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Oar Candidate Tor Congress.
Wo clip tlio following .article"' from the
Lancaster Gazette. There is force in the
remarks. Rrud it, ponder over it, and nci
flpon its suggestions :
An Inpobtant Consideration. Proba
bly no Congressional District in thl Union
is better calculated for a high degree of pros
perity in the way of manufacturing enter
prise or needs the fostering care of Govern
ment more, than this, composed as ii is of
Fairfield, Perry, Hocking, Vinton, Athens
nml Meigs, all of them containing the best
facilities for manufacturing purposes. We
have abundance of iron Ore, can have any
number of Salt Wells, and hive any quanti
ty of Coal. How much better would it be
for Fairfield to have a market down the val
ley and at home, instead of paying heavy
freights and churges to transport it to Eng
land or even to the Eastern States ! And
yet wo are to be represented in Congress by
a member who will oppose a Tariff designed
to build up American Manufactures and is
also the opponent of Internal Improvements
of any character by the General Govern
ment. The people of this District, if they
consulted their own interests, would vote
for Mr. Welch, who would labor to have the
Government to lake some measures to foster
and advance American Enterprise and Amer
ican Industry; Think of theso things, Vo
ters of the 11th District. '
Railroad Meeting at Nelsonvlllc.
We learn that there was a general attend
ance of the people at the railroad meeting,
at Nclsonville, on Saturday last. Tho ob
ject of theneeting was to discuss the expe
diency of building a railroad from Columbus,
by way of Lancaster, Nelsonville, &c, to
Pomeroy, on the Ohio river. This is de
signed to open up to market tho vast coal
and iron deposits of the, Hocking Valley.
Speeches were made by the Hon. Thomas
EwiNa.of Lancaster; William Nbal, Esq..
of Columbus; Messrs. ejomers, tueton,
&o., of Athens county, and others. The
vast advantages that such a roud would be
to Columbus, and other points of the State,
were made manliest to all.
Tho Hocking Valley is celebrated for its
immense deposits oi coai, wnicn ure tne
finest and most abundant in tho West. A
direct communication from Columbus to
these immense mines, by railroad, is a con
summaiion devoutly to bo wished by all our"
business men, as well as citizens generally.
The price of coal would bo materially re
duced, and could be supplied in great abund
ance, and at all times of the year. Numer
ous factories could be carried on here that
are not now in existence, to great advantage.
In short, the advantages, of opening a mar
ket to that vast deposit of fuel and iron are
so numerous and palpablo that the persons
on the route need no illustration to establish
The great practical question is, havo the
people of the route the means to build the
road ? . if not, can they induce capitalists to
tuko stock in it? It is our conviction that
the road will pay amply as a cash invest
ment. Out, to Columbus it has a more im
portant bearing.. It will add vastly to jour
wealth, population and business. It will
open up an avenue of trade that will bring
uncounted wealth to our people. It is sim
ulv a Question of time, how lona our city
- ' . . . ... . , i - V
can get along witlioul tins aavantage. it
will come, but when ? That is now the
The Hocking Valley can supply any
amount of the finest quality of coal, salt,
iron, lumber, leather, potters' ware, alum,
Mark the Diffbrencb. We learn from
reliable soutce-, thnt the amounts paid to the
Statesman for printing, for tho lost session
of the' Legislature, exceeded thirty three
thousand dollars I The people of the State.
who pay the taxes, will bear this in mind.
We venture the asseition that, under the
contract price now agreed upon, the same
amount of printing would not cost over
tuei,ly thousand dollars. The difference
has gone to reward .i partizan, who has been
denounced by men of high standing in his
own puny, as utterly unprincipled and cor
rupt. We ask the tax puycrs of Ohio to re
member these things. We ask them to note
the amou nl paid for printing, when it was
seized in open contempt of the constitution,
by the Statesman and its tools, and also to
note the amount that the same work will cost
ai the coming session, when it will be done
under the law, and in obedience to the con
stitution. The difference between the two
is the amount plundered from the people, to
pay a desperate, unprincipled partizan. 0.
Something for Invalids. An eminent
physician of New Orleans, Dr. Cnrlwricht,
has communicated to the Boston Medical
and Surgical Journal, as an article entitled
"The Sugar House cure for Bronchial,
Dyspeptic and Consumptive" Complaints."
ii is tinted that a residence lri a sugar-house,
during the rolling season, far surpasses any
other means of restoring flesh, strength and
health, lost by ohrontc ailments of the chest,
threat or Stomach. The rolling season is
the harvest, when the canes are cut, the
juice expressed and converted into sugar.
In Louisiana it commences about the mid
dle of October, and ends at Christmas, but
is sometimes protracted into January. Dr.
C. says tho vapor is most agreeable and
soothing to the lungs, and in his own case
entirely removed a distressing cough. He
stood for hours in the sugar-house inhaling
tho vapor, and drinking occasionally a glass
of the hot cane-juice. This is a fact inter
esting to invulids.
News From India in a WEEKlThe
electric telegraph, which connects London
with Paris, and which will soon connect it
with Lyons, Chainbrev, Turin, and Gonoa,
is to be prolonged to La Spezzia, by the Sar
dinian Government. From that nort the
Submarine Company, it is said, is to sink
an electtic cable to the island of Gorgona,
and frcm thenco another to Iks tin. Tho
French Government will then coniinuo the
line by land at its own expense, to Ajaccio,
and the narrowest point of the Straits of
Bonifacio, where a cable fourteen killome
tres in length will, at the expense of the
company, establish a communication with
Sardinia, which the Piedmontese Govern
ment will continno to Cagliari. M. Bonolli,
tho author of this plan, has proposed to the
Submarine Company to prolong the cable to
Tunis, whence France would conduct wires
to Bougie and Algiers, while England would
conduct others to Tripoli, Alexandria, Cairo
and Suez. By this means Algiers would be
brought within a few seconds of Paris, and
news from India might reach London in lit
tle more than a week.
