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Meigs County telegraph. (Pomeroy [Ohio]) 1848-1859, July 24, 1851, Image 4

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1 a.
'f v 1 i A-lf TwWJtSJtI tflAlJiSsV I -
f)i.Jj Jletcner witsliis iumt. . t
ifphii , v ra was old nnd w n ujjij, ". ,
an J o was lila diune;
Yoi ihiif lived finite contented,
.. ; biiJ Cr from nil strifes ,- v
Hob Fletcher the ploughman v ,
it 1 .
f ., .! r i :
t i Aa the inornatrc-aked the east,
V," IbiiJ ilia titght tod away, . ,'
'Jey wtnittl rise up fr labor,
i r vj r.. .i... j....
Ij . ..... 1';B,lt;u lI WC UUVl
1 . ' AikI ths tong of ih lurk,'
.-.'I ..
- '
'. ., Found Hub al his plough, : -
VJl" pand Iris wilb'ai the Sail; ' '
w c,., lit from of grove, T i 'X
I' ' AV Kur'u In i'nntS I'huv l?ri nnvi
!l5 ' 'heir ywing iivara up io love,
'' "'Wamha aolace of afiMT '''""" .'"
) r and lo them doubly oVar, ' :
t' "A 1'UaHoa up the iiast;-'.';;,1
wlih a amila or a iea. . . , 1
. KaeHireo tiJ fw ihng.i; ; '
auJ iho vow t'.uh trnpan -
rTta; mlpgjcint youib; ) ,
lb Warm wibh of the heap; j
The ihorn u aiill there, : ' '
ami th Mouonts to bora, ;
' Ami the avng from tha top' ! 1 ,
tt)trm:4 tbe raine ui before. :-
XVht'O the furtflin of night, j 11
over n.tiure was spn-ud,
.fu ' Aml Bb haJrHnrhod i
" , '., from the plough io hit v, ,
Like iht! dovo oohcr r.'eKlv ' x .. . . , .
-v'.-f .hc.rcponi'd from ftlf core- -
' . i Ijf h ifc and h younstera ' t
y ' eaiMfirttil wcra there.' '. ' '..
, ..1 hitv) piisscJ by hie tkr, ' ' r
' . whpn tha e toning was gray,', t i
And the hill and the lAnJseopo '
' were lading away, . -
'..'And have heard from the cottage, j
; ,; . wlih grateful aurprtio, .
. The voice.of thankgivln;ti " ' ":
. ' like liiccnffo arise. " ." x
' " '; '. i
f And I thought on the proud,
,, who. would look down with scorn
' Ihi the neat little coti&ge,
! ' the grave nnd the thorn;
A nJ f At that the richec
1 ' . nnd ilnut?! of lifw .
iro drosc, to conu ninicni
with Bob dud his wife.
h f
ills ronv or alcouol.
. ' Alcohol w loronted 950 yeati age.by the
tort bf a strange woman,' Uugor ' In Arabia
Ladies uccd it with a powder to paint litem
elvve that they rtlght eppenr morcfcTieani
-ful,' aid this powder was called' alcohol.
Pjring iho rfign ol William end Mary, on
aei was paavd encouraging the tnanufaciurt
(' spirits. Soon after Intemperance and
profligacy prevailed such art extant that .iho
' retailer in Intoxicating driuks put up sign
10 public places itiforming the people thai
they might get drunk on a ponny, and have
rrie straw to get sober on., v ;
In tho sixteenth century, distilled rpirits
- spread over the continent ofEumpo. About
ibis lima it was introduced into iho culonios,
M the United States were then called. The
' first notice wu have of Its use in public life,
wis among the laborers In tho Hungarian
. tninos, in the fidaenth century.- In 1581,
It was utcd by tho English soldiers na a
Wordiaf. , Tbc alcohol in Europe was made
from grapea, and sold in Italy and Spain as
i raedicii:e.r Tltu (.ienoese afterwards mudc
It from grtiitt, nnu sold it as a ux dicine in
bonlefi, undvr the name of tho water. of lift-.
Until the aixtcenth It was only kept by
ap )i!iccftrii: as a medicine. .During tlm
rtigin'of Henry VIU brandy was unknown
lii Ireland, and soon Its alarming ttf.cts in
d je,.d the government to pas a law pnhibit
lug its manufacure. . ,
K About 120 years ago it was U;u-1 u u lev-
vrug'-, nii'viail inon ,lhe coldii'ta in tlii
Engliali col jj.its in Mmili America, under
,itie propomoroua notion ihat it.f tuventcd
sickness on J mau'o incti f.nrkf.a on tho field
'i'j".bittiU; It wu jo'jk'oi Uton as a .ovet-
eigti aprcifiCi ti'ucli la a brief .".ketch of the
' li.iitoducTiiii -i.f ;ilciliul ' into -icciu't
iuragu.-..Thu history of it i writtei j
t.x - -, -t:u it .. :-rf.n
, 4a,.wnMlidiit, tho loar, the groans, pa;
trfjjViJ uturd ir ui'
UtartShed 'thrijiwh tho
tliuusandti. It- hui
land' "wM'tYici' tread
if u giant, Ivavtng tliu imprcu of his foot
tpj W-oyii't, kititwe, anJ lift's blood
fATIltn 'HOtCKKN. r
n:Bmiar.ol tha deajh, Ctu!era',
iuyYSl. Auge'l iitjwla' ieit(fii ho
t It.
tka f tt a
MitroOrl liver n fw days tiiioo, of liie ubovo
enniictit Jesuit Mitvionary ainonj ihtliidi-
Aft'."' Tac fullijulng jtiat tribute is paid him
''iiMhe St. Luuis Union, of thu'lJih 'liis.J,.
- tsiVia ' no wkv a nielcrcho'v ,j. Irtisiivu ,k
narian rring to our eilumi) ; '. , I
1fc'Vierlifl4 moVii prof un Jly. cMn,iij -
I with tiw31wrigia 4;iiigUg'S of NMtli
aal wroM inure, iliiti) a voz-jit.uf tljein liad
ftreyi1j(Ntcd ihoir.ajTiniiica nnd r)!Aiionkip.
aivl grouped tlii'Di; ogmlit.-r iu familiis, of
iwlicl he distil vvrval thrf- Algonrtiiv (o, bfc
4hV rrtirimth J and iind formed u grninmur
and dictionary of the Poiiftwuimmi lunsungo,
Jilch thou hi they tv'-r be givin io ib Hib
will ho tliu iiioat aplenid eoiiirihuiioir tu
Attmictin philJiigy mada for many' a: long
jezL.Tt't fifteen 'years lie has roamed the
irilrfiavorinnBtif 'iha Miiac-urr territory! in
Company with the Indian to whoxe 'welfare
he bad devoted his life; and' wild t will be
tha gYlaraftd inouriilng with which the imw
rf:h' dootjt will bu.Wd among hiajed
rh'UrWj.'ty rhcrr bv s'mw- -k.4cfad
jv'Jjc?i above Nayk-i'a ma't-rMge''!')fT ,
HAVING - jittijjr w'p.g-i lln;ir atiisinacii
and nceuifH U.iua uHgtim in He turtiintf
(k'ptitnient, huvg noK tlie.uiont Compxie and best
arranged and appointed.. , t i
in this psrt of Ohio, AH kiuks of furniture will
be manufactured at the lowest pricit, via; I ,
;. Rosewood, Mahogonp nnd Aiauk. Walnut aetts,
c&rvml, ornan;c:ital and piain, axi'ituM fur parlors,
drawing and bed-rooina. . .. , ; . .,
Persons desiring any rliclcs in the Fnniiture
line, from the plainest to the most elegant and
oontly, are Ionpoctfully invited to rail. ' f
The following articiw will be made to order: t
Bureaus, Tables, Stands, ,,Bedstadis, Cupboards,
.' and all kinds of .household furnituret also
Tete a tote sofas; ' ' ,.t Tete a tete divanaj ,.:.Ti '
Conversaticn Chairs; t.t, Itoecpllon chairaj '; '.
