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Raymond A Co.' and Van Ain
burgh I Co.'s Combined
Consisting of all the rare living Wild animals
extant. Numbering over 150 specimens.
To be exhibited together for one price of ad
mission. Will exhibit at Sheffield on Saturday, Oct, Sfith,
Open at 1 o'clock, P. M. Admission, 25 cents.
Children under 10 years, 15 cents,
cents.'.'- .;
In this collection is the
rihnocfros, on tub vsirovy .
op holt writ. The first and only one in Amer
ica sinoo 1836. The great difficulty in capturing
this huge and savage creature, together with the
almost impossibility of keeping him alive in a cli
mate so uncongenial to his habits and constitution,
renders the exhibition of the livinir Rhinoceros,
the greatest curiosity in the animal kingdoia. Al
io the
The only one in America t which is considered the
most rare of all animals kept in a temperate cli
mate for exhibition, they being only inhabitants
,pf the most Frigid Zone. '
In this collection of animals will be seen
Of the finest specimens from different countries,
two of which were presented to Vast Ambi'roii by
Her Majesty QUEEN VICTORIA, in his recent
tour, through Europe.
The most renowned of all Lion conquerors, will
gt a certain period of the exhibition enter the dens
of his terriflic group of Lions, Tigers, Leopards,
Cougars, Panthers. &c, the same as performed
by him in all the principal cities of Europe and
America. After which
Will enter the dens with his hiirhly trained Ani
mals, separate and altogether different frc-m Van
Tax Notice.
rpiIE RATES OF TAXATION in the county
I of Me;gs, for the year 1851, are as follows :
For State purposes, 3i cts. on the S101' valuation.
For County Revenue I S ' " '
For Common School 10 "
And a special School
tax in Scipioof i"
For Pubi c Building 6 " " " "
AlSn for Road purpisi-s a general levy of 10 cts.
on the 1100 valuation, and in the Townships of
Chester aiid Orange each VO cts., in Olivu 2 eta.,
Salisbury 10 els. on the S100 valuation.
An f r To wn and Poor purp ses in Bj lfar.1 10
eta., Rtland 10 cts , :ia!e,n 3 cts., Salisbury 6 cts.
Sr.ipio 'Si "is., Orange 10 cts., Olive 31 Lebanon
"(S-ts., Chcs erS c:s., Columbia 3 cts., Sutton 131
Hi. on the 6 I'M taluntion. . ,
A It , a c-.wp.'raiii'u tn". iu tin ivirn if Pomeroy
cf 31 cts. on tLe l"0 valuation
I wi'l attend at royoUiee in IV'ir.e.-oy, peisonal
lv f r ly daput fnm th 20th day of September
until the 20th day of I'eoe-nber TJil, f )r tie pur
pose of tcelvin s-id taxes.
O. r.ii'A.V:)!!. Tfuasarerof Meijt CO.
1 "i irl-i inn f f All
To 11.3 Z- ?'.-. cf the county of Meifs. You ;
will ni-t.. ii '.hs iir.n! pias of hoid ng Elections
in yout ri.-p.-o i -'t towcihip' on Tuesday the Hth
day of Cc.. .r. :551, and tli'.-u and there pr oceed (
tn n'r. f r
On .' uvi-.i r.
l.lcuior.i.i'. tuv.-.ir,
Us- AaU r of S- i'e.
Or,e Stfc:j::ii i.f S
oz Trcos .i Ptji'.e. ttni
! Uf.r.icy G'.i'cral for S'.ote of Ohio.
':'r.r?3 :ui-.,.b.';rs fjr Hoard of Public Works,
I' i'.u .! -...i.'cs of the Sunrciue l.ourl.
Or. 1 uul's of il.u (;ouris of C mmon PIea3 for :
the third s'Ji divisivn of the .wen'h district, com
po:.c 1 o; iiie c-Jiiulicj of Gallia, Meigs, Athens ;
Hiiil V"ashini;tun.
O.ie Sfcilaiiif lM rojirtsent the K'j;hh Senatorial
t-ivjict. c'.iv.ii ,:,lJ ti! :!,e counties cf Laurence.
iiailin, ilt'.ts and Viii'.jtt.
One K'prv'iitit;c i'jr the eoTi'y of Mrigs,
'iitf Cit-fk .f ih" ('out: t-.i j.iuii J'iiaj,
(.;).. I'Tiasurcr,
One i;';cuf ''-r,
Onj bhir.rf,
ui'c Ctinn isiioncr. ir.d
t me Pr iU:e J udgf. Sir the ".,r:ity of Meigs.
The t .'.-' ! ! Mz several Townships will re
turn i;h their p:U books the nain;s of individ
ua'.e to s'.rve as J 'iwrs for the ensuing year as fol
lows: In BiiLrd, Is Or6n;,e, 3
Chts-er. '1 Rutland, 8
Cohtrnbia. Salem, 6
Lebanon. S Salisbury, 18
I.iart, 6 f.cipio, 6
0;;-c, s Smton, 4
y W. COLLINS, S. M. C.
PomT.Stpt.fi7. 1351.
Sale of Laiuts in Tartition.
BY virtue of an rrdcr of the June term, 1851,
of the Court of Common pleas of Washing
ton county, Ohio, in a suit in partition of Wal
ter R. Danforth and others, against Charles F.
Tillinghast and others, 1 shall offer for Eale at
the door of the Court house in Marietta, on Sat
urday the 4th day of October, 1851, between the
hours of 10 o'clock A. M and 12 o'clock, M.
tiie following described real eula e y:
Town lot Nuir.b.r f.rty five, in Marietta,
Appraised at f 10C.00
Three acre lot No. 1C00, in range 8, totvn
3, section 31, in Washington county.
Appraised at 0-w
Three acre lot No. 147, in range 8, town 2,
section 31, in Washington county,
Appraised at 832P0
e ....in H iftAO in Yitnre 11. town 8.
sections 17 and 23 in Washington county.
Appraised at - 8340.00
100 acre lot no. 722, in range 15, town 1,
sestions 22 and 28 in Lawrence county,
Appraised at C1C0.00
40acre lot, No. 25, in range 11, town 2,
section 15, in Meigs county.
Apprrsed at 1 144.00
Cfi2 acre lot, No. 25, in range 11, towa 3,
section 20, in Meigs county,
Appraised at 524.00
Teems of sale: One third on the day of sale,
one tnird in one year, and the remaining third in
tw years, with interest from the day 61 sale.
Marietta, Aug. 20th. 1351.
Engine Builder and nih-rs using
Copper Work.
Th are oreDared to manufacture upon the
VV ahorttst notice and in the best manner
all kind of Copper Work at Cincinnati prices.
ItfFERExccs McAboy it Cutler, J. C. Depew,
It. C. Grant, Pouicroy; Mr. Jones, Middleport;
(.'apt. Coolcy, of tteamboat Ohio.
Ponitro)', August 20, 1851.
I VTAelfC DA r BAM Tni.n : RmI
i l Said to be the best medicine ever offered to
the world for diseases of the lungs, chest or
Also Mcintosh's Chcnv Cordial. Warranted
'.o euro Diarrhoea or Dysentery. For sale by
H. B. SMITH, Agent.
AruMicsl Sugars-One Tierca for sale by
U. a. bMllll.
ocU Sale 21 bags fine ground for sale by
M. O. bMlttl
(bocolate.Currants, Clieese, Cnalk
J Whiting, Zink, Washboards, etc., at
Patty ccui-Untly oi head and for tale by
Moup uud Candle A good article of both,
7j on hand and for sale low by the box.
OAKtis a- piJKKIRK.
An-burgh's, making two a a no anijiaJ. HtKfoa
amcm in this collection. , .
