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Or nlrlc Juice I
TlRWAKED bum Rennet, or the fourth stomach
J of thr 0. after directions by Ilaron l.ta-aia,
tbe rrest Phonological Chemist, by J S MOUGII
TS. M D No II, tfirtth Eighth street, Philadel-
Ttui if a trnly wnnderf il r'm.v'v f..r INURES.
TtOt, MV'M CiPitVItfiYanl I) EB1LITY,
ring sftir Nature's on method, by Nature's own
nh id, the Gistti JttM-e.'s ' i" -' ,ft-'
Ha.f trnisp'inrifull jb( tj,i Mfu a iu
watet. will du'twtordtFV'ilve Purr PorxiMO R.;ast
Hr i tiot'T two . enln I he stomach.
S lrntific Eviaeneel
Ilaron LiKiKif in his celebrated work on Aiiiin.il
Chemistry, nays: "An artificial Digestive Fluid,
naUg.nu to the Gastric Juice.' may Iw readily
prepared from the mucous membrane of the sto
mach of. the calf, in which various articles of food,
aa meat and eggs, will be ' softened, changed nnd
rested, just in the samp manner as they would be
the human stonnich."1
Dr Pr.ar.ia. in his famous treatise on "Foodtuid
. Diet," puhVsh i by Fowb-rs. Wells, New York,
page 3o, Ita ei the' same great fact, and describes
Hit method .of preparation. There are Tew liiglier
aathoritirs than Dr. Pereira.,
Dr Omsk, in his valuable writings on IhePhys
Moey of Dige-stinn. observes that "a diiiiuiiition
if the ,duelxiiiautily of the Gastric Juice is a
iroiiiitient and all-prevailing cause of Dyspepsia;"
and he stales that V8 distinguished professor of
medicine in l.omloii. who' was severely afflicted
with this eoinnlaiiit, finding everylhingedse to fail,
had reroure to! thH Gn-tri Juice, obtained from 1
the sumach of living animals, which proved coin-i
'tely . iCcesMut. I
Pi Uiiaikm, sutlu.r of. the unions worhg on
"tee-emblc- Diet," fays: "It is a renmrkiible hict
hi phvKi.docy that the stomachs in animals. nme
rated in water, impart to the fluid the pr- perty -r
isolrin? vurions ar'iclesof food, and of effeeliii(.
a kind of artificial digestion of them in no wise
different from the natural digestive pMceis."
lrSiox' jireat work, the "hemistry of Man,"
Q.tt& Blauchard.Phila. 1K. p 321-ffj snys:
The discovery of PEPSIN fonts n new era in Ihc
hmical history of DigestiMi. From recent ex-
leriinents we know mnr khmi is uinauitcii n mm
fy in an an artificial destive fluid, pnpnred from
iiiiri. unit is in the llntlir;
lural finstr.c juiot-tweii. I
Prub'ssor le.joi.is(i!, oi mr .iciirni'iii voiuhy'
Philaielphia,. in hisgfat work on lluuinii. Physi .
h)gv. devoirs' more than fifty pages to on eniuina
v. tou'of this subject. Wis experiments with. Dr.
Reawmoiit, on the Gastric J nice, obtained from the
Ijing human slonia' li and Ir an uuiiiials, sire well
known. "In all cases," he says, "digestion oe-
arred perfectly in the ariihVinl as in the natu
ral digmtions."
Dr Howobto!)' pn-pir-'tions of PEPSIN has pro
l.ieed tliem islnmrvelbinst iTecIs, curing eases of
Debility, Emaciation, Nervous Decline, nnd Dys
ftepiie Consumption, 'siippoaed to lie on the very
frge of the crave. It is impossible to give the de
tails nf cases in ihw limits cf this advertisement
but aallienticiuedcrrtilicntes Iihvc been riven of
CURES, iu Philadelphia, New York, and Boston
alane. Tli.se were nearly all decpernte cases, and
e cures were not only rapid and wonderful, but
It is a great NEHNOUS ANTIDOTE, and par
eulArly useful for tendency to bilious disorder.
I.iver Complaint, Fever and Acne, and the evil ef
SVetsof Quinine, Mercury, and other drugs upon
the Digestive organs, niter a lone sickness. Also,
f..roscc:. in eating, and the too free use of ardent
spirits, ttalso reconciled Health with Intemperr
There is no form of OLD STOMACH COM
PLAINTS which it d ies not seeiri to reach and re
saoveatonce. ' No matter how bad they may be, it
GIVES INSTANT RELIEF!"" A siui- c dose re
moves all the unpleasant symptoms, snd it only
needs to be repeated, f a short time, to make thesc
uod efl'wcls nenimneiil- Pl'lHTY OF BLOOD
nd VIGOR OF BODY follow nt once. It is par
ticularly evcelb.nt in caws of Nausea, Vomiting,
Cramps. Sorruefsof the pit of the Stomach, dis
tress after eating, low, e dd state of the Blood,
Heaviness, Low v ess of Spirits, Despondency, Ema
ciation, Weak u-ss, tendency to Insanity, Suirice,
Price, ONE DOLLAR per bottle. One bottle
will of.cn .'ffccl a lasting cure.
Every bottle bears the written signature of J S
HOUGHTON, M D, sole proprietor.
Snld.by agents in eve-ry town in t lie I nitenstat
lid by rwpecUhir dealers in Medicims general!). I
A Iso, lor sale at tut urug Moreoi u. nr.v.u,
rrneroj, Ulno- apnutnyyi
Surgeon Dcn(i(.
DY, bet leave to in-
furin i h, riliffrn of this
fK5laJ?, vicinity that lie way be
fun ud nt. his rexiilini e
Atfj in S'heffiid. at all hours,
when not pr .fessionally aWnt. He is prepared ,
to execute all operau ins pertaining to the jirofes
,ion, in a style of nenln'ss, e and durability.
TEETH inserted in c.oinjilete or parts of setts,
p'n go'i plale, with or wiijciut artificial Gums, in
ro accurate a manner, a to deceive the close st ob
server. His charges shall in all cases be low, and gradu
ated according to the amount of labor and material
exjiciid'.'d; pledging himself to give entire satisfac
tion in alt cases entrusted to his care.
IJ-LADIES nailed upou at their residences, if
I V The NERVE killed and !h. Tooth saved with
nt seusa ion of pain .o the patient.
I'i The Lulheou will be used for extracting
Tcih. if required.
CANCERS, all kinds; old RUNNtN'S SORES,
cond stages of CONSl MI'TiON, on moderate
. ternn.
' H iavites the afflicted portion'of the community
to rive In in a call. A fair trial is all In asks.
May , SS n30tf.
A igait 2'i,00 95 n4fim4
Tt Enin4 liuildrrt and others using
' Copper Work.
"17 1 arc prepared bi mnuiifacluje upon the
F t shortest notice and in the lu st manner
c'.l kiads of Opper Work nt ('inciuiinti prices.
Rr.rearxccs McAbnv 4 Cutler, J. C. Depew,
. C. Grant, Poineroy; Mr. Jones, Middleport;
spt. Uooley, of steamboat Ohio.
. Pomeroy,' August 26, hftOO. .
I Ol'ITY LAKD. For those who served in
the War of 1M2 with Orcat Britain or any of the
ladiau. I have received a copy of the lite Act of
Coagress, , passed Scptniiiber 28, (IS50, granting
Bounty Laud, die, and am prepared to procure
Iliads under the provisions of said.
