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V Worm Sfrup.
fft Jis ever obtained higher c
J TVr."efre7uUtioB than Hobenaack's
J iLupK'recting.omeof the most
, ; Wona Syrup, ri )rps tht taVe evei
I - -ton'n?nfnrh. ,nals of Medicine. ,-, "
? ' .Wdyffi
J 1 where worm, are the primary Cause oHheir
JuT fft.o7 theV"egeUbl of wWchit
h aumerouJ unsolicited, testimonials we are daily
! "'a evidence of the above, we refer you to
. . ut.Uu, bmmt f rnin our .uuwwr
the testimony
f Hannahaw
Mess as. Ho
4j fering, I hast
i f their especial
the tertimony of .highly
Mannahawksn, M.
I. M"f"T, ,, j 41., nnhl r. fnr
I hasten ,u iniunu ;u
Lchd benefit, of the efficacy of your Ve-
table Worm Syrup, as I am diapoiea w i give
credit where it is due. The case ;is -"
"S 'respectable married man by the arne of Dar
ST was in,ormed by his .Physician he was ia
GV under the Dysyeysia, and treaty I accor-
My, but still grew worse. "c's '
... r ?.i:4- tmiwrance. we the
He Caliea ou aa. -
noueh to keep me alive, while, there seem.
.nougu w ,;,, mv insides out!
le sometmng in nic, b"-'- t ,
ruck me at one that he had W orms, when I
'iac m!J T xvnm Svnin: the second bot-
wTneaify exhausted when an abundant quan-
v nf Worms from 10 to fourteen incma iuug
was expelled from him, after which his Ma in re
turned, and he is now actively employod in his
dX avocation, being a carpenter by d IJjus.
aa! voiir Syrup restored to society a useful mera:
binVfmnily kind 'and fcaustrtau. pro
uder GoYhead, gentlemeu, mimstertng to suf
fering manity, and enjoy, the. rich reward n
vour own minds. ' " ' , ,
With pleasure I subscribe myself yours, fcc,
Merchants and others wishing the medicine can
1 Wilson, Middleport. or by addressing the propri-
etors, J N O S Homnsack, o. ow uu
street, Philadelphia. ...
. August 86, lBSl nbm4 . - , ,
r" mnocna WANTED. The sub-
fscriber wishes to employ at his shop mShef
fakcld, Meigs county, Ohio, near Pomeroy,
EST, jr ten journeyman Cooper. None
but good workmen need apply. The highest price
will be paid in cash, and steady employment
given. Apply soon. & jhyRICK. '
Sheffield August 12, 1861-n44w4.
ouT7uii7i?a ar.P.;
l'T.. ' , rxr , . Af nl. vend. ex. to me dl
ill ? J v,., 4V. nf rnmmon Dleas Of MeigS
ft ICllCU UT " . ,
u-b vu.... . . ... .:
Dhift 'I w 11 offer for sale neat mc icbi-
? dence of Jeremia Grey in Olive township, on
Friday, the 19th day of September next, oeiwern
..' , the hours prescribed by law, the following pro-
perty: one flat boat one horse, on two horse
i :. Il-fl.t:- tLniui .tve. Offered as
the property of said Grey t the suit of L. L. Har-
ding forthe use of J. K. Davis. -
M. W. COLLINS, s. m. c. .
August 19, 1861. n46w6
BY virtue of a writ of alias vend, ex. to me di
rected by the court of common pleas of Meigs
eounty, Ohio,I will offer at public sale at the door
of the court-house in Pomeroy, on tha first
day of. the next term . of. said court be
tween the hours prescribed by law, the following
real estate, vis? Lot No. 13, in the town of Le
fartsvjlle, bounded as followst, beginning at a
stake at the southeast corner of lot No. 8; thence
north IV feet to a stako; thence east 164 feet;
thence south 77 feet to a stakej thence west 104
. trrt. tn Mm nlone of beeinnine. ' Also, lot No. 6
l in the town of Letartsville. Offered as he pro
1 perty of iobn McCUntock at the suit of David
' Oaks. ;. : - . -
Auguatl9, 166V. n48w6. L
. M. C.
fihoklfl'a Hula.
. BY virtu X two writs of alias vend. ex. to me
directed, one from the cou,t of common pleas of
A'tlinna .mintV .nit nnA frni tVt. Amirt iif Aom-
4 i - ..r l ' : ..,t. Ai. : 1 ah nTo mi
A public isatoan Monday, ths i 4th day .of August,
f 1801, between me sours piescnoea oy law, anne
' ;4 mill of Downing dp Co., In Coalport, the following
.rr.xn.hi i ... I i . H rt O Thrill ll PnMtnA iV Rnilpf'
And three run of mill stones. Ottered as the prop
erty of R. Downing et. 1. atrha anit of .Hamp-
Ljton. Smith 4 Co
LINS, S. Jtt. e.
Court. X v
K ' '' A ttly 24, 1831.
I.'' . .-t Si
Sale by Order of
Stedman and wile
1 I
Seth P
Pro(l M n1
BY virtue of an order in the above case, from
the' court of common Pleas of Meigs couaty, to
: me directed. I will expose to public sale on the
premises on Monday the 26th day of Augutt next,
' between the hours prescribed by law, the follow
ing described real estate, to wit i 82 feet of the
, ' North end of lot No. 16 in the town of Ooelport
- with all the appurtenances thereto belonging on
a the following terms to wit : One third cash in Hfcid
', " one-third in six months from the day of sale, and
' the residue in one year, according to the statute
; in such cases made and provided.
: ' Appraised at S767. I
M. W. COLLINS, . m. c.
f - July 24, 1851 n43w6.
j; BY virtue of a writ of plu. ven. cxp. to me di
reeled bv the court of common pleas of Gallia
county, Ohio, I will offer at public sale at the
door of the court-house in Pomeroy, on Saturday,
fh 9Htk -tflav nf Kpntpmlipr nPYl. KptwApn thp
IL L. hours prescribed by law, the following real estate,
I ..: ..I - t i i : .. .l. . i . , - r
: ic. w acres ui laiiu ,11 uic kjuuihcdi uuaiivi ui
v sMyrifin tvn in inwriRniTi ran. . At ranup ran
16, in the Ohio company's purchase. Levied on
'as the property of John II. Caywood, at the suit
of Joseph Marshall. . -
M. W. COLLINS, s. m. c.
August 19, 1861. n45wa.
BV virtue of a writ nf alius ie.nft. ex. to me
directed by the court of comnyff pleas of Meigs
county, Ohio, I will offer atifublic sale at the
door of the court house ipyrunjeroy, on the 8th
day or September next, Mtwecn the hours pre-
arrilip1 hv iiiiu. fhp firm'nir Tirnnnrlv. vir mil
two hors wagon Ottered as the property of
James Duke, atiiauit of the State of Ohio vi.
t 1 1 i i v t-. ': .
jtuit-aw aa in j mi ii jv. omirci. .
M. W. COLLINS, s. m. c.
igust 19, 1851. n462.
M 1ST GF LETTERS remainina In ihe
: L Post ofllco at Pomproy, O., on -iho 15th
i .l-v of Auk.. 1851,- -
t Brown Harriott
' r . it "
lvnson iioiiry
Moss Lucrutia
M'Duniul Jnmct
Munrow Win .