Liil of aniuints contained in loth. Menageries:
' 'Van : Attwuw'i T infd nimals','
TwoNumidian Lions, Asia.'' Hon nd Lionels,
KoyaJ liengal Tiger, Black Tlrr, BrazilliSn
.Tigejyahd two African, Leopards,
Mons. Crawfopd'k Thai.m'D .Ammals.
. -t rtrtl.rt. a.:..
1 - - - - - -rz. -...
atic TuriT, end t wo C .ugars.
,. R;nM'unsi f-r I si. oiin, '.. '
Arabian pack Camel. White Camel, .Afr'can 7e
bra, Canad;an Elk, Zebu, or Brahruyny Bull, Ele
phant Hannibal, . t , -.
Great Fotar, hire Bt-aV
Female Elephant Ann. Two Peruvan Lamas. Ten
African and Asiatic lions and 1 ifpes'ts. Pa'r of
Royal Bengal Tigers, Pair of I'rrsi 1 an Ti-frs,
Royal Java Tiger, Tliree Afr'can 1 e. parr's,- Pa:r
Senegal Leopard?, Black Tiger, D'ack Le- pards,
African Pamher, Two Fouth American Lions,
Four North Amerioan Cougars, Four Spotted Hy
cnas, Two Black Wolves, Gray Wolves, Rocky
Mountain Badger, Black and White Race ons,
Two Grizzly Bears, Russian Brown Bear, Two
North American Black Bears, African Pelif-an,
White Stark, Silver Pheasants, English Pheasan s,
Blue Cranes, Macaws, Parrots, Ichneumons,
Monkeys, &c, .
. This vast establishment requires the services of
In its care and transportation.
I'.r The whole cavalcade of carriages contain
ing the animals will enter the town on the above
morning, and pass through the priuripnl streets
in procession preceded by the company s Brass
(Tir A full description of the animals will be
found in the Bills at the principal Hotels previous
to the arrival of the company. .
0"A'so at 8 Mile Island, Cclober 2!th.
Ilobensack's Worm Sj rnp.
TVT O Medicine has ever obtained a higher or
I more deserved reputation than Hobcnsnck's
Worm Syrup; it is daily effecting some of the most
astonishing and wonderful cures that have ever
baen recorded in the annals oi medicine.
How important it is for the public to know that
a remedy is at hand that can be relied upon in all
cases where worms are the primary cause of their
This we boldly asswrt from onr knowledge of
the powerful effects oi me vegciaoies oi wnirn u
is compusod in destroying Worms and from the
numerous unsolicited testimonials we are daily
How many are pining away a miserable evis
tence under the supposition that they are dyspep
tic, when worms ate preying upon the very vitals
of life.
As an evidence of the above we refer you ic
the testimony of a highly respectable Physician
of Mnnnahawksn, New Jersey:
Mehkri. Hobknsack Sirs: An opportunity of
ferin?, I hasten'to inform you and thf public. fr
their especial benefit, of the enVf-y of yuur Ve
petabie Worm Syrup, as I a:a d;sp isul to give
credit where it is due. The care is as follows:
A respectable married man tne name oi usr
wood, was inirmed by his Pislcian he was la
boring imdi r the Dysytysia, and treated ac: r
dinsly, bat still gTew worre. nf-' a w.'.ii -l
strict habits of morality and tcinpi-raii'e, '.vi- the
people felt anxious for the restyrati.wi -f a scfiL
inan. He called on lac saying, 1 c.umM. -f
eat enough to keep mc alive, while tl ere eui;
to he something in me, gnawing u.y inides out:
it struck me at once that, he had W. Uls, when i
reeominended your Worm Syrupj-the rwnid bi.L
tie was nearly exhausted when an ab.indnni.qunn
tily of Worms from 10 to fuureen iucl.es Ion?,
u5 expelled from him, after which his h arl: v.
turned, and he is n;tw actively en.pi y .d m h :
dailv avocation, being a rarpenter by r.ide. Th. s,
sirs, your Syrup restored to society a uttfal men.
ber, and to a familya kind and industrious pr.
vider. Go ahead, gentlenieu. ministering to sut
fering humanity, and enjoy the rich regard .n
your own minds.
With pleasure I subscribe myself yours, &.c,
Merchants and others wishing the n.eJicinecan
obtain it at D. Reed's Drug Store, Pomeroy, H. It.
Wilson, Middleport. or by addressing the propri
etors, J N & G S Hosensack, No. 600 St. John
street, Philadelphia.
Au Ordinance Establishing Grades
In the Town or Fomei oy.
BE IT ORDAINED by the Tewn council of the
Town of Pomeroy, that the following points
be established as the grade of Front and Court
streets in said Town.
Comcncing at Ralston's East line, thence to
surface of street in front of V. B. Horton.s office:
thence to the west end ofNaylor's Run bridge,
thence from cast end of bridge to the west side of
Spring street; thence to the center of Plum street;
thence to a point three feet above the present sur
face of Road in front of Rolling Mill office; thence
to center of Cherry street: thence to a point in
front of Foster's house. Thence to Rasp's west
line to a point one foot above present surface of
s' tee ton stone culvert; thence to a point at C. R.
Pomeroy's east line; thence to center of Elm street;
thence to west line of section No. 8; thence to Mrs.
Murray's west line; thence to A. Murdcck's east
line; thence to Huffman:s west line; thence to
Radford's west line; thence to the crossway in cen
ter of street in front of N. R. Nye's house; thence
to a point in road on the top of the hilL
From west side of Butternut street to the present
snrface of street at Stephenson's west line; thence
to the western line of the corporation.
O'taT Stbekt. From top of curb stoae at cast
comer of Front and Court streets to second street
at a point on a level with the top of Seth Paine's
LEWIS S. NYE, Recorder.
Ordinance In regard to certain Side
Sec. 1. BE IT ORDAINED by the Town
Council of the town of Pomeroy:
Ikat the property holders on the northerly
side of Front sireet in said town be, and arc
hereby required to construct, and keep in repair,
a side walk on the northerly side of front street,
as follows, to-wii: Soin side walk may be ot
wood, brick or stone, shall be of the same grade
as has been fixed by ordinance for Front street,
and shall extend from the Chester road so called,
to the westerly limits of the town.
Said side walk shall be four feet wide from said
Chester road to Mr. Grant's lane; end six ice.
wide from said lane to the westerly end of Sec 2.
Town Councrl of the town of Pomeroy, that said
side walk shall be completed by the 1st of ovem
ber next; and that if any person " po;s'.n hula-
ing property u mentioned in the firs', section cf
this ordinance sliall neglect cr rofue to construct
said side walk by the time above mentioned, tliu
and in that case, it shall be the duty of lUctirte
Commissioner of the ward in winch such negire
or refusal may take place, uuuicdiulcly to cause
the side walk to be made, and Ke.-p an occoum
of the expense thereof, which amount snail be
collected by an action ot debt lot tt,e usi u tuc
town of Pouicroy, before the Mayor, acu.iiaL. i,.c
several delinquent property hjldt.rs, andsnaii ;c
gether with uie eosis be a lien upon Uic lot or lot:,
respectively in front of which side walks sliali oe
so constructed. -
LEW lb S. N Yt, Recorder.
Pomeroy, Oct. 1, l5i.
O Log chains and Mat hooks;
Hoes Hakes and Forks;
Long Handle Shovels;
Plough llauien;
X Cut Saws;
Broad Axes;
Steelyards and Hand Scales;
One large warehouse Scales;
Tn rale vny the;. REED BJtOTHEJt.
tT Consumption is a disease wttcn b earrying
ts Tictims to tit tcmcs )t ttottsands, without
being aranted in its progress tiy the tucdicines in
common use at tL picfcr.t time. Bui a brighter
day is coming, and has come M to successfully
arrest this disease. DR. ROr-.EUS- LIVERWORT
AND TAR, not only gives immediate relief in
Coughs and Colds, but ft m the '.'iniony of men
of the highest standing here and elsewhere, it is
making seme very remarkable cures of Consump
tion. Improvements in the tieatment cf diseases
are onward, ana nothing-can arresf jis spun in
the present age. Those wh J are 'afflicted with
liseased Lunrs. would do well ' to caH on the
cents and see the certificates of Dr. V.'m. J,
Richards, Judge Win. Burke, the wife of the
Rev. Geo. W. Maley, and of Dr. Hiram Cos, late
Professor in the Eclectic Medical CeV-eje in Cin
cinnati. . '
For sale in Pomeroy by J. P. Flkmiko and" D.
