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Meigs County telegraph. [volume] (Pomeroy [Ohio]) 1848-1859, July 06, 1858, Image 4

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Here A Oil n tfle.
Vnro Hie river socks 1h cover
orth'i toiia;hwha lrt.es bans: over,
And llvi lotiiliirocrtn with cinUr,
In the qnl.t utonitiof .vlnjt
Wtn.rn thx eddies Meet and mlaule,
Hukblluif d'dr tl Al.lrmy IHInglc,
'I horo I iirl .,
Tliero I dat.pl.
All ihu tiny
Oh, t feel the ptnstlo
ftvd. itll top Bli'itJu1t elastic
Hi Mil the liitu In ells fantastic.
Till. Ilko thistle, down, tlin fly,
brhrlv l rim upon tlie water,
I lil mil 11 for lliu II imy hJuiiicIiIci,
Am I ni.fc'",
A n.l J danicle
Mute onil sly.
Then 1 rvi.tfv tinfcc tho tnekt.
Till lliu barbed a 0.1 ratal IihiIiIi
lit It ti'iiijoiMiljn v r shall shncklo
Mini old trrtut. sa war irrown.
N.iw I utrliktt Mm'. yy nests ll. I
curing" runs! Ion lis acrobatic!
"o I unci',
ho 1 1hiikI,
All along.
(sue I will
I'm aura I wouldn't hos. liliu,
Rut Hut verv.leHc" Is In it,
For lio say If I rufiMU him,
I lint lio couldn't lire ntlniila:
Mwttil I very ph'.cklnir.
For w'ru tniifrhl wo mustn't kill,
fo lv thourlil tbo nitlr ov fr,
Ami I think t'll ninrry "Hill." and out of
pure ay ui:it I. j shuul. send uliu Ilia firtlen
as I IiuuihI.mI.
...... .... . ..
Heautii's' A LUr. Krory ro Iims it
tlioi-n; you never liml a woman willi pins
Mini noedlen.
JfHJ"iit man can fallow Nutiire aii'l
fn9(r falsehood, for KiiUue ii n constant
Ilea veil-telliivg trulh.
JT-JTlt i noble species of revengo to
lutve tlio power of a sovete rulitliiuion, nnd
not to xertsise it.
JC.HTln; Arkansas, when it mnn desires
to any ihnt lie would lik h drink, lie de-il.ue-a
tlint if lie liad t gins of whiskey.
lie would throw liimaeU uut bide of
mighty quick!
jp-Tlhe pleasure uf doin rood
plensuio that , lu vor weaia out.
tilaitii v of be in ii t.ood in .mother of
i-rinitt sort.
t-"Adnm Clnrko 8id Ue bad lived to
know limit I ho secret ot lmppims wan
to allow your energies to shtg-1
in ver
it-jsTJiulgc It'diau wiw a grouty old
magtaiiHte, never krtowu to apeak well of
ttiiy body, cold -blooded, selfish, ond
yei declared on all handa to bo a
good judge, for he baled eveiy one jut
Jt T CI asing a rail-car is a very unpro
fitable kind of exercise. Patt i k got out
t' tnke Biiniu refreshment. The train wa
.iff wiihout him. "S'op, there!" he
pitotited after it. ".Slop, ye otdd stnnte
tvagin. yo've got a pMSsinger aboard tile's
left behind 1
tA old gerrilnHn says, that he Is
the hut ma-ti in the world to tyrannize over
a datighlci afl'ections. S long ai kho
marries the man of his choice, ho don't
care who ehe loves. , ,
""'Ma, what is tushf imfuiro Utile
Why. my dear, do you ask?'
Because I asked sirfter Ann what made
liar dross s'ick out so all louud like hoop,
and sVe eaid tth."
ftjf lovely woman is one of the tn
6titui.ins of thi country angi'U in
Mlks or calico. The men rLo uj) before
her when she enters the rail -car, and
H and around her like mark of admira
tion, j
As Excki'tion- to a RrtK Whenever
n man exclaim that all mankind aio vil- j
l-i i tix. he an.su ted that be contemplates
an inst'itit otki of himself as an excep- j
iPTl'cw Civility
taken the pew, sir?"
Have you notmia
bl.indly eai'l h Huii-
tlity ( lu-aierlield to a elanger a.s he enterocl
ii. "I b.g pardon," lejlicd the iutiuder,
rising to go out. " I fear I have, 1 took it
lor a Christian's."
jT-i3""A eelebr.iletl dnndj was onn cven
ing iu eonijKiny with n young lucly, nnd,
nbrtorving her kiss Iter favoriio pootllc, he
advunced, nnd beirgpd tho Ilko luvor,
li- i
niHi king ihnt fihts tmght. lo h;ive ! nuioh
ehai it y tor him ? sbo had shown to the dog.
Sir," Kiid the belle, "1 ne cr liistsod my
diit when he vvhu h 1'npjty."
iTIt i enid that onoe, when Hwbei't
Tbi'tl was tonliiiud in nn ins. mo hospital,
whilrt suffering under n nttnt-k of insani y,
u v'uiior pnaeing through tiiw of the wards
skd him what brought him there?
"What never will brin; vou," was llitll's
jirompt reply; "io much brain."
JC5?"'"I3idd v, bring me some null."
' Sure mi I will, your riverpiue "
, forthwith nppoiired llidily with tho
' rticlo in her bnnd. Said tho mas
ter: "Neverag tin bring mo nuythingin your
iia i 1. you should hnve brought it ou a
The. evening meal being over, the hell
va- again rung, nnd the faithful doluuslio
ius'atilly apjipared.
"Twut my lipers."
Hi hlv went, and relurn')tl harini: iu her
t ..!.., ....:... ;
i tun .1 I'l.tvi-, eiiy ivtiiiti wvcutu cede
... ..
'Jlil'llllil, saitl fl oroxa-temper d
til.v-,li iail lo H Ii:!iliel, ' if Women wle
i . l . j- ii
nd muted to paradise, their lunoues would
leak" U a purgatory.
eiate. II allowetl to
replied the lady, would
make il a dee-1
-?'Ohl age is coming on me rapidly,'
ti ihe ii i -1 1 i 1 1 Hiii'l when mealing iipis
from an ld man'a garden, and eaw tlje
tiwter coming. ow-hido in hand.
Jj' A duel van f tight in Misiiissij p ait
nioieli hy- Mr. S. Knott and Mr. A. W
Mioh. Tli replt was that Knoll was
a'tot, ,tnd Shoit wts not.
lf"Tho wl ntontshing inslanre of n
iri'ii'-' -';Hrd fr Id word wnn rt-cnilv
ijiven by a mar tItv inlet! Iifn wife, wlion'i
be dtl nl lik. When aked "why !
didn't go oft an'I leave her, instead ,,f kill
ing her," he replied. je.'-.lv. "that lie
JirtJ promised", on tl vediling-tlrtT, to
iv- w iuli Jii until (lentil eleaild part I hem,
r-n T ih it he wa.-:t"t the jumii to hie.tk hi-
L- li-'-uj r s
j li'uipvrury
l''t tin re
li win ilic
The subjoined b. moment whnli np
emed in a lute number of the Courrtcr
Etuts Unis:
A Mr. 8chwHbcnlmii, H GerniHn lady
of U.iliimore, who had been sii k for a Ion,;
tiiii, np(eaKid t die one night about two
wtttktt tgo. SSh exhibited all the ymp
lonin of death, hr body beiii"; k-y cold,
ititd her liinba Elifl". After having per
formed the laat duties to the body, and
wltctt all lliii'ys hud been done in making
it ready for inionixjiil, the asiiatanm, in
rludiii;. Mr. Schwabeuhaus himt lf, with
drew to their chambern, and noon wor
anleep. After home bouib of broken rest.
Mr. 8., near six o'clock in the morning,
win arotibt'd by the voice of his wito,
which he distinct'y hoard calling him from
her room. Ilo a' first ihoiigTil he was
dreaming; but the voice, repeated seveial
iime!, m(i him no longer in doubt, and ho
ntshed into the chamber of hiuw ife. She
whom they had l-ft fov dead was sitting
up in her Led, appearing to enjoy all her
faculties, and iitroiigtir than t;ho had been
m nce the comnicuceaieiit of her eick
ness. 8he nskid for Borne water, mid afterward
desired to drink buiiw tea and borne wine.
8ho begged her husband to go and put to
eleop n young child that was crying in the
tux l room. But Mr. S. wad too much
moved for that; he ran and awakened every
one in the houte. The biek woman, smil
ing, teceived her friuudaand servants, who
trembled aa I hey approached her bed.
She did not appear surprised at the funeral
prej arations which met her view. ''I
know I hat you have biipposed me to be
dead," 8aid she; "I have, however, only
been asleep. But during the time, my bouI
line Down away toward the celestial regions;
an angel came for me, and we pulsed
through fp.-ue in a few moment. The
angel w ho conducted me was the little girl
whom wo lobt last year. O, I am going
to rejoin her very noon. Now that 1 have
tasted the joys of heaven, 1 would not live
longer here below. 1 a.sked of tho an
gel that I might be permitted to come and
embince once moie my husband and in)'
children, but veiy soon she will come after
me again."
At eight o'clock, after she had tenderly
taken leave of her husband and her cliil
dieu. Mis. Si-h wahenhaus expired really,
and her body soon afterward exhibited
ign4 of dissolution,' which left no room
for dmiht.
Ahrw nd siiiRulnrlr mir.romfiil rcnicdr for the
cure of all Hilioun dineaet (Joi?tiviui, Imli--Ktion,
Jaundice, Urojmy, Jthpuinatisiii, Fevers,
fiout, lluinnn, Nrrvouniiesn. Irritnbililr, ltifi;uiinia
tionn. Uoiidarhc, 1'aiiiH in flic lSrcaiit. .s:io, Hack,
ud l.iiubx, Keinnle Complaints. Ac. e. Indeed.
riTy fo are llie di;-rsNeii in rrhirli a I'liruiitire Medi
cine in Hot more or less n-qniicd, und Smivh ti'-k-nci
and milferiiiic miu;ht lie prerentpd, if a Unrin
lr hut clleotual C'utlim tir were inure freely uod.
