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Pomeroy weekly telegraph. [volume] (Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio) 1860-1866, January 10, 1860, Image 1

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13 1'.
n . POMiROY,- MEIGS ;-f COUNT Yi Ojafft ; !feSDYt5; JAKtTAKiYOi 1860
'ii' i-
3.7,7 9r in ,
7.i ii
riitb aiaer ftoruo, onrcytnt at Blghtrul to
tk lut Wt fat tt C4jttaf,.n yni'wrm,
laaa. wnrKorm, thooght W th theiand
'wish-rd that w knew w-nt tl.aai.V- Katcu-
Wiev sm-ZTprsnfih .hji swr
OI tteauow, thB.Mttfal now(-,,j ; SM:W 1
.HlMMn.wU .T'f :, i?w
XwrifclH-op.'?V.t ?-, ;.
Omtin rwarta f U pW4" J '; !..-';.:,'
5-' Dane! , A.
. , i!kimi10Il". .......
atlrutaac-w; H do itntWin , ,?'.-, fr
anting U Jthiittidf 3erts.' ,v " " v
- Boautifol prtWro baeaa abV
' Pun a tha angeU, aa JcKl, low
Ol Jb pew, the koantirut anow!
Wbirihig about l IU madifeuiag faa, :
...ljtuahms.. -.-.v. . .
, 4 It lig hU op tha fme, aBd.tt.aparklea ,
I Aad eW th aW'wltH bat And Bowd
' ? . H t Ve, land tit tiPBrtVn
'i '.'J , . . - .r Jt , ,. i .;ssi a
. Bow Jhe wW rowil rwytnt aloiMt,
' J ' - Haijnerii olJtSf hnraor and t
i , Fimw o jwh,e It faU .from " . ;i
I - h. tMmnlad in nod by lha rod iwhln J ; .
tt Wend, with W'V?9.T
Vein t1 tmmrlM at Hh of tflrt;
"Veil,' to hi aVoffcrf, to1 bo kpU'oa, and beat
at th dto suggested itself to mej bnt
before I , bed time tot set open it, me
match was found, and boldinc th eandle
im ewe hamtrth'mtiteii 4irtfag,,tt!g7"a
the knife between his long, wolfish teetn.
he came oyer toward the bed. JbTen tnea 1
might have attempted to escape bf rush -
mg at him, wrenching- the knue: irom
between his teeth,' and " W getting' thf
advantage; . but even 'that I "was, ; apt .-ca
pable ofr so pyerc.Qtoe.wa&X.by;U,ur-
prise and horror -of mj aiWatio1""!
throutrh all. such an insatiable curiositt
bossessed me to know'What he was atout
to do, for MVyitTMtt5ilJ.ei.4,
thathia ttnrnoae was to mnrd&r me. r.nrt
He struck the match against thtf Irall
and lighted the amtle, and then took m
Kane xruiu uwiweeu am iceiii, im
firm hold of the candle in . his hand-
felt faint ani sick, when, I f ully jUtej
thaf my last chaace of escape was gone
upon my
ftwalrn, i
Hai ha! Awake,, eh? H&l Jul Olad
of it. sir; I meant to awake rbrt: ;if T09
hadn't done it. yourself, : I cbhsider tt
AAni'flfV to ill a'sleen'in? man.
r 4 - - --rit-o j
And he .lauehed, at m aeain, ana
peered ,.into i my nfacr with . his red-hot
barninsr eves. . ... .... . ;r
sAmii W? nnt to bearwii14 bay, J''''1"
D-alini bjUmiwfi&n rbwW
BtlMttt HylB BBaer"F
aloivllW tl hare I fallon ao UWI
'llwlVat t'waaoneom the beautl
With mnoy llk WVotB'-- K'V'0 j
' One 1 a1 r y lnnciV f fate"' .u
t3atter4 anij Maitil for th. ?,aH'V(A
''Ftbr. - ' .' . ....
Jtntbenf .jH .. , . t :,mfttTiV .5 :i
.o.,.Mr.a4M r ..!
Cod. and myoti I ba o by W fait -i n
;?Vjy tM a,fd fw, lew waer,too R''r ,'
Fof litBoti Worboot 4Be,lno , MV, k.Vj ifv t
Ykoro thlnttbat'a paro bat the beautiful aoow
. Ho-BInroHaonld bo MtMtWoMaoMful-aao.' r
' bow straore It wouldbe wbeo the bisht eomesaaib
Utaoai'ol n-tenck roprU breiril
-e:( '.litj alone! "-io 1 -..v tini-.-T nji
. YeVwrtksd ti p'rayef,: toowea'k ro'r' ifjfiaV
.to boeal totho naa of tho far to wo,, X'tS
Mm anad la thoir .io' at tho now' enatiiic dowlft 1
mi itJti. 4JA W1 liM'k t'i i.
IVItt .ll.r. -.j t V . flj i
tH'hb a bod and a ahfoud of ahe beautiful eoow!,.
fil '
ippened pne timethaf Itf avl
tud tflid puettj nea f -a ; comibrtable
Mia before the 'doori v 1 fdisraounting.
lookigfarm-dVeise and ; V:H.'hatidle,of
nminnr eves. . ... b.... . rvf;,iYT
I could see at once that he Vas.uiad,
a nd I saw that the horror of my situation
was increksedr At firstL I had ttotlffht
him a robber,' orI hardly know, what
I thought rbut now, JL knew that no was
a madman, c From his wn worda. too,".I
knew that it was his intention to murder
me. and I felt that little sbQjtf.4 mira
cle could save me;i : -.. ; "I
After he had taken a &ood look at me
he sat down upon (he bed, and to my in4
tense horror ' Dear an Biowiy running- n
fingerj' with great eare along the edge of
the knife evidently he had tip intention
of sufferine- bV the extferimerli. And
w" . . ..... ti i . -. j -
CM don't intend1 to kill vou jusnpw
perhaps not for half an hour-but I guess
First 1 mean id Wye ;a fto)k1 with you.
X)a you know where 1 came tro tar : jr
1 did not. indeed, and X told him so.
wishing Within myself, with all my heart
that he would take It in to his razy brai
to fin'Fhisiy baci there $nd leave m
Yif don- tno, WWSl" fdon't
mind telling you.-. Don't'Yea. gee that
cnurcn spire away to rina leiif . i t
JNo, 1 didn t see the church, spire,, nor
auythihg else in the World at that 'mo
ment but th e burning eyes'of ihe bianiao.
to 1 told him I didn f see the object he
ffpoke bf.a w Jti wn?i i
iiiLDon't see it, ehf HoW'btiridX'' Why
see there? i And to aid jJtoaf iscernfng
this tmjiim'1'.
towaraxne wuiaow umupc uunu
still farther- btki ? Jher 4ee it now?'