RfKW Agents for Meigs county". n372.
. ,1)1. Giivsott's liiPaovKD Extaact of YiV
Dock nd Sahsafabiu.a is a sure remedy for
Hereditary Taint. ' ' '
Thousands of individuals are cursed with griev-
n ,mnlaint. which they inherit troni meu pa.
The use of the Yellow Dock and Sarsa-
dirilla will save all this, and save a vast amount
of misery, and many valuable lives, tor it wo-
r-vphlv etDels fr m the system the latent taint,
wh:ch is the seed of disease, and w takes off the
curst by which the sins or misfortunes ot tne pa
rent are so often visite I upon the inuoceni wi-
Parents owe it to their children to guard them
.in,t the effects of maladies that may oe com-
:.i hv descent, and children of parents
that have at any time- been affeeted with Con
aumption, Scioful. or Syphilis, owe it to them
.selves to take precaution against the disease be-
ng revived in them. Guysott's Extract oi ei
low Dock and Sarsaparilla is sure antidote,
uch cases. Seeadvertiserriant. ' n35w4n
: . nn .. r,rr number: f 1 - pel - an-
jnosTML.1 i"b-" r '
num. in advance; ten copies for $7. -
Bi-Montiilv and Monthly 768 pages per an
nnm: '2 in advance; 10 copios for Sl5.
This is the only journal in Europe or America
devoted to a complete and original system ot An
thropology. It presents new and well demonstra
ted systems of Phrenology, Physiology, and Phys
iognomy, and surveys, from a new position, the
Humanitarian pmgress, and the great wonders and
.liberies of the ace. The doctrines ot tne jour
nal have been sanctioned,' generally, by phrenolo
gists and men of science, who have giveu them
. ;n.Mt;0.t;nn. Snwnnen numncrs win ue
sent gratuitously. Address the Editor, Dr. J. R.
DiTuiMiN riiifinniiti. Remittances at the
1, vi , ........
Editor's risk.
Volume first being stereotyped, copies will be
sent bvmail for 62. This volume contains nine
plates, one being a map' of the New System of
Pomeroy A aflmy.
THE FALL TERM of this Academy will com
mence on Monday, the 14 ill of September.
Instr-ictifn ist'iven in all the common branches
f Riu'lish rdncs'ioii, the Latin, Oft-ek, Fretjcl.
an-1 Oermia IrnsritfiL'fs and Hu-hnr Mathematics.
The Principal is not au.bitii us that hi.t pupil:
ihnild go nver m-ire ground than othf-rs. but it if
l.i-. aim tn irp'rur!. all Ms pupils so thorough!'
that when they have tihished a study they wi'J
have a c inplet-? practical and theon-ticil l:navv
led::eof it.
A n Apparatus will he provkl. d to illustrate the
prnciples of Chemistry and Philosophy, and a
e mr.-:e t.f lectures ncrompanied with experiment
wiil he fivon -n tiic.se sr-icncs, during the ses
sioii. No cfT rt will he spared to mnke the lnsti-
utii-n 'no nl tlievery nignosi oruer, uon mu:c
ii' t'or nr.u t":tent t n.e seikiiih yuiouuu, uu m
he fucililies fur acquiring a tnorougn anowienge
if them.
'IVi HiM
' . rithhietic, nraiumar, (leorrnnhy and Hi8-
turv. t'f-r aunrter.
65 00
!itnriy. Na'ural Phil"S"phy, and Astrono-
m ii iflilni in In the nlr.ivc. - "
-. i ii.il -"ien es. nnd Ihe Higher Mathe
i a i"s .mi and Intclectual Philoso
phy, ithi'titic, Logic, Biiok Keeping, the
! aiin, and Creek Languages, 8 Cf
Mi sr-h ,lnr is laken f.r less than a Qunr'cr, am'
n ded'jcli.in made Mr absence, except in cases o1
r '.traded sickness.
C. C. GILES, Pii icipal.
Pumeroy, August 12, 1851.
Inhuman Craclty Baa'avlnn.
The inhuman creature who would siuTer his
better half he partner of his bosom to Sca:dby
a hot str ve and bake bread, this summer, ought
o suffer the fate provided fi r old I oniol. K. A.
idebottoin's Bakery, iront street, aoov t,inn, is
the great depot of Fresh Bread, crue!;ers, cakes
and Pies. no37lf
Farm for Sale.
OFFER for sale my Farm lying on the road lead
ini! from Chester to Pavkersburg, in Chester
towuship, a half mile from Adams' mill, contain
ing 90 acres, 60 a res under cultivation, with two
dwelling houses and a well of good water, a good
apple and peuch orchard, and a good shop suitable
tor a blacksmith or wagon-maser.
May 15, 1851 n32w3pd. K. W. blMS.
Mifab ti. ASKIN8.
Dlilliuer and Maiilnaniakcr.f?
I a as jlsi Kftihivbu and is now opening,
I. in me mu,i.iiit-in oi uie nineiaariCT llonsp. a
general assortment or Bonnets, Hibbt,n.., Artificial
Flowers, Crapes and Milliners Trimmings of all
iMiiuaanuoi me oesi quality, wmcil W1U be SOldat
a very small advance.
Pomeroy, April 17, 1861 ;i28if.
BY virtue of a writ of vend. ex. to me directet
by the court of common nlens uf M. rim
ty.Ohio, 1 will offer for sale at the d.inr nf lit.
court house, in Pomeroy, on the 26th day of An
Kiwi, ranuwing real estate, to witi the soul:
west quarter of the northwest quarter of secti i
eight, town three, range thirteen, Ohio t. m,...
ny s purchase. Sold as the properly of John Ui,
eland, at the suit of David Burher et. at.
M. VV. COLLINS s. m. c.
July 24th, 1861 w6.
Administrator's Notice.
HE subscriber has been
Cd as Administrator nn tl. nto ..( I
P'jwf late of Coalport, Meigs county, deceased.
All persons in lehted to said esUte are rcauested
io make immediate navment: and iIi.k. i,.v:n
claims against aea.nst said estate will nrPi,i
lu " "''J' uumcBucaicu lor settlement within
anc year irom tins dale.
Shefluld, May 3, 1851. nJ5-.v.i.
.t -in chests, I alf chests, and nnarters.
ui.i-ii uiucics. roi .-;:ie low by
; OAKES &. SK.l.K'
Ho . ci (tpisswarc r:'-iitd and for sole at
fih''it(iii w iiOi:.ns.
A tew drums hst received hv
j 'ODntEY'S COKDIAL, and Bate
.J man's Drops, 5 cts.pr bot. at FLEMING S
1 1 WW !Al,l-..-rT!)3 :;in .i,-:.-i ( ,-tM'rs for snlr-
a. h::: iu-t l-.i rcu.ry s:tuac2 in the town i;t
ri.-er y. f r itrtna huo.v t A tun tli-rx.vt ir in
U.i lunde.Vi'iiud.
,'ltCWA'S Canlhar din Tissue, ut
:mT VVOVlilt WAKTSD.-T,sb
t scriiicr v. ishvs liitmiii.-v at lui: niu.n inSm f
field, ;,r;ig:i 'miiiiv, 0,i. . ri' ar Pt inor.-v
.ii,okO( ten .iui3. licj ui.tit c oopers. iNr ne
hu; good wo-'i'iiKU it ed njiply. The h'ght'Sl price
will be pid in cash, and s.eady tmpu.yn,cnt
given. Apply soin.
