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ittcigs Io clcjropl).
:t:i:::OCTOTBER 7. 1851.
roft oovrrnur,
:.Z or GALLIA.
"-' FOIl t.tKUTK!C.lNT'l".riTKIlNO,
uriiRAi.Ti It. ECKLEY,
JOHN WOODS, of Duller.
t '
KARL B I L I., of Sandusky.
ALBERT A. B L I S S, of Lorain.
, HENRYS T A N I) E R Y, of Franklin. '
fr BOAfin ok runuc wonxs.
L A N I E L SEOU R, of Lucas,
BENJAMIN F. C 0 N W A Y, of Scioto.
DAVID II. L Y M A N, of Muskingum,
OR 81'1'KKME JfnfJKS.
PETER 0 D L I N, of Montgomery,
CHARLES C. CON VERS, of Muskingum,
BELLAMY STORER, of Hamilton,
0 EORGE B. WAY, of Defiance.
MIUEOX NASH, of Gallia.
ron h:nator,
Probate Judce,
Clerk of Court,
(Cr Our issue lor nuxt woek will be de
layed until Thursday morning, for thu pur
e of giving the election returns.'
OCrS-e the genuine Whig Ticket in nn
other ooluioit.
We tX)i ct every one who own u to pay
within TWO WEEKS Those living in
Pouit-my. Coat port. Middleportand Sheffield,
will be called upon personally within that
nine. These living hi a distance will remit
Soum folks pretend to bo huffy because
t.d paper has been issued for a few weeks
nvl iinpiiiu it tj intention on our part. If
ihey can control tlic elements inoko It ruin
' when it suits them take steamboats draw
ring ihreu feel of w tiler over a bar where
t hi re is no more than twothey may littve
rta&iii lu think we could have avoided the
i.'itrtcuhy if not. we hope tliey will turn
t'.ieir griiri bling propensities on Providence
- and let us alone. If tin ir stomachs arc out
f'i rder we would advise a little exercise
if muscles and lose of the tongue as a sov
i reign reiiKiiy.
O-i Sucli a length uf time has intervened
one month 8ir.ee the primary elcc ions.
nod oilier matter crowding our columns
wo Iimvo oniitted the mMm of returns, and
pineal the ticket ut the htud of our paper.
(ftr Out again. The ni'enrriso in the
river, small us it was, brought us our papei.
which has been high nul dry on a sand bur
for tho piifi month, nnd we tiro able once
more to greet our patrons mid readers. The
loss in our Muhrs is less than to us its
ihiny dollars a w eek would not rcmuncrato
os. This fuct u'one will convince our ivad
or. that ihe fitult is not ours.
Ity-The Rivet rose slightly the past week.
iSt.-fore thai time it wes lower than at any
time since 1033. Navigation was entirely
fi.ispemli tl and tin; U auiiful Ohio surrender
ed to ihe dominion of Cat-fw.li, Oars, Craw
fish, and the nthir subjects of the watery el.
mcni. W'm have now, however, pruppects
of a i4i.n:g".
("o early lo the polls on Tuesday next
vote, cur'y nnd gi e that your neighbors do
lite same. It will never do to have it said,
that SAMUEL F. VINTON has been de-f'-atej
by tho widifferenco of his old con
diments. Lit us give him one of our old
(inhumed m,ijoriii!8-a real Log Cabin vote!
Up nnd ,ii item!"
A(;itlti;LTHItAL FAIR!
. The first Agricultural Fair, for Moigs
rotinty, ill bo held ut Middleport, October
J2 I. Wo si n no n uicosin circulation, but
I reitno the public aro aware of tho fact.
Ii h to !); hoped that il will be crcdiiable lo
the Furiie rs of Meigs county, and give such
an ( Uinesi of luturu cxuellenco as to cn
cotir ig': our farm is io tslio an interest in
such displays of ihu progress of the arts of
h ihtin Iry among ihtin.
V. D. IIoDiON, 's!j., we understand is to
lieliver tile address.
ONtw Hiitniss Washington Sti
ii.bp, I-Vmj., and 0. Branch. & Co. ure each
reeling h:tidomc throo story brick in the
borni disttict. The buildings ore up nearly
to tie- scciniid story. Wo Uatu that ils
(.I'tiimiipliiie.uniiingJtlirir upper btorie to
g. iher. fo as to male one room 40 Teei
hipittre. w'lticU isjdeslgfted for a Pnblie Hall.
This is decidedly ihu best move in thu build
in line made it) our plaje. Nothing is so
tiiuch needed lu ru us & good Hall anJ ths
.'tiu'cmeti engaged descwo tho tliunVs ol
i-.mh.idy i'oi lltcir litx. I a' public epiiii.
BAnvr.hr. v into jr. v
During the laticr part of Mr, M nroes
Administration, a prcj. cf was cet on foot in
Congress, by tho. Suih, for the removal of
the Creek, Choctaw, and some other tribe
uf Indians. "which then inhabit" d the interior
portions of Georgia and, Alabama, to the
northwest territory, embracing that portion
which , is now included in the . flourishing
State of Iowa, and stretching' went to the
Rocky Mountains.