Valuable Claim in E.cland Wanting
an Owner. Mr. J. W. Bryant, at Washing
tun Chf follow- u
"In the investigation of some claims of
Americans to estates in England lately, 1
have beconio advised of one which has an
income of about $30,000 per annum, with
the title of nobility attached to it. The de
scendants of Geo. Browne, a Lioutenant in
Progress OF the Telegraph. The N-w "I DIGEST!" 8uch is the true meaning of the
V.b f. .'n.ila ',t,u ,...;,. ,r word Pepsin," or of the two Greek words from
York Times considers the empire and trt- .nich it derive(j. This is the significant ami
umphs of the electric telegraph, nnd Winds appropriate title of the tsi'e digestive rix-in, or
up a long article on the subject thus : oastwc jure, prepaiedby Dr. J.S. Houghton, of
In the nine years that huve elapsed sinco Philadelphia, from the fourth Stomach of the Ox,
Morse erected his first telegraph from Hal- f the cut thecure of InfitioB ai Dwew.
, .. r b It is Nature's own remedy reran unhealthy stom-
umore to Washington, from twenty to thirty ach Mo artof man eqilRl iu CUTative pow-
thousand miles of wire have been stretched ers. It renders GOOD EATING perfectly con
over this Continent. Englaud sends her sistent with HEALTH. See advertisement, in
calvanic missions under ihe sea to Ireland, nnother part of this paper.
and beneath ihe Straits of Dover to France. :t ; Married,
Naples uniles herself to Gaeta bv a subter- On the 30th inst., by the Rev. Thomas D. Boy'
rrnnpnn rnd In AijRirin. 3.000 mils hro er, Mr. Valkntink Eiselstkik, of Pomeroy, to
in f.xiKienr.H In G-rmanv 4 000. and all Miss . M Ih"' of Chester township, Meigs
Pnrnia io honrtmino rnnMlv inlPrlnnniH with 1 '
.u r .l....l. .. :. ...i,;!.. !?.,. Ai- On the 30th ult., by Rev. Mr. Oaborn, Mt. J.
,UUf ,-,,cuuC , J T W.NsaLe to Mis, Sophia M. Andersom, all of
uuu uuuui miiciim win ucv.uinc BUU i jf ason county, Va
jeci to ineir Dominion, i ue eurin migni do We acknowledge the receipt of a portion of
more .man circitu oy me rcr.u. suuierraneun the Bride.s Cake. We once heard of an old
and submarine pathways for intelligence bacnelor editor who Iefused to accept wedding
now in operation. cake, because it looked too much like counten-
Butler County. Fellow Whigs ofOhio. ancing matrimony. We think this editor was in
"Old Butler" is after you I We proposo to error. As well might the undertaker be charged
do better for Gen. Scott in November,' 1840 with countenancing death, when he receives the
being taken as tho standard, than any "of fees for making coffins. It is so seldom editors
our sister counties. There's our. glove on receive anything nice, that all the argument in
it. What say you boys 1 Scott Battery, the world could not convince us that it was sin-
Fellow Whigs of .the rest' of the State; ful to partake of this dainty morsel. Inwar.it
who will pick up that glove 7 Butler county is ijonsiderefl right to quarteron the enemy. Why
has n heavy Locofoco majority to overcome, mny not editors acton the same principle?
and cannot hopo to accomplish it at one pull. vc wish the wedded pair.as much happiness
Bui tho good men and true there, aro doing as they are capable of enjoying iu the married
ineir wnoie amy, ana are certain oi uomg stnt0.
more than ihelr share of what is necessary
to carry Ohio. What county will do better
than Butler
Job Work.
We are now ready to execute all kinds of Job
Work with neatness and dispatch.- We have iust
The recent accidents to steamboats, and received a supply of fine letter and can pane
consequent loss ol lile. has led to an xam- ivory-surface cards, and book ink, for job work,
inntion ot the comparative risks of steam- Give us a call.
boat and railroad travel, which has resulted
much in favor of the latter. Tho Railroad
Journal thinks that unless steamboat travel
ling can be rendered safer, only the inferior
grades of travel will be left to tho boat, and
it will beenmo entirely secondary to the
moro safe and rapid method of transit by
TJ"Dr. Hooci.and'b German Bitters, prepared
by Dr. C. M. Jackson, are justly reckoned amongst
our most valuable medicines. In cases of dys
pepsia, it acts like magic, strengthening the tone
ol tne stomach, stimulating the durestive powers.
and giving ruddy health to the cheek and bright
ness to the eye. There are thousands in this
community who can testify to their virtues, and
thousands will hereafter add their testimony.
Virginia. The Whigs of this State are
lliinltinrr of nnllilnir else ihnn enrrvinn ii hv
a rousing majority. In tho Western part of I Boots, SllOCS, & Shoemakers' Findings
T. J. & D. A. SIVHTII,
the State, the news is most encouraging
All they ask of the eastern part is to hold
their own, but the east says it shall gain on
its old vote. 1 he Whigs who were indifter
em at first are every where becoming warm
and eager
The case of Dr. Gardiner is now under
investigation at Washington by the Congress
ional Committee. The examination is pri
vate, sixteen days nave been occupi d in
the examination of a single witness, a Mex
ican comptroller, whose testimony is strong
against Gardiner's claim; He says that
Gardiner's mine professes to be located in
a district where the Mexican authorities
Front street, seven doors below Court.
All work purchased at this establishment, war
ranted. Work manulactured to order on the
shortest notice. octfi-tf
TIHE qualified Electors-of Mcies county are
I hereby notified to meet at their usual
places of holding elections, on Tuebday, the 2d
day op November next, and then and there pro
ceed to elect 23 Electors for President and Vice
President of the United States.
October 5th, 1862. . Sheriff M. C
Shciiir's Sale.
Y virtue of a writ of fi. fa. to me directed by
D the Court of Common Pleas of Meigs county,
T will nfler for sale at the landiiur in Middlenort
have no knowledge of the existence of any on the lGth day of October 1859, between the
mines. - hours of 10 o'clock A. M, and 4 o'clock P.M.
the following property to wit: 'Jne fl it boat, one
Oregon. Our latest news from Oregon cable, and one cooking-stove; levied on as the
is that the Legislative Assembly met, in nc- property of Rodney Downing and others, at the
cordance with a proclamation of the Gov-
ei nor, for an extra session, July 2Gih, and
after hearing tho message and debating tho
question, it was resolved that there was not
sufficient causo lor an extra session, and a
suit of John Walker.
