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YT big Mass Meeting.
2s-- A. -
At meeting if the Whig Central CommitUe
of Megs county, it wu jresolved to hold a Mass
rneeting of the Whigs of Meigi couuty on
i Saturday, August, 16th,
to ratify the nominations made by the late Whyj
State Convention to interchange opinion to
renew ancient pledge to take council for the
future, tand rekindle anew, the old Whig fires of
MO anf '44. . " V -
The first election under the Now Constitution
will the .moat important eloction held n
the otganitation of the State Governmentr-shap-ing
as will, the destinies of the State for a quar
ter of a century to oome: .. . ,
If we believe cur pinciplea conservatory of the
public welfare'we owe it to ourselves, our pos
terity, and the cause af Republicanism through
out the world, to have them engrafted on our in-,
titulioM.?. DV.fKi, rn-.'iV- ;J-" "V'
Let the People therefore turn ea-maase
Tor the" purpose of consultation in the good
oldtimea the latch string will be out. ... ; ,
A Free Dinner will be Provided,
for all who may attend. ,n -.-Able
Speaker will be Present.
Toe'raceting will also appoint delegates to a
Senatorial Convention to nominate a candidate for
Senator from the Counties of Meigs, Gallia, taw
reuce and Vinton. Also delegates to a Conven
tion to nominate a candidate for commou Pleas
Judge foithe district composed of the counties o
Athens, Meigs, Gallia, and Washington and to
transactWb other business is may ba brought
v....: ........ 'v
The meeting will organiie at 10 o'clock A. M.
By order of the central committee.
E. WILLIAMSON, Chairman.
' R. T. Van Hoax) Secretary. '.''.) .-
To the Whigs of Meigs County:
At the last Convention of ihe Whigs of
Meigs county a chango was mads in the
manner of selecting -cnndidnts subsum
ing Primary Elections for Delegate Con
ventions. By ' the rules adopted by the
'Convmiiion for the holding Bitch elections
; i made the duty of tho Central Commit
tee to give notice of the limo, &c. For the
! gu-'i: understanding of the matter we annex
the i ulon which are as follows:
I. Efch township to compose an Elec
'lion District.
!?. Tho Primary Elections la be held on
the first Saturday in Septembor.
3 . Tv:o persons two net as judges and one
a Klectinns to open at one and close
. .-, i Vfock. ' .' '
b The votes countod and the result sent
to the Central Committee by the next Tues
day the returns to be published in the news
fmorn baulno. .tho. hitwe .wwtf
cr of votes to be tl)e nominee.
- 7. In cose of a tie, the candidates will de
-cide by lot, as practiced in the Scnato of the.
United Stales. . ,;'"
8. No person shall be considered a can
didate unless his name has been announced
four weeks previous to the Primary Elec
ion, in the newspaper.
The above, in brief, are the rules adopted
by the Convention. We therefore give no
tice that the Primacy Elections will be held
under the above regulations. The returns
of said election to be sealed up and directed
to the Whig.Central Committee. The com
mittee would suggest that those returning the
poll books attend on Monday, Septoniber
0th, at 10 o'clock, in ordpr ttmi.we may
1iave a meeting of the different townships,
by their delegates, for general consultation
and business. ,,.-',
Candidates will observe, that under the
rule, their nanics'should be announced by
the fust week in August, at the farthest.
Whig Central Committee
' Pomeroy, June 26, 1851.
ST Consumption ia a disease which is carrying
its victims' to the tombs by thousands, without
being arrested in its progress by the medicines in
common use at the present time. But a brighter
izy it coming, and has come as to successfully
-arrr this disease. DR. ROGERS' LIVERWORT.
"TAR, .not'only gives immediate relief ia
' Cc'iit't- and Colds, but from the testimony of men
of the highest standmg here and elsewhere, jti is
" i"i;;iV:.; 3. mc very remarkable cures of Consump
tion. imriroveme'nta in the treatment of diseases
:itc oii'VLtrd, and nothing can arrest its spirit in
the prcieiij-' age.' Those who ara afflicted with
fiitAueiV L ings, Would! do well to call 'ioij the
jAis'Vund see t'ie certificates of Dr. Wro. J.
. U:chnrl.i, Judge Wm. Burks, the wife of the
'"Revtic.i. W, Maley, and of Dr. Hiram Cox, late
Priib-'saor iii the Eclectic Medical College in Cin
cinnati. .
For sale in Pomeroy by J. P. Fleming and D.
' Hied, Agents for Meigs oounty. n37w2.
tyDa. Guvsott's Immovkd Extract of Yel.
iQ Dock and Sassafasilla is a sure remedy for
t .Hereditary Taint. ' ' ' ' "
' 'Thauaandsof individuals are cursed with griev
.'ous complaints, which they inherit from theii pa
rents.;' The use of tha Yellow Dock andSarsa
darilla will save all this, and save a vast amount
of misery, .and many valuable liwes, for it tho
roughly expels . from the system the lalcat taint,
.- which is the seed of disease, and so takes off the
urse by which the sins or misfortunes of the pa-
rents are so often visitei upon the innocent orT
, spring.
Parents owe it to their children to guard them
against the effects of maladies that may be com
municated by descent, and children of parents
that have at anytime keen .aflectcd with Con.
'sumption, Sciofula or Syphilis, owe it to them.
. selves to take nrocaution against the disease be.
ing revived in them. . Guysott's Extract of Yd
tJuwDock and Samaparilla is a sure antidote,
such cases. See advertisemo nt, n35w4a
.jv MI88 E. ASKf&8.
4-Milliner and Mantuamakcr.O
MA" Jv-o i.-vi.i , t.u nnn is now opening,
iu the basement of the Kiheldarfer House, a
central assortment of Bonnets, Ribbens. Artificial
.fiowtn. Crapes and .Milliners Trimmines of all
kinds and of the lest quality, which will be sold at
a very small advance.
p'!vr..j, it, if :-.)?." ;. - .
- Representative. ,
' ;-' j s '" '. ; "; i
Ma. EwToa By giving the following notice an
insertion you will confer a faw on a large num
bar of friesada in all parts of the county. '
Please say to the Wbigs of Meigs oounty that
R. T. VAN HORN will b supported at the Pri
mary Eleotions, for the office of Representative iu
the next Legislature. .'-. '. MANY WHIGS. ;'.
