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iHeigsCo STelegrapl),
- ; - . . , . .
Tl'ESDAY(::s:::i:::e:::::::i::AUGUST 5, 1851.;
to oai.ua. '
i ...... . j .j.
ErmiAin it. eckley,
'JOHN WOOD 8, of Butler.
"" ' I EARL BILL, of Sandusky; ;
HENRY 6TANBERY, ofFrsnklin.
. . Mtu to rustic won, i.' .
DANIEL SEGUR, of Lueao, '
n D A V I D, H. L Y M A N, of Muskingum,'
S HER LOCH J. ANDREWS, of Cuyahoga,
PETER ODLin, or Monteomery,
CHARLES C. CON VERS, of Muskingum,
BELLAMY STOHbK, of Hamilton,
GEORGE B. WAY, of Defiance.
! Any of our town subscribers who may
fnil to recoivo their papers will please leave
word at the office. Our carrier is a new
hand the bellows and is liable to forge
for a time.
03This week closes the candidates' list
under the rule. The Whigs can now choose
who will serve ihein.
Mahbied in a Bloomer. Tho Bosioa
Commonwealth states that one of the cdiio
rial fraternity of ihnl city, last week, took
the hand of a fair one dressed in the poetry
ana bloom 01 a Bloomer costume, it was
mode of olrgant whito satin, and fitted like
love among the roses, ronching around the
waist and closo up in the neck, the spencer
oponing In front liko a naval officer's vest,
and interlaced a la Swiss mountaineer,
sleeves flowing, whito saiin slippers, hair
done plain, with a wreath of orange flowers
over the brow, and a long bridal veil flowing
from the crown of the head over the shoul
ders. Of course lie and she looked fasci
nating beyond description.
(ftr Mrs. Webb, of Wilmington, Del.,
went into Ahold bath, the blood was driven
to the head, and sho expired in a few min
utes. Hydropathy does harm to delicate
framesand olien to the robust.
OirTli Cincinnati Gazette says that
Sunday, the 13th Inst., was the hottest day
experienced in that city for tho past thirteen
years, which is ns fai back as the record
goes. On that day the thermometer Indies
ted a temperature of 08 degrees.
. France. Public attention is engrossed by
tire visit of the President to Pointers to open
the i'ouro and Poictier .Railroad. He was
warmly welcomed throughout and his spepch
received with great enthusiasm. The funds
advanced J cent in consequence.
The Presidont on leaving Poicticrs. and
arriving at Chouolaraut, was received with
cries ofVive la Republique and down with
Napoleon! The disturbance was finally
quelled by the Police. The President in
reply to an apology from tho Mavor for
tho disturbance, said "that for all the good
that had been dono during tho last throe
years, they wore indobtcd to the party of
order." It is stated that Abdol Kadcr is to
bo set at liberty.
Or-Two Quaker preachers, Em and Ly
8Kb Jones, sailed lately from New Bedford
as missionaries of that sect to Liberia, in
Africa. They are the first of tho Quakers
who havo gone 'rum this country with such
an object.
John S. Wormerlv, a lawyer of Clies
lorfteld county, Vs., recently shot his son-in
law, A. S. Robiou, near tho Black Iloih Pits
Thev had been at vorinneo for some time
OtrTbe following is an English descrip
tion of Mr. Poabody's, 4th of July banquet.
is from the London Morning Post.
Mr.. George Peabody, the eminent and
wealthy American merchant and bankn.
(and one of the earliest and moat munifi
cent subscribers to the fund Jot erecting the
Crystal Palace,) invited a Bumerous and dis
tinguished party last evening to meet his
Excellency the American minister and Mrs.
Lawrence, at a concert, a bull and supper,
given on a., scale of unsurpassed elegance
and magnitude at w ll Its s Kooms.
Th a nnterta nment is remarkable, not
merely for the manner in which it wasglv
en, but mora especially from the fact that It
was given on the anniversary of the decla
ration or American independence 5 a oay
on which, from feolincs of delicacy, all
nublic assemblages of Americans in Eng'
and have icrunulouslv been avoided, out
Mr. Peabodv has assumed that the time for
any feeling and irritation, in regard to the
day, or to the event which it commemorates
is long past; and that Englishmen and
Americans may meet upon that day, in as
much harmory and good fellowship as upon
any oiher.ot the three hundred and sixty
five;' -'.a '
And it cenainlv would appear that his
feelincs on the subject has the concurrence
of both our countrymen and . his own; for
tho attendance on this occasion was numer
ous and fashionable, ard worthy of th4 un
sutpassud elegance which characterized the
arrangements throughout, -o
And it may be observed, that in thus bold
ly breaking thYough the prejudice attached
to this particular anniversary, Mr. Peabody
has only followed out the principle enuncia
ted by hid late Majesty, George the Third,
on his reception of the first American Min-
istei who ever presented his credentials at
the British court; to whom the king declared
that having been the last man in his king
dom to ackhowledge American indepen
dence so long as there was a hope of de
feating it, he would be the foreuiost to rec
ognize and sustain it now that it had been
formally acknowledged.
The entenainm -nt commenced with a
concert, including the petformance ol vo
calists no less distinguished than Cruvelli,
Catharine Huys, Lablanche, and Cardoni,
all of whom acquitted themselves-with re
markablj snirn. and received enthusiastic
pplause. The performance of Cruvelli, in
the aria 'Nel dolee incanto,' and that of Miss
Hays, 'Ah mon filis,'' was received with pe
culiar enthusiasm.
The company included many distinguish'
ed Americans, some of whom have been as'
sembled by the Exhibition, and many have
como over from the provincial towns to at
lend this festival.
A very singular combination was formed
by the accidental grouping under the portrait
of Washington, and in front of the Ameri
can Minister, of the Duke of Wellington,
Mr Cobden. Mr. Chrisholm Anstey, and
Mr. J. Hume, a living parallel to the group
ing of the English and American nags
around the portraits of our beloved yueen
and ever illustrious Washington.