Sheffitld Aug ist !2, 1S51. 44w4.
C? hot, Powder and Le.td 120 bags Shot,
O 20 kegs Powder Dupont's best; 20CO Bare
Lead For sale at No C.
ACtachmcnt On tho 23d d.iy of May. A.
D.-ltiftl, David B&rbct causc-d to be isiucd
from the Court of Common Picas, of Meigs covu
ty, Ohio, a writ- of attachment, fur th.- auni of
one tun Jred and one doll.-.rj, agaiimt the vi ppr-
ly and elfects of AtraUoin M. Hinklcy, hich
wnt has been served and returned.
- A. DONNALLY, Clirk.
T. MoKTAccr, Atfy for Pl'ff.
. June 11, 1861. ito3j.
Administrator's Notice.
AT the June Term of the court of conanon picas
oi iueigs couiuy, me unuercigueu was appointea
vd and Qualified as Administrator, with the will
annexed, of the estate of U'UUsra McDanieU late
of said county ceceaseu.
June 12, 1861. no36w3, :'
NOTICE. A petition will be presented to the
m . n.t .,: .....
on Thursday, the 3d day of July next', praying
. , n ,i, . : i,, li, it un ill. i, .'N rTniiiii v.
ror a township roauto oe laid out Irom the dwel
ling Louse of Heury Webster, in Section 25,
Town 7, Range 14, to the main road passing
through said section. iibiVHY w filial fin,
June 5, 185L n35wlpd. , - . -
Admintstrntor's Notice.-
THE subscriber has been appointed end quali
fied as Administrator off the estate of Josiah
Branch, late of Coalport, Meigs county, O., dte'd.
All persons indebted to said estate nre requested
to make immediate' payment; and- those having
claims against said estate will present them duly
authenticated for settlement within one year uoui
this date. . - O. BRANCH, Adm'r.
Pomeroy, August 1, 1851. n!3w3.
CF-. S. D. HOWE'S :
1 1 'HE Great Spring and Summer Medicine.
I Proof. More evidence. - Read it. It is from
a young lady residing in our city.
Cincinnati, Feb 7th, 1861.
This is to certify that my sister. Mary C. Belman,
was attacked with a disease in I.ct hip, more than
three years ago, which rendered her so utterly helii-
' '."t that she was compelled to keep her bed. All
nopes ot ner recoverp were despaired oi. some oi
the most eminent physicians of Coviiiirton and Cin
cinnati attended her, all of whom declared ber
case a hopeless one. Passing by Dr. Howe's de
pot, an idea suggested itself, that to try oue bottle
of his Shaker Sarsnparilla could do no harm. Ac
cordingly I purchased one bottle, and before its
contents were entirely used she received beuetit.
I was induced to try another, and another; before
the last was used she had nearly recovered. Now
she has no pain, can walk, and has the entire use
of her limbs. To Howe's Shaker Sarsaparilla we
attribute this effective cure. It is but a few mouths
since she commenced taking it.
(Sujned) J. C. BELMAN.
Cincinnati Daily Commercial.
Remember this wonderful and astonishing cure
was effected by the use of three bottles only of
Dr. S. D. How s Shaker Sarsaparilla, the Ureal
spring and Summer Medicine.
t is the only Sarsaparilla that acts upon the liver,
kidneys and blood at the same time, which renders
it altogether more valuable to every one, particu
larly Females.
Dr. Mussey, professor in the Ohio Medical Col
lege, says the Shaker preparations are truly valua
ble, and recommends llit-in to the public.
No Mercury no Mineral no Poisonous Drugs
in the Shaker Sarsaparilla.
It is warranted to be
and as a family medicine it has no equal.
Be sure you envuire for S. D. Howe's Slinkcr
Sarsaparilla, nnd lake no other.
yuan bottles tl per bottle; six bottles for i!C.
For sale by D. Heed, I'oinerov; Majjuet.V. lYs.ret,
Gallipolis; McVey 4. Co., Portsmouth, Ohii; and
by by Dr. S. D. Howe, No. 1 College Hall. (' nciu-
nati, Uhio, to whom all orders muet be add t- ed
Beef Cattle, No. 1, gross weight,
Hogs, " "
Sheep, " "
Veal, "
House and Lot Tor Male.
THE subsirihcr offers lor sale his dwelling
house; also, his corner house, at present occupied
s a Chair, Cabinet, and. TailcrShop, togetJ er with
lie wn.iieiot. baid property is situated in the
most public part of Graham Station. The- nrein-
scs is well calcula.cd for any Kind of mercantile
Business, tor further particulars apply on the
premises to M. C. GRKJiNLEK.
August 6, 1851. I)43tf.
Hope for the Afflicted.
' a derangement of Nature from taking Mer
ury, may be cured by takimr the Exlruct of
American Oil, which purities tho blood, and
a in cure rresh t uts, r ever Sores, Bruises, Scalds,
iurns, inucmitiou, riux, fcrysipelns, Rheunia-
:sm, &c, with the small sum of 25 to 60 cents.
For sale by W.m. B. Pknninoton, Middieport,
eigs county, Ohio; also, by H. Havman, Letarls
illc, and S. H. BiauLTT, Rutland. Call and cet
Ule, and you will find it to be one of the best
medicines n: w in use.
August 6, 1351. n43w3.
The Greatest
la ma wnoli Would!
OT frit 11 jmt BottU, or Sii BcalM for S.
It U bow put up til QUART BOTTLES, of th mim
HNT mmd mudieal tMeacv . wli.n In .mall hnnlaa. Kach
Lor bolllo euDUilM MIXTV.FIUItt DI1SKM. tsd th
wdicalloot ra w Htrsnalv Coarealrnlcd ihu only
One TbUaoofi4 1, raouirad U Bsir three Hmm 4cm
auloM botilaUiu TweelyOne lyt, which Unuck
It miuind of thli lens lltT u a doW
Tm (real Simiirit ol ihu Bleoal Parlfler over all
eeier medlcloet, eoniittt la a great meaaare tn !( poMeaainf
aa a part of lia compourKi, the jmimtW Medical Vlrteea
ef wom Scarce and Itara
Indian Roots and Barks,
whteh ao other medicine ponewea. Theta are the moat ewetM
f arlflera of the Ulead ibat were aver known to either
batua or wAit, am,.nd Uieie baln empoiaUM with the ttnf.
ilranumlrmlW CKrarft of
Sarsaparilla, Yellow Dock,
aiake thla Tecetukle Bxtrae(,not only Ihe yrel( Blend
Parlfler, but alio, a cheaper mhci by arret eilile
thae nay other. It la thgtptr, kmn ih immniitv of Ic thai
aiar no sou vat ror uae uullar will laal maoh longer, and
win cure Tea Tlaiea more Blsod-dlieeae, tbaa Oat JMIer'i
worth of any other medicine.
For undoubted proof ot the Carat of
Scrofula, Fever-Sores,
feaU-ffMd, XrfMrWat, Sab-Numm, KlnmaHtm, lypliUh. Krm
Nom, Pimplm m tt tact, l.lTtfCemplnlnta, Film, l.um
kaf, Cnartui Ulan, ( oatlteneaa, Son A'ye,, Dvenepa,
ale. Pa km m Uu Siit, Brmtt, Bourn, and Jotott.mi l.L othib
iMrvBB'BLOOD Diuiiii, tee our PAMPHLETS end Jaa
Hilt erety Ageat ate tbeai to fire away.
for aa.e by L. Leed. U mrror: Q W Coniiur &
Co., Chester; P. M. Petrel, Uriihant Sia iot!. All
orders must be addressed to Wallace V C SOI
Rr iadway, New Yorla
April 24, 1851 nV'.iyl
1 1 AV1NG finished the Hook, we shall now turn
II our attention entirely to the manufacture of
all kinds of
Saddles, Hai-nt'HH. Trunks, Saddle
Ilacs, Wlii lis,
Or, in fact everything that is kept in a Saddler's'
shop, from a saddle down t j a pump sucker. Hav
ing Ueen selling work tor so.tio t.ii.e tor tl.e Mont
of it, we now intend to soli fur tho fun of it.