It was proposed to set apart this vast do
main for exclusive and permanent occupa
tion By tho Indian tribes, and, as a com
mencement," those Indian owning lands
and living in the s'a holding States were to
bo removed thither first.
On n first view, tho scheme appeared
plausible, aiid was favorably received by
Congress. It wns strongly urged by. Mr.
Caihoun, with all the ability ani eloquence
of which ho was maste-i, and also by very
mony distinguished gentlemen in the coun
cils of tha nntion.
As that was at a time when there was com
paratively little sectional animosity existing
between the North and the South. Hie one
grave objection to the scheme was not urged
or probably thought of by statesmen in
their arguments pro and con in the incipi
ent states of discussion. The main objec
lion ihus lost sight of by the opponents of
tho-proposition, all minor objections were
easily oveicome, nnd iho friends of the bill
were sanguine of its passage.
At this juncture a member from Ohio arose
and claimed tho attention of the house.
With bold and fearless eloquence, such as
the cause of freedom always inspires in the
bosoms of iis faithful advocates, that mem
ber proceeded to ur.mask tho coven designs
Sniuh in uraini? this scheme. The
... o a
greet objection to the measure, which had
been overlooked by all others, he set forth
in boldest array. With undaunted fearless
ness, h ehargeJ home upon Mr. Calhoun
and his aiders and abettors in tho 6cheme.
that their secret intent was to oppropriaie
m i hit Indians
lorevor. becauso n was northern territory
free territory well knowing that at some
duy, not far distant, this territory would be
carved up into States ; therefore, they would
people it with Indians Southern Indians
to prevent this consumaiion.
It was enough. The scheme was un
masked, lis southern advocates quailed be
fore tho exposure, lis feeblo opposers from
the Nonh admitted that they had not thought
of that objection. The bill was defeated.
The arguments of that member from Ohio,
then comparatively unknown, had given it a
fatal blow.
That member waSA MUEL F. VINTCN
Ihe Whig candidate for Governor of Ohio!
Here was a buttle fought and a victory
won for Freedom, "such as Mr. Giddingn,
wlil ull hi hini4 achievements in her
behalf, has nover been able to accomplish.
Here was a tangible triurrph by the friends
of free labor over the minions of slavery.
Had the South succeeded in her designs,
whero would hove been ihe young and pros
perous Suite of Iowa, which was a pan of
the territory thus to be ceded to the Indians
Lost to Freedom and Free Labor forever.
Whigs' remember this, and when you
hear your candidate for Governor charged
with being a pro-slavery hunker, with no
sympathies for freedom, throw the lio buck
into the teeth of those who make the charge.
(ttr DiiMocttATic Meeting. Last Satur
day the Democracy made a rally at the court
house, and with tho aid of the Whigs sue
cceded in filling it very respectfully Messrs.
PiGitand Vallandigham addressed them.
We were present during Mr. Pugh's speech
It was a capital effort for the Whigs the
hardest hard-money address we ever heard,
and we have heard a great many. It did
not go down with the Meigs ccuttty democ
rocy, m ol1. We remember distinctly that
in discussions which we have had with Mr.
M'Abov, the present democratic candidate
for Prabate Judgo, in times gone by the
Judge was in the habit of denying that hard
money was a dueirinc of his party but
I've it kuoc-ktd that pin from tinder him
beautifully. The most thrilling part of his
speech was his allusion to the grave of Tuos.
L. Hambr, but ho forgot to tell hU audience
that Hameu was guillotined by his own party
becai so hn was not a hard. His speech was
rich in description, particularly thai part de
scriptive of thu Ohio Life Insurance and
Trust Company's Bunking House. He beat
G. P. R. James, most essentiull), in this re
spec. Mr. Pcgii is a very smart young
man. but a lir.te too much so for this region.
Mr. VitLANOiNGiiAjr, quito a juvenile
looking follow, in a goatee, followed. He
stated thin ho had very little to say, and
takicg him at bis word, wo left. Altogether
the meeting considering thu notice was very
rospectable in numbers, very attentive to
whai was said, but we fear not productive ol
much fruit. Judge Led lio presided.
0- Withdrawn. T. A. Plants, Esq..
the Free Soil candidate for Staio Treasurer,
informs us that he hus withdrawn his nunu
as candidate. This louves the track char
between Bliss and Morgan, and no Free
Soiler ought io hesiiaio between the two.
It is io be ! i oped that the Free Soil candi
date fur Auditor has not had this good cx
amplo thrown away upon him.
Elisha Whittlesey, tho wucond honest
guardian of ihe U. S. Treasury, has made
a decision which cuts down ihe salaries ol
the District Attorney, and U. S. Marshals,
of New York io a decent point. Heretofore
these officers have contrived to 6well their
iierquiiiii-8 and charges to forty, fifty, seven
iy or eighty thousand do.lurs per annum.
Mr Wbiitlesey deserves w ell of tho country,
for hi iihflineliing integrity.
J WOMK 4u win.