No jicrson enn feel well wlii! a coslir h libit of
body iirevaiU; besides, it noon generate erion and
'iflen fU;l dieHHen, which might have been avoided
hy tlio timely ond jndii ious ue of a guud purgative
t'his in nliko true of CohU, Feverish dvinptoniH, und
Biliona derunjuu!itt.it. They all tend to bet ome or
produce the deep seated and formidable dixtempcra
which loid the he omen all ever the land. Hence a
reliable family physic in of the first importance to
the public health, and this I'ill has hecn perfected
with consummate Skill to tneel that demand. An
extensive Iriul of in virtuats hy I'liytneiatia, Vriifes
ivrs, and Taticntu, has ahown reaulta kui-paasiiig
miy lliint; hitherto known of any medicine. Cuira
have hi-en etlrcled beyoiul liulief, were they not auh
it.iutiiiti.d by pumoim f auch exalted poMtinti nud
eliaracliir aa'lo forbid the t.uspi inn of untruth.
Aiming the iiiany oiiiinont Rcntlnneii who have
testified in favor of these I'ills, we may mention :
1'rof. J. M. J.ockk, Analytical Chemist, of Ciu
einuati, whose high profugbiuual character is en
dorsed hy
John "McT.waw Judc of the Supremo Court of
the L'uitiMi St:ite.
'I'hoh. Conn IN, Serrcti ry of the Treasury.
lion. J. I. WiiiuHr, tJovemor of Indiana.
N. l.ONowoin n, Krrn' wine grower of the West.
Also, I n. J. It. Chilton, l'raclical Chemist, of
New York ('ily, endorKed hv
lioi. V. I.. Maui y. Secretary of State.
Wm. H. As i or, tho richest man in America-
o. H..a.. v .., vv. ,
Hotel, and many otLrrs. .
Did apm-c pirant. we ronld give manv hinidrrd
cai tifioates, from all parts whore tho l'illa have
hoen used, hut wvidvnre evMi more cojiviiicin? than
O 1 ... .... U. I ..r 11. n UlAlrviuviHk' '
the etr.rionce of r-imnkiit public men u found in
their ctl'cta utioik trial
Thee ltoU, the result of Ion? investigation nnd
study, are oit.red to the public as the heat and
iiioatxMimplcIc which tlio present htato of mediral
seietice can allbrd. 'i'her are compounded nt of
the drnca thotiisnh'cs, hut of the nitdicinal virtnev
only of ' Vi-j'Ptahlo retnedii-"!. extracted by chemical
pro're?. in a state of purity, and combined together
in Mioh a tiiiintier as lo insure ttic biv.t rcsmta. I nis
i svstoni of cotnpoMitton for medicines h.ta been toiina
in the Clierry t'ectonil and i'ills both, to produce a
: move etliciei'tt remedy than had hitherto been oh
j tained by any proces. T'he reason is perfectly ob-
vioua. While l.y the old mode of eoniposition, every
j medicine in burdened with more or lesa of ocri
tiioiiituia And injurious finalities, hy this eaeli indi
vidual vii lue only that is desired for the curative
j elloet is present. All the inert and obnoxious qual
I it'S of caeh auhstatice employed are left behind, the
curative virtues only bcin retained. Hence it is
self-evident the e tier is should prove, ns they have
proved, more purely remedial, and the I'ills a surer,
morn powerful antidote to disease than any other
medicine known-to Ihe world.
I As it ix rrciiicully exm.-dietit that my medicine
should be taken under the counsel of 1111 attending
i I'liTMi-itni, and as he could not properly jud.ee of a
' reined y nilhout knowing its composition, 1 have
; supplied the aeenrnle l-'nrmnhe hy which both my
1'ueloral mid 1'ilU are made to the whole body of
I racuiuuiers ill inc c nueu oiaies anu iiiiiu nmie
t ies.ii l'rovmces. If, however, there should be any
one who has not received them, they will , be
promptly forwarded ley mail to bis request. .
; Of all ihcraU.nt Me.liei
iXUir life consists iu their mystery, i have no
' mvteries.
I 'The composition of mv preparations is laid open
i to all men, and all who are competent to judge on
j the Kul..-ct freely acknowledge their convictions of
their intrinsic lnonts. Ihe I herry I eetoral was
pronounced by scientific torn to he a wonderful
medicine before its cH'ccta were known. Many cm-
iiiciit rhvsieisus have declared the same tlnnir of
, i .. ...a . .;ll
; mv I rtla, nnd even more confidently, una are wiil-
j inn to l ei tify that their anticipations wcrtj more
than tealired by their clfects upon trial.
j 1 hey operate hy their powerful influence on the
'' "ternal vim-era to pnrify th lilorwl nd 1initt1at it
into heaithv action remove the obatructione of
; t Ht..nia h, bowel, liver, and other orirana of the
"A lid tonie phyi-.' body, rctwriiig their irreiiular ection to health, and
iiraeil, a il,ru ' "X eoirt-ciiiiK. wherever they exist, each derange
prat.tH e mere, , Jin arf tlu, hrt ... j,, of disease.
lieimr KUirnr-uruutird. thev are uleasant to take,
ml Uein purely vi cl.ilile, no harm can axiae frem
tli.sr uac iu any rjuantily.
fur minute diicotionx. see wrapper qn the Box.
I'liKT AltKO by
IriKCiiial hikI Aainlyticul Cliemlst,
Price 25 Cents pet Eox. Five Boxes for $L '
sox.U r
D. Ueed, Druggist Court Street Ponieroy.
Soap iinl Caudle Ai-inti factory.
11 K sub.tcriher li.in the plcnxure to an-;
unoituce to the citizens of I'emeroy and
vii'itittv, that he has opened a fliop or Sucut
Itii n, near the Tatntt ry, when.- lie will iiiinn
Ineluie, nd keep ertislaally on hand any
ir'irle in hia lute el litineis; nntl wo leel J
lined llmi we tan n'tn MilijfdCtion tj all who
iiai favor us h illi n i all.
.. H Ali oideta allcmled In as unmi s:
. c I. If IJ.Win fihN Kit
roinui j, A-ig. 2J, i . -If.
Blood PjiriGer nud JJIood'
I . . . -
i :
t KTKR year of study and eriifrlnn'iit
Or. KoD.K'U,
L ttw e in infill Nweodisli I'll sichin. aueeee
xloil In
ir"t iicloir a invillciiiu fiom t cni -llir.io llltT.Mil
kktc or iiiHUiituiii licrlx of bin ni(l luiel, wlih h
aits directly upon thorau-' of ilisujAu in (lie blo.nt,
and by rolurlnu; the eorruplixl fountain of lifu to u
condition of health and purity, ukicI dicao rrom
lliu syttuiii, wlivrerer it limy b located, or wtiaturer
may bo Ita cliuraclr. Indlgesiioii, nervous com
iilallits.elipllu ami oilier lit -i, couixlis. chiiiimi.iIoii in
i's early lairvs, sorj throat, bronchitis, IVvcr ami
a(:il0, aatlulla, low aoirlls. sexual liu'uiaeity, IVinl
uine weakiicsa, prick itir "f the akin, syinptoinativ of
naralysla, rheumatism, neuralgia, tumor, eaiiecr, tlin
iietos, Insicudrt and ilubUit,.airrlia,aiiJ all other
disorders of the oririiun ot respiration, tlio liver, tile
kldiiL1)!, tho stomach, the nerves, or tlio muscular
tilier, lire uncrrinplj cured by this preparation. It is
Id the MtTaniks siikii or seeds of iliscasu w liut an al
kali is to an acid: It uuulrallzoa them with ntisoluto
certainty, liile At the samu timo it rcarulutea tlio
secretiuiis, removes olistructiona from the boivela,
creates appetite, renews bodily vigor, nml reireucr
atusuvery animal fum tion. Such t.sthe nature such
are the effects of Dr. Koback'a famous Scandinavian
lllood Purifier, which, if taken In cuiijuiieiioo with
his Scaiidinavliiii It I mid fills, will not only obliter
ate tho most painful disease, but prevent their re
currence, anil luiifzlhon life beyoiiil ue orliii't ry span.
In tlm Scandinavian Vkuktsblk Hlood iUu.i.s, llr.
Hoback presunts tin result of twenty years Mxperi
oice, huid study nnd oxperiuieiit as to hat u M,rfect
pill should bo. An nuu can doubt their superiority
alter nun tinirlo trial. Price or the Scandinavian
Blood Pills, '-'5 cents per box, or live for tf.
1'rru, Miami County, I n rl . , ujr. 4, IP37.
1r. t. V. Hosack: I bave received so much bcuo
III from yuiir Scandinavian lllood Purifier ami lilooil
Pills, that I have thought it my iliily, and if is no lesa
in v tncliuatioii, to aivo ou a ptniu slatement of mv
case. 1 was for ears aftlicted with that bane of nil
comfort, and elllcieiic In bUHlneaa, dyspepsiit. 'I'o re
caplliilalo all tho so-called remedies ubieh 1 have
used ! rid mv self of this disease, would Indeed
make a melancholy cataltifruu. j i. In consulted with
Iho best physicians I could hour ol. I was induced to .
try your remedies, through lliu persuasions of u '
friend, and alter usini; tliuui a few days, was Kreatly ,
heuclltted, and In u short time. (Ic.s liian n inouHi.) I ;
was entirely nnd permanently cured. I was also
allliclcd with the most violent hum oils headache,
which I suppose was produeeii by my disordered
dlomacli, for is lion my dyspepsia l'fl inc. my head- .
nche left willi It. 1 now feel better 111 every respect :
than 1 have for ten years. ;
Very truly joura. JOHN S. D1CMUTII.
