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Tn ft 'r uu 13 nuiKs i: i v k f l u t d .
Or OmMi h' JsiU'el
)rEPARED from Rcnuet, ot the f.iurlh stomach
I , of th" -Ox, after directions l.y Union Ln-.nio,
the great Physiologi-al Chemist. by. J 8 NOUGH
TS N, M D, No 11, North Eighth street, Phila '.el-'
phin, 1'. ' ..
Tins is A truly wonderful remedy for INDTOES
TION, LI VtSft 0 )?IC VlM-l. nn I -'D EB1L1TY,
during nfler Nature's on rpetjiod, by Nature's own
method, Ue Gastric Juice. -
Half a ' spaonfuU of this Fluid, infused in
water, will digest, or dissolve Five PoirxiisoK Roast
Bkkp in about two Horns, ofitof the stoniacli.
Scit liMlic UviilciHC!
' Ramn Likiw;, in his celebrated work on Animal
Chemistry,' says: "An artificial Digestive Fluid,
amlagous to the Gastric Juice, may he readily
prepared from the mup.uous membrane of the sto
vm'ich of the calf, in which various article of food,
as "meat and eggs, will be sciPsoftencd, changed and
digested, just in the snine manner as they would be
n the liuuian stomach.".
Or Pkmun A, in his famous treatise on "Food and
. Diet," published by Fowlers Ofc Wells, New York,
page 3(1, states the same great fact, and describes
' the method of preparation. There are few higher
authorities than Dr. Ptlreira.
Dr Combk, in his valuable writings on the Phys
iology of Digestion, observes that "a diminution
of the due' quantity of, the Gastric Juice is a
prnimicntaml all -prevailing cause of Dyspepsia;"
' and he stales t!)at"'a distinguished professor of
medicine in London, who was severely afflicted
with this complaint, finding everything else to fail,
had recourse to the Gastric Juice, obtained from
the stomach of living hnimuls, which proved com-'
pit-rely successful." ' ''
Di Gnu., author of the famous worts on
"Vegetable Diet," snyxi 'It is A remarkable fact
!n physiology that the stomachs in animals, mace-
rated in water, impart to the fluid the property of
dissolving various articles of food, and of effecting
a kind of artificial digestion of them in no wine
different from the natural digestive process."
J r Signs' rt at v. iK, 11 e "hemistry of Alan,"
(Leu & lilanchard, Phila," M, pp 321-S) says:
'The discovery of PEPSIN farms a new "bra in the
chemical history of Digestion. From recent ex
lic r'uneiits we lttiow that food is dissolved os rapid
ly in an mi iirlif.cial digestive fluid, prepared from
Pepsin, in it is in the natural Gastric Juice itself."
Professor Du-viMsns, of the Jefferson College,
Philadelphia, in his great, work on Human Physi
ology, devotes nniK than fifty pages to an examina
tion 'of this subject. His experiments with Dr.
lieaiiinout, on the Gas".ric J nice, obtained from the
living human stomach and from siiiinnls, arc well
known. . "In all cases," he says, "digestion oc
curred as perfectly in the artificial as in the natu
ral digestions."
Dr Hoi'oiitox's preparations of PEPSIN has pro
duced the most marvellous effects, curing cases of
Debility, Emaciation, Nervous Decline, and Dys
peptic Consumption, supposed to be on the very
verge of the grave, it is impossible togive the de
tails of casts in the limits cf this advertisement
bill authenticated ec:r:ificalcs have been given of
iiire than TWO" 111 :ND!IED REMARKAliLE
Cell US, in Philadelphia, New York, and( liostun
n! tne. These were nearly all desperate cases, and
tin- cures vvero not only rapid and wonderful, but
It is a great NEKNOl S AMMDOTE, and par
ticularly useful fur tendency to hiliints disorder,
Liver C.iH'plniiiC, Fever and Ague, and 1lte evil ef
fects of (Juiuijie, Mercury, and other drugs upm
the Digestive orgaus,1ifter a long sickness. Ahso,
1" ' r excess in eating, and the too free use of ardent
spirits. It also reconciles Health w ith luteiuper-
a uce. i
There is no form of OLD STOMACH COM
V LA I NTS which it djes not teem to reach and re
W'e at once. No matter how bad they mav be, it
(''tV;-',S INSTANT RELIEF! A single, dose re-j
ill the linplea.'iaiit iiyniphnns, and it only
to ,d rir iii-ri.fli.olit.- PL'HtTY OF JiLOOD
and ViliOR OF UODY fiHow at once, luis'par-
ticuinrly excellent in cases of Nausea, Vomiting,
Uramps, boreuess ot llie pn ot me "t1'1,'"', "jfllis stoi k consists of the following articles
trefs after ca ing, low, cold state of the Blood,
Heaviness, Lowness of Spirits, Despondency, Kma-1
nation, Wealtiio's.'i, teinleucy to Insanity, Suicicu,
Pri-e, ONE DOLLAR per boUle. Oi
will oftpn cff.'ft a Inlini, cure.
Every bol'le bears tin: written 8uruufty'of J S
HOUGHTON, .M D, sole proprietor.
Sold by agents in every town in the United States,
and by respectable dealers in Medicines generally.
Also, for sale at the Df;ig Store of D. REED,
Pomoy, Ohio- opril'24nV.yyl.
Sui'ou Denllst.
LY, bejs leave to in
firm the citizens of this
vicinity that he may be
found at his residence
in Shellill, nt all hours,
when n it professionally abtu nt. He is prepared
to execute all opernti ois pertaining to the pr.ifes
si'in, in a stylo of neatness, ense and durability.
TEETH inser ed in complete or parts of setts,
upon pidd plnle, with or without arliii'-iiilUuuis, in
ho accurate s manner, as to deceive the closest ob
server. Hischarges shall in nil easis be low, nod gradu
ated according to theniiiount of labor and material
expended; pledging liimRlf to give en'ire batislac
tiou in all cases entrusted in bis care.
a") LADIES waited upon at their residences, if
tt "f'l'he NERVE killed and I he Tooth saved with
out ensa i hi of pain 'o the patient.
U.;-Tlii; Lctlieou will be used for extracting
Tee.h, if re.,uired.
CANCERS, all kinds; old RUNNING SORES,
SCRUFcLA, FI TS, HUE. MA TISM, first and se
cond S.sges of CONS; JlPTiON, on moderate
He invites the afflicted portion of thee mmuiiiiy
to giv bun a fall. A fair trial is nil he asks.
Aiay, r&. u:,0if.
August 2li,lOH5 n4 :ir. l
To ''ijingiii ' 11 nil tiers, it nil olh rs using
!' ' CufijHT I Vt'ik.
WK are prepared (o man ifiictiue upon the
shortest notice and in the bis! manner
ill kinds of Copper Work at Cincinnati prices.
RnKKHfNens McAboy &. Cutler, J. (.'. I n pew,
R. Cl Grant, PoinerjyjMr. Jones, Middb-port;
Capt. Coob y, of steamboat Ohio.
smith & 'i''!0.t'p.:o;;,
. Poincroy, August 2G, KM:o.
I Ol'M'V liAIVD. For those who served in
the nrof 1MI2 with Great ilriiuiu tr any of the
Indian. 1 have received a copy of the lite Act of
Congress, passed Sepoiiiber 2f, (ia0, granting
R imi.y Inud, Ac, and nui prepared to procure
lanns iinuer the provisions ol sanl.
