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, V.'
An explosion occurred colliery. Id
Monmouih, rjn the Ijih, killing twelve per
eon. KV.j.iyu.'i - 1 I
f 1 A Republican demonstration look place at
.Pari " on the lSih.ai which nearly 20,000
men assembled in procession, at the funeral
of Madame Baspail, wife of a celebrated
atate prisoner. A detachment of cavalry
and an immense police force were ptesent
and prevented any speeches over the grave.
Switzerland was. still greatly agitated in
consequence of Austrian measures, and it
was feared that some collisions would take
place. . . -
; An American lady had been arrested at
Heidelberg, charged with having revolution
ary pamphlets in her possession. She was
direct from America.
The town of Cremonia hid been placed
In a state of selge, in consequence of a sen
tinel having been killed.
Marshal Haynau died at Vienna on the
14th of March.
- ... . . -
', Advices from China state that the rebell
ion was making rapid progress. Trade in
active, Large operations, however, had
been made in teas, at some advance on
Greens and Congos.
; Advices of the January yield at the Aus
tralian diggings reported it greater .than
ever. One hundred thousand men were at
the various diggings. Trade was brisk, and
prices were sustained excopting flour.
" The Turkish Government guarantees
Klick and Sutronia to Russia, and also com
ploie protection to the Bosnia Christians.
Abraham Pacha is dead.
' Mr. Milner called the attention of the
House to the fact that tho route of the Brit
ish troops going to Canada was through the
United States, and asked if the government
Intended to facilitate by guaranty, or other
wise, the completion of the Halifax and Que
bec railway.
Lord John Rursell, in speaking ofthe pro
ceedings of Austria toward the Sardinian sub
jects in relation to the sequestration of their
property consequent upon the insurrection in
Milan, said that the Sardinian Government
had asked Ergland to interfere against the
course ol Austria, and that a strong letter
had accordingly been written to the Court of
The Madiai family has been liberated and
ordered to leave Tuscany.
The Austrian Government has manifested
great dissatisfaction at the announcement
made in the British Parliament that political
refugees would not be expelled from Eng
land.. A treaty of commerce between France and
Tuscany had been concluded.
The Turks had evacuated Montenegro.
By last arrival we have advices from
Buenos Ayiea to the 2d February. The
.civil war wis still raging, and a general at
tack on the city was expected next day.
The foreign residents, except citizens of the
United States, aro in favor of tho cause of
the city.
The British Minister died at Rio on the 23d
' A OuiJrowDia Plot. We Uara from the Ro
saoke, (Ts.,) Beacon, that on last Sunday, juit
Wort terries in the Presbyterian church of that
village, a stick of wood, about to be cast into the
store, was discovered to hare in it the end of a
pine plug. It excited suspicion, and upon exami
aation it was found that a charge of powder had
been plactd in the wood, and concealed in the
Banner described. The rillian has not been dis
covered. Tha business of the Michigan Central Rail
load, for the last quarter, has increased sixty
seren per cent, orer tht corresponding period
latt year. This is a heavy gain.
- Railway Disaster. New York, March
2G. The Locomotive on the Kennebec
Railway exploded yesterday. The Fire
man, Conductor, ond Engineer, were thrown
up a considerable distance into the air; but
atrange to say, none of them were seriously
injured. The evening train on the Niagara
and Buffalo Railway was thrown off the
track, yesterdoy near Tanawanda. Many
of the passengers were bruised considerably,
but noiie seriously injured.
The people of Morgan county have a
grand railroad meeting at McConnalsville
on the Bill of April next. Strong efforts are
' making to secure the road from Cambridge
by thatplaceto Athena.
Eighty-five members of the Massachu
setts Legislature board at home. The rail
roads centering at Boston, enable men from
; all parts of the State to do business at the
, Capital during the day and return home reg
ularly at right.
A committee of the Massachusetts House
of Representatives have reported in favor of
paying the claims tonne ourmng oi me
'Ursulino Convent at Charlestown, in that
-State, by a mob some twenty years ago.
' Tha sale of the Zaneaville and Maysvillo
innd. for the navment of its debts, has been
; confirmed. The purchasers, who were the
creditors, have organized, appointed atrec
tors, and determined to take measures to
complete the road between Chillicothe and
. Lancaster. .
A committee has been appointed by the
Board of Trade of Zanesville, to inquire in
to the expediency of establishing a manu
factory of tailroad Iron in that city.
' Thomas Richie has written to the Union,
declaring that he is not, and has not been
n aoD leant lor any omica irom rresioeni
Pikicb. Ha is a blessed man, for he la not
; 'gwine to be dissapointed.
Dissolve some borax In water and use It
for water to ahave, when It HI be found to
maxe the soap mote pleasant ana tne uper.
lion ofahavlog mucn easier-
The consumption of Peruvian g uano in
tha aaa-board States haa reached one hun
dred thousond ions per annum. The Peru
vian Govsrnment is now esiabliehing agen
cls fur the sale of the article In tho . y
era S. - .
oumeVrfthree on the
Oneida Bank, New York, are In circulation.
Tho railroad from Dayton to Troy was
opened on Monday last. (
Senator Wade has been quite unwell at
Washington, but at the last accout was re
covering, Horace Greeley has been invited to de
liver the address at the Indiana State Fair
the coming fall. .
The Indians of Minnesota have determined
to stay where they are, contrary to the terms
of the treaty. So there will probably he
trouble with them.r' ; : ' '' . S
"The sieamboms have made thrlr way
from Cleveland to Dunkirk. Tho first one
reached Dunkirk on Tuesday afternoon.
It is said that Barnum has aneoeed ihu
Siamese twins for another tour through the
united states and Europe, at a salary of
1,000 a year.
