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Meigs County telegraph. (Pomeroy [Ohio]) 1848-1859, October 14, 1851, Image 1

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I tl IM6M ntST Vill: Clf.T got '
! ItVllf. ,10Ml !
-Illicit itl tUtlP
ftatH -of AdvcrSin;jr' ':
v .; X'
I Xm m J
Oiio fciuxro (13 liivid or lts) thc week, - . '
Vcfy'Bulijict'iil3if.ion. IT '
m'jdii i.,.i-.;..n.
iilimivce'diittvkcls anui (
I "-jcii sw i )!iiii!ii oil i ; !!;' Vjiho sd I t 1 H
.liBViXfi'.,,! ;;. ;: "!-- -.
One squuu. tat yat. : : : ' i : : . -
f half colunimi ytitty '. .-.ua-TSC t""
0(io rolmin, one year, : : : i : .: SO CO
- j:rAdLitiBjBenU not having Uie auk&n W hv
marked on c;py, t iU ,e cpnUmicd iJt'i,,,
tr l it "tKfi Un'.il after .iie-ii.-ili .of
rTafiUiu' T&xswtor.;?.
will be rticlr1'i '" m
rUWesrrte paid; except at thWuWit6J.pwl-
ivrAltmieuitKiaUoiu oa- il .Luwuow w.ttt
(t9 y'cr Auuujoi. :
ill K8:l
- v'
LiiABSU-'JiJ 3'LlLL!'.r r: ,. .. . j ! ---Tmrr- mil 'Hi ' irrrrrhiK n. 'n"l ",m ""i 1
BY ,'f, :y.AN. llOiiS. -' ".'"".SI'toKD Y.. TUES.D . Yftjfi(5WW
ItT'Casualadvcriisea wusi payin adTanc. ; ,
&a owc'V-a.l'v.'hh actfuVyarttt tltatri:,'.'-1
I IIMim Mil iniii
iKcigs OIo uTctcflvapt);
urful uioi'ti au ,a wi vu
" T K R E V K R K . '
Correspondence of ihe Telegwp'.i
" I.I TTlIt Vlton C ATI FOR. Kill.
tfV W.VMmJ., TI -I ma mui i"' w -'(T ' J Tii t.H J ' I Ti I f -.8-1 I. ,
J-.T1 t-7.'tS M t JV 1 1 If . .:?.... I 1 !& I f '
if it i
43? 1
-....Mil) it
i'llll ILL1!'
' j Jllt-V li
!c in'tlua tcdi-m-g. .u-rully . ,o..t h,., U broker, h ,,. .,os -f V:' dorlitt., Urchw:v : Itu, gh not! .rvi t ' - f 1'
f-. ' Ohio IIau'-Marh'osa.
Auiv ac.:i86i.
? rr.ci iiH'-liy' bave kilted enc'6r w,. arfo d f'k , "ii ) ' ! ii til J'A ( I Tt U V . V'- ;'-V' ?;Bl We vf "'iWvd'splrlinfflf:' 1
Jt is (Yum iW lioi-S..l!ai.d AdVt'rilscr, jmb
,o A , B E A U5 J I) J,? A'Ai1; '. ' '
'2wy lip 'of aby,ii(iV
ft oiui of Grwian, soft ai.il fair,
' hi twurj c!i4m"!Ct rich euJjian-,
.,.,'u 't"'i !! m"Kl !vl
ot an t.tiL'boviiei"--
1 TW
;!. U
'Tifu 'fcndly drianl nhgv. iln. ru, ;;
Until iltf .'i.t' dki'ei ibu fuar-'
i (ndti(U:vi-ur nwelling h:rtd netr:
"'fri iirayciily, yet e'o earthly too. . ,
Yen r iilly know not which to d j '
C'reaiU-ii'a UrJ, to bow ihy kmav ;
Or cluap -hai tuavirvg hnirt to thre;
.if r heart aa orient pearl is pure,
Her roice Ulysses might allure.
Although, he braved iho syren's wile,
Ar.d meerd hiajbui k through Grecian lulea
I ') tftr bctindii lo for me a'onu
' Tho apell has broke, my vision pon.
"' And though this phantom i not real,
, rW hai think you of my Ihau Ideal 1
' '' '':'-' "' ' Gutrcus.
' IhrnniTeiseis a book, and wehaveonly
. i. ad ihr fir.ai pago, if we have not brenotttof
our own 'country. '
.. We wouidofif n bltwhan ur beat aetiot a
ii.IttM w .T!.t!v';j''e? the moiivts upon which
ih..y ara gn unded-
KuV'hii'l'' g 5 L,it clbo.t ii ics if xou
viih i ii.i- 'inu) -nprriiy n .hs wheel oi
U rit:tet v . . .
'l'' great fault fuud with the Bmo.i er
cof.lUioc is ihl it ' b' gina loo r'd "ids
Be vnv
A t0) In achoi-lwhohad reciivcdhispol-j
i.t'es'irn a deinotr.itic f.nher, refused fiei-
I n, r ,n federal mncg.
-iL-tog p.)sii.v in ju-!gi:.vni t i J.iy is no!
j-rt of that tto .ha!l net b of a diflVrnt opin- j
1,11 to f.nir..w
Ii a I.flpptiii r to be nu!'y deaci-hdtd
'lis no I. ss 10 hsvc s.) nmcit imrit ill at no
ttu? It qoin-3 whi tl.eryeu are so of not.
It i. merit and rut title, which gives im
( i riBrer. It is tisi fuln's.and nut grandeui
v h'.'.h; m.-'l.ts ilie world happy.
11 that is gi od may hi e ?o dt cmnc del
tt 1 ; he thai if bad may fi-.if that I, a may be
riitno aerse ; fi r vice. inu., ted time never
stand still.
Vb n y it rre a g':od leokirg young wid-1
1 pu is. 1 ado the s.reel daily, you imagine
hi- wantrd a cond tius-Li:d. Oh such an
. i(J a in v r ri inl lit r head.
'l'he powers of the mind wlien they are un
I Sounded aid expanded by the sunshine cf
(elicity. more frequently liiimiaia into lol.
lhs than li'.i'aiim inoodiicfs.