Those desiring information concerning their
rights to lands eau ne informed by application to
sac. . Nochangewill he made except in cases pro
ving successful, and in such charges will be renson
EAS. Inchests, half chests and quarters.
froih article, for rale erv low at No. 4.
rt. W. HOLMES.
Dlt. J. XT. SI'RY, Snrgeon
Vcntiwti PortMiiouth, Ohio. Will
visit POMEROY, in the first week of
the months of June, September, December sad
March. n.nrch25n20
- i'
The subwribers having been duly appointed by
ti c court of js li;mon pleas cf Washincton coun
ty to adininis'er upon the estate of T Io nian W.
Willioms, late of said county, deccrs d, hereby
give police to all persons indebted to said estate
tom&ke pMViient to tin in: u;id to nil persons
having cln'ins against kaid estate to present the
-tme bi theiii, legally authenticated, within one
year fre in date.
A. W. WILLIAM. Adm'r.
Marietta. Or,'. 28, '6l-nl9wr
T tny instance!! attachment was this di.y
issued byS. S. Paine a Justice of the Peace
of Salisbury township. Me ga roiiuly, against the
jir . tty und effects of George W. Ake, a iioii
frn dtu of snid county. WM. WALLACE.
P. litre ), Oct, ;0, -fil u49wf,
CIUAHS, 20 bo'ves fine reralias;
. . . 10 do Can(s'
... I'l du Fine Huvaunat
'W C ii.iiioiis on lindaad'
ir sale lowly GEO W HOLMES.,
, IMe.btn, lr,i. ,
. N tj W GOODS ! -
THE UNDERSIGNED have now received' their
I stock' of Spring and Summer GOODS, con
sisting in p.nt as follows:
200. pes. Prints the newest and most fashionable
styles; ; v ;
Furniture Chint very rich; ' ' '
Butinetts, Ermine Cloth, Casiimerca ana
Kerseys, '
Kentucky Jeans, various colors;
Blue Black, Figur-d and Cl'd Atpacav;
Kiwtern Linseys, of various colors;
New style Giniihsmsi
20(1 bolts Brown Muslin, 4-4 best; , -V ,
000' " ' " 3-4, cheaps - .
25 pc. Flannels,. all colors;
St) " Hleached Muslins, all prices; ':
Bleaclied mid Brjwn Drills and Canton Flannels;
Apron Clicks and hCeek Shirtings; - .
Shawls Thibet Wool, Silk Embroidered &. Plaid;
Cashmere and D' Lane Dress Goods, very hand
some; 10 cases Hnts and Cups, New styles; .
Umbrellas, Carpet Bny and Satchels; -Jaconets,
Cnmbricks, Hook, Swiss & Mull Muslins;
Saddlery Findings.
Saddle Trees and Bupgy Hamesj
011 and Gum Cloth;
Putcnt Dash Leather and oach Lace; ; ... :
Harness Trees New style; .i v
Carpet ling Frames and Trunk Locks; ; . -
H ickles, Bridie Bitts and Stirrups; .. t
Rein Simps, Terrets and Water Hooks; ) ,
Spurs, addle Plush and Strain Webb; i '
Hume sand Martingale Rinps; .
Bridle and Shoe Thread and Silk; -
Strain Web aud Girthing;
Saddlei's Needles, Awls, Punches and Hummers;
Cu'tn g Knives and Cutting Thrusts;
. ;,, ru;v- tjp it, and Brims Nnils;
ijfa.. Buggy Hands and Carriage
Handles and
t:ug. y and C rriaee Springs and Dash Kriiines;
Curium Cioth and Leathers 1 : '
And every other article in Saddlers' line.
. Hardware.
AO different kinds of Locks and Latches;
All kinds ol Pitts and Rasps; .,: ' '
AH kinds of Chiseli, and Plain Bitts; ,;
All kinds of Auj-ersMid Bitts; . I .
All kinds of Snw Self and Gindtts - , ,
Mill, Si roll nnd Hand Kuws; i
Tt noil, C reular and Key Hule Saws;
Wmd and IJ.llet Saws;
,)r(,ad uld llnld Ax,.s.
niuges, Screws and Finish!
lig Nails; .. ,; , .
Braces, Oil stones and Rules; .i
Shoe llaii-uiers and Peg Floats aiid Punches! ....
Shutter and Window Faaleuings; -lied
Screws and Castors all kinds; .
Sash and screw ann Pullies; ' '.
Brass mid Mahogany Knol s;
Anvils, Vices and Screw Plates; "
Bellows' and Sledge Hammers; ... . V
And a grent variety other articles in this line.
L'o l and Sliocs.
5 cases Men's, Boys and Children's Boots;
2 ' Wonuii'sjjheavy bootees and buskins; .
2 " Children's shoes, best article!
2 " Mi.'i s bootees and shoes, a sup. article;
6 i')i. Ladies' Calfand seal bootees and buskins;
10 Infant ami Chhildn n's small shoes sup.
10 " Ladies and Misses Kid Slipper,, and thick
soled Shoes.
We especially invite the public to call and ex
amine our stock. We have now the largest and
best selected stock we have ever had; and many
very line articles such as have not beeu kept iu
PoiLeroy before. " ' . , ,
We are prepared to fill any orders either V hole
sale or Retail on very reasonable terms.
Poineroy, ApriM, 0S60. u28tf.
To our Fi If nds nnd Customers.
1 17 K thus ceg leave to inform you and thro
V vour kindness our nnd your frieudsof youi
iieii'hbo'rhood and elsewhere not forgetting oil)
enemies if any there be that we are now recciv
ine direct from New Orleans and the eastern cities
a Vic-U Mto-k of Groceries, which we
arc now niTerim.' for sale at room No 0, Front street.
Portsmouth, Ohio, nnd have made arrangements tc
be be supplied during the season from same places
Our stock will at all times consist of everythini
in. I he Grocery ine.
Although iu the mutter of purehasingaud innov.
off. ring mir goods for sale, we frankly confess tha
ve have lien nnd sti are directed mainly by a
desire to pri uioie our own interests yet it wil.
nevertheless afford us great pleasure to accommo
date our friends to the fullest extent that a due
r i-ird for their nnd our interests may seem to dic
Ti.n l.iw.i n,.v, H mill Ktnle terms, 'clicnn,' 'cnecp-
,.r limn i.ri r." mid 'cheunest,' we abstain from
nti-l,t lt.uyiiig toothers (less modest men thanour-
lvC!l) t0 derive all thendvantages mai an iiiirm
cent ci uiinuiiiiv tuny concede to tnis mnu oi uo.-
mf, UArvr.s a DLoranrv.
D lo Coee M0 Bags'
superior artielo just
received aud for sale at No 6.
ens In chests, half chests, and quarters,
fresh articles. For sale low by
isltr 20 Boxes Fine Principes;
1(1 Boxes t;nnones;
15 do Fine Havanna;
60,000 Half Spanish;
10,000 Common; on hand and for sale low
71onr Always on hand and for sale by
T" ve Wfeisltcr id Barrels Old Itye, for sale
II at no n. . '"i1 -
. No R.
lull Assoi-tmctitrflWe arc now reeeiTiai
I'' ir,.H adilitiotis to our stock of Groceries,
-Kii. .rc nfllini? yerv low for casm. Come aai
examine for yourselves. ,.,,,
C 11 . 1IoIaK6e lOBarrelund 10 half tar
!T wis, for rale by
rUobact'O --0 Fine Virginia Leaf;
U0 do Missouri do:
00 do Virginia Fives;
00 do do Eights;
. 05 do Missouri Twelves;
20 Kegs Ky. Si9 Twist;
received from tht manufacturers, and for sale" low
rpnr, Fltru and Oakum on hand and
J for sale nt No 6 by
Tie. 4, Main St., Itliddleyort, Ohio.
