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I .'
f fin in.Wint . J.v the Rev. J. F. GlVT.!,, Mr.
fen Ciii to Miss Faances L. Humphhit
All of this place.' . ,
On tho 30th 'ult., by the Rev J. F. Given, Mr,
TimtON Buknks of this place to Miss Mult Wao
goner of Mason Co., Va.
' i Keligious Notice. .
ITTThe Rev. C. T. Eaton, of the tfniversalist
denomination, will pteach at the school-house
neat Thomas Radford's, on next Saturday evening
at early candle lighting, and at the brick school-
house in Pomerov at 3 o'clock. P. M., on next
Sabbath, and t the. school-house in Sheffield in
the evening.
medical Notice! The Meigs Co. Medical
Association will hold a special meeting on Satur
day, the 8th iust., at 10 o'clock A. M.
By order of the President.
Pomeroy, Nov. 3, '51. Secretary.
OBoef Cattle, No. 1, gross weight, $1.50.
"Hog! ... : " .83.87a3.00
. Steep, -w. - " S9.3Ja9.50
Veal, ' " 82.00
SAFES. Patented Aueust 21st,.1849.
' Warranted free from Damp and Mould, as well as
Jrf o proof. -
We are manufacturing' the above superior Safe
at our establishment on Columbia street, between
Broadway and Sycamore street, No. 49, and have
' constantly on hand a good assortment.
These Safes are a better article, as it regards
Fire Proof quality and Dryness, than any others
manufactured in the United States.
We say further, that no manufacturer dare risk
the reputation of their Safes by testing one of
equal size ana tmcKness with ours, on a fair trial
by fire.
Should they or any of them conclude to do so,
we will furnish them a Safe free of charge, provi
ded it does not on trial prove to be the best article.
Cincinnati, Nov. 11, 1861 nSlyl
Pomeroy Foundcry.
THE partnership heretofore existing between
Wm. McAboy and Spalding Cutler has this day
been dissolved by mutual consent. Dated Oc
tober 27, 1851. WM. McABOY.
November 11, 1851 3w.
Engines, Machinery, Plows, Stoves.
THE subscriber having purchased the entire in
terest in the above establishment, is prepared to
furnish any article desired from an Engine to a
flat iron. Having in his employ the most experi
enced workmen, he can safely promise that his
work shall be as represented and to put all cavil
at fault he will warrant all work sent from
his establishment He is prepared to fill orders
for Steam Engines, Machinery of every
kind Stoves, Hollow Ware, Grates,
Salt Pans, Metal Plates of every size
, and in short anything and everything that can be
manufactured from castor wrjught Iron.
His Steam Engines have given the highest satis
faction in every instance when properly set in
order, and for neatness of finish and excellence
of materials are not surpassed anywhere. He in
vites orders from any part of th Western coun
try convinced that he can do such work as will
stand inspection in aay market.
Pomeroy, November 11, 1851 n51tf.
Regular Passenger Pack
et between Pomeroy and
Cincinnati The splendid light
-draught Passenger Packet
WASH. KERR; Master, will leave POMEROY
every Monday morning, at 8 o'clock.
Will leave CINCINNATI every Thursday eve
ning at 4 o'clock.
IT The TIBER is new, substantial and finely
furnished intended solely for this trade and may
be depended on, as such.
For freight or passage apply on board.
November 11, 1861. nSltf.
i I9 a. Pomeroy and Cincinnati
lr 'T! Packet. The light draught and fast
running steamer
, JAMES NEWTON, Mastkr, leaves Pomeroy
every SATURDAY morning, at 8 o'clock.
This boat having been purchased expressly for
this, trade will make regular trips. Strict atten
tion will be paid to the comfort of passengers,
and the prompt and safe delivery of freight en
trusted to the oare of said boat.
November 11, 1881 nSltf.
Regular Pomeroy and
Portsmouth Semi-Weekly
Packet The Steamer
JOHN BRUBAKER, Master, will make semi
weekly trips between Pomeroy and Portsmouth.
Leaves Pomeroy every Monday and Thursday,
It 7, o'clock, A. M.
Leaves Portsmouth every Tuesday and Friday,
at 10 o'clock, A. M.
BT The REVEILLE having been purchased and
fitted up expressly for the Pomeroy and Portsmouth
trade, will run regularly, leaving promptly at the
above hours. All business entrusted to this Boat,
will receive particular attention.
Pomeroy, August 26, 9859. m2.
.Between Pitsburgh,Marietta, Pome
roy and fjiaiiinoiis.
The new and fast running steam
er GOV. MEIGS, Captain John N.
i Shunk, will make regular weekly
inns between me aoove Dorrs.
Leaving Pittsburgh for Marietta, Pomeroy and
"usmpoiis, every TUfcSDAv, at 2 o'clock, P. M.
Keturning leaves Pomeroy for Marietta and
Pittsburgh, every THURSDAY at 9 o'clock, A. M
June 09, 8005. n37tf.
A T MY INSTANCE an attachment was this
.r day issued by H. H. Rice, a justice of the
peace of Salisbury township, Meigs county against
tne property ana enecis ot Josiaii Mninon, an ab
sconding debtor. JOHN THOMPSON,
Oct. 18 1861 no51w4.
ALTHOUGH some of our merchants tell about
cheap traveling and other such things, ena
bling them to sell low, we can beat them, as
we returned home from the East in a skiff, thus
enabling us to sell 20 per cent, lower than any
body --who traveled by railroad and steamboat.
More than this: while others were paying 75 cents
per hundred for freight, Andy shipped a lot in the
skiff, thus payine no freight at all. Beat this,
vho can; and what if better--our story is strictly
V U, 2low schedule of the cheapest goods
Vo be found in he market, which neither require
''Auctions" or "Poetry" to sell them.
For Ladies.
Girighams, Calicoes, Plaids, Irish Linen, White
t i i Colored Uambrici, uioyei, Hosiery, buns,
ceo: Shawls. Ribbons, Pocket Handkerchiefs,
Cravat, .and .a new and splendid style of Evelina
good-tho prettjie article for ladies drpsseg ever
loader-ana no other btobr has tueu,
Jtfor ticntlemen. '
Plain and Fancy Casshneres, Tweeds, Satti-
, nctts, Cravats, Vestmgs, Gloves, Suspenders,
Hats, Cap, &o. "
LSO- Hardware, -Quccnsware, Nails, Tobac-
n Cigars, Sugar! Tea, Cotfee, Spices, Toys, 4c.
