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tfttft and Wisdom.
r ' ' v : - ' '
-tOrlthas-ljecn found by ocnlrets
that when a person has only one eye, it
;u Vio nm.
3y-An olJ bachelor is a traveller;
upon life s railroad, wno nas entirely
failed to make the proper connections.
(2"Guard," asked a railroad passen-1
trnr r von running1 nn time l-n.av?" !
t3""J O 7 V X
. "jN"o, sir; we are running for cash."
"itQtX writer asks if any one can in
form a poor man the best way to start a
little nnrscry? Certainly. Get niar
. ried. ... V
UguAn Irish judge said, when ad
dressing a- prisoner, "You are to be
banged, and 1 1 hope it will prove a
warning to yon." " -
BCensure is most effectuil when
mixed with praise. So, when a fault is
discovered, it ia well to look tip a virtue
to bear it company. . , ). ,
TJSuThe I inore ladies practice walking
the more graceful they become in their
movements. Those acquire the best
carriage who don't ride in one.
BQi,A Miss Gilmore was courted by
a man whose name was Hadducks, who
told her that he only :wautcd- one gill,
more to make him a perfect fish.
Bu"Tom, what's monomany?"
"Why, you see, Dick, when a poor wo
man steals it is called larceny; but when
it's a rich 'un the jury says it's mono
iany, and can't help it that's it."
j4: BHon.. Koger A. Pryor having said
that he would be the Brutus of Lincoln
if elected, Prentice remarks that, if it
conies 10 stabbing, they havo a C&ssius
iiu Kentucky who will be after Brutus.
v 'The following is very ancient, and
; vcry good,.too:.. . . ;., . ; . ...
'M.uck paries with Jthe men who hunt
- -T, k.'. -For gold so I'll explain: - ' .
Some find the ore 'in creases,'
-"-r'hile ethers seek 4hrein-" -
-' 1?A 'pious old lady was asked why
she named her dog "Moreover?"
'h jY 6a' snej pitting up her spec
tacles to find the place-in the Bible, "it
"V Bible-name" here, "Moreover, the
do'j, came and licked his sores."
A Short Lyric.: -.y ',. ;; .
The following brief poetic effusion is
to be sung to ther tuue of "Blow1 the
winds of morning:" .
' J There was aman iri onr town,
- .His name was Steplich A, '.
K" Tfe scare h-ed for bis mothi-er
lu Peunsyl-va-ni-a. c . 'v.v";'
8"An invincible wit and punster
asked a captain of a craft, loaded with
boards, how he managed to get dinner
on the passage. ' -
"Why," replied the skipper, ."we al
ways cook aboard.' ' . , ;
' "Cook arboard, do youl" rejoined the
wag: "then I see you have been - well
supplied with provisions this trip, at all
cveuts. ' ' - :
- fe-uMother"; said little : Ned, one
morning after having fallen' from his
;lieJj' Mother, I think I know ?why I
' fell out of bed the other night it was be
cause T slept too Uwar the; place where
I'got w?sr.x -; "' " ' ; '
. , ' Musing a little while, as if lia doubt
whether he had given the right expla
nation, he said: "No, that was; not the
reason it was because I slept too near
the place where X fell out!" V, U
, RaP'A uian lately received - twenty
' lashes, well , laid on, at the whipping
post in an English town. The culprit,
instead of bellowing when the constable
applied the lash, laughedimmoderately;
which made the angry officer lay on with
harder force.On giving Jhim the twentieth-
bio w the enraged officer could stand
it no longer.. , i '
' ' ""Well, here, mister.sald the offended
officer, "I've done my duty, and l ean
-.; lick ye no more, but I'd just like to know
what it is that's so funny?'' f . :
"Funny!" roared the other, "why Jfs
excellent. You've got the wrong Smith.
t ain't the man that was to be whipped;
it's the other one! You'll have it all to
do over again. -Ha! ha!" . y
. AUCSINO SOUtOtll' li'. ..
