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i' ?!
-' i'
miiijiinjyj ;
r n E TRU U I) KJliS TJ V v. FLUID.
Or Oasu-ic J nice!
"pUKl'ARED frra Rennft, ut the f uh stomach
J ef the Oi. ofUi directions ry Btr.ru LrrBui,
tu wit l'tivsioncal rhejuirt, t.y J 8 I10UHI1
TOX. M 1), No 1). North KigMh street, FhUiuJel
pMa. I'a. , '
Tliis i a truly wonderful remedy Kir INDICES
TION, LfViSl 0 UV r, t 1 1 O i U.ITY,
ruriii afU't Nature's on method, by Nature's own
inehol, the G&Uic Juicn. -
Haifa leaspoonfun of this Fluid, infnsed in
water, will digest or dissolve Fivs Poinds or Roast
llr.i:r in aanrr two houm, out of the stomach.
ScifaiUuc EvitTcnce!
Huron Lime, in his celebrated work on .Aninml
Chi-inistry, say "An artificial Digestive Fluid,
analaemu to the Uastrio Juice, may be readily
prv'pind from the mucuoiis membrane of the sto
mach uf the calf) in which various articles of food,
as moat and eggs, will be so softened, changed and
digested, just in the same manner ts tlity would be
a the human stomach." . 1
Dr PeanaA, in his famous treatise rm "Food and
List," published ly Fowlers & Wells, Ncw.York,
jift?e 3 ', states the same great fact, and describes
ihe lu'.'ihod of preparation- There arc few higher
Authorities than I'r. Pereirn.
Dr Cjwer, in his valuable writings on '.I cPhys-i-dujry
of Digestion, observes tl.ut "a iliiiimiiiion
of the due quantity of the Gastric Juice is a
prominent and all prevailing cause of Dyspepsia:"
and h- sta'-W that "a distiiljruiulied irfes.v)f of
medieino in London, who was severely ufllicted
with this Complaint, finding everything else to tail,
had recourse to the (tastrie Juice, obtained from
tlie stomach of livilig Hitiiusls, which proved com
pletely microsful."
Di U.iaii.i, author of the famous wrks on
"Vegetable Diet," says: "It is a remarkable fact
in nhYsiolftry that the stomachs ill animals, mace
rated in water, imparl to the fluid the property of
dissolving various articles of lood, andof elleetnip
a kind ot artificial digestion of them in no wise
different from the natural. digestive process."
Dr Simon's rciit wi iV, i e ' heinistry of Man,"
(t.ea it lllanchard, I'hila. 1S4H, pp :J?1-'J) says:
' Tuc discovery of PEPSIN forms a new era in the
i hniiieiil history of Digestion. Frun recent ex
periments we Know that food is dissolved as .rapid
ly in an an artificial digestive fluid, prepared fr.m
Pepsin, as it is in the natural Gastric, Juice itself."
Pfifcasor Dr'siiijsox, of the Jefferson College,
Philadelphia, in hiv prent work on Human Physi
ology, devotes nt'ire. than fifty pages to an examina
tion of this subject. His experiments with .Dr.
Kcautn mt, on the Gastric J nice, obtained from the
living human stomach and from vuimals, are well
known. "In all fuses," be rays, "digestion oc
curred as perfectly in the urtificial as in the natu
ral digestions."
Dr Hoi.'iiirrns'js i, reparations of Pltl'dlN has pro-
d u ed ll.eiiijs'. maneUops eHecls, curing cases of
Debility, Emaciation, Nervous Decline, niirilJys
lH titic ('oiiKUinntioii, sniip"sd to to; on tl.e very
verge of the grave. It is impossible to pivc the dc
tails of cases in the limits rf this advertisement
bill a.tl lien. ieateil ceri.irie'es have been given o(
CGUIiS, in I'liilailcipMa, New York, and liosti.n
limit. Tlu'.-v were m arly all iloperate eases, and
the cures were not outy r.ipid and wciiilcrlul, liul
j.rriK.i uciii .
I' is litres' NEUNOl'S ANTIDOTE, and par
tic.ularlv useful f r tendency to bilious disorder,
Ljver t oiupkiiiil, Fever and Ague, and the evil tf
: f Jela (Jimiiue, Mercury, and other lings ep'. n
: ihi; Dii.e: H' e '.r. aos, nf'or v. bu.j !'ii;l'.iie.-.f. Alio,
fit eui.o-iu ea'-iie.', atid the too fr.-e use of ardent
spirits. Italsj rccjutriles Ue.ii'.h with Intimper-1
luiei .
There is no fomi of OLD STOMACH COM
PLAINTS which itd hj.i iioi s.;un to reach and re
in jve a' once. N. mat'er how b id they may be, it
UlVi;s INSTANT UELIKF! A iingle dose re
in ves all the uupkMSiiiit symptoms, and it only
needs to l-e repeated, for a short time, to make these
' 'good . tr.s permancit- PLHITY OF ISLOOL
and VIGOR OF BODY follow at once. It is par
licul.irly excellent in eases of Nausea, Yimitiiig,
t tramps, Sorenew of the pit of the Stomach, dis
tress after ea.ini;, low, cold state of the Wood,
Heaviness, Lowuess r,f Spirits, Despondency, El.in-
j eiatiju, We.i'.iness, tendency i Insanity, Suiciee,
" c
" Price, ONE DOLLAR per bottle. One bottle
will often effect a lasting curt.
Every bottle Wars the written sipnsturc of J S
I! 'CUTON.MD, sokpreprieior.
! ibl by igotits in every town in the United States,,
a.el I y n-puctable doolers in Medicines generally.
At.- , f.r sale at the Driit Store of D. REED,
P r y. Ohio- april'24n29yl.
Barber-ous Ucmoval!
PJ. ADDISON has removed bis Barber Shop
to Court street, when- he may always be
found read v and willing to serve his patrons in the
neatest and most fashionable style. Feeling thanks
fiU tor past patronage, be would rcpictiuiiy s m
f it tli' who desire to have their countenance
Kcrapcd, and Lair trimmed neatly, to five him a
- Witli razor sharp and wab t hot,
He'll always b.; found on the put,
Heady to strvu all who please to t all,' i
Both old and yninjr, nnd great and small:
Then don't delay, but come alon
And l.avt- it duue up ticnt and strong.
I' .ii,..roy, May '..', 1331 nMtf
MI A K lilt MAUS.il'AltlLL A.
'I 'HE tireat Spring mid Simmer Medicine.
J Proof. More evidviiee. Id ad it. , It is from
a young ladv rtsidim: in our city.
Cincinnati, Feb lib, 1801.
This is to ccrii.y that my sister, Mary C. Belman,
wasailaeked with n diftwt ill her bill, more than
; three years ago, which rendered her so utterly help
. less that she was compelled to keep her bed. All
hopes of her reeoverp were despaired of. Some of
; tbu most ciuincnl physicians of Covington and C'in-
einit!tt,i attended her, all of whom declared her
' case a hopehos one. Passing by Dr. Howe's de
.' p it. an iib-o suggested itself, that to try one bottle
. ' of fta Slink.r SarsapariKa could do no barm. Ac
eirdiiigly 1 purchafed out; bottle, and before its
contents were entirely used fbe received benefit.
"1 was induced to try nnaiher, and another; before
the last was used she had nearly re'iovered. Now
aim bus no pain, can walk, .i l l has the entire use
of her limbs. Tollmro's Sliakej Sarsaparilla we
attribute t!iieli'eciive cure. It libtit a fi.w incut is
since sheci mmeticnl takitn'it,
lSiru,'d; " J. C. LELMAN.
CinrimiflU Daily Commercial.