Coll and see us whelm yoa w:m'. t j buy or n-t,
furl am always at in-iiie on ti.e ueu: Mdu of Cvurl
Mieet, one door above hc-ed i lit 'tn-.r s.
Januarys), 1661. L. 6. CKOFOOT.
- RoKiila.' romcroy uuA
i'oriBiiioiilh Seiui-HVeekl v
csxlv racket -The hteamer
it K V ISILLfi)
JOHN LIU 11 A Kbit, aIasikr, will make semi
weekly trips between Pomeroy and Portsmouth.
Leaves Pomeroy every Munday and Thursday
at 7, o clock, A. M.
Leaves PorUinouth every Tuesday and F.iday,
at 10 o'clock, A. M.
UT The HliVlil LLE having been purchased and
fifed up e: prcssly for the Pnnn.r'.y and Purtrmouth
trade, will run rcgulany, lcaiiig promptly at the
above hours. All business entrusted to this li.iat,
will receive particular attention.
Pcmeroy, August 2br, 1851. mli.
J NDItiO Beet Kpani'h Fkmt only 81 pr lb.
I t chep .lrug at-r". KI l-MlW.
. H. B. SMITH,
Vrt'tr id Dry V 'cds. Grocrri- Hardware.
Qiioetiiearcf .r'c -.
I the crrmr !' Cherry and Front, wh.re l.c
will bo hippy freet his nuii:fcrous friend ar.O
eiwcOiiKint with another (t) c .fit) let of oi
Oooi. Having purchased the entiro r.t'jr.'r. of
T. VV, Williams and connected hisnwu therewi;!:
in.- is prepared to Ir.ide f..r vvcy i.u.rUtal.-le i
c'.e, cash not e.'.ccpled, upon U-riia t ) suit.
N. Ii. The Stove St..rc end Tin and Copper
Establisl.miiit will be continued in the old stand
one dour below ly SMITH & THOMPSON.
July 10, 1361. .
("tLOTIHXC n tde to cider ar.d ttr.rr-nti.d in
y every particular by II. E. SMITH.
BOOfS & MHJCS.'Wif.binp in ckfe cV.t llis
part of my tMdo wilt eel! below the usint!
Hitfs at wholesale cr retail. H. B. SMITH.
July 17, 1851. -
"I umlier. Weather boards and inrh j ip'.ar
. a lor sate tiy
uckcts & Tuhs.-
-Kn m the Miirielta
faciory for sale at
("t Inss inrf. Tea Uo:cs, I.smps and other
1 Etcre rocm furniture for ralo at
' ' . II. B. SMITH'S.
FM'Ocms..0 dot. at wholesale at
SmiTII says that the Cash system works like
a charm, lie. has iust returned from th
Queen City and is prepared to accorr modati; l is
numerous customers wan the following article?
cat. sua t aou ji.i.r;,..
40 Barrels best MolaJ-sesj
1 do Middling and Extra Sugars;
10 Boxes Baisins;
10 ' do Soap; '" ' '
10 do Candles;
SugnT Crackers; Soda and Butter do.
Coffee, Tea, Ac -
Ppices and other articles belonging-to the trade
at Wholesale or Retail. Cull nnd cce him first
house above the Rolling Mill. "He's there."
PI ATmimr STALrS, ftrpV atCin
einnnti prices, at SMITH'S.
Knnamiia Salt 40 barrels frr snte very
low for cash at SMITH'S.
r ' M'EXTY-FITE Bushels Shoe Peps, as
sorted sizes, frtiin the lest factors in the I'ni
W Rbtrt. fr sale at SMITH'S.
Inrtf A sp'endid article of No. 1 for sale at
J May 8, 1R51 SMITH'S.
,w TEA STOKE. Havin? tnst received
i'iftiB a new supply of that, splendid TF1A. from
svci rminnetphto, I cller it to the puMic wjtb
renewrd inducements. H. B. SMITH, Arent.
JuyJ7, 16I.
Sjoun l onnfnin for anle. with all tho re
' ccini
ccipts nnd nrmurtenanees. at
May 8, 1851.
"I EATIIER. I'nrter. Tnlf. Tnnninr.. Tin.
I inir and Binding skins, for ca'e at the strre of
fieri :i j5ti. H. B. SMITH.
O OLE LEATHER!. A splendid article o
O Cinr innoti and Hemlock tan, fur sale at
P reectvjd on Cfimmissioii and fr "ale vxtan tli.-
cash principle, hy !. B. SMITH.
RED PIJTS.-3 u7.
ed and fur sale by.
I!i:t Pins h't rcceiv
H. B, SMITH, Atent
COAI. STOVES. The cttli bintV'l Enterprise
Nss. 1, 2 nnd 3 Call ntid tux hMn. at
Selling ofl' at Cost.
treat Kargsins! (.'real Daralus!
P. iLicriher about to decline business in
Pomtirov, odors his entire slock U.rouch the
mo nth of July
His stock niilinces;
Jli'UUK A full ami rciv-rul r"5 .r ir.em.
he!i:fc;i!s Fresh and of ih best manu-
FainS4V Wilson's ciilcbn.U-d Choordalo col
on-d, Fire and Weather Pr.iof Pain:, which we
offer cheaper than common white lead; Chromes.
Keu. Yulow ami Urecn; t.-luncs';, Trieste and
American Vermillion; Blue ti Celestial Patent
Blue, Yellow Ochre, Spanish Brown, Ven. Red,
Red, White, - and Black lead; Lamp, Bone it I
vory Black. I'rmVr, &c, 4,c,
Oil. Every kind, with pnn.e bottled Cod
Liver Oil.
Dycstiitft). Embracing Acids. Annotta,
Cochineal, Indigo, Logwood, E.-Ltfewuod, Mad
der, Vitriol, Ac. Ac,
Brushes. Cloth, Hair, Tooth, Nail, Shav
ing, Whisker, Flesh, Hat Uustinp, Hearth,
Sweep, Whitewash, Horse, t-'crub, fchoc, Paint,
V armsh & Sash ilrushf s.
Together with vials, Bottles, Essences, Cor
dials, Pills, Spices, Cigars, Tobacco, Snuffs.
Wines, Liquors, Perfumery, Blacking, Surgical
& Licnlal Instruments, Black Lead Pots. Block
Tin Zinc, Sandpaper, Turpentine, Uosin, Var
nish. Pure Old ilye Whiskey, Glue, Inks, Ver
mifuges, and variety articles.
Pomeroy, July 1st, 1S51. J. P. FLEMING.
R. E. Constable. R. A. Constable1.
Attorneys nnd Counsellors at Law,
and Solicitors in (haucery,
Alliens, Athens County, Ohio,
Will raoifi-Ti.r and faithi'iillv attend to all
business entrusted to them in the Ohio Cour-.a or
in the Circuit and Supreme Courts of the L'nited
ILT OtT.ee tight doors West of the Post Office
and opposite the Court House.
July 1U, 1851. niutr.
AT my instance an attachment was this day
issued by S. S. Paine a justice of the peace
of Salisbury township, Meigs county, against the
property ana etttcts or ueorge w. A ken, a non
res.d.nt of said county.
July 12, 1851. n41w3.
NOTICE. At m' instance an AitacUuent
-was this issued by Seneca Haipht, a justice
i.f the peace of Rutland township, Meigse uuty,
nnd State of Ohio, against the property and effects
of William F. Kent, a non-residml of said coun
July 7, lssi.niows.
