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TUESDAY,::::.:tc':::::::NOVEMBER U, 1851.
" CO The office of the "Meigs Co. Tele
graph!' has been removed to Dr. Train's
new frame building on Front street, three
. doors above Edwards' store up stairs.
Call and see us. ' '
he istha Whig candidate neither have we L 04T We refer our readers to the card oi
anv dnubt hut there will ben Locefoco Con- the steamer Lems Weltel. ihe weizel is
cress elected next fall. Because we sacri- la good boat iho officer gentlemen ana
fifin f.vprvihlr.(T Drovidn n'nees for a few every thine about her O.K. She Is the
- j c i r I "
old fnggies to the virtual proscription of the Saturday Packet from this Port to Cincinna-
masses of the party. For "us and , our ti.
house" wo are done with this game and
if the real Whig party only second the mo
tion, a "good timo is coming." Should any
of o.ir brethren see proper to notice what it e
have hero written we expect to gel well
scolded but we can stand it if our Im
plied advice is only heeded. -
04r Gov. Wood's majority over Mr. Vim-
ton, is 26,069. Rather a good vote.
05- See Mr. M'Aboy's Foundery adver
tisement in another column.
We learn that Gates of ihe Mariotta In
telligencer, is issuing a tri-weekly. Would
like to see It friend Beman.
03" The time necessary to remove a print
ing office, muel excuso the dulay in the ap
pearance of nur paper this we-ik. v
The Result Thb Future. There
is but little use in efforts to account for the
unprecedented victory of the Locofoco pnrty
in Ohio. The real soldier does not sit down
endeavoring to account for his defeat but
to plan tho next battle. Yet he would not be
n soldier did he not profit by the experience
of his reverses. People may talk politi
cians may talk, of tho measures of a party
doing everything but this is all gas noth
ing more. Judged by this standard the Whig
1 party ought to be successful in. every Siate
and county of ihe Union. Bui the fact is
otherwise. We Jiovjj. soineiojhi8v conclti
1. s, -wr -we in ire minutely defined a par;
ty'e measures are the more certain are
they of defeat. This is the result of our
observation, and we believe it to be correct.
The Whig party, ever since its organization,
has had a clearly defined system of policy
to which all, subscribed, which every one
was ready at all times, arid upon every oc
casion, to defend and what has been tho
result almost uninterrupted deleft Never
has tho history of panics in ihi&cpuntry
shown 6uch unyielding devotion toHnci
fnr There is at present writing a
prospect for continued rain. It will be hailed 8econd floor 0f the Coal Ridge Flour
with joy by river men, and all others inter-I m jn pttCa gnve way on Sunday
ested in the river trado. The river has not I, . rrom ihe excessive weight of wheat.
been 6o1ow for ten or twelve years as du- yy av n0, understood the extent of the
ring the past summer, nor has it remained Ljamago
so Ions at a low siago since our residence
w .1 ... I
on its banks. More than that everybody To Town subscribers.- we nave naa
Dromisesto pav us as soon "as the river for two or three weeks past o new carrier.
rises." and ofcourso we promise the same. Some of our town patrons may nave iauea
We do hope, therefore, that it will hurry up to got their papers, we hope that it there
are any sucn mat tney win mane u Known,
From the. Clevtland True Democrat
The order olosed its official meeting yesterday
morning. The Grand Encampment, Grand Chap
ter, and Grand Lodge of Ohio adjourned at this
time, to assemble at Chillioothe, on the 3d Tuesday
of October, 1862. The officers for the ensuing
year ares ; . . . , .
William B. Hubbard, Columbus, G M
A. D. Bigelow, Cleveland, Deputy G Mj
W. B. Dodd, Cincinnati, Senior GVardenj V
L. V. Bieroe, Akron, Junior G. Warden;
L. Jewett, Athens, Grand Treasurer; ;
B. F. Smith, Mt. Vernon, Grand Secretary) f
Rev. Hiland Hulburt, Columbus, G Chaplain;
Jacob Brinkerhoff, of Mansfield,. Grand Orator;
N. Benjamin, of Preble, -Grand Lecturer;
H. M. Stokes, of Lebanon, Grand Marshal;
Kilian Hagar, of Barnesville, S G Deacon;
John W. Winn, of Norwalk, J G Deacon;
J. B. Covert, of Cincinnati, Grand Tyler;
A. R. Colwell, Urbana, G Sword Bearer;
B. T. Van Horn, Pomeroy, Grand Pursuivan
G. D. Palmer, Zanesville, , -. , '
J. A. Perrine, of Clermont co., Grand Steward;
J. C. Achey, of Dayton, , '
Henry Wilson, of Newark,
", . New York, Nov.1.
THo stealricr Cherokee from Cbagresi
arrived ui'this port at 6 o'clock this evening, eItenso :
Louisiana elections show a Whig
Thankful for small favors.
i-.oTE, me union canaiaoteior uovernor - rt,nri,A and WB hone be
of Mis3issippi is elected over Jeff. Davis L (he nnnual 8wamps ttr0 formed, that po-
destrlans will have a causeway iht entire
Tli ni.uinii. k- t bcttion to hjicngin oi tne corporuuon.- inewooapave
recent election in South Carolina. As Dom- ments seem to be the most popular and in
, . New Yohi, Nov. 10.
The Baltic lafi on tha 9Hih r RIia made
specting side-walks, we are pleased to see, a splendid run and distincod the Canada
considerably. The latter vessel sailed on
that tho matter may be corrected.