Ma. R. T. Yah Hoaw-r-Please announce in the
Telegraph, the name of M. W. COLLINS, .Esq,
u a suitable candidate at the approaching election
to represent Meigs county in the State Legisla
ture and oblige - MANY WHIGS. '
Ma. Vah HoaK Please insert, jn your paper
the name of Dr. JEREMIAH, B. ACKLEY as a
candidate for Representative, at the ensuing elec
tion, and oblige ., ' '.'J : '..
1 Mar Vorias or Sutroit anp SAkisiuar.
Ma Van Hon Please announce the name of
STEPHEN TITUS, of Rutland townshig, aa a
candidate for Representatfvt at the October elec
tion, aud oblige many citieens of' w '
t'. -C':-' ' -v- ;-:;vA'MEiGscot:NTY, 1
M'. B T. Van Horn Please announce iri the
Telegraph the name of CpiriOltfN Q; 'BEStOtr
as a suitable candidate at' the approaching elec
tion to represent Meigs county in the State Legia
lature, and oblige MANY VOTERS. , :
Commisslone.r. -
Ma. Vam Hoa Please announce the nanie' bf
JAMES C. DAY," of Letart, as a candidate for
County Commissioner, at the Primary T.leetions.
' ' A AVHTG.
Ma. Editor Please say to the' voters of Meijrs
county that ABNER STOUT, of Chester town
ship, is a candidate for Commissioner, and oblice
M. Van Hosn Please announce the name of
LEROY JONES, Esq., of Bedford township, as a
candidate for Commissioner, and oblige
Clerk of the Court.
Ma. Van Horn You will please say to the
Whigs of Meigs county that Col. ANDREW
DONNALLY will be a candidate for Clerk of the
Courts, and oblige MANY CITIZENS,
Ma. Editor Please aunounce the name of
MATTHEW BLAIN, an old citizen of Meigs coun
ty, as a suitable candidate for Treasurer at the
Whig Primary Elections, and oblige a large num
ber of friends. A CITIZEN OF POMEROY.
Ma. Editor Please announce the name of
OREN BRANCH as a candidate for Te-election
to the office of County Treasurer, at the ensuing
lection and oblige ' MANY CITIZENS.
Ma. Van Horn: Please say that the friends of
ANSON IMG ELS, will support him for Sheriff of
Meigs county and oblige SCIPIO.
Ma. Van Horn Please announce the name of
SAMUEL BRADBURY, Esq., as a candidate for
Sheriff, at the Primary Elections, and oblige
R. T. Van Horn Please announce the name
f-t-v- "'UOMAS SMITH as a suitable np.rsnnfor
Sheriff of Meigs county, ana favor many political
friends, of ORANGE.
Mr. Van Horn Please say through your .pa
per that JOHN R. PHILSON, Esq., of Graham
Station, will be supported by a large number of
Whigs at the Primary Elections, for the office of
8itERirr, and oblige many citizens of
Mr. Van Horn Please announce the name of
JTJHN C. BESTOW, 2d, as a candidate for Sheriff,
at the Primary Elections, and oblige
Mr. Van Horn Please say to the Whigs of
Meigs county that JOHN HL'GG, of Salein town
ship, will be a candidate for Sheriff, subject to
the decision ef the Whigs at the Primary Eler
tion, and oblige MANY FRIENDS.
Mr. Editor Please announce the name if
JAMES M. COOPER as a candidate for Sheriff, at
the Primary Elections. MANY VOTERS.
C We are requested to announce the name of
HARRISON DOWNING, Esq.,-as a candidate fur
Recorder, and oblige many citizens who love
Mr. Editor You will notify the Whigs of
Meigs county that S. S. PAINE, Esq., will be a
candidate for Recorder, subject to the decision of
the Primary Elections, and oblige
'Probate Judge.
R. T. Van Horn, Eso.. Plese announce the
name of MARTIN HECKARD, Esq,, as a candi
date for Probate Judge for Meigs county, and
Administrator's Sale.
BY virtue of an order to me directed by the
court of common pleas of Meigs county, 1 offer at
puDttc sate at the door ot me coun-nouse in
Pomeroy. on the first dav of the next term, be-
tweecn the hours prescribed'by law, the following
real estate, viz: a part of fraction No. 2, in town
ship No. 2, range No. 13, in the Ohio Company's
Purchase.' and beginning at the southwest corner
ot said traction, and running thence easi u cnains
and 70 links; thence north 33 deg. west 14 chains;
thence north 40 deg. west 2 chains arm 04 linns;
thence south 6 chains and 66 links; thence west
13 chains and 26 links; thence south 0 chains and
30 links, to the place, of beginning; containing
M acres more or less. Appraised at Zlbi.
Terms: One third cash in hand: one-third in
six months, and the residue in one year from the
day of sale, according to the statute in such cases
made and provided. .
a. liNUbis, Adin r.
Augusts, J861.n43w4.
Administrator's Sale.
BY virtue of an order to me directed by the
court of common pleas of Meigs county, 1 will
offer at public sale at the door of the court-house!
in r omeroy, on the first day of the next term, be
tween the hours prescribed by law, the following
real estate, as tho property of Joseph Perry, dee'd.
to-wit: The northwest quarter of the northeast
quarter of section 26, town 2, range 11, in the
Ohio company's purchase; containing 40 acres
more or less.
T".M" ot Sal: One third cash in hand, ane
third in six months, and the residue in one year
from the day of sale, the purchaser giving bond
with approved security.
A. INGELS, Adm'r.
August, 1851.-nl3w4.
Administrator's Notice.
THE subscriber has been appointed and quali
fied as Administrator on the estate of Josiah
Branch, late of Coalport, Meies county, O.. dee'd.
All persons indebted to said estate are requested
to make immediate' payment; and those having
claims against said estate will present them duly
authenticated for settlement within one year from
thi date. O. BRANCH, Adm'r.
Pomeroy, August 1, 1861. n43w3.
Farm for Sale.
T OFFER for sale my Farm lying on the road lead
I ingfrora Chester to Parkersburg, in Chester
towuship, a half mile from Adams' mill, contain.
inr 90 acres, 50 acres under cultivation, with two
dwelling houses and a well of good wate-, a good
apple and peach orchard, and a good shop suitable
for a blacks raith or wagon-maker. .
??;7 IS, IfSj n-W-ripL R. W. M.