A yoi t g lady asked a widow woman her
pinion about matrimony. Oh, madam,an
t.ert d she, ii would ho a heavenly life if ihe
hi ney moon wuuld lanalwayg.
: Small debts am like small shot they are
rauling f it evrry side, and can scarcely he
t scaped without a wound j large debts are
likoa canon ul loud noise but of little dsn
gor. On'i r.-jmrt and all is ovtr.
'Anp.cdote 0? Crittkndbn Tho follow
ing anecdote of young Crittenden who was
slu t at Havana, is" given by a correi-ni.iu m
.!.- P..l! . 1
01 1110 1 riuuoo 1 ,
. A pnvato letter from an American pintle
man in 'lavannh stucs nn tncidenr as oc
curring at the execution, which I have- not
s.pn in print and which is inierosiing if not
,irue. It that when Col, Crittenden was
.told to turn his buck and kneel, he impntN
ki rntly exclaimed: "No! I kneel only to
'God and never turn my back to the enemy."
,Tlte guard stepped back and he faced the
almost instant liro ol ihe planionn, which
"he did with tho utmost coolness. An Amer
renn is usually a man, nlieiher asa.travo.
, ntnriot,' or in most any other phase of life.
tT The following cnpiial toast was drank
y the anntml inceilng of the Ptinters of ihe
jUnited States held in Ilnliimore last week:
'-Freedom of the Vcm The natural com
pound of human, progress jedned by the
hyphen of mutual cause and ifft ci into n
x power that will cvemually knock nil the
7m!! quoins out of thd old frame, and tumble
"jfl tyrhnny into pi ink over tho form of (Jem
ngogttism beyond the help of lye kindle
f fires with iho blotted tymphan sheel of the
"Piyjno rights of kings" m?ri er
) rors and suiersiiiion of the t of cxtermin.r
) lion, and ci nCnn tin m to the margin vx
pel all usolcsa mntfr from the universe
join thfi small' ifomans of society that maltt;
wp ine sentence with tho capital thai com
mences it and mm off clean protft to the
benefit of all clusses. May the time enmt
when 11 win no greeted with una universal
note oj admiration I, -f ' '
Pa, ain't I growing urllt." ; V!ijr f-iar,
your height, snnny 1" 'I'm seven f.-et
lacking a yard I ' l't lalnied.
71 Ml
Dt ak Vjin; Sunday M..rpintliiH itgnin
o. euit-d. mid fmJs juie'un a iiioitiituin io,
6i niu liiilo Jisinnri' frcii) mr cnmpr-B mud
on a piaiiiii! rock. frtun wlir i tun .(
" Set hew the mcrfliBg opes h golden patts,
And takes her farewell of tl.e glorious sun. "
Tbo morning, is brilji mul (1mi wilful i!m-
heavens aril of ii clear tether liluc, iilitut
a el.iui or spepk, to be seen mU iitg on their
far?V-i'jr3anTorn and ky would both bf'tior
iaiiJCa(t's. fitti th ltoptV aitTl feais Utat1 nri!
flitung ihrough my V.wn iiMogiuatioii,'- "Bu-(they
y. meddling memory," bears iiio back" 10
past scene of enjoyment home uiol friends :
-hours siiuni tit ull thj' d-jlights of friend-,
ship ami iho cotitrast presenn d between
tha, I'usl ani rreitnt U So murked, ihnt the
"tear of rerei ' will almutl lull.: , . . '"
When I wrotB you lust wu were surround
ed with flowers and, as friend Slundon would
tiy,' all IhtfarafaraUa' ' of Sjiring. but a;
scorching midsummer sun has since been j
them hns been neither
" 6 -r . .
rain nor dew to keep plant or flower nlive.
The flowers left us long ago the grass is!
dry and yellow the trees are of a yellow-
iah, aicklv areen tnd ihe few remaining
birds can scarcely iwiiter never sing.
This is, in reality the dullest season of ihe
year ia California, so far us my experience
8'L'- ....
Greeley, in one of his letters complains
at their not having any sunshine In Eng
land. If he will extend his navels a little,
and visit California in any of the summer
months, I will promi.-c hint that he shall be
satiffted no difference how hard he is to
please. For lite last three months we have
had "nothing ele" but sunshine; and I
hnvy not seen a cloud in a "dog's ago."
At any rate, any man who labors in the
1 mines tiurit g the summer months willbe
sniffled that there is sufficient sunshine.
Tho present is a busy lime for politicians
mi :his cminiy, and I suppose throughout
ilie State. H tth parties have tickets in the
(it Id and the names of independents, for
pvery oftieo frcin Consiublt; up.,: to liepre
st mntire.are fgiort. A meeting for Whigs,
Democrats, and Inth.pendeuts was held ut a
hur between this and Mariposa town, n few
nithis since, at which some daon or twenty
"rich aitd racy" "speeches" wcro made.
livery candidate present for Constable.
Coroner, Recorder, Sheriff. Representative,
&e. &e. addressed the meeting, each .ad;
vnca'.ing his own claims. Another meeting.
of the same character and for the same pur.
pose is to be held at Mariposo to-day.' J
suppose ihcro will be rare fun, for Caltforni
ans go 'things with a looseness."
My own opinion is that the Democrats
will carry this county, and most probably
the State; and in the latter event you may
expect John ?. Weller to be elected 10 the
U. S. Senate. Fremont stands liule or no
chance. Indeed I have been informed by
a prominent n:t mlu r of his party that he
will not attempt to contest the election, lie
is ai present, I believe somewhere in South
ern r Lower California, purchasing cattle
to fill, a contract he has entered into with the
Government. ' -,.
The Indian tribes, that have been so long
engaged in stealing from and murdering the
miners, have nearly or all come in, and the
volunteer forces called out by the Governor
last winter havo been disbanded. They
were paid off with orders on the State Treas
urer who is ordered to pay them out ofthe
"Ifan authorized for that nurpote." As a
law Mas merely passed authorizing a loan
which ii.) one was found willing to take, you
may conclude that the volunteers utter
cursc-a both loud nnd deep against the Statu
government. , They supposed, at least, that
they would ge t "State bonds," bearing inter
F?t irjsuad.of which they get orders for
payment out of a loan that may not he effect
ed in ten years." The last member of tho
Ijetislaiurg from this county was a voun"
lawyer, and he cemrs in for a grent portion
of the an. uro. .