Our Streets. The recent ordinanco re !
(KT We had designed only to notice the numbers they require. All who wish jo:
followipg prosoectus ii this peerless Ws- commence with the Congress, will obligees
paper; but on reading it came to the ronclu ' ., . i:
r, , , . , , shall print some extra copiu, but carinoV
sion that it would be a veryood selection , , . k nDinbers. The firs
as reading matter and accordingly give it jn orders will take them.
She brings dates from San Francisco to the
1st October. .. -
Th previous accounts of the disastrous
and bad success of the whaling fleet in the
North Pacific are fully confirmed
Ihe goneral intelligence rom uaniornia
is not of -much importance.
The Kew York Tribune?
Daily, Semi-Weekly and Weekly i
. 1831-3.
The Nsw-YdRK Tribune was first issued
as a small Dailv paper, in April, 1841 : its
TERMS! & , :"
Payjfenl in all eases required ih Advance)
Mail Subscribers, $5 a year; $1 60 for three
Weekly and beml-Weekiy editions are of Single Copy $3 00 1
more recent origin. It commenced with a Two Copies... . ..".ls.5 00
few hundred subscribers and slender pros-. Ten Conies r 20 00
-A difficulty lad-occurred between the pects of patronage or aid oianyina ; ill WEEKLY TRIBUNE. . ..
merchants and Collector atSan franclsco, ha. now Severity Thousand subscribers Tor Single Copy.... r a..S 00 ,
,t , e , . . or constant purchasers of us regular issues, Three Copies ' 5 00
and I meeting of tne former party in regard ,arger circuiarion ,han was eyer attained Eight Copies.. 10 00
to the matter had been held. - by any other Political journal,) .with au tx- Twenty Copies, (to one address). -."-20 00 '
The VigilanceCommiuee had turned their tensive Advertising business, ample matori- Subscriptions from Individuals and clubs
atteniion to prevent ihe influx of foreign al9 and wciluies, and an income, which is are respecirully solicited by
Publishers, No 154 Nassau-st N;Y.
Gen. Worth and. CcBA.--M'iior J. T.
Sprague, o( ihe United States Army, in
I letter dated "fort urogan,' lxas, October
10, 1851," conuadicts the report tha Uen-
...:.. u'. . .u kA :... aounuunuy saiistaciory w us puuusuurB.
' v O J I Tnoaa lani. ... .An.niln ataH in A enirll nil
ly attributed the vast majority of thexrunei h9arlfell gra,i,uJe to vhat wide American pub-
commiuca in Vjumornia, j0 Dy which its faults have been so tender
Edward Dupont, steward of the Stockton ly regarded and lis merits so generously ack-
House, had been brutally murdered. nowledged.
m,. -i. . ,, The course of ihe Tribute is still onward.
governor wasaooui w can an .ra Comrnenced individually by him who has eral Worth, before his death, contemplated!
ooooiuii ui mo i,rg!0iBiiinj. continued to be its chief Editor, ihe number ine tenamg oj nis name ana aid to m rava-
The committee to provide for organizing of its proprietors has since been gradually sion oi Luba
a new territory was shortly to assemble. increased to twelverincludlng all those re- . The Major says ihat he vra on the most;
r Th , mining inifiiliaflnce w9 vorv favora- spons.bly connected with its conduct, Mil- intimate terms with Genera Worth j was
jl . . . .. orial, Financial or Mechanical, lhese pur- well, inlurmed as to his public end' rivo;
kl A rink vain nrniinVtT hart hnun riiaonv. . . . . . '. . . . 1
u.a. " I pose and hope in time to make .still lurtner nets ana opinions ; inai ne na m papere
ered in Broadway street, San Francisco. application of the genorel principle that the in his posession, and that he knows from
The first news of the Cuba massacre workman should be his own employer and potters now in his posession, as neir as iron
inie Sampson would say "Prodigious."
The new three story bricks of Branch
& Co., and VV. Stivers are up and will soon
be occupied. Other buildings of the "Old
School ' are going up lively. Pometoy is
in the ascend ant.
deed in our opinion deserve to be they are from London ; J. Swift, beaier of despatch
nnver n Hirw ns Btnnn rr tirinfr nd nl. I trOttl 1 aMS.
ways smoother. Some of the stone pave
ments are ridiculous caricatures on stone
piles, but as experience is wanting with
some of our citizens we feel disposed to no
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abave '.
will re
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peace o
the pro
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body m
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to be fo
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nctta, 4
Hats, Oi
fed a "I
';io a d
-. Wliifel
pie as evinced in thru of the Whig
i et of whai avuil. The Locofoco nnrtv on
-tho contrary, hnve but one settled public
principle that is success and this they
generully secure it is only after long inter
vols, and by a full development of Locofoco
jfioilry when in power, that the Whigs sue
ced. .Our inference from the above premi
eesban bo seen at a glance.
Another reason, and a controlling one is,
that the Locofoco party act with boldness,
decision and promptness while the Whig
party are timid, conservative, and fearful
of consequences. , A brief recurrence to ihe
history of the past three years will amply
sustain us in this assertion.
The Whig party of Ohio had for years been
largely in favor of the repeal of the Black
Laws, and were notoriously anti-slavery in
their sentiments--the Locofoco party on
iho contrary, were rabid negro haters, and
denounced abolitionists wiih a vehemence
worthy ihe most ultra disunionist of ihe
Couth. Yet they repealed the Black Laws
elected Ohase senator beat iho Whi"s,
and drew after them a large per com. of tho
simon pure abolition vote of Ohio, and now
laugh at both parties, combined. They lit-
nrnllir tik-.o.t.. 1.- . ...