'Th facts and figure published in th-
Ohio Stale Journal dWwstriiiM what, can
bedonVbv proper effort by the; Whigs nl
A fult Whig vol ln ) v; ry township, will
elect Vinton and th entire Whig .State tick
et. -See to Ii'ihen. thauhe, Voters aro all out
on the Second Tu'-sdny of Oeiob-r. If any
U'hia neighbor talks discouraeincly, snvs
the choncps are bad, and that it wil be of no
uso to work or voie. uivo him ih" fncts and
figures m spur him to ex-rtion.' 8!l the rx,
ample yourself, by acting like avliv(!fWbig"
until the contest is decided.-
Kr Salmon P. Chasx. has gone over to
the Lucofoco party ..and pledged himself in
support tho entire Statu ti' ket, in preference
to ihe Free Soil ticket nominated by his own
party. So has Dr. Townsh-nd. At a meet
ing of the Free Soilers of Hamilton county
Chasf w as by public resolution read out of
church. When it was suid two years ago
that he was shaping his course T r such an
end, it was "a Whig lie," nw it is a Free
Soil fact. How hiMtert gome men are.
0471 alt. The Coalp'-rt Company hav
finished their wi ll, hnving i.hiained a full
miniilv iif water, and are now encaged in
erecting iheir furnace.
The Pt merny Company are about read
to commence operation a few weeks longer
and we will be able to quote Pomeroy salt
in the market reports. This well still con
tinues unabated in quantity ; one well s ip
plying a furnace 160 f et long will be a new
thmg in ihis western world; but it can b
seen shortly in Pomeroy; the Mineral city
of the West.
OrWe see that the Whig papers through
out the State are fighting away on the hard
money issue. It seems strange to us that
Whizs will not let this question alone. Let
the Locofocos destroy the banks if they
will; they only destroy themselves by so
doing. A party that will elect batik ( dicers
to the Legislature and the Judicial bench
nnu men prme aooui nuro-HKioey 10 get in
floating vote ought to be mad- toe the mark
and eiiln r carry out ihcir cued or abide tli
scorn oi a oeiuueo pei pie. for our pari
if the banks cannot tuk care of themselves,
they cannot get us to fight fur them whil
they vote the Locofot mi ticket; not by n
long shot; and we do hope the Whigs
Ohio will let the currency question alone.
ind not play into the hands of Locofocoism
any longer.
Charge along the Line Bring out
the Voters." In less than one week the
ballot-box will decide the issues before ih-
people. Of ihe result there is no doubt, il
a full Whig voio is polled. A Cull vme is
ulwoys a Whig victory, and whenever the
State and County ticket, sueeo-ss hits crmvn
ed their efforts.
Let election day br borne in mind and
let every Whig yoier and friend of our ex
cellent county ticket, be at tho polls to ren
der ut) a verdict, that shall nine Ohio tin-
inistukably upon Whig ground, and wipe
out the siigtna which Gov. Wood bus fl uol;
into the face of tho people.
Be vigilant. Whigs, efficient in your la
bors, untiring in z al, and b i nm iho poll.,
close with a Whig ekctor at home who hiir
oi t deposited his vote.
"Charge along the I me bring out the
voter I"
00" Let the Democracy of Meigs ruiiieni
ber Air. Putin's furiuus auti-buuk, huro
uioiiey spevcli on baiuriiuy last iliuu lu
inembur thai Allen G. Iuukman, one oi
their cutiUiuutes is at. tXo naiv bunk siuck
holder. Thai L. ii. Otis, their cundidu
lor Common Pleas Judge, in ihe Northern
District is Cashier ut a Bunk. Tliut Dan
1EL Uehel, the Piesideiii of the uliunn
Valley Bunk, has been nominated for Rep
resentative by the Democracy of Montgom
ery. Great counny this, to make hutd
money speeches in plenty of stock io work
fjr The FrebSoilers Mr. Vinton.
We have noticed in the Ohio Slate Junrnal,
during our vacation, a series of able articles
n vindication f Mr. Vinton's course on
the Slavery question, and had we either lion
or room would like to republish them.
There is no doubt but most of our Frie Suit
Friends have read them. They i flVciualW
put at rest a very unfair and unmanly article
w hich nppeired in the National Era. in re
ference to "Gott's resolution," written b
6ome one in Mr. Bailey's absence, and in
tended to aid Locofocoism in Ohio. The
articles further slu.w thai Mr. Vinton voted
against the Fugitive L.w. ihu Texas Bono
day Bill, and in favor of admitting Califor
nia us a free Suite. How any Free Soiler
any honest one can vote nguint Mr. Vin
ton, a In r reading thai expose, is more than
we can see and we are glad loknow many
who will vote for him.
Ki:MMBKK, Tux payers, on next election
duy, that the Locoloco administrations pro
ceeding tln.'odvtni of ihe Whig Poli -y in
1845, instead of paying any portion of our
Siato debt, borrowed money to pay the in
leresl. Since then ihe Whigs have not only
paid the interest regularly, but a portion ol
the principal.
The Ohio State Juitnul says that the
Frresoilers of Franklin county have nom
inated the locofoca county ticket, and that
soino of ihe nominees thereon are 67a oc
holdert in Virginia! Comm-ni unnecesu-
Benjamin R. Curtis, of Uoston, has ben
appointed by the Presideut to a seat on tin
Bench of the United States Supremo Court
led vacant bv tb death of Mr Woo li.tirv.