Dealer in Dry Goods'. Groceries, Jlarttware,
. Quaenmrare, ele !
the comer of Cherry and Front, where he
will be happy to greet his numerous friends and
customers with another (the fifth) lot ol old
Goods. Having purchased the entire stock of
T, W. Williams and connected his own therewith
he is prepared to trade for. every marketable arti
cle, cash not excepted, upon terms to suit. .
N. B. The Stove Store and Tin and Copper
Establishment will ba continued in the old stand
one door below by SMITH & THOMPSON.. ,
July 10, 1861. ; i , . ;
C CLOTHING made to order and warranted in
J every particular by H. B. SMITH. ,
T) OOtS) & Shoes. Wipliirig to close out this
I) part of my trade I will sell below the usual
rates at wholesale or retail. H. B. SMITH.
July 17, 1801.
"I umlter ,Weather boards and inch poplar
JLi for sate by , 11. b. bbii i n.
1 lass Jars. Tea Boxes, Lamps and other
J store room furniture for sale at
Buckets & Tull. Firm he Mnrietta
Factory for sale at ; i 1 SMITH'S.
"Drooms'JO dot. at wholesale at
1 ''Itl Ware. e-'lrns'-ve aortment eon
. .
Wttabiiri-h nfires. Veretiirn'rwtl! "' W
-! hu l
tiiirnhasinu from uV'"
niTIT aaya that-thw Cash-system works like
a fharrlf "He' haa.Must retiuneu .fri'W. f.iie.
Queen City snd is prepnind
to wciiawodavo his
numerous customers
th-; !uil:iwiiij, artirles
at his rash prirajs. ....';' .v!; V, t c . .u . .
40 Hanrels best Molasses:- : - ' .. . . 1 : . ..
15 do '-. MiddJiiiK and Ktia Sugars;
10 Bo'es Wnisinsr..-! a ..: v i.,f ,t ., , :
10 -:r1ov. Koap; , -l , , r . :, . -
l(t-:do- .Canities;.. :- '.. : '.i, .. .
Supor Oraekera; Swla and Butler Ua, . , , ..
C'lffee, Tea,'fcc.: '
Fpiees and other articles belonging to Ihe trade
at. Wholesale or Retail. Call and see him first
bouse above the Rolling Mill. "He's there.".
cinnati prices, at
for snle at Cin
SMlTH'S. Kanawha Salt 40 barrels for sale very
low for cash at SMITH'S.
rpWENTY-FIVE Bushels Shoe Pegs, as
I sorted sizes, from the best factors in the Uni
ted States, for sale at SMITH'S.
ard A splendid article of No. t for sale at
May 8, I86l SMITH'S.
TEA STORE. Having just received
now Biinnlv ftf flint BnlpnHilt TEA . frnm
MSB Philadelphia, I offer it to the public with
renewed inducements. H. o. SMI I H, Agent.
July 17, 1851.
v' oda Fountain for sale, with all the re-
ceipts and appurtenances, at
May 8, 1851. SMITH'S.
" WENTY-FI VE Bands Curtis' best Crab
I Cider for sale low to close consignment, at
the store of
1 EATIIER. Upper, Calf, Topping, Lin
XJing and Binding skins, for sale at the store of
COLE LEATHER' A splendid article o
U Cincinnati and Hemlock tan, for sale at
T3 LASTING POWDER. 25 kegs just
Jjreceivad on commission and for sale upon the
cash principle, by h. a. a.au ti,
PINS. 3 brls. Bed Pins just receiv
JLJed and for sale by.
H. B. SMITH, Agent
. Sol 1 i n s o flf a i . ..Cast . .
"Great Bargains! Great Bargains!
mHE aubscriber about to decline business in
1 Pomeroy, offers his entire stock through the
month of July
ATT C3CaSS'3ar,
His stock embraces; .
Drugs A full and general assortment,
Chemicals Fresh and of the best manu
Paints. Wilson's celebrated Chocolate col
ored. Fire and Weather Proof Paint, which we
offer cheaper than common white had; Chromes,
Red, Yellow and .Green; Chinese, Tri.-sic and
A marina n Vin,illiin : BlUU C(l jtr.t P;i, nl
Blue, Yellow Ochre. Npsnirr.Xr.-wn, VY-i
Kcl, v hit,:
nirl Uinrk In (1:
I.inv(i l!o';(: S 1
ry Blaf k,
. int. r. 'i e 4 c,
tMI(.- Lvetj'
ind, 'villi pr:)t:':
Liver Oil.
Cuf'liillual, ind:;..'.
der, Vitriol, Ac. J
lirutshts. '
1, .;
A mi '. ! :i .
; I.. .
;, Nail. SliaV-tin.-,
Heart ii,
. vk.e, I'n'nt.
inj.', V, liisker, . flcfii,
Swen, liiteivm-li, Uor
Varni.'-ji V Sash Brushes.
T-.htiher wuli vials. ft-Mes fetnees. Cor
dials, fills, p!C-s Ciaars, Ti.l.ie rV., f-n::h
Wines, J.in'i.rs. Perfun.er', Blneku.,!, .un.i"ai
; lonl:il Inslnilni.nls, bljck Ltod I'o'.f. Uiock
Tin .in', Sandpaper, T'lrpenuiiv, K..iit, .dt
nish. I'ltn- Old.Kyo W hkxj; !'luc, inls er
m.'ti'tts. and var.eiy arlif te. H
e annex s-jUierosl pri'rs
Copal Varnish, pr gal. 1.30
Pain Killer, pr doz. l-0
Mustang Liniment, pr doz. 1.60
McLane' a Vermifuge pr doz. 90
Essences pr doz. 17
Castor Oil, pr gallon. 1.10
Call immediately or you will miss an assortment
Pomeroy, July 1st, 1861. J. P. FLEMING.
Monthly 32 pages per number; II
num, in advance; ten copies for $1.
Bi-Monthlv ano Monthly 768 psges per an.
num; t'2 tn advance; 10 copios for 815.
This ia the only journal in Europe or America
devoted to a complete and original system of An
thropology. : It presents new and well demonstra
ted systems of Phrenology, Physiology, and Phys
iognomy, and surveys, from a new position, the
Humanitarian progress, and the great wonders and
discoveries of the age. The doctrines of the Jour
nal have been sanctioned, generally, by phrenolo
gists and men of science, who have given them
an investigation. Specimen numbers will be
sent gratuitously. Address the Editor, Dr. J. R
BUCHANAN,. Cincinnati. Remittances at the
Editor's risk.
