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Meigs County telegraph. (Pomeroy [Ohio]) 1848-1859, December 16, 1851, Image 1

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lslli!,h4 eref yiVTM8daf ItXoEninff.
' One Dollar nno1 ' my cents,
if.rmiil tn Advance, !!; I ( !1
TwaDoUurs jvitUiu the year
'If nnliioid until after the cpirati,orf of the, year
will be charged. ' ?
Itj-No paper wifllpi discontinued until all ar
rearages are Dwdxot-pt theoptjori 9,'r'? P.ult
D"A.ll oeMmln&atiirWon tne 'biftirfcSs of tire
offioe must beposl$aicl tosecuTe attention T
OUTwClnbsV-of ten or"moro;-tli5 paper will
be furnished at libiraieduction in price- 7 .A J
t- ' ! " ,v jFrbmThe Courier and Enqmirer 2
Sir: Jhovo ontl nuotif it manifest
tor apijie,
!Wyiroal'deii5PMj;tV HoW'
nio1?.9?9?.r,l(lesli') f w4h'c!f -?
iny opinions
hove saidnpirig whilst you maijii great
dissatisfaction ' with certain other, opinions
vhichT iiaveoxDressed. or which have beeo.
. imputed" to mei. Hec,L'have but little
hope that your oplrjiohs'ana mine are likely
. itt'be' fomiS WmcldeTif'.0 Tdb "rfot 'takeSbU
to-'task fbrhb-oprnlohs which youpubirsh,'
rfct a'mI priebared' to' admit jotlr; right o'"
aDrtdge-tho llberiy or interlere wnn tne'er-
ptossion : orRmino. And, yet, il I' under
. stand'yotiVybti haVe ineide the attempt to do
so ro-tnefconcludintf Hwntence of your am
o'CTftbriday mb'rniA'R, in which you pro
claim Xbat'J'lt fa sad day Tor our country,
wnon.inprelaie .ajii.ablB and poweriul. as
ArcJ)bisliQr: Hughes; is heard instilling Into
jha niinds.x)f) bia:fockvdjstrost :( and aver-
won io, secular Common bcliooia. in otn--pt
words, H i8"..0;i tad day' for our; country,
... when Archbishop il ughea does. not agree in
opinion with Horace Greeley
legitimately deduced frorp facts which are
jf If it,he deductions from fads whicb are
assumed on' probability, rind .which'Canjiq
be disproved, take it.ftjrMWHtft it fa worth,
but il is no Wtribflflbrne. If I know it
to beTrfutitJldWjuop, fcts biiuon fallacies
and fulhood$thdi I )jiioonor it with
jhe name, or public or privato opinioii bu
'rank 11 uridet he head., ofignoraijce, proju
tliqe ' and presumjnion,:..AIl the ,-v vie of
' mankind, all the newspapers' on ear th; cdn-;noi(hang9-t)jse!.jiise-jt(yr
true into
,ajpet.ljence, ibereU)rvryp.ur opiniwisrnpr
mine can have any worth except in aoJar"a8
.' ' jtheyare deduced from fows -"-!.'t .
, i'-j Ne ." tja,'ba8is pf opinion is poyh8apo
.Hb your mind as it is in mino.i .1 am a Qath-
.. olic,and the truths bf my hligfon are to nie
facts from, which , 1 draw' my deductions.
You, oh the other hand, havq the disbelief
Tjf the Latholic rehclon asoneereatelement
in the ground work of your opinions; There.
. la no great probability, theretore, that -or
opiniflns. resnectively, will be1 found to liar-
with each other.' And, yet, I trust rio great
' evil will befall the country even if i I should
, have the misfortune to differ with you in my
"' opinion. " 0 ' ' ,"S ''
Stll,you have exhibited great curiosity
lo know what I think or certain questions,
. touching civil. and religious liberty, and es
pecially, In Rome.1 Have 'patience with
; me. "then, while May thorn 'before you as'
briefly as possible.'.; , 't,;
I. M regards myseit, I claim to De a
iviLand jWioucjibfiii fMr
KHnso more iust and true that is mv onin-
srmlKrme Sir, n -Indlcitte, Hid'exteni
wwcti vro)cc opipion; wneiner puuiir
privato. til, 11 is -composed 01 conclusions
j ",;)on of course than any which you are in
' ' ' the habit of attaching to. those words: God
!V' -..'lathe author of trutji. vThe Devil is tho
jL", father. of liea. "'-' .! .
y ' 1 ' 1 am ndt snre ihai you believe in the oxis
' tence of a Devil, but certainly you cannoi
? ' - deuy lhe"exlstence of falsehood. Now, in
V my opinion, your system of religious liberty
- goes to put God and ; the Devil, truth and
. ' falsehood, on the stime level. ' You hold it
as a! religious 'right no leva sncred to deny
. k . . ' God, if a man thinks- proper, than to wor
- ship him: and hence ycu implicitly deny
' to God himsqlf the right to impose on man
the obligation of worship, for -that would
V - ' rtSaway the freedom of bis right to be an
r - Atheist. .;,' ;:''', .Vvt
1I Tdony with the Catholic Church,
' any right ol one man, by physical coercion,
i , to compel the conscience pf another man
I. ' ; Hence, therefore, I am opposed to all penal
'",;'.- v , laws, having the coercion of conscience for
' ' . their object. Id countries which are already
i ,' divided and brokon up into religious sects,
-V ',v mutual toleration, kindness and good willin
v., r an tne civii ana social relations 01 nie, con
1. atltute at opce, in; my ' opinion, the duties
.and the rights of all. liut.I am not aware
, -. .' ,l fhata Protestant State'such' as'Swt'den,) is
, ; ; ' . bouud by way of etaniing religious liberty
: ' '" . :, :Vtff place Atheisni oh the same-fobtini akLu
' ; . ' theranigm,' Nelih6r am I of opinion . (hat
v.- .'-' the Sovereign Pontiff, whose subjects areen
flrely .Catholic and United in belief, is bound
:. 'to tnrow nis states open tor tne proacning
, ' J bf every form of Proti stantishi hrkl.inftdel-
v V.ttv. ,' As Soir'itual1 Head of the Caholic
. ' r!t 1 V-. " 1 1 ' :
a Anyrcn on r-artn, no is oounu to preserve
the Revelation which has Christ fori its uu
Jthbr.' 'To encourage opposition - to ' thai
, Btiligion would be- to lake sides :with,ihe
' father of lies, and I am sure, sir,' tnat tryou
''would hardly expect the Pope to go1 so far
Besidts, as ' Temporal Prince, he knows
the- horrors of civil war'whichRa'vedosdla
- - . ted other countries, springing out of thff am
- bitions of religious secis each struggling for
"''.political 'ascendency1 in Ifio State. 7 uut jbe
ides all this, he knows that It is a IundaJ
'Omental article of , the Prbtestanr Religioj to
-Relieve that het is Antichrist.ibort of
. onECieiice, therefore, in your scnsc'would
.TTrrcauire that the Pope should, beepme direct-
,v ly a party to, the introduction of evtory' ,spe-'
". ,'cies ol error and impiety, and tne ovennrow.
