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PEPSIN! a.mr
tfl E TUOE tUffES V H sTLVltir
Or Gastric Julcel"
PRITAREfD from Rennet, or the fiAirth stomach
of ths Ox, after 'directions by Barm LlMio,
tt rreat PlwsioloRfrnl Chemist, hr J S HOUOt
T)S, M D, No II, Norlh Eighth, sticei, Philadel-'
fliia. Pa. -' ' '' ,' :'T!''-1 M
Thi i truly wonderful rrlmerlv for IN niOF.S:.
fin after Nature's on method; by Nature's own
method, the Qnstrio Juice.-' '' "' '
' Half a tnspoonfult of this -Fluid, Mnfnscd iri
t water, witydigcstordissolve FislfbsRosT
ik aSix two nouns, out of the stomach. :
.j,.'' Stclenflffc Evidence! ,"t .-
Aaron Lrcsio, in his celebrated work an Animal
Chemistry, aayj: An artificial; Digestive Fluitl,
. arfialagnus to the Gastric Juice, limy bo readily
" jrepvre'1 from ttio mucuouS inJmbrtme of the stor
t rnaeh of thecalfv iu which various articles .of food,
' aa mtat and eggs, will be io snCteneO, changed and
i'gested, just in the same manner as they would be
the human simnacri.y rj n , r
a. . : v !.. r . . - . 1!.. .1? ,. .1 Kn j
. WS VI I'ERCIKA, 111 H13 I.1II1UUO HCftWC Ull . 1'Ulltl euu
ihi Diet," publishcd-b? Fowlers d W'clls, New ,1'rirk.,
1 ni t'S tates the s4me ?tcnt "ic1, m describes
r." fee method of preparation- .-There are tew higher
authorities than Dr. Pereira... , .. '
toil . . l)r Qpm savin hi" valuable writings on the Phys
r.fl ; ; ielogy of DigcsSoTi, observes that . 'a dinvunition
I of. the due quantity of the Gastric Juice ,1a,..
' not ; . prominent and all-prevailing cause of Dyspepsias"
.oy and he states- that 'a distinguished professor of
AM " medicine in London, who was severely afflicted
Tiltt J w thi!l complaint, finding everything else to fail,
r , )ta4 recourse to thp Oaslri J nice, obtained frfui
,KiP - tferst-nnaoh of living animals, which proved com
toiM -"ple'-ely successful". , .ft '."
.son Di OaAntu, author of the famous works on
, j vegetable Diet' saysriMf -is a remarkable foci
r tn phj'aiulogy that the stomachs in animals, 'mace-'.
rated in water, impart to-the flnid the property, or
iissolving various articles of food, and of .effecting'
aiK kind of artificial digestion of lliem.iiivnowjae
"prjy different fowl the nalural.digestive process."' ' . ,
Pr Simons great wprk, the "heroistry of Jlen.V
7 . (I.ta k Blanchi-rd, f'liila, 1S46, pp 32tr2); Saj-s:
ins)'' , "The dincovery of PEPSIN fonus a new era in liie
iir chemical history of location. Fn in' recent ex-
wfi feriments wo know that food is dissobed 5 rapid-
nill Iv in an an artificial digtstive fluid, prcpaTed from
Pepsin, asit is in the natural Gastric Juice itself."'
J1C Professor Dusoi-isiiN, Of the Jefferson College,
'K Fhilaielphint. in his great work on Human Physi-
naf nKigy, devotes more than fifty pages loan examina-
lnj aisn of this subject. His experiments with Dr.
. a Beaamont, on the Oastrio Juice, obtained from the
"f " kving human stomach and from animals, are well
"' anown. "Jn' all- cases," he snjs, "digestion oc-
Pm tarred as perfectly in the artificial as in the nalu-
h. tal digestions." .,
b Hr HosunroM's 'preparations of PEPSIN has pto-
ftl w- dnced the most marvellous effects, ouring cases of
Debility, Emaciation, Nervous Decline, and Dys
jiuji pep'.ie Consumption, snppdsed to be on the very
' frtt. verge of the grnvo. It is impossible to give the de-
.. , tails of cases in tha limits cf this advertisement
7 fcut authenticated certificates have been given of
abrj CURES, id Philadelphia, New York, and Boston
,,re tlane. These were nearly all desperate cases, and
Jjj(jj th cures ware not only rapid nark wonderful jbut
armanent.' " '''"t"' -!
It is a gTeat NERNOUS ANTIDOTE, and pnr-
S'i " , tieularlj; useful for tendency to bilious disorder,
il'f ' .Liver Complaint, Fever and Ague, and the evil ef-
ol,' 'feats of .Quinine, Mercury,, and othe drugs upon
! 4he Diecstive orrans, after a lone siekness. Also,
'7. v f it exoess'in eating, and the too free use of ardent
Y'r spurits. It also- reconciles Henith With tntemper
p. V There is rio1 form of OLD STOMACH COM-
i '(s. PLAINTS which it docs "notscem to reach and re
er n ciiantj. eMpnpe. . io niAtter how bad they may bo, it
York, in Paris, RoirTaTt'BTtiM RELlEFI' A single dose re-
we insist on his natural and inorul "iSff.ymptoms.-and it only
Vorship Go J according to his own convU'Jjey to mnketliese
tie. , it is par-
lii, vomiting,
erl.)niach, dis
.,, ' he Blood,
lllos cy, Ema
puie; vsuicice,
iney oil
lions of Riiht and Duty, or refrain from-
worshipping at ail without Jesponsibiluy
therofor tu any ijori!il v tribunal. The Rights
of Conscience are 10 us boforo inatiiutiuiis ;
taey trunscend ilia propor sphere of Civil
Government and Municipal Police.
NWjhe Al"L- ArcJibishoji charggs oijjJijia JLL
1. J.. 1 .r- r...,i. .....1. ' 1 t.t':u. -i 'Jrr
"101111111 .1110 Ufviif irimi niiu iuiwtiiuiu-
Jf6thf lame lvel," he surely -misconceivt'S
I'utt system. :'' Whin we hold is thin the be
fui! Mud nature of GuJ, His auribuus and
His requisitions, arn ilii mes above the sphere
'J Stl
rn.iv )
' trrt ,
' iS ii?o 'i
I N'DEAiSiGNED have now received their
stock of fciuue andr iSuiniiier GOODS,, con-;
tine in part .as.foUowsi? . - r"..
200 ncsPrinta the newest and most fashionable
I11.'"-1 styles;,i ',: -; 1 ....... 1
25- ' Furniture Chintx very ru-h; " .
54 fin- eatinetts; Ermine Cloth, Cassimeres and
's Kerseysv im
55 - ;n Kentucky. Jeans, various colors;, v .
25 ' . Blue Black? Figured and Col'd Alpaca.";
25 . Eastern Unseys, of various colofs; . n
25 "-'rNow stvle Ginghams; x -,
100 bolts Brow a Muslin, 4-4 best; .
000 " 'i . f-'-r , " 3-4,c.heap
25 tics. Flannels, all colors;
sn . Rlnnrhed Muslins, all Dricesi ''
Bleached and Drown Drills and Cartton FlanpeW;
Anrnn CHerka Anil Cheek Shirtincs: " ' ""
Shawls Thibet Wool, Silk. .Embroidered & Plaid;
Caslmieie. and U'Lano urcss uooos, very nana
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SndOicry 1 inumgn.
Saddle Trees nd Buggy Homesjflv,.
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PctentDash Leather and Coach Lac
Harness Tiees New style; .-, ,., .,
Carpet Bag Frames and Trunk Locks;
Uucklesv BndleBitUanU sunups; -Ueia
Snaps, Terrcts and VVater Hooks; ;
Spurs, Saddle Plush sad Strata Webb) ,; -J i S V -Harness
and Martingale Riiigs; . ; "' 'i1,
Dridle end Shoo Thread and Silks' ;,
Strain Web and Cirthing; ' ' '..i ' , ,
Saddler's Noodles, Awls, Punches and llammcrs;
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Pad Screws,. Sitot, and Brass Nails; v " '
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Buggy and Oniage SpringR and' Dash Framesi
Curtain Cloth and Leather- -
And every other article in Saddlers line. ?'