The officers and trustees in several vil
lages and towns In the Staie hove passed
Maine liqnor"' laws, with various degreesf
of stringency. It now remains to see if
they can enforce it.
Mrs. Stowe's "Key to Uncle Tom.s Cab
in" will be issted from Boston in a few
days. Forty-six thousand copies have al
ready been ordered, mostly from the South.
Thirty-four millions of pounds of Maple
Sugar were produced in the United States,
In 1850.
Navigation has opened the whole length
of the Miami and Erie canal, from Cincin
nati to Toledo. v ,
The Crystal Palace, N. Y. will not be
ready for the reception of articles before
the first of June next.
On Fridny night a man was jammed be
tween two cars on a construction nain, near
London, and so severely iniured that he
The population of Columbus is increas
ing- hight prisoners arrived at the Peni
tentiary on Saturday; five from Cleveland
and three ih Cincinnati.
A hotel eight stories high is to be
erected in Albany, New York, in
which persons will bo raised and low
ered to the different stories by a steam
Prof. S. A. Wylie, of Indiana Uni
versity, has been electon Professor of
Mathematics at Oxford University, in
place of Prof Matthews, deceased.
It is stated that the whole number
of books published in the United
States during the year 1852 was 1,288.
vi tnese azz were reprints of Endish
books and translations, leaving 966 as
xne numDcr oi American works.
The latest news from Europe an
nounces the close ofthe Montenegro
war. The Austrians modified ihpir
demands, and the Porte had granted
them. The march of the Austrians
to the Crotian frontier is counterman
ded. The New York Canal will be onnn-
ed about the 16th of April.
An earthquake was lately felt in
the vicinity of Niagara Falls.
The Maine liquor law failed in the
Wisconsin Legislature by one vote.
The Directors of the Cleveland and
Wellsville road have determined to
continue their road to Wheeling, on
the Ohio side of the river.
The merchants of Baltimore nre
taking measures to secure a line of
steamships from that city to Europe,
and also one to the southern Cities.
The State election in Connecticut
will be held the first Monday in
April. A Governor. State officers
ana members of Congress are to be
As Santa Anna is about, in TiennmP
the ruling genius in Mexico, it will be
oi interest to know that while ho har
bors no unpleasant feeling
.. - o
omer nations, nis whole hatred is con
centrated upon the United States!
This he distinctly avows.
The Whiff Statu PriTwenf inn nf Ponn.
sylvania met at Lancaster, on Thurs
day, of last week, andnominated Moses
Pownallfor Canal Commissioner, A. K.
Mcuuer lor Auditor General, and
Lnnstian Myers lor Surveyor General
The Minnesota Legislature adjourn-
ea on tne oth instant Among tho
important measures passed, was the
. tw.aa . . .
.New County bill, and the Western
Railroad bill A liquor bill passed the
Council twice, and was twice defeated
in the House.
Thecelebrated Dr. Rae has arrivedat
Liverpool to make preparations for his
overland expedition in search of Sir
John Franklin, and to finish the survev
ol tne northern coast oi America. Dr.
Rae was to leave early in March for
the northern regions via New York,
Thomas de Quincey has written an
article for Hong's Instructor, which is
copied in Jo. 462 of LittleU t Living
a . - ji. . ..ii a
xiyct uxguiug wui uie uuer apprecia
tion of gold is near at hand and inevi
table, unless the solitary hope be rea
lized that the gold quarries may soon
be exhausted.
Thomas Swann, Esq., President of
the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, - is
spoken of as next Whig candidate
lor Governor of Maryland.
Obeeijn College. The number of!
students enrolled and admitted to rec
itation since the term commenoed, up
to March 9, two weeks into tho term,
is 638, of whom 318 are make, and
320 fcteaH '
, It is Wportcd that two .New: York
ladies, formerly, Miss L. and Miss" C,
but now married and resident in Paris,
have been appointed ladies in waiting
to the empress,
Captain Stansbery, of the Topograph
ical Engineers, is appointed to take
charge of and prosecute the work for
the improvement of Cleveland harbor.
There were several fires in Cincin
nati on Saturday morning last, at one
of which twenty dwellings were destroy
ed, and some fifty families . rendered
houseless, with much of their furniture
and clothing destroyed. The fire
broke out near the cornerof Eighth and
Sycamore streets.. Whole loss from
$25,000 to $30,000.
' On Sunday morning, another broke
out, at which the candy shop of P. Hall
and the clothing store of Black and
Frenkel were destroyed, and the book
store of W. B. Smith & Co. greatly in
A French Court has recently deci
ded that a railroad company is respon
sible to passengers for expenses and
losses caused by the failure of a rail
road train to make time. .
The best evidence that caube adduced in tavor
ofthe efficaciousness of Hoofland's Germau Bit
ters, prepard by Dr. C. M. Jackson is the unprece
dented demand for them from all parts of the
Union; and although there may be many com
pounds prepared and represented as being worthy
of a liberal patronage, yet we feel constrained to
remark, that the vast number of testimonials
with which the worthy doctor has deen honored,
by persons of the highest character and respecta
bility, who found it necessary to have recourse
to his preparation, is testimony sufficiently con
clusive, that a more effectual remedy for the
almost immediate relief of t lose afflicted with
that direful malady, dyspepsia, has never been
"I DIGEST!" Such is the true meaning ofthe
word '-Pepsin," or of the t o Greek words from
which it is derived. This is the significant and
appropriate title of the true digestive fluid, or
gastric juice, prepared by Dr. J. S.. Houghton, of
fhiladelpliia, Irom the lonrth btomach ofthe Ux,
for the cur the cure of Indigestion and Dyspepsia.