r "ol his own authority both,. as .Temporal
Prince and Sovereign Pontiff. f Ui
, ' III. - But you say that, Inasmuch, as ra
. .lfgious freedom in your sense is allowed to
.;' Catholics in Protestant countries, the Pope
'-. ought to reciprocated by throwing the PjJnti-
hcial Mains open to ail sects ol Deliovers ano
unbelievers. . I will first' observe that there
are Protestant States, in which the Catlio
lid religion Is not tolerated at all; that in
vmostof , the others, ilia bately tolerated,
"' whilst its professions, so far depends on the
government, are depressed and degraded ;
, '.that in no country 'pretending to be J'latest-
C!jary, except the U.ni.teiSiaiea,are they placed
.on an . equal looting with tueK.irrotostant
" fellow-coumrvmen: whilst in several Cath-
'' oic countries, such as ' France, Bolgium,
I - -r, .And Bavaria', Pioiestiini8 are placed practlc
j r V' any as well as theorpiiclly, on a perlect
l . apolitical eoualit with the Caiholica.'. J mav
V lurther addAhat ihe toleration Of Catholics
, iri, Protestant Stales has not been a gratuif
Sjf mJ concessioii.- .bf Protestant' liberality
"V hen Prntegiantiam iin(rn in ik'nt rfnnn.
frieif the Catholics .were .InaossAsiioA'
. IUU. wuu..-
i MA f.'int.l t
f'!) rt'.Vl
'-1 ' " 1 1 0. 1.' .1' ! ! l'-JJl 1
Jfi j iC-V-t ni.-.l
99 per Aunum:
l,.C I , V", T.f.m
-no ptfl. V'v'l
fii.rr.a LhA. .i.il tnni fnlliMvol. BBil .ni. h.ir
dloid,' neither psry ,lmdj spocepd ,iu f.,n
Jniifino ..nit dptiiovino ..ihd mhoir. VVharla
could 08 more-, pamrnuw morttHpeceBswy
Ann io tolerate comoromise those whom Jt
had:boea foliDdlmposslble. o'; rotjt,,ouv?tJ
dey iherefoMihat you .can, resen a,sif
lor the f ope'f imitatiotj i )hjirafliBe ,j,
all.Protostani Sn?s, .Catholics are, tqleratd.
by neciy) Rod veo..MnderiiberlttW of m-
ftesaity, tbetoleratiooUgrudgingljandspitO;
rully.exiended. WitneM Ue.:aQenv onapty
mem England, .which hypcr,itically, prgjjoneof thotn 5 and althougf) J (may eep in
ffjgsos Wi maintain, a; religi.gusa wel as Cjv
11 liberty, vfl 1 rlhia (ountry H:iflany.,alay
Catholics are tQlpritqd,i(rT,hpyiyoy. b
riehtswith their fellow-citizens,, undetvthe.
ConstituijoO, the franters of wbicktpsavffwed,
alii authority vP.JQlcraiq pr f rolvpu ny jjorni nf ;ia..a veryt gooas yamoiic pajer, lt pui. )i
of the Chriatian .religion., . ,i j -,,.,; Iroy orgare only n as much as l.am in'ihe
h)yF pthpse ea9nf jour, argmn.ent habit o( pub isjiiing m lis colujjina anjy officiat
foils in,,the cpmparispn(between. .the broken, cpmrnuijiqatjon whiolt ad to maljo" tne
fin condiiion.Af .RyotcfiiantiSiates with Caih. Caih'jlic..clerV and Dcoriid'bf this. Diocese.
olifl subjects, and the uuited condition .ofihejrn all else the "talenttd '."editor -.writes ajtif
people.in the .Ppntificiul -States m which ,,
there are na; protettants. .excepts stmnsers.!
wbp visii Rome for their, pleasure, and ..who
have there every facility of, exergislng heir,
reng'ou rigius, save nje privilege
ng insurrection. 1 would deem t
i, treat impropriety, and a. ereat.
npncb,.tp nieddle , wybjhe Gpyorumept ,ot
the pomificial -States, just B3 I would .recent
. 1 , ' - . . 1. . ' , . . 11.
wan oecom.mginaignatton uipiniermeuuting
of a,ny subject of, the Pontificial Staiesj wiih
tho freedom and sovereignty ,piqur, , own.
Government;,, In these statements you have
my opipipn, in regard; to civil ?andf;rQligi.3u
uoeny pom. ai,noina.aiiQ,eisewuarej
,.V .. .Vhn-.hmvm, InbAn wlmr I rnnfeiilnr ilia
unwarrantable liberty of throwing, personal
m .:o.;, .uDi.u .....
ousjjiuivii vil jr onno i.jr . hiivj ;iiji ni Hu.ai
Knnnh kaA. nrl . ,ili7on nf I ina... Hniiurl
Simni ,1 will hniBinnn to rT.iAiht niifi.
tion with you..It is a question net to be o-
tied. . jA voluntary oXile In earlylifo ifrom
ihn Isnfi nf mv nntlvliv.iharm honor thai
wss conferrd upon me, was thd right of fe
dom and oitisensbip iia the 'United States,
No word nr nminn fit mv li n hns awnr ilimm.
ed, or shall ever tarnish that honor.-; No
dignity in the Churcbbas eyer idiminished
its value in my -.estimation; and no- further
honor, even ii oflbred, could bo, accepted 6v
me on conditions that would vitiate my ub
ligations to my; country, or OiminisP my
right as, one of her.; citizens. 1. It is true 1
have not- preached Red Republicanism ini
huropo, for so far, as it has hitherw made it
self knoivn, I dqspise II everywhere.;'!
But in circles in- which Americans have
rarely an opportunity of making their senti
ments Known-1 have untiormiy vindicated
tbe Government and Institutions of tho Uni
ted States: and Twill sayv 'briefly?
that- 0f
hp twenty-four 1 millions which
tity-tour 1 millions which compose. 1 .--y- --'t -r- r-:r- . ". ry. r'rn
ufaiion,' theVe is HotaimcVtBriUreM!;
their pop
or a more loyal.citizen than the humble in- f0H r"n '? .uf ; ZT ' C
dividual whose integrity you have sbetv fitto W.erae.f ,Iltovie it would be more ben-
call in question. 4t does not follow, howev- 8 $fWM"y.W J
.1 . 1 L l, . r i. rnlipinus lnnuences of tha least desirable
er, mat 1 noia our government ano insula-
Hons to ue tne oest tor an nations at an times,
, 1 . .... .....
and if on this subject I hold a different opln
ion from you, I hope you .will tolerate my
weakness, ;and not. proclaim the event as
marking a sad day lor our couniry.
VI. ;Yoa have taken me to task also ir)
regard to the distinguished Hungariaa leaif-
er who is soon to visit our shores., : Iiseoms
that in estimating his character, 1 have again
the misfortune not to agree wtth you lnopui
ton. :vy heihenhe error is oayourisiue or
mine. I am willing to leave to ice, decision
of publig opinion, in both, hemispheres, as
that decision shall siand . hve years hence
I have watched with moderate interest the
movements that have been going on iu the
name of hberty throughout Europe, within
the last four or five: years., - .Their, results
have disappointed both the. friends, and cne
mies of freedom throughout .the world. - The
convulsions which have taken pince, contra
ry to almost all similar convulsions in past
times, have'not thrown up to the surface, a
single great man. .There was a.time when
I thought that distinction. was' possibly : re
served for Kossuth. His speeches were el
oquent ,and , beautiful; -, his, prayers to: the
lioi'oj , Hungary seemed - .redolent , of piety
and patriotism., Indeed ! am not sure that
he did not compose Uevol
invoking the aid of the lilessa
end, all the-baints. , And
mark so great a difference boiween him and
most of the n other fiovpluiionary - leaders,
that ai one time, t imagined, history , would
ILrkL9'"" r 6
... , J 1 .1 , .