Speuliing of lawyers, however, reminds
mu of what I saw one of the profession at
a short limn (duce, who hails from Virginia,
belonged It) one of tho ".yfrsi families" there,
and has "Judga" prefixed to his name. It
wus Sunday, and of couno business in 11
professional way wns out of the question,
so he had turned 'fur one day only," Auc
liuticcr, and when 1 saw him, was eloquent
ly discoursing tho tnorits of 0 pair of "bro.
gnns." Cut nietnhers of the profession, at
home, must not get down un him for this ol
fence, for if the words put In the fttouth of
tho devil by Southey. be taken ns truth, he
was raising tho dignities of their" profession,
They ran thus : r... , :
, f And he nextssw a lawyer killing a.vijier, ;i
, , On ft dunclull belund, bis stable; , -'
' I vo said the devil, you put me in nnnd
, Of, tho story of Cain and Abel." ,
You. have tleubtjees Jward ;uf thu various
popular, ridings (t homn yop cajl them
nbcui i .C:U'd rte tor.b .tx bnW bJ iur loss ihi nt 70.) or 9800. .IrlUeod .1 :T . . ....... ..r....u. n-.n-i :.. tuuuvui m.-aiis carrvnia out lUmr ulmw. il... ;n i. ,i it.. i! !! . . .
a:vays Hanging oy iiK'ir siuvbi'1 i wiroi ihsi:
gi ntryy ttbo'(!!u' rnntuli' iirscV',' ItiWf-J'
j oling niato a trading tent on jihjii'3nicl
ton roud, ubi'tu 16 miles iron; Mari)o,sn, and
, I .. .1. I I . . 'H..'' .I'l'Li.
sjiai.iorea - i.n.uuei.ves ..tritium t-iiooungMun,
lanco of each dckr.f-Tlio yun nidu-tOiVi'
outj'iwmmvid his'rriulcjttnd WarjdltjV fl
f fciule, And taugliingly- t'oli ihorir ltd' thought
wouldoVdo it. wid;rodijn?,,-'fl(itl'hn-
j incdiun-' y fir.'tl bt hitri. riiul.inils.siii:' ; nf
thoui fired 9 seconJ tune, and shot, fnm dead.
ou ihn.fpol.! uTl'o. ball e.ntut.ttl ;tbe .buoki of
his head and passed -straight ihrotijjh. ' His
name rir'rwldpiicff I' have notj henrd, btit 1
liu v In en inf.irini'd by a muti nho suw him
that his Immls showed evidence that ho uns
a hard ttfiirkitiif mun
Tho man who shot
him is a candidate f.r SlietUl ol this county:
His name ,is Ross. , f Coroner's jury, &;.,
justified him uave him an ucauiitaU . The
r . . "
murdered n.un they accused of stealing a
piftol. but even admitting that he did, they
hud before had him in their 'power, and .at
ih" time they 'shot him could have taken him
u iiliout iliiticuliy. , But no ;iu;
was found
on him. ' - 1
' I have heard of another rase w here a man
wns shot for stt Vug u$'tx slwottr,'1 but
on examination, the pistil m ids possession
proved to be a 'fee fhouttr." And yet wiih
such cases nlniost weekly ocMjV'ring in this
country i liieii, who were gootl law abiding
citizens at home )te.r justiiy such' acts, and
affect to si-u in ilioin tin: only -safeguards of
life nnd property. Strange bow a few short
months will change'mariklnd ! But we ''am
not atone, (or I see that you. have rntfil' ut
home who stand ready to set u law .ul dtdi
uneo lull back,! like us, upon natural rights
apral to ihe "'higher law,"' and mote out
jisstico' in yoiti1 own way1'."' But I1 never 'have
justifietl and God gr;in( i(iat I never , tniiy
justify depaftaru i'rom legal means 10 effect
any object. Nowhere but in the faithful ad
herence V) law", cun f heij.;'atjy safety to'hl'tt.
iberty or property. . Under its administra
tion, the guoty n'iiiy ' esc..ii the nnot:ent
may seller ; but the evils arising from "ilie
adrninistvation of good er bad laws, are as
dust in tho balance, when compared with
those whieir always' a'riMS from a departtne
I'rom luw and order even if the departure
he to give liberty to a fellow creature, Bui
1 lorget, 1 am tailtir. ul tilings 1 Know mu
about for wese'dou'i have papers or correct
iuformarion from home. Perhaps what lit
tie light 1 have had has only served to be
wilder me like the flickering of un expiring
lamp in a dark corner by which innocent
objects nro converted into gliosis and goblin.
Mining on the Mut iposa, thus far this sum
mer, has been very brisk and profitable
much more so than last season. Tho main1
reason for this is thtit the bars &c. have
been worked on an 'entirely differ: nt plan
from what they . were last season. Then
holes" were sunk anil pumping resorted to,
to get the bed rock. . Of course they were
hut imperfectly worked. Spaces would huvo
of necessity to 1u left between botes, and
frequent movings of the same dirt would ou
cur. This year, all these difiiculii a have
been obviated. ' Miners httvu commenced
at a full in tho creclc.'nnd d.ig a ditch to the
bed rock in the cretk or bar -as tho case
might be -thus .carrying the water out of
their claims,' A "faeo" war then opened
across tho "bar" where they wished to com
mence, and the tlTfl froiti' each succeeding
'"lier" is thrown behind. Thu ditch walls
have ti) he built, to keep the channel open
behind. !n this way of working bnrs"j)iles"
have been made in places considered, "dug
out" last summer, I will mention olio in
stance perhaps tho. richest. List Spring,
"our Mess". had claims marked out for them
on a bar, but wero induced by a fellow Who
professed to have worked on il last season,
and hclpul "dig it Out,", to give them tip.
Another parly wt nl on and averaged from
eight to ten hundred dollars a week u piece,
and finally sold out and went home. Two
or ibne more parties i hnvo been on thy bar
since, and nil have dono well, and many
hnvo gone homo with their piles; and still the
bar pays well. On tho bar immediately
nbovu us, some six or eight person havo
taken out from two to five thousand dollars
apiece', and gono hutuu. Sumu of course,
have gono without largo piles. " '
But iho"OAt Ear," what of it t , Well
it's not near so rich isn't, 'still it raffo'rds
us very good diggings. During' the) last
tlirnu weeks, o have taken out four ' hun
dred dollars apiece, over all expenses; and
it promises fatter for the future. Wo take
it u'l us iictiines good und bad and every
licr" we have taken yet has enabled us , t.
pay hands four and five dollars a day and
board most of them fiveT-and hirfl a cook
at MWpCf nmpih. M' have worked" on
- , . , , ' .... .