The rooms were most tastefully decora
ted with the flags of England and America
skillfully blended., indeed. AUnack .nseii 1
I jL l. l-.l 1 - 1 -Hi Jk .'U;T
nas rareiy looaeu bo uriiiiani; nuu uim"g
could exceed the perfection ol the entire ar
rangements connected with the occasion
On Saturday, in company wiih severs!
gentlemen, Invited by Mr. T. Robjohn, we
had an opportunity or examining me. im
mense serial ship "'United States," now on
the stocks at Hubuken, and nearly ready fr
aunching into the air. Trusting that some
account of this unique affair may be , inter
est! no to 0 Ir readerj, we took a tew notes,
which will serve as reliable data lor a oriel
description. The car is 64 feet in length
very sharp at either end width 6 feet, beignt
6 feet four inches, the whole romposed of a
strone. light wooden frame covered with
canvas, with doors and glass windows. The
boilers are of copper, on trie tanuiar piau
and occupying a space equal io' four cubic
feet; ihe engines are very peneci, oeing
composed of gun meial and casi-sieel; they
are 01 12-horse power and are to worn w
inch stroke 06 limes per minute, wnicn win
give 400 revolutions if the floats which are
placed in a substantial Irame worn on ine lop
of the car. There is sufficient room Tor So
passengers, with fuel for tour hours. The
float is 260 feet in length, of a cigar like
shape, 24 feet in diameter in the centre, and
Iihs a. gas capacity equal to SO.000 cubic
feel, which gives a lifting power.. of 6,600
lbs. Thn entire weiirhUof the car.' float and
fixture, is but 4.000 .lbs. lei'vi'ng 2.60') lbs
surplus, li is designed to run abmy 200 fei
above thsurfaco of 'the earth at n 'rate of
irom 25 to oo miJos per uour., ' 1 no engines
To thi
habitants of the Island of slaves and unchaining against her the horde ed from them by an unjust and tyrannical
tUDa' J ', I nf hnrhni-inn Afrlnaiia 1 I DO We r. Rut li nm tiu avnraccinn nf nur
'ANIF: r AND PROCLAMATION of htlV In-1 . . Pnhlin lira 1K0 imnnrlimunia nrl diflinill-1 nrotrrpss ftnrl uiisho. r,...mna in nni- fmnn
dependence by the Liberating' Society nf ties imposed upon every individual to re- rents the idea that we are ignorant of our
Puei'S Prineive.- (LaSociadad T.A,r. strain mm Irom mnving from place to place, resources or distrustful of our strength. All
- - -,.. .. . it j 1 ... .. r.
uiiu iruin exercising any orancn ui n uu- 1 1110 means uimuu ai lue aisposai 01 Ills ren-
j.k mn I iry, no one Deing naie irom arresi anu unci inauiars 111 vuub asainsi us couia oniy mane
. . hit 1111, loui. I r - j . . -L ii 1 .1 1 . . . 1. : ...
Human reason revolts against the Idea '' every aeuncy o. auinority or iiceuae u.e s.ruggie more proiraciea ana u.sasirous,
lhal ItlO social and no il eal ennditinn of ' "V "'"r '""J . . . ' . " " r. w"u,v "t
uumvi uto 1 iu iBAtn li ivii iuu mwv v iwoavuso anu uuviomoi
away the suhstance of the Island, and the) In the ranks of independence we have to
project of other new ones, which threaten to count all the fiee sons of Cuba, whatever
abolish all the products of its richness,) may bo the color of their races the brave
nothing being left for its people but the soil I natives of South America, who inhabit our
V produce them. oil, and who have already made trial of the
Public, are the petty exactions and plun I strength and conduct nf our tyrants; the
dermgs, al every turn, inflicted in the most (sturdy islanders of the Canaries, who love
unblushing manner, in addition to the great Cuba as their country, and who have already
impositions by the subaltern minions of au-lhati a Hernandez and a Monies do Oca, to
thorny in their respective localities.
1'inallv, the Government has publicly
and officially declared, and the journals in
its pay have labored to sustain the declare
lion with full commentary, rtihat the inhab
itants of Cuba have no organ nor right of quarters' would spring up amng them in a
his judges, who condemn him. and T' evcn me nurpoae 01 aircm.g an tnousandj lorms. yunnonoi means 10 pay
rDload rxt nwuinra kim k - t- I ssujui t,m v siv "'ivirw IQIIU flJOIlliaili IllQll aimii UCIiQlluaill VII
. . vuoin.o 110 is -pi,,, r, -u, ,l ,! ni p.M . . t a-: . rii
siu Suva iiiui ma v,vji iiyi i uuuni irvui uuaiii w un uj tucii fauauuioa
tador? dtP. P.)
people can be indefinitely prolonged, io 1
wnicn roan, stripped ol all rights and guar
antees, With ho security of person or pro
perty, up enjoyment in ine present, no hope
in the tuure, lives only bv the will, and un
der itiei condition! imposed by the pleasure
of his tyrnnts; where a vile calumny, a pris
oner's (enunciation, a- despot's suspicion, a I
woro ciugni up by surprise in the sanctuary
of homo, or, from the violated privacy of, a
(titer, furnishing ample ground Tor te.uring a
man from- his hearth and casting him forth
la die -of destitution and despair in a foreign I
on, u, he escapes being subjected to the in
sultiag forms of a barbarous end arbiirary
tribunal, where his persecutors .are them-
win 1
Isenl with tho proof of martyrdom ihe hero
ic decision of their compatriots for our cause
I he ranks of tho Government would hod
themselves constantly thinned by desertion
by thet climate, by death, . which front all
1 to prove his Innocence.