""'v .mo mig3 into caning a
convention to revise ihe Constituiion of Chio,
and although the Peoplo were notoriously
averse to iho measure, carried it through
uiliiln ,h Wl.l... I I . I
ii'jjs imu not tne courage to
meet the question at any time or at any
siae. J he result every one sees
' . Another reason is, that the party, as a rule,
select men for iheirosiife popularity -the
. tvnigs lor their negative. Or in other
:. -words, the Locofoco party seloci cundidaies
tocouse..-they have qualities to recommend
thorn to somebody the Whigs theirs be
cause nobody has anything against ihom
litis accounts very clearly for the milk in
, tha cocoa-nut. The last Whig Smie ticket
did not contain a solitary name that would
enlist ih(5 active exertions of the real work
ing Whigs of Ohio not one. While iwo
thirds of the Locoforo ticket, were men
ueiive, well known, and workers themselves
The result might easily have been foreseen
As long as active exertions in the Whig
ranks are taken as a disqualification for
ollico so long will we be defeaiod. When
wh aro strong enough we can look to other
qualities in candidates, but until then, we
ought to be defeated, if we are so blind as
nut 10 profit by every day example.
A bovy of antiquated political managers
may sit in their arm chairs and usuo paper
pellets filled with 'empty gasconadu about
our dear insiiiuiions.anclcrislses the dungor
to liberty, and what not bui the day for
such stuff is gone by. It won't do. The
real workiea understand it and the very na
tural inquiry arises in their minds -who is
to preserve ihtsa liberties t Us, or these
men who lax ;our time, pockets, &Q., and
from whim we hear nothing "but just
. before tfjeciiong." They feel that the game
is all one-sided and the result is, that they
won't sinnd up to the rack. The result of
all ihis is ihat the young, active, energetic
men are drown into the Locofoco party in.
fusing zeal and now life into the masses
controlling the floating uncertain vote and
giving victory to mcje enori whore prin
ciple ought to ha tho ascendant. We have
no doubt but that two-thirds of the People of
Ohio are, to-day, Whigs in sentiment, vet
tho Stole is largely Locufoco In vote, from
reasons indicated above and no other.
We have talKcd with men ol the opposite
party too much to be mistaken in this. We
have ihus thrown together, in plain words,
what wo have seen and felt for years and
until tlit re is a change in our policy as re
gards party tactics, we are destined to de
feui. Onco in four or eight yoars, we may
succeed by ihe overpowering popularity of a
Presidential candldnto but tho victory is a
lorron nnej ' onc . as wo ncglcci tho sub
ordinulfl stations in the Government. We
liivp no doubt of Gen, Scott's election, If
Vnn wlin lonl iWivtati. .lv I it AXtnnrlari n lillln Inrlhor. I'lnnk in. in nur I . .i
I:,. . '"'SW ; " - :rr':'-y : I - w pa.Ooq r-U Sacramento and oiher places
owiw lWOW 1 1 1 VrkJ LUOTAAUI aiMJIUIllill!!! I lw vwwg -"- J tUll -I
those who do it rightly. W-e have a very maierial, Whiloin Cleveland recently, we
beautiful form of newspaper receipt .which noticed ihat the main sireot of that ciiy was
we would be glad to exhibit. Call soonJ planked, li Is the cleanost, most beautiful
Snd serviceable street we ev.efsaWf And
Tho Iron Bank of Ironton is now in sue- J we were told, much the cheapest. Will not
cessful operntion. When is ihe "Mineral our ciiizensHliRe-upi'nbis matter again. We
Bank" of Pomeroy, lo be started 1 We have lots of room 'for articles on that sub
should like to got a few dollars of the' first jt'et.
;.. I,., ...... r . - .1 '..ni. I
...ojr u u, pay,,,, tor .ue "ie.e- rj-The Pomeroy Salt Company started
6 ' ' I iKoir Pnrnnnn snmn rfnv sinpn. and urn nnw
New Steamer "Tiber." On Monday, engaged in gelling it properly under way.--
we had the pleasure of visiting ihe new When fully completed it will be the greatest
steamer "Tiber," built expressly for ihe Salt Furnace in ihe West. As yet one well
Pomeroy and Cincinnati trade. She Is 160 more than supplies it with water
feet long 26 J feel beam and 5J feet
lice them leniently although rather dang
erous to attempt their passage. Their build
ers ought to be ashamed of them at least.
But what of the street ordinance. Very
little if anything has been done. One place at considerable length.