Volume first being stereotyped, copies will be
sent by mail for $2. This volume contains nine
plates, one being a map of the New System of
Plirenology. no38w4. ,
R. E. Constable. . R, A. Constaslc.
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
and Solicitors in Chancery,
Athens, Athens County, Ohio,
Will raosiPTLY and faithfully attend to all
business entrusted totheta in the Ohio Courts or
in the Circuit and Supreme Courts of the United
BT Office eight doors West of the Post Office
and opposite the Court House.
July 10, 1851. n40tf.
. A T my instance an attachment was this dav
issued by S. S. Paine a justice of the peace
of Salisbury township, Meigs county, against the
property anu cnecia oi ueorge w. Akcn, a non
resident of said county.
July 12, 1851. n41w3.
.V OTICL. At my instance an Attachment
11 was this issued by Neneca Knight.' a justice
of the peace of Rutland township, MeigKC.ii.nty,
and State of Ohio, against he property unrl t:fl'ec:a
of William F. Kent, a mm resident f saidci.un
July 7, 1861.-n4CwS.
THE Second term of Mr. VVii.ua.mb' Singing
.lass will commence on t.aturday evening theSth
tst, at half past seven o'clock, in the basement
if the Presbyterian church. Persons desirous of
initing with tne ciassarc invited to be present on
that evening.
.J""'", 1H!.-t38w3. .- V x
nManBaTfcJ( LanHBnwuinl
Mksbknokr, Down 8unday, I Lp Wedui'sday,
Buckets Statk.
" Tlnirs.lHV,
Kitstonc State,
Hiieinia, " " ' '
Cincinnati, - ; '
Brilliant, ,
CumR, , ' r ,
Tuesday, " Friday, -Wednestiay"
Thursday, " Sunday,
. Friday, v . " Monday,'
Saturday, Tuesday,
marietta, rotiKRor and Cincinnati faceet. .
Ohio, ., Down Tuesday, i Up Sunday.
! Leaves Pomeroy Jfonday & Thursday
" Portsm'th 'juesdaydi Friday.
Crystal Fount division No. 1,
'ifrS Sons and Daughters of temperance meet
hmS ings every Friday aftf Aioon at the Sons'
Hall in Pomeroy. ; 'j ; - .... .
Inhuman CrueltyBarbarism.
' The inhuman creature wo would surTer his
better half the partner of his bosom to standby
a hot stove and bake bread, this surrlmer, ought
to suffer the fate provided fnr old Daniel. R. A.
Siflrbottnnrg Eatery, Front street, above Lind, is
.the iJiai. dKiK-t of Fresh Bread, , erackers, cakes
and TUs, ....' .' nnS7f
TmmM V UlliF COAT,
cnvrtT nVFK landing.-
i. .v -r;.. .4.. t.l.A .in mi 11' liarf RA9t.
"in VV.-A,IH-T- iri
md -improved its capacity, I inn prepared to re
ceive and f irward all kinds nf-i" rix, produce, oto.;
eirher up r down the river, a: the most reasona
ble rotes. Flavinir madeperiuniient arraiigementa
with the steamers plying regularly to Cincinnati
and Pittsburgh, lam prepared tq forward freights
at uniform rates regardless ol the Beason. inose
wishing to ship on the Pittsburgh and Cincinnati
PncVels. or on any of the smaller boats plyingre
iulnrly "Ohio," "Reveille, ".'Of "Gov. Meigs,"
can make their shipments through me at a great
ndvnn'Hj.'e. My charges are moderate, and as my
f?e''liiies fir storing poodsarb not exceeded by any
' 'her hoat on the River,' I tnvite businessmen to
cnnsnlt their own interests by advancing mine.
Careful and attentive haiids are always ready day
and night, to receive or discharge freight.
Families removing to the West can be ac
commodated on board the Wharf Boat,
junet2n36 " ' - J AS. MARTIN.
N. B. AH letters and freight should be direct
ed "J. Martin, Pomeroy Wharf Boat, Court House
Landing." -: , ... '
BTAthens Messenger copy to the amount of SI
and charge this office. - i ,- . . -
Attachments On the 23d day of May,, A.
D. 1861, David Barber caused to be issued
from the Court of Common Pleas, of Meigs coun
ty, Ohio, a writ of attachment, for the sum of
one hundred and one dollars, against the proper.
ty and effects of Abraham M. Hinkley; which
writ has been served and returned.
T. Montague, Att'y for Pl'ff.
June 11, 1851. no36.
Administrator's Notice.
AT the J une Term of the court of common pleas
of Meigs oounty, the undersigned was appointed
ed and qualified as Administrator, with the will
annexed, of the estate of William McDaniel, late
of sttid county, deceased. 1 '
June 12, 1851. no36w3.
The subscriber is prepsred to furnish Physi
cians and Druggists throughout Ohio with these
celebrated Extracts at proprietors wnoiesaie pn
House and Lot for Sale. '
II HE UNDERSIGNED offers for sale his House
J and Lot in Minersville, near V B Horton's
unoer coal-bank The size of the house 30 by 18
feet two stories and a half high. The lower
story is made sufficient to keep a store, grocery, or
boardine house. The lower story is 18 leet square
one room, with a good fireplace. Also, a good
cellar, 10 by 18 feet. The lot is 60 feet in front
by 225back. ' " :Y : ; -' ' ; -
Any person wishing to purchase this property
suaii nave a great Dargain.
May 22, 1851 n33w4pd
"VT OTICE. A petition will be presented to the
i 1 Truste s of Scipio township, flieigs county,
on Thursday, the 3d day of July next, praying
for a township road to be laid out from the dwei
ling house of Henry Webster, in Section 25,
Town 7, Range lfi to the main road passing
tl r- 'igb said section. HENRY WEUSTK
J:me ft'. 1S51. n36w4pd. ' v
"r iMiicsiilf and Retail Dealer in
$ Fcrei; n nud Domestic Fruits, Nut8 and
would respectfully announce to his customers,
and the public, that he has constantly on hand a
large assortment of every article in his line which
be U prepared to warrant equal to any brought to
this market.
He keeps constantly on hand, besides CANDIES
and l UWrKC 1 lUNEKY,
And in a word every variety of articles usually
tound in a wholesale rruitery and Confectionery.
Having an -excellent BAKERY attached he is
prepared to furnish BREAD, CAKES, CRACK
EKS, PIES, etc., as may be desired.
JTParties furnished to order.
The subscriber pledges himself to keep such a
stocs as cannot oe surpassed in this Market.