nation so violent as this Cuba hai. now
t many yeais enduring; and far from
mom! of remedy appearing, every
day adds thai the policy of the mother coun -
irx and the. ferocity of her rulers will grant
neuner truce or resi till sho is reduced to the
, '- CnARBSToij July 26
The steamer Isabel, from lavanna, has
ust reached her wharf; she brf gs Ilavanna
dates to tho even ing of the 2pt. The ac
counts are very contradictory. ILeiiera from
reliable sources state thai maty towns were
in arms, and .that ihe. imur nut number
6000 strong. Tho Spanish taSops, in skir
mishes with the insurgents, hid Buffered se
vere losses., The rebels, acc rding to some :
accounts, were about ileclarii g a provision
al government. :ivl- 't". o j
An express had arrived ail Havana from
t ucnu rnneipe, oatea uiy ;o, lor 1110 vop
tain General, which states t iat 'ihe rebels,
commanded by Jcaquiin Aa lero, had been
dispersed by the government troops in tho . I
AfiAtprn nrnvinnn wtih l.aa tF Rwa tint- 1
vhh.w. .. ..v...wvu ...... h IV.. Vk ...V " 7
and a large quantity of arms. Many of (he
insurgents, it is added, had surrenderd, and
others were willing to lay down arms on as
surance of pardon. , . - , .., .;
Another letter states that Afucro, com-
.!.'.. . I. .I- 1. .:..u. O I II.-'
. r. , f: ? ,l, r i.i- condition of an immense prison where ev
anaso pori, ct are noy mni oy n iv. c . . .
h i nnirS. Mr. Ko iiohn enUseC Dotn UlslollS I . :. " ' " e
to worn a lull revolution, currying urivuig kjm
1 . r r j.i i 'in ii... I mm.
wneei 01 live teei in uiauiuiur. 11m ruuuur
is worthy of minute examination, and by it
is designed to run up or down, or in any
required direction. The car is suspended
by chords to the float, and when the whole
is inflated and suspended in mid air under
the estimated velocity, it will be a rare signt.
The reality of such a scheme can hardly bo
omprehended until one examines the admi
rable machinery, end actually sitsdown in
he car, when its feasibility seems to be prob
able. Thn ship thus far has cost the inven
tor about $5,500, and he now requires only
few hundred more 10 perfect andsetanoai
his air ship, ll is "designed 10 drire ihu ves-
, . 1 . . ... p "K'o wnn ine country people anu puss
, . ' 7. T- . ' l i i." 1 themselves ott as enemies of the Oovern
iuoi. mr. xiimuiin aavB 110 iiaq uibi.wi.h.u
V Was sing tub Gutters wth Liquor.
The Bangor. (Maine) Whig states that the
city Marshal,' on Friday last, by order of
the police court, rolled out from the base
mur.i of tint city ball icn casks of liquor,
seized under tho new liquor law, and d
ktroyed tho liquor by turning it into the gut
ters. Tho emmy cusks wcro then safely
returned to iheir owner. ! 1
03-Hou. Joshua R. Giodings has public
ly announced bis withdrawal from the new
svhool Presbyterian church on account of
its connection with slavery.
Elotements. -Two fools ' at Lowell,
young married woman unci n bachelor run
of!; 1I10 husband sow them as they got seated
in the cars, gave three cheers, waved his
. hat, bttdo ihuni enjoy themselves if ihey
could, und then went back homo a happy
man. , .
1. O. O. F. The following is ihe result
of the election for officers for the Giand
Encampment of Ohio, held in Cincinnati
Saturday, July 19, 1851.
Grand Patriarch William Chidsev, of
Cincinnati. '
' Grand High Priest John S. Harrison.of
Grand Senior Warden Paxson Coats, ol
Grand Jnnior .Warden-Siark R. Reed
of Cincinnati.
Grand Scribe Andrew Rrftooie, of Cln
Grand Treasurer D. T.Bnellbaker, of
Grand Representative to Grand Lodge of
the U. S-Wm. G. Williams, of Cincinnati
pay that guard for watching
vain have this Deonle exhibited a
.Tilldnesa, a prudence, and even arubmission
and a loyalty which hare been proverbial.
When . the iniquity of the Government
has not been , able to find any ostensible
grounds for persecution it has had recourse
to cowardly arts and snares to tempt its
victims into some offence :; Thus were va
rious individuals of Matanzas entrapped into
an ambuscade of the soldiery, by the pretext
of selling them some arms, under circum
stances which made them believe these am s
necessary for self-defence against threatened
attacks, from ihe Peninsulars. Thus, have
sergeants, and even officers, been seen to
Principe, with ihe authorization of the Gov- without an inch of friendly ground on which
ernor, who presided over It, addressed tu the to plsnt'their foot, or an individual on whom I mander of the insurgents, had been captur
viueen a memorial to the effect thnt the royal Uo rely with security, war in the field would ed. Havanna and. the rest of the island
court (audience) wil hot be suppressed in be for them one of extermination; while if were reported tranquil, ihe object of the con
me in bora of the corporation from office, and their fortresses, hunger and want would soon
to the .unheard of arbitrariness of that dec- compel ihein to abandon them, if they were
i a ration, in wnicn, to increase tne outrage, not carried by lorce ol arms, ihe exam
it is added thai the Government is not bound pie of the whole continent of Spanish A
in' its proceedings to consult the opinions 1 merica, under circumstances more favorable
and interests of ihe country. -1 . 1 for them, when they had Cuba as their Ar
Outrages so great and so frequent, reasons senal, the boncfit of her coffers, and native
so many and so strong, suffice not merely to aid in those countries themselves, ought to
justify but to sanctify in the eyes ol the serve them as a lesson not to undertake an
whole world the abuse ol the Independence (exterminating and fatricidal struggle, which
ol Cuba; and any effort of her people, by could not fail to be attended with the same
their own exertions or with friendly aid from or worse results
abroad to nut an end to the evils thev suf-1 We. on the other hand, besides our own
. . .1 . "Sl
ler, and secure the right with which uod l resource, have tu the neighboring States of ol ine American menus oi wioa
l-irary rumors being to create excitement.
The cholera and yellow fever were pre
vailing to some extent at Havana.
