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TUP Twill,' iTT'iro u i? i?T mn
1 lllM.BUh IHCihS I 1 V I. I' LUIU.
Or Gut-laic J nice I
l J
.TDPOnrVt r t . ... m... r...-.i, cf,.r..Mt
kLik n.iiLL liiuri rit-iiiin, i.i ..lie i-m.vm, owuiavii ,
of the Ox, after directions by Baron L'.kbio, i 25
the great' Physiological Cheniinl, by J S HOUGH- 24
TON, -M D, No 11, North Eighth street, Philadei
phia, I'a. .iV'" , 25
This is a trnlv wimderkS remedy fir INDICES "in
TION. t.tVR!t 0")XKlr. anl D EUILlTY.Vjg
aurin? nftii'rliJntMriVR on method. 1)V Nature's wl
method, the Gastric Juice." : 000 " " ' 3-4 cheap;-.' v . i. -
Half a tensm-anfttU of this Fluid, infused in ; 25 pes. Flannels, all colors; n.
water? vildit'eU or dir,snlvcI'ivi:l,otiNor..i)FKaBT !&0 " -Bleached Muslins, nil prices!"'
Bute in Auoiff tv o hiu'hu. oulhf the stomach. . i Bleached and Brown Drills' and Canton Flannels;
' fJrij'.r.e Evidence J ' i Apron Checks and Check Shirtings; " ;
Hanm Lii'mo, in his celebrated work on Animal Shawls Thibet. Wool, Silk EiubrviUJwrad & rlad;
( Chemistry, soys: "An artificial Digestive Fluid, ; Cashmere and D'Lano press Woods, very liaud
iwla.;.eis to the fla-vrie Juice, may be readily) some; ' ' .'
prepared from the iimonoits membrane of the sto-, 10 cases Hats and Caps, New styles; ; - ',-
much of the calf, itl which various articles of food, : Umbrellas, Carpet Bags and Satchels; ' '
o.s meat am! cues, will be so softened, changed and j Jaconets. Cambricks, Book, Swiss & M ull JlusJnsj
digested, just in t he same manner as thoy would be t' . !i:.d "eiy Finding'-' ..
n the human stomach." ' Saddle Trees and Buggy Hemes; . . -.
Dr PiiKKi.iA, in his famous treatise on "Food and Oil and Gum Cloth; " " ' '-.- m,
Diet," published by Fowlers &'Wells, New York, , puitnt Dash Leather and Coach Lace J- '; '
price 3G, slates the same treat fact, and describes ' Harness Trees New style; .',..1; ,.
the method of preparation. There are few higher ; Carpet Hag Frames and Trunk Locks; . .
authorities than Dr. Pereira.1 , I Buckles, Bridle llitts and Stirrups; y
Dr' Co-irk, in his valuable writings on the Phys- j Rein Simps, Terreis and Water Hooks;
ioloi-y of Digestion, observes that "a diminution Spurs, Saddle PliistTaiid Strain Webb,.
of tho due quantity of the Gastric Juice is s , Harness and Martingale Rings;
prominent and all-pievaHing cause of Dyspepsia;" j Bridle and Shoe Thread and Silk;
and ho statiis that "a distinfj-uished professor of strain Web and Girthiiiit; ' ' 'v''
medicine in London, who was severely afflicted Saddler's Needles, Awls, Punches and Hammers;
with this complaint, finding everything else to fail, Culling Knives and Cutting Thrusts;
had recourse to the Gastric Juice, obtained from i lnd Screws, Spot, and Brass Nails;
the stomach of living animals, which proved com-1 Brass Buggy Bands and Carriage Handles and
pletely successful." j Hinges;
I)i Graimm, author of the famous works on Buggy and Carriage Springs and Dash Frames;
"Vegetable Diet," pays: "It is a remarkable fact Curtain Cloth mid Leather;
in phvoiology that the stomach in animals, mace-1 And every other article in Saddlers' line,
rated in water, impart to the fluid the property of j Hardwares ' ,.. , .
dissolving various articles of food, and of (.fleeting 50 different kinds of Lock3 and Latches;
a kindof artificial digestion ol them m 110 wise
rtiiTerent from the natural directive uroccss
DrSi:OK's treat oik, tl e "heniistry of Jinn,"
(Lea & Blanchard, Phila, 184t, pp 321-2) fays: !
"The discovery ol i'K,rsif lorms a new era 111 uicj
ehemical history of Digestion. Fkjb recent ex-
prriments we know that food is dissolved ns rapid- j
ly in an an artificial digestive fluid, prepared from .
Pepsin, as it is in the natuial Gastric Juice itself." ,
Professor Dexoi.iso.v, of the Jefferson College, 1
Philadelphia, ill his great work on Human Physi- j
ology, devotes more than fifty pages to an examina-,
tion of this subject. His experiments with Dr. j
Beaumont, 011 the Gastric Juice, obtained from the j
living Human stomach and from uninials, ore well ;
known. "In all cases," he says, "digestion oc-
eurred as perfectly in the artificial as m the natu-,
ral diteslious."
Dr Holciiton'8 nreiiawtions of PEPSIN has pro
duced the most marvellous effcls, curing cases of
Debility, Emaciation, Nervous Decline, and Dys
peptic Consumption, supposed to boon the very
verge of the grave, ll is impossible to give the de
tails of coses in the limits cf this advertisement
but authenticated certificates have been civen of
CURES, in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston
al me. These were nearly all desperate cases, and
the cures were not only rapid and wonderful, but
, It is a great NERNOl'S ANTIDOTE, and par
ticularly useful fi.r tendency to bilious disorder,
Liver Complaint, Fever and Ague, and the evil ef
fects of Quinine, Mercury, mid other drugs upon
the Digestive organs, afler u long sickness. Also,"
for excess in eating, and the too free use of ardent
spirits. It also reconciles Health with Intemper
There is no form of OLD STOMACH COM
PLAINTS which it does not scorn to reach and re
move at once. No l.mtli r how bad 'they may be, it
GIVES INSTANT RELIEF! A single dose re
moves all the unpleasant symptoms, and if only
needs ti be repeated, f.-r 11 short time, to make thefts
good effects permanent- PL K1TY OF BLOOD
and VUV.K1 OF BODY follow at once. It is pnr
tirulnrly excellent in cases of Nausea, Vomiting,
Cramps, Sureuess of the pit of the Stomach, dis
tress af'er ea'iiy, low, cold s'Me of the Blood,
Henniirs.:, Lewsieffof Rptrits, Despondency, Ema
ciation, Wtat.iss, teniiiicy to Insanity, 8 twice,
(f. '
Pr'e-e, Ol-", DOLLAR pa bottle. One bottle
wi:l often elt.-ct a la.Ti'.;; cure.
Every boric bww he .vfltien signal ere ei J S
nOl 'GHTON, .M 1 1, sole proprietor
Sold by ageii's : n evi ry U
anil bv reTiilv.' d.:e .'.cah. :.;
11 in the l.'nited States.
in M' lii' i HfV I'elieii-lly. !
Also, for at the Dr
Pomeroy, Ohio-
re of D. liEKD,
(!II.!!I.FS N.
f i ii-
DY, be s leave
Q.'-l-"f5"'".V;.'V'.J Vr"' the cimonso
v'"''"''-y ti'
''f "-. ?if S -CrJ' found at his re.-:ii
4JS;.l f '',' :.. ... ..., 1 ..,,..11
mav be
i:t ShellHd, at ml hours,
when not prefeS'iioniliy
ill. lie is prt pared
to execute nil opcraii in:: per.niuim; to the proles-1
sion. hi a stvle of nea'.liets. case and durability.