THE Second term of Mr. Williams' Singinl,
.lass will commence ou Saturday evening theSil
ist, at half post seven o'clock, in the ba'.cmenJJ
if the Piet-yterian clnirch. Persons dsinus r,f
.nitintr with the c'ass are invitid to be present on
,hat evening.
July 3, u.i)l. uSow.t.
r" coritT lun Ki- i..i)';.
irtv..(! nowly fitted tip my AV tnu f I.o:.t,
mil imiirovrd its ciiiinciiy, 1 imi lirt'oared to'ro-
ci'ivc nnd forward al! kinds of i,'ooii.i, proilucc, i .,
elrher u; or down tin' river, at the ni'st i.u-"jiia-
ile ra'.ra. Having iriadepcrujiinent urrnngt ments
with the Ht'-uiiicrs plyinjj r.-gn,;ir!y to ('iiiCiiinn'i
and Pittsburgh, lam prepare-5 In forward i'rt-iglils
at uniform rates tegardli-ss of the .w.;ou. Tin-se
wisliiiig to ship on tho Paisbtugh and Cincinnati
frckow, i r on tiuvoi trie sin.iiter i'-nats laying re-
jtibrly "Ohio," "Reveille," or "Gov. Mei(s,"
can niitl.e their iiiiipiiients throurh nw at a great
Ivan Bie. My charges are iu.,doraie, and as my
i'r.c. lilies f r storing goiidsare note-ceided by any
other boat on the liivcr, 1 invite lnintrsmen ti
C insult their own Interests by advancing mine.
nrcful and at'cntive hands are always ready day
and night, to receive or discharge freight.
I am. lies removing to the west can be ac-
c. nmiiiuaicil on L'.orJ the w hart itont.
ittiict2n'l') J AS. MARTIN.
N. B. All letters and freight should be direct
ed "J. Martin, Pomeroy WharfBoat, Court House
ITi Athens Misjengcr ccpyto the amount of!?l
nnd charge this office.
!tHOU.K Ut.au Y can be obtained on li-
- - bcral terms 1-jLaj'plifittion to
Rcw lvMileh low for sale, b'nniiir.i of
utttirtnAfz the ral'.bfcl TJeaJ.";
nOr.LL-iTEK V LEOXABD wojM rctpf.et
for:n the ..:.ienj of Pomeroy nd vicinit
lh.it they stili Cvatince the MAIilU.E liL'SrNESS
n rVt in all ita various brunches ntttoir old stand
in -Tarif tta. Ohio,
Having just reeeiued a large ad well wj'?C'.ed
r.i5.ir:n,ent of Italian and Ameriran Marbl-i Sialis
atid B ocl., ere prepcrt d tmnr.Ve to ordc, 310 V
cf ovcty variety, on thc'siior.TEST notice, in the
neatest E'y-c, and for the lowjst -r;ee.
Marble Manx's, CenUe TaMo-Towi-Jic. s',
wsts 'J! Lam!.' ' - . . :
Orirdsti ncs from -the li-n Wark-iv rsit'-xj,
constantly on l,nr:d, wholesale ? rela.'I. . : ..
Any outers addressed to us at Mariotl.1, .r ij.
B. S'mith, Pomeroy, will be promptly altr nt-cd to.
Marietin; O. Jur.c HI, asr.j.. i37rii. - -
Kond Tax JVctlrc. ' .'
TLe Ctiiunissir ni-rs of Meigs county aC thr.it
March session im, tV-termined that a general
levy ol ten cents on the 55-100 valuation, be as-sc-mk-i!
ou tho ta.aWe pricriy of said count)
entered ou the diipi'e do nf t5i.
ALSO: -An additional l.;,y r,f 50 cents on the
ilOO vsl'iatii.n, by O.e Tn-sU w of Cher-tor. of 2
(c-iit.-i i,n Mie Si00, I y the trustees of Olive; of
0 con'J ou i!.'$:0(, by the Truslcs cf Orange,
r:.,I lOf C-r.tj ICO by the Trustees of
Talisbury. K. IiALLII1Y Aud.
Juns'JB, jfBi. hSSwi.
I BS. l4tnt!.Mufk f,r50 ct?. at.
Kl EMlMr'P
C puiiif ti Liquorice '.C c:. per lb. at
aud Puper, at cost, at
Spic?, Cinmucua, Clover. Piptior. nnd Ail
spice at cost-at FLEMISH'S
PIre I?rocf Fnint,. V,iinn's Vautifu!
Chnrolate, tl ir; ,1 Mctnilx Fire and Weith
rr proof paint, forthemaiuifacltireof wircri the
proprietor hn-t ta-cn awardt-d seven medals fren-thei'ilTi-rent
Fairsand I nrrtlttiter; rTf this and other
States. fcriLiS'.!i:cr;t.r::ove:n!Io!!.Lrs. ftissuj
Coptible of a fine poli-.li and warrantid n-'t to
crack, Fi-rsnlo at cost, cr cheaper t ha ,1 than uny
other kind of paint ut rcgulsr sales.
J amp Cliininies Churches audH.i'l.; c-,n
' non supply themselves with I.i mp C'liimnit-:
at cost at FLEMLNw
Dvnx Store for Sale.
$7 ITH a lnrgo and cons;antly incrrr-ti'ir
f patronage, situated in the tow n of Porr-e
roy. The preseitt prosiwrotts conditU-n'of the
placo toget);cr with recently devclcprd ri.souras.
render it themnst desirable lucnliuii ia t!.J I'-tate.
The fact that several extensive salt companies
have lately gone into operation uni'rtsirli fjivcr
alle auspices, induces the belief, ti .-.t I!.: gr"wt?
of the town, hitherto ro unparalleled, l..ii lint
just rommcn'-ed. For particulars enquire, post
paid, f J. P. FLr.MhNG.
Pomcr ,y, July 1st, ISol.
House nnd Lot for Snlr.
SIIE I .-NDF.RSinNED offers for calf-his lb us
and Lot in Mincrsvillc. ac.tr V I! H.'.rton'r
upper roal bank The size of the bouse .",it by is
fret two stories and a half high. The lower
story is made sufficient to keep asii-ie. crocriy, or
'. o.-irdins; house. The lowet slory is I feet iviorr
nl ri r-.f.n T'l.i er.iv-nwTI cfj-rv- l.n. I ..... Iii.n. r..n.c,
ul.lin r.,r,l r-,r.l.,. H. , .! ,A
...... .. i.. v. ' '- ... c... ...i
cellar, 10 by 18 feet. The lot is '.'0 fee: in front
ly 126 bach.
Any person wi.-diiii;? to pure! ae this pre p:')'
.',hvl have a grent barc.iin.
XyL2, 1C5I n33w4pd
IT 7 ItoSesale and lEt tail l)e;tler
Foreiirn and Domestic Ftuitr. Nu s, an
j-iioxt ft., an.ow tub iimt:i.DAnrEii i:ot.s2,
would rcspertfully announce to hi.t customers,
nnd the public, that he has con':!.'.:illy on hand a
large assortment of every urtide in his line, which
he i prepared to warrant ei;ua! to say brought to
tire liiarkct.
He beeps constantly on hand, I i-sir.vs C.VN'lJ! FR
And in a word every variety of sr'.it b.s usually
found in a wholesale Fruitriyand C'.i'f.'t tioniry.
Having au exr-ellcnt BAKERY a'tachf-d if
prepared to furnish EKE AD, CAKES, CRACK
ERS, PIES, dec, as raay be desired.
KT Parties furnished to order.
The subscriber pledges hiir.-lf to Vcr-n s:,oh a
stork as cannot be surpassed in this Market.
Dealers generally, and t-.-ptciaily Mcrchar.ts
from the country, are invited to call.
D'Crdcrs promptly and faiisfptiily f.lk-'.