Hf8& I safd.I.aon'f See'iH tyetj'Jicafai
looped he would try to pull the curtain
still further back,r pullifc.;.down or
8omethine:-r-avthins to divert his atten
tion frbm;.imei;ai l,momentrJoDger,Aa;tj ti
might leap fl;oia .the jbed and ollt rout of
the iopnjj .Kjj. P; -ni "oW'W j! '
t Was already sitting up, and .to glide
instant; but ftt ta mordent the madman,
annoyed cpuldVfe see.jtherchurch
be dead, or as mad as, jny companion
some deliverance was not soon opene
up. I never prayed much-MJod forgip
mel but just then, I breatiieel ' delive
ance.. 1 knew that I oarea not auemit
to escape, ,,5Iy first u. movement woujd
have been the Bignal for my aeatn-pioT,
and if I.called aloud, I might not awakn
anyone, in the house, but merely infuri
ate the madman to sneh an 'extent tiat
he mitrht immediate! v butcher me,; ;WEat
under, heaven to do I knew not; and: if
the maniac, in his desire to .;fexperuen .
should open .A .yeinj X "must ineviuly
bleed to death. ' Meantime he was wait-
ins1 for an answer to his Question, which
he repeated, rather angruy:.
VWha did I think of the pro;
bleed me to death?" .. ' . t
i Ifwaaabout answeritlsf something, ps
p'erate, and ; giving i myself , up. fbr Itet,
when a bright, ,idea flashed, across
troubled . brain.. Oh. how 5evoutl
thanked heaven ' that I had read the
"Arabian Niehta" in mv boyhood! Were
was my idea, which, as yet, only heiven
knew whether it would be successtui or
not; I would t6U him stories, and befuile
his fancy till mornins. and; then.Burely,
1 would have some means ot escap. . . i
answered hie question by another.
, "Kunrjose. 1 tell vou : a story idoui
bleedinsr to death ror rather about I man
who supposed he was being bled to death,
1J iL!l,9 ;
ing locked, had been left opep. I .list(
ened to all these explanations, and. rej
eeiyedV my . host's apologies and expresj
sions of regret. tor .my disturbance ;ani
peril, by making mental:yow never if
alpftTi -with to v dooi n blocked in a stranei
house, and it ever placed so that ishoutai
be - obliged to ; crave the hospitality t o
strangers, to make particular, inquiry
whether any mad person, brother-mriaw
or other, dwelt w the nouse.v.
a modern novelist of high standing; but Sy,9n. v'Ve ad (
with everf resnect for hiYauthority Ibeg lterefore, In making ourselves
to say it was quite the contrary m my
case,f ; ; :j
Twentir-one years aero I was sitting by
my fireside, totting up innumeratle pages
of my 'bachelor's house-keeping book,
taking exercise in arithmetic on lon col
umns of "petty cash" outoprising items
for carrots and Bath-bricks, metal tacks
ahd mutton chops until, tired and -wea
ned, I "arrived a the sum total, ana
jerked the book on the1 mantle-piece--
Nearly at the same time piacea my
hand iri the pocket of my dressing-gown,
drew out a leather teasei and lit princv-
.... -.- J Li : . rt-n "rv- . -.
and died iront. the trightf j ;, r, -, j
rVDied from the fnehL eh? lt us
ltear it.-";. V. ':.' 'Ti..;::
Very gladly I began, making . ltilong,
and adding as much as I, possibly epuld
to the original, whleh: was some tiins I
recollected ,lpng ago. to, have heard jabout
some one who wished ' to "experulent,'!
and had a man blindfolded his arn ban
daged, and gently pricked, but nb suffi
cientiv to brine .tWblood, ahd. then heard
the regular '.drop drop.of loo-f'i'rwbat
hVsupposed .to be' his.'own blood, jhdttgh
in reality only watrtillt he. .died from
the mere suDnosition that he wai being
bledlo death.. frget the. tpry now
but itia familiar, to every pnlif hen I
concluded, I; Buggested jto ,' "the jnaniae
that ' ha should trV this model ixperi
menting, and jsee how lottg' J would, take
.....jlXes,. yes,"" ,he nswered,.;with sly,
cunning laugh; ?fvery good, very ecwd';
and seeing through uie , deicewilh the
cunning' of madness.' he laughed lagain
as. he saidr ?'Yery good, siri.yery good
And you would take yil rplna fcTxlii
and meanwhile I want a .companion, in
thieTchurchyardryonejr;, down aoiig the
ffraV-wprns, C0inebar ypM'erhi, f nd
et me do as! said.' Til bleed irpu.T'I
intended - to r have . taken, your lead 6ff
U. wouwn 1 4ite,4) have a headless qpm
d ...rodlwhat (Was ,1 Jo, d'oli felt .my
'Ti brain seethe ,and whirls as"thouth J, too,
were, going .maa,: jcn, a .aesjewe ei
ibrt to bejealin Isai4vt fTA A MS 1
"Suppps&il. te .ypioppfj.Btory
.:. " i i iauBJ.Ji.j!. mB.-l pw.w-t'i
wuii. , --7r--;-.i1..( f . inuint-iv. iniittnn?. " rsiiod; nnnft: .. ana
") ;Vod in fiiedorway folding a f
rho v v. a -- ar iiwl kpnnlii. "hack' hef
die in,OJi hait witll, t therf while
i toety, 4eadi
... e5e,looked at n , t . ,..i.fiK-K .i.-i
'My dear," rnsWv;;;;jiy in
tioni4irSf i
house JtidejoweUZ m,,, a; tfa ihet
Yes, there is'he answerer - i
and mo.Ufjihi-ffitJoys?
jquicklyj, muttejring ; Blind j blind; ' .and
. stanuy comprehending my intention tp
Voufided towafd me ith' spring
escai vild-caVatid catching hold bf me
Ukes a w ,u sy hand, wived the gleaming
with his be. .Wajucb close Proximity o
kife over me Anything m the world
"Uh, you will, will you? - - tnr jpo
thew ' rtilk new- etill) rT ;'V;B
.moment. 1 Want lopeu-m ua u
She -yeteftted. rand entered the room
tenind ter;,aW'Kbb'ott!'Eill ,TBlli,
"the farmemeWre..
husinessfexplained thatl hadheen bverj
wthaaiio-htL that my destination
:Was several miles; distant, and tbafrhoth
my borse arid Myself were unfit fdrW
. . ' itrl IL- illl nA lol nMnnreil food
ther traveiiug 1. w -r.-r
1 1 With the hospitality ' common t;. 1
ieciallv American ones, my
- : tlf nWht. bade me welcome,
.,i,,f.(oim into a lare-e kitchen. Wltn
,7 floor so white Uhat you lnvolnntaniy
tKA,KnHfl and armSi that had
brought itxito suckavtatepf. cleanli
"Oh. npt ypu.caji tell w
hileyoii .Meed,'
,, .VBnt I ehajl.waut to, watch tpe blood
fl'qwj too," I said, with an segt: tpVrei
frain frjna shudderin'r. 't. AvL ?.i;.it . . , -1
v nd "with herculean strength he :
lvt?:iinitri' his one: hand-ana -1
Li Til - a--.-- ..i; r.
'eeing the I -wa4
-Bess aridi wbilO'Wppe:' was being got
-'rcadr, and then,' not forgetting my horse,
vne told"one o.f,the bpys to feed him and
' .. "a ftian n'nV.r. s I felt Unusually Ured,
I asked -b be shown to the plaseJWhere
t nU niht. and1 was con-
aa sd Jmfoiblyoorf witt; a
. 'j ntmtrn&ne ana cur-
- i OOWUY won, w" x -. -' V -
"-r -i,-,'.fiTid floor.. bv my host
: timseliV who; after bulding .me. good
fi.jtlftft the candle with me aniiide
.-artedclosing the door after lite' ' ;
T Ti-i-P-T 'ind sleeDV as I was, I hurriedly
" -nilrASRAd-want-to bed, and in five inm-
t.,v.toa walf8leeoineiBOunuiY.j
laid lie aowu, ?v t , ... k v .u1
Bule4.f Pbedienckirl
Sn to thewindo aga'M m
f.J)oyi fUtbeMcspiij
iSntsei it any elearer thatf befoie;
rinilKnmTinloV W eh
flp'Jrp existed, wiui5n lpl.
