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.' , .. j. -- . J
No. 88.1 AN ACT. '; I
Further defining the duties of County Trcns
urers. ' ' ' 1 '
' " Section 1. Be it ena-cted. by the Gencfa.1
Assembly of the' Stale of Ohio, That here
after the treasurer . of each county in this
Stale, wliichr' according to the last Federal
census, ' had a population of less than one
hundred thousand inhabitants shall retain
m ins hands lor disbursement, as nereinm-i
. . i r
ter primded, all the taxes by him c
ollectCU, I
which shall have been . levied for any pur
pose whatever within the township, in which
by law the-county treasury is located, wheth
er for township purposes, school purposes,
or the purposes of municipal corporations,
also all funds of verv kind which shall be
paid into the county treasury, and are appli
cable to anv such purposes within (he lim
its of aforesaid townshin: riovided, That
this section shall not apply to taxes levied
wr state purposes.
Sec. 2. The said taxes, thus retained by
said county treasurer, shall be disbursed by"
liini as follows: '
The taxes collected under the levy made
fcy the township trustees, for all purposes,
hall be paid out on the order of the said
trustees, or any two of them.
The taxes collected under the levy made
by the council of any municipal corporation
within said township, shall be paid out on
the order of such person or persons, as may
be be appointed by the council of said cor
poration. ,,
' The taxes collected under a levy, made
toy the township board of education, organ
ized under the "act for the re-organizalion,
supervision and maintainanoe of common
schools," passed March 14, 1853, shall be
paid out on the order of such person or per
sons, as said board of education may pre
scribe. The taxes collected under a levy, made
by a board of education, organized under
the "act for the support and better regula
tion of common schools in the town of Ak
ron," passed February 8, 1 847, and the acts
amendatory, thereof, or under the "act for
the better regulation of common schools in
towns and cities, &e," passed February 21,
1849, and thu acts amendatory thereof,
shall be paid out on the written order of the
president of said board, countersigned by
tl.e secretary of the same.
Sec. 3. That said county trensuicr shall
settle and account witli the several boards of
township trustees and of education, and with
the council of municipal corporation herein
named, as often as is or may be provided
for the settlement of the tlcasurers of town
ship and municipal corporations respec
tively. Sue. 4. That hereafter there shall not be
elected within the limits of the township, in
which by law the office of county treasurer
is located, any township treasurer, nor any
treasurer of a municipal corporation, and
no person shall bo allowed any compensa
tion for the disbursements of the taxes here
in required to be disbursed by said county
treasurer: Provided, That the provisions of
tins section shall not apply to municipal cor
porations, in which the taxes of such cor
poration are solicited by its treasurer.
bpcoker of the House of linpsosenintivos.
J'resiUuni ol the tserraio
Apiil 8, 1856.
No. 98. AN ACT
To amend an act entitled "an
the jurisdiction and regulating the prac
tice of Probate Courts' passed March
14, 1853
: Section 1. He it enacted by the General
.Assembly of the -Slate of Ohio, That in
counties in this State where the Probate
Judges have jurisdiction of certain crimes
and offences, it shall not be lawful for said
judges to quash any information filed by the
prosecuting attorneys, because ot any tie
i'ect or error in the papers or proceeding of
any justice of the peace or mayor, before
whom the original examination in the case
was had. . Provided that no information
shall be filed by such prosecuting attorney
before such judge for any offence not speci
lied in the transcript from tho docket of
such justice of the peace or mayor,
Sko. 2. The prosecuting attorney of any
. such county may file his information origi
nally in ttiH probate court without a prelim
mary hearing before nn examining court,
upon the proper affidavits hem;;. filed there
in, and the judge shall issue his warrant for
the arrest of the defendant, w"ho, when ar
rested, shall be taken before said judge and
thereupon to be recognized to appear at the
next term of the said court, or in delault
thereof to be committed to the jail of the
proper county. This act to be in force from
und after its passage.
; Speaker of the House of Reprpseniaiives
President of the Senate.
i April II, 1850.
lTo. 100. AN ACT .
further to amend nn act entitled "an act to
prevent nuisances," passed Feb. 20, 1 83 1 ,
I' " and to repeal the act passed March 25,
.1851, entitled' "an act fuither to amend
: an act entitled nn act to prevent nuisan-
ces," passed Feb. 28, 1831.