;(-jTiii Fvl!ts rr a MrwTic-ffW'-fen
of a newsf.spef Vacation is. that it htr j
in lo realize ih rapidity with-which eve!
pass on ihe ever shifiing panorama, of hi
We give below, a summary of oceurrcne
since ouHast:
..The Cuban (xppHition has faded Lcp ;
the prime agitator, has been captured and f
UA tremendous excitement nnd rna."v.v:r
has taken plnce in LnecusiPr county, Pu . '
ihe" oi tempt to arrest a parly of fugi'v.
Ijives; 1.-, i : . ; Uj,
Tho Ohio State Agricultural Fair i'..
greau si exhibition ever held in. iho We'
h is been begun and ended ai Columbus.
The cityof Boston has been the the th .
aire of the greatest civic ovation which h
ever been witnessed on ihe American emit!
nni the celebration of the opening of td
ltostn and Canada railroad.
The American yachu America, has b -e'
en the whole English 'yaj Yacht sqmt
ror,in the annual regntja ai Cnwes. Isle
Wight, In pr sence oL the Queen, Prior
Albert, and lhi nobility of Europe. Ilurrn'
fur Yankee skill. Thdsong now rings CV
lumbia rules the wave.f
The American depatnnent in the Crysm
Palace has al last asmued its proier lev-
ud is now admitted, even by the Lond
Timet, to excel in practical utility, any ml.
i-r nation representee at tnis great mutism
The Emperor of Austria has dismi.
his ministry and assumed thu reins of gn
ernment a sorl of NicholaJ. No. 2.
The American Wur team-r Mississipp
was to receive the illustrious Kossuth, m
board, at Constantinople, Stteinber 18th
We may welcome him to the shores o
America in a few days.
The Circassians have deflated the Rus
sians, with immense loss recovering ai
their forts and strongholds, aid placing th
Russian where he was three years ago.
A revolution has taken plate in Centra
America, with what success a few week
more will demonstrate. '
A revolution is now fu ptvgr - in N ni
em M- xici a thing l no meant t,rwn
ini-n in that emu try. howeter.
Traces of Sir John Franklin hav. be:
discover d by the American expedioon. In
aiiioi g the eti-'riiiil' ic f ihe polar eus.
The great Michigan Ruilnuid consp'-rae
cHse hus resulted in tim cuiiviction of twelv
of the niUilged conspirators. ..
A revoluiioii is in progress i:. Chin
which tlireit'etis the ovenhrow of tho pres
nt dynasty.
Gold bus been discovered - in immense
quantities in Australia, the whole country
has got ihe gold-nemeiis.
Such are n few of ihe evi nis of a momh
the usiutl number of robbenies. murders,
homicides, suicides, seductions, elopements
.. .1 , .-Jl. .i I ..."l.ti 1 - 1 ' a" " " '
leaving their traces as inueltbly stamped up
on -iIk! face of society as the others have
upon thu face of nations hearts are wast
ed and desolated by crime and patriotism
fee's its rewards in the hozz-ts of the crowd,
nod more plainly by the jingle of eagb
in the pecket and last of all hut nt 'si
strange nur good old world "wags on he
way" undisturbed the sun ri-es and sifts
ind the "Telegraph" again goes us uuat
- fj"THii RArK i.f'tiib Lock." II..bs
the Yankee Locksmith, has succeeded ii.
picking the celebrated "iiramuh L ick." in
England, which has hong in the wind iw of
the manufacturer for years w'uh an off r
of 200 guinies lu ihe man who would open
it without the key He a'so picked ih
celebrated "Chubb Lock.' which has here
tofore stood the test of the Locksmiths of
every country, lha "uuck. L.nniriversy
as it is called, hs excited the Johnny Bulls
io as high a pitch almost, as thu batting of
iheir Yachu by the America.
We learn from the Cincinnati Commer
cial that the cholera broke nut in New-port
barracks a few days since. There were
'weniy two cases, three of whom died.
VVe have received ihe first number of
a new paper The Christian Statesman'
published in Washington city edited by
R. v. R. R. Gurlit and Daniel R. Good
loe devoted to African Cnlotuz iiioti, dec
It is a b- utilttltv printed sheet and promises
io bo ably conducted. - Ii contains a kind ol
mutter not generally aitaiimbte in oih- rj nir
nals. and of a highly interesting chmaco r.
Afiica is now. to ihe philanthroiist, one of
ihe most interesting portions of the world
the rays of light are just beginning to pene
trate the thick darkness, which has over
spread that unhappy country through' all
lime, and promises by nv uns of colonies the
only h pe of breaking up the sluve trade.
and imparting to . the millions of thai con
(inetii the blessin.s of religion and riviiizu
lion. The Statesman commends itself to
the support of every lover of his nice.
Terms, $2 per annum in advance 3 copies
fur $5. Address Gurley il Good loe, Wash
ington City, D. C.
iZrA color, d Convention has lately been
held in Canada in consider mailers connected
with colonization and employment of the
largo body of fugitvo slaves in that country.
