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' i
Hi V A
iilcirp (o. tclcgrapl).
::DECEMBER 23. 1851.
OrOuB Papib. If the river does noi
break up within t week we fear we will nm
. I able to issu a paper next week. The
atenmboaie fitr the lasl week failed 10 arrive.
On ihe first appearance of ice we.ielcgraphed
- for paper, but were caujihi. t none op.
', peart, therefore, for ihe Holiday week, our
reader will know the cause. . .
f ' OCT Kossuth's Speech, in mother colnmn,
contains, in a brief space, iho best expose
f his objects we have yet aeon. Read It
carefully and ponder It, ihe questions there
discussed will, before six months, convulse
.fihis country as it lias not been convulsed
v. since its formation. v
Those of our readers who do nm
like snambost puffs are happily exempt this
Wtrk. . .. -v..'"..'
: .0" The late evero weather, nbsiruciing
navigation and miiils,' makes newspaper col
' vaniisvwy .barren of Interest.
Messrs. Trimble and Fallis, Directors of
the Hillsborough Railroad Company, accom
panied by Mr. Ellwood Morris, their con
suiting Engineer, visited our town a fef
days since. .
Th -se ' gentlemen are exploriug a route
for the Baltimore Railroad, across Southern
Ohio, and have found a favorable line from
Bainbridgn in Ros county, running ncur
Waverly, Jackson, Vinton, Rutland, &c.
and. ascending the vall-y of Thomas' Fork,
which runs parallel to the Ohio river, about
two miles north of this place.
' By this route the waters of Shade rivet
re reached with great fuci'iiy, while a good
opportunity is afforded of striking' Pomeroy
by ehort side line, nnd thus accommodating
the business of that remarkable throng of
villages of which our town forms ihe busi
ness centre. -
This great enterprise is pregnant with im
portant results to the business interests of
our town, and well di-ssrves the earnest at
tention of our people
rTbis morning, (Monday,) the River
is cloard with ice, the ground covered with
snow, and the sleigh bells are jingling mer
rily through our streets. Winter in all his
glory is upon us. We hope, however, thai
he will not tarry long with us. -
The meeting for the formation of a
MicruMV Library, will be held at the
Acadetnv Rooms, this ere m'ng (Tuesday) a
6i o'clock. Lei everybody attend, punctu
ally at the hour.
We ask the attention of the People
of Pomeroy to the card of the Presbyterian
Ladies' Sewing Society. They have a va
tiety of useful and fancy articles for sale
. together with good oysters, fat chickens.
-. lurkies, Vid well seasoned pier. sweet-meats,
Vc, and very pretty, affable, and fiiscinating
waiters .whose conversation will arid much
to the relish of the good things provided
We hope our citizens, particularly the
sterner portion will, on that occasion, have
thoir purses in their hands. Those of you
who have nevei seen a live Editor will
please attend, and be gratified with the sight,
as there will be one present.
(rh is said E. S. Edwards, at the stone
Uiidge, has the largest and cheapest stock
of meichandise ever opened in Pomeroy.
tie has truly, a splendid lot of goods, and
that they are cheap we know equally well.
having hud ample testimony by the favora-
- b'e state of our finances after making pur
chases. The fact is, those v.li advertise
always sell cheap.
0r-CnorooT's second vo'ume is now is-
' suyd, and by calling two doors above the
' Trlegrapk office, the author will bo accessi
ble. We called few days since, and must
confess that we were surprised at iho well
appointed establishment over which he, with
.so much dignity presides. His work is
sought after by every one. Just call and
see the man who was nominated fur an
office, but didn't run.
A horse ran away yesterday attached to
a sleigh he was finally brought up aguinst
. post, demolishing the cutter, and spilling
the contents. No hones broken, but some
badly scared.
p- The steamer Black Diamond with
four Pittsburgh eoa boats In tow is lying in
the ice at MiddlepoM. . .
We hear of merry makings in all direc
tions iho coming holidays. The people are
daiormined to hove a time of ji woll, we
are igited.
' . , ''
;j (ttThe citizens of Cincinnati, not having
the fear of some great men in Congress be
fore ibier eyes have resolved to give a cordial
welcome to Kossuth
(ftr Jenny ,ind. gives her lust concert in
America,' at Jy'ew Vork, January 1 2th,
iltMi. John Woods, present Auditor o(
' Siaie. has been i lecied President of the Eu-
ton and Piqua Railroad Company.
B. IS. UVXJE Esq , ijioitibj.1 of ihe Uie
ConsUtuiionul Coiivuniinn from Ashinbulu
' county, died ul his rcsidencu in Ausiiiisburgh
' on Monday, iho 8th Inst ' , ""
w Th, popula 'on of Chicago is now esti
anal 4 arW.OOO, Including itiburbs. '
0" Cohen's Horsi is again on the track
having been fed on Groceries fur a Tew
weeks, he is in prime order, and his owner
thinks can distance any 'competitor on the
course. Perhaps ho can. but by calling, the
matter an be definitely ascertained.5
. - . - -
OT I is six years since the Ohio River
has been frozen over at this place. Dut it
s now 'light ' .
fjS Mr. Piggs requests ns to say that
the Ball advertised to come off at the; West
Columbia House on New Years Rvo has
been postpone J. .
(&-The Managers of the ."Grand Union
Ball" request us to say that their entertain
ment will come off as published that they
have ample accommodation for all, and that
the lovers of dancing will be able to say that
the tike has never been seen In this neck of
woods. Of all which we, being somewhat
skilled in irrpsiphorcaiv matters, do not en
tertain doubt. . - ', '.'A
Graham's Magazine, for January, it tru
ly one of iho most splendid specimens of
Magazine publishing we ever saw. It is a
double number, and is embellished with a
lavish profusion perfectly astonishing.