Oct. 5, 1852-w2
S. BRADBURY, s. si. c.
'A man can find nowhere so good a Savings
Bank as by emptying his purse into his head
Trnn...lilira o iha lct Pnnifnl hA pan nneoocc. If
J J! .L ton.L . """""-"b- -
voie was posseu io aujourn on mo ouin, sine , at his, command every mcment, and alwayi
die. ... above par. Va. Frankum. :
An act was passed .at the. Jan. session PC iir Jt ! to. Ittcrclutnts, Clerks,
Congress providing for the making and d is-1 Teachers, Students, and All Plen
tributionof letter envelopes, bparing pnsingo
stamps, which are to be supplied to tho pub
lie at the cost ot procuring them, as near as
may be. The advantage of this is obvious,
nd the public have long demanded it. All
copperas, sulphur, cpsom and glauber salts; the British army, who emigrated to this
sand, flag, grind, and oil stones; fire brick, country about the year 1G40, und settled at
common brick, &c, &c. These are all of Haverhill, Mass., 1 am quite certain are the
. U .... : KntH nnn n i- A miiol erfr lu I hml-C "
V SET Uf uu lks Dy which all the tundamen
tal operations of Arithmetic may be performed nl
a master of them will require not more than
counle hours' study of any good sound mind: and
postmasters are to bo lurnishcd with them the student will thereby be enabled to Add, Sub
brought to market. It is vain lo keep such
vast mineral wealth, for any length of time,
undeveloped within fifty miles of a great,
weahhy, central point liko Columbus, es
pecially when the items are needed in busi
ness. . . ,
We learn that it Is the immediate design
to open books for the subscription of stock
to this proposed road, in Columbus, Lancas-
T I ' 1 1 J .L -! 1 LMU
tor, ieisonviic, anu oiner points on wie (im
posed line. As this city is fast becoming a
great central point for railroads, this is need
ed to Jiiiish the work. VV e again commend
it io the attention of our citizens. 0. S.
Gen. Scott's Pav. Locofoco papers lire
at i h is time laboring lo Bhow the people
that Gen. Scott has received what pay he
was entitled to, under the laws of the coun
try. -In money ho has, but not in gratitude.
The people are yet to settle up that matter,
Polk's Administration lading to du justice,
Further information may be obtained by
addressing Mr. Bryant, at the Nationur Ho
tel, Washington. If our name was only
"Mr. Browne," wo certainly should not
"give it up so without looking after this
smart chunce for a fortune. New York I&r-
Manufacturing Shoe Strings. Mc
nical ingonuity finds nothing too insig
nificant not to improve upon, if it supplies a
want of humanity in a better or cheaper
manner. ' Among the enterprises in George
town. Mass., is that of manufacturing shoe
strings. The process is simplo, yet requiring
quite a number of workmen to meet the de
mand tor the article. The strings are made
from calf-skin and sole-leather, the former
costing $20 per thousand, and the latter $10
per thousand the quality of stock ranging
tne prices, i hey are made lor tho South
em and Western marliot, and used with bro
gan shoes, which ate so extensively manu
mi XT V I. 1? . .U - iuviuicu IIIIUUKUUUI 11CW UlllfiailU. Ill t?A
ine aw i ok iprg mo u,. uu.,, ch f lhe-breHlU,aff1 of X. g" u and
West. The proprietor has acquired quito a
competency within a few years from his en
I. 0. 0. F. Tho Grand Lodire of the
n the fron- I A Capiain'g or Col- United States of tho Independent Order o
1814, Lun- ' . onel'spay. Odd Fellows, met in annual Convention a
o included. J " " ' Baltimore on Monday last. On Tuesday,
curient, thus:
The United States in Account with General
Winjield Scott;
DR Ctt
A series of brilliant)
' strokes on
tier in 1814
dy's Lun
Services among the
Cherokces. .
Services in the Black
Iluwk War.
Servicesinthe Florida
War. -B'oidltss
cervices in
IN unification . times
(1832.); - '
Services on the Cana
da frontier.
Services in Mavno in
tho 'Aroostook war.'
Vera Cruz, v!erro
, Gordo, Commas,
' Chepuitepec, Chur
- ubusco, Molino del
'. Key ,La Garita.Ciiy
of-Mexico. . .J A "woun Martial
A General's pay.
A Gonoral's pay.
A General's pay.
A GenoraPs pay.
A General's pay.
A General's pay.
I A General's pay.
A Itecall.
as wa learn by telegraph, the following gen
tiemen were elected Urand Officers
Wiljiot G. Db SAussuRE.of South Caro
inn, ai. w. Urand bire
Hiram A. Manchesteb, of Rhode Island
w; Deputy Urond Siro,
James L. Ridglev, of Maryland. R. W
arana eecretary. ' -,
Joshua' Van. Zant, of Maryland. R. W
Grand Treasurer. :
for sale, and as "other persons" may buy
them by the quantity of the government
agenis, doubtless the bookstores will be sup
plied wuli llicin.
Ohio Galphinism. In addition to tho de
tract, Multiply, or Divide, in any sum, no matter
of how many figures, more accurately (indeed
than one-fourth the time required in the old sys
These Fundamental Rules aro followed by an
Examination into the PROPERTIES OF NUM
fulcation of VV. G. Williams, late Locofoco BERS, which even further facilitates the other
treasurer of Coshocton, amounting to $4,- operations
423,23, we learn that a series of frauds have
been committed by the Locofoco officers of
Knox county, running through a number ol
vears. and amonnting to between $15,000
and 820,000 ! Knox hus been the banner
Locofoco county for many years, and this
is the price lor the honor.
Eight slaves mudo their escape from Mi
There are also embraced in the work.
Rules tor the Calculation of In
which will work out the interest at any rate, up
on any sum, with the utmost accuracy, and
simplicity and quickness fully equal to all the
other operations by this, and vastly superior to all
courses in the old plan.
Together, these form the MOST COMrLET
TREATISE on the Science of Numbers ever is
sued and aie incalculably valuable to all men
ami county, Kentucky, onluesday night. from their never-failing accuracy, and to business
the Tilt mat. It is supposed aid was given
on this side of the river. The Marysville
hagle calls for an association of slnvchold
ers for the protection of iheir property.
Philadelphia. September 26. Ole Bull,
the Norwegian Violinist, declared his inlen
Pieparins for the Fall Trade.
offered by R. Li.ovni Co., Wholesale Deal
ers in Boots and Shoes, Front street, who have just
received a large stock, direct from the Manufac
turers, which being ordered last Spring, they were
selected with care and precision, iu order to en
able in to obtain luch worts as would give the
best satisfaction.