Ktnieiiilier this wonderful and astonishing euro
was effected by the use of three botlmn.only of
Dr. S. P. '.low's Shaker Sai'sajiariiln, the Cii'.at
J'priiij; nnd Summer Medicine.
! :i :!. OHly rf.-!r.i:ip.:r'ibi Id at nets Up ,ii !ht li'.er,
..iMCy.-'id blond ;.l the si ntetipt, which relnl.vr:'
i'. alt "ire ti.. r wior, val'.mlU io etrvu;ie, inr'.ieu-
iarly K-liaile
' Lr. M i.:.;::
bv, .-a.--.: tl,
bie. u:id f-.i-.'
l.rot. r-r it. tV-C C; io M.dictl Co:
it nket f i-'purai.'.ijis arc iraly valua
.ii,o:: tin i.l to tlie Public.
:, .;iTcuiy--ri) ;.i:iiiril-
1 nj I'ljisenous rrnc.
in the Miiihti tarJtipnrni.i. "
HEML.VL'Eft V : : '
It is v. r.rnilittd to be " .t"
nnd us a family liia'.ieim: it has n'o equal.
Ho surj via enmire f:r S. D. Howe's Shaker
.Sur: aparii la, sudtakc no other.
U'lart Uvtks H per bottle; t bottles f.,r ti.
Fur tale by D. P.eed. Pomero) ; Maguet & Naret,
c.aliipoii.i: M.cVey Jc Co., Pommouth, Ohio"; and
by by lr. 8. D. tew, No. 1 College Hall, Cincin
naii, Uliii..to whorii-sU orders must bo addressed
VStovc Store man BILL PRALL, lias been ap
pointed, qualified, and given bond as Auctioneer
for J'clgs county.
. II will fe-eivc en commisMon and tell food
on the lowest njn. Call at the No. 1 Stove store.
pomeroy, March IT. i661-noC7tf.
7 ngon .A new two horse WAGONwoll
VV ' ironed snd complete in all particulars, foi
sileby. ' orill7 . ; REED & BRO.
; f pilV. SlilSCIllUF.H baa on hand and is prepa
; I ii. d to. Til nil kinds of Buggies one or two
. h -.rsi-i-iliiiwuietnred from the best ii:aterial, and
of the l itest MyU. Thepriceirftre very roasona
b', and tint work wnrwntfd. Those wishing to
purchase, t uc of lhese indispensable, articles of
, iiuf'. rt nr.- iiwited toc.ill.
f'chienr, May 8, l3l. ,
Jl'DK NLrcmiKi thi: practice ui Ihe Law
Mr will at tend tlic Courts in Meigs and Gallia,
,.,,.i ,v,-'Vi- fci-nJ-'c of th'preseti') eighth cir
, .. ., ,Tri:niiI?-Hj.d
fOIIEJV, has the pleasure of announcingthat
) through very obstacle and in despite of all
misfortune he is again at his post witha splendid
lot of Clothing. He hes passed through the Are
and has not been found wanting. Although ony el
tne severest sulicrcrs, yet through the kindness oi
mends, bis establishment, Phccnix-like, has risen
from its ashes, with all its former beauty and excel
tence restored. He hopes his buying friends will
rally around him and assist in the work of recover
ing his loss. ;t .. . '"
lutum Tor th? T.iotifl.inU.
o.iisv, on Front street, is dispensing .o las
countless customers the most sunerb. convenient.
cheap and durable articles of Clothing ever bearo
of in the annals of lime. Ceme one and alt and
be habited- Sumn er goods of all descriptions fa
sale unusually cheap.
- we reau that m. the days of old,
. The Poets sung of mystic Love,
Hut for the best now things have changed,
, As in these stanzas we shall prove.
To Cohen give yiur attention;
Facts of importance he will mention:
On Front street, at th'i old stand,
As every person surely knows, '
He always keeps a fresh supply m
Of tasty,' good, and well made clothes; . .
Cloaks and coats of every cut mid kind,' -
To please the most fastidious mind; I
Pants nnd Vests the very best,
He ever keeps on hand;
Collars and Shirts nnd fancy Hots,
The latest style within Ihe laud; .
Finn cloth and silk plush caps, '
Marietta Shoes and Boots,
And fancy gentlemen's furnishing goods,
Cottons, Silks, Linens and Hosiery,
Carpet Bags, Trunks uhd Jewelry
There is no scarcity.
Those who would bo wise will come and buy
of his supply, on Front between Court and Lind
streets, at Cohen's Headquarters.
Pomeroy, June 2o, ISol. n38tfi '
,4 new and very handsome one seat BUGGY t
and one as good as new with two seats, will In
.old at less than cost.
June 2i, 1S51..
Log chains and JIathooks;
Hoes Rakes and Forks;
Long Handle Shovels; . .
. Plough 1 lames; . - . ''
X Cut Saws;
Rroad Ates;
Steelyards and Hand Scales;
One large warehouse Scales; ' -For
sale very cheap -
w loves. Two medi urn size off.ee Stoves used
i- only one winter just us good as new, for sale
very hrtvj KEEP d: BROTHER.
"NE I1I NDPED DOZEN M' Lanes celebrated
V t ermiIiigt!orsaIeat51 15 per dozen by i
JuneSti, 1851. E. S. EDWARDS.
invite th. atlcntiou of Country Merchants to
my stock of Notions and Fancy Goods, which
can be sold at low prices and on reasonable terms.
consisting in pnrtof the following articles:
Sf)0 pieces Bonnet, Cap and Taffeta Ribbons;
lO dozTue.k, Side, Dressing and Fine Combs;
tun " Unite and colored Spool Thread;
tro lbs. " " Skein ' do
100 " Black assorted Patent do
lfil doz. Artificial Flowers;
100 " Elementary Spelling Books;
200 " Gum Suspenders:
200 Gross llooksend Eyes;
300 " PearUnd Agate Shirt Buttons;
SCO " Coftt and Pont do
500 M. Plnin nnd Ribbed Percussion Caps;
50 " Rockwell dt Son and Bn'es' Needles:
60 dos Men's Cotton and Lisle Thread Gloves;
10 " Berlin Lined nnd Wool Gloves;
RO " Ladies' Lisle Thread and Cotton do
CO " Kid and Silk do
25 " Military Shaving Soap;
f0 " Razors;
CO " Clothes and Hair Brushes; '
ISO " Shaded Comforts;
100 " Mcl.ntie's Celebrated Vermifuge and Pills;
SO I'acKS li us:
Laces, Edeinis, Frinresand Plaid Grecianette:
Silk and Worsted Coat Bindings, Silk Thread
and I wist, cut. etc.
Pomeroy. April 17, 1851.
(uba Expedition Successful! '
THAT cheap Stove Store man BILL "-.
PRALL, is on hand again with the larir
5pTcst stock of STOVES ever brought to
this market, selected with the greatest care, em
bracing every variety of style and finish, with the
latest and most improved Patents. Among late
receipts of Stoves at bis store we notice the fol
OHIO do , .' ".
Ql'EEN CITY do . ? ;'
Ail of the best mnterials and warranted. He also
keepsou hand large supplies of custom made TIN
WAKE, which he will sell to merchants and oth
ers lower than the same article con be bought in
the west. - ! '
I rDon't forget the Cheap Tin and Stove Stoke
under the Kihelilarler House.
Poinemy, May 15, 1851 n32tf.
riREl Flit i: J FIRE! , .
vi tiiii.vua iiiliu nuuiiLi no
lir In vopi-.ln tlin v.nmipit. u-p forniMrlv"
occupied, than the law, in its humane operation.
allows, on the night of the late fire, we are now to
be found in Win. I J,. Remington's bvildiog, one
door below his store. Having supplied ourselves
with nil our missing articles, we are enabled to
furnish our customers nt reduced prices. Jn addi
tion to our present stock we have trade Wrniige-..-.c-uts
with an eastern importing house to supply
us with the latest importations of driifi at impor
ters prices, nnd will receive, in a few weeks, a
very large ond extensive invoice of Fresh Drugs,
Chemicals, Basin's (formerly) Roussell's) Pcrfu
niery, naw Chemical Preparations, Instruments,
riue mugs, unci scarce reparations, nevcr ijL.