TEETH inserted in comp'eie or parts of sells, j
upon gold plate, vi hor without nrt:liciai Gums, in j
ko accurate a tiiimier, as to deceive the closest ol- j
server. 1
Hiscat-e3 shall in all raws be lev.', amlgMdn- j
ated aceofbnglo theanifuiitof labor and material
expended; pledLiug luiuse.l 10 give eir.ire siuisiue
tiou in all ( are.; etitrns'id to his euro.
J.rLADll'.S wailed upm at their residences, if
fTThc NED T. killed r.ud .he; Tootlusaved with
out (-en a ioii of pain to tiifc patient,
ft , The l,i ll,.-.ei) w.li be used for extracting
Tte'.h, if retired. I
CANCERS, ail kiu.ki o:d IiI'NNING SORES, i
SCiiOFl. LA, FITS, I'lIE' MATlsM. ilr.t ami st-j
eon.l s ages of CONSUMPTION,- en n.t-delatej
tern's. '
He invites the atllii-ted portion or the c iinii'n..y
to give him a cull. A fair trial is all he .',sks.
iYav, 85 1i:,0if. '
August 20,001)5 icluml
To Engine Builder anil olk'rs using
CnT'prr Work.
ITTE are prepared to maiiufactUJe upon the
WW,, sliorietl ny.ice ana 111 tn-; ue.it manner;
all kindn of Copr.or Work at Cincinnati prices
Ukvekkncks McAboyfc Cutler, J. C. Depew,
R. C. Grant, Pomeroy; Mr. Jones, Jliddleport;
Cnpt. C'Milev. of steum'.u at Ohio.
Pomeroy, August 2G, bOOO.
. J ' OIUVT1' LAKD. Pot those who served in
I 'the War of lil2 with Great Britain or any of the
Indian. 1 have received a copy of the Lite Act of
Congress, passed September 28, flft.50, granting
Bounty la cd, 4c, and am prepared to procure
lauds under the provisions of auid.
Those, desiring information concerning their
rich's to lands can be informed by application to
me. .Nochangewill be made except in cases pro
ving succefi!,f.il, slid in such charges will be reason
able. ' . ,
1.. . ;,. ,- y,- s
agent lor-tU.' Wi.rl J , renowned , Lumeent, and
O'.'Cl' WwhetooiOiiind and for sals by .
;. '". 0R0-W.H0LMK.8-
155. J. W. i geon
. JDc?jt?-M'orU)iinilh,,Oliio. " Will
visitl'OiMKHO, in the fin-t week of
the miuiUiS of June, September, December and
March,.- ... Mireh2S.i2yC0
ibU busiieis sncllcd Loin aa bus.
J' '. ' ynJy CcfSfaiCM-"' ' '
" - W - " Dried Apples & Peaches; ' lhpology. It presents new aud well demonstr.1
! " SOOiivTaUoi' in casks. - ' ted syidems of Phrenolocy, Physiology, aud Phys
We nfr.-i- the above wain by tim quantity. I io.norr.. ml 8urvty. fr,-,!na new position, the
It i Ail in. Jind oi.Vr and the brst uinlity,
, .Dr d'.t 'fid T.un.t.er; -
' iil.votiiig ituards) ' " ,
Fer'i-a.u vtiv li.w'fo,' cash by
p. f.ed a rmo. t.
'' .l..,i;.',ui-.'q a A
f - "
TkM vl:iM-rJt' lolPew crop, on hadand
J.TX b : rneMHffn.
"oakes a nrsxiRK
t-.. 1 4 'ill NfiEK ATCtfjAJtlEIED
k T'SYSItI." tMlV'iM. lev it'
. :
ll HE. Ltujr.n&i--i-.u nave mw pjccivra men
I .,... nf Siirinir mid Summer GOODS, con-
sisting in gart as follows:
. .xu pes. rruiis
CO pes. 1'rinte the newest and most fashionable
Furniture Chintz very rit-ht i , i 1
" Sntinetts, Ermine Clollu Cassimercs and
Kerseys,' :... i'-i.' .
" Kentucky Jeans, various colors; ' .
Blue1 Muck, Figured and Col'd Alpacas;
" Eastern Linseys, of various oolors; .;. .-
New style Ginghams
t'00 bolts Brown Muslin. 4-4 best;
ah xinds of files and llafps;
All kinds of Chisels and Plain Biltst .
All kinds of Augers and Uittn;
ah kinds of Saw Sets and GimMuts;
jhu, scroll and Hand taws;
Tenon, Circular and Key Hole Saw
Wcod and Billet Saws;
rtroad and Hand Axes; .
Hinges, Screws and Finishing Nails;
Braces, Oil Stones and Itules;
sil0e Hammers and Peg Finals and Punches!
Shutler and Window Faslenings; '
u Screws and Castors all kiudsi ... .
y, a-m screw arm Pullies; v
Brass and llahocnuy Knol s;
Anvils, Vices and Strew Plaits; ,.. .,
Bellows' and Sled.le Hammers;
And a great variety other articles in this line.
, lioots on-i Shoes.
6 cafes Men's, Beys and Children's Iloots;
2 " WcinMi's heavy bootees and buskins; '
2 " Children's " shoes, best article! , -2
" Misses bootees and shoes, a sup. article;
5 poz. Ladies' Calf and seal bootees and buskins;
10 " Infant and Chhildren's small shoes sup.
10 " Ladies and MisscE Kid Slipper,, and thick
soled Shoes
We especially invite the public to call and ex
amine our stock. We have- now the largest and
best selected stock we have ever "had; and 'many
very fine articles such as have not been kept in
Pomeroy before.
We are prepared to fill any orders either Whole
sale cr Retail 011 very reasonable tetms.
P omaoy, Apiil 7, OO. nStf.
igfars e() Boxes Fine Principes;
tO Boxes Cctiones;
15 do Fine Havannn;
80,000 Half Spanish;
10,000 Common; on hand and for fale low
by . .OAK.KS & BUSK1RK-
V'Tiie subscriber has just received and is now
epenest the finest assortment of Gentlemen's Dress
Goods to be found in the city of Pomeroy; which he
offers to sell and make up when required, into the
most fashionable garments, at the loweat prices.
His stock consists of Ihe following articles:
Iliar k, Brown and Olive Cloths; Bluck. Doeskin,
Fane valid Plaid t nssimeref; Black ,-alm; Brown,
iBlPckaud Steel Mixed Pntinelts; J weeds and
iJiaus'; Plaid Civvals; Black Italian Do.; Fancy
: : ill; Neck Ties: Wick Cloth Cops, Navy do; Net
hh'r'.sand Drawers; Suspenders, A c. &c.
; Dcu't fortet the place Brading's New Clothing
I Depot. Wl LIJA jn!RAD!NG.
t CH.
i 1 i i'H.0 lbs. ilan.s very f.r.c;
5t.:0 " Souiders do
2000 " Clear Pork .do
Fi r sale cheap for caoh.
VE STT 1 3F'3 cf all kinds, warranted goodl
just received and for sale low by
! V
t I( I li I L - fO lb!s. Nrs. 1, 2, and
just received and for sale low at No 4.
, i
,.1 Jl. 1 -
Bin bcr-ous Rcccral !
J. ADDISON has removed liis Barber Shop
to Court street, where he may always be
found ready and willing to serve his patrons in the
neati st ami most fashionable style. Feeling thanks
til for past patronage, lie would respectfully soli
cit lluse who detire to have their countenance
scraped, and hair trimmed neatly, to give him a
cull. .
With i."."er sharp and water hot,
He'll iilwi' 1. be found on the spot,
Ilffidy to vrve all who please to call,
Both old a.id young, and great and small:
Tl.cn doi'l telay, but ewe along
And have it done up neat and strong.