Pomoroy, May 29, 1831. rw'iltf.
I tm Oil Syrup, for tale wholesali- and retail
J by (il-t.i. HO-JS'it-' K.
iCE CREAM. This delicious saiwucr lux
ury will be served every tvetiini; and lanulies
supplied to order at HOSSICK'S.
Pfl II AN i. n,t i.SNATi rni ivl TS
DAVS OP r.si!S I-OV.USOV Lr AM) I .,-.
MsssEsiii a, Down Sunday, I'ti WeJiu s.liw.
M iiiJay. ' Thursday,
KeraTONC Suit,
J ui-M;:. " l-r:(J.iy,
M'tdnesd.-y" t;lf.ird.iv
Thcr.sd.iy, " S'ur.ilav,'
Friduy, " ?.r.-.ii.l.iv.
.Saiuri'.::y. " Tacsdy,
mo, Down Tui'sdy. I p Suriday.
rOUCKOV A.l ITr.T- .Mtll Til (SSTl
Rbveilm, JLc,Jv
lvi.-s Poitiiroy Monday & Thurr Jay
' Portsm'th TucsdVjr Fridiiy.
iWlMi v UiLX P-tfRET
Bet wren llsliurrli.M-trittt.'-, romc
roy nmi c;i):;ii,nlis,
A Tmf new and lust rnnai'.-.gsteain-
VB!TfeaJ-rOV. MEIGS, Centain Joiik N.
2SS Sii-nk, will make K' -ul.-r wiekly
trips between tfce al-ivi- noris.
Leaving Pittsburgh fir :nricUa, IV-otrov snd
Gallipolis, tviry Tt FSDAY, ...t '.' o''k.';, p. M.
Returning k-avs Pi!ir..y f(,r .Varit-ia nnd
PiiUburgl,, ev-. iy TI!l RSL'AY at 9 o'clock, A. M
June 19, liiul.-n.17lf.
che aciu.:.
11 o:rsni:t Ej.iscop.iJ Rev. 'f jfiius Ti. I
Douucr, Kcctor: cervict-sii.-rv fc'abi,fi',iiiitriii-...T
at i(4 u'ciuck.
lortTI.. T7"T,' " :
ieri:in--,u-v. 11. v-,.Kixsf.N. i;,sif.r:
I'resltj teri
-Servict-s every Scblinth inor.iiiii-; tn 1U tclot-k
MoiliOtlist Eiit'Co;.i'.:trv. J. F. v,n- .
Sal.-bath niorning.i, at 1(1 o" jlnck ra loivi.-: chvr !i,
l-erv Snl.hftlli tit'ti rn.-,,,,, ,., -J . 1
" .ii n iuv it i rft i-iii.r ti iiri :i :i r iri
. ........w.,., .1. .? v v iurr..
iconiiiii CatlMjait! :icv Ti-..r..-if.( KiArc,
Priest: Seniors every Sabbath rucming.
Roman tutboii;-:;
Ueiuiu-ii Uleihodi,. i;,r.
trvices every Subbath u:orninp.
Gcriuun EiitheinH Unv.
services every Sabbath moniinj;.
I vin:;;iu..--i :i-.t
A MASOIr'---Poinerotr Eiiae.lnl'e. ?
I'l. Slated Mfftin.-i'. the .AlV.in'iu j
' Evoninc, oji or hefo'e the fiiilii.nt.n ini-m-i. o'.n. .Md,-i3
niontn. Hall in ..lurphy's Iiiiilding, i.tcui St.
I. O. O. F. Ineuii Iore.
No. 1 17, Mcelims i n tverv Fnd.i)
Evening. Hall in Ldwarrii1 buildaig.
WV? Wrtfare DivMana Xo. . Sv-t.
" v"'""a""";' ' '
,Soiisof rcnipi-rance Meeiih.:son Saturday:
J1vcmngs.lL(,li. hce'sbu.;.!., Middhp-irt
C'ryftal Fount Division Mo. f.Jti.-cr.-ont:-. af Jaiio, September, resiXailer and
Sons and Daughters of TcrrA;-r6uc.- n.ci-i-1 wrch26naiyl .
into rui. ni-.' ii.u.-.-,v a. vvi
C Cr 51 Y A I CTXtT-! T.V. . -V: . . .-.
..Sit,ve.SU.raisiia Hill. ?V,f.; . ,r.s 1,..i
piintej, qus'iCod. tzi fiwn r: '. : vi. re,
lot Jfeirs county.
He wii. rc.ivi .n r. n r? :--: a k-! io1.
ca the IijM-xi. trs;B . u.b t;-. , - .v i:c
PomiTi.y, Matr-hYI, rii --r. .'?' f.
UKO! A t!t$tf lw i:',r; -.- V .'.'( i.N - e '
itoned'and c-,nL.ie'.e in 1,1 r.s: f. i
Mloty ' prita REEI? MV.
" bugg1es7buggis,"
rpilE.SlifiH.-RlDRU Irs i r. l.an.!,in l i-: .n
1 - ndtoieU 'd k'ndi of H i.k. -.' 1.- ..-.
h; r.v-it.nunirtuKd frcm U.v b k i: .. . ,.':. s,vl
of the rehtK.ttyM-f.- Tl-e prir-vs au- r -hie,
and th.; tt-erK. v.-rir:in '.?. T!v.-e uii.S,v'' '.o
ptrcha?e oi.e- of thus indisjxmabW tn..A.: ''
f-ca.fcrt ere tcvi'xd to rail.
PKN.'AM'ji' i,T.V:ji:'.
lviu.-y. yay S, l vf, i .
1 1. DUE NYE nttun.(s tl.i- p.i ;ic . i i . i , .-
ll wiil a'.iciid trie Courts hi JJiigs and i'i.i.1 ' ,
tl the ether comities of tl.o ;pn .;) gigju ii c..
en it. : !a'?'lWnt'.T4f.rl '
S. EOIVA RDS t;i. j.ist K.-eivtJ li. in
I "a tht: KaM a .etvc a.iporin t ut ol new and t.;
sirablt: Goods, 'which in .u(l..:jn to his pTi-i,i: :
slock cons'.i'.utes cs larj'e an v : h as rm i ..
found in llis region of country. Hi pl(ll-t.,
f tl.e l s'. (jtiaLiy. arid he wu. a vciy tgr ;i
adrsace tiislttu jtricw. ..: his art e - i
Maybe founia large variety of DP. ESS COOT.-.,
oonsisting cf
f ipntitl an.? Watered Krm fa.M ;
Prinicd Fnnch Crcrsdir.ts, lrg. s, Tii tuf t C i-
B:ar h, Green and Maro-n l'rui;h Mcrinois.!.
Lhf.-k, tin-en, Med and Meroon Thilcl Cluiif.-:.
Klackand ft cry Alpaca; a.'
Fifuied, Plain and Carnd Swi-j I'ltrlir.,1. j .
A iarie ajsorlrr.eut it PrinVd I.swnts, cv-ti.i -sing
the newest styks;
Frt.-nch Pr illed Jaconets, Ci in; hams, &c. ''
With ar. a'Sirtir.ent of W:.rj;td, Liuen, and
Cotton Goods for Men s synm.ir wear.
Together wiihaip'i nd:d ai.-icr'n.-f rit of Prims cf
the newest and inos-i u.-s.mbie styie.s.