There wero but few Spanish' mon-of-war
at Havana, most of them having sailed for
Principe with Government' troops,
The French steamer Moyadore had been
ordered home. The steamer Model was to
lake her place. . ; w
It is reported that two spies have arrived
here i n tho Isabel to watch the movements
One of
a plan for decomposing water, igniting the
gasses. which again become water, whick is
converted into steam . by the combustion,
and this steam is again condensed and re
turned for decomposition, thus securing en
tire immunity from waste and a uniforrs
weight during the longest voyages, in
present arrangements of the engines are howl
ever, on the usual reciprocity plan
nent, for the purpose of betraying them into
avowals of their sentiments-to the ruin of
many persons so informed against, as io the
and nature have invested them. the Union, and in all the Republics of Amer- them is named Jose M Blanco de La Safi.
W.ho will in Cuba onoose this indefeasi-1 icn. the encarromeni ol ourtroons. the do
ble instinct, this imperative necessity, of de- posit of our supplies, and the arsenals of our Philadelphia, July, 28
I" Bill Ml. IVT lr 111. . t r mm .
lending our property ana ot seenmg in ine i arms. All the sons oiims vast txew woria, it is sistcd in lettors Irom Havana that a
institutions ol a just, tree and regulated whose bosom shelters the Island ol Cuba, battle had been fought between the Patriots
government ihat welfare and ecurity which and who have had. like us, to shake off whh an(j Snanisli troops at Neuviias in which
are the conditions on which alone civilized force, the yoke of tyranny, will enthusiast- . , '.
society can exist? I call v applaud our resolve, will fly by nun
Ihe Peninsulars, (natives ol spam,) per- Id reds to place themselves beneath Ihe rln,
haps, who have con e to Cuba to marry our of Liberty in our ranks, and their traine
daughters, who have here their children, and experienced valor will aid us ip annihi
the Spanish were defeated, and nine ofticr-rs
made prisoners, among them Col. Couti,
commander of tho Spanish forces. The
Spanish troops fled, and embarked on a-
steamer. Ihe Patriots returned io iNeuvi
tas 1,000 strong) and were daily increasing.
The Government has despatched 2,000
The citizens of Neu-
.1: " -!. L. L . r uauKllluio,
u.8rat.0 oi mn.tary nonor on ine pan oi ,hejr affecli(ms and ,heir pro.,.riv, will they lating, once and for always, the last badge
7" W,K nBve J8"1 emse.ves to so vn- disregard ,he laws of naIure l0 range them- of ignominy that still disgraces the free and
u avV I ..In.. ikn iiMa aT n flAV 11 V m m kink I 1 m rl..nnnHnl I a A m Ai am
I ( i r i J L l J J I ocitd vii iuo otuo ui u uvc:iiiiiihi vriiiii i i iiuuuuiiuoiib nun ui Aiiioiika
it uio suns ui luub, moveo oy me areau ... ,u . ,. , ,j ,ktk ir - ki.k... uA ...i.U
i a I i J j vuuuaca kii.111 uo is vi'i'voco u) iiu vtiiiviii n r u uaio iiitiiciku nuuvUf ritu unitiiitc
i Krenier evus. nave ever ueierminea to .,,.u. .i,ir ,u' r. .i..; ,1... .nA .uii. I ... .u ....
D uu TTi 1 , i ,, ... , i niniKiiiioi inuun iiivin iwt iiiw oei five, iiva I auu oDiunaiiijii, i.iu. juaiiba unu itiuu vn .. i lrnnnH Olininnl lllliill
I etno OY ecitimata menns ot Imn nrinir somo I. .. L , . r . . ... ,,u"l' t"vm
dnvei ... . . ,r ? ; ,, , De auio, wnn an tneir neip. to prevent ine interesis woma cnange tpe minus oi our ty- ;.. i0ifl . ,, mim..a
bv steam generated from coke and spirits o ur 8T. re8,r.u,n, uFon n u.nDna"'.a triumph of the Independence of CubaT rants: if we have trusted to eternal efforts""" " "'"l"
' m i excess oi ineir rniers. inRRn nunr navn . . . . , , ... . . , . .. . n..nn.w.nn nc.nr.nn. e n-nu ivcmi
- y ... - - - - -v a . bum Mm tnt nn nt i inn ..i ! rtmi mn n r un an Man tin inn irv AirnH nniinivii tA n mnrvm tmmn I mt l ll ll r ll c mi. I'llll mil' '. n i
the happiness and interests of Cuba as those which should avoid the disasters of war. we RECTION.
blood natives of her soil, who will never be are resolved io prove by deet's that inaction Washington, July 28
ubleto deny the name ol their lathers, and and thai endurance have not been the result yc learn by a geniemun just arrived
WHO, in rising up lo-uuy Bguu.M t.ia uespo- oi i.i.pu.m;e tiuu uuwHniive. liei mo gov- . f I1.v.nn. ,hi ,hn ritv n. jlm limA
nf thn l.nvrniniint. Ufniilrl arich in I nrnmnnt nnnpAivp tiiir in rprvArri In ihn 1 J
1 ... - y . ... . . fill.. .. ...I '
their co-operation as the best power of iis bayonets, and tho efficacy of 110 i-e" " wus "l,eu w,,n rumw 01
1-.. . .r. -i t . t r v t 1
wine. -i 1 M.. j. . . ..u i
I ro vntsal um tn iho A nin untti Ckl tint 1 . . r
" " r 7 7 1 Bitemms at rebe inn.
1 . o.,m-. n-.r c... .u. ..u" 1 j... 1 ' ubviiik uareu to Btvo uiieraiice tu
enclosure zuo oy zo leeiiue wuuia uuunr 1 ... r . . r, . .
. ... e . , ... . .u- I principles and opinions which, to oiher na-
iiitr viiiiBtiiiik ouiTouiauua . ui a ; waiviitiiatii . . r , . r ,
o :.i- , . ,. ' 1 iiB cuuaiiiutv me luunuation 01 tneir mo-
.. 1. hm k.... .h. .h nf . ra, Progress and glory, the Cuhana most dis-
01 f....J .!. I.. J -J
. r..:- ,.r .U:. ...nA I ,uu" oleioB wuuuerera unu esues.