Pomeroy, May 22, 85 n3'!lf
Xo. 1. liUfii SI., WiildJej-orJ, Ohio.
rjv. . i jLCWS. Tli
tatttnticnof faun
UV.... r. r
is tailed to n;y assortment 0
Longs Patent wither with
out stocks ; also, Plow Points and Land Sides.
April 07.. E. S. EDWARDS.
s. Tea Store I have on hand a large
R"sB lot of Imperial, Young Hyson and Black
aLiJi TEAS, which I am prepared to sell in origi-
lint iackages either of C.J lbs., by the half chest,
or uyine single iu, nt very low prices
April 07, 500.
o!!oV Wairc A large assortment on hand
and for sale at
V I 7, 8VM.
C UCi Alt. 20 bhds. N. O. Sugar on liand and
r for sale low by GEO. W. HOLMES.
August 5, U33U. nl3lf.
I I A VINO finished the Jiook, we shall now turn
1 1 mir attention entirely to the manufacture of
all knuliof
$ialdlcs XIa'.ness, Trunks, Saddle
EagK, WhijM,
Or, in fact everything.' that is kept in a Saddler's
simp, from a saddle down to a pump sticker. Hav
ing been selling work for some time for the profit
01 'l'-7c '!!'; . S.V" . ..." ;'m
nm. ut n!.ovi; Ku..j k ltM.
January 9, bft'J. L. S. CROFOOT.
Monthly 32 pages per ntimher; fl per an-
; .,i--. i, ,, r, w . , ',;
1 ' ' , ' ,r .
f: Bi-Monti.lv and Mcxtui.v-7iS pagts per an-
I num; r 111 nuvauce; 10 copies ier ij.
1 , This is the only journal in Europe or America
i ,tevotc'1 10 n ccn,P,c,e 0,1,1 oriinnl y,m of A"-
j Humanitarian progress, and the event wonders and
I di icuverks cf the ii;.;e. The doctrines of the Jour
I ual have been sanctioned, geiicmliy, by phrenolo
gists and ireii of science, who have given them
'an investigation. Specimen njimbcrs will be
'sent gigtuiiouSly. Addrot3 tho Editor, Dr. J. R.
' uuunni'.i.1, v.tti iiiiuw, ,.,i,i.,ui,t.vd ov tn.
Editor's rink.
Volume first leiug stereotyped, copies will 1
lent by mail for S3. This volume contains nine
plates, one being a mnpTof the New System of
rhrenology. , ' no3Swl.
" ; liSAOiKU'S DEPOT I ,
One tlaor helnw Crawford 4 Siinr'i store,
T '-Front tlreeK i'omeroy. Ohio? "
)UST RECEIVED from Cincinnati a large and
well relected, stuck cf READY MADR tLO
TlllNG, which has never been surpi sxd in qual
ity or mice in this market, Being a practical
Tailor, and baving been carrying nn the business
for seven years in Prmer.iy, I have selected my
stook with a full knwlti.'if the w.ajits this
market locking U al4UlUia8'lg-.(b' A!hcap
prions. 1"evi H' t i; -";;, ,'.'.' 1
,My stick consists 1 of Drss,i Frock and .Sack
Ctats. Panfaloi.n:!, Vests, Shirts, UndersliirUl
Drawers, Furnishing Goods, Cravats," Caps,,TnniliS
&c. Also, a superior article of Tailor's Shears
and Points; an article kept nowhere else in Poiue
roy. '.. 1- -j ' . . ' .
jTho undersigned docs . not feel it necessary to
boast of the great variety and cheapness of his
stock. - He knows that an examination of his
goods will tell more potently , in their favor than
all the high-fainting' words.to bo found in Walk
er and Webstur, could s.iy for them, lie there
fore leaves it for ethers, wluwe stock needs to be
praised, to tell about .the variety, goodness, . and
cheapness of 'their goods. His goods speak for
themselves, as all competent judges must decide.
They are STRONG AND WELL MADE, atid he
merely asks those wishing to 1 ,
Purchase Clothing; Cheap,
To call upon him before buying elsewhere, as he
is confident ho can sell them more Fashionable
and better lot M i ; at HEAP EU RATES than
anv other establishment in the county.
; Pomeroy, April 7, 85. ,n23.000 .... ...
Ulster's Balsam-'of Wild Cherry.
Thd Great Remedy for onsumption of the Lungs,
Affections of the' Liver, ABthnia, Bronchitis,
Pains or Weakness of the Breast or Lungs, and
other affections of the Pulmonary Organs.
is a fine herbal medicine, composed chiefly of Wild
Qhcrry .lark mid the genuine Iceland Moss, (the
latter imported expressly for this purpose,) the
rare medical Airtues of which, are also combined
by a new chemical process, with the extract of
tar thus rendering the whole compound the most
certain and efficacious remedies discovered lor
Consumption of the Lungs.
' 1nif.kksti.mf aomti'.sp'oNDKM'i:. Dr. William Y.
Banl:r of Xenia, Ohio, a highly respectable drug
gist iu that delightful village, has informed us that
the sale of Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry is
unparalleled. The demand for it is so eager, that
he can scarcely keep himself supplied with it.
He bus had in his store medicines for luilg affec
tions. Some of these were esteemed good, and
some gave temporary relief. But since he has had
Wistar's Balsam ofVild herry, a number of the
most serious cases were completely cured ly.ils
use. "1 never sold a medicine," said the Doctor,
"in which I had the entire confidence that I have
in this"
.lr Curkh! Whenever Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry is introduced, it at once attains that high
reputation which it so rirAly deserves. What can
nrevent its sale,- when on every hand can be wit
nessed its wonderful cures? The worst cases of
Asthma, recent and dangerous coughs, (and also
those of long standing,) Bronchitis or Consump
tion, (in its early stages,) are always cured by this
remarkable medicine. -
Hereditary Consumption!
Cured by Wistar's Dalsam of Wild Cherry. The
following cure of Jeremiah Isgrigg, of Consump
tion, (live of his brothers and sisters hanm; died
of Consumption) is truly wonderful. Ought not
this urge the afflicted to make use of this health
giving remedy, when it is effecting cures like the
Pleasant Ridgcy Hamilton Co., 0., )
September 27, 1850. . )
, J. D. Patk DearSir: 1 take the liberty of ad
vising vou of the benefit 1 have derived from the
use of Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild 'Cherry, j
was proslrattd by lhat terrible scourge Consump
tion, iu May last. The attack wi.s truly horrifying
tome; five of my family, my brothers end sislers,
had died of Consumption. I was afflicted with
nearly all the worst features of the disease; I had
a distWmg cough, and expectorated a great deal
of blood, hectic I'eAer, severe pains, i;i the side and
chest, cold chills, alternating with flushes of heat
and copious night sweats. I ' '
1 was under the (arc of a skilled physician,
from the time I wits taken sick until about six
weeks since, beiusr then about helpless, and my
friends considering my case hopeless, of at. least
beyond I he reni b of my physician's skill, advised
the use of Wislars llnlsom ot wild uticrry.
Without my knowledge, my father procured it,
aud commenced using it. 1 was able to be out and
overs, e my business and lfbor, which I still con
tinue to do. I have taken four bottles of the me
dicine, and now consider myself well. I make
this statement to induce others that are afflicted
as I have been, to make trial of Wistar's Balsam
of Wild Cherry, which remedy has, under the
blessini! of Providence restored my health.-
laitrrc&iinrr Correspondence.
Important to those afflicted with diseases of the
lungs and breast. Will miracles never cease'
More evidence of its surpassing health restorative
virtues! '
From Dr. Baker, Springfield, Washington, co. Ky.
