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Meigs County telegraph. (Pomeroy [Ohio]) 1848-1859, October 07, 1851, Image 4

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'"!" L.HS Vg'J.U ' ,
Till- T 11 W I? D I R S T I V E FLUID.
Or Oastrin JnireK
1)REPARED (torn Itciiuet, or the fourth etomccti
t of the Or., after directions ly Btiron Lmr-.m,
the threat Physio!" Riral Chemist, by J S UOUGH
Tfitf M n Kn II. VirMi Piirhth i!t. PhilniteL
t . - , -- - - " -
phirt. Pa. . . ;
T his is a triOy wonderful remedy for INDIGES
"'irinjr after Nature's ou method, by Nature's own
uiij'liod, the Gastric Juice.
Half a tetupnonftill of this Fluid, infused in
water, will diktat or dissolve Fivs PausDf. or Rcast
Visr.i' is aboi't two hoi'rh, out of the s'cmaclt.
&-cntific Evidence!
Brnn Likmg, in lis celebrated wnrk on Animal
Chemistry, says: "An ortificinl Digestive Fluid,
alialajoiis to the Gastric Juice, tnay be teadily
prepared from the mucuous membrane of the sto
mich f triers! f, in which various articles of food,
as meat n4 egf s, will I e to softened, changed and
digested, jast in the snw manner us thty would be
n thehWia stoiMcri."
Dr Plkkika, in t'w famous trctbe on "Pood and
Diet," pitr,Uc!,r:d by F .v.vlcrs & Wells, New York,
page 3'', Bt.:t';i the some fjreat fact, and describes
the method of prmaiioii. There arc few higher
nthoJ-j'.-it s thou L!t. J'-.-reira. .
Dr Cuisv, in his v1iahle writings on thcPhys
wtogy i)f iJiemiMii, cli.si.ives that "a diniunilion
of the d'l i nuantl .y of tl.e liaslrir? Juke is a
finmrineir m l all pr.-.-iilitir cause uf Dyspepsia;"
aad ho states lhv.. ' a distinguished professor of
ineriicme m London, v. ho was severely aniictea
with this c Mr.plaiii!, finding everything elte to fail,
had recourse lu the Gastric Juice, obtained from
the stjinacli i f living auimuls, which proved com
pletely ira-jcefal."
TV ftii.w t.nllinr i.f Itip fimnnt: wnrlt.l Oil
Vegetable Diet," says: "it is a remarkable fact
in iihyiiulxy tl.ot the stomachs in animals, mace
rated in water, impart tj the fluid the property of
Uissolving various articles ul loud, ana 01 eiiecung
kind artificial digestion of them in no wise
difforwet sftuai the natural digestive process."
DicmmoVs treat v uk, tl.e "hemistryof Man,"
vLca& Blanohard, Plata. 184(5, pp 321-2) fays:
'ThediJCovKry of PF.PSfN forms a new era in the
chemical history of Dictation. lri,m recent ex
DCritcenU we kuow that food is dissolved as rapid
ly In an au artificial digestive fluid, prepared from
Pepem, as it va in the natural Uasmc J uieoiisou."
Professor DtiNr.u.w, of the Jefferson College,
itovlelpbia, in his great work on Human Physi
ology, devotes more than fifty pages to an examina
tion of this subject. I lis experiments with Dr.
Vcuinont, on the Gastric Juice, obtained from the
living aumau slomaeh and-fnan vnimals, are well
uuwu. "in ail cases," lie says, digestion oc-
carted as perfectly in the artificial as in the natu
ral aicesHons.
Dr Uoocuton's preparations of PEPSIN has pro
dated the most uiatvelluus til'ee's, curini: cases of
Lability, Emaciaikiu, Kuvotts Decline, andJJys
Vtjrtic Consuniptiiin, stippled to been the v,y
CQ;e of the grave. . i is impossible to f.ivc t iic rio
laiUtttf cases in the iimi.s cf this ndvertiseucm-
. but authenticated cor: lira s hcvE- heen :.ivcn of
CUKES in l'liiiiukili'.iia, New Yuri., mid Utf
uionc. These were tiocriy a'l deiijrute oases, and
tap cures were imt only rn;
It is a great NEKXO'.:S
.nderfui, but
l and par
tr.alariy useiat l -r
liver Complaint, I t'
fijetsof Quinine,
the Digestive yrj.a.:
tyr excess in eauit
ipirits. Italsa r---v
OLD T'.;r
There is f r,
PLAINTS wi n ;
move at once. '
moves all the u ti ;
needs toberepi.i
good effects p.;r.u '
und VIGOH OF ii .
vicularly e.;cjnt :. i
Cramps, Sorenesu !
tree aftor en. ins. S
lleaviniiss, I.wirness ,
cittion, Weaklier, t
.it- di:.rder,
an 'i
i he evil tf-
irngs upon
'I'ssT Also,
v, of ardent
lu .'.niper
J.M.VGU C011
rcur-h and re
.. had they ;i.ny be, i
i'' .V itKie dose re
.) W .;, and it only
r.'.i ,t .i'M:, '.j n.akelhc-e
i' .'H'l'Y 0? BLOOD
i ai "lice. It is par--.(
N.iuMfa, Vomiung.
j-it .if ;!.c Mumach, dis-
. d ! .state i : the litood
I.'ettp .ndencv, hma
i'ty i.i iiioa..u)', nmeit'c,
T;'.r bottle.
One be! ile
wiil often effeci a iati
Uvory bottle v:-.n .
Soldly ageirs in eve
aadbyrespeciih:e (i r,
.JAiO, for s.ilc r. ti;
Peiuewy, Ohio-
: e :re.
; written siivuature Qf J S
iiR-pr etor.
iv:i i:i the United Siates,
iii Medicines rcuttrnlly.
li.-S Store of D. HEED,
Bitrbcr-oiiS Kcsaoval!
T5 J- ADD1SO?) has reinove.1 his Haitcr Phop
s. to Court street, where r.e lnnyaiway;; h
l-.-uud ready and willirg to serve his patrons in the
r.jiteijtanil nnc. MsUmnable style, reeling thanks
Ml for pa&i patronage, he wtmld respectfully soli-
, it tuf 60 who tcsire to have their countenance
i-eraped, and hair trimmed watly,' to give him i
With razor sharp and water !,of.
He'll alv.'uys he fmr.d on the spot,
Realty to serve all whopleaft to rati,
lJoi.h olt.itid y:mnf, and great r.id ruiail:
Then don' I delay, tut ctmc alon,;
And have it done up neat nnd s':cr.
Powcroy, J?ay 22, 1851 33!f.
Sit ART, St gAHSAl'AIilLI, V.
' UK Ort.,11 xprinif &nd Sun rcer Medicine.
I I'roif. Mtn; t-v ifen-H-. lit a J it . U is frcm
it v.f.ipr lid , widine in ourci,v.
C:.nux.vt. F;b ' ',:, ISO!.
Th's is to . .ertlfy tl at ia'f -At-i-:;, Mary C. Lcinan,
vai altiiokt.-d with a disease in her tip, were than
tl.i'ca yiatc ago, which rendered tcr so utterly he'.n
iess that alio was rou rwlied to kup her ed. AU
hones of lie: r.covcrp were derailed of. ffeme of
' ho tics! cr..incn' physicia ns of Covin;, tor. and Cin
civ.r.vi at'tndjd her, a!', of wVm declared her
"ilea hopsltsnor.e. I'ling fcy L'r. Howe's do
pot, an ideo n;:ce!itc.d i'rs'.f, that to try one bottle
i i h.c Shaker fc&riapaiilia ld do r,o hsim. Ac
cird.tigly I purchased one bottle, and before its
'O'f.cnts we;e entirely used she received benefit.
v.'2j indued to try another, and another; before
t'.e last was 'tied the had nearly recovered. Now
;-.',e hat no pjiti. cm walk, arid has the entire use
f her lititb.;. ToHo-.vi. s Sl.akr (Si'r.spr.ilUa we
.viv... ,i ;.. r? lo.i,,,. , ..B..ii.4!-i.
i-.ne ihe';'.li !:. :.".t.d 'akinc it.