Our in w iiTifo i. .r.mo ii.c .n .nn,i we riiacnvrir land a varv bad one In wintem His visit to Ltondon was strictly ol a pn
n.,d rSw.k. .mn..n. ri n. J has bpnn oravMM. Thi U well enounh if vaw character, cnosequenily therein no would be detained some lime by sickness,
..r; . w, ... . - - e . .".... public demonstration. He laf ondon on Cuba filibuster meetings had been held
Jenny Lind gave $1500. towards the erec.
t'on of ihe Lutheran church in Columbus,
during her recent visit to that city. "Good
n .i
the 28ih with no freight, v'nch was in her
favnir. Amnno ihn nnKsn.., , nf ihn Sallicl
are Mr. Todd, Minister Plenipotentiary toi-.,11Rri pxriinmnni in San Francisco : director, and should receive the full reward I other sources, that , Jie did not entertain' any
Brazil ; W. S. Campbell, Consul to Roller- T,mk- WB nmnnrinn tn f nis 'a001"1 ne queened sense of re- such intention. On ihe contrary, not with- ;
dam; Mr. Whitney, bearer of despatches " 6 1 1 sponsibiltty and the more thorough devotion standing he was frequently solicited and
uuu,wjuuiu"r.. oJ mind and muscle to tne appoiniea worK strongly urgeu to h oy intiueniiat persons-
Col. While, late of the Pacific Star, had which this system induces, will be found to Cubans and Americans he inflexibly ad-
intended to leave for Cuba at an earl v dav. overbalance any incidental disadvantages, if hered to his determination ; and frequently
" - . 1 . I . -I I 1 -I. . 0.1 t . - .
The returns of the Stale election had 8 application pe wisely maae, so inai me avoiuea me importunities oi inose wno were
. i it t vi Ta 0 I IIOW luca dllU Ilia uiu uauiio iiiut w c,auu uucaTuiii iu uciauuuo uiiji iu ciiccaitu iv
tiMAn nnavln nil vnAAttmrl I Inhn Kirvlkt fAV .. 0 I .a .C35
OTC ... ,CvCDU, .6.,., ... . f harmonized. ihat crusade. He further states that Gene-
Governor, has 1 5,000 majority. Marshall The Tribune is preeminently a newspaper, ral Worth never, for ono moment, entertain-
and McCorkle are elected delegates to Con- lis first aim is to preseju a lucid and accu- ed the idea of resigning his commission in
Tho nntira vma nf iho RtniA u AH., rate Dnorama of the living world around the United otates Army.
us. wnaiever importance, us cuuurs muy major opraguc conciuues nis letter mus ;
Kossuth arrived at Southampton on the
23d and met with a warm reception. He
was received at the steamer by the Mayor
of the city, who had provided a carriage,
and report is that he was accom panied by
bands of music.
r n..:ui.ii .i. m i . ... . . . , . ..... I us. wnatevt
-Air th .r lo their own opinions, they deem it " It is jus, and proper .hat the truth should
.vung mm iu ouoitni "Ui'.ii I In Inuhr rl Iho llomnnrmo I . ... . t . .L .. J ll I ... - J "L ...lii. . Ji .L J
dress was read, fo which Kossuih ronlied Jm k. T. 7 ...... P " grca,er moment mat tne.r reauera ue Known, ana me puona m.nu u.aaouseu
Wc. Marshall was to leave for VVashing
.a i If t II
ton on the 4th ol uctooer, out mcoorme
nine millions over the past year. The na
val list of the Queen had also been includ
ed at 72,000 reals.
It is said that the Pope is lying dangrous
ly ill. Rumors of his death have been cur
rent, but they have been contradicted.
The Cotton Market was very heavy at
The gentlemen forming the new Ministry
are considered a better guaranty for the pres
ent maintaining ol order than the preceed-
shall be supplied with all data essential to upon this subject. Ii is due to his name, his
the formation of correct opinions for them- services, to his country, historically, and to
selves. Hence special attention is given to ihe Army, that nis memory should not be
reliable Correspondence from the most im- connected with a cause having so little to
portant points throughout the world, while commend it and which has terminated so
the Electric Telegraph is largely employed fatally.
The Cherokee brines about 91.900,000 in the procurement of the earliest tidings of
when INews presses I iniansis in vabiruania
A correspondent of the N. Y. Tribune,
tribuiions habitually stand back. One of ihe writing from San Francisco, nnder date of
'P!fmm?nmnt had hurl ih naval . in cold duston freight, and V260.0UO in the transpiring events. nen new
STri"" " ' , w w I . TTM!. ... I
timlTte at 85.000.000 reals, an excess of hands of nassemrers. upon our co.umns, uor.a.8 a, wC,. .
' ' I "
a i i i . t i rt
a ternote ngnt nao taKen ptace at una- Edilors and pr0Dri,0rs (Bavard TavlorHas L, "... ... ,
. a r .L I I r. u . . . '. ' .'i I ucuiciiiour 101, smica mat tuo iiniiiiuruiiuii wi
oroc mtl hnlnrn inn t.hnrdkpn Intl. hplwoon ......j :,...,. nf n!i.i..Dni mn in I '
.w.j I juoi aiu. .cu in. piif.- f.m r-l.!... J...: I... .:
ih n.tlvo. nnd Ampnan hn..im0n- lhH tho. !i merest of this Daner bv WBV of the ' ""'u UU,'B '
" . ; ; r ' j- .v.. u. j.j r. u...
latter were badly beaten and fled, when the nubo and the levant to tne recenuy ais- - vCUBU ,. ,.,
I I T1..! .1 NT : ... I. . n .1 .Krtnn . . ........... . -. . . ! .. . . I. . A.I .
nitiivoa iiirnpfi unnn nil Ampripnna who. I . . I J9 r o
of the United otaies. lie says that nearly
every week from 150 to 250 Chinamen ar-
p.nvnrnrl Ruing of Ninevah and thence lo I
upon an imerican. wno R , . snurc f . Ni,e
abma Im aliAtw MM f . fihoul i n tn I wt rv n n n n a I ' OJ V t
aaiMD iu iiigii woj ouum .wouijr a3Dci.6cio H(8 eMer8 w,n appear in our columns
frnm flnlirnrnin wprn mot and drlv.tn hnnlf. I ikmiinhnm iho ononina vonr. Wnnhnll nn.
d finf ihm arp known .r. hav hppn deavor to be surpassed by no other journal vo, and thot very few of them leave the
w- - - . - - I . .
killnrl. ih rp. tnnk refill in hn..9PS which n the ability and accuracy of our Uorres- country, remanent residence appears to
O 1 .1 .J r.,.m WnciKinnlnn H 1 1. I I .1. .r .1 1 1 . 1
on I I'0,,l,c,,v;a al,u "wiiMijura -iue mo purpose vi mem an, nuu iuo mnjnii-
o rino ihn l-nnu session now onnroacnin". oo
Bourse was scarcely affected bv the chance.