Si-uiNiiFiKLO, Ky., May 14, 1840.
Messra. Sanford & Park: I take this opportuni
ty of informim.' vou of a most remarkable cure
perfonned upon me by the use of Dr. Wistar's
Biilsi m ot wuuiitrry.
In the year IS-10 I was taken with the inflnma
tion of the bowels, which 1 labored under for six
weeks, when I gradually recovered. In the Fall
of li-41 I was attacked with a severe cold, which
seated itself upon my lungs, and for the space of
three vears I was conhned to my lcd. 1 tried all
kinds! of medicines and every variety of aid with
benefit; and thus I wearied along until the winter
cf 1345, when 1 heard of Wislar's Balsam of Wild
Mv friends persuaded me to cive it a fairtrial,
thouch 1 had iriveu up all hopes of recovery, and
had prepared myself for the change of another
world, tlirougn tneir solicitations. 1 was in
duced to make use of the genuine Wistar's Bal
sam of Wild Cherry. Tee effect was truly aston
After five years of affliction nnd suffering, and
after having spent four or five hundred dollars to
no purpose, and the best and most respectable
pliysicians nad proved unavailing. 1 was soon
restored to entire health by the blessing of God,
and tho use of Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild
May the blessings of God rest upon thepropric
tars of so valuable a medicine as Wistar" Balsam
of Wild Cherry. Yours, respectfully,
W. 11. BAKER.
The genuine Wistar's Balsam' nf Wild Cherry
has a fac simile of the signature of Henry Wistar,
M. D. Philadelphia, and Sanford 01 Tark. En
graved wrapper. No other can be genuine.
SoldbyJ.D. PARK, (successor to Sanford &
Park,) Fourth and Walnut streets, Cincinnati,
Ohio, General Agent for the South nnd West, to
whom all orders must be addressed. It is also sold
by the following persons:
D. Reed, Pomeroy; G. W. Cooper & Co., Ches
ter; John Frame, C'oolville; J. Capchart & Co.,
Point Pleasant; John Perkins, Athens; Magnet &
Naret, Gallipolis; S. S. Murray, W-ilkesville; JU. J.
Payne, For'cr.
Januniv 9, 1351. nl6m4.
"g clN'TOSll'S BALSAM Indian Squaw r.oot.
1 t J Said to be the best medicine ever offered to
the world for diseases of the lungs, chest ot
Ai.sn Melutosh's Cherry Cordial. Warranted
to cure Diarrhtea or Dysentery. For sale by
11. 11. SMITH, Agent.
SUKDHIEN. Phila. Strain Syrup;
Cotton Batting;
Grass Bed Cords and Plough Lines;
New luce;
Grass nhd Hemp Ropes;
N Crushed and Loaf Sugar;
.- , Plough Wings; 1 :
Windww (.!I:ism ne."oited sizes;
, . Naiut nnd Spikes aborted.
Just received and for sale by :! v .
April 7,7 6000. REED & BRO
hi :t
r I nsr, Piich ami rakuin on
hand and
X for sale at No 0 by
Iobncco 20 Fine Virginia Leaf;
. .-.'; 00 do Missouri do:
: .1 00 do Virginia Fives;
' 00 do ' do F.ij-hls;
: . ' 05 do "Missouri Twelves;
'. " 20 Kegs Ky.SiO Twist; . .
received frem thswatittlnctnrem, and for sale low
fs'oti, ' tJAKE:' Jti'SKiaji
I otimmcnee oil 'Hnsnxt. the 8th day of Sen-
teinbcr nex. - .
l uition irer Quni tcrt .
Reading, Writing, Elenientary Geography.'. "
and Rental Anthiiioue, . . . - , .JJ0O
Arithmetic, Geography, Granirrar, Philos-- ' ."
ophy, Chemistry and Elementary Alt '" ' '
gebra, " ..." ' . - : . ".' ' -
Dook Keeping by ' DouMe' Entry, Botany,' '
Astronomy, Ancient Ccegraphy and His- "' " '
tory; Physiology and UeClogy, ' - ' 50
Rhetoric, Logic, Higher iathanatics and. '
the Greek and Latin Languages, '. 8' 00
1 JAMES M. EVANS, "Teacher. J'
Pomeroy,, Amyistaa, 1851. ' . " '"'.' ' "'. ' "
' Coal ProKCVtr for Sale . 1
A f piIB SLJiSCRIBtR offers to sell hi coal-lol
IJL tying adjoining the corporation line of the
town of Pomeroy, one-half mile frcm the mouth
of Kerr's run. Said lot comprises about 20 aores,
of. which 15 acres are solid cool t plenty of tim-
ccr anu stone. 11 ta .vg.-ott lot lor salt works,
and there is room f ir fifty salt wells. - The Athens
road "runs drrerTly-through it. The' Ccal lam
can he bought for from 5ti to 75 dollars'per cere.
'PI ..... :k ..1 . at . '
un it ion iuuu niiu laiiumg ni ine river, it
bargain given if application be made soon. ; , ' '.
Pomeroy, Sept.p, 1831.--nlCtf. ; '".
East Day of Grace. '..
ALI accounts or claims due us will positive!
Ue.put in suit on the 1st day of Sentembf
next, if not paid before.' We cannot wait lenge.
Pay up now and save cost.
Pomeroy, August 19, 185 . . , i
Street, Pomeroy, Ohio. The sul .
scriber has fitted up a large and commodious hout
near the bteamboat Landing, -where he is rem .
and prepared at all times to accommodate trc
traveling public, Mis house is comfortable ar"
tnrniture entirely new is prepared to nccommt
date a large nurnter of boarJL.sTand rooms cant
had for private families on the most reasonable J
tenns; 1 ' -
.He thinks frorii the long experience that he ht
had in the business he csn give general satisfae
tion. His table si all at all times be furnished witt
the best that the market affords.
llaggage will be conveyed to and from the stean.
boats tree of -charge. A careful aud attentive Poi
ter will at all times be ready to vail upon the trart
cling public with their bacgngo. - ,
Pomeroy, December 12, 1S50. nl2mG.
now have and Rhall continue to keen tlie
superior article of Salt for sale by the barrel 0.
bushel. It has no superior, and can bo sold low
er than the present prices ofothersalt. '". ;'
March 27, 1851. -',".' :. -
ri-iKi baria B, rrt '
JUMN rnurja C, t,U, ,
jjijiM ..y.'j. i ii'ii 1 o&iiiui, 'u, g V
T: iV. t",i' ?? above JNaylOf S run bridge H 1
R'rfcnSliTl Pnuiornv flhte ' rflfH 1
HMaPTn, mu?r0yVSn' ff-iia,
ANiNG lately enlarged their estnblishmeil ,
and erected a Steam engine in the turning
department, have now the most complete and best ,
arranged and appoimed . , , . j
IjYA - nv Tm
ts2ily?$ MMxi i
. .. . ,-. - . ... , . , ...
in this pert of Ohio All kinks of Furniture will
be manufactured at the lowest prices, viz: !
Rosewood. Mahoganp and Black Walnut sella,
caned, t rnamental and plain, suitable for parlors,r
drawing and bed-rooms. . J
l ersons desiring any articles in the b urmture
line, from the plainest to .the: most, elegant and
costly, are respectfully invited to call. , ....
The following articles will be made to order:
Bureaus, Tables, Stands, Bedsteads, Cupboards,
' aud all kinds of household futniture: also
Tete-a tetcsofas; ' - Tele a tete divans;
Conversation Choirs; ; Rocuption chairs;
Rosewood parlor do Mahogany parlor chairs;
Black walnut do Cane seat do
Slahog'y rocking do 'i I'inno stool do
Sofas in plush, hair and cloth covers,
Divans do do
Ottomans, mahogany French bedsteads;
illack walnut ' ' " " ' do" ""' ' do
Marble top centre tables; " ;
Marble top dress bnrcanst .