The prevalent opinion see mod to be in fa
vor of the removal of ihe whole colo red pop
ulation of thai province to Ja.naica.
0" Judge Joseph R.Swan, of Columbus,
declines the nomination fur Common Pleas
Judge, nci nily conferred upon him by bis
party. He Is r-ne of ihe best Judges in the
State and ought to have been on their ticket
lor the Supreme bench, but he was not rmli
eal enough to suit ihe hards of thu p iny,
and hence was pushed asido to make way for
such mrm ns Corwni, Kinney, BanlcVi ff.
03 A, Convention of HnmoEpaihic Phy
nns is io b" held in Columbus this week, I
oinencing to-day. sOf course there will
no long speeches made as riie members
i'l carry their professional principles with
'"m Into the Convention. '
The vnrhi -'Arnerira, which has murun
t the RitgMsh sailinc 'raft, and taken the
:ze.'hH8 been gold by Cof. Sipvens to an
: iQ'ifh effint-r for 35 000. the cost about
10000. '
The U. S. Consul for Hawaii? one of the
iii'lwich Islands, is in this country bearing
"positions' for annexing ihose islands to
. - unueu oimes.
The Austrian tribunuls hare sentenced a
ly, for a political (iffence, to eight ,v,ears
t.pnsonmeni in a dungeon,
The Bloomer dress is jusi beginning to
I... i- Dl-iJ.i i' l'- ' r ',r ' '
e.iii ruiiniieipnta. ,wn pleasant even-
the Bulletin says Chestnut street is
ivi! with ihem.
The New York Mirror states . that the
ealih of Mr. Ci.at is in u very feeble stale,
od that it is very doubtful if he will ever
ain be able to visit Washington.
The Marietta an J Cincinnati Railread
'onipany have lei forty mites more of iheir
ad, completing the connection between the
tineral region and Cincinnati.
(-Monthlies. GraAam's Magazine for
itriober, is tine of ihe finest of thu year,
"be Engravings aro "The Evening Light,"
stipple engraving from the burin of Rob-
" sun, and one of the finest embellishments
e have ever seen in a Magazine a beauti
ul fashion plate and "Tho Scene in , the
' ountry." The leading article is an exceed
i nity able metaphysical article on "Habit,'
Vom the pen of Dr. Wji. Elder of Phila
leluhia. Herbert also contributes one of his
wn articles on sporting which is to us. al
ways the article of the book. Altogether
Gr iham is alone in the Maguzino world.
03 G-wcy's Lady'i Book for October is
i lore us the best idea we can eive is to
ay thin if is Godey's it columns 21 en
,nivii.ji ihhJ 36 original urcles. i here Is
i proverb which we mav well repeat ibis
nth " Gudey always redeems his prorn-
03The Ohio Stut'ismar is filled, almost
ijtii'y with undipcriminating i-ulogy of ihe
t'entocrttoc Sii.ie noriiinees. Some of its not
tices sniiick so strongly of the obituary style
dim wo shitll not wiuider to see them re-pub
iished uiulei MiK-it lious a fir r the second
Tuesday in Ooioder.
We peieeive ;hut Mr. Giddisgs paper in
Ashtabula ilous not like the speeches which
Senator Wade is making all over thai coun
ty, we do not wonder at it. We should sup-
men who were once Whigs, and w ho, upon
all questions ot practical importance ar
Whigs still, would' have great force. S
thinks the Giduings organ, and hence its
groans hikJ tears. Sensible m jn are begin-
i ing to see through the rnoveiiionis of lb
h ud r ol ih -ir punyi-in in Ohio. Chase,
TnwNiHKHD. Miller. Taylor. 6m.; alter
He tr leiriulo patriotic iqipeal to the dear peo-
ple, have slovghrd iff inio pure Loeofoeo
ism. w here lliey belong, and have carried as
many Whigs uiih them as thuv c.iuUl ioflu
ei.e '. The balai.ee of thai puny can s e
ihe clinraerer of the men ihry hute been
trusting. Sinie of iliem buve too niueli
sense nnd perception ot projiriety lo go with
Chase & Co. into lull communion with
party thai advocated tho annexation of Tex
as ; the extension of slave terriiorv, and thai
declared iise f in lavorof the annexation ol
Cuba, thvery and alt, to these United
It is gratifying to leerr. that thousands aie
getting their eyes open to the true tendency
of these things, and we do not doubt that the
speeches and labors of Senator Wade will
do much in this beharl O. S. Journal.