- ' - .... . - ... .
. X ' ' i . -...-' . -- - .'
'- ,- . ......... .;.....'. i. .--.-,..-
I . 1 , J t . ,. 1 r j I.,.,.,.,, HUH II Vftll t kl" 111 - U I . II1LII4IIIUUI M tailli TTTU I .-' '' . ' . . I
iiovc; iriiuii'J
enough that wfyhipw tyill j.riajv ofvmp!y
twenty men in digging oui ftom'tliis time tilt
thlfaHai,irtw-i.oc.;'1''- ! "'d')
You doubtless Imai J of. the disco've'ry' i
a rich stream fnrihYr otiiti.JhanllV'al'')
"White CanyVti'? or ' ! i llivor.V,-VV.oli'.
sonrivfa ot-"nix i ! K.riieurhava.boc
- s,. 'V.'- . , .
iryirpbmg 'bitu''4itla' 6Mhe-htWf ,fivo
i'n6niHsVf4r three 'tihdrc'd 'niifc'befdvir' this,
'"'1 V1' j, 1 !,: ,m
and huv.a failed lO jOnilny ihingeyotld thu
San Joaquin that w ould pay board., . Copper
and other ores, were discovered, but very
linlo gold. ' There Is no s!i6h stream on this
slits of iho' mountains. ' Ueyond'tito motin-
tains on the " V'a,llter Pss'; route, the way 1
tho - (jMIii UiWgranu -come in, there .is,: a
"White Canon," but there is no guid on ii.
So say men who prospected itV "T ho; whole
(itl'iu was a humbug gotten up Tor speculation.
A similar excitement wus raised about souto
rich digging discovered north "Gold Bluffs"'
und "Flatnath Uiver"' which fooled and
perhaps ruined' thousand?. '' And yet, many
tire now. preparing to leave for some new 121
Dorado, discovered between the Gila ,Arid
Colorado.' 1 here are good diggings hem.
enough for all ilim have a mind to workt i-
ther for themselves or by hiring but-fuV it
man who will work can reudily get 84 or $5
per day. So there is little, excuse for any
one who is humbugged by such stoiic.t. 1 '
In quartz, little is doing' itr this region.
Tho Aspinall, Cook, and Com. Stockton
mills have all suspended operations quut u
1 k -i. it j I,. :L iv- .
has been discovered oil; AguK Km," whlcn
i.u ..1. -.- ut ,(ii-J. . ' . t 1
Hunt; u uitiju nuniuer 01 iije.v.cuiis .urq i ll-,
gaged in working with horse 'power., nn
1 , 1
Report says that half an ounce a. day. can be
uiitde'therc by pounding the quariz with a
hammer. Don't believe 'it' myself. ''Quite
a tow n however has grown iij there C.flled
Guudaloupe. , ' ... . .
Lurgo stories uio told, of the yieM of u
vein discovered on Carson's creek, near the
SitihhdHUS river.' :'-Men from 'ihtro saWnm,
ft is a Trequ'ehf thing To?' the rnY-n working1 it.
10 throw out 830,000 with a single blust
I htivi; mysulf seen many '.'specimens from
the vein nearly all gold. ' 1 have one from
it H' pure gold that weighs' an bunco' and a
half, and ii' piece hash enVui from'it nrob
ably one-'haif.. But if tliat coniiuues to pay,
it, will bu 1I10 List ifu-ianuu l know of. . Thai
t lie qiittnz voins gentfrally hefo wi!! pay
son.ething when labor comes down to one
or two dollars a day,'! question littfc biii
they don't pay now. .
James Bra noli is on tho Merced, mining.
When last heard from hu was well. ' Jesso
Fussel is' driving team' froin'S'toski'on "lo
Agun Frio well. Dr Westfall is on the
bur .above us.,(, John S. Beaty, and Churles
S. Slavcns, are' hero. So ia
""' Yours truly. j '
' 'r- " : persevere:
xakk su pi: most count a y. . '
'The editor 'of iho Cleveland Herald, who
has recently speliia week 'in this interesting
country, gives ' the' following' description' of
its several points: The'Lakr Superior coun
try i destined to become a very ' ini porta nt
portion of tin Ropublic;'-.J Its' fisheries' its
minerals', Its' Itiinber.' hild its 'agricultural
pi'odnciions nro'justb'idntiing t) be devoltip-
ed. and already the travel and comnier66 of
tho Liike surj'irises the Visitor,' who httd pre
viously rogarded this 'region at' almost ah
inhospitable" wild. Thd fl vt 'nf fhipping
nod suaoters oti this lake' fin! cortMam-iiiid
prtifiiable;iertipioymeni; 'capitalist-!,' niiners.
mnrehanis, mechanics, fishermen, 'agrioul
liiralists, and futnilies Hfe" fl tekin 10 the
hetillhy climnte, and openi ng -the f n:3t3 and
the mine to csinblish liomes -'and "reap a
harvest of wealth. ; Plcnsnivi 1 villages are
springing up at the Several 'harbors 'and in
the vicinity of the mines,' and the constant
remark we heard among the "old settlers,"
"Everybody likes' tho coumtyj nnd every
body is doing well." ' '.' ' .
.The town of Suult St. Mario has improv
ed very much within a few years. an.l must
grow into commanding impotianco as the
emporium of iho Northwest. Government
has loo long neglected the construction of a
ship canal 10 this p.iint, by which' vessels
and steamers, from the lower lake can enter
with their cargoes upon the great inland sva,
without tho slow, expensive and. toilsome
process of a land journey over tho Portage,
lor it should be rembered that everv-i shin
keel upon Lake- Superior1 hus buun 'thus
transported by private unergy and enter
prise. . j , ' 1. '-. " .11 01
-: ' - . t-,.