Ut th maniae was getting JnUte,d f
wtnt or capawiwy: luuivj
not exist; sol j,mfek;J
well, to, keep ZVr.ff7?
and as hkesUonthja im?!,I udr
mitted I3did.;thewM
WelLvande that
spire kMhifrcKauhtet
israveyaTd :.JCbere 1.;
I eame firom'.It yery lonesome there
i the dampi "ColoVground: and the grave-.
worns ugm to ieei mem crccpiug iuug
olver pneV ski?9at!timir
and- oidr, banqueting .uppjsVthe . warm
flesh of the dead! hey sayv the-., deaji
iart ePldit's s li,;Kr1l:e4-iy
,'He Di4.:iittjtlwy:
rt iz . i - sAMa nwnn ir -
"1717 I WIA T f 1 J V If I V , UaVlltlB .UUUU J "- - ' a . bii.nr.T ft
'grating; sound awoke me-t what ume i i xhere, is that cold Jl a U- l
"Mt know but the. moon, wnicn -;uiu l ;i :jfrf:r
' -fi 1H vant late, wasi fully up, ml - t. stajrm?l? 'ti Sl ;ii'Ti
through" J the it -wasaiM,1ie continued:
, :ijw ft-ftttt . .which .I :had .purposely Thev Make cold the grave-worms1
,'Truv, truei'hAa.WelVJet;
heat youiv storyr-auiek, pegin. 5,.-1- s.
glad to find him ldthe humor to listen;
so I beganiSBd jTii eyty BMfy I.oould
think of-t-as soon, aa. pne .was? donej De
cinning with another-Hind in ihis? man
her nearly two hours passed, Aa J.w.ai
about to begin another story, ke stopped
me peremptoniy-T?, piil
"Ko more no morel I won't, listen
I've listened .too. long lreadyj ahd I've
no time, to bleed youieiutcr S,I may take
jour head ojL I ?ftljitefae,,,iisa
greeable as it is to have a hele yCpm
panion!" o .i,oo5r 3& " .1 ?itn'i' ''-'.V'.
... Around .a.nd around-his head, again
'nt the Trlitterihff knife. COlaing down
Wfc: - ,f jrect jine witnj throai; andtben
as the eo'8h"P "8'5.V ml
t Aflt the oprudent.coiisiderations
f1'-1 kent,;me lent,:nd
that naamtnVw.9 or
vi J av ivu -"".61 , I . ' in
t . ...... . - ? . t.A 1 t. W 1M
ptereing,tnat in& Tnaniac oxariea. Wa j
affright, ahd actually twnvbled the .w-f
eatthlyl souid.' No1 wohdjerl f tremble
this 1 momentttyselfwheni I thliiki ?what
an, awfdl cry-it was;and X'aimfst fancy
-I Rfl.n OeBT XJW OUIaIK -m- M " v
From Ouco a W Vk
Advertisinfor a
'Tobacco is the torah of loye,
fellow, the interview, why there was no
fiurm done, . Most people would have put
tfcls down as a trap to give me a journey
fori nothing. . I 'did not. A ' presenti-
c oiit iihpelled me to accept and keep the
ieiigagement. , . , 7' "" - . c-
-lhia was in old coaching days, when a
man, had time to make an acquaintance
iaorty miles, hot as now when '.you are
a your Journey's end before you. have
looked round your company in a railway
carriage. '. There were out two insiders
myself and a pleasant, talkative", honest-faced
elderly.-gentleman. ' "Shy and
a timid in female society, I was yet es
teemed, animated and agreeable enough
pie.; 'Well, haVihg lit thk principe, I
placed my feet on the fender and signed,
exhausted by my; long job of domestic
accounts.- I was then in businessH-'twas
l amall wbolfeRala business then- tis' a
arire one' rioW --yet ohe morning' tot
ting of carrots and Bath-bricks Of tacks
and 'chops would ' tire mer a - thousand
times : more"- thatf twenty -four - hours of
honest ledger-Work.85 1 Bighed, not irom
love but from labor? for, t ''tell you the
truth, I'-had never been iri love-.- 'i Is this
to go on'forever? thought I, as I took my
third Whiff, and looked dreamily through
the thin smoke as it aseended between
me and i; large printr of the capture pi
fUibralter-Which hung over tne cnimBey-
piece;- u&m 1 to spend my prime in
ting up parsnips, and eompunng carross;
and eomntrollintr 1 Washing . bills? I
sighed again, and in the act, off flew the
button of my neck-band, as tneuga omq
superior power had sent the accident to
remind me ttt my helplessnessJ " ';
The biittfrti set tied the business; though j
as it slipped "down inside my shirt, nd
nassed with its mother -o:-pean coianess
oyer my hear It for a moment threatened
tO lllj UlllUltUUUm. ,Vow.v.v...
... ... -i ' ' ;i .:'
pitied my own- loneiy staic, uu p;, no
knoW,! is akin to loVei: ' But how was the
matter Co be accomplished? ' i Most men
at my age would 'already liave adj tlsted
their inclination to Pme object so that
having made up their mind and counted
and' layold upon the' license. HThis, Ptly,4howeyer,..the eldest f. J
r .' ' ... r.. ., , m . t .,o.,n,A.i t. fTarsiuv which coat her In
effort, asked where I was staying
rXfe had M trou
g ourselves agree-
aljle enough to one another; so much so,
that as the coach approached Gr , and
thp old gentleman learned that 1 meant
to1 stop there that night, he asked me to
waire ceremony and have a cup of tea
wit him after I had dined at my hotel.
My;"fair engagemenr' was not till the
neat nay, ana, as j. iiKea uue via geuu
melt I accepted his offer. ? iii i'
. -HAfter my pint of sherry I brushed my
ha,ii, and went in search of my coach com
panion, ahd my promised cup of tea. x I
hadhp difficulty in finding him out, lor
he y as a man of substance and some im
portance in the placed Lwas shown into
the f drawing-room; Jly old friend rer
cetved me heartily, and introduced me to
his !wife and hve daughters. ,aii spn
sieti," said he, "young ladies whom an
urldiscriminating world seems disposed to
lea; upon my hands. : riJ -t
J'K we don't sellpapa," said tbe eldest,
whovwlth'her sisters seemed to reflect her
faier'.s faa "it is not for waht pf puff
ing, for, all your introauctiona wajwicr-
kt tha mention of the last WOrd.I felt
a Utfle jdiscomppecd, and almostregretted
mw wiB-ftcamentfor, the next day, when
thai yery night perhaps; ; toy providen-;
tial Woriortunitv had arrived;-S ''
' ft need tiot trouble my readers; with all
b sayings and doings during, tea; suffice
it.tp say that I fQund them. f very p.leas-i
fittd I forgot all . shyness and timidity A
encouraged by their good tempered ease
afid conversation.' " They did not inquire
Whitheril imamed..twgte.fw
where there were five ; ypungt;ttnmateci
daughters, the question mighfrBeem inf
vidWs-' ;I bpwever,' in the; freedom o(
thw moujent!, voluntered thelhformation
of At bachelorhood; I though I had
sooher eommumcated the , fact than thf
girta passed round a glaace of ( arch, in
telagenee from one to the oiner. x Muuit
tollyouhow old I felt at the moment.-
My -sensations were Detween pleasure nu
COV, WI8'S SPKKCI1. : i.--r
'J-"We make ?tiie following extracts from
Gov. Wise's speech to the medical students
who lately deserted the Universities of
the North' to take up their abode in xtich
mond.' Vii Where they are to b taught
"Southern science." ': Let' ail read and
draw their own -; conclusions. -; '. -x
(I hkve no doubt that here, in Rich
mond, science can be taught as well as it
is taught in Philadelphia, i Applause.!