'jnei ; J. C. I1ELJIAN.
i'..',nci:ni3;i Daily Comnicrcial.
Ily.rcn.ber Mii wonderful and ustenislung cure
was Ifc.-cd by the v.so of three bottles only uf
Dr. i-. V. How's Shaker Sarsnparilla, the Great
hprim; and Sumtner Medicine.
t. is the only S.irsap.trilla that acts uptn the liver,
kidneys and blood at the san e time, which renders
il. a. together mow valuable to every one, partictt
hr'.yl'fiTuilee. Dr, Museey, professor in the Ohio Medical Col
!i".;v!, i.ays the Shaker preparutions are truly valua
ble, and rtconuiteiid;; tiie-in to the public.
No jdcrcury no Mineral no Poisonous Drugs
in thf .i;hr.kcr Sarsaparii'.a.
It is werran'ed to lo
uud a.v a iomily medicine it has no equal.
lie euro you envaire forS. D. Howe's Shaker
Siinai urilla, vndtake no other.
Huart bottles SI per bottle; six bellies kr 5'.
Porsaiebvl). Heed, Pomeroy; Magnet fi: Narc',
(",;illirioiis: McVev & Co., Portsmouth, Ohio; and
1 y by l;r. S. D. Howe, Nt. I College Hall, Cincin
na'i. Ohio, to whom all orders must le adilresjed
V Stove Store nan DILL PR ALL, has l-een ap
piinted, utiaiil'icd, end given bt.ud f S Auctioned
r ,t M-ii'ti cnuntv.
Uu will receiVo on eonajtission aud sell food
on the Wives'- tunus. t '.ill at the No. 1 Steve i.ou-.
Poir.eroy, March '7, 1 So 1 . noi'Tif.
a i nirun A now two hur.to WAOO.y well
. .' :'J......l 1 1-, .....;!.. in .,11 iumImiUm (.11
T w iii;:ii.i ;x:tu i.mi,....- ... wv .. ..... . .w.
. rl tiV' M''-'niOrn ItJIE lilt ItulMI tiiri If 't" I'u
l rid to ttfc'l all -feinda of Bucgidi-t-oije or two
'. r. iw.n,a.itifu(.tiiTtd from the best matt rials, and
1 1 V Jait ityles. The prits are vpryreasono
hv aii-i ttte w(,rh wurrruitcd. Those v.ishiug to
pu-da - a.e t! U.o-f: ind-spensable articles of
l it.v toe lt.vers
PoKieny. j2Yil.--.--.- -
' r7Tb'.rE NYEreS'imft: the praetict- e-f theUw
m L MflW L, L' 11 1.I.1- ' .
' " . .. i.iWnrMtnLi KtrMh nr-
a 4. Hie oi" i h-
nr.. Ilvr.t'vij"!
COIIIV, has the pleasure of announcinglthat
through every obstacle and in despite of all
misfjrtune he is again at his past witha splendid
lot of Clt iiiUR. He hts passed through the tire
and has not been found wanting. Although one of
the severest sufferers, yet through the kindness of
frieuds, his establishment. 1'hcemx-iiK.e, has risen
from its ashes, with all its former beauty and excel
lence restored. He hopes his buying friends will
rally around him and assist iu the work of recover
ing his lo&s. -
cunia tor ma rnon sanin.
oils, on Front street, is dispensing .o his
countless customers the most superb, convenient,
cheap and durable articles of Clothing ever heard
of in the annals of time. Come one and all and
te habited. Summer goods of all descriptions for
sale unusually cheap.
we read that in the days of old,
The Poets sang of mystio Love,
But for the best now things have changed,
As in thtse stanzas we shall prove.
To Cohen give your attention;
Facts of importance he will mention:
On Front street, at the old stand,
As every person surely knows, .
He always keeps a fresh supply
Of tasty, good, and well made clothes;
Cloaks and coats of every cut and kind,
To please the mortt fastidious mind;
Pants and Vests the very best,
He ever keeps on hand ;
Collars and Shirts and fancy Hals,
Tho latest style within the land;
Fine cloth and silk plush caps, -Marietta
Shoes and Boots,
And fancy gentlemen's fuvnishing gocds,
Cottons, talks, Linens sjid Hosiery,
Carpet Bags, Trunks and Jewelry
There is no scarcity.
Those who would be wise will come and Vuy
of his supply, on Front between Court and Lind
streets, at Cohen s Headquarters.
Pomerc.y, June2G, 1S51. n3Stf.
t new and very handsome one seat BUGGY;
and one as good as new with two seats.will be
old at less than cost.
s June 25, 1861.
") Leg chains and Mathooks;
Hoes Hakes and Forks;
long Handle Shovels;
Plough Ilames;
X Cat Saws;
Broad Axes;
tStec'.yards and Hand Scales;
One large warehouse Scales;
For saie very cheap
loves. Two medium size office Stoves used
oniy one winter -just as good as new, for sale
7 !'- by REED & BROTHER.
' j.NK h' NDRED DOZEN M' Lanes celebrated
. - Vermifuge f ;r sale at $1 18 per dozen by
June?'., lJ5l. E.S.EDWARDS.
3 it: i J!c 'h attention of Country Merchants to
4 n. y stock of Notions and Fancy Goods, which
"an y koM at. l.-,w prices and on reasonable terms,
"'nKlsiinr in part, of the following articles:
piec-;.- Conner, Cap and Taffeta Ribbons;
dn? Tuck, Side, Dressing and Fine Combs;
" White and colored Spool Thread;
lbs. " " Skein do
" Black assorted Patent do
dor.. Artificial Flowers;
" Elementary Spelling Books;
i -n
i Him 'juspenders;
200 Gross Hooks and Eyes;
M0 " Pearl end Agate Shirt Buttons;
5ft0 " Coat and Pant do
500 M. Plain and Ribbed Percussion Caps;
r0 " Rockwell &. Son and Bates' Needles;
f0 doz Men's Cotton and Lisle Thread Gloves;
CO " Berlin Lined and Wool Gloves;
60 " Ladies' Lisle Thread and Cotton do
r0 ' Kid and Silk do
25 " Military Shaving Soap;
P0 " Razors;
20 " Clothes aud Hair Erunhis;
SO " Shaded Coir.forts;
100 " Mr. Lane's Celebrated Vermifuge and Pills;
50 Packs Pins;
Laces, Edgings, Fiingeiand Plaid GrecianeHc;
Silk end Worsted Coat Bindings, Silk Thread
ar.d Twist, &c. &c.
Porrtcroy, April 1", 1851.
Cuba Kxpt'dilion Succcssfol!
TUiT CiiifA KtnrA roan D1 T T
LSPRAI.L, iscn hand again with the larg-
A-cst s'.ock ot btuvts everbroueht te
this market, selected with the greatest care, em
bracing every varieiy of style and finish, with the
lalesl and mort improved Patents. Among late
receipts of Steves at his store we notice the fol
Ai! of the hi si. materials and warranted. He also
kffpscn hand targe supplies of custom made TIN
WARE, which he will sell to merchanls and oth
ers lov.-er-than the sau:e article can be boucht in
tl fi Wf.it.
(O" Don't forget the Ci.eap Tin and Eravn Sronu
under the Riheldarfer House.