- . rr ... I ..I .
nrj-ino.new8 01 ivossutb s arrival mi . ..: r u.i.i .i . n..
Hn..!.. ... cr..!....!,. i i . . .i i . , i man iiusis Beiiing louii uiuiuia iu mo r res
er priPiiiRA are n Innt atrnk p. nnrl Rh a ia nlsA l ,1 i I o .
.11 "T . . , Southampton win ne louna in anomer cot- jdency by ihe Frince de Joinville and Gen
umn. Efforts are being made by a few leial Changarnior, are daily expected.
toads in Europe to disparaee the ereat Mae-1 DENMARK.
c hnt ih Amprionn Ppnnlo hnve n.adel 1 he Ministerial crisis Tas Deen tormina
1 . rl Km iti. onnr.lntrv.Ant nT Mm " J?l 1 1 m rrn Rn
.... J L ...III 1.- .Mniunil ICU w nig UMI'Wi.iiijicii. VI .ill. ASIUIIIKO
iont and he will be received!. 'rn r jn i ci
I istnr of Foreign Affairs, and Goneral Flnms
accordingly. Our drawing room Naval ofli- burgh Minister of War.
cers cannoi appreciate such a man as ft.os-1 PORTUGAL.
suih nor are they expected to do so. H ad
somo of our older Captains been entrusted
with iho Command of tho Mississippi, there
would have been no complaints.
ihev hnrriPnrlafl. nnrl aiihsftniient v rnt nn
J ' -t j s , nn iho I jinn Spctinn nnw ntmmnnmnn. . . i i .i.
inrz Cabinet. All of them, however, have hoard .he f:hmke. thrnnoh the coi.nesv nf . 1 "1 rr:7..Z "I' ' " i5. 7 m memseives out lor mining, ana qu.cK
. i - ' -q-- 1 i wiih unier cnuuaiB whoiiwo i.iiuuimui ur . m , .. . i ., i
more or less Bonaparte tendencies. The MmmnnAr nr .h Rriit.h wt.nL ho oUoP.orl w are .hie to na '3 8ei on ,n iueax 01 ,arS num
provueu wiin mat very necessary article a
"Doctor." Her draught is only 2 feci
light. It is a source of some pride to find
so fine a boat in our trade. Her cabins are
ample, and furnished in the best style the
carpets are not exceeded by any of our first
class packets, and the chairs, sofas, mirrors
Ate. which adorn the Ladies cabin are cer
tain to make her a favorite with the Ladies.
The Captain, Wash. Kekr, is one of the
best specimens of River Men. Kind, afTa-
The elections are progressing favorable
to a moderate Chamber.
ble, obliging and ever aitontivo to ihe com- fjj-Kossuih is tho son of a lawyer and
foriof his guests and her clerk Mr. Na- small land owner in Zemplin,and was born
than Parker, is loo well known here, for in 1806. He is, therefore, now in his 45th
his obliging disposition, and sterling honesty year. He was married in 1842. Previous
lo require any praise at our hands. Tho i0 the Hungarian revolt he was distinguish
Later from" Northern Mexico Attack on
Malamoras Seizure of the Custom
House Mexican Reinforcements.
Charleston, Thursday Oct. 30.
We have news from Northern Mexico "P l self wounded
he also for early intelligence worth having, and who- bcr have settled down in trade tn ban fran-
ever can anticipate all competitors in trans- Cisco. 1 hey hail from Uanton without ex-
muting it shall be compensated therefor, ception, ii not being thought creditable to
without expres stipulation. como from any 0,ler place, and every grade
In ihe sphere of Upinion, Xhe tribune , , . , , ,7 ...
labors at all limes to conserve whatever in soc.e.y, .s represemea. insawiMiMnr
good and reform what is evil in the laws and or rustic to the polished or educated. It Is
customs which govern mankind. Attached said thai there are from ten to twenty thou-
by conviction and sympathy lo ihe Whig sand "Celestials" on tho Pacific, and out of
party, as that which least imperfectly com- h numW (h Br(J b(U ,w0 or lhr89
bines ihe love of Freedom with mat rever- , .,,,..
ance for Order and Law so vital to personal womcn- we maKa l" "& ""
security and National prosperity as thai ing extracts from the letter referred to:
which best obeys the Apostoiic injunction to You can scarcely look into the street but
'Follow Peace with all men.' and
son afterwords violated by ihe whole party, ihat the mission of ihis country is pacific zen marching in single file. Irregularly, and
A Mr. Miller, of Western Virginia, had also and industrial, not beligerant and subversive making a tour of observation, noting with
been attacked, and his brother in-law, Mr as that which alone uphold the great truth curiosity everything around mem. Here is
mat uovernmeni nasconstruciivo ana oenei- another trooD. twenty or mora. ndn wiih-
look them oil in his own boats;
savod their gold dust for them.