uni-x one week MOREJ-TO THE
The Cincinnati Gaxrtle opportunely re
'roinda the People of Ohio that iho approach
mg annual election the most important that
has ever been held in the State comes off
one week irom this bav, the second Tu. sda
in October. "Bui liui.i time is leli mprepure
lor ihis Conttsi io compieie the necessiirv
Uir.iiig. iiu ii.s io bring i.uta full vole. We
kiiow iliui the D niocriicy' ep up th. ir
orgiiiiiAiiiion. wora se uilov. und, as a gene
ral tule. ur - ulwuys rertly fo- ucii.iu. How
is it with thu Whigs? From what wo see
nnu neiir in oilier pnriS 01 11)0 Suite, our
mends ar. active up and dointf undevin
mg a ut. u ueieroiinailoii, c nie wi al or
oonie woe, to do th-ir whole duly, before thu
election und ai ili.iiolls. This is us u should
lit:. Bui whui shall we say of ihe W logs of
Uiiciiiiiuu oi Hamilton county I A short
nine since a ihourough oigun.zaoon was
comencoil by vouug and uueigeiic men
'which gnvu promise of goop results. W,
tiopu and trust that these efforts aro well di
rected, und will continue until every W hig
in the county is induced to come out lo ill:'
election and deposite his vote. We have
ihoupuuds of good Whigs, and on iheir vote
thu election ol iho Statu officers may, and
probably will depend. We owe our aid to
the cause, to our principles, to our puny
friends throughout ihe State, and loihe Coun
try . Let it never be said ihut Locofocos and
Uliraisis have triumphed becauso tho Whigs
had loo Huh regard for their principles, or
were nm lazy to come out and vote. There
is loo much apathy. It endangers our cause
and the prosperity of the State. Let us re
member thai our lib rties and our rights are
h Id on the t'oni'iiions of eternal vigib nc .
Are we too lazy m lilt our urin lor tho pres
ervaiioii of our tights, too itnlifferei I to our
principles lo exeri ouiseUes to sustain litem,
mo eaioh ss nl our p. tMinal Security and our
jiropeny Toib'Vo'u a liule time in presrve
them under the proti ciiuti of luw and order?
We have no time to lose. Let no one siiiinl
idling away his time, but be up whilu it is yet
to-day, and ai work, where ever work is to
be done; and continue to work from ihis time
mil! tho election"
; LATrrr frob evrope.
' j- . PiiitADELrniA, September 30.
Tlre'stuamer Baltic, from Liverpool, with
tales to the 17ihinst.. arrived at New York
at hulf past seven on Suuday morning.. She
suited from Liverpool at 2f . r. ., on the
7ih, and brings 97 passengers. , ;
I he Uairttc passed the 'Asia on liu IVili
oinetien hours wesi of Cape .Cleur. . The
Baltic experienced heavy westerly winds the
whole passage. :- ''
I he Lanadu arrived at Liverpool on the
evening of the, 13ib, in 10 days and five
unil't. 1 . i, ' ' i
'i'hc excitement about gold iu Australia is
rather r n the increase; " - -
Mri'Gladstono'ij . disclosures about the
atrocity oftha Neapolitan government seem
mI to be cuusiiiJ more and more and more
uheas'utess among the advocates of that des
potisrrK- - '
The Austrian loan I xercised a depressing
influence on commercial interests generally.
The Liverpool Cotton market continued
firm, with middling qualities a shade dearer
since 1 the Africa's "departure. Sales for
three days '19.000 bales, 7000 of which
wi re taken by speculators and exporters.
rlour dull and urchanged, noiaers ue
manding higher prices. Corn dull and de
dined Id ner bushel.
Provisions dull and unchanged, ounce
increased in price, but dull. Tea unaltered.
The Manchester trade continues good.
The London money market is still sen
sitive, with daily failures, and is further do
The bar I of Donoughmore uiea on tne
Hon. Abbot Liwrence is on a tour ihrougl;
' The receipts of the Exhibition 'continue
at about 3000 per day.
The harvest news throughout Imat tin-
tain is most encouraging, and the weather
lavoroble for gathering it in.
The German Diet held a sitting on the
&ih September, when the report of ihe com
mittee on ihe constitutions was received;
but so great was the diversity of opinion.
ihsi even tho minutes cou.c not be agreed
Much disappointment exists throughout
England from a lack of definite informa
tion in relation to the Cuban expedition.
The papers are still filled with accounts from
li'j United States concerning it. Negotia
tion aro going on between Spain, France
and Eng tmd, with a view to announce to
tho American Government that it is bound
to put u stop lo further invasions of Cuba.
The news irom the continent shows much
uneusiness as to luturo transactions. 1 he
department of Ardeche hus been placed in
a state of siege. Prince de Joinville is ex
pected to make some declurtitton lormally
as a cundidutc for the Presidency.
Italy. At Naples forty-six Siao prison
rs worn sentenced to death; among them
were ten Jesuits, iwo-ex-ministers, one am
bassador, and two priests.
India. Ihu mail arrivtd at Marseille
with Calcutta dates to 7'h of August. Th
news is unimportant.
Pay Your Postage. Thu New York
Tribune says tho following is an extract ol
a letter sent from lhai city to a man who (it
not "pay his postage.
"Yours of asking information in re
gard to inc Collar. Market ts nuiiiti.il, nml
below you havo the lowest quotations. I
am always hjppy to serve you. but can do
so at loss cost if you will prepay your lei
lers, for which purpose I onel isj a doz -n of
the ne.w postage stamps."
What Whigs Want. -.Vi genuine whigs
wunt to see liberal npprcpriniii-ns mudu tor
Western Rivers and .Harbors; deeming th.
lives and properly of tb.i Western peop'e
of as much va'ue an those of the dwellers
upon the sa't sea hor The Locofocos
vote ngt!ir!i such appropiiaiions.