Let us have, it., Let us have science pi
ou own; let us have manufactures of our
own; let us have trade oi our own; ie us
have ships pf our own; let uai always be
self-ydiaht ahd self-dependent, and then
you will not have other people grow-o
great uponjour wealth that then under
take to nlay tl e oan oi pewy xruyi-
de'nee'for Itod Almighty himself Ap
clospT my feye,?,ndhudderii look
UMV -t J- ! , . r . - -a
The effect Tipon .the madman was hot ot
ptfpnfotrihgT Je'
firmer and his eldest soh , burstf lntq the
rfcmrThe eJcOSat these:nfw nctprs
pr)6n the scene produced uponjtne ma.ur
mak ffas strange and, almost 'ijicredible,
ii.;f 'remained' uplifted!' and tbe
mvr- waa et' the case with me;--' J.
had been too much occupied, too idle; or
tdd indolent to devote 'the time 4jr make
the effort W "form an attachment.'. - It
was through no" s disinclihatiob ' or' diffi-:
cultyo be pleased; foi had 'any young
lady of oderately ! agreeable? powert
taken the trouble, she might have mar
ried me long ere then? 1 shPuld even
have1 been1 grateful to' her for taking the
troublP ' off my hands,' but I was. top
baBhful to- adopt the initiative. ' . "
I was a bashful man. This weakness
eame from the sam cause as my Uncle
Toby's namely, a want of acquaintance
With' female'; society, which ; want arose
frotn another 'cause in my icasenamely,
too1 close aii applicatieii ip business. r;,i
AiSnAmlinWly.' I thought of auadvver-j
tisement; yet with no practical design of
ddihff hhsiness, btf t" r I persuaded any
self, for a joke: " ao 1 scratched.:witn a
pencil' on the back bf a letter the folldw4
in"-: f:i.::iiiiKfjiiJ-; .'il'. :vr;' .
WANTE, 'A Wiri:. None but prin-i
diSal need apply. !The advertiser doe3
hot Tequirei cash ' but only ' companion.
He is six-and-twenty, and, tired of sin
fg htf tSinks he-can settle down tdinar
Iried life. .As 'men; lgo,T he believes he
hasa Moderate share of temper, .and want
of time is his only reason for having re
coftrsoH td-; the r newspapersi , r ;,He i. has
enough' means for'himself 'and; a second
'it' -i-m: and is willing to treat sat oncei .
V&tyfru e-aware that a- great many at
He is qu- eTt tis honest ( intentions
tempt to conv. ?idke wiU be-made,
into an extravagant !-Strudera. iJfhe
but hp Warns all . rash . , , . t
firidiri Ln'haVdy ehougkto 8P
of his- affections, he will thrash him
a woman he will forgite'her: -He has a
, . , . ojncArft. a horsewhip tor
the impertinent, .Jn either; case, all ap-
iii be promptly aiwsnucu w,
P, Jr., to the omce, oi
"At the J hotel," 1 itnswered with.
some embarrassment. js ; ' -";;.
,.,:! was. with .difficulty.:, they . .restrained
a laugh; they bit their lips, and I ha no
longer a suspicion I, was certain. ' ?. So)
after) having some music,' when' I erose
to- depart,' I musteredj courage as? I ibid
them ffbod bye, to say aside tp the eUe:
li ShallcPi PPnsidef hia.jmtcr-
yiewr? x,v,. r-j, ;,'
' A blush'of conscious 'guilt, " I ' should
rather 'say rnnPcencej t61d me" I bad sftit
my random irrow to the right.' quarter;:
sa l pressed the matter no further at ;titat
momentj but I did ber.ha(nd.; .; ;
I remained at my hotel. next day,,nn-
til , .an, hour alter -the appojatea. june-uu.
no." one made their appearance. "' '"Then,
tnougm a, prusmnji uiy uau vav ,
ing- my cravflt, "since the- triotrntain will
Botfiome to MnhonietT Mahomet mtstgo
the rinpe
lications wi
if addr
this paper. it
at th, .first
,i4 xl,V'tlia' rilrtjiin 'th:
-louticu uv , . - . T
v .jetreakoi jmr a.6------" AfmV WYKA"4
..ifK.ATIon9 carving ,imfe,in' bis
liad, which he: was leisurely BMrpemag
of ....'. :r ArJndHtortie. and whicn 1
Pihe-sound Aathad
"-iA- m ' K:l ttihufrht surely, I, was
Sake. wSatinthe
"They 'Makt f f cold the grave,woi
db' 3 Tbcy pialf e tt'coldjand slimy is
Ton fever ;ieei ine
t ;
NMTO-WimilN 111.. V ..III 11 1 11 . .
I shuddefeff with disgust as Ioid him
,Yvtt. didn' .h? 'cty iog,' lucky
dogf IBitky0tiWi not dead yet;: waiit
awte'and; Vounl' feetHheii just'as 1 1
i ;.,"Tr"i:;:rmftant what i saw?;-Ana
i;r.rAlv totind the blade
Still MM! Xfr TV A ,
f ; . ehoc
i.t..l.;A ortH 'in ft- TV
. WPFnctlv' auietTLwith
; kua.lnnkin?at him. ;:,!( I
ID iew..u" , K i
. WaWni bi finger carefully along
?..X'JXZi 1.- lrnife. he nodded and
F.a. BUOr
and round ' his head, .and -.then
brought'. down with sudden-swoop
tirettv 4Poh. . i , . . i -7 .'."
MHO v .A.a... . V AUA,WV, W
I . . . . . ' , 7 ' .
With groan fif. egoiy,., not - for the
alltrhtsPratohi-ht: thef terror of mind
WnA t.r which I wasrl Wjoiled froai the
elitterlhg- blade," Bhuddefing as' r wouio
k.M annic QOWH lurouxi me ucu
. ..... .. "I-'ir '-l..J
down through Jhe npor rjow wisuew
inm iol thaI; eouldhave done so
down anywner ou oi a nomwojnoar
encetr. With a loud lafehtheianic;oh-
:t f : me'whieh'X saw thaiitctton, y. Mmf aMahe said-,
A r caloulitwg jimilic with 3 eh? ffehtened! xlwont
I; between Oiim ana w 'tr' . . "Ajwif indi-et.- I'm eointr
- . . - . a a - . . a n amnniiix i am. t -a m ' m. I i . . .