Marble top fancy stands, '
Mahogany wardrobes, Secretaries and
Book cr.ses, wor)( stands, toilet tables, Ac.
UTAH orders promptly attended to. '
rsiiizl Coflins of every description ma
nufactured promptly to the time. fcbO-l n20tf.
To our Friends ami Cusiosners.
ij iiii'.i 1.1 i-.iiu: n, jiii, i.i, j-uu iiiui iiiiu
your kindness cur and your friends of your
neighborhood and elfcwhcre-v.et forgotling out
enemies if any there be that we 5re now recciv
imr direct from New Orleans and the eastern cities
a Fi'esSa 'Stot'k of lroc cries, which we
are row offering for sale at room No 6, Front street.
Portsmfiith, Ohio, and have made arrangements tc
be be supplied during the season from same places i
Our stock will at nil times cousist of everythinj ,
in the Giocciy ine. ' j
Although in the matter of purchasing and in now ,
offering our goods for sale, we frankly confess tha .
we have been and sti are directed mainly by a
desire to promote our own interests yet it wili
nevertheless afford us great pleasure to accommo
date our friemb to the fullest extent that a du
regard for their and our interests may seem to dic
tate. The hackneyed and stale terms, 'chenp,' 'cheep
er than ever," and 'cheapest,' we abstain from
using, leaving to others (less modest men than our
selves) to derive all the advantages that an intelli
gent community may concede to this kind of boast
Cuba Expedition Successful!
THAT plmnn Strive Rtnrn mnn Rl I.I.
PRALL, is on hand again with the laTg- J&
test stock of STOVES ever brought toiigi
this market, selected wun tne greatest care, em
bracing every variety of style and finish, with the
latest and most improved Patents. . Among late
receipts of Stoves at his store we notice the fol
lowing: ' '
OHIO do.
QUEEN CITY do ""' '
PRIZE ' do
Ail of the best materials and warranted. ' He also
keeps on hand large supplies of custom made TIN
WARE, which he will sell to merchants and oth
ers lower than the same article can be bought in
the west.
BTf Don't forget the CiiKAr Tin and Stovd Stork
tltnli'r the Riheldarfer House. ,
Pomero,, May 03, 7300 n32lf.
-1 IIILI aistsi
IIAVING received a little shorter no
tice to vacate tho premises, we formerly
occupied, than the law, in ils humane operation,
al-ows,.on the night of tho late fire, we are now to
be found in Win. II. Remington's building, one
door below his store. Having supplied ourselves
with all our missing articles, wo are ennbleu !o
lurnisfioiir customers at reduced prices. In addi
to our present stock we have made arrange-1
its will, an eastern importing house to supply
vith the lnle.st importations of drugs at imiior-;
us with the lnlest importations of drugs at nniior
tera prices, and will receive, in a few weeks, a
very large and extensive invoice of Fresh Drugs,
Chemicals, Bnzin's (formerly) Rousscll's) Perfu
inery, new Chemical Preparations, Instruments,
Fine Drugs, and hcurco Preparations, never be
fore brought to this market. We will supply
Physicianiand Merchants at a deduction of twen
ty per cent on their bills of former purchases in
this p!hee, nr at the "Circular Prices" of any re
sponsible Pittsburgh, or Cinciiinatti House. - We
warrant our drugs to be of first quality and en
tirely pure; coming directly from under the Drug
Inspector's hands there is no possible chance lor
their adulteration. Call and see what ditfersnee
there is in the quality of drugs nnd ascertain our
prices. J. P. FLEMING, Druggist..
C'riishcu" Sugar. One Tierce for sale by
9 1 Of k S:ilt-24'bagsfi!ie!'grouiid for sale by
MX ,.",, , , 11. B. SMITH
GliorolatcCur rants. Cheese, Chalk
Whiting, ink, Washboards, etc., at
.., !... SMITH'S.
C? hot, Powder nnd Load 120 baps Shot;
O 20 kegf Powder Dupont's test;. 3000 Umv
Lead' For .vie t No P.
For the Rtmoval and Pennnnent Core of all
And of thoie ComrMnts which aro caused fcy an Impaired
- weakened t unhealthy condition of the
Thit beautiful and convenient application of the myt
riom poweu of GALVANISM and MAGNETISM, Ha been
pronounced by distinguished physicians, both in Europe and
the United States, to be the most valuable medicinal di$caoer
alht age. .. - - ,
1 . and
urad with the most perfect and certain success In all caios
Strengthening the weakened body, giving tone to the various
organa and invigorating the entire system. Also in FITS,
ENERGY, and all NERVOUS DISEASES, which complaints
, A Derangement of the Nerrouf System. , .
IJr In NKRVOU8 COMPLAINTS, Drugs and Medicines
tvjretft ' dittait, for they weaken the vital energies of the
already erostrated system ; while under the strengthening,
life-Eiving, vitaliiing influence of Galvanism, as applied by
this beautiful and wonderful discovery, tne exhausted patient
and weakened suuerer is rostored to former health, jtreuglh
elasticity and vigor.
The great peculiarity and excellence of
Dr. Christie's Galvanic Curatives,
consists in the fact that they arrest and cure disease by ouh
sard application, in place of the usual mode of drugging and
phsicking the patient, till exhausted Nature sinks hopelessly
under the infliction. -
They strengthen the whlt system, equalize the circulation
ef Ms iiood, promote the eecrciiont, and never do the tlifhleit
injury under any circumitancet. Since their introduotion in
the United States, only three years since, more than
7 5 ,000 Persons
including all ages, classes and conditions, among which were
a large number of ladies, who are peculiarly subject to Nerr
ou" Cemplaiuts, hare been
when all hope of relief had been given up, and every thing
else been tried in vain ! .
To illustrate the use of the GA LVAXIC IJKLT, suppose
(ho case 01 a person eniicled with that bane of civiiiaation,
DYBPErSIA, or any other Chronic or Nervous Disorder. In
uruny uaae., .iiutuiuiiu ere utKen, wuicn, uy llieir action on
ul "w anu musoiesoi mo siomacn, anora tempcrnry re
ut Du whicn leave tne patient in a lowertate, and with In
Jnred faculties, ancr the action thus excited has ceased. Nov.
compare this with the eot resulting from the application of
0 GALVANIC DELT ."ake a Dyspeptic autlerer, even in
Tho'LTung .h". ZriwA
a short period the insensible perspiration will act on the nosi.
H,e elem6n 0' 'ho Belt, thereby causing a Galvanic oircula
oin.to.the P0,"i''e'th'1 keeping up a continuous Galvanic
vi...mm uitwipiium , vT.iuiu. i mi. tnv niuii severe
casos of dyspepsia are permanently cured, a
Of thsj moat Undoubted Character,
From all parts of the Country eould be given, sufficient to
all every column in this paper !
which conclusively proves that
"Truth 13 8tranger than Fiction."
CtlllE OF
Rheumatism, Bronchitis and Dyspepsia.
ef New Jersey, of distinguished attainments and exalted re
putation: Sidxkv, New Jersey, July 12, 1S46.