Noase Lewis
Newton Mary S
Omble , .
Phillips RevG B
-Qumbry Enos
' RossAier yron
Roes Thus
Rem P E
fmiih Mary Ann '
miihley John
' Sims Elizabeth
. Sevoranca Lcnora
Siory Edward M
SkioWtt W II
Summons Thos
Smith Stepheniall
Scheirman George
Sia! D'rPh
Siridir Tiffin
Fuiley John R
Suck it S v
Thomas Danl
Thomas Henry M
.Williams Jo'in
W.ljhi Geo
Willis Michai l ..
Walkup Margar
i Bradshaw Geo W
; Clork F J
. Campbell Saml
.' Davis Alban
v : Davis John
Evans John
I FiRglng Thoma
i Godson Wm
Ouhi John
Gardner Wm
stell George
J mow David
j uiUnn Robert
V ? AJei.ry Jacob ...
I lli-art Jarres
f l ! lloliDaiitF
' J Uojd Sarah
J..nec Wmt
Jumuk Lewis
Jar vis Georgo
Jones Wm W
Y? Largo Wm Pt
Lewis Saml
k I pwI- Wm
f shon Thomas
vkey He
' f min Ji hn
! Line Elizabeth
4 ;!unc i Adam '
. I u t
liS Blf 5TOV. PT M.
It , P'rhcrny, Aug 15, 1851-, .
' IT Coasumption is a disease which is carrying
ta victims to the tombs by thousands, without
beinr arrested is its progress by the medicines
common use at the present time. But a brighter
day is coming, snd has come as to successfully
srrsstthis disease. DR. ROGERS LlyKRWOKT
aVT, TAR. not only gives immediate relief
Coughs and Colds, but from the testimony of nicn
of the hiehest standing here and elsewhere, n t
mikinr Home very remarkable cures of Consump
tion.' Improvements In the tieatinent of diseases
are onward, and nothing can arrest its spirit in
the present age. ' Those who are afflicted with
diseased Lungs, would do well .to call on . the
agents and see the certificates of Dr. Wm.'J.
Richards, Judge Vm. Burke, the wife of the
Rev. Geo. W. Maley, and of Dr. Hiram Cox, late
Professor in the Eclectie Medical College in Cin
cinnati.. . . ' "" ' , ' '
For sale la Pomeroy by J. P. Flemino and D.
Run, Agents' for Meigs county. .n37w2;.
tTDa. GnvaotT's Impsovso Extract Or Yel
low Dock .nd Sassamrilla is a lure remedy for
Hereditary Taint.,. . - v
Thousands of Individuals are cursed with griev-
sus oomplaints, hich they inherit from theii pa
nt. The use of the Yellow Dock andSarsa-
darilla will save all this, and save a vast amount
nf miaerv. and many valuable lives, for it tho
roughly expels from the system the latent taint,
which ia the seed of disease, snd so taaes on me
curse by. which the sins or misfortunes of the pa
rents are so often .visited upon the mnocent on-
spring. ' . w-:' !
Parents w K to their ehiiarea w guaro mew
against the effects of maladies that may. be 'com
municated by descent, and chiWren of parents
that have at any. time been affected with Con:
...-,:,, Romfula or SyDhfiis, ewe it to them-
aelves to take precaution against the disease be-
.!pnin them. G-uysott's nxiracioi ie,-
low Dock snd Sarsaparilla is "s sure antidote.
at J
uch cases. See advertisemant, njow-n
Monthlv 31J pages per number; $1 per an
num, in advance; ten copies for 17.
' Bl-MONTHLT AND MoNTIILV 768 pagCS per Sn-
num; t1 advance; 10 copies for $15.
This" is the only journal in Europe or America
devoted to a complete and original system of An
WnnWv. It oresents new and well demonstra
ted systems" of Phrenology, Physiology, and Phys
iognomy, and surveys from a new position, the
Humanitarian progress, and the great wonders and
discoveries of the age. The doctrines of the Jour
nal have been sanctioned, generally, by phrenolo
gists and men of science, who have given them
aa Investigation. Specimen numbers will oe
sent gratuitously. Address the Editor, Dr. J. R.
BUCHANAN, Cincinnati. Remittances at me
Editor's risk. ' i
Volume first being stereotyped, copies will be
.nt v. mil for 12. This volume contains mite
pistes, one being s map! of the New System of
Phrenology. jnoiowt.
Pomeroy AfademyV
tiii? wat t. TFPM of thin Academv will com
mence on Monday, the 14th of September.
instruction IS given in iu iuc vuuiuiuii uiniiuvii
-r p., !:.., .j.i-atinn tha T.ntin. Greek. French
and Germaa languages and Higher Mathematics.
The rnneipai is nov iniuiuom vuoi ma iiupiu
should go over more ground than others, but it is
his aim to instruct all his pupils so thoroughly
that when they have fihished a study they will
A complete practical and theoretical know
ledge of it.
An ApparaiuB wm Deproviaea uj uiububic iuc
:nM;nl.si Af rhMrairxt mnA PhUniiYinri V. ATlli A
course of lectures accompanied with experiments
'..111 V. " .V . JunH. tk. a.a.
Isioa. No effort will be spared to make the lnstl-
l77.!nM nn. a tKaH) ttifrhnat nrHpr. With in the
n jmber and extent of the ssudies pursued, snd in
the facilities for scquiring s thorough knowledge
of them. '
Arithmetic, Grammar, Geography and His-
invar nu nno riAF .
Botany, Natural Philosophy, and Astrono-
. i . . il. i C an
my, in aaaiuon ia me aouve, - - v
Natural Sciences, and the Higher Matiie-
. m 1 4i, 4...1 Tl 1 ' 1
maucs, moral aim iiiicucuium ruuuBu
phy, Rhetoric, Logic, Book Keeping, the
Latin, and Greek Languages, 8 00
AT. eVAln ; 4. Iran far Irw. (km a CiHart.r anil
41U U UlllVlI lui IUH moil m irjliniw.l
no deduction made for absence, except in cases of
rouaciea sic megs.
C. C. GILES, Principal.
Pomeroy, August 12, 1861.
Only One Week Longer.
Now is your time to buy cheap paints, turpen
Bne, Varnish, Spices, Vermifuges, Pills, Vials,
ottles, castor oil, Sweet oil, brushes, perfumery,
fancy soaps, and everything in the drug line at
cost and no mistake. Those indebted will please
call this week and settle. J. P. FLEMING. .
Inhuman CrucltyBarbnrls-ni.
The inhuman creature who would suffer his
better half the partner of his bosom to standby
a hot stove and bake bread, this summer, ought
to suffer the fate provided for old Daniel. R. A.
Sidebottom's Bakery, Front street, above Lind, is
the great depot of Fresh Bread, crackers, cakes
and Pies. no37tf t
Farm for Sale.
OFFER for sale my Farm lying on the road lead
1 inefrom Chester to Parkersburg, in Chester
towuship, a half mile from Adams' mill, euntnin
mg 90 acres, 60 acres under cultivation, with two
dwelling houses and a well of (rood water, a pnod
apple and peach orchard, and a good shop suitable
for a blacksmith or wagon-maker.
May 16, 1851 n32w3pd. K. V. KIMS.