W wltKtne. - ----- . 'ent upon tou. I think J.
1. .:.
air Pf aeonnois-
. . - . - . -11 a . a. u m a-1 a n nnv n-k wiiii
It Will UKB JUU V J)l..afl.uil,j-
V!.5ec .Itingrtirid for
lfk..was tutneiTthe idea
''""nfthe bed arid bolting, out
no ve'
'My Godt
Ii1.r?iB'ea' and unable tdiupvei
iweredbeneatn me gaf 'f r 1
ft .KiM miffht do under th eye "of a
masteriaiid, wtaioh :tfliglt'.fiBr
flowed the; knife to te Ukeh from
.'and. himself Quietly 'led :frpm
roonUye re?: and hlsJfiT j j
Then, when I was left alone, the reac-
ir i- i.TtTrtv terror, horror and ex-
uT: , AVftrtiowered- me, and x sank
t,WV nnnn th hed.aimQSf !UU01UiO.
thanked God. for my escape,, and hardly
Ann wn-feelinzs and actions.
VUUDVV.u - J .... . . - w- . - -
I lav oruite smu.waitgU;wwK
i ; it felt that there wasnajurthei;
cause for. alarm,, an( in dreamy sort oi
way, I,triedtPaopounti,to?th,e,adyeniurei.
I looked. arounpT upou. uo,,iuum,
seemed eolikeftreani . that l ceuld, al-
ar?P.d mvself that.1 was
.iv,m aP n nnsleasant illusion: but
then, to bring me back? to the vieaiuy. wj
... - . 3 Xl. -jaM .-Hl I I
all-thati had; transpirea, tuero;
ihts Iwht burning' upon the. tableland J
knew I had put put the light before .'re-
h'nnv hnd Another . prooi . tnat .. x, ws
inkai and ld , been for ,a couple o;
hours past, waa the - scratch, upon, .my
throat, where the knife had grased it, and
t shuddered te think?. hpwj nearly my
thread of vlifebd been cut in t?fv:.
! i Presently 'the' farmer land his Bou re
turned, and I was informed that myter
rible and most xiiiwelcomevisitant was an
iinfortnnate' brother-in-law -of thefarm-
tr's, who had been'craited lot some- yearn
pas; that during certaim eeasons, espe
cially, at harpha9ei!in which'the moon
then-'Was,1 he was quite maa ana aansci
ous. thoiirrrhwr-trmes harmless.
Uhforfunateljr for me; his door -nao Deen
anrav mv .TirinClPie Wl
uuaavvi, JiT. 3 - i V - s . J
idea ;,pfrf efi,-ud. anticipaiioa v
out of it. I have n
great idea that anything but tunpuia
result; and : I certainly ; had not , the
slightest notion oi, involving myaeu n
personal, coUisjon, with any, one. Still,
the presentiment . that it was not destined
to be all joke pressed upon me,.', ,OnSat-
to the mountain;" so walked acibss to
myxoid friendsf ,,The young ladies were
all ' in. ,.' The ' eldest was engage with
some embroidery at th6 windowf-l had
therefore an opportunity, as I fejant over
the frame to whisper: ja
.,0 a j. a 1 " .
,. "i-. o.1 is nai'inuu;i.iuii.,....;L
V'i r 'r- ..." r. . . ... ' -j .c- - -'
The crjmson in her face and neck was
how'sb deep that a skeptic hiaself would
nolongerdoubt 0 1 need say no i?moTe;
that evening In her fathers gaTdeh.t'ehe
"confessed that she andiher ;6isters had
conspired to bring meup .to MTT. on a
fool's errand, never meaninof course,
to R-een tne ensaKeinenii.
'- "Then," sard I, "since you designed to
take me in, you: must consent to. make
And what did she say. tiapa?", asks
mv seiond daughter, who U.now looking
- t..-ider as x wnie. - -
' u.AAr .HA f HMmiSM
to be our mamma, and she has kept her
word." ivn-n W;;a ifJ
'it -v-.
foxeRKsaxoHAX. . -. the gentleman spoke of the white Ia
waaiToir,Tuaiay,jaB.3,'s. Jborerfl 0f the South as If he nover saw
air .the advertisement appeared, and
heard , its fltyte , canvaaseu ; y . .
by. more than ope,, mat. vfv
mestically destitute,, individual, who put
it forth,'! . i i - -r -i.
, On Monday morning, x .sent. doj w
la' T AlXTCTk Q TVA 1 f) ffice for P.. P's letters.
VU3 IV w a-' . . - . . ' ,
Anrtous and inquisitive ueisuuo. pu
I told him on his way , back to call on a!
Kr.iieinr friend of mine for a bookii.. The
trick" told. The lad was. followed by
some persons who never lost sight of him
nnt.il thAtr ran mm into Jf u
then they went back and announced that
.t.ba advertiser, I thus discharged
in full one 91 two practical jokes which
ahhnf had Piayea udou.jixo
, lhe answers were of the usnal charac-tejj-severat
seeking to elicit , my name;
and Btail more suggesting piagea vi tuu
: ,Wa T was to exhibit myself with a
flower., in, my utton-holend a hite
handkerchiei; in, my - hand. One only
lit bnsiness-. It was from a lady,
Who Proposed, an. interview in., a neigh
boring city, about , forty, miles .porth.
She said there yas . sometuing bo ua.u.
od atraiffhtforward in my advertisement
a waa convinced it was real, and
shefcould rely uponmy keeping hef name
If xj,a v ,uaiAa jtwe Tt" J I v - .a . ' ,
tiougbi nothing, othat I wpuJ soMJnieotodpighTOd jwBtea ofbe-
ot ,t atter we met.
the meeting; -: She ; would
me at the
nothing,' came of
therefore see
aAUiltmap ths R.eattBallUlty. , I : -
-r v - ... ... ,
r. Brother Noel was :tf .SroubWdj at
h aandal Brother Crnmtfbroughtsuppn
h;m?elf by drinking too mfelCand es
pecially Jegretted the injaryifight
fonPnPd1heVofd-tin in dare b the Uttle
. f'Won 1 1 you . ta.ke T
Brother tti wa?
aware of the1 presnce f Tiw neighbor.
"Why, yes, I'm .nofcagUi- araw, wuVu
abodyants ifc'l v-fe:-;
i Brrfher AJrump gos w .uutwc,
friends took a dram a piece.'Pon ypa
think Brother NoeVl urump,;rtua
; . 'WABMvn'?''! "YesJ i replied
ieel, "sperita- is a blessin that some.of
us abuses.1' VV eu, nowcxrt ,
who do you think, abuses the bwssin
"WelL; it is hard to say-ou pwpio
-ont you think that you drink, a little
RrAthei Crump?','- "It W hard
l , - - .,,
to sayt't returned Urump, ..v' P"i"
I've thought I was a drinkin' too much,
and then- agin I'd think maybe,
WV.t muiV A . weaK tCOTTTtwa u
.1111,. AW "-m ' . T , ,
dust' ; So I left jt to tne .iiora. wjr
Uhether I was a goin too iar m speriw
I put the whole 'sponsiDiiuj on uu, -prayed
if I was drinkin'; too rnuch for
.tJL tir awav annetite for sperits.