. fed a "big.dog" in addition. In fine, every article
,uol or unusual, kept jn (..retail store.
Don't forget the nlaoe sign of "pheap Andy,"
- WbiteFlagi
All kinds of Country Produce received in ex
change for goods at the highest market piice.
Pomeroy, November 4, 1851.
JEKIONS A RANGES. 20 boxes fresh
and for sale cheap by G W HOLMES.
j'ROOOMr 30do. first rate articles cheap
ID" The new postage law, which took effect
July 1, 1851, permits us to send Bound Volumes,
weighing not over two pounds, by Mail. This is
a great event, and the reading community have
came for sclf-ccnirratulation.
The discount on the annexed List will be twen
ty per cent, viz:
91 25 Books for '- 1 00
1 50
2 00
3 50
3 00
3 50
1 20
1 40
2 00
2 40
2 80
.5 00
4 00
Extra Inducement. On receipt of the cash,
we will forward by Mail or Expres, Books ordered
irom the following list, on the above terms, and
free or expense! so now is the time for those re
siding in different parts of the country, who are
not in the vicintty oi a boekstore, to purchase
their books at greatly reauced prices.
List of Books, with booksellers prices attached:
Doyle's Ready Reckoner, new and, improved
edition, from new plates.
Yonn Lady's Gift. , . ' .
Jay's Family Prayer. "
Dodridge's Rise and Progress.
Baxter s saint's Kest
Robbin's Prodnce Reckoner; showing the
value of different kinds of Grain, by the
pound or bushel. 12mo. 75
The Young Man's Book. 75
Chamber's Treasury of Knowledge, I 00
Lamartine's History of the French Revolu
tion of 1818; with steel portrait, 1 00
Fowlci Phrenology; Proved, Illustrated,
and Applied. With cuts. 1 00
Combe's Constitution of Man 1 00
Moore's Lalla Rookli. A beautiful edition.
Steel plate. 1 00
A Gift Book for Young Ladies; by Dr. Alcott,
With plate. 1 00
A Gilt Book for Young Men; by Dr. Alcott.
With plate. I 00
Fox's Book of Martyrs. 1 25
Lives of the Wesleys-
mgnnrs rrogress: wim motes ana i.ne oi
the Author. With plates. 1 26
Life of Christ and his Apostles; by Rev,
John Fleetwood, D. D. 1 25
Life of Dr. Judson, the head of the Mission
ary Enterprise; by J. Clement. 400 pp.
with Portrait. 1 26
Lives of the three Mrs. Judsons; same as
above with three Portraits. 400 pp. 1 25
Life and Essays of Dr. Franklin. With Por
trait. 1 25
The Life of John Quincy Adams; by Wm.
H. Seward. 1 25
The Americau Fruit Culturist; by John J.
Thomas, 1 25
Headley's Women of the Bible, 1 25
Headley's Napoleon and his Marshals. Il
lustrated. 1 25
The Life of Empress Josephine, first wife
of Napoleon; by P. C. Headley. With ,
steel portrait. 1 26
Indian Captivities, or, Life in the Wigwam;
by Samuel G. Drake. 1 25
The Missionary Offering; dedicated to Dr.
judson. I 25
The Life of General Zachary Taylor; by H.
Montgomery I 25
Life of General Scott; by Mansfield, 1 25
The Generals of the Last War with Great
Britain; by JohnS. Jenkins. 126
Popular Poets. l2mo, neat cloth, with Por
traits. Mrs. Heman's Poetical Works,
Moore's "
Byron's " "
H. Kirk White's " "
Milton's ' "
Cowper"s "
Cook and Howitt's
Tuppers " "
Wordsworth's " "
Campbell's "
Fremont's Exploring Expedition through
Oregon and California. 1 25
The Life of General Andrew Jackson; by
J S Jenkins. Steel Portrart 1 25
Lives of James Madison and James Monroe;
by J. Q. Adams. With Portraits 1 25
Young's Science of Government. New and
improved edition, enlarged. 1 25
Oregon! Its History, Condition and Pros
pects. By Rev. Gustavus Hines. 437 pp
12mo. with Pc irait 1 25
The Silver Cup of Sparkling Drops from ma
ny Fountains. Dedicated to the friends
cf Temperance the world over. By Miss
Porter. i 00
Thrilling 'Adventures by Land and Sea; by
James O. Brayman. 600 12mo pages, Il
lustrated i Kn
Dean Swift's Works. Illustrated edition:
containing Gulliver's Travels, Tale of a ,
Tub, Battle of the Books. &n i Rn
Popular Biography, by Peter Parley. 600
PP- 1 60
Youatt's Farriery; being the most important
pwis oi "louaii on tne Horse." Ameri
canized and simplified by H S Randall,
with 60 wood and steel engravings;' large
12mo 1 60
History of the War with Mexico; by J S
Jenkins. Illustrated wiih 25 steel and
wood engravings. Large 12mo v 1 60
Wild Scenas of a Hunter's Life and Remark
able Adventures, i 50
Noble Deeds of American Women; or ex
amples of Female courage and vtrtue. 1
vol wito Portrait j 50
Daring Deeds of American Heroes; by Jas.
O. Brayman 600 12mo pages. Illustra
ted. 1 50
United States Exploring Expedition, " 2 60
Antiquities of the State of New York, and
the West 16 lithographic plates. 80
wood cuts, by Hon. E G Squicr, 2 50
Schoolcraft's American Indians; their Histo
ry and Condition. New edition, enlarged.
with plates. 3 50
-i,iDrary 01 natural History. 1 vol. royal
octavo, with 400 engravings. Compiled
from the works of writers on Natural His-
-,iry!. . . . 3 50
-luurry s notorial History of the United
States. 600 pp. 8 vo. Numerous engra
vings. 3 so
'Byron's Works, in one volume, 8 vo., in
cluding all his suppressed and attributed
poems; with 6 beautiful engravings. 3 50
-onaKspeare's iompiete Works, in one roy
al 8V0. volume. 3 50
-nouin-s Ancient History. 2 volumes. 4 00
-vyciopepia 01 useiul and Entertaining
Knowledge; forming a complete Library
of Family Information, &c. &o. ByW.
W. Murray, Esq. Embellished with 350
angravings. 1 vol. royal octavo. 5 00
"uoiman s European Agriculture and Rural
Economy. Embellished with aixty en
gravings from wood and steel. Sheep or
ciotn. 5 00
Books marked with a star, thus
mauaoie, we will, However, send them free of ex
pense 10 any place in the U. fc. or Canadas to
which we can send by Express, except California
or Oregon. Parties ordering should be very nar-
1.1 1, u mi iv give men iuii auuiess, lown, Uounty
and State. N
(ET Funds can be forwarded at our risk if mailed
in presence of the Post Masters and numbers aud
awes 01 the same retained.
