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Meigs County telegraph. (Pomeroy [Ohio]) 1848-1859, November 04, 1851, Image 4

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Ii. II I
Ailordss scttNiFic vrosorai
"-t jti:' f li i; tf i i ii fcs ' i' tJ tu i n -!
!i itOrOnjiria Juice!
'-'pRiiPAHf;i fnm Rennet, ct thr fourth KtTOaCa.jf
'4' of.M tK, after' directions by 'Itom Li:mt,-, ?5
the tuSt Phvi.M.)cisl Chen-itst. by 1 S HOl'GH- iSl
TON, M D, No-11, Nor-u F.igV.U s'.fesi, Phila V.-1
Thisls 'H w;n(U4'eV f"f INnWRS-'iSS
WiO. DVii'iviMiA, JAUNDICK, ('QNSTil'A ;25
Tin , I.lVii t C jJiVfr, ail O EBIL1TY'25
fr'nnf after Niture's on method, by Nature's own ,
. wethwlltl Gastric Juttf. . , . . !
uir t in full nf Hits Fluid, tulnsed m ;
water, weB-lisest or dissolve Pir Pwsw ' "nAST
Bckf IN aihii:t two '""'i"- nit f 'be stomach.
I iiirntl'tr "Evidence!
I It In
',! Hitfon LtEBKi, i bis celebrated work on Animal ; Shawl-Thibet. VftrA, J
'Clieittiitry, say: "An nruiieinl Digestive I'lmd, 'Cashmere and D Lane
' i.itimro.ia tii the Gastric Juice, may nu i--uuu
rKnSnSJQJfED have b..w received llu.-ir
stork ut t.prnu' and Summer uutab,-otm-
"CO pos. Prinkthe 2cwc.it and most fushimable-
' stvlfs; --,
Furu-hw: f tibi!-. very rich;
fcntinettsj Ermine Cloth, Cassiincres and
Kentucky Jeans, various c.uhirs;
Blue, Bl.-v.-k, Figured an'I Cold Alpacas-;
LV-dern Linsi-ys, of various eolers; ;
New stvli! Giiv,-hnus;
HO bolts Brown Muslin, 4-4 best; '
000 : ' "jf 3-4 cheap?
25 p'Slamie's, all ('lots;
50 " Bleached Muslins, all prices;
lik-nrhf-d nud Brown Drills ami Canton Flannels;
Ai.r.n flf-rU fill'! Cl.CCk KhirtillCS,'
Die-ss uootis, very nana
f . .. . ..i.ri, o ,.r tin. 9ta- in ou.-'i TfnN nnil (Inns. Now sIvm;
line ('.nriipt UnTS and MlCHeif
o,i in Lirriui. in w i.tu.i . - ' ... .
T ' i- i .. ...:n lv .-i snt't.mert. rlinnjed nutl
ai mem mwi;f,ii . . .
jjesterl, just is the same minuet as they would be
'Jn'llieliumiui stomach." . v , ,
Dr Psrkika. in hie Cunmus treatise on -'Food and
iv... nui.iiei,pii l.v Knwkrs Sl Wells, New ork,
IT' slates the same great fact, and describes Harness Trers-New style;
She mcth W 1 Kparntum. There arcfow lvgher Carpet Bw Frames and Tru.
1 Pereira. , . Burklw, Bridle Hats and Su
Jtt'oucts, Cnrabrirks, Uook. Swiss & Hull Jlusnns;
Sal(l!ct'y rtnlintfs.
Saddle Trc-cs and liufgy Hames;
Oil and Gum Cloth;
Pulent Dash Leal her and Coach Lace;
unK locks;
Di Ci.r " in s taluablewritinrs on thePhys- Rein S.u.ps, Terrots ana vva.er itsi
lotSrVJ oif "turn, observes that "a dirot.nition Spun. Saddle Phish and SUam V ebb;
irfVJ due fli Hint ty 0r the 'Gastric Juire is a j Harness and Martingale Jl.n(.s;
ttehfw.TKU f Dyspepsia," Bridle and Shoe Thread and b.ik;
IvThl s i' that "a disfmished pr.'.fossr.r of Strain M oh aiid..Ginhinf;: '
i-'w I, !...!. who was severely afliiHed Saihllcr's NeedlLVAwls, Punches and
J&t6UeiofM, Cuttine Knives and Cutting Thrusts;'
r.r ... " ...:.,. n.i;.yovprvtliine else to fail, I Cuttine Knives ana v.umiip i urns
V J racoime to the' Gas c J u ce. obtained from ! Pad Screws. Spot, and Jl,us Nails; -
ln&. which proved com- Unss U;gy Bauds and Carrie Handle, and
- -ni .a.;;i,ii, Duihor of the famaiis Works on , Buggy and Carriage Springs and TJosh f raulC6)
?4 - '"''"Vegetable Diet," )' ' l " Telnntkahle fticVj fj,miljl, ciotli flnfl Lfdtht;rf : -
'in Dhvsiolofy tut the sUiwncbs tn sntnmls, niflte-1 n,ry ti,.f aftiele !ti Saddlers' line. .
. riLea in wawr, iuiuuii hhw umi.. ... ..-i--
Cic door Wiws Crawford Of Siirr't store
Front slrerl. I'mlirrnii. Ohio.
1ST KF.CF.IVEU from Cineinnati nhir.'eaiul
well related stock of HliAL'Y MADE CLO
THING, whifh has never Ken surp: s:ul in (jiial
ity or price i . tl.BTvinarket.- Heiuff a pmetieai
Tailor, and lmvin-' been cnrryinir on the business
for seven years iu Poineroy, I have selected Iny
slock v.th a full knowledge of the wnnU nf this
market lookin;; t'J substaniial goods and cheap
prices. ,' ' ,
My stock consists of Dress, Frock and Saek
Cf.ats, Pfiuia'onmv Vests, Shirts, 'Undershirts.
Drawers, Puruishins Goods, Cravats, Caps, Trunks
&c. Also, a superior article of Tailor's Sheanv
and Points; an article kept nowhere else in Pome
rnv. -
The undersigned docs not feel it necessary to
boast of 1he great variety and cheapness oi ms
sUc. He knows that an examination of his
goods will tell more potently in their favor than
all the 'hitfh-faluting words to be found in Walk
Pr n-l WfliKti-r. could 8av for them, lie therer
fore leaves it f. others, whose stock needs to be
tell about" Hie variety, goodness.- and
r their poods. His foods sneaK for
iLmhuIvm. ns nil coiiinetent iudtes must, decide
They are STKONO. AN1J WFXL MADE, and he
merely aslts tnosc wisning in,
1'iirchasc rioUiins Cheap,
To !aU npon him before buying elsewhere, as he
is confident he can sell them more Fasliiouablt-
ond be! e'll1 hi i? at H.iAi'R RATl'-fJ than
any other establishment in the county.
' - - . - .no mr
Pomeroy, April 1, u.uvv
i ,
2 "
6 poz
10 "
1U "
dissolviue various articles of fond, nndol tliecung jq different kinds of Locks and Latches;
kind of artificial digestion ol them m no wise
'different from the natural digestive process.'
It Smtn's frcat rk, tl e "hennstry of Man,
'(fan Klanchard, Phila, IMS, pp 321-2) says:
The discovery of PEPSIN fonns a new era m the
' . ohenacal history or Digestion. From recent ex
' peri.nents we know that food is dissolved as rapid
iv in an an artificial digestive fluid, prepared frmn
Pepsin, as it is in the natural Gastric Juice itself.
'Professor' Dcnclwon, or the Jefferson College,
Philadelphia, iu hLs great work on Human Physi
ology, devotes more than fifty pages to an examina
tion'of this subject. His experimeiits with Dr.