Krom tho Ker. .Mr. McMullcu, Pastor of oburts ;
t Impel: Inoianai'oi.is, Oct. 5. If,'i7.
Un. f. V. Itiinii it Hear Sir: t have used your
nioud Purifier for a ii"rvous affection, from which I
Inn suffered much at times. While it Is. pleasant to ;
the tasle, it certainly lias a happy effect upon lliu i
nerves. Please accept my lluiuks lor jour kind re-!
xardsaud acts, and believe me. Yours, I
J. W. T. Mi MI'I.LK.N.
Cincinwiti, Friday, Sep. 4, 1H57.
Ha. linnnK Dear Sis: llavliifr been alllicted with
tieiiritlirla or rheumatism for llto pasl year ami a half,
and luivinir sotrn your medicine, called tho Scamlinn- i
viiui lllood Purilt -r, biKldy recommended by gentle-
incH itli nlipiu I uin aciuaiuted, I was ludu.-cd to 1
try It, tun not bcl'oro 1 had usel various other meili- j
elites. Artcr usiii(; two botlloa, I fell its c tree I rerv ;
s-usildy, and upon usluir two more, I fotiml myself,
pcrfmll) cured. Vou will allow uie, tlii-refore, to
eiuierittulnto you upon making a, discovery in mcdl
eiiio wlileh is "prov lii Itself to be u nork-r of such j
nondcrs In the diseases of the lininan fa mil y. i
Local Hditor Cincinnati Hail) l-.inuirer.
The above certitlcates, and many others, can b.
seen ut my nhicc by any one at any lime, (.r.-t one of
my l'aiiuly Medical Alinauacs, gratia, from my
Manufactory, Sales-roims and OfMce, No. 0 Kit
Kourlli street, third building from Maiu struct, Cin
cliiiiati, O. ,
For sale liy I). Reed, Pomoroy; If uoo
ifc (!oe, Middh'port; 1'aikk & Urancii.
llutland; DrchKi- & Wilson, llarrisor
ville, and by Druggists and MerohanU
genornlly. 2-ly
C-Dinplrtrly rrierved io (lie
. j i -cutest Ak. -
VNU uho thnt 1m jru woiiKt iiotbuvelt ronton! to
formt-r color; or bal'i, but w ould hnvu lUo growth
iv.-lHreil, or troubled ' ilunirnrt' and ltcliiif hut
would have it removud, or troiiMcd with s rot'ul;i.
-i-'tibl lu-ad. or ollior vruptioiiH. but Would be riin-d, 1
orullli nick head nrli', (ueurulyria,) but would I to
riirftl, tl V. Ill uhti rcmtn ; ul I pii.tidc troiu Hit liu c
ami In. Pri-f. N oo.I'h f l:iii (Vcstorutlr o will do all I
Wii-; eve i-hculur und I lio fnllo ii.g. 1
-Ann AitLon, IV" o v. 5 156. j
Phiif. O. J Worto llfur Sir : 1 lun c hi'nrd ui'irh I
-it mi ot tlitf woiidorrul :lT'-t-4 f oitr lluir Kclonii n,
litil liaviuu Ik'Oii so
often clivalud by quackery nnd
ir lives. ite.. I was disposed lo
iiMt-k imHlrunih, hair
plai-o wnir Ki'.Mtorativn in tin .tfiue caUirory with th
llitin-fiiiid and ono loudly trum pflcd rfiucdic, unlil I
imt you in I.hw rt'Ut u con uty hoiiu months mri, when
ou lmvo hiu H'u li usjiurmtiH'S s induced tlio trial oT
-iir Hrtorntivtt iumy family tlr.il by m) jrood i?ood I
il'i', w ho-if luiir had lu-finii-.i rcry thin und entirely j
-f4iilt1, mid li.-litro oxhatiMtliitf onu your larg; bo-t-
llfH. hr hair wan rontor-Ml Hourly to it original houtt- I
tiful bmw n i-tdir,nnd had (hit It .m-d and bet:oiiii bou u-
tifuiniid b.'sy upuii, uud cittiroly ovt'f the lit-nd; iho '
niuliiiU'-H to ii' it. not huh id lieeuuso of iti boanli- '
f injr itl- t H upon ihu hair, but because of it hriillli
f ul intluiu'f uhiii tht hoal and mind. Other of my
fauiil) and froMidi Hre iixin,; your Kd-Uorutive, with
I In' liaiiil-Ni ciH'ui-; li..;rr.lirt"
my skeptiei.sin ami
!,.,.il.t ii. r.r-r.n.eioiis.liarii. l.Tan.l value arc en-
I liri-lv removed; anU I van nml do most rordiallv iiu.t
I l.u.1n",i..liniiv rei omin.-ii.l Its iih.i l.y all w ho would
; ,;,Vu their hair r.'ilorv.l from while or uray (hy rcui.n.
j ..f ticUie.i" of ajre) to original rolor and lieiuily, an. I
l.y nil ..anir peisonu.i nuinu tiavi lUtir uutr liuau
i nful and glossy.
Very truly; ami irralcful'y yonr,
r rtiKM " ooi : II ft a I'Miir linn. HUtT I Jnv you ;
nt lili.i.iford lorfore ! jrnt the hottlu of Hi itr.t vc ftr ;
which mi jruvn hid an order upon uur nout in Do- :
troit.and nlit'ii 1 tot it coiu'luih'd to try it on .Mrs. '
.Muiiu'h luiir. ns tlio nurfft U-t f iiowit. It him 1
dime nil lltnt you nssmvd me It would do; and others
of tuy family and friend, having v iln-ae J its i-lfct ta,
urn now usinjjT uud recoiuinfiidiiu; Ha uho to oIIhth hs
entitled to the liifrlienl 'oniidfraliou you cluim for it.
Again, very rem 'vet full ll,1 trul, iur.t,
.SOLO M 6 N J. J A N X .
('AHi-vf.E, 111., .1 into TH.V-?.
I Imvo u'd Vrof. O. J. Vood- Hair Ho.stornli ve,
and liavc nditiirod ild Hondt-rful ell'.'cl-. My hair m hi,
hucoiiiinii;, an ! thought, itreiuut u rcl v r.t , hut hy tho
iint of liis Hf.Htonit ivt! it Iiuh r?u inoti itdoriprinnl culor.
uud I have no doubt ptTnintotiit 1 v no.
rv. KKKKSK, o-Srintor. V. S.
O. J. V()OI fe '(.)., IVopri 'tors. IH'J ltro;idvn4 N.
Y.. (in tlio irrcal IN. V. Wire Kiiliig niaol UlitutMtt ,)
and lll.MjirlvCl at., St. I.ouix. Io: And void -hy nil
(jood lrnlt-i. ' Orf. .T, 4,.57. --3ll
-A-t Wlioloalo Only
j 17 f lire now in receipt of our Kail luijiorlu
j ii lions of
j ,A1,xr , . ', ...
L 1 liUUUr II A la.
Merchant, and l'-urnce
i ' "'S1 wc, l'v "ever opened a more at-;
j tractive soek than wee.an now exhibit. Our;
BSsotlmeiit of Notions nml Millinery (loiuls
i wi 1 1 be found more complete t lia i usual, iti-
f.u, a 6,ie variety of Kibhons, Knches,
. L' .....1 A hl L I ..
I i iciibu i.iio aiiiintuu i iuncm, iiaurcs, LiUll-
iiuts, etc., etc.
1 1 vi ii i rece'vetl lliu nutinc of the
we are constantly supplied vvitli llicir desirj
ble and paptllur pmmIs, at fiicl.iry prices. I'n r- !
dinners will (imt Ireiedit by pntcliast ng of us. '
Our ciixtonicix will generally littJ us betttr,
prrparoil Mian ever to wail nnou llieni willi:
oous suiiuuie :o ine ir.nte.
' ' J. P. TOWEL L,
(Survivor of Pnrscll A. Towell N
Porl.smoulli, O., Sept. 15, '87.
IOI1N IKW IN, fliliiiiiiU-lri tor of TIioh. II
J Davis, tlert'il., xk. Ktcliar.l D.-ivis, el nl
Cinbiite Court I'elilion to eli IuikI A nn Da
vm, of tlm Sinte of J'eniisy I vnina, is lii.rliy ni
tifiH, that on tlit;2'.'ij il.iyol" .May, A. li.. '.V'tti,
I he .s.i id ni!miinci.riitor lilr.l liis petil tun in k.-.I'I
I'robute Ciuirl of .Meis Ciiinty. O., ll.e tiUjocl
and prayer ol ' wliidi petition is lo i.l.lnin nn
onler.&f!. on tin :iiIil,iyof July, lt-68, for Hit:
nssik'iimeiit of the dower ol tlies.iid Emily IJ.i-
is in, nnd for I tie Mule ot tlie l.lovvin; rcnl
cslnte, lo pay I lie di lils ol' -aid ilectlcnl , to
wil. Thf sit rfoi-e of n purl if IfTl acre lot No
nil, in Skc 1 nnd 7, T iwn C, KniiKe Ll, in
the Ohio Company's I' n r l.ase ; lieei n n I ii n t
tbe find w hrre it cnis.si n I In n ihh r line of miii.I
lot; thesf f.vlrovrrt'f'it,,.- w-tif th fthe""or '8.1 if
to the corner ; lienrej iiorlli far tnotii;!i. so
that .1 lirif dr.itvn par.-tll.jl n-itli Kit srmli line
lir.t meiilioni tl, .vh.ill Mukt- Hie ro.nl n;ic!v
op pus lie the main h r Ii ; tlicjite luluvving the
id load lo t life place ul lniiiitin?.
T. A. I'l.AN IS, .
ib.M I t. .WU me) lui PeUUone.'-
i hi
Nl) no wniidif '. a noon m I he Ii'tissiaus
liiriieil lh.nl ll.e A 1 1 ''fcit It n 1 rip'Oured one
if Oiirner's gun, th.-y "ci vkh" the tunsu
quence was, the Allies took possession uf tlio
t il v.