No books kept or sold by us of an immoral ten
dency. N. B. Agents wanted to sell the above Books;
iu wiiuuiiMRGERijiscouNTgwui De given.
AU orders should be addressed Post Paid to
Publishers, Buffalo, N. Y.
November 11, 1861.
NOTICE is hereby given that I have been
appointed Adrainistor of the estate of Ste
phen M. Hayman, deceased, at the Sept. term of
Meigs common pleas. The creditors of the dee'd
will therefore present their claims duly authenti
cated for settlement in one year from this date.
Oct. t, 1851 n47w3pd.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a petition
will be presented to the Trustees of Rutland
township, at their session on the 20th day of De
cember, 1851,'for an alteration of the road lead
ing from Braily's mill to Wjlkesville: Beginning
at the east bank of Leading creek at the bridge
at Brailey's mill; thence northwesterly aronnd
the bottom land of Ansel Brailry; thence west
until it intersects the road at or near the grave
yard in said township.
November 11, 1861. n51w4pd.
at No. 4 GEO W. HOLMES.
PEAS. Inchests, half chests and quarters,
L fresh article, for sale ery low at No. 4.
. O, St, HOLMES,
"t 7E have just opened a very large and beau-
V f tiful assortment or -
direct from New York, Philadelphia and Balti
more. The most part ef which were bought in
large lots from first hands, at greatly reduced pri
ces, expressly for the Jobing Trade j and we feel
confident in saying that we are now prepared to
offer t'iie ereatest bargains, either at Wholesale or
Ketail, that has ever been seen in this section of
oountry. If you will call and examine my stock
the prices shall convince yon that what I say is
true. E. S. EDWARDS.
Pomeroy. Nov. 3, 1361. '-v'-
a Pieces Black, Green, Red and Fancy Al
tl" paces, French Merino and Thibet Cloth
at , .EDWARDS'.
Nov. 3, 1861.'" -
Pieces Muslin Delane, all colors,
10 do all wool do., and Poplins, very
cheap, at EDWARDS'.
-t A Pieces Black and Colored Dress and Bon
I U nett Silks. A fine lot of Bay State, Black,
Red and Mode Shawls, of superior quality, at
Nov. 3, '51. tUWAKUS'.
fLCf Pieces real Madder Prints, from 8
OVJv to 12 cents per yard.
50 pieces Gingham ana Hoyie's 0-4 rrinis. ai
Nov. 3, '61. . EDWARDS'.
Cloths t Black, Blue and Drab ; Also Cassi
meres, Sattinetts, Tweeds, Jeans. &c, cheap
at- , tunauw,
Nov. 3, '61,
oots and Shoes: a good assortment, at
y , cnwinnci
CJJXK, Fur", Mexican and Wool Hats.
a. 1 uiia a. iiiuui
Ki Mr Uliieh lUUMH I ttUU VJWii niiat w
Bonnets t FlorenceBraid,
do., Colored Straw, at
China Pearl, Tulip
'. 1 Hi, ." 'I A
Nov. 3, '51.
Awful Onlnmitv and Urea '
stocK 01 titf as is
JUST received at the Star Store, from the Eas
tern cities, a superior and splendid stock of
lfii .nd Winter Goods, which will be sold at
such reduced prices that it will astonish the Na
tives. My stock consists in part of the following
articles: '
200 Pieces Fancy Prints, at 60 cts. an annual.,
200 . " . Brown Muslin, awful pheap.
500 pair Boots and Shoes, for almost nothing.
25 pieces Alpacas, from 25 to 60 cts per yd. .,
20 " Muslin DeLaneB, at any price you want.
20 ,; Casimeres, from 60 cts to 01,25 per yd.
in " Broad Cloth, ever so cheap.
60 Bbls. Wh'.skey, by the bbl gal or quart.
With a host of other JNotions, sucn as are usuauy
kont in thin Market' All of which wiU be sold
shocking low for cash in hand or produce deliv
ered. '
In view my Goods more fully to explain,
I will by the way of poetry proclaim s (
Let pealing drums and cannons roar,
And send the news from shore to shore.
That all creation both for and near,
Of cheap John's poods soon shall hear. :
First I will speak of Dry Goods rare ; .
Such trophies sure will make you stare.
Of Broad Cloths Cassimeres and pants so cheap.
Of them it is useless more to speak. 1
Delighted vou can't help but be
When you see their prices and their quality. ' ;
The Ladies win my compnmenia receive , .
And call they must, the wonders to believe.
As for prints I have all kinds of styles
From 4 cts up to 25 cts piles on top of piles.
In Winter Goods for soon it will come,
I will give you bargains, ho just for fun. '
From 16 cts to 25 you shall see Alpacas very fine;
And by the bye great bargains can be seen in ev
ery line
Edgings, Laces and all kinds of fancy shawl.s
With Gloves and Stockings both here, and Cot
ton to suit all that calls-
Large stock of Boots and Shoes with best Sole
Leather. ...
The very articles to suit the muddy weather;
Hardware from Jews Harpslo Blacksmith's anvils
Not omitting two dozen of Mann's axes with
Oh mv Whiskev. too, I am sure it is first rate: '
Just call at the Star Store for bargains great. , .
These with many other articles are tor sale by
the subscriber, who is sometimes called Cheap
John, and also JOHN M. STRIDER.
10,000 bushels of Oats, and all of the Corn,
Pntatnps. Flaxseed, and Beans that I can get. For
whioh the highest price will be paid in cash or
N. B. A Tew words to those tnai ine com ins :
What an awful thing it is to sell Whiskey. Oh,
denlorablo wretch that does it I He has no con-
sc ence He is destitute 01 an mnniy principles !
This is the language of a few would-be ;men of
this place. As lor my pan, 1 aamu 1 sen w niS'
kev. Of course, according to the above declara
tion I must be a very devilish oreature! but what
will some nersons say to making a child's bargain.
And that is this : When you quit slandering your
betteis, and will come up like men and pay your
just debts, and not lie eternally, ana set time to
time for years, then; I say when that comes to be
the case, I will quit my bad habits. .
A few words. 1 say, you will una to oeuue,
Attend to vour business, and you will have
enough to do.