' Beaum.iiit, on the Gastric Juice, obtained from the
living human stomach and from unimals, are well
known.' "In all cases," he says, "digestion oc
curred as perfectly in the artificial as in the natu
ral digestions." ..T.
Pi U,.'i ni-fnarfttiollS of PEPSIN haS pTO-
. dared the most marvellous effects, curing cases of
Debility, JCrnaciation, JNervous uecunc, nu
peptio Consumption, snpposed to be on the very
verge of the grave. ' It is impossible to give the de
, - tji'ilsof cases in the limits cf this advertisement
bul authenticated eerrilira
rn.ro than TWU iiuwimnu a..n".
i ' C'RES, in Philadelphia, New York, and BosUni
a! These yere nearly all desperate cases, and
thr b'jres were not only rapid and wonderlui, but
permanent. :' ,
it is a Srent NERNOfS ANTIDOTE, and par
tioularlv useful for tendency to bilious disorder,
Liver Complaint, Fever and Ague, and the evil el
fectsof Quinine, Mercury, and other drugs npon
the' Digestive organs, af'ern loiiff sickness. Also,
fir excess in eating, and the too free use of ardent
spirits. It also reconciles Health with lnteinper-
-There' is no form of OLD STOMACH COM
PLAINTS which it Joes not seem to reach and re
bl thev mov be, it
GIVES INSTANT HEL1EF! A single dose re-.
moYi nil the unpleasant sw.ptoius, and it only
heed to be repealed, lt a ;.V.rt time, to n.ake these
l effts permanent- PURITY 0? 11L00D
and VIGOR OF BODY follow at once. It is rT
" Ueularly excellent in cases of Nausea, Vomiting,
Cramps. Soreness of the pit of the Stomach, dis--tre:
after en'. in?, low, cold state of the Blood,
, Weaitessl tio-irrfVrsnf Spirits, Dosjiundenr-.y, l.iua
- cialion, Wt-akies:t, teodeucy to Insanity, Suicue,
Ac. .'-"' - -Price,
ONE DOLLAR per bottle. One bottle
will often effect a lasting cure.
F.ver bottle bears the written signature of J S
HOUGHTON, M D, sole proprietor.
Sold by agents in every town in the United Suites,
and by respectable dealers in Medicines generally.
Also, for sale at the Drug Store of D. RKED,
' Pomeroy, Ohio- npril24n2lJyl.
All kinds of Files and Fvw
All kinds of Chisels and Plain Bills;
All kinds of Augers and Bitts;
All kinds of Saw Sets and Gimblets;
Mill, Scroll and Hand Saws;
Tenon, Circular and Key Hole Saws; .
Wood and Billet Saws;
Broad and Hand Axes;
Hinges, Screws and Finishing Nails;
Braces, Oil Stones and P.ules;
Shoe Hammers and Peg Floats and Punches!
Shutlerand Window Fastenings;
Bed Screws and Castors all kinds;
Sash and screw arm Pullics;
Brass and Mahogany Knobs;
Anvils, Vices and Screw Plates;
Bellows' mid Slcibie Hammers;
And a great variety olher articles in this line.
Coots and Miocs. ?
A fust's ML-n's. Bovs and Children's Boots;
Women's heavy bootees and buskins;
Children's " shoes, best article!
Misses bootees and shoes, a sup. article;
Ladies' Calf and seal bootees and buskins;
Infimt mid Olihildreii's small shoes sup
Ladies and Misses Kid Slipper,, and thick
soled Shoe.
invite the nublic to call and ex
amine our stock. We have now the largest and
best selected stock we have ever had; and many
vrv fine articles such as lave not been kept in
Pomeroy before.
We ore prcpaed to fill any orders cither hole
sale "t He-tail on very roat-ounbleteniis.
reme-roy, April 7, 0C0. n28tf.
' Mi S & Bl) SHIRK,
:sale Grocers and Dealers in Recti fiedWliis
ki-v, Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
tii , I t i tenaaS: CL,
? v x
't'X.; ;
"S -
U .J 3
C-Mgai'S 20 Boxes Fine Princlpcs;
j . 10 Boxes Canonesj ..
15 do Fine Havnuna;
50,01.0 Half Spanish;
1U.000 Coumion; on band and for sale low
DY, begs leave to in
giSVi Sfi-aL fonn the citizens of thi
vicinity that he may b
K&mtVsAr f-mnd at his r.-sidene
; '
Sarcca Dentist.
D', begs leave to m
SL4Si' i shefflH, at all hours,
when not professionally absent. He is prepared
tn execute all operations pertaining to the profes
sion, in a s'yle of nentn. ss, case and durability.
TEETH inserted in complcto or purls of setts,
upon gold plate, with or without artificial Gums, in
o accurate a manner, us wuue-e.ti- u.
ii;ri,nririi!i slmll iii all cases be low, and gradu
ated according to the amount of labor and material
expended: pledging himself to give entire satisluc-
tinn in nil rnsr-S I'M t ril.H C(l tO his CaHi.
: It-LADIES waited ep-ui at their residences, if
required. , , . .
UTThe NERVE killed and the Tooth saved with
nrtt rpiKn'ton of nain to the patient.
tvThe Li thcim will be'Aised for extracting
Teeth, if rcc,uired. - .
CANCERS, all kinds; old RUNNING SORES,
SC KOFI 'LA, FITS, KHE MATISM, first and se
cond ?g -of CONSUMPTION, on moderate
terms.'; '
kin Hiviles the afflicted portion of the community
tii five him a call. A fair trial U H he asks.
M 30tf. ' ' ''
August ffl;00 83 n4Gin4
TV Engine Builders mid olh-rt using
, Cojrprr . York.
..TTTEare prepared to nianiif.icUiie upon the
VV shortest notice and in the best maniier
U kinds tf Cppr Work at Cincinnati prices."
Kr.Ki:asiT.s MeAbogr & Cutler, J. C. Depcw,
It. U. Grant, Pomerjy; Mr. Jones, Middleport;
pt. Cooley, of slenmboat Ohio.
ia.uiJtii luojirswa..
Pomeroy, August 2(i, SiCO.. ...
' t-tilc of Lands in rarfMioii.'
Y virtue of nn order of the Jane term, 8050,
n of the Court of Common pleas of Woshing
w eonntv, Ohio, in a Euit in partition of Wal
ter R. I.a'nfortb and others, against Charles F.
TillingLnst and others, I shall offer for sale at
t.ha tin r of the Court house in Marietta, on Sat
urday the 4th dayxif October, 0850, between the
h'liirs of (!) o'clock A. fll anu Yi o ciock,.u
ihe following described real estate via:
Tuv.n lot Number forty live, in Marietta,
Anr.raiscd at SUUU.UU
Tlrec acre lot. No. If CO, in range 8, town
3. section 31. in WnshinKtou county,
Aiitirniseil at 8 50.00
Three ai re lot No. 017, in range 8, town 2,
section '31. in W nshmston county,
Annraised at S320.00
H!0 acrclot No. 1QS9 in range 00, town 8,
sections 17 and ii in Washington county.
Atu-raised at SC40.00
000 acre lot im. 722, in range 05, town 0,
sections 22 and 28 in Lawrence county,
A upraised nt 8000.00
5 0) acre lot. No. 25, in range 00, town 2,
section '.'5. in Meirs county.
Appraised at 1011.00
202 acre lot, No. 25, in range ,80 town 3,
section 2f. in Meira county,-
Appraised at t $524.00
Terms of sale: One third on the day of sale,
one luird in one year, and the remaining third in
twe years, with interest Iroin the day ot sale.
Mar.ctta, Aujr. If lb, 08-50.