Section 1. Be it enacted by the General
Assembly of the State of Ohio, That every
house or buildhng situate within this State,
used or occupied as a house of ill fame, or
for the purposes of prostitution, shall be held
and deemed a public nuisance; and any per
son owning, or having the control of, as
guardin, lessee, or otherwise, such house
1 or building, Rod knowingly leasing or sub
letting the samo in whole or In part, for the
J impose ot keeping therein a houso of ill
ame. and knowinclv nermittinc the snmn
. to be uaed or occupied for such purpose, or
. occupying tuo same lor such purpose, shall,
' 'for every such-offence, bo deemed guilty of
... , misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof,
..shall be fined in any sum not exceeding one
hundred dollars, or imprisonment for a term
t not less than thirty days, nor more than sjx
months, or both, at , tho discretion of the
' court. '.".',
! " Sid. 2. That the-uee or occupation by
.me lessee or tenant ot any houso or building,
. or any part thereof, for the purposes pro
V hibited in the first section of this set, shall
i bo held by the courts of this State, good
. cause on' the part of the owner, or lessor to
. avoid the. agreement cf lease or, renting, and
, tote-enter at any time and take possession
of such houso or building. . .
.:V6ko. 3- 'TI,nt tlie aet PflS8ed March 25,
jailor, eiHiile'J"'ftn act further to amend an
H'.l wii'ii.!tiu' ,uq Attl . to. prevent nuts-tiies,"
tTtiusfid ieb.'23, 1831, bo and the same ;is
hereby lepnaled."' .' j
v I
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
April 11, 185G.
No. 101. AN act;
To protect Agricultural Fairs, and Fair
Section 1. Be it enacted by the General
Assembly of the Slate of Ohio, That it shall
be lawful for any justice of the peace, on
the application of any of the officers of any
state, county, township or any independent
or industrial assocm-
. . : a cnilnHln nnmhfr nf RTiflfillll
UUU. .V, J,J,V,.... -r
constables, to assist in keeping tho peace
durmsr the time when such society shall De
holding their annual fairs, and make an en
try in his docket of the number and names
of all such as he shall appoint.
Sec. 2. All such constables so appointed
shall havo all the power of constables-to
suppress riots, disturbances and breeches of
the peace; they may, upon view, arrest any
person or persons who may De guuiy oi vio
lating any of tho laws of tho statc,may pur
sue any person fleeing from justico in any
part of the state; to apprehend any and all
persons in the act of committing any offence
a -ainst the laws thereof, and may, upon rea
sonable information, supported by affidavit,
procure process for the arrest of any person
or psrsons who may be charged with a
breach of the peace, and forthwith bring such
person or persons before the competent au
tlmtihr. and enforce all tho laws for the
rirfiM.rvatian of trood order.
Seo. 3. $ person shall be allowed to
If ppn nr. v shop, booth, tent, wau'on, or oth
er carriage, vessel or boat, or any stand or
tjihlfi for the sale of any spirituous or other
liquors, or sell or expose to sell, give, barter
or OlherwiSt Oispose ui, m ur iiuiu buuu biiuj);
hoot i. lent, Tvaeon or omer carriage, ves-
sel, boat, staid or table, or in any other
way or place, any spirituous, or other liquors,
at or within the uVswicc oi iwu mnc uuw
the place whero any such agricultural fairs
are held.
Seo. 4. That any .crso.n or persons who
shall be guilty of a breach of tJis act, ana
shall be notified by any one of tf e officers
authorized to make an arrest or seizure, oi
by any other person that Jic, sho or tney
are violating the law; and if, airer sucn -tice,
such person shall continue in such vio
lation, he, she, or they, shall forfeit and pay
for such offence, a fine of not less than live,
nor moro than fifty dollars, to be psid over
to the treasury of such agricultural society
where the offence was committed; and any
judge of the court, sheriff, coroner, justice
oi tho peace ot tho proper county, or any
constable of the proper township, or the
oonstables especially appointed, shall, upon
view or infoimation, without warrant, ap
prehend any person so offending, and seize
such booth, tent or wagon, or other car
riage, stand, vessel or boat selling spiritu
ous or other liquor, and convey the 6ame to
a place of sate keeping, and take the person
so offending before some officer having com
petent jurisdiction, together with an inven
tory of the things seized, and the officer be
fore whom such alleged offender 6hall be
brought, shall proceed forthwith to inquire
into the truth of the accusation, and if true,
shall enforce the penalties of this act.
Seo. 5. If the accused shall fail to pay
euch fines as shall be assessed, together with
all of the costs of proceedings, including
the necessary expenses of such seizure, the
said officer before whom such offender was
tried, shall forthwith issue a ventitioni ex
ponas, commanding any constable of the
hownship in which such Inquiry shall be
Tlield, to make the une and costs, necessary
expenses, and costs of execution by sale of
So much of tho property as shall be neces
sary therefor, and make return thereof with
in ten dnys thereatter.