Having before had the same work, and know
ing, as we do, its superiority to many others, and
ordering most of our stock before the advance on
Leather, we are convinced we possess advantages
over those who bought lately. Our Rtuck coin-
prises an extensive variety of Men's, Hoys', Wo
men's Misses' and Children's 'Wear, of every de
We would say to the public and Dealers in non-
era), that their attention we respectfully solicit,
hoping you will favor us with the same, and
doubting not but an examination of our Stock will
prove sitii.lactory to all.
rortsinou'h, Sept. i, 1852. sepM-IiS
men, from the immense amount ot lime tney save
from the most wearisome detail of business life
Particularly oucht they to be in the hands
Merchants and Clerks, Teachers and Students,
and Young Men generally.
Order l,arly. I he copies of the few re
maining hundreds of the present edition are be
ing hurried off at a price greatly reduced trom
Wholesale Dealer in Dry Goods!!
No. 54 Wood-street, Pittsbuigh.
IS NOW RECEIVING a large assorUneiit of Fall
and Winter Dry Goods, Foreign and Domestic;
to which he invites the attention of the Western
Trade. In his stock will he found
Brown Sheetings and Shirtings, all descriptions.
Bleached Shirtings, every quality and fimsh.
Osnaburghs, Drillings, Raggings.
Tiokings, all leading makes. -
Shirtings, Stripes, various makes, full assort
Apron Checks, Tweeds, and Stripes.
Diapers, 6-4, Jaequard, blue, gray, brown and
An extensive assortment of i, i, 4-4, scarlet.
white and yellow, plain Flannels, and medium,
and extra fine and heavy scarlet, green, indigo,
blue, and mixed twills.
All wool, Silliman's, and Westerly; liieh col
ors; plaids, largo and small; red and blue came-
leons, stripes, &c. Also, wool and cotton, hiL'h
color, Thiladelphia Linseys, medium to extra qual
,. t, ahd 6-4, all wool, high color plaids, waved
anivjmottled, printed and twilled.
Black, Fancy colors, Beldan and Domestic,
Piece Bnd Wi.ol-dyed black, heavy goods.. Also,
eavers, rolls, fetershams, Unions.
MediuM to extra, Woaded wool, and piece dye
Black Doeskins and Cassimeres.
Fancy, new and desirable styles.
Sheep's Grey, Plain, and Twilled Unions.
Black and Fancv colors.
Medium to extra Oxford Mixed Cadets.
Blacks, Blues. Fancy colors, heavy makes.
Printed, Striped, and Mottled Styles.
All wool and cotton warps, in great variety.
Steubenville Jeans, and heavy Tweeds.
8 Shaft Genoa, Bang-up and Miner's Cords.
New Fall styles of Spragucs, Unions. Perkins.
Globe, Merrimack, Allen's Dunnell's. Manches
ter, American, Ripkas, Garnets, and generally of
oilier styles in Manner, cinm., aud Steam work.
Uluo3, Blue and Urangc, Blue and Green. Scar
let, flRin colors.
P urmtuics, English fine block Work chintzes,
Koyic's Double I'urpies, , and 4-4.
Mourning mills, in great variety.
French, Gtmian, and Scotch Ginghams.
Glasgow, Lancaster, and Philadelphia couutv
makes, all widths and styles.
Printed and plain, Enclish and American De
Laines, newest designs.
Rich Printed and Plain, Persian, Parisian, and
Lama Cloths, an I Cashmeres.
Paris printed, Mouseline DeLaines of medium.
and very rich styles.
Plain and figured Blaek and colored dress Silks.
6-4 Alpacas, Black, Mode, and Fancy colors.
Real Alpaca Lustres, low to superfine.
Mohair and Orleans, figured Lustres.
6-4 and 7-4 high-colored Cobourra and Para
6-4 shot and new styles Lyonese Lustres.
A very large variety of Laces, Edirines. Insert
ing, Fringes, Linen Laces, &c, Jaconetts, cam
brics, Swiss Mulls, Victoria Lawns, hair cord nnd
fancy striped cambrics, Tape, Satin and Swiss
stripe3, &c.
Valencia, Cashmere, Silk and Satin Vestings.
Women's cotton and Worsted, cashmere, Al
paca, Merino, plain and fancy half hose, shirts
and drawers in great variety and styles.
Cashmere and fleecy-lined Berlin, Woollen, Kid
and Buck Glojes and Mitts.
Woolen cravats. Neck ties, a large assortment
for men and boys.
Fancy dark styles, Bonnet, cap, and Neck, new
Printed Pongees, best styles, Madder and chintz
work, Bandannas, Spitlalield';, cotton and oil dye
flags, linen cambric handkerchiefs, all varieties.
Low-priced Winter Shawls, anpHdk'fs, square
and long shawls, of Bay state, Belvidere, Water
loo, Scotch, nnd other makes, all styles, plain and
Irish Linens, sheetings and cloths, umbrellas,
suspenders, spool cottons, sewing silks, threads,
&c, nnd every description of variety eoods. and
others not enumerated, to meet the wants of city
and country dealers.
His assortment will be kept full throughout the
season, and he respectfully asks all who visit the
market to call and exainine-his prices. They will
prove to be as low as the same goods can be bought
by the piece, East or West.
Western Merchants, who may have been at the
expense of going to New York or Philadelphia.
will find in this market such large assortments of
every cescnption ol goods, and offered at such
prices, as win convince tnem tney would do bet
ter to lay in supplies here, every month or so.
than to be at the loss of expense and time, and
making large purchases in going" East. Come
and see, and judge for yourselves.
Pittsburgh, Sept. 15, 1852.
To Manufacturers of Boots & Shoes.
WE have just received a large stork of Phil
adelphia and French Calf and Kin Skin,
Morocco Kid and Dressed Buck Skins, Patent
Leather, Lining and Binding Skins, Lasts, Pugs.
Also Nails, Thread, and all kind, of Shoe
makers' Kit.
Also Upper and White Sole Leather alwavs
on hand.