All kimli hf A iirnrs nnd Bitls: '
All Kinds Of Saw Sets and Gimblets) "
Mill, ScrolLandlland Saws; , , ' ''
Tenon, Circular arid Key Hole Sawti ' 1
Wood.and B'llet Sawsj. .... - n
Broad and Hand Axes; 0 ' " . ',.
Hinges, Screws and Fniishing NailSi 1 , ' '
Braces, Oil Stones and Rules; 1-Vl '
Shoe Hammers and Peg Floats and Punahee.
Shutter and Window Fastenings; '
Bed Screws "and Castors all kindai - -i
Sash and screw arm Pullies; '
Brass and Mahogany Knobs; .. .
Anvils, Vices and Screw Plates) ' "-it
Bellows' and SJedSe Hammers; ; ' '
And a great virricty other articles in this line. ;
Boots and Sboes. '
casts Men's, Boys and Children's Boots; '
3 " Wonfen's heavj bootees and buskins;
3 '. Children's " shoes, best article!
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5 poe. Ladies' Calf and seal bootees and buskins;
10 , " Infant and Chhildren's small shoes sup
10 ;' " Ltulies and Misses Kid 81ipper and thick
'- soled Shoes.
Wc especially invite the public to call and ex
amine our stock. We have now the largem and
best Selected stock , we have ever hod; and many
very fine articles such as hnte not been kept m
Pon:roy before.
We aro. prepared to fill any orders either Whole
sale watetail on very reasonable terms. "
Pomer'oy, April 7, Of&O. n2Stf.
0 different kinds .of Looks.nnd.Latches;
lllkindsof Files and RnXp's ;" ;' :
lll kindserChitolsand Plaiu.BitU; ; ' 1
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iff'(15' do- Fine Havannai ,. ,v
11 fK.fl ttnlf finnninh;
' 10,000 Conunon; on hnnd,, and for skle'lo'w
by , ' 1 - - UAKES & UUSJMKK.'
J. The subscriber has Just received and is how
opefiestlhe finest afsortment of Gentlemen's Dress
Goods to be found in the city of Pomeroy, which he
offers to sell and make up when required.'intothe
most fashionable-garments, at the lowest prices.
His stock consists of the following articles:"-:: '
Black, Brown and Olive Cloths; Black, Doeskin;
Fancy and I'lnid Cussimeres; Blaek Satin; Brown,
Black and Steel Mixed Satinettsi' Tweeds: and
Jeans; Plaid Cravats; Black Italian Do.; Fancy
WlWrfwVCJpth Caps, Navy do; Not
and supervision of iho Stuk, and cannot
prupi-rly bo modo tho subject of inquisition
and discipline by civil magistrates and lip
hiavrs. We Jo wo, (asking the Arclibisli
. opV pnrdun) deny to Gml ihe rila 10 im
pose nn Man uuv obliniion whatever; but
we deny to man iIim rishi 10 deiormine for
others what obliyuii'ins in ackimwli'dge and
worship Him Gnd has or has not impostd.
Is urn 1I10 dillWence between out position
anil Hint assigned us by the Archbishop a
very plain one I .
11. TI10 Archbishop, as we were quite
- sure, is in lavor of Civil and Religious Lib'
erty with a difference. He does i.ol think
the Sovereign Pontiff "forced to ihrow hi
States open for the r a'lhing of every form
ol frotestantism and InhJolity. Lei us
think of this;
There are nt all limes in the Roman
Slates, especially in their Metropolis, aeon
sidernble number of educated, serious-mind
ed. enlightoiied Proiesiaius, to whom their
Religion and its ministrations are very pre-
ciotm.. There is probably no time when
these are not huudreds, while they some
limes amount (wo think) to thousands : but
tho number is immaterial, since the Rights
of Conscience aro not dependent on num
bers. Anions these are several eminent
Proiesiant Clergymen who would gladly
mini.-ierio the spiritual needs of their fellow
believers, if that were allowed; b ait is not
Let those Protestants hire, or buyi or even
build', a suitable edifice and proceed ihruin,
evon in a language wholly unintelligible to
the Roman people, to worship God and
learn His will according to iheir own con
yicifuirs of Truth and Duty, and the Pope's
police r nd soldiers would be down upon them
directly, to break up their nieeiine, and
probably convey its leading members 10 pris
on.r Is this 'Civil and Religious Liberty 1
The Archbishop plainly deems it consist'
1 eht with that kind ol it whereof he is
friend," and which he considers b great deul
i-- beuer than oiirs. The two kinds ceriainly
i an in no dancer of beine confounded.
i When the Archbishop speaks of the Pope'i
1 belna required t ''encourage opposition to
thai Religion," (the Catholic,) he combats
1 Miueihinrf which ice never propounded
1 V , We desire Uitn neither to "encourage n
t t ficourage the religion of men whose faith
V ' differ from bis own. but 10 let them alone,
' p Wo cannot see what he rightfully has 10 do
I with them, s I'oiiutf, his legitiinais ru
is over Catholics, not unbelievers. As lein
aporal Prince, his power is over the bodies
.Jofmen, not their souls., in timer capacity
his suppression of Pruiesiunt worship b
force seems to us a gross and baneful usjr
III. We do not base the right of ull men
tJ Baligious Freedom on any such frail
foundation as the tolumion of Catholics by
Protestants,-. Protestants have often perse
eoted'snd iu som countries' itill peisjcute
for taiih a sske, not only Caiuoiics but each
other. Ovr position assumes that allPetse
eulion ie wrong, whether perpeirsicd ' by
Catholics or Protustanis; and that no in
siauce of it Is to bo justified by ever so many
others. . If every Protestant country were
Intolerant, persecution would be nu less
wrong In Catholic thso it now 'is; and if
my embolic f tate were persscuungt we
VI. VVe are quite willing to leave to Time
ihe decision between our view of iho char
acter and career of Kossuth and that of the
Archbishop, and we fe..l so foruflnd in our
conviction that we let ihe Archbishop's
sintemutit of the case pass without remark.
We feel confident that almost any of us
have inoro reason to drund being written
.1 t f WB I TP
own a 'numuug' oy tiistor tnnn tenuis
VII. We do not hold the Archbishop ac
countable for everything that appears in The
Freeman 1 Jouraal. We accept his own
xpUuation on that point. But iliat Jjur-
nal speaks in the name of Catholics and
Catholicity, and it is bitter and unsparing in
its warfare on ihe adversaries of Despotism
huropo and on the supporters of the
Common School system here. In an article
opposing our Free School iuw last yeur, the
Mnor said of us prospective repeal ; .
'It will not do away with the iniquitous and
prodigal system of free schools, as now by law
established, in this City. But it will at least give
us hope that if the people of the State shall be
delivered from this odious tax, "the people of this
City will soon follow in demanding , freedom
from schools that are a moral nuisance, and have
no kind of claim on the confidence of the pub
lic," 4 c., Ac. - ,
Now we did think thai, as this 'Freeman's
Journal' is openly advertised as 'the organ of
Archbishop Hughes, and weekly speaks as
with authority, in behalf of Catholic Fuiih
and Principles, It behoved the Archbishop
to let the public know how Tar lis potent par
tisanship of Nicholas, Moltcrniuh and Has
nau in L-urope and Us hostility to Common
Schools here, met his approbation. Was
this unreasonable 7
VIII. The Archbishop is an advocate not
only of Civil and Religious Liberty but of
Universal bducatlon, though in noither case
after our pattern He would have Religion
form a part of every child's education.
Very good we concur in that view. Bin it
is one thing lo assume that each child should
be laught Religion, and quite another to
maintain that Religious dogmas should be
taught In common schools. We desire and
intend that our own children shall bd taught
Ke.igion; we do not desire that it shall be
taught them in Common Shools. For ihis
weshall lake them to Xluirch, to Esundaj?