- The Buffalo Republic is responsible
for the following humorous sketch: ",
. Jn our quiet peregrinations on Sunday
. evening last, we run across a specimen
v,of the genus WTide-Arwake, whose arms
i ?were most affectionately entwined around
.. ; ? i'larop post. Looking down Niagara
: Hteet, his attention was attracted by the
"10uble rbs o lamps which -line' either
r - jjide of the beautiful avenue. iToldin"
&fUn id 4he- lainp-post with onearm. he
made several spasmoaic enorts to move
iiis hat from his brow, and after several
fyiruitlcss 4ttempts he succeeded in plac
r. ; jog H firipiy on the occiput. . Straight
i niog- buuself ap he gazed intently upon
;;. the scene, spread out before him, and
r gave "eloquent utterance to the following
plend' 'splay, (hie), ain't? Li'l Gints
' V. (hie) can t
get up such splen' Way
. Won't it 'leek Linkin?
. A hicv no ow
X .ifHic.) Who Bays 'twon't 'leek (hie)
Linkin? Want t'know sez't won't 'leek
oMa&ct- Splen"splay.
peck't they're
. gmn to; Ulack Kock.
k:"j Xusbe coin' f hie'i
to -JtJlactr ockr bplen splay. Wish
I're goin', (hie.) D'Me to go, f my
cwjfe (hie) hadn't lock hic) up my d d
Viape "n-'at. "2fo business t'lock (hie) up
. m l r , . " " " a Olio BpCC
x to 'lee Linkin if she,(hic) won't let a
, " vclle 'cv iz cape 'n 'at? " Splen' 'splay
pect (hie) the Coorr Public '11 swear
twatspien splay. Vwe '11 make it
; all right. Ap-cw all s makea't (hie) all
. lite. Bah for Linkin! Tiger-ar! Rah
. : i'6r Linkin an'how! Ofle 'splay., Doug
las fellete nev'r 'd such 'splay. Twent'
thous (hie) an torches, Rah for Wide-
v A'akcs! Wish 'ad my cape 'n 'at (hie.)
".Y'good mind't (hie) ge' drunk: sruess 'id
make my 'ife give up my cape 'n 'at.
. JlWho use 'n livin' w'out cape 'an 'at.-
-r t Hplen' 'splay. Seven'five thousan' torches,
on CooW an' 'Public '11 swear 'twasn't
jiver ntleen thou (hie) sn. 'Spress '11
, make it kri'ttuff. Rah for the 'Snr,
, At this crisis in the soliloquy of the
Wide-Awake; one of the nisht oolice-
men came np and tapping him on the
shoulder,, asked him to go along with
' liim. -.
" Widc-Awake'.-T-"IIow'n h u'spose a
feller (hie) goin' long w'out a cape'n'at?"
Watchman "You're drunk, and I
.want yon to go oome with me."
r.W'ide-Awake "Splen' 'splay, J an't
i(hic) splen' 'splay r Rah for Linkin!"
" , Wratchman (shaking him from his
& reverie!) "Come, come along with me
X you're in bad condition."
i 1IT. 3 . ...... .... "...
ft. ntae-Awaice-"iii ite. (hic) got
ape ';'at but can hold m' oata if she
s splen' 'splay, an' ow."
The watchman kindly devoted a few
minutes to explanation of matters, but
' flaiding that he could not convince the
. ardent 'Wideawake of hb error, he
tok. hiotJiDroe. The last words of the
'WideAwfaeya3 he reluctantly left the
scene which afforded him so much delight,
?re, "Splen' play spjea'.(hic) 'splay.'.'
Encke's comet, which ifcvolves about
j the sub- iir3 years, "has been observed j
j to complete its revolution in a constantly I
shortening nerirxi. srinwlnrr tVnt ;. ; !
shortening period, showing that it is
being drawn inward toward the sun.