Gmham has always been our favorite Maga
zineand since Mr. Graham has resumed
the editorial control its history' 'has been
one of continued improvement. It opens the
new year with increased patronage and addi
tional excellence. The best of American
writers contribute to its columns, and the
coming volume will be enriched by an ori
ginal novel by G. P. R. James, Esq., the
celebraud English novelist. Not the least
p'cas'mg feature is a continuation of Her
ben's inimitable Sporting Sketches, which
are alone worth the price of subscription.
I erms: 53 per annum; iwo copies for
; or one copy of Graham and one cony
of tho Telegraph' for 83.50. Address Geo.
R. Graham, Philadelphia,,
0$- Godcy's Book, for January, is before
us, and ii is enough to say that, as a Lady's
Book, it is alone. Mr. Godey has been
over twenty years connected with this
"Book," and it is but reasonable to suppose
that his experience in thai timo has placed
tim at the head of his calling. The widely
extended fame of this favorite work is the
best evidence of its intrinsic merit. He
promises that the succeeding issues shall
surpass all predecessors; and Godey has i
faculty of keeping promises that few pos
sees, vv e Know of no more welcome pre
sent to n young or unvounc nurdon the
word lad), than a year's subscription to
Godev. The terms are $3 per annum; two
copies for $5; or Godey and the Telegraph
for $3 50.
0 Sartain's Magazine, for January
is also on our table. This publication is
unique in its charactor, being a journal o
Ar. and Literature combined, interspersed
w'nh the grave and gay, forming a medley
of entertainment suited to all classes. John
Sartain, the eminent Artist, has assumed
-i ...... . ...
tne editorial cnair, irom which we augur
great improvement. There is a new feature
in this Magazine -"Puck's Port Folio''
which adds greatly to its zest, and gives
un interest no other Magazine possesses
We are glad to know that its prospects are
bright and brighining. Terms, $3 per an
numj two copies for $5; or Sartain and the
Telegraph for 53 50. Address John SaB'
tain, Philadelphia.
Executions in Virginia. The three
slaves who wcro concerned in the late trag
edy in Grayson county, Va., in which Ba
con, the white abolitionist from Ohio figured
were executed on the 31st ull., in the pres
ence of un immense concourse of people
who were greatly exasperated against Bacon
The Wythville Republican says he will no
doubt be a victim to lynch law if caught.
03r I is said that KoFSuth, having bee
consigned to imprisonment for three jears
for disobeying the cdicis of the Austrian
Government, -he applied, at the end of one
year, for the use of books. , Be was cfJdred
ihe choice of one, provided it was not of a
political character, lie usked for three.
The request was granted, and ho selected
the English Grammar, Walker's Pronoun
cing Dictionary, and Shakspearo. By at
lentive study of these three volumes, he
mastered ihu English language before the
term ofhis imprisonment expired.
Another Discover v of Gold. A letter
frwm Santa Fe, dated 29th October, men
tions ihe discovery of rich gold diggint on
the heud waters of the Gila- i Much excite
mem was created ai:d people from every di
rection were flocking forward. It ia well
known that very rich mines H ere extensively
worked in those regions long y ears since
and towns built up in their vuiniiy by the
Mexican miners, who finally were massacred
and driven away by the Indians.
Virginia liLECTioN. At the time wo
write, we have not sufficient information
from Virginia to speak definitely of iha re
suit of the elections' ip thai inte. Wi
have very slight liojies, if any, thin Sum
mers is sticcesiiful. Mosi of "Western Yir
yioiu" nobly performed their duty, but the
Eastern part ol the State wo four ha "play
ed the nii.-cliief." A despatch from Kich
inoud. d:iied iho 1 lib, says :
'We have returns of the vote fur Gover
nor it 31 counties , hich gave Gen. Taylor
in 1848, 1.135 majority! they now give
Johnson, Democrat, for Governor. 2,8(3$
mnj" . '
1 his looks railier tlicouro2inc, and we
think defea-s Summers., -. . '
lies. 1 lie reader will had in anoiher cot-
inn the advertisement of these important
periodicals. They ore the criiicul censors
of the literature of Europe. They aid the
reader in .his literary researches, and often
obviate th'e necessity of consulting works too
voluminous and costly for the mass of read
ers. They are conducted by the best talent
of Great Britaini and are engaged with the
most iinportunt questions which interest or
gitato the civilized world. ; '
Thb Edinburgh Rkvikw
is the exponent of the Wliig.'or liberal party,
fUreai Britain, having from its commence-
ent advocated freedom and the rights oflthem but ones. m memorv. in mv nreent
the peop'e. It is distinguished lor its oppo-
iiioit 10 the ministry during the French and
... 1 i Ul I . I I.
a. n,,.ci.o., -a... ..o ueiiueu-
uU,.au, ,u.DC,cw,rc.c, ","'"S"
exhibit tho truest portrait of thoso perilous
times to be found. Derhans. in the lanouase.
Amonc its writers wa mav menf.on Jefreut.
' ' . " O
Nap.enBroughamackintoth.nnd Macau -
ay. The leaders of the Tory party finding
it too powerful to be resisted bv ordinary
means, established C
, .
. ' .
l iie wuahteslv keview,
whereby to counicract that influence which
its powerful rival exerted against their mea-
surcs! The two great ponies thus made
Lnl .u.i.
...v.. v-6
organs, for the promulgation of their antogp-J
nist principles; and during a lone series of I
years, these two leuding Periodicals have
CT r ru-k, it r
influence or the W hig and Tory parties or
Great Britain.