Wistar's Balsam of Wi'.d Cherry
The Great Remedy for onsuinption of the Lung s,
Atr..Pt nns of the Liver, Asuima, uronciiius,
Pains or Weakness of the Breast or Lungs, and
ftpr nffeptions of the Pulmonary Organs.
; n fine hprlml medicine, composed chiefly of Wild
Clurry bark and the genuine Iceland Moss, (the-
latter imported expressly ior mis jiurjiuse,; int
mrp mprticnl Airtues of which are also combined
by a new chemical process, with the extract of
tar thus reniienng me wnoie euiuiounu u.c mui
certain and efficacious remedies discovered ior
r-mitit mult ion of the Litiws.
Interkstini aoiiaKSPONOExrE. Dr. William Y
Rnnks. of Xenia. Ohio, a highly respectable drug
pist in that deliehtful village, has informed us that
the sale of Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry is
llcled. The demand for it is so eager, thai
he can scarcely keep himself supplied with it.
II has hntl n his store medicines ior lung auec
tions. Some of these were esteemed good, an
some irave temporary relief. But since he has had
Wistar's Balsam of Wild berry, a number of the
most serious casts were completely cured by its
use. "1 never sold a medicine," saidlhe Doctor,
"iu which I had the entire confidence that I have
i!lthis" . - ,.,,
It Ci-nr.nl Whenever Wistar's Balsam of W lid
Cherry is introduced, it at once attains that high
reputation which it so richly deserves. What can
nrevent its sale, when bri every hand can be wit
nt-Ki.il its wonderful curt s? The worst "cases of
Asthma, recent anil dangerous coughs, (and also
these of long standing.) lironclutis or uonsump-
m, (in its cany singes,) arc aiwnys emeu 17 una
markable meuV-ine.
Ucrcnttary onsKnijiiiOii:
Cured by WLstnT's llalsam of lid Cherry. 1 he
1 nir iiKiiten Jcrtima i Jsijrigg, 01 e,.)iiiiinii
on. live 01 ins uroir.ers uuu siiera i.mo un
f Consumption) is truly woudeii'i'.l. Ought not
this ureo the cillicted toni-iVe vi : r ol this healtl
giving remedy, wneii 11 is '
following: i, "',, .
, . piecs.xni itiiige, nair.
J. D. Patk DearEir: 1 tak
sing you of the benefit I have.
use ot lit. w isiar s i.aisaiu 01,
was pr )sl rated by that terrible Bi
Hon, 111 Slay last. 1 i.c auat;i. u.
to me: five of mv fnmiiv. my brolb
had died""of Coiisun plioii. 1 -was alllictea with
nenrlv all'tlie worst features of the disease; I had
n tlistressiuir couch, and expectorated a great deal
nf ldnoil. l.ectic ft-Aer. severe pains in the side and
chest, cold chills, alternating with nusiicsoi neat
and copious night sweats.
1 was under the care ot a SKineu puysiciau,
from the time I was taken sick until about six
weeks since, bcinsr then about helpless, and my
friends considering my case hopeless, 01 at icasi
beyond the reach of my physician's skill, advised
the use ofWistar s Kalsarn 01 wnu nerry.
Without niv knowledge, my father procured it,
and commenced using it. 1 was able to be out and
oversee mv business and labor, which I 3till con
tinue to do. I have taken lour Domes 01 tne me
dicine, and now consider myself well. I make
this statement to induce others mat are atnictea
as I have been, to make tnnl of W isiar s Balsam
of Wild Cherry, which remedy has, under the
blessing of Providence restored my health.
0 irm.111 rt itrntpp
w m ji.ni..uiAii i.-3uniuu.
IllA II2T fOlieSillOlMlt'llCC.
Important toThose afflicted with diseases of the
VlTiie subscriber has just, received and is now
opecestthe finest assortment of Gentlemen' Dress
Goods to be found in the city of Pomeroy, which he
offers to sell and make up when required, iutothe
most fashionable garments, at the lowest prices.
11. s stock consists ol the lollowing articles:
Black. Brown and Olive Cloths; Black, Doeskin
Fancy and Plaid Cassimercs; Block Satin: Brown!
Black and Steel Mixed Satinotts; Tweeds and
Jenns: Plaid Cravats: Black Italian Do.; Fancy
Silk Neck Ties; Black Cloth Cans, Navy do; Net
Shirts nml Drawers: Suspenders, ic. Ac.
Don't forget the place Brading"s New Clothing
i -
1. OUKTY LA5iJD.--Fortliosewho served in
I the War of 1812 with Gnt Britain or any of the
Jndian. J have receivedawpy of the bite Act of
Cungresa, passed Seple-iiiber 28, 0850. granting
Homily land, &c, and am prepared to procure
lands under the provimousof Slid. 1 .
Th'iae dir-irinjr; iufornnition concerning their
rights to lands can be informed by application to
nn?.. Noehangewill be made-except in cases pro
ving sueovssful, mid in such chnr'es will be reason
able. -
.,,oclO'60no3tfO '
caf. .
BOOO lbs. Han)-very fine;
6110 " souiders do
. 20110 " Clear Pork do
For sale cheap for cash.
W- -. r
fiTCrrS of all kinds, warranted goodl
tJ iut ruceiVCd and forsnte low oy
cures like the
0., ).
of ad-
r- : TT-
.wttSBC':.-. -
For the Removal and Permanent Cure of all
ind of thoie Compoir-iti which mt ciuuil br an impaired
weakened unhealthy condition of th ,. v
Thil beautlftil nnd convenient mllratinn ot 'the mrtt
rioui DoweraoWiALVANISM and MAONKTISM. haibeea
pronounced by diitinguiihed pliyilciani, both in Europe ant!
the United Btatei, to be the mui( o(uoMe mtdicinai iueam.
a Iht !
and '"- '
u uied with the noit perfect and certain luceeea la all eaioe
of -
Strenrthenlor the weakened boily, giving tone M the variant
organ, and invigorating the entire irilera. Alto in FITS,
ENERGY, and all NERVOUS DISEASES, which oomplaiuU
true from one umpie caute namely,
A Derangement of tha Nerroua Syatem.
ft. In NERVOUS COMPLAINTS, Drngt and Medicinee
(ntrrex dinaie, for they weaken the vital energiee of the
Iraaiiv .matnted intern t while under the elronKtlieninr,
life-givliig. vitaliiing influence of G-ilvanitm, aa applied by
thia beautiiui ana wonaeriui aucovery, uie exueuiieu peneni
and weakened auuerer la reitorea to urmer oeann, tuengm
laatlcity and vigor.
The great peculiarity and excellence of
Dr. Christie's Galvanic Curatives,
eonnliU in the fact that they arreat and cure diieaae by out
ward application, in place of the uanal mode of drugging and
pheioking the patient, till exhausted Nature (inlu hopeleuly
ander the infliction. '
TAf, airnuihen thi uAalf tvXen. tmaUte IAe (frenlad'on
Iht Hood, promote Iht uerttiatxi, and never do tht tlifhltil
iniurv tinder any circutmitancet. Since tlieir introduction in
the United State, only three year tince, mora than
75,000 Persons
including all agea, elauee and conditions, among which were
a large numner 01 laaiea, wno are peculiarly luujeci 10 nerv
PU evmpiainia, ueve ucvn f.
when all hnpe of relief had been given up, and every thing
elie been tried in vain !