This fact has led to the conclusion by
astronomers that the planets are moving
in a resisting medium, far more atten
uated than our atmosphere, but still suf
ficient to affect their motions. ' If this is
so, it follows by strict necessity that our
earth and its sister orbs are all winding
spirally toward the sun, and that they
must eventually strike against it and be
come incorporated with its mass. The
time required for this purpose belongs
to those inconceivable periods with
which geology and astronomy have to
deal. The resisting medium is so ex
ceedingly attenuated that it exerts but a
slight influence on the comets, which are
themselves masses of the very thinnest
vapor, and its influence would of course
be very much less on the dense matter
of the planets. Astronomical observa
tions, with all their wonderful delicacy,
have yet failed to detect the slightest
prognssive shortening in the periods
of revolution of any of the planets. It
is curious, however, to note the multi
plied obstacles which prevent the percep
tion, of this, fact, if it does exist. All
the ' measures of these revolutions are
shortening with the revolutions them
selves.. If we begin, for instance, with
the earth, the problem is to ascertain
whether the time occupied by the earth
in its journey around the sun is gradu
ally becoming shorter. The first plan
that suggests itself is to compare this with
the rotation of the earth upon its axis,
to see whether the year occupies the
same number of days and hours and sec
onds that it did in former times. But if
tho earth is gradually cooling, it is con
tracting in size, and its rotations on its
axis are becoming more rapid; in "other
words, the day is "shortening with the
year; and if the measure shrinks just in
proportion" to 'the" thing measured, we
cannot tell whether , 'the latter is be
coming shorter or not. If we take the
time of the revolutions of the moon
around the earth as a standard, the same
resisting medium would draw the moon
toward the earth and shorten the month
also with the year. If we resort even to
the less satisfactory measure of the sun's
rotation on its axis, its bulk is also di
minishing by the radiation of his heat,
and the period of his rotation is conse
quently becoming shorter. In brief,
from the two causes of radiation and the
resisting medium, all the times and dis
tances which could be used to measure
the earth's distance from the sun (or the
period of its annual revolution) are
rtening together, bo that the differ
ences in the extent of these several con
tractions are the only means left for de
tecting -by observation the approach of
the earth to the sun, if such approach is
really taking place. These differences
would doubtless reveal themselves in the
course of generations to refined astnn
nomical observations.
If the earth and the sun are gradua-
ally becoming cold, this winding of the
earth toward the sun would tend to keep
up its. warmth, and it may be a wise
provision for prolonging, by some mill
ions of years, the continuance of animal
life upon our globe. But this period
must come to a close, for if there is a re
sisting medium pervading the space be
tween us and the sun, the hnal destiny or
the earth is to curve gradually inward
till, with a velocity hundreds of times
greater than that of a cannon ball, it
dashes' itself with an awfully sublime
crash Into the mass of the sun. Scien
tific American. : -
The Steamer Connaught, Capt. Leich,
left Galway on the 25th nit., took fire,
while at sea, on Saturday last, 150 miles
east of Boston. She first sprung a leak,
and was soon afterward discovsred to be
on' fire. There were 591 persons on
board, and these were all safely put in
the small boats, and taken on board the
Minnie Schiffer, which vessel fortunately
came in sight shortly after it was neces
sary to abandon the burning Steamer.
The mails of the ConnagKt were all
saved, but the passengers ; and crew
saved none of their baggage, escaping with
only the clothes they wore. The Min
nie Schiffer arrived at Boston on Tues
day, with the rescued passengers. The
Connanglti sprung a leak in the engine
room, and in about five or six hours it
gained so faiuch as put out the fires.
At 9 A. M., on Sunday, smoke was
discovered from the aft smoke-hole.
Notwithstanding the utmost exertions
to prevent" it, the fire gained rapidly,
and very soon drove the cabin passengers
on deck. As the water and fire both
gained so fast the boats were got ready
to save the passengers. There was a
heavy sea running, and the first boat
that was lowered was stove. Six other
boats were then launched successfully,
and all of them filled with passengers.
About 12 o'clock, the brig . Minni
Schiffer saw the signals of distres and
immediately bore toward the burning
steamer. At 7 P. M., commenced the
task of embarking the passengers on
board the brig, that vessel having at
tached a hawser to the Steamer. At
this time the starboard side of the
steamer was very hot. By 9:30 P. M.
ail the passengers were placed safely on
board of the brig. The last seen of the
steamer was at 2 A. M. on Monday, when
she was one mass of flames. It is sup
posed that the fire had been smoldering
for a long time, from the rapid pro
gress the flames made after it was dis
covered. Capt. Leich is unable to account
for the leak which filled the vessel so
rapidly, against all the efforts of the
pumps, etc. The Connaught was built
by Messrs. Palmer Bros. & co., of ruew-castle-upon-Tyne,
and was launched on
the 21st of April, I860. She was an
iron vesael, 378 feet in length; breadth
of beam, 40 feet; depth of hold, 32 feet;
800 horse-power engines. She was 2,-
860 tuns builder's measurement, of
about 4,500 tuns burden, and was
schooner-rigged. She was on her sec
ond voyage. On her first voyage she
made the ten days. She was, in every
respect, a first-class vessel. She was
valued at 120,000, and is fully insured
in England. She had 90,000 in gold
on board Government money, taken at
St. John, which was lost with the ship.
Mollifying m Census-Taker.