Schoolio" Bible Class. or wherever else tli'ty
may be taught b those who we brieve wi I
teach them Divine Truth In its purity; while
for the' acquisition of Reading, Writing
Arithmetic. &c, we sliull send them to
Common or secular Schools. Why is not
this distinction a natural and just one 1 How
cun a man so wise as the Archbishop speak
of our Common School System as "not cai
.Culated to meet the requirements which
Catholic purents, at leust, are bound to ful-
' fill toward iheir LniholiC orl-ipring 1 vv hy
Rev. Sir I it never pretended 10 do any such
thing:"" You might as well objjet that it does
not wash, dress and vuccinaie -them, You
and your Clergy are expected, by CaiholicJ
parents, and they think divinely coming
sionod, to teach their children Religion
Why should you find fuult with the Schools
for their own proper work and not atlemp
ting yours 1 How, then, can you us . such
language as this 1 .
"It rxiav suit other denominations to have their
children brought up without any admixture of
Religious teaching in their education, but it does
not suit us." . v
No. Sir t It does not suit 'other dennm
inatlOns to have their children reared I
ignorance of (jod and His laws, and you
:Vir s Balsam of Wild Cfcr'.j.'
Ths Omit Remedy for ensumntion of the Lun?
.si-AG.ciioi of .the l iver, Asthma, Bronchitis, f
.1 Pains or weakness , t the Hreast or Lungs, and
. ..other affections Of tii.i Pulmonary Orunns.""
is a fine herbal meilicine, composed chiefly of Wild
Clmrry Wtk and the genuine Iceland Moss, (the
Uittut ii..),i..;,-.i C(iu-aly for liiin purpose,) the
rare (medical iirtucs of which are lso combined
by a new chemical process, with the extract of
tar thus rendering the whole compound the most
certain and efficaciDiislreniedies discovered for
r t'onsuniplion of the Lungs. ..
r!iT.aicsTiNi aoRitEsoNnENrE. Dr. William Y.
Banks, of lenin, Ohio, a highly respectable drug
gist iathat delightful village,' has informed us that
the sale of Wistar"a Balsam of Wild Cherry is
upparallcled. The demand for it is so eager, that
he can scarcely kep himself supplied with it.
He lias had in liis store medicines for lung affec
tions. Some of tbese were esteemed good, and
some gave temporary relief. But since he has had
y istur s Balsam of Wild herry, a number of the
most serious cases - were completely cured by its
use. "1 never sold a medicine," said the Doctor,
in which I had the entire confidence that I have
in this" '
It Cum! Whenever Wistars Balsam of Wild
Cherry is introduced,-it at once attains that high
repiitatiort; which it so richly deserves. What can
prevent its sale, when on every hand can be wit
nessed, it wonderful cures?.. The worst cases of
Asthma, recent arid dangerous coughs, (and also
those of Jong' standing,) Bronchitis or Consump
tion, (in Its early stages,) are always cured by this
remarknble medicine
Hereditary Consumntion!
Cured by Wistirr'B Balsam of Wild. Cherry. The
following cure of Jeremiah lsgrigg, of Consump
tion, (live of hfs brothers and sisters having died
of Consumption) 14 truly wonderful. .Ought not
tins urtc the aiiiictcu to make use 01 tins health
giving remedy, when it is effecting Cures like the
loiiowing: if
j,'. -. Pleosaht Unlgc, Hamilton Co., 0., ,
, ! September 27, 1850. S
J. D.Ptk DcarKrt I take Uie liberty of ad
vising yo'it of the benefit I have derived from the
use of Dr. Wtstaf s Balsam of wiLd Cherry, t
was prostrated iby tliht terrible scoiiTge Consump
tion, in May liit.'.f The attack was truly horrifying
to mcj 'fivuof-my family, my brothers and sisters,
uau CiCd of tJmtfumption. 1 was amicteu with
neatly all the worst features of. the.diseasc; I had
a distressing cough, and expectorated a great deal
of blood, bectic feAcr, severe pains in the side and
chest, t'Old chils, alternating with flushes of Tieat
and copious night sweats. .
' 1 was' under the care of a skilled physician,
from the time I was taken sick until about six
weeks since, being then about helpless, and Biy
friends considering my case hopeless, of at least
Deyona the reach ot my physician's sum, advised
tho use of Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.
Without my knowledge, my father procured it,
and commenced using it. I was able to be out and
Oversee my business and labor, which 1 still con
tintie to do. i have taken (our bottles of the me
dicinc,' and now consider inyself well. 1 make
this statement to induce others that are afflicted
as I have been, to ninke trial of Wistars Balsam
of Wild Cherry, .which remedy has, under the
blessing of Providence restored ray health.
'" Intcrcstiiijr Correspondence.
Important to those afflicted with diseases of the
lungs and breast." Will miracles never cease?
More evidence of its surpassing health restorative
virtues! ; -
From Dr. BakerSpringfield, Washington, co. Ky
' Si-aiNoifitui, Ky., May 14, 1845.
' "Messrs. San ford & Park:--I take this opportune
ty of informing you of s most remarkable cure
performed upon me by tho use -of Dr. Wistar's
H aisnia of W Hit berry.
- In the year 1840 I was tuken with the inflama
tion of the bowels, which 1 labored under for ah
weeks, when -1 gradually recovered. In the Fall
of 1M1 1 was attacked with a severe cold, which
seated itself upon my lungs, and for the space of
three years 1 was-contincd to my bed. 1 tried all
kinds of medicines and every variety of aid with
benefit; and thus I wearied along until the winter
of 1815, when 1 beard of Wistar's iinlsom of Wild
Cherry. -
My friends persuaded me to rive it a fair trial,
though I had giyeu up all hopes ,qf jecovery, and
had prepared myself fot"the change Of another
world. ThrOugH their iolic'i'atioiiS,' I ' was ini
duced to make use or thni genuine w istars lial
sain of Wild Cherry. Tee effect was truly aatort-
'After five years of affliction and sufferimr, and
nftv hnvtmr unnt'fnur nr fivo 1, imrlrprl' llAllar in
more objeciionabierirfos.aiirL, the., best and joust respectable
ver which it iriumpneu i it iniyoveit .vuavailing, 1 . was soon
iv.i innrvnl ihnl his infloimort was Cftlth by the blessuie of Qod,
against ihe change when made raih$jtfT'Ba!s.ttm. of' Wild
r .. .. ll' ...ill: . ' ' , i
in us lavor. v o arc sun minx ,lnnn ty,, nronrio.
which bids fain Wiatar' Balsam
, ' ; " -"'ivWt ..Sale'" -'
Jl ; J X otfitay sell his coal-lot
lyluiMuLoiuing the corporation line of the
town of Pomrroy, one-half milcifrom. 4as nroutL
xif Kerr's mn,.,.iiaid lot comprises about 20 acre.
ol which 13 acres are solid coaij plcutyoJl tun.
ber and stone. It i,a good lot for salt works,
and theto is room fotiiftysalt wslls. The Athem
riuci tf'ts directly ttreuj;ti it;.vfhe Coal lorn
can be bought for f&wioQ to Tj5jdollars per acre
There is a good road and landing at the river, fi
Pomeroy, Sept.p, 185L n4Ctf. - ,
cateany admissable change which bids fui-Wistar
r u . ... l r fi..l.l: y
secure a tuner atienuauee oi vatiiune uun-
dren and a heartier cooperation of their
Clergy, but ouy hopes of rendering any prac
ticable Common ScIiojI system . a:cepiablo
to tho Archbishop . are not so sanguine as
ihey have boon. "
, IX. . VVe assure the Archbishop that,
however siropg'y we may be obliged to dis
sent from some of his opioions, we huve no
thought of censuring him for their utterance.