I tore bMiight to this market. We will supply
Pliysicisns aud Merchants a a deduction ofiwen
I iv per cent in lhir bills oi former nurohares in
i nis plncp, r,r nt the "Circulnr Pricts of any re
jponaible Pituburgli or Cincinnati! House, We
warrant our rtrnts to be of first qunlity and en
tirely pmc; emiiing directly from under the Lrug
Inspector's hands there is no possible cbsnce for
their adiiht ration. Call ond see whut differunce
there is in. the quality of drugs and osctrtain our
prices. J. P. FLEMING. J-rnggist.
Suipou DentislT
f&P&,i ' DY, hers leave to in
form the citizens of ibis
iu-iiJ vicinity uiai nemay be
SJr fl,nrt Ht ni!f residence
CX''!i in Sheflild, nt all hours.
when not professionally absent. He is prepared
to execute all operations pertaining to the profes.
siou. in a style of neatness, vase and durability.
TEETH inserted in complete or par a of retls,
upon gold plntc, with or without artificial Gums, hi
so accurate a liinnner, as to deceive the closest ob
Hischargos shall in all cases be low, snd gradu
ated secerning to the amount of labor and material
expended; pledging himself to give entire satisfac
tion in all cases entrusted to his cure. .
Bj'LADlLb-waited npon at. t.heif residences, if
required. .-':..
is The NERVE killed and thu Tooth suved with
out sensation of pain, to the patient.
B T'The - Letheon will be used for Citfactint
Ticth, if required. '
CANCERS, oil kinds; old RUNNING SORES,
ootid sUgcs of CONSUMPTION, on moderate
lie invites the afflicted portion of the community
to give him a call. A fair trial is all he asks.
May 1, 1361 n30tf. . .
BHOWVS Csntharidiii Tissue, at
- .- . - - FLEMING?.
M.-' I, Ill, U;lf
--dL ''ii,i t.'.
oabiet: furniture
, , JOHN Prf03S &. CO.
T above Naylor'S run bridge
J I'onicroy, Ohio, a
la.ely enlarged their cs!ablishmen
I "J and i
erected a stenm etigme-in the turning
department, have now the most complete and best
arranged and appointed
in this part of Ohio AH kinks of Furniture will
he manufactured at the lowest prices, Viz:
Rosewood, Mahoganp nnd Black Walnut setts,
-arved, crnnmentaV and plain, suitable for parlors,
Irawing and ted-rooms. ' .
f Persons desiring any articles in the Furniture
;ne, from the plainest to the most rdegarit and
"ostly, arc respectfully'invited to call.
- The following articles will be made to order: '.'
lureau.i,. Tables, SI ands, Bedsteads, Cupboards,
and all kinds of household furniture: also
fete a tete sofas; , Tete a tete divans; '
Conversation Chairs;' Reception chairs;
;'.osf wond parlor do JInhogany parlor chairs;
Black walnut' do Cane seat do
Inhog'y rocking do V. Piano stool . do
Sofas in plush, hair end cloth covers,
Divans do do do do
Ottomnns, mahogany French bedsteads;
Black walnut do do '
Mnrblc tep centre tables;
Marble top dress bureaus;
Marble top fony stands, "
. Mahogany wardrobes, Secretaries and ' ;
Book cases, w r s'nnds, toilet tal les, &c.
ID AH orders pr mpily a tended to.
Wtis?Et? Coffins of every description ma
nulactured promptly to the time. feb!4ni0tf.
To onr Fricndf nnd ruMcmert.
W ' E thus ecg leave to inform you and thro'
your kindness our nnd your friends of your
neiphborhood and elrewhere not ft rgotting our
enemn s it any mere ne that we are now receiv
inp direct from New Orleans nnd the eastern cities
a t rcsn siock oi wrocei i8, winch we
are now offering for sale at room No 0, Front street,
Portsmouth. Ohio, and have made arrangements tc
be be supplied duringthe seasen from same places.
uur stock win at all times cousist of everything
intheUroeery ine.
Although in the matter of purchasing and in now
oflering our goods for sale, we frankly confess that
we have been and sti are directed mainly by a
desire to promote our own interests yet it will
nevertheless allord us irreat pleasure to accommo
date our friends to the fullest extent that a due
regard for their and our interests may seein to dic
The hackneyed and stale terms, 'cheap, ' 'cheep
er than ever," and 'cheapest,' we abstain from
using, leaving toothers (less modest men thanour
selves) to derive all the advantages that an intellb
gent community moy concede to this kind of boast
F. 1. OAKES. ' v. W. BrSKIRK.
Wholesale Grocers and Dealers in Rectified Whis
key, Foreign and Domestic, Lionors.
No. 6, Front St., Portsmouth, Ohio
Cngar 400 hhds Prime New Orleans Sugar.
O on hand and for sale low by
Ineses .100 bids new crop, on bnndnnd
for sale at No C
Tl io Coffee 00 Bacs' superior article just
received and for so c at. no n.
No A npnlnst the World !
TT OR go od artices ot ow prices. -
a A-rivenT vp are rimr tioif'in
Tpe dnil!rns to our ntnrlr of Oroopripp
whicn werec11in"vrrvlnw foreAsn. Ccmenn''
examine for vourselvcs.
nrtKF? Rr-PKTRK.
CJhot,Povor nnd IndiofiBMShoi
90 Vecs Powder Dupont's best: 9000 Ppts
I end- For sale at No fi.
JJonnd r"nd'e A v nricleof botb
i on hand and for snle 'o,r Vv 'e knv.
"iirr rft Po-e F:tip Prinipcs:
by OA KF B' PK'PK-
11 P0(s'
r whtsiev-
O PnrrcTnP'' 1" t.B'f hir
(lllfn.l,niJ11rp t rr
nytifrs rT ''K'PK.
rinr. P'teH fnl Onfcnm on bnnd nn'1
! for sale at " bv
TObncrO-Vf1 F:nc Virr;pi Trpf
10 tn yivfnr
10 do Viririnin Fives:
in do do Fiphts:
in do Vismuri Twelves;
'. "ft Kc-sKy. P;9 Twist-
received from then ami fcwers. nn'TTcri"-'? 'ow
No fi. " " -OAKFS & BVKlRK.
r eetificd Wliker From lfjO to 500 bar
J. rels, always on hand nnd for sale low nt No fi.
OAKES & Bl f-KlKK.
1RAI1'. r00 bushels shelled Corn in bids.
V.T 300 " Oats in Sacks;
25n " Very fine Potatoes;
100 " Dried A pplcs& Peaches;
300 lbs. Tallow in casks.
We now offer the above grain by the quantity.
It is nil in firm order and the best quality.
April 17, 1851. REED & BRO.
IFITIBER. Bedstead Lumber;
j Sheetinp Boards;
Sawed Lath.
For sale very low ic: Csh by
April 17, 1851. - HEED & BR().
For sa'e by; D Reed, Pomeroy: O..W Cooper &
Co., Chester; P M Petrel, Graham Station. All
orders must be addressed to Wallace &. Co., 304
Broadway, New Yolk. ,
April 94, 1851 no29yl. " ."''". ' "
SUIPIIIE8.-Phlla. Strain Syiupi
.. ' Cotton Bnttlug; '
, ' ''' '. Grass Bed Cords ond Plough Lines;
New Wee i ,: ' '
Grass ahd Hemp Ropes; :
""'"""""" Crushed nnd Loaf Sugar) '""
Plough Wingsi' '
Window Glnss fltsorted sizes;
' - ' Nails and Spikes assorted." i . ' i
Just received ond for sale by - 1
April 17. 18.11. HEED & BRO.