unate. And so long.as! ho was acapnve
in tne i urKisn nomimons, t was wining
lorget dis luuitsm consiqora ton oi,nis cap
. I . t . I . r .
tivay. Uut when, on his release- from prts-
on, I find him offering tho in.censo o ndglta
,on to the God, or, I3r tish pndq, pnd p.hpnt -
ing pagans of flaticry lo the yerypower.ai
ion to tne uqu ,o.i i)r,ttsit priue,anu enpnt-
fessedta have cnndedJer-s-io the persons
ui oiiiiiiku urioii uuu iiiu.uiuer ins
.r a..L rtn.-. i .u t-s-iT. .
ots-7-when I find him unnecessarily
nsuu at i iip religion pi jnosi oi me peopie
if Hungary, aimply beca,use ' such insult
would bo grateful in the ears of, his : English
auditors, rcouid not help lormtng the opln
ion that tho $iuj was not in him, and "that
history would write him down, not among
the heroes, but rather, among tne humbugs,
of which this, voiriejoenih'ceniury has been
so proliiiOr My mind is so -constituted that
I could not come to any other conclusion,
and therefore I throw myself on yodrindul
gence'seefng that in. this also I 'have the
misfortune to diner with you in opinion. , I
, VII. You have also assumed ihe right, to
hold me responsible for certain-newspaper
articles published, in .Caiholic journals, -not
onlv in New . York, but also in France and
Entzland.'. In rehlvloinls.l have' the priv
ilego or giving you the siaiemahf rif- 'a fact,
instead of an opinion j and that Yaci is, that
I do not acknowledge mvself responsible, di
rectly or Indirectly, for any articlo in any
newspaper, af which 1 am hot myself the au
thor. :,Thi itttwi iXeik.Fsee?Mfl'i Journal
was formerly under my dlrecilon.. Between
thre6 and fottf yeairl ago it was irwffqrred
by nie to its present-editor and
and I should consider, tiifn' unqualified
-nis ouicp uo essuinsu iu uvuarB na
L-r--,ri. .1 . - I . -
V J ! Jl-l-H ! rr -
j 'J.ilM-9 itjf
iflfo n ihn jsIiva nf nnv man b ttioiients.
iiireBw. nd nilcrjenijBpi piaerAC
fiDb,,nrcsi . Ilia JournnL .bos some times
nqari ,cuiiu,;-,nuviivH,,i!vj;iiC! vv',6uf..,(
laDd. alihouiiri vbu are . belter JnTormod on
fbj))bjeff, tjian foryobthei- ditors preien'd
(ftbwd4JioclatiiJ1jib.a:taVe rwi gmclal ,
ststeniity yoa.nciig, m ,-eccounia.Dia or ,iw,
opintonftn,Th.e8-?-1'P I,ibo rty-'jo app r ov o ;
or, disapprove, Jio jjjsj iliarj joujs'cFf. (Tne
pRpiijuf ijts way o' t? ,own;mriis, b
Wl)tpl jwjeaaej ore arte tw6t juages..f amj
Things' which'
4 notwriie' e
I ' would'
writc.pr;i wou
exacuv in
.'I-.- tLi
6arne ,w.,till, I'hold ,U that, fake it for,
al itj llA JTip Jfew YprJc'FreemaJour
publishes. on his ,tbwh resp6nBibtliiyf Without
dictation .Irons .any source, . whatever, ne
thinks .proper . ' ',. J.',. ? f ''
,t,VUJ,"ft It )f4 agalh my misfortung to Utffe
for. general, tiay upiversbrducation,' Mj
cfl'ona 'to establish Colleges, scats of Voarn-
s ' ' ' t- . t . 1 r ' .' 1 .f. .'
irig,,anu eyen oay scuooist ior nie enucauon
ofyoutlj in.ihis Dfocese, '.will rjo 'a sufficient
prupf thai IainftpadvMateoF fjpidrfnee.
Our. disagreement, therefore, is npl, in regard
to .educatipp itself, .,lui in regard to the ctr;
qurnstances unuer, -wihuh n is imnaneu.
U 10 divided COIiaillOn.01 tne COinmunilV pn
ubjeci 0 1 religion 1 lias icu w a system
which erlecis to aivorco the relictous doc-
;r . i t , '"lt'rh' '' . Av t. ;
innu Ol, euuil USI oiiiiiiuuou . liuiil 111a ruui-
ments.pl primary science in scnoots- . 11
weere a people pi unpouevcrs in ynrte:
Hanuy.tms .systpm wouip op in 1 neriect nar;
mony with our conditioh.-. And yet happily,
is.; understood .thaihe welfare bf society
anu me oiaiomut.1 resi,,uuimaieiy, on a re
"liiuus uosi ui. kuiuv niiiu. c uro uii i
Christiaacouniry, composed indeed, of rnany
secM"5 religion, .and . If. you exclude on
education thp peculiar. doctrines bf each sect.
ono Blier "Ul.iier, you uocessaniy bauiuub
Christianity itsolfj for all'the Christianity of
the lanq is made up 01 tne 1 several .secta
rian'" doctrines which are "severally eicW-
dpu,,-; iience -if . we ,'hafl vno , piher Sect
among us, paving i"o its paculiar, doctrine a
belief In 'the expediency oV , excluding from
the minds 01 youtn an. Knowledge ;oi ano.
faiih" ft)'Chri'stir4hiiy,'"'6br present -Common
ScBbbts ' '-mighr - be- denominated .i'a's legal
establishment for the i purpose t el pausing
Christianity to die put, and of promoting the
uucrqvs ai).,mruses on 0110 nmi-viinsiitiii
1 Rprri ni nrniPRKinrr inrisiianii in inn anaiwi mu iwiiumi, t.,. .? 1 -itii
. r ... . m .
ftlUUIU UU Cl 111 1IIO WUI1IIIIVII, UlltlUIQ, (Hull
that all -.ChVisuaniiy, under the pretense of
ilrt bn olirni.
nated. ..VYhetner any oiner system could Def,"Ju" mhjm-wiibhi.i.w mv ..u.t,.
adopted in the actual state ol the case, i( i-
nni formn m flopirln. Inn I nm vrv Qimno
n',iA'tininn ik nrLcm .u.t.m i. nm
, . . r. . ' . . .
calculated to meet the requirements which
Catholic parents, at leasi, are bound lo' fulfil
towai'ds ther Catholic offspring. ', If may suit
mhny Honnminniinno in hnvia ihpir oh Mmn
brounht up without any'' admixture1 of reli-
nious teaching In tholr education, but it' docs
not suit us. ( was hOt rgnorantHhat'Com -
-w ct-L . -i' j t : KT... ri j'ii-
guuniin.iin.vvin -
New England be-
, but you will re-
'of New' Enwlahd
To ,hcydi(f , prussiB; bl
membcrJhat' the people of
,nnAnA. ,'ei- . r,.
mn'n' Khrfla aw icturl 11
contended, strenuously, for the unity and
pxcluslvfness of religion, whereas the Prus-
slari ' system was framed, in Contempt of
distinctive dogmas, Tor the purpose of amal-
onmniinn 'in- ihn nrw frHnfmUnh. rnlioiona
P . o . . . " . , , t . .
hitherto separate. ' - :!" ' ifff-'-mi
IX. I. have thus, Sir, Eiven yeur my
KnlnSnnrf An nPhVl .11 .W .nnf- In vpif.ml
to which you have Called for them'. I fear
they will bo as lltile agreeable to you as
ihe f!l)crice of which Vou Becin to complain,
singular if after having ' cbltoih IhcVn 1 forth
vbd khould' bo :Amonr the first tn-p.nnsni-n
, f , i vuii whit out ui iiivmi imnvivi) iuui mvii - .
a Virgin wary . va wonunot' think them wnrih haw, and oflfend him.1 hb arch masician of
.tills. Seemed to i,.i-.' t, VaIiIA'y.iii w..k I iVinso nnAB Intn wlilrk thnn' iriffAst onld in
I f " " 1 v V U UWB1UU1W
w"a'ever triay btf oar 'differences of opinion
L- , ,. lU, i. ...