DYE STUFFS of all kinds, warranted goodl
just received and for sale low by
ACKEREL 50 bbls. Nos. 1, 2, and 3
just received and for sale low at No 4.
O EG All. 20 hhds. N. O. Sugar on hand and
for sale low by . GEO. W. HOLMES.
August 5, 9S5y,
Glassware received and for sale at
C'ODFISII. A few drums just received by
1 10 WDER, SHOT Ac EE AD. For sale
( at No. 4 ' ;fiEO 'l?!?8'.,
EItIOiS & ORAXGES. 20 boxes fresh
J and for sale cheap by G W HOLMES.
KOOJIS-20 dor.' first rate articles cheap
U at No 4 GEOKUb W HOLMl'.S.
PRII1IE O LD AVIIlSIEY.-20 bbls. oa
hand from eum to three years old for sale at
Darbcr-ous Removal!
J. ADDISON has removed his Barber Shop
lo Court street, where he niny always be
found ready and willing to serve his patrons in the
n all st and most fashionable style, feeling thanks
ul for pa.st jiatrouagu, he would-respccltully sou
cit those who desire to have their countenance
scrnped, and l.air tripnned pcallv, to give him a
Witji razor sharp and water hot,
He'll alwi- . be found on the spot,
Ready to erve all who nlease to call,
Both old a..d young, aud great and small:
Then doi 't lelay, but eoine along
And have done up neat and strong.
Pis-if. M i) '.V, 6 nSatf
1(100 li s. llama very finer -. - ;
00 Souldera do,
2ii00 " Clear Pr.rk do . . .
For s:de cheap for ra.'h. "
Cuba Expedition - Sncces&ful!
"a THAT cheap Stova Store man BILL
rnALi,, is on riHnu ncain win uie mis-
this market, selected with the greatest care, em
bracing every yaricty of style and finish, with the
latest and most improved Patents. Among late
receipts of Stoves at his store we notice the fol
do , :
PRIZE ' - do : ' '
Ail of the best materials and warranted. He also
keeps on hand large supplies of custom made TIN
WARE, which he will sell to merchants and oth
ers lower than the same article can be bought in
the west. . . .. . .,
O Doll' I forget the Cheap Tim and SroVfe BtORfc
under the Riheldarfer House. 1
Pomeroy, May 05, 7500 n32tf. ,
Wliolesale and ICetail Dealer ia
" Foreign sndDomestic Fruits, Nuts, sad
Confectionery, .
would respectfully announce to his customers,
and the public, that he has constantly on hands
large assortment of every article in his line, which
he prepareel to warrant equal to any brought to
this market. : .,.
' He keeps constantly on hand, besides CAND1EC
And in a word every variety bf articles usually
found in a wholesale Fruitery nnd Confectionery.
Having an excellent BAKERY attached he is
prepared to furnish BREAD, CAKES, CRACK
ERS, PIES, 4o., as may be desired.
' O'Parties furnished to order.' ' ' " ""
The subscriber pledges himself to keep such a
stock as cannot be surpassed in this Market.
Dealers generally, and especially Merchants
frenn the country, are invited c call.
, BTOrdcis proinplly and satisfactorily filled.
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.
The Grent Remedy for onsumption of the Lungs,
. Allections ol the Liver,, Asthma, Bronchitis,
Pains or Weakness of the Breast or Lungs, and
other affections of the Pulmonary Organs. "
is a fine herbal medicine, composed chiefly of Wild
Cherry bark and the genuine Iceland Moss, (the
latter imported expressly for this purpose,) the
rare medical Airtues of which are also combined
by a new chemical process, with the. extract of
tar thus rendering the whole compound the most
certain and efficacious remedie s discovered for
Consumption of the Eungs.
IxTKKKSTiNf noRRKsroNor.Ki F.. Dr. William Y.
Banks, of Xenia, Ohio, a highly respectable drug
gist in that delightful village, has informed us that
biic ouiv ui , ia.ni b f,uiaiini 01 vv oei v nvuy is
unparalleled. The demand for it is so eager, that
he can scarcely keep himself supplied with it.
He has had in his store medicines for lung affec
tions. Some of these were esteemed good, and
sonic gave temporary relief. But since he has had
Wistur's Balsam of Wild herry, a number of the
most serious e ases were completely cured by its
use. "I never sold a medicine," said the Doctor,
''in which 1 had the entire confidence that 1 have
in this"
It Cures! Whenever Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry is introduced, it nt once attains that high
reputation which it so richly deserves. What can
prevent its sale, when on every hand can be wit
nessed its wonderful cures? The worst casts gf
Asu.ma, recent ana dangerous coughs, (aud also
tnose oi long 'standing,) lironthitis or Consump
tion, (in its early stages,) are always cured by this
remurkniiic medicine.
Hereditary Consumption!
Cured by Wistar"s Balsam of Wild Cherry. The
following cure of Jeremiah lseritrg, of Consume
tion, (five of his brothers and sisters having died
of Consumption) is truly wonderful. Ought not
this urge the afllicted to make use of this health
giving remedy, when it is effecting cures like the
Pleasant Ridge, Hamilton Co., 0., )
Sep'ember 27, 1850. )
J. D. Tatk Dear Sir: I take the liberty of ad
vising you of the benefit 1 have derived frcrn the
use of JJr. W istnr's JJalsnm of Wild Cherry. ;
was prostrated by that terrible scourge Consump
tion, in May last. The attack was truly horrifying
w me; nve oi my lumuy, my mothers and sisters,
had died of Consumption. I was afflicted with
nearly all the worst features of the disease; I had
a distressing cough, aud expectorated a great deal
of blood, hectic feAer, severe puins in the side and
chest, cold chills, alternating with flushes of heat
and copious night sweats.
1 was under the care of a skilled physician,
from the time I was taken sick until about six
weeks since, being then about helpless, and my
friends considering my case hopeless, of at least
beyond the reach of my physician's skill, advised
the use of Wislar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.
Without my knowledge, my father procured it,
and commenced using it. 1 was able to be out and
oversee my business and labor, which 1 still con
tinue to do. I have taken four bottles of the me
dicine, and now consider myself well. I make
this statement to induce others that are afllicted
as I have been, tomako trial of Wistar's Balsam
of Wild Cherry, which remedy has, under the
blessing of Providence restored my health.
Interesting Correspondence.
Important to those afflicted with diseases of the
lungs and breast. Will miracles never cease?
More evidence of its surpassing health restorative
From Dr. Baker, Springfield, Washington, co. Ky.
. bPiiiMiriKLo, Ky., May 14, 1843.
Messrs. Sauford &. Park: 1 take this upportuni
tv of informal you of a most remarkable cure
performed upon me by the use of Dr. Wistar's
ii alsam of W lid herry.