We have advices from Oregon by this ar
rival to the 23d Sept. Snow had fallen at
Astoria to the depth of eight inches.
Large numbers of emigrants were arri
ving, and the Indians had committed unpar
alleled outrages upon the Columbia river.
The family of Hudson Clark, of Illinois,
was attacked by a band of thirty Indians,
and his mother and brother murdered, and
his sister dangerously wouuded, and her per
Jackson, killed, and his daughter and him-
tfonf no uroll na ronrpcfiivn nnrl Hpfpnaivo I I .. I : t i .L
Two other nariir had bean , . . . . I.j -t'.J. 1. .u. "T ... l,u"B' uuu's' .7 vur ou? preparations tor Hie
4 . . y 1 " 1 lUllbllUIIOt UIIU UIWIIU MIUHIIMHIU W T I I II I 1 1 1 W .
n K UVrl inst A rv n ! tt n I .nvatfo II o I . .....-,
i W""-'"J1" attacked, but they repulsed ihe Indians
public can rely on him at all times, wuh the ed for his eloquent advocacy of liberal pnn- troops having oeonnreo upon irom waiamo
Great excitement prevailed upon the emi- totho introduct,on of new and ihe mainten
Slili lurzer bodies irmv ha seen with
II. . . !.... ..J.-J i. - . 4
ana auiy oi ijegisiauue aiu anu proiecuon gac of gUgnr and rica on lhuir backS( CBr.
assurance thai what he does is right. We ciples in the Hungarian Diet, but it was in ras, ihey rushed into ihe city, and seized up- grams an j inhabitants in consequence of, flnce of imperiled branches of the National
notice on board, among ihe crew, several fa- the character of an editor that his influence on the custom-House, cut were auerwaras these oni rages.
miliar faces who to say ihe least cannot be was most exerted and deeply felt. Kossuth compeilod to retire wiih the loss "of three SAN FRANCISCO MARKETS.
excelled by any steamboat ciew afloat. We is said to have commenced his career as a men. The loss of Government troops in Business has generally improved, and a
bespeuk for the " TiJfr," the liberal patron- reporter for the Hungarian Diet, and after; this skirmish is said to have been heavy. better feeling is manifested.
age of our people as she is jusl the boat for wards became an editor. ' Caravajal was hourly expecting large re- Flour is firm at $13Q13.25, and holders
ihe trade, in every respect. For her days) - , inforcements, and had made preparations for are anticipating an advance.
. Great Shipmnnt of Copper. The Lake . ... ... V.. r. ,. ... .. ....
o. .caving tneu.iicreni ports-see advertise- . . . , . ,., e luuiamuraa nei uiurunig. ?aics o. iviess rom were maKing at b - of our own parlv. Should we ever
mem. , . .. ... A large body ol Mexican relnlorcements, Hams 2225c ; Lard I4c. nerceivo or have reason to suspect ihat the
the propeller reninSUia Ciearea irom mat . Tamnlcn and Vera Out. hart nr. P,nl,,,,o . In rW pH nf oloun.in., and ennnhlinr, T.ahnr
aj m - r? i.i. u.. : s.u .i.. i . r.:u. " '". iu r -o
uv-iw .-. " . K: ' P0"1"01 ",or" "B VV" ,a,& a,,,0,S"'"-' rived at Brazos, but, hearing there was a de- Drv eoods and men's clothing generally by diversifying its employments increasing
Industry we hear no panv fetters and do
no leaders bidding. So far as we act with a
party, we are impelled to do so by a belief
thai those public objects which seem to us
most important can be more effectively pro
moted thus than by isolated and desultory
effort! but we know no obligation lo cloak
iniquity nor uphold wrong when perpetrated
ticket is
electod the balance extremely
By next week we will havo full
Cliff Mine, 50 tons from the Minnesota,
mostly in masses, and one ton from the Pen-
insula minn. nnn mass and iwo barrels.
A Bank Law was passed There wew x enormous pieces from the
Cliff, one weighing 6,070 lbs., and five
weirrhino over 5.000 lbs., each.
People, h has been adopted by a large -
a. I k haum i.!oU hS1am ma! m Um9 VtAAH slia.
majority, when we recollect that the usual ur-i y " tcn oa uuc.. u.o-
them and Matamoras, they concluded not to demand for ladies' wear, and fancy articles.
0r li.uiois
last winter by the Legislature of this Demo
cratic State, and submitted to a vote of the
prooeed any further. .
Many of the United States troops had de
serted and joined Caravajal's army.
A later report says Matamoras was cap
tured on Friday or Saturday; , . .
Orders hnve been forwarded to the De-
Candles were dull.
Sugar was improving.