UirilldOUUI WIIVI It'l'lttDi l IIU3I IIIUl ttq nig
boW c,ualed bvIfi uesire of bromoiimMbe
oinA f .. ' ms.w.r.,L e
- , lhfl nHtA L-nkinti ...j .:,.,
- " I Verhairt, 'very respecifully,' "
- , , , , , f?,-y6L ob'djeBt nJmm r
f Jo(.L tinhHES. Archbishon hP Nw Yhrk
, t JotIk tlc6HE!i,'ArchbiShop-bf New Ybrk
NtwYork,bKiUMlJ n-
,.,,.,-.,F ... ;y, ,',.,. ,.; , ,v Vt .-,
: - -
- Hrll t AMI? IVMlniKPcnTi ' -..
v ' 'iri'i'v'AKiV't niwWBiir "''''"
WTO.i. -
Dr. -Lewis, physician of the Red- Lake
mission, furnished the following information
reloiihg to 'Red Lake,' and 'tho' agricultural
capacities of the country. . , ' ,;, ,. .
'Red Lake is sit.uuted on ihe 40th degree
of North Latitude- It is 40, miles Ipng, and
at tbe widest part 25 miles, t L be soil in the
vicinity of , the. lake is good, , much,, of, the
land in the, surrounding .country is barren.
Winter wheat .has been Culuvated with suc
cess at ibe mission, It ha .been raited lor
five years in succeesioii, during which time
there has been. but a single fml-.tro. and, that
was lost year, j , ...', v. ... ; :;i
By the regular traveled route, Red Lake
is sou milos ro,m v ou i'aul. j .there J. a
bund of Cuipeways on. the lake,; numbering
sixty lodges: and, 300 , persous,! j I bey re
ceive no nriQiies.or assistance of any kind
from, the , cp-vwrnmeYit i .they -bye ; by , the
chaso, fisliqrieflj ( apd.i, agriculture. They
raised duriiig'ihepQst-season 2,500 bpsliels
of porn and o large quantity of, potatoes. t
The Revv G S. Wright is, In charge,af ihc
mission iriis dovoieu missionary arid , his
assistants,, have been true bpnufuciprs to this
me "fof their . utterance.' In epncldsion.'jwno'e naoivuBigioDesgainsi-tireo vvouiosi
fori peojile, having taught. tl em jq, vbnuorable,ion)f.saneiitv. .is'
ui - - tieni,liie. germs
r i .i.- l . -n.. t,
1 i j 4,
lT - y.V. fij-i-v ri . -.r-njTrj"
'O 1 1 I:
j nfi ft, itnm ciu 1 -. .3 iu im m
1'lK6fo,ht'tJitit hdil r-i -n'lfri lll4lli
lari ft k.t A
m'be't ebnlntcuftus persoi, .TcaiivH bf.lheitsd
-iaTfuIT-croWri, p'rffnMnV t; lnm-toVbemista
keri emblerfl 6f the time
in wnwn-ne;nvs.
y 'ier(resehtbti ve f
iiipme'nOe his otnx
ibg!'pbwPr'of? the
1.1. . ..
IfSls.'ftt least! the'-'bocli
tVhiHi U derfvWlfrs'ir'
lacB;1oF the holy
iwfH fa trieeiqisv
Wbat would bb
kings, 'prince and
lea the Fifth have
friinfeW ff the'Korriat
m of tnrf'lrifiulsltlbh.
rn'bnks; lrtilghts,'p1caBdri!
rrolilKs bf 859 !6f "CI.
said or a Vace'of'arbe'h-:
themi In tho'Trterfc Vhv.
I - thoughtless; yet
''ilmmselvea on
boyhood1 superficial J,a
ihtTmafe tdr'rns with th,
and ii!!ftilspecp(jklng! 1
VerilS ahrl nunhefiesWUi
itrsC 'distinguished'
.r n'os1mo con
sklykipping. whli
'4 p'ftt flehMU'irT-Wtr, atcfiqOflrisi enda'j
yes, bame-heldg, Bncan i untnw ana ;sy mws
-.slhorjlhfr' mbnarchsfuarillarlydn iha back
-bearoi ng wern'-barohs aftd 'Mluk'e--dei J
ribuncintt priegtcrtilVVflnd' pTdtratming openi
lv to theAvbrld thirJoprn!ions itpon the meas-
urei ofgbvernrrtenJsi apd'the ehuracters' of
its rulers (' ' " '--Hw",t"" ''v vi
' WhaMs'-there on' earth sw loVwaru, and
IbfmMnhle, as orioof the editortal fraternity I
OfferKl hirrihd yotl'wtll heaf0P lv, 5Seve
him,'itnypti 'will're dy have occasion lo
acknowledge his munifice'ni and potont grat-f
hude, artd'to cohgrbtulirte yourself tonpe
sesslng his tavorV'Ild is nbt-ildd dowft to
thd rules bf brdlnary mortal.ity.w He is not a
mere man.1 He-must hot bo treated like the
resf of' the commonplace I sons of Adam.--
TrCad on the toe ol a baker; tailor, a ooc
lor, or a lawyer, and he scowls on you; per
advCnture, and, -perhaps", quarrels with yom
but, when you have settled the' etTain by ev
hlanatfon" or-tHfgillsm, it is enied 'A But tread
oh the to'bf a editOT-marry vcbmeiUpl
vod will hewof it in Alabama. It will be
CariVasSed irt California.: Ybu will be haul
ed bVerlhe coals at the Great Salt Lake, and
at bfher places thousands ofi-mlles off. i-The
Chinese will examine into iu o; An eliior, if
a bad manis-d sdst ok bssilisk.;,, He lios in
your path, as difierepua .thing from-.Knptber
manias a-rattlesnake irom a hoop.?. Up has
-ting A BewdrttrtAiMlv'.h aia-.5c
: . .iAaain, your editor oxtracta tttrbecome pos
sessed ef commodities by - a ahort-httnd.-cQt.
.UQ Roes, If i course, everywhere Jree of .ex
pense.. t We walks himsejfttwiib an air into
rauseumB, theatres, zoological gardens, con
certs, h lectilre-rooms. and joramas. r .Tho
,doer-keeperai ticket venders,. proprietorj,
siock-boldors, ate all afraid ofMm-v, They
may brush f by dn b4 incognito -.with
.tbeh ordinary parolcRsneKAliibut when; they
find qjii.mAo i."itis like poininf upon an
emnoror in disauise t .it, is A Dowme ftia'
hometao astounded at finding tht ihq foliow,
who has been wrangling with him, is no oth
ier ihan Haroun Jil Rsschid, the commander
1 , Wa hflVfl hintaa ,1,.. ,n Bd;.or , don. not
I --, ------- .-- ' J V . ,
partipularly like paying Jor .ihings. If he
must pay, be wishes you 10 know who he is
your. "J
shade or so cheaper.,. If you understand
him. vOUvwill be cautious not to press him
- . - . .