A. Hint to Blacksmitiis VVo find the
following in ono of our exchange, papers: ,
Tho cuiiing ' of burs of iron or. pipes
' t u .1.' ' I 1 , ...11 ... ' I 1 r
won uie fmisttt ts a laborious tnu tnr jy pro
cess. ' t By tho 1 fellowing mode, the j$umo
end iii BccdmpHsHejl .rnureso'eedly.-i caiily,
nnd itiiaiiy,:(' Bring if iron to a,, white hqi,
und then fixing itlii 11 vise', upply the com
mon itaw, which', without being turned , tit
1110 eogo or tnjuretl la any respect wtll (li,.
vide It its easjly as tf it were a carrot: ' ' ,
t. 1 tj r ' , . t j ' ; ' , ' .'I W Jl K
A little boy upon whom his niothor was
inflieling personal ohtisilsuinent!'aid :' ' '"
t3ive tne two or three klcks moro: ino'oV
er; I don't think I nn -i) ;hiv(r tvdl yi.1""
' , 1.,. .:!,', , : A l.: ... . .1 '.I !'""
iniuw oi none lor kj i.', o i
1. , ,: !. ..., t.. t..L-.t f ... r
the attflPKT, nd.Ei..aularl.y ,SupVuwfuf (rvl-i,s
gi(WS-Se9t-thq R.Kmon.; and.brinf unVm
be, iOerely.swrtoKim jis .career, and,lty!-
ing it; fa iheir'eHieclalbi?toriau wtaco iheie
tOiKirilund,Nttuvoofc Itoaver IslamA. ujnj
Uah;xorihegalt.L3lf i- ?e.A ?v:t-l ,iM
, , Joseph',. Smith, .lo?.fathqr, of.. thu prophet
Joseph Smith,. jr.,,t (rotn the Mvrritrutgk
ryer, ,1,1; II,;,. IIi:1;ftit1ieii.U;d,jtJl or. mM
Pulntyra!ivUiage.,ljUt. .as uaa-l s 46.14 was
iho ocpMpani ofsomti pew laud on vSialLrd
street," in the, town of Mancbesmr. t?eat;, iljn
lino- of. I'alinyra.,, 'Mormori.UillV it near
the plunk road about half way. between tho
village's, of Palmyra. and Manchester. , Tho
elder Smith had been a Uijiversuljst, and
subsequently a Methodist; , was, a good deal
of a sinutu rer in scrijiiu;ul knowledge, bu
ihtj seed of revelation.,. was ,suwn, on weak
gtound;, lie W11S71 great babbler,' 'C-reduIous,
uloi,e?ptcialiy.ndustrious,. a , money -digger,
I 'ruiie to'iiie marvel l,ou.; and, wiihai, a little
given to dillk'itliies with neighbors, and potty
luw suits.., Not a ..very Jiropitiutia. account
of tluj I'uiiier of a'p'roplietr the founder of
a nan ; but 'there was a "woman in. tho
eastt." ., . .; ,-, .. . , ... ....
, Mrs. niih was a woman of strong, un
eiiltiviiUHl intellect; artful and cunning; Im
bued wi.ii ut) lil.-'iegulatetl re'iginus entluis i
ii'soi. Tiie'incipieni hints, thi. first giving
out that it prophet', was to. spring from ,her
humble houst'iioltl, etnne. froiii . her; 'und
when mailers we're maturing denouncement,
she gave . out that such etn'J such ones al
ways fixing upon thot-e'wh i hud both money
udiJ credulity were to .,bj instruments
in some great "Work of new revelation'. Tile
old nttm.wa rather ,hr faithfulco-worker,
or .ex ecu ij y '. ; ; -. imle'ii t.' ' 'Pheir. son,' A!v"'ah,
was oiiginiiily- inirndi d or ' designated, b'y
fttesidtt cottsuliaiivns.and solemn iinuinys
terious out-door hims, its the lonhconung
, Tll(J in,)l!lt.r i,IHl HiihW Suit! . ho
1 I . . ' , .. ' i..r. .: ..
was ,1, tliostU one;, It'll Atva I, iow .voi
. 1 , - 1. 1 ... . .
Roiriiutil fie intiv havo. been,
a caritul
nittt!tlte; ute 100 111.10 y KH.-.-1I uiiin.i.i,oiv-.
I' . .... m,'1' '..1- :.Vl , 1 . ' V '.'
etied ttltd un-tl., i nus, tne worm tosi 11 nt
phtti, 'aitd . .Moifnioiilsiii,' a' le'ttilei;Vhe tio
s'e tiS, imiii.Hisly .iind", Vitkedly mnitnlied t-
rrovieteiic: ' "; ueitrinvo, "tin "ti; i.on.-ii.-f
qiiencu: of u, surlttii ot, raw turnips., Who
will talk of ilie cackling 'gef-se 0! Rome, or
,. , iM-,1 I , -I.,.. ':." 'i.U ..f
IIIIV olio 1 r.. .... v. -. - " I.-," . .
a. t.i I.,. 1 1 1 ,. 1 1 linn 1 nil, ii:i'iii Ljiiut'a til
miLditv evi'-ms nher this! I lie 'ii.MMie ol
1.. ori'iolie'i which Mis. and Mr. JoSdph
Snti.th and one Oliver Cowdery'Miad woife
tliemselv.'s every thread -or it loll upon
tleir nexielilest son Joseph Sinhh'.'j'r. "";f
"'"And a titiistunprtimislng recipient of such
a trust was this same Joseph Smith, j?.,.hf:
terwards "Jo Smith."' ', lloy'was lounging,
idle, (11 01 to say' vicious',) art !' possessed! of
less than ordinary intellect.' o.o'auih'yr'a
(iwn reColl.ee.iions oC h'nti" are. dia't'jnci...' lie
used w coitie into' village of. J'aliiijra,' with
little jogs of, wood, from his back-woodi
home.: soiiietintcs patronizing a village gro
cery 100 freely : sometimes finding' an odd
iob to do about, the store, of Seyinore Sen-
J . . . t ' ' l 1 1 -
veil; and once a ween ne wouiu stroti 11110
the office of the old Palmyra Register for
his futher's paper. How' impious , In its
young " dure devils" lo onco in a ' while
blacken the fuce of, tho then meddling, in
quisititivo lounger ul 'afterwardi pfoph.