UI1U m j j 4 - j
I've prayed that prayer three ume, a
he hash't done it. So I' elear .of the
'sponsibilityj any way, , - , .ini
day and if mutual -.approbation did . cot !.ioa.
KtT,A Richmond . Enauirer, pf the
contains an appeal, to -the pemocr
Virc-inia to rally at the primary
nd o-ive Gov. Wise the united
ofkhe State, in the Charleston Cpn
on a certain vention, for the, Presidential, uomina;
lause.T 1 fifhey will" Attend' Wtheir' own
business nd let your affairs kldne. ' And
if they cannot mind their own business,
if they cttihot discontinue their vicious
inteheddling;;with ns, we will make
them da ifc. rCheers.1 If we cannot do
thia Peaceful ahd self-reliant means.
whv. aa vou are aware, gentlemen, a little
:'-.; .... , v, .; .-"in
ttoottfefftna utue pniepotomy,. win re
duce the fever I laughter.j and x ten you
how. though I do' not express it as an?.es-
sage to the Legislature bf Virgimafor it
is not my part to do so that n Diooa
must flow; , if the tocsin of war must .be
sounded; if we must buckle on pur .ar
mor; if red battle will fetamp its foot, this
nitionalone ' shall' not" feel the ;sbock.
The real groundwork of discussion in
this country: the real the .real - root of
the disease is the foreign . influence of
flreati Britain ' Tour external com
raerced tour 1 exports and. imports;' the
eohstant intercourse between; New Eng
iand and Old England, all beget sympa-
th hptWHen Old and JSleia lliUgland
atmTr. A someumes iear,
sympathy 1 Which ; New England - feels
i'hv us: and - whenever New England
lanatieiam'. ioins With ViA k. English.
intoleranee ; in all effort to dissolve
this Union any "effort like -that
whifih John Brown was the: instrument
New England and Old : England com
bined shall not avail to : drive-, me from
the Unipn.' - Npl . With tfod s help we
W01 drive all the disunipnists together
K.r.ir intn fianadi. Let them'ioin Can
ada! 'Let the compact o fanaticism and
mtniPMnfifl he ennnnea to xnuu "
4 fo me: I mean to stay here, ILaugh
tie and applause. n I mean to stay here, I
mv. witn one. exueuuuu. ''"
shall ever aga'in cross the Northern hbr
An hr Vireihia. and I can getone hun
AtpA men1, ave.tr ten men. to follow me.
. ' - .i f ..,a ..1inM'.na' if r.
aether ne itfgawww-;
T: wftl m Norther ABOrt le PBW
v.or.T.U ara tbe -men of. purpose;
V AA 1UW1" . - i.t -I. A.
tho Snnthprn tvennie are ine aieu
if .Ka Rnnthem neonle are" the men
moral -powto'f that I ; take hem to W,
tbenrather than let this Union be dis-
sblvedi they will drive into Canadajjyery f
Black; , Republican j every .oQiiiiouia,
every Northern, disunipnist, who, Jike
v enaeu Jrnuiips wu?o u
Phillips--that Senator 1 from Massachu
setts, Trbo igives z sanction . to the: sentt-
meht i uttered . by weaaeu, rnuupa
Vw-VnrW that a slave has a . right to
r' r t r . .i- , :
throttle hia master, and, it he maxesnis
way over dead bodies irom Virginia w
Canada; he has a right; to do do so; and
if; in passing from .Virginia to Canada,
with hia hands drippins: with the -blood
nf hia ma KtAr 'he knock at the door, of
Wpnd.s11 PhillirJs., or' of nenry Wilson,
iiiid ask for admission, they will open the
door. to-4he ''bloody handl'J v.J.. say that
ittiAn spntin.ents.like! these , are .uttered
by Wendell Phillips, and hp is protected,
l JmrA ftf Rp.ventv'-five policemen,'
under the Mayor of New York; it is time
fo the medical students to come nome,
tq he allowed, I hope, to study their prq
fessipns in, peace, and, if not permitted to
pursue theif yocations in p?ae, ly .u...
the vocations of peace for the panoply
or war.-' ' -Tremendous appiauae. j
In the ' first place, :I would "telf the
Yantees they -cahnot- have those five
miti'miu' wh of ovsters they takeout
of the Chesapeake! Bay any longer,
would tell them that they could nave no
longer the half million a year , they; get
by insurances out of Virginia.? Let all
whi dosire to insure their lives dp so on
Uie responsibility of tup State,' and pay
th; mannv into that treasury. : I would
not only save : the' oysters and the insu
mnrft monev. but alBO; the coal, that -is
embedded in the; earth. Applause. ::I
have been feigning patents for.: the last
three months for-lands in the eounty of
Ritchie; which contain -unlimited quan
tbA t best eras treherating coal jn
the world, and l&you ask who owns them
you will find thaft they are ehtefiy m the
possession of Korthernt companies; or at
least, 'will - be,- before twelve - months.
They huy land at two eehta an acre, and
one peck of the Ritchie' eoal will .nearly
purchase a whole acre of ad. I would
possess ourselves- -of - these sources f
wealth. - I would then arm the people;
j would appoint a committee to examine
the statutes of the Northern States that
M : i . at A . - -1 ?
These statutes are to betound in me jji
brary of this State. I would lay my
hand upon these statutes, ready armed.
I would say.J'.'repeal these statutes.,,, .;1
would repeat it, repeat.it, repeat n, anu
after making this demand three times 1
would sat,! "repeal them at your perU.
f . . - amy al. . fa A wn -
I Would Bay tO tne.Xl8Iuiera..vuuTOt
t;vA men. Mvou must fight single handed
in future. aadv maintain those conserva-
tive principles wnicn you pfu.v
textaui.,? X would say, to, the Ntjrtb,
"you shall quit, warring upon us... j.
would caU , upon the President of the
United States to demand . of England
that she shall not suffer her Canadian
possessions to be used as a. piace. WJ.
m . , i . . -1 1.M.B Sinn ilia
Uge tor yioiatprs oi y s J-"?' "7. .
make this demand in jew, ii yo f6
elected "President?' "' ' ' , ; :' ;
Gov. Wis."AU A nave to say in re
ply to that is, you just rjnP , LAP
nl-meo'and lauchter.l ! ' . "i
".uu .... o j t ' . , . -
T will tttll von. mv fnehds, if you
shalt t)lace hie' there, 1 won't let a yir-
' tit- tii' Tesrimcnts
mni fioverhor
three times backward and "forward, past
the White House; without poking my
head out' of the' window and aeking
"Brother, what is the matter? ...
fem-w ATi" -This' body was "kgain in
session ' to-day,' having -adjourned over
from last Friday J Jy.td i is-i-.j;. -i;j-
A large number of petitions of no gen-.
era! interest were presented. , . .. r
Mr. Brown, of Miss., desired to dls
elaim any intention as imputed - by the
newspapers to assail the President; or his
Message unless by his respectful expres
sion of his dissent to some of his state
ments, they considered him in that light.
He entertained a strong personal regard
for the President but if he had hot, aige
and his long"7ubuo service would.: xi
had. a' rights h6weyr, ia -eommoit. with
every citizen, to courteously express his.
vi'owa rA vnnlil An SO. ' - .