All genuine whig; want to sue a tariff en
.icted which shall provide sufficient revenue
for the CHiiiiry, and which, in its discrimi
nations, shall ulwav.i fH- r the Americnn
laborer. They beiicvo iliai ihey can bi tier
support tho foreign arliz-n by bringing him
to ihis country, and giving him work whero
he can consume btea'lstuns, without tlie
lanner being obliged io pty fiC'ght acros-s
the Atlantic. I ho locoioco dreanv and
talk Freo Traile, and enuei Us disciiininn
ting aguinsi American lab.ir io favor of na
tions who tax some ol ur products to ti e
tune of 1200 per ceot! Tribune.
Don '.f want inn. T'r.e AsMand Union.
one of the hardest of t!v; bird, and most
radical of the rudical Locofoco papers of
Ohio, docs uoi appreceia'e lbs accession to
the rar.ks of its party of II. m. S. P. Chase.
Hear him talk :
"Read out. Tho Free S .ilers of Ham
ilton county have read Senator Chase outol
their party. VVe wish ihry would read him
and nil his kith and kin hack ogain as soon
as possible."
Iliithor unkind that, after CitASi: In i done
uil he could to induce the Free Suiters to
nominate a separate tickel, for the exclusive
benefit of L irol'ocrtism. But ho will stick
by you. Murk thai ! 0. S. Journal.
A LRor-ARD Chile. The Louisville
J lumal gives an acount ef a child in that city,
aged about threo or four years, tne offspring
of a black woman. Tho Journal says it i
not a mulatto, but spotted. The faco iub'ack
with a whim spot on the forhead, and one on
the chin. The legs and part of ihe body are
white with black spots. The white is not
like that of an Albino, but like tha skin of the
white race, wiih thebluu veins show i c them
selves through ii. The mother is suid to
havo buen during her pregnancy, very fond
of a spotted colt, folluu ing it about and mani
festing toward it 'be love ot a mother to her
Chiid. Hero is question for physiologists-
The Jeennings e state, nmv waitinL in Eng
land for heirs, amounted in 1848 to forty
millions of dollars. 1 here buibeeri a grand
L'atherinu of all the Jennings' in tho United
Stuns, but nothing definite hu yi bom dis
covered respecting tha rightful heir. The
Mobile Dribnue thinks iha legal claimant Is;
Mr. S. S. Jfnkings, of that city.
On tha Sth trust, by the Far. Roiirt Hvsell,
Mr. Lewis Sissoa, of Middleport, to Miss
Eliza bitii Tuoarsox, of this ple.es.
On the 24th. ult., at the mldenc of M. H.
Morse Pcmeroy, by the Rev. Thomas I). Boyer,
Mr. Sherwood K. Burch of Meigs Co. to Mies Car
oline Young, of Coolville, Athens Co. Ohio.
Administrator's Notice,
Notice is hereby given, that the subscriber has
been appointed and qualified as Administrator on
the Estate of George W. Self
Self late of Meigs coun-
IAI1M "on I Xf
ty deceased.
i.nvr.-y ejrt, , iwi,
Dfinsjcrati Ticket.
. ; - . ' Senator.
HIRAM B. SMITH, of M. is Cv.,i,ty.
Probate Judgo.
WILLIAM McABOY.ofSuli.bury.
Clerk of Csurt.
EDWARD A. HILL, of Salisbury.
GEORGE LEE, of Sulisbury.
..... ' . Commirsioner,
1ST OF LETTERS remain.
Post Office at fomcrov SeDt,
Alien W U
Anderson J no
Austin J P
Brown Harriet
Rush J no W
Bolaley Hiram
BissellSW .
Hysell II.
Howard J
James J'
M'Master il
Meaky John VI
Burnet J
Martin John
Matlack JosephS
Morraa Wm L
Bdird Martha
Bailey Win
Boyd James
Balcom Wm
Ctary Jas
Clymer James
Compbeli Esther
Crooks Sarah
Cooper Jane
Crooks Wm
Casey Wm
Derenny John
Dewney S W
Davis Q F
Erins Jemmima
M'Mtthaa John
Newton James 1
Nobb Mary 1
Nelson John f
Noble Wm L
Oliver wary
U-.l A
Parker S M 4 R Alloa
Phillips David D
Payne Lawrence
Pambridj David
Patten Joseph
Pambridj Cicalia'
Ross Marian
Kobjon Ralph'
Reider Jacob
Sladea C W .
Stephens Wm
Sander John
Stlmpsun Horace W
Shed Mrs Mary
Stitt Wm
Vrtinest Peter
Weldon Mary
Williams John V
Williams John
Wainsdroff H
Watson Wm
Elliot John
Evans John
Parmer O B
Frongback F
Fowler Wm
Fiirner Jas
Gush Johu
Gattle Geo
Gill James
Gruser Pete
Gilbert OiicS
Halsey Dolly Ana
Hopkins jom
Hine Pelct
Henry jacob
ticrmann Kthcrine
bolter Danl F
Weisenback Henry
October 7, 1851. iinw3.