It is Nature'sown remedy for an unhealthy stom
ach. No art of man can equal its curative pow
ers. It renders GOOD EATING perfectly con
sistent 'with HEALTH. See advertisement, in
another part of this paper. '
On the 27th ult., by the Rev. John N. Whip
ple, of Chester, Mr. James Hetzer and Miss
Mart Ann Shields, both of Olive township.
ONEY FOUND. On the 1st instant,
the subscriber found a quantity of money,
lying in three different places in the streets of
Middleport. The owner can obtain it, by calling
on me, identifying the money, and paying for this
advertisement. V. hl jimkk.
Middleport, April 5, 1853-3w
SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of a writ
v j of vend ex and a writ of plu fi fa to me
directed, from the court of common pleas of Meigs
county, I will offer at public sale, at the Ware
house of Halslon & Stivers, in Pomeroy, on the
lfith day of April instant at one o'clock, P. M.,
Two Barrels of Whisky, levied on as the pioperly
of William Bradshaw, at tne sale of the State
of Ohio. S. BRADBURY, S. M. C.
BY M. B0SW0RTH, Deputy:
ApriU, 1853.
- Notice.
THOSE indebted to the subscriber will find
the amounts of their indebtedness at the
Coal Ridge Mill, Mr. Murdock is authorized to
receipt foi me. JAMES CRARY.
Aprils, 1853-12w3
DR. C. It, HEED.
T7T7"OLTLD respectfully inform the citizens of
r Middleport and vicinity, that he has re
turned from Philadelphia, and permanently lo
cated in Middleport, and is now ready to attend
to all business pertaining to his profession.
References. Profs. Mitchell, Mutter, and
Dunglison, Philadelphia, Pa. C. A. Lee, N. Y,
Smith and Howard, Columbus, 0.
April 5, 1853-12tf.
Dissolution of Co-Partnership.
IV OTICE is hereby given that theco-partner-1
t ship heretofore existine under the name and
style of CRAWFORD & STIER is this day dis
solved by mutual consent. All persons indebted
to the firm, either on note or book account, are
requested to call and make immediate settlement
with Mr. T. 0. CRAWFORD, who is authorized
to attend to all settlements.
March 21, 1853. D. W. STIER.
The subscriber, thankful for the liberal natron
age heretofore bestowed, would respectfully in
form his old customers and the publio generally,
that he continues in business at the old stand.
where he is now receiving his Spring Stock of
oous. 1 . U. UKAWFOKL).
T M. J. FRALL wishes to inform his
f i customers in general, and all mankind
in particular, that he has recently removed his
from his old stand of Front-street, to the laree
and commodious building on Court-street, odo-
site the Court-house, formerly occupied by Seth
Paine, where he keeps constantly on hand every
variety of MUYfcS, of Pittsburg manufacture,
together with all sorts of TIN. SHEET-IRON.
and hulxuw-WAKt;, all of which he offers on
the most reasonable terms for Cash.
"3 EMAINING in the Post Office at Pomeroy,
JLV Ohio, March 31, 1853. Persons calling
for any of the following letters will pleaie say
Atkinson John
Merrick Moses
Michael Thomas
Mclntire Ellen
Mathias David' v
McDaniel James
Mercer Charlotte T
McVeyJ N
Morgan Timothy S
Olney Joel
Oakley Miles
Pairy Edward
Price C
Piatt John
Price Thomas
Prince Maria '
Root John
Rus David John
Roser John
Robison Sarah
Roush George
Roberts Thomas
Bussell Thomas
Itigenhard Ludwig
Sample James N
Smith Belsey
Simson G W
Smith Elizabeth
Slone Elizabeth
Bhutt John
Turner Frederick
Thomas William 3
Thomas Henry A
' Theis Rev L '
Torrance Phcbe
Townsepd Robt
Taylor Ralph
Vorhees Isaac
Vanoliffo Charlotte
Wright David
Weisenback '
Waurm Charles
Wilkinsoa Bcaj.
.Witt A .
.. .Wiakkva Valrnttaa
Brown William
Batey Sarah L
Brady Henry
Bridgman David
Buck Elizabeth
Brunner George
Harringcr Margaret
Barringer Angelihe
Bass Alfred
Cochran Villy
Carrick Wharton
Clark Lewis
Cooley Adeline
Dixon J S
Dawson R
Dunbar Mary E
Davis Hezekiah
Evans Elizabeth
Evans David P
Fahulo John George
Furlaw Abijah
Fleming J P
Fisher Jacob
Flowers R H
Gordpn Joseph
Grim Martin
Gollson Michael
Green Nimrod
Grow Geo. B
Hahn Henry
Hutchinson Wm. L.
Hopkins Margaret
Johnson Hernando
Jones Jane -Jones
Jones J
Loft Ralph .
Lanmouth Joseph
Lasher W J
Lewis WC
Langhead James
Loughlin Patrick
Lonsdale Williaat
Livioue Olivier
Maria Hi
Mr aib-'Wor.-) fftl
We ate How read to erecute all kinds of Job
Work, with neatness anil disi.ntch. Ve hare just
received a supply of fine loiter tnuVsp paper,
ivory-surface cards, and book ink, for job work.
Give Ua calL . , .... , . , i .
HAVE received, and am now opening a part
of my Spring Stock, Consisting, in part, or
Which I am offering at such prices, for the ready
pay, as will induce purchasers to call en me, be
fore purchasing elsewhere.
1 would say to my "old customers," and to as
many new ones as have a tuiad to call, that 1
can give them the best bargains in town, and no
mistake. ' tf t l K. H. STEDMAN. ;
Mi.MiAMn.'ikr.Mk eaiftsa. ' i !
Admlditnatr, Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given, that the undersigned
has been sppoipted Administrator ofthe
:tnte of Nancy McChesney, late of Meigs county,
deceased. HIRAM RUSSELL, Adm'r.
