no remedial agent which
could reach and recuperate my Nervous System ; every
Jiing that I bad tried tor this purpose had completely failed.
At hut I was lad by my friends to examine your inventions,
and (though with no very sanguine hopes of their efficiency,
I determined to try the struct of the application of tho UAL.
FLUID. This wss in June, law . To Hi siixit astohism.
Bronchitis Affn bit Rhvomatic ArrxcTioir has bntirclv
ocasxd to Taovai.a hi. Such is tha wonderful and happy re '
lulls of tha experiment
! have recommended the BELT and FLUID to many who
kava been likewise suffering from Neuralgic affections. Thsy
iava triad them, with aim anuits, I aiuirs, in ariar
I am, dear sir, very respectfully yenra,
Is used for aU complaints affecting ths Throat or Head, such
aa Bronchitis, Inflammation of the Throat, Nervous and Sick
Headache, Diatlness of the Heed Neuralgia In the Face But
ting or Roaring in the Ears, Deafness, which is generally
Nervout, and that distressing complaint, called Tio DolOTeux.
Palsy and Paralysis.
All physicians acknowledge that these terrible diseases
are caused by a drlcicnev of A'tnoui Energy in the affected
limbs. Da. Chsistic's Galvanic Artiolea will supply this
deficient power, and a complete and entire cure u thus
Severe Deafness Cured.
Tha following is an extract from a letter lately received
from a distinguished physician In tha Stale of Virginia :
"A. H. Chbistic, M. D. Dear Sin One of my patients,
unknown to me, obtained your Gstoni'c Belt and Necklace;
with tha Uagnetle Fluid, for a serious affection of Deaf, v
nets Tha case wss that of a lady whose Nervous syitsm
was much disordered, and her general health poor. Much
was done previously to tha application of the Belt, but with ...
very little success, and 1 (eel it only right to tell yon, that
since she commenced wearing the Belt and using the Fluid,
but a few weeks ago. she has ENTIRELY RECOVERED
HER HEARING, and her general health ia better than for
eersral yesrs."
()(J- Every csieol Deafness, If it be Nervous, it It generally
Is, can be cured by this wonderful remedy.
Are found of vast service in eases of Convulsions or Fits,
Spasmodic Complaints, and general Nervous Affections
it of the
sia, and
lerroui- I
all diseases cauaed by a deficiency of power or Nj
aad and nooer extremities. Also in raisr and raralvi
Energy in tha limbs or other organs of the body,
Tic Doloreux and neuralgia.
These dreadful and agonUing complaints are imsmss
eln rtlitotd br tha application of tha Oalvanis Bslt.
Wkcklacr and Fluid, tha Belt diffuses tha Electricity
through the system the Necklace has a local effect, aad
the Fluid acts directly upon the affected nerves. In these dis
tressing afflictions tha application NEVER FAILS. ,
These alarming and terrible oomplaintt an elwejre caused
by a derangement of the Kernel. Tha Bsi.T, Bbaoclxts and
Fluid will cure nearly every ease, ao matter how voun1
how eld tha patient, or how confirmed tha complaint. Nu
rarous and Mtonishing prooti are in postewioa of the fro
HTJIany hundred Certificates from all parts of
the country of the most extraordinary character
can oe Riven, u required.
IT No trouble or inconvenience
nieiicc attends the tii 'T
st fooblc and dolicati ;i
they may he worn by the most
with yerfeot ease aud safety., lu many eases the
sensation attending their usq is highly plensnnt
and agreeable. , They can be sent to env n&rt. ol
the country. . " . ' s '
Prleom 1 ' ; ". .
The Galvanic Ueli, ' Three Dollar.
The Galvanic Necklace, " Two Dollar.
Tho Gal vanic Bracelets,. One Dollar Kick.
The Magnetic Fluid, . One Dollttr.
Thu articles are accompanied by full end plaia
direclioim. rrunphlels with 'full particulars aiayt
be bad of the authorized A pent.
p TAimt't-LAk Cai tion. Baworo of CountW"
tens and Worthless Itmlutionn.' -
O I C-MORKlit: AD, M. D General Afteat
for thu I'nitrd States, 132 Bvondwav, New Vork.
JTJ. T. FLEMING and I). KEEli. authorir?
Agents for Mciys county, ' " ' ' nolOyl.
fOAL STO'IS.TlieTefcbratedEnterp!!ce
VNn. j, 2 olid 3. . Cell sud see tr.rra, t
" ' "SMITH'fi. '

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