Portsmouth, Sept. 4, 1C52. wpl4-.16
fiY virme of u wfil of vendi. x. to nip
directed l y the Coui'l of Common Fle!s or
Meigs county, Ohio, I will offer for sa!e, at the
door of the Court House, in the town of Pi n.rrov,
on tl.e 18th day of October, lt-52. between tlie
hours of 111 A. M. aud i o'clock P. M , the know
ing real estate, to wit:
One hundred acre lot beinc the lot on ivhii h
Jeremiah Gray nuw lives, in section 29, town
range it, uir.o company's pur.hnsc, except (i.o
acres sold by tl.e said Gray to Joseph .(.'omweli.
i.eueu on as ine property or Jeruniah Grow at
the suit of Jacob IIornfriH.t. Arnraisi.il i.t
Auto, at the fame time and plnrc Rv virtue i t'
a writ of vendi. exponas., to inc dirr i-u hv ii.,.
Court of Common Pleas of Meigs county, 6 Jim,
I will offer for sale, the following property, lo
Lot number 7 in Nye's addition to ihe (own i f
Pomeroy. Levied on m the properly of Niil I!.
Nye at the suit of Thon;as Ashwoilh. Ai maitcil
at $250.
Ai.so, at the same time and place Bv viitiiiv.'.t
a writ of vendi. exponas., to in directed l.v ll.ii
Court of Common Pleas of Meiirs roiinlv. Ohio. F
will offer for sale the lb 1 1 o w i n r d esc r 1 1 : c il real c i
tato, to wit:
The westerly half of lot number 113. in tin-
town of Piinerov. Levied cm ns iIj urnmi'i , r
James Murphy, nt the suit of Cl.nr.cs A. Kirl.v,
for the use of Matthias M. Saunders. Apprais.J
A T my instance, un attachment was this day
t. issued by S. S. Paine, a Justice of the
Peace of Salisbury township, Meips-county, Ohio,
against the property and f fleets of Alexander
wuncK, a non-resident of saidcountv.
Sept. 7, 1852. 36-3w ISAAC VAN' E, Ja,
O 1 Spanish Sole Leather, just received and
lor sate at the lowest market price, by
R. LLOYD '& CO.,
tcpl4-3G Portsmouth, O.
Leva IllcStniglifs Estate.
TVT OTICE is hereby given that the subscriber
L 1 has been appointed nnd qualified as Admin
istrator of the estate of Levi McKnight late of
fleigs County, Ohio, deceased. Creditors aro
hereby notified to present their claims within one
year from date. Debtors are requested to call im
mediately and settle. DAVID R. JACOBS,
sep 1 4-3 w '
Administrator's tulc.
ON the 18th day of October, 1852, nt OoMork
V P. M., nt the Court House in Pomeroy, will
be sold to tho highest bidder, as the proper! y of T
Jacobs, deceased, the undivided half of 100 acre
lot number 1, range 14, vowu 6, section 1. Ap
praised at 8U1,50.
Ai.sc 28 acres, part of four lots, 320, 321. 322
and 323, in town 1, range 13 being that part of
saia tots lying on the east side ot the ri hl-hand
fork of Leading creek. Appraised at 223.
Tkrms One-fourth in hand, one-fourth in six
months, one-fourth in twelve months, and the
residue in eighteen months, with interest and
personal security. T. MONTAGUE,
sep!4-)w (S2 M)) Administratcr.
at 5750.
si p l!-5w
(Prsfee, $4,50) l-HieiUt M. C.
''PHE qualified1 electors of Meis County, are
I hereby notified to n eel at tl eir usual places
of holding elections, on tho Second Tuesday in
Octohcr next, and then and there proceed to elect
one Judge of the Supreme Court for the State of
Ohio, one Member of the Board of Public Works,
for the State of Ohio; one number of Congress
for the Eleventh Congressional District of the
State of Ohio; and one Coroner, one Auditor, one
Prosecuting Attorney, and one County Commis
sioner, for the County of Meigs.
Also one District Assessor, for District 1, com
posed of the township of Salisbury; also for Dis
trict 2, composed ot the townships of Columbia,
Rutland, aud Salem; also for District 3, composed
of the townships of Bedford, Chester, Orange,
and Seipio, and also for District 4, composed of
the townships of Olive, Lebanon, Letart, and
Aud that the Trustees of Hie several townships
at the same time select suitable persons to serve
as Jurors he ensuing year, as follows, to wit:
Pomeroy Academy.
I Institution will commence or.Mo.viMv, the
7ni ok Ski'Teuder.
Instruction is civen in the Latin. ft,.i-
French, and German Lam-uaires: in the Mml.e.
matics, Natural Sciences, and the other Eii:!L-!i
ui.iii,iii:.i u.vi.iiiy uiugiii. in ficaueinies.
Ihe i'rino.ipal will endeavor, according to the
host of his ability, to make his instructions prnc"
tical nnd thorough, to discipline the mind and
improve the character.
For the Common English Branches, Natural
Philosophy, Astronomy, Botanv. History,
and Hook-Keeping, per quarter, 5,00
For tho higher English Branches, Lnlin,
Greek Languages, and the Mathematics, '
per quarter, g (,o
For German and Fiench a small extra charge
will be made, sullicient to pay fur the inslruclion
in those Languages.
Pens, hilt, Copy Books, and Slate Pencils, will
be furub'hed for 25 cents a quarter.
a".1,'2'1-"' C. C. GILES, Principal.
" McIks County MiKh School" mid
Teachers' , Institute."
fpiIE next te rm of this Institution willcnuinence
x Monday, the first of November next.
tuition pkr ui'ahtkr.
Reading, Writing, Elementary Georritohy,
and Mental Arithmetic, " ' 4y Co
Arithmetic and Geography, 2 60
English Grammar and Natural Philocnphv, 3 on
Chemistry, Elementary Algebra, i nd History, 3 50
Botany, Astronomy, Ancient Geography nnd
History, Bonk Keeping, Physiology, Ge,
ology, Int.:llcctu.;l Philosophy, Mo'ral Sci
ence, and Political Economy, 4 CO
Rhetoric, Logic, Higher Mathematics, and
Ue Greek and Latin Languages, 5 co
Board in private ismilios, fl.50 per week.
Strict attention will be givuii to the morals, a.
well as the intellects of pupils. Parents who aro
under the necessity of sending their children from
home to be educated, will find tho location of
this school very desirable. Chester is a very pleas
ant and heaftliy village, rree from many of those
places of amuscmunt and dissipation of large
towns, that often entice young men and boys,
when not under parental cure, to their ruin.