Those desiring infor.unlion concerning tlnir
rights to lands can be iilftoiucd bv nnplirmiou to
lue. Nochaugewill bMilnde except in cases pro
vingsiicceSHlul, ami in such cliartes will he reus li
able. - ''
ocui COuotltfO - '-v
1.' ,FAS.:Iii chests,
J. Irish article, p,r ,
hnlCjches's and iUiirttrs,
ii.le erv low at No. 4.;,
IH. 3. W. SI'K Y. Su: C4nn
'li IHiit, Porlinomh, Oh Will
1.7 .visit POMEROY, in the first week of
the mouths of Juno, itepteml or, .Pmembi r nud
March. ' martl.5n2y00
C1IAIN. C00biinh4.'h jrhelleil Com in bbls.
J . "00 " Oats in Sacks;
. .' S50 " Very fine Potatoes:
' , ( 000 Dried AfpU-s& PPaches;
. JIOO lbs. Tallow in casks.
We how offer the above grain by the quantity.
It is nil in firm order and the best juntitv.
?lpriHI7,075O. " REED & JlRO,
TiriBEIX. Redstead Liimt cr.
Sheeting Boards;
. . ., ,.'. i . fcawed I ath. .
For sale very 4ow for cash by ' V '
Apiil 07, 0730, , ' REED &
- ,-'ff7;;ll(-7 v rf1-
olar lOOTdils no fr..r,'on. buidrutd
for tie st Nfyfl. ' ' " ' ? " ' '
Sl'B UP, a good article, low at
-v ' ' GEORGE W 1I0LMIS. '
i;w GOODS !
THE UNDERSIGNED haven tv reived their
I stock of .Spring and Suinaier GOOU, C 'll
sisiing in prt as follows:
200 pes. Prints the newest and most fashionable
styles; '
' " Furniture Chiutr very rich f
2 " Patinetts, Ermine Cloth, Cassimcres and
! '. Kerseys,
Co Kentucky Jeans, various colors;
23 " ' lllue Jilack, Figured and Col' d Alpacas;
25 " Eautern Linseys, of various colors;
25 " New Style Ginghams; -200
bolts Hrown .Muslin, 4-4 best;
flCO 3-4 cheap;
2o pes. Flannels, all colors;
r0 " Bleached Muslins, nil prices;
Bleached and Brown Drills and Canton Flannels;
Apron Checks and Check Shirtings;
Shawls' Thibet. Wool, Silk Embroidered & Plaid;
Cashmere and D'Lanc Dress Goods, very hand-
, some;
10 cases Hats and Caps, New styles;
Umbrellas, Carpet Bags and Satchels;
Jaconets, Cnmbricks, Hook, Swiss & Mull Muslins;
Saddlery FiiKtiiis.
Saddle Trees and Buggy Humes;
011 and Gum Cloth)
Puteut Dash Leather and Coach Lace;
Harness Trees -New style;
Carpet Bag Frames lind Tiunk Locks; ,
Buckles, Bridle Bitts and Stirrups;
Rein Knaps, Terrets and Water Hooks;
Spurs, Saddle Plush and Strain Webb;
Harness and Martingale Rings;
Bridle and Shoe Thread and Silk;
Strain Web and Girthing;
Saddler's Needles. Awls, Punches and Hammers;
Cutting Knives and Cutting Thrusts;
Pad Screws, Spot, and Brass Nails;
Brass Buggy Bnudi! and Carriage Handles and
Buggy and Carriage Springs and Dash Frames;
Curtain Cloth and Leather;
And every other article in Saddlers' line.
50 different Kinds .f Locks and Latches;
All kinds of Files and Rasps;
All kinds of Chisels and Plain Bills;
All kinds ( f Auircrs and Bills;
All kinds of S.vv Sele and Uin.bV.ds;
Mill, Scroll and Smut Saws;
Tenon, Circular and Key Hole Saws;
Wood and B.llet Saws;
Broad and 11c ml Axes: ;
Hinges, irews and Fin'shing Nails;
Braces, (')il Stones and Utiles;
Shoe Hammers and Peg Floats and Punches!
Shutter and Window Fastenings;
Bid Screws ami Castors all kinds;
Sosh and screw arm Pullies;
Brass and Mnl.OMiuy Knol s;
Anvils, Vices and Screw Plates;
Bellows' and SledSc Hummers;
And a great variety oiln r articles in this line.
i?os it nl Mtcc.
cases .Ven's, l'.oys mid Children's Boots;
V.', men's heavy bootees and bnskm;;
Children's " shoes, best article!
Jiif!si s bootets cud slices, a sup. article;
poz. La'lieV Cull and seal lioolees auu utiSKirtB;
Jnlaut and Uhhiiilicn s small snots sup.
Ladies ami Mit-ses Kid Slipper,, and thick
soled Shoes.
We especially invite the public to call and ex
amine our stcck. We have now the lur-.v;) and
best selected stock we have ever h.id; and many
very t:ue articles such cs have not be n kept in
Pi-meroy before. - . ,
We r.ie p.vpared to fill any orders either Wlufle
sa'e cr.KeUi! t'u vcrv reasnna'de ti nes.
P en:, my, April 7, Q-''0. iiyMf."";
Cigars .(' Boxes Fine Proiclpes;
10 Boxes Ceuones; r.
15 do Fine liavaiuia;
OU.ObU Half hpiittisli;
lii.OUO Cummon; ou bund and for i'le low
by OA XLS tV,j;.:oiri'K-"
(!edt to le found in the city of Pmicroy. which he
i lli rs to dell and tnofcc up wln ii required-, iutothc
rm.ui r.i.i.ioiiiilii,, ffnni.i nis. nt Uu! lowest urices.
Blu' k, Brown and Olive Cloths; Black, Doeskin,
j,-n(.y H1' in tHssiineres; Bluck Satin; Brown,
U.iitkoiid Steel Mixed Halinetts; lweeits anil
I. ...o. PI..!, I I'rank. I'lnr.l 1 1,. I Mill I )(). ! f !1 IIC V
fiilk Neck Ties; Black Cloth Caps, Navy do; Net
ortsiiiul LTawLrsjfciispcniiers, ac. kc
Den t f. rgcl the jilace Binding's New Clothing
1 .S 0 ) Ht Ins. Hams very fine;
500 " Soulders do
2000 " Clear Pork do
For sale cheap for cash.
bVli Si'I'lirrS of all kinds, warranted goodl
just received and for sale low by-
i( I 1 I I L to 1 1 If. Nis. 1, 2, rnd
just received and for sale low nt No 4.
Kiirbcr-ous Removal!
J. ADDISON lias removed his Barber Shop
P to Court
urt slref't, where he may always be
found re.idvaiid willing to serve his patrons in the
neat (st and most fashionable style. Feeling thanks
til lor past patronage, l:e would rcsptctlmly soli
cit tin so who desire to have their counteiiance-
sercped, and hair trimmed neatly, to give him a
AVith raair sharp and water hot,
He'll aiwi, be found on the spot,
10 a ly to serve all who please to call,
Both old !i..d young, mid great and small:
Then dm '1 b lay, but come along
Ami have a done up neat and strong.
Poiueroy, May 22, Si n tit f
,o. 1, Blihi SI., Mj(Cdlotoi'l, OSo
CV . I I.i1r'.'J l eattciitirnof fcrm
V-vV 1 crs is called to n y nfper rrent o
., 'rA;.rapi0Wg i,n,s atetil with or with
out Mo'-ks ; ah", Plow Points and Laud Sides.
April 07.. I". S. EDWAHDS.
'I'M SIOI'P 1 have on Laud n larrc
t'C v' lot In oerial, Yoiin;! Iiysoli and Black
Li-L i TEAS, w I. ifli I am prepared to sell in orti'i-
ii'ii pa' 'i.a;.es ciiher cf i f I! s.
by the half chest,
or bv the single lb,
at vcrv low
S. Enw.'.ui S.
. April 07, S'iOii.
oliow Wcrf A law assortment on hand
and for cileai JC ti I'.D WAULS,
? rT).
v 1(AK. 20 hhds. N. O. Sugar on hand and
k1 I rr.ilebvvly GEO. W. HOLMES.