Dealers generally, and especially Merchants
from the country, are invited to call.
llJ-Orders promptly and satisfactorily filled.
Pomeroy, May 29, 1851 . no34tf.
emon Syrup, for sale wholesale and retail
jCE CUEAM. -This delicious summer lux
1 ury will be served every evening and families
supplied to order at HUSSICKS.
ir-iV HORSE BUGGY can be obtained on li
1 ' beral terms by application to
, ineral Water kept constantly on hand
XT J and tor sale by K. A. S1DEBOTTOM,
May 28n34tf. .
'I'm nimblc sixpence forevke I In addition to
i our late unprecedented low prices, the cash
system enables us to add another and still another
article to the catalogue which we are selling at
r r-, ii . tff . . " ... .
iroui 4v vo iuu pr cent less man ever before offer
ed in this market. We place on the list- ..'
Fine, Eastern, cold pressed castor oil, the only
article of the kind in this market, prdoz. 80cts.
McLanes Vermifuge pr doz , 1 OOcts.
Lees Pill's prdoz. ' . 60 cts.
Pain Killer pr bottle 20 cts.
McAllister's Ointment prbox . 20 cts!
Genuine Mustang Liniment (not the Cpuu
, terfeit with which the county has been '
floodCu) but the genuine at the proprie
tors only agency for this county; pr hot. 20 cts.
Late receipts place us in possession of the heav
iest stock and best assortment. (Datent
excepted) in the market, purchased at the lowest
importers price, wun o pr cent oil for cash, which
enables us to undersell. Call and get some of that
prime Supercarbonate of Soda at 10 cts. pr pound,
it goes like hot cakes. Mind the cheap cash drug
omre m nenungvon'S corner. J rrLEMlflti
' cas In chests, half chests, and quarters,
X ftesh articles. For sale low by
Between Pitsbargh.ITIarietta, Pome-
roy hi
er G
ana (jiauipous.
nr. new and fast runninesteam-
UUV. MtUGS, Captain John N
nk, wm make regular weekly
uiits between the above ports,
Leaving.PitUburgb for Marietta, Pomeroy and
uauipons, every hii&uai, at a o'clock, P. M.
Returning leaves Pomeroy for Marietta end
Pittsburgh, every THl-RSDAY at 8 o'clock, A. M.
June in, iaoi. na7tt. ,
1000 lbs. Hams very finei'. i . ,
" tsoutdcra do ' . :
2000 Clear Pork do .
For tale cheap for easb.
- . T.TT.3 & EH0THE1.
TrotrMant Episcopal Rev Thoi.as 8.
I 1,'oi.af, Rectnr: Services every Sabbai.li morning,
at tOa o'clock.
Presbyterian Rev. R. Wilkinson. Pastor:
Services every Sabbath morning at 101 oVoek.
Methodist Episcopal Rev, J, f.Givkn,
Pastor: Services at the upper church on alternate
Sabbath mornings, at 10 o'clock at lower church,
every Sabbath afternoon, at 3 o'clock.
Roman Catholic Rev Tiiaornavs Krapk,
Priest: Services every Sabbath morning.
German Methodist Rev. Mr. Geyer,
Services every Sabbath morning. .
German Lutheran Rev. Mr. Habkl,
Services every Sabbath morning. .
MASONIC -Pomeroy Lodire.
No. 164, Stated Meetings, the Monday
evening, on oi'neiore ine luumoon in each
month. Hall in Murphja building, Second at.
f- I. O. O. F. lYaomi Lodge,
e. rQjNo. llT-Meetincs pn every Friday
w Evening. Hall in Edwardu-' building.
.!-. - - t '
1mg Welfare Division, No. 3, Sons
EOof Temperance, Meetings every Saturday
wwrcw Evening. Hall in DeCamp's building. '.-'."
fvv Kaiisnnr; taivision no.
Vi . ii rt: t.i..!u: n.: J .11 .
nvemngs. nan, mce a ouiiaiiiiuiuuiciiuii..
ILLA. The remedy for Purifying the Blood,
and curing disease, and the only remedy thafis
thoroughly efficient and perfectly harmless.
This Medicine.when used according to directions
Will Cure Without Fail.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, Cancers, Tumors, Erup.
tionsof the skin, erysipelas, Chronic Sore byes,
ringworm, or Tetters, Scold head.Rheumatism,
Pains in the bones or joints, old sores and
ulcers, swelling of the glands, Syphilis,
Dyspepsia, Salt Rheum, diseases of the
kidneys, loss of appetite, diseases ar
ming from the use of Mercury,
' pain in the side and shoulders,
general debility, dropsy, lum
bago. The best Female Medicine known. Incipient
Consumption, Barrenness, Leucorrfica or w lutes,
Irrecular Menstruation, lncontinuence oi urine,
General Prostration of the System, Depressed
Spirits and Gloomy State of Mind are cured by
mediate relief, by renewing the fountain of Health
and Strenth. the Blood. It neutralizes bad hu
mors, stops unnatural secretions, and gives heal
thy action to all the vital powers.
Its mild alterative properties render it peculiar
ly applicable to the slender and delicate consti
tution of the female, it immediately contracts
that distressing nervousness and lassitude so
common to the female frame, and imparts an en
ergy and buoyancy as surprising as they are grate
ful. We have evidence on file, which induces
us strongly to recommend this medicine to mar
rien people who have not been blessed with off
spring. Proiansis Uteri, or Falling of the Womb, of -five
years standing, cured oy in. unpsott s nxtract
of Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla, after every
other known remedy had been tried without
This certifies that my wife., aged twenty seven
years, has been suttering unaer tne above com
plaint for five years; nearly all that time confined
to her bed. i nave loriour years constantly em
nloved the best medical talent that could be pro
cured in this section of the country, without any
benefit whatever. I have also purchased every
instrument recommenced for the cbreof such dis
eases, all of which proved worthless.
In the spring of 1848, was induced by my
friends to try Dr. Guysott's Yellow Dock and
Sarsaparilla, which was used fr four months.
After she bad used it tor about four weeks, it
was evident to aU of us that she improved rapid
ly, and gained flesh and strength, nntil she is
now enjoying excellent Health.
Ve being neighbors to Wm. and Julia Mon-
fort, know that the above statement as to the
sickness of Mrs. Monfrt. and as to the cure being
effected by "Guysott s Yellow, Dock and Sarca.
panlla," to be strictly true.