March 21th, 1853. Uw3
, Executor's Notice. .
NOTICE is hereby given, that the undersigned
have been appointed Executors of the estate
of Abraham Johnson, late of Meigs county, de
ceased. ' . SARAH JOHNSON,
March, 24, Uw3
Snrins: Goods. )
JUST RECEIVED, and ready for sale, a supply
of seasonable Roods, consisting of Dry Goods,
Shoes, Boots, Hats, Caps, Bonnets, Trimmings,
Hardware, Uueenswaro, Uroceries, fish, bieel,
Stationary, Books, Window", Glass, Looking-
Glasses, Clocks, Watches, 4d, &e.
Corner of Linden and Front streets.
March 27, 1853-1 lw3. -
A T my instance,' an attachment was this day
issued by S. S. Paine, a Justice of the
Peace of Salisbury township, Meigs county, O.,
aeainst the property and effects of Hamilton
Price, otherwise Hamilton Tarr, a non-resident of
said county. (Said Attachment has been certified
up to the Court of Common Pleas.)
March 24, 1853-11 wS. '
itMtii -v fiitiiiSTlt ,'ltl a t f
1HH new and swift Steamer
Capt. BENEDICT, leaves Pomeroy every Satur-
ay evening, lor Cincinnati, and passes up every
'hursday morning, for Marietta. The JANE
FRANKLIN offers fine accommodations to emi
grants, having a good deck, and also to merchants
and others doing business in Cincinnati, as sue
remains there the whole of every Mondty and
Tuesday. ' llw3
ITS 7" 0ULD respectfully inform the citizens of
v w romeroy and vicinity, that no nas re
turned home, and is ready to attend to the duties
of his profession.
March 29, 1853.W3.
RESPECTFULLY informs the citizens of this
vicinity that he has opened a new Jewelry
establishment on Court street, west side, a few
doors above Front, where he keeps constantly on
hand a full assortment of WATCHES, CLOCKS,
ud JEWELRY. Time-pieces purchased at this
establishment warranted for one year. Ilw3
St., East Side, 3 doors above 4th
St., Cincinnati. A large assortment of
embracing every quality and color of CLOTHS,
UASSlMtKES, and VKST1JNUS, constantly on
hand, and will be manufactured to order with the
utmost neatness and dispatch. We warrant both
the texture of our goods and a FASHIONABLE
FIT. " ' '
Our assortment of
will be found one of the most complete in the
city, embracing every style of Coats, Pants, and
vests, made of the best of Goods, and in the best
style, being equal to any custom work. Also, a
large assortment of
Gentlemen's Furnishing: Goods.
Persons wishing any article of CLOTHING
would do well to give us a call, and may rely up-
being fairly dealt with, having but OJNli
'RICE and no deviation.
CAPITAL, $100,000.
r.sconrosATED bv the leoislaturc or omo.
This Company insures Polices st the follow ins
Rates for 81000, and in Proportion for a larger
Age. Joint stock rstcs. Mutuil rates.
20 years 11 80 f 7 70
25 " 13 60 20 40
30 15 80 23 60
15 " 18 40 ' 57 60 "
40 " 52 40 S2 00
45 " 25 60 37 30
60 " 32 80 48 30
The above rates are the annual payments for
the whole term of life. For seven years the rate
is 331 per cent. less. Whenever the Premium
under the Mutual Rate amounts to 840 or more,
one half may be paid in a Premium Note, and
one half cash.
JOHN E. MARSHALL, President.
MERRICK B. DEAN, Secretary. ,
W. W. KIMBALL, Vice President. 1
G. C. WOOD, Consulting Physician.
DIRECTORS. Merick B. Dean, W. F. Smith,
E. Marshall, W. W. Kimball, Lott Dean, C.
By the payment of the following annual depoS'
ites, you will become a life member, and will be
entitled to a weekly benefit during life, if you
should be disabled, by sickness or accident, from
attending to your ordinary business or occupa
tion. Females can also become members of the
Association. . ' '
The Association will not be responsible for any
money paid to Agents above the'admission Fco of
si. ou, unless such Agents areiurmshed with
r. -1 i i, . ... ' .... .
ruiicies iu collect, nu who juid mis associS'
tion are entitled to a vote in theielsetion of ofU
cers, and to participate in the profits of the Asso
ciation. )
By paying $2.00 per year, draw ty.00 per week
4 00 " "
A 00 "
6 00 " "
7 00 " "
8 00 "
9 00 " "
10 00 " "
16 00
4t nn
ID 00
tTThe first week excepted.
Those over fifty years of age will be ehareed
Iwenty-five per cent, extra SI 6i) Admission Fee
will be charged in addition to theabove, the first
year, and must be Paid at the time of makini sd
plication, and the first year's depoiit within thirty
REFERENCES. His Excel. Reuben Wood.
Columbus, O. His Excel. JosephlA. WriRht, In
diana. Ex. Gov. Wm. Johnson. Ilarrisburir. Pa.
Hon. Richard Brnadhead, U. S.lSenator. His
Excel. Austin A. King, Jefferson City, Mo. His
fcxeet. Aug. u. French, Springrieli, 111. Ex.Gov.
David Wallace, Indianapolis, 14. His Excel,
Alex. H. Ramsey. Minnesota.. Prof, S. H.Smith,
Columbus, O. Hon. Geo. W. Julian, Centrcville,
la. Rev. Samuel Williams. Pittsllure, la.