,0..,6 a u .. ..,m.K- -"""I" For the offence of hnvin,Tl.ihii,.H.hir,m.
position to the unlawful and perilous slave
iraOe. irom wtllPh Ihn iMrmi nf lonurnl
urn i 13 u anw anutiMii in'Dnni.o .'.mmi. i..l . t,
. wiuiuiBtM unoit m 1 iv u j a . lias .
wiiiip 1110 inuimiuM.nl uauu.ia ii uuruur tnM W ih lh mnhtlr.u,d tUnn..anA nf In.
are rang oi ine superior appearance yolving ihem in a clmrge or conspiracy wiih
which ihe product f ihmr indoitry make (he free colo poopend lhe .i (h(,
III 1110 TV ill iu a & an. uiiu Trillirj IIICJ IIR
sneering at the comparative-leanness of the
hundred dollars may not be the means.
preventing a lair trial of. this
to uavicate the air. N. Y. Tribune.
estate,, endeavoring, as the last outrage
an immoral Government could offer to law.
to reason, or to nature, to prove tho object
ol' thai conspiracy, in which they implicated
urhiiAa nl' tht. rmtui ciuininii vinm. Lvi.mjv.
We have surpassed ihtm ih the splerid6r, lBdB nd Dnlr;msm .-'. h. k,n nomhr
convenience and speed of our ocean sieam- .lnn ,.,h AOB,r:,n,;nn r .Ki rn "
All the laws of society and nature irnm-
American department, we of the' United
States are giving evidences of advancement
that cannot be misuiiderstood or doileu. I
era. We have also surpassed Great Britain
in the amount ol our tonnage. , we nave
about 3.335.000 tons; exceeding by some
thousands thai of Great Britain. Since th
repeal of the British navigation law, we,dn
pled under foot; all races and conditions con
founded together, the Island ol Cuba then
presented to the civilized world a speciucle
worthy '. of the rejoicings of hell. Tho
Steamer Caught in thb Stork. Th
steamer Uloucus, Capt. Ebbert, on her trip
up from Cincinnati, was caught in the storm
of Saturday night, above Logstown, a few
miles below this city. ' 1 he lorce or the
wind was tremendous, and the hail stones
which fell were, many of them, of the size
of hen's eggs. Several of ibe persons on
the boat, were quite severely bruised by
them, and almost every pane of glass .de-
When the Glaucus reached Economy,
she was again mei by the storm, and sus
tained considerable damaee. About half of
her chimneys were blown away, and the
hurricane deck, towards the bow was raised
several inches, and broken from its stanch
ions, but again settled down in its proper
place, when the violence of the storm sub
sided. The guards were much broken and
twisted. Capt. Ebbort thinks that had his
boat been heavily loaded, it must have been
sunk. . The storm is described by those on
board as having been truly terrific' the
waves running very high, and'huge trees be
ing torn up by the roots, and hurled into the
river on all sides, ihe howling ol the wind
mingled with the crash of ihe falling timber,
and the rattling of the huil, combined to add
(error to a scene of danger, rarely equalled,
on our we:iorn waters. fUls. uat.
CAMriiKNE Again. The Providence Jour
nal says thut 011 Tuesday evening an Irish
boy aboul 17 years of ago, was severely
burned by the explosion of a camphene
tunp. .His wounds are considered of a dan
gerous churnctcr.
Not Bad. A young and pretty girl at
Handed n ball on the 4th at Oshkosh, Wis
consin; decked off in jhe short dress and
pants. She was the only ono present In the
' mode. . The oilier ladiofl were shocked
very much shocked! They regarded her
short skirts as decidedly immodest. She
quietly remarked Ihat if Ihfjf would pull up
their dretsci about the neck aehifih atlhty
ought to be, their dirts teouM be as short as
Old Ladies' Convention- Mr. Elihu
Benton, of Cbardon, Ohio, had an interest
ing social yisit at his house on the 27th of
Juno. ' A number of ihe pioneer women of
the viciiiuy assembled, and enjoyed the
pleasant festive occasion. No humbug res
oluiions were passed the venerub'e ma
trons being content with the who esomc reg
ulations of socioiy for tho last sixty years.
The Republic gives the names, &c, of ihe
party. There were nineteen whose ag
gregate age waj 1407 years. The oldest
was 95, and the youngest 55 years. Ave
rage over 74 years. Theio were 16 wid
ows. Die number of their children 185;
nine nearly 10 children each. Mrs. Ruth
Thwing, a native of New London. Conn.,
had 16 sons and daughters iho highest
number the lowest, one child. It 11 cheer
ing to read of and record such a meeting of
mothers, with such a multitude of "jewels."
1 .4
count upon
guarantee of their new social organization
and the strongest proof of the justice of their
Have they not fought in the peninsnla it
self for their National Independence ; for
lttn.ipiiit of 4h mo -pciiuuplca JjiC which
we. the nons of Cuba, procluim, and which.
being the same for men in all countries, can
not be admitted in one and rclused in an
mher. without doing treason to naiure, and
to tha light of reason front which they
snrina 1 .