The following is an extract of a letter dated
March 27, 1860, from E. B. Perkins, M. D., a
highly respectable physician of Marietta, Ohio:
John Park Dear Kir: I have under my care a
young woman who, for sixteen years, has been
suffering from Ulcerated Limbs, and whose case
has been pronounced nopclcss by three of our
best physiciaus. 1 took her into my family, and
have used liuysott's Yellow dock and bnrsnna-
rilla freely, and I am confident that the Yellow
Dock and Sarsaparilla will effect a permanent
cure.- bhe is better in general neaitn than she
has ever been before, and walks a mile or two
without fatigue or pain. A a pear ago she used
crutches. I will report the case in due time-
Very respectfully, E. B. PERKINS.
trrlf the reader will observe, he will see that,
in nearly all cases, the patient has tried nearly
every physician within his reach, and nearly
every remedy; but when he hits upon Guysott's
Yellow Dock and barsaparma, the cure is im
mediate. '
Blooming Grove, Dec. 1st 1849,
Messrs. S. F. Bennett dt Co. Gents; Some
time in 1843 I was attacked with King's Evil in
my arm, vthich became so Bare that ! could not
use it, and in 1845, mortification set in. I em.
ployed, at different times, each physician of cele
brity within my reach; all told me that my arm
must be amputated. From the shoulder to the
forearm, my arm was full of running sores, some
of them aa large as a fifty-cent piece. I then
tried an Indian Doctor, who removed the mortl
fied flesh, and stopped the mortification, but
could not heal my arm. My strength at this
time was completely exhausted, and my person
much emaciated. I continued in this state until
the summer of 1848, when I saw an advertise
ment of "Guysott's Yellow Dock and Sarsapa
rilla," which 1 read attentively, and sent for one
bottle of the article. After using it a few days.
tho discharges trora my arm nicrea.ed, aud as
sumed a light color, and less offensive odor. I
sent for a second bottle, and while using it I
found my strength increasing, and the discharges
from mv arm decreasing. 1 continued using it
until 1 had used Bix bottles, though 1 felt myself
perfectly cured before I used the sixth bottle.
Since that time I have not felt any pain iu my
arm: no sores have reappeared, and 1 have no
reason to doubt that it is thoroughly cured, for I
have no reason to doubt that it is thoroughly
cured, for I can labor with it as well as l eve
"Gnysott's Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla" ae
lone cured me; 1 took no other remedy whit
it. and had 1 used it at the first armour-
ance of the malady, 1 fnlly believe it would have
saved me from years of suffering. And I most
earnestly roconuned every person suffering under
anv aimilar disease, to use " uuysott's Yellow
Dock and Sarsaparilla," which will restore them
o health. Yours in gratitude,
ID None genuine unless put up in large bottles,
containing a quart, aud name ot l lie sXrup blow
in the glass, with the written signature, S, P. Ben
nett, on the uuisiue wrapper.
p Price fei per buUiu, or it bottles, for 85.
lSold by . J. D. PARK, Cincinnati, O
North-east corner Fourth and Walnut sts., en
trance on Walnut at. to whom all orders must
be addressed.
. For sale ty li. Ruid. Peiricroy; G. W. Coope
& (Jo Clnsiet, Joiui Fiaine, CuolviUc; J. Cape
hart, & Co., Pouit Pleasant; John Perkins, Athens
Maguet &Naret, GallipoliSi b.S. Murray, Wilkes
vine; U. J. Payne, Porter.
jnay?0nc4. - . '. - ' .
11 cnu inter (he faithful l"ar,"
f'jrm the citisens of Poiiif-rov and vicinitv
that they still continue the MARBLE BUSINESS
in all in all its various branches at their old stand
m aiarictia, Ulno.
Having Just rcceiucd a large-arid well selected
ar-sortment of Italian and American Marble Slabs
and Blocks, are prepared to make tn order, MON
of every variety, on the suortis? notice, in the
nkatf.t style, and fur the lowkst prices.
Marble Mantels, Cealre Table-Tops, e. al
ways on hand.
Grindstones from the best Warren quarries,
constantly on hand, wholesale or retail.
Any orders addressed- to us at Marietta, or H.
B. Smith, Pomeroy, will be promptly attended to.
Marietta, O. June 19, 1851.n37m8. ; VV
Road Tai Notice." .'
The Commissioners of Meigs county at their
March session 1851, determined that a general
levy of ten cent on the $100 valuation, ho as
sessed on the taxable property of 6aid county
entered on the duplicate of. 1851.
ALSO: An additional levy of 20 cents on the
$100 valuation, by the Trustees of Chester, of 2
cents, on tne 5100, by the trustees of Olive ; of
m conts on iue U)U, by the Trustees of Orange,
and 10 cents on the 8100 by the Trustees of
Salisbury, i S. HALLIDAY Aud.
June 26, 1861. n3Sw4. , .
1 A LBS. Sal Soda for SO cents, at
L:iS. Lampblack for 90 e(s, at ' u
.. .. .... ELEMING'S
wpanish Liquorice 20 els. per lb. at
: and Paper 18 cts. per ream, at
Spiees, Cinnamon, Cloves, Pepper, and All
spice at cost at FLEMING'S
Fire Proof Paint,, Wilson's beautiful
Chocolate, olored Metallic Fire and Weath
er proof paint, for the manufacture of which the
proprietor has been awarded seven medals from
the different Fairs and Institutes of this and other
States, for its superiority ovefjUl others, ltissus
ceptible of a fine polish aud waT'anted not to
crack. For sale at cost, or cheaper thail than any
other kind of paint at regular sales.
Lamp Chimnies Churches aud Halls can
now supply themselves with Lump Chimnies
at cost at FLEMING'S.
COAL STOVES.. -The celebrated Ei:t;rprise
No. 1, 2 and 3 Call aud see hem, at.
Drug Store for Sale.
ITH a large and constantly increasing
patronace, situated in the town of Pome
roy. The present prosperous condition of the
place together with recently developed resources,
render it the most desirable location in the Slate.
The fact that several extensive salt companies
have lately gone into operation under such favor
able auspices, induces the belief, that tl.e growth
of the town, hitherto so unparalleled, has but
ust commenced. For particulars eiuiuire, post
paid, of J. P. FLEMING.
Pomeroy, July 1st, 1861.
Sale by Order of Court.
H. Stedman and wife
Seth Trntt, ct. al.