On tho contrary, we wish he would inoro
frequently communicate with tha public on
the imp'iriunt themes whereon we have the
misfortune to differ from him ; we would
haye all conflicting opinions on such grave
topics thoroughly sunned and . ventiluted ;
and wu assure him thut ho noed not mke the
trouble of sending his mrietures by The Tri
bune ollicu in Wall-street in order to securo
their publicity. . Wesiuud at all timesready
to render hospiiulity to his convictions and
reasons for our own. H. a.
ilfl Plinrrv
is gertef r""
very lulILl
k.,,.i, i., :Ati.
iun in iiiiia
the part of I
oeiiipu is atiai
made of a fab'
1 1,1
At London, Kossbth was presumed with
a large German Bible, by Mr. CharL-s Reed,
on btlialf of a number of British ladies
On rcceivin it In sr'id:
"I thank you., I take it for no merit of
mv life ihut I am a relicious man; not for
nv merit ol mine, but becouse it is a no
cessity to every honest and thinking man;
and because it is the most rich anu iruuiui
source of those 'sentiments' and those feel-
inns which lend io hapmness in this world
and bliss in the world to come. I shall vol
ue it b icnuso I mke relign.ii to bo tho most
rich sourco of 'that consolation which I have
wanted so often iu mv lilo. Ujing a reli
gious man, and because re'igiouB, as well as
an enemy to superstition, niioiorunoe, uuu
fiiimtic sm. as on the other nanu, tne menu
of freedom, I readily confess that it is from
thin ornnt book that I have learned tho pnn
cinle of lovliia mv. neighbor as myself, and
airmiFth and couraae to act in the great
cause which has tlways been the guide of
my life. Judge from this how I pnzs tins
gift presented to m on ihe part of some la
iIiph. and of which a copv was also present
ed by an honorable working man to my wife
m Winchester This. sir. will remain as
he cho'C'-st gift I have received.
M.Kossuth here alluded to the interesting
fact that at Winchester a working man came up
to the carriage door and presented a Bible to
Madame Kossuth, aud uisappearca so raping mm
she could neither recognize, the honest donor or
tender any acknowledgment.
. " .
fc7" A celebrated "divine, " who was re-
innrkable. ln the first period of his ministry,
for a boisterous mode of preuching, suJuen-
ly changed his whole manner in the pulpit,
and ndoiited a mild una aispussionea mniie
I delivery. One ol his brutnren oeserving
Ii. Inauired of him what had ' induced him
to muke i he chance, lie answereu.-wnen
I was young, I' thought It 'was the thunder
that killed thepoopie uut wnen i crHw wi
ser. I di-covured that it wu the lightning 5
in 1 daurinlnod ia fuiuro to thunder : less
and lightning morp, ,
Inhuman Vfn f Tf i B a ri n r m
The inhimaa trcalure 4whoWould buffer bis
better halfj-the partner of tiisiosom to standby
a Aot stovs and, bke luead. tUis sumnici.. ouckt
to. suffer tla fteJbtiikitJIjild. Jkmii t. .Ki A-
LSidubottonl's Bakery, Front street, above Lind, is
the great dept eCrtesltiiBreail, .orackcri cakes
and Ties. no37tf . . .
' U ) 7 Will Iffi
Lnsl Day, of race.
A LL accounts or claims due us will positive!
XX be put in suit on the 1st-day of SeptembV
next, if not paid beore. r We cannot waitlongei;
Pay up now and save cost. - '
. ptfirn a nnnTinrp '
Pomeroy, August 1 9, 185 . ,,'
IV Streets a'oineroy, -OniOr The. sul.
scriber has fitted up a large and commodious huut
near the Steamboat Landing,, where he is reat
and prepared at all times to accommodate tr.
iraveung puoiic. Mis souse ;.is conuqruiuw ax
fnrniture entirely uew-ris prepared to accommt,
date a large number fi boarders, and rooms can U
i 1 f - i : il. .IV
uau iui invme lanuiics uu mo iiiuai iciuiuuuii
lenns. . ;, ci-y,-.
He thinks from the. long-experience that .be fii'-
had in the business he can give general Satisfai
tion. His table slall at all times be furnished wjt
nit; uciji niui inc uiamui viuui, w ;
BaEKage will be conveyed tannd from the steun.
boats free of charge, . A careful and attentive Pq,
ter will at all times be ready to, wait upon the Ua
eling public with their baggage. .
. - r 11., JtttlELUAKrc.lt. .
Pomeroy, Docember 12, 1850. nl2mG. " '
towuship.' a half mile from;Adnrnf mill, conUin-
ing wo acres, ou acres ujiuer cuuiTation, with two
dwelling houses and a, well, of good water) a good
appie ana peacn orcnaru.tind a good shop suitable
for a blucksmith or WaKOtf-raaker. '
May 15, 1851 n32w8pd.. - R. W. SIMS.
BY virtae of a writ of tend. ex. to me directed
bvtht court of eonrmtiS lilpss nf Moira
t . - , o n it
ty, Ohm, I will offer for aloj at the door of the
court house, in Pomeroy,-oa the 26th day of Au
gust, the following real estate, to wit : the south
west quarter of the northwest quarter of section
eigiu, lovrn mree, range thirteen, Ohio Compa
ny's purchase. Sold as Uieproperty of John Gil
leland, atthe suit of David Barber ett al, ,' '
, v : M. Ay. COLLINS 8. u. c.
Jfy24th, 1851 w5. " '
W now have and shall eoutiuue to keen tk .1
superior article of Salt for sale by the barret oi
bushel. It has no superior, and can be sold low.
er man we present, prices oi gtnersait. ... .t
- i ; f heed & mv..
Hone for 4h
a derangement of Nature rmm iMna Mr.
curymav be enrerf hv' t.vin v-win.t .
Aiucricnn aril, wtnoh pnrifies the blood, and
will eure Fresh Cuts, Fever Sotes.IBruises, RcaUJst
.,u,H, inamnaiion, riux, hrysipelas, Hheuina
tism,'&c. with the small sum of 25 to 60 cents.
I Vn sale by Ws, B Pknnwotoji, Middleport,
Meigs county, Ohio: atso; bvH. H.vu. T.ptnHo.
vnierand f. H. Barretts Rutland. Call and get
bottle, and you will flndj it to be one of the best
pnifMnpfinow ,n dm. -
Aurust 6. 9869.
above Naylofs run bridge.
'Pomeroy; Ohio.
HANING lately enlarged-their establishmen
and erected a steam' engine in the turning
department, have now the most complete and best-
arrangca ana appointed ' v t
in this pnrt of Ohio ' All kinks of Furnitureiwill
be manufactured at the lowest prices, vis: - '
rtosewood, fllahoganp and Black Walnut setts,
carved, ornamental, and plain, suitable for parlors,
drawing and bad-rooms. . ,.t y .
Persons desiring any articles In the Purnlture
line, from the plainest to the most elegant and
cosuy, are respecuuny invited to Call. ... ,
The following articles will he nrndu to order:
Bureaus, Tables, Stands, Bedsteads, Cupboards,
ana all kinds of household furniture; also
Teto a tete sofasi - 9 Tetea tete div'ahsi ' ;j'
Conversation Chairsr Raception chairsi
Rosewood parlor do Mahogany parlor ehairsi
uiaca wainui ao . cane seal , do, .
Mahoe'v rockinedo t Piaho atool
Sofas in plush, lair and cloth coverB,
Divans do do do Uo.
Ottomans, mahogany French ledsteaV
Black walnut vi' ido dd
Marble top centre. tablesi .
Marble top dress bureausi
Marble top fancy stands, .
Mahogany wardrobes, Secretaries and.r .
Book cases, wors stands, toilet tables &c.
UTAH orders promptly attended to. - ' "
i - i
wttsassse CofflnS of every description ma-
nuiactured prorapuy to the tane. feW)4n20tfv
To our Friends and Customers.
Tf Oihueg Jpve-fo infonp yet tod Uho1
,.T Tj joui siuqiii
. . B r, Mill, f.i.nJ.Af Ul.lit
f.V V 1 juua .iuvntDuul OJ1u 7Vui, iiiiiu.ui uu.
neighborhood and elscwherer-nct- forgotting oui
enemies if any there re-i-tria w are 6w' tecei v
ing -direct from New OfUansnnd Uie eastern citiet
a Fresh Stofst of Groceries, which . wt
are now offering for sale at room No 6, Front street,
PortsmouthvOhio,aad have made arrangements tc
bobe sbiipliid durluir tbe season from same places
Outstpok will at all .times, cousist of- eycTjrthin
in the Rrorprv ine. ,"- ''3. -''.'