No, no. it cannot be that ihey should car
ry submissiveness to the' point of carrying
iheir own ruin, and tho spilling of ihe blood
of their sons and brothers to the triumph of
the holiest cause ever embraced by men : a
cause which aims to promote their own har
nines, and to protect their rights and prop
nnies. The Peninsulars, who adorn and
enrich our soil, und to whom ihe title of la
bor eives as high a right its our own to us
preservation, know very well thai the Sons
ol Cuba regard ihein with personal affection,
havo never failed to recognize lhe interest
and reciprocal wants which unite the two
nor have ever held them responsible for the
uerverseness of the few, and Tor the tniqui
lies of a government whose infernal policy
alone has labored to separate them, on the
tyrant s laminar maxim, to divide and con
We, who proceed in good faiih. and with
the noble ambition ol earning the applause
of ihe world lor the justice of our acts, we
surely cannot aim at the destruction of our
brothers, nor ai the usurpation 01 tneir prop
erties, and far from meriting thai vile calum
. u6...o. ...v.... .... . .;ii j.,... ...
extermination We abstain for very shame y wn,c" "8 BOVHr " """ -
from repeating the senseless pretenses 10 'aen upon us. we ao noi nes.taie 10 swear
kii. .k-.. u.7. u.a ....ir . 1 in the sight 01 uou ana 01 man, tout noiu-
timid. WrM.,hM.l H.., h .h hn ing would better accord with the wishes of
esting ihe otneers ol a vessel in nor freights -bie jmHjne .,,, ,ha victims of their fu- out hearts, or with the glory ana nappiness
is worthy of imitation.", rv - whh whMj. lh ,hilp ,., Cub. have of our country, than the operation ol the
Wl.t. .k. ... nnl.,.t.ln r... .n I i . . . . . . I D : l. in .to ...nil! uiiirb nf I.TPDI1.
1 It II Macao riailllliK, laifauia law tailllK I ahnr.ilf In n..n.Ati .K Kn..va Al m ea.v I DllllllUiail III III" owv.. " w. n .
, . t f t t 1 I vvniuiui 1110. iiviivia v. ih'ooi 1 1 , . , , I , .
ihe world in the face, we think our people .h ,iii ..;. ,hoi. nu.n tion. United wiih them we could realize
. . , " lUIOU.UIlUII Will IU1II UKUIIIOI V . J 1 1 . 1 .
canaOord to siand a reasonable amount oflr.i.i- .k n r ,t, a.UM. thai idea of enure independence which is a
jeering and ridicule for not laking more pains h,. 10m ihm 1., niPO. If iSa rr ,.lnrd pleasing one to their own minds ; but if they
m ui iku M.iAttntm aiiv uinrlr d W. .n. Imm. I 1 . r ' I nvn....! thamaal vad In nlir WAV AA f.npmiflfl.
IUP","" i" . ' ' . " ,17 people, who knew their interest as well aa i""-1" "- , r
planted to ihehrysial nuace.oi London. ,h9 whites, take anv Dart in the movement W8 shall not be able to answer lor ine se
, l&tale Journal. lr p.,k. i. ....ii L.:n k . .k ;n. curitv or their persons ana property, nor
... r : vl VUUDi VdliailllT Will UUl IO w uo Hi- I " ... m , . i i
iurv of the mother who shelters ihem in her ea adyeniu ring all lor the main object ot
lWrr.TiTB SmBM -Th eonntv nfAI. htMnm.nnr nf ihn mhhf. Mnt hf who lhe WBCttl X Ol UU'a,snail we Dfl aoie W
Whenv was visited on Saturday niahi. bv have never made them feel the difference of renounce any means oi enacting it,
JL . . 1 . . ... I 1 r- f I IJ.tr . U.. .11 .Ku H.r. n . .A nw
on oi thu moai destructive storms ever tneir lace ana conaiuon. ana wnc. iar uom dui, ii wo uiiu an mwo icao.i DA
known in this vlcl tiity. i The day had been plundering them; have taken pride in being pect that lhe Peninsulars, who are in no wise
very hoi and oppressive, but towards even- their defenders, and in meriting the title ol dependent on ine government, ana wno are
Inn ihn akv hnnmnn nvercast. and lha bft- thnir hfnlnMnra. i B as bound UD with the fute Ol Cuba, Will at
...0 . . ... . ......... . -i. . l J
rometer commenced 10 toll with great rap- The world would refuse to believe the his- least remain neutrai, 11 win not uu supposeu
idity. At about ninn o'clock, rain full and tory of the horrid crimes which have been that we can promise ourselves ihe same con-
thunder was very heavy, the flashes of light-perpetrated in Cubu; and would neeessanly duct on ine part oi ine many, me inomuu
ning being exceedingly vivid. i he wind consider, that, if there have been no mon- als composing wnicn, wunout ties ana anec
all thn means it has invented to oppress and revolt in the Eastern part of the Island
.... ' .
watch us. In the lace of Us very nuthori- The report was that at Puerto Principe, ifyroi
ties, in ine signt u ine spies at our s ao, oi of ,he ntAmm. 0f Cautabru hao
the day when we have resolved to demand . . . . ,
back our rights, and bv forco to break our
cuainB-jnoihing has prevented us from com- Hhe Creole insurgcivs. lhe remandej oivv
bining the plan ol our revolunon, and the the regiment had been disLajidaJK HavanaTT)
cry of LlBliKIT and IiSUh.PliIUL.W(Jli Amnller repor, wn, ,ha, Ul0 faStf Snft
wntriBo irom toe vd io ot ouu nutoi.iu to ,,, . t nml,i ., .
a nnmf nl ainici. .1 r
(iiaiuii, unu iiuu uucuujr cQiauimucu
vinctal government. Another lnsu;reGllor,
had broken out at Tunis, and a deathmen.
of ihu Spanish troops, had been defeated,
white pursuing tho insurgents) witha loss of
lvo or three hundred men
a vast amount oi tne carrying iraoe oi inai vruA .)..,. ,ur. fl...i r.m
nation. Our vessels can carry freight so ,hem under ,hfl an(J bes(mllt)red wilh
much belter and cheaper thnt the ship own- blood lhe fact.s of iheir execu.ioners, who
era of Liverpool f.uve peiiuoned Parliament, djd , 0ease exac,lng from ,heir onijr(,8
for a change in the present laws on this denunciations against accomplices. Others
subject. This pennon and the facts stated W(.re.holin Dlal0ons without form of trial.
attention throughout -nrt i.hn... un min .n.,ni.j .h,.
the kingdom, and various plans of relief pretexi under which they -were massacred,
havo been suggested. The result of the Th(J free colored people, after having been
matter up to i(is time appears to be summed fiw aceraled by ,hre )))8h( were lben hurried
1. That the United States exceeds Eng'
Innii in har aoiiml innnnnA
"2. 1 hat under the present navigation
aws and treaties thn United States is sup
planting bngland in the bast India trade,
"3. Ihat the United States can build
vessels cheaper than England. . , ' , .