August 5, HS'. li lllf.
HAVING finished tin: Ih'oli, we shall mnv l.trn
on: attention entirely to Uu iiinuui'.u'liir.: o!
all kinds of
aildifii, JSniiiw. 'Xvv nksr, S::t?dfi'
I Or, in fnct everything thai is kept in n addlii's
shop, Irom a saddle down to a inuep ::oei;i r. unv
lug bein felling work for s uue lin.e f,.r the pn.lii
of it, v,e now iiilend to s.'H I r tin: fun of it.
Cull and nee us whether you waul to buy ir not.
or 1 rin aiwnySat b'-jue on the t.it s.de of Couri
f'reet, one d or above Iteed i Hr.liier's.
Jt.nujjry !l, I V.). -L. S. CKOFOOT.
Jt'i iian.'s joi;irvAi. OK Iti.w:
Movtiit.y 3" jiages ;er nun her; id per m
niiin'rin advance; ten copies ft-.i 87.
U Bi-MoMin.v and Mo.ntiii.v 708 iiages per an-.
i.uui; S2 in advance; 10 copies forSliJT
This is the only journal in Europe or America
devoted to a complete and original system of An
thropology. H presents rew and well demonstra
ted systems of Phrenolcgy, Physiology, rind Phys
iognomy, and surveys, from n new position, the
Humanitarian progress, and the great wonders and
discoveries of the age. The dot ! lines of the Jour
nal have been sanctioned, generally, by phrenolo
gists and men of science, who have given them
mi imentigation. Specimen numl.cra will be
Sent gratuitously. Address the Editor, Dr, ..17.
BUCHANAN, Ciqctijnrt), Pajiittnuecs at the
Editor's risk, ' "" - - .
Volume first being stereotyped, copies will be
tent I y n.ail fur $2. This volume contains nine
plates, one being map'o the New Systtm of
rbrenology. no38wL
t3g SvVd,
One dour below Crawford Slier' store.
Front xlretl. I'omeroy, Ohio.
1 UST RECEIVED from Cincinnati n large and
9 well relected stock of READY MADE CLO
THING, which has never been surpi s led in qual
ity or price in this market. Being a practical
Tailor, and having been carrying on the business
for seven yeaTs in Pomeroy, I have selected my
stock with a full knowledge i f the wants of this
market looking to substantial, goods and Cheap
My stock consists of Dress, Frock and Suck
Coats, Pantaloons, Vests, Shirts, Undershirts,
Drawers, Furnishing Goods, Cravats, Csps, Trunks
&.C Also, a superior article of Tailor's Shears
and Points; an article kept nowhere else in Pome
roy. The undersigned docs not feel it necessary to
boast of the great variety and cheapness of his
stock. He knows that an examination of his
goods will tell more potently in their favor than
all the 'high-fuluting words to be found in Walk
er and Webster, could say for them. He there
fore leaves it for. others, whose stock needs to tie
praised, to tell about the variety, goodness, and
cheapness of their goods. His -goods speak for
themselves, as all competent judges must decide.
They are STRONG AND WELL MADE, and be
merely asks those wishing to
. 1'ui'cnasc ( lotiitiig cheap,
To call upon him before buying elsewhere, as he
is confident he can sell them more Fashionable
and better bt hi i rat HEAP ER RATES than
any other establishment in the county.
Pomeroy, April 7, 85. n28.000
' Ulster's Balsam of Wild Cherry.
The Great Remedy for onsumption of the Longs,
Affections of the Liver,' Asthma, Bronchitis,
Pains or Weakness of the Breast or Lungs, and
other nffections of the Pulmonary Organs.
is a fine herbal medicine, composed chiefly of Wild
Chary bark and the genuine Iceland Moss, (the
latter imported expressly for this purpose,) the
rare medical Airtues of which are also combined
bv a -new chemical process, with the extract of
tar thus rendering the whole compound the most
certain and efficacious remedies discovered for
Consumption ot t!ie Euugs.
Ixtkrkstinp noit Rusro.NDKNCK. Dr. William Y.
Blinks, of Xenin, Ohio, n highly respectable drug
gist in that delightful village, lms informed us thai
the sale "of Wistar"s Balsam of Wild Cherry is
unparalleled. The demand for it is socager, that
he can scarcely keep himself supplied with it.
He has had in his store msdicines for lung affec
tions. Some of these were esteemed good, and
some gave tempi lary rt lief. But since l.e bus had
Wistar's Babfin of Wild berry, a number of the
m"St serious cases wire c mplctely cured by its
use. "I never Fold a medicine," said the Doctor,
"in which k l ad the eiitir. confidence that I have
ia this"
l i Ci ci:.-' Wheinv, r Wisinr's Ba!i.ii:i of Wil l
(.'berry i luli' i'neei1, il rt once nltaii's that high
riputation which it so richly deserves. What can
tm vent its srIc, wl.en on everv hand con 1c wit-
nesred its wonderful cures? The worst casts of I
AsU.-ma, recent, and dangerous cough'', (and ulso
those of lung standing ) Bronchitis or Cousump
iien, (in its early stages,) are always cured by this
rem irkablo medicine.
Hoi ciliary t'ontEinption!
Cur, -d by Wistar's Balsam of W ild Cherry. The
following curt! of Jeremiah Isgrisg, cf Consump
tion, ilive of his brothers and sisters having died
cf Consumption) is truly wonderful, taught not
this urue tin: allli"ted to make use of this health
JivTupTTrrr. '!y, when it is ell'ecting cures the
Wl.,'A'uig: " ' - , '
Pleas uit Ridge, Hamilton Co., O., )
September 27, l&oO. )
3. D. Path Dear Sir: 1 lake the liberty of ad
vising you of the benefit I have derived from the
use of Dr. Wislnr'u Balsam of Wild Cherry. 1
was prostrated by that terrible scourge Consump
tion, in May last. The attack was truly horrifying
tome; five of my family, my brothers and sisters,
had died of Consumption. 1 was nfllicted with
nearly all the worst features of the disease; 1 bad
a distressing cough, and expectorated a great deal
of blood, hectic fcAcr, severe pains in the side and
chest, cold chills, alternating with flushes of bent
and copious night sfr eals.
I was under the care of a skilled physician,
from the time 1 was taken sick until about six
weeks since, being then about helpless, and my
friends considering my case hopeless, of at least
beyond the reach of my physician's skill, advised
the use of Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.
Without my knowledge, my father procured it,
and commenced using it. I was able to be out and
oversee my business and labor, which 1 still con
tinue to do. 1 have taken four bottles of the me
dicine, and now consider myself well. I make
this statement to induce ol hers that are afflicted
as 1 have been, to make trial of Wistar's Balsam
of Wild Cherry, which remedy has, under the
blessing of Providence restored my health.
Interesting Correspondence.
Important to those afflicted with diseases of the
lungs and breast. Will miracles never cease.'
More evidence of its surpassing health restorative
From Dr. Baker, Springfield, Washington, co. Ky.
KrsiNuriKi.u, Ky., May 14, 1845.
Messrs. Sanford & Park: I take this opportuni
ty of informing you of a most remarkable cure
performed upon me by the use of Dr. Wistar's
Balsrm cf Yi'ild berry.
In the year 1810 1 was taken with the infiamn
ti.ut of the bowels, which I labored under for six
weeks, jv hen I gradually recovered. In the Fall
of Ibll I was attacked with a severe cold, which
seated itself upon my lungs, and for the space of
three years I was confined to my ben. I tneit all
kinds of medicines and every variety of aid with
benefit; and thus I wearied along until the winter
of 1815, when 1 beard of W islar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry. .