Although in the matter of purcnasihg and in no
. n- . l 1 . C 1. 1 .. C -t r
ouenng uurgoos iov aaiv, wo iiaumi cunicgs uia
we" have been .and sti are directed mainly by: a
desire; to promote sue ovu-interests yet t wil
nevertheless afford' us great pleasure tb accommo
date our friends to the fullest extent that -a due
regard for their ana our interests may seem to die
tate. win--t ;-.) .ii :wt.'f. .? i
Th. ttoke4KtaUnti8.i?nlifsri,'iiiihf('.i
er thaw ever,'. adf 'xheapest,' e abatainftom
using, leaving 'to others (lesamodesf men than our-
selvesj to derive all tbe adrrfHr?s hal an iiiteui
gent community may conciuu'Wu&,kiiid of bonxt
r ... inr,i , tuloIITIf
ing., .. . . , i in .n li ri ;vaiv iuviia
t-; ' -"" " 11 m -.'." 1 ! .
tubal Expedition" Successful!
; THAT cheap stove store man uit-i,
nn ait' : - . v . , .1 :,n:M ... ; 1 1. v. l v.r
crane, t his ifjruaLii, uu hiiiusiii i" .".8
tomu over uie market, selected. witn the greatest care, era
rli.r arm. and A'acine every variety of style and finish, with fii
. . i tid, ..... . , .. .
isr. ana most uiipiuveu raieuis. luuuiig uvo
aerj tne icit arm uk 0f 8tove..at,5s store, we, notjqe, .e Jo
and supportrthe nght' ......j
nanu uraws me irum
L. ..
.: .un r CYON AIB TIGHT.
us,,,., . ...w Rated coal stove enterprise
vb fxoosed.. And tfi 'rtrv pnmumf 1 1 ' '
-j r - -si,tJ.V'-'Al,.ii.i..i'.
dear I such large, coul V,, ! v . t .
tiful eyes would require r do -
to describe them properV;mtot,m',,"a.!!!!
, , - via targe supplies oi cusiuin innuo iiix
hands and feel ol those lch he will sell to merchants and oth-
ure delicately small, al "SJffiW. c.ZtWWB
Their figures are the mofdrgct the CnnXp Tw and Stovs Stoh
ble I not havimr vet tuk'10??"--'''!'! i'?
suicidal, affairs, stays),
envy their walk. In add il POMEROY WIIARF BOAT
lb,. I.lmoni nAVPrnnnaiilpJ COURT HOUSB-lANDlNeiii;
1.. n mmWhurritiult.
unless she has flesh color .t. canacitv. I am nrenared to re-
all kinds or goods, prdfluce, etc.,
ri it rivor- nt triA mner raooAVilii
. . . . I tl VIIU II' VII tU UIV UtUHI
gances may well be indulged unmade pennweiitwangeineat
nu ihia. wbpw nn mod ot dirt. exMying regularly to L.inoinnati
, , repared to forward freights
the fountains or near the water cAiajthjejejgo,, Those
, '.',' WriiitBvVf mnv hn ihSPitlsburKh. and Cincinnati
. - 1 ' - . '' '
the fair, or rather the darR one lor iuile 0r ''Gov. Meigsi'
all rather dark she Will have the aforfthrouglimc at 8 great
... .... xrooderate, and as my
shoes and stockings, or none at ull. i hiWt exceeded by any
ionn , wnmnn nnintr in rnnns iviih n clarttfbttSmejBraCR
,. - ? i u i fby advSiteniganrha.'
bum iiiuino 111 rugs, out onu uuu, nrvei uu-g tlways ready oay
i 1,1 Farm' for 8ali i v.t ,
9FFER for sale my Farm lying on the road lead-
flabenKick's- Worm rRvran
$Medicfne haevet' obtained. a' higher or
" more deserved reputation tharVtlolfeiisack'l
WMony 8jnruT it i daily effeotingoBia ofthe -unit
SSlorlislniiff and wonderful ckref -lliit havsi elti
wen recorded in the annals of Medicine.
How Important ibis for the miWie to know that
reaiudyisat hand tbat.can bo relied upou iu all
ces where, worms are the primary cause of. their
suffejing. ' " ''' 1 1 oH'tr-'-"' 1
This we loldly 'assert from our khowledge of
ini, frnmn.mtL i D..L.,i.... u . I itm wu i oiuiy Bsseri irom our anowieuge oi
AT my instance an attachment was'this day
.: issued bvS. S. Pnin inti.n nr u,a
of Salisbury township'. Meigs county, against the
property .and effects of George W. Aken, a non'.'
(caiuuin vi saiu countv.i ' ( .-
July 2, 85. n4w3.Q00O j r
Administraici nri
..nr,Suoscrioer nas. oeeh (appointed and quail-
Dowflateof Coalport, Meigs county, deceased.
n flavin mueoiea io said estnte are requested
to make immediate navmpnt? .n n.,. v.:
claims against Atr&infit tfnirl fkQtnfit will
them to duly authenticated 'Ibr settlement within
uuc jcui uoiii inis date, -
'qi'sIm JONATHAN D. FIOFP, Adm'r.
Sheffield, May 3, 1$51. n35w3.
ia tompoaed n;' destroying Worms and ifrom the
Uumerou4.unsolitedjestimoiuals we are dailv
receiving. , , ., " M . ' "' , " '
How nuiny are "pining away a miserable exis
tence under the supposition that ihey are'dyspep
tic, whcn wonnS rare brevine unon the we.tr vitals
of life. .... it ...';.
As an evidence of the above we.refer you to
the testimony of a bk'hlv esnbclable Phvsictan
ilf Mannnhawken, New Jetscy: i 1 1 . It
i BiEssRirHoiasHiCK Sirs:-Mn ppportanity of
ferirur, I hasten to inform Vou and the nublic. for
their especial benefit, of the efficacy of your Ve
getable Worm Syrup- as am disposed to give
credit where it is due, ''The ease is 03 follow st i
1 ft Tespectable married man by the name of Uat
wViod, was -in,ormed by hi Physioian he was,ia
bpring under the D)syeysia, ,nud 4rcalud accoy
dingly, but. still grew worsbt Being man 6f
strict habils of morality artd temperancb, we the
people felt anxious for thd restoration Of a useful
man. He called on me isajiug, 1 cannot ot
eat enough to keep me alive, vvhile there ecvius
io pp something iti.me,' gnawing my nuidts out;
. . e at once that ue had vvorms, wnen i
recommended your Wonu Syrupj the second bot
tle was nearly exhausted when an abundautauan-
tity of Worms from UX to .fourteen, inches kmc
was expelled from him, after which liis health' it
.umm, auu IIU IO. ItUW UULlVviy lllipiOJUll 111 11 B
daily avocation.'beinff a carpenter trade. Thus,
sirs, your Syrup" restored to society A useful mem-
oer, uuu to. a tamijya kind and industrious pr
vider Go .ahead, gentjemeu, ministering to suf
fering liuiiianity, and enjoy the rich reward in
your own minds.' ".' - - . ?'
With pleasure I siilworibe myself yours, Ac,
Merchants, and athers-wisliunr tlm tr.eilifiHcr..
obtain it at O. Rkcd's lirug Store,, tpmpr('y, II. R.
niMu.n, iumniepon. or Dy addressing the propri
etors,' JN ctGS IIoBE.NSi'CK No. 500-St. John
street, Philadelphia.; .. i
rpcas In ehestsi half chests, and onarters.
fp.u, v. . ; i tj i . '
jt. h-dii iuiikic. , jror sale low DV
Ftl I e Ulassware teceived and for sale at
A few drums Just received by
- uiiuftuu W, MUi,MES.
roan's Drops, 6 cts pr bot. at FLEMING'S
T70R SALEThe subscriber
V ' his Lard Oil Factory situated in the town of
. uuiviur. rur terms aDniv in nimm Hprirca m in
. uuuciaigiifu. . a - .j- JJAVJJJ U E I EK
.) ; Administrator's WntiVo.
AT the June Termor trleioiirt of
pf Meigs county, the undersigned was appointed
ed.and qualified as Administrator, with the will
annexed, of the estate of William McDaniel, late
oi emu coumy, Heceasea. "
, L : ' E- JONES,
JuneS. no.1Cw3.000 7
NOTICE. A petitiorl will be presented to the
Trustees of Seil)ift"tnwnli;n MniAn,ii
on Thursday, the 3d day of July next, nrayine
lyi n iutyujuip nmuii) ue iaio out irom the dwel
nng -nouse ot Henry Webster, in Section 25,
m - m n ....... . . '
luwii i, nange n, io me main road passing
iiiiuugii nam necooiu nCiUKY VVISUbt LK.