The vote at the late election stood as fol-
generally conceded thai one half the Whig copper ever shipped from the country. She m f lw fc drwj Texans fc ; however, a gaod nd b"gin8 Producers and
.: .t. .. :.. .!.....) . I. . .. . l . . I i i on . i - . II 1. r.M .UAI 1 ' c 1 Punonmoro uiin mnm i rnmpnintn nnrl eon.
nitu ou tuna in inassca auuuaircis iiuiii iiiq i .... j . i . ... . . i wwmov.. -
nomic relations, can bolter be subserved out
of than in the Whig party, we shall not hes
iiaie to renounce thai party's support. And
every proposition or idea which contem
plates a radical improvemeni in the Labor
er'a condition whether bv the abolition of
lows: For Governor, Bigler, Democrat, Slavery, the reformation of Trade on the
22.476. Reading, Whig, 21,331 ; For Con- basis of Direct Exchanges between produ-
partmeni in this city forinore troops for ihe gress, Marshall 23,484, M'Corkle, 23,325, cer and consumer, the Organization of In
" ' .i o.nr i. .i.... f. j:ir. . .h ir...: wu.nM( Mnn.oiooot n.h oustry on a tiepuotican lnsteaa oi tne reu
ocoloco majority in Illinois is about 10,000, covereu m vnniwrumt uuu, uiiepu , uiic.nr.i, v., .,y...u. sw.m, ...g ja Bn(j Monarch ial basis which we have in
ihe abovo fact speaks volumes. from Bonora. i ne silver is pure ana ap-1 , oranencs oi me neg.s.aiure win do largely herited shall have our heany good wishes,
pears in small, solid masses, several com- turtner trom tns mo- wranaeitumorea democratic. even when we may not be able to concur in
Or Safes. We would ask tho attention panjes huve already been organized to work I Capture of Matamoras. I Tho Capital of the State has been re- the wisdom and feasibility of the precise
of those of our business men purchasing ,hi mine. Should ihe vein prove large and Later advices have been received from moved by the Governor from Valyoto Son modo and measure or Kuiorm which may
Safes to the advertisement of Hall, Dodds
ii Co. in another column. Their Safes en
joy a high reputation and thoso who purch-
so from ihcm may rely on getting an arti
cle ihat will stand the severest tests.
04T John R. Williams, ihe Temperance
Lecturer, has been in our placo the past
week-end we are pleased to know has done
much good. One of our grocery keepers
joined the "Sons," and on Saturday night
last a bonfire was made of his stock in trade
As he was out of the corporation ihe gallon
law cpuld not reach him, but i appears 'Old
Wjlliams' did. From whnt we could see,
however, tho sniff would not burn well
being rather freely diluted with cold water
We heard ono fellow remark that it was
"half converted" before
But, joking aside, the con
was much needed and
great good,
Jose. I be suggested. Wo will not surrender our
Tha VinllnnpA Pnmminu hno haan ,'ia. I frpnrlnm nf action tn anv one Idea, whether
Gen. Persifer F. Smith is using every ex- han j,c(i bu. g0 a8 ,0 mccl aeain when noC. Political, Religious or Social. We aro con-
enion to prevent any American Expedition essnry. iont to bo stigmatized both as pro-Slavery
crossing the Rio Grande.' He was engaged Society was improving, owing to a largo and ultra-Abolition, as bigol end infidol, as
in planning a complete change in the system emigration of Americon females. School puritanic and licentious, rather than put on
-V . , . u t j- houses were biilding. The barbarian of the harness and mouth the Shibboleth of any
of frontier operations against the Indians. . , . . , ... disannearinir little sect or faction which has fastoncd ii-
A rumor is prevalont In this ciiy, and gen- before the smiles of woman, and romping self to tho corner of some great truth and
rcluses to see anything oeyona.
The Indians were troublesome on the Every journal vaunts its cheapness
Northern frontier, and had become quite scores proclaim themselves 'iho chenpust in
dangerous. . tho world.' We will only say, therefore,
w It. . '
tnoi we pay lor paper aione moro man hall
Caps Db VnfltJ Islands Fearful Pesti ' a" wo receive from subscribers and pur
abundant, there will be somo hope of relief Galveston.
from the present scarcity tf small change
1 . - .
03-The New Constitution of Virginia
has been adopted by an overwhelming ma
joriiy probably by a Vote of ten to one.
P -
fjA pretty milliner living near Roches-
I . 1 J ! L. 1 I II . I I ' J .1 1 I I L I l -1 1 111 I .. t. I...
tcr, wno naa maae very iree wiiu several ernuy ueueveo, inai wen, vnravajai auu niaicnnaren nau aimosi ceaseu iu ue a imveiiy.
married men in that vicinity, was recently forces attacked Matamoras, and after a hard
seized by the Indignant better halves, and fight the city surrendered to the Revolution
ducked in a mill nond. lists.
Dimr'i Puiuchiho Hoesx. We invite atten
tion to the advertisement of George H. Derby &
rying them to their storehouses alter the
manner or ants. Or if the load be too hea
vy for one, two carry it on a pole. There
is a chap with a hugo basket of clothing, at
the bee's of an odd looking genius who
wears odd looking spectacles, and who reads
his book as he goes, to find the proper stop
ping places. Occasionally you behold fifty
or a hundred of thorn in ono gang, just ar
rived, and staring with ninazemeni at eve
rything, getting along about as fast as chil
dren going alone to school on a parade day.
The Chinese are slow in assuming the
American costume. Their clumsy shoes
first come off, nnd are replaced by boots, of
ten as much too I tug 3. They are fond of
big boots, and will seldom submit to a good
fit if they can got a pair of greater capacity
for the same money. Their feet are gene
rally small.
They are temperate, and a Chinaman I
scarcoly ever known to be drunk or noisy
in ihu streets. In their houses they make
merry with music and dancing. They are
fond of smoking, and are growing in civili
zation fast enough to smoke in tne streets.