To illuttrate the nienf the aAJLVASIO BELT, tuppnae
the caae of a pertnn attlicted with that bane of oiviliiaiion,
DYSPEPSIA, or any other Chronic or Narvoua Dlaorder. In
ordinary catet, atimulanta are taken, which, by their action on
the nervea and muiclea of the atomnch, afl'ord kmpcrni re
lief, but whtcn leave tne patient in a lower atate, and with in
jnred faculties, after the action thua excited has ceased. Nw
compare this with the eli"-t resulting from the application of
the GALVANIC BELT .oke a Dyspeptio sufferer, even in
the worse symptoms of an attack, and simply tie the Belt
round the body, using the Magnetic Fluid as directed, la
a short period tlie insensible perspiration will act on the posi
tive element of tho Belt, thereby eauilnf a Galvanic oircula
tinn which will pons on to the negative, and thence back
again to the )ositive, thus keoping up a continuous Ualvanic
circulation throughout the system. Thus the most severe
ensee ol UVUI'M'SIA are r-hriMANtlN tl-i uuio.u. A
Of tho moat Undoubtefi Character,
From all parts of the Country could be given, sufficient to
fill every column in this paper !
which conclusively proves that
" Truth ,is stranger than Fiction."
Rheumatism, Bronchitis and Dyspepsia
ef New Jersey, of distinguished attainments and exalted re
puiauon ;
5 BiDxet, new jersey, jtity n, iin.
Da. A. it. One tSTir Dear Sir - Vou wih to know of ma
what has been tho result in my own casa, of the application
el THE GALVANIC llc.LT ANU NbCKLACK. Rly reply is
as follows :
For about twenty yeart I had been suflcrmg from Uyspep.
aia. Every yeaiitlie symptoms Dec-ne worse, nor coma 1 00.
tain permanent relief ftom any courie of medical treatment
whatever. About fourtr.nt yeaie since, in conseqrence of
frequent exposure to the weather, in the discharge of my
pastoral duties, I became subject to a severe Chnmio Kheu
matlsm, Which lor year alter ycr, ciuhcu me inuettcnuuuie
tnguitu. Farther! in the winter 01 '49 ana '4U, in conso-
'orm ;Srm. -
Vy O Mediei ever e-ltained a higber or
1 1 more desenrfd rcpuU'ion than IIo1-nsaek's
Worrn Syrup; it is dai'y efieeting some of the iiist
astonishing and wonderful cures thc.t have ever
boon recorded in the annals of Medicine.
How important it Is fur the public to know that
a remedy is at hand that can be relied upon in all
cases where wonns are the primary cause of their
suffejing. ..-.-''
This we boldly assert from our knowledge of
tho powerful effects of tffb ve?( -tables of which it
Is composed ia destroying Wonns and .from the
nninerouj. unsolicited testimonials ve ore, daily
receiving.-.' ? a . ".. . . ,' ,. -.. l.
IIow many are'phiiug awaV a miserable eiS-
icnce under theeuppositionthat the-y are dyspep
tic, when worms are preying upon the very vitals
of life. -.'',.-! .
As an evidence of the above we refer you to
the testimony of a highly respectable Physician
01 Dianitahnwken, New Jersey:
wkssbs. llonexsACR Sirs: An opportunity of
fering, I. hasten to inform you and the public, for
their especial benefit, of the efficacy ol your Ve
getable Worm Syrup, as I am disposed to give
credit where it is due. The case is as follows:
A respectable married man by the name of Dar-
wood, was in.ormed bv his Phvsician he was la
boring under the Dvsvevsia. and -treated accor
dingly, but stitUgrew worse. Being man'of
strict iabits of morality and temperance, wetthe
people tell anxious tor the restoration 01 a useiui
man. He called on me saying, I cannot eat
eat enough to keep me alive, while there seems.
10 oe something in me, gnawing my insiues oui;
it struck me at once that he had Worms, when I
recommended vour Worm Syrup; the second Dot-"
tie was nearly exhausted when an abundant quan
tity of Worms from 10 to. fourteen inches long
was expelled from him, after which his health re
turned, and he is now actively employed in his
daily avocation, being a enrpenter by trade. Thus,'
sirs, your Syrup restored to society a useful mem-
1 , . ... -. l - J .1 !..l,.a4:r..ia nrn.
oer, ana 10 a inrauyn Rum auu uiuuau.uua
vider. Go ahead, eenllemeu, ministering to suf-
fi'rinir bumnnitv. nnti eniov the rich TCWatd in
your own minds.
With plensure I subscribe myseii yours.,.
ITJ Consumption is a disease which is carrying
is .victims, to ihe tombs V" ihousandsr wfthoitt
being arrcstcf iu iU prtigrta by lhe-.iiiedi( ines1u
common .use at the present time. vBut a brighter
day is coming, and has come as to successfully
arrest this disease. DR. ROGERS LIVERWORT
AND TAR, ".'not only gives immediate; relief in
Coughs and Colds, but from the test jjjiony of men
of the highest standing here and elsewhere; it is
making some very reinarknble cures of Consump
tion. Improvements in the tre-alnient of, diseases
are onward, aud milV.ng can arrob its spirit in
the pre'scntiegti,. Those , who are- alTlicted with
diseased Lungs, would do well .to fall on, 'the
Astits and see the certifcates' of Dr. Win. J
Administrator's Notice
AT the June Term of the court of common nteasf
of Meigs County, the nntlcifnctl wn nnnnintt
edantl qualified as Administrator, with the will
annexed, of the estate of William McDaniel, lata
of said county, deceased.
r petit V be nresented to th
SofSciliioV in. MeiMustv.
on Thursday, the Kd day STTuly next. Drayiner
fiir a township road to be laid out from the dwel
ling house ol nonry Vebster,. m. Section 25,
lown 7, Latue 11, to the main road nassine
through (.aid section. : - HENRY WEBSTER.
J titled, 9S )t). n3iw4pd. -
Richards, Judge Wm. Burke the- wife of the
Rev. Geo. W. Slaley, and of Dr. Hiram Cox, late
Professor in the Eclectic lledioal College. in Cin
cinnati., . ,.- ....J. , -.
For sale iu Pomeroy by J. P. Flewko and D,
Rkeo, Agents for Meigs county. . k.' '' u37w2.
tjnence of prnachlng a great deal In my own and various
other churches in mis region, 1 whs auaciieu uy oto iirancm
Us, which soon became so severe as to require an immediate
suspension of my pastoral labors Jlfy nti-voui ijftu was note
laorofif tily prottratta anu as my Druncuitis oecanie worse, n
also did my Dyspepsia and Rheumatic affection thua evin
cing that these disorders were connected with each other
tSrough the medium of the Nervous system. In the whole
nheimacopesia there seemed to be no remedial agent which
could reach and recuperate my Nervoua 8ystem; every
Jung that I hod tried ior tins purpose had completely tailed.
A, la., 1 ... 1mA hv mv ft-lm-li to examine vmu- inventions.
and (though with no very suDguine hopes of their efficiency,)
I determined to try tne cneci 01 ioe Bpimcauon 01 ino uai
FLUID. This was in June, lew to air oaiT istonish.
ISEtfT, nf two d&vs ht Dr.srxrsiA had oonk ; its kioht
BaoncHiTis ; aud tsv Rhcuhatic ArncTion has kn tibblv
ccasbo to tboubi.b Ht. Such is tne wonderlui and nappy re
suits of the experiment
: nave recommenuea tne hlli aa rLuiuwnanj was
kave been likewise suOering from Neuralgic affections. They
have tried them, with haw bcsslts, i bbliive, in imi
I am, dear air, very respectiuuy yours,
limes and breast. W ill miracles never cease? hnsedfcraUcompiaintsaffectuig theThrOTtoriiMa.su.cn
limes .11 , " f Irlli,r l..nllh r..5nrntivp Bronchitis, Inflammation of the Throat, Nervous and Sick
Wore evidence of its surpassing health tcs.oraue HMa,ch)1 Diill0Mof lnB nd Neuralgia in the Face. But.
virtuosi ting or Roaring in the Ears, Deafness, which is generally
From Dr. Baker, Springfield, Washington, CO. tt.y. Nervous, and that distressing complaint, oaueu 1 to uo;oreux.