The inarch f iinprovenient nf. J rivilir.ntion
is fiiNt ilu.stroyiiiK tlioxc Tine old huntinc
pro mils where our fore fill hers delit,'''le'l I"
"ehftfie the In in tiding dot." (Innc is livroiu-
me urn ice, mill Ihe sportu or the chase nr
steldoni indulged in. A lew of lltene liiint
iug crottnilx -. remain. Let kpjttsnien use
""tlioin while lltey cull-
1 Kobhers, hurjrlnrs, ineeiidinrieM, ami rnnr
dcrers Ittrk in almost ev ery cniiininitily. it is
well to he prepared to tlefcnd yourself :iiiiusl
i th'.-ir n tlacka. When; 'you. tliink of-these
tliiuys, rcnieinher lliu I
SILAS faAtlAsClE, llllSliiltli,
in itoW iu'llio littililiu formerly ocuiipied by
.11. Al kins, (is a ti lor-ubop, a lew doors nbuve
the HoLltng Mill, and Kiel he is -prepnrvd to
j fill nil orders Tor F IKE ARMS "of every dt
! scripli'Mi llines, .Shol-i n us, Carbines, tr
' even '1(1 Muskels.. lie is also prepared l do
nil kintls of iep:iiriii. He invites parliculnt
attenlioii to his I'.iteiil Hreuch Itillts the
greatest itivinlinn of the aj;e.
i In exchnn.ee fur his (inns he itsks nolhifiK
'at nil except the money. Call nud see linn,
p loinerov, Aluv 'J.'t. bM-IS.
hy Ult. WM.
hy J)U'. WM. YOUNG
11 A lllU A ('K GUIDK,
hy Dli. WM. YOUNG.
- by Dlt
Yocno'b GnicAT
lHYSioLotiiCAL Woitu: The I'ochvt sru-
' laj'ias, or every one hid own Doctor, by
Wm. Young, M. D.
; 1 1 is written itrplnin lsnifiifiiro for Ihe i en
cral render, "nil is ill ustrnled wi'lt ttpwnnls
I of One Hundred Eiifjrav irti!S. All nttni; niar
' rietl people, or those co'itfuiplnlin-; inairiiice,
nml hit vnii; the least iinpedniienl lo iriarriet!
: life, lihoiild rend litis hunk. It iIim; loses se
j crets thai every one Khould ho nc'iuaiiileil
i with; still, il is n hook (hat must j kepi
I locked up, and nut lie about the house. It
; will !e si: it I lo anv one on the receipt of twer. -ty-lie
centJ. Addiess Dit. W'.yi. S'iicnu, i.ii
Sjirnce street, afnivr; Fourth, I'hilada., 1'a.
June 9, 57 y!
i .lis
'I'ttRitB lias lonst existed a public demand for an
ptfeetivc purgative pill which could be relied on as
sure and perfectly safe in iu operation. This has
been prepared to meet that demand, and an exten
sive trial of its virlne'i has conclusively shown with
what success it necouiplishcs the purpose desiirticd.
It is easy to make a physical fil, hut not easy to
make the best of all iii-'lx one which should have
none of the objections, but all the advai'lngcs, of
, Cieiv other. This ha'i been attempted here, and
wtili what, success we wntiUl respecllully Ktilinul lo
the public decision. Il has been unfortunate for
Ihe patient hitherto that almost every purgative
medicine is acriiuonioti-i and utatiu to the bow
els. This is not. Many of th"iii produce so much
jrrijiiiiK pain and re iit.-.ion iu the slciu as to more
than counterbalance tin; l;mid to be dcrird fioin
them. These ;' produce no irritation ir pain,
unless it ari-.efii.iu a j.rev imiwly existiiiir obstruc
tion or ileraiincmcnl in llie hnvrcls. lleinx purely
vepernhle, no harm ean arise from their use in any
ounntilv; but il ia heller that anv medicine liioiild
i be taken jtulii iouslr. Minute direelions for their
use in the scleral diseaara lo wiucii iiiey are ap
plicalilo are i(iveii on the box. Allien the cotii-
pl. lints which have 1 n speedily cured by them, we
nitiv in t'l 1 1 it it) l.iver f'mi.pliuiit, in ils various forms
of Jaundice, Indifiesliou. T .alienor and Loss of .p
pelile, I.istlessiirss, Iiiilnbility, Hilioms Headache,
Hiltous l-'.'ver, l-'ever and Afrne, I'ain in the Side
and T.oins ; for, in truth, all these are but the con
soipiencc of diseased action in the liver. As nti
aperient thev afford prompt and sure relief in Cos
tiveness, rifes. Colic, Hvsentoiy, Humors, Scrofula
und .Scurvy, Colds with torrnrss of the body, llcers
and impurity of the blued, Irreiularilies ; in short,
nnv and every case where a purgative is required.
Thev have also produeeii some singularly suc
cessful cures iu Itheuiiintisin, (iout, llropsy, (iravel,
Krysipelas, l'alpitatiiui of the Heart, rains in the
Hack, Stomach, and Side. They should be freely
taken in the spring of the yr, to purify the blood
and prepare the system for the change of seasons.
An occasional dose stimulates the stomach and
bowels into healthy action, and restores the tippc-
I tite and vigor. They purify the blood, and, by their
I stimulant action on the circulatory system, reno
j vate the strength of the body, and restore the
I wasted or diseased energies of the whole organism.
! lleuce an occasional dose i lulv anlageous. even:
! though no serious dcratigciuor.t exists; but un- .
j necessary dosing should never he carried too far,
' ns every purgative medicine reduces the strength,
, when taken to excess. The thousand cases in which
j a physic is required car.not he enttineiatcd here, but
they kugucst thenisclvea to the reason ef riery
body; and it is confidently believed this pill will
answer a better purpose than any thing which lifts
hitherto been available lo mankind. When their
virtues nre once known, the pul.lio will no longer
doubt what remedy to employ when ui need of a
cainaruc mediciuu. Jieuig sugar-wrappcu, iney am
; pleasant to take, and being purely vegetable, no
harm can arise from their Mae tn any quunlity.
i'or minute directions, seo wrap pel on the Box.
Fratctical and Jtnalj t i-l C liemlnl,
Price 2S Cents per Cox. Five Soxes for $1.
F.r Ilia rapid tar. ef
j vko(iiitis, M'lioorixf.-rotiiii.
Tula remedy won for itself such tiolr.rl.ly
from ils cures of every variety of pulmonary disrasp, v
that il is entirely iiimeceKaary to rot-omit the avi
denris of its irtnes in any community where it
has liren employed. So wide ia the Held of its nso
fiilncst, and to numrroiia tbe cases of ita cures-,
that almost evert section tif tlio ouiilry nbonnds
iu persons publktv known, who have been restored
from alaiiniii arid even desperate disonsei of the
lurrge by its use. When oneo Iried its superiority
over every other medicine of tin kind b too appa
rent to escape observation, and where its vii tursare
known, the public; no Ioniser hesitate whal antidote
to employ for the distressing and daiixcrotis affec
tion of llie
lo our cliui
ihe pslnnonnry oiRunis which are incident
liuiste. Jvut only in formidable attack
a lunga, bull for tlie milder vnrielies of
vi l.on the
' Col.na. I'ft o8, HonaF.Nrsi, c.
and for Cliff.-
jiUF.K U ia Ihe pletuantest and safest medicine that
asm be obtained. -
s it has lonn been in rouslant use tliroiiplmnt
rthia sceiwin,we afied mt do more than assure the
people its quality ia Lep p t the best Ihytilcver
baa been, and that the genuine aiticle is sold by
D. LIUJD, Uiuj-ict, C-uit cl., I'omefj
3UL JU2 JLslVr iio Xili fa
ighly ; erineen
For bheastt of tie fatcr, Kiitntgt,
O'ruvii, Dnjiny, Weak items, Ofitrttc-
tiunx, errvt J) tonen, ' J'emalo
. VoMj'luin3,- ami' all Jits- '
Cumch of the Sexual "
1 Orjuun, . .
AlUiiitf from Kxee. . '.. Iiiiprudencies In llfo. and
rint hifr nil hnjurtipu.
Ki'lin.':, or Ht'xuiil (Jrjfai
.'reos from tho Illaddxr,
m. 'her uxUliuj; iu
From " lad ever est ' i so the j inn; have original'.!.!, and
no inalter of bow louft slamliiipr, Kivini; Maaltb ami
Vigor lo Ihe Krame, nml liltiuiu io Uio Pnlli Cheek,
It citre nervous iuhI debilitated sufferers, and re
inuves all tlio s niptoins, alu.inj- winch u ill bo found
to exertion, toss ir
power, loss of memory,
lilllculty of broatlilii, irnueral
weakiM'ss, horror of diabase, w-uk
nery.s, trembling, .Ir.m.lful horror of
dealt., innlil sweats, cold reel, wnkcfnlnrss,
dimness of vision, languor, universnl lassilu.lo of
the uiuseular sj stem, often enormous appetite, with
dyspeptic symptoms, hut liau.li, ntisliinif of lbs
bo.ly , dr nossof Ihoskili. pnlliil vuiuilennlice,
and eruptions on I lie lace, pain in ttiy
hack, h-avinoss of the eyelbls, rro
I4iiiu(l) black spots flj ii.y; before
tlm eyes, with t'lnporary sul
fusiofi and loss of sieht,
want of attention,
great mobility,
UoaIIoshihisji ,
willi horror of soei ly. .Noihing is more desirable to
such putietits than solitinle, i,i,, rmthitii; they
, unpin uivnu vi 't v.ieifiwu ves, no ro-
pusu of iiiaiiner, no oiiruestiioss, no spec
ulation, but a harried transition from
one ouestion 1. 1 ai. oilier.