Sbc. G. That in the execution of the ven
ditiom exponas, the said constable, at least
ten days before the sale, shall advertise the
property to be sold, at two of the most pub
lic places ot the township, where the samo
is to bo sold, at ouo of which placos, to be
designated in the notice, between the hours
often o'clock A. M. and four o'clock P. M.,
said sale shall be held, said constable first
selling or offering for sale, the articles which
tho offender brought ofl to the ground for
traffic, and the overplus of the property so
seized n3 aforesaid, after the satisfaction of
said venditioni exponas shall be delivered to
the defendant on demand; but if ho Ehall
fail to demand the samo for ten days after
such sale, the same shall become forfeited to
tho said agricultural society, and if the prop
erty so seized shall be found insufficient to
satisfy said venditioni exponas and costs of
execution, said justice of the peace shall, at
any time thereatter, on request of the treas
urer of said society, issue a fieri facias to
collect the ballance thereof.
April 11, 1856.
Speaker of the House of Representatives,
President pro tern of tho Senate;,;
Sbcretart of Statb'b Office,
Columbus, April 14, 185G. ' S
I hereby certify that the foregoing acts
are correctly copied from the original rolls
on nie m.tnis oince.
Secretary of .Stale.
Auditoh'b Office, ) ;
PoMERor, April 25, 1850. J
I certify that the foregoing laws are cor
rectly copied from the original copy fur
nished by the Secretary of State.
" Auditor Meigs County.
THE SUMMER TERM of this Institution will
commmenee on ' '.
Wednesday, April 50, 1856.
I Aj A. KEEN, A. M.i I kincipal.
Mrs. A. C. D. KEEN, Assistant, and Teacher
of Music and urawing.
Tuition SO, 86,50, and 1 8 per quarter, ac
cording to studies pursued. ' -
I'iano instruction, 88 per quarter of 24 lessons.
Drawing 84 , '
The Academy has an extensive Philosophical
and Chemical apparatus, and Cutter's large Out
line Anatomical J'lntes.
Board 82,25 per week. Deduction will be
made if students furnish thoir own rooms.
Those wishing to board themselves, can oh'
tain rooms of the Principal free of charge.
Further information will be given onjipplica
tiofl to the Principal.:
. ' .fly order of the Board of Trustees.
C. R. POMEROY, Secretary.
Pomeroy, April 22, I860 nl2
ipeciil meeting
O of .he board of School Examiners will bo
held nt tie Academy rooms 'in Pommy on Sat
urday the I7tli day of May; and the next quar
terly examination 'will' be held on Saturday the
12ih day of July A. D. 1550. Teachers expect
ing certinVates will he (ircien! a.1 no candidate
will bo t'Miuiiwd erceijiwit tiia rrrnlnr niuetiiiir
of the Ilonid. Hy order rt)'tbi PoarJ.
May 8, 130. 1 U, 8. GROW, Cl'k.
UT-CT. VVTi - -
"' Front-street, below
WOULD respectfully announce to tne puoiic nereauuui, manney nnv iuiunucu inn en
tire stock of R. P- Robbins &. Co., and having replenished, will continue the same busi-
Thpv are constantly receiving additions to tlieit
every thing usually found in a Grocery store, such as- j . r, '
T.n c.nir. Rnnar. Molasses, ioap, Candles, Fish, Bacon, Hams, Dried Beef, Cheese,
Rice. Lard. Lard Oil, Dried Fruit, Oranges, Lemons, Fui$ of allhinds, Candies of
..;nn Snirex. tickles, i'eserves, ccc.
All of whioh will bfesold in large or small qunntities, at the lowest CINCINNATI PItl"
cm.-b r rjich. nr pvehnnped for CUUNTH
The attention of FAKmits anu tjuu moixnmi iou pnruuuiunji iumcu uu
nnd nrices. as thev feel confident that they can offer DETTER BARGAINS to those having Pro
duce to dispose of, or those who wish to purchase
nnH otunl trt nnv hnllKP IT1 IflH (M'V.
HOnsFKEFPERS will find at ovr establishment, in addition to our stock of Groceries, every
f !ttia.TBlJTQirBC' .Ea.0a.1Br JSJE.ll mTUC2.BfcC, with
Vegetables and Fruits in tliclr scaon. v V prrn
P,.mrAWl Anril 1:,ih. 1856.tf ' CLRTIS & REED
t UTHOLESALE & RETAIL Dealers in Fancy
T J Uaps, UOnnexs, naruwaie, yuecnswatu, uinsswuic, mui.iuii!i, licuuj-muuc
Clocks at. Looking Glasses, Drugs & Medicines, Wall Paper, Stationery, Groceries, Kettle
Salt, &c. &c. -
Front Street, near the Sheffield Mill, Shcflicll Ohio.
BARGAINS! BARGAINS!! Great reduction in Prices, for Cash or Appnved Produce. I. M.
DAVIS & CO., being anxious to close out their large nnd extensive Btock of Fancy and Staple
Dry Goods before making their Spring purchases, would respectfully announce to the people of
both town and country, that they will now sell goods "lower than ever," nt Wholsale or Retail.