Merchants and others wishing the medicine can
obtain it at D. Reeo's Drug Store, Pomeroy, H. R.
Wilson, Middleport. or by addressing the propri
etors, J N & G S Hobensack, No. 600 St. John
street, Philadelphia.
An Ordinance Establishing Grades
in the Town of Pomeroy.
BE IT ORDAINED by the Town council of the
Town of Pomeroy, that the following points
be established as the grade of Front and Court
streets in said Town.
Comencine at Ralston's East line, thence to
surface of street in front of V. B. Horton.S office;
thence to the west end of Naylor's Run bridge;
thence from east end ofbridgetothe west side of
spring street; thence to the center 01 fium street;
thence to a point three feet above the present sur
face of Road in front of Rolling Mill office; thence
to center of Cherry street: thence to a point in
front of Foster's house. Thence to Rasp's west
line to a point one foot above present surface of
street on stone culvert: thence to a point at Vv. k
Pomeroy's east line; thence to center of Elm street;
thence lowest line of section No. 8: thence to Mrs.
Murray's west line; thence to A. Murdoch's east
line; thence to Huffinanjs west line; thence .to
Radford's west line: thence to the crosswny in cen
ter of street in front of N. R. Nye's house; thence
to a point in road on the too of the hill.
From west side of Butternut street to the present
snrface of street at Stephenson's west line; thence
to the western line of the corporation
Coi rt Ktjikkt. From top of curb stone at east
corner of Front and Court streets to second street
at a point on a level with the top of Set It Paine's
cellar wall.
LEWIS S, NYE, Recorder.
Crdinaiice iu 1-cgnrdto certain Side
Skc. 1..BE IT ORDAINED by the Town
Council of the town of Pomeroy:
That the property bidders on the northerly
side of Front street in said town be, and are
hereby required to construct, and keep ;.n repair,
a side walk on the northerly side of Front street,
as follows, to-wit: Said side walk lnay bo ol
wood, brick or stone, shall be- of the same grade
as lias been fixed by ordinance fir Front street,
I and shall extend from the Chester road so called,
to the westerly limits of the town.
Said side walk shall be four feel wide from said
Chester raid to Mr. Grant's lane; and six feet
wide from said lane to the westerly end of Sec. 2.
Town Councrl of the town of Pomeroy, that said
side walk shall be completed by the 1st of Novem
ber next; aud that it any person or persona Hom
ing properly as mentioned in the first section of
this ordinance shall neglect or refuse to constiuct
said side walk by the time above mentioned, then
and in that case, it shall be the duty of the street
Commissioner of the ward in which such neglect
or refusal may take place, immediately to cause
the side walk to be made, and keep an account
of the expense thereof, which amount shall be
colkc'.ed by an action of debt for the use of the
town of Pomeroy, before the Mayor, against the
several delinquent property holders, and shall to
gether with the costs be a lien upon the lot or lots
respectively in front of which side walks shall be
so constructed.
LEWIS S. NYE, Recorder.
Pom-roy, Oct. 1 , 0850.
ID Da: Govsot'b Improv-rd Extract ok Yel
low Dock and Sarsapakili.a is a -sure remedy for
Hereditary Taint. . - , ,'- - , ;,
..Thousands 6f individuals are Cursed with griev
ous complaints, which they inherit frpra the'u pa
rents. The use of the Yellow Dock and Sarsa-
darilla will save all this, and save a Vast amount
of misery, and many valuable lives, for it tho
roughly expels from the system the Intent taint
which is the seed of disease, and so takes off the
curso by which the sins or misfortunes of the pa
rents are so often visited upon the innocent off
spring. "" '
Parents owe it to their children to guard them
against the effects of maladies that may be com
municated by descent, and children of parents
A. . . L 1 fr..M..A n.itli Cnn.
iUf&N. 4l nave at any uuie utcu smuot
. M. DV Antifin. Sciofula or Syphilis, owe it to them
5. no3Cw3.000
'. Adisiinislnttor-s Notice.
THE subscriber has been appointed and Quali
fied as Administrator on the estate of Josiah
Branch, lute of Coalport, Meigs county, O., dee'd.
All persons indebted to said estate are requested
to make immedinte payment; and those haviug
claims against said estate will present them duly
auinenticaicu ior settlement within one yearirom
this date. 0. BRANCH. Adm'r.
Pomeroy, August 9,-,9859.n-13w3. . . '-
hntion, Sciofula or Syphilis,
selves to take precaution against the disease-be-
ng revived in them. Guysott's Extract of Yel
low Dock and Snrsaparilla is a sure antidote.
u ch cases. See advertisemant. n35wn
Monthly 32 pages per number; Jft per an
num, in advance; ten copies for 17.
Bi-monthly and Monthly 768 pages per an
num: 92 in advance; 10 copios for ?1.
This is the only journal in Europe or America
devoted to a complete and original system of An
throuology. It presents new and well demonstra
ted systems of Phrenology, Physiology, and Phys
iognomy, and surveys, from a new position, the
Humanitarian progress, and the great wonders and
discoveries of the age. The doctrines of the J onr-
nal have been sanctioned, generally, by phrenolo
gists and men of science, who hare given them
an investigation. Specimen numncrs will oe
sent gratuitously. Address the Editor, Dr. J. R.
BUCHANAN, Cincinnati. Remittances at the
Editor's risk.
Volume first being stereotyped, copies will be
s- nt bv mail for S2. This volume contains nine
plates, one being a mop! of tho Ncw System of
Phrenology. - nr.-lSw-I.
Pomeroy AoanVmy.
THE FALL TERM of this Academy will com
mence on Mosoav, the llth of September.
IiihtrucUon isghen in all tin- ct mmoii branches
of English education, the Latin, Creek, French
and German languages and Higher Mathematics.
The Principal is not ambitious that his pupils
should go over more ground than others, but it is
his aim to instruct all ir.s pupus so inuonm
tliat when they have fihi.-lied a study llu-y will
have n completa practical and theoretical kninv-
l...lnr.f it
An Apparatus will be provided to illm-trale tin
principles of Chemistry and Philosophy, and n
(onrseof lectures accompanied with e pcnni.'iils
'will be given on these sciences, during the ses
sion. No effort will be apared to make the 1 nsji
tutioii one of thevay highest order, both m iht
ivimber and extent of the ssitdie-s pursued, and in
th-j, facilities for acquiring a thorough knowledge
of them.
Ai.niimi.fir. nrnmmar. Genera nhy and llis-
ifin- 1,,-T tutitrtor. ss
llntnnv. Natural Philosophy, and Astrono
my in mltlition to the above.
Natural Sciences, and the Higher Mathe
matics, Moral and intellectual rinioso
nhv. Ithi loric. Loe'ic. Book Keepiu'', the
l.n'tin. nml Greek Lane'iiaces,
No scholar is taken for less than a Quarter, and
no deduction made for absence, except in cases of
retracted sickness.
C. C. GILES, Piiucipal.
Pomeroy, August fl, 9S59.
r M1E Great' Spring and-Summer Medicine.
J. Proof. More evidence. Read it. It is from .
a young lady rcsidimr in our city. '
CERTIFICATE. "" '-- - '
Cincjnkat!, Feb 7th, 1851.