In the vear 1840 I was taken with the inflama
tion of the bowels, which I labored under for six
weeks, when I erndually recovered. In the Fall
of 1841 1 was attacked with a severe cold, which
seated itself upon my lungs, and for the space of
three years 1 was confined to my bed. I tried all
kinds of medicines and every variety of aid with
benefit; aud thus I wearied along until the winter
of 1815, when 1 heard of Wistar's balsam of Wild
My friends persuaded me to rive it a fair trial,
though I had giveu up all hopes of recovery, and
had prepared myself for the change of another
world, ihrougii their solicitations, i was in
duced to make use of the genuine Wistar's Bal
sam of W ud Cherry. Tee effect was truly aston
After five years of affliction and suffering, nd
after having speut four or five hundred dollars to
no purpose, aud the best and most respectable
pnysicians iiaa proved unavailing. I was soon
restored to entire health by the blessing of God,
and the use of Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild
May the blessings of God rest upon the proprie
tors of so vnluable a medicine as vVistar Balsam
of Wild Cherry. Yours, respectfully,
The genuine Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry
has a fac simile of the signature of Henry Wistar,
M. D. Philadelphia, and Sauford & Park. En
graved wrapper. No other cau be genuine.
' Sold by J. D. PARK, (successor to Sauford 4
Park,) Fourth and Walnut streets, Cincinnati,
Ohio, General Agent for the South and West, to
whom nil orders must be addiessed. It is also sold
by the following persons: V
D. Reed, Pomeroy; G. W. Cooper 4. Co., Ches
ter; John Frame, Coolville; J. Capchnrt &. Co.,
Point Pleasnnt; John Perkins, Athens; Maguct &
Naret, Gallipolis; S. S. Murray, Wilkesville; G. J.
Payne, Porter.
January 9, lS5l.nl5m4.
IV Oil SALE. The subscriber offers for sale
JJ his Lard Oil Factory situated in the town of
Pomerov. For terms apply to Adam Bcrkes or to
the uud'ers;gned. DAVID GEYER.
Administrator's Notice.
AT the J une Term of the court of cemuion pleas
of Meigs county, the undersigned was appointed
ed and qualified as Administrator, with the will
annexed, pf the estate of Willinin McDnniel, late
of said county, deceased.
J u noil. no3Tw3.000
XI OTICE. A petition will be presented to the
; 1 iruste sot bcipio township, Meigs county,
on i iiursiiny, ttie au uiiyol July net, praying
lor a townsjiip rouu to tic lam out irom tl.e itwel
ling Jiouse? of Henry Webster, in Section i'5,
I own 7, Kiinge I I, lo tho mnin rontl passing
tnrougu sum section, . UKuy w hiiSTER.
, P05IL.,,! WIIAKF EOAr.
HAVING newly fitted up my At liarf Boat,
uid improved its capacity, I am prepared to re.
ceive aud forward all kinds of goods, produce, &c,
eirher up or down the river, at the most reasona
ble rates. Having made permanent arrangements
with the steamers plying regularly to Cincinnati
and Pittsburgh, lam prepared to forward freights
at uniform rates regardless of the season. -. Theise
wishing to jhip on the Pittsburgh and Cincinnati
Packets, or on any of the smaller boats plying re
gularly "Ohio," "Reveille," or "Gov. Meigs,"
can make their shipmsnts through me at a great
advantage. My charges are moderate, and as my
facilities for storing goods are not exceeded by any
ither boat on the River, I invite businessmen to
consult their own interests by advancing mine.
Jareful and attentive hands are always ready day
aid night, to receive or discharge freight.
Families removing to the West can be ac
ommodated on board the Wharf Boat.
iunel2n36 :; JAS. MARTIN.
N. B. AU letters and freight should be direct
id " J. Martin, Pomeroy Wharf Boat, Court House
O'Athens Messenger Copy to the amount of $1
nd charge this office. ., . r
Coal Property for Sale
rpHE SUBSCRIBER offers to sell his coal-lot
I lying adjoining the corporation line of tht
town of Pomeroy, one-half mile from the moutl
of Kerr's run. Said lot comprises about 20 acres,
of which 15 acres are solid coal s plenty of tim
ber and stone. It ia a good lot for salt Works
and there is room for fifty salt wells. The Athen
road runs directly through it. The Coal lam
can be bought for from 60 to 76 dollars per acre
There is a good Toad and landing at the river, ' A
bargain given if application be made soon.
: Pomeroy, Sept.p, 1851. n4Gtf. '
Street, Pomeroy, Ohio. The sul :
soriber has fitted up a large and commodious hout
near the Steamboat Lauding, where he is reae ,.
and prepared at all times. to accommodate. ts
traveling public. His house' is ooinfortable ai
furniture entirely new is prepared to accomme
o tarirn niimltn, luvn.iluru n.i.1 ninm. nm. . .
had for private families on the most reasonabi
He thinks from the lone experience that he hie
had in the business he can give general satisfa
tion. His table si all at all times be furnished wit i
the best that the market affords.' , ,.'. ,
Bagcace will be conveyed to and from the stem)
boats free of charge. A careful and attentive Po
ter will at all times be ready to wait upon the tra
eling public with their baggage.
f n. lUHBLUAUr CK.
Pomeroy, December 12, 1850. nl2m(i.
Notice In Chancery.
1 OHN M. SEGR1ST, Philip L. Segrist, and
Joseph Segrist, of the count y of Mason, in the
State of Virginia, will take notice that on the
17th day of November, A D 1851, Thomns Doak
filed his Bill in Chancery in the office of the Clerk
of the Court of Ccmninn Pleas of Meigs county,
Ohio, against them and Hugh McCullough and
Robert Laughlin. Said bill states, among other
things, that the complainant, Thomas Doak, at
the October term of said court A D 1849, obtain
ed a decree against said McCullough for 9178 6G,
with costs ot suit; that the same remains unpaid;
aud that said McCullough is in possession of, and
has an equitabie title to the premises hereinafter
described, situate in said county of Meigs, to wit:
All of a tract of 021 acres, being a part of the
southwest quarter of section seventeen, in town
ship two, range twelve. ..Beginning at the south
east corner of the southwest quarter of said sec
tion; thence north 100 rods; thence west HjO
rods; thence south 100 rods; thence east to begin
ning 100 rods, except a parcel of about six acres
out of the north part thereof, heretofore transferred
by said McCullough to F. D. Wolf; and that the
said Segris holds the legal title to said premises.
1 he prayer of said Bill is, among other things,
that the interest of said McCullough in said pre
mises may be sold fur the satisfaction of said de
And the said John M.. Philip L. and Joseph
Segrist will take notice, further, that unless tl.ey
appear within sixty days from the next term of
said co art and plead, answer or demur to said bill,
the same, at the next term thereafter, as to them,
will be taken as confessed and a decree prayed ac
cord ingly. , J. CARTWRIGHT, .
'.: Sol. for Compl't.
December 2, 1861 n2iv6. 85 25.
VJt The subscriber has just received and is now
opencstthe finest assortment of Gentlemen's Dress
Goods to be found in the city of Poineroy, which he
offers to sell and make up when required, into the
most faMiionable garments, at the lowest prices.
His stock consists of the following articles:
Black, Brown and Olive Cloths; Black, Doeskin,
Fancy and Plaid Cassimeres; Black Sntin; Brown,
Black and Steel Mixed Satinetts; Tweeds and
Jeans; Plaid Cravats; Black Italian Do.; Fancy
Silk Neck Ties; Black Cloth Caps, Navy do; ret
Shirts and Drawers; Suspenders, 4c. 4c.