ct with the old, fashioned halls, when (he
used to pu.i himself in tho way bf 'thework
ing of tho old-fashioned Hamate press'--Tho
editor'of the Cultivator at Albutiy es-
tcemetl as he may justly consider himself
lor his suosequetit enterprise emu u3ctuini.-a?
mav he 'think of it with' bontrition and
repehiaiice. thai he once helped thus to dis
figure the ..face.' of' a prophet, ftnd.reiuoiedy
the fiibiiderof a i'tale'. '., ,.V ,'1
But Joseph hud. u littla ainbttioii, and
soino'very'luudublo aspirations; the moihet's
intellect oct!alonally shoneV'ut in him fee
bly, especially whi n ho used to help us ' to
solve some pottentous questions oti moral or
potiitutu euiiua iii uui yuvuiino yooaiiiij; uiuu,
whicfi wo' moved down to "ilie'olil red school;,
hoiis on Durlee sreet,,tti get rid of the an
ri'oytincp ofon'tics iliut'usud to drop in catch
ing 11 ' ' Spufk 'bf Muthodistii in the camp
meeiing'iiwhy dowii in 'the woods, or. tho
Vien'na road, ho was a Voty passab'e cx
horler in evening meetings." ''"
liogends of hidden treasure had long de
signated Mormon Hill ns tho repository.
Old Joseph had tlu" there, find young Josepti
had not oivVhertrd his lather and mother
relate tho mui vebous tales in the midnight
fdelvings, and incantations of the spirits that
guaided i(.. . , ,., ;,w..'." '!';. 1. . 1 '-V
If a buried revelation was to bo cjthum
cd, how natural was it iltut the rfuiitli luini
ly.'with' their "'credulity, and their n.-somud
presentiment ithnt a prophet was 16 dotiiti
front their, .household,: should, lie : counuctted
wiih'it; and ihut MormoR.tiijl wus iliuplacy
.whe'ro it would be found I , . , .,
I ' lt"is bclleVed by lli use1' who' wero host ' ac
;quftinted,(With' !thO'Sn1iih ' lainiiy, -ird '' hi,
onosl con vefsn'ni -'With 'iilt'' U16 (r.Hid Bible
RtAoVoitttente; tbtft-ibi:r:W-'':noi,i',inhd'atmniror
iho statement that their oVIgltlftl' irtarrtiscrYpi.
wus Written by a Mr! SpauidirtL of Ohltt.iil'
A- tuo'pliMiiem to ' the -Gold" Bill'e,'w I'lto1
Booli of JointiiundinCiiis," !in uirjirtiWibi'!-'
ty was'wiitien by Rtgdon, nVuf ha'tint.tldvu
been aided ' by iSpaUltlitlg' trianu'seri'ni;' but
tho book .itself without doubt'1 a Jtrodiic
tioitd"iho Stniill ''I'amilyi aided 'by Oliver
Cotvdoryi'whu wus school teacher on Staff
ord st reel,' an iniimuio 'o'P W Stiilth family,
and identified with the wholo matter. Tho
jiioduction, its all will conclude who liiive
read it,, or uvoo given it u cursory rviow, U
n'oih'a' of un tlueiiied.', irtat eir wonia'n,n
I'ho bungling a'uetnpt to counterfoil ihu style
of ,tha ,Seri(turrs;iiir)uiixtura,lpf.iiodorn
phraseology, thoignoranco i of, chronology
an. t5l':V8,ttPbyi iisuitef .orudeuvss aud.bald.
W, as a whole, stniTiji. . its ohftracter, und
u ieiiin wns He.ecieu 10 ouvinw tr;t
. 1 . .1 . . 1 1 -
l,""".'.JI "'". " "
W.Wft,,,av''f ,ff y gWeu. to
t.vjruytompei: ilit LutiU A liioiiym;n!ai, in
luQl. Joiojill S.nllli.' Ujl ill WllWill t'l'-Vl!',!)'-
prophecy hud -fallen utict ih Sod fate
of 'Alviih, b -jfan to' maTie'iTeinon'itrations.--H.f
jtil'orined llarris.of;. t,l)e grx-'H diwofVjji'j;.
and Wli'l''- befifarrja)' 1vas"a chnstair tnstrtt"
mdm to, aid in tho great Work of surprising
th.j wot bl ."w it'li a new raveialolr. Thay
had hit upon .tho fight man. - II mortgaged
his fine farm' to pay for printing ths book,
aumcd a grave,, mysieiioi 1 on j unuatihly
deportment, nd made hero and iher.i among
his acquaintance-!. Solemn aiitiiittciuti.irH- of
the great erent that was 'transpiring.'- hn
.Vetsjoii of.lliAi-discovery. t eommunieaied
to jiim'by the Prophet Joseph himself, is
we'll remembered by several respuciaho cu
ixns of Palmyra, to whom be uindu early
disclosures It was in substance as I'ulUwa:
Tho prophet Joseph was ditecteJ by an
angel whore to find, by 1 xcavaiiuit. i the
place afterwards called Moitnon iitll, the
gold plfttcit; and ti.e compolled by ,i!ih an
gel, much against liis will, lo bJ ih-j inter
pretv'r of tho sacrcil record they cr.ntaim d,
and publish it lo tho werld' That the
plates contained a record of the a r.ci.-nt it
hitbiiunts of thit coumry, "iitgrared b
Mormon -iho son of Nephi." -Thtit :oii the
lop of lite box containing the pluks. "a pair
nf jlurge spectacles -wero :; f-untj, the stones
or glass set in which were opaque to a. I bui
the prophet;" that ih belong, d 10 Mi.r
moit. tho engraver pf th plates and without
thein iho plates' could fnot bo read.- ' 'Har
ris hssnmed that hims.'li'atid Cowdery were
ihe'ehofen.Mtirjntiehses.iinJ th it tht piophet
Jaiepii. cun.iinetl Iroin Hie world and. them,
wiiji'.' hi3."Sioeiacle real froni -the gld
plates what the'y coit:ttiiii d t, pap'.r.