This is to certify that my sister, Mary C. Btlia,
was attacked with u disease iu her hip, mere than
three years ago, which rendered her so utterly ael- '
less that she was compel led to keep her bed.. All
hopes of her recoverp were despaired of. - Some of ,
the most eminent physicians of Covington and Cin
cinnati attended her, all of whom declared her
case a hopeless one. Passing by Dr. Howe's de
pot, an idea suggested itself, that to try one bottle
of his Shaker Sarsnparilla could do no harm. Ac
cordingly I purchased one bottle, aud before its
contents were entirely used she received benefit.
I was induced to try another, and another; before
the last was used she had nearlv recovered. .Now .
she has no puin, ean walk, and has the entire use
of her limbs. To Howe's Shaker Sarsnparilla Wt
attribute this effective cure. It is but a few months
since she commenced taking it. - i
(Signed' J. C. BELMAN.
Cincinnati Daily Commercial.
Remember this wonderful and astonishing cure
was effected by the use of three bottles only of
Dr. S. D. How's Shaker Snrsaparilla, the Great
and Summer Medicine. '
e only Snrsaparilla that acts upon the liver,
ys and blood nt the same time, which renders
it altogether more valuable to every one, particu
larly Females.
Dr. Mussey, professor in the Ohio Medical Col
lege, says the Shaker preparations arc truly valua
le, and recommends them to the public.
No Mercury no Mineral no Poisonous Drugs
in the Shaker Sarsaparilla.
It is warranted to be
and as a family medicine it has no equal.
tie sure you envinre forS. u. Howe s Shaker
Sarsaparilla, -sntl take no other. -
(jiinrt bottles $1 per bottle; six bottles for f5.'
For sale by D. Reed, Pomeroy; Magnet. Naiet,
Gnllipulis; MeVey tSt Co., Portsmouth, Ohio; and
by by Dr. S. D. Howe, No. 1 College Hall, Cincin
nati, Ohio, to whom all orders must be addressed
Beef Cattle, No. 1 , gross weight, . 1.60. -
82.00 .
. Thu Subscriber -has boen appointed wholesale
agent fuf this wpjU renowned Liniment,, and
: Uok. UurkeL&nliaiid nnd forsnleby .
' DR. J. V. SPIiV, Sin neoii
Pf-nltst, Portsmouth, Ohio. Will
P.Visil POMEROY, in Ihe first week of
the months of June, St-pli-mU-r, December and
.2 CCI1UB4 4 I,
At It I Id L r-0 Ills. Kci. l.v.
just received and for sale low at No 4.
INMOO. lies Spanish Float only Tpr
at cheap drugstore. Fi.EMINU
Barber-ous Uemoral!
O J- ADDISON has removed his Barber Shop
, e to Court street, where he may always be
found re-ndy and willing to serve his patrons in the
neatest and most fashionable style, Fee-ling thanks
ul lor past patronage, lie would respectfully soli
cit those who desire-to have their countenance-.-.craped,
and hair V'tmiicd neatly, to give hirft a
call. ' '
With'rnzorsl.arp mid water l ot,
He'll 1wk be found on the spot,
;Keady to serve all who please to call,
'Both old a.id young, and great and mhuII:
Then dovt leiay, outcome nii.ng
And Lavt- it done up neat and strong. ' "
Pomeroy, May 23, 85 u.Httf
SraiNivii:i.u, Kv., May U, 1815.
Messrs. Sanfurd Si Park: I take this opportum
v of ioformine' vou of a most remarkutiic cure
perfonncd upon me by the use of Dr.Wislar's
rtaisrim ei no nerty,
In the year 1840 1 was taken with the inflama
tion of the bowels, which 1 labored under for six
weeks, when I gradually recovered. In the Fall
of 1K41 I was attacked with a severe cold, which
seated itself upon my lungs, and for the spneo of
three years I was coiiiuied to my ucu. i men an
kinds of medicines and every variety of aid with-
benefit; and thus 1 wearied along unlil the winter
of 1845, when 1 heard of Wistar's Balsain of Wild
Cherry. . .
, My friends persuaded me to give it a fair trial,
thoue'h I had uivcu up all hopes of recovery, and
had prepared myself for the change of another
world. Through their solicitations, 1 was in
duced to make use of the genuine Wistar's Bal
sam of Wild Cherry. Tec effect was truly aston
After five years of affliction and suffering, and
after having spent four or five hundred dollars to
no purpose, and the best aud most respectable
physicians had proved unavailing. I was SOOB
rosiu.""'! ,0 entire health by the blessing of God.
and tli0 ui? Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild
May the blessings of God rest upon the proprie
tors of so valuable a medicine as Wistar" Balsam
of Wild Cherry. Yours, respectfully,
The genuine Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry
has a loc simile of the signature of Henry Wistar,
M. D. Philadelphia, and Sanl'ord & Park. En
graved wrapper. No other ( an he genuine.
Sold by J . D. PAIiJv, (successor to Kfflford &
Park,) Fourth and Walnut streets, (jftrVimt.i.
Palsy and Paralysis.
AU physicians acknowledge that these terrible diseasea
are caused by a deficiency of Nenaut Entrgy in the anected
limbs. Da. Chbistie's Galvanic Articles will supply this
deficient power, and a complete and entire cure ia thus
Severe Deafness Cured.
The followine- Is an extract from a letter lately receive
from a distinguished physician in the State of Virginia t
"A. H. Chbistic, M. D. Dior Sin One of my patients,
unknown to me, obtained your Galvanic JJtK ant Kicklaxt.
with the Juarnclic J'ltnd, Ior a serious anectlon ol ueat
nan The case was that of a lady whose Nervous system
waa much disordered, and her general health poor. Much
was done previously to the application of the Belt, bat wilh
very little success, and I feel it only right tn tell you, that
since she commenced wearing the Belt and using the Fluid,
but a few weeks ago, she has ENTIRELY RECOVERED
HER HEARING, and her general health is better than for
several yeare." . ,
fjr- Every ease of Deafness, if it be Nervous, as U generally
la, can be cured by this wonderful remedy.
Are found of vsit service In coses of Convulsion! or Fits,
Spasmodic Complaints, and general Nervous Affections of the
Head and upper eitremiuaa. Also in raisy ana r vol v sis, ana
- - r.. " .-"rvous
Log chains and Mathooks;
Hoes Rakes and Forks;
Long Handle Shovels;
Plough Hames;
X Cut Saws;
Broad Axes;
Steelyards and Hand Scales;
One large warehouse Scales;
For sale very cheap REED & BROTHER.
C 50
8 00
House rimI l ot lor fr;ile.
THE sulscriler t.ffcrs !-r sale his dwelling
house; also, bis corner house, at present occupied
as a (.'hair, Cabinet, i ml Taib rShop, together with
tin- who'.,-lot. Suit! prfpr rty is situated in the
iuo.t public part of Graham Station. The prem
ises i well calcul.i.i.'d ft r any kind of mercantile
business. For ft-rther particulars apply fin the
preiiiis.d.W M. C. GREENLEE.
Autrint 5, !).viD. ii Uif. -.- .
"lEojYe" lot" !i"4'iaelid7"
X-V a dt-rnugeiite-iit.r,f Nature front taking Mer
cury, may be e.rrtl by inking the Extract ot
Alsiei'U'tsll HJ, w hit li purifies the blood, and
wilt cure Fresli (Juts, Fever Sores, Bruises, Scalds,
Burns, Jntlmn itioit, Flax, Erysipelas, Rheuma
tism, ic, with the- small sum of 25 to 50 cents.
For sale by, W ii. 11. Pennimiton-, Middleport,
Meigs county, Ohio; also, by 11. Dayman, Letarts
villc, and S. II. Uaiiuett, Rutland. 'Call and get
bottle-, and you will find; it to be tine of the best
medicines new iu use. . , . . , , ' .' ,
August 6, !)S.j9. hI3a-.V ' " ' ,. , '
Inhuman rrucItyBarlarim.