The:io riniilninn if allow ed to en on n,i
luodicliu iuvnrlald) rumores noon follows loss o
i-wm r.K, 1 . ft ,,-. i.rn. fci- , o ,cis III line 01 wlilei,
the putlout inu oxplre. Who can say that these es
cesj.isuroimi fruiieiitly followe.l l.y those .llref.il
diseasna iksvNri v ami mvit Hptios ' Tlio record of
ll Insane Asylums, ami the ui.-l.tiu h ily deaths by
i.t.ii.iiii. .1011, ......io noocssoi IIILMrillll 01 taes
usserlioiis. In l.utuilie .As; In ins t lie iuol iiielsn.ch.il
exhibit mil appears. -I lit. oiiiiteuance is actually sod
ten Hint ipnte .lesiniiie neiiiier Mirth or Orief e..r
ilslls il. Should u sound 01' tho voics occur, it is I
rarely artli ubilc. . . I
With w o-ful measures wundispair
Low sulU-ii soitiidshia prief beguiled. " '
neliiiitj is most turnbl 1 ami has broutchl thous
ands to untimely grit ves, thus blustiuir ihu iiinbitioi,
of many nnldo ouths. 11 van be cured hv tbu UKd of
t this
If jou am sutreriii'T with any of the uIi.ito distress-.
j loir alliiRMils. tb.i ri.tnn kitra. r Bcciic tll euro you.
iij iiniiu uu i ..in iiiitii hi ns emcacy.
who falsely bo-isl of abilities nud rcfereaccs. Cttl
zeiiskiioiv ntulayiud them, ami save lone sulferiiifr,
nioney, and exposure, by s-mlimc or ctillinir lor a
boiilo of this uplilar and Specltle li .iue.l) .
Il n 1 1 . i ; ult pain and iiifliiiuaiiiin, isperrectly pleas
ant in Its Lute and odor, hut immediate in its'action.
HelmboM's Extract Uuchu
1 prepurud .lirci tlj arcor.lim; to tlw rules of
. Willi llie greatest asciirai-v mi. I I'liomleul knoHla.lgo
tiud care .evot.;.l in its e..iii!.iiintioii. .See l'r..f.-SMir
! Iteweus" Valiial.de W orks un lliu J'raeliee of I'livsic,
, and nm.4 ut llie latu slniiilar.l n ork of ineuiciiiu.
j ji:t $i o o
' One liiiti.lrc.l ilollars v III I... paid to nnv plivslcian
vvliocan iiiove that lliu Al-.li. ii;o ever Injure. I a pa
i liunl; nvil the t-sl inionv nl thoii'.indy ct.u lie prieliicu.l
j to prove Hint it loes crent gi.. fuses ot" from one
J v...-k t.. tliuleeii ears stau.llug liavo been effect.-.!,
j 'I lei massof v oloiitiiry testimony In pnsn.iiston of the
I'ropri Our, vo.u lung its virtues ami eiirutiv .t powers,
U iniiiiciisu, ei.il.rai ing uuiiick well known to
Qoioiico n cl " 17,,xs.
j 100,000 Jlottlca have teen Sold,
,aii.l not a single iiisiamo of a I'ailuru lias been ru
; port ...I !
j I'ers.innlly ni.pe., r.-.l l.efere mo, an Ablerinati of tin
, Cilv of I'luladelptiia, II. T. II Kl..lo,0, fliemi-t.
; wlio being diilv sworn.. Iocs i , tlu.l hit pr .par.itiou
contains no Narcotic, Murcury or injiiriniis liriig,liii
pllfely V eg.'llllile.
I II. T. HKI.MKol.ll. Sole Mi.n ifncliirer.
' Sworn nml imbscril.c.l b.-l'ore iik tliin M .lay of
Nov cinl.er, If 31. W.U. P. 11 1 lillA It I), Al.leriuan.
I l'lico '51 per Dottle, or Six for 6, Deliv
I ored tont.y Addrebrt,
.Iceoiiipiiiii.'d by relial.lenu.t resnoimilile CertlflcataM
from frol'essors of iUe.iical Colleges, Clcrgv uicu ami
I others. J'rcpared and sulil l.v
J ' ll. T. ItKIMHOkl).
: fruclical unci - nal v lival C'liuinist.
No. fi2 South Tenth street, below Chcbt-
nut, Assembly IJuilditigs, i'hilada.
! TirT'To ho liad r.fall Druggists a ml Dealers llirongli
ionttliu I'niloil States, Cinailas, an. I Ihllisli l'rov-
t illces.
j I'or wile hy II. ISee.l, I'otnerov; II. C. Waterman,
! Miii.liciM.it; I.. W Stiiiif.ini. West 1'i.luinliin; John
: I'ri.iue, Conic ville; I'ainu cV Hr.niuli, liiitlau.l.
Aik for Ilulmbold'a Take No Other.
j c v at i: ci u a ki a t a u n i
i Juno 0, I.O; i I.
I)i (!. of lliu L.iiiik;s :icnl Tliront
CURED BY IN!!.. Mil 0 N.I
luvli .oi(V(v( tiii reiinjiiifi t
tht? r;i vlti" In Un
Hid vi nil iny; in direct
I ItiiifbTs. f lirii'.ii;!! tho hir haT:i?B,
f-onlat-l willi th'.r ih.sfa.it.', inuit r;l i,- tin; tubercular
ni;tttr, allajs the 'oiixh. cuu-v.m a fr'. nud v vx
I'tr.iluui, Iu-uIh th luu-xs, juifittei the blood, im
uirM rt'iu-'wod it.tlit; to lh-' jier ou- .tteiii. uivin-
lli.il uitf anl euer-jy t iudir-M'ii.-able for the re.-Uora-liou
d health, 'i'o uo uhlo to Ht;tte coutideutiy thai
uiu hi ptitui is ciimLdu h iuhalal ion. is to liu' n voir -e
of unalloyt-d ploutiurt'. Il i as tutu ti under I IT- con
tnd of ui'.'dh-.il 1 realtueiit ha uny th'.r formidable?
diteas'; ninety out of ertr hundri'd i-au ho
eu not in the lirl st ;tjri'M, and Jifty per rt'tit. iu Uvj .sec
ond; hut in the third Mat?; il in iutpoMtible lo s-iw
inot-e ihnllve jot rnt., ftr tho Iuiiiy are ocuL uji
itj ihe diM-ase- uh t hid deilancc lo inodL'al nkill.
h. en. however, in thu I a. si nta-es. Inhalation a (lord .t
et I'htirdiiiar r'lof lo Hie muVitiijij afleudinr thin
fearful .ii-oiirjre. w hit-h ammnlly dojlro.i nitietx.lhu
ih'Hiaand peiMouft in the l-nited Mnfs alone; uud a
iurreit taleiiluliou hhoM-.t th;it of lh'? prc-nul ioula
ttou of (lit; earth. ei)jht niiilioud are du.-itiuud lo fill
llu .'4nmiuijdi-. i' ji rave.
Truly Ihe jui ver of dualh has no urrow o fatal uh
L'on-uiinl'Uou. In all aj;fj it has ln-en the ir ut t-ne-111;
ot I do. for it Ajmr.'s tu'ilh'jr a nor nn v.luit swowjis
oil .i i U j the or. i e, tho hfuutit.il, ilia raeoful nud
tlio (.rifti'd. liy the lioj uf that .Su jireiin Helm; from
w iKfin touieth every Rood and urtu I jrift, I am eua
hted iiKitl'Tto the atllirtd n jtL-riuitiK ia and tjeed
cure ii. ('ot-niiiiii'tiou. Tht Hrl imMt' uf tuht'rclus id
from impure blood, and the imuidinlt ctl'-H-t orodu-
red hy ltoir di'i'ositi.iii in the I'.ii'jr-!' to prevent tin
free lalutinHioii of air into the air ctdl.i, nliieh cuJt'M
a weakened v itality thr Miivhout the entire tt. ni.
j I'h. 'ii uivl II iiiore rational to exjiurt jcrv'at-r 4"od
, t i'o ui uM'duiio'r fitlerinjr the eav itio of the 1uui;m Liian
from lima.' uduiini-t.'r.'d throui;h the .moinrirh ; the
. ...tl,.. t velll uKiiiVa find Ihu 1 ll iil"? fiii nnd Hi.; hrcnltt.
j i eu.-sv, lifter luhaliUK n-luediei. TIhm, inhalation
I ll U lOt .1 I TV 111-'1 a IIVl rilllVlti.Tfl It, .11 13 t iillOUIIIUIMI.il-
! ly, and with moie jiowermoi ceriuiniy than reme-ilc.
inlmiNi-t,'n-o iy the Mtoiuut-h. Jo prove the power
ful ami dirt! ilillio'iiee of thin mode of a ImuiMtra
lifui, ' Idoroloria Iv linlod will entirely de.nlroy euai
htlil) in a few iiiiinit-, juaralyzin: the entire iktvous
l.;m.ivO that u limb m.'. he tMiipulnted wiihout the
iiLrliteM puiu; inhaling Hits ordtitHry buruiug y-t-iwill
dt'nlrov lift in a lew h.ir.i.
Th tniiHlutiou of Auiuioutu rouc the !yfltein
vv ben faiidmir or apparently deu.l. Iltcudorof iiiauv
..I the medicines is perceptible in the akin a few min-
ul'.-s after I. eioit inbaled. and iiiny lc liinaedlaloly do-
teided iu the blood. A couvim-iitir proof tf the con-
ditnlimuil ctle.-ts of inhalation, is tit the fact that
sick uess is nl way s prodm ed by br.-ulhiutf foul air
islhisnol positivo evidence tlial proper remedies,
carefully prepared and judiciously adiiiiulst jred
tliroujtli the lunicr. should produce Ihe happiest rtf-
snlisi Hurii c oijrliloeii years prnctic.u iiiany thous-
IaiidssuHerli K f.'oui disiv.'.svs of tlvo Inuir. and throat,
have bvcii under my care, and 1 have cifc ted vuuiiy
l.ul.l .. ..ri,.r ,!.,. .iiH,..n Iim.I I,.,..,,
nroiioiiiiced in Hit! last stnEis,n Incti ralrlv SMtistlt .ui.i K' i .i-ni..ii. an.. ..... ..,. ...u nuniiirii, mai mo so
I ilml consumidioii is no loiiper a fnta.1 disua-M. ftiv erel. ol Or. K s palieiils will never be .lls. loscd.