V T The subscriber has just received and is now
openestthe finest assortment of Gentlemen's Dress
Goods to be found in the City of Pomeroy, which he
offers to sell and moke up when required, into the
most fashionable gnrmenis, at the lowest prices.
His stock consists of the following articles:
Black, Brown and Olive Cloths; Black, Doeskin,
Fancy and Plaid Cassimeres; Black Satin; Brown,
Black ond Steel Mixed Satinetts: Tweeds and
Jenns; Plaid Cravats; Black Italian Do.i Fancy
Silk Neck Ties; Black Cloth Caps, Navy do; Net
Shirts and Drawers; Suspenders, 4c. fto.
-.Don't forget the place Brading"s New Clothing
V V now have and shall Centinue to keep the
supericr orticlo of Salt for sale by the barrel or
bushel. ' It has no superior, and can be sold low
er thou tie present prices of oihersnlt. '
. March 27. 1851. f
I J Ami IIAIVOI.'VOS. The undersime
has rorently ojned in. coiineetirn .with the
Dni(! business n choice sclc'rtion of 0,000 1'ic
rf of I'iitri Hi ncinp. Alu-, 300 Oil
afud Taper M inuou Slin es, conststinf
ol Draperies, Arches, ' Landscapes, and those tf
tne unnese ana umnia oruers. - ' " -The
magnitude and Variety of the selection en
ables him to sell at such prirss as Will, without
doubt, harmonize with the varied tastes of this
community. 24tf. DARILS KEED. :
Tt ent-
.1C00 lbs. Hums very finci
otM " nouiaers ao "
2000 " Clear Pork do
F(ir sle clisap for cash.
prrn a pnoTni-rt.
pHE UNDERSIGNED have now received their
I stock of Spring and Summer GOODS, - con-
sitting ih part as follows: :
200 pes. Prints the newest and most fashionable
styles: - . ... . . . ,
25 ' " Furniture Chintz very rich; ", -21
" Satinetts, Ermine Cloth, Cassimeres and
" Kerseys, ' ' " '
8 ' " Kentucky Jenns, various colors;'
26 Blue Blnck, Figured and Col d Alpacas;
25 . " Eastern Linseys, of various colors; -25
" New style Ginghams; ;-
?00 bolts Browni Muslin, 4-4 best; - -f
100 ". " ' " S-4 cheap;
25 pes. Flannels, all colors;
50 ' Bleached Wuslins, aupriccs;.i
Bleached and Brown Drills aud Cauton Flannels;
Anron Checks and Check Shirtings:
Shawls Thibet Wool, Silk Embroidered ft Plaid:
Cashmere and D'Lane Dress Goods, very hand-
some: '. ' .! '
10 cases Hats and Cans, New styles; .
Umbrellas, Catpet Bags and Satchels;
Jaconets, Cambricks, Book. Swiss Mall Muslins.
Saddlery Findings. .
Saddle Trees and Buggy Hames;
Oil and Gum Cloth; - ';' '.' . ,
PBtent Dash Leather and Coach Lace;
Harness Trees New style; . ;
Carpet Bag Frames and Trunk Locks; ' '
Buckles, Bridle Bitts and Stirrups; . '- e '
Rejn Snaps, Tenets and Water Hoi ks; t- . ,
-ipiirs. Saddle Plush and Strain Webb;
HnrnesB and Martingale Rings:
Bridle and Shoe Thread snd bilk;
j rain W eb aud Girthing; , ' . '
Saddler's Needles, Awls, Punches and Hammers.
Cutting Knives and Cutting Thrusts; ;
fad Screws, Spot, and Brass Nails; ;
Brass Buggy Bands and Carriage Caudles and
Hinges; . ' :
Bugf y and Carriage Springs and Dash Frames;
Curtain Cloth and Leather;
And every other article in Saddlers' line.
50 different kinds of Locks and Latches;
All kinds of Files and Rasps; , ,
All kinds of Chisels and Plain Bitts;
All kinds of Augers and Bitts;
All kinds of Saw Sets and Gimblcts; .
Mill, Scroll and Hand Saws;
Tenon, Circular and Key Hole Saws;
Wood and Billet Saws; . v . .
Broad and Hand Axes; ''
Hinges, Screws and Finishing Nails;
Braces, Oil Stones and Rules;
Shoe Hammers and Peg Floats and Punches!
Shutter and Window Fastenings;
Bed Screws and Castors all kinds;
Sash and screw ami Pullies; ''
Brass and Mahogany Knobs;
Anvils, Vices and Screw Plates; ,
Bellows' and SledSe Hammers;
And a great variety other articles in this line.
Boots and Shoes.
5 cases Men's, Boys and Children's Boots;
2 " Women's heavy bootees and buskins;
2 " Children's " shoes, best article!
2 " Misses bootees and shoes, a sup. article;
6 poz. Ladies' Calf and seal bootees and buskins;
10 " Infant and Chhildren's small shoes sup
10 " Ladies and Misses Kid Slipper,, and thick
soled Shoes.
WTe especially invite the public to call and ex
amine our stock. We have now the largest and
best selected stock we have ever hud; and many
very line articles such as have not been kept in
Pomeroy before.
We ore prepared to fill any orders either Whole
sale or Retail on very reasonable terms. ;
Pomeroy, April 17, 1851. n28tf.
THE subscriber has been appointed agent for
the sole of the celebrated works, medicines
and Instruments of Dr. Fitch, viz:
Six Lectures " '
on the cause, treatment, and permanent cure of
Consumption. -
Mlvcr-iilated Supporter,
Patent Steel Springs, Shou.der Braces, Silver Ex
haling Tubes.
Includinc Pulmonary Baisam, Pectoral Expecto
rant, Pure Medical Cod Liver Oil, Pulmonary
1-inirnent, Heart Corrector, Humor Corrector, ue
purative Syrup, Anti -Dyspeptic Mixture, Cathar
tic Pills, Cholera and Cholic Specific, Vermifuge,
Ac. &c. . ,
The above ,orm the system of treatment of Pul
monary Consumption, Asthma, Heart ui-eases,
ore, which has been so eminently successful in
relieving and curing those dieeased. All the above
remedies are prepared by Dr, F. for his practice,
and warranted good. His repeutution, funded
on success, will recommend them to the nff'.icted
who will find Lr. Fitch's "Guide to Invalids,' a
valuable book. It is given away atiLet-tere of
the aients. Those suffering from falling of tl.t
wunb w ill find Lr. F. s feupporter light and plea
ant, and fitting perfectly, and at the same iiu.t
must ellieient. 1 he holl.(tL urace, ainj is ugi.
and ellieient. The ariieies aknc, or taken to
getlier, are unsuri'assed by any article ever n.aue.
J. P. rLEMiNU, only ajtm tor wtigs ouumy
also, w lioictnle and tteiau i rutgisi, aou uliul.
u Glassware, Window Glass, fruich, hngiiil
Gem.an and American Chemicals,' Sc. ac, ie
Reioington s building. From street.
September 19, 150. yJ . , V
I J Agent. The undersigned hnving establish
eda Store at the residence of Myron Wells, on
Horse Cave Creek, will keep sr.'d store constan'lv
supplied with such goods a - l, ay at any lin.eU
wanted by the citizens in thai Beet ion. it is our
design to sell nt Pomeroy prices, though some ar
tides in Groceries, during bad roads, a small ad
vance will be added. Any article wanted by the
citizens not in said store can be ordered and sent
out at shortest notice.