Da. A. H. Chbistic Dear Sir : You wish to know of me
what has been the result in niy "w n cose, of the explication
as follows :
For about twenty years t had been suffering from Drgnep.
lie. Evory ycai the symptom!) became worse, nor could I ob
tain permanent relief from any course of raedicnl treatment
whatever. About fourteen years since, in conscqeonce of
frequent exposure to tho wouthsr, in Urn discharge of my
pastoral duties, I became sul.ject to a severo Chronio Rheu.
matisiu, which for year alter year, cousod mo indescribable
lnguiuh. Farther: in the winter of Mi and '4(1, in conse
quence of liranchiier 0 creat deal in mv own and various
j other clini-ches In this rogion, I was attacked by the Bronchi-
tis, which soon became so severe as to requiro an immediate
j suspension of my pastoral labors. My nemom system was now
I tnorcteMy p,,si-affu, and as my Bronchitis becamo worse, so
also did my Dyspepsia and Rheumatio affection thus evin
cing that these disorders woro connoctcd with each other
j ISrough tho medium of tho Nervous system. In the wliolo
! phaimacopooia there seemed to bo no remedial agent which
j could reach and recuporoto my Nervous System : every
j thing that 1 had tried lor this purpose had completely failed.
I At hist 1 was led by my friends to examine your inventions,
and (though with no very sanguine hopes of their efficiency,)
I determined to try the effect of the application of the GAL
1 FLUID. This was in June, 1S4A. To Mr orkat astokiih.
mk.it, tn two oats mv DEsrxrsia had core ; nv eioht
Bronchitis ; and mt Rhs umatic ai-eection hae ENTiRRLr
ceased to iRousi.it me. Such is the wonderful and happy re
suits of the experiment.
! have recommended the BELT and FLUID to many wbe
lave been likewise suffering from Neuralgia affection. They
lave tried them, with Htrrr results, 1 ielieve, in evert
I am, dear sir, very respectfully yours,
Is used for all complaints affecting the Throat or .load, such
as Bronchitis, Inflammation of the Throat, Nervous and Sick
Headache Dizziness of the Head. Neuralgia in tho Face, But
ting or Roaring in the Ears, Deafness, which is generally
Nervous, aud that distressing complaint, called Tio lioloreux.
Palsy and Paralysis.
All physicians acknowledge that these terrible diseases
ire caused by a deficiency ofiVervout Energy in the nft'octod
limbs". Dr. Christie's Galvanic Articles will supply this
deficient power, and a complete and entire cure la thus
Severe Deafness Cured.
The following is an extinct from a letter lately receive!
from a distinguished physician in the State of Virginia :
"A. H. Christie, M. D Dear Sin One o( my patients,
Unknown to me, obtained your Galvanic Belt and Necklace.
with the Jlfajiniic Fluid, for a serious affection of Deaf-
neai. i ne case was tna; ol a lady whose Nervous system
was much disordered, and her general health poor. Much
was done previously to the application of the Belt, but with
very little success, and 1 feel it only right to tell you, that
ince she commenced wearing the Belt and using the Fluid,
HER HEARING, and her general health is better than for
several years."
Or?- Every case nf Deafness, if It be Nervous, as it generally
Is, can be cured by this wonderful remedy.
Are found of vast service In eases of Convulsions or Fits,
Spasmodio Complaints, and general Nervous Affections of the
Head and upper extremities. Also in Palsy and rvalyaia, and
all diseases caused by a deficiency nf powei or Varvont
Energy in the limbs or other organa of the body.
.Tic Doloreux and Neuralgia.
These dreadful and agonizing complaints are immnfi.
Xtely relieved by the application of the Galvanic Belt,
iSicilace and Fluid. The Belt diSli.ee the Electricity
through the system ; the Necklace has a local effect, anl
the Fluid acta directly upon the affected nerves. In these dis
tressing slllictions the application NEVER FAILS.
These alarming and terrible complaints are always can id
hy rfMie ' Nene:
,erous and astonishing proofs i
i. 'ine uelt, uracblets Ase
case, no matter how veuna-ot
how confirmed the complaint. Nu
merous and astonishing proofs are in possession of the pro
motor . j..
ITT Many hundred Certificates-from all parts o
tho country of tbe most, extraordinary character
can bo given", if n quired.
ITT No trouble or inconvenience attends the nse
they may be worn by the mosl fertile and dolicate,
with yerfeet e.iso and nfety. lu many cases th
sensation attending their use is highly pleasan
and agreeable. They can bo sent to any part o
tho country,
The Galvanic Ileli, -
The Galvanic Neelilaoo,. ,
The Galvanic Bracelets, ' '
The Mm-netic Fluid, .
Three Dollars.
Two Dollars.
One Dollar Enc .
One Dsllar.
1 he articles are accompanied by full and plain
directions. Pcmphlels willi fUR particulars may
bo had of the autleirir.ed Agent. - "
IV I'AttTiei i.Au Outici. tinware 'of Counter
foils and Worthies Imitations. ,
ll'TD. CMOKEHEAl), M. D., General A-en
for the United Slates, 132 llroadwnv, New York'.
a TJ-J. P. FLEMING audi). HEED, authorir.ed
Ageii1sfur MoigNconnty. - noldyl.
J.Jio Co;Ue ?0O iliigs' sttpenof article just
j v reeeivc u n:i. 11;
uii .'atu at Nu
Sk - mir
1 , , "UV1 VJ i.USlUJ s j.
THE FALL TERM of this. Academy will com
mence on Monday, the '11th of Septeinber. ,
ltiittnictiun is given 'in all the common branches
of English, education, the Latin, GtccK-, French
ind OcTn.ia languages 'and Higher Mathematics.
The Principal is not ambitious that his pupils
should go over more ground than others, but it is
his aim to instrnct nil his pupils so thoroughly
lhat when they have blushed a study they wifl
have a completa practical anil theoretical know
ledge of it.
An Apparatus will be provided to illustrate the
principles of Chemistry and I'hiloaophy, and a
course of lectures accompanied with experiments
will be given mi theje Ecienr-es, during the ses
sion. No cffur.l will.be spared to make the Insti
tution one of .the very h-ghost order, both in the'
rrunlier and extent of the ssudies pursued, and in
the facilities for acquiring a thorough knowledge
of thein. '
. . ' ' - ' " '. ;
Arithmetic, Gi'iimmar, Geouaphv' and tlis-
- tory, per quarter, 53 00
Botany, Natural Philo'sonhv. and Asirono
my, In addition to the'ribove, - - 6 50
K.itiir.i! Sciences, and' the Higher Mathe
matics, Moral and Intel locfinl Philoso
' ' phy, Rhetoric, Loi'ic, liook'Kcening, the
Latin, and Greek Languages, .. . ' .8 '00
No scholar is taken for less than a Quarter, and
no deduction made for absence, except in cases of
rjiractcu sicttiiess.
C. C. GILES, Principal.
Pomeroy, August 62, 9Sr3.
I it Ji tun an Cruel ty En rb:i r ism.
The iiihiiiuan crealure who would suffer his
better half the partner of his bosom to standby
a hot stove and bake bread, this summer, ought
to sutler tho late provided for old Daniel. K. A.
Sidebottoin's Bakery, Front street, above Lind, is
the great depot of Fresh Bread, crackers, cakes
and ries. - no37lf
..Farm for Sale.
IT OFFER for sale my Farm lying on the road lead
U ing from Chester to Pnrkersbnrg, in Cheslcr
township, a hall mile irem Adams' mm, contain
ing &0 acres, 50 acres under cultivation, with two
dwelling houses and a well of good water, a good
apple and peach orchard, and a good shop suitable
for' a blacksmith or wagon-maker. '
May IS, 185L n3L'w3pd. R. W. SIMS.
Vtvv '
Milliner and Jlantoamakcr.'
sy e
M AS JUST RECEIVED and is now opening,
1.1 in the basement of the Kiheldarfer House, a
general assortment of Bonnets, Rihlmn.?, Artificial
Flowers, Crapes and Milliners Trimmings of nil
kinds and of the best quality, which will be sold at
n very small advance.