October 28, ;51 n49tf. '
TVT OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the subscri-
ll ber has been onnointed and qualified as ad'
ministrator on the estate of Ezekiel Worthen, late
of Meigs county, decoased. Dated at Orange, No
yembcr.3, 1851. JOSIAH SMITH.
November 4, 1851. n50w4pd.
COIIEN, has the pleasure oT announcing that
through every obstacle and in despite of all
misfortune he is again at his post witha splendid
lot of Clothintr. He has passed through the fire
and has not been found wanting. Although one of
the severest sufferers, yet through the kindness of
friends, his establishment, Phoenix-like,, has risen
from its ashes, with all its former beauty and excel
lence restored. He hopes his, buying friends will
rally around him and assist in the work of recover-
ng his loss.
CIthing for the Thousands.
Cohen, 011 Front street, dispensing .0 his
countless customers the most superb, convenient,
cheap and durable articles of Clothing ever heard
of in the annnla of time. Come one and all and
be habited. Summer goods of all descriptions for
sale unusually cheap.
we read that in the days of old,
The Poets sung of mystio Love, - 1
But for the best now things have changed,
As in these stanzas we shall prove. .
To Cohen give your attention;
Facts of importance he will mentioni
Oil Front street, at the old stand,
As every person surely knows,
He always keeps a fresh supply
Of tasty, good, and well made clothes;
Cloaks and coats of every cut and kind,
To please the most fastidious mind;
Pants and Vests the very best,
He ever keeps on hand;
Collars and Shirts and fancy Hut,
?he latest style wthln the land;
ine cloih arid silk plush caps,
Marietta Shoes and Boots,
And fancy gentlemen's furnishing goods.
Cottons, Silks, Linens and Hosiery,
Carpet Bags, Trunks and Jewelry
There is no scarcity.
Those who would be wise will come and buy
of his supply, on Front between Court and Lind
streets, at Uohen's Headquarters.
Pomeroy, June 26, 1851. n38tf.
R. E. Constable, . R. A. Constable
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
and Solicitors in Chancery,
Athens, Athens County, Ohio,
WiU FROMPTLr and faitiifi'lly attend to all
usiness entrusted to them in the Ohio Courts or
b the Circuit and Supreme Courts of the United
DOflice eight doors West of the Post Office
and opposite the Court House.
July 10, 181. fiOtf. V
a. fo-
started for the East in dead "low" water, and
got np to Wheeling in 30 hours, and never
stuck 1 Made my quickest trip over the moun
tains, and arrived in Philadelphia before break
fast 1 1 1 iTook up the morning paper, and foundil
the Sheriff had levied on ana would sell the next
mornine a fine stock of Dry Goods. Terms; cash
As I had a little of the Ready alonr. I wet
down to the auction; and if I did not buy goods
cheap enougnwis time, isnan iuy again) I I
They have just arrived at River freights, less
than one half what my neighbors have naid. so
that I will now be able to Bell less than any per
son in the Ohio Valley III
The stock consists of
"Merchandise generally. n
Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Queensware,
Boots, Shoes. Hats, Caps, Bonnetts, Iron. Steel.
Mill Saws, Farmers' and Mechanrcs Tools, Win
dow Glass, Glassware, llollowware, Stoneware,
Clocks and in fact about everythmeusefnl to in
dividuals of this country.
Oct.27, 1851 n49w3.
rVT OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a petition
i X will be presented to the Commissioners of
Meigs county, at their December session next.
asking that permission be granted Benjamin Nel
son to make an alteration in the direction of the
State road running through his farm in Salem
township: commencing about fifty rods east of
his house; thence in a southwesterly direction
passing a few rods south of his house to intersect
the same road on the top 01 tne mil about twenty
rods west ot his house.
, ... B.NELSON.
November 4, 1861.-no50w4pd. ,
Sale of Ileal Estate by order of Court
On the 20th day of December next, A. D. 1851,
at 11 o,olock in the forenoon, at the premises, in
Scipio township, in Meies county Ohio, will be
sold to the highest bidder the following tea1 Es
tate, to wit : south west corner or the south east
quarter of section No.; Id, in town No. 7, and
range 14 in the Ohio bompsny's purchase in Scip
io township, in Meies-cuunty, Ohio. . Subject to
the dower of the widow." Appraised at 9700. and
mu't sell for $466 2-3 on the following terms, to
wit: On? third in hand'; one third in six months;
and ond third a one year, with interest from day
of sale. aw iitu llh, Adm'i
.. , , r , oiBiias wiinson.
October 28, 'Sl-ji49w6.; ,
A Second hand tioiier, 24 teet long ana w 1...
in diameter. Also, one Saw' and one Grist
Mill Engine. Also, Fire Front and Breeching fof
two 40 inchlBoilers, with stand and Steam Pipes
complete. Will be sold very low, if abplication
be made- soon to W. V, PARR, Ravenswood, Va.
Octoper;28, .'61 n49w3pd.
NOTICE is&hereby given that I have been
appointed aEd qualified as Administrator on
the estate of Benjrmin Chase late of Meigs coun
ty, dee' d . . MARTIN CHASE.
October 7, l5l P47W3
Notice ts hereby given that a petition
will be presented to the commissioners of
Meigs county, at their December session, 1851,
praying for an alteration of the State road that
leads lrom Ainens 10 uampoiis, wnere 11 crosses
thelland of Horatio White, In Scipio township s
commencing at the crossing of the creek near Jo
seph Howells and ending in the center of the
White's land; so as to run parallel with the line
between said White and Peter Alkire.
Sept 27, 1851 n47w4.
AT myinstance an attachment was"this day
issued by H. H. Rice, a Justice of the peace
f Salisbury township, Meigs county, against the
ropedty -and effects of James Muir a non-resident
sair county. . , . WILLIAM SHORT.
Sept, 13, 1851 n47w5,
- Notice.
AT my instance an attachment', was this da
; 00110,1 1,1, u u !; . t, nr..
j m muwi vj ....... f.u a. .uobiiiv ui tile icm;c
for.Salisbury township, agaisst the property and
effects of David? J. Evahs,.an absconding debtor.
, , J . U. It. WILSUN.
August 25, 18S1 rn57wS. ,
i NO tee.
The subscribers having been duly appointed by
the court of common pleas of Washington coun
ty to administer upon the estate, of Thomas W.
Williams, late of said county, deceased, hereby
give notice to all persons indebted to said esUite
10 mane payment to tnem : and to all persons
naving cinims against said estate to present the
same to the n, legally authenticated, within one
year from date.
A. W. WILLIAMS, Adm'r.
Marietta, 00t. 28, 'il n49w3.