The stock in said store is now much larger than
heretofore. So that customers will Bud nearly as
full nn assortment as in any store in Pomeroy.
Produce will be taken in exchange at the market
drice in Pomeroy. REED & BROTHER.
November 27, 1850.
Of the Riceipls wrf Expenditures of Meigs
County, for Ihe year ending June 1, 1861.
Hulnnco in Treasury June 1st, 1850, 8262 60
Revere from Duplicate oi isou,
Revenue from arie?" of 1849,
Revenue from toxes paid at Columbus
lor 1819, .
Received frcm fines and costs m crim
inal cases. . ' .
32U9 43
86 58
7 64 9
403 .19 0
Roceivcd from tavern, ferry and Horse . .
licenses, ' ' :.
Received from Peimlta to sell goods,
Received from Rood costs refunded,
Received from Jury fees, '
84 69
!J3 97
12 23
36 00
Total,' ' ;
84176 17 5
Paid Coroner's elpenscs; ' ;1
Paid Board of Equalization expenses.
Paid petit jury expenses, -Paid
grand jnry expenses, ' -j
Paid witnesses in criminal cases,
Paid justici s in criminal cases,
Paid constables in criminal cases, ;
Paid Prosecuting1 Attorney and others,
Paid jail fees, i- .
Paid salaries of Clerk and Sheriff,'
Paid Auditor's fees,
Paid Commissioners expenses,
Paid printing expenses, (iucluding Ge-
nernl Laws)
Paid stationery expenses,
Paid Common School expenses; i
Paid highway expenses,
Paid incidental expenses, "
Paid election expenses,
Paid township assessors exdenscs, ;
Paid paupi i expenses, " -' .
Treasurers percent, on f SCO ot 6 per
cent., -
817 95 0
v 20 00 0
214 70 0
138 26 0
i 404 "6 0
54 67 0
124 03 0
183 33 0
' 102 74 6
140 00 0
732 88 0
- 94 00
243 31
91 22
44 60
100 60
127 43 0
113 36 0
849 60 0
-159 93 0
28 00 0
' Total, ' - v X" 83o88 98 0
Excess of Receipts over Expend)--
hires', - r $487 19 6
By orderof Commissioners, r..;
..c 6 HALLlDAY, 'Auditor, j
.Pomeroy, June 28, 1851. n38w4. ..-..... s I
7l '-OUIJO INFORM tM friends that they
. V ? j :. nave survived, tne fire, nd are now hold
ing forth .at their Warehouse on Second street,
where they are receivine fresh stock of GOODS.
to whieh-they-invite the attention; if tlieij friends
and oustomerg. " ; i i : 4 u .) j
It may not be necessary to remind (boss inddbted
to us that this is a great time of nedd, as all arc
acquainted with our misfortune. "AVord to the
wise is siilucient." - -
April 17, isr,ngif,
fTTf stre-s ptj t?f$m fcCKi '-'
One doorht!ve Crawford 4 Siitr't tlort
trout ttrtet. fomrroti. Unit),
1 UST RECEIVED from Cincinnati a large and
9 well relccted stock of READY MADE CLO
THING, which hnS never been surp- t ed in fluid
ity or price in this market.,. Being a hractis
Tailor, and having been carrying on the busine.
for seven yeors in Pomeroy ,' I have se'ected n"
stock with a full knowledge of the wants of th:;
market looking to substantial goods and cbe. :
prices. -
My stock consists of Dress. Froek and S'l
Coats, Pantaloons. Vests, Shins, Undersl.ir
Drawers, Furnishing Goods. Cravats Caps, Trunl
Also. superior article of Tailor 8 Sht.ni"
and Points; an article kept nowhere else in Pou.i
roy. - - . . ' .
The unders:gned docs not. feel it necesrsry u
boast of the great varie'y and cheapness i i.
stock. He V-novrs that an eraniinntion of b.
eocds wilt tf'l mnre potent 'y in their favor tl.?-.-all
the h;i h fttlutine' w ords to be fi nnd in V,';k
er -n't M'el'S'er. "ontd sav for them. He there.
f r, 1 "-5 ; t',.r o'lu w. whose strcl; needs to be
in e'- '. ei' a'- .'.i ihe virie y, oodnefs, end
i ecpn T-f f..r. tkxv'.a; His i ot.ds spesk for
'e.i..e:v ' .' uneeni j;.dies must deeid.
They ere STUON'i AND WELL MADE, and hi
mere'y isks those wishing to ;.'. ' '
l'urensif e riotiimz neap, ..
To call upon him before buying elsewhere, as he
s continent he can seilMhem more rasnionaDie
md tetter inc at HEAPER RATES than
any other es'ablishment in the county.
Pomeroy, April 17, 1851 n?8 rt
Vistar's Balsam of WiW Cherry.
The Great Remedy for onsumption of the Lungs
Affections of the Liver, Asthma, Bronchitis,
Pains or Weakness of the Breast or Lungs, and
other affections of the Pulmonary Organs.
is a fine herbal medicine, composed chiefly of Wild
Clurrybark and the genuine Iceland Moss, (the
latter imported expressly for this purpose,) the
rare medical virtues of which fire also combined
by a new chemical process, with the extract of
tar thus rendering the whole compound the most
certain and enicncious remedies discovered lor
Consumption of the Lungs.
IsTEnpsTixj aoRRESfOM)KN(E. Dr. William Y
Bnnks, of Xenia, Ohio, a highly respectable drug
gist in that delightful village, has informed us that
the sale of Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry is
unparalleled. Th6 demand for it is so eager, that
he can scarcely keep himself supplied with it.
He has had in his store medicines for lung nllcc
tions. Some of these were esteemed good, and
some gave temporary relief. But since he has had
Wistar's Balsam of Wild harry, a number of the
most serious cases were completely cured by its
use. "I never sold o medicine," said the Doctor,
''in which I had the entire confidence that I have
in this'
It Cures! Whenever Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry is introduced, it at once attains that high
reputation which it so richly deserves. What can
prevent its sale, when on every hand can be wit
nessed its wonderful cures'. The worst cases of
Asthma, recent and dangerous roughs, vand also
those of lone standing,) Bronchitis or Consump
tion, (in its early stages,) are always cured by this
remarkable medicine.
Hereditary rou'iimntion!
Cured by Wistar s Balsam of Wild Cherry. The
following cure of Jeremiah Isgnpg, of Consump
tion, (five of his brothers and sisters having died
of Consumption) is truly wonderful. Ought not
this, urge the afflicted to make uso of this health
giving remedy, when it is effecting cures like the
tollowmg: i
Plersant Ridge, Hampton Co., O., )
Sen ember 27, 1S50. - S
J. D. Patk Dear Sir : 1 take the liberty of ad
vising you of the benefit 1 have derived from the
use of Dr. Wis ars Balsam ol W nil Cherry, i
was prostrated by that umblc sc urge Consump
ion, in May last. The attack was ruly horrifying
to me; five of my family n.y brothers and sisters
had died of C nsnnn ion. j was afflicted with
iitar.y all the' w ,rs'. f. ures i f the ditease; I had
a dis:re:siug oiigh, and expectorated a great deal
of blood, hectic fe,er tc 'en pains in the side nnd
chett, co.d chil.s, aaerm-tint wi h flushes of heal
and c pi uh niht sweats.
I w as under the care of ii skilled physician,
from the time i u a? taken sick until about six
weeks since, bcinj then al on' helpless and my
friends considering my case hopeless, of at leas',
Ley nd the reach of n.y physir.au e skill, advised
.be use ot W is or s Ua.s m ot v. no Cherry.
it limit my kii..wh.d; e, my fa her procured it,
and Ctiirin.enced iiFiiij; it. 1 via abte'to be out and
oversee n,y bus ness and iobor which 1 still con
linue to do. 1 have laken four botties of the me-
dieine, and now consider myself well. 1 make
t, i.s a a eii.em U indtirc others tha, are afflicted
as i have been, i , make trial of Wistar s Balsam
of Wild Cherry which remedy has, under the
Llessing of Providence restored my health.