Pomeroy, April 97, 059 n2f?tf.
BY virtue of a writ of vend. ex. to me directed
by the court of common pleas of Meigs coun
ty, Ol.i-i, 1 will offer for sale ut the door of the
court house, in Pomeroy, on the 25th tiny of Au
gust, the following real estate, to wit: the south
west quarter of the northwest quarter of section
eight, town three, range thirteen, Ohio Cimpa
ny's purchase. Sold as the property of John Gil
leland, at the suit of David Barber et. al.
M. W. COLLINS s. jj. c.
July 2-1 th, 1831 w5.
Hope for the AAlicfed.
a derangement of Nalure from taking Mer
cury, may be cured by taking the Extract ot
Allierican Oil, which purifies the blood, anil
will cure Fresh Cut.i, Fever Sn-es, Bruises, Scalds,
Burns, Inflaniation, Flux, Ery.-iipei-is, Rheuma
tism, &c, with the small sum of 03 in 60 con ..j,
For sale by W.n. B. PKsxr(;rov, Middleport,
Meigs county, Ohio; also, by II. Havms. LeUrts
ville, and S. II. Bariiktt, Rutlan 1. Call and get
bottle, and you will find it to be one of the best
medicines now in use. .
August 5, 9S59. n-j.lw.l.
A T my instance an attachment was
X XL issued by S. S. Paine a justice of tl
this day
the pence
of Salisbury township, Meigs county, against the
properly and eltects ot George W. Al-.en, a non
resident of said county.
July 2, 83. ntw3.0000
AtiKiiiiistrnter'ft Notice.
rpilE subscriber has been appointed and rj'vli-I-
ed as Administrator on the estate of Lorenzo
Dowf Lite of Coalport, Meigs county, decoded.
All poK-ms indebted to said citi'.e are nxpjestei'
to make immediate payment; rw'd those having
claims mrainst cainst said estate vill present
them to d.iiy authenticated for settlement, within
one year from this date.
Sheffield, May 3, 1M-51. ntt-'uvS. .
r 1 f its-lu chests, half chea
, and quarters.
.!L fresh articles.
For sale b-w by
5f Boxes Glassware reefived and fur at
rf"lOUFIsjl. A few drums just reeeivf.d by
.T-1 3FlSI31"Ki C0KRJAL, ,rid Bate
'4 T man's TlriiiK. ft cts ur hot. nl PI.F.MINO'S
!,-; . , ,: , ., - - - '
7'OIC sAH'j. The subseriber offers for sale ;
. his Lard Oil Factory situated in the town of I
Poeroy. For terms apply to Ad.'in Uerkes or to
theninder.siL'iied. D.W1D (JEYFR. I
. .
Administrator's IVoiiee.
AT the June Term of theemtrt ofcemnieu plei-s,
of Meigs county, the tiuderagned was app-'jinted
ed nnd qualified as Administrator, wilh the wili'
HUiiexeu, oi ie esiiiio oi w iiiiiun .ii e.:iinei, la
of said count v, deceased.
June. iw36'.v3.00'13
OTICE. A petition will bo presented to the
i j Truste-. s of Scipio township, Meijs cotlnly,
ou Thursday, the 3d day of July next, praying
for a township road to be laid out frum the dwel
ling bouse ef Henry Webster, in Section 25,
Town 7, Range I t, to the main road parsing
through said section. HENRY WEI1STER.
J une 5, 9S5t). nttow-lpd .
AxlieiitiistratoiS iotiee.
THE subscriber has been appointed nnd'quali
fied ns Administrator on the estate of Josiah
llranch, late of Coalpert, Meigs county, O., dee'd.
an persons, indelited to said estate are reijuet'ted
to make immediate payment; and those having
claims against said estate wi.rt present them duly
au thenticated for settlement within one year from
this uate. , O. BRANCH. Adm'r
Pomeroy, August 0, 0359. hMw3. - - -
The Greatest
fw the whole World I
rT Price tl per BottU, or Six Bottlesor 3.
II la now put np In QUART BOTTLES, of the same
wesr and medical crffrocy as when in amnll hollies. Each
araa bollle contains HIXT Y-KGIJlt IHiSR.S. and the
medicaelons are so Htronirly t'oncntrnteid that only
One Tanteijmmul Is required al a lor three timet m day
. iiw imwipwyn is rcquireo at a sONf tnrre timet si acy
thus one bollle hats TvrcntT-Ono Day, which te much
loniror than a bottle of any other medicine lasts, because there
Is required of this a trxa qnnntlrr al a dose.
The en-eat Superiority of Oils lllood Purifier over all
oilier medicines, consists to a great measure in iu possessing
ae a- part of Its compotipd, the pouerfui Medical Virtues
of some scarce and Hare -
Indian Roots and Barks,
which no other medlrino possesses. These are the most ttrlnm
SirsaparUla, Yellow Dock,
make this Vrielnhln E rtvn f t nnl onlt iIia - m . a
Pnrlflrr, but also, a rhenper medicint by srreat odda
than any other. It la cheaper, bwnuse the ,uanty of It th.l
may be boiutht tor One Hollar will last snack lonsrer, and
will euro Ton Jlmn more Blood-disease, then One Dollar-,
worth of any other medlcino.
I For undoubted proof of Iho Ctret of
Scrofula, Fever-Sores, .
Stnld-rteeii, trynpelas. Salt-Rheum, meumnlitm. Syphilis, JCrtm.
Iwm, i-tafas m Ms ', 1.1 ver-CoinpliilntH, PiUt, hum
onno, Cnnmu Vlcen, CoNtlvoilPKH, Sun Eyes, )yMnen.
Mil, fViun in the Side, Hnait, hones, and Joints, and all oths a
Impure-Hlooh Diskasrs, sn our PA.itPllLtlTS and Hand.
twsevary Agenl has theiu to glvo away, . . v
For sale by 1).- Heed, lli merly; O W Ccopjr 4
Co., Chester; P. M. Petrel, Graham Station. All
orders must bu addressed to Wallace & Co., i'01
br milwny, wew York.
April .'-!, 0359 nC'.yD
jpOVKTY AUCT5 WKliil.-That Cheap
WStove Store mart RILL PliALI,; h::s been ap-
potiiii-u, inniiiu:i, ami 'iveii oomi ns Aucittuieer
for Meigs county. .-,.-..
He will roeeive on coinmission anil se'll noods
ott llio lowest terms. Cnllut the No. 1 Stove store.
iPonierov, March 27, 0tlt.fi. no27tf.
' ' nobcnsack's. Worm ' Syrup.
rVJ O Medicine has tver obtained a higher or
more deserved reputation than lit b nsack's
Worm Syrup; it is daily effecting some of the moW
astonishing and wonderful cures that have. ever
boen recorded in the annals of Medicine.
How important it is for the public to know thht
a remedy-is at hand that can bo relied upon in all'
cases where worms are the primary cause of their
suflVjing. ...
J his we boldlv as.?ert from our khowledire ol
the powerful etfe'ets of the vegetables of which it
is composed in destroying! Worms and from the
numerous unsolicited teoiimonials we are daily
receiving. . , . '
How many are pining away a mirerable' cxis-'
(once under the supposition that they are dyspep
tic, when worms r-.re Drcyimr uivon the very vitala
of life..