Hiearlitd and liiown SheetiPs in:-J Klininj-S:
ALSO CktiiS, C!"siu..ns, J-atirc-t.s, Uxsttf,
Tweeds, Ac. :
Pwr.croy, A pril 17, 1S51. , ; ;-
l v Collars. CiiKini.' tttcs. and Cord, d .skirts. I'.r
sateF-y rpr.117 " LPVAkt'ji'j
i v.MtY Lisa; 'j'iiM-Mi!ii7t;s ,.
p h is, at apiip rm',-,i.j';
BOM-'S'TS--FloM-rc Rr.r.t. I,'m..yl h-l
fly, Milan Eili-c, Hnnpariap. Aibcpi, Kt'.f
Hraid, colored Chip arid CUnc. F;ri I'rrr-'i"'' '( .
laic by aprillT ''KD '.-)? 5-4t
Tounct Si! Us aud toxiim, .eurv-.Qv.--I)
Crape, Thnlc and Flore nt-.;, rs-.i:.-rl col.-r ,
for Ronnct Lini::g, for zulu r,t ,j
f-pri!17 EL'VXl'LiS.
oslery A f.nc 8sf-r't cut of Lr!'-". r
Children's Hcsc, cr,rr.T.."!5;( t-f.v. v.ir-tv,
ius. weived by ajirill" rOWAp.Df?f'
ccc Boots- Kid. Morocco, Cnir-nivt Kin,
J fir sale at .'pril 7 FJin aRLo-,. '
1 ini'U. Cot'.o.t, Jaconf. aiui.Swis.i !-'.t'iin:y
I and l!M';rl:!g!', f-.rsalc ut.
Ki'H "I'tM'es Bonnet and Ccp R-.'.J-i.ih. f -r
i r-i 9 wte very cheap at
I ' ' eta V. 'flf A , luOR
l!tc Kid aiidti-k
h -r
lovi-s tf suritrior 'itiA'.iiy, :-t ;
apriin i:dva!:I's..
(1 alters and Haif 0.ii.-rs. Kid. ..1,r,.f-cf."iV;t'
T and Kip B-isMn?, and Jenny I ;i .i Ti-s.- -Also,
a good a?sor!n:i.u.t of MS-j-v." m;.1 C'i.i''lrcn'.r
BusVins. end Lf.c LVo's. f.-r .c''
aprillT ' IDV'AI-iLifi'.
lie ICiriifSi eil Iteaiu- Vnp Pnper
-1 Iso, r tat Liip, l.i-fit ri.i'd Bill rcpr-r. n
a.iill7 rnWARDSV
! 1 1 01
; V"J5 nUOC'ElllF.S, frr rn'c lev. ) v
' teel A geti'-Ml i':--r:rr!(!it. of C.t, ?l'txr.
Gcm-t-nad E 15 Steel, iVrsale I v
.'pr!117 HvW.Vlt!:-!.
ton A icrn.; Wt uf i'.ll silts, f.-r saf t
: ' apriin FIMVAi'.D.-j'.
I ! ail. wl Spike- of all si-s,jst ro'.-.iv-
i V id and for suit- ver i-Iif-ap a'
cprillT F.DWARDf.
i powder 0 Ws Hiftf end r!r-s-ii-f: P .-w-l-.i
on l-,nd tad f.,: ;c'x at "
ajii-,117 ) IVvVARU.-;
H'WSH'i!t-l,!-i:i;!l! of fant.-
V'ipT o:j is called to n.-v atn-r a.vn' of
--it-UMip;prt.;.j ;H,,. pa(l 4, ;,v, ;, l4 ,v;t'..
out stocks; also, Plow Poiu'si-rd Lund Sid's.
A prim, 15-51 . 1". S EDWA KI .
Teu Store -I havem h.nir! a h.Iir.
,ot 0l" "Ptfii'L Ycung Hy-scn a-'id War.!:
SiSJft TEAS, whir-h I at.-i prvpart-d ti tell in ou.
n?l packages either of o its., by ti.e half ihc'sr,
or byilic single lb, ot vcrvlow prior?.
Apr.i 17, lSol. K. S. EL.WAFl'j.
t olTow WSre- A jarteassorirrfston l.ai.J
I I and fur s.aleat L S I.L'WAEL-S.
April 17, 1S51.
GEORGi: W. KOI.?lE5;,
Xo. 1, Main St., MUlA!et:oir, Ohio.
0 htids. N. (.). bin.ron hvnil mhI
far sole low by GEO. W. HO! M".?.
MLASS ES.-TwT IH ii w" V i.rT hTitT! -
S ctne-J ao'.i 10: y.uc l-.v t
COFFEE.-tO bat,-
A. 1 just leeeivi-a n.M k.r ! sic it-w it No !.
lUAK to bore? fa,, tin'.l
uo L-.it-.-m-s:
du Fine le.'.onri.i:
LVn.u-i ti' i-n l.ant and
GiiO V UOj.'!;S.
bit :!i'll: lot- by
1) OV.'WLK, KllilV Ac LEAD. F,7tZj
I at -'o. i GEO V. iiCl.MKS.
i'EAS. In clifsts, hut
c!-:s's and quart-.-rs,
iy low at No. 4.
U'-s h article, fi.r !-
,J) botli tn Lend and ki -.alt-1 v l'l.c box.
HAlSiXS. 5 io-.es jusit K-r-eivi'il otiiTfir
, sulelowat.o4 GEO V HOLilLS.
F- RIME 6LDVlilTaE'fi'.-.I0 l-t's. u.
hand iron, one tj tl.ici. v. , i.i .,;! f..r . i,'.- r,
Xoj. in Vv' IICI"''.
' J OiiAt.'l O-t-M iu" '."f,r.d Ivy. tilt
i rcciivcd frctu th''.- it.iiaiifa"tui'.f-i. mid fov
:i''jW nf Nn I. tlEi.l V 1IO;. Ml-.:!.
O H. MOI.AStI-i & .T.ARSE:Ei.a
T. SI" 15 1 '1 a po;d rr:t if , h v.
I . V I i ll'Jl.Ji.J.
J a id ! r .ale clit-np by U Vr 1!'
i 1 just received at:U 'or;.'i'' ! ; t 4.
r.nuiGi-' v. tt.i; V ,
.i.i. !i.v.t. r.ro .-.rt ci.--r f-! i
hi No i ccc::;,!; v, ii.ii..ti s. '
. 8
E M I Fi-i.l iil!;mi-;, wi-.TMi-e.!' ti '.l
j'.iii rec-iV'.-.l ;'.-r .y.-io b .-' v
okop'je w i:or.;?..-
' pM' NT V I A X I.-l.r , t i... ... , :
1 I "tne Wnii-; 181? -am;-, Oral Hri:? ;r. nn-. oi
1 : n.bar.. I ; .ve r,-.-i-iw-d ,i n py . i',l:t-1 , t A.-t t.f
, C i.'iif-i.s..-, j-.jiscd i-p.i ii U r i.''. i-S.i, rii.iiiiv:f
uoitniy inn'., ur., nun tm jiiUiini ii. j.i.., ;
lsudi under :!ie ;.r .vi-- i i,:-i,:'s.ii-.i.
Tliv.o ilesirinir iui"oii,.a'.: r. . yi..t ju-iv' l.v.'r
rV..!StO '.l.lt'S can hi it:i. H. ;.y ; , 'j.', i.iii.i; -a
ill'.'. N'.i t '(H'.le Vl'i1 i b- 1: ..'t i-, l. l.j. it. i.i.: yi ,
'isuaiu..;....; ;:-. . .,.-1 ,.u
J. oa in v. i;;f:.i'i. .
The subscriber l-cs been appointed wholesale
I a 0111 ft--' this world renowned Liniment, and
i f'-'-i.ush 'he twde with it at the proprietors
: pr.-.-i-,----.j.ui.i pr ross or i,6U a dosen.
1 Ofewn on-hand and for sale by
.V---.X Rtuttot, Portsmouth, Ohio. ViU
"Uttlf? visit p JMEROY, in the fint week if
I a a ' Allllt, BUUAUllV 1
t A MXUMi iODA-.0lv8oU.prH).
a t FLKMiaoe
''W'I'' f"llaillllHl -fc. t'r
.1 ' '
" .-. i ., ''f t ' ,' " ' ''" - ' '

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