We would say to the Ladies, that our stock of Dress Goods is yetextensive, which we will sell
at extremely low prices So if you want a drts3, now is yoilr limto. Our stock consists of Plain
Black and Fancy Silks, Australian Cloths, Thibet Cloths, Coburg-French Merinoes, Persian
Call wool) and Muslin De Laines, Cashmeres, Velvets, Ginghams, Prints and Alpacas of ail
colors, stvles and qualities. We also have on hand a large assortment of needle-worked Collars,
Under Sleeves and Chemisettes, Fancy Silk Bonnets, Bonnet and Cap Ribbons Moire Antique
Trimming, Black and Fancy Silk and Cotton Velvet Trimmings, Fancy Dress Trimmings, Wator-
vliet Bay State, SilK SiiK anu rniuet L.oig anuoquareonawis, oimiuaminas, uiom xuimus, mm
Fur Muffs, Bossed and Plain Jaconettes, Swiss. Mull and India Book Muslin, Frne Cambric, and
Victoria Lawn, Silk, Linen and Cambric Handkerchiefs, Red Cashmere, Silk Fleece lined LiBle
Thieadand Cotton Gloves, and Hosiery of every variety; all of which will be sold at 20 pet
cent, cheaper than can be bought m this long town.
We can clothe the Gents, with Coats, Vesis, Pants, Under and Over Shirts; Drawers, Hose,
Boots, 'Shoes, Over Shoes, Hats, Caps, Gloves, Comforts, Cravats, lower than they can buy
elsewhere. We would say to COUNTRY MERCHANTS, that we will sell you Piece Goods at
PHILADELPHIA PRICES. Such as Satinettes, Cloths, Cassimeres, Tweeds, Jeans, Lindscy's,
Flannels, Checks, Ginghams, Prints and Dry Goods in general. Our Brown and Bleached Mus
lins, Groceries, ic.have been bought at the lowest nctt prices, and will be sold at a ve'y small
advance. We are not in the habit of puffing and blowing, "but acting;" that all we
ask is to give us a call, and if we don't sell you goods, it will be our own fault but don't forget
th "Almighty Dollar" Our motto is, small
on hand at manufacturers prices.
January 15, 185G naOmS
No. 56 Wood Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
RECS ?eave respectfully to call the attention of his Customers, Manufacturers, and Country
Mm -clients generally to his extensive Spring and Summer Stock of Boots, Shoes, Hats, Bon
nets Stc: e.'ohnieing upwards 3,500 cases of
from the N.ew England Manufacturers, nt the lowest cash prices; Being exclusively engaged in
!,; lmoinnci. n'ud riving it his unJivided attention in dstail, and exercising greet care in the
solection of oj.-es and quality adapted expressly
ihnthB n ivo ih.m the most entire satisfaction.
His stock of Sta'w Goods in Hats, Bynnets, Ac, is not surpassed by that of any house either
East or West, and hit.' a tweemcnts with the manufacturers are such, as will enaMe him to give
rare bargains in prices'- Also 011 hnnd' in lafSe quantities, "Home-Made" Goods warranted
Customers and Couiit.'y .Mc'chants arc requested to call and examsnethis choice and dejjreable
stock, with acsurauce that P a""u ne "ilow
131 Wood Street,
WHERE will always be found the largest
and most complete stock in the market,
embracing every description of SILK, SOFT
BRAID and PALM LEAF HATS, and Children's
Caps of every style and qnaiity
Ladies' Kiding EEats nnd
Gloves. -
Our facilities are such as to make it the inter
est of purchasers to buyof us.
, Orders filled with promptness.
April 15, 185S mG
(Successors to Hampton, Wilson & Co.,)
wnis.'S' eacDooasssj
15 .WoodJ Street, Pittsburgh;
WILL bo in receipt by the 10th of March, of
an unusually largo and beautiful stock for
the early Spring trade. Their stock of
will also bo large and attractive. Ry means of
a buyer constantly in the market, both depart
ments will be kept full throughout the season.
The attention of the trade is respectfully inYited.
February 23th, nl w3.
Wholesale Dealers In
No. 128 Wood Street, Pittsburgh.
E have removed to our new Warehonse, No.
128 Wood Street, and offer for sale on lib
eral terms, a very large assortment of Ready-Made
Clothing, 'Furnishing Goods, Shirts, H'kffs,
Gloves, Hosiery, Suspenders, Umbrellas, &o.,
to whioh we invite attention Our clothing has
been manufactured by experienced workmen in
the very best manner, trimmed elegantly and in
the most perfect shapes, nnd nt prices so low that
buyers can make up an assortment of MEN'S
WEAR at a very small cost, that will give them
satisfaction, sell off clean, leave no remnants
nnd afford more profit than any other article of
March 18. 5G w4
185C SPRING i DS 185C
James McCandles
& Co,,
No. 109 Wood
Street; Pittsburgh.