Pernoroy, May 15, JS51 n32tf.
f;V HAVING received n little shorter no -jv
O' tire to vacate the premise?, we formerly.?
ct?( upied, than the hw, in its humane operation,
allows, on the night of the late fire, we are now to
be found in Wm. H. Eemintton's buiidior:. one
door be-low his store. Having supplied ournclvts
with all our miksing articles, we are enabled lo
furnish our customers at reduced prires. I n addi
tion to our present stock we have made arranee-
Uients with an eastern importing boute to supply
uh wuii tne laieci niiporiaiicns oi crugs at impor
ter prices, and will receive, in a few weeks, a
very large and extensive invoice of Fresh Drugs,
Chemicals, Bazin's (formerly) RouteU's) Perfu
mery, new Chemical Preparations, Instruments,
rine L-rugs, and Scarce Preparations, never be
fero brought to this market. We will supply
Physician and Merchants at a deduction of twen
ty per cent on their bills of former purchases in
this p ace. or at the "Circular Trices' of any re
rpoimible Pittsburgh or Cincinnati! House. We
warrant our drugs to be of first quality and en
tirely puto; coming directly from under the Drug
Iinpce'cr's hands there is no pctsiblo chance for
their adulteration. Call and tee what difference
there io in the quality of drui s and ascertain our
J. P. FLEMING, tfuakt.
Suroa Dentist.
y':'3vfe? vidnitv thathe miv he.
t$fy'$&rJQir found nt his residence
it.MiiJt-' m bhelUW, atfttl hours.
when not. professionally absent. He is prepured
to execute all operations pertaining to the prefes
ainn, inn style of neatness, case and durability.
TEETH insetted in complete or pnr!s of hells,
upou jold plate, with or without artificial Gun".?, in
so accurate a manner, as to deceive the closest t b
sciva. His charges shall in all cases be low, and gradu
ated according to the amount of labor and materia!
expended; plencmg himself to give entire satisiac
tiuii in all cases entrusted to hhi core.
(I.TLADIES waited upon at. their rc;.idence3. it'
required. -
p-The NERVE killed and the Tool h saved wi Hi
out tcnsalion of pain to the. patient.
OT The Letheon will be used for extracting
Tenth, il reouircd.
cond stages of CONSUMPTION, on moderate
He invites the afflicted portion of the ccmnwiutv
to give him a call. A fair trial is all he a;kt
Iu . a J f.
1 MU;0.Fet Spanish Float only Si pr lb,
I at rvv dr-st.i-. , PI EMJNO,
xCmA.rz aoove mayior tun onage f-j
Pomeroy, Ohio. sTS
UANING lately enlarged their es abtishmen
and erected a steam engine in the turning
department, have now the most complete ni best
arranged and appointed ' . -
in this port cf Ohio All kinks of Furniture will
be manufactured at the lowest prices, viii ,-.
Rosewood, Mahoganp and Black Walnut sella,
carved, ornamental and plain, suitable for parlors,
drawing and bed-rooms.
Persons desiring any articles in the Furniture
line, from the plainest to the most elegant and
costly, are respectfully invited to call-
The following articles will be made to order:
Bureaus, Tables, Stands, BedsteadB, Cupboards,
and all kinds of household furniture: also '
Tete a tete sofas; Tete a tete divans; i
Conversation Chairs; Exception chairs;
Rosewood parlor do , Mahogany parlor chairs;
Black walnut do Cane seat do
Mahog'y rocking do . Piano stool . do
Sofas in plush, hair and cloth covers,
Divans do do do do.
' Ottomans, mahogany French bedsteads;
Black walnut - do do
Marble top centre tables;
Marble top dress bureaus; - . v - ,
Marble top fancy stands,
Mahogany wardrobes, Secretaries and
Book cases, worn stands, toilet tables, ic.
C7 A11 orders promptly attended to.
Coffins of every description ma
nufactured promptly to the time. febl4n20tf.
To our Friends and Customers.
WE thus ceg leave to inform you and thro'
your kindness our and your friendsof your
neighborhood and elsewhere not forgotting our
enemies it any there be that we are now receiv
ing direct from New Orleans and the eastern cities
a Fresh Stock of Groceries, which we
are now offering for sale at room No 6, Front street,
Portsmouth, Ohio, and have made arrangements to
be be supplied during the season from same places.
pur stock will at all times cousist of everything
in the Grocery ine. . "
Although in the matter of purchasing and in now
offering our goods for sale, we frankly confess that
we have been and sti are directed mainly by a
desire to promote our own interests yet it will
nfivtrthcless afford us great pleasure toiccommo-
date our friends to the fullest extent that a due
regard for their and our interests may seem to dic
tate. -
The hacknayed and stale terms, 'cheap.'cheep
er than ever," and 'cheapest,' we abstain from
using, leaving to others (less modest men than our
selves) to derive all tho advantages that an intelli
gent community may concede to this kind of boast ing.
Wholesale Growers and Dealers in Rectified Whis
key, Foreif;n and Domestic Liquors,
No. !, Front St., Portsmouth, Ohio
Qiiffar 400 lihds Pnr-- w OrVnna or,
k on hand and for sale lew ' -v
o!asOS :00 1 Ms -tv. T.:n -n h '!( nd
for sale at No 0.
OAKES & B i'K ' v.
JY re
Co'f'ee 'too Finer" -nprior t-'V t
received and for sale at Vo n.
IVo 6 rpaiwst 1" Wot-"!
TTOR roed art;ces at nv prices.
"TiiM AwortBteiit-i""
S large addition
r of Or.jceries
which WFflrs'dVjv.' ver
iv F'trcA ii. Come and
examine for yourselvc;.
ChOf,FowtaV ic,? JU""i 120 hnr-; Phot,
i 20 kees Po-.-di"-Tminn:','!' best; V,
:CC0 Bars
Lead- For call
Ooni mid Cf.nd le
n on hand and fcr side '
good article
bv the hr
Cigars 20 B. i v.-? Flua Princliies;
10 Boxes Canones;
16 d ) Fine H.v anna;
50,000 I!c!l" Kpanish:
lO.Cf'O Crwnion; ( n hnnd a'ud fur sile low
!cr Ahvay.7 ioi band nnd fur sale by
?0 Havrelsvpd to half bar
rels, for sale by
ye WhSbkey '.O Hnm-ls Old ve, fur sale
at NoR. OAKKK tV Ult-KtHK.
Jk for sj
and and
sale nt Nti 6 by
OAKES & nravlKK.
fl obacio 20 Fine Virrinin I etif;
.L 10 do Missouri do:
10 do Viruinia Fives;
10 do do Eights;
15 do Missouri Twelves;
10 Kegs Ky. F..U Twiit;
received from themar.u'Vtur. rs, and for sale low
No 6. OAKF.S tV. IllfrKlUK.
Li Ci'tiiied'Wlitsiiej From 100 Ui SCO bar
it Tel:, always en hand and for sale low at No 0.
i KAKMe-.-TO bushels sheltcd Corn in bbls.
VjH 00 " Oats in SacVs;
250 " Very fine Potatoes;
100 " Dried Apples 4 Peaches;
3e0 lis. Tallow in casks.
We now offer the above grain by the qua nti ty.
It is all in firm crdr-r and the bert quality.
April 17, lf-M. REED A. BRO
Hi ClillLH Bedstead L umt er ;
j Sheeting Boards;
Sawed Lath.
For sc'.e very 'ow for cash by
April 17, lfiftl. REED & EF.O.
l'M)HIES.--rhila. Strain Syrup;
ii) Cotton Batting;
Grass Bed Cords and Plough Lines;
New Rice;
Glass ahd Hemp Ropes;
Crushed and Loaf Sugar;
Plough Wings;
Window Glass assorted sizes;
Nr. i's and Spikes arsorled.