llanis t jliibiiod ti - an iuf.-rnaht of the
itutior the manuscripi- titilo pago. Oit .it
wa:i drawn, rudeiy, and bnugiingly, conc-ti-trio
circles, between, above and lion,, which
were characters with liule resemblance to
tellers, apparently s miserable imitation of
hteiiiglyphics. 'the writer may somewhere
butfe secn.f To guard against profane curi
o'sity. the prophet had given out thai 110 on'
buij himself, hoi even his chosen co-opera-tor$,
.tnusrbtr permiiuid to see ihmn, on pain
oTlinstant death. Harris had never seen
the plates, but'the glowing- aecottnt of their
massive richness excil -d oilier than spiritual
hopes, and he,' upon one occasion, got a
viUago silvt;rsmitlv 10 help him estimate
their vUtu'e, taking ns basis tho prwpheiV
account of their diiuensioni. tt-was a
blending of ihe spiritual and utilitarian that
ihrew a shadow of doubt upon .Martin's sin
ceriiy.". This," -and some untietpaiioin lie
indulged in as to the proliis that would arise
frohi- the ' sale "of ihe Gold B bls, made it
then, as it is now, .1 mooted 'to stion wln,;h
ei he was altogether a dupe.
-.The wife of Harris wjs a rank it.fi lei
and heretic, touching th;? whoU iliing, and
decidedly opposed to her .husband's partici
pation in it.' With sacrilegious hands she
siezed over a huhdred of the manuscripi
pages oT the'' titUv revelation, aiid burned 'or
secreted them. I a, ' was agreed by -Smith
and family, Cowdery ' and Harris, not to
transcribe these again, but to. Jet so much ol
the new revelation Jrop out," as ihe "evil
spirit would get up ia si.ory that the second
translation did not agree wiih the first." A
very ingenious method, surely, of .guarding
against the possibility that Mrs. Harris had
preserved the manuscript with which Ihey
might be confronted, should they attempt an
imitation of their own niiseuble patchwork.
- Thd' prophet did not get his lesson well
upon the start, or the household of the inl'
postors were In fault. ' After he had told his
story, in his absence,, the ( rest of. the family
made' a "new rersion of ii 10 one of their
neighbors. They shewed him such a peb
ble as may any day b-j -p eked up on the
snore 01 Liake Uniarto the common horn
blende carefully wrapped Un in cotton and
kept in a mysterious Lox, They said ii
was by looking at this stone; in a hat, the
light excluded, thai Josih discovered the
pluliM. This, it will be observeddiffers
materially from Joseph's story of the angel.
It wus iha sauio stone thu Smith's had used
in money-digging, and in, so.-tio protended
discoveri s of siol. ti pr jKr;y. , ; , ,- ;
, Lon;,' beforo tho tittl i Bible demonstra
tion, thu titnitii family liad, with .some sinis
ter object, in ykw, wliiaptred. another fraild
iUjl'tio ears of, ,t!t, cre.iulous. i-They pro
tended, tha, in.idijjging ,,1'or money; at' Miir
111011 Rill, i,huy-c,tW,v,r- iss.a.ch.tst, 'tbrtv by
,wrt 'VJf'. l'i2! co,vejvdwiiti. a .durl'cil(f-
en stone. .jln thv ceittriti :oit iho an n t was a
whitu spot iio.iut i!i,i sjZ'Ji.of, a 'StXit neilt-i.'
Enlarging, the spot increased lo.ttwslzi.' "-nV
a .iweii,iy-four pound sii!4; and ihen explnuVd
wiilV 11' terrible tioise.oiiThe. chest vanishtid
'and. alwus, utter d;HkrKS..t . lU-jil eiU tin 11
li-ioay bnsatol y presumed -that In no'.Oifi-
or wisianti hnvo prophtM.,n.ahd tha 'cliosen
apd dosgmu.id!ol';hiiet, beenl'otiite ns cal
vu'ating undi worldly as were those of Staff
ori.sir.ou,MormAr -IhlR mid 'Palmyra'. The
'only;, business .iciitiiruet .Urh'u'.rle 'Inttru-
ineiit in writing that wo'sover t-xocfa-edl
spiritual .lKon.is, liasvb.un oa'serV(!T.''attd
should bo tirtniigtli,,iircliives of 'trJ 'n't!
S;ato of Utah. It is signed bfthe nronhet
Joseph himself, and -wrtnBssnd-by Oliver
Cwdorv. and cnoir..rl in Miilh llaw.l J ..',.
.u ...(I, ,,,, umii.i
Jlulf of thd tiroes srf .liie1 sul' rif Vtie'
(iold Bible until , wns fuHy mmbitrsed in
the sum ol' Gt.6aO, ih cost'offpfintin.1
Tho ufter-ihouhi which hus bGe'h! alluded'
to the enlarging of-original - intentions
wus at lw,:suggestion of 8. Rigtloh, -of Ohio'!
who made his apimarance and blended him
self with ihej poerly efevistd seheoi efiW-'
ai w.ea ,i(IJqi..f.t..!svw1W,qa;3;'1t,i
perbstps, ,ho, mu(w.w,rry o ji(.Am-r
Uttder ; jho miw tfMim.va-i,
fed ilit,k. and t ,f.(:u tho .M lkHr
old Rtrj. fcniiith YasfjiMi9,J p. I ,i-,a ,.w
" iJmitJis. w.WO frinaled ,oyi :aiid. b.caioit lut
mm ,'t tuibifwaxt. 'trtofiiTnrttOT.'rti'::!-:'
kniyo, iu)1i,J.1ttjoW,d t,piiWitvy MfUymK
lo helft it upijiii tistjiit;, uniJ, o.jfj.'vlil,o..1(iQ,-;f .
lubei se ht mii ofj JtifJ" x:yr (i!iu iai",'(jii.1g.