Importers and Jobbers of Foreign
nuu jlmmmcmiic ury uooag.
Varieties Ac. .
WOULD respectfully inform their numerous
customers and merchants in genernrthat
mcy nave on naimone oi the most carefully 5
lectcd slocks of
Imported and Domestic Goods, .
ever orrred in this city, which will be sold to
casn or lirst class time buyers at eastern prices.
Our stock consists in part of Cloths, Cassi
meres, baliiiets, Jeans, Tweeds, Cotton Panta-
loonery Ginghams, Checks, &c.,with a full
stock of all the btst makes and newest designs
ui rmutf.
i articular attention paid to the selection of
wj llaaCirii-lOEl
Ed t
2 m
tz safe
panes' uress ooods, a full stock or which will
be kept throughout the season.
An extensive assortment of Hosiery, Gloves,
Ribbons, Laces,. Triiniuings, and Variety Goods
generally. ., . , .
Meichants visiting our city are invited to call
and cxnimnu our itoclt and prices before pur
chasing elsewhere. Ourarrangeiueiits with man
ufacturers and others. Hilord us facilities to have
the l test styles of goods always on .hand, nnd
at the lowest priPfs. - - ..
Pomcroy, April 1. rt
e; reed.
H l 1 1 I II I
Conrt, Pomeroy, O.
Btock nnd expect to keep oa hand, at all times,
V f KUDOJb at UASH riUUfia.
Groceries, than any other house in the county,
and Staple Dry Goods, Boots & ShoesHats &
profits and quick returns.
Kettle Salt constantly
the choicest and newest styles, purchased direct
for Western Sales, lie assuies Western buyers
asmev t orn or r-rmaiieiphin.
27 South "Wharves, Philadelphia
Foreign Fruits, Nuts, Sardines, &c.
OFEERS for sale in lots to suit purchasers:
1 000 boxes Bunch and Layer Raisins; 1 000
uun anu quarter ooxes itaisinsj l uno boxes Va
le ncia Raisins, new wop; 100U boxes Valtncin
RauTUis, old crop; 500 boxes Smyrna, and 100
drums Sultana R lisins; 100 kegs Seedless Rais
ins; lOi? casks Currants; 5,000 drums Turkey
Figs", nn3 cases do. Wood and Fancy Boxes;
100 mitts neV D.ates; 100 cases Leghorn Citron;
20 casks , German, and 100 kegs French Prunes;
60 cases Prunes in glass jars and wood boxes;
1 000 boxes Oranges nd Lemons; 10 000 Cocoa
Nuts 100 kegs Tamarir'ds; 1 000 boxes Fig Paste,
Jujube Paste, Gum Drop., Grape Drops, Date
Paste, and Pressed Fife's; S00 begs Walnuts, Fil
bert w and Cream Nuts; 500 bags Bordeaux, Sic
ily Hard Shell and Ivica Almonds; 1 000 bus.
African and Shelled Groun i N uts; 100 boxes, and
50 kegs Shelled Almonds.
Also, a great variety of Miscellaneous Goods,
comprising Chocolate, Cocoa, Bromn, Sardines,
Salad Oil, Split Peas, Pine Apple Cheese, Syrups,
Rose and Peach Water, Assorted Extracts, Liq
uorice, Rock Candy, Beans, Maccaroni and Ver
micelli, Cordials, Canary and Hemp Seed, Pearl
Barley, Preserved Ginirer, assorted Preserves,
Pickles, Pepper Sauce, Tomato Ketchup, Jellies
and Jams, Olives and Uapers, Hermetically Seal
ed Salmon, Oysters, Lobstera, Peaches, Toma
tos, Green Corn, &c.
N .B. Wesiern Merchants are particularly in
vited to call.
March 25 w2
No. 57 Wood Street, Pittsbursh
N. G, Slurphy & Brother,
(Late of Murphy, Tternan & Co.)
STOCK, and offer a fresh, handsome and
attractive assortment; many of their .goods they
have imported direct from the European Manu
facturers. As they are determined to sell their goods at a
small advance on cost for cash, or to undoubted
four or six months' buyers,, they earnestly in
vite all that class of Merchants who visit this
Market to examine their Stock,
February 11, 185& m2 .
(W. G. ChiUirtlale of the firms of
,. jjampion, wiisonq-Uo., Wilson,
. C! Ids Co., Pittsburgh.) v
Ho. 9, SJrawbcrrr St. below Market,
between- Third and Fourth,
AUR STOCK comprises a full assortmont of
V, .American. fabrics, Um moat popular biands of
Prints, Bleached Cottons, Ticks, De Laines,
Cottonades, Satinets, Tweeds, Cassimeres, &o.,
together with a complete variety of British,
Frenchand German Dry Goods, ordered and se
lected with particular reference to the wants of
the trade.' The stock will be offered to CASH
and PROMPT six months' buyers on terms pe
culiarly reesonable.