Ir L!L V.. 1 1 I .... 1.
iorinj VtKVr ' ti" "
him, frpely, for little or nothing. Indeed,
presenting it to hinvput Mgut, would do
no IlOnil.l, AU Ore, ,1)011101)81, UIIQ Ul lUUbO
!';al people , who never look beyond their
noses i Youpannot let the thing go lor less
Jihan ne fixed pricp;l .Unhappy tradesman !
1 cknrt'.einhlnri ntinlpr nfmr wealth T Kuan
, - -. -, .. .- .
short-sighted nunter after , wealth I
ignorant . mistaken manPKnowe
what ftwlhou'doest t Beneath thai
est thou
that old hat
works the tountain 01 a million ot peopio-s
opinions. .rThii browtvaiihougli Irradiated
by no visible hald. gives law to the public.--
lh "and." its- necromantic virtue Bidden
Mrom thine "eye, transcribes, each ipassing
I J-- .V. .1 L ....... .kn
i uBy,-iu tuuuguw, buh un v
wenty hundred times the numoer 01 ail ny
ItteOdS and 'Customers."! II. tnOU ' COUIOSl
please all thy patrons whir a fewsBhiH.ihgs,
wouldst thcmjiotl What handsfuUf silver
dollar dost thou yearly, bestow in ihe'shape
write thyfoollsh'namel' Out on thee! thou
art 6 ruined man' Wouldst thou ' have the
I ,
'Hou be snered ot iby the .t)u.ri, I mile !
WouldsMhbu he looked coldlV-on hv wholo
; , s j
states Sndflaiianst -Wouldsi thou have pop-
iilonseiiiM know iVpntonlV w.voirl the nn.l
. I " ' ' ' Vw
thy commodities 1' Whither wih ?thou'flv
from the displeasure of i the: editoV t i -Thou
: must set-Up' AVahop 'beyond the limits- of
thy iountry'a languaga I -Thnu must-get to
thy Country's languaga I T
Asia.; Off with, thee b-TI
, gchatkaiTrampAi-By Mflri
Thibet -or- Kam
'rttlim' It thrtit ,Ail
. .. vt '.; k;imoiL.,i... aa ,un..
'" 88 Bnnihilatcdimless, indeed, thai
makes! present l ihe editor! efthoT articl
b- -. .......,,.,iiu, ,uuu
Dispatch one of hyandoriincs.- Counsel.
hlmastd his .bearing. '' Lot him hasten to
the editor's throne. Hid him btf-rsspectful
ano oDsequious, nai tn ni'nd,' .head 'bent,
knees droked, eves nrted revnrentl v." and lot
him eay, thou': hadst not ihe temotest ink.
If A I I L '
ting oi an i job ww ne. was, or idou sbouiust
bavs-uoegged his Scceptnncef ete .iT- ft t.
'" .duors are certainly thepbiemaiesof the
ago. " Ihe wholo world nre'afrald of thenv
Courts and Camps h.tndle ihem as bov
would a J "'they are dangerous, because
known to' -1)0 the imbodied token, the': ess
ertce, the tangible reprcsenmtivoa of one
knows not how. many thousand other people
11 you strlKo an uuor,' you strike 'innumer
able -familics.l If you pull his -. nosef. y)u.
have pulled a Hundred ihousandj nosles, wo;
men's and children'st.lncludedj i-Yod, have
not only pullod ihe hoses bf bis-subscribers
but of his readers ami admirersmitLei every
oooy, wno womu navo goou Hick weneraic
and treat wlib'considoraiiort.thoteditor, and
never reluso toubBcribe for the newspaper
i) i-.v'it i-Tiinms't
v 0irThp more honesty mdru bae
l of bills for RdVertisercSTitri J And vpi. "now.
iess.ne.aii,ects-the ir ol a saint the affpeta
i - .
.'V i ' .",'- iTh
! I
;" -,---r----'---i-T
- - ' 1
(Thera havu;-beeo.ja .many arOdlca.rub-
lished, yi ,he (newppers,,illusu'aii.y,e,. ()jhe,
advanuges aj.yaya flriaipg fr,air early ars
r(ages, tliot we tro, lompiedi gvp oi-
ow,iiui..on the other sldo ol.Jiw que(sucn:.i-i
:.The. practice, of, early. tnarrwgeo, cotn-J
mpil.lAe, ifl',alegiH(pne.OI.uq woiji
able, circumstances. M .involves, too. f many
- ; .' it . id ::: '
carder aup Qs,nnd e,ni
ojb a parties iu.be t$prp d jinio.wtiiiouiUeep
and lP.sJoui.1 rcprfogjjif
he Joiiog Pflop'ftiWXP Writ ?lPSr! l"!".
thej-canoi liya.aparltib'M jt j.s not ijjulljoj
them to marrv. without aome cood provision
fal.l.scy, wliiply, eVPv.doy.XDose 1 jp,in,e
great, (lissaiisfaciiopf ,its delud uoej..
tfcwdes,. tbo bodies and mindPLl.riay.oung,
need,ri?lopq.hwii,ihp ,fchoo e?piir,i.1
w..yt.v,,-.. vMr-rniivwi'-'v.- ; -"V
tv..wouid baiheir ruin nt..cuhlot;n. JSa
oncp, ,,-" nf ui a , jo if g M 1 1 X opruq ai imr;
njo.-pt iWage, h.hipendj Usi menially '
or physically, and all prcmruur) .dnvolope-:
ments musi be. oarlullv.nloned. tor in alter
yoass.Xouih.oea ho knowlts pwn'wak..
npss,fl! CKingpepi ana( jounujuugmp.nt,
wluil u adores to,-'dayj it, is plien, Inditierent
tp,o,he.morrpw.i.r( Many baybimarried on
in a suDnosou. .strenam oi. -nrsi. uiuuuoiis.
and awakened from, the dream, 'to. find ibem-j
l ' ' I . . , ' ' . rl . I
solves; uueriy..anil: trfotpjnpiy , rniscragie;
tpreis.a paio.ouput yvni'i ,i,.iio, wuu
to trust ipvermuch,' .Beiicr .'mia'trUst, (t alio-
getbqr aiid tlepend, uppn ndnpood and tho
luturp; iho. attecuon. tnoji. connoiicarn tg
labor and , to' Wait,! cantilever, pndure.any
length of Jimp. X U if. no'thq'iruo ylove', but
the false, whd has assumed the shapj of his
twin,u, Above all others, .jlip poor, should
ivojo; jearjy 4 marriages., In ft single siato,
poverty is a cursQj out jne. oUDic poverty
of, marr.ia;e U
distresa.sopnirpb lovo of its charms', aiid life
bf.iu Mpom Affection will not make the
pot; bpinoither will it pay houso renv and
buy, ncNV. dresses. What was irksome to" be
borne alone, is doubly so when the law has
bound iu victim to another life. 'Then there
are tho voung innocents; who should" hoi
suffer, bm wro. 'dosuffdr, ".'for.he fu1jy .br
tneir, parents.:. .;l he ihousanos,ot taje,.. rag
ged vicious children, in. our greets and hous-
es,.nrq file trutia t ui; eanjr w ,iiiiyiuciii
piarriagesjand hull tho misory of the poor
er ciossc-j results, i rom t.no sa,me oausp. .out
rich or poor, ho generality of early mar
riages are unhappy, arid' should -'serve.-' as
warnings to the young and ardent, who con-
. i . . : u : : i i .. , i , .. -- ,
template sueu a criiniiiai lony. . .