CrNci.tN ATI. Hark ness, Moore a Co.. Front
street. Nilcs & Co., East Conurtss St. G. W
Coffin & Co., Columbia st. Geo. W. Hanks.
u. Mussey, M. D. N. Goshornf Pearl st. W
E. Marsh, Gait house, Sixth st. J; Beven, Wash
ingtonP ound'y. J ames L. K ulTi4 City Marshal,
JNtw Airant, Ia. Messrs. Brinks & Brown
Plummet & Bushnell. Lent. Sopth. and Ship
man. Moody and Hillyer. Miltojl Gregg 4 Sobk
wm. n. weir, fcq.
Losisviixa, Kr. D. 6t J. Wright At f o. H
B. baialds. Hoa- Willisn P. Ti"ob.
ifty U ktl it 1:J ogtt, tal is fU?re
pared for the reception of Applicant for Lifa or
Health Insurance."" ' - . r "
.He is alibT well prepared for performing DEN
TAL SURGERY, in a style of neatness,: ease,
and durability. Surpassed by none. All work
warranted, and ktpt in repair free of charge.
Terms Cash or Produce. Office on Front St.,
inrRimiiigtons llrick, up tlairs. , " , .. ... ,
"Mar. 21. 1852-lOtf. ' .-.,..
EVERYBOBY needs CMhinp, and 111 put
rchase Clothing of some kind goodbad, oi
indifferent, f There is nh abundance of Clothing
lnthe flwket,iioh as it is. . But GOOD, SUB
no means so abundant. . - n .
Those who wish to purchase a GOOD ARTI
CLE ats VHRY LOW PRICE, should not neg
lect minn? at The
On Court Stteet, one door above the corner,
where Messrs. ,)!'. t
Are manufacturing, under thn supervision of in
Every variety or MEN'S and BOY'S CLOTH
ING. A Spleudid Assortment always ou
ALSO, Cloths, Cassimcres, Vestings, 4c.
ET Work done to order at the shortest notice.
' An examination of our Stock is all tho recom
mendation that is necessary.
Remember the place, in the New Brick, on
Court St., one door above Front.
Pomeroy, March 21-10tf.
Pomeroy, March 21, 1852.
Sile by
SUGAR Ac MOLASSES-Dy the bbl. for
sale by W. STIVERS.
PANY, No. 54. Wood-fct , Pitts,
burgh, Respectfully invite the attention of
Merchants to the very large stock of
Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods,
which they now offer for sale a large proportion
of which was purchased last fall, before the ad
vance in prices and with our new styles of
SPRING FABRICS, will be offered at as small
advance as can be bought in any market.
PRINTS Of every make and price;
GINGHAMS Domestic and Imported;
LAWNS French, Scotch, and Aniericaa,
Berege Delaines, De Begcs, Mnussclaines;
Turkey-red Plate and figured Keds;
Orleans' ALPACCAS All prices and colors;
Lama, Coburg, Mohair CLOTHS;
Plain and figured DRESS SILKS;
Satins, Marcellines, Grenadines;
Poplins, silk and cotton and linen Lustres:
Irish Linens, plaid Linens, and every variety of
Linen Goods, all of our own importation;
RIBBONS Bonnet, Neck, Mantua, &c as
large an assortment as kept in Silk Houses;
SUMMER STUFFS Men's and Boys' wear, very
large stock and variety Tweeds, Cashmaretts,
Cottinades, Jeans, and Satinetts all prices,
colors, and grades;
GASSIMERES Newest styles, fancy and plain;
VbSTlWUS silk, woollen, and Marseilles;
BROAD CLOTHS Belgian and Domestic, black
and fancy colors;
Linen Drills, Serges, Paddings, 4te. ;
Laces, Veils, White Goods, Embroideries, Ger
man and English Hosiery, Lisle Thread and
Silk Gloves and Mitts;
Every kind Notions and Variety Goods;
BROWN S1IEF.TJNGS-AU widtbo and quali
BLEACHED SHIRTINGS All widths and qual
ities; Cotton and Woolen FLANNEL?;
iickings, Diapers, Drillings, Osnaburgi, Shirt
ing, ouipes, uetnms, sc., &c.
We shall keep our assortment fresh and full
throughout the season, and solicit an examina
tion from any one disposed to purchase.
jruuourgn, marcn t, isa3.
What can be got for Five rolllrs!!
''IHE undersigned have entered into an ar
rangement by which they agree to furnish
the Knickerbocker Mauazine. (monthlv.l the
Home Journal, (weekly,) and the Musical World
nd limes, (weekly,) to new subscribers, at the
cry moderate price of five dollars a vrar for the
three publications; all orders, enclosing that
amount to Dyer & Willis, will be promptly at-
icuucu to.
Publisher of the Knickerbocker.
Publishers of the Home Journal.
Publishers of the Musical World and Times,
257 Broadway, New York.
Grnnd Literary and Artistic Com.
Arrangements have been made to furnish the
Knickerbocker Maoazine, the Home Jocrnal,
and the New Yoaa MusrcAL World and Times,
to new subscribers, for five dollars a year!
This is cheap literature, with a vengeance. The
Knickerbocker is 13 per annum; the Home Jour,
nal, $2; and the Musical World and Times. S3:
making $8 a year, at the usuol rates. That three
such woiks can be obtained for eive dollars a
year, is a fact truly worthy the CALoaio age,
which is lust nrw being ushered in. Of the
Knickerbocker Maoazine, editetl by Lewis Gav
lord Clark, it is unnecessary to speak. For
twenty years it has bten the most genial, humor
ous, and spicy "monthly" in the world; and the
present volume will be better than any which
precded it. The Home Journal, edited by Geo.
Morris, and N. P. Willm, is well known as
the best family newspaper in America; and the
Mvsical World and Times, edited by Richard
Storrs Willis, with Lowell Mason, Geo. II.