I treat ui1 nit ol consumption is oriirlnnl, and rounded '! i.m.e mail let n. rl,o modesty deirvr you from
i on louu cxp.irlunco uud a thorough un estiicutioii , making yo.ir case known to. ma, who, Irwin education
! Mv i.crle.-la.iiu.iiiitaneo w ith tlie naturu of luberclus. j respectability, can certainly rvfrb-nd y
' A-.'-., enables me lo dislincuish, r. ndilv. Ihe various ' r- Kiiikeln.'s residciica has l.-n for lbs last tvven
' lor.nsor di'iim. Hint simulate onsiiuiptimi, and sp- ,", "rnur ut OIIKO AMI H.Mo.N
I pi v lb. proper reineilles, rarely boine; mistaken even I SJri.. I liilailol) bla, 1 a.
in'a aw it le cane. 'Ibis fimiliarity, iu couiievliou wild 1 PATIKXI'S AT A I) 1ST A X fT
I certain niillioloical and microscopic discoveries, en- ; . .. . "JOtilRU.
' able, ni" to relievo tin limps rrom thu die. Is i.r enn- ! an li.vf (by slotlnn their cast, explicitly, trnretlior
I Iracte.: chests, to enlarir.i tht. eli-st . purify tliv blonja' w"1' " 1 ''' "V"!''"".1''.. I""r 'v'tir, en. losing a re-
i imiiurl lo it renewed vitality, giving enory and torW;
to die cntir'J sv stein.
j M.'.li. mc vv itll full directions sent lo mi) pari of
(tb. 1'uile.l Stslesiiiid rnlnnlas hy patients comniuui
catn.K their s) i.iploms b Idler. Hut the cur, would
bi in.irt certain if tlio patient should put me a vi.-il.
t lil. I. vv.nil.l i;iv e au opportunity to examine, the
lniiir, mid ciuilde ni-. lo prescribe, with much (treater
ce r In nit , and I tic ii (die cur could be ull'ctc. vv ilhuut
' .... -...i,,,!,. t, i.ll, -Ml !i"l.tn. All lOlt UTS liak 1 11 'r U.l-
J vice
I ... e iiiu.t contain u nostuce stamp.
II,I1 A.fl.
TtOX NO. il'.i,
1'illiei t .Siipci,
Ci. v.
?l. I.
old c.. 1J1,
Ollke, n n
rin LAiJt'Lriii a, va
hlt0(, r cua.o,.,er, ...4
huyers ye nr. rally to his Inrtfe stock, of
new spring: 00 od a''"-
tlWiiBhl lllrcil Iruiu I be Manufacturers III Maksyicbu
"ll I . coMrauiNB
KHOKfl, ' ' .
uKOO.t.ts, , '
ts.iltEKs, .
OPKltA 1 th,&e
bailies, Misses abl t'hlt'lren's
:.-, ; PI.A'I'N and ....
Men, tojs and Youth's
I'AI.M I.KAP, f .- ,
His and Youlb's
All of whieh Kill be found In grout vunely.
Tl-'l! reil lii.luceiiiunlsoflVred to CASH and promo
Orders sni ieiled nml curefullf solccladand patkod
Second St., near W. '. Meat -Ao,,
I'(.M KttOY, O.
Tr EKP ronstnntly on hand a lnriie supply
hi. w iinic.iu ic nr teinti. wruvrs ni eu uu
a!iort notice. The hi iciest priee paiil for good
BrooHt Corn. Hr.nuiia run.lu t. order.
Cok.n worked on Khares.
2D x-. IVIorso'n
(' 1 U T I O "i i
M.'rchaiils and traitors will bo on thulr mini'
.no uoi ol iiu-iosi.i upon oy a counterfeit ,,
viorsc ' s ii. tl.. n limit rills. .Iijiie.l !) A. U. Mourn.
All RJiiuino luJIuu Ifoel fills have Ilia naiiiunii. I
.iirnatiiro of A. J. VVhlt'i c Co- no uach tx. v .
UK. MoltSi:, tb.i Inventor of Morse1 Indltii
uoot j-iiis. lias spent tue irreater pan of his Uf
u travcliui;, liavtnp visttetl httrope, Asia am.
v iirica, as wen as ryoriii .America -has spent three
' B .ciirsainoiie; the liullans of our Western inn i n
- ' ST , ,1,1.. ,,, ,1... I...I:.... u.....
Ilrsl discovered. lr. Morse was Ihu first man I i
" ....a ....j ...... ... ,,,mi eu IS vvcr..'
I ri a. TV ov tiik iiiooo - that our streu-rth, lien lit,!
csiun isn me i.ici iiuti ait uise.'is.'s ar ... r... u i
u auu un uopeii.iv.i upon mis viiai nui.l.
ill IK V ft)..
JO Lsonard Struct, Nv. York.
MOIISK, the invvntor of .MlHffliVS IMJlN
lO'l I'll.l.S, has spun! lh gronler nart ef nix
fa in traveling, having v-Uileit Kurono. A,i.. . ..a
Africa, as woll as North America has apci.t three
yours among the tiiilinns ul' nur Western cumin
il was in tins way Hint the Indian Knot fills wrtf
first discovered. I'r. IdorsiJ was the flrsl uinn to vs.
tablish llie fai t t'...t all diseases'nris from iMecaiTY
or'im: si ouu thai our alrength, hen lth and lifu du
pcluled lipim lliu vital Ulli.l.
When llie various passage besouia.elop;,,,!, nt)
do not act in perfect Iniriiioiiy w ith the diftcivtit fun.,.
tions of the bo.lv , llie l.l.iii.l los Its aetioir, becomes
thick, rorrupU'.l ami li? ernteil; thus cauaing all i.uinn
nick U..6S anil ilist rv ss of uer iiiitue; mir Mlrei.giU Is
exliaust..il, nur heal Hi vvu a re deprived of, and if na
ture ij hot asstile.l iu throw ing oil' tliu siiignaiit liur
mora, the blood will Income chuked nnd cease lo act.
mid thus our lielit of life will lurcver bu blown out.
How Important then that , should knp the various
passages of lliu In ily free and open. And how pl
int to us tin. I we have il in our power to put tt urwii
. icine in voiir reach, nnuielv, Mir.o's Indian Hoot
1'ilN, iiiaiiiilaetured front plant, und rooU w'iIi Ii
. grow nr. .un. I the moiiutaiiinii. eltlla in vnlnre's gar
den, for the llei.Ull and recovery ofdisj.ivl imtu.
: One ..f the roots from which th -ij ptlin ntu i,,do is
a Siidoriile. w iii. h opens the pores of lliu akin, and m-
lists Nature in throw im; out ihe liner parts ot tins i r-
! ruplioii w ilhiii. lliu second is a plasl which is an
' i'lvpet tortinl, that, open and uiudogs thu j.sssag to
I lliu lungs, and thus, iu a soothing mi uner, perioral
jllsdiitv b) throw ing olf phlegm, and otlius. huniore
from the lungs l.v copious spilling. The ihlrd is a
I Diuretic, w Im Ii gives ease anil lo.ildc ntrengllt to tl- i
j kidnej ; thus .i.cournged, they draw larit l.uiounl- j
of iiupiirit v from Ihe blood, which I then thrown out
bountifully by Iho urinsr) or walur passage., and I
j '.vliich could ik.i have been discharged iu any oilier
, . 10- ,.p,,iiii i.s ii i,iii,,i to, nun ai-eoiiipauies llie
iv. I tic lourlli is a t atliarlle, and aicoinpaules llie
tier properties of tt.M.illsvvb.l., engaged in p,.rifS.
i Hi- blood; lb-coarser paili.lesoliinpiiritv w lilt Ii
11110I pass I.; 1 the nihur outlets, nrothns luKeu up
d eonvejeti otl in grei.t .iiai,lllies l.v ll.e l.o,..!.
I .fill
I Jin
i l-'n-ui the mImh c, il it -di.i n that Dr. M'rs'.'- Indian
Knot t illMUut wn! rntr lht hliiiiuuli, hut hi.nn'
i imil-jil With ihu bliwl. I'lirltu tliidva Itit-vt ri ,nr
I mid i'tiitid ttd v runt U'it and l;ino t'hf r -it'.Mji iVnu
nil t in i--u ril , fiit.t Xht life ot tho lnnl, Hliuh U ihf
hluotl, L'hhiil'-i i"ilVitl hoLltlix ; i ti:-i,t v
litkiu fsrj and .in la drlini rruiii Him iyt.-i(i. for'tlmt
not rciii'iiij ivli-n th j hod bt'iDU.-a mrc iinu
1 1 'an.
llie rtii ' why p,du re mu di.-(roff.( wli'-iiMktt,
and why mo ihiiii lic. is t-- ti.vi ih- ; tlw ,t gvt i.
mtdU-iiiM tv Ii it It witl jittrtM to thu Hftliit.d utt, nud
Mliit h will ttjuMi Kit) nuturnl )Hi'iti,t-st ftn th dl-oit
tn hv cii (it out; h 'in . n ur' iiiJ.Mil) uf t'ttoU :.ud
ulhor nmtt-ir U lo-ljri'd, nnd llu hlnmu U und hi Ids
tines arc litornlly .tI;i .vii:(: with ihu corrupted
inas.; thj uj iiiiil T-'iiny; dt-ituroonh. I'uriiioiitMiAii,
rdiislrtiil I y inixinti w iiti tho Mood. wMrh throw th-.'