Particular attention given to the execution of
uiueis, wnicn u unsaiisiaciory can oe reiu rnu
at our expense. New Goods constantly arriving
from various sources.
February 2G, 1855 n4w3.
Great Inducement to Salt Furnaccmen
I WILL sell my undivided fourth of the estate
I of the late Dr. Phelps with the privilege of
ine wnoie on very reasonable terms, containing
twenty-one acres of land, with lmrpovements,
between ten and twelve acres coal,- and about
16 acres well timbered, ror particulars, terms,
&c apply to Nathan Simpson, at the Court
bouse.. : '. i . .
Sept. 1st, 1855 tf
.... Grocery and Tonicctionery!
MRS. M. 6lDEBOTTOMwo.uld respectfully'
announce to her friends and the publio gen
erally, that she has just received, direct from the
cities, the largest and best assorted stock ef
ever offered .bv her in this market. Her stock
consists in part of Groceries, of all kinds, Can
dies, .Cakes,! CraokersFruits' and Nuts, of all
kinds, Pickles, Candles. Soap, Toys, Yankee
Notions, &c, die, and all other articles usually
found in establishments of this kind. She is
also constantly receiving additions to her already
large assortueitt. ' v . i. i
Thankful for past favors, she would request
cniili mi nn co of tho same. : Remember the place,
Front street, next door below Duriiol & Rath-
buru bauk. M. S1DEBGTTOM,
Pomeoy, Nov. 6, 1854. tf
TUST RECEIVED, direct from the EasternCiUC ans for sale CHEAP FOR C ASH
J or approved COUNTRY PRODUCE, at the old Stand of the subscriber, P03IERO Y, UH1U,
Among which may be found the following, in the way of . ' - .'
Ijadies' XJreess Gooas:
Plain Black Dress Silks,
Fancy " " . , lv
Black and.Colored Germania Cloths,
" Coburg "
" ' Persian "
Ladief Kid, Silk, Caschemere, Bea
ver, and Lisle Thread Gloves,
Linen Handkerchiefs,
Hosiery, of all kinds, &e., &c.
Black, Blue, Brown, and Olive Brown French
and American Cloths,
A few nieces, new styles, Satin, Silk, Velvets
Worsted Vestings,
Merino Undershirts and Drawers,
Lambs' Wool and Cotton Half Hose,
Brown nnd Blenched Muslins, all widths,
Canton Flannels, Brown and Bleached,
Boots and Shoes, for ladies, gents & children,
Mill nnd Cross Cut Saws, White Lead, Nails,
A splendid article of Brass Kettles, all sizes, Porcelain lined.
The subscriber wishes further to say to the Ladies, that ho lina just received a few Ladies Tal
mas and Cloaks, of different styles, some of the latest and most fashionable styles of Bonnets,
Bonnet Ribbons nncl Trimmings, which cannot fail to suit any lady of taste. Also - Ladies'
Velvet nnd Cashmere Satchels, some nice Silk Umbrellas, &c.; ai of "which 'will be sold at
reasonable rates, A. nice assortment of Drawer GooCa, suoh as Jaoonets, Swiss Muslins, dotted,
figured and plain, Mull Muslins, Nainsooks, Bishop Lawns, Victoria Lawn, India Book, Bosom
Linens, Linen Cambrics, Embroidered Swiss Curtain Goods, Ltnen Table Covers, Towelings,
&c., &c. . , . i . '' , -. J AS. RALSTON.
Nov. 13, 1855. tfll . ,
Manufacturer, and Wholesale and Eeta.it; Dealer in
3VO.ciciloo3rt ' : ' Olaio.
THE Subscriber having recently fitted up his new Store room, and purchased a large1 ami
fashionable stock of '' , ' i
Respectfully informs the public that ho is now pepared to wait upon! customers, old or new
with satisfaction to himself and purchasers.
His stock embraces every article of
usually found injFurnishing Stores; such as
coats, rants, vests, coots aim Shoes, Hats ana caps, suu ui uuuur
shirts, Drawers, Cravats, Neck Tics, Handkerchiefs, Ac.
All of the Latest Fashion, well-made, and of the best materials. He keeps no Jew slop-shop
work, but good honest articles, which he sells Astonishingly low.
For tho benefit of those who may prefer clothing made to order, he has sclected'with great
care, a large v rety of PIECE GOODS, of the Latest Patternsi and keeps constantly employed
the best of Workmen." He is prepared to execute all ordera for TAILORING on short notice
and Reasonable Terms.
November 13, 1855 lyn41
Gourt-xrtcet, directly opposite the Court-am fmeroy.