Milliner and Miinrj;imak i
II AS JUST RECEIVED and is now openinc
I I in the basement of the Riheldarfer House, a
general assortment of Bonnets, Ribbons, Artificial
Flowers, Crapes and Milliners Trimmintrs of all
kinds and of the best quality, which will be sold at
a very small advance.
Pomeroy, April 17, 1851 n28tf.
D Y virtue of a writ of vend. ex. to me directed
U by the court of common pleas of Meigs coun
ty, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door of the
court house, in Pomeroy, on the 25th day of A u
gust, the following real estate, to wit : the south
west quarter of the northwest quarter of section
eight, town three, range thirteen, Ohio Cmpa-
ny s purcnase. oom as me property or John Uil
leland, at the suit of David Barber et. al.
. M. W. COLLINS s. at. c.
July 24 th, 1861 w6.
Administrator's Notice.
rpiIE subscriber has .been appointed and quali-
J. ed as Administrator on the estate of Lorenzo
Dpwf late of Coalport, Meigs county, deceased.
All persons indebted to said estate are requested
to make immediate payment; and those bavin?
claims against .against said estate will present
them to duly authenticated for settlement within
one year from this date.
Jonathan i. riurr, Aom'r.
Sheffield, Hay S, 1851. n353.
Tea In chests, half chests, and quarters.
. fresh articles. For sale low by
Boxes Glassware received and for sale at
ClODFlSKTr-A few drums just received a
J man's Props, 6 eta pi bot, at FLEMING'S
T70R SALEThe subscriber offers tot sale
L his Lard Oil Factory situated ia the town of
Poeroy. for terms apply to Adam Berkes or to
themdersigne DAVID OEYER.
BBVWHTB CinthtrijiB TiWi'j at
. a tturliUK'llf On the 23il dav of MV: A
J' D. 1S51. David Barber caused to be issued
ttr'm the Couft i,t Coiiiuion Plfsa, of Metes Cntin-
tv. Ohio, a vvfit of attachment, for the sum of
one hun lred and ofl dullafa, against thepfnn
ty and effects of Abrahntn M. Hinkl) which
writ has been served and fetuftied.. -"-' .
A. DONNALlY, Clefk.
T. MNTAGir. Atfy for Pl-ff.-,
June 11, 18M.--no36.
. Administrator's) Notice. "! t
' AT the J une Term of the court of common pleas
pf Meigs county, the undersigned was appointed
ed and qualified as Administrator, with the will
annexed, of the estate of William McDaniel, late
of said county, deceased. .
. . . ' E. JONES.
' June 12, 1851. no36w3.
NOTICE. A petition will be presented to the
Truste s of Scipio township, Meigs county,
on Thursday, the 3d day of July next, praying
for a township road to be laid out from the dwel
ling house of Henry Webster, in Section 25,
Town 7, Range 14, to the main road passing
through said section. liKINKi WfcbSTliK.
June 6, 1861. n36w4pd.
Administrator's Notice
j THE subscriber has been appointed and quali
fied as Administrator on the estate of Josiah
Branch, late of Coalport, Meigs county, O., dee'd.
All persons indebted to said estate are requested
to make immedivte' payment; and those haviug
claims against said estate will present them duly
authenticated for settlement within one year from
this date. - O. BRANCH, Adm'r.
Pomeroy, August 1, 1851. n43w3.t '
Public Sale.
Notice is hereby given that I will on the 23d
day of August, next, offer for sale at the door of
the courthouse in the town of Pomeroy, Meigs
county, the following Teal estate, to wit, lot 23t,
divided into two parts. First, that part of said lot
adjoining the lot of Oren Branch, commencing at
the corner of said Branch' a lot on Walnut street ;
next, to said lot 231 on Walnut street and running
so far westwardly along said street with the front
of said lot as to include the building rn that part
of said lot next to said Branch's lot, supposed to be
about 23 feet 6 inches, and then lark to the rear
of said part of said lot to include, from front to
fear, all of that part of said lot; secondly, till the
residue of said iot 231. being the westerly or north
westerly part thereof. To be toldby the order of
the court of common pleas, at the suit of Ruber!
Hysell, against Wm.-H.' Dike, James Murphy
John Davis and Samuel Morton, under a dcen e
In chancery. Appraisement, r. First part 83u3.
Second part e400. ' " TH.1RVIN
i ' Master Com' r. inCh'y, M. C.
v Administrator's Sale.
' BY virtue of an order to me directed by the
court of common pleas of Meigs county, I offer at
public sale. at the door of the; court-house in
Pomeroy, on the first day pf the" next term, be
tweeea the hours prescribed by law, the following
real estate, vis: a part of fraction No. 2. in town
ship No. 2, range No. 13, in the Ohio Company's
Purchase: and beginning at the southwest corner
of said fraction, and running thence east 22 chains
and 70 links; thence north 33 deg. west 14 chains;
thence north 40 dep. west 2 chains and 64 links;
thence south 5 chains and 65 links; thenee west
13 chains and 26 links; thence south 9 chains snd
30 links, to the place of beginning; containing
20 sores more or less. Appraised at 3464.
Tesms: One third cash in hand; one-third in
six months, and the residue in one year from the
day of sale, according to the statute in such cases
made snd provided.
A. 1JNUKLS, Adm'r.
Augusts, 1851. n43w4.
Public Sale. "
NOTICE is hereby given that I will, on the
22d day of September next, at the door of the
courthouse, in Pomeroy, Meigs county, offer for
sale, the following property, to wit: 121i acres of
lond,the east end of 262 acre lot, No. 34, in section
28, town 6, range 14 in said county. Ordered to
be sold as the property of Sarah M'Guire, John
M'Guire, the heirs of Horatio Sprague, Reuben
Eustice, and Charles O. Sprague, at the suit of
JudahTouro, . TH.IRV1N master com'r.
August 13, '61 n44w8
Public Sale.
NOTICE is hereby given that I will, on the
004 iliittf C4nl4nlu nml. lt r'nai i.,V.7 Of
she court house, In Pomeroy, Meigs County, oftrt
1. a 4.4.U ""J wv.wiv.Mww, .. -I ' ,
forfala the followms tract nf land: to wit:,Thei
aonth-west part Of tiwstionr- f M section. 15,
town 9, range 15, containing 70 aores, and being
the farm on which George Wood resides, in the
county of Meigs. Ordsred to be sold as the prop
erty of said George Wood at the suit of Wm. M'
Dowell TH. IRV1N, master com'r.
- August 13, '61 no44w6 '
Sale by order of Court.
By virtue of an order of the court of common
Sleas in the case of Charles F. Thomas vs. Thomas
cKown, to me directed, I will offer at public
sale at the door of the court house in Pomeroy, on
22nd day of September, 1851, between the hours
prescribed by law, the following real estate, vis:
Lot No. 180 in the town of Pomeroy. Appraised
at700. -.v M. HECKARD,
Special Master in Chancery.
August 19, 1861. n46w6,
OTICE. William Pullins, Cothorine Pul
lins, Isaac Sheets, Mary J. Sheets, John F.