Curtis, Tiiouas Hastings, Wm. B Bracbuut,
Geo. F, Root, and other musical writers contrib
uting; and which gives, among other things, over"
S25 worth of music and a full course of instruc
tion in harmony annually, is Die very best musi
cal Journal ever published. These three publi
cations will post a family up in regard to nearly
every thing worth knowing Art, Science, Liter
ature; Music, Painting, Sculpture; Inventions,
Discoveries; Wit, lltimnr, fancy, sentiment; the
Newest Fashions and other attractions for Ladies;
Choice New Music for the Sabbath, tho Church,
and the Fireside; Reviews and Criticisms of Mu
sical Works, Performers and Performances; in
short, the very pink and cream of Novelty, Inci
dent, History, Biography, Art, Literature, and
Science; including whatever can be given in pe
riodicals to .promote Healthy Amusement and
Solid Instruction in the family, and help to make
it Better, W iser, and Happier, may now be ob
tained for five dollars. Address DYER A, WIL
LIS, 257 Broadway.
For the Spring Trade.
Boots, Shoes, Hats and Leather,
AVAIL themselves of this opportunity of in
forming the publio that they have again
received the largest and most complete assort
ment of BOOTS AND SHOES ever offered in this
market, which were purchased from the manu
facturers and selected with that care and cau
tion which a practical knowledge of the business
and a firm conviction of the intrinsic value of a
No. 1 artiole, advised us to exert. Profiting by
this experience, we have used our best endeav
ors to procure such goods as would best promote
the interests ot ourselves and customers.
ALSO A superior lot of hats to which your at
tention is most earnestly invited; which consists
in a eoori assortment of Fashionable
Sillt, Iteitvcr, Otter, Brush, Kossuth,
. JUacyar una Cuss lints,
Of the latest styles and most tasty designs, all of
which were laid In under such circumstances as
will enable us to give satisfactory bargains to all
who may lavor us with lueir call.
Portsmouth, March 4.
NOTICE is hereby given to all persons it'
terestcd, that, at my instance, a writ of at
tachmcnt was this day issued by L. S. Townscnd,
a J ustirs of the Peace of tho township of Scipio,
ia the soun'y of Meigs, against tha goods, chat
tels, rights, credits, moneys, and affscM of Janes
I Howell, a noa wrdMt. debtor.
Ifcrck 8', A. t. TPM.-1Hr3
AiKl'for tlioe who have Money or
... , ., Property. ......
DO yoit want to sell or mortgage any Real
Estate . ,
Hare you a bond and mortgage you wish to sell"
Have yon Houses, Taverns, or Lots, that you
wish to sell or h ase? - "
Have you a Mill, Factory, Foundry, Tsnnery,
or other manufacturing establishment, that you
wish .to veil or rent , . s .-. : -: .' S
Have you iron ore, coal, potters' or fire clay, or
other minerals, you wish to sell or have worked on
shares? .
Have you land that you would like to have
drained or cleared, by contract or on shares i
Have you water power that you wish to sell,
improve, or rent?
Do you want additional capital, or a partner in
your business? -.
Do you want to sell your Hock of merchandise.
Do you want to form a Company to create cap
ital for any specific object?
Do you wish to exchange your property for oth
er property?
Do you want in your neighborhood, mills,
fuunderies, tanneries, or other manufactories!
Have you an well testkd improvement in
machinery, or in the arts, which you want to sell,
or which you want the means to manufacture? ..
If you have any of the above wants, or others
of a similar character, and will cncltse to our
address, (post paid,) a legible, clear, and exact
description of them; and if property, its locality,
proximity to canal, railroad, or navigable water,
to churches, schools, mills, stores, etc., the low
est terms on which you will sell, mortgage, lease,
or otherwise dispose of i'.; and if you will en
close to us a Registration fee of 81, (the receipt
of which will be acknowledged,) your want shall
be recorded in our Register, and your letter placed
on the file designated for your Stale and County,
for the inspection, free of charge, of these who
arc sccKing to purchase, lease, exchange, or in
We make no charge to any for examining our
Register and files. , When they make known their
wishes, they are referred to your own statement
of your wants; and as we have Maps of the dif
ferent States, and of such Counties as we have
been nblo to procure; and as we employ sgents
to visit the different steamers and vessels that
arrive with Immigrants, (of whom fam 1,0C0 U
5,000 are daily arriving,) and as wc also have
agents to distribute our Circulars am'ng the stran
gcrs at the Hotels; and as wc advertise in the
principal Papers in the City of New York, tin!
also in various lorms throughout allot itiebt.ilcs,
ss well as in the different countries of Europe,
from which lmmigruiits come, and where wc ex
pect one of our firm will for the present reside,
and where also we shall have sgmi'S in ll,c prin
cipal Torts of embarkation, inviting all who wish
to purchase, exchange, lease, or invest, to visit
our office, without ciiarse,
Wc are confident that we offer a better me
dium of making your wants known to those who
desire to know them, and ol sec units the cud you
desire, than any other mode yet practiced.
The best place fur you to effect a sale, lecic,
exchange, or loan on your property, is in its un
mediate vicinity. If you cannot do it there, the
next best place is in the City of Mew iork. Or,
if you want Immigrants or Settlers of any class,
here is the place to obtain them:
Because here, at all times and seasons, there
are from 30,000 to 70,000 strangers, many of whom
are seeking for investments or homes.
Because there are probably 100,000 who want
to remove from the City or its vicinity.
Because here is concentrated a great prcnor
tion of the surplus capital of the Union, seeking
Because here, money is ordinarily worth frnn.
5 to 7 per cent, per annum, on undoubted secu
rity; while you can afford to give as ample secu
rity, or other inducement, where it would product
greater talc of interest, cither in annual iucuruc
or increased value.
Because here, an examination of our files will
inform those seeking to investor settle, where
the property is to be found which they seek.