Parlor Stoves,
Cooking Stoves,
Radiators, etc
TTTM. J. PRALL.athis new stand, on Court
f f ceiviug fresh supplies of Stoves of thelatest styles, andmost approved patterns. Beinga
practical workman in stove-ware, and an experienced stove-dealer, he considersit no flattery to;taj
that he is capable of judging correctly of the utility and durability of the different paterns; nnd
mending his stoves to all housekeepers who may
3 .....tow. oiculwu uiq ail-en jiuw uii uuuu.
in audition to the varieties named above, he
2 oal OoOk.ing Stoevs,
These stoves are peculiarly adapted to this section of the country. . It iseveryway adapted
baking and cooking of all kinds; has a powerful draft, and can be used equally well with woo
or coal, savin? one-half the fuel used inordinary stoves. Thoso stoves are now in use in man
families in this section, whospenk of them as in
the price of the stove m fuel in one season. A
tained bv tho ush ofconl. and at the same time
. Any thins further aboutlSTOVES'is unne
and manufactures to order, all kinds of . ; - ' !
TINWARE, at Wholesale and Retail.
' ' Copper-Ware, .
SL!EET'IRQN WORK, such as Breeching,. Scape-pipes, c. .
Copper Pipe, and Copper Work of all kindg
JOBBING, of all kinds.
'' In addition to to all this ho has the agency for the sale of . , ,
m iWiiiul iifltiy
: A new and favorite patent, possessing many
number kept constantly on hand, where they may
; Thankful for past favors, the subscriber
patronage. .. .
; Pcmeroy, June 26, 865tf.
(Successors to Geo. P.' Smith & Co,) ) V
No. 51 Wood Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, '
i 1
DRY GOODS, which will he offeree" ct very low fiigtiers. to ihe trade.
Feb lS8u iu
XJ, M yutl il
Bonnet Silks and Velvets, all colors,
Black and Colored French Merinos,
. . ,., English "
Alpacas, DeLaincs, Fahcy Cashmeres,
DeBeges, Prints, all styles,
A large Variety ot Dresi Trimmings, Fnnes,
Gimps, Laces, &c,
Ladies' Collars and Undersleeves,
. Ladies' Shawls Bay State, Brochea, Tetkeri
and Caschemere.
A lnrge assortment of Black and Fancy French
: Cassimeres, e,,,
Black and Fancy Cravats and Stock.
Beaver. Buck, Silk, Kid, Benin, umeuj ami
Cashmere Gloves, foi Gents,
Satinets, Tweeds, Jeans, Linseys, Plaids, Plan
tinls. all colors, Blankets,
Hats and Caps, all kinds and sizes,
Hardware. QuCenswate, and Glassware, if gene
ral assortment, : ,
. ,
Shop Stoves,
Store Stoves,
Office Stoves,
, opposite theCourt-house, is constantly ror
wiiii ureub cuie. lie huh no ncsuaiiun in recom
desire one of these indispensable articles.
has on hand a large supply of the new and populai
the highest degree satisfactory saving more tha)
much greater, and more regular heat can be at
they are much cleaner than wood stoves.
essary. The subscriber keeps constantly e nanc
1itUI(UI mW
advantages over the ordinary plows,
be examined at all times. - . .
A large
respectfully solicits a continuance of the pub
, . WM. J. PRALL
For th rPu Cr mt '
..,'' -:,'.;C0SUMPTI0lf."
Cherry Pectoral on going to bed, and wrap up
Warm, to sweat during the night.- :.
FOR A COLD AND COUGH, take it morninc,
noon ana evening, according to directions on the
bottle, and the difficulty will soon to removed..
None will long suffer from trouble when
they find it can be S bodily cured- Person
afflicted. Wtb.:eatea cough whjch renKgthem
. .ueir rest at night, will find by taking the
Cherry Pectoral on going to bed, they may be.
sure of soundjKiflokcn sleep, and consequent.
an ultimate cure, is offered to thousands who are
thus afflicted, by this invaluable remedy.
From its agreeable elleots in these cases, many
find themselves unwilling to forego its use when.
the necessity fot it has ceased.
this remedy is invaluable as by its action on the
throat and lungs, when taken in small quanti
ties, it removes all hoarseness in a lew oours,
and wonderfully increases the power and flexi
bility of the voice. - , 1 .
ASTHMA is generally much relieved, 'and often
vholly cured by Cherry Pectoral. But there
are some cases so obstinate as to yield entirely
to no medicine. Cherry Pectoral will cure them '
if they can be oured. , ' I '
BUUNCIUTIS, or irritnlion ot the throat ana
upper portion ot the lungs, may De cureu oy
taking Cherry Pectoral in small and frequent ;
doses. The uncomiortaoie oppression soon re
FOR CROUP. Give an emetic of antimony, -
to be followed, bv large and frequent doses ol '
the Cherry Pectoral, until it subdues tho dis
ease. ; If taken in season it will not fail to cure;
WHOOPING COUGH may be broken up and
soon cured by the use of Cherry Pectoral.