AT my instance an attachment was this day
issued by S. S. Paine a Justice of .the Peace
of Salisbury township, Meigs county, against the
property and effects of George W. Aken, a non
resident of said county. WM. WALLACE.
Pomeroy, Oct 20, '61 n49w5.
Tax Notice.
J of Meigs, for the year 1851, are as follows :
For State purposes, 36 cts. on the 9 100 valuation,
For County Revenueia "
For Common Sohool 10 " '. -And
a special School
tax in Scipio of 4 m -For
Public Building 6 " " " " '
K)so for Road pnrjoses a general levy of 10 cts.
on the $100 valuation, and in the Townships of
Chester and Urange each 20 cts., in Ulive 2 cts.,
Salisbury lOcts. on the 8100 valuation.
And for Town and Poor purposes in Bedford 10
cis., iiuuana iu cts., Salem 6 cts., Salisbury 6 cts.
Scipio 3t cts., Orange 10 cts., Olive 31 Lebanon
6 cts., Chester 8 cts., Columbia 8 cts., Sutton 031
ts. on the 5100 valuation.
Also, a corporation tax in the town of Pomeroy
of 34 cts. on the 100 valuation.
I will attend at my office in Pomeroy, personal
ly or by deputy from the 20th day of September
until the 20th day of December 1861, for the pur
pose of receiving said taxes.
O. BRANCH, Treasurer of Meigs co.
Pomeroy, Sept. 16, 1851. f
Road Tax Notice.
The Commissioners of Meigs county at their
March'session 1851, determined that a general
levy of ten cents on the (100 valuation, be as
sessed on the taxable property of said county
entered on the duplicate of 1861. .
ALSO: An additional levy of 20 cents on the
tlOO valuation, by the Trustees of Chester, of 2
cents on the 100, by the trustees of Olive ; of
20 cents on the 100( the Trustees of Orange,
and 10 cents on the... 9100 by the Trusses of
Salisbury. "S. HALL1DAY Aud.
Junei26, 1851. n38wt.
Remember the faithful Dead."
HOLLISTER & LEONARD would respect
form the citizens of Pomeroy and vicinity
that they still .continue the MARBLE BUSINESS
in all in all its various branches at their oldstaud
in Marietta, Ohio. '
Having just receiued a large and well selected
assortment of Italian and American Marble Slabs
and Blocks, are nrenared to make in nnW MON
of every variety, on the shortest notioe, in the
meatist siyie, anu ror vnc j.owmt prices,
Marble Mantels, Centre Tablo-Tops, &c, al
ways On hand. - r
Grindstones fVorn the best Warren Quarries,
constantly on hand, wholesale or retail.
Any orders addressed to us at Marietta, or H.
B, Smith, Pomeroy, will be promptly attended to,
warieua, u. june la, 1001, naimo,
pOAL STOVES. The celebrated Enterprise
w 11 00. i, i anu a auauu eee.nein, at
No 6 against the World 1
FOR go 0() artices at ow prices.
TTVull Assortment
We are now receiving
J. large additions to our stock of Groceries,
winch we are selling very low for cash.
Come and
examine tor yourselves. -
TVT OTICE. At my instance an Attachment
1 1 was this issued by Seneca Height, a justice
of the peace of Rutland townshio, MeiKsoouutv,
and State of Ohio, againBt the property and ellecta
oi wuuamr. rvent, a non-resident of sauicoun
July 7, 0085 n40w3.
t Wis,
Molasses 30 Barrels vnd 10 half bar
Tela; for sal by
House and Lot for Sale. -
rtlE UNDERSIGNED offers for sale his House
and Lot in Miflersville, near V B Horton's
upper coal-bank The size of the house 30 by 08
feet two, stories and a half high. The lower
story is made sufficient to keep a store, grocery, or
boarding bouse. The lower story is 08 teet square
of a room. The second story has two large rooms,
with a good fireplace. The upper story is all in
one room, with a good fireplace. Also, a good
cellar, 00 by 13 feet. The lot is CO feet In front
by 225 back.
Any person wishing to purchase this property
shall have a great bargain.
May 22, 0085 n33w4pd
Wholesale nnd Retail Dealer in
Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Nuts, and
Confectionery, ; .
would respectfully announce to his customers,
and the public, that he has constantly on hand a
targe assortment of every article in his line, which
he is prepared to warrant equal to any brought to
this market.
He keeps constantly on hand, besides CANDIES
' And ina word every variety of articles usually
found in a wholesale Fruitery and Confectionery.
Having an excellent BAKERY attached he is
prepared to furnish BREAD, CAKES, CRACK
ERS, PIES, &c, as may be desired, :
"Parties furnished to order. ' "
The subscriber pledges himself to keep such a
stock as cannot be surpassed in this Market.
Dealers generally, and especially Merchants
from the country, are invited to call.
JTUrders promptly and satisfactorily filled.
Pomeroy, May 29, 0fi85 no34tf.
Iemoii Syrup, for sale wholesale and retail
CE CREAM. This deFicions summer lux
ury will be served every evening and fflrmifjes
supplied to order at HOSSICK' S.
50 bars superior ai
iust received and for sale low at No 4.
20 boxes fine regalias;
10 do Canones;
13 do Fine Havanna;
6000 Commons on hand aud
for sale low by
(229 W HOLMES.
HORSE BUGGY can be obtained oil li
beral terms by application to
PRIME OLD WHISKEY. 20 bbls. on
hand from one to three years old for sale at
Messenger, Down Sunday, Up Wednesday,
Buckeye State,
" Thursday,
Keystone State,
" Sunday,
" Monday,
Saturday, " Tuesday,
Ohio, Down Tuesday. Up Sunday.
) Leaves Pomeroy Monday & Thursday
ronsm'tn Tuesday a many,
Protestant Eniscooal Rev. Thomas B.
Dooi.ey, Rector.- ServiceB every Sabbath morning,
at 101 o'clock.
PresbyterianRev. R. Wilkinson. Pastor
services every babbatn morning at 10J 0 clock.
Methodist Euiscoi)aIREv.IJ,,F."GivEN.
Pastor: Services at the upper cliurch on alternate
oauoain mornings, at 10 o'clock at lower church,
every babbath alternoon, at 3 o'clock.
Roman Catholic Rev Theophilus Krapf,
rnest: Services every babbath morning.
German Methodist Rev. Mr. Geyer,
services every Sabbath morning.
German Lutheran Rev. Mr. Habel,
Services every Sabbath morning.