Because here there is an opportunity to ex
change Conntry or other city Property, for Prop
crty in this city or its vicinity.
Because a person, by spending a few hours in
our olhce, without charge, can obtain more infor
motion of the property in market throughout the
country, and thv wants of community, than by
months of travel.
Because, finally, here in the Commercial Me
tropolis, where is concentrated the money and
wants of a vast multitude throughout this and
other countries, by recording the opposite, but
corresponding wants of our own countrymen
both parties, those who wish to purchase, and
those who desire to sell, can be mutually bene
In the description of property, be careful not
to over-estimate its advantages in any respect
for if you do, and we should send you a pur
chaser, his comparison of the reality with you
statement might defeat your object. When you
property is sold, or otherwise disposed of, it is re
quired that we shall be informed of the fact. As
we do not propose to sell, but negotiate, and send
purchasers to the owners, no special authority to
us is requisite; but when it is desired that we
should sell, authority must be given.
Our Commissions on sales, exchanges, Ac, are
2 percent. The raising of companies, and other
matters requiring special negotiation, will be sub
ject to special agreement.
Several Farms in the same neighborhood often
find a more ready sale than a siuele l'arin, j lui
migrants desire to remain in Companies.
bku:nsu.n, kin a f r a cu.
Real Estate and Property Brokers,
116 Broadway, New York.
Courtlandt Palmer, Esq., 177 Broadway. N. Y
Hon. Alvin Bronson, Oswego, N. Y.
Gov. Wood, Ohio. Ex-Gov. Ford, Ohio.
Hon, H. W. Thompson, Ia.
Hoh. D. A. Noble, Mich.
Hon. J. R. Williams, Mich.
Hon. Robert Smith, III.
Hon. J. R. I'ndeiwood, Ky.
Hon. A. C. Dodge, Iowa.
Hon. J. D. Doty, Wisconsin.
For further par:iculars, inquire of
Ed. "Meigs County Telegraph," Pomeroy, O
riMIE eo-partnership heretofore existing be
I tween E. H. & A. STEDMAN, is this day
dissolved by mutual consent.
IS. II. Stcdman is authorized to se.tie all bun
ncss of the firm. E. 11. STEDMAN,
Middleport, 0 , March 10, 1853.
The business will be continued by the subseri
ber, at the old stand, where may be found a good
assortment oi all kinds of seasonable goods, at a
small advance above cost for the ready pay. All
kinds of Produce taken in exchange for goods or
old debts. E- 11. STEDMAN
N. B. Desirous of having the business of the
late firm settled soon, all rersoni owing said firm
either on note or bonk account, are requested to
call snd pay immediately. E. 11. S.
Middleport, U., March 10, lbfiJ.
r-IHEWING TOBACCO, for sale low for cash
by u. o l fcD.uA.v
O Cash.
For sale by the barrel, low for
J for Cash, by E. II. STEDMAN.
Good assortment. Low for Cash, by
OOK STOVES, snd all kinds of Hollow-ware
y low loruash, by a. it. si tuaiAN
AISINS, by the box,
Lucy Chase's) Estate.
V OTICE is hereby given that the subscriber ha
J been appointed and qualified as adiuinistru
tor on the estate of Lucy Chase, late of Meiji
County, deceased.
March 8. !8-a-w3 E. II. STEDMAN,
Valuable Town Property for Su!c.
run subscriber oners the louowmg
rtT. valuable property at private sale, on rea
sonablc terms, vis: Throe lots, each fifty
.&! 'eet "ont "itu1" on Water-street.
Also, two large lots on Front-streot, containing
about an acre and a half, running bacH to the t
of the hitl. On one of these lots are two dwcl
ling houses and a barn; snd on the other large
and commodious dwelling (the residence cf the
subsenrerj, sad a barn. -For
tanker particulars issaire of
fcrrtfrMrfeli 1?, lies Sr.
'A '" mas
i l l rr .! .4
JIASOXIC.-.-rouicroj' Lc4gc.
ldlr-Siate.l .Meetings, tb Monday
on or before the luu moon in ect
llall in Murphy's building, Sacuud st.
I. O. 0.'l Naomi Lodze
V?3VXo- HT Meotinrs on eerrFday
Evening. Hall u Edwards' buudwc,
Welfare DiiHien. So. OU, Son
jFA'fciof Temperance, Meetings every Saturday
Evening. Hall in DeCanip's building. v' 1
Salisbury Division IV.' 909
i'SjSonsof Temperance Meetings on Saturday
liveiungs. llall, uicj s building Aliauicpt,r
'- Cn stal Fount Itvilon tfo. I
S&TSons and Daughturs of Tmiiperanee uieet
sww ings every Saturday aftctnoou at U Sons'
Hall in Pomeroy. , , '
C1I V'UC il'RS.
Protestant Episcopal Rev. Thohas B.
Dooi.et, Rector: Services every Sabbath luoraiug,
at 101 o'clock. ;; ''
I'rclytcri!in Rev. R Wilkinson, Pastrl
Services every Sabbath morning at 101 o'clock
Methodist Episcopal 1U. J. F. G:vei
aster: Servtci satthe upper church ou alternate
abbath mornings, at 10 o'clock at lower church,
every Sabbath afternoon, at 3 o'clock. Vr ; ,
German Methodist- Rer. Mr. CxrxR,
Services every Sabbatl. morning.
German I.allieian ?.ev, Mr. Haul,
Services every Sabbath morning. ' . ' '
Iloinail Catholic Rev Tutor mili-i Kraes
Priest: Services every Sabbath morning. ;
Rew Jerusalem Church Rev. C. C.
Giles, Minister Strvidcs in Pomeroy Academy
every other Sabbath, st 3 o'clock P. M.
l. IllMIMEU, . s m
Merchant Tailor Hi Clothier.