Spencer, William V. Spencer, Andrew J. Spencer,
Smiley A. bpencer, James A. Spencer, Clarissa
Spencer, John J. Perdon, Margaret Perdon, La
vina Crops, Christian Creps, William Creps, Mary
A. Creps, and Lydia Creps, will take notice that
a petition was filed against them on the 30th day
of July, 1861, in the court of common plens of
Meigs county, by Francis F. Spencer, and is now
pending therein, wherein the smd Francis de
mands partition ofthe following real estate, to-wit:
40 acre.' off the west side of the northwest quar
ter el section INo. n, tow n Wo. 2, of range 13, in
Meigs coiin'y; md that at the next term of snid
rouri appiieatinn will benindcby the snid Francis
f ir an order that partition may be mnrio of snid
premises. F. F. SPENCER.
August.'), 1851. n43w0.
House aud Lot for Sale.
THE subscriber olli rs for t;;ile 1ms dwelling
house; also, his corner house, at present occupied
us a Chair, Cabinet, and Tailor Khcp, together with
the whole lot. Said property is situated in the
most puhlic part of Grnhnm Station. The prem
ises is well oaloula.fd for any kind of mercantile
business. For further particulars apply on the
premises to M. C. GREENLEE.
August 6, 1851. n43tf.
Hope for the Afllfrtrd.
1 a derangement, of Nature from taking Mer
cury, may be cured by taking the Extract ol
American Oil, which.purifies the blood, and
will cure Fresh Cuts, Fever Sores, Bruises, Scalds,
Burns, lnflamation, Flux, Erysipelas, Rheuma
tism, Arc, with the small sum of 26 to 60 cents.
For sale by Wm. B. Penningto, Middleport,
Meigs county, Ohio; also, by II. Havman, Letarta-
ville, and S. H. Basrktt, Rutland. Call and get
bottle, and you will find it to be one of the best
medicines now in use.
August 6, 1861. n43w3.
The Greatest
Is ma wnovt Wu.d!
' JHm1 pm Brtfe, or Sai BtOimf M.
It hi
laaaaaJWUrequirad at a Bnav-thrM Mm aSaa
OttU laala TwrmntVmihmm Itawa arWa la atn
kw W - -J . 1. 1 1 , 1 .,
! raoilnd of tbto a Im luulirai Son.
Tlx rl SjmtW of ikla BUaal Partflsr m an
Mbar BadMlnaa, cooallM la a traal Mann la ila DoaaM.ll
J - o T;r. a iMaww lUaaleal vtrtma
. naa nanf Mil
Indian Roots and Barks,
wbkt ae attar w dltlaa an n. Taaat aia tka awat rWa
Ptrilan af ifaa Pla4 Uat wm aw kaowa la atitaar
UtntM If liaialwlUl laaf
BarsaparUla, Yellow Dock;
auk (kit TcR-atakU SstraeUMl aalv Bw fa. Blssa1
Fartaar. bat alaa. eaMBr naaia. bv ptti 44t
laa hi other. Il dUtpar, kaeMua laa aaaali of a lka
awr koM Bv Oaa Palter will laat mmek laacer, and
will tarn- Taa) Tlaaaa aw tm Slaam, Una Um Mlm't
Wartk of au oltaar awdlclaa.
tr rat m&mu amor or aa cvwor
BcreiolA, rever-Sores,
- J afaiiail 1 Ja " - mt aaV.Mm
Staav filial am Ma W I.t4MaMmtallrilav laaa.
kM, C Umm, 1 alTaiaa) tm i-yaa, Bjaaapa
aJa, tmm to (W Sua, frm, itaaa, aafil JMaaaa4 au. orata
I .iiu-Ruxo D1.L4 s aw oor JUMFULfTi vti Baii
aiA.aary Aaaat iMa feaa. a (19 aaiaa.
. nmsOUcst Spanish float only ft pr Uv
1 t ehenj irug iibit, - FLEMING.
H. B. SMITH. .
Prefer in Dry Goods, Grcrtleii HarJvtrfr
k the corner of Cherry aud Front, where l.e
wm be happy to greet hi numerous friends and
customers with tnothef ths fifth) lot of old
ioor. Having purchased .the entire strek of
r. Williams Slid Connected hi own therewith
he is prepared to trade for every marketable arti
cle, cash not excepted, tipoh terms to Suit ;
N. B. - The Stove Store snd Tin and Copper
uiiaoiiiDmcni win oe eonimuea in the pin stand
one door below by SMITH THOMPSON.
' July 10, 1861. j "
r"lLOTHINO made to order and warranted in
l every particular by H. B. SMITH.
T oots A ShoesWishing to efese out this
part of my trade I will Sell below the usual
rates at wholesale or retail., ' H. B. SMITH.
July 17, 1861.' ,
Lumber, Weather boards and inch poplar
forsaleby - . , H. B. SMITH.
f lass Jars, Tea Boxes, Lamps' and other
VJi store room furniture for sale at
' - ' H. B. SMITHS.
Buckets V Tubs. From
Factory for .sale at y -
the Marietta
Broon.S4-.20 dos. at wholesale at" T
v SMITH'S. '
hi a a 11 says tnat the ua system works like
O charm." He has just, returned from the
Queen City and is prepared to accommodate hi
numerous customers .with the following articles
at his cash prices. . . :
SO Barrels best Molasses; ' ''
15 do Middling and Extra Sugars;
10 Boxes Raisins; ;v
10 do Soap;
10 do Candles:'
Sugar Crackers; Soda aufl Butler do. '. ",
Coffee, Tea, &c. -? " '
Spices and other articles belonrinc to the traila
at Wholesale or Retail., Call and eer-liim first
house above the Rolling UilU; -"He's theTC.'.' "
for'nlc ntCin
I cmnati pnecs,
Knnntvhn Salt 10 Isrrel-s for vo$y
low for onsh ?t . SMITH'S.
WENTV-FIVT! rtushels Shoe Pr-rs. ns
sortud sizes, from tlie brst fnfitnrs in tlio rni
Uett. f-iT!le't " ' 'SMITH'S. '
rd A snlenrlirf nrlipTe df No. J f.-.r .ilrat
Msv 8, 18M ' .. SMITH'S.
new "Tp1y ,f o sptonft'i-l Tf A:-from
PilniVlptvfi T rfTrr !' tn thr n,.i i;,. v!th
renewed in"pmeTl -' H: B. SMTTP; Aiint
JnlylT. : ' '
Qoda Fountnln for mle with hi the r-
oeipts p-nd appurtenancrs. at
May 8, 18R1.
1 KATIIKK-'TnpfT. Cf Tonmnrr. T,in-
'innfl Bindinr skins.
frf aalff anrp (f
CI OLE I.EATIIEW. A fnVndid rtile o
1. Cincinnati anri TTpmtnrlr tan' fnr aaa 4
freceived on commission end for sale humi the
cash principle, by . - . H. B. SMITH.
Bed Pins tnt reeiv
H. B. SMITH. Airent
17) ed and for sale by.
flOAL STOVES.The celebrated Enterprise
jnob. 1, 1 and 3 (Jail and seehem, at
Selling off at Cost.
Great Faroins! Great Bargains!
IS subscriber about to decline business in
uio Pomeroy, offers his-entire stock through the
nth of July
TaT' sr3SEBBnr,
His stock embraces
Drags A full and general assortment.
. . n , - . ,
ramiv -riwii tuoi ij Den manii-
racture. .T"- " , . , ..