My friends'persiiaded me to give it a fair trial,
thouiih 1 had given up all hopes of recovery, and
had prepared mvseil lor the change "I another
world. Through their solicitations, 1 was in
du( ed to make use of the genuine Wistar's Bal
sam of Wild Cherry. Tee effect was truly aston
ishing. After five vears i f ailliclion and suffering, and
after having spent four or "live hundred dollars to
no purpose, nnd the hesl and most respectable
physicians had proved unavailing. I was soon
restored to entire health by the blessing of God.
an.l the use of Dr. Velar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry. ,
Mav the blessings of God rest upon the proprie
tors cf so valuable a muliciiie as Wistur' Bulsain
of Wild Cherry. Yours, r.'Mv. ctfullv,
The genuine Wistar's Balsam of Vv'iltl Cherry
lirs i l',ic siiuiie of the si"iiat lire of Henry Wistar,
Ai. D. Piiiladi lphin, and Sauford A: Park. En
tW ol w sapper. No oilier can lie genuine.
Sold by J. D. PA UK. (Successor to. Sauford &
Park,) Fourth and Walnut streets, Cincinnati,
Ohio, Genera! Agent lor the South undWetl, to
whom nil orders must be addressed. Il is also sold
by thy.' following persons:
D. li, oil, Pou,r:roy; G. W. Cooper &. Co., Ches-
o r: Joint Frame, Coolvill..; J. Cnpelmrt & Co,,
Point I'leiiMin'; John IVrkins, Alliens; Magnet iV
Na.-i-l, Calliiniljs; S. S. Murray, Wilkesvilh:"; G. J.
Payne, Porter.
January ti. lis" : . -ul'iii'-l.
iVR -INT' 'till S BALSAM Indian Soiiaw Root.
J ? i Said to I 'Mho I est medicine ever offered to
tii" world h r d.stuscs of the lungs, elicit or
Ai..e Mcliitoih's Cherry Cordial. Win ranted
tti cure Diarrhoea or DVaentery. For sale by
II. B. SMITH, Agent.
slKWttlJE. Phihi. Strain Syrup; .
O Cotlon Bulling;
Ciuss Red Corils and Plough Lilies;
New Rice;
Grass ahd Heir,)) Ropes;
Crushed and Loaf Sugar:
Plough Wings;
Window Glass assorted sizes;
Nails and Spikes assorted.
J us received and for sale by
April 7,7 60(111, REED 4 BRO.
nr, Vitch uiUl Oaiiiiui on hand and
fur sale at No 8 by '
rrobticro 20 Kino Virginia Lear;
i- . 0(1 tlu Min:,i,uri tin:
. . , 00 du Virginia Fivesi
00 ilo do htNj
.v 05 di iricsnuri Twelves;
20 Kegs Ky. Si'J Twists
received foiW the mauufnc tureis, and forsnle low
Ponieroy Select School. ' .
J o.jTimeuce t n Monuav, the 8th day of Sep
tember pet. ...
Tuition j:cr Quarter! ,
Reading, Writing, Elementary Geography
and Mental Arithmetic, - . 3 00
Arithmetic, Geography, Grammar, Philos
ophy, Chemistry and Elementary Al
gebra, - " .
Book Keeping by Double Entry, Botany,.. ,
Astronomy, Ancient Geography and His
tory, Physiology and Geology, - , 4 80
Rhetoric, Logic, Higher Mathematics and
the Greek and Latin Languages, - - 15 00
JAMES M. EVANS, Teacher.
Pomeroy, August 20, 1861.
Coal Property fSr Snlc
rp ilE SUBSCRIBER offers to sell his coal-lot
JL lying adjoining the corporation line of the
town of Pomeroy, one-half mile from the moutl
of Kerr's run. Said lot comprises about 20 acres,
of which. 15 acres are solid coal ; plenty of lim
ber and stone. It is a good lot for salt works,
and there is room for fifty salt wells. The Atlien
road runs directly through it. The Coal lant
can be bought for from 60 to 73 dollars per aore.
There is a good road and landing at the river, A
bargain given if application be made soon.
Pomeroy, Sept.10, 1861. n46tf.
Liist bay of Grace.
ALL accounts or claims due us will positive!
be put in suit on the 1st day of Septembf
next, if not paid before. Wc cannot wait longe
Pay un new and save cost,
Pomeroy, August 19, 185 ,
Street, Pomeroy, Ohio. The sul
scriber has fitted up a large and commodious hout t
near the Steamboat Landing, where he is reai
and prepared at all times to accommodate tr
traveling public. His house is comfortable ai
furniture entirely new is prepared to accommt
date a large number of boarders, and rooms canU
had for private families on the most reasonabb
terms. ..
He thinks from the long experience that he ha
had in the business he can give general satisfac
lion . His table stall at all times be furnished will
the best that the market affords.
Baggage will be conveyed to and from the stean
boats free of charge. A careful and attentive Po.
ter will at all times be ready to wait upon the tra'
cling public with their baggage.
Pomeroy, December 12..1860. nlVm6.
now have and shall continue to keeptbt
superior article of Salt for sale by the barrel o
bushel. It has no superior, and can be sold low
er than the present prices of olbersalt.
March 27, 185k
vtl..i...'. iia,. fcn-w"
n above Aavlor s run briitge rT
ife routcror,Ohio. ZtsSrs
i a A'l-(; Ifitolv t-nlnrirod their es ahlislimcn
" S nn! erected a steam engine in the turning
department, have now the most c:n p'ete and best
aiianged and lippointcd
in this pert of Ohio All kinks of Furniture will
be manufactured at the lowest prices, viso
Rosewood, Mnhoganp and D!ac'K Walnut setts,
carved, ornnmcntfe! ahd plain, suitable for parlors,
drawing aurl bed-rooms.
Pc.'soiij desiring any artiules in the Furniture
line, from the plainest to the most elegant, and
costly, aro respectfully invited to call.
1 he following articles will be made to order:
Bureaus, Tables, Stands, Bedsteads, Cupb utrds,
and all kinds of household furniture: also
Ttte a tete sofas; Tete a tete divans;
Conversation Chairs; Roception chairs;
Rosewood parlor do Mahogany parlor chairs;
huh it wHiiiui ui tyine sent -cio
Mahog'y rocking do . piano stool "do
Sofas ii plush, hair and cloth covers,
Divans do do do do
Ottomans, mahogany French bedsteads;
Black walnut do do
Marble top centre tables;
Marble top dress bureaus;
Marble top fancy stands,
Mahogany wardrobes, Secretaries and
Book cases, worn Stands, toilet tables, &c.
I1.TAU orders promptly afteiided to.
feBtHcasSS Coffins of every description ma
nufactured promptly to the time. feb04n20tf.
To onr FricntlH nnd Customers.
7 E tlms cog leave to inform you nnd thro'
your kindness onr nnd your friends of youi
neicliliorhood and elsewhert not forgotting om
enemies if any there lie that we are now receiv
inir dirert from New Orleans and the eastern citiei
a I'lfsli Stock of roreiios, which we
are tmw offering for sale at room No 0, Front street,
t'orliimoutli, Ohio, and have made arrangements tc
be be supplied during the season from siune places
Our stock will nt all times consist of everything
in the Grocery ine.
Although in the matter of purchasing and in now
offering our goods for sale, we frankly confess tlia
we have been and sti are directed mainly by a
desire to prnmote our own interests yet it wil
nevertheless afford ns great pleasure to accommo
date our friends to the fullest extent that a due
regard for their and our interests may seem to dic
tate. The hackneyed and stale terms, 'cheap,' 'cheep
er than ever," and 'cheapest,' we abstain from
using, leaving to others (less modest men than our
selves) to derive all the advantages that an intelli
gent cuiuiiiunitv may concede to this kind of boast
ing. . OAKES & ilL'SKJHK.