Just received i.rtd fcr if.le by
April 17, 1S01.
!Tiie sulscr.bcr hni just received and is now
openestthe finest assortment of Gentlemen's Dress
Goods to be found in the city of Pomeroy, which he
offers to sell and make up when required, into the
most fashionable garments, at tho lowest prices.
His stock consists of the following articles:
Black, Brown and Olive Cloihs; Black, Ducy-hin,
Fancy and Plaid Cotsimeres; Black Katiu;' Brown,
Block and Steel Mixed Sa'inetts; Tweeds and
Jeans; Plaid Crava's; Black Italian Do.; Fancy
Silk Neck Tier; Black Cloth Caps, Navy do; Net
chit's and Drawers; Purpenders, ke. Ac.
Don't forget the place leading's New Clothing
r.cw have and shall continue to kecD the
furcrtor article of ball fcr sale by the barrel or
bushel. It has no suprrk r, and can be Ecld low
er than the prcrc:il pwes cfothersalt,
March C7, lSfil.
pAFEIS U AAtilKCS. Tho undersigned
I has recently opened in connection with the
Drug business a choice felcction of 2,000 Pie
ces of Taper Ilnns.iieTs. Abo. 30O mi
nuul Taper Window Shades, consisting
of Draperies, Archc.t. Landccapes, and thoso of
the Chinese and Gothic orders. ..x
The mrnitude and variety of Ihe selection en
i.blt s him to sell at such pricea a:t will, without
doubt, l:annoiiu.c with the varied lostca of this
community. 'ml DARIUS REED.
LI e;it
VI lotto lis. Han.- vuy finn
600 " Soulders do
S:000 " Clear Pork du
For s.dt chesp for cash,
REED ii imuTHEH.
1 i
New IT1 Hell COW for sale. " Rnquirr of
HKtD & uiwriiti:.
A'ju'i;t 2, 16
:::-NilVuG.ODDS!,.. 1
THE UNDERSIGNED have new received their
L stock of Spring and Summer GOODS, con
sisting in part as fullowsi : r."
200 pes. Prints the pewest arid most fashionable
styles; : - ' . "
25 " Furniture Chin4. ver rich) " '
24 ." Batinotts, Ermine Cloth, Cassitnetrs and
Kerseys, , ,
25 " Kentucky Jeans,' various colors;
25 " Blue Black, Figured and Col'd Alpacas;
J8 Eastern Linseys, of various colors;
25 " ' New style Ginghams) '.
200 bolts Brow-u Muslin, 4;t best;
100 ' - " " " 3-4 cheap;
25 pes'. Flannels, all eoloBF
60 " Bleached Muslins, all prices;
Bleached and Brown Drills and Canton Flannels;
Apron Checks and Check Shirtingsi " .-J :
Shawls Thibet Wool, Silk Embroidered & Plaid;
Cashmere and D'Lane Dress Goods, very hand-
. some;
10 cases Hats and Caps, New styles; ; .
Umbrellas, Carpet Bags and Satchels?
Jaconets, Cambricks, Book, Swiss & Mull Muslins;
Saddlery Findings.
Saddle Trees and Buggy Hames j( w
011 and Gum Cloth; .. , t. ".
Patent Dash Leather and Coach Lace;
Harness Trees New style; ' ... ..
Carpet Bag Frames and Trunk Lopks;
Buckles, Bridle Bitts and Stinups;
Reip Snaps, Tenets and Water Hooks;
Spurs, Saddle Plush and Strain Webb; , '
Harness and Martingale Rings ;
Bridle and Shoe Thread and Silk; .
Strain Web aud Girthing; "'
Saddler's Needles, Awls, f uncnes ana nammcrs;
Cutting Knives and Cutting Thrusts; , ,
Pad Screws, Spot, and Brass Nails; " '
Brass Buggy Bands arid Carriage Handles and
Hinges; . . ' " '
Buggy and Carriage Springs and Dash Frames; :
uurtam ciotn ana uenum;
And every other article in. Sadd'crs' line. :
. . .iiaraware. t ,-, .r-;
50 different kinds of Locks and Lalchcs), ,
All kinds of Files and Rasps; ;
All kinds of Chisels and Plain Bitts; ,.,
All kinds of Augers and BitW; . iS-. :
Au kinds ot Saw sets and Uimmets; - ,.
Mill, Scroll and Hand Saws;
Tenon, Circular and Key Hole Saws;
Wood and Billet Sawst :
Broad and Hand Axes;. ..
Hinges, Screws and Finishing Nails; . ..
Braces. Oil Stones and Rules:
Shoe Hammers and Peg Floats and Punches!
Shutter and Window Fastenings;
Bed Screws and Castors all Kinds;
Sash and screw arm Pullies;
Brass and Mahogany Knobs;
Anvils, Vices and Screw Plates;
Bellows' and SledSo Hammers;
And a great variety other articles in this line.
asvui uuu siivra,
5 eases Men's, Boys and Children's Boots;
2 " Women's heavy bootees and buskini;
2 " Children's " shoes, best article;
2 " Misses bootees and shoes, a sup. article;
6 poz. Ladies' Calf and seal bootees aud buskins;
10 " Infant and Chhildreii's small shoes sup.
10 " Ladies and Misses Kid SUppet,, and thick
sulod Slu es.
VA: especially invite tha public to call and ex
ninine our stuck. W c have now the larger and
l i-st selected slock v.-c have ever hud; and many
very line articles such as have not been kept in
I'oiiicroy before.
W are prepared to fill any orders either Whole-snU-
ir Retail on very reasonable terms.
iVmeroy, April 17. tfii. n26tf.
j'i !: s'll-scribef iitif I con appointed agent for
I (ii. iff),. ; iltrateil works, medicines
tpd iii-ir.R..T.tf ot' t'i Fitch, viz:
Six fl.eclnres
or 1 . t
Pa,, n,
rati .
purn . -tic
tic iS
""i"' iren'if"-"! ana permanent cure oi
n-'? Suynortcrs,
;.!,uii.der braces, Silver t.
ri':; s,
c I' -li-vy Li.'uPcn,, Pectoral Expect'. -i,-di.-:u
t"..l Liver Oil, Puhi,oii;ir
;. lieriit i'.irr'i-r, Humor Corrector, 1
MTi'ji, A alt I'yspeptie Mixture, Catli.r
( hnlera end Clioli? porif.c, Verrnif
ab'. ve uWi i he st-stemof treatment of Till
nonary i 'oimiivptwii, A,?lhn.a. Heart Di"eates,
i.c. which hai been so eminently successful in
relieving and curing 'ie'.: e di-'.fccsed. All the above
remediep fire prepaV-d ly hi. F. for his practice,
and warranted Ar,"'- His ropeutation. founded
en success, v. ill Kroutnd tl-eiii to the afflicted,
who will f,nd Dr. Fitch's "Guide to Invalids," a
valuable book. It is given away at the store of
the ntr-nta. Those suffering from falling of the
v.cmb will find Lr. F.'s Supporter light and plea
sant, and filling perfectly, and at the same time
most, ciTcicnt. The Shoulder Brace, also is light
and efficient. The articles alone, or taken to
gether, are unsuipassen oy any nruciu ever maue.
J. P. FLEMING, only agent for Meigs county;
also, Wholesale and Retail Druggist, and denier
in Glaitsware, Window Glass, French, English,
Germnn and American Chemicals, &c. &c, in
Remington's building, Front street.
September 10, lfful. yl.