Interest ine Coiiesuoiidcmc.
Important to those nfllicted with diseases of the
lungs and breast. Will miracles never cease'.
More evidence of its surpassing health restorative
From Ur. Baker, Springfield, Washington, co. Ky.
Spiti.NuriEi.n, Kv May 14, 1845.
Messrs. Sanford & Park: 1 take this opportuni
ty of informing you of a most remarkable cure
performed upon me by the use of Dr. Wistar's
Balsam ol Y ltd rierry.
In the year 1810 I was taken with the inflama
tion of the bowels, which I labored under for six
weeks, when I gradually recovered. In the Fall
of 1841 1 was attacked with a severe cold, which
seated itself upon my lungs, and for the space of
three years 1 was confined to my bed. i tried all
kinds of medicines and every variety of aid with
benefit; and thus I wearied alone until the winter
1 "45. when I heard of Wistar's Balsam of Wild
' My friends persuaded me to give it 2 fuil.trudi
though I had giv.U U? all hopes of recovery, anu
had prepared myself for the change -of another
world. Through their soiiciiations, i was in
duced to make use of the genuine Wistar's Bal
sam of Wild Cherry, Tee effect was truly aston
ishing. After five years of affliction and suffering, and
after having spent four or five hundred dollars to
no purpose, and the best and most respectable
physicians bad pruved unavailing. - 1 was soon
restored to entire health by the blessing of God.
and "the use of Dr. Wistar's Balsam of 'Wild
Chetr. 1 'j ; 'J i'fi'(!,:
May the blessings of God-rest iipovj the proprie
torft of so valuable medicine as Wistar' .Balsam
of W ild Cherry. , Yours, respectfully,
. , , 11' ' W. H. BAKER.
Thert'n.uiriti WStaf iialftm of Vila Cherry
has a rae sihiiltfoi ihe signature of Henry Wistar,
M. D. Philadelphia, and San ford & Park. En
graved' rapper. . No other can be genuine.
6old by j IX 'PAR K, (suocessor to feanford &
Park,). Fpwtb' ni Walnut .streets, Cincinnati,
Ohio, General-Anient; for -the South and West, to
whom all orders, must be. addressed. : It is also sold
-by-the following persons': .- v " ,' ,
I). Reed, Ppineroyi G. Cooper & Co., Ches
ter; John Frame, "Cool villa;, J, Capthart & Co.,
Poiht'Pleas'nntj John Perkins, -Athens; Maguet 4
Naret, Gallipots; S. S. Murrifj, Wilkesyjlle; G. J.
PayneiVeneaV- )v . ".
Januery 9, 1861. nl5m4.-. . n .r j
J MIIELDAItrER norsE, Troiil
IV Slrcci, Fomcroy, Ohio.-The sub
scriber has fitted rip m large snd commodious house
near lhe VtonAibont Landings where he is ready
ndi prepared at all .times ,ta accommodate the
traveling public.-' His -house is comfortable .and
ftirjiiture .entirely new-iptcpated to accommo
date, a Urge iiuinber of buudors, oocViocins can be
had for private families 'or), the most reasonable
terms. . .:,'.;. ',) ; "'i ' -
He thinks from-tlle' long experience' that he has
hadjn the business he-can give general satisrac-,
tioii. Kislable slallAt alltiincsbeluinisliedwith
the est that the market affords n ' -.i
B fsage willbecunvcycd tpttnafrom'thc steam
boais free of chargerA earefur and aatentivoPor
tef will stall timet be ready to wait Upon tlw'lrav
elingjiublie with their bsggag.'
pnmrT"y, PTrmbrr l?, jK.ri0. pl?m.
fjary mm.
'. Tne Great COUCH REHIGDY. '
ManT rain of exDerlciirfl. tnd aum thu a TTumlJ
Thfunni Cares ot Canaamptlre Complilnu, hava
promj to ( Quioubied Miisfaciion of -All persona who hava
oncurna acquainted u, i maeov. UiK II D aTrenl
ly MMi
nor, oacauaa u ai aoemaa ano aaUina, and
lor. bacauaa it la aoeMaa and hulina.
lo rare ('anaamntlaa of lha I.aaaa.Uian anv
other Rwaeda Hi lha world. Wa know, boweTor, thai tl la aud
ion of Iba many or lha few, wa shall sot attempt to arena with
aucb, but Hi la wa wiU fay, and do aMr ta a fact, which can ba
pronid la tfaa)antlda of eaaaa, that this aKdlcloa haa oured
CmwAs and Hmm which. Man tha cures were eOiicied. wera
called rent Conaiimptlee), and which war aitmided with
tymptomi that nwmMtJ, and ware In all rtmth has tlwr symp
toms of those was dis, and ssiksa daaat are said to have died with
that fatal disease Caanaaivtlaa, This Balsam has cured
tAowanei ar persons who were aaia to oe nopeH-ssiy amtctaiw
who bad hard, dry. raaWaa Coasjha fi"U la ibr Bnml,
SuW. au.1 fiaefc-UlfllnaltT of Hretktna Pwal k'-xi-
toroMoa Hacfis Vmr AilaW-SaMas and WastlnsT awny
of lha Fleah and Bload. Persons havlnf snrh complaints
bava been cured after it was said tbejr araaf ast live a week
tourer. This Medicine baa cured soma who ware supposed ta
ba in a dylaa state, but. by tne use of tola remedy, Way
ow IWe, and enjoy good health.
Thta Bitlanra is narsfy a eiyafaUs ssaiannd. It Is pleas
ant to take, and aaasraVisssuari, In any stare of disease or under
any circumstances. It effects its wonderfnl and alaKwf anU
rannlsae CareabyPuriryiac, Srsi;ia(H, and Inric-
aratiac tne wnoia sysiemiiy arawuin in cuvaiaitoa, ana
prodncinir a aaslMw action thus ailayim C'aaaa soolAtaf eW
Nervea and awffcu; saul fitrUitoibif Expectorallan. It
Cure ton following diseases, Tis. i- ,
('UlICHrl and Colds, BnmeMth, tiMato, Sjnllfaa 0 Moo
Ml r Ms J.aaas, Panu an las Brmul, Suit, and CAssI, Kef
MUa-a A..'.Jk. Cu,. D.I.J. t . k Um .11 W
MALK WBAKNrtMUKH and CoatnJasnti arising there,
from, Cbelcru Infantum, te.
fW Far Proof and particulars of Cure, see our Pam
f klels sod HaadWs all nor Agent bay iheni is (tv away.
i ou.e by Li. heed, n meroy: U W Cuopjr u
Co., Cluster; P. M. Pe rel, Graham Station. Ali
ord rs mast be addressed to Wallace & Cc.. 304
Ur adway, New york. ,
. April 24, l"51 n9yl ! , -
ILLA. The remedy for Purifying the Blood,
and curing disease, and the only remedy that is
thoroughly efficient and perfectly harmless.-
nil.;.. m..a:..:-.. ...i 'j , - . - J;
x mo iHcuiuiuu.wijen tineu nccoruing to uireuiiuus
win uure Without Fail. -
Scrofula, or King's Evil, Cancers, Tumors, Erup-
nonsoi tiiesKin, erysipelas, UhromcSorc liyes,
ringworm, or Tetters, Scald head.Rheumatism,
Pains in the bones or joints, old sores and
--"' ulcers, swelling of the glands, Syphilis, ,
. Dyspepsia, Salt Rheum, diseases of the
kidneys, loss of appetite, diseases ar- -rising
from the use of Mercury, -pain
in the sido and shoulders, .
general debility, dropsy, lum
bago. The best Female Medicine known. Incinient
Lonsumpuon, barrenness, t,eucorrnea or Whites,
Irregular Menstruation, Incontinuencc of L'rine.