It must be evident that events of great
moment in the progress of the world ur
destined to grow out of the rapid coloniza-'
lion on this Pacific shore, and the opening
of new channels of conimeree and social
intercourse. The past half of the present
century is full of the miraclts of science;
and art. The current half will not be wans
ing. Who can imagine what the year 1900
will bring forth? China, Japan, India, and
the Islands of the soa, will not be, 03 e
now are. ( A turning a.0.4 a.r o.vertu,rning, la
al hand. Th fjiuVse emigratioxi to Cali
fornia Is one link iftiKo chain. We live iiy
an eventful era, tha inV-ft of which in
creases daily. ' J
iSWrce.y a BOO UI nr,h ,p.m r,1 ..rl. hnt iwo hrim,
pumisnea a inai my, mey nave u . - . . waon Wfl .:.,, ,n,Q .h-
stream. Xhe horses were badly bruised,
their own publications amounting to a very re-
they gothoidofit, sIectable le"6th' 10 which W i10 and some aocounts say they were killed.
auest was one that v"s ' ' ' . ' . f ortunately, there was a raft ol logs under
quesi was one mat , d d mBti, which are eot UDi n . style nutl . .... ';.uiu -m u.ui.. u..t .. .u.
cannoi fail of doing t0 those of tne publishers in the Union, war,0 Z M ,0 save the Rhinoceros from
Co. Republican has boen called 10 mourn
tho domise of his old grey mor. lie ac
cordingly notifies thoso of his subscribers
who were lo pay In oats, that he no longer
needs tho article Wo oxtond 10 the discon-,
solnto Editor our sympihics. In. his cruel be
Accident. As the Menagtrie team with I ttiw.v.A letter from an offllcer on board chasers, and thai, but for Advertisements,
-i XT mr-i. t i. -s-, .Kai.i m " uh" wiiimiihii Hiv w iw 1 1 r r i , o. onif r uruo sea BiuiH i iiui i u e inosi uut milium cauuhuiiuico wuuiu cawocu uut
D0 vears sinoe the establishmeat of this house, at 'P81 evening crossing Second Creek-aboui fearAil pcsiilence as broken out in one of the receipts by many thousands of dollara. A
- ZVnlm ?.rm Thelei- copy of our VV ly or Wcokly eon-
ter says mat since tne aisease nrst oroxe " wiwiii oi i,nonRr (imu n
oni, one fifth of all the inhabitants have cost us money or labor) equql 10, the con-
boenswopt oflT,and the fever is still raging, topis of a fair average volume, fur wh,ich a,
The Amerloan Consul, Mr. Torress, and mojority ol our sqhscrib,ors n olihs) pay
his whole family, wiih the exception of on e us rather less than two cents. Whenever ii
child, have died. The disease is supposed shall bo possible to print a betpr paper for
to have been brought to the Island by a Yes- thai sum, we shall endeavor to lw a,m,ong
sol lately from Africa. ' the first to adppt lq Imnrayeirjerti. And
while wo respectfully rolicii subspripiians
Scott aud Dodquss! The old Horo, it Br,d ihe aid. of pur friends in procuring them,
will be soen, completely eclipsed the wily we do not desire the money ofany who com
Illinois aspirant, at th i Maryland Agricul- gider our paper worih loss than its cqst,
luraltair last week. Gratoful hearts throbt a yory largo accession is gonorally
bod his welcomo whonever he appoared and mnfj0 ,0 our istg aljouj jhe ,ime 0f iho as-
triumphant shouts greeted his approach. sombltng of Congress, wiih a view to recoiv-
Douglass, who was the oraior at iho Fair, ,ne ,he besi attainable summary of lis pro-
was almost lorgoiton during ihe presence oriCOcdings. To some who give thoir orders
thtf old veiorap. Summit Beacon, - 1 too lato. we are unsble to supnly the back
Their plan of sending their Books at suph low drowning. He was a fine animal, and it is
prices, free of postage, by mail, to every part Pf hoped ere this that he Is safe ashore. Ma-
Mortality. Tho Ediior of the Vinton u,e country ig an original and novel one, which rielta Int.
commends itself to all and should secure to them
success for their enterprise,
Canadian MiNisT.tv.-The new Min,8try of N. York, ha. been appointed Commission
CoMMissioNEtt to China. -Joseph Blunt,
of Canada has boon completed by the ap
point men t of Mr. Young, of Monircal,Com
missiouur of Public Works, and Mr. Tsclio
Receiver General. ,
or to China, in plaucof Hon. John W. Da
vis, resigned. Mr. Blunt is widely known
as a capable gentleman, and the selection is
much approved,
What is mind 1
W hat is matter 1
No matter.
Nevor mind.
(r The wags will never let Barnum.
alone. Iho last story in regard to him is
mat in his travels he has picked up a small
put UI Mil, UpU9GU IU llOTO ueuu lyll WIIBrQ
the Israelites pUohei their tenia, ;
Q5r You look as if you were beside your-
self, as a wag sqid q ft fellow wo, stood be
side a, don Hey,
0T Two hrqthers wen,t Io,lo a, SflQCitlaiio,n.
One went ih,roiigh Cjeorgia to buy a furm.,
and sook luj,nds with all iho farmers and,
children on ih,e rou,te, In ahont tw weeks,
ihe oih,er follqwed with" an" itch ointment and)
founij q great demand for his remedy t ,
O-Tho Lockpori Courier gives an eni
taph in Washington for a little boy, whoTelj
a victim to a prevailing Uisease:
"Tho little hero who lies hore
Was conquered by tho diarhepat,"

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