He called attention to that portion ot
his message' where the'' president refers
to the Pred Scott decision as setuing the
slavery agitation, but. could . Uo agree
with him. f. ... -. ?;. . - ' v
The Supreme Court has done what it
could, but the Question has not been set
tled, and hence ' the continuance or tne
controversy. He agreed with the- Presi
dent that the Supreme : Court had. , ad
iuds-ed the rieht of a citizen, to carry
. a -.V". -n "?Aii J r J
slavery into tne xerrije, anyt uiu nut
believe the 'Aerritoriai legislature nau
power' to destroy that decision, The
President had said further that property
in slaves to his . knowledge had not been
disturbed in any of the -.Territories,
, To i that he disagreed. The whole
cburse of anti-si ivery in Kansas wai to
disturb the rights of slaveholders;- w as
it- no unterference with slavery in -Jthe
Territoriea to shoot down slaveholders in
6ld blood, hunt them down like wild
beasts and destrov their property?' Their
whole .contest in Kansas was '
agrinst therights pf slaveholders.
. . . , j. ., . , . , . . . .
! 'Xho President had turtner saiatnat sn
case of .such ihterference the. Judiciary
could apply e reniedy," and it was time
enough to act when the interference was
,A..iJ. TTa thnmah ihA "lawaJ Prist.
avKHUPWUi A., . V" WWi".
ing1 entirely insufficient, and the time had
now arrived for further legislation, and
that Congress was imperatively called, on
to act at once. It was too ' late to act
when' the mischief was" ddne.5! 1
-The President -has asked Vou in ad.
yance to strebathen hia :arm, to protect
a a
the persons and property t oi . American
citizens on the Isthmus, and , if that can
be done. Whf cannot the arm of the Ex
ecu tive and Judiciary br strengthened" to
protect slavery in Kansas ? v '--
i jMr- Brown; then wentifate aa .argu;
ment to show jthat the. Courta .could not
furnish protection to Slavery without
statutory Jaws. ; He avowed is desire for
the enactment' of sueh laWs.- 'vThey ioay
ealf ia "rav edef iheyplasf4mtf h
no more asked for a slave code than , oth
ers had asked for a,.horse code or axiow
code. While he had a 'tongue to speak
he wbulddemaiid his ' rights "under 'the
Constitution ad ' laws. He disavowed
ao-ain any intention to assail the President;
but musthet be told that Wcause: hp Was
a Dempcrajt; gnd the iPisident.f a,lemo
.nt hemnst not express his 7 yiewB.be
cause he might) injure tne uemocratio
TjartV. ? He : wbuld 8eeithe i Democratie
party destroyed, before he would consent
to withhold the honest expression Pi, ma
sentiments. , ; He saw . that. without , tuf:
thflr WiHlatlon there would never .b
another ' slave Territory,' and ' conSel
ouentlv ho more Slave States. :li FreeTer
ritoriee were pressing for admissioa into
the Union; and it weuld not be lpng, un
less Slave States were- admitted, before
the Free States would have twp-thirds-
snfficient to chansre the Constitution.
i'v That dohS, the purpbseiavewedby'the
SenatoEfrohvNewXork to crush.6utBla
very under constitutionalforms, could be
accomplished. What, would become of
the Dred cotFdedsion1' when the' Su-1
premo Court is ia the hands, of the Anti-
Slavery party? . J ir g'i-!ialO"5iJi ' tan.f
He closed by avowing nunseu a union
man; .still be, wished to, -inuitipiy, tne
slave jStates, in. Prder to . preserve the
Union, which - our father had made' a
slaveholding onei .iiteftss io afjisu;-r
;.. Mr. 4)Qohttle referred.. tp -.the.! gret
change, which nad come pver .the Presi-I
dent's mind. Then he believed In' the
power or vongrpss pver tne r lemwneo.
uNow he says'- the Supreme-Court ! has
established the right' lof slaveholders to
.carj7a!ayery.:. intotheTeriiB
that neither uongress nor tne xerriionai
legislature' or any human' power,. could
impair that decision1 "The - men of the
Srm th hnA pinprifinoed as-eauallv 'ErrOat
change,; i, The resolution which hadbeeri
forced by-.yrhat they .deemed their- inter?
' The Senator, from Georgia'- had
said in his speech at AugustiV in; 1846;
that there were only four men inCdh-
wha did not hold t the , power pf
Conetess ovrihe Territories;. V,,.-.;s
- -i3 m , '. i ' 3 it. Ja.a 1 A
jlr. xpomps correcieu iuc smuiiiicin.
He referred bnlv to ; tbe '"Northern Rep
;-Mirf Dpblittle said - the ' first- timethe
doctrine' was advanced. that the ConetitUr
tioa protected slavery
since 18iV was xa sfPo.
' Mr; DobHttle restmedontendinig that
Rntithftrn men hoW-idefonded slavery oa
the general ; ground that Tcapital should
own its labor, not,nire (.' e,rim v.;-. -M.
Chestnut desired the , cprrectness
J.A atatement" The SoUth held that
th trnfi'Tiositidn of a negro Wa that of
aslave s' ?ta.-t'
. Mr. Doolittle said that tSouthern .; ;men
did not justify slavery os the ground pf
negro slavery only, but took ,tne proau
ground - that the 'natural' posiuoir ("Wa8
that bf a slave.- l l-'"' r--"i t
" Mr. Clay - said such . a .Btatement, sras
V aIItt ti rfV.Tl nfta .- and should not-be
mada without BUmoieat eviflence... Huen
the Senator produced the evideiuce "he
- , - m J . m j. '1. 'a.
wanted, aot only a garbled extract, ou
the whole article.-ttlm.io? ,
is Mr.i Browiw cS ;Mibs. eaidr that the
Snatm fmm Wisconcin mistook the PP
Bitipn of the South. ,, They believed that
alaverv elevated the acgro. Hour mu-
Cioni oj waves ocoupica a nyim j.
moraUit tociaily, and phytioaUif than any
nttu-r InharfTt. on ike alobe.L t'U--h ! .
, Mr, Doolittle reiterated .that ssouiaera
men held that capital mttst ownts laoor
. - n ' if'.i'f TT.; --.--U.ll..' .rill
and reterrea to xiaiuaiouu
Mr.i Chestnut said that every white
maU in South Carelina etoodon an equaV
footing.: It waa a great misconcepttbnto
suppose' that, respectablo,. white men ,at
J the South art not laborer. '' , " ; ', .
one? but i fiotr aw a free laborer of
the South befor hiaV 'Tht people' of '
the South did apt despise a white laborer
If anything, the people who did POt a
hor suffered bv the contrast y-',
Mr. Doolittle knew that Southern mem
had differed oilhitf poiat, but Southera-
men had advaneed the.opiaioia. it ill. ;
belewfWredtpv i!i,-?rr hi iV.TziVyy
, Mr. Pugh called for the evideace.' f ' ' r : j
Mr. Doolittle read aa extract froiath
Richmoad Examiner ahd quoted other ',
Southera joaxnalii .- 3 ?&.is ts
: " ' Mr. .Clay ajjp; extcael idii: net itsV4i
taia thf Seiiatorfe construction. garb!edr : . ;
as it was,. ; He vanted to ee . the -wjbOJ : ; -article."