General Prostration of the System, Depressed
Dpirns onn uioomy Slate of Aiiud sre cured by
UUUK. AND SARSAPARILLA. which cives im
mediate relief, by renewing the fountain of Health
ana atrentn, the iilood. It neutralizes bad hu
mors, stops unnatural secretions, and gives heal-
ll... i. .1, ii i
my oxiiuii ui mi me viiai powers.
Its mild alterative properties render it peculiar
ly applicable to the slender and delicate consti-
tutiou of the female. It immediately contiacts
that distressing nervousness and lassitude so
common to the female frame, and imparts an en
ergy ana uuoyancy assurprisingas ttiey areernto
ful. We have evidence on file, which induces
us strongly to recommend this medicine to roar-
rien people who have not been blessed with off
Prolapsis rtcri, or Falling of the Womb, of five
years standing, cured by Dr. Gupsott's Extract
of Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla, after every
other known remedy had been tried without
relief. ' . - .
v Washington, O., February, 18-19.
This certifies that my wife, aged twenty seven
venrs, has been suffering uiuier the above com
ple-nt for five years; nearly all that time confined
to her bed. I have for four, years constantly em-
nloved the best mediral talent that could be pro
cured in this section of the country, without any
benefit whatever. 1 have also purchased every
instrument recommenced for the cbreof such dis
eses, all of which proved worthless. '
In the spring of 1848, was induced by my
fncsds to try Dr. Uuysott's tellow Dock and
farsnparilla, which was used for four months.
After she had used it fcr about four weeks,
was evident to nil of us that she improved rapid
ly, and gained flesh and strength, nntil she is
now enjoying excellent health.
We being neighbors to Wrin. and Julia Mon
fort, know that the above statement as to the
si'knefs of Mrs. M on fort, and as to the cure bejng
effected by "Uuysott s veuow dock ana sarsa
parilla," to be strictly true.
., , 1NO.
The following is an extract of a letter dated
March 27, 180, from E. B. Perkins, M. D
highly respectable physician of Marietta, Ohio;
John Pakk Dear Sir: I have under my care
young woman who, for sixteen years, has been
suffering from Ulcerated Limbs, and whose case
hns been pronounced hopeless by three ol our
best physiciaus. 1 took her into iny family, and
have used Guvsott's iellow Dock and barsapi
rilla freely, and I am confident that the Yellow
Dock and Sarsaparilla will effect a permanent
cure. She is better in general health than she
has ever been before, and walks a mile or tw
without fatigue or pain. A a pear ago she used
crutches. 1 will report the case in due time
Very respectfully, E. B. PERKINS,
iTPlf the reader will observe, ho will see that
in nenrly all cases, the patient has tried nearly
every physician within his reach, and nearly
every remedy; but when he hits upon tiuysott1
Yellow Dock and barsnpanlla, the cure is im
mediate. .-..-
Bloomino Grove, Dec. 1st 1819.
Messrs. S. F. Bennett (a Co. Gents; Some
time in 1843 I was attacked with King's Lvil in
my arm, which became so sare that 1 could not
use. it, and in 1646, mortification set in. I tm
Dloved. at differential? phvsician ofcele
f,ril miOiin mv renrhi all told DJC tl.ut lr.V tXS,
must be ftrnputatcd. From the shoulder to the
forearm, my ami ru iu Pf running sores, some
of them as largo as a fifty-cent pieCP- I -"J.11
tried an Indian Doctor, who removed the lrtot
fied flesh, ond stopped the mortification, but
could not heal my arm. My strength at this
time was completely exhausted, ' and my person
much emaciated. 1 continued in this state until
the summer of 1848, when I saw an advertise
ment of ''Guysolt's Yellow Dock and Sarsopa
rilla," which 1 read attentively, and sent for one
bottle of the article. After using it a few days,
the discharges from my arm increa.ed, and as
sumed a light color, and less offensive odor. 1
sent for a second bottle, and while ttsing it 1
found my strength increasing, and the discharges
from my arm decreasing. I continued using it
until 1 had used six bottles, though I felt myself
peifectly oured before I used the sixth bottle.
Since that ime I have not felt any psin in my
arm; no sores have reappeared, and 1 have no
reason to doubt that it is thoroughly cured, for 1
have no reason to doubt that it is thoroughly
cured, for 1 can labor with it as well as 1 ever
could.'. '-.' ' ' -
."Gnysott's Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla' ae
lone cured me; took no other remedy whil
using it,- and had I used it at the first appear
ance of the malady, 1 fnlly believe it would have
saved ma from years of suffering. And I most
earnestly recommed every person suffering under
any similar disease, to use "Guysott's Yellow
Dock and Sarsaparilla,", which will restore them
o health, Yours in gratitude,- . " ' ,
- IU"None genuine unless, put up in large bottles,
containing a quart, and name of theoUup blown
in the glass, with the written signature, S. P. Hen-
nett. on the outside wrapper. - ,4,-f
-.ITTprice SI 'per bottle, or 6 bottles for I5.---
Bold by ' J. D. PARK, Cincinnati, Oi i
North-east corner Fourth and Walnut stscn
trance oa SValnut st. to w Rom all ruVri must
be addressed.' , ' "' r' 1 X j
' tot sale by D. Reed, Pomeroy; tl. W. Codpe;
& CtLr Chester, John Frame, Coolville; J: Caper
bart, & Co., Point Pleasant; JolmPerkiu., Athens:;
Maguet & Naret, Gnllipolis;"8. St Muriny, M'iHus
ville;G.J.P8yiiP,Pnrtft, !
I lilt
for the RemoTal and Permanent Care of all
And of thoat Cornn its which are caused bran Impair!
- aeuwiiwi uniivaiuiy oonoiuon OI ID
inis Dsautnui ana convenient application ot lha nn"
rious powers of GALVANISM (nd MAGNETISM, has bt,V
pronounced by diatinguiibad physicians, both in turnpa an
me uniiea o tatea, to os we moil vasuaois sustcinst diici
-and ;;
n aud with the en oil perfect and certain mccsas li all ci
Btrtngthenlnr the weakened body, giving tone to tha various
organs ana invigorating tne entire lystttn. Also ID FITS.
fci-ietruir. lumbamu, uh.ahmi.bn, nkkvous TRf ,
ENERGY, and all NERVOU8 DISEASES, which nnnialainla '
arise from one limpl cause namely,
: A Dcramgement of the Iferroua Syatem.
flr- In NERVOUS COMPLAINTS. Dni and Medicine
tnenatt ii'ihh, for they weaken tha vital energies n( tha -.
already prostrated system j while nndr tha trengthenin,
ills a-lvlijr, vitaiizmr innucnce oi U'lvanism. a applied by
eantiful and wonderful discoverv. tha exhausted satient
tnd vraltened sufferer Is restored to former health, strength
viaiticuy ana vigor.
Tha great peculiarity and excllene of
Dr. Christie's Galvanic Curatives,
oonisU la the fact that tier arrest and aure disease by sua.
ware! application, in place of the usual mod of drugging and
phsicking Ihe patient, UU eahausted Nature aink hojieleulj
anaer tne innicuoa.
Thri lrenlsn Me ! mtim, reualm (At eireiileHon
e (At ifosd, proaieft (At iterations, and fitter do (At iiiA(etl '
injury tinder any etream(ncct. Sine their introducUon Is
the United State, only thra year since, mora than
7 5,000 Persons
including all agsi, classes and conditions, among which t
a large number of ladies, who ar peculiarly lubject to
pu tompiaints, nan Men
whan all hope of relisf had ben (Iran op, and avery thing
alia been triad in vain !