Palatsu Wilson's celebrated Chocolate col
ored, Fire and Weather Proof Paint, which we
offer cheaper than common white lead; Chromes,
Red, Yellow and Green; Chinese, Trieste and
American Vermillion: Blue dc Celestial Patent
Blue, Yellow Ochre, Spnnish Brown, Ven. Red,
Red, White, and. Black lead; Lamp, Bone & I
vory Black, Umber, &c, &c,
Oils. Every kind, with prime bottled Cod
Liver Oil.
Dyes tuff;. Embracing Acids, Annotta,
Cochineal, Indigo, Logwood, Ex-Logwood, Mad
der, Vitriol, c. &c,
Brushes. Cloth, Hair, Tooth, Nail, Shav
ng, Whisker, Flesh, Hat Dusting, Hearth,
Sweep, Whitewash, Horse, Scrub, Shoe, Paint,
Varnish & Sash Brushes.
Tocether with vials. Bottles,- Essences, Cor
dials, Pills, Spices, Cigars, Tobacco, Snuffs,
Wines, Liquors, Perfumery, Blacking, Surgical
& Dental Instruments, Black Lead Pots. Block
Tin Zinc, Sandpaper, Turpentine, Rosin, Var
nish, Pure Old Rye Whiskey, Glue, Inks, Ver
mifuges, and variety articles.
Pomeroy, J uly 1st, 1851. J. P. FLEMING.
R. E. Constable. R. A. Constable.
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
and Solicitors in Chancery,
Athens, Athens Comity, Ohio,
Will promi'tlv and faithfully attend to all
business entrusted to them in the Ohio Courts or
in the Circuit and Supreme Conrts of the United
HT Office tight doors West of the Post Office
and opposite the Court House.' i ."
July 10, 1851. n40tf.
AT my instance an attachment was this day
issued byS. S. Paine a justice of the neace
of Salisbury township, Meigs county, against the
property and effects of George W. Aken, a non
resident ol said county.
July 12, 1851. n41w3.
... " i - ai- I
1YJ OTICE. At my instance an Attachment
was this issued by Seneca Haicht. a iustice
of the peace of Rutland township. Meirocountv.
and State of Ohio, against the property and effects
or William r. Kent, a non-resident of said coun
July 7, 1861. n4nws. v
Notice. ' .
THE Second term of Mr. Williams' Singinh
'.lass will commence on Saturday evening the6tt
ist, at hair past seven o'clock, in the basemen;
f the Presbyterian church. Persons desirous oi
miting with the c assure invited to be present on
hat evening.
July 1861. h38w3.
ijrsjfc nwuKOY wharf boat.
WAVING newly fitted up my Wharf Boat,
uid improved its capacity, I am prepared to re
ceive and forward all kinds of goods, produce, 4c,
eirher up or down the river, at the most reasona
ble rates. Having made permanent arrangements
with the stesmers plying regularly to Cincinnati
md Pittsburgh, lam prepared to forward freights
uniform rates regardless of the season. Those
.ishing to ship on the Pittsburgh and Cincinnati
'ncKets. or on anyot the smaller boats plying re
ulnrly "Ohio," "Reveille." or "Gov. Mcies.'
"in make their shipments through me at a great
dvantage. My charges are moderate, and as my
:icilities for storing goods are not exceeded by any
ither boat on the River, I invite business men to
consult their own interests by advancing mine.
'areftil and attentive hands are always ready day
iu nigm, io receive or aisonirge iretgni.
. Families removing to the West can be ao
commodated on board the Wharf Boat
; iunel2n36 JAS. MARTIN.
N. B. All letters and freight should be direct
ed " J. Martin, Pomeroy Wharf Boat, Court House
-.anding.", , , .
O'Athens Messeagei copy to the amount oftl
id charge this office.'
'3fnORS! BUGGY can be obtained on li
" bcrsV tcmn by application to
icray i
ILDGEtNYE tcsamta tha praetiee nf the Law
- U4 aaifi 44.4-j l. i, )
-.444 a-mai. ,u n in iut:if;a auu uailla,
idttia other counties of the (present) eighth eir-
eUlt. . lfH1rit17il9R,4r,
. : -V
I ib ii..r il r fel l ftl Dead.
I S OLilsfER St LEONARD woultfrepccti
I "J fofm tne citizen ofc Pomeroy n vicinity
tl:dt they still 6oirtiiru'e,the MARBLE BUSINESS
m all ia all its various branches attkeif olrfslsnd
in Marietta, Ohio.
Having just feceiued a large SHif Well Mrleed
assortment of Italian and AiiK-rii uu mniuiu -and
Blocks, fe prepared to make to o;J. r, M
of everv varielv. oh the sHofcti st fintl;
wkatkrt style, and for the tontit Mu c.
"Marble Mantels, Centre Tablc-Tofs, v., al
ways on hand. - . v- f
Grindstones from the best Waj'tott qtiarfi'es,
constantly on hand, wholesale or retail. ..
Any orders addressed - to US at Marietta, of II.'
B. Smith, Pomeroy, will be promptly attended to,
Marietta, O. June 19, 1851 n37infl.
Road Tax Kotiee.
' The Crmmissioners of Me!(.a eounty attheir
March session 1851,. detortninrd that S genera
levy of ten cents on the 100 valuation,, be as
sessed on the taxable property of said county
entered on the duplicate of 1851. ' '
ALSO: An additional levy of 20 cents on the
1100 valuation, by the Trustees of Chester, of 2
cents on the $100, by the trustees of Olive j of
tu cenia on we aiw, ny xne Trustees oi urange,
and 10 cents gn the $100 by the Trustees of
Salisbury. S. HALLIDAY Aud.
iune 28, 1861. n38w4:
LBS. Lampblack for 90 cts, at
panih Liquorice 1
V J : -
:0cts. per lb. at
aud Paper, at cost, at
Spiees, Cinnamon, Cloves, Pepper, and All
spice at cost at" FLEMING'S
Fire Proof Paint Wilson's beautiful
Chocolate, olored Metallic Fire and Weath
er proof paint, for the manufacture of which the
proprietor has bi-en awarded seven medals from
the different Fairs and Institutes of this and other
Statt s, Pr its superiority over all others. It is sua-
ccptible of a fine polish m" wannnted not to
cr.ick. For sale nl cost, or cheapprthan than any
othM kind of paint at regular snlis.-
ri.EMING. -
amp C'UImtti'S-T-riuir'licR nud Halls can
' now supply themselves wiUi I.mp Chimnies
at cost at " FLEMING'S. .
Drug Store for Sale.
TTf TITH a nnd consinntly increasing
V V pajronape, situated in the town of Pome
roy. 'j h irsjflt priiprous oiindition of the
place' together willrrercntly developed resources,
render it the most di.irable location in the State.
The fact that several extensive salt companies
have lately pone into operation vndeTsuch favor
able auspicec, induces the belief, that the growth
of the How.n, hitherto so unparalleled, has but
just commenced. For particulars enquire, post
paid, of J. P. FLEMING.
Pomeny, July 1st, 1851. . '
: Hontse and Lot Tor Sale.