Hereafter the school will be permanently under
the care of the subscriber, whose object shall be,
to impart useful and thorough instruction to Lis
pupils. JAMES M.- .EVANS, Teacher.
Jtedrord, 4
Chester, 9
Columbia, 6
Lebanon, 6
Letart, 4
Olive, 7
Orange, 4
Rutland, 9
Salem, 7
Salisbury, J 7
Scipio, 6
Sutton, 5
S. BRADBURY, Sheriff M. a
Pomeroy, 0., Sept. 14, 1852 36w3.
lion of becoming a citizen in Independence that ($5) at which the balance were sold, to make
Hall, this morninc. belore the othcers ot the room tor a new edition to be gotten up in niagm-
Court. His Colony in Northern Pennsvl- ficent and costly style immediately upon closing
: fl...;M s i u.,j.,i m- out the present one.
,luu,.omB, iiuiiuiuu I n-Pv.rvn,,,.;. linnnil t n mnttprnf
wogians ore clearing land, opening roads, iustlce Arotection to the convritrhtisti bv his
&C. . sacred pledge or honor, to use the-Processes for
, r n t? the instruction of himself only, and to impart the
Anotheb Dangerous Counterfeit. We iUformation obtained from them to no one.
were shown on yesterday, by Mr. Dye, a in- To obtain the processes it is necessary to
counterfeit five dollar bill on lha Sorinofie d give such a pledge, with the price Three Dollars,
Hunk. Ohio Sinia Stock Hank n am. It s i 1: lu '
A doN Stabbed by his Father. Late
on Saturday night, a bruto named Henry
uarner, who has been repeatedly required
to givo heavy bonds to keep the peace to-
waras.nis wiie apa family, came home to
his dwelling in the western pan of the ciiy,
and commenced his old abuse of hit wife
and children. His son Henry, a lad of sev
enteen, attempted to interfere in behalf of
well executed and calculated 10 deceive any
bui good judges of money. The name of
the bank may without much trouble, be
changed to any one of the Ohio State Stock
banks and much caution should be exercised
while handling any of this kind of money
bin. Uaxetle.
Sad Accident. Mr. Robert Nixon, while
engaged in painting a building in Circleville,
one day iust week, fell a distance of 27
feet, and was bo much injured that he died
tn tho coarse1 of a few hours.
. Most of the Banks in Cincinnati now sell
ht exchange on New YorkCity at pai
a result caused probably by the scarcity of
western currency.
rt..; ' .1... 1.- I I
..ino ,W'''bi, mother, when, ihe brutal faihcr seized
his son b
f:..l..c..l .
That paper during Polk's
1 r.w r.fr r ' r I
NCeivea over ouy .or over ion, ,euri h,g gon fc fc tf , f
i ' k..t W;. ' .. p.i,.. tnwul gash across lusshoulder, which be
Whatil ho hast
will receive a greater sum. - We are willing
to submit ihe ouestion 10 tho people "Is
nat. no nasi 1 Wr uur.ng r , fore fa -flw 0f blood could bo nopped,
ministration, received a sum aboul equal threa,oned hU life. , !F
that, and under ihe lato 4b ol Congress wna fi.nminp(. . , rn Mnr
yesterday, and required to give bail in "the
sum 01 buu, in oeiuuit ol which he was
he Union newspaper, for four years print- aem ,Q jailClBi NonpareL
ini?. entitled to a irrunter comDensation lhan ' .
Gen. Scott for his forty odd years of ser- Mr. Mabsb, ihe American Minister ai
vice? ? h ' ' Constantinople, has visited Athena 10 make
These Locofoco spoil-soekeri are terribly mquirlca respecting the treatment of Mr
troubled when a man who is not of thorn, re. Kit the missionary by the Grecian Gov
ceive8 a just compensation for his services, ernmeiit,. ,. It is Intimated that he thinks Mr,
because it leaves the less for themselves
Lancaster Gazi , i-- m, i
( Escape of Convicts. On Tuesday even
ing two convicts escaped -Trom ihe' State
Hous6,5ard and are ycf at lurgo. On
" Wednesday, ono of tho prisoners at work in
(he from yard at the prison wulked out ot
ike front gate, and up io lust evening had
lorgoitcn 10 come buck. It is generally sup
Kino has courted persecution, and thai much
or his qifliculty is the result of his own in
' Hon. Ben. Habdin died nt his residence
in Bardstown Kentucky, on Friday last
He has for mnny years occupied a prorni
ihent posiiifiu in Siate and National u Hairs
Nearly 400,000 ions of railroad Iron have
been imported within the Inst three years in
posed that all dii is tho consequence of ihe 10 the United Siatei from England, at S cost
... r i , n .' , ..r ....... .:iii ..r .1.11
uuu. lUMtjilint OI JUUgi) UKOWn, luSl Winter. I ul inneieeu iniiiiuua ui uuiiuia.
Marki.ey, Funkstown, Washington county, Md.
The Processes will be forwardod, post-paid, to
the given address. Be particular to write the
name ot PostUllice, uounty, and state, distinctly:
with those neglecting this, mistakes frequently
ID Those preferring it, can order copies of the
forthcoming edition, which will be ready about
the hollidays. The price will be 86 j orders sent
before its issue will be filled as soon as the copies
are ready, toiva. .
Local Agents wanted.
In every town, and all throuirh the country,
great numbers ol copies of these Rules can be
disposed of by any one who will only take the
trouble to mane ineir scope Known. They com
prise that which business men, and everybody,
has long felt the want of, aud will gladly obtain.
The nature ot the business allows any one to act
as Agent, and to energy ensures a large reward.
As before explained, the business requiring pri-
vnnv nr.ljsra trnm AcrRntji nrft fillpri in spnnrAte
A whaling captain, who lately arrived at sealed envelopes ror delivery through their hands.
When a number ot three copies or more are or
dered with the remittance at one time, 33 per
cent, is allowed to be retained as the Agent's tee:
and 60 per cent, on orders tor eight copies or
1852-3 Fall Arrangement. 1S52-3
I'omcroy, Marietta, and Cincinnati.
OHIO. II Cooley, Master,
BE223e2S: Has resumed her regular trips be
tween Marietta and Cincinnati, for the Fall and
Winter season ' "
Leaving Marietta! 8 o'clock, A. M. Tuesday.