I S A;:ent. The umleisigned having establish
ed "a-"Store at the residence of Myron Wells, on
llorsc Cave Creek, will keep said store constantly
supplied with sur h. (.oods as may at any time be
wanted by the citizens in that section. It is our
fj.nipri to sell at Ponteroy prices, though some ar
ticles in Groceries, during bad roads, a small ad
vance will bo added. Any article wanted by the
citizens not in paid store can, be ordered and sent
out nt shortest notice.
The stock in said store is now much larger than
heretofore. So that customers will find nearly as
full an assortment ts in any store in Pomeroy.
Produce will le taken in exchange at the market
dtice in Pomeroy. - REED &. BROTHER.
. November 21, 150,.
Of the Receipts md Expenditures of Meigs
County, for the year endive Jvne 1, 1851.
Balance in Treasury June 1st. 1850,
Revenue from Duplicate of 1850,
Revenue, from arrears of 1819,
Revenue from taxes paid at Columbus
forlS40, . .
Received frcm fines and costs in crim
inal cases, " '
Received from tavorn, ferry and Horse
licenses, . .
Received from Permits to sell goods, '
Received from Road costs refunded,
Received from Jury fees,
S26-2 50 6
3269 43 0
86 53 C
" 7 64 9
403 19 0
84 69
23 97
12 25
36 00
Total. 76 17 5
Paid Corencr's expenses,
Paid Board of Equalization expenses,
Paid petit jury expenses,
17 95 0
20 00 0
214 70 0
138 25 0
405 68 0
54 67 0
Paid grand jnry expenses,
Paid witnciies in criminal caser,
raid justiot s in criminal cases,
Paid constables in crirriinal cases,
Paid Prosecuting Attorney and others,
Paid jail iter,
Paid salaries of Cleik and Sheriff,
Paid Auditor's fees,
Paid Commissioners expenses,
Paid printing expenses, (including Ge
neral Laws)
Paid stationery expenses,
Paid Ccu.ir.cn School expenses;
Paid highway expenses,
Paid incidental expenses,
Paid election expenses,
Paid township assessors exdenscs,
Paid pauptt expenses,
Treasurer's per cent, on 8560 st 6 per
124 03 0
183 33 0
102 74 6
140 00 0
732 38 0
94 CO
243 31
91 22
44 60
100 50
127 43
113 85
349 60
159 93
28 CO 0
Total, S3088 98 0
Exceea of Receipt- over Expendi
tures, 1187 19 6
By order of Commissioners.
S.HALLIDAY, Auditor.'
Ponietoy, June 28, 1851. n38w4,
fTOULD INFORM their friends that they
f j haveburvncd the fire, ana are now hom
ing forth at their Warehouso on Second street,
where they are receiyinf a fresh stack of GOODS.
to which they invite the atteution of their Mends
and customers.
It may net he ,ccesiry to rrrr iiid those indebted
to us that thi3 is a nre&V lime of need, as all are
fco'ieintf-d with ourmii'foTtuna. "A word .o the
viw is su indent.''
April 7. ti --i f,
rtAK .--a. uAAAkA
5 55v3
Tl I
One datir- helow Crawford Stirr't store.
Front street, Pomeroy, Ohio. .
1 UST RECEIVED from Cincinnati a large ami
well relected stock of READY MADE CLO
THING, which has never been surpr s ed in qual
ity or price' in this market. Being a practical
Tailor, and having been carrying on the business
for seven years in Ponieroy, I have selected rny
stock with a full knowledge of the wants of this
markets-locking to substantial goods and cheap
prices.1 o' -t t v ;
My stock consistst'of Dress, Frock and Sack
Coats, Pantaloons, Vests, Shirts, Undershirts,
Drawe'B. Furnishing Goods, Cravats, Caps, Trunks
&c. Also, a superior article or tailor s bliears
and Points; an article kept nowhere else in Pome
roy. . Tho undersigned does not d el it necessary to
boast of the great variety and cheapness of his
stock. He knows that an examination of his
goods will tell more potently in their favor than
all the 'high-faluting' words to be found in Walk
er and Webster, could say for them. He there
fore leaves it for others, whose stock needs to be
praitel, to tell about the variety, goodness, and
cheapness of their goods. His goods speak for
themselves, as all competent judges must decide.
They are STRONG AND WELL MADE, and he
merely asks those wishing to
:: Purchase Clothins Cheap,
To call upon him before buying elsewhere, as he
is confident he can sell them more Fashionable
and better 1 ot hing at HEAPER RATES than
any other establishment in the county.
Poineroy, April 17, 1851. n28.
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.
The Great Remedy for onsumption of the Lung s,
Affections of tho Liver, Asthma, Bronchitis,
Pains or Weakness of the Breast ot Lungs, and
other affections of the Pulmonary Organs.
is a line herbal medicine, composed chiefly of Wild
Chtrrv bark and the genuine Iceland Moss, (the
latter imported expressly for this purpose,) the
rare medical airtues of which are also combined
by a new chemical process, with the extract of
tar thus rendering the whole cou pound the must
certain and eflicacious'remedies discovered fcr
Consumption of the Lung?.
Jntekkktins aoBBEspoNDENCE. Dr. WilliuM Y.
Banks, of Xenia, Ohio, a highly respectable drug
gist in that delightful village, has informed us thai
the sale of Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry is
unparalleled. The demand for it is so eager, tha
he can scarcely keep himself supplied with it..
lie has had in his store medicines for lun-: alTec
linns. Some of these were esteemed good, ant!
some gave temporary relief. But. sinre he has hud
Wistar's Balsam of Wildliorry. a number of I he
most serious rases were eevrplctely cured by i s
use. "i never sold a medicine," said the Ducer.
'in which 1 htid the entire ecrigdence that 1 huve
in th1.-.."
1- Ct. ar. J Whenever Wistar's Ba'saii: of W
Ch try is in T.iiUicc-i. it at once attains that b'r-repii'a'i'-n
lech it ro richly deserves. Whet cur:
iiiev. ni i's sa'e. wlcn on uverv bund ran 1 c v ii
ritfyifl its v i.nitrrt'jl cures The worst :-? ot
;s 'vs. t,. rent and dangerous 'W.ghs, - and n.so
th a. .'t I- ue s'andtng.; Bronchitis ot C mis on p
iiR. i.n 1-3 early stages,) are aUays cured l,y . his
reii.;-.n ' ' to medicine.
liici t-uiiiary Comi-.niplion!
Cured ly V." is' ar's Balsam pf Wild Cherry. The
l ,i t iti(. care ef Jeremiah lsgrigg, of Consump
t,. n. i.ve of his brothers and sisters havinc died
f Consi.ii.pi.ion) is truly wonderful. Ought net
this urj e the afflicted to make use of this health
f ivinf VtiiiHOy, when it is effecting cures like ti e
I'lersanl Ridge, Hamilton Co., O.,
8en! ember 27, ISfiO.
u3. D. Patk DenrSir: 1 take the liberty of ad
vising you of the benefit 1 have derived from the
usool Dr. Wisiars Balsam ot Wild Cherry.
was prostrated by that terrible scourge Consump
tion, in May last. The attack was truly horrifying
to me; five of my family, my brothers and sisters,
had died of Consumption. I was afllicteu v, it!:
nearly all the worst features of the disease; I had
a distressiug cough, and expeciorated a great deal
of blood, hectic feaer, severe pains in the side and
chest, cold dulls, alternating with Gushes ot heat
and copious night sweats.
1 was under the care of a skilled physician,
from the time I was taken sick until about six
weeks since, being then about helpless, and my
mends considering my case hopeless, or at least
beyond tho reach of my physician's skill, advised
the use of Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.