Don't forget the place Braeling's New Clothing
Inhuman Cruelty Barbarism.
The inhuman creature who would suffer his
better half the partner of his bosom to standby
a hot stove and bake bread, this summer, ought
to suffer the fute provided for old DonieU' R. A.
Sidebottom's Bakery, Front street, above Lind, is
the great depot of Fresh Bread, crackers, cakes
and Pies. no37tf '
Farm for Sale.
OFFER for sale my Farm lying on the road lead
ing from Chester to Parkersburg, in Chester
towuship, a half mile from Adams' mill, contain
ing 90 acres, 50 acres undet cultivation, with two
dwelling houses and a well of good water, a good
apple and peach orchard, and a good shop suitable
for a blacksmith or wngon-makcr.
May 18, 1851 n32w3pd. R. W. SIMS.
Hope for the Afflicted.
a derangement of Nature from taking Mer
cury, may be cured by taking the Extract oi
American Oil, which purifies the blood, and
will cure Fresh Cuts, Fever Sores,;Bruises, Scalds,
Burns, Inflamatinn, Flux, Erysipelas, Rheuma
tism, &c, with the small sum of 25 to 60 cents.
For sale by Wm. B. Pimninoton, Middleport,
Meigs county, Ohio; also, by H. Dayman, Letarti
ville, and S. II. Barrett, Rutland. Call and get
bottle, and you will find it to be one of the best
medicines now in use. . .
August 6, 9859. n43w3..
AT my instance an attachment was this day
issued by S. S. Paine a justice of the peace
of Salisbury township, Meigs county, against the
property and effects of George W. Aken, a non
resident of said county.
' July 2, 85. n4w3.
Tax Notice.
'"HE PATP9 niT TAYATlflNin l,a m,ntv
of Meigs, for the year 1851, are as follows s
For State purposes, 36 ets. on the MOO valuation.
For County Revenue 18 " ' " . -For
Common School 10 " " " "
And a special School , ' t. :
tax in Scipioof - v f 4 ': "
For Publiri Building 6" " ' 1 " " ''
Also for Road purposes a general levy of 10 cts.
on thetlOO valuation, and in the Townships of
Uhester and urange each w cts., in Ulive ? cts.,
Salisbury lOots. on the S100 valuation. -
And for Town and Poor purposes in Bedford 10
cts., Kwtland 10 cts., SaleroS cts., Salisbury 6 cts.
Scipio31 cts., Orange 10 cts., Olive 3t Lebanon
Sets., Chester 8 cts., Columbia 8 cts., Sutton 031
Jta. on the $100 valuation. - -
Also, a corporation tax in the town of Pomeroy
of 31 cts. on the 10U valuation.
I will attend at myoflice in Pomeroy, personal
ly or by deputy fioin the 20lh day of September
until the 20th day or December 1851, for the pur
pose of receiving sold taxes. ,
O. BRANCH, Treasurerof Meigs co.
Pomeroy, Sept. 15, 1851. -
Road Tax Notice. -
The Commissioners of Moists county at their
March session 1851, determined that a general
levy of ten cents oh the tlOO Valuation, J be as
sessed on the taxable property of said . county
entered on the duplicate of 1851.' ",.
ALSO: An additional levy of 20 cents on the
1 100 valuation, by the Trustees of Chefter, of 2
cents on the (100, by the . trustees of Olive i of
20 cents on the 100. by the Trustees of Orange,
and 10 rents on the f 100 by the Trustees, of
Salisbury. S. HALLIUAY Aud,
VT MY INSTANCE an attachment Was this
day issued by H. II. Rice, a justice of the
peace of Salisbury h wnship. Meigs county against
the property and effects ef Josiuh Mnloon, an ab
sconding debtor. ; JOHN THOMPSUIV,
Oct. llWl no51vr.
Hobensack's Worm Svrun.
Oj Medicine has ever obtained a higl'.er or
I l more deserved reputation -than Hobensack's
Worm Syrup; it is daily effecting seJne of the mot
astonishing and wonderful cures that have ever
bun recorded in the annals of Medicine.
How important it is for the public to know that
a remedy is at hand that can le relied upon in all
cafes where worms are the primary cause of their
- This we 1 o'.dly astert from our knowledge if
t powerful effects of the vegetables of which t
is on posed In destroying Voims and from the
numerou. unsolicited testimonials we are daily
receiv njj 4 t
How mfcny are pining away a miserable cxis
t nee under the supposition that they are dyspq -tio,
hen worms are preying upon the very vi aU
of lire. ' - -
s an -evidence of the above we refer you to
the testimony of a highly respectable Physician
of Maunahawkeii, New Jersey:
Messrs. Hoi jjssack Sirs: An opportunity bf
faring, 1 hns'eu to inform you and the public, for
their especinl benefit, of the efficacy of your Ve
getable Worm Svrup, as I am disposed to give
credit where it is due. The" case is as lotiows:
A lespectable married man by the name oTDa
wood, was in.ormed by his Ph)sician he . la
boring under the Dysyeysia, and treated accor
dingly, but still cr. w worse. Beinea matt if
strict habits of morality and temperance, we the
people leu anxious tor the restoration of a useti 1
man. He called on mj saying, 1 cannot eit
ea', enoueh to keen me alive, while there seems
to be some thing in me, gnawing my insides out;
it struck me at once that he had Worms, When I
recommended your Worm Syrup; the second bot
tle was nearly exhausted when an abundant quan
tity of Worms -from 10 to fourteen inches long
was expelled from him, after which his health re
lumed, and he is now actively emnlovod in his
daily avocatitn, being a carpenter by trade. Thus,
sirs, your Syrup restored to society a useful mem
ber, and tea fnnnlya kind and industrious nro-
yider.s rG ahead, gentlemeni, ministering to suf
fering humanity, and enjoy the1 rich reward in
your own minds, . -.;.,:
With pleasure I subscribe myself yours, 4c,
Merchants and others wishing the n.ejicin. can
obtain it at D. Rkku's Drugstore, Pomeroy, H. R.
Wilson, Middleport. or by addressing the propri
etors, J N 4 G S Uobscnsack. No. 500.St. John
street, Philadelphia.
Ordinance In regard to certain Side
walks. .
Sec. 1. BE IT ORDAINED by the Town
Council of the town of Pomeroy:
1 hat the properly holders ou ,the northerly
side of Front street in said town bo, and are
hereby required to construct, and keep iu repair.
a side walk on the northerly side of Front street,
as follows, to-wit: Said side walk mav be of
wood, brick or stone, shall be of the same.erade
as has been fixed by ordinance fir Front street,
and shall extend from the Chester read so called,
to the westerly limits of the town.
Said side walk shall be four feet wide from said
Chester road to Mr. Grant's lane; and six feet
wide from said lane to the westerly end of Sec. 2.
Town Councrl of the town of Poineroy, that said
side walk shall be completed by the 1st of Novem-
oer next; aud that if any person or persons hold
ing property as mentioned in the first section of
this ordinance shall ueclect or refuse to construct
said side walk by the time above mentioned, then
and in that case, it shall be the duty of the street
Commissioner of the ward in which such neglect
or refusal may take place, immediately to cause
the side walk to be made, and keen an account
of the expense thereof, which amount shall be
collected by an action of debt for the use of the
town of Pomeroy, before the Mayor, acainst the
several delinquent property holders, nnd shall to-
geiner wun uie costs le a lien upon the lot or lots
respectively in front of which side walks shnllbe
so constructed.