Lady of uncertain age "You want to
know my. age, sir? It's like your im
pudence! What lias my age to do with
Census Marshal "Well, ma'am, it's
a penalty of thirty dollars if you refuse
to answer my question."
Lady "Here's the money, sir I'd
sooner pay thirty dollars any day than
be insulted!"
Census Marshal "Excuse me.
(Writes,) Age seventeen, form charming,
melting eyes, voice of music"
Lady (much mollified) "Oh, sir, you
are quite a gentleman! when will you
call again?"
Census Marshal "In about ten years,
ma'am. Good day! Much obliged toyou!"
Ohoio o I xx BurHnoo
Incorporated 1819 Charter Perpetual.
CASH CAPITAL,, $1,500,000,
NET SURPLUS OF $500,000.00,
And the prestipro of 40 years success and experience.
Upward of $12,000,000 of losses hare been paid ly
the vEtna Insurance Company in th past 40 years.
The value of reliable Insurance will bo apparent
from the following
In Ohio, - - $431,530 FX
In Mii himin. - . 1.18 .043 81
111 Wisconsin, I Oti .!.- 07
In Kentucky, - 904.939 40
Mituonri. ... 3u.5ltt nl
in Indiana, - 1463'J HI
In Illinois, - - 448.327 41
Tennessee, - - 97,540 21
Kansas fc Neb.. I'l.fl4r 77
Iowa rt- Minn., 101 .3H9 46
Peiin. fc Va., - 31,595 !
Ark. & Ga., - 23.945 09
Mississippi and Alabama, $5-2,413 13
Firo and Inland Navigation Risks accepted at
terms consistent with solvency and profit.
especial attention given to insurance or uv ULiL,
INGSand contents, for terms of 1 to 5-years.
The solid service lone and successfully tried, and
the many advantages the Jitna insurance Company
possesses in us line, should not be overlooked oy
those ready to insure and understanding their best
During "stringent times" the necessity for reliable
Insurance becomes an Imperative duty the ability
of property owners to sustain loss being then much
lesseuea. -
Agencies in all the principal cities and towns
throughout the State. Poll ;ies issued without delay,
by any of the duly authorized Ag nts of Die Company.
JT"Business attended to with despatch and fldel
itv. OKEN BRANCH, Agept,
Sept. 20.-33 -3m. , Pomerov, O.
Exclusively Fire Insurance.
68 "Wall Street, New York,
" WM. PITT PALMER, President.
ANDREW J. SMITH, Secretary.
W. P. Palmkr, - Pktkr Cooper,
Samcil F. Mott, Henry Ellsworth,
Ki-fus L. Lord, Auaus-rrs W. Ward,
Wi, F. AIott, Jamks Collkx,
Wm.W. Fox, . Sidney Mason,
Edwin IJ. Morgan, , Moses Taylor,
Richard Tione, L. S. Spark.
Thomas Barron, John Caswell,
Robert B. Mintcrn, - John Steward, .
Thomas W.Pearsai.i, . John C. Green,
. Kben B. Crocker.
This staunch old Company having fully complied
with the laws of this State, continue to insure the
safer classes of property
Against JLess or Dnmuge by Fire,
at as low rates as other first class Stock Companies.
Their policiss ore free frnni tmhnicai ities, thus
avoiding litigation, having had only one lawsuit
daring a business of -
Particular attention given to the insurance of
; Farm Property, Isolated Dwellings,
and their Fnruiture. Policies issued for the term of
LOSSES equitably adjusted and promptly paid in
Cash at this Azencv.
; - JAMES RALSTON, Agent. .
No. 1 Superior Street, -. Cleveland, O.
S. S. COE, General Agent.
. JOHN SEWELL, Assistant. Apr. 24, '60. 163ra
Regular Marietta and Cincinnati Packet,
Oliio 3XTp. 3,
J. j. BLAGG, Master; . rT" K
JOHN HEISNER, Clerk; ,J-S3gy
Leaves Cincinnati every Thnrsday at 5 o'clock,
r. K. passing Pomeroy on Saturday at 10 o'clock a. m.
Leaves Marietta every Monday at 8 o'clock a. m.
Leaves fomeroy every Tuesday at 6 o'clock a. h.
For freight or passage apply on board or to
Nov. 29, '39. 48-tf Pomeroy Wharf-Boat.