Rosewood parlor do. Mahogany jiaxlti' chairs;
Black walnut " do Cane aeat , j , do
Mabog'y rocking do - Piano sUjj '.' -' do
, j. Sofas in plush, hair and Votb covera, ",M .
. t Divans do do " ' do do . , ,
; Ottomana, uo Freneh lelstc,d,; ;
,; Black walnut. da do . ; ' , l S
.'I ; MMhle top ;cn(le uWes. , , -. ...
Marb ep dress bureaus; ... . : "
. . tlt top fancy sUnds, ' .. ; .-. ;
, tauhogany wardrobes, Secretaxie and i .';
. Itook cases, wora'standa, toilet tables, tit. '
I to'AIl orders promptly attended to.; ;;-. I:
WnksKi . Coffins of every description ina
nufacturcd promptly to the time. ' febl4n20tf.
To our ITientls and Customers.
WE thus erg leave to inform you and thro'
your kindneta ourand your friends of your
neighborhood and elcewherc not forgotting our
enemies if any there biv that we are now recciv
ing direct from New Orleans and the eastern cities
a Fresb Stork of Groceries- which we
are now offering for sale at room N, 6, Front atrcet,
Portsmouth, Ohio, and bae J".'ado anangementa to
be be supplied during tha, 'Cason from same places.
Our stock will at "j times cousist of everything
ia the Grocery . : t,a-,'i
Althourt '.n be matter of nnrr.liminp and in now
offering 'om roods for sal, we frankly confess that
7 jiava reco ana i.i are aucciea mawny a
desire to promote our owa interests yet it will
neverthclen afT rd -us great pleasure to accommo
date our friends to the fullest extent that a due
regard for their and our interests may seein to dic
tate. ..'.,:.
The hack ncyed and stele terms, 'cbeap,' eherp
tr than ever," and 'cheapest,' w abstain frum
usinp, teuvisg to others (lesa modest men than our
selves) to derive all the advantages that f.n intclli-
rreat ccxcainnity intiy concede to this kind tf boast-
ing- - "-' vMiivua x dlopjuiv.
f. j. aatM.? " ! f ' v. vr. BtisaiRa.,
Wbolcaale GroceM and Dealers in Rectified Whia-
kay, Foreign and Domestic Liquors, '
No. 6, Front St., Portsntoutn, Ohio
JUfar 100 hhds Prime New Orleans Sugar,
O on hand and for cale low by
Molasses 400 bbls new crop, on handand
for Bale at No 6.
X) io Coffeo 300 Bags superior article just
IX received and for sale at No e,
1oO stprainst the World 1,
IT'OH good aructs at ow prices.
iull Assortment We are now receiving
U 1
large additions to our slock of Groceries
Come and
which we are telling very low. lor cash
euiune for yourselves.
Shot, Powder and Lead 120 bags Shot,
20 kiji PowdcrTDupont's best; 2000 Bars
Lead- For sale at No 6.
'cap and Candies A good article of both,
on band and lor sole low by the box.
CMgars 20 Boxet-Fine Principes;
J 10 Boxes Canones;'
16 do Fine Havann; :':-
60,000 Half Spanish;
10,000 Common; on hand and for sale low
GRAIN COO bushels shelled Corn in bbls.
, , 300 " Oats in Sacks;
260 " Very fine Potatoes; :
100 " Dried Apples ft Peaches;
S00 lbs. Tallow in casks.
We now offer the above grain by the quantity.
It is all in firm order and the best quality.
April 17, 1861. REED ft BRO.
UMBER. Bedstead Lumber;
Sheeting Boards; .
Sawed Lath.
For sale very low for cash by ' -April
17, 1861. ,REED ft BRO.
L-. 8. D HOWE'S
'J HE Great Spring and hummer Medicine.
X Proof. More evidenced Head it-' n is irom
a young lady residing in our eily. :
Cincinnati, Feb 7th, 1861.
This is to certifv that my sister, Man- C. Belman,
was attacked -with a disease in her hip, more than
three years ago, which rendered her so utterly help
less that she w as compelled to keep her bed. All
hones of her rccovcrp were despaired of. Sonic of
the most eminent tihvsieians of Covineton and Cin
cinnati attended her, all of whom declared her
case a hnpe'.css one. Passing bT Dr. Howe's de
p-jt, an idea supgested itself, that to try one bottle
of l:i9 Shaker Sarsapurilla could do no harm. Ac
cordingly I purchased one bottle, and before its
contents were cutiicly uacd she received benefit.
I was induced to try another, and another; before
the last n as used she had nearly recovered. Now
she has :.s pain, can walk, and has the entire use
of her liaVs. To Howe's Shaker Sarsaparilla we
attribute this effective cure. It is but a few months
since-she commenced taking it. :t f
(Signed) ' J.".C, BELMAN,
-'- ' l .i; Cincinnati Daily Commercial.'
Remember this wonderful and astonishing cure
was effected by tho use of three bottles only ol
Dr. S. I)- How's Shkftr SarsaparilU;..lhe Great
spring and bummer .Medicine. (.oj,
t is the only Sarsapaiilla that acts ilon the liver'
kidneys and blood at the came time, which renders
it alt igethcr more valuable to every one, particu
larlv Females. . " ' '".v .,...-, t'i
Dr. Mussey, professor in the Ohio Medical Col
lege, says the Shaker preparations are truly. vaJua
ble, and recommends them to the public. ' II
No Mercury no Mineral no Poisonous Drugs
in the Shaker Farssparilla. ""i!
REMEMBER '-'''-. -tl
is warrati'.cd In ee .,,. . , ,t-w .
aad as a fiiialy Bicdicino ithcsnocoual. '
Ec sure yoit' envuire faitiiD HovJe's Shaker
Earsapaiiila, tnd take no other.- .
Quart tattles 81 Ucr bottle rsix bottles for 85.
For sale bvD. Reed. Pcir.erov: Maituetft Naret,
Gal'ipolis; McVey ft Co., Fcttamouth, Oh'.o; and
by by Dr. 8. D. Howe, No. I Collcce Hall, Cincln
nati, Ohio, to whum all orders must be addressed
. 1-ntm for ftalc.
1 OFFER for sale uiy Farm lying jon the road itad-
I ing from ! Chester , to Fatkcriburg, in Chester
t&wuchip, a half uiile from Adams' mill, contain
ing HO acres, 60 at res ender cettiaticn, wiHriwo
dwelling houses and a. well of good water, m food
apple and peach orchard; and a good shop suitable
for a a black.-mith or.waoniiakeT. -
. May. 14,. 1,851 nstwnd-;,, R.W.SIMS.
I) OAI) NOTICE Nof ice1 id hereby given,- that
.11 a petition wijj br prtst-titefl a the Trustees of
Sutton towptliipat tlrtiT sorsion,1 tn the 8th day
of June" rt'ext, In' 'open a" township road, as fol
lows: Coiumeitcing al Joseph Wolf S farm on the
hill; thence on the old road to intcwect the road
leading from Graham,StR)iqn to Pcmerov, at the
bridge wbort Philip Harppld aow lives. Said road
will cross parts of, Philip (iarpokl ami Adnm Har-pold'sUad-.i,,,..