LEWIS S. NYE, Recorder.
Pomeroy, Oct. 1, 0S50.
Au Ordinance Establishing Grades
in the Town or jVomeroy.
BE IT ORDAINED by the Town council of the
Town of Pomeroy, that the following points
be established as the grade of Front nndiCourt
streets in saia Town. .
Comencing at Ralston s East line, thence tv
surface of street in front of V. B. Ilortou.s office;
thence to the west end of Naylor's Run bridge:
thence from east end of bridge to the west side of
Spring street; thence to the center of Plum street;
thence to a point three feet above the presentsur-
face of Road iu front of Rolling Mill office; thence
to center of Cherry street: thence to a point in
front of Foster's house. Thence to Rasp's west
line to a point one foot above present surface of
street ou stone culvert; thence to a pomUat U. it.
Pomeroy's east line; thence to center of Elm street;
thence to west line of section No. 8; thence to Mrs.
Murray's west line; thence to A. Mnrdock's east
line; tl euce to Huffmanjs westline; thence to
Radford s west line; thence to the crossway in cen
ter of street in front of N. R. Nye's housethence
to a point in roau on the top of the hill.
From west side of Butternut street, to the present
annate of street albtephenson's west lmej.thence
to the western line of the corporation.
Court Strket. From top of curb stone at east
comer ol front ana uourt streets to secona street
at a point-on a level with the top of Seth.Painc's
cellar wall.
LEWIS S. NYE, Recorder.
Stove Store man BILL PRALL, has been ap
pointed, qualified, and given bond as Auctioneer
for Meigs county.
He will receive on commission and sell goods
on the lowest terms. Call at the No. 1 Stove store.
Pomeroy, March 27. 0085. no27tf.
Sale of Real Estate by order of Court
On the2Uth day of December next, A. D. 1861,
at 11 o.clock in the forenoon, at the premises, in
Scipio township, in Meigs county Ohio, will be
sold to the highest bidder the following real Es
tate, to wit : South west corner of the south east
nnnrter of section No. 10, in town No. 7, and
ranee 14 in the Ohio company's purchuse in Scip
io township, in Meigs county, Ohio. Subject to
the dower of the widow. Appraised at $700. and
must sell for 466 2-3 on tlie following terms, to
wit : One third in hand ; one third in six months;
and one third in one year, with interest from day
of snle. AL-r KKD LEE, Adm'r
of Elias Willison.
October 28, '51 nI9w5.
' Administrator's IVoticc.
rPHE subscriber has been-appointed and quali
JL ed as Administrator on the estate of Lorenzo
TViwf late of Coalnort. Meies county, deceased,
All persons indebted to said est.de are requested
to make immediate payment; and those having
claims against against said estate will present
them to duly authenticated for settlement within
one year from this date.
Sheffield, May i, noSw3.-
r I 'HE SUBSCRIBER has ou hand and is prepa
I red to sell all kinds of Buggies one or two
horse manufactured from the best materials, and
of the latest styles. The prices are very reasona
ble, and the work warranted. Those wishing to
purchase one of these indispensable articles of
comfort are invited to call.
Pomeoy, May 8, 0085.
JUDGE NYE resumes the practice of the Law
He will attend the Courts in Meigs aud Gallia,
and the other counties of the (present) eighth cir
cuit. fupril07n28w4pd
Administrator's Notice.
' THE subscriber hat beeu appointed and quali
fied us Administrator on the estate of Josiah
Branch, late of Coalport, Meigs county, O., dee'd.
All peisons indebted to said estate are requested
to make immediate payment; and those haviug
claims against enid estate will present them duly
authenticated for settlement within one year from
this eTate. O. BRANCH, Adm'r.
Pomeroy, August 9, 9869. n43w3.
Notice ts hereby given that a petition
will be presented to the commissioners of
Meigs county, at their December session, 1851,
praying for an alteration of the Stale road that
leads from Athens to Gallipolis, where it crosres
the land of Horatio White, In Scipio township ;
commencing at the crossing ef the creek neat Jo
seph llowells and ending in the center of the
toad al b'eliin Day's, locating said road on said
White's laud so as to run parallel with the line
between said White and Peter Alkire.
Sept. 27, 1861 n47w4.
A new two horse WAGON well
j ironeel and complete in all particulars, fnj
sale ny apriiitT
REED rk IlltU.
"" ' The Greatest ' ' r
.' XT' rtl Boiiu,t a BouimMtS.
now ,t up In QCART BOTTLES, of At km
' mmd miiiii cilaJci, whn in .mall (.! b .rK
Lay botUa conlaliw HlXTY.FOllR DOMES. ai Ik
nwdicjiloiw va to Hlrsnaly Cnneairt4 Out ml?
One Tb6tavMnW la reautred at a n. ,kM. . x-
tlraa one bottle laiu Twrnty.One Dnya, whlck la nuch
lonirer than a Uoiile of any other Kdiclna laaia, became there
la required of trite a leas oaaatllT at a d.Me.
Tlie arrent SqMrfortfy oT thia Blooet ParlAer oyer all
oHmt mediclnee, eonaieta In m g real meaaore lo tie poefeaalaf
aa a part of tie compound, the jmerai Medical Tlrlaea
of aome Scmre and Kara
Indian Roots and Barks,
frhleh no other medicine poeeeeeee. Then are ibe amat atrtrfa
Pariarre or the Blood that were erer known to oiiber
Mian or teMU mom, and tbeee bains mmpcmdi wllk the tfrea
Jlr-auMiKrated JKraa of . . .
SarsaparMa, Yellow Dock,
grmUtt Blood
r an-eat OMltla
eaojirirM of It thai
ir be bourht for Oaa lkallnv will Imm ami
win cure Tea Tlm.i man RlnadwliHUM. lhn fi.. lJl.rf .
worth at any other medicine.
0T tt andoabtad proof of Ibe Caratof '.' '
Scrorala, Fever-Sores,
aaUd-RMd, ErypAil, Salt-M-, Mmatfaa, Svrtdtt, tjr4 J
MnH, Pimplm ea Me f ac, jLtver-Conplalato, Nit, Lum.
bay, Camctnm Worn, CoetlveneM, Sore Eya, Dreprp
ela, Aral at Me Sidf, JSraut, JSmei, and Jointtand all oth e a
lMruaa-BLOon Dmiiii, aee our PAhWHLK T3 and Jfaad.
Wto-erarjr Agent haa them toftnawaj. ? .
For sale by D. Reed, Homeroy; O W Cooper &
Co., Chester! P. M. Petrel,. Graham Station. All .
orders must be addressed to Wallace & Cr, 301
Broadway, New York. .
Anril"iq0 r.oq..0 '
SAFES Patented August tilst, 1849. -Warranted
free from Damp nnd Mould, as 'well as
Fire Proof. . t J t '.;'
We arc manufacturing the above superior Safe
nt our establishment on Columbia reet, betweea
Broadway and Sycamore strecfy No. 9,' and- have
constantly oil hand a good assortment. I
These Safes area better article, as it regards
Fire Proof quality and Dryness; than any others
manufactured in the United Stales. ' .