Among the regular coniributors to the
London Quarterly Review were Soulhey,
Smlt Jorlhnrt iit. , ,!!., ArJr
Scott Loclhart (i,s present editor ) Apper-
ly, I'trguson, Wordttoorth, Lord Mahon.
ur. imiiman, ana mat wonauriui woman oi
science, Mr$. Somerville. wlih many others
.-..-..i-t.... -i..k....j . '
aiiaivciT ivoa ;uii:ui Ulcu. I
J w.vu.utvu.
The WestmiFStee Review.
rr . .....
I mi able Journal was established under
.k. r.k. ..i... n:
.iic iiauuiittu vi in? uiiiu-iiuciuiB ui mo un-
O . I
tish House of Commons; among its writers I
figure Roebuck, Mill, Bowring, Professor
Lone, of the London University. Miss Mar-
iir,,nu li ..... .,.. ,.An. ,kl
editorial supervision of Jeremy Beniham.
h 9 , I . ! .1 i I f i j I
i is now uic meuiuio uirougn which voouen
promulgaies his free trado theories. It has
recently been united with the Foreign Quar-
-- . i
lerlv Review, the more attractive features of
the two being now combined in the West
minster, thus adding greatly to its value as a
literary periodical.
Tub North Bnmsa Review
is a work of more recent origin than those I
already described but is nevertheless, des
tined to occupy as prominent a place in the
Republic of Letters.
The basis of this Journal is the Evange
lism of the Nineteenth Century, but ii is noi
to be considered strictly a Theological Re
View, for topics of every kind calculated io
. . .
A :. . .u n-...i.i J
uv-cuij y anu iinti mi mu wen luiui ak' u iiiuiu
i ni,nA, it..,A Tk i.,,j n. n.,..
are introduced. The lamented Dr. Chal-
mebs was the founder and principal Ediior
of ihis Review, and since his death has been
.1,1. ..nitnuJ 1... k;., - n. 11
. .
Blackwoods's Ldinborgh Magazine.
is less exclusive in lis character than the
wnrku nWlv notion: it. rnnlpni. mn v ,p
- ' ""v "
,,i,uJ,vU,i,on.,.i i..j. r ni..
. . ,. ,. , . ,.
s.c.t. ..icraiure.oiograpn.es, narratives nisio-
rical and f.ciiuous, poeiry, critical analyses
Tl.r. UinU nrrlar fl
lis disquisitions in the department of Greek
and Roman archocology; while its range of
elegant fiction may bo said lo discover a mas-
iprlv nnwpr nr elil! luiKiirnnssofl liu nnv
' " - ' ' ' -V
of its numerous contemporaries. Again, in
of voyages and travels, no less than in its
papers on subjects purely scientiiic, tins nd-
mirablo Periodical has ever displayed re
sources unquestionably superior to any sim
ilar work in iho world. Although deeply
Tory in politics, yet so witching is iis rhcto
ric, and so consistly uniform U ii in its ami
republican obliquity, that, however obnoxious
its tenets, It is impossible for the reader to
fail of being charmed by a perusal of iis bri! -
liant pages. The fact of this distinguished
Magazine having lor a series of years,
.:..! -,. o... n-.-- -r
inuiiitaiiieu a c.reu.ui.oii wreai onwin oi
quailed, circulation for that country, where
the price is 7.50 a year, will alone settle
the ouesiion of its nre-eminent merits.
It is at this timo unusually attractive from
the serial works of Bulwer and of oiherdls-
tinguished writers which grace Its pages.
Sustained, then, a. these disiinguished
works are and ever have been, by ihe hiKh.
st.scholaslic ability and political sagacity,
we need not be surprised to hnd ihem occu- before the revolution-in the peaceful sirug- overy nB"on r,fni ,0.BTi. l.
pying such a proud preeminence among the ge of lP48-wa endeavored lo get some internal concernsl-and shall K-publican
.iterary productions of the world: and the
iiPrtli.rl nf ihi.ir hloh olnlma nnnn ilin Pnni.
neglect oi tneir nign claims upon tho consi-
deration of all classes of the intelligent com
munity f would necessarily argue a corres-
nondinu indifference of the common weal,
R,.i n .nirii .f inm.irv i. rif. .n,l innorannB
' , v "
is no longer a misfortune, bui a foult.
Fur Terms, sec Advertisement.
. n -i j ,i..i
named uarnell, at a mile lown in franklin
. ., .... n . ..
coumy, called Grovrport.bursied up within
. . ... . .
few days, leaving me proauco raisers ana
others in thai reaioii minus so 'ne 170.000.
Some of the thrifty faruie-s lose their all by
j . .. .
onuorsemunie aim eaiea uu creun.
Kentvckev Senato i. J. B. Thompson.
big, and tho present Pen.. Governor ol
fc , t . 4 Vt c , . i
Kentucky, was elected U. S. SenaDr by
ihe Lei-is'nture of that State, on ihe 13ih Inst
Crittenden and Dixon were withdrawn,
..dhii it,n Wtitn-a nrtiil mi Thnnui.nn
IfTJ-A HEAVY VUAHU. A PrRUUCR ueaier. - .. . . - - - c
'In.. t . ,n mill hm
uca i.
ration Irom Turbav. rmml..
Turkish tv4
1, 1 u
y, it has been my lot to be
subject to sucli
cent nual exertions or sneak-
ing publicly.and my weak chetl has become clu,iY9 Pileges, and to give universal lib
. ,mr..rf it,.. . .ki.- .k. er,7' 10 without distinction, whatever
J . : 'f r
.u , : . , ... .