Jstte 5, 9859. n36w4pd.
r 'Administrator's Notice.
THE subscriber has. been annotated nnilTnunli
fied as Administrator bn the estate of Josinh
BraTlcli, late of CoafporL Meiescnuntv. O.. rlor.M
All persons indebted to said CStfltA Am TPnnnefil
to make immediate rpayment; and those having
claims against said estate will present them duly
authenticated for,settlbment within one year from
wok uuie. ' rU, HHANCH, Adm'r,
Pomeroy, Augusts, 9859. n43w3.
' The hrAratoBt - ' 1 - r-
' Ilt THS wrols WoaLbl ' ' '
ur mm ix ft or arm uvum jar fa. , i .
It to i
foutr i
Larpt I
bold eonltliu HIXTV.VOIIR DIMHM. ud tha
nadlcMloni am m. HlronnlV Concentrated Ibu ml
VH I awopo0Vu reqairw u . ttoUK mree IHM aa
-Ullia one bottle lam Trntv.rni Ilnva. whirh la mup
lonirr than a bolila of uy athar medicine lu'u, bactuae Ihora
I required of thia a lea quontltr at a do'aa.
Toa arent nivmomy oi miaoiood fanner over an
other medlclnea, coniiate in . great meaanre In lla poaaeastng
a a pan ui 11a cunnirjrKi. ina sehMrna uadiai wi
jil mam Scarce and Kiura - .
;- Indian Roots, and Barks, v
whlcR no other medicine poemee. Theaa am tbe meat aerarin
rnriners oi toe. niooa mat were ever known to either
Indian or Aiu aw it, and tbeae being compounded wltb Ihe alma.
' !" BarBaparia,'rYellow Dock,
, cherry and, Sassafras barks,
make Ihla Teaetnble Extract, not only the gnalal Blood
rariner, uut
than any other.
10 cure
ny oi
alao. a cheaper mtdieint by sireRt odde
it la ckmttr, bacauae the fuuntilu of It Ihet
ufhl for One Uollnr wUI laat much longnr, and
Ten Times mora 'Blood dlaeaae, than Oiu lMUWt
worm oi any ouior mouicioa. -(7
lor undoubted proof of the Carat or I
m . M
it ocroiuia, Jt over-sores,
SaalaVBaod. KnafMliu. Salt Kinm. Khnmalim. SvaAOia. Xne
Nona, faapiaa on Ma toe. I,WerCompliilntB, Ma, Lum
bago, Cancma Ulan, Coatlveneaa, Sort Xyf, Dyepen
fin, Point aa IA Sia, Btrmut, Bonn, and Joint r and all othii
Mvuaa-BLOOD Diiiaana, aeet our P AMPULE T8 and Hani.
Hall every Agent naa uyun ta gtre away.
la 1.., n P,.n,1 !lnmr.. fl W iVnn A,
Co., .Chester; P. M.' Petrel, Graham Station. All
orders must be addressed to w atiaco ijo., 3U4
Broadway, New Vdrkin S
April 24, 9859 29y9
VJSteve Store man BILL 1 KALI., has been ap
pointed, qualified, and given bond as Auctioneer
lor Meigs county. . v
. He will receive on commission and sell good
dn'tho lowest terms ''ChU at the No. I Stove store
' Pomeroy, March 27i' fi085. no27tf.
ess', her white satin shoes and flesh-colort&rsffajstrt
1.1 I . .1. IU.Mil .-.
SlUChlllgs, onu Bieppeu,, ui iuihci gnueua Boat, :: '.
iould'bS riict.
fit, Court House
a amount of 81
along, as gracefully as the rust. " In fuel,
the women old and young, rich and poor,
glide along with the eloquence of. fairies.
Many a gay Lothario has followed iho steps
of a woman, thinking, frwn her walk and
figure, that she must ho a hourint leusi, aExT4CT .'
after a lung lugging w'alk through MnhnfJf
of streeis, under a hluzing sun, has KnlkWJ!rt,'iru.
charmer turn Into perhaps some liiilerjjnhcrit from tbeii p7
house, wnero, releasing nor manio, sna iow jjocs. anu barsa
closed her face, and the horrified swaltvl ve a vast amount
covered he had 'been following a woW "yes, or it tho--,,
'. . 'i i 1 . fjrri tMlatent taint,
old enough to bo his grandmoihor, ana fT . o(r the
haps a regress Into the bargain. iccoe6Vunej of the pa-
he'ions of a Ramble from Sidney to South
A great lla says tho poet Crubbc, is like
a greut fish on dry land it may fret and
inuke a frightful bother, but iirannoi hurt
you'. You have only to keep still, and It
Will dio oMtt'rff.' : :r: 1 ', "'
Sale of Heal fotate by order of court
On the 2Dth dny Of JDecember next, A. D. lBOl
at 11 o. clock in the forenoon, at the premises,
l.Solpid township, in Meigs county Ohio, will be
som io me nigncsi .Diuoer me, ionowing real es
tate, to wit : South' west eorner of the south east
nuatter of section No.iii 6, in town No. 7, and
ipTrange 14 in the Ohio company's purchase in Scip
lo.townsnip, in Aieigs county, unio. tjunieci u
the dower of the vyidow. ' Appraised at 700. and
must sell for 546(5 2-3 on the loiiowing terms, tc
wit: One third in hand ;' one third in six months
and one third in one year, with interest from day
-foiffale. r; f . ALFRED LEK, Adm'r
i .. . ol Llias Willison.
October iS, '61 n9w8.
i innoceiit off-
- . ill, T
. finn ' ' i
to guard thorn
t may be ooui-
U VI ' Oil U
Will) Con-
e it to hem-
liseass bo
irtract of Yel-
Far the temoTal and Permanent Cnre o 'bB"
AJkl of thoM Cempianta which arecauaed bran jaaiaara
c weakened u nnhaaithy condition of the -
This batnUfut and convenient application ol tla.anTia)1
IMBt powaraol UAUVANISM and MAUNETI8M, kaa etaa
ironounoed by diatinguiihed phyaiciana, bdth In Enrope and
he United State, to be the mod naluo61 medicinal di'Maaar'
ajAa.ga.' , i ft ...',.
S--.- r '5- f 4 " ' 'V
n aied witb the moat perfect and certain lucceaa la all eeane
Strenirthenlna; the weakened body, irivina; tone to tne rat-lone
organa and invigorating the entire ayatvm. Alas In PITS
Ordinance In' regard to certain Side
Sec. 1. BE IT OHDAINRn . ti- t
Council of the town,of, Pomeroy: i tj r, '
That the property holders
side of Front (street in, said town be. and' are
hereby required to eorfetruot,'and keep in repair,
a aide walk on the northerly side of Front street,
as-follOws-to-.witi: Said .side, walk may be of
wood, brick or stone, shall be of the sameTgrade
as has been fixed by ordinance for Front street,
and shall extend from the Chester'road so called,
a, .he t tanviiv -muiis oi me-iown: ' i
Said side. walk shall be foutfset wide from said
Chester road to Mr. Grant's 'lanej and six-feet
wide from said lane to the w-PKtpriv piwi ;.f r o
Sec. 2. IT 13 FlIRTHKB nntAiMfn i. i,u
Town Councrl of the town of Pimmmv. fVlnt unil
side -walk shaU be completed by the 1st of Novein-
ue; anu mat it any person or:persons , hold-
rug property as mentioned in the first snrtiori ;r
this ordinance shall neelector refuse to nomitriiftt
said side' walWby the time above mentioned, then
anu in luateajc,: it shall he the duty of Ihe street
Commissioner of the ward in whinh such nr-iim
or refusal may take .place, immediately cause
the side vflllt to bd .nSade',' and keep an- account
..I K'.. A.-. . . a . i a . ...
ui un.-viieiisc-inercoi, wmen amount sliali be
collected. bv aa action of ilebt for the .'use of tl
town of Pomeroy, before, the Mayor, against the
several delinquent property holders, and shall to
gether with the costs be a lien'upon the lot or lots
respectively in front of which'-side walks shall be
so constructed., & s.' '. ...j i . -
. ... LEWIS S. NYE, Recarder.