As an evidence of the above wc refer you to
the testimony of a highly respectable Physician
of Maniiahnwken, New Jersey: '
: Mk.hnr. HoiiKNfiArK Bits: -iVn opportunity of
fering, I liauleit to inform yon 'and the public, for
their espcrial Lent .11, of the efficacy of your Ve
getable Worm Syrup, ns I am. disposed to give'
credit where it is due. The ease is i follows:
A respectable married man by the name of Dar
wood, was iii.oriM'd by his PMsicinllho was ia
boring tinder the Dysyeysin, and treated accor
dingly, but still gr.. w(worso. Being a man of
strict habits cf morality aud temperance,1 we the
people felt Anxious for the restoration of a useful
man. He called on me saying, I cannot eat
ent enough to keep me alive, while there seems
to be something iu me, gnawing my insides out;
it struck jno at once that he bird Worms, when I
recommended your Worm Syrup; the second bot
tle was nearly exhausted when an abundant quan
tity of Worms from 10. to fourteen. Inches long
was expelled from him, after which his health re
turned, and he is now actively cmployod in his,
dnilv avocation, beinca enrnenterbv trade. Thus.
sirs, your Syrup restored to society a useful mem-
ber, ond tea family a kind and industrious pro
vider.' Go ahead, gentlemeu, ministering to'suf
fering humnnily, and enjoy the rich reward in
your own minds.
With pleasure I subscribe mv.ielf yours, 4o.,
Merchants and others wishing the medicine can
obtain it at D. Rkku's Drugstore, Pomeroy, H. R.
Wilson, Middleport.' or by addressing the propri- '
vim.,, u u, u o lluSL..lflitvn iiu, uw Wl.. JU11U
street, Philadelphia. '
Crlinancc in repaid to certain Side
See. I. BE IT ORDAINED by the Town
Council of the town of Pomeroy:
That the property holders on the. northerly
side i,f Front street in said town be, and are
hereby required to construct, and keep in repair,
a side walk on the northerly side of Front street,
as follows, to-wit: Said side walk may be "of
wood, brick or stone, shall be of the same grade
as has been fixed by ordinance for Front street,
and shall extend from the Chester road so called,
to the westerly limits-of the town. ,
Said side walk shall bo four feet wide from said
Chester road to Mr. Grant's lane; and six feet
wide from said lane to the westerly end of Sec. 2.
Town Councrl of the town of Pomeroy, that said
side walk shall be completed by the 1st of Novem
ber next; and that if any person or persons hold
ing property as mentioned in the first section of
this ordinance shall neglect or refuse to construct
said side walk by the time above mentioned, then
and in lhat case, it shall be the duty of the street
Commissioner of the ward in which such neglect
or refusal may take place, immediately to cause
the side walk to be made, and keep an account
of the expense thereof, which amount shall be
collected by an action of debt for the use of the
town of Pomeruy, before the Mayor, against the
several delinquent property holders, and shall to
gether witii the costs be a lien upon the lot or lots
respectively in front of which side walks shall be
so constructed.
LEWIS S. NYE, Recerder.
Pomcroy, Oct. 1, 0360. .
An Ordin'tnec rMROsishinK Grades
in the Town of I'onicroy.
BE IT ORDAINED bylhe Town cotinoilofthe
Town of Pomeroy, that the following points
be established a3 the grade of Front and Court
j streets in said Town. . -. .
Cuineiieing at Kalslon's East line, thence to
j surface of street in front ef V. B. Horton.s office;
! ttienee to the wcit end of Nnylor's Run bridge;
! tlieuoo froM e.vW.nd of bridge to the west side of
, Spring j-'trcjt; theiiee to tho center of Plum street;
t.'ieiiee ten pciuL three feet above tho present sur
; face of Roadinfroiilnf Lolling Mill office; thence
to center .(' Cherry street: thttite to a point in
front of F.:rtT'a house. Thenc e to Rasp's west
! line to a p' int one foot above present surface of
i street on stone culvert; ll.euee to a point at C. R.
j Potueroy's ea.;t. line; !i:ence to Center of Elm street;
! thence to west line of section No. 8; thence to Mrs.
Murray's west lire; thence to A. Murdock's east
' lit'.''; thence to llu'l'.nanjs west line; thence to
! Il.'.ili'ord's west line; thence to the crossway incen
, Ler of street in front ef N. It. Nye's house; thence
1 to a point in road on iho top of the hill.
From west side of Hutu rmit street to the present
! surface of street atStopt.cuson's west line; thence
1 to the western line of tho corporation.
; Cot ut S'picKi:r. From top of curb stone nteast
j corner of Fron' and Court streets to second street
at a punt ou a level with the top of Seth Paine's
cellar wall.
" - LVAV'IS S. NYE, Recorder.
- zr. - r vi ' uaViY5 r.
sf;o' A iu v tivo horse VAGON well
V v ironed and ccr. plele in all particulars, fox
sale by npri!(J7 REED & BRO.
C H'-liK Sl.'iiSCRHli'.ll has on hand aud is prena-
6 red t sell all kinds of Ltiiggies one or two
hor.-:c manufactured (rem the best materials, and
of the latest styles. The prices are very reasona
ble, and the work warranted. Those wishing to
pme.h.ise one of these indispensable articles of
comfort are invited to call.
"Poincoy, Mny;:yO0.S3. . t
JUDGE NYE resumes the practice of the Law
He will attend the Courts in Meigs and Gallia,
and the other counties of the (present) eighth cir
cuit. npril07u28w4pd
1851. &PBNG GOODS. 1851.
"371 S. i;DVAKIS has just received from
Uj. ll,,. Knsit n hirri- nssortment of new and de-
sirnble Co ids, which in addil ion to his previous
stock constitutes as large an assortment as can be
, found in this region of country. His articles are
of the best quality, and he will sell at a very small
' advance on eastern priocs. ' Among his articles
! maybe found a large: variety of DRESS GOODS,
! consisting of
rigured nnd V nlered Dress bilKS;
Printed French Grenadines, Berages, Tissues, 4c
Black, Green and Maroon French Merinoes;
' Black, Green, Mode nnd Maroou Thibet Clothsj
' Black and Fancy Alpacas;
Figured, Plain and Barred Swiss Muslins;
A large nssortment of Printed Lawns, compri
sing the newest styles;
French Printed jaconets, Ginghams, &0.
With an assortment of Worsted, Linen, and
Cotton Goods for Men's summer wear.
Together with a splendid assortment of Prints of
the newest and most desirable styles.
Bleached and Brown Sheetings and Shirtings;
ALSO Cloths, Cnssimeres, Satinctts, Jeam,
Tweeds, 4c. .
Pomeroy, April 07, 0086.
-MS Clioinisettes, ,4CJJ uft
t JuitWT LfWD-nilMJIlNGlToTaH.
tj lors, at api!07 . EDWARDS.
eosirry A fine assortment of Ladies' and
. Children's Hose, comprising every variety,
just received by r.pri!07 EDWARDS. -
Lnee Itoottf
for sale at
-Kid, Morocopi Calf and Kip,
april07 ' EDWARDS.
ineu, Cotton, Joconct and Swiss Edgingst
1 niiil Incrtiiiftf. forsnlAnt
apri!H7 EDWARDS,,' u "
RASSIiVf?. 25 boxes just received and .for'
sale low at No 4 , GEO W HOLMES.
"i ibves"njlnck7cTd Kid and Silk.
V4 moves ol superior quality, at
opril07 ,
AriHifers nnd Half Oftiters, Kid, Morocco, Calf
t IT and Kip Buskins, and Jenny Lind Ties. .
Also, a good assorlnioiut of Misses and Childrcn'm
J.u.ikins, and Lace Boots, for sale at
nnriim ' '''-'' TS
r pOBlAt'tCO. 20 boxes fine Va. and Ky. leaf
fl received from the mantifaclurem,' urnM-. r
saleloxvntNo'.. GEO W HOLMES'

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