We say further, that no manufacturer dare ri.vk
the reputation of their Safes by testing one of
equal size and thickness with ours, on a fair trinl
by fire. , . , J
Should they or any of them conclude to doso,.
we will furnisli them a Safe free of charge, provi
ded it does net on trial prove to be the best article,
', HALL, DODDS & CO. -
Cinc"ntioli Nov. 11, 1851 nfilyl ,
Wholesale Dealers in Dry Goods, North
of the Portsmouth Branch Sank. '
ARE now receiving their second supply of fluuLj
for the winter trade. This is the i.AaoKsT im
portation ever made to this market either by our
selves or anv bodv fcuiK. Our Goods wero pur
chased under the mosj advantageous circum
stances, many articles being un. ter manufacturers
prices owing to the tightness of the money market
nnd the many failures of the manusaetnrers iu the
east. Dealers in Dry Goods are respectfully invi
ted to call as we guarantee our Goods to be as low
Queens ware.
Imported directly from Liverpool in Crates and
Half Crates for snle as low as any house Enst or
West.. . WM. EEDEN & CO.
Portsmouth, Nov. 18, 1661 i3w4.
for Horse.
WANTED, immediately, for the United
'iHK States service, from;i00 to 20t'good,active,
smooth, uphieaded, Draeoon Horses, per-1
fectly sound and free from blemishes in every re '
spect not under four nor over seven years old
past ; and not under fifteen nor over sixteen hand! j
high, under the standard; of dark colors, viz:
black, brown, bay, sorrel, and iron gray; manes
and tales to be long, full and flowing, and all to (
be square trotters. The officer who purchases the
Horses can be seen at any time during the day, ty
enquiring at the American House, liaUipcUt,
unio. ;
December 2, ISfil. n2w3. ' 1
FKUNT Sl UliliJ',
k-v't'jew n onvft iavior s run oriof. m
F Pomeroy, Ohio, aefc
HAN1NG lately enlarged, their t'Stablishiueii
and erected a steam engine in ibe turning
department, have now the most complete and best
arranged and appointed
3?l avd mM
in this irsrt of Ohio All kinks of Furniture will I
be manufactured at the lowest prices, viz: '
Koscwooa, Dtanoganp ana Black Walnut sells,
can ed, ornamental and plain, suitable for parlors,
drawing and bed-rooms.
Persons etesirine any articles in the Furniture
line, from the plainest to the most elegant and
costly, ore respectfully invited to call. -
Ihe following articles will be made to order:
Bureaus, Tables, Stands, Bedsteads, Cupboards,
and all kinds of household furniture: also
Tete a tote sofas; Tete a tete divans;
Conversation Chairs; Racepliou chairs;
Rosewood parlor do Mahogany parlor chain j
lilnck walnut do Cane seat do
Mahog'y rocking do Piano stool do
Sofas in plush, hair and cloth covers.
Divans do do do do
Ottomans, mahogany French bedsteads;
Black walnut do do
Marble top centre tables;
Marble top dress bureaus;
Marble top fancy stands,
Mahogany wardrobes, Secretaries and
Book cases, worn slands, toilet tables, 4e.
rrAU orders promptly attended to.
Coffins of every description ma-
nufactured promptly to the time. feh04n20tf.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a petition
will be presented to the Trustees of Rutland
township, at their session on the 20th day of De
cember, 1861, for an alteration of the road lead
ing from Brail)' mill to Wilkesville: Beginning
at the east bank of Leading creek at the bridge
ui Dimu;y a iiiui, eiiouuc iioriuwesicriy aiunuu t
the bottom land of Ansel Brailty; thence west1
until it intersects the road at or near the grave'
yard in said township.
November 11, 1M. n51 wtpd.v- "
NOTICE is hereby given that f-finve been
appointed Administor of the estnteX -Slfc.
nhen M. Dayman, deceased, at the Sept. term of
Meigs common pleas. , The creditors of the dee'd
will therefore present their claims duly authenti
cated for settlement in one year from this date.
Oct. 7, 1851! n47w3pJ.
jVL.OWS.The attention of farm
ers is called to my assortment o
Plows Longs Patent with or with
out stocks ; also, Plow Points and Land Sides.
April 07,. E.S.EDWARDS.
Tea Store I have on hand a large
In, nf T.nAvto1 Vnnnn Uuttt a II ,1 1? 1 . Ir
iSsiii TEAS, which I am prepared to sell in origi
nal packages either of 61 lbs., by the half chest,
or by the single lb, at very low prices.
April 07, 8500. . E. S. EDWARDS.
Hollow Ware A large assortment on hand
and for sale at E S EDWARDS.
A pril 7, 8500. -
; 1 will be presented to the Commissioners of
Meigs county, at their December session next,
asking that permission be granted Benjamin Nel
son to make an alteration in the direction of the
State road running through his farm in Salem
township: commencing about fifty rods east of
nis nouse; tnence in a southwesterly direction
passing a few rods south bf his liouso to intersect
the srme road on the top of the hill about twenty
rods west of his house.
November 4, 1861. noS0w4pd.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that thesubsci
ber has been appointed and qualified as ad
ministratoron the estate of Ezckiel Worthen, lot
of Jleigs county, decoascd. Dated at Orangr, No
vember3, 1861. . JOSIAH SMITH.
November 4, ISfil. n60w4nd.
O If. MOLASSES clWified
kji YttUr, a Md article, low at
aborob r noturs.
J man's Drops, 6 cts pr bot. at FLEMING'S
' -ai i i .mmtmtfmmmmm .
f- -A rs
. For the EemoTal and Pennantnt Curt ef sir
i ind of thoee Comrhar-itj which Ire canted tiT in tmjunf
1 weakened nnheallh condition ol the .
; This beaatlfnl ami convenient ippllmrilon et fhe mrttt
rlom powera of OALVANISM and MAGNETISM, hu been
pronounced bjr diillnguiabed phjriiciana, both in Eompe W
She United SUtea, to be the mull aaliiatit ntiitlnal dineeers
of Ikt age.
' ' - -and : '! .
ia and with tha noat perfect and certain lucceei la al eaeea
Strengthening the weakened body, glrlng tone to the rerwiee
"rgk1" kn inyigoratlng the entire aritem. Alto ia FIT).
ENERGY, and all NERVOUS DISEASES, which complaint
trite from one ilmple came namely,
A. Derangement of the Hrmni Brete'ae.
g7- In NERVOUS COMPLAINTS, Druga and Mr.trri.ee
Jtrrrer '4e dtfrarr, for they weaken the Tital enerf i4 the
already aroatrated ayatem ; while under the itrenftiiet.ine,
life glvli.g, Titalliinf InSuence ef Gelraniim ka k,nlid kp
thii DekuUful and wonderful diicovorr, the exhamted atiaaa
and weakened luDerer la reitored to former heaiih, Weafta,
lulicity and rigor. . '
' Tbt great peouliaritf and excellenea f ,;-'.' s X
Dr. Christie's Galvanic CiiratiTea,
eonihti in tha fact that the? arreat and cure diieara ky
ward application, in place or the uiual mode of drugging oad
phiicking the patient, till exhausted Neture ainki hopeleeely
ander the infliction.