"4. 1 hat 'foreign seamen' are to be to
some extent substituted lor driiish seamen.
5. That the American system of inter
life who had gold enough to appease the fu
ry of iheir executioners. ' And, noverihe
less, when the Government or its followers
have come to Tear some rising of the Cu
bans, their first threat has boon that of arm
ing the colored people against them for their
We, then, as Provisional Representatives
of the People of Cuba, and in the exercise
ol the Ki his which bod and Nature have
bestowed upon every Freeman, io secure
his welfare and establish himself under ihe
form of government that suits him, do sol
emmy declare, taking uoa to witness ine
ends we propose, and invoking the favor of
the people of America, who have preceded
us wiih their example that the Island
a Pro- J
Democratic Convention. Th) Demoe?
racy of Meigs county held their Convention.
of at the Court House, on Friday osi. Wo
Cuba is, and by the laws of Naiure, ought had expected tho Secretary to funisU ibe.
to be independent of Spain ; and that hence
forth ihe inhabitants of Cuba are free from
all obedience or subjection to the Spanish
Government, and the individuals composing
it; owing submission only to lhe nuihorny
and direction of those who, while awaiting
the action, of the general suffrage of the
people, are charged, or may provisionally
charge themselves, wiih the command and
government of each locality, and of the
military forces.
By vitiue of this declaration, the free sons
of Cuba, and the other inhabitants of the Is
land, who adhering io her cause, ttre au
thorized to take up arms, to unite into corps
to name officers and inntas of Government
M'ABOY, of Sal,
proceedings for publication, but ney havo
noi yel been received. Tho following tick
et was put in nomination
Representative WM.
of Letart,
Probate Judge -WM.
isbury. f '
Clerk of Court U. X. U1L.L1 or Sal is-
SheriJ VV. SH1SKWUUD, ol Ulioster.
Treasurer GEO. LEE.'of Salisbury,'
Recorder JOSIAH SMITH, of OrangO,
ConmiMumer-r-GEORGE. DUSKY, of
for their organization and direction, and for of Pomeroy,
the purpose ol putting themselves in com
municaiion wiih tho juntas constituted for
the proclamation of the Independence of
Cuba, and which have given the initiative
to this movement. Placed in the imposing
Laitiiude of making themselves respected
our compatriots wtl preler all the means ol.
persuasion to those of force ; ihey will pro-
adooiod recommending
of Poincrov, for State
A resolution wa
ll. B. Smith, . Esq.
The proc.'oJings wora harmonious. anJ
wo suppose satisfactory to tho party.
itt We are requested to state that Qeoruk W
tect the property of neutrals, whatever may Houmss who was arrested in Cincinnati lasl.wect
A Patriotic Husband. The following,
amuslnu card appears In tho Claiksville
(Tenn.) Jefilrsonian, a democratic paper:
" To the People Generally. Having learn
ed from various sources, that I, even 1, would
be elected to the Senate, beyond ihe possi
bility of a doubt, and knowing the same to
be repugnaot to my wife's feelings, whose
happiness alone I wish to perpetual, J
therefore respectfully withdraw my name.
difference between a free and happy citizen
and a dependent and niroling soldier; and
choose 10 accept the benefits of liberty and
prosperity which we tender them, we will
admit ihum into our runksas brethren. Bui
was blowinir from the norih. and it soon in- siers to commit, it is inconceivable ihat there lions, know no law, no consideration ; than
creased to a perfect hurricane. Hail stones could so long have boon men to endure the will of their commander. We i pity the
inn. Mmmunwrl In full, man V of which ihoin. Km I? ih. aro ft.iu nlila V nfiiiH- lot of those Unfortunaie men. 8ubioCl 10 a
wr six inches in circumference. ' The iraia to tho irmh of navicular facts, throuch tyranny as hard as our own, who, lorn from
destruction oi glass in th windows and sky all the means employed by the Governmeni their homes in the flower of their youth,
lights of Pittsburgh, was great, though not to obscure and distort them; no one will re- have been brought to Cuba to oppress us, on
so extensive as in ihe memorable hail norm sisi tht evidence of pub ic and -official facis. the condition of themselves renouncing the
of the 23d of last September, na our houses Publxly, and wiih arms in t,is hands, did dignity or men, and all the enjoyments and
raioly have a northern aspect. The coun Gen. Tacon despoil Cuba of ihe Constitution hopes of life.. If they shall appreceiate the
try in general, however, suffered muoh ol Spain, proclaimed by all the powers of
more, owing io the violence ot me wind. I ihe monarchy, and sent to be sworn io in
Huge trees of several feet in circumference Cuba as ihe fundamental law of. the whole
were either uprooted, or their trunks snapped kingdom.
acunnV na ll lhv bad hnen lwio. Thn nr. I .,, Pnl.liolu nml l.u luoiulinluo unt: wna.di
chiinla in nortiiiular. wcro much iniured. nml k. HI.H m ha HnriH(t of nil ih riilus if thev shall disregard the dictates of rea
in manv Insintiees. th whole fruit cron da. .ni..vcit hu nil JJunniariiij. ana enneeded bv I son. and ol their own interests, and allow
stroyed. .1 .. naiure and the luws of nations the least ad- themselves to be controlled by lhe insidious
IniKllioonea fmm nearly evorv nan of ihn L.nn..H in mtitniiiin. . , renresentniions of their lyrants, so aa to re
county has leached us, and every where the L Publicly, have the sons of Cuba been cut gard it as their dutv 10 oppose themselves to
storm was violent. 1 roes, wnicn are blown off from all admission to the commands ami s on ine new 01 uomo o no" wD ...