To illustrate tha use of the UAIuVASIi; BKU', lunnose
the casa of a person afflicted with that bane of riviliiatinn,
DYSPEPSIA, or any other Chrnnto or Narroui Disorder, la
ordinary oases, itlmulanU are taken, which, by their action .ir,
tlie nerves and muscles of tit atotranh. aS'nrd tntirmtrv re
lief, bnt whlcn leave tne patieat lower itata, and wiib In
jurad faculties, after the actino thus excited hat canted. N.
eompare tliii with tha eS"t resulting from the application of
tha GALVANIC BEL I .aka Dyipeptio sufterar, evr. -j,
tha worse ivmptomi of an attack, and ilmplv tie the OH
around tha body, using tha Magnetic Fluid as ctirec.Uj. l
a short period tha inseuslbla perspiration will act m- tha nnai.
Uve element of tha Belt, thereby causing a Oalvemc cin-nui
tion which will pas on to tha negaUte, and n.enr bark
again to the positive, thus keeping up a continuous O jlrenlc
circulation inrougnoui ina ayatem. tbuh in m.m seven,
Of Uui moat Undoubted Chatracter, -
From all part of tha Country could ba given, sufflcicat t
All every column In this paper '.
which conclusively provei that ' ,-'''
"Trath Is stranger than Fictioa.".
Rheumatism, Bronchitis and J)yspcpslii.
af Naw Jersey, of distinguished attaidmtnts and nailed re
- Sionitv, Naw Jarasr, July It, I81S
Da. A. H
Chitii Dee Sir t Yen wi.h to know of ma
what has been the result f my own eese, of tha application
at int. ual van it, bk.111 ainu jit.t.M.Ai.i'. iy reply is
as followi : ' . -
For about henry yiart I had baen aulftring from Dvspep.
lis- Every year the symptoms beome won, nor could I ob.
lain permanent relief from any conns of medical treatment
whatever About ewften year aince, in consequence of
frequent exposure to the weather, in tb discharge of my
pastoral duties, 1 bevim lubject to s sever Chronic Rheu.
natism which for year site, year, caused me indescribable
uguish Farthers in tb Win er of ' 44 and '4a, la conse
quence of nmaching I gnat deal in my own and various
other chircbel in thu region, I was attacked by tha Bronchi
tii, which soon became to severe aa to require an immedist
suspension of my pastoral labor My ntrretit tys'.t at wat m
iAoreursl, prestralrd, and as my Bronchitis became worse, as
also did my Dyspepsia and Rheumatic aSeation thus evin
cing tliit these disorder were connected with each other
tVough 'the medium of tha Nervous system In tlie whole
phaimaonpaia there seemed tab no remedial agent whicr
couiu men ana recuperate my ixervoua tiyaiem ; every
iiing that I had tried I
tbia purpose had comnletelv failed.
At last I wu led by my ft lends to examine vour in-enUona,
and (thdugh with no very languine hopes of tkllr emciency,)
I determined to try the effect of the application of the O AL
FLUlDj Thi wu in June, 1S4A To Mr oaur astohissi.
MxnT, In Two Dan hv Dtirtrna hip ooni j in nanv
oavi I waa xnaaLXD to aasuaia HV rtiToaat, Laeaas aea
Have 1 iinot OMiTTrD a sikolo icavica en accai-nr or rae
BirtAcmTiii anaut RnruMaTic arrroTien Ha txTiatit
cxasca to toubi.( Kt. Such ii the wonderfnl and happy re
tulta of the experiment
! have recommended the BELT and FLUID to many wb
kave been likewise suffering from Neuralgic affections. Tkey
lave tried mem, with ttarrr aisuLts, i aauiv, m ivaat
I am, dear air, very respectfully yonri,
la used for all complaints affecting the Throat or Head, suck
s Bronchitis, Inflammation of tha Throat, Nervous and 8iok
Headache, Dimness of the Head Neuralgia in the Face But
ting or Roaring in the Ear, Deafness, which ll generally
Nervous, and that distressing complaint, called Tio Dolorous.
irnfc ,-,tmw - mwr
Palsy and Paralysis. "i
AU physicians acknowledge that these terrible disease!
are caused by a deficiency tfetvout L'ncrgy in tha effected
limbe. Da. CHRimc' Oolvanic Article will inpply this
deScient power, and a complete and entire oure is thus
Severe Deafheas Cured.
The following. I an extract from 1 letter lately receive!
from a dullnguiania physician in the State of Virrlnia i
"A. H. CHaisrir, M. D.Dttr girt On of my patient
unknown tome, obtained your Geium'c Belt na! Necklact,
with the jVagMcii'e f Mi, tor a aeriotu affection ol Deaf
ness The case wu thvt of a lady whose Nervoni systsea
wa much disordered, el ber general health poor. Much
wee done previously to Ufc application of tb Belt, but with
very little success, and I ltei It only right to tall yon, that
lace she oommenced weering.fh Belt tnd ailing the Fluid,
but a few weeki ago, ihe has ENTIRELY RfeXOVERRD
HER HEARING, and her HfneralNstalth 1 better than for
eevet tl year." . . . . .-. ' . , . .
KJ- Every case ol DttfnCM, If it be NervoBt, at ItVeneralli
(a, oan be cured by thii wonderful remedy.
Ar found of vast service
' cuei of Convulilont or Fiti,
Van out Affectiont of the
Head and upper extremities. Alio In Palijr C Ntiyeit, and
uiHv. vauvu uy uvnvicuv
Energy in the limbs or other organ of the body.
He Doloreux and Neor&lAcw
i oreeaiui ana tionit nr comma
ley raliratd by tha ipnlicatinn of .Ine
inese greaoiui ana egonixinr onmpiaintt art tetaa.' n. a
I rsiwatd by Ihe tpplicatinn of .lb OaLvaitie BLt, 'f
xlick and Fluid.. The Belt diffuse the ElactrirJie- I f
te sv
alem t the Necklace haa Xcmml m.
ihe Fluid I'-te directly upon the affected nerves. In these
uvauuaj Htiivuuia apyuoauun riCvtUtt VAllS..
These alarming tnd terrible complaints lr always ottstl
by a atsrarirsiaitni Me rVtrve. Th Bm.T, BaaclLtviaai
re tail
r LiiiD win cur nearly vry oaaa, no matter bow
tew old the patient, or bow confirmed the compltnVa
verous anu astonutung prooli are in pouenioa of tb
wietor --..., ; ' 4 I
HTMairy.iitindr'ed. Certificates1 from all parts oi
me r.uuniry oi mo most, exrraoramasy charactei
can be given, if required. i . ; .
PNo trouble or inconvenience attends the use
they may be woru by the most feeble and dalicste,
with yerfect ease and safety. lu many cases the
sensation attending their use is highly pleasant
and agreeable. - They can be seat to any part of
the country. ! . t -j, - ' '
ine uaivanie bcu, . Three Dollsrs. J
The Gah anle Necklsca, . Two Dollars. j""T
The Oalvanie Bracelets, Oha Dollar Eatk.
iic lunfincuu nuiu, une uoiiar. . v
The articles are accompanied by full and plit
directions. , PamphlfU wltlf full particulars tmu
be had of the authorised Agent. '-' : :
OTPastictiuu Cabtios. Uswat oi Counter
feits and Worthless Imitations , . (.
(LTD. C. MOREIIEAD, M. fl.,tieerai'"Agrnt
for the United Stales, 132 Broadway, New York.
0J. P. FLEMING aud p. REED, aulhorisff)
Agtuits for Meigs county, -' nolOyl.
ITAKmfi SOI Xl)nTy 8 ets. nr .'. at

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