Thty ttrengthen lAe wkolt tytltm, tqualimt tht eirenieatea
of tht eloed, eremofc SAf fecrrltone, and never it tht ttighttat
injury under any circumttanett. Since their introdHeUoa by
the united SUtet, only three yeare aince, more than
7 5,000 Persons
including all agei, elaaiea and condition,, among mhiefc weea
' a large number of ladiea, who are peculiarly lubject te Mare
n C'empUiiita, have been t
then all hope of relief had been giren n, and erery Ihtag
aUe been tried in vain !
To illuitrate tha me of the GALVANIC BKT.T, anppoea
the cue of a pennn atrlicted with that bane of cirllixatiaa, '
DYHPETSI A, or any other Chronic or Nervoue Diaordet. la
ordinary caaea, atlmulanta are taken, which, by their aetiea aa
the nerrea end muiclea of the ttomath. alord tempfarn re '
lief, but whicn leave the patient in a lower atate, and with hi
Jured fncultiea, after the ection thui excited haa crated. N
eompara thia with the eS't re.nlting fiom the application tt
the GALVANIC BELT .ake a UyapepUc eiilterer, erea ka
the wone aymptnma of en attack, and limply tie the e
around the body, oiing the Magnelio Fluid ai directed la
k abort period the inieniibla perapiration will act on the -tire
element of tha Belt, thereby earning Galvanic eircala
tion which will pan on to the negative, end thence back
again to the pmitire, thua keeping up a continuous Gal ante
circulation throughout tha ayitem. Thna the mn,t aeeeia
Of the. most Undoubted Character,
From all parte of the Country could be given, suBneae a
All every column in thia paper !
which conclusively prove! that
"Truth is stranger than Fiction."
Rheumatism, Bronchitis ami DyaprpsI.
of New Jeney, of diitlnguiihed kttainmenta tnd aaelted t
puiauon :
Sidxv, New Jeney, July It. ISa
Dear Sir I You wiah to kik.a ol
Da. A. H. CmnTir.
what baa been the reault in my own cue. of the kpuliratiee
ea fnllowa t
For about ttotnty year had been aunerinf from Dfw ,
fia. Every yeat the lymptoma became worae nor could I oh.
tain permanent relief from any coure of medical treatment
I wnatever. Anout jotirfern ycare aince, in confeqi'ence or
; frequent expoaure to the weather, in the discharge of my
; paatural duties, I became aubject tn a aeveie Chronic Hhee
matiim, which fur yenr after year, calmed me indevribabla
I knguiah. Farther: in the winter of '44 aud '4a. in coma
quence of preaching great deal in my own and verinv
: other churciiea in thia region, I was attacked by the Branch,
I til, which anon became aoaerere a to require an immediate
j auapenaiun of my paitoral luliort Jlfy ttrrpouf tyt'tm wot aeta
lAorotirMy preflratrd, and aa my Bronchitia berame wnree, aa
I klaodid my Dyipepiie end Rheumetio affection thua aria,
i cing that theia diiorderi were connected with each other
Through the medium of tne nervoua ayatem In the whole
phatmaenparia there learned to be no remedial agent whick
could reach and recuperate my Nervoua Eyetrm : every
Jiing that 1 had tried for tbia nurnoie had completely failed.
At lait I waa led by my tVirnti to examine ynur inrentioaa.
end (though with no vary aanguine hopea of their efficiency, I
I determined to try the effect of the application of the GAL
FLUID. Thil waa in June, 1840 To mt eaa.T nen
Din I waa xkailid to luuai mt ptavoaat taaeaa i ea
navt I emcx omittid a iiholx aaavict en acceuKT or vaa
BkoacHiTia; inxi Rhcobatic arrtOTio Mia aivieaLi
to Tkovai.a aa. Buch is the wonderful and happy re
tulta of the experiment
! have recommended the BELT and FLUID to many whe
kkve been likewiae Buffering from Neuralgic affectione. The
save tried than, with nrrr auuLva, 1 aaLiavi, ia aveat
I ask dear ilr, very reapectfully your,
b nied for all complaint! affecting the Throat er Heed, eaefc
ka Bronchitia, InRammation of the Throat, Nervoui and Sieb
Headache. Diiiineia of the Head Neuralgia in the Face. Baa
ling or Boating in the Kara, Deafneia, which ia generally
Nervoht, and that diitreuing complaint, called Tie Dolorosa.
Palsy and Paralysis.
All phyiicieni acknowledge that theee terrible dteeaeee
are ckuied by a deficiency tf A'meiit nrrry in the affected
limba. Da. CHaiiTic'e Galvanic Article will lupply taJe
deficient power, and a complete tad eatir sure ia tkae
effected , . . .
Severe Deafness Cured.
The following ia en extract from a letter lately receive
from a diiUnguiibed phyiician Id (ha Stat of Virginia i
"A. H. Chbiitik, M. D Dior Sin One of my patient,
unknown to me, obtained your Oelvente jS,lt and Ntekltt,
with the UafntUe Fluid, lot a aeriona affection of Deal
near The can waa that of a lady whoee Nervoo ayitea
was much diaordered, and her general health poor. Much
waa done previously to the application of the Belt, but with
very litis iucceaa, arid 1 feel it only right to tell too, thV
sine ah commenced wearing the Belt and using the Flui,
but a few week ego. the hu ENTIRELY RECOVERED
HER HEARING, and bar general health belter the be
several years."
Dtj- Every cue ol Deafness, If It be Nervous, I M gsaeraJW
m - uua nvNiMiiui nenf, 4 -
D R . C HrTs TIE'S
Are found of Teat service In ceaea of Convnlsloaii or Fits,
Spaamodio Complaint, and general Nervosa Affection ef Ike
Hoed and upper extremities. Also in Palsy and Rnlyaia, ea.
all diaeaaea caused by a deficiency of powet ryeaa
Energy (a tt Ismbi or other organ of the body.
Tic Doloreux and Neuralgia.
These dreadful end annulling complaint are
tne ualvaivio Bblt,
4icxt.ack aan Fluid. The Belt diffuses the Electricity
through the avitem ; the Necklsce haa a local affect, aai
the Fluid acta directly upon the effected nerves. In thest im
treating affllctioBi tha application NEVER FA1LI.
Tbsie alarming and terrible complaint at aluaya eua4
r a derangement tf tht Nermei. The Bu t, Bbicblbts an
luid will cur nearly every case, no matter how young
kcw eld the patient, or how confirmed the complainL rl
varous and astonishing proofs are in possession of the pe
HTMany hundred Certificates from all parti rt
the country of the most extraordinary charctr.
can be given, if required.
ItT No trouble or inconvenience attends th Uffr
they may be worn by the most feeble and dslicate,
with yerfect ease and safety. In many ases the
sensation attending their use is highly p'eatant
and agre-enble. They can be sent to any part f
the country,
Priccsi '
The Galvanic Bell,
The Galvanic Necklace, 1
The Galvanic Brncelrts,
Three foliar).
Two Dollars.
One Dollar Ea -One
The Magnetic fluid,
The articles are accompanied by full and plain ;
directions. Pamphlets with full particulars ma
bo luid of the authorized Agent.-
BJ'PTui'i.Aa Caution. Ltowarc of Coiitia
feita and W orthless Imitations. . .
U-D, , C. MOUEHEAD, M. D., General Agei .
for Uie tinted States, 132 Jlroadway, New York.
. ID-J. P. FLEMING and D. REED., authoriawl
ngpiies lormeiyscounty. nolOyl
ftI Oiafcacti 400 bbls new crop,
hart Ha n
ai. JL
for sale it No 6,

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