;,A.PTmONt:It., '
OAD NOTICE A "petition will1 be prtscntcd
" to the Coii4mioiiefaof Mtigajcounty, at their
June session next, praying for a county road coia
meucing at or near ilic .sidcncc of jLeuuel Pow
ell, in hialmbupy townshipi Lhenca the nearest and
boct route to intorjtot laa road leading from Kut
land to Shijliuld, el qi nea. the Unncry of Wr, Id
0rant..-r; . . ,- fl. f., ,.Jk rfllTlOER.-,
y.y ft, !$lea.Tl?lr,p4 -r, , , ': -
' a 'la'r s , . ''
1 3 IS i nsiflKED.have pow received their U
ock or Kpniif and huinn.er . uuups, con
sisting in partus fallows: ' ' ":','' :' ",' - .', i
200 pps. Prints the newest and niiit'fMhiouable
r ' .v s''r; a - ,'-..;t!i'!rr'T,' :
Furniture Chittta vwry.ikbi-.: .t ,
24 - Kntinett Kniiiue othi Cas.siir.ercs and
'H.i.i..Ktti8eya,' -.: 1 ' V; .',
25 '' Renlurkj' JiS.M, arnriotis eolorsi
S6 Hlutt Wank. Figured and Cfll'd AlpacjiN;
ViS. " Kaatern Lrnseys, of various colon; ' 1
26 .-- New aiylo ftincliams; - . I
m bolta Brown Muslin,-44 i&ft
100 .' ''; 3-4 eheapi'" '-"
?ft pes. Plinnelf, all Colcta; .. "" 4 1
SO Bleaehed MilsHns; aU$rfce"sftv' '
Blta'ibed and BT'own Drilla nnj Canton Flannelsj
Apron .Cheats and'Cbfck Shirting; -l ''' ' ' ' .
ouuvmr liuoei v ooi, on a rjiiorjiucii
Casluri-1-i- nfl iTLniie Drrsa Goods, very hand
tu cases Hats and Caps, New styles;. , , '
Jaconeta, Cambricl.s, Hook, SwirsA Mull Maiflins;
i:x . KiHltllery Findlugs. v i .
8addle Trees and Buggy Hames; - '""
Oil and Gum .Cloth ,
Pqtent Dnsh Lyather and Coach Lacef ... . ? , ;
n,MM Trm Npw sLvlei" .'. V'
Carpet Bag Frames and Trunk locks;
UuckleS, BrKUC.oii.is.aun oiufujio., r
Bi-in Rnmis. 'Terrets and water' Hooks;
Spunv&addle Plash, and Strain Webb's ..V t .i
Harness ana marungnie nuign;
Bridloand Shoe Thread ani&lkf i4, ..',,.' .
Strain Web aud Girthing; ". .. '.- '. ., ' ' -. -
Saddler's Needles, Awls, Punches and Hammew;
Cutting Knives and. Cutting iiirus;.iw ; ...
Pad Screws, Spot, and Brass Nails;
Brass Buggy Bands and -Carriage .Handles and
'. Hinges; ' . -
Buggy and Caniage SpdagS and Dash Frames; v
Curtain Cloth and Leather: .- M
A'4 every oVuet article in Saddlers' line; . ' "
. ""' .' ' iiarunarc,-
60 different kinds of Locks and Latches;
All kinds of Files and Rasps; - " ;
All kinds of Chisels and Plain Bittaj
.. '4
All kinds of Augers and Bitta; " - -All
kinds of Saw Sets and Gimbleta; , v
Mill, Scroll and Hand Saws; ,','...,' M )
Tenon, Circular and Key Hole Saws;:. 'f
Wood and Billet Sawsi. , . ;e, X ,'. ,r.,',
Broad and Hand Aics , i. .
Hinges, Screws and Finishing Nails; ., v , ,,
Braces, Oil Stones and Rules; ,
Shoe Hammers and Peg Floats and Punch!
Shuttcrand Window Fastenings) ,,.
Bed Sore wa and Castors all kinds; . ' .. . ,
Sash and screw arm Pullics; . V; . .L i
Brass and Mahogany Knot s; .
Anvils, Vices and Screw Plates; ' ' , ' ,
Bellowa' and SledJe Hammers;
And a great variety other articles in this line
. , jioois una buocb,
6 cases Men's, Boys and Children's Boots; .
2 " Women's heavy bootees and buskins; ,.
2 " Children's " shoes, best article!
2 ," ' Misses bootees and shoes, a sup. article;
6 pert. Ladies' Calf and seal bootees and buskins;
10 " Infant and Children's small shoes sup.
10 ' Ladies and Misses Kid Slipper,, and thick
, ' ,. soled Shoes. .
We especially invite the public to call and ex
amine our stock. We have now the largest and
best selected stock we have ever had; and many
very fine articles such as have not been kept in
Pomeroy before.
We are prepared to fill any orders either w note-
sale or Retail on very reasonable terms.
KEEL) Ct UKUl tltK.
Pomeroy, April n,18M.n28tf.
racist it
SARSAPARILLA, put up in the largest
sized bottles, contains more of the pure Honduras
Sarsaparilla than any other preparation extant,
which is chemically combined with the Extract of
Yellow Dock, the Extract of Wild Cherry, and
the Balsam of Fir, thus making the remedy more
thoroughly efficient than any other Sarsaparilla
before the public. At the same time it is perfect
ly trceiroin all mineral poisons, wnicu cannot be
said of any other of the Sarsaparilla compounds.
The invalids should beware of poisons. Mercury,
Iron, Quinine, Potash, Iodine, Sulphur, Arsenic,
and many other mineral and metallic poisons, en
ter into, and form the active basis of most of the
Sarsaparillas aud Panaceas of the day. Guysott's
uompouna extract ot veiiow dock biui oarsapa
tilla does not contain a particle of these substan
ces; as any one can ascertain by applying the ne
cessary tests. 1
These poisons may occasionally remove the dis
ease, but they so vitiate the blood and completely
impregnate the whole system with their baneful
effects, that the first cold, or the first attack of dis
ease, prostrates the patient's strength, nnd sub
jects him or her to the most exciutiating torture,
and renders another cure almost impossible and
honelest. Let all poisonous Sarsaparilla prepara
tions alono and use Guysott's Improved Extract of
Sarsaparilla, which is thoroughly enicncious, per
fectly harmless, and purely vegetable. All kinds
of disease yield to its genial influence.
The following is an extract of a letter dated
March 27, 1860, from E. B. Perkins, M. D., a high
ly respectable phys.cian of Marietta, Ohio:
Jun Pari; Dear err: I have under my care a
young woman who, for sixteen years, has been
suffering from Ulcerated Limbs, and whose case
hus been pronounced hopeless by three ot our best
physicians. 1 took her into my lanuiy, and have
used Guysott's Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla free
ly, and ain confident that the Yellow Duck and
Sarsaparilla will effect a permanent cure. She is
in better general health than she has ever been
before, and walks a mile or two without fatigue or
pain. A year ago she used crutches, (will re
port the case in due time. Very respectfully,
. 6. B. DblUUNS.. .
ST None genuine unless put up in large bottles.
containing a quart, and name of the Syrup blowed
in tne ptass, wun me wniien signature, s. r.
Bennett, on the Outside wrapper.
KTrrice at parDouie;or six oemes iorto.
Soldbv' J. D. PARK. Cincinnati, Ohio.'
Northeast corner of Fourth and Walnut sts. en
trance on Waluutst to whom all orders must be
addressed. 1 It is also sold by the following persons:
' D. REED, Pomeroy;
G. W. COOPER ft CO.; Chester.- 1
' J. CAPEHART ft CO., Point Pleasant,
JOHN FRAME, Ooolville. ' 1 - "
JOHN PERKINS, Athens. 1 -". 'j
MAGUET ft NARET, Gallipolis. ' '
S. S. MURRAY, Wilkesville. - "
1 J. G. BYRNE, Porter. 1 '
April 17, 1861. n28. '; '""ii:,''
THE subscriber has been appointed agent for
1 the aale of the celebrated works, medicines
and Instruments of DrJ Fitch, vizt
Six Lectures
on the cause, treatment, and permanent cure of
Consumption. ..-... .
' Silver-plated Supporter;
Pntcnt Steel SprniS, Shouidcr Braces; Silver Ex
nanng t uocs, , H
'' ' , ' """' " Ulcdleincs, ,'( "',:f";..