BY virtuo of an order m the above case, from
the court of common Pleas of Meigs county, to
me directed I will expose to public sale pn the
premises on Monday the 25th day of August next,
between the hours prescribed by law, the follow
ing described real estate, to wit: 82 feet of the
North end of lot No. 15 in the town of Coa'pnrl
with all the appurtenances thereto belonging on
the following terms to wit : Une thud casii in hand
oiic-tliird in six months from the day of sale, and
the residue in one year, according to the statute
-" - ,v.i,:,i(.ii
Appraised otZ67. ' '
M. v;. COLLINS, s. h. c.
Ju'y 24, 1851. n43w5.
Public Sale.
Notice is hereby given that I will on the 23il
day of August, next, offer for sale at the door of
the court house, in the town of Pomerov. Meiirs
county, tne lonowing rent estate, to wit, lot 231,
divided into two parts. First, that part of said lot
adjoining the lot of Oren Branch, commencing nt
the corner of said Branch' a lot on Walnut street ;
next, to said lot 231 on Walnut street and runmiiir
so far westwardly along said stre( with the front
ot said lot as to include the building on that part
of said lot next to said Branch's lot, supposed to be
about 23 feet 0 inches, and then back to the rear
of said part of said lot to include, from front to
rear, all of that part of said lot ; secondly, all the
residue of said iot 231. being the westerly or north
westerly part tnereot. To be sold by the order of
the court 01 common pleas, at the suit of Robert
Hyscll, against Wm. H. Dike, James Murphy
John Davis and Samuel Morton, under a decree
chancery. Appraisement. First part $333
Second part $400. Til. IRViN
Master Com'r. in C.i'y, M. C.
BY virtue of a writ of vend. ex. to me directed
by the court of common pleas of Meigs coun
ty, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door of the
court house, in Pomeroy, on the 25th day of Au
gust, the following real estate, to wit : the south
west quarter of the northwest quarter of section
eight, town three, range thirteen, Ohio Lcmpa-
ny's purchase, bold as the property of John Gil
leland, at the suit of David Barber et. al.
M. W. COLLINS s. m, c.
July 24th, 1851 w5.
Boxes Glassware received and for sale at
Administrator's Notice.
HE subscriber has been appointed and quali-
ed as Administrator on the estate of Lorenzo
Dowf late of Coalport, Meigs county, deceased.
All persons indebted to said estate are requested
to make immediate payment; and those having
claims against against said estate will present
them to duly authenticated for settlement within
one year from this date.
Sheffield, May 3, 1851. n36w3.
David Paden, Jerome Paden, John O. Padcn,
Alexander Paden, Elizabeth Paden, Olivia Paden,
& Elicabeth Payden, are hereby notifiedthaton tha
18th day or September. 1850, Elson Paden filed in
the Court of Common Pleas of Meigs county,
Ohio, a hill in chancery against them. The ob
ject and prayer of wln-sh bill is, to enable and
compel the said UavidFadcn and JohnO. Paden,
as Administrators of the rstate of James Padcn,
deceased, to convey to the said Elson Paden 100
acre lot No. 206, m sections Nos. 0, 12, and 18, In
town No. 1, runge No. 12; nd 50 acres, being the
south half of 100 acre lot No. 26(i, in sections 1
and 7, in town No. 2, range No. 12, in snid Meigs
couuty, Ohio, in pursuance of a contract between
the said bison and the decedent, as set forth in
said bill; or that the said David, Jerome, John O.
Alexander, Olivia and Elizabeth Paden, as the
heirs at law, and Elizabeth Padcn, as the widow
o, the said James Payden, be compelled to re
lease to the said Elson thci interest in said land,
on the said Elson paying an) balance that may be
found to be duu trcm linn. And the above na
med persons are further notified that unless they
shall appear and plead, answer or demur to said
bill, within sixty days after the next terra or said
court, the Baid Elson,' at the term next thereafter
will apply to said court to take the mat Iters of said
bill us confessed, and to decree thereon accord
ingly. T. A. PLANTS,
boiioitor lorcoinpi't.
July 10, 1861. n40w6. t5 25.
17STHER CHASE, widow, Royal Chase, John
1 Chase, Samara Chase, and Oscar Chase, heirs
at law of Abel Chase, jr., deceased, will take no
tice that a petition was filed against them on the
24th day of March, 1861, in the Court of Common
Pleas of Meigs county, by Nicholas Stunbury, und
is now pending therein, wherein the snid Nicho
las Stanbury demands partition of the following
real estate, to-wit: all the real estate of jyhieli tht
said Abel Chase. 1r., died, seized in said county,
and which is particularly described in said peli'
lion) and that ut ttie next term ot said court up
plication will he made bv the said Nicholas Slan
bury for an order that partition may be made of
said premises. N. STANBURY
July 3, 1851. njOwP. 33 50.
NOTICE, The undersigned has been appoint
ed and qualified as Administrator on the
estate of Mary Kent, late of Meigs couuty, deu'd.'
Jukc 12, ISSl.-nSGwlpd. - ' -
t-'j-L ?J,-igg.';.'g'3i
f"? HAVINO received a li'tie ehrW w- t?V
O w"? to vacate tho rmVcs, we f'..rmert " j
owopicfc, -than the law," in i!s r.hitano-.opivrfi'"
allows, on the night of ti e late Cre, we art- mar in
he found iu. Win. II. KeiniiiL'toii's txiiidini;. eho
loor below his store. ' Havine atnmlifd .ounwhr s
with all otir missing articles, wo .ire- tE;ihi!.d tn
furnish our customers at reduced Mice. Iiia.l.li--
tion to our present stm-k we- have nm'Ji arranre
mcilts with an.tasli'rn Hr:nrrtinp !in::e l uitnn'vr
us with the latest iiiiportatii.us i,f drujs at impor
ter prices, and. will rerriv,., in..a ft w wp1;j, ii
very larne ami rUuiiMvc im oirt Fie; o. Dnifn,
Chemical, l!azin'n (imim rlv) Hoii.sa H'K) I'lifn
tmtrv, new Chemical n pa'rntir.ris, Instrument,
Fine Drurs, and Scirce Pwpar.itii-.w. never In
tm brought to this mariftt. We will am.ply
Physicians and Merchants at d.iliu-tion oftwen
ty per cent on their bills of runner pun-basea in
this place, or at the "Circular Piicts" of any re.