Without my knowledge, mv father procured it
and commenced using it. I was able to be out and
oversee my business and labor, which I still con
tinuo to do. I have taken four bottles of the me
dicine, and now consider myself well. I make
this statement to induce others that are afflicted
as I have been, to make trial of Wistar's Balsam
of Wild Cherry, which remedy has, under the
blessing of Providence restored my hea,th.
Interesting Correspondence.
Important to those afflicted with diseases of the
lungs and breast, win miracles never cease
More evidence of its surpassing health restorative
From Dr. Baker, Springfield, Washington, co. Ky.
si RiNi.i iELD, ky., may n, loio.
Messrs. Sanford & Park: 1 take this opportuni
ty of informing you of a most remarkable cure
performed upon me by the use of Dr. Wistar's
lialrcm ol w ud herry.
In the year 1840 1 was taken with the inflama
tion of the bowels, which 1 labored under for six
weeks, when I gradually recovered. In the Fall
of 1S41 1 was attacked with a severe cold, which
seated itself upon my lungs, and for the space of
three years l was confined to my bed. l tried ait
kinds of medicines and every variety of aid with
benefit; and thus I wearied along until the winter
of 1843, when I heard of Wistar's Balsam of Wild
My friends persuaded me to give it a fair trial,
though I had aiveu un all hones of recovery, and
bad prepared myself lor the change oi another
world. Through their solicitations, l was in
duced to make use of the genuine Wistar's Bal
sam of ud Cherry. Tee ellect was truly aston
Alter, five years of affliction and sunering, ana
after having spent four or five hundred dollars to
no purpose, and the oest ana roost, respeciaoie
ohvsioians had proved unavailing, i was soon
restored to entire hcaitn ovine messing oi una
and the use of Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild
May the blessings of God rest upon the proprie
tors of so valuable a medicine as Wistar" Balsam
of Wild Cherry. Yours, respectfully,
W. H. 13Att.t.K.
The zenuine Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry-
has a fac simile of the signature of Henry Wistar,
M. D. Philadelphia, and bantord a ham. fcn
craved wrannrr. No other can be genuine.
Sold by J. D. PARK, (successor to Sanford &
Fark.) Fourth and Walnut streets, Cincinnati
Ohio, General Agent for the South and West, to
w horn all orders must be addressed . 1 1 is also sold
by the following persons:
D. Reed, Pomeroy; G. W. Cooper 4 Co., Ches
ter; John Frame, Coolville; J. Cauehart & Co.
Point Pleasant; John Perkins, Athens; Maguet &
Narct, Gallipolis; b. 6. Murray, WUkesvillc; U, J
Payne, porter.
January 9, 1851. nl5m4.
IV Street, l'oineroy, Ohio, The sub
scriber has fitted up a large and commodious house
near the Steamboat Landing, where he is ready
and prepared at all times to accommodate the
traveling public. His house is comfortable and
fnrniture entirely new is prepared to accormno
date a largo number of boarders, and rooms can be
had for private families on the most reasonable
He thinks from the long experience that he has
nan ill ini easiness ne can give general smiBiae
tion. His table stall at all times be furnished with
the best that the market afforr's.
Bargage will tc conveyed to and from the steam
bonis tree of charge. A careful andattentivo Por
ter will stall times be ready to wait upon the trav
oung puduc wunineir caegage.
PorncroV, rci-vjihcr 10, !). nlimH.
I " '
The Great COUGH REMEDf .
Many yMtn of xpH, and more
ThOKitiind Cure of Consampllv Cnipllnii, tia .
proved la Uw nndoubled Mliafuctioa of ll ptrton, who htve
hceorasarquatnied with dim vtmdtrut rtrniiv, thai il tl
ly napei-lor, beuuM It U eoiAinf and Wrxp, and avira
cvrtata lo core Conanmptlon of tho I,onn, ibaa hut
oilior Remedy la Iba world. Wb know, hnmrnr, thai II It ld
hy aooio that Conautnpiloii tan aot b cared. Ba thai lb opin
ion uf the many or tlw few, we aball not attempt lo arguo with
mota, but Ihla we m, and do uiirta, a feet, which cao l
proved in Ihoasmnde of cuea, that rhla wcticme hita carcrl
CeuyAt and imm which, bfon the curat wereerfeciod, wero
eallnd real Coaanmptten, and which were attended with
tympfoeu that reaembled, and wore to all renach M, the tyaip.
Kitnt of thoae Ae , and teAea daad are aaid lo hare AW with
that fatal dlteato Caaannipttoa. Tula Balaam hat cured
iAwtnJ at peraoat who wero aald to be hopelettly afflicted
who had Aard, in. ndcinf Couh-Pnm. in theBrenat,
SiaV, and finoV-llifjlealty of RrCHthlnf PurWml .'i;w
iorattonlitctk fw- AiyAt-Swtalt and waotlng away
of the Fleah and Blood. Pertona baring tuch couiplaiuta
hare been cured after U waa laid they mili mot live a week
louver. Tula Medicine baa cured tome who were tuppoaed to
be In a dylns atnte. but. by the uto uf Uiii remedy, Utey
now live, and enjoy pood health.
Thla Balaam it purely rtprfo&tt tDiajwuadl It It pleat
aut to take, and amtr doai iyry in any ttage of d iaeete or under
any clrcumatancet. It errecttltt wonderful and almott ml
racnloaw Cnrea by Porlfyinc, StrmvUuttiuo, and Iar1a
eratlas Iba whole aytlem by tauakxina (At otrtufaufoa, and
prodacing a htalthy action thui allayiitt Couch eoerAaty A
Nervea and aiding and facilitating xpecloratioQ. It
Curaa toe following diteatet, Tit. ;
C'OI'GHS and CM, BrmAitU, Atthma, Spiltfitt a Bhni
Aenaaf at Vu Lung; Paint in tit Brtatl, SuU, and CaeifcWf.
to'intM. KigM Small, Palpitation of tht Heart, and all F
DIALB VVKAKNKWSKt and Coiaplamlt tritug there
from, Cholera lnfaatam, ftc
VW" For Proof and particular! of Curat, tea our Pnm
hfeta and Hanibtlli all our Agenu have thtm to fir away.
For sale by D. Reed, Homeroy; G W Cooper &
Co., Chester; P. M. Petrel, Graham Station. All
orders muit be addressed to W.aRacc, & fie, 304
uroaaway, new York. ...
April 24, 1S01 n29yl "
ILL A. The remedy for Purifying the Blood,
and curing disease, and the oniy remedy that is
morougnty etticient and perfect v harmless.
This Medicine.when used according to directions
win uiire Without Y'tm.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, Cancers. Tumors, Erup
tions cr inesKin, urysipelas, t hreincSore Eyes,
ringworm, or Tetters, Scald head, Rheumatism,
Pains in the bones or joints, old sores and
ulcers, swelling of the glands, Syphilis,
Dyspepsia, Salt Rheum, diseases of the
kidneys, loss of appetite, diseases ar
ising from the use of Mercury,
"paiii in the sidVaiit!' shoiihICrs,r' " " "
tencral debility, df-psy, lum
bago. lhe best Female Medicine known Incipient
Consumption, Barrenness, Leucorrhea or Whiles,
irreguur Menstruation. Jncontinuence ot I rine,
'.eneral Prostration of ti e f-ysiiem, Depressed
Spirits and Ghiomy State of Mind are cured by
un. i.uioui i ;i b.VIU.-U.T Ui' YELLOW
1AJCK. AND SARsAPARiLLA, which gives im
iiiecliale relief, by remv incUie fountain of Health
and Strenth, the Blocd. U neutralizes bad hu
mors, stops unnatural :; crcti ni, and gives heal-
ii.y ocuon to au rite vital now..rs.
m innu auciHiive pit, incs re nner u peculiar
y applicable to the slender and delicate consti
union oi me ieniaie. it imiretliately contro'ei
that distressing nervonsir?.s and lwitude s
conation to the female frame, and imparts an en
rgy and buoyancy assurpiisii:: as llu-v are grate
fill. V. o have evidence , n file, which induces
us strongly to recommend tl is medicine to mar
rien people who have not been blet-sed with off
:x lepsis' Uteri, or Falling of ;!n: Woir.b, of e
years standing, cured by Dr. Gupsott s Et.lraci
of Yellow Dock and iiarsi parilla, after every
other known remedy had Icon tried without,
Wasuis'.tox, O.. February, l'i-3.