Cuba Expedition Successful!
, m .i ... . hit I
, 1 ll.il cneni) ouive oiuiu niuii dilu
PRA LL, is on hnud again with the lnrg-
afViest stock of STOVES ever brought ti
this market, selected with the greatest care, em
bracing every variety of style and finish, with the
latest and iTiost improved Patents. Among late
receipts of Stoves at his store we notice the fol
lowimr: ('! i.F'HRATF.D ROTARY STOVE,
Ql EEN CITY . do
PRIZE . do
Ail of the best materials and warranted. He also
kecpson hand large supplies of custom made TIN
WARE, which be will sell to merchants and oth
ers lower than the same article can be bought in
the west. t-
fj j Don't foreet the Ciikap Tin and Stovk Sror.E
under the Kiheldarfer House.
Pi)ltn rov, Miiv 0o, 7oOH n32tf.
uri'i nun vuti'i
HA VINO received a little shorter
' ' tice tu vacate the premises, we formerly, -jt
0i'cuiii.'(l, than the law, in its humane operation,
allows, on the nieht of the late fire, we are now to
l.e found in Win. H. Remington's huildini;, one
door below his store. Having supplied ourselves
with all onr missing article?, we are enabled to
furnish onr customers at reduced prices. In addi
tion to our present Mock we have mcde arrange
ments with an eastern importing house to supply
ns with the latest, importations of drugs at impor
ters prices, ni.d will receive, in a few wuek;i, a
very large and extensive invoice of Fresh Drugs,
Chemicals, Jlnzin's (formerly) Roussell's) Pcrl'u
Hi' ry, new Chemical Preparations, Instruments,
Fine Drugs, and (Scarce Preparations, never lie
fore brought to this Market. We will supply
Pliysiciuuii nj)d .Merchants ot a deduction of twen
ty ner cent on their bilbi of former Durehases in
this nlnrc. or nt. the "fJirrnlor Prices" of niiv re-1
sponsible Pittsburgh pr Cineinnatti House. We
wnrraiit our drugs to be of first quality and en
tirely pure; coming directly from under the Drug
Inspector's hands thero is no possible chance for
their adulteration.' Call and see what difference
there is in the quality of drugs and ascertain our
prices. J. P. FLEMING, Druggist.
tNru&llcd Sugar, One, Tierce for sale by
J ... H. 11. SMITH.
Keck SHlt 24 bagtf flnc'grnund for sale by
.,':... II. B. SMITH
liorolnie.Currants, CIicckp, f 'IiuIU
J Whiting, Zink, Washboaids, etc., at
.' . - SMITH'S.
Shot, rowilor cud Lead 120 bags Shot,
20 kegs Powder Dupont's best; 2010 Uars
Lead- For sale ot No i
iOAR3 4 Dl'SKlliK.
. -
- or V3r
TV .
For the Removal and Permanent Cure of all
Ind of thon ComrnnnU which are canted by tn Impend
. weakened nnheallhj conditinn of the
Thil beeutiful end ennrenient tpptleitlfln ol the inyil
rloui poweri of GALVANISM and MAGNETISM, bu bee
pronounced by diitlngaiahed pbyiiciane, botb In Europe aoi!
V'.i United SUtee, to be the moil iluaie mtiitinal diictten
(ff the .
' and
need with the'moat perfect and certain racoeia In all eaiot
Strengthening the weakened body, f ivlng tone tn the varlnui
orgam and iiiricorating the entire yitem. Alio In FITS,
ENERGY, and all NERVOUS DISEASES, which complaint
ariie from one limple cauee namely,
A Derangement of the Nerroiu System.
K3r In NERVOUS'COMPLAINTS, Drng and Medicine
hurtatt M diieet c, for they weaken the vital energiei f the
already erottrated lyitem ; while ondar the itrengtheiung,
life-givii, vitalizing influence of Galvanism, ai appliod by
thle oeautirul and wonderful diicovery, the exhamted patient
and weakened auuerer ii restored to former health, itrength
Omlicity and vigor.
The great peculiarity and excellence of
Dr. Christie's Galvanic Curatives,
eoiuists in the fact that they arreit and cure disease by out
ward application, in place of the uaual mode of ilrltggii.g and
(ihiicking the patient, till exhausted Nature links hopelessly
under the infliction.
Thvi ttrengthen the toAofe tytttm, equalise the. eircvlutitm
nf the blood, promote the tecretiom, and never do the tliiihleel
injury under any circumetanre. Since their luttniluction in
the Uuited Statea, only three years lince, more than
75,000 Persons
including all Qgei, classes and condition among which were
large number of ladies, who are peculiarly subject to Nerv
on l empluiiiti, have been
when all hope of relief had been given up, and every thine
eUe been tried in vain !
To illustrate the use of the GALVANIC HF.I.T, suppose
tlio c.ise of a person afflicted with that bane of civilization,
DYHPETSIA, or any otlier Chronic or Nervous Disorder. In
ordin.iry cases, stimulants are tiken, which, by their action oo
the uervvs fuid muscles of the stmnntli. alt'ord tt tu ""m re
lief, but whicn Irnve the patient in a lower stnu, and witn in
;u red facullies, nfler the action thus eyoitrd lias ceased. N w
wmnure litis with the crt:"t reMiltinz from the nnulication ol
tlie GALVANIC DELI .ake a Iii,eotic luMeror, even in
the worse symptums of an attack, ainl simiilv tie the Pelt
around tlio body, using tt.e .Mnnetifl Fluid as directed. In
a short period tlio Insfn-iMc perspiration will act on the posi.
live clrmeiil of the Unit, lhui .li) t ui.ing a (lalvnnic circula
lion which will pars on to tin: negalnei J thenco bnW
aw;oiii to the positive Dlu kW)i!ig iijVfl couiiniloua Gjlvanit
circulation Ihrtmrtimt tlie lystem. 'J'hus the mot seven
Or tin i moat Undoubted Chnrarter,
From all parti of the Country could be given, luflicient tr
nil every column in this paper!
which conclusively proves that
"Truth ia stranger than Fiction."
Rheumatism, Bronchitis and Dyspepsia
of Mew Jersey, of distinguished atlaiiimeiiti and exalted re
Sipiset, Nevr Jorsey, Jnlv it, IK4S.
Da. A. II Chistiic Dear Sir : You wi-b to iinow of me
what has been the result in my own case, of the application
as follows :
a For about twenty yeare I had been suffering from Dyspep.
lia. Every yeai the symptoms beenme worse, nor could lob.
tain permanent relief from any course of medical ti-eaiment
whatever. About fourteen years since, in consequence of
frequent exposure tn the weilher, in the discharge of my
pastoral duties, I bocame subject to a severe Chronic Rheu
matism, which for year after year, caused me indescribable
inguish. Korlhrr : in the winter of ' 43 and '46, in conse
quence of preaching a great deal in my own and various
omer cuurcnea in tins region, i was anacKea oy tlie Branch,
tis, which soon became so severe as to require an immediate
luspeniionof my pastoral labor! My neruout eyt'em wat note
thoroughly prostrated, and as my Bronchitis'became worse, so
also did my Dyspepsia and Rheumatic, aftection thus evin.
cing that these disorder were connected with each other
tSrough the medium of the Nervous system. In the whole
phaiiiiacnposia there seemed to be no remedial agent whicr
could resch and recuperate my Nervous System; every
.hing that I had tried for this purpose had completely failed.