Including Pulmonary Baisain, , Pectoral Expecto-;
rant. Pure .Medical Ctd Liver 'Oil, Pulmonary
Liniment, Heart Corrector, Humor Corrector, De
purate Syrup, Anli-DvMieptic Mixture. Cathar
tic Pills, Cholera aild Cholic Specific, Vermifuge,
Thc aboVb ,'onn the system of treatment of Pul
monary, Consumption, Asthma,. Heart Dp-cases,
ftc, Which., has heen so eminently successful 1n
tvlitvinj and Curing those diseased. All thcabovo
retnc'iics are prepared 'by Lr, F. for his ptactice,
and warranted good. .His ropeutntion,, foundetl
on success,., will, rccomnicnd them to the afflicted,
who will find Dr.- Fitch's "Guide to Invalids," a
valuable book. It is "given away at the store of
the -agents.' i, Those- suffering ; from lulling of. the
tvotob will find ut r.'s Supporter light and plea
sant,. and fitting perfectly, aitil atthe sumo time
most efficient. Tho Khuulflfr Brace, also-is light
and efficient. ' The articles aloney or taken! to
gether, are unaurpassedibyiany article em made.
J. P. FLEMING, ion ly lagymt for Meigs county;
also, Wholesale and Kotnti LrugiU,' and dealer
in Glassware, Window Glass, French, English,
Genuan k'nd Aaicricanl Chemicalj, ftcfte-A in
Remington's building, front street, m) ,.: i i
Septembft 19. 1860.yU- ' -..'"
HH Glasr'rare receivxd and for sule at
j ; h a k
vlilt AIf It tn'ii MJWvIkiil'OXl - f
Qnrdtfotf'hrhic Cf aaforH-StirrU afar
' '.Jr",Frflnt x'rc'L I'omrroy- Qhifi', ' ,
.'.T UST RECEiVI L) froro Cineinnati a Urge and
tl .well relented stoak ol Kr.Au i J' aujip Lbu.
THING, which has never been surp: s ed in qual
ity .carina, in this market.,, Being a practiral
Tailor; and having been 'carrying on the business
for seven years in Pomeroy, I havo selected my
stock with a full knowledge, of. .the wants of this
marketr-looking to subsianUal goods' and cheap
My awe consists ot Liress, rrocn nnu cane
(TnntiS antaloona. - tests. iShlrs.: Undershirts,
Drawers, FurnishWie Goods, Cravats. Caps, Truukf
ftcV' 'Alaoi' superior article of Tailor s Shears
and Points; an article kept nownere cise in r ome
roy. ' - - , -' ' . . !
S'TttdfifJeiaigncd doeTtidt feel ft tieceasary to
boast -of the-great variety knd cheapness of his
stock."' He knowa that an-examination of his
eoode will trill wore potently in their favor than
alt IJio-niga alutlng woras io oe iuuuu m
It -'Webster, could sav for- them..- He there-
fote Jeaws it for othora, whose Stqch needs to be
praised, ' to tell about the variety, goodness,' and
htMiruis 'of thoir roods. 'Jlis tfobds sprak for
ilipwfcpt. as in rnnnietent indues most Beoide,
They aroSTRO AND. WELL MAD ii, and he
merely asks thow wishing ta ?";.!
ri kv Pnrrlinkn 4:ietiiinK CLcaD.
Tocall upon him before buying elaewhcre. aa he
is confident hd "can aii ttiwn more rosnionauie
and better Clothing at CHEAPER RATES .than
any other establishment n tne county..' ; , t;
.- Jw-: v,i s-.- rWJlLUAil BBADUiOi
pomeroy, April 17, 186L n28. ; : : 'a
Wstar'u Balsam of Wild Cherry.
The Great Remedy for Consumption of the Lungs,
Affections of the Liver,' Asthma, Bronchitis,
Pains oi Weakness of the Breast or Lungs, and
other affections of the Pulmonary Organs.
is a fine herbal medicine, composed chiefly of Wild
Cht.rrybarX and the genuine Iceland Moss; (the
latter imported expressly for this purpose,) the
rare medical Airtues of which are also combined
by a new chemical process, with the extract of
tar tnus rendering me-wnoic compounu me raosi
certain and efficacious remedies aiscoverea tor
Consumption of the Lungs. ' .
: iNEaEsnNF .CoaRssroNDENea. Dr. William Y.
Banks, of Xenia, Ohio, a highly respectable drug
gist in that delightful village, has informed us that
the sale of Wistar'a-Baisam of Wild Cherry is
unparalleled., i The, demand for it is so eager, that
he can scarcely keep himself supplied with it.
He has had in his store medicines for lung affec
tions, i Some of these were esteemed go an i
some g'avo temporary relief. But t;7iCe he ta had
Wistars Balsam of Wild fans; a number of the
most serious cas; were completely cured by its
use, "JYtever sold a medicine," said the Doctor,
''in which t had the entire confidence that I have
in this" ' ' ' ' '' -' ' 1
It Coses! Whenever Wistar's Balsam of wild
Cherry is introduced, it at one attains that high
reputation which it so richly deserves. What can
prevent its sale, when on every hand can be wit
nessed its wonderful cures? The worst 'cases of
Asthma, recent and dangerous coughs, (and also
those of long standing,) Bronchitis or Consump
tion, (in its early stages,) are always cured by this
remarkable medicine. J ' '
Hereditary Consumption!
Cured by W.istar s Balsam 9f Wild Cherry. The
rollowing cure ot Jeremiah lsgrigg, ot Consump
tion, (five of his brothers and sisters having died
of Consumption) is truly wonderful. Ought not
this urge the afflicted to make use of this health
giving remedy, when it is effecting cures like the
following: ','..'
, . . I'letsant Kidgc, Hamilton Co., O., I
''I .. " September 27, I860., :J
. D.Patk Dear Sir: I take the liberty of "ad
vising you of the benefit I have derived from the
use ol ur. wisiar s uaisam oi wua unerry.
was prostrated by that terrible soourge Consump
tion, in May last. The attack was truly horrifying
to me; five of my family, my brothers and sisters,
had died of Consumption. I was afflicted with
nearly all the worst features of the disease; I had
a distressiug cough, and expectorated a great deal
of blood, hectic feacr, severe pains in the side'and
chest, cold chills, alternating with flushes of heat
and copious nigh.', sweats,
I was under the care of a skilled physician,
from the time I was taken sick until about six
weeks since, beine then about helpless, and my
friends considering my case hopeless, of at least
beyond the reach of my physician's skill, advised
the use ef Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.
Without my knowledge, my father procured it,
and commenced using it. I was able to be out and
oversee my business and labor, which 1 still con
tinue to do. I have taken four bottles of the me
'cine, and now consider myself well. 1 make
Tts statement to induce others that are afflicted
as I have been, to make trial of Wistar's Balaam
of Wild Cherry, which remedy has, under the
blessing of Providence restored my health.
' Interesting Correspondence.
Important to those ofllictcd with diseases of the
lungs and breasts : Will miracles never ccasof
More evidence of its surpassing health restorative
virtues! ..
From Dr. Baker, Springfield, Washington, co. Ky.
, i SraiawisLD, Kv., May 14, 1845.
Messrs. Sanford ft Park: 1 take this opportuni
ty of informing you of a most remarkable cure
performed upon me by the use of Dr. Wistar's
Balsam of Wild Cherry.
; in the year 1840 1 was taken with the inflama
tion of the bowels, which I labored under for six
weeks, when I gradually recovered.' In the Fall
of 1841 1 was attacked with a severe cold, which
seated itself upon my lungs, and for the space of
three years 1 was confined to my bed.- ,1 tried all
kinds of medioines and every variety of aid with
benefit; and thus 1 wearied along until thPwintor
of 1846, when 1 heard of,Wistar s Balaam of Wild
Cherry...... . . '.-
My friends persuaded roc to give it a fair trial,
though 1 had giveu up all hopes ot recovery, and
bad prepared myxelf for the change of another
world.: Through their solicitations, I was-in
duced to make use of the genuine W istafs Bal
sam of Wild Cherry, Tee effect was truly aston
ishing.''' ',,': . ,' ; , -
After five years of affliction and suffering, and
after having spent four or five hundred dollars to
no purpose, and the best and most respectable
physicians had proved unavailing. I was soon
restored to entire health byths blessing of God.
and the use of Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry, 7 , . ... T. ." .. .,- k
May the blessings' of GodLrcst upon the proprie
tors of so valuable a medicine as Wistar Balsam
of Wild Cherry. Yours, respectfully,
'. . 'I i j t V. H. BAKER,
The genuine Wistar s Balsam of Wild Cherry
has a lac tjmilc of the signature ot nenry w mar,
M. D. Philadelphia,, and Sanford ft Park. En
ttaved ViiaDocr. No other can be genuine.