This certifies that my wife, aged twenty tcvi.n
years, has been suffering under the above ciii-
pla.nt for five years; nearly all that time confined
io her bed. I have forfour years constantly em
ployed the best medical tateut that could be pro
cured in this section of the country, without sny
benefit whatever. I have also pun hnscd every
instrument recommenced for the cbreof such dis
eases, all ot winch proved woriiress.
In the spring of 1848, was induced bv mv
friends to try Dr. Guysott's cllew Dm k and
Sarsaparilla, which was used for four months.
After she had used it for about four weeks, it
was evident to all of us that she improved rapid
ly, and gained flesh and strength, until she is
now enjoying excellent health.
We being neighbors to Win. nnd Julia Mon
fort, know that the above statement as lo tin
sickness oi Airs. itoonKu, ana asm i tie cure- being
eitectea oy "Uuysoti's Ycitvw Duck and oarta-
parilla," to be strictly true.
The following is an extract cf a lelter dtlul
March 27, I860,, from E. 11. Perkins-, M. D a
highly respectable physician cf iU.-.tietta, Ohio:
Jons PaaK Dear bir: 1 !:ae under ir.y care a
young woman who, for sixteen years, has been
suffering from Ulcerated Liml s, and whore case
has been pronounced hopeless bv three ot nor
best physic.iaus. I took her into my family, and
have used Guysott's Yellow Dock and Sarsapa
rilla freely, and I am confident that tho Yellow
Dock and Sarsaparilla will effect a pcrmane!.'
cure. She is better in general health than the
has ever been before, and walks a mile or two
without fatigue or pain. A a pear ago she used
crutches. 1 will report the case in idue time-
Very respectfully, E. B. PERKINS.
ILTlf the reader will observe, he will see that
in nearly all cases, the patient hss tried nearly
every physician within his reach, and nearly
every remedy; but when he hi's upon Guysott's
Vehow Dock and Sarsaparilla, the euro is im
Blooming Gsove, Dec. 1st 1819.
Messrs. S. F. Bennett & Co. Gents; Seme
time in 1843 I was attacked with King's Evil in
my ami, which became so tare that 1 could not
use it, and in 1845, mortification set in. I em
ployed, at different times, each physician of cele
brity within my re.-h: all told me that mv srn,
must be amputated. From the shoulder to the
forearm, my arm was full of running cores, some
of them as large as a fifty-cent piece. I then
tned an Indian Doctor, who removed the moTti
fied flesh, and stopped the mortification, but
could not heal my arm. My strength at this
time was completely exhausted, and my person
much emaciated. 1 continued in this state until
the summer of 1848, when I saw an advertise
ment of "Guysott's Yellow Dock and Sarsapa
rilla," which I read attentively, and sent for one
bottle of the article. After using it a few days,
the diacharges from my arm increa.ed, and as
sumed a Jight color, and less oflecsive odor. 1
sent for a second bottle, and while using it 1
found my strength increasing, and the discharges
from my arm decreasing. 1 , continued using it
until I had used six bottles, though I felt myself
peifectly cured before 1 used tho sixth bottle.
Since that time I have not felt any pain in ray
arm; no sores have reappeared, and I have no
reason to doubt that it is thoroughly cured, for I
have no reason to doubt that it is thoroughly
cured, for I can labor with it as well as I ever
"Gnysott's Yellow dock ana tarsapariua ' ae
lone cured me; I took no other remedy whil-
tinlnr' it. and had I used it at the :et appear
ance of the malady, 1 fnlly believe it would have
saved me from years of suffering. And I most
earnestly recommed every person suffering under
any similar disease, to use "uuysott's Yellow
Dock and Sarsaparilla," which will restore them
o health. Yours in gratitude,
rnNono genuine unless put up in large bottles,
containing a quart, and name of the sXrup blown
in the glass, wun me written signature, s. p. lien
nett. on the outside wrapper.
IT Price 81 per bottle, or 0 bottles for $3.
Sold by J. D. PARK, Cincinnati, O.
North-east comer Fourth and Walnut sts., cn
tranco on Walnut St. to whom all orders must
re addressed.
For tale by D. Reed, Pomeroy; G. W. Cooper
. i.'0., yncster, jonn frame, uooivuie; J. Cape-
nan, ct t.o., mint neasant; John Perkins, Athens
Magnet & Naret, Gallipolis: 8. S. Murray, Wilkwi-
ville; G. J. Payne, Porlor, :
mav'JUna'M. '
. e: t3wtwc-
-i-'i-,V if t
For Wi Removal and 'Tenuancnt Core of all
ind of thote Comrmtr-itt which are cauaeil br an impairt i
weakened unhealthy condition of lha
fhil besutiful aud convenient application ol the mvtt?
noutpowenof OAL.VANISM and MAGNETISM, hu bttl
nronounced by dittingutshed phyilniam, buth In Eamp &ai
tht United Htatet, to be the nun foluoitc mcdiciaal iiteoven
it Mud with the moit perfect and certain iuccmi In all cuci
of ,
Bliciiglhoninn the weakened body, givinj tone to the varli.ua
orgam and invigorating the entire irittm. Alto in FITS,
KNEUOY, and all NERVOUS DISEASES, which comnhunU
ari.M rim aiin almnlA rai,.namli.
A Derangement of the Nervous ByMcm.
fJ7- In NERVOUS COMPLAINTS, Dmgn and M'diMnet
iwra,e 'i4 diteatt, for they weaker, the vital energiee .f the
already roitnited eyitem ; while under the itrengtheniuff,
life Kivii g, Titaliiing inSuence of Galvenitm. at applied by
Urn aeautuui ana wonaenui aiicovery, ute exnenitea i
eautiful and wonderful discovery, Ute exhamted patient
ind weakened mflerer it restored to former health, itrer.gth
tlntticity and vigor.
The great peculiarity and excellence Of
Dr. Cluistie's Galvanic Curatives,
comittn in tha fact that tbey arrtat and aura dlieaie hy oi..
tetrd application. In place of the unal mode of drugging at :
phsicking the patient, till exhauited Nature tinkt hopaleuly
amler the infliction.