sponsible Pittsburgh 'or Cincinnati House. Wo
warrant our drugs to he of first quality mid en
tifely pure; coming directly from under Ihe Drug
Inspector's hands there is no possible chance fr
their adulteration. Call and see what difference
there is in the quality of drugs and ascertain our"
JLJLKMINO, Urtiggfef.-
1851. H SPRXG GOODS, 1851.
I7i S. 12DWAIIDS has just, received IV. in
tho East a large assortment! of new and' do
s.rable Goods, which ifc. addition to his previous
stock constitute as bugs an wwirtiueivt. as cnu be
found in this region of country... Hie nrlicUs are
of the best quality, and he wilt sen al very sinaJi
advance- on eastern prices. " Among hi aiticles
may be found a lurjc variety of DRESS GOODS,
consisting of , , ' , "
Figured and Watered Dicta Riiksj '
Printed French Grenadines, llerpgf, Tissues, A c
" Hlack, Green and Maroon French Men noes: "
Hlack, Green, Mode and Maroon Thibet Cloth;
Bhick and Fancy Alpacas; . -' . '
Figured, Plain and UarrttI Swiss Mustiti.i;
A large assortment of Printed .Lawns, uwiwi
smg the newest Styles; .
French Printed Jaconets, Ginghams, flee. -With
an assortment of Worsted, Linen, and
Cotton Goods for Men's summer wear.
Together with a splendid assortment of Prints of
tho newest ami most desirable slyles.
Uleachfid and Urown Sheetings and Shirtings;'.
ALSO Cloths, Cassimucv Satinetls,' Jeans,
Tweeds, &c.
Pomeroy, April 17, IS! 1. '
II Collars, Chcnnsctt.?fi, and Corded skirt?, (a
sale by apnin EDWARDS.
I E1VNY LlADTRIITllTf IlVfiS of all ca-
r tors, at wpillT EDWARDS.
BONNETS Florence llraid, Rough and Rea
dy, Milan Edge, Hungarian, Alboni, Necdl,
llraid, colored Chip and China Pearl Bonnets, fo
vile by apriln
Tonnet Silks and Satins, various colors
lf Crape, Tbule and Florence, assorted colors
for Bonnet Lining, for sale at '
apri'lT ' EDWARDS.
jiery A fine assortment of Liulies' and
Children's Hose, couiprisinsr every variety:
just received by apriln EDWARDS.
1 ace Boots Kid, Morocco, Calf end Kip,
J for sale nt apriln EDWARDS.
Iilicn, Cotton, Jaconet and Swiss EdgTiiga
i and Insertings, for sale at
apriln EDWARDS;
Pieces Bonnet and Can Ribbons. f,.i
sale very cheap at EDWARDS.
G" loves Black,' Colored, Wiiile"kid'niiuSili
Gloves of superior quality, at
. apriln EDWARDS'.
('"1 niters and Half Gaiters, Kid, Morocco. Call
K and Kip Buskins, and Jenny Lind Tics.
Also, a good assortment of Misses and Children'!
Buskins, aud Lace Boots, for sale at
nprill7 EDWARDS'.
One Hundred Reams Cap Paper
Also, Flat Cap, Letter and Bill Paper, at
aprill7 EDWARDS'.
Gi ruin nwui oi...,.i, ,.t.ti.tvri'7
r GROCERIES, for sale low bv
' "PrillT EDWARDS',
teel A general assortment of Cast, -.Shear
German and E B Steel, for sale by
apriln EDWARDS'.
. roil A large lot of all sires, for sale at
apriln EDWARDS'.
jV alls and Spikes of all sizes, just receiv
I cd and for sale very cheap at
apriln EDWARDS'.
Powder 60 kegs Rifle' and Blasting Towile
ou hand and for sale nt
rLOWS.The attention of farm
crs is called to my assortment
Plows Lories Pntentwith or with
out stocks ; also, Plow Points and Land Sides.
Apriln, 1851. E.S.EDWARDS,
aca Store 1 have on hand a larg
lot of Imperial, Young Hyson and Blacl
TEAS, which I am prepared to sell in oriiri
nal packages either of til lbs., by H.c half chest
or by the single lb, at very low prices.
April 17, 1861. E. S. EDWARDS.
ollow Ware
and for sale at
-Alargeassortmenton ham
April 17, 18"1.
NTq. 4. Main St., Middleport, Ohio.
UGAU 20 hluls. N. (). Supnr on hand an
for sale low bv
OLASSES. 100 bbls. new crop just re
ecueu mm lor sale low uy
IO tJOFFEE. 60 bags superior arti'cl
just received and for sale low at No 4.
CIGARS 20 boxes fine regalias;
10 do Canones;
13 do Fine Havanna;
5006 Commons on baud an
for sale low by GEO W HOLMES.
I. at No, 4 CEO W. HOLS
or sal
riEASr In chests, half chests and quarter
1 fres h article, for sale ery low at No. 4.
OAP & CANDLES. A rood article ,
both on hand and foi sale by the box.
RAISINS. 25 boxes just received andfi
sale low at No 4 GEO W HOLMES.
hand from one to three years old for sale
No 4. ' - GEO W HOLMES,
OMACCO. 20 boxes fine Va.andKy.- lc
received from tho manufacturers, and 1
sale low at No 4. GEO W HOLMES.
SYRUI, a good article, low at
LEMONS A ORANGES 20 boxes frei
aud for sale cheap by G W HOLMES.
MACKEREL. 60 bbls. Nos. 1, 2, pud
just received and for sale low at No 4.
DROOMSr-20.doii. first rnte articles chci
(CODFISH, A few drums just received
DYE STlirrSof all kinds, warranted goc
just received and for snle low by
A now supply of Calf Skins, Upper, Morocc
ii . Buff Linings, Bindings and Findings of
descriptions. Come along "simp," and see at.
I OIINTY LAND. For those who served
.! the War of 1812 with Givat Brilaiuofany of l
Indian. I have received a copy of the late Act
Congress, passed September 150, ylanti
Bounty land, &c, niid'ain prepared to proct
lands under the ir isiouaof said.
. Those iiLviiriiig information concerning th
rights to lauds cnu be informed by application
me., Nucliangewill be made except in cases pi
viug successful, and ill such charges will be rcast
able. . . '
DU J. XV. rilY, burgee
Dentist, Portsmouth, Ohio; 'W
visit POMEROY, in the first week
the months of June, Septtmler, December e
.March.. ' . ... . fcweh25A21yi

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