J1HE UNDERSIGNED offers for sale his House
and Lot in Minersville, near V B Horton's
upper coal-bank The size of the house 30 by 18
feet two stories and a half hiith. The lower
story is made sufficient to keep a store, grocery, or
hoarding house. The lower story is 18 feet square
oi a room. The second story has two large rooms,
with a good fireplace. The upper story is all in
one room, with a good fireplace. Also, a good
cellar, 10 by 18 feet. The lot is 60 feet in front
by 225 back.
Any person wishing to purchase this property
all have a great bargain.
May 22, 1851 n33w4pd
7 holesale and Retail Dealer in
V Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Nuts, and
Confectionery, . .
would respectfully announce to his customers,
and the public, that he has constantly on hand a
large assortment of every article in hisline. which
he 1j prepared to warrant equal to any brought to
this market, , '
He keeps constantly on handbesides CANDIES
And in a word every varietv of articles usually
found in a wholesale Fruitery and Confectionery.
Having an excellent BAKERY attached he is
prepared to furnish BREAD, CAKES, CRACK
ERS, PIES, &c., as may be desired.
p"f artits furnished to order.
The subscriber pledees himself to keen such a
stock as cannot be surpassed in this Market
Dealers generally, and especially Merchants
from the country, are invited to call.
ILTUrders promptly and satisfactorily filled.
Pomeroy, May 29, 1851. no34tf.
Icmon Syrup, for sale wholesale and retail
CE CREABL-aThis delicious summer lux
ury will be served every evening and families
supplied to order at HOSSICK'S.
Messfnckr, Down Sunday, Up Wednesday.
Buckkte State,
Keystone State,
Tuesday, '
Thursday, "
Friday, "
Saturday, "
Ohio, Down Tuesday. Up Sunday.
Reveiiif J 4" ruii;toyi,ionuayci imirsuny
Y T) , , A i m. ,
Porlsm'th Tuesday & Friday.
w.ekly packet
Between Pitsburgh.ITIaiielta, Ponie-
roy ana uampolis.
Tn new and fast runningsteanv
OJlKfJ er GOV. MEIGS, Captain John N
: -' Smmic, will make regular weekly
trips between the above ports.
Leaving Pittsburgh for Marietta, Pomeroy and
UBiupons, every iijr.niJAK, ai V o'clock, V. M
Heturnine leaves Pomeroy for Marietta and
Pittsburgh, every THURSDAY at 9 o'clock, A. M.
June ia, iaoi. nsitr.
C 111! It CUES.
Protestant Episcopal Rev. Thomas B.
Doolev, Rector. Services every Sabbath morning,
at IO. nl.lnnt .
Presbyterian Rev. R. Wilkinson, Pastor:
services every sabbath morning at 101 rclock.
a " - w , . t i , r. ,
Pastor: Services at the upper church on alternate
lueiiMMiiMi i.ni!iianaia.ni, t p
enuuuui inuiiuiif'3, ai iu o ciock at lower church,
ccijr oauuaui uiiuruooil, ai J 0 ClOCK.
Roman Catholic Rev Theophilus Krapf.
r f ivbu services every aaoutun morning.
German ltlethodist Rev. Mr.
Sen ices every Sabbath morning.
German Lutheran Rev. Mr.
Services every Sabbath morning.
A MASOIVIC. Pomornv 1jA
XV No. 164, Stated Meetings, the Monday
I. N Evening, on or before the full moon in each
month. Hall in Murphy's building, Second St.
I. O. O. F. Naomi Lodjfe,
LJJ" Meetings on every Friday
Evening. Hall in Edwards' building.
Welfare Division, No. 06ons
riiV0f Temperance, Meetings every Saturday
tetrf Evening. Hall in DeCamp's building.
r Salisbury Division No. 9a,
t,A iSous of Teinpcmnfc Meetings on St.urdny
(aaalEvcTiings. imil, Birebiiruliug'JIiddiipori
CryMnl I'oiti.t Division Ao. 1,
ifiHy Sons and Dnugliter.s of Tciuperunce ineei
inwt ings every Friday aliernucn at the Sons'
Hrll in Pomeroy.
4 BY Virtue nf a writ of fi. fa. ctTTcv. fa. in me
directd by the iurt of cotimwn p!eas of Me:gs
county, Ohio, 1 will offer st public sa'e at the
door of the CoMrt-nouse in Pomeroy, on the first
day of the lfext efta of said court, letwcen the
hours prescribed hf law, the following real.cstate,
vis: Jne hundred acre tot being the lot on
P'hich Jeremiah Grey lives, in std'iolt 29, town
-mifo i i, Ohio company a purchase, except five
,t t.AA by the Said Grey to Joseph Corn well.
L-vied oi( as the property of said Gn y at the suit
uf JaCiibllorBiwok. ADnraised at 1 1000 -
, .. m, W, Q0LL1N8 s, ; r,
August 19, 1841'. n46wS. ' .
BY virtue of a writ of alias vend", ex. to me
directed bv Ihe court of Common picas of Gallia
county, Ohio-, I will offer for sale at of war the
residence of James CaVWood. in Sittcm town
ship, Mclgs county, Ohio, on Saturday, the 301h
Mint.,- between the bonis prescribed by law, the
the fbllowinif property, Vis: One Vokeof oxen.
The property of John H. Ctywood to satisfy a
judgment in favor of Al ol Kent.
"M. W.JLOLLINS, s. J. c. .
't August 19, 1851. nl3w2 '
1851. SPRNG GOODS. ',1851.
T,T S. EDWARDS has lust received from
? the East a larre assort mcnt, of new and de
sirable Goods, which in adiiitiqn to his previous
stock constitutes aa large an assortme nt as can l e
found in this region of country. His artit-Us arc
of the best quality, and he will sell at a very tm-.all
advance on eastern prices. Among his articles
may be found a large variety of DRESS GOODS,
consisting of
Figured and Watered Dress Silks;
Printed, French Grenadines, Berngcv Tissues, J:c
Blank, Green and Maroon French Merinnes;---Black,
Green, Mode and Maroon-Thibet Clutlisf
Black and Fancy Alpacas;' . .
Figured, Plain and Barred Swiss Muslins; .
A large assortment of Printed Lawns, comprir
sing the newest styles; -
rrench Printed Jaconets, Ginghams, 4c.
With an assortment of Worsted, Linen, and
Cotton Goods for Men's summer wear, -
Together with a splendid assortment of Prints of
the newest and most desirable styles.
Bleached and Brown Sheetings and Shirtings;
ALSO Cloths, Cassimtres, SatinetUi. Jeans.
Tweeds, die. .
Pomeroy, April 17, 1861. ...
I - Collars, Chemisettes, and Corded skirta. for
sale by aprill7 EDWARDS.
JENlfT LIIt DTRIltllfllNGS of all co-
lors, at apillT EDWARDS.
BONNETS Florence Braid, Rough and Rea
dy, Milan Edce, Hungarian, .Mhoni, Needle
Braid, colored Chip and China Pearl Bonnets, for
ale by apriin ' EDWARDS.
Bonnet Silks and Satins, various colors
Crape, Thule and Florence, assorted colors,
iot DoniieiLiining, lorsaie ai
Hosiery A fine assortment of Ladies aiid
Children's Hose. cnmDrisinir evcrv varii-tv.
just received by apriin EDWARDS.'
Lace Boots Kid, Morocco, Calf and Kip,
for sale at - apriin EDWARDS.