" ' !" - i - f J-.. H
ft- . . . . . .. . ! rr. -jr-i-.iii
.A Remarkable Casb. There is a woman
a, Cumpobelio (near , .here,) who. has fain
upon her bed for sixteen years. j.Iiq. was
f rostratpd after a, child-birth, became para
vzed: ana riaanSver icbfirBd-.-ni f--hll(l
lived, was heal thy, "and is po'w'a fine young
woman, t no woman is noi capaoie ot mo-
ing any ui ner iiinus in tue siiuuiesi man
ner, and cannot sit uu.'." She can hear but
cannot sneak loud or distinct.' "What is re
markable, she . appeurs to be fleshy, has) a
fair countenance aud a good appetite, thoiish
on account of her immobility, her food is
given in thin or liquid form. She does not
change for the worse, but remains as Bbe
has been for many years. ' Her bed is made
by rolling her from one side to the other.
and she has no acute pain. " Her hands re
main crossed 'upon her breaiiher fingers
are white and smooth' almost 4as ivory. . h
i- vi i-j .. ! .,. , ' :. . - i. -v -a-t .
eiDuiur uiui in una inert swie oi ner uif
dy, the process of digestion should go tn
regularly i it does. Nothing is done for
the restoration, of this' woman. She is now
atO'it 40 years old;-and during her confine
meni hai coen her Husband die in the same
loom she ogcupies.'.' Is hot her case a pe
culiar onoT aailport oeminel.
. ' , i .- i- r
' , Mental Excitkmemt
-Bad hews weak-
ehs thb Action of the hcB.n. oppresses in a
lungs, destrojjhe appetite, stops digestion,
and hivtially ( susponds all the functions of
itie svstern. An emotion of shame flushes
the face; fear blanches it; joy illuminates It;
and an Jnstani thrill electrifies a million , of
nerves. ... Surprise' spurs' the pulse Into a
gallop. r Delrtum; Infuses great, energy.
Volition comm ands, and hundred of mus
cle's spring to' execute. Powerful emotion
often kills the body at a stroke. ,' Chiiu Dia-
coras. SoDhocles.' died of iov ai the Greciari
Games. I.he news of defeat kinod Philip Vi'
I he doorkeeper of, Congress expired upon
nearing oi tno surrenaer.oi uornwauis.
Eminent 'public speakers hdve'oftch died in
the' midst of an 'impassipriej bursi" of elo-
atiehce, orWheri tho deori einPilon "thoV pto
uccd H suddenly subsided."" '. , ;"'
I Advehtisijkb .a , Death. Ve arp. often
entertained, saya ion -. Engjiph Jqurnal,.,by
ihe lone of sentiment adopted in advenisini'
a aeatn. mere is treaueni v a aceuous
,.'.." mi. .' I : i i' -.V- .- a
u'jp'torj., ol" .puff find 'desppndencyjWe wil(,
give w.
...VjWea, on tne ,t nn ultimo, at tne sqqp on
Fleet, street, . Mrt Ed ward JpoesV much re-
rspeciedby ' allj whqi k rip w him and dealt
with him.- As n man he wus amiable, as a
hauler upright and' modordie.'. ' His virtues
weio" bejrond fall 'pfise'hbd his beaveVKais
'wejje' 6nly twenty-four ' shillings each." lie'
has loll a widow to- denloro his loss, ' arid a
lorgo:i stock tp,be's6ld tor the, benefit rjf his
family.' 1 He was ahafclied lb iho other world
iq ihe primo'of life,' and 'jo's! as ho had con-
'tttifTirl si n AvIAneluh 'tM'nliViei Vi t.Ai oiUIaU
he ot so cheap Jhat th'e'Jwld6w' cari 'Vupply
bonnets at .'a hi orb 'reasonable churga' than
any1 other house Ih London? '1 II is dise'onso
fa.te fiimil Wllf Carry 'oil the bdslfipss" Avith
punctuality."' ' '' "
wr ii -r i.i.i m ni-., jv.-ir i( -.1
ViAit i'-'.wiik.riiii'vv'. -Vi..-.v (jta.i-i't
.WOMAN. 1 na iNeW York . I.ilpmrv
'VVorid, apcajiih othb liiie ngftbtofi on "the
--yi nn muryui creiuures woman is tlie
lasi'ty be discussed rcgulaied", direcled, and
'treated' ijv wholesale ';' ihe liiVit's'and 'sli'udes
in nor nuiuru uiu BO .uoiicmu lliltl vuriuuie
.t'h'al no'a'xlom cdh'leinbWe'iiJ1.,'','Ea'ch wo-
iiiuu aiiv ima is iiiu ijuuiu iiicrouuuvu uv
-v. .1 iT: . ( .- 'i
,-.Vrj rf (F -T V'' "":"" I Itf-A rvw'f'
v r!.i-ij
m .TiiB roiia)wA8jjiKisfi1m;rst,; ,.M
' 1 V ' , " - V,. .
, t-f -..OiiUIII Kfi 7TT, i-.-(l: ; j.:
' Happening to cast my eyos over' the por
rai is in A ' gallery' 'miliiirtrgs; 1 ' ferhrtrkbii.
they 'were so arrargeu as to give four porson
ages Alexander, i tlunnibaK Ctesur, and.
IJunaiwrie-iho.flipsi. cnsiiicuotis places.-
I j have seen ahq. same before,, but never did
a sissllur .train or.'reflerjtldns hriib 1h 'my bo- j
onf. as "ivhen thy mind ' how -hastily glanced
over thefr'eyertl histories'. .'V . . V ;,
. i AlexanJcrv having , ji-limbcd.j tho , dizzy j
ne.tgns,pi,niiDiiion,. anil wan ins , icmiiiej
bound with chapluis dippeJ Tn iho blood ofl
. ' . .f J . It I . , ' 'l. J :.V . . L
vuunuess nuiiuiis, iuukcu uown upon a con-
que red world, and Wept (Inn ihero -was riot
another to conquorrw-sev'a city oiwiru, in-, n
diraraful.ficene of ilebai;!.-, ,,:
, tlapnibAl.' Alter .tayiiig to the astonish
ment and consternation ol Kuinn Passed
the'A'fds after 'hAVinJf '(jut to flight ihe'nrv
Wi4' of iMs ""mistress- ul' ihe WorldV -i uml-
stripped ihree.bushgtilSiOCgold rings frointhu
hngersiol ner;slaugliipred kuuhts.aml iiki'U
I ..'L''.. -I.''. - .'.A:..' ...i T' ,.' n
her. very foundatiniis quake returned iu lify"
hcountry, to -be duraitteu, to' bptfrtvcrf into
exile, .Vnd lO"tliu hi-lust hv hniS-iii a iniinis--
tc-red by hlslowa liund,,uulaui njolaid.un,-
w o yt: m M . wiy ig i, 1 1 ii ;.w, , i r
kv nlinr nvinn tnkpn i
eiln hunjied
cities, and dyed nis garnicms in tha blood
of his fellow men ufier having purstieuNu'
death the Only, rival he had on rarih was
assasslnated by those hu bdnstifet-d b'is'lie'ur--est
friends arid at the. very point in which
ho had; gamed ilie, highest pbject ol bis am-
Bopaparie, whose mandates, kincs and
priesis obeyed', 'after liaving filled the faith
with' the1 terror bf his name alter hiwing
deluged Europe with, tears and b!eo U cloiljcp
the world in sackcloth elosid liis days in
lonely banwhmeni, nlmol j exiled Iroiii llhe
typrld.j yet,. where lie,tcould. sv.meinii.s stfp
his country s banner. waving over iho deep,
but which .would not, or could 'hoi, bring
him aid.' -."-'" 4"' I .