The inhuman creature who would sufler his
better half the partner of his bosom to standby
a hot stove and bake bread, this summer, ought
to suffer the fate provided for old Daniel. R. A.
Side-bottom's Bakcrv, Front street, above Lmd, is
the great depot of Fresh Bread, crackers, cakes
and Pies. no37tf
'5 :
ruii aLviyso i.
CKAINiiW bnhoW shelled Com. lii bids.
X. -irU - tt (:0y 0t in Sacks:
,.l.:t ; v- !; 2W.' Very fine Potatoes;
ttht . n-tsi i 'riou nppusct I'eacnes;
Fluid. are
Low eld W
Cs. Ja , Iw V P. I he atu ntu n of Inrni
NvllTt" I r. a -iiIIimI tit rt.v. n.vnrlnLjt.t
a-'AX-pi,jj,. Longs Patentwith r.-r v.ith
oul stocks also Plow PoiutM and Lnml Suit s.
April 07,. E. S. EDWARDS.
. Tea Store , I have on hand a hu-.-e
r- rr. il. .J,,,.-... ,.i,,i. it,.. A.iii. I'Vi 'S km oi im c.iai, iournr uyson nun i.iai-a
:t ' WH) lbs. Tallow in casks. -
H i all in tirm
f April 07, 07W,
order and the best quality
Bedstead Luii,:r;
Shcoling Boards;
Sawed j.mli.
itl ,..' ... .1
fiVtiH3"tXry lew ftr ash by
April 07, 0750.
T ln--e '.( 0 bb1 tiew
. . I VI for at
i TEAS, which 1 am prcpaicil to sell in origi
nal packages either of Ci lbs., by Ihe half chest,
or bythc single lb, at very low prices.. i.
Aoril 07. h.0. E. S. EDWARDS.
OilOW Wni'e A lniya-wrtni-nt mi hand
J and for sale at KB EDWARDS.,
A pril 7, 8500. -''"
IV o. 1. Train St.f ' i, Cuius
f i OlASPES. 200 bbls. new crop Just )-
j i 1 eeivt-tl ni for sale low t ,
Ohio, Cvutrul Agent for the SoutlySTuU Weslfjo
whom all oiders nmst bujt'ulre-ssedekjt isarvwuxU
by tlitf' follow; ng peisoi!?? '!"
D. Reed, Pomeroy; G. W. Cooper & Co., Ches
ter; John Frame, ' Coolville; J.- C'nu-hnrt ot Co.,
Point Pleasant; John l'tikins, Athens: Magnet &
Naret, ijnlltpolis; ft. h,..uutrny, W ilkesville; U. J
I'liyue, Porter.
January 9, l-Sol . nlSin-l.
MciNTOSH'S BALSAM Indian Squaw Root.
Said to bo the best medicine eve-r offered to
the world for diseases of the lungs, chest or
Also Mcintosh's Cherry Cordial. Warranted
lo euro Diurihcca or Dysentery. For sale by
II. B. SMITH, Ajjent
Ct'SBIUES. Phila. Strain Syrup;
Cotton Batting
GrnMi Bed Cords and Plough Linei
Wew Kk-cj t,v ,
'' f "ftrnss ahd Hemp Ropes;
: " Crushed and Loaf Sugar;
" i Plough Wings;
" Wniiloxv Cir)i assorted sices;
NniN nnrl S pi keg assorte'd,
Jual trccived and forsulcby
April 7,7 5000.... . . IiKED i liRO.
all diseases caused bv a d';; r, -;;
Energ;- In the limbs or otbeT organs of tht bod jr.
! Tic Dolorenx and WBuralfrlfl.
These dreadful and ao-onlilnc comnlslnts are t'mmraV
Uffv rsficved by the application of tne Qalvanio Brlt,
,?iccblace Ann Fluid. The Belt diffuses tlie Electricity
through the system the Necklace has a local eA'eot, anS
the Fluid sots directly upon the affected nerves. In these dis
tressing sanctions tne appucauon itv.H t-Aies.
and terrible complaints are always oanaed
of thr Yeroes. The Bcut, Bbacelits add
nearlv everv can, no matter how veunr ct
'natient or how conarmed the complaint. Na
serous and astonishing proofs are in possession of the pro
'" .
IT Many hundred Ccrtificnles from all parts of
the country of the most extraordinary character
can be given,' if required.' , , ' ... v
IT No trouble ot inronvenipncfi attends the us
they mny be worn by the most lecble and dolicate,
with yerfect ease and safety, lu many ca scsrw
sensation .ittendine their use is hiirhly n luasan
and agreeable. They can bo sent to any part ot
tho country. -
The Galvanic Bell, , -. Three Dollars.
The Galvanic Nccklnc1, ' Two Dollars.
The Galvanic Bracelets, a. Ona Dollur Eac
Tho Magnetic Fluid, ' . - ' One Dollar.
The articles are accompanied by full and plain
directions.' Pamphlets with full particulars may
he had of the authorised Agent.
t"rPAHTirii.Aa Cai'tion. Uownre of Counter
feits and Worthless Imitations.
irrD. C. MOREHEAD, M. D., General Age
for tho United States, Ua Broadway, New York.
O J. P. FLEMING anil, D. RKED, authorized
ygeiits for Men county. '" , nolOyl.
,jcle of r
hnti'lii-riit it e low by the bov.
1 ( AFIb' k BUSK IRK
THE subscriber has been appointed agent for
the sale of the celebrated works, medicines
and Instruments of Dr. Fitch, viz:
Six Lectures
on the cause, treatment, and pemianent cure of
silver-plated supporters.
Patent Steel Springs, Shouider Braces, Silver Ex
haling Tubes. f
Including Pulmonary Baisam, Pectoral Expecto
rant, Pure Medical Cod Liver-Oil, Pulmonary
Liniment, Heart Corrector, Humor Corrector, De
purative Syrup, Anti-Dyspeptic Mixture, Cathar
tic Pills, Cholera and Cholio Specific, Vermifuge,"
dee. &c. y
Tho above ,orm the system of treatment of Pul
monary Consumption Asthma, Heart Diseases,
&c., which has been so eminently successful in
relieving and curing those diseased. All the above
remedies are prepared by Dr. F. for his practice,
and warranted good. ' His repeutstion, founded
on success, will recommend them to the afllicted,
who wiU find Dr. Fitch's "Guide to Invalids," a
Farm for Sale.
nuPT.r" forsnlemv Farm lying on the road lead
8 ino from Chester to Parkersburg, in Chester
township, a hnlf mile from Adams' null, contain
ing 90 acres, 50 acres under cultivation, with two
dwelling houses and a well of good water, a good
apple and peach orchard, and a good shop suitable
for a hlacksmiin or wagon-manct.
May 15, 1851j :n32w3pd.
The Greatest
In thb whoi.b World!
fV" Fries SI w Bottle, or Six Bottlnfor $5..
bU Milliner and Nanliiainakcr.
1 I AS JUST RECEIVED and is now opening,
II in the basement of the Riheldnrfer House, a
ffcneral assortment of Bonnets, Ribben:,, Artificial
iFlowera' Crapes and Milliners Trimmings of all
kinds and ot D-esi quamy, which win. uesoiuui
a very small advance.
Pomeroy, April 97, 9369 n28tf.
11 is now nut ud in OVA RT nOTTI.KB. of the
Bower and medical fflea.-v ns wlw-n in small bntOee.
Ijirpe bottle contains K1XT Y-r'OUIl II0SK8, and the)
medtcatitina are so jStronfilv C?nni.stnlrnSAd thai onhv
One fableepoonful is required at a Ijonc. three Hmtt a daw
thus one botilo lasis Twenty-One Ilny, which Is mack
longer than a bottle of any other mttdiclne tasu, becanse tbera
Is required of thia a lexe qnnntllv at adose.