, He f as sensitive ba thia peint
because a speech made by hlia five year i
a?o. had been garbled by a thief and rea ';
egade aamed Helper, lls&ktiipgfy
Mr. ,AUoouuie.saia. & regaraeo u. .-
constructioa as correct. He did aot ob
ject . to Southera mea xhaaging the '-
Opinions, out uiu cuuipiaui urej t.
sisted on XSortaern menjaoing ao;Taisa'
oa a threat of breaking .up &e.Uaioa ; .
He had no objection to rargomenta, la
did not viah themaccompanied by threats,
denying its binding force, and went lato . : ;
a history or tne legislation oi tc boub
try, to show that eve"ry 'Ato&lastititi
from Washington to the : present, had
reeognized and exercised the'power of
congress over mb- lemiones. : . -v r -
lie also asserted that Jlr. Calhoun, a
a member of Mr, Monroe's Cabinet, had
given an opinion recognizing such power v
Mr. Chestnut corrected the statement, . -
Mf." Calhoun had, onv the "floor of the. ,i
Senate, expressly denied such aaPpinioa
ilr. DoohtUe aaid.ttseappeared: xn . '
Joha Quinoy-Adams' diary, made at f the
time. Mr. - Calhoun s;, disclaimer., waa -.,.
made 25 years plater- 'The "'bpinibhs' pf .
the. Republican Senatora were not to'bi V
jcjianged by threats W disunion, 1 Su'clf
arguments, were. not. aaoresaed, to- tneir
manhood, but to their want of it , They '
did not believe the'Constitutipa "gave ua- -y -y
limited' charter'5 to I Siavery 'andr Wei
pledged to i resist -such ii ; 4octrine .-.'II
gentlemen oa,the other side designed t, ,:
8eize.onr the 0tnmentoey? T943 "
sist, and put dbwa' 'the attempt peace -
fljIJ .i$r fcw Lrf4 .
lie'could ttdt close Without 'refemflg
to the? epithet : applied:-, by ,theSeaatoE
(iovx. yirginia;.tps, j;.Nprt jera i States ,f "
servile. . ... .. -' -; - ... . ." ;
.After, further debate, the oenate ad
journed ' -U' i i Ji -.0?:.;J
HocsE-eAtlAVHoiise adjoufae'd :
oalast rriday it Wis'till-lp-day. t-Noth
ing of iatefest iraaepired- shd Can - -
lic x j : v; - i t
saymg that he. hd. shown tharTn Ignr -
IN ortherp States , where. the Kepupacans .. .
were in k iaajbrity,bstrhct?o'hs had beei- f
thrown ia the way of thexeeUtie& of thd ' '.
t ugiUye Jrblave.irLaWr He5iopki.;i.t -.for
granted that ia , spite , of disclaimers th3 , -Republican
party are. ia theory and praei
tice. at war' with tiatplirt of Jthe' Cbnsti:
tution which-provides fo?-theehditiba i :
ef fugitives slaves. sis dlieii bA&if,i?:i
It thea follpwi;th.af the are ,tawaT' ; '
with,, every clause refefringJhereia to '
slaveTyi ' for thcy aJPres oa the Blave :
basis; beside they arekta with'-;the
Constitution when they'make as '-peca ;
niary .issue ,the question decided! by it he '
Supreme Court relative tpjslayery ia 4he ;
Territories. That.samp philosophy. com-,
pelled them to make war on 'the .District '
of Columbia and every where in the States ' ;
Only' one "Hw'pi'Biptives wuld.3ndttcer; -theiat
to.earry;a.ni this xerBsadej.hatred i;;
to;the slaves, or to, their jajasters-,'1 It ; '
could nt be the former, becaus' between -1-th,em
The pniy result is ' to:d hann4or. the '
venom ana incjr natrea are airectea. ju ; --.if
condemned wnat he termed tnemiserav. ;.- ; ij
ble'pahderers to the worst bas8ions"pf the - jy-XM
- . - r. .'Tiy-- . . 1 - a-- : - - - a .-i i y f r?-- : , -.- - - - - '-. . - -
people." was it Maternal-to appeaf to ia -; . i u
natics to take the sword- m hand tor Uio . - v .. 4 1. j
liberatioapf playevfTf bivTiirt Tit i:- '1 1 if
Jc-Mr. Hnnwhp hadj. peen merred ; :
toby Mrv Boy ce' explained that' in his .
remarks "the other day he 'meant, the
Southern ista tea an -any. period pjc. pme,:, ,
shall .deteiniae pa the $ilqtii&&fLtit''-th
Vnon -ioi;;jany: causes wtiica asw eiist,
the. North are "resolved, to? prevent It and:'
ir war snouia De mer consequence 01 ma , ,
North " determining to- preservo;?- the
Uaioa, .nad; the! Sojithoto dstroyit,j:the -
responsibility will rests on the South.';
-It annears from tho Venort that. there '
was ho balloting had to-dayfor Speaker.
Omlttlnaf tM lrlefc,
A greenrfodd-lii.iirtd,"l&ohe
ing.tip-country fellow, .who .said. very. .
thing diygbtthin'.Bxedaa4 Btrnck
up a Dargam xpr aiatrmioiiy.- xaoAiignt . -particular
tegar J 3 for pp6arahces the ,.''
parties agreed tojjhiploj a nataverHBe. J
countryvjui?tice.tp put? on; tie tackling.
Hepiameneed by reinaj:king.tiat t jt-1 , i
customary op such occasions to ;, com ';
mence'witff p'rayW but he belieVed he iv
wbuld'omitthaVT ttA(tei- fyingthe-knoV-
he'eaid "it'5 wa eastomary -to i-girethe
lieyed he would bmtthaC't tt (Was cus- i :
ternary toovto kiss the brjde, but behe-- ;
lieved he Woud Pihit "tbat 'tisoJH. The S
ceroitoOBy Beings ended;' !bridegrdbia
took the justice by the hutton'-hQie and
clapping. JaUk.. ager jaOJ' ,!,, asy4gMdy
r;pquire,:jtr B customary, to .give, tne mag
is'teate fivocdlare -bui I Vleve IU onit
t' - . . 1AI
A love-lorn ewaia brck a wnsbene
with his yiearte queea,' somewhere "a
-"Neow what idyea wisV fially? :e--'
manded J onathanwilh a. Hinder griatcf. -
expectatj pa, Hhztkl i t s a -i: '. -,-.
, jil-wished Jt. was, aandsome,- replied i';?
the air - damfcelhA.d8bme as'Cjaeea v
Victory. --'v --,...-.--;. ,.;. .
Jviusalem! wliaf fwisfcfiepjled '?
Jonathan "whea yoa'Tehaadsooi .'naff" "'
neowiBat I'll tell je? what wished v
Sallyii I tcuhedybm Ka$ldc&ed vp
arm tutA tbepevwaa tottr
. - 41
5 - i.Twoi5en,' Joseplt' Sparks and Osi :;
car Flint,r were assailed ia'the"- tabarH 'l:ir
Baltimore a fewHighta ago, by ,a gang of f;
shoulderitteraJ fFliat s was -tkaocked .T
down, Jaut his-bmpaniout esewfV
.fikbt. f Wea the tcoundiclaxEi; .'XT - n t
- ... . " , . -fa .1
: '
: -
. - i
- t

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