At hist I was led by my frianli to examine your inventions,
and (though with no very sanguine hopes of their efficiency,)
I determined to try the effect of the application of the O L
FLUID. This was in June, 184ft Tour cum mtonish.
Bbonchitis; and mv Hheuhatic AFFKCTIOf has entibblt
ckaikd to TBouBi.E me. Buch ii the wonderful and happy re
suits of the experiment
1 have recommended the BELT and FLUID to many whe
kave been likewise suffering from Neuralgic afl'ections. They
iav tried them, with haffv siiolts, 1 believe, in Evtaf
I am, dear sir, very respectfully yours,
Is used for all complaints affecting the Throat or Head, such
as Bronchitis, Inflammation of tlie Throat, Nervous and Sick
Headache. Dizziness of the Head. Neuralgia in the Face, Buz.
ting or Roaring in the K.ars, Deafness, which is generally
Nervous, and that distressing complaint, called Tic Doloreux
Palsy and Paralysis.
All physicians acknowledgo that these terrible diseases
are caused by a ifeicicncy of b'ervoue Enerey in the affected
limbs. Da. Christie's Galvanic Articles will supply this
deficient power, and a complete and entire cure is thus
Severe , Deafness Cured.
The following la an extract from a letter lately receivee
from a distinguished physician in the State of Virginia :
"A. H. Christif, M. V. Dear Sir t One ot my patients,
unknown to me, obtained your Galvanic hrlt and Necklace,
with the Maenctic Fluid, for a serious ait'ection of lies?
ness The case was thai of a lady whose Nervous lyslem
was much disordered, and her general health poor. Much
was done previously to the application of the Belt, but with
very littlo success, and I feel it only right to tell you, that
lince she commenced wearing the Belt and using the Fluid
but a few weeks ago, she has ENTIRELY RKCOVEHKD
HER HEARING, and her general health la better than for
several years."
Qtf- Every case of Deafness, If It be Nervous, as it generally
Is, can be cured by this wonderful remedy.
Are found of vast service in cases of Convulsions or Fits,
Spasmodic Complaints, and general Nervous Affections of the
(lead and upper extremities. Also in Palsy and ("valyals, end
all diseases caused by a deficiency of powei jr rvoui
fcuergy in the limbs or other organs of the body.
Tic Doloreux and Neuralgia.
These dreadful and agonizing complaints are t'mmrdi.
tffy relieved by the application of the Galvanic Bhi.t,
Wr.cxi.Aca and Fluid. The Belt diffuses the Electricity
through the system ; the Necklace has a local effect, and
the Fluid acts directly upon the alloc led nerves. In these dis
treuing afflictions the application NliVER FAILS.
Those alarming and terrible complaints are always cauied
by a derangement of the Wernee. The Bklt, Braoklkti ani.
Fluid will euro nearly every case, no matter how young ol
t.-w old the patient, or how confirmed the complaint. Nil
remit and astonishing proofs are in possession of the pro
OTMany hundred Certificates from all parts of
tht: country of the most extraordinary character
can be tjven, if required.
BT No trouble or inconvenience attends the use
they may be woru by the most feeble and dedicate,
Willi yerfect case and .safety. In many cases th
sensation attending their use is highly pli asuti
and agreeable. They can bo sent tu any iiart o
the country.
lM'isMVi '
The Galvanic Deli,
The GalVajiic Necklace,
The Giihiauio Hrncelets,
The Mairnetie Fluid.
Thrce Dollars.
Two Dollars:
One Dollar Eac
One Dollar.
1 he orticlosl are accompanied by full and plain
directions, famphlets with full particulars may
be had of the authorised Agent. .
O'fARTici'i.An Caution. D.iwnro .of Counter
feits and Worthless iiiiitatioiig.
tm C. MOREHEAD, M. D.", General A gen
for the United States, 132 Hroadway, New York.
ID J. P. KLBI1NG and D. KEED, aulborixed
Agents for Mriiracninity. nolOyl. -
lo I'olti'O 300 liiij' suporior article just
received and for sale at No 6.
Pomeroy Academy.
. THE FALL TERM of this Acadcirv 'vill com
nencoon Mo.miav, the 14th of Soptf u.rti-r.
Instriiflion isKieu in ull the connuon branches
I i:iii;ll.-li education, tha Latiu, Gr'jek, French
ind tir-nnia lang'in,-ts arid Higher .MaUieraatirs.
The Principal is not ambitious that bis pupils
diould go over more ground than others, bnt it is
lis .aim to itistrtitt all his pupils so thoroughly
hat when they have filushed it study th'-v will
Hve'a c.,inpii.tj praclicul and theoreticnl know
edge of it.
An Appaf.itns will !' p.pov lded to illustnto ll.o
principles of Chemistry and Philosophy, an-i a
"onrseof lectures acr oiiipanied with eNpcriuKut!,
will be iiiveu on these sciences, during the ses
sion. No effort wilt be spared to make the lnsti
aition one of the very u'ehost order, both in the
inndier andexteni of the ssudies pursued, and in
'ho facilities for acquiring a thorough knowledge
if them.
Arithmetic, Grammar, Geography and His
tory, per quarter, ... -5 00
Botany, Natural Philosophy, nnd Astrono
my, in addition to the above, - - 6 60
Natural Sciences, and the Ilipher 'Mathe
matics, Moral and Intellectual Philoso
phy, Rhetoric, Logic, Book Keeping, the .
Latin, and Greek Languages, 8 00
No scholar is taken fur less than a Quarter, aril
no deduction made furabiieuce, except in cases of
M traded sickness,
C. C. GILES, Principal.
. Pomeroy, August e2, 'Jai).
r InSiiciitau C'rnclty Bartimrlsiit.
'The inhuman creature who would sutler his
better hulf -the partner of his bosom to standby
a hot stove and bake bread, this summer, ought
to suffer the fate provided for old I'anitl. R. A.
S lib bottom 'g Itukery, Front street, above Lind, is
the irent depot of Fresh Bread, crackers, calies
and Pies. no3"if
rj:rni for foile.
(OFFER for sale my Farm lying on the road lead
ing from Chester lo Piirkershurg, in Chester
township, a half liiile from Admns' mill, contain
ing 90 acres, 50 acres under cultivation, with two
dwelling houses and a well of good water, a good
apple and peach orchard, and a good shop suitable
for a blacksmith or wagon-maker.
May 15, 16-M ijwttpib li, V. SIMS.
r- leiimn
S? ivi i o o c, ini rv o ,
H" AS .tl'ST lJ'.OKIVI'.!) nnd !s now opcuiin', !
, in the buii.-i:H i,l i,f t he Hihi'hbirfejr lloiif'e, n '
'.'i.'iierli assortment of linunels. 1,'ililiinif., Aniliein! !
Flowers, Crapes awl-Milliners Triiiiiriiuus of n!l
kinds and of the best quality, which will be sold nt
a very small advance.
Pon.eroy, April 97, 9859 n2Slf.
BY virtue of a writ of vend. e. to mc directed
by the court of common pleas of Meigs coun
ty, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door of the
ourt. house, in Pomeroy, on the 26th day cf Au
gust, the following real estate, to wit: the south
west qunrter of the northwest quarter of section
eight, town three, range thirteen, Ohio Crmna
ny's purchase. Sold as the properly of John (iil
lelnnc', at the suit of David Harbcr ft. rt!.
M. W. COLLINS s. m. e.
July i'ltii, I So 1 w5.
Il05; tor tlie Afilirft'd.
a derangement of Nature from taking Mer
as'jf. l,i,y lie lined l)V liWliif !!,t Sxfnft Ct
AlKPricail Oil, which purities the blood, and
will cure Fre?h Cuts, Fever Sores,.Iiruises, Scalds,
Hums, Infliimtlion, Flux, 'Krys'pelns. Rhuunia
tism, &c, with t tie small'sum of 25 to 50 cents.