Thn ttrengthen tht wholt tysttta, fqtiatitt tht circulation
tf tht hlood, promott tht teerttiont, nni nrrn Jit tht sliicAleji
injury iinrffi any eircuimianeet. Since their introduction is
the United States, only three yean tinee, more Ihnn
7 5,00.0 Persons
r-'icliirtiiiK all ngci, clashes and runililiun, arnon lich wer
liirp uumlier of ladin. who arc peculiarly M.bjc to Ner
' r)i luint:., htivc bean
.!:m; ,11 h-.po of 'relief l.cW gh en up. and wry this
i c tVfti tii.l in iain ! - r
ToiUustntH tha -ifif the OAiA'AMC BEI.T, aupptvti
iiu- cive vi u ii-vu ..(Hic'p'l with that bane of rtvilhatioiv,
V iv.''K: P!., n; A-.y thv f-hnu::. or VcrTom Iicrder. lu
i- nlirrtrf rusi, uiTilints & t-ek'TJ, w hiti tv their action on
(in n.-i'v s -i uC tin Miit'iiwh n.'Vntil f;wi-'rti r
.iff. tint wliicr I'Miv ttic pcent in a lower state, anj with in
w.Cil frtt'iilth's, 1 1 t i 'he m-Un-. thus esfited hus K!B-ed. N"U
-omj'iirt' tlii w-y, '"w ei;"t m.Miltitig ftom the aiihcatioQ of
the O.M-V.iMC Lt'tLl . - rtoA I'Wieptto Hill-if r, ven ih
tho u..rt( uviiij.t 'i'ii ot un otu.ck, fliiii stmplv tie th Bait
rour.il tim hiyt miug the Magnetic 'luii o'i dnertctl. In
w nhfnt j-yrmil t lie int-srifihlH ptMpirfttiim ct on the pos,.
twe fctT!'ot;t ol tho Belt, thereby Caioinf( a Oulranic circtilu
Utm winch wlil pass on to tha nsgatne, and tlmnce Until
ajjitii: to in positive, thus keeping up a continuous Galvanic
circulation throughout the nyitem Thti the miKt r
cbm of DVSf'EPSU are PKKM NKNTl. V crHKI) A
Of th. moat Undoubted Character,
Fmm all ptirtt of the Country could he git-en, ultlrtcnl u
All every column in thil paper !
which concluiirely provet that
"Truth is stranger than
Rheumatism, Bronchitis am! Dyspepsia.
Of New Jertey, of dlitinguithed (ttnirimtiiitt and ensiled re
nutation i
SiDKir, Ne Joriey, Jnly II, IS4A
Da. A. II. ( MniiTii Dear Sir : You n il. to know of me
what hat been the reault in my ow n cr.to, of the application
n followt :
For about keenly ytart I had been uUtrinjE from Dytpei--tit.
Fery ycai the lymptomt beoimo w,ire nor could foL
tm icrman'ent rolief from any course of n.odicnl treatrnat
whatever About fourtttn years ilnee. in coneqpnre ef
fiTquent eYpostirt to the weither, itt the tliiehnigtt of rr.y
pnili.rul duties, I became tuhjecl In a tevei-e Chronic niieii.
niDtism, which for year afto. year, caused me indescribable
inguich. Flintier: in the wiifar t,f '40 mid 4d. In conse.
'pienca of prenchin a great detl in my im-n and vaiimM
other rhtircnet in Una regioit, I was itttst-Kti by the Droiirlu
tin, which toon became so soterc as to roquiio an immcdiaio
suspension of my pastoral labors iVv ntrr jus sys'tin wat ttnic
'.) otizhly prattrated, and at my firnnohilis became worse, so
1U0 ,-lil my Djspepin and Rhcumtttio aS'ectioa thut ertn
uirg Hint I huso dmoidert were connected with each other
plough the medium of lhe Norvom stem In the whole
-.hi,ir.3copa.;n llicrc seemed to b net ,-emtt.iitl tgent which
t'onid reach and recuperate my Nervons 8ystem ; evert
hing that I had tried fur tb'a imrpmo hud completely failed.
At hist I vtat led by my fvirnus to examine your inventions
tiu intciigii wun no very kanguuia hopes ot their emciency.'
I 'i'.lf rmiued to try Iho efVee.t of the ap li,.ution of the GAL
fl.ljlL). This was in Juns, IBifl To Mr r.neiT istomsh-
riivs I was aanr.i:u to nrtusia Mr r.ttTOR.r. Lsaoat hot
lUrr 1 tlNCK OMITTtD A St.tCI.K icavice Off ACCOUNT Or THf
HnoncniTis ; aud uv Rhtjiiiatic irrt.i-no', has cntimu
CKACrn to mocai it MR. Such it the wonderful and happy n
salts of the experiment
t have recor.imemlod the BELT and FLUID to many who
klve been likewise sult'orinr fiom Neuralgia aflectinnt. They
ave tried the in, with liArt'T n.ci.Tt, 1 &elikve, in kvebv
t an, dear sir, very respectfully yours,
It used for a 11 complaints affo.-titit the Throat or Head, inch
M Bronchitis, Inflammation of the Thioot, Nervous and Sfclt
Headache, Diz:iners of the ileal Neuralgia in the Face Fu:
ling or Roaring in th Fart. Deafness, which is generall"
Nervous, ana taut '..siretnng ctniiiiri,cnuea l tz t'oioreux
Palsy and 1'aralysts,
All physicians acknowledge that these terrible diteatot
ire caused by a drficirnrv Nrrtieus Energy in the affected
limbs. Da. Cnitirrit'a Galvanic Articles will supply this
deficient power, a:id a complete and ea'-ire cure it thne
Severe Deafhegs Cared. '
The followlne It an extract from a letter latotv receive
from a distinguished physician in the Slate of Virginia :
"A. H. Christii, M. D. Zleai Sir: One of my patients
unknown tome, obtained your (Jofvaiiic Bilt and Suklact,
with the Uagnttie Fluid, for a serious affection of Deaf.
nets The case was tha! or t lady whose Nervous svsterr
was much disordered, and her general health poor. Much
wat dona previously to the application of tha Belt, but with
very little success, and I feel it only right to tell yon, that
since the commenced wearing the Belt and using the Fluid,
b it a few week! ago, she hat ENTIRELY RECOVERED
rir.it, neiAri ipG, tno ner general health It better than fcr
CV01B1 jnw.m."
(tl- Every ease ol Deafness, if It be Nervous. (I it ftnerallv
Is, can be cured by this wonderful remedy.
Are found of vast service in cases of Convulsion! or Fits.
Spasmodic Complaints, and general Nervous Affections of the
Hood and uppor extremities. Also in Palsy and "tralysis, and
r.U diseases caused by a deficiency of powei .e ''rvous
energy in tuo umDS or otuer organs oi ino DOdy.
Tic Doloreux and Neuralgia.
These dreadful nnd egonizing complaints are imnrci
(fey refi'tvtd hy the application of the Galvanio Belt,
Ir.CKi.Acr Afto Flo id The Belt diffuses tho Electricity
thmuh the system ; the Necklace hat a local effect, end
the Fluid acts directly upon the affected nerret. In these du
trcsslrg nations the application NEVER FAILS.
Theso alaimirg and terrible complaints are always causwl
hy n ,fcre)uemi J tht Yemet. Tha But, Bsacclits ami
Fluid will care nearly (very ease, no matter how young cr
t-.rw elit the patient, or how confirmed the complaint Nu
i"5:cms e.id atiOTi.':,hing proofs era In possession of the pro
rvtor .... .
UTMany hundred Certificates from all part of
tho country of the most xtraordinary chaiar tr
can be Riven, if requited.
m No trouWe or inconvenience attends the ns
they may be wcrn by the most feeble and tlslicatf,
with yerfect ease and safety. In many cases thr
sensation attending their use it highly pleasant
and acreeable. They can be sont to any part of
the country.
The Galvanic Rcilj, Three Dollars,
The Galvanic Necklace, Two Dollars.
The Galvanic Bracelets, . Ons Dollar Ec.
Thn Magnetic Fluid, ( One Dllar.
The articles are accompanied by full and plsw
directions. Pamphlets with full particulars w
be hsd of the authorised Agent, .
tfjrl'AtTtcoLAii Caution. Bawarc of Counter
foits and Worthless Imitations.
ITD. C. MOKRHEAD, M. D., General Agr.i
tot the Inited States, 132 Broadway, New York.
O-J. P. FLEMING snd D, REED, authotise-t
Agunts fur Meigs county. nclOyl.
7 ASIIlivc, SOP.r-Only 8cte. pr Ik a

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