...c.c.u.QNi.uoa mo mr i,0. g, ,g YOU ,uc
an answer as I would wish, and auch as the
occasion demands. BestUes, ihe addresses
on the part of the people of the City of Mon-
umenis centum such sent mems, that to be m
answered in such a way as they deserve,
would require some aid oi recollection be- In
cause every word of your addresses and
speeches are Worth v ta be recorded in m
mind and in mv heart, and. havihtr hnanl
condition of health, is not sufficient to retain
u,enV Permit me now to make a few re-
I......1,. V.. j I k.k I-..
. .,.- .. , In lh. ,jh
ei and resolutions, speak ol some elory
which it attached to my name, and some
merits which vou ascribe to me. Allow me
10 remarK, that the word glory must be Dlot-
. . . , , . .
,. vidua,8 .nd onlv ef,.i;ereln J.gDec. lo I
na,iohg. Whatever man may do in the Ion-
cest life, with the atroncest faculties that ar
. .- vv - - : :
ht only, happy lot of a few selected, ani
with iho utmost exertions ot which a man is
canablo whatever he can do in behalf of
his country, can never be so much as duly
calls, still less 10 merit the application ol the
word glory; ? . , - . - .
Let, hon, xhS word duty he applied to in-
divlduals, aiidb word glory be reserved to
naion;. kH'cm,sb' we have arrived at thai
hannv beriod in mankind's destinv whan ev-
ery individual greatness must disappear, like
which will beassigned to the lotol human-
,y by God himself. I may have done
r,mpihlno fnr m mnmrv hni whfin ih
light spreads all around from the candle, is
"he candlestick that does it! No, the
''i5h' emanates from the candle. 1 am but
candesljckf an(J (h(J meril is , d(J-
me, but to tho great principle, which is not
confined to one ind vid ml. nor to one cor-1
ner. but extends its lieht to all parts of iho
world. Let ma. while acknowlednins ihe
1 n o i
Kinane's anu nospiiaiiiy oi ine peoji.e oi inei
iTnii ,H RmiA. tht I r.me not Uer m
""I . J . . .
seek an asylum; nor to look lor a happy
hnmp. Pom.ii m m tim it is noi nenin.
.. . i 1. . . I
pnmeni, lor t never maae comptimenis u
is a truth that 1 would considei to be born
n ni,i,Bn nf iV.rt TTni.rl RiniP.. ih orPiiiHsi
............ w. .... w... , B
kna.i m ho ki. mvn Rui I nm kpinir in iho
honor and the nroudest lot that a man can
'"PPy condition ol being born,, citizen of
. - . . . f
doomed to sufferine and decradaiion even
- . 11 . .
greater than she has ever endured or now
endures, 1 siill Jove my country more than
yours. (Sinking his breast lorcibly with
his hind, amidst the applause ol the audi-
ence -i
Thla miiv hn n wpnknP8I am a wpnk
' . .
man. l love humanity, but I love my home
mom. Our Snvinr. who loved nil humnnitv
. aft 1
hnA hi. nn hnmo. hrl m hn nm nnlv
man. but also God. I am a poor, weak man
and above all, 1 am a patriot.
1 love my
country best, but 1 know so sure as God is
- - 1
in Heaven, that he is ihe common father of
us all; and, having this common father, ev
orv ffn.n ! a krnt hoi-nf liiA nnmrnnn human.
hv. ahH AVftrv rrmrt whn arts on the nart nf
I 7 I I
this common hiwftatiity, only acts the part
nfn hrmh.r. Aa wa havn nil nn llnavi-n v
---- ' J
m a . L.t.i 1 1 ,.i.
rainer, so istne oroineriy ue in uie uuties
h'umam,v 1 hav ' no, come. lheB 10
nn ,.vtlim Jn thisolnrimia hnmnnfih.
TiniiPil Kmtm. 1 hvp mmn m ! iKi.
,n ika tiipiarv nf tha nrinplnln of IVp.
I.. . .... (
dom in my own nation, a land trodden Un-i
Hnr fnm. hm not broken down nssiaianep.
nm inrnnaislpm with vour nrineinles and
PO ICV. but Such as Suits your OWO Conveni-
' . , , ' .1 .
ence--convincea est am mat tne interests
of this great republic can never ba at van
Dnca -u aid - j Bunoor. . .... ., .:.
cinles for which we huve struggled. 1 shall
eKnrilu UifA an rt1fYi nil V fit fctftl!ni7 tntWO
In de.l w a. , . .he nature 0 ms great
I 1 . t . I
P ' on mnrB 6b
1 r j? kjoheg. orBiificaiion from vour
.JJ.-.-nc n. n1ti k,.a,ic ihv rnnllnu ,
UUU.OO-W., J "
me the sympathy of, he citizen. ofUaUimore
i i maAninn in inai kvnmninv ivninn py
a ..ik..n i . m A,,r .h. . .ml I
f ... , frnm , .,ifirCBIJ
,ha, you have paid so much otteniionte the
cause i
ol liuugary mat you are not sutijecieo
:.u Jn k Ynn .
i i
to the
derstand our cause. With all the explana
IlllO.aitO IH..1I " J m -
tions and statements I have already made,
1 am astonished m find that misunderstand
inas sti.l exist in reference to the true posi
tion of Hungary, and tho history ol her
struggle. 1 had the opportunity lost even-og
Hranaillnit ii Monnka i hi rtoKnlne 1 ra t Vita Kfir
"' ..?.'. , ,,,u mamuar
.,, .k. i., Honcarv was not
struggle for freedom, but to remove one
n.. r.L . A...-.. .ta n r. .nn.h.