For sale by YVm. B. Puvsimiton, Middleport,
MetL's coiinty, Ohio; also, by II. ll.mi v, Lctarls
ville, and S. II. Hahrktt, Rutland. Call mid get
bottle, and you will find it to be one of the best
medicines now m use.
August 5, 935li. ni:Uv3.
T my in-'.nnee uu nt!i,e!;iiieut
issued byS. S. I'.iini.-n iu,-,lice
is d.i
I 1!n
of Salisbury township, Mciis emmi .'.
uiitis: i in-'
properly and effects of (
ken, a non-
result M of Miid coiinlv.
July 2. M. i.lwS.Oddi)
HHE snbveril'cr lin? be, u :'
i ed n Auiriiu st rat'ir : tt e t,:'i j : .
Dowf lute of Coal purl, ?iliies ninmy, d.-c. ;::'.
All persons imlebted to snid eslnte nru ri-!i"'
to make immediate payment; nud llmse lirnin;;
claims against against said cs'aie v i'A present
them to duly authenticated for settlement within
one year from this date.
Sheffield, Mnyt), 1851. nSOw-l.
f t Vlia In chests, luiif chests, and qnarti rs.
1 fresh articles. For snle low bv
OAKES & 'i;r!'KIi:K-
K.f Boxes Glassware received mi, I for sale nl
J19 -li0.1 w HOLMES.
"CODFISH. A few drums iu
(lODrilEY'S (OHIHAL, nnd Bate
"M man's Drops, 5 cts pr hot. at FLEMING'S
70IS SAs7E.--The subscriber offers for sale
his Lard Oil Factory situated in the town of
Poeny. For terms apply to Adam Burkes or'to
thcmudersigiud. DAVID GF.VER.
AT the J u ne Term of the court or c iiiinon p as
of Meigs county, the undersigned was cop tiu'cd
ed and qualified as Adni'mir-tri.ti r, with 'tlto will
annexed, of the estate of William Mcl'juiel, bile
of said county, deceased.
Jim:"). nVioW',.00'1
VT OTICK. A petition will be presented hi the
l Truste of Scipio township, Jleit's county,
on Thursday, the Sd day of July next, pr.iyiiig
for a township rend to be laid mil (tnm the dwel
ling house of Henry Webster, in Section -'ft,
Town 7, Range M, tn the main rond passing
through said section. I1ENKY WEHSTER.
' THE ni!vicri!:er has been appointed inil'tinali
fied ns Ailministrator on tin: estal" of .'esiah
Itrauch, bill o C-Milp-iri. Meiusc unity, t)., d-e'd.
All pt rse'is indebted In vaid estate ,n.-.. jeqio-sted
lo make ilirmediitlt' pavini ut; and tlittse having
efiu ! ;u'.iiiist Si.itl estate tiil present, them duly
a:;ii euii utod f.,T seltltnenl wiiSsin one voar from
this date. O. BRANCH, Adm'r.
I'omeroy, August !),.0-.5o.r.i:ji--i.
The Greatest
CF Print I Per Bottle, or Six Mtletfor 5.
ft Is now put up In QUART BOTTI,K8, nf tha same
wwr nnd medieal egleacy lis wlli-n In smsll lionles. Esch
Icacy us
iMrue buttto citnutins
Rieukations ft re to Htrnnalv eniiriiiiHirMil ih, nnl
(Inn I'tihfrsmwAf Is roquirod si a Hov three timet a day
Ilius one biiltlt) lasts Twenty-One l)ny, which is much
loiuirr limn a buttla of any oiliur medicine lusts, because them
Is required of this a leas quantity at a dti'ae.
The srent Superiority of Uila lllood l'usiflor over all
other medicines, conslsis in a great measure in lis possessing
as a part of lis coinpnupd, Ihvpowerul Medical Virlnea
of some Scarce and Haure
Indian Roots and Barks,
which no other medicine possesses. These are Ihe most etrtaln
1'nrlflern of tha Blood that were ever known to either
Indian or tohite man, and these being oompoundea with Ihe straw.
(lRra4 Kztnule of .
SarsaparUla, Yellow Dock,
make this Vpnetnble Extmct,not only the greatett Blood
Fnrlfler, but also, a rlienpri' medieint by arrrnt oilila
Ihsn any otlii'r. It Is eheir, hernliNC, ito quantity of it llmt
may buboni'hi r.ir One Dollnr will laar niurh longer, mid
will cure Ten Time more ulood-dlaeaiii), Uian Ont jjnUm't
worm of any other inodicino.
1ST For undoubted proof nf Ihe Caret of
Scrofula, Fever-Sores,
Scaid-llend, Kryiiptlat, Unll-llieiim, Wlrumntitm. Syphiln, F.run
tloes, Pimiitft on Hit (', l,lvor-('llliilninl, filet, hum
txiyo, timorous liifrs, llllveilCMt., Sors Kyet, l))r.liei.
Din, Pnim nt Ihe Side, llrtatt, himet, and Juintt, and ai.i. nru! a
Impubr-Ulood DisBAaes, see uur PAMPHLETS and Hand
tiiis every Agent haa Iheui lo give away.
For Mlo by 1). Heed, Ibmertiv; (1 Vv' Coop -r i;
Co.,Cheslerif'.JI. l'.tiesl, (iiaimtu Kiuiion. .l,
orders must, bo fiddra.wed to iiibtce tg. V;, .'!ni
uroadtvuy, Poiv York.
April U, nC'jyJ
"-.niirvrv a i rr'Tissfwin's 'nJ
HALE, lilbi
i bond asV'il u
i ------- w.....,,.,Uiii
at Chei:p
VStove Storo man BJ I.L I'll
ecu ap
pointed, qualitied, and "Cii
ior Jii.,'3 county. .
lie will ruceivo on coiniiiuKioii i J
on the lowest terms. Call at the No. T)
roinci-iy, March 27, (KIM. n 27lf.i
Hobcnsack's Worm Syrup.
XT O Medicine lias ever I'btqined a higher of
I 1( more deserved reputation than Hobensack's
Worm Srup; it is daily effecting some of the most
astonishing and wonderful cures that have ever
b.icu recorded i'i tlie annuls of Aledieine.
How important it is lor the public to know that
a remedy is at hum! that can be relied upon in all
ca.- es where worms aro 'the primary cause of their
This we boldly liswt from our knowledge of
the powerfiiU'iil3dsfrthe vegetables of which it
is coinpjNt'd ill dsslroyiu'g Worms and from the
iit'iueroTii unsolicited. testimonials we are daily
How many are pining away miserable exis
tence under the supposition that they are dyspep
tic, when woflus arc proving upon the very vitals
of life. -
As an evidence of the above we refer you to
the testimony of a highly respectable Physician
of Maitnahawken, New Jersey:
Messrs, Houenhack Sirs: An opportunity-offering,
I hasten to inform you and the public, for
their especial benefit, of the efficacy of your Ve
getable Worm Syrup, as I am disposed to give
credit where it is due. The case is as follows:
A respectable married man by the name of Dar
wood, was iii.oiiiicd by his Phvsieiau he was laboring-under
.the Dysyeysia, and treated accor
dfaglv, Vut "J"' 111 grew worse.. Being a man of
strict habits of morality and temperance,' we the
people felt anxious for' tlie restoration P.f ? Vsefu.i
man. He called on bur saying, I cannot eat
cat enough to keep ine alive', while there seems
to be something in me, gnawing my insides out;
it struck mo at once thnt he had Worms, when I
recommended your Worm Syrup: the second bot
tle was nearly exhausted when an abundant quan
tity of Worms from 10 to fourteen inches lone
was expelled from him, after which his health re
lumed, and he is now actively einployod in his
daily avocation, beings carpenter by trade. Thus,
sirs, your Syrup restored to, society a useful mem
ber, and to a family a kind and industrious pro
vider. Go abend, gcntlnmeu, ministering to suf
fering 'humanity, and enjoy the rich reward in
your own, minds. ,,,., .