1 incn, Cotton, Jaconet and Swiss Edgings
I j ana inserungs, lorsaie at
Piece Bonnet and
Cap Ribbon", for
sale very cheap at
Aleves Black, Colored, White Kid and Silk
Gloves of superior quality, at.
altera and Half Gaiters, Kid, Morocco. Calf
T and KiD Buskins, and Jenny Lind Tics.
Also, a good assortmemt of Misses and Children's
Buskins, and Lace Hoots, for sale at.
apriin EDWARDS',
One Hundred Ream Cap Paper
Also, Flat Cap, Letter and Bill Paper, at
apiill7 EDWARDS'.
C'l roceries A General Assortmcntufarr im
J GROCERIES, for sale low by
apriin EDWARDS'.
teel A general assortment of Cast, Shear,
Germanend E.B Steel, for sale by . .
apriin EDWARDS'.
I ion A large lot of all sizes, for sale at
apriin EDWARDS'.
alls and Spikes of all sizes, just receiv
ed and for sale very cheap nt
apriin EDWARDS'.
IJbwder 60 kegs Rifle and Blasting Powder
on hand and for ale at
apriin EDWARDS'.
PLOWS. The attention of farm
ers is called to my assortment nf
Plows Lones Patent with with
out stocks ; also, Plow Points and Land Sides.
April 17, 1861. E. S. EDWARDS.
Tea Store I have on hand a large
lot of Imperial, Young Hyson and Black
TEAS, which 1 am prepared to sell in origi
nal packages either of 'i lbs., by the half chest,
or by the single lb, at very low prices.
April 17, 1861. E. n. liUWAKDS.
Hollow Ware A large assortment on hand
and for sale at E S EDWARDS.
April 17, 1851.
No. 4, Naln St., middleport, Ohio.
i.-: ajajtjaav. io anus. . i. or.(.ar on iianii ana
O for sale low by GEO. W. HOLMES.
T4i a W9 nn 7 .... , i i
LASSES. 100 bbls. new crop just re
ceived and for sale low by
IO COFFEE-60 baps superior article
just received and for sale low at No 4.
CIGARS. 20 boxes fine regalias;
10 do Canones;
13 do Fine Havanna;
6000 Commons on hand and
for sale low by GEO W HOLMES.
at No. 4 GEO W. HOLMES.
lEAS. Inchests, half chests and quarters,
fres h article, for sale ery low at No. 4.
OOAP & CANDLES A good article of
kj both on hand and foi sain by the box.
I A I SUN'S 26 boxes just received and for
IV sale low at No 4 GEO W HOLMES.
J. hand from one to three years old for sale at
OBACCO 20 boxes fine Va.andKy. leaf
I received from
sale low at No 4.
the manufacturers, am! for
kJa SYRUP, a good article, low at
f ElflOIV'S A ORANGES. 20 boxes fresh
JLi and for sale cheap by G W HOLMES.
ACKEREL. 50 bbls. Nos. 1, 2, and 4
1T.I just received and for sale low nt No 4.
at No 4
-20do. first rate articles cheap
nrnorsp tv hot mi.'i?
VI UWIll.,41, ,f JjllJiTILlO,
YE STUFFS of all kinds, warranted goodl
; , ' i i r , ,
jusi rccciveo. anu lur snie low ny
pOUNTY LAND-For those who tervedin
I the War of 1812 with Great Britain or nnv ofthe
Indian. 1 have received a copy of the 1 itc Act of
Congress, passed September 28, lb.00, . granting
Bounty land, &c, and am prepared to procure
lands under the provisions of said.
Those desiring information concerning their
rights to lands can be informed by rnplication to
me. , No change will be made except in cases pro
ving successful, and in such charges will be reason
able. J. CARTWRICtlT.
The subscriber has been appointed wholesale
agent for this world renowned Liniment, and
will furnish the trade with it at the proprietors
Bnccaar-cio.uu pr gross or?i,ou a onsen
OK Dwt. Buckets on'hand snd for sale by
iO v J GEO W.I10L.ME.S
DR. J. W. SPRY, Surgeon
DentiM, Portsmouth, Ohio. Will
visit POMEROY, in the first week of
the months of June, September," December and
March.. mnKlc.'ftii2l)i ,
uiniwWrator's Sale.
BY virtue (fan order to rue directed Ly IS
court of ei lr ttrn p'caa rfMeij s entity, 1 wi.f
offer at puM-o pale at the dw r s f tl:u'i ( i:jt house
in Pomeroy, cn the first tt' tl:ei.ei leinl, te
tweeu the hovrs pnsi rii-r ( law, tl;f. f, lluwirg
tealestite, as the pr..pi rty'of Joseph 1'irry, dec iA '
tu-wit: The n(irthwcst quarter -of ttlF in r;liea.-f
quarter. uf scclinn 2S t:wn ?piv:cjt, in tbe-,
Ohio canipauy s purcliiiaef coiitnming 4(V ai-s '
mwc oi les3. - .... , . .
Tsaxa of Salf: One th'r.l cash iu hand, fiie'
third in stx months, and the.T.iditu iiMtnc year '
from the day of fa'e, the purc.n.,er givinir bund
with approved security. Appraised ai -50
' A. JNGELS, &Cm t. ,
August 5, 1351 43fti. . , '. - . 'j. . -
Pufilic Kale.
notice is hkkebV given, ism i.wiii, cn
the SJd day of i-'ip;ca:Kr next t fler f r sale, at.
the door of tl.e court hour in Steif ooulity, the " .
following H'nl esla'ff, to Kit:- AO t res ( I laud ( Il
of Lot No. T, in town 3ksnd range 12, Ohio com
pany's pttrrhSFc; that ia to say, AO acres of said
lot adjoining Cullen McKeusev'a lund. situated iir
said ennnty, Ortlcrcd by a decree in chancery lt
I. c wild us the pn perty of Jaccb t-clirid tr -at thw
suitori'eUtM. I'eirel, : TH. IKVlN,
Master Coi-M.-(V .
August 13, ISM.-n Iw8i. '
IVotice. ; .
I ESTHER CHASE, widow, Royal Chare. Join '
.at Chase, I Samara t'hi'.sc, and tVciirChaae, heirs
at law of Abel Chare, jr.,, deceofed, will luke no
tice that a petition was ..filed ajjainst I hem on the. .
2tth day of March, 1861, in the.t'ourt of Con men '
Pleas of Meigs county, ly NirholnsStatihury, and .
is now pending therein, herein the said Nirho
Iiin Stnulmry denmniU partition of the fullowmn
real ealatt:, lo-wit: aRtlie real (gt.aleof wU c!ill-C ;
said Atet C'linte, jr., died, feized in iid county,,
and which ia pjrljculnrly d wril;ed, i raid jxti
tion; and that- at the next term of gaid court op-.'
plication will be made by the said Nicholas Stan
bury f.ir an order that partition may l e uisile cf
said premises. - , N. STANBl liV.
July 3, 1861. ntOwC. . h).