..... " - . -r-
er, und to restore or preserve tlio ancioni
..'l.. -.-...j . t; .
U.. jon enUrc miSCOnccpiionofourcause.
There is some truth In the assertion that
it Is a sirudzle for ancient rishts. and we a-
dopl the words, ne right ol sell-govern
i . i
' " . 6 n
i rin.
4 We have seen : that this ancient riclit.
.L....-U .,...,iu. K..n, i.u,. anrl i.u
been. rampledoown ana aomeo oy perjurea
,.nraia,. utyl host ItUftAtVI a B ilMnfl lM(r
.,?., ! Ti-r.. i.. ih. ol.uinn
prac.ic.l 8-run,ee for this anc.ent nght
"en WOUia mSKO 11 a praciieai reuiliy, UIIU
1 . .,..,a i. n.J
- 1 ...... ., ,M ",.-.liQj i . n,m.
Lj .flW. ,nA ,htnv coronotic oaths as I
hnva said. It continued a dead letter, and we
..I . .
could not succed. The reason was that the
I l i i ' . . -.4 M iU..
wno e r 18 Tf J D
make litis remark not on vour account, tor
. ' . .
vnn nhcWsinnd iha auestion. but fur litis
' . .. l . f , .
null lip nnniiminitv. 1 na VlPniS 01 unc ent
.he coronation o,ih. of thirty kings, Hnel,re'"r
1 . . . i i . i i . 1 1 h nnw. Siih is nnt mn I ar Irom von as Km
' rUJnnt , iHb ,ncienl - ruce.
a lmi, . ihousand vears 0"o, came from the
. " i o i
jsast nor to the t-roais, nor 10 ine ociaves,
nor lo ihe Servians, nor to the Wullachianj
; . - V - " ' "
I UUVIItTKU W lt;CO, UUI "I ui .o.v.
.i..t,P nl.ili..ha
the ancient chartered right of Hungary.
They wore only a handful of m-n, and I
h.ppjno.1 10 bo one of ihem. Thi.y never
could have been sufficient to maintain their
" ..wuii-.. .ii"
const! uiional riglus against the continual
n-,,,.ri..,,,,.,. ,,r , ha dni.ul iha House
ol'Auauiu. Having reud that-this small
ptfMfl ayni lull ail ffipirni in hold its rluhis and
I 1 1 II 1 1 1 II II I L V WHTH Illll irMI IL1UU 111 IHVOi wutlfw... . " " ' - J T
particularly that it wo uniust to all the oth-
.l. . . ... . .
tne uriueipies o true unenv.rjH onirprt in
all, our first act after we sained the Inde
penaent ministry, was to abo uh those ex-
tongue a raan speaks, or in whatever church
hreedom was thus established equal
franchises, equal representation, equal ac-
LC8S lo "ie legislative, judicial and executive
departments of the government; equal share
Ins puonc ourdens Tor public necessities ;
equ1 exemption Irom taxation, equal ahore
ina oenent oi public education, and a
" ihings which are necessarily derived
f'O" he great principle of freedom.
Now, I said that I came not hera to find
" aylum or a happy home. For the fu-
,u,e ' 8na" devote my life to the resurrec-
"on 01 7 n"on, and I will endeavor to ie-
Rlnrn lliinniiru in k. .:k, .k.
fundamental riohl of nilnn. rJinn- f
1 owioiciltll llK'f
1186,1 onouia uivino frovidence restore
me 10 Hungary, I shall pursue a different
coursa next time, and one that I trust will
L. . I . - ,
n nauoi.. in tne nrst piece,
never was willineto take on mv shoulders
anv d"y 'f I had not tho innate conviotion
n my mind that I would answer that duty
tii - .
ner were struggles going on upon eveiy
,ue- "au not tne uoianess to lane me
conduct of the tactical and siratasetical ope
taona of the army; became 1 had not the
consciousness mat t couia answer my amy,
f "f "iremely anxious lest I should
??! not only mankind and history
8nouia condemn me, but my own con-
science, also, pursuing me with eternol tor
,urcB 1 undertook what I was not able to
accomplish, and the couse Bhould fail by my
want of skill. This was the reason why
did no, take in charge the tactical and ra-
wgetical manogement of the military affairs
of Hungary; and I was, therefore, compel-
'ed l0. Bive my confidence to one or anoiher.
1 have seen that man cannot penetrate
fecre, of he heart of every man.
I have seen that ambiiion has swep. away
,ho established character or a man, and that
ucvunnj tnuugeu. meretore i, an
ex"e hav? imProve'1 by study my iniellt
gence in what was wanting. Andnow.ro
i . . . . .
villi nil mu iwnn a uhn in nm hil.n
o - -j ,--i--w
m he faith of the success of their cause, by
.. Jr.... -l 1 ...ill ..I."
r" UB-co ichi u-niuiunv, i win iuku
""0 111 J own nanus, tor I Know, l placing nis
i j . . l t ii i
Hfinii lllinn hia hnni.ll iK.I I am r.Al a MnnAb
--" - ... . . ... munvi.
"" ""l,ulou" IUI" mu cause oi uunr.y
""a betray ii when in my power. TAti
, .
"B-J erciure, hi uou circumstance,
1 find u reason that ttiv efforts will not be
!!r.uslrttU'd A,;"?":..,?:,' ,he,e ?n.lher
Russia is not sogiant-Uke as she is cried
i... ri u..ii.i i ta jlj
uui. uuiiiiici.j ii is a mrge innaieu uoay
on very lecbie leet. Kenewed laughter.
uui sne nas a prestige ol greatness, it is
in this that her chief power lies. But thai
prestige win oe oroKon once, lor I consider
tilt t I M V .
i r i - . mi
'eouio oi nussia not my enemies, i ney
mUl fC IriA inm Iwr-vl k as U Anfl Ui.mnni... a.