THE INFLUENZA is speedily removed oy
this remedy. . Numerous instances have been
noticed where whole families were protected
from any. serious consequences, while their
neichhors without the Cherry Pectoral, were
suffering from the disease.
Repeated instances are reporteu nere oi pa
tients who have been cured from 1
LIVER COMPLAINTS by this remedy, so
many that there can be no question of its heal
ing power on these diseases. It should be per
scveringly taken until the pain in the side and
other unpleasant symptoms cease.
FOR CUNSUMI'TIUJN in its earnest stages,
it should be taken under the advice of a good
Physician if possible, and in every caso with a care
ful regard to the printed directions on the bottle.
If judiciously used, and the patient is carefully
nursed meantime, it will seldom fail to subdue
the disease.
For settled CONSUMPTION in its worst form,
tho Cherry Pectoral should be given in doses
adapted to what the patient requires and can
bear. It always affoids some relief, and not un
frequently cures thoso who are considered past
all cu.e. There are many thousands scattered
all over the country, who feel and say that they
owe tlieit lives and present health to the Cheny
Many years of trial, instead of impairing the
public confidence in this medicine, has won for
it an appreciation and notoriety by far exceeding
the most sanguine expectations of its friends.
Nothing but its intrinsic virtues and the unmis
takable benefit conferred upon thousanda of
sufferers, eould originate and maintain tho repu
tation it enjoys. While many inferior remedies
thrust upon the community, have failed and
been discarded, this has gained friends by every
trial, conferred benefits on the afflicted they can
never forget, mid produced cure! too uumerous
and too remarkable to be forgotten.
While it is fraud upon the public to pretend
that any oue medicine will infallibly cure stilt
there is abundant proof that the Cherry Pectoral
does not only as a gei.eral thing, but almost in
variably cure tho maladies for which It is em
ployed. ,
As lime makes these facts wider and betttr
known, this medicine has gradually become th
best reliance of the afflicted, from the log-cabin
of the American Peasant, to the palaces of
European Kingj.
Prenared and sold by JAMES C. AYER,
..'actical and Analytical Chemist, Lowell, Maia.
'No-v, 6, 1S53 ml
hy Eckstein, jr., Cincinnati; nanus
.i Brother, Pomeroy: II. C.Waternun
'oort, and by dealers in merlieine-july3-ly3c.
&Co., Mi'u J1
Town Lots and Sites foi' &V WH
THOSE wishing to purchase building lolsoi
sites for Salt Furnaces at the new town ui
Leadingloii, just below the mouth of Lea-ting
Creek, will please apply to Columbia Down'iif.
Esq., Middleport, who will at all times be ready
to exhibit the town plat, and point out the loin
upon the ground, janOti.
A IB H D al -,(-. mil ,JI .
11HE undersigned will give private lessons to
. Teachers or others desirous of receiving as
sistance in any branch of study. Terms mode
Principal of Pomeroy Academy.
Pomeroy, April 10th. 1855
O, Ye Delinquents I
AND give ear unto the lamentations, and be
hold the FALLfcN condition "flat on his
back" of he that is called William. I have
labored with you lot these many years, and now
behold my pitiful situation 1 All for the want
of the "filthy lucre;" and nothing but MONEY
will relieve me, and place me on myfeet again.
Therefore, every person knowing himself in
debted to me, will please call at the "Cantain's
Office," and "fork over," immediately, as longer
time cannot be given. . J, PRAi,L.
Jan. 8, 1856. 4Dtr
Oysters! Oysters!!
For .Sale In the. Can or vDoscn
At the Confectionery of MRS. SIDEBOTTOMt
Front St., Pomeroy.
' Call and get some. ' v-
Oct. 24, 1855, tf. 1 ' '
The Fast Running and
Strong Tow-Bont
TEMPEST , has been bought expressly for
the trade from- Gallipolia.to . Ravenswood, and
will be a regular packet Bi said trade. Will
leave Pomeroy fcvety Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday Mornings, at 7 o'clock, for Gallipolis,
and back same day. Will leave Pomeroy every
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, at 7
o' crock, and back same day. - ' ..:
By close attention to business, and low nrices
for services, the subscriber hopes to obtain the
Patronage of all business men along said route,
'hankful to his friends and natrons of the steam
er Lark, he asks a continual of the same Pat
ronage for tha TEMPEST. ' . . : .
k , ' J. Wt MATTHEWS, Capt.
Point Plessant Republican and Gallia Reouh
lican please copy. .. . . ..
Pomeroy, Oct.
SO. 1885. j -...,,,

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