.filigniiy and..'jjjitiijii!:'!ity.i tu ii,) l.t ,'uij;.j;) ,
H.-gira, or ihgltt, to ,Jif.tlaH-.!.(t!wi; .u'aj..',,'',
vot'i-.ifmn io-a sh..i ryt.;r.p)ac.o''i.ii.i,ti-jlW((
ri ajitl ihn'j ti'jind .v.;ii. i(he,Uo.-kr.yo!'in'l.'
tai as '.'i. . IJuuh i, or, if:n' . Salt LaltV.-. iiaiXv)-' !i
prihi,i.iodkes,inples, cii:vs,'ai),i JpU
a staiejiaru.aris.jii. wnder, i,ta :..ai.jliijv i-j,' '
Converw have iiiii!i,ip!iei to tens ol''i ::-f i
sands. In seretal t i' the cttunti'ies o'l'.o, "j
rope there, are preaeliorf anil u-ga'iijs-jjl,.-
of Mormons; holievi'r in iltu li.Viii 1 lui.-ir,,., .
sion of. Joseplj Isr.iiih os ,("0. ,,,, , 'j.j' 1
-, And liere lhe 'si,bji t;t ,'(tpuit lie, disfips: ,,;, ,
If it ha'v Lei'ijjrea'ii-il H!:i,!:y-' .wiih a s-'-eit,,,'.;
in;; levjiy it Ubersusi- ii 'tyjllidtiiit.ijf j( JK
uthi-r. tnatmetit. 'fliere ij'no igcity a-i.ti,
tl:o wbojo' tt!i'ftut.thitig 'to, ti.jifje'i ji,,',',,..,,
mild, . irea.ii.a: I. ( If .lesely,iji . 11011(5, f, ibji,, j
charity ex'.ended to iTdioarv 'iiliiii-ii iSf'tiil
cisin. for ,kn.ivi ry and frayd haro bo.vj:i ; j
it iecipieiitly ami progressively'', , It. (hi ijat;',,
tho pyor ,ni-r,it,uf,n)gntiii.w J..4, tucv.s,', (
a sltir, y poii the ajj, . Fanatic! mi .protiitf'-l ,t.
,1 at. rtrst: men, .:i;-a?.M-a. perrfecuitui
then the defigns, of denjiigogm wboii!
nd in .command the suffrage of its f illuwi;r;;
until .fitiaily an American, Cut cress ha ibai-.'
led iho frau.iI ami imposition. br its "ao:s, ste.l
o'liti 10 hnvo a aiate of our nrou l. Union'
in this, boasted era of light and "ii)ww,l,e?gi . ,
the very name pf hich, wili'jat ctitm .! ,
dignify the fraud aud f-'stt Ii;:l Kf .Mvr'nioii' ,' 'j!
,U.il, the uoltl p'.-iiss and tha 'spu'timis reie-...
iaiioii? ' This' touch. ' at'.' least, might n'avj '
been omitted out of dccei.t 'rvsju'ci'ViV'tlvn '' ;.
moral' and religious :fhse"ef tin' u'v.pl ' "''';
the old statet. ' '; " ' "- .
:' -.. i...J..T. V'.-f I ..-a
; nury coal tt ah JiAimu.onjt'
Qaologv has proved thai, at vno fiwiiA... ,
there txisiid sn euoimousiy ahutdni. titod
vegetttiioy, ihfj.juijw or, rubbish .( ..which,
carried into seai. and there sunk to ,n bur
loui and aftfjrwarda. coyereJ over by sand;
and mud beds, U-caimt tha su!-tancv aljih -i
we now rccegnio as coal.,,; This was a i.a,- ,: ,
oral transactbu of vast cuaseueucM 1.1 11 )., ..
seeing how muqh utility we find in coal, bvih
lor wurming our dwsllings aits' for various
manufacture1!, aa well as ihe productiun.nl
steam, by which so great a mechanical puw- ,,,
er is nem-raied. It may na'urttliy . escit 1
surprise that, the rcgrtuble rcmaitii a'i i! L
hare so cuMii!eitr!y chongeJ tkeir apparstii,,
character and become black. But this can
be explained by chuinisiry ; and pan of tlii ,. ,
marvel becomss clear 10 tte ainiplest t;niv!t
standing, when we recall ihg'fatoitliur. fact, ,
thai dajnp, hay, tluown (,c!osaly. in a .heap, ,,
gives out, heat and beceuiea of a dark'col.jr,. ,', j
VVhea a, vegetable mass is. cxcluJetl , fron;"..,. j
the air, and subj-c.ted to grcai pressuiy, a b , ,.
tuminous fermentation ja produced. sn-J ileji (
result, ia the mineial coal, whicli is ufsiir
,011a cltutaeters, aecordittg aa 1)1,1,; mass .lia.y .(
been.origitially titteimitiglc; with saiid ainl! (( ...
c'ay, or eanhlv impmities., , pa account ,pf, ,:;
the change e.fTeyted by luineta'iiaiion,',!!, s.'.,
difficult 10 detect U ceal ibu fi,en) pt'.'a y'eg
etable structure; but .'these cm hi 'mado
clear in all except t!t highly ' bituminous
caking' coal,1 by cutting or" pt I hlng itfio '
thin transparent slices, when the iiiicrbtcope
shows tha fibres and telle'; Vi-ryvplfiioly.1.- " :
From distinct isolated ppeemteus ' found 'in' '
the sand stone amidst the coal dswrf-'dis' ,!"
covi r!the nature of the plants; of this r'ra."
They are almost nil' of a 'imp!e"'cltu!ar.''.'
struclure, and such 'as exist with 'tu in small'1 ' ' !;
forms, (hprsoi tails) club nVossea and'fens.)- ,
but advanced 10 nn' enormous1 niagnihlds.'1 ''
Tho species are all long since extinct. ' The vr.'v-
vegetation generally is such as crows lit
clusters of tropical Islands but h must havw"'!';
been the result of a high temperainre oSialn1 ' '
od otherwise than thai of the tropical re-'"1''1
gions now Is, luf ihe' coal 4iraiw''arVfiunil."
in iht' tetfiperaio and even polar rttgidtlsi "
The' concl.isinnV therefore, to wli-cii moai1'1'"
geologists have arrived; is,' that' ihiv'fesM
origiimlly hh ineondcseerii of htjfliy hekie "
mass, was gradually hea'tod Hlb'wri''ndr' in ' '
iho caibytiilerous period it .fystered a gfo.rtlt ,
bfierr.-'strial 'vdgc'tatiou all ovor'itii 's-IrTief?' '
t fhieh the existing jungles oP'the irnpifi not
him mereliarreniiMss In' vuiiipnrlson.) ,!''l 'h '"'''
high or uniform te,npraiurr combined-wrilii n
ti greater proportion of carbini acid g itn ii'u
the'mantil'acture; could not 'ftitly hti8iuin;n"o..i
glganv-i and prolific Vegetation,' but itiVd -'O
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