7, ' u "" "uc' iiuitiaiiujr as
Hnngary and other nations. But now that
poo' people, in their present condition, are
doomed 10 bo nothing but the tools of an
arrugnt despot, who boasts that he has a
.. ii l . i r . .
tun irum ueaven to pui nis loot upon man
Kind s necK. 1 hat tvrannv will not last.
Tho danger is not because Russia is great
but because she is very near thirto hours
from Hungary and could pour her armies
, iLr LlJ.f . J l
uu uur "a""" OBlur mu to oevei
' n,,u u'K"ifo nor lorces anu mereiore,
. , . , r . M
hiiVA nnmn hprn In inp npnntn nl tko IT Km in.
,.r. ,
to ask them to make such, a stand, no, as will
entangle ihem in a war with Russia, bin
such us will prevent Russia's interference,
If there is anything in those principles and
HilAIVina. Ill II 1 n II nA n . f. . . . , . P m..m
" eicm .uunuui
republic taught you not the time serving
principles of expediency, but of eidrnal and
uiiuiwuguouio .rum you will inaKe tna,
stand, and tell Russia to mind her own busi
ness. And this I find among the principles
of your Washingtons and Jeffernons, and
others, that "whenever any fo'm of govern
ment becomes destructive of the ends for
ivhirh ii tx-n irtCMiiititH 11 ia ih s-i.ihi rt iho
. sj -
ime a new government, laying iis foundation
on such principles, and organizing its power
in SUCh lorm, 08 10 men, SIIJII seem moSl
!b w , ,K..:. .e. ttnrt knnnin.a. "
, - " -
i - - - r ....... . j
nation, no other nauon has a right 10 inter
fero to prevent it. I could wriie a book on
uojvci, uy r-uiu, g ...e worus
I ni i it a n acennu fii vit ir i'rinwwtni. inn fiir
resnondeiiceof your greatest men. and the
I . , . . -
diplomatic instructions given loyour minis
lers. agents, and plenipotentiaries, ell con
lending for the sumo great principle.
Now. I ask you, in the name of all that
is sacred (here the speaker became very
warm and animated.) I ask you, what is the
value of a principle, unless it is protected
when despots are doing all ihey can to crush
- wi" bave iheopponunhy before long.
10 prove mai on tne great siaiesmer. o i Amer
ica have mniniaiHed this principle. Now
. . . . - . . .
- i -
other nations that every ctuzen is to the U.
P's. We do not want armies from you,
"S'" lor us; wo w" !" J J '
ngni ior ourse.ves, ,ou .o.u mem nw yuu
thev nnemoted it vou would oouose them
' .......
wi.,h. nl our ,orre-. uni-
led wiili you in mainiaining mat principle
I ,, . ....
mnniirpMJ KnnnnA
I '- w..-.
now be left alone to assert the principle of
- - - ',' i t
imacine ihe retison. f Laughior.) Iiistru3
Europe is further from you than South
America, and England is nearer to Hun
I ri .t I I .L- 1,1..
t l ne Atlantic runs ueiween, uui ine Aiinn-
iU Lmiiitf n eniiA rntinnHil is n Piinnara
,iB. ..H ..i..L.M(nr'i .Mrril
i .1 ...i.U !, I...
ana o.ner reunions wmi juuruna uy uieuui
I of thai connection, ihat you are nearer to it
-l n .j ,i.... f
I Smiih Amurion. uinm in ntk vnu n n um
IIIUII IO uucnua AVita uiiu uiiici inn ia ui
,ion. Suppose ihe inhabitants of Cuba rose
to-morrow to change its guvernmeni; and
.i... r...i-j n .. D.. ....... I
auppose iuui cngiauu, i it, vmu,. .
whatever power, sent out a fleet to aid Spain
'T iZX
I e-' . o
iniervention! (Loud cries ol ''no, no, no.
No, I am confident she would net, and this
is all I 8?k her to do in ihe cese of flun.
gary. , What is ihe difference between
Cuba and Hungary! The one is six days
distant, ahe other1 eitihiecn unys. Thiil is
nil. There Is no principle, therefore, in
iho case il is but tha difference "of two
or three days.. (Applause.) ' I have said
more than 1 ought as regards my health;
but so agreeable was tl to meet ibis deputa
tion, and not knowing that there was an op
portunity to address so large an assembly,
was taken by the opportunity, and 1 (went
on s .leaking in my poor language: and 1
could go on still further. But I must take
care of my health, not for myself, but for
the causa which you honor. . Allow me to
thank you for ihe addresses vou have pre
sented, ond I hope that they not only ex
press tne sentiments or the ciuzen of Bal
timore, but of the whole doodIo of the
United States, and that this expression of
opinion will have its due weight with your
fcvery Government must respect the sen
timents and spirit of the people. If it is
possible for me, I will go to Baltimore, not
to enjoy your hospitality, for I will candidly
(ell you that 1 have not come to the United
Staiea to be feasted, but to ask for such aid
as they can conveniently give such aid as
consistent with the principles and post
tion, the interests and the honor of the Uni
ted States. And let me hope from these
sentiments and assurances wnich find ex
pression in join addresses I can take for a
previ ux boon, that, when I go to Bultimorc,
will hnd the practical spirit of its citizens
ready to be, in an efficient manner, as good
as their words. (Laughter.) This is mv
hope and my wish. I ant not egotistical. I
seek nothing for myself, but for my coun
try lor our common humanuv. Acain 1
hank you for this gratifying expression of
your sentiments, ii is not a personal grati
fication to me, bui 1 am extremely gratified
by the enunciation of these principles ol
freedom which make your glory and happi
ness, and give you the privilege, not only
ol being great, glorious, and tree, hut the
privilege of protecting your less foriur.ate
brothers ol humanity.