" Pomeroy 8 P. M. "
" Cincinnati 4 " " Fridays.
The OHIO has been refitted, painted, and f ur
nished, and offers improved facilities for speed,
comfort, and dispatch.
For freight or j.assage apply on board.
Sept. 21-tf.
"Athens Messenger" copy, and charge this
BY virtue of a writ of vendi. exponas, to
me directed by the Court of Common Pleas
of Meigs county, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the
door of the Court House, in the town of Pomeroy,
on the 18th day or October, 1852, between the
hours or 10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M.,
ihe following real estate, to wit:
Ileginning at the north-east corner of a piece
of laud sold by Alexander Stewart to Kodncy
Downing, in section 8, town 6, range 14, Ohio
Company's purchase by deed, bearing date No
vember 1st, 1831; thence running west along the
line of said Downing's land to the Old Stale Koad
leading from Uallipolis to Athens: thence north,
bounded by said road until it shall intersect with
the bank of Leading Creek i thence down the
creek with the meanderings thereof to the place or
beginning; containing one hall acre more or less.
Levied on as the property oi Mollis Downing, ai
the suit of Philip Jones. Appraised at swou.
sepl t-6w (Prs fee, S3) Sheriff M. C.
V Evening, or
MASOIVIC.Posnei ov Lodzc.
Stated Meetings, the Mondnv"
ng, on or before the full moon in each
Hall in Mjirphy's building, Second st.
I. O. O..F. TCaoial Lodccy.
Hall ia Edwards' building.
i&iou, no. va, ami::
isSK'i r Evening. Hull in DeCamp's building.
Sf'i'".? W:ls'.nry Division No.
alSons of Temperance Meetings on Saturday
Evenings. Hall, Kice's building Middleport
-wn Crystal Fount Division No. 1
W? Sons and Daughters of Temperance meet-
ings every Saturday afternoon at the Sou
ffg,RO. 117, Meetings on every Friday
- evening, nan i.i
Welfare Div
.fiMof leiuperance, Meetings every Saturday
Hull in Pomeroy.
Rotrular Pomeroy and
riiioiiuiall I'uckct
fi KEVILLLE-John Bin
linker,' Master, Will make regular weekly
trips between the above poinw, as follows:
Leaves Pomeroy every flloiulay at IU o clocK, a. m,
Cincinnati Thursday, 4 o'clock, n. m
Tho REVEILLE having been re-fitted and fur
nished for the above trade, will leave punctually
at tho time mentioned. Business entrusted to
her care promptly attended to.
Sept. 21-tf
New Dedfora, and who had visited iNcw
South Wales, says that the sufferings expe
rienced by the gold diggers in Ausirala aro
severe beyond anything yet experienced in
The next session of the American Porno-
logical Congress will be held in (he city of
The whole number of persons confined
for Dolitical offences in the Island of Cuba
is not less than four hundred, including
fourteen females.
The next general Convention of the Uni
versal isis of the United States, will be held
In Columbus, In 'September, 1853.
The opening of the Railroad to Hillsbor
ough was duly celebrated by a free ride, din
ner, &c, on Wednesday lasi.
A man nainod Geobob Anderson was
shot in Cincinnati on Tuesday, fast, by a wo
man with whom he was liviug. lie was in
toxicated, and is not expected to live.
L. V. Bieuce, of Akren, litis Issued a
handbill, announcing himself as an indepen
dent candidate for Congress, on account of
his objection to Judgo Bugs, tho regulur Lo-.
Oiowu nominee
Administrator's Notice.
XI OTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber
i.1 has been duly qualified as Administrator ol
the Estate of David Sidenstricker, late of Salem
township, deceased, having given bonds accord
ing to law. All persons indebted arc notified to
make immediate payment. Persons having claims
against the estate aro notified to present the same
lor payment within one year from dnte.
Sept. 23, 1 852-3 w"l
Executor's Sale of Ileal Estate.
f niE Farm of the late APEL CHASE, inRut
X land, on the road leading from Pomeroy te
Athens, is offered rot. sale, consisting or about
two hundred acres, and a large two story brick
house, barn, out-buildings, orchard, &c. For
icrms, apply iq mo suuscnuers.
8cp2J)-3w ' Executors.
OIIERIFF'S SALE. By virtue ol a writ
O ot vend. exp. to me directed by the court ot
common pleas of Athens county, Ohio, 1 will oiler
tor sale, at the door ot tne co iu-nouse in iueigs
county, on the 22d day of October, 1852, between
the hours or 10 o'clock, A. M., and 4 o'clock, P.
M., the rollowimr property, to wit: the undivided
hair or tho north halt of section nuiuoer thirty,
lot number six hundred and forty, township nine,
range fifteen, containing three hundred and twenty
acres; levied on as tne properly oi jacoo wcvui'
ley and others, at the suit of John Douglas. Ap
praised at S8UU. s. bit admuii x, oiieim a;, u
Sept. 'il, mai-aiwo-tii.ou.
Protestant Episcopal Vicv. Thomas b.
Dooi.ev, Rector: Services every Si.bbath morning,
at 101 o'clock.
Presoytcriim Rev. R Wilkinson, Pastor
Services every Sabbath morning at 101 o'clock.
MetiiOdist Enfaconal Rev. J. F. Givkn,
Pastor: fienrioes at the upper church on alternate
Sabbath mornings, at 10 o'clock at lower church,
every Sabbath afternoon, at 3 o'clock.
German Methodist Rev. Mr. Gever,
Services every Sabbalh morning.
Gcrnism Iaithciau Rev. lit. Il.vnix,
?erviccs evefy Sabbath morninrr.
ISoinan Catholic Rev Tiikoniii.i'b Kkaff
priest: Services every Sabbath morning.
HY virtue of a writ of vendi. exponas, to
J mo directed bv the court of common pleas of
Meigs county,, 1 will offer for sale, at the door of
the it'ourt House, nune lowu oi l emeroy, on ine
18th day or October, 1852, between the hours ol
10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'ciocs r. iu., me iouow
intr real cstaie, to wil:
Lot number 13 in the town ol Lelartville, be
ginning at tie south-east corner ol lot number 8;
thence norm n leet to a siane; ineuce easi ici
feet; thence south 77 feet to u stake; thence west
164 feet to the plnceof beginning.