David Padcn, Jerome l'aden, Jol n- O. Pailen,
Alexander 1'sden, Elir.al cth Padin, Olivia l'aden,
A Elizabeth I'aydcn, are hereby not iritd that i.n the
18th day of Sepli mlei.ttili, Kljmi Padcn fildl in
the Cotfrt of Coli.mou Pleas of V.d( comity,
Ohio, bill in chancery againsf thtm. The ob
ject and prayer of wlueh bill is, lo enable suit
compel tiicsu id David Padcn and JolmO. Padcn,
as Administrators of the estate of Jcmes Pmlcn,
deceased, to convey to Hit said Elw.n I'i.den It 11
acre lot No. ti, iiiscctioi sNos. f, VJ, and IN, iir
town No. 1, range No. 1"; ud 6( i cre., being Hie
south half of 1(H) acre lot No. 2M, in sections 1
and 7, in town No. 2, rang-: No. 12, in said Mcipt ,
couuty, Ohio, in pursuant ) of a Contract between
the said Elson and the deredt nt, as set forth in
said bill: or that the said David, Jerome, John .
Alexander, Olivia and Kh.n belli Pudeii, as the
heirs at law, and Elizabeth Paden, as the willow
o, the said James Payden, lie compelled to re
lease to the snid.Elson thei ntcrcat in said land,
on the said Elson paying a in lial.inee that limy le
found to be due from him. And tlenlnne na
med persons arc further notified that tiulcfs tin y
shall appear and plead, Answer or demur to said
bill, within sixty days after the next Urui of raiil
court, thc-said Elsou, at the term next tlierenl'U r
will apjily to said court to take themuttters of said'
bill aa confessed, and to decree thereon at curd
ingly. T. A. PLANTS, ''
Solicitor forCoinpi't. ,
July 10, 1851. n40wft. ?5 25.
P nolle Sale. Notice is hereby given, thai I
will, on the 22d day of September next, "ffe
for sale at the door of the court house i Meiga;
county, the following real cslata, to-wit: a partof . '
ioi;io. i in .ui(iuiiiou, uisHiueiiuiiiy, iioaiiueu!!..
iiiuows: commencing ai a stane aiauning on u.c
line of the road leading from the Ohio river lo Rut-' ,
lauu, I'euig 07 leei iromine upper c rut r t.i snui
lot No. lj thence along the road or street towards .
Line hill, distance ICt feet; thenee at right angles
with the upper line of mini lot Mo. 1 and down the .
river distance 35 feetj thenee parallel with the lirA
mentioned line distance Ifi leet; thenee parallel
with the second line mentioned distance Jb feet
vu me uegiiiiiuig. wiuereu ii) a ueefee in enioiee-v
ry to be sold st the suit of Stephen Barlow vs.
Hugh R. Dunbar and Alfred Addis. ' ' ' ? -.
, ' Til. 1RV1N,
1 ' ': ' ' Master Cotvr. M; ?.
August 19, 1851. n 15wo.
jVj otiee Thomas Cane, John Cane, illian
J 1 Cane, Samuel Cnnc, Nelson Edson and A-;
Mary Edson, of the State of Pennsylvania, heirs...
at law end legal representatives of Jaincs Cane, :"'
late of Meigs county, Ohio, deceased, will take
notice that Nancy Cane, widow of James Cum ,
deceased, did on the 6th day of Agust, 1S51, hie
111 the court of common pleas of JMcigB county,
her petition, praying to have dower assigned luf
in sixty acres of land lying in Chester township.
111 said county; of whxli said Julix-s Cane, died.
seised and possessed.
Sol. for Petitioner.
August 12, 1861. nHw B.
BY virtue of a writ of vend. ex. tn me directed
by the court of common pleas of Meigs county,
Ohio, I will offer at public sale at the door ofthe
court-house in Pomeroy, on the first day of the
next term of said court, between the hours pro-
cribed by law, the undivided sixth part of lots
No. 41 and 61 im the town of Graham Station,
with the appurtenances. Offered as the liruperty
of Wm. T. A. Lallance at the suit of Nathaniel
M. W, COLLINS, s. si. e.
August IS, 1851. nl6w5.
Public Sale Notice is hereby given, that I
will, on the 22d day of September next, offer
for sale at the door ol the c.mrl house in ivleiga ,
county, the following real estate situated 111
said county, to-wit: The north half of the land in
cluded within the following boundaries: beginning
at a post on the bank of the Ohio bears north lb' '
deg. cast 29 links to a hoop ash 18 inches in diani- .'
t4r wnct A liiilca ti a mnnle 1 A inplia iii rliamrili.r
thence west to the line of the 13th and 14iaaiiir43
4.4,. tkniin smith 1(1 rhflilia ttnA .U linlra. hk,ni.Wf
ia, iiivii, v ovu... .w .- m ...... v . ....n, 4Hb,v 4.
cast to a stake on the bank of said river bears 4tf
deg. west 39 links to a maple HI inches north 2
ileg. west 66 Unas lo u noop asli inches iu ill- ?
Binetcrj thence with the Ohio river to the place of" '
beginning, situated iu section 33, town 1, and '
range 13, being a part oflOU acre lot 38(5 one lot
sold out of said property toKHimielMauly by Wm,
Church is excepted. Ordered by a decree in chan
cery to be sold as the property of said Win. Church
st the suit of Charles Matthews.
TH. 1RV1N.
Master Cum. M. C.
August 19, 1851 nw5.
Public Sale.
N4ITICE is hereby giventhat I will, on the
22d day of Scptuuber next, at the door of
the court house in Pomeroy, Meigs county, offer
for sale the following tract of lund to wit: The
south-west quarter of the nortli-cast quarter aud
the south-east quarter of the uortli-we.t quarter
of section 29, town 1, and range 14 in said coun
ty. Ordered to be sold as the property of llannon
Gibson at the suit of .1 nines Alurphv.'
TIL lKVIN master com'r.
Auirust 13 '61 no41w3
Public Sale.
NOTICE is hereby given that I will ou th
22d day of Scptctiihur next at the door of the court
house by virtue of a decree of the court of com
mon plens of Meigs couuty, offer- for sale the fol
lowing property, lo wit; Lot No. 8, iu the town
of diddleport, in suid enmity, ordered to he snlii
as the, property of John W. .Matthews, ut the suit
of Hampton, Smith & eo., -
TH. 1IIVI.N. '
Minster cuUiiiiissicner,
Augutt 12, 1861. no44w0.
HolJ on Tlierct ' .
IT is,, wo b lieve, not generally understood es
yet, that the rlicapest place to buy Goods In
Pomercy, is at the New Store nf A. Loi dnes, on
Front street, Letwcen Lind and Sycamore, la Mar
tin's old stand. This occasion is therefore em
braced to proclaim the interesting fa' t to the world
at large. Having opened business (tr himself, he
invites those he 1ms so faithfully servid for years,
to return in purt the favors received: .... .
He bns just rtynived. a ehoieo stock of th very
brat quality or goods in the market, njibnieiiig all
kinds of Cloths, Cassimeres, Vi stings,' Suiiiiiitr.
C.oths, Calicoes, Prints, Lawns, Laces, Ribbons,,
landkerchiefs, Hunts, Shoea, Hats, Caps, ItonueU,
Trimmings, Vc. Also, Griiceries, Spiecs, Knick
Knacks, and Jim Cracks. In short, every thiug
that prudent, honest, industrious and economical
people may need. Give him a call, as Andy is tl.e
boy to give yoy good bargains. " . '
- K. Lonixrn. .
PflllTtv, M:iv 1, ISfll n,rotf
4i .-")

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