The rent Superiorly uf this Blood Purifier over aO
other mudictttes, conststs In a great measure in lu poaaeestng
aa a part of its compound, the powvul JUedlcstl VlrtoMO)
of some Scarce ana ltare ......
Indian Roots and Barks, '-, j
virtue of a writ of vend,
n plea
tv. Ohio, I will offer for sale at the doo. of the
BY v
the court of commoi
ex. to me directed
pleas of Meigs conn
v(LU,.oio uoun. 11 is given nwny at tne sioie oi
the agents. Those suffering ftom falling of the
womb will find Dr. F.'s Supporter light and plea
sant, aud fitting perfecily, and at the same time
most efficient. The Shoulder Brace, also is light
and efficient. The articles alone, or taken to
gether, are unsurpassed by any article ever mado.
J. P. FLEMING, only agent for Meigs county;
also, Wholesale and Retail Druggist, and dealer
in Glassware, Window Glass, French, English,
German and American Chemicals, sc. etc., iu
Remington's building, Front street.
Agent. The undersigned having establish
cd a Store at the residence of Myron Wells,, on
Horse Cave Creek, will keep said store constantly
supplied with such goods as may nt any time be
wanted by the citizens iu "that section. It is our
de-sign- to sell at Pomeroy prices, though some ar
ticle's in Groceries, during bad roads, a small ad
vance will be added. Any article wanted by the
citizens not in said store can bo ordered and scut
out at shortest notice.
The stock in said store is now much larger tlfhn
heretofore. So that customers will find nearly as
full an assortment as in any store in Pomeroy.-
rmduce will be tuken ill exchange at the market
drico in Pomeroy. HEED & BROTHER.
November 27, 0850. ' ' -
court house, in Pomeroy. on the 25th day i f Au
gust, the following real estate,'; to wit: the south
west quarter of the northwest o,uarter of section
eight, town three, range thirteen, Ohio. Ct mpa
ny's purchase. Sold as the property of John Gil-
leland, at the suit of David Harder et, at
M. W. COLLINS s. . c.
July 24th, 1851 wS,
which no other medicine nossesses. These are the most s
Pnrlflers of the Blood Hp' were ever known lo either
Indian or toft'ie man, and these Ming eompomdta with the sajaaf
lyonentratod Eztractt of . 4 , - ,
Sarsaparilla, Yellow Dock,
make this Vegetable Extract, not only the emlnl Bleee)
Purifier, but also, a cheaper audicM by arreat adds)
than any other. It la cheap-, because the fusntiry of it thai
may be bone'ht for One Oollar will last much loader, snd
wlD cure Tea Tlmee more Blood-disease, than Otu JJaiiar-e
worm or any otner medicine,
ty for undoubted proof of the Curss of
Scrofula, Fever-Sores, '
Scald-Head, Srytipelat, Sull-Ranat, KunmaHtm, SypMUs, JEreja
tion, Pimple on iht Fact, LIver-l'omplnlntB. Pile, Urn.
ago, Cancrrxna Vlcm, Costlveneae, Son yn, Djrepeaa
la. ram m tn ehm umw. wnu m,n. wnu ,uu v " -
" n. t. r i Ii n , t J
bmpurb-dluui, iii.EA.E., who vur mjnraijj, j s wmm tr.
atii-every Agent baa them to give away.
For sale by D. Reed, Hi meroy; G W Cooper
Co., Chester: P.M. Petrel, Graham Station. All
orders must be addressed to Wallaua ttCo..
Broadway, New York. .
April 24, 9859 n299
nrrver t
A:Mnistraltr'9 Notice.
fPHE subscriber has been appointed and qunli
1 ed as Administrator on the estate of Lorenzo
rinwf Inteof Coalnort. Meies cjiunty, deceased.
All persons indebted to said estate are requested
to make immediate payment; .pnd those having
claims against against said "Vstate will present
tht-m to duly authenticated fjsT settlement within
one year from this date.
Sheffield, May 3, 1851. n35wS.
r I teas In chests,
I fresh arirttcs.
j)io rolltrc 300 Bags' superior article just
received and for sale at No 6.
No 6 ntzainfit the World I ' ? l
POR go od artiees at ow prices. ' ' ' '
ITiili Assortment We are 'now receiving
large additions to our stock of Groceries,
which we are selling very low for cash. Coineand
examine for yourselves. ' '
half chests, and quarters.
For sale low by
; OA EES eV BUSKit-jr.
tJi"! Boxes Glassware received and for sale at
few drums Just received bv
GOPFUElft .CUItOIAL, and Bate
man's Drops5 its pr hot. 4 FLEMING'S
IT-OIl SAEE. The subscriber offers for sale
. his Lard Oil Factory situated in the town cf
Pocroy. For tenni. apply to Adam Beikos or to
thtmndcrsigned. . DAVID GEYER.
I.OWN'S Cafitharidin Tissue, nt
1 ASUINW SODAOniy 8 els! prlb. a
, ;v. FLEMINGS. ;
ENOaVS bkANES.'3p boxes fresh
J and for snW cheap hr- G W HOLMES.
. ot No. 4 GEO W. HOLMES.
f I " EAS. In cbeatK, hnlf ehesis and quarle'isi
I fres h article', tor sale cry low at No. 4. -
jfMius. ;'0tV!. first rate articles client)
J4 AVING finished the Book, we shall now turn
la. our attention entirely to the manufacture of
all kinds of '
Sutldlcs, Harness, Trunks, Sadal
Or, in fact 'everything that is kept in a Saddlers
shop, from a saddle down ton putup sucker. Hav
ing been selling work tor some time lor the pront
of it, we now intend to.Se-U for the f"" ':
J...I1 ...i . ., .. . ut it.
jtiti itmi n,- - ettiei vou " -t , j.
fa 1 amaysat innne n thj SoSJi
s'.cct, 0110 iorubove Seed &. Brotner's.
Jan-;-ty p( (y
Iteaular roniei-or and V
Pfts-ltiBiftaltl. ki.nil.lsrLlv .i ,
'ac!i-t The Steamer . at. :
KEVEILLEi "' '.;; i
JOHN BRUBAKER, M.steii. wiU ma! ' "I '
weekly trips between Pomeroy and Porlsnio. I
Leaves PonierbV 'tvety Monday and Thursday
at7, o'clock, A.M. ' .. ,-,'.: '"'.' Iv
rheiU-lVElLLE having been Duwhased and ",'.
fitted up expressly for t be Pomeroy and I'ort.TOmt.th I
trade, wt
run rignlnrlv.. leaving rnvminiiu ni ,
above hours. All business entriisted tn 11. i n.,.
-7 v ttM e4l UUOlva .
ivk tic i'ti. 1.11: niur aiu.i
incrny, Aiust 2(5, 983
kJ for sale
1) nt Mo -1
will receive particular attention,.
nuncroy, August 2(5, 9859. in2.
;GAK. 20 hhds. N. O. Sugar on handled -f
lor sale low by GEO. V'( HOLMftLV '
f F"Iir. lili I... ' . .
1 r " i . t ,"v v"-"sm ' ftand and -X
for sale at No 6 by . .
robacco-20 Fine Yiinia Lcar;
00 do Missouri do:
00 do Virginia Fives; '
" ' 00 up do Eights;
- 05 do Missouri Twelvpts-
20 Kegs Ky. 6.9 Twist; ' -' V
reorived from the l-iaimfiictiirerB, and for sale low,,v I
b- OAKES & BUSKIRK.' f'i
. ; .-. ,-
'I -.

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