8oldbyj.D. PA".K,tiocssor to Sanford ft
raiX fourth and Walnut streets, Cincinnati,'
j Ohio, General Agent for tho South ad West, to
wnonj au orders must pejwanwo, i isaiso soiu
bvMhfc-ftiltowing' persons ,f ' '-;
1J. Heed, Pomeroy; G, w. Cooper at Co., Ches
tor; John Frame, Ooolville; J. Oapehartft Co.,
Point Pleasant; John Perkins, Athens; Maguet &
Naret, Oallipolis; B. 8. Murray, wiikesville; u. j.
Pavne. Port,- ' i : ': ' ' ' ' ' ' ' - 1 "
Payne, PorUT.
January 9, 18fil'. nl9m4.
KlIlELDAItft'l II HOUSE, Front
rWicct, l'oincroy, Jhio.--The sub
scriber hus fitted up a large and eonimodious hmise
near the Steambont Landing,' wheac he is ready
and prepared at nil times to accommodate the
traveling public. " Ilia house1 is comfortable ami
furniture entirely now w prepared to acoommo-
dulo a largo mimtier of boarders, and tooms can be
bad fbr. private families an the most reasonable
tenns.ii j,. ; hi aa t ; -j-ii.t
lie thinks from the long exivcricneo that ha has
had In tho business ha can give general satislne
tioOtf Jiis tabic si all at aJHiiiras ba furnished with
UibxBtthaethinorltolalTords.':iiH' i .t
u Baciage willbeeanvri-bdtoand fromthe steam
aoatK fraa of clmrgU. A fcaref nl and tnttrntire Por
tor win itau iin.es ae ready w wstt vwn tns-trav
aallvt. h..t.! 1
rfwNl?. IP'O n1?mR. -
CL3VTV, LAND Fr those who served in
'.JOitt y'ar of lflia .win Great Briiaia ciany of u.e
Indian, t have received a ccpy of the Utc Act of
Congress, passed Eepienjber 3, 1850, granting
Bounty laud, c, and am prepared to procure
lands under the prov isions cf said.
Tluisu..dii,ii ifuiii, jt.ii - conn-ruing their
rights to lands can be informed by application tc
me. No change will be made except in coses pro
ving successful and in such charges will be reason
able. ' . -.(. . .v. ' ,. ,
-. .-.. ; ? . . . J CARTWRiG HT. '
octl0'00no3tf. ' . , . t .r -
w "ANQTHER rfCIENlF-iC'iwbSDERl' - i,
Til K TRU B Dili 15 ST I V K F LU ID ;.
r.,n i Or Oasli lc Juice I - . ;
j PREPARED from Rennet, t tY.e fourth stomach
I of the Ox, ofler directions by Bnron Lrtmi.,
the great Physiological Chemist, by J S HOUGH
TON, M D, No 11, North Eighth street, Philare)
pkia. Par11 -:" 'vsi i .,;....), , ' ' :
This is a truly wonderful remodV for 1ND)ges"
curing after Nature's on method, by Natttre's:qwn
method, the Gastric Juice.- ' .
Half a teaspoonfull of this Fluid, "nfnsed in
water, will digest or dissolve Fivt PoufcMorRuAST
Beef in adodt two itocrk, out of tho stomach.
.; v Scientiffe Evidence I --
Baron Liebio, in his celebrated work ori Animal
Chemistry, says: "An artificial Digestive Fluid,
analogous to the Gastric Juice, may "be' readily
prepared from the mucuous membrane of Hhe sto
mach of the calf, in which various articla-'-f fuod.
as meat and eggs, wilj be sojH.P-.ajed, chan-i and"
ui5wU, ,uov w sameraannei ittntrey would be
iit.the t'iimiu stor-i..'n!- ' ' J -'
Dr PtiKntA", in his famous treatise on ''Food and
Diet," published by Fowlers ft Wells, New York,
page 3t$, states the same gfeat fact, and describes
ihe method of preparation.- There are few bigher
authorities than Lr. Pcreira, . '
Dr Comub, in his Valuable writinra On the Phva-
iology of Digestion.VobseTvee that "a dimunition
ofhe-due qukntHy of the Gasrrie Juice is a
prominent and all-prevailing cause bf Dyspepsia;"
and he states that "a distinguished professor of
meaicine in ,onaon, wno was severely -afflicted
with this complaint, "finding everything else to fail,
had recourse to the Gastric Juice, obtained from
tne stomacn or living animals, which proved com
pletely successful.". -i- ; -,.? .
Dr. Grah.m, author of the fenousr works' on
'Vegetable Diet," says: "It is a remarkable fact
in physiology that the stomacha-in animals, mace.
rated in water, impart to the fluid tho property of
aissoiving various articles ol lood, and of eflecting
a kind ol artificial digestion of them in no wise
different irera the natural digestive process."
JJr Simon's great work, the "Chemistry of Mn.
(Lea ft Blanchard, Phila, 184G, pp.321-2) says:
i ne uiscuvcry oi rtt'&tn lorms a new era in Vne
chemical history df Digestion. From ret-t-nt ex
perimenia we know that food is dissolved as rapid-1
jy in au an artificial digestive fluid, prepared from
Pepsin, as it is m the natural Gastric J uice itself."
Professor Dunolison, of the Jefferson CollPtc,
Philadelphia, in his great work on Hiun-n Pl
ology, devotes more than fifty pagc-
tion of this subject. His J.1?J!! S n,
Beaumont, on the ii'FST ft R
livins human si"- "t" 'O'ce, obtained from the
known Cma5iiand fr0In ims, are well
. W" 'I all cases." hl v 'rtioM.llnn nr.
currgi a perfectly in the artificial as in the natu
ral digestions." ; .,.', .i . ...
ut Houghton' a preparations of PEPSIN has pro
duced the most marvellous effects, curing cases of
Debility," Emaciation, Nervous Decline and Dys
peptic Consumption, snpposed to be on the very
verge of the grave. It is impossible to give the de
tails of Cases in the limits cf this advertisement
but authenticated certificates have been given of
more man i wu aiiHVKEU REMARKABLE
CORES, in Philadelphia, New York, and Boaton
alone. These were nearly all desperate cases, and
the cures were not only rapid and wonderful, but
permanent. ... - .
It is a great NERNOUS ANTIDOTE, and par
ticularly useful for tendency to bilious disorder,
Liver Complaint, Fever and Aeue. and the evil ef
fectsof Quinine, Mercury, and other drugs upon
the Digestive orcans, after a lone sickness. Also.
for excess in eating, and the too free use of ardent
spirits, iiatso reconciles Health with Inteinpcr-
There is no form' of OLD STOMACH COM
PLAINTS which it does not seem to reach and re
move a.tonce. No mat'er how bad they may be, it
uivca ijsi a I' KlSUKF! AUrniae dose re
moves all the unpleasant symptoms, and it only
needs to be repealed, for a short time, to make these
goou euects permanent- PURITY OF BLOOD
and VIGOR OF BODY follow at once. It is par
ticularly excellent in cases of Nausea, Vomiting,
Cramps, Soreness of the pit of the Stomach, dis-
treta alter eating, low, cold slate of the Blood,
Heavinrtss, Lownessof Spirits, Despondency, Ema
ciation, weanncsj, tendency to insanity, Suicice,
4c "'.'
Price, ONE DOLLAR per bottle. One bottle
will often effect a lasling cure. . .
Every bottle bears the written signature of J S
Sold by agents in every town in the United Slates,
and by respectable dealers in Medicines generally.
Also, for sale at the Drug Store of D. REED,
Pomeroy, Uhw apnl?ln29yi.
adopted the Cash system, 1 offer to the citizens
generally a splendid opportunity of realizing its
advantages. Lash should givo its possessor an
advantage which under the present system of trade
he fails to realize; it being an undeniable fact that
no business can be conducted as cheap for credit
as cash, and no fair dealing man will make a dis
tinction prejudicial to eithur, when two classes of
customers arc brought face to face.