Thosf those four men, who", from the 'pe-
ci liar siluaiiori of their portruits, seemed to
stand as representatives, pf j oil. those! vi'hom
ihe world calls 'greai' those,fotir w'hn made
the: eanh tremble to its' ceiifre "severally
died one by intoxication1, the second by su
icide, the third by assastinanoii, and ihe-jast
in lonely cxil.p,fIJ.K;f(,f.:;.'; ..,..,,,1
How vain is the greatness, of this world !
How fearful, is, )he gifi"of 'gehiuV.' if itbe
abusedl Who, thdtVnW' Ovlngwould
not father 'die -tha 'death -of tlio, bumble,
rightoous man, than that -of; Alexander- or
Hannibal, or lDesar, or ISapoleont n. ,,,
,-.M-rf.--(i''iijXAH-i.M6HMOK; v--Vf.'-. ,
; A correspondent of the Alexandria Ga
zette; under date Sept. 10th, says, that the
Morpionvihftianiversary pr, whose -.settle
menu. -by a singular coincidence, fulls-on
th e,4ib f July milfof), Jf i?h tyiib'S JP.
denounce the .President and Govurnment of
UnUpd, States. t Governor Young,, on that
day, said among other things ol similar char
acter, Zachary .Taylor is dead and gone to
hell, and am giad. oi i(; wnicn pious sen
timent was assented toby a solemn amen
from the whole audience." Hd afterwards
saiu , . , . , '
I prpphecvl in the name of Jesus Christ,
by the power of the priesthood thai is upon
me, thai any other President ot the United
States,' who shall lift his finger against thi
people, wllf die'an untimely death and go
to hell.' T'' ''!'- - - '-:;' - :
.The general feeling was pretty "fairly ex
pressed by this sort of fanaticism. :: - 1
' The correspondent further said, that be
ing introduced by the Governor, to address
a meeting 3,000 in number, ho vindicated
the Government, and President lay lor and
although calmly hoard to the end, the Gov
ernor mounted the rostrum when be had
concluded, and denounced him and tho Guv
ernment, and held him up to public odium,
so &s to imperil his existence,
Women m Cocuin China, as in all coun
tries where civilization has made but little
progress, the women are doomed to tho most
laborious occupations. A .traveler in that
country says the women may be seen stand
ing from morning till night, in tho rnidst ot
pools ol .water up to the knees, occupied in
transplanting rice,., They , undertake the ta
bors of tillage, and the varipus employments
of agriculture while those who live in
seaports beside, the management of, their
domestic concerns,, undertake the manage
ment of the Various branches of Commerce.
They even nsslst in constructing and repair
ing the collages they conduct the manu-
fuciures-rihey, ply.'the boats in the, rivers,
and in the.harqors, and parry die nrtioles.of
produce to market. But, nothing can be a
siionger proof of the, degradation of the fe-
innia uuuruvier, uuu. uu uuveasiuu moor io
I I ' J L ; . ' V.-'I.L: .
which they are doomed, than, the proverbial,.
expression in that countryj ,tnnt a womun
has nine lives!, and bears,, tt'grbat 'deal of
"AiiWciDBNT; One of tho richest cases
we remember happenod a short time sinco
in a neighboring State, hot a thousand miles
Irom INew ilampshire. ; A dilnculty had oc
cuired, as'diniculiies. will 'occur,1 betwperr s
preacher arid the cnoir pf his church, which
torn consioeraoip ume, aepnveu ino concrt
kiori Pf thb benefit of ihe teiVicts of the
above n'arhed"orchestraV-' The delinquents
at length relented, and appeared In full num
bers at the usual time or service. 1 I ho par
sorrascanded'the ptiloit' as usdal,r looked
AbbuH dn the cohgregatibn' baying particular
attention id rhdunoxpectou accession of his
hearers, and" when the time arrived for1 the
hymn, he arose, and with a very siunificam
ione,' took" and air', with his rye fixed on ihe
roCem absentees, began - 3J'J r- " -' ' '
"Are wj wreteh'es yet'allve umlw. i
fid urt 'd -Attd do.ye yet rebel ?".-.' .c-il-il.t
i i-ii-ti.it it.i . WoTftsler Trtnscript.: n
l.Krfa 'speaking of ibu Influence and 're
sponsibijities , of , ihe .newspaper press ihe
iN,ew . l oxh uni y. : i imcs retntirkSi truililuJ.I y
as we tnins, -inat tne press, tie country inun
than.thq city, weekly. more thaii ihe dully
does Creajo and rule the prevalent sentiiiiynt
ihe lolly, ol alleciuiatlon, or the
.i - j . -,,t :
' '1 .'.!.'.-' , I - V .
"M" i-v' - U-- .
Ki v-i,!' - 'ifi 'i1' f,..
One square (13 linel WiwwcttSi llil j
Tl-lJ 3UJ(.'IIH III (il.1VUlll I . J , '
One fquarej tin bWtrfsJJ: ih.Aft f) H : . 3 CU
uiupjurt;?ix JiKtytyifc, r ; :.. X fH' '
Ohu square, one visr,' s ' i i " i -i- t it 8 CO:
One half column, 'buii HV: i 50 00'
'rrii'- urrl( of V,?! ri.4tifjtirl 1 ; yWlWlj
OieiuiunintoneyiHii.k fcri-:1 '-3O0U'
.O Advertisements not, having the number of ia-.i
seriimifjtimrked.on c(H)yw.l fce contiuueduntil
f irb'id and clitrrgud acordiosly. -' C-.:
jjCaJhyoriiiiiir uiim pay in fcdvaaee. -is, .
ID 'Job Printing, o?treTyc7iiui7ivwi '
be er.ecutedwitjj accuracy an( nra.ftess. v a
rv kM6rmoxj lN til'Jit.M v. i j f
it'lW .M.'rfhiAm'are' nbo it pntwrgftf
stake,. ii CiWfuriiiaA-i Th'iji Salt FrariouR-oi
PicaytUicAays i;-.;f. '
jTjiq, Morin'irn ' have-ai lengiji ink n ,po-
sesfion of "trie ritneho nf Sati - Hei rinviliiio
near Los Afigeli'is.'fnr WliK-li they paid 9WtJi
OO0V2.r.00O was'p'ufi'l diiwrWoil iht re'' '
mainder is to be paid, in w itnuuli
ments. ' li is said lo'bciln ir iim-niioit ,rj
build a 'grt'nr.ciiy there, and a raiiritinf' to .
Sat Lakit is .PKiifiJeu.ly spoken of, , 4t"1
aNo said , ihat the heatl f . tlui ChurtiH ""iu
rT...v L-i.: ! ...i.fj .; ., .' - j if ., .-.-
uiun ii-ivi; aivi-n uircciions 10 mo .iurm XH
n 'Enrtlpe.'lh'tt hV i$r :oAifittiion'': iii thiV
ootrntry-itnusi.ln (future, oomer byhf, xriiy
jf.ihetsilnmis of". P.uiu.hi ,ia.S 101). ego.