Pomerov, "Oct. I, 0850. ' '
ENERGY, and all NERVOUS DISEASES, which comul,inu .
arite from one simple caoie namely,
, A Derangement of the Nervous 8yetem. .'
Or?- In NERVOUS COMPLAINTS Dnin and Medlclnea
trjrrnit 'M iimit, tax they weaken the vital energiea f the
already proatrated ayltem ; while under the etrengthenlna;
lue-Kiviua;, vitalizing tnnuence 01 tiatranum, aa applied oy
thia beautiful and wonderful diicovery, the exhauited patient
and weakened luflcrer i restored to former healtb, alrangla.
alaiUcity and vlgon . ,
( The great peculiarity and excellence of .
Dr. Christie's Galvanid Curatlres,
eonilsta In tha fact that they arreaj and enre dieeue by i
ward application, in place of Uie nana! mode of drugging and
phaicking the patient, till exhauited Nature linke hnpeleeely
An Ordinance EstaMishin Grades
m tne xotvn or i'omcroy.
EE IT ORDAlNEDItV'tbeTnwn council of the
rown ot Fomeroy, tliat the following points
be established as the grade of Front andjCourt
streets. in said Town. ': . . 1
Comencjngat Ralston's East line: thence te
surface ofstreet in front faf V; B.- HorUm.s office;
iiience to tne westend of Wavlor's Otun brulee:
thence from east end of bridge to the west side cf
apnng street.; tnence to the center ot f lum street j
inence loanointtnrec feefaliove the present sur-
lace of Koad in front orKolling Mill otlice; thence
to center of Cherry! Street; thence to a point in
front of Foster's house. Thence to Rasp's west
line to a point one foot above present surface of
street on stone culvert; thence to a pointgat C. R.
romeroys east line j tnenee to center ol blin street;
thence to westiiite of section No. 6: thence to Airs.
Murray's west. line; theuce to A) Murdock's east
line; thence to tluffman;s westgliue; theuce to
Radford's west lirie;1.henCe to the crossway ia cen
ter of street in frdnt of N. R. Nye's house ;thence
to a point in road on the top'of the bill.; k'
! From west Side of Butternut street to the present
snrface ofstreet at Stephenson's westline;'tlience
io me western.ime oi the corporation;
Coukt Stbkkt. Froiri ton of curb' stone at east
corner of Front and OourtTstiects to second street
at a point on a level with ho top of SethlPaine's;
ceuar wan. . i . -. i - , . ...
AARON ML'RDOCK, Slayor.. '
' '' LEWIS S.;-NYB, Recofder.
under tbe inflicUon.'
' They ttrmgtkcn the uhctt ayittm, tqualime Ihe rtulaM
a ttt bloo&t promote the teeretiont, and never do tkt tHfkteot
injury under any eircumilanrt,. Since their introditeuon Is
the Unitad State,, only three yeara ainca, more than " ,
75.000 Persons
inclndingeil agei, claaaea and condiUoni, among nblak wean
a large number of ladiea, who an peculiarly aubjeet N Port
ou Cemplalnta, hate been . -
when all hope of relief bad bean given up, and every Uttag
alio been tried in vain 1 " i '
' To illuatrate tha uie of the GALVANIC BELT, inppaaa
tho caae of a peraon afflicted with that bane of civilization,
DYSPEP8IA, or any other Chronio or JVerroui Diiorder, Is
ordinary caaea, etimulanta are taken, which, by their eetioa en
the nervea and muiclea of the atomach, aflbrd temparara re
liof, but whlcn leave tne patient iq a lower ilate, and wile la
Jured facnltiea, after the action thus excited haa ceaned. Naw
compare thji with tbe eS'ft reiulting from the application el
the GALVANIC BELT .ake a DyapepUo auderer, even nt
the worse lyroptomi of an attack, anjl aimply tie the BeB
around the body; niing the Magnetic Fluid aa directed ka
a ahort period' the uueniible perapiraUon will act on the poV
live element of the Belt, thereby causing a Galvanic circuit
tion which wiU paea on to the negative,. and taenoe baek
gain to tin poiitive, thue keeping up a continooui Galvanle
Circulation tnronghout the ayatem. Thin the' moat- eevera
' Or Uiti moat Undoubted Chaurncier, . ,.'
From all parta of tbe Country could be given, aomolaaa)
UI every column in thia paper ! ((
whleh concluaively provea that , r i
. Trotli Is stranger thari' Fiction,",
' :'. i fl CD BE OP " '.,'."-...' -r
Rhenmatism, Bronchitis and Dyspepsia-
f New Jeney, of dbtlngulahed attatomenta and exalted rr
. potation: 1 ...
i ; -: i f ' Sinirsv, New Jeraay, Jnly IS, 1S4&.
. Da. A. H.CKaiaric Dear Sir : You wiab to know of me
what haa been the remit in my own cate.txT the application
Bfnllowa: ... . ! , '
v For about tvonv veart I had been luSerine- from Dvanea.
hv Every year. we aymptoma baoame worae, nnr.could I ob-
IN1 !.- it
WRgOU , A new two hwse .WAGON we T
ironed and ctn'nplete'iii all rrarticulars, f i
sale by' hpril07
r"IAHIiSUBSCRIBER has onhand and is nrena
. H in eull .'it t;J. r b....:.!.!
j vw .wo.... .i niiiuo UI iUj$lt;s UIIK 11 lro
horse-T-manuiactured irom the best materials, and
of the latest stlcs.' The prices ru' very reasona
ble: and too work. w arrun ted. i iThose wishinir tn
purchase one,. of the?o mdisjiensnble ; articles of
dm.fnrl .r. Invito,! In .nil ' ' . ' 1
' ; ,'" ' 1 ' BENJAMIN STIVERS
Pomooy, May 8,' 0088. :-' ,a. r ,
tain permanent relief from any courae of medlcir treatment
.wnatevar. Aoout jrartccn yeare eince, ip couiqt.nc ai
frequent exooaiire to the weather, in the diachaite of mv
paatoraldutiee, I became aubjeot to a aevereCbmnio Rheo-
matum, wnicn tor year alter year, caniea me inaeecrmanie
ingniah. Farther! in the winter of.' 46 and '48, In conae
quence of preaching a great deoljo my .own and varioiw
other ebnrcnea in thia region, I was attacked by tbe Broncht
tie, which aoon became ao eevere aa to require ao immediate
auapemlon of my paatoral lalwra My nerraua ayi'im vat new
tkorouthlv vroetrated. and aa mv Bronchitia became woraa. aa
alao did my Dyapepaia and Rheumatie affection thna evin
cing inaimeie aiaoraera were connected wita eacn ouier
tSrouKa the medium of tbe Nervnui avatem In tha whole
pharmacopoeia there teemed to be no remedial agent whlck
could reach and recuperate mv Nervosa 8vetrm -. everv
iung that I had tried for tbia purpoae had completely railed.
ai laat i waa ieu py my menis to i
JUDGE NYE resumes the practice of the Law
Ho will attend the Conrts In Meips and Gallia:
and the other counties of the (present) eighth eiri
cuit. .f . -. - , ,(npril07n28wlpd "
i ' Tn Notices : - ...
f l. MIGRATES OH .TAXATION in, the county
J. of Meigs, for the year 1851, j are as follows ;
For State purposes, 30 cts. on the $100. valuation.
For County Revenue IS " " ' ' ' 1
For Common School 10 " . f ft t
And a special School 1 . .
tax in Scipioof 4" " " ;'.;
For Publie Building. r 6 "...tf '
Also for Kbad purposes a general levy of 10 elsV
on theSlOIJ valuation, and in the Townships of
Chester and Orange each 20 cts.r in .Olive 2 cts.',
Salisbury lOots. on tlie S100 valuation.
And for Town nnd Poor purposes in Bedford 10
cts., Rutland 10 cts., Salem 6 ols., Salisbury 6 cts.
Scipio 3 cts., Orange 10 cts., Olive 3i Lebanon
6 cts., Chester g els., Columbia 8 cts., Sutton 031
3ts. on the f 100;vdluatioB. ,
Also, a corporation tax in the .town of Pomerov
of 34 cts. on the 100 valuation.. . ; ;
I will attend at fjjV'office'irt Pomeroy, peTsonnr'
ly or by depaiy from the- 20tH' day Of.Seritembor
until thu2t)th'dayof December 1851, for the pur
pose of receiving said taxes.