Therefore, in order to reward industry and fru
gality, I have cstublishcd O.-.s Place in Pomeroy
where you can save money by spending it at
dec'SOnolZj, 11. B. SMITH'S.
TVT otlec There will be a petition presented
1.1 to the Commissioners of Meigs county, at
their next session, praying for a county road to be
laid out and established as followsr-Commcncing
at lot No. 3 in Danville; thence norlh with the
middle line of Section IS in Salem township, to the
southwest corner of Swearrngcn's land; thence a
northwest course to William Davis' barn; thence
through said Davis' . land and F. Andrews' land to
the northeast corner of said Andrews' land, thence
through W.. Haycock's land, keeping on the east
mile ot a certain run to wulow hdinunnson's fence;
thence on the east sideof the run olose to the hill,
to intersect the road at James R. Graham's as her y.
April 17, 1881. n28wjpd.
1 UDOEr NYE resumes the-pracliee of the Law
a J ' He -will attend the-Courts- in Meigs and Gallia,
and the other counties of the (present) oighth cir
cuit.' ' ' ! , '" " ' apriU7n28w4pd '
Hold on Ticre I
ANDY HAS busings, with 'you.
IT is, wo believe, not generally understood as
yet, that the chenpest place lo buy Goods in
Pomeroy, is st the New Store of A. Lousnis, on
Front street, between Lind and Sycamore, in Mar
tin's old stand. This occasion ia therefore em
braced to proclaim the Interesting fact to the world
kt latge. - Having opened business for himself, he
invites those he has so laitntuny scrvea tor years,
to return m part the favors received:
He has just received a choice stock of the very
best quality or goods in the market, embracing all
kinds of Cloths, Cassimerca, Vcslings, Summer
Cloths, Calicoes, Printa, Lawns, Laces, Ribbons,
l andk.erclue.is.. "03, iuoes, Hats, Caps, Bonnets,
Trimmings, &c. . Also, Groceries, Spices, Knick
Ivnacks, ana Jim Cracks, , in short, every thing
that prudent, honest, industrious and economical
people may need. Give him a call, as Andy is tha
boy to give you good bargains, .
Pomsroy, May 1,' I8ot-n30tf
. Barbcr-ous Removal!
13 J. ADDISON has romoved his Barber Shop
. a to, Court street, where he may always be
fouiid ready and willing to serve his patrons in the
neatestand most fashionable style, Feeling thanks
ful for past patronage, ho would respectfully soli'
cit those who dosiru to have their countenande
scraped, and : hair trimmed neatly, -to give him a
call. - ,
With razor sharp arid water hot,
-i i He'll always be found on the spot, 'vv Vti
;.. Ready to serve all who please to call,' -''
Both old and young, and great and small: '
Then don't delay; but come along ; (
And have it done up neat and strong.'1 ''' ' i
L. Pomeroy, May S2, IBM n33tf ' ''"i
VTlCB.The undersigned has bee n appoint
l ed and qualified as Administrator, on the
estate' of MarVTCclft, late of Meigs county, dec' 4.
funfe rt, lMl.-n3fiw4pa, A, .:,,L I
AIII'V MDi-On1v!cfs. rUb-,
' ' FLP.MIJfS."
The Crest COUGH RHItSEDr. ,
Muy rmn of txtwrmro, nd mm Uimi Jlundred
Th.n.''B1 Vnrr of f'annainptlve Citniai"'. i"v
md ra irm an-HHni rn nr.iviinii di kii pernor), wrw. rtnr
rqu.iobxi who mmotrjm mMV, unt it w itren
l inni
rrlor, bec.nM u attorning and Heaitnp, mi
certala to tan fiaBoamiUMB or u l,nri, llrni nnr
nrhM, Drtmif la lh world. Wa know. howeTur. Uil
hy tome lost Cuatnmptlon cftO lol b cared. Be lliat toe opin
ion ol Ibe iiwb7 or iho lew, wr ilmii ooi tiiempi lo rcoa wiia
nch, but lh w oiU ty, and do mrt a hrl, wlilch can be
proved Id Ihooannd. ol cm... Ihat thii medicine b cured
Cmm and iuta whlcll. otAc tl en wereeffKied, wen
called rani Canaamptloa, and whlcU wero aitainded wiik
ninptoiM Uiat reaemiiled, and ware ia all.rewrf. W thcirmp
lom. of rhoM wK ii; and irm tad are md to hurt died wlih
that ratal dlaeaae Camamptlen. TUia BalHin hu tornd
Uewond, of paraona who were aald to ba hopelealy afflicted .
who had nri, dry, raelrriia CoiiRba Pan In tli Brenaf,
8, and aIHi-ollT of HreHChtn funlml i7.
wrariM Htrttc hmr Sifit-SwiaU-uti wnallns IwllJ
or tna Kiena and isiooa. rnmra. twin, .ucn
ha.a heen cured ader it waa laid ibey muU mil live a week
Iobkof. Tha Medicine baa cared aome who were auppiiaed to
be In a djlnc atnte, hot. by tfi oae of uiia remedy, tlttjr
Bow IWe, and enjoy aood health. - " .
Thla llalnnm la mrrWa ttgtlaUi emvoand. It I. pW
ant to take, and mmt doe. injury In any itare ofdiMaee or under
ajiy clrcumstancea. It eneci Ita wonderfal aud almott ml.
rnrnloaa Ourea by Purifying;, Wreasttmai, and InTlar.
erntiBS the whole ijiemy.,wJ'wli. and
prododng a hmltln action thllt allayina C'OBSb MuMav Of
riervew-aud aufuo and faiilUatint. KxpectoraUQaV. It
COIJGHH and CM,, ThMth, AHh, Bd.
HWiao at tlu i.np., Paw Ut Ma Br,, Sid,, eaclUl, IS-
MALIt WKAKNkrJS,rt mTcomplaMt arlalar there.
rteleriiInr--0tBB, fce. . ,.
fr Far Prof and partkiilara of Core,, aee oar Pane.
;.iU ani ToaaWUe-aU our irwi kava tbaa tosiv away.
tor buie by u Jteed, Pcaitroy; G Vv votpet ft.
Co., Cheaterr P M Petrel; Graham Station, i A
orders must be addressed to Wallace ft Co., 30''
Broadway, New York. : . .-!" ?
April 24, 1861 no 29yl. ; ? irS ' :
4;fJKDRIES-Phila. Btraio Syrap;:, ; .
O Cotton Batting; ;,! -! : , r .
Grass Bed Cords and Plough Lines;
,k -. New Rice,' v : . -: ; ;
Grass ahd Hemp Bopet; . . i
j .. r- . .,- Crashed and Loaf Sugar; .. .
; -. . Plough Wingsj vi . .. v - ,
,.-t V Window Qlasa aasortcd lites; .:
Nails and Spikes assorted. ' , ,
Just received and for sale by k ?. i-
April 17, 1851; --a - REED ft BRO.
Sale of Real Estate by order ot Court.
OT1CE IS HEREBY GIVEN that I will, on
. the 6th day of July next, at. the door, of
Court in Meigs county, offer for'salo ',i6 follow
ng described parcel of land V.tu'ate in said coun
ty, to wit; Being a tiet 0f land in Salisbury
township, now orne nd occupied by Royal C.
Grant, of ramsucW at the fall of the rock on
tne rtver .fliH ln rods east of the west line cf
section eight, town two, range 13; thence running
norm to tne north line of the southwest quarter
of said section; thence east 14 rods; thence south
to the face of the rock on the river hill,ihcnce
westerly to the place of bceinninu. 'Also, a par
cel Cf land fifty feet wide and seventy-five long,
with the coal platlorm thereon in front of the
Coal arch, or entry, now open in said hill, with
the free right of way from said hill to said plat
form, and the common right of way twenty feet
in width from said platform to tho river, with the
railway built or laid thereon; also, the landing
in front, nine rods in width up and down the
Ohio riverf in front of the foregoing property.