L'urrtid.rl iu:ilt t l!irouh t ery Cfin nr.-i n rsr , un
lil lit" ih t k--n tviMii t!t hod H til.. iH.-. i)r. Murnv "s
i i.i.s lioV ih1IimI ti tin-itin:i vv vie im tiiit.i vulury,
hy r.-jl (riut: mil ! ttoi.-i uf aii k t hi.Mi.n,!, ;inlili
ami ..:ii in-. V8, t ho!it lid- Ii'i iirtv, Ik -n ruck
il or toriifiitkid itii an k;n.'s.. pdin.-ifid ni.ulr-li, uil
wlioit' I'vjrhl r frntiu't tinvv t -. 1 1 -'rt tid hy iho hnrii
!i.E I'li-'iiifi.t.- nl' r;ie iva r.rVi'., und ln hitVL hriMi
hroul.t, i it w rr, ithin n flt of lh.? "lloiil r.tvf.
now M Hint rntdy tutv.tity ft.nt t!i y n- i(. hhv?- hv.n
nuiiint'i .'d w iln thk. div.il. hu it not ttvn for 1 iiUjf rv..t
iiiid iii.d ti i.l nu'ilii iuo, .M.ort;i Indi.tn Ifool C Ii.
ifteroiii' ir iho ilum's hr,d hvcii lukfit, x nvx Ti.- t
t oni shed, all.) 11 bsol 11 tdv surprised, ill V. It 11 essiug t)li"tr.iu-l)lo b.sl stag.-, of lho:,ove li.'.l.i.olied dis 'ass l.utl
-h.'iriaihi t llt-i In. itnl do tlo'v eive huuiedlat
oa Mid Airenirih, and lake w ny all utek iHab, pain
and anirni.-Jt, but Hit) al oiu e 10 lo work at th-i fotin-
'tiilion il tlj rii.H.'UH". w Itleh I. lli tdoud. I h ere tore
it will b. !lmw 11
peelallv l.y those v lio use ;hes
pilU, that thv M III.-40 4 lean-o p.nd 11'irifj , lint J'--
,:ts(. iiiut tlcadly fiiriu; w 111 tnke it fiichl, nud the
Ht'ih of otith and bui.ly will aaiu return, and tho
proipi-tt ,f 1. 1011-4 uud hap life dl thcri.-h und
brighten uurda4.
C A l: T 1 O N
Re ware r a voi:ut-rfeit iiiriiil A. II. Mo nur. Al
tieuuine have tin utiiue of A . J. Wiii tk iV i'o. "ii cacti
b. AUo the mkixauke vr A. J. uitt It). All
litlierdare ppur!n:.
' Sole J'roj,rirtorg,
j 5'J Lt-oTinrd Strool, Nnw York.
I Dr. Moisi-'s Indian Root I'ills arc feold
I I iv ill dialers in Mt-ditines.
j Air'.nts waiiied In I'very low 11, vllliign niidlinnilet
: In the. land. lYrticra dusiritiC Ibo tigoiic. vv ill address
' as uhove for terms,
I Piifo 25 centii ier be).x, five biX" will
be Sfiu on receipt of 451, posUir iwid.
Hit. 2V, 1H57. ly
Pliiladvljiliia Medical House.
Kslabllslicil tvvontv-lwo years ago by Or. KIMvK.I.IM
comer of 'I'lii r.l A t'lib.n sis., riilladulpbia, I'a.
KeTl..ir. lias rendered J r. K. a most surewssftil
practitioner in tlio enr. of all dis.-iis.-s of a private
nitnre; uiaiibood's d.bility, as un i:iiiedinieiit tn
n,,..;.!,,,,,,. ,.,.r ...I adv..ul l.,ll, 1,. : . . "
lihesVln. .....lib...., .rLi.oVr' A : '
i 1
'I'livre is an evil hsl.lt sometimes Inilulire.l In I..
I Im; h,
iu solitude, often irrow inii. n Im tliein to luan
iind which, if not reformed Iu due timo. not
j only b
ly t.-i-.-ts serious obstacle. to matrimonial lis pi. .
ss, but jriv rise to a series of prolracled, Insidious,
.1 dcvustaltut; all "el ions.
i uu
hew ot tiin.su who (rive way to thli pernicious sh-sc-tiee
nre a ware of llie roiiscipifiie cp, until tbey llnd Ihe
ucrvoussystciii sballered, foul strniuru and unaccount
able, seusnt ions, and ui-ue fear. In tho mind. (Soa
liases -27,Mtt, y, of Jlr. K.'s book ou iiull-i'rcservii-
lion. '
Ihe unfortunate thus affected, becom... r,.ni.i.. i. 1
unable In lanor w If is accustomed viiror. or to api.ly
uis iiiiii.i ui .viii.ij, nil ml- i is lar.ly and weak, be is
I dull, irresoluta. and cairuicee even in Ins sports vv lib
less eiioiitv Ibiin usual. .
if In, cinaiicip.'itn himself brforo tlio practice, lias
i doiio its worst, and oiite r mat rniiotiy, bis in;. rrlairr I.
j iinlruilfiil. and bis sense, lei Is hi in Hint this is doii.i
hy bis early l.dies. These ure considerations which
! nhnuld nwakuu tbu attention of all who urti siluilarlv
; ailimUd.
I X7 11 Vl)
H.v wht laces himself ui..l.r Dr. K INK fCl.lX'S
tr .'utiueiil, in.-.y religiously conndo In liis In. nor as a
.-, - ... ...... .. .c.-oroiiijtiy .
rorvvar.led to any j.art of ib.i Lulled Mates.-....!
packed securi) from 1)A)UGK or t'UHIUIsi'l V l,v
.Msll or Kv press.
' A Vigorous Life cr a Premature Death, Kinkelin on
eu-j-resciva ion unly as Cents.
i.vncrs coiiiaiiiniK in.i raiuo ill stumps, will .nsure
a copy . per return ol mail.
: on a ti ! an a Tisa gratis
A IK !'. K IS lit to 1. 1,.
"Nsi'ireV o.ii.l..." a i,,.w prpular WrWli. full
..I ...luht.ie adtira .,.i im.r,H.Hive wan ma, sik
cMlrutst.'d l. i-r'-v.-ni tears. iniserv. uti.l save. t'lo...
f I'r. -. K .1 Jiibui . witl.nut i Mart; .and for-
ward.i.l l.v in.iit. . r. p . id to nv pn 4-nmva in tht
f nif .1 M..i. 01, n,M u .inlet tu. lo iii' i
,.e..,..,.Matl.r. ' j-'vllyl
'NO 6VG11 'WOltD M 'FAV
.r r.
'' Virt ulnr lo ihh HML.
TI1K ftr-l hosoltnl urireonssnd madical publlclsUoy
kuro.r admit ths iinpnralleleiraiill-liurtamiuatry.
and lieiibnir properties of Oils Oliitiueiit; goverwuirlt
n ml ion its r.so m their naval and nillltnrj wrvlrat
and Ihu kisixm in this cuuntry aid Uira(h.oat 4Uo
world rep.isu 'tho utmost roi.ddanc Ih lt,uiratjv4
aro.urlles. It penelrales Ilia aouraes of InHadimi.
lion and corruption which uudorlla tha vxtyrnalC!,:
denses of dls.ji.so, auj avulrallr tlw iloiy slsmuat
which fcj.l sail axasperato Ihu malady.
ItliciiuiaU&iii, Sciiifuln. Eryfio
I J" ,h'r worst forma, and when sojiulligly laetiraulo .
cation of this soothing, hoaJlug, suUdota to puiu iuH
in mi iiiib,iiiii.
Salt lilicum. lvrr tores, Kilff .
n ensssur Halt Ithvuin, ttlierw nusdlcftl wstara. lo'
Hons, nml every rvclpn of thu pLaruiavupura
proved useless, Ilia Ointment will sc. coipli.ti a tlio.
.ii!.li cure. Fever snrss lival. .piiekly under Its be
Ciieuce, slid Ils relaxii.r Uvvt upon coulratrtuviialavw
Is trtil w underfill.
IMs hinging L'lrrrs.
A most reuinrksbls slid Ii"j j ihuuy Is product,
In lliu appearniii. of iuallrukiil ulesra after a raw t
plh idloin uf IliisOltiliuuiil. Tlisiirruuiidlus;rediirss
. ., ....ie,. i.v.1117 nesn urgiu taku
; llie pluer ol the dim hsrg. d insltur. ThUtmH-csscuoB
, 011 iniira or loss rnpitll.v sutll the o rifle J Is tilled l.o
I w 1th sound mnturlul. slid tlnl nlcsr radically cared.
. A Worts iu Rlolbicis.
Tlmfoungsro Ihu most frvquonl saflarors frein
; teriml Injuries, snd llisrvforu vry mother .uld
have llilslieallng preparation C01.sta1.tl7 al baud. It
( is an sIxohilDspeilltc for sore Iruksls, i.i:.i .iiiicklv re
; moves the encrusted sores wlil.h
the liuads and faces of children.
KiKultlniMC ran.
Tills Ointment , universally nsv'ilun board lbs Al
I1.1.I11 and I'm Ilk lu.lti.; Peel as ai i.r fvir svorsatiu
sn. , tlnhs, mill s. tlm best pirsalsle reuirsly for wounds
ktl lir.iiss, l.r.-e supplies of It liuVo rM-.i.llv b.su
orlcrud by lbs Uullsn f 1 urkev fur hospital puipos.a.