O. BRANCH, Treasurer of Meigs co.
Pomeroy, Sept. IS, 18,51.'- ;
A.T OtlcC s herf ly given that a petition
Li will be PTtjented to we coxuinissioners o
AT aJl itO anmintV : .t Wf.ii December session, 1851
praying for an alteration' of the State road that
leads from Athcns"t(J Gallipolis, where it crosses
the land of Horatio Vhite), In Scipid township ;
commencing at the crossing or the orcea ne,r "
seph Howells and! ending in the center of the
road at Selira Day's locating said road on said
jVhitc's land so as- td run parallel - with; the line
between said White and Peter Alkire. i
., V tf , , A PETITIONER. ;
. Sept 27, 186l-ri4tw,
i'A T MY INSTANCE nn attaclimenr was this
'Xjl day issued by H. H. Rice, a justice of the
peace of Salisbury township, Meigs county against
the property and flffoot X( Josiah Maloon, an ab
sconding debtor. a JOHN THOMPSON.
Oct. 18 1881 no5lw4. .
at No. 4.. j ,. c GEO W, HOLMES.
r EltlONS UUANOES.-20 boxes fresh
JLal and for-salecreapy
I)UOOMoW20 ik. 'first rate articles cheap
1 t No 4 ft OKOKGE W HOLMES.
raraslMd Sosarst Tierce
j lei. i ; . -vj 4ivu , ; :,' i (
The subscribers having been duly appointed by
the court of common pleas of Washington coun
ty to administer upon'the estate of Thomas W.
Williams, late of said, county deceased,! hereby
give notice to all persons indebted to said estate
to make payment to them and to' all .persons
hatinjj drums against said estate to present the
same to them, legally authenticated, within one
year from date, ; i i .i tt-.bt t . H
.' . A. W, WILLIAJVIs, Adm'r.
, . v. MARY M. WILLIAMS, Adm'x. '
MsrictU; bet: g, '.ei-wh'iswg. y- '
Ay my Instance an attachment ,was this day,
issued by S. S. Paine a Jup tied, of the Peaqc
of Salisbury townshin, Meigs courtty, against the
property andffects of George W.Aken,lt non-v
resident ot said county.. win. wallaue.
Pomeroy, Oct ,20, '51 n49wfj.
Boskd'TnK1 Notice. .01 C
The Coininissioners of Meigs ,cointy at thei
March session 1851,, .determined that a(,enerrU
levy ef ten cents on the ttOO valuation be as-i
sessed on the taxable . property oi said 'county'
entered qr the duplicate,,of J80'l. c
AL80irJ-An additional levy of 20 cents on the
1100 valuation, by the Trustees of Chester? of 12
ccpU.on the 100, by, the, trustees f OJive i io(
20 cents on the U00K y the Trustees of Orange;
and tfl ppnla nn' Ihrtimtflfl h Trrt.lp. nf-
f?'!i "48aliibury, 8. HALLIDAY Aod.
examine vour inrenUona. .
and (tbouih wUh no verv aanguine honea of their etttcienov.l
I determined to try the effect of tha application of the GAL
FLUID; .'Tbia Waa In June, IMS. To mv oixit aaTemam.
aunT, ui two.' nava mv Diirxret hid oom in. aioav
oava I waaiXnaaLxo to aiiDME atv rUToaaL taaoaat aea
Bin I iincc omitted A iikol axavicc on aocovrt Of vna
BRoncnlTii") airp mv RHrcmxia ariKCTlon hai iTiaat.f
cxaain to uodblx mi. ' Such ia tne wonderful and happy re
Mite of the experiment V J
, I have recommended tbe BELT and. FLUID to many waa
kave been likewise autt'ering from Neuralgic alfecUona. They
nave tried (hem, with narrf euuuTa, 4 aiLiava, am
1 am, dear air, very respectfully youra,
; 'tl Hk. c hih s t ie'' ',r''' r
b nied for all complaints affecting the Throat or Head, in
as Bronchitia, Inflammation of the Throat, Norvom and Sick
Headache. Dizziness of tbe Head, Neuralgia In the Fact, Ban
ting or, Roaring in the Ears, Deafness! which is generally
Nervowi, and that distressing ooraplaint, called Tio bolareen.
- Palsy and Paralysis.
All physicians acknowledge that these terrible dliieeea
ire caused by a deficiency of Servoui Energy in the affected
limbs. Da. CRBisTic'a Oalvanio Artkloa will supply akas
deficient power; and a complete end entire pure is thai
fleeted, , , . ,
- . .-1 o i. i . riu." . ,
' ' Severe Deafcegi Cnred, r T
The following is an extraot from a letter, lately recerraa
from a distinguished physician in tbe State of Virginia t
- "A. H. Chiiiii, l. D. Car Sin One of my patient,
unknown to me,, obtained your Oalemt'e Beit an Jfttktntt,
with the Afojtiulic fluid, for a serious affection of D
ntaa. Tbe eaaa wee that of a lady whose Naraoua ayateaa
waa muoh disordered, and ber general health poor. Mnok
Was done previonaly to the application of the Belt, but wit
vary little euccesa, and 1 feel it only right to tell yon, thai
since she commenced wearing the Belt and traing Uie Fluid,
bnt a few weeks ago, abe bee ENTIRELY RECOVERED
HER HEARING, and her general health la better thaa to
several Tears."
0(7- Every case ol Deafness, if It be Nervous, a H general
is, can be eared by this wonderful remedy. r,
- , - ' ,-. h'-ii n
Are fembd of vast aervlce In easel ef Canvnlsion er Fit,
Bpaamedio Complaints, and general Nervous Afleollons of the
Head and upper extremiUea. Aleo in Palsy and FMalyaia. and
all diseases caused by a deficiency of powei cj Marvont
Energy in the limbs or other organs of the body., j,. ,
' Ti6 Doloreux and neuralgia. V
V These1 dreadful and agonizing enmplainta). re iarataV
Utly ritievod .by the applicaUon of tho Ult,i.io Bblv,
rVicxLacc arfD- Fluid. The Belt disuses the 'Eleotricily
through the system ; the Necklace has a local effect, an
the Fluid acta directly upon the affected nervea. In the date
Iressing afitictiona Uie application NEVER FAILS-
- ' trn a am AAaitftiVnij..,,
iriio nnu vuimumiuriS,
' These alarming and terrible complaint ire alwayi caaeed
fcy a dsraafraseat of thr Nernct. The.Bat.Ts BaacttaT law
Lbuio wiit-vuiv uvmt.j v.vi; vaan, uo matte a now young OS
-w old the pationt, or how confirmed the eomnlafnt .- Aim.
aoerour and fitoaisbing proofs art in poaaesiion of the .
. ttjMany hundred Certificates from all parti of
the country; 6f the' most extraordinary character
can be given,' if required, a .'..i,r.i..,. s..
' ILT No irouble or inconvenience attends th use
they nmy-bo worn by the most feeble and dslicsts,
withverfect nse and safety. Ju m any eases th
sensation1 rrltendiiig their use is highly! pleataa
and aipreaiibJd. They can be acat to aoxpaU
thecpuntryjj . ... rf .f
The Oalairid Belt, 'ft,Three'Dollars.
The Galvanic Ncoklaw, Two Dollars.
The Galvanic BracelrSJiTTJ One llollar Ea
Tim Magrietie Fluid, f 0-.c,Dolljr,, a
The articles ttre acoorupanied by full and plait
directions. -.famphltlts with Hilt' iWtieTtlars ma
be had of tha authorised Agent. '
.lFf"11ET,I,CUl AR Cation. Baware of CmiSvar.
fciteisBd,Wcwthless Imitations. I -.; j
f fdr tbc-Uhited States, 132 BroadwayNew York.
uj j. r.-ri-cynMu anl D, KEEI); aiioriaw
Agents fdr.Ml'igs county. InolOyd''
Rio CViTN! 301 Bags' pi.or..ariie!Mut
inamvadaadibr aslat.No S.. 1
M 5r-t';f?4'V! ifc-ptTIf .
iPrjaa io,ibpj, jtiavw4,
. alfwia

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