MASONIC Pomeroy Lodge,
No. 164, Stated Meetings, Ihe Monday
evening, on or before the lull moon in each
month. Hall in Murphy's building, becond st
I. O. O. F. Naomi Lodge
No. 117, Meetings on every Friday
evening. Hall in Edwards' building
Welfare Division, No. 96, Sons
S-of Temperance, Meetings every Saturday
Evening. Hall in DeUamp's building.
Salisbury Division No. 292,
'J Sons of Temperance Meetings on Saturday
1 bvenings. Hull, Kice's building Middieport
mv" Crystal Fount Division No. 1,
t3jl Sons and Daughters of Temperance meet
ings every Friday aftemson at the Sons'
Hall in Pomeroy.
A new and very handsome one seat BUGGY;
J and one as good as new with two seats, will lie
sold at less than cost, tttbu a tmu 1 hhk
June 26, 8500.
Two medium size office Stoves used
only one winter
just as good as new, for sale
very l&yr by
ONE HUNDRED DOZEN M' Lanes celebrated
Vermifuge for sale at $1 16 per dozen by
June 26, 7500. E. S. EDWARDS.
"JMour Always on hand and for sale by
Rye Whiskey 60 Barrels Old Rye, for sale
invite the attention of Country Merchants to
my stock of Notions and Fancy Goods, which
can be sold at low prices and on reasonable terms,
consisting in part of the lollnwing articles:
800 pieces Bonnet, Cap and Taffeta Ribbons;
000 doz Tuck, Side, Dressing and Fine Combs;
uuu wnitcantt CCored Spool Thread;
000 lbs. " Skein do
000 Black assorted Patent do
COO doz. Artificial Flowers
000 " Elementary Spelling Books;
200 Gum Suspenders;
200 Gross Hooks and Eyes;
300 Pearl and Agate Shirt Buttons;
600 Coat and Pant do '
600 M. Plain and Ribbed Percussion Cons;
60 " Rockwell & Son and Bates' Ncedlrs j
60 doz Men's Cotton and Lisle Thread Gloves;
20 " Berlin Lined and Wool Gloves;
" Ladies' Lisle Thread and Cotton do
" Kid and Silk da
Military Shaving Soap;
" Razors; '
" Clothes and Hair Brushes;
" Shaded Comforts:
McLane's Celebrated Vermifrtre and Pills:
60 Packs Pins;
Laces, Edgings, Fringes and Plaid Grecianette:
Silk and worsted uoat Bindings, Silk Thread
and Twist, flic. ao.
Posneioy, April 0T, TO06.
House and Lot for Sale,
THE subscriber offers lor sale his dwelling
house; also, his corner house, at present occupied
as a Chain Cabinet, and Tailor Shop, together with
the whole lot. haid property is situated in the
most public pan of Graham Station. The mem
ises is well caloula.ed for any kind of mercantile
business. For further particulars apply on the
prtnisw to M. C. CHEKKLBB.
PINS.,? bib. BeiTPins just rccciv-
JL)ed and for, sale by.
H. U. SMITH, Agent
Dealer to Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware,
Oaaensware, ele.
L the corner of Cherry and Front,,, where he
will be happy to greet his numerous friends and
customers with another (the fifth) lot of 01.
Goods. Having purchased the entire stock of
T. W. Williams and connected his own therewith
he is prepared to trade for every marketable arti
cle, cash not excepted, upon terms to Knit.
N. B. The Stove Store and Till and Copper
Establishment will be continued in the old stand
one door below by SMITH ii THOMPSON.
July 90, 1869. .
(CLOTHING made to order nnd warranted in
J every particular by 11. 11. SMITH.
Boot! 9i Slioes.Wishihg to clorc out tliir
part of my trade 1 will sell below the usual
rates at wholesale or retail. II. 11. SMITH.
July 97, 9859.
1 umber, Weather boards and inch poplar
j for sale by II. B. 8MITI1.
Buckets tt Tabs. Frcm the Marietta
Factory for sale at SMITH'S.
lass Jars, Tea Boxes, Lamps and
store room furniture for sale at
H. B. 3tf
rooms..--0 doz. at wholesale at
SMITH says that the Cash system works like
o charm. He has just returned frcm the
Queen City and is prepared to accomm wte his
numerous customers with tlio following articles
at his cash prices.
40 Barrels best Molasses;
16 do Middling and Extra Sugnrc;
10 Boxes Raisins;
10 do Sonp;
10 do Candles;
Sugar Crackers; Soda and Butler do.
Coffee, Tea, &c.
Spices and other articles belonging to the trade
at Wholesale or Retail. Call nnd see him first
house above the Rolling Mill. "He's there."
EATFORM SCALES, for sale at Cin
cinnati prices, at SMITH'S.
Kanawha Salt 40 barrels for sale very
low for cash at SMITH'S.
' I " WENTY-FIVE Bushels Shoe Pegs, as
I sorted sizes, from the best factors in the Uni
ted States, for sale at SMITH'S.
nrd A splendid article of No. 1 for sale at
May 8, 1851 - sau'iu-
TEA STORE. Having just received
a new supply of that splendid TEA, from
Philadelphia, 1 offer it to the public with
renewed inducements. H. B. bMll H, Agent.
Jul y 17, 1861.
Coda fountain for sale, with all the ro-
O ceipts and app1en,incc8' l
May 8, 1851.
1 KITHFILm lTnner.
Calf. Tottpirtft Lin-
I Jine and Binding skins, for s'nle at the store of
SOLE LEATHER. A splendid article 0
Cincinnati and Hemlock Inn, for sale at .
1 11 r.
T-kT.AKTIlVG POWDER. 25 kegs iust
Oreceivcd on commission aud for sale upon the
cash principle, by H. D. SMITH.
THE Second term of Mr. Williams' Singinh
jlass will commence on Saturday evening thcStt
ast, at hall pasi seven u umi 1
if the Presbyterian church. Persons desirous of
miting with the ciassare invited to be present on
ihat evening.
July 3, 8500. n38w3.
HAVING newly fitted up my Wharr float,
.mi imnrnverl its canacitv. I am urcpared to re
ceive and forward all kinds of goods, produce, &c,
eirher up or down the river, at the most reasona
ble rates. Having mace permanent arrangements
with the steamers nlvin regularly to Cincinnati
and Pittsburgh, lam prepared to forward freights
at uniform rates regardless ol the season. 1 nose
wishing to ship on the Pittsburgh and Cincinnati
Packets, or on any of the sraalltrboals plying re
gularly "Ohio," "Reveille," or "Gov. Meigs,"
can make their shinments throucli me at a greal
advantage. My charges are moderate, and as my
facilities forstoring goods are not exceeded by any
other boat on the River, 1 invite businessmen to
vmmilt their own interests by advancing mine
Jareful a.id attentive hands are always ready day
nd night, to receive or discharge freight.