Horn Tlis Oistmsitt asd ran anori.a
tn issues iiia
t ll.ipped
II i..l,
MiTiurisI hwelljd rpralns,
Kriipliuaii, t.laii.U. sit.tt Joint 1,
lib's, fori) Lv);., Tetter,
hlieiiun.tlsin, Sure Urdasts, Vlcers,
llliigwuriii, oru Mesns, Vsnar -..l
Dull li lieu in, Sure Throats, Korea,
Scalds, h'nr.s of kll Wuui..ul nll
f-kln disoiies, kiuds, kinds.
nra rvnnino nni.'ss iisj
i wnia "I1UI.1.IOV4V. .lkw li,, . . . 1 ..... o ... .1 .
. cor iiible ass .Tsa-a.na In uvsry leaf of the took
' I'L . 1 "iM '" nr,,M,,"i "-l l't or ttwx; lbs Ult,r
. be p ali.lv s....i h) noi.ui.sa tiik i.rr 1. ias limit. A
! htindsoiiid rewsrd will be i,,u,. 1.. ... .
,uh 1 filiation ns may Und m,j ,lt uu et
parly or parlies mni.turreltlug lbs mudiv:liiwr ven.i-
u.glhs s.uiie, k ij..w ii,). th.iii ho spurious
" ;,:J 0" -Jsiiufs.-torj ..f i.fu,M,r H.I.UWH,
,. , . !ur' " "J an ruspevisld,
I DmrKisIs and lienl-rs hf .M ...It. In... Uir.u ri....t lU..
, bniU'd . Mni-s and llio vivillsud wufld, tn l ox.-s at
, cunt-, l-i, i-eids, and SI i.. ,.
Jl 'J'U.'rr Isttcui.sldernhlcsavli itlB taVIki lit l.r
I Ji. II. lllnwtioua for tin, gnltlnnrn of i.atlebU iu
1 rev er disorder, sro sftllod to eat b box.
I luiuw-ll;-n.
. Of all illsease, tlu. gru rsl rauw
MpriKS rruiiiiiegb.il nf N.turo's law.
Vtllh.N A I tjUL lit Ut AKiMfckU
CI II I 1 1 f 1 ri ivTii ii . -i
' S ( K i 41 1 IlTS K X S lh S
JJ Li X U 1 lO -Li A O Xs J 1
s-,, 1 N. ,.. ,. iv 1 m- . c-
--'Il-Atjllse, iNflOII Dthllliy. k. twtUlui,
vnccie., UiltMl, LMfietV", 4Jii-iie at
thu KninejH nnd lylndder, U.-iurUl
Klieiiniiitisin, Slcroluht. i'sin in tlj
Hones ;tnd Anklfsi, DiueusfA of tho
Lugs. Throitt. X.rse nd liy ft, Uleviti
tiion -.lio Jiml v or I.iud h, (hoi,
iJiopi y. K'pilipiie Mist, ViiV Dui'e.
nml till Uisv.-Hi a hi isino iVoiu h deiHMc
mtltt of thu kie Mini Uio-jiis,
SUcli as Nervous 1 reu.blli.i", Ino of ,Vjlui.:. U.o
of I uwer, ttelien.l H'ea k 11 c.. , I lu.i,. ss ol il.iuii,
with ".ciiilar.iit spperii l.-.-for. I'm we, Lmssv
or hifclil, Wskjfuli.s,., iivsf.psii,, i.i.ui Yisaaso,
hriipliiiua ii...i. Hi ., facu. an. .1. liis Uvk u:..: L'su,,
K iniiil.. irrei;iilsri lis, 11 it. I ml .,ir,j,cr ilci.Mrfcca
froiii li.it li .. II iiuitlers I ."d from wlitl tauw Iku
dlseass origll.Me.i, Uni'lvr l.uig sUwIlr or obatl-'
iiai Ihe t a-.,', r" ovcij i-i tuilaic. ..t.'ie a sliort.-r
linie thaa 11 perniai.,.;.! t- ire .-..n I. i :.. ted by l-y
uilutr irestniei.t, even rtier tlr.- nls.Lr.it lis buflied
ll.e i.'llll i.f eino.cid pl.t,., in:.: l.l.d : f,.-leu til lU.dr
lurt.ns !'. ur... 'l liu ni.-dlciiie., pi,. .-.i,t, m,, t
odor. laiiMi.K 1.0 l. k.. ss, mid Ic m !,.. ji men jr. wr
balsiiin. l arli glweni;. v srs 01 prxct :. v, I huve 'rus-
CUC'l I rwlll thu Ih .1 of ilitnth. ii,,.i,v rl,,,!...,,,'. ml..
ben glv en u. In di." l.v "heir phv diclni... wbl. It war
rant. iu in pn.iiiiiiii.g tn Miw and. led, v. Nn may (I.m
inrin.cive, .,n.er mv ci.re.n p.
! ure. B- vr.-l ill. .." ir, tin
nnv . i. rc,n peiiett i i d most steely
greutuSii en.nile, to
j health, as Ihuv are lliu lir.t aiis of t- .Misuu.plu.il.
r. i. no. ..Nn limn; inner .ns.'ases, ana snoiii.i bu a
tvrr.wliitlieiiiimi.il r.ncl'y. m a p 'riimnut .sr. la
searcely Kivr tllecte.l, n majorll) uf Ins rases fall h ;
li. to Hi; lian.lt. if iiiioiiiputc nl perstius, w bit not al
f . II I. .inre llie diieu.e., but ruin th roii.ttlii;
flilinr. the .vkteni with inercur) , ho li with i,. ,
ease, hastens the sufferer inlo rapid con.uuii.il k.
j Jim .11011111 tin. dlsensii a tnl tlie treatincnl noncir...
w,..i. ..ui o, , nun o.t: vie.iiu iniirries, ine illsca.rtla
u.itailu.l upon the ehiblreii, who nrr burn with feetl.
const, lutloits, and Ilia enrryiilof life i-orrupted L) a
virus nhich beiruv t itself In Mroln'.a, Fetisf. ll. ti.,
Krupliom and olber street Ions of thu skin, ).,
'riiro.il and Lunp., entailing upon tlinni a brluf nl..
teiietfuf .utr. rint, und vonsigninir them to au varly
Sra-. .. .
SE!,F-ABU.- Is anntber foriu1dnblt ouesny to
lioailli. tor ii'ilhlnicehe in the dread cuti.lof-ce ut La
inan disensrj cause, so des!ru( tiv a drain (ii.oa ikn
svileiu, driiviii.r its iliniistiiids uf victims through a
I-.w jears of .iiileriiiirdnvv n tosn uiitliiu-1 v s;r..v. It
de'trojslhe Nurvon. Cjstetn, raplilly viVstss aaay
the oni-rjrie.of lift., rsus... uif.ital drraiif eii.eiil, pr
venls llie proi'.rdevelo nienl d tlu systum, difuLul
llles for uiarrinu;c, society, business, ai.d all earttilr
baplilness, and lvnves tho sullurer wrackiol Iu body
and iiiiti.l,pi'tuK..ji,cd t consumption and a tr.ds af
iib more to he dreaded ihiiu death itself. .11. Him
fullest routliliMiro I assure the unfortunnKv victim. of
Self-Ahnse Unit a perfert and speedy cure: ran l vf
t'ected. ami w ill, tin nfiaiidniiuienl' of rulnaus imr
liecs. mv patients van bo restored lo robust, vigorous -
. in. n 1 1 n.
Tlm nfnlcted nnv rnutiotiPd airnlnsttlie use or r.it-
cut .Medicines, for there nre so iiiany liia;aalousuuis
jlu the coin inns. if tlm nsldlc prints to valrli and rwu
1 the liinvii' siilTerers. that uiililons liavo tbetr rr.n.ti
, tulliin.t ruined by the vile compounds of uurck dut-
ctj, yr ine e.iuuiy poisonous llusirtlllis VC.nieit SS
I itiuii. .ii-iiioiiri.,' . rnrcilllly aiiaiy Zt'O IUA
i.. .. , tt...t. i , .....
I " -f lli.-..-ealld lti.l Mc.l it incs, and flint that
nearly all of idem contain Currosive Subllinate, a Iti. h
ismienf llie ?lronCtfsl preparations of nwrenry, and
ndoi.lly poison, vvldrli. Instead ol curing thu dlatrsse,
disaido. Oje r,)steiii for life.
line o-lniirilis of lha patent nostruina now In v.a
arc put up by unprincipled and ipiinraul I er.on., nho
donol under, land ev.oi the alphabet of th muteiia
uiedicn.uiidare uijuully as dnslitiilu of any knowl
edge of the human system, haviiifronlv one object In
viuw, and that to inaku nioucy regardless of tons.
Irreulartllessnd all diseases of ninl'.s sixl females
trnute.l on principles established by twenty years of
practice, nml sanctioned by thou. amis of the most re
markable cures. Medicines with full direction, .rat
to any part of tlie United Matador Canada, by pa-
lien'., cnmniunicatint; theirsviuptoiiis bv letter. Bj.I-
i I'lsscorresi.iiudeiii-n .Irlelli ...ii.H.luiiilnl. All
i askini;advko must luiilain a postaito stainu,
I . ,
BOX NO. 53,
Offico No. 1131 Filbert et., old
Hec.9,IBS7. ly
No. ios.
llonitt'opalliist and Hydropalhit-ta
T I IKNDEItS hia professional servicfs to th
-I tilirensof Pomoroy and vicinity.
In Brftnch'o Building, Court Street,
Orin.-K llooita rTill ! o'clock. A.;. M. fKim
I to 3 o r lock; and from f to-8 o'cloek. F. 51.
Office Prescriptions, trim 25. upward, fo
Jnne 2, '67 tf. ' i
f 8 vMh4rriher off rs for nilt on 1 ion-
' I )!(? leMw, a Hri!r lot of w II acafmeil
i Pine a ml ffimfeck LnmliT and Shir;lcu
! . . .. . .
' IM WIMnlig 10 purr lifisr. invi.eu io
call nnd cvatiiinr; lor Un nif elve . at th Cina
; Hidee .Mill Vard. , A XS I'UDOCK.
Uie. '..UU'. :. "

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