No. 4 Main street, Middle port, Ohio, ..
J Ol'LD respectfully inform his frierds suit
the publio generally, that l. still eon-
i n ucs the above business W the l,ivn.f Middle-
o t, where he has on hand a larre slnrk of
Suiiable fur Men and Biy.s' wear, which l.e is
prepared to make up in the must l-'asl.ii nail
Style. He also keeps on hand a larje tnd !
slock of
Rcatiy-Maue Clothing,
CONbU'li'G t
Cualt, Yttt$, 1'atits. Slurlt, Cullart. and
JJ tiwrs.
In fact every article of Men's wear ('extent Hats
and Slu.es, ) which will be Joid as low as can be
bouplitany where slc-ng the Ohio liiver.
His King e.perit-nce hi the business, snd the
assurance that he will employ nene but ili( mst
experienced wrrkir.en, will be a guarantee lo
those who n ay favor him with their cusum that
Ins work will be done up in a style that cannot
but please the most fastidious.
Also Custom Wirk dciie, custr.mets furnish-
ng their own cloth. Cutting dene mi ll.e shrlt-
st nutise, and warranted to lit if pn.rcrlv made
P- Middlepurt, deWl-5Pyl
3X3 EIG. TJ ssra- fK3
I VAKILS HELD is n w receiving, direct fruin
I J the eastt rn markets, a large and well se-
e'ed stock of
Drugs, Medicines, Client leal. Die.
Stalls, Dental and Siiifirieui In.
fttrumcnts, 1'eri'uineiy. TooiU
and Hair Brushes, Combs,
Ciold and Steel Paw,
Stationery. Ac..
All of which have been purchased Verv lew for
cash, and are offered at n small profit.
I l.snr.!ut to lus old Irieuds and tustomrrs'for
the very liberal patr.innge heretofore extended to
him, he is determined tluit his customers iliall I a
satisfnd, if genuine nr'.icles and low prices, with
strict attention to business will do it.
Wholesale and Retail.
A LL who wish anything in tliu way of Drnf.
f Medicines. Chemicals. Oils. l!v Kmrr.
Brushes, Paints, Varnish s, Perfumery, Instiu-
inents, .
For Medical purposes onlv.1 or an vthinc elie in
the Druggists' line of business, will please call
On Front street, Middleport, Ohio, where rny
be f.und a general assortment of such articles,
Cloud and Pure, at the lowest 'cash prices, for
ready pay; toRether with
Seme approved Patent and Family Medicines, and
a variety of Concentrated .Preparations and Medi
cines, put up by the proprietor and others for tha
use oi eclectic and Physioimthic Physicians.
Merchants, Druecists, Physicians, and all
others are invited to call and see if they can la
pleased. Dli. J. DAVIS, Lrucrist.
Midilleport, O., dcc2l-50vl
W employment and liberal waccs will
D be given to pood Miners at the Cannel Coal
Mines on Little Ccal Kivcr.
N MIDDLEPORT. The Lot is of good sire,
and well situated for business. The Buildine
is calculated for a dwelling and store, and at
present occupied by Dr. Larher as a DrugS'ore.
ror terms, which will be reasonable, apply t
ROOT, atlioininir the nremises. or to L.
POWELL, near the mouth of Leading creek.
anuuiepori, leb-c
OFFICE of the Probate Court ot
Itleigs County. Soiliruiout of Ac
countsAll persons interested will lake no
tice that the following aeoonnts have been filed in
this olliee fur settlcinunt, to wit: final accounts
of Joseph Maurk, Administrator of tlu estate of
l-.li 6itUcr, deceased. And the same will be
heard and settled on tin 21th day of March,
M. IIECKAKD, Probate Judje.
march l.SwJ pd.
DR. J. RATIIBURN having permanently lo
cated in Middleport, O., with the view of
praetisinc medicine and surtrtry. respectfully 10
licits the attention of the pnblic.
Prof's Mussey it Judkins, Cin., O. Howard.
Columbus, O. - April 1 3m.
IMIE Proprietors have rented nn extensive suits
of rooms on the curner of Fourth aid Syca
more streets, adjoining their Eating rooms, and;
are fitting them up in a suilablestylefortlte pur
pose of furnishing lodging apartments to gentle
men or families in connection wilh their Eating
L-siauusnmcui. r.iLts a u nr.t.Ltu,
130 Sycaninre-street.
Regular Pomeroy and
r-wJC'incinnaH Packet '
&&&Zi "ijv ir.usji' jonu asru
huker, Master. Will make regular weekly
trips between the above points, as follows!
Leaves l'oineroy every iMonaay at lu o'clock, a W,
" Cincinnati " Thursday, o clocK, p. m.
ThcREVHILLE having been ro-fitted and fur
nished for the above trade, will leave punctually
at the time mentioned. Business entrusted to
her care promptly attended to, , , f
ept at o-u 1
1"U1E Partnership of the undersigned ia tha
. flouring business, under the firm of It.
Campbell & Co., was dissolved on the 24th day
of January, 1663, by mutual consent. The uni
settled business of the firm may be settled If
either of law undersized. ''- '
Racine, March 1, 1883. w3. ' ,
; Kotieo to Towu&hlp Akueora. i
riMIE Towship Arswsorsof Meigs county ana
I requested to meet st the County Auditor's
office in Poincruy, ou Friday, the 8th day of April,
fur the purpuseot' examining the provisions nl thy
now tas law, and adopting a uniform understand
ing of its requirements. At which time sad p.ace,
pamphlet copies oi the Tax La, a ad blank tab
lular torsss fox the aio nf A lessors, wilVb read,
' ffi Mnrj. . feAUlLA',A(i4.i.

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