Families removing to the West can be nc
ommodated on board the Wharf Boat.
iunel2n36 JAS. MARTIN.
N. B. All letters and freight should be direct
ed" J. Martin, Pomeroy Wharf Boat, Court House
irj-Athens Messenger copy to the amount of SI
ad charge this office.
rp- Da. Guysott's I.MraovF.i Extract of Yix-
low Dock and Sarsafarilla is a sure remedy for
Hereditary Taint.
Thousands of individuals are cursed with griev
ous complaints, which they inherit from theii pa
rents. The use of ihe Yellow Dock and Sarsa-
darilla will save all this, and save a vast amount
of misery, and many valuable lives, for it tho
roughly expels from the system the latent taint,
which is the seed of disease, and so takes off the
ourse by which the sins or misfortunes of the pa
rents are so often visite l upon tl.e innocent off
Parents owe it to their children to guard tliein
against the effects of makdies that may be com
inunicated by descent, and children of parents
that htfve at any lime been affected with Con
sumption, Sctofula or Syphilis, owe it to them
selves 'to take precaution against the disease be-
ng revived in them. Guysott's Extract of el
low Dock and Sarsaparilla is a sure antidote,
nch cases. See advertisemnnt. n36w4n
O" Consumption is a disease which is carrying
ts victims to the tombs by thousands, without
being arrested in its progress by the medicines in
common use at the present time. But a brighter
day is coming, and has come ns to successfully
arrest this disease. DR. ROGERS' LIVERWORT
AND TAR, not only gives immediate relief in
oughs and Colds, but from tho testimony of men
of the highest standing hero nnd elsewhere, it is
making some vory reuiBrkable cures of Consump
tion. Improvements i the treatment of diseases
te onward, and nothing can arrest Its spirit in
the present age. Those who are nfiuctea with
diseased Lunirs. would do well to call on the
Agents and see the certificates of Dt. W m
Richards, Judge Wm. Burke, the wife of the
Rev. Geo. W. Maley, and of Dr. Hiram Cox, late
Professor in the Eclectic Medical College in Cin-
einnnti. -
For salo in Pomeroy by J. P. Flkmiso and D
Run, Agent for Meigs county. n312,
Agent. The undersigned having establish
cd a Store at the resilience 01 juyron vv ells, on
Horse Cave Creek, will keep said store constantly
supplied with such goods as may at any time be
wanted by the citizens in that section. It is our
design to sell nt Pomeroy prices, though some ar
ticles in Groceries, during bad roads, a rruall ad
vancc will l e added. Any article wanted by th
citizens not in Said store can be ordered and sent
out at shortest notice.
The stock in said store is now much larger Ihnn
heretofore. So Hint customers will find nearly as
full an assortment ns in any store in Pomeroy.
Produce will be taken in exchange at the market
drice in Pomeroy. KUI.D & KUOTUKlt
November 21, 0850.
Log ohains and Malhookst '
Hues Rakes and Forks; .
Long Handle Shovels;
..Plough Hniiie.'j , .
,' , X Cut Saws;
Broad Axes;
Slecly.itds nnd Hand .Sea'lr.i; .
une large warehouse M ans;
For bale very chtaj. . KEED EaOIUGU.
v- siiwn.-tw. . ,. MTtexri
ILLA. The remedy lor Purifying tie'Ulor,d,
and curing disenso, and the amy remedy' 'lhut is ,
thoroughly efficient and perfectly harmless.
This Medifino.wlien uw-daooi'rdiiiclorflTt'Ciionsv'
.Will Cure Without Fail,
Scrofjh, or King's Evil, Cannon, Tumors, l?rur- ,
tionsof the ski n, Erysipelas, Chronic Sore Eye,
ringworm, or Tetters, Scald hcdd.Rlieitmatism,'
Pnins in the bones or joints, old sores and
Ulcers, swelling of the glands, Syphilis,
Dyspepsia, Salt Rheum, dircases of th
kidneys, loss of appetite, diseases ar- .
rising from the use of Mercury, . , y -.
pain in the side and shoulders, -i
general debility, dropsy, lum- ''
bago. .
Ti e best Female Medicine known. Innturnt
Consumption, Barrenness, Leucorrhea or Wl ites,
Irregular Menstruation, Incontinueuce of I rine.
General Prostration of ti e System, Depressed
Spirits and (iloomy State of Mind are cured liy
mediate relief, by renewing the fountain of HenltlV
and Strenth, the Blood. It neutralizes bad hu
mors, stops unnatural accretions, nnd gives heal
thy action to all the vital powers.
Its mild alterative properties render it peculiar
ly applicable to the slender and delirnte consti
tution of the female. It immediately contracts
that distressing nervousness and lassitude efr
common to the female frame, and imparls a eil-e-gy
and buoyancy as surprising as they are grate
ful. Wc have evidence on tile, which induces'
us strongly to recommend this medicine to maf- r
rien people who have not been blessed .with off
spring. Prolapsis Uteri, or Falling of the Womb, of fiv
years standing, cured by Dr. Gupsott's Extract
of Yellow Dock and S.Trsnparilla, after every
other known remedy had been' trfcd without
relief. ' , . ' '
Washington, O., February, 1849.
This certifies that my wife, nged twenty seven
years, has been suffering under the above com
plaint for five years; nearly al) that time confined
to her bed. I have for four years constantly em
ployed the best medical talent that could le pro-' - -cured
in this section of the country, without any
benefit whatever. I have also purchased every "
instrument recommenced for the ebreof such 'dis
eases, all of which proved worthless. 1
In the spring of 1848, was induced' by my
riends to try Dr. Guysott's Yellow Meek tnd
Sarsaparilla, which wasugd for four months.
tier she had used it for about four weeks, it
was evident to all of us that she improved Fpiif
ly, and gained flesh nnd strength, nnti I shew
now enjoying excellent health.
We being neighbors to Wm. and Julia Mnn
rt, know that the nlioi't statement as to (lie
sickness of Mrs. Mnnf irt, find as to tlieeure beiiiK
effected by "Guysott's Yellow Dock and Katita-
parilla," to be strictly true.