Ordered, by a decree cf the Court of Commr-n
Pleas of Meigs county, to be sold as ths property
ot k. vii u. urant at me auaol Ann aicuaniei.
Appraised at $1,66G.
,. ,. TH. IRV1N,
' -' Master Coa'r. M. O:
June 8, 1851. n3SwS. 54 60."
k Alston & mum r
WJT. OULP -INFORM their frieuris that tbey
V V 'hiv survived the fire, and are now hold
ing forth at their Warehouse on Second street,
where they are receiving a fresh stock of GOODS,
lo which they invite the attention of their friends
and customers. '
', It may not be necessary to remind those Indebted
to ua that this is a great time of need, as ail are
acquainted with our misfortune. "A word to the
wise is sufficient." ' "
April 17, 1851 -n28tf. L
-Best Spanish Float only 31 pt lb.
J at cheap drug store..
THE Administrator of Uriah Eblin, deceased,
has filed his accounts for final settlement.
May 8, 1851 31w3 . :-
BOWN'S Cantbaridin Tissue, at
STOVE. One Second hand
Cooking Stove Premium No 2, for sale very
low by . . . REED dc BRO.
April 17, 1851.
Spring Goods.
)UST RECEIVED a fresh supply of seasonable
GOODS, which now makes my stock com
plete, consisting of Dry Goods, Groceries, Hard
ware, Queensware, Iron Ware, Stoue Ware, Hats,
Caps, Boots, Shoes, Window Glass, Looking Glass
es, Clocks, Watches, Iron, nails, steel, Leather,
Manilla Ropes, Oils, Fish, Provisions, Cotton
Yarns, Carpet Yarns, Carpets, Mill Saws, White
Lime. Plaster Paris, etc. 4c.
Wil. II. KliMlUTUIv, .
Corner Lind and Front streets.
April 17, 1861. n28w4.
N. B. Molasses and Sugar direct from New Or
leans, by the hhd.. bhl., half bbl. or retail.
1 S HEREBY GIVEN, to Matilda Patterson, Jane
I Patterson and Samuel Grafton Patterson, minor
children of V.'m. Patterson, deceased, residing in
Linn county, Iowa, that James Robb, Adminis
trator of Wm. Patterson, late of said county cf
Linn, deceased, did, on the 6th day of May,
1861, file his petition in the Court of Common
Plena of Mcits county, Ohio, praying for au'hor-
ity to execute a real contract which was made by
said Wm. Patterson in his lifetime, with Samuel
Kirkendall, for the sale and conveyance of eighty
acres of land in the north east corner of I faction
numbdr, 1, in Town 3 and Range 13, tncudcoun
ty of Meigs. M. HECKARD,
May 8, 18ftl.-n31w Atfy for Petitioner.
The subscriber has just received and is now
opencstthe finest assortment of Gentlemen's Drers
Goods to be found in the city of Pomeroy, which he
offers to sell snd make up when required, into the
most fashionable garments, at the lowest prices.-
His stock consists of the following articles: .
Black, Brown and Olive Cloths; Black, Doeskin,
Fancy and Plaid Caasimcres; Black Satin; Brown,
Black and Steel Mixed Satlnettsi Tweods tand
Jeans; Plaid Cravats; Black Italian Do. Fancy
Silk Neck Tics; Black Cloth Caps, Navy do; Net
Shirtsand Drawers; Suspenders, ftc. c.
Don't forget the placi Bradings New Clothing
now have and shall ccrtinue to keep the
superior article of Salt for s-:e by the barrel or
bushel. It has no superior, rnd ?an be sold low
r than the pre:ent prices oft. th rsalt.
' ' - HEED 4 BRO.
March Tt, 1S51. '' -
IJAPER ftAIN'GL'C'S.-The undersigned
has recently opened in connection with the
Drue business a choice selection of 3,000 I'ie
ccs of Paper lIuttcrintTS. ., Also, 300 Cil
attttl Paper 'Winuow halc,-consisting
01 Draperies, prunes, innascaptw,' auu wukui
'.ne wjiincse ana iio.mc uiucr.
The mncnitude and variety of the selection eh
ables him to sell at such prices as will, without
doubt, harmonize with the varied tastes of this
community. , , 2tf.; DARILS REED
fl Agcnt.Tho undersigned having establish
ed a Store at the residence of K yrjn "ells, on
Horse Cave Creek, wiU keep sa d store constantly
supplied with such, goods aa n ay at any time be
wanted bv tha citizens in that acetion. ' It is our
design to sell at Pomoroy prices, though some ar
tides in Groceries, -curing oao roaos, a small no
vance will be added. Any article wanted by the
citizens not in said store can be ordered and sc,nt
out at shortest notice; ' 1 ,: -
The stock in said store is nuw much larger than
heretofore..- So that customers will find nearly as
full ,au assortment as in any store in Pomeroy.
Produce will be taken in exchange at the market
dnce in Fomeroy, " " rtfcKU Biiu i'Hiiit.
November 27, 1850 l(-,ru.i
iii. si,u;
trr r hcxj tut ewu m M ,. t 1
MayW, 1861 REfiIf & BROTHER'S.
-A. rt r- tjirrrv r. i
ptf Quiros leather bound- Spring; Bablt 0ay
ill Books for sale very low at ' - "i..
Mays, 1851 -u-tv, DMITU'S.
lf . Bucket en fcand and for tale by 4
C- -Hjt :
'if 1 &?.:&?? -JJ 4&!z '
i-.'-rA. if.: Vr
.lf M) Sr.-CaW.aW -
For Ihe BemoTal and Penntinrat Car of off
A of Ikons Comp tta which are caaae4 It an -baaalmJ,
wexkencd M anhealthy condition of tb 7
"Thlt beautiful and eonvanlant applteaUon nt iHajsmW -riom
power, of GALVANISM and MAGNETISM, kabM.,
Sranonnoad by diitlnruuhed phyrieiana, both' In tump and
ia Unlled 8Utaa, to the laml toluo!, wtdicraat ili.Mr
I, th age. . , -..-.vii '-.
M ued with tha moat perfect and eartaltt lueceai Iqpll ewcav
tf ...p k .
, , GSKDItaL 0pBIfcITT;, '. ..
Itranjihenlnc the weakened body, 1rln(r tone to 0e faMead
orctna and iiirigoratlng tha entire yatem. Also ia FITVd '
ENERGY, and all NERVOUS DISEASES, which epaakaeta '
ariafitmoaaiipUetiaa--oaraljr,i - - .
, A Denuigemant ot Out Haraoaa) Syaaaoa. --
ftl8 NERVOUS COMrTATNTS, Ttngi and afadtakea
AtrrMft 'te iittau, tot thay.W.akeo In vital eaarfrieaef Um '
already rott rated tyrten ; while under the ttreiigihenim,
Hfa frtr ltf , aitalitltig InSueivoe of OalTanbm, ai applied ey
tale beaatiful and wonderful diasovarr, the exhanued potiaaa
tnd Weakened raOtrer I raatoreeV talxmer boalthelreoftb -
Maalioity and vigor. ; . -t-..--w ,'w -g
"The great peculltlty o4 eicell are of, , ,
Dt, Christie's OalTanic CuiHttWc,
onirhtt la the fai t that tbev artat'l and care llaaace by aa-'
ward appKcaiiaa, in piece ef the uiual mod of drugging endi
phtickiog- the patient, till ahuatid- Mature ilnki ttopeiee.tr'
under the inflicuoa. . . ,-,;. '
TAm atrmglAra IIU MAelc, fjfia,waK l rrclaii
fat elaed, premet. Mr afcfenww,-ad Haver Me ili'.aMat
njaty unity any nttmHmta. Sluce their Introdnciloe la
Uta United SUtea, only tkraa yeare aince, atore tbaa
- 1 5,009 Perioni
joclnaing all gea, elaaaaa.Dd conilitiona, amnaa waieh war
a lerre number of ladies, who ere peculiarly eubjeot la Hat
ou Complainta, have been ...
hen all hop of relief had bee a given up, tad rry ttJaft
laa been tried In vain t ',' i
To illuitrate the nae of the OA LV ANIO BStt,T, Mppoaa
Ui eaie of a paiaos aoticted with that bane of elrilnaUoa.