'pf. i...: . r ci '. I,-.. , , '
V Uu.i', 'I "' ;tMoii oi ohii i) riuir-uiio ij i,i ii ,
increased fiye thousan I witliin ' tha next sit
nn.intiir.' It contains witliuY Wb inndiru s
more iliutt eighty 'lh'.u.in I be ot'0" ei'
Lnt land, tt-grem i ol" vv'ii.-li e ia b i irri
gated. .'tit iliil
Tnti; 8,mtrt(;An!l rivr,YirnM Mft.U-
linjishfdg',iiA: ,f)H sMPfoi'iigilin)!.'-
piire.,vj'aier;,uiijl paving eso,! ieiyt , piii eit.4&
'I ho mounuins near are covered with ptit-is.
suflieieitt to supply with lumber sll S-iiu'iVriV ' '
CTfi. Ifv.j-pin 'fo.JgBi-,t .The improvyiniui u
Im immeuiiiioly ina'le'will ho of great lr ;n-
fit iu LV'iS Argetos'coiihiy'.' '"piii sJtilo'ilr'ifi '
commands ihe ";Cnjim pass, and Will prdtect
ihe valley Iront (miller- Indian incursiun.
A fl-iuring imll and several mw mills will b
L'rec.e'l ilii-rp during the rainV Vec'sl)S.Th
tract ofi laud irwluded wiihiu the-. limits
bau Bej-ntirdino-.eiiibrcjLa h"U' I'-gufs. .,
TiH, Momon emigration IVoiu. Li'veip m.I, t "
is said , amounts 't'j 13,030'." Si t'LitkoCiiv
the' hcad-'rjiikrfcrs o'F tho Morihohs, 'contains
a pnplilation of 8,000, and tho -itlicf W.utld
mctiis in tho territory, about: as m my in iv.
' -JUATttUtONY.i M
-ttm ,li '!) -l .
' t was marnou (or niy money. I hut was
ten years oao
ffl id I 1 Fi Klf hatln Knnrt lnn',',1...
tt'tu Hit liUlU ULtll IVil L'QIS
1 havu bud luck as a wife.
of purniory.
for my "husband and , I have scarcely ono
laste in common-;- -lie wishes h liiioii tho,
oopittry whlcUi hate,!,' I like ibc-ibes mow
eV.-r.at 7.,wrchihe;hates.l .Ue iikp
to liavq tho-c-lnlJren brjught up (it home in
stead of at school, which I nuiiOVl like
rqusicnnd wisvi.o go to. conceris.which ho1
haicft. .Tlier.9, . la buy one ihing .wo' boili
likp anq that is what we- cannoi both' have,
tlibugfi'ive are' dlway's1 irylng for It--ihe lat
wbrd, ,' lhavebad bad luck as A 1mrher.
for iwo', such htige.'.eelfish,- pawionato, un
manageale boys .hQvpi; .tqrmpniedf a.feuble
woman since, boys began. ( l vish;.l(.hqd.
called herh b'th Cain.' 'At t tils. moment
ihey have just quarrelled oVei their WarblcsV
Monlmcr has torn m lUrvllle s collar, and
Orvillelhas.vnpplit'd. h. qoli-liki), band .ur. '
Moriiioe'slribs; while, hoby Z,;nobia, in -nyt
iup.i4vjo. navojr'lsl'ciSps, jnpre than half
an liourt a ti.no, and cries till iha timo she''
is awalta,,dras;j"been rjusud byihuir.din to
scrciinj iq clipryj. , I hnyp biballuck as'
a housekeeper, for I never jlvehj1 kepi a
a chambermuiJ iiioie'fhan' thrco Weeks.
And ns to cooks, look, back bewiltieird on
ihe, long1 plianiasiniigorla 'offac s flitting
stormily through my kitchen, ' AT it m' tinj
remeiiibers, a-7 rapid, succossioq"pf thunder
i;u.-5is and hurricanes in the 'Gulr'uf Mexico.
My new chambermaid 'bfltibciid "oiii'rof the
room yesterday C flirting her duster and mut
tering, "Real old maid, after , all," just bo
causq I showed her,a labia on which I could
writo "slut" with niy fingers jn the dust.
I never see my plump, happy sisters, and
then glance in the mirror at my own cada
verous, long, doleful visage,' without wishing
myself-an old maid,, ,dq it. every day of
my life. 'Yet half of my sex marry as I
did not for lovo But for fear for fear of
dying an old maidr " (,-'V ": ' ' ' '"'' '
Affectation. If any thina will sipken
and disgust a man, il 13 the affected mincing
way in which some people choose' jp talk.
is perfectly nauseous. H'mese young.
jackanapes-' who scrow their' word into' all
manner of diabolical -shapes, could only fool
how perfectly disgusting they were, it might
nduce theniia drop it. With .many it soon
becomes- such, a conhrine'J habit, mat . tne y
cannot again bo taught to talk in "a plain,
iraighttorwaru, manly way. in' the lowor
order of ladies' boarding sell 10I8, anr1, In loed,
too qiuchjtvery; wn.'ie ;tbi&A ne sickening :.j
nincing tunq is olien lound..o4ray,guod
people; do talk 111 your nauinil tone, if you
don 1 wish 10 be utterly ridiculous and con
teiripiiblc? Jt'' " ' " ?-
..- .A 1 nn 1 n '. V. ,-, - ii
(nr!My dear,' said an anxious father jo
his bashful daughter, '1 intend that you shall
bo married, but I do not intend that you
shall throw yoursilf Away on any of tho
wild, woriiucBs "ooys 01 1110 present aay.
luti must mar ri,a man oj sober and, maturo
age; one ilittican charm., you with wisdom
and'gobd advice, rather than with personal
attractioni"' VVIidi' do' Vou think of a firie,
lntolligeht,'moture hirsbahd of finyt' "'
Ihe timid, meek, blue-eyed little daugh-
ter looked in the ma i's face, and with the
slightest possiblj touch of interest in hur
voice, answered 'l.tltink iwo if tweniy-hvo
would bebeiur, pa.'..., ., ; ,r(4, '
;'J (stj lit Mississippi a ihtth always makes .
his will before noe'tpiing a noniinniitin to fun
for Congre&i, and trusts to a pair' of revolv
ers, bowie knifg, and loathcr lungs to whip
nis opponent in tno nee. f s Jj1
ftT A cobbler Im just located hiimelf ol
SptUJuigi, and. auructs utiupiipn, with, ihu i'ol-
lowing address outside Ins shop: "Surgery
pei -form ad' upon old-bools and shoes, by
aduiig of feet, mdltihg good the legs,' bind-.
tng uiu uiuKcii, healing the wounded alter
ing iho cohslliutiun'und -supporting ihej body
with nev 'soles." J No cure, no p'rft .''' Advico
grutis-on the -ntusi dvtpt rnie casssl- . ,
Tho Abany Dutchinun remarks thai tho -WiSesi'piVlod'in.'a'iii'airs
life, IS beiweeiAen.
and tv6my-fwb, lifter that' his knowingness
so I'ulUi tiy that by ihe. time he leaches .fif
ty-live or sixty, he mUes,up(hls, yiinj, .thai
lie is ft fool. v - j j
4 ill I---V-' ' '-.'I j , I,,, -jl) -.(
;0tr-At tb working man' .housalmngti
louks in bi4i1riyverjpi.icr,l ". , , . ;j
iaughUjiem.),o, vpnsiu;orabl9 ilonaf.sanotity.is'a blotch- on ,faoe oC which she, acquires love is crpuiipii aodtdriiad'of 'rc8pun'sibil!tyAh4tCusvs to adfi
ApTchrciviwtjoA,;, 4
4 t " w - .- ' . ' . .-' 1 . i :kifi.ie " 't . it
' .' ' : ''-'-', '-.' '-i...:
''-OR VI-
in r

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