On Monday, December 8ih, Mr. Bbight,
of Indiana, suid to the Senate that much
time could be saved by dispensing wiih the
rule and electing all ihu Commii.ets of the
nateat once. The rule being suspended
he sen, to the Speaker a list of nominations,
which were read, and thereupon duly elect
The Committees are as follows :
Foreign Relations Mason, Doue'as.
Norris, Mangurn and Underwood.
finance Ilunier, Bright. Gwin, Pcarce.
and Miller.
Commerce Hamlin, Soule, Dodge of
Wisconsin, Davis and Seward.
Manufactures Sebastian, Bayard, Stock
ton, Upham and Jones.
Agriculture Soule, Walker, AichUon,
Spruance and W ade.
military Affairs Shields, Clemens, Bur
land. Dawson and Jones of Tennessee.
Militia Houston, Dodge of Wis., Bor
land, Morion and Snruanco.
jyaval Affairs Gwin, Stockton, Mallory
Badger and Spruance.
Public Lands Pelch, Shields, Dodge of
Iowa, Underwood and Pratt.
Private Land Claims Downs, Whii-
comb, Clemens. Davis and Hale.
Indian A fair t Atchison, 3ubasuan
Rusk, Bull and Cooper.
Claims Brodhead, Whiicomb, Bayard
Prait and Wade.
Revolutionary Claims Wulkir, Chaso
James, root, and Sumner.
Judiciary Butler, Downs, Bradbury, Bor
rien and Geyer.
Post Office end Roads Rusk, Soule,
Hamlin, Upham and Morton.
lioads and Canals Bright, Kheti, Uoug
las, Stirubnce and Sumner.
Pensions Jones of Iowa, Borland, St ick
ton. Foote of Vermont, and Geyer.
District of Columbia Shields, BraJbury
Norris, Berrien and C-larke.
Patents and Vat cut Office Norris, James
Whiicomb and Dawson.
Public Buildings Whiiromb, Hunter
and Clark.
Printing Borland, Hamlin and Smith
Retrenchment Brodbury, Bright, Fetch
Manuum and rush
Territories Douclas, Houston, Green
Cooper and Jones of Tennessee.
Engrossed Bills Bayard, Mollory' and
Library Pearce, Clemens, and Dodge
of Iowa.
Contingent Expenses Dodge of Iowa
Walker and Hell.
A Ictn-r from Pikeville, Tenn.,says a por
tion of W aldrn s Kicge a few days ago. sun
with a noise resembling deeptoned thunde
and adds that upon examining the spot he
noticed n huge gap in the timber that fringe
the sides of the ridge, extending about two
miles in a parallel direction with the top
The gap in the dense timber appeared to be
about sixty or a hundred leet in width, an
ihe fissure in the earth reached to an un
known depth, in which trees of the largest
size were torn up, and enormous rocks, which
had probably lain concealed for ages, were
rent from their primitive beddings and lai
There seems lo hove been (continues th
writer ) no convulsive throe of nature to re
lieve horslf of the expansive force of con fined
el omenta, but, simply t!.e giving way ol a pa
of the foundation on which the mountain
fj-Daies from Toronto, Canada, to D
comber 12th. gives the election of 27 Re
formers and 9 Tories. All the members
the cabinet have been rctu rned.
The Rev. Mr. EiTON will preach i
She ffii Id r-t xt Sunday at half past 2 o'clock
P. M. Subject Parnblo of Sheep and Goats
Matt, xxv 31 "And these shall go away
into everlasting punishment, but the right
eous inio life eternal."
And in Pnmerny in the brick school-house
in the evening. Subject "Evangolical Re
generation" or "New Birth."
vmx.jmL.emm .
Christmas Eve and Christmas Dayl
In the basement of the Presbyterian Churoh,
the Ladim' Sewino Sociktt will hold a sale of
on the cveniug of the 24th inst.
Oysters and other Refreshments
will be prepared for the occasion.
On Christmas Day, at 1 o'clock, P M., a Dm
mu will be prepared. 1
Tho patronage of friends and the publio gene,
rally, is respectfully invited. .
O' Admittance, 10 cents; Dinner, 26 conlf.
I'omksov, Drrember C3, IMI. '
Grand Union Ball".
A GRAND UNION BALL will be tiva attkav
"VAN METRE HOUSB," In Wert Colomkia.Vsv
on Wsdhmoat Evcnmo, December Slit, (New
Vein's Eve). The Mners aie aappr an
nouce tint their festival will U tne ssort Jotobs
and brilliant lathering- ever witnessed ia tkis re
gion of country. The guests nur eipatt a m
Virginia welcome. . ;
Joa. S. Machm, Wm. D. Roscsaar,
Tmo. SoiaTiLn, Lwii p. Baul
Tho. Fowl,
Tho.. G. Hooo,
A. W. Hoc,
Rszin BukHuauB,
John Hall, ,
Ltmar Evans,
Capt. Gn. Mastik,
Johm Bsown,
Rosr, Adam a,
Wn. Baow,
Tm. Lswis,
Sink W. SoMsanusv
iot. T; Mitcbbu.
R. T. Va Hoi..
ion h. Rem, -
Anbiew Rotasnr, '"
S. A. M. Moobs,
Capt. Ta. R. FtaiiB,
Ja. Wiixiami,
Capt. A. William,
Jai. SASBtaa,
Thatbb Hobtobv
Capt. Win, Xiii,
Protestant EisconnlMR. t B
r. , . - . -t. . nua.i a ,
1oolev, Kector; Services everv Sahbih
10i o'clock.