Also Lot number 0 in Lctarcvuie.
Levied on as the properly of David Oaks, at the
suit of John McClintic. Appraised at 235.
sepll-Bw (Prsfee, $3,00) Sheriff M. C.
LLOYD Sl CO., have just received a large
J. assortment of Hats from some of the most
celebrated Eastern Manufacturers.
Also Men's, Boys', and Childrens' Caps, of
every description, which we offer at Wholesale on
the most favorable terms.
Portitnouth, Sept. 1, 1332. '" sepl 1-33 '
The First Arrival of the Season!
urn A-rri
(Chenp Andy" Always Ahead IS
WHILE the "slow coaches" downtown are
getting ready to think about purchasing
a small stock of Fall Goods after awhile, "Andv"
being wide awake to his own interest, and the
comfort and convenience or his oustomers, has
not only purchased, but has received at his Store,
and is now ready to sell at his usually low prices,
a small hut well selected stock of
In advance ol his regular stool?, The season
having setHn unusually early, it is already high
time you began to think or throwing aside yom
summer dress, and clothing your outer man as
beoometh the season.
The Ladies need only to skk Andy's new stock
of Dress Goods in order to nppreoiute his uste in
sclectinii such "loves of Fall Dress Goods."
Gentlemen, if you ure incrednlous ir you think
this is all a hoax just call up and examine for
yourselves, and purchase your full suit in ad
vance oi vour lemimois.
Remember the plaeo at the sign of "CHEAP
ARIDK l Corner ol Linn and r rout streets,
sepll-30 A. LOUU.NER,
TY virtue of n writ of Fi. Fa. to me di--rected
bv the Court of Common Pleas, of Meigs
county, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door or
the Court-house in the town or Pomeroy, on the
18th day o! October, 1852, between the hours of
10 o'clock, A. Al. and 4 o'clock, r. W., tne fol
lowing real estate, to wit: beginning 150 rods
north, nnd 143 rods west of the southeast corner
or section No. 31, in township No. 6, and range
No. 14, ol the Ohio Company's purchase: thence
noith seven chains and forty-seven links to a
nosti thence south fifty-nine and a half degrees
west, fourteen chains and seventy-five links to a
post; thenco south thirty-two degrees twenty-live
seconds eust eight chains and nine links to a post;
thence north- fifty-one and three-fourths degrees
east, ten chains and ninety-one links to a pott, or
to the place of beginning, containing nine acres,
and forty-eight square rods, moro or less, levied
on as the property of Daniel Rutherford, at the
suit of Charles, L. Guthrie. Appraised at S7ft0.
S. BRADHURY, Sheriff M. C.
Sept. I t, 1852.-30v5-$3.
N pursuance of an order of tho Cotirl or Com
mon Pleas, or Meigs county, Ohio, I will offer
for sale,-at the door of the Court house, in the
town of Pomeroy, on tho 18th day of October,
1862, between the hours of 10 o'clock, A. M.,
and 4 o'clock, P. M., the following described real
estate, to will All or that pert or the south half
of Eection number one, township number lour,
range number twelve, the same being all of said
south half section, except that part of the south
east quarter of said section which is owned by
David Osborn, and except, also, the several lots
or parotlsof land in said south hair sold and con
veyed by Ethan Cowdory in his lifetime, and hiro
inarter mentioned, that is to say: to David Barber,
by deed executed on the 4th day ol August, 1840
to Charles Worthin, by deed executed on the 3d
day or September, 183 to John Adams, by deed
executed on the 13th day or August, 1838; and
to Samuel and David Sluper, by deed executed on
the 23d day of February, 12'.; to be sold, sub
ject to the dower estate of Hutsy Cowdery, widow
1 i,f Ethan Cowdrv deceased. Appraised at $2000.
Nomus iiiccombs,
!S just receiving, direct from Manufactory, in
this country and Europe, a large and well se
lected Stock of
Ordered previous to theadvance ori' Foreign
Hardware, which he is determined to sell at lit
est Cash rates. His Stock comprises, in part:, .
Log, Trace, Cow and Halter Chains;
"Mann's" celebrated b. axca;
Mill, Circular, and Cross-cut Saws;
"Ames' " celebrated Shovels and Spades;
Anvils, Bellows, Vices; ' :
Locks, Latches, Hinges, Files, &c;
Together with every article in the Hardware
line. To all of 'which the attention of Country
Merchants and Mechanics is respectfully invited.
He has just rereived, per steamer 'from England:
2 casks 'Mousehole' Auvils;
- - 1 " Spear's celebrated Sawn;
i case single mid double Onus.
N. Me. would respectfully calf the attention
of Carpenters to his largo asssrtmsnt of 1'iiiju
Factory Planes- augl9-3iu.
Saddle and Harness Slaaufactoi'y.
Afcj, llcid Brother's Building, fjk
KfcS&k COn. Fill 'NT AND COURT STS.. WfS
l"oEi:croy, O.
fBMlE suliscriber having recentlyremoved h,s
A establishment, enlarged his'stbro, and made
numerous additions to his stock, lakes this meth
od of infonning his friends and the nriblio ge.u r
ally that he is prepared to manufacture with neat
ness and iVupatch any article lii(hi line of busi
ness. He also keeps constantly on l.aml, u. gi-itt-ral
ciaortmcnt of the following articles:'
SATCHELS, &c, &c.
All of which he will sell CHEAP fi,r-CASH.
All work made to order, or jutchasul nt thin
Store, is nitirantcd to be made i tne
BUST MATERIAL, and in a-workman-iucc man
ner. ' . .
Call and examine for yourself, before purchas
ing elsewhere. W3I, WALLACE.
aug 6 30tf. V.
FRONT irllKr.T A FKW 1)001) BELOW lOl'LT.
, . . , POMEROY, 0.
0ATC'I!I:L, respectfully informs tho
citizens of Pomeroy and vicinity thut lie
has opened a New Furniture Establishment, on
Front-st where lie mnuufaotures and keipscon
stantly oil' hand every description of CAU1MET
WARE. ; v .
Chsjii'8 of every variety, lneltidiug
LATEST STYLES. kept eonstuwilv on"hnn(l. J if I
It r All of which will be sold at lll.D CLU
CoiiiilM of every di seription nniiufaelute.l tl

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