DVSPErSIA, or any other Chronlo or Nenoue Dieorder. la,
ordinary oaaes, atiroolanu are taken, which, by their aettaa a
the nervee and mutclea of the atonwoh. afford umvrmn, ra
ll( but whlen leara tne patient in a lower state, Bad with ht
jurod racnltiea, after the action thu) eaeited ha eeaaed. Na
compare this with ths e-trenUing froat the aapliealiea at
the GALVANIC BELT kke Oyapeptie eaSerer, area h
the worse symptom of in atUiek, had simply lit th Set
around the body, using the Magnetic Plaid as directed, la.
a abort priod ths Insensible ptrspiiatlon will art on the pc
Us e element of the Belt, thereby cau.ing Oelraai lraaa .
Hon which will peas oa to tne nsgatue, ana tnene tatea.
again to tha positive, thus kesping up a eantiaaoo OelTeai.
circulation throughout the system. Thus the saost is, era
or thai moat tindotjbtad Character,
Prom all parts of the Country eoold be firen, nfls!M o
nil ererj column In thie paper I
which eoncluiirely prove that - i
"Truth is stranger than Fiction.4
curb or
Rheumatism, Bronchitis and Djspfpalv
t Hew Jersey, of disllnsrelshad attajnmsnls end aa a ted w
Sineir. New Jsrssr. Jn.'s 1L las
A. H, CnarsTii Dear fir , You whh te anew of at
bat ha bean the result in air
sj follows t .. J ... '- . ,
For about f weny yseir f had heenaonrlaf frent D-spp.
Etery yeat the symptoms tee. me worse, aor eoakt I eo.
lain permanent relief from any course of medical treetmeit
wbstsrar About eartsns year aince, in eoneeqranc af
frequent exposure to tha weather, io the discharge of say
paetorol duties, I became subject ta a sever Chronlo Rae
aietism, which for year after tsar, caused m Indaeeribahaa,
tnguuh Ksrthsr i in tha winter of ' is and 'ia, ia esaaa
ouence of nraschint a great deal la bi awn aad variaaa.
othsr churches in this region, I we attacked by tha lreara.
Us, which soon beeams so aaTsrs (a to raquir aa faamdita
suspension of my pastoral labors Jfy asraeas y,'w was aa
Uereuf nly freirrslrd, and a my Bronchitis became worse, e
also did my Dyspepsia and Rheumalio eSectloot thu .
elng that these disorders were connected with eere ether
:vougtt toe medium of tne nsrsoas ytem. in ue wkoia.
pha.macopoiia there seemed to be na remedial agent whlct
could reach and recuperate my Nrroas System : srsry
iiing that 1 had tried for this purpose had completely Mled.
At lost l was led or mv inenas io examine Tour inrenuea
to examine your inrsnUea,
end (though with no rery sanguine aopee of their efleieaey
their efleteaer A
I determined to try th effect of the application of the. GAL
FLUID. This wu In June, 1S4S Te as aaa.a areais
kikt, ta two pats sir Dtstmi mab aensj.ta aiaa
aavs I was cnaaLx t bbsom mt risrea.L l.ssssj sea
a.ra I aiHcx ohittob a sikol ssbsicb b ecescsr ee tea
BaeacMiTis I issit Rarcmrie arrieriea a as anviaaa
csASto fe isecsi.s hi. Such is ths wondsrful aad happy s
suite of the experiment .
: have recommended ma bu.a ana ri.oiu so many warn
lav been likewise suffering from Neuralgio aOectloos, Taef
Mve tried them, wits surrr ;, I auira, la. as sat
s. . ,
I oat, caar sir, vsry respectraur years.
' i .'. ' ROBERT W. LAKBsaV-
la need for ell eomnlaint aflectlrf the Throat or Head. I
as.Bronchltis, Infammstion cf the Throat, Nervons and Sreat
Hesdschs, Dlizinis cf the Head Neuralgia in the Foe. Se
Kra. Deafness, which Is general!
Nervous, and that distressing complaint, called Tia Detarae
ITS 1 and Tafla.a-o1ars.flai
M. isssia.. , aiwioivi r
AU ahrslcian actnowledg that these terrible ilea
are eaused by dtficitncf JVrrveu Baergy in th S flee tad
limbs.' Da. Cbuistiu1 Galvanic Articles will supply Ian
dedcient power, and a complete 'nd, aalira our i .ah"
effected. - t , T
Severt' Deafeeni Oared.
Th fcllowina- n an extract from a letter latelr
from diatincnished nhysician in the State of Vinrfale I
A. H. CHB1STIK, BI. U.Uft Olr I UH 01 B BaUBW,
unknown to ma, obulned yoor eshae BiU and Ktckitt
with the ATegnstfe Fluid, tat serious eTsctioa of Dwf.
nee Th cos was that of a lady whoa Nsrvoas system
wa much disordsrej, and her general health poor. Much
was don previously In th application of Ik Belt, hat with
very little success, arul I feel it only right to toll eats, thai
since she eommenctd wearing th Belt and a tine; the Fluid.
but lew wee ics ago, an nas r.ivi itie.Li tte.cuvs.KEo
HE HEARING, and her ensral health to better taaa 1st
severs years.
Oty- Every cart of rmPnaei.lfM.b Nsrvoaa, it geaatUj
K b ba cured by tbia wondatfui remedy. . , .
At fetind of vut servic hi eama of Canvnlsfsn ar FHa,
a r -,.. , , - ; .
nrv ,v iu.ujiip.iii., euu nnrai iorvoas SSOOCtsnB Bf US)
J and upper extremities. Also In Palsy and Faralysls, and
diseases caused bv a deftVlener of nower or Nessaaa
Energy In th limbs or other organ of tha body.
, - Tic Doloreux and NeuralgU.
Thtte dreadful and tgonliinjf cnmnlalnta ar fwflieda,
Us'y rsltiwd by tha application of the Oalvakio Sei.T,
4X0II.ACK akb FitrtB. The Belt diffuses tha Kleetrlelt
thronaH the system ; the Necklace has a local effect, and
the Fluid art directly upon the il'Mtd nerves. In thaa dee.
trowing afflictions th applioaUon NEVER. FAILS. ,
Ths al mine; and tarrihl complalnta at el way eaajeaX
by a dsrongi sunt tf tkf Nrmet. The BauT, Baacti.IT Aa
FkUio will tits osarly vry cose, bo matter bow yeance
krw eld th patient, or how cotilnned th complaint M- -rsmus
aad astoniihicf proofs aa la pcaaassioa of Ua fe
(CpMany hundred' Certificates from all Parts of
the country of the moat 'extraordinary character
can be given, if required: , , . - j
ID No trouble or inconvenience attends the uta
they may be worn by the most feeble snd dalicate,
with ycrfect ease and safety. In many eases the
sensation attending their use is highly pleasant -
and agreeable. They an ba sent to aay part eft
the country.
, a'riceai
The flalvanic Bch, - '
The Oalvanio Necklace, - 1 '
The Galvanic Bracelets,
The Magnetic Fluid. ; '
Three Dollanvl '
Two Dollars,
One Dollar Eaek.
una Dollar.
- The articles are aceompsnied by full snd ptala
directions.-1 Pamphlets with full particulars soar
be "iad of the authorized Agent, v ' v- ' ' "v
PAaTiewna CAtmON, Beware of Coaaler
feiu and Worthless Imitations. ' ' ,',
JTLX Ol MOREHEAD, M. D., GenMal a teat
for tha I'nited 6tates, 133 Broadway. New York,
' (JT P. FLEMING tnd D. REED, authoriaa
Agents for Meigs county. aolOyl.'-
ri'AJvlF nilMirOnlraOfta.M " '
?5StJt S

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