JrresbytcrianRev.'R. Wu-binsoi.. p..t.f
Services every Sabbath morning at 101 o'clock.
Methodist EoiscoDal Rev. j. p. n....
Pastori Services at the upper church onalternata
Sabbath mornings, at 10 o'clock at lower church,
every Sabbath afternoon, at 1 o'clock.
ltoman CatholioRev THEoraiura K . .
Priest: Services every Sabbath morning.
German Methodist Rev. Mr. Geveb.
Services every Sabbath morning.
German Lutheran R. Mr. h..
Services every Sabbath morning.
A MASONIC.-Pomeroy Lodsje,
lfVIVo. 104, SUted MeeUngs, the Monday
' Eveninir, on or before the full moon in each
month. Hall in Murnhv's buildine. Second it.
I. O. O. F. Naomi Lodge,
No. 117, Meetings on every Friday
Evening. Hall in Edwards' building. .
Welfare Division, No. 96, Sons
(aJg-of Temperance, Meetings every Saturday
bvening, Hall in UeUamp's building.
Salisbury Division No. S9S.
vfSnna nf Tnmnamnii. MuAlinn. nn fiatuvnaw
tbvemngs. Hall, Kice's building Miaaieport
Crystal Fount. Division No. 1,
Sons and Daughters of Temperance meet
ings every Saturday afternoon at the Sona
Hall in Pomeroy.
OYSTERS and wRlk
received and for sale yg
cheap at
German and
For the Holidays, ever seen in Pomeroy. Baougk
to supply all the children in the city. Call sooa,
as tne choicest are selling rapidly.
December 16, 1851.
OYSTERS by the Can or at Ra-
1 tail fresh from the Chesapeaka Bay,
always to be had t
December 12, 1851. HOSSICK'S.
L No. 9. On the first pnge of Volume No.
2 can be seen the removal of L. S. CsorooT's
Saddler Shop to a room fitted up expTesjly for his
accommodation, on Front street, two doors below .
Cru'vford dt Stier's store, where may be found at
all times all kinds of
Saddles Harness, Bridles, Whips,
Or, in fact everything that is ever made in a Sad
dler Shop: and what is still more desirable you
will always find the b'hoys at home ready to patca
up your old Collars and other fixins, just by the
way of accommodation, you know.
trrCall around and seewbat stall shop he bat
jot, aiyhow. L. S. CROFOOT.
romeroy, December 15, 1861 n4lf.
Notice. I hereby warn all persons against
purchasing a note given by bj to William
lhle, or order, as I bave refused to pay th tana
unless compelled by law. f .
Pomeroy, December 13, 18M. rrtw.
Toys and Fire Works.
RA. RIDEBOTT0V1 has a superb lot of
TOYS and FIRE WORKS for tha
Holidays. Rockets, Roman Candles, Spit Devils,
Fire Serpents, Pin Wheels, Chinese Crackers,
Jackson Crackers, Torpedoes, etc., 4c, the
largest assortment ever brought to Pomeroy.
II can supply all the youngsters ia Pomeroy.
Call soon.
7m mJwmmzzMs:
ON the 3d inst. we sold our entire interest in
the Horse Cave Store to Myron Wells, who
will continue the business on his own account.
All those indebted to said store are hereby noti
fied that they must come forward aad pay up
by the first of January, 1852, either to ourselves in
Pomeroy or to Mr. Wells at his store, or said
claims will be put in suit for collection.
New. Store.
THE UNDERSIGNED having purchased the en
tire interest of Messrs. Reed & Brother in the
Horse Cave Store, would respectfully inform his
friends and customers that he is now receiving a
fresh supply of NEW GOODS, including Groce
ries, 4.C., and solicits their patronage as hereto
fore. All kinds of Produce, Staves, Hoop Poles,
Lumber, dec, taken in exchange for goods.
Horse Cave, December 16, 1861 n4m3. - - .
Pomeroy Academj.
THE WINTER TERM of Pomeroy Academy
will commence on Monday December 1st.
A course of Lectures on Chemistry will be de
livered daring the term accompanied with Exper
iments, for which new and valuable Chemical
Philosophical Apparatus will be provided.
To those who wish to acquire a knowledge of
this interesting and valuable Science this will be
a favorable opportunity, as it is intended to tnak
it a subject of special attention. Instruction is
also riven in the Latin, Greek, French and Ger
man languages, the Higher Mathematics, and all '
the ordiuary studies of an English Education. -C.
C. GILES, Principal.
Pomeroy, November 28, 1861.
13 IO COFFEE AO bags superior eU
XV Just received and for sale law at Mo
Notice. '
A Tmy instance an attachment was this day j
i V issued by H. H. Rice, a Justice oi tne peaco
of Salisbury township, Meigs county, against th.j
property and effects of Milton Foulk, an abscond!
.f . i rt.i.l..ll ton f
lnfaeDtor, waiea wcioucioi, ioi.
Mavenbar 18, I8H- UM.
Between Pitsbnrgh.innrietta, Pome
ror aud fjialiipolis.
Tub new and fist running steam
er GOV. MEIGS, Captain Jons N,
jShunic, will make regular weekly
tnns between the above ports.
Leaving Pittsburgh for Marietta, Pomeroy and
Oallipolis, every TLESDAY, a 8 o'olock, P. M.
Returning leavea Pomeroy for Marietta and.
Pittsburgh, every THURSDAY at 9 o'elock, A. M
June 09, 800. 71f. - ' -

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