NOTICE is hercbo given that I have been
aDoointed std qualified as Administrator on
the estate of Beniamio Chase late of Meigs coun
ty, dee d. MARTIN CHASE.
October 7, lfSl ntiwj
Nl otlce I hereby giveu that a petition
I will be presented to the commissioners of
Meigs county, at their December session, 1851,
praying for an alteration of the State Toad that
leads from Atnens io uaiupons, wnere u crosses
the land of Horatio White, In Scipio townsiiip ;
commencing at the crossing of the creak near Jo
srph Howclls and ending, in the center cf the
road at Selim Day's, locating said road on said
White's Und so as to run parallel with the lin
betweensaid White and Peter Alkirc.
Sept. 27, 1861 nw4.
T my ins'.ancc an attac hnwi. was this rfny
issued by H. H. Rice, a Justice r.f the peace
of Salisbury township, Meigs county, against the
property and effects of James Muir a itcn resident
of said county. WILLIAM SHORT.
Sept, 13, 1861 tvt7w.
T my ias'.ance an attachment w this day
Mutit by H. H. Rice a Justice of ihe pear"
for Salisbury towwhip, ngaisst the prepcrtjr aril
sfTec's of Darid J. Erans, an ahscamiir.g rttftt.r.
II. K. Wil SOX.
August S3, ISol no7w3.
V Otlce is hereby givn, that ttie undersigned
; 1 hus been appointed and qualified rs Ad
ininisiratrix on the estate cf William OiiCm, ':'
of Omio township, Meigseour.ty, Ohie. deceas
ed. All persons interesUd will o"trn thrpuelv-.-s
accordingly. METILDA L. GR'FFl.
Oct. 7 'SI ntTr3. Administratrix.
OTICEis hereby given that I have t .cert
appointed Administer of the estate cf .Ste
phen M. (layman, deceased, at the Sept. term of
Mcies common pleas. The creditors of the dec ,1
will therefore present their claims duly authenti
cated fors-t'ltment in ene year from this die. .
Oct. 7, 1SJU nl7wlp0.
FRESH supply of Groc-rics, just reccirif.l
snd fnr sale low for cash by
Oct. 7, 'iH-nntf O. W. HOLME
Pomeroy Select School.
I cjmrncuce on M.).Ar, the th day of trj
tcnibcr next.
Tuition ptn- luarfen
Reidinj. Writing, Klemintary Geography
and Mental Arithmetic, - 83 del
Arithmetic, Geography, Granin.ar, Philof-
Bcp'y. C'htmisry red Ekncn'ary Al
gebra, - 4
Book Kccpin? by DuuMe En'ry. Botany,
Astronomy,' Ancient Geography and His
tory, Physiology and Geology, - it
Rhetoric, Logic, Higher Mathcnwtics and
the Greek and Latin Lanjttagcs, - - 6 00
JAMES M. EVANS, Teacher.
Pomeroy, August 26, 1851.
Coal Property for Sale
rpHE SUBSCRIBER offers to sell his eoal-lot
X lying adjoining the eorporatioa line of ta
town of Pomeror, one-half roils from the mouth
of Kerr's ran. Enid lot comprises about 20 a?rei,
v. in.... iv flUW ,ic ovit.1 -.-i : pxniY Ol HOT
ana mere tjroom loriittvs.nt ki-'i. ThAthr
can be bought for from 60 to 75 dollars per scrt.
There is a good road and landing at the river, A
bargain given if application be made soan.
- rnt7n. -a-av.l.iJlM5.
Pometoy, Sept. 9, 1S31. nlGtf.
Lust Day of Grace.
ALL accounts or claims due us will po:itiely
be put in suit on the 1st day of September
next, if not paid before. We cannot wait longer.
Pay up now and save cost.
Pomero", August 19, 186
Street, romeroy, Onto. The sub
scriber has (Hied up a large aad commodious hous
near the Steamboat Landing, where he is read
and prepared at all times to accommodate th
traveling public. His houfc is comfortable and
fnrniturc entirely new is prepared to accommo
date a large number of boarders, and rooms can b
had for private families on the most reasonable
He thinks from the long experience that he ha
had in the business he can give general satisfae
tion. His table si all at al) times be furnished witi
the best that the market affords.
Bapcace will be conveyed to and from the stean;
boats free of charge. A careful and attentive Per
ter win at all times be ready to wait upon the trev
eling public with their baggage.
F. ti. KlHfcLDAKrtK.
Poraeioy, December 12, I860. al Jm5.
Vf now have and shall continue to keen tl
superior siticle of Salt for sale by the barrel o
bushel. It has no superior, and can be told lo.
er than the rrcrent rttcee of other salt.
March '.'7. 1651.
IjAPEIt IIANGIISGS. The undersigns
has recently opened in connection with h
Drug business a choice selection of 3,000 Vt
cw of Paper HaiiinKS. Also, 3t3 O.'
afnd Paitrr Window Shades, contkti
ofjiraperies, Arches, Landscapes, and those .
the Chinese and Gothic orders.
The magnitude and variety of the selection '
ablcs him to sell at such prices as will, with',
doubt, hannoniw with the varied toftes of tL.
"fiirwinitf. ?4ti'. Ii ltll s UFKI).

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