across many of theicountry roads, have al-j lucrative einploymenta of the State.:-.- then accept the combat alike without hate
most rendered thein imnassable.: The tele- P..1.K1 am ihn unlimited nowers of every and without fear, and alwaya wl.ling when-
j graph poles have, in many places, been description granted to the Captuin-General ever they lay down their arms, 10 welcome
blown aown auu ino-wMTS uriiKen oy laiiiugiof (Juba, Who CJn reluse to tnose wnom iney uiHiii iu uur oiiiuiai.v.. .
trees. Pitts. Oat. .,: ' " ' ih rluhi of a trial and the To employ thn language of moderation
- ' i 1 r;rivil,.nn of beini? seoteiiced bv a tribunal, and justice to seek for means of peace and
r r . i,v p,..n..iici..n.. nCln'.iinn 1 : p.. hiu mnA m.rina naM in ih island of conciliation : to invoke the sentiments of
.iiUtn U&A, JUOII., Wl ,o..f...j. w. iouihii ! fw" ........... . I ,i , JLC' li . .
. m . i .e.. n..l ' Rl!:. ' J ' l I Huhn ni-A I hrw.. onnrta.martial which the aws love and brotherhood, behl a cultivated and
mwol "'a pTmU oniy In extraordinauy case, of war Chrls.ian.people which finds itself f, rood to
the latter pan of June. The Indian treaty jor t)ffenct);ng((in8UleSiale. t; . , . . appeal to the violent recourse ol arms, not
wa expected to take place early ihit month, publicly has the Spanish press hurled for lhe purpose of nuacking ihe social order
andwai looked upon as a moiier of greai against Cubi the threat of converting the and the liyos of fellow-beings, but to recov-
imoorianco in thai section ofcountry. lalond into ruin and ashes, by liberating tno er ine conu.uon ana iu r.s.. v. u.e,. uu,v
be their origin; they will welcome the Pen
insulars into their ranks as brothers, and
will respect all property. '
If, notwithstanding our purposes and fra
ternal intentions, the Spanish Government
should find partizans obstinately bent upon
sustaining' it. and we have to owe our liber
ty to tho force of arms, Sons of Cuba I let
us prove 10 the Republic of America, which
are contemplating us, that our having been
the last to follow their example, does noi
make us unworthy of them, nor incapable
of meriting our Liberty and achieving our
Joaquin de Agtjero Aoukro.
Francisco Aouero Estrada.
Ubaldo Abteaoa Pina.
for dealing in counterfeit money, ts not Geor
W. Holmes, Merchant, of Middleport. Wa
this statement to correct a misunderstanding.'
has arisen from a similarity of name,
Beef Cattle, No, 1, gross weight, 81.G5al.75
Hogs, " " 3.87a3.00
Sheep, ' ' . - . ' l.3T1.5U
Veal, " 2.0tt.
Hope for the
The Whigs of the great State of Ohio
have, as tar as we can see, been singularly
fortunate in the selection of their candidates
to be placed before the people for tho higher
offices in the State Governmeni. For the
office of Governor, especially, iheir candi
(Jute'is a man of large experience and strong
intelligence, and equally without fear or
without reproach. One might search the
United Slates throughout and not find his
superior in all the qualities of a good citi
zen, and of a wise and upright legislator.
h has. made us happy to discover in this se
lection, proof that the AVhigs of Ohio un
derstand the true interests of iheir State and
of the Union, and mean to sustain them.
' i . National Intelligencer.
GKORGiAEx-Secreiary Buchanan pf
Pennsylvania, who thinks the South has been
so . "greatly wronged" has been nominated
by the Savannah Georgian (a paper which
acknowledges the light of secession, and is
ai the head of the Disunion pany of Georgia)
for the Presidency "subject to tho decision "
of no National Convention. ' , Are the 'Penn
sylvania Pemounoy' prepared yet for bo
oessiont , If. they are noti ihey ought to be
making their preparation the Georgia fire
oniors nave presented iheir "tiliiinniuin."
.V.. a derangement of Nature from taking M'l
cury. may be cured by Ukine the lxtracf V
Aincrlcun Oil, which purifies the blood.v i
will cure Fresh Cuts, fever Sores, Bruises, SClf
Burns, Inflamation, Flux, Erysipelas, Hheuim'
tism, &c, with tlie sumll sum of 25 to 60 cenf
For sale by Wn, B. Fin.ninoton, Middlc'l
Meigs county, Ohio; also, byH. Hatman, Lftaj
ville, and S. H. Barrktt, Kutlaiul. Call wMt
bottle, and you will find it to be one of tin' 1
medicines now in use, .
August 6, 1851. n43w8. ' '
IIouso aud Lot for Sale.
THE subscriber olTers for sale his dwl
house; also, his comer house, at present
as a Uhair, Uabmct, and Tailor bliop, u .
the whole lot. Said property is situutt .
most Dublio Dart of Graham Station. The i
iscs is well catcuta.ea lor any mna ot merramue
business. For further particulars spplv on 'the
premises to : - s M. C. GREENLEE.
August 6, 1851. n43tf, ,
NOTICE. WilUam' Pullins, Catharine Pul
lins, Isaac Sheets, Mary J, SheeUi, John F.
Spencer, William V. Spencer, Andrew J. Spencer,
Smiley A. Spencer, James A. Spencer, Clarissa
Spencer, John J. Perdon, Margaret Perdou, La
vtnaCreps, Christian Creps, William Creps, Mary
A. Creps, and Lydia Creps, will take notice tlftt
a petition was filed against them on the 30th day
of July, 1861, in the court of common pleas of
Meigs county, by Francis F. Spencer, snu is now
pending therein, wherein the said Francis de
mand' partition of the following real estate, to-wip
40 acres off the went side of lite northwest quar
ter of section No. 8, town No. 2, of range 13, iu
Meigs county; and that at the next term of said
court application will be made by the said Francis
Tor an order that partition may be made of said
premises. . ' 1 F. F. SPKNCKR.
August , 1861. nlSivd.

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