IN'O. The following is nn extrnct of a letter dated'
March 27, 1850 from E. 15. Perkins, M. I)., n
iglily respectable physician of Marietta, Ohio:
John Park Dear oir: l have under my care a
onng woman w ho, for sixteen years, I1113 been
uffering from llccratrd Limbs, and whose case
as been pronounrcd hopeless by three ot otu
best physiciaus. 1 took her into my family, and
nve used Guysnlt s lellow Dork and Sarsnpa
Ha freely, nud I am confident that the Yellow
Dock and Sarsaparilla will effect a permanent
cure, bhe is better 111 general health limn she
has ever been before, and walks n mile -r two
without fatigue or pain. A a pear ago she ns'-tt
crutches. 1 will report the case in due time
Very respectfully, E. B. PERKINS.
fljlf tlio render will observe, he will see that,
n nearly nil cases, the patient has tried 1 early
every physician within Ins reach, and nearly
every remedy; but when he hits upon Guys tt':,-
Ycllow Dock and Sarsaparilla, the cure is im
lii.onMi.No Grovk, Dee. lsl If 19.
Messrs. S. F. Bksnett & Co. Gents; Some
time in 1813 I was attacked with King's Evil in
my arm, which became so sure that 1 could nofv ,
se it, and in 18-15, mortification set in. I cm- V.
ployed, at different times, each physician of c ele
brily within my reach; all told me that my prn
must be nmpiilaled. From the shoulder to llic-
foreann, my arm was full of runninc sores, s n.e
of them as large as a ' fifly-e cnt piece. I then
tried nn Indian Doctorwho removed the morti
fied flesh, nnd stopped the mortification, 1ml
could not heal my arm. My BtrenL'th at this
lime was completely exhausted, nnd my person
much emaciated. 1 continued in this state until,.
the summer of 1818, when I saw an advertise
ment of "Guysott's Yellow Dock and Sarsa pa-
lln," which I read attentively, and sent for on
bottle of the article. After using it a few days,
the discharges from my arm iucrea.ed, and as-
umed a light color, nud less offensive odor. I
sent fur a second bottle, and while using it I
found my strength increasing, and the discharges
10m my ann decreasing. 1 continued using it
until 1 had used six bottles, though I felt n.yself
petfoctly cured before 1 used the sixth bottle.
Since that time I have not felt any pain in my
ann; no sores have reappeared, nnd I have no
reason to doubt that it is thoroughly cured, for I
have no reason to doubt that it 1,1 thoroughly
cured, for 1 can labor with it as well as I ever
Guysott's Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla" ae
lono cured me; 1 took no other remedy whil
using it, nnd had I used it at tho first appear
ance of tho malady, I fully believe it would have
saved me from years of suffering. And 1 most
earnestly reconmied every person suffering under
any similar disease, to use "Uuysotts ellow
Dock and Sarsaparilla," which will restore them
0 health. Yours in gratitude,
ItTNone genuine unless put up in large bottles,
containing a quart, and name of the wimp blown
in the gluss, wnh the written signature, S. r. Benr
nett. on the outside wrapper.
UTrrice 51 per bottle, er 6 bottles for 8ft.
Sold by -J. D. PARK, Cincinnati, O.
North -cast corner Fourth and Walnut sts., -entrance
on Walnut st, to whom all orders, must
be addressed.
For sale by D. Rued, Pomeroy G. W. Cooper
&, Co., Chester, John Frame, Cco'ville; J. Cape-
hart, & Co., Point Pleasant; John I'erkins, Athens;
Maguct & Naret, Gallipolis; S.s. Murray, Wilkes
vUkjG. J. Payne, Porter.
CJOAP & CANDLES. A good article of
v37 both o hand and fui 6ale by the box.
Rfny Jtmt of xMrlmc, tnd mom Hun Haadyoit
Thonnud Cm ef,Conmptlve ConpUinu, h
proved 10 Ik undoubted Hllffacnon of oil peraonl who Mr
bKome Kaoalnied with thla wmdtrul nrnaV, l " I" I- ,
It Mtrlar, beoa II to moHmt nd Wwp, r,d nor
crrtnln to cure Ouaamtln of e Laaira.ifeu n
other Remedy to Ihe world. We know, however, irmi ll le wia
ey tome ibu Canmmptlos n not be eared. Be tliet the op n
Ion of the many or the few, we ihell not ulempt with
uch, but thl we mil toy, end do omri M t ttet, wnlcn eon no
proved In Ihnaanarte of euee, that IhU medicine hue rared
CounK$ ni m which, U)an the cure, were efTeclod, werj
eilled real oanamptton, end which were itMided wlta
ymploM that rewmMeJ, end were In all rm t Ii, thejjmp.
tome of thnae woo dfe, end whm itai ere eatd to have And wtlh
that fatal dlaeaes Cemamptlon. Thl; Italian, haj cured
laeiuomu of peraoni who were aald to be hopeknaly MBIcwd
who bad hari, dry, racket Conafce-Pom, In the Hrrnal,
Sid, and fiada-Dimealty of Brenlhlaar-i'avflrat t"T
tmtlM-titcHt tmr NijM..Va-iHl WRutlna away
of Ihe Flene and Blood. Peraone havtni nch complalnte
bave been cured after It waa aald they awM I live a arena,
longer. Thla Medicine hat cured aome who were anrMed ro
be In a dvlaa atate. but. by tie a of (hll reaeedy, Uiep
ow live, and enloy good health.
Thla Hainan la
nt ,,, ta'.u b,1 J
atage of d laoaae or endef
any ctrcumaiancae. It effect. Ita wonderfal and
rncaleaa Caroe Uy ParlfylDC, StrtngtHnvIr,
. I tka, wlvnla aw.tMm-.llV MOIMUIlMlff M. CI.
ia wmi mm
..end 1 avian.
Mreafolfoa, and
produciiur a kmllh eciion-lhui allaying :aaili iit m
Nerveaand oidine and farUitaiutg aUaeoloratlou. If
Cure Uie following dlaeaaoa, via. i
Consumption, v
CIIVtSHS and CoMt, RriMi, AMmn, Sptlliaa ef! Ma ,
Hliiixt " I.mp, P" " M lwail, Ma, aUOMN
Kunw, JVMI Simnlt, ftitahM o Vl Hmri, and all SaV
RIAI.K WEAHNBrUKKIj and CemjbmU arkaau lW
from, Caolera lafaalaai, kc
- rr far Proof and particular, of Corw, eoe oar Pee,
akleta tad Jaa-Mta-all our AieaM have thea to live awjv
a '

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