With pleasure I subscribe nivself vours, 4c,
Merchants and others wishing the medicine can
obtain it at D. Kki:u'8 Drug Stoic, Pomeroy, H. R.
Wilson, Middlrport. or by addressing the propri
etors, J N ii G"S IIoiikvsack, No. 500 St. John
s-treet, Philadelphia. .
OrSi.iHce In rcgrtrcMo certain Side
v. alUs.
si.e. !. .';k IT ORDAINED by the Town
I on ueil i,f l he town of I'omeroy:
That the property b'ddoin on tha northerly
sine i.f Front street in suid town be, and are
hcreiiy required to com- r u ct, : ml keep in repair,
a suie walk on ihe northerly tide of Front street,
as follows, to-wii: Said side walk may be, of
wood, brick or stone, shall be of the samegrade
as has been fixed by ordinance for Front street,
and shall extend from the Chester road so called,
to the westerly limits of the town,
Said side walk shall lie four feet wide from said
Chester road to Mr. Grant's lane; and six feet
wide from snid lane to the westerly end of Sec. 2.
Town Oouncrl of the town of Pomeroy, that said
side walk shnll be completed by the 1st of Novem
bir next; and that if any person or persons hold
ing property as mentioned in Hie first section of
this ordinance shall neglect rr refuse to construct
said ndr wulk Ly thetime above mentioned, tlm
and in thai case, it shall le the duty of Ihe Rtrec!
Coiuiiiitsiiiner of the ward in which such i'ileci
er rnl'us;il may take .place, immediately U cause
the side walk to be made, and keep an account
of Hie expense thereof, which amount rdinil l'
collected by an action of debt for .the use of the
town of Pomeroy, before the Mayor, against the
seveul delinquent property holders, ami shall to
gether wirh the costs be a lien upon the lot or lota
retqier tivtly in front of which side walks shrdllo
so ctiiistrucled.
LEWIS S. -WE, Recorder.
Poms rv, Oct. I, tWi. '
A:i .ri;usst S" ilttiniz Ol'ilI
iii tlu Town ci' lk;itici'0)'
II" IT l 'IIDAI XE1 ' by the Tvwii council oflhe
'!' u n ' i' Pomerny. that tb" f lh .wing points
I., e-'tal la d i the graile of l!t-nl and Court
s'r . , i n. -e
i n,.'.ti Kist linr, Ihence ti
. ivfi.c. , l -.t,' i T in fr.int of V. 11. Horlon.s office;
i ln-iii i.: t.t M.t; v, e.-'l end i.l Naylot's Run bridge;
t;. 'iee !',-., ! .-ast end of I ridge lie west side of
:- rir; s'. , ': Ih-is-. in ll.e e, u r of Plum stre.;t :
ti;,-iiei- in ,i iiejiii i hree feet ubove the presentsur
l.iee i,l aocd in In nt i.f Kl.iiiu .'lill office; thence
l i fi n!i f f t'lifvv :"i'te:: ll.i.'uc to a point in
front i f !' iter's houo. Thence to Rasp's west
line to a puint ene foot nboye present surface of
street mi alone emvert; Iheuco lo a poinl,at C. H.
Pi.iiiLf.ty's east line; licence lo center of Eliu street;
thence to west I i ne of section No. 8: thence to Mrs.
Murray's west line: thence to A. Murdock's east
line; thence to Iliiffiuauis westline; thence to
Radford's west Hue; t lit uce to the crossway in cen
ter i f sireet in frt.nl ofN. It. Nye s house ;tLtin.c
to a p,,;iit in rond on the top"of the hill.
From west side iifliiitlcrtiut'street to the present
surlai e ol street al Stephenson's west liiHi;Btheuce
to the vestcru line ot ll.e corporation "
Co CRT St.;;i.'.. Fn m lip .f curb stone at east
corner of Front and Ciiur;fstreets to second street
at a point on a level with the top'of SethJPaine'ft
cellar wall.
' UrWiS K. NYE, Recorder.
iiOti A new two horse WAGON well
ironed nud complete in nil particulars, for
april"7 KEED & BRO.
" pilE Si IISCUIBER bus on hand and is prepa
( red to sell all kinds of l!iigies one or two
horse mauiifuctarcd from the best materials, and
of Die latest styles. The prit es are very reasona
ble, nnd the work warranted. ' Those wishing t
purchase one of these indispensable articles of
comfort no; invited to cull.
Pome.iy, May 8, 00H5.
t 1 DOE NYE resumes the practice of the Law
jl He will attend the Courts in Meigs and Gallia,
nnd the other counties of the (present) eighth cir
cuit. (iipril07n28w4pd
J" S. k'lsV. Atlf bat just received from
, ;ii
i laiue iissoriDit nt of new and de
',hii.li in uddilioii to his previous
-le (!
ait as-sortitieiit as can be
fe.iiiu' in thi" tv;:loii t.f coimir)'.. His articles are
of lit. 1 - st 'ii;:fity, ;iid he will "e il fit a very small
advance e,i -n.-;1 rn prices. Anioinr his articles
may l o fi.uiid a btuc variety of DRESS GOODS,
consisting of
Figured and Watered Dress Silks;
' Printed French Grenadines, Ilernges, Tissue, & c
Black, Green nnd Maroon French Nerinoes;
Black, Green, Mode and Maroon Thibet Cloths;
Black nnd Fancy Alpacasi .
Kifjured, Plain and Barred Swiss Muslins;
A lnrjc assortment of Printed Lawns, compri
sing the newest styles;
French Printed .laroitets, Ginghams, &r.
"NV it Ii art assortment of AV-orsted, Linen, and
Col Ion Goods for Wen's summer wear.
? Together with a splendid assortment of Prints of
the riewont 'w mCt ds;ruie siyies,
lib nchctl and H ro'ii Sheetings and Shirtings
' ALSO Cloths, Cii-sirntres, SatinetUi, Jenu;i,
Tweeds, &c.
Poiueroy, April Ci, 003S,
IV i-F. wiToiCHT CAPES,Cu"n,t
L ' Collars, Chemisettes, and Corded skirls, for
saleby npril07 EDWARDS.
)ENK V LlKOTHijtiMijVi.S'of nil co
lors, at ' apil07 EDWARDS.
11 ostory A fine assortinent of Ladies' and
.1 Children's Hose, comprising every variety.
j 'ist received by april07
Into IfOoft
J for sale ol
-Kid, Morocco, Calf anil Kip,
apri!07 EDWARDS.
isMMi, Cotton Jaconet and Swiss Edgings
I. j a.'i'i iiiseriingi, lorsaient
AIt'8'!i. '.'" boxes just received and for
sab.-1 iw ut No I GEO W HOLMES.
t !svci libick, Coloied, While Kid and Silk
(IIovls of superior ejunlity, ut
oprili7 . t EDWARDS';
nnd I nil (laiters. Kid. Morocco, Calf
X li and Ki
ip Buskins, and Jenny Lind Ties.
Also, a good nssortmenit of Misses and Children's
Dusk ins, and Lace Boots, for Sale at '
apriliU ' EDWARDS',"1-'
' I OiiA '. CD boxes line Va. and Ky. just
J received from the manufacturers, and for
sale low at No I. .V GEO W HOLMES,
' '-r.
'i :'

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