I WILLIAM DENNISON, Governor of the State
t of Ohio, do hereby notify the qualified Electors
of the State of Ohio to assemble in their respective
Townships and Wards, at the usual place of holding
Elections, on Tuesday, being the sixth day of Novem
ber, A.D. 1H60, and then and there to proceed, as
the law directs, to elect twenty-three Electors of
President and Vice President of the United States,
in pursuance of the Constitution and Laws of the
United States, and of tips State.
set my hand, and can sod the Great Seal of
9ivw tlle Ist" te of Ohio to be affixed, at Coluni
" tliW' bus, this seventeenth day of September, in
the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred
and Sixty, and of the Independence of the United
States the Eighty-Filth. -
By the Governor:. WILLIAM 1'ENNISON.
A.- P. Russell, Secretary of State.
I hereby certify the foregoing 'to be a correct copy
of the original, transmitted to me by the Governor.
Sept. 28, 1800 38-51 J. J. WHITE, S. M. C.
Dry Goods & Carpet Store.
Kos. 101, 103 and 105 West Fourth Street,
Importers of
gqj (Hoafa ft Carncthu),
Are now opening an extensive and complete
assortment of
Families, Htel Keepers, Steamboat
Owners, and Purchasers, generally, may
depend upon finding the best cluss of Goods,
at prices as low as they can be pur
chased in the Eastern Cities.
Sept. 14, I860. 3C-3m
THE subscriber having just returned from
the East with an elegaut stock of
Dry Goods, Notions, Hats,
Caps, Boots, Shoes, &c,
Will offer them to the public at ten per cent,
advance on cost, for
In this proposition there is no humbug, but
an actual fact, -which we would take pleasure
in demonstrating to the satisfaction of any
party favoring us with an examination of stock
We will enumerate a few articles, giving
prices, as an index to the whole stock:
Best madder prints 10c per yard.
Pancy prints 8a9c "
Good bleached muslin 10c "
j bleached muslin , 8c "
Latest styles best delaines 15 to 20c "
Cashmeres 15c "
Bonnet ribbons from 10 to 40c"
I Fine French wool delaine 50 to 75c"
? mm m
; (Usual price, 75 to $1.00 ")
Ladies' heavy kip shoes $1 per pair;
Ladies' ealf. 1 25 "
Ladies' best calf. 1 25 to 1 40,
And all other goods sold at proportionable
prices, for one consideration that we receive
for them. From this date we positively dis
continue the credit business, for good and suf
ficient cause.
We respectfully ask an examination of our
Stock, nd if the Goods suit, prices shall suit.
Jan. iS, 'CO. 1-tf Middleport, Ohio.
tn ;
Building, immediately at the Head of the Wharf-Boat
Landing Road, next door below Remington's Store, and informs
herewith, all his customers and the public in general, that he
did, at the sameltime, open his new Stock, comprising all the
latest patterns of
Of every description, which ho will sell at very reasonable prices, and he war
rants every article to be of the value represented.
His Store-Room is spacious, and expressly fitted up for the commodious recep
tion of customers, where they will find a prompt and satisfactory attending in all
their wants appertaining to his business.
All his work, such as
Will be executed in the very best manner, prompt and durable. All his work is
warranted to give satisfaction; otherwise the money laid out for it will be re
turned. To all from whom he has received. patronage, he returns cordial thanks, and
wishes for a continuance of the same. W. A. AICHER.Jeweler.
2-3-tf. At the head of Wharf-Boat Landing Road, Pomeroy, O.
A G 1 F T .
Thirty Dollar Double Lock-Stitch
A Beautiful Gift for Uushand to their ' .Wives
and Daughters.
The introduction of this most bcnntlful and emi
nently i-raettcal machine will bring joy and glad
ness to the hearts of thousands of our country
women throughout the laud.. It is pronounced by
the best judges to be the most simple, practical and
durable Machine now before the public, and the
most desirable for family nso, being reliable and ac
curate en all kinds of work, using any size and kind
of thread, from No. 8 to -200. It will sew with equal
facility the thickest and thinnest goods used in a
family. We enumerate a few ef its superior ad
vantages. .
1st. It makes the strongest, most elastic and du
rable stitch of any yet made.
2d. It has the best and most reliable feed and does
not break needles.
3d. It sews from two common spools without re
winding. 4tli. It uses no oil on top, thus preventing the
damaging of goods.
5th. It runs with great ense, and quietly.
Gth. It can be understood and operated upon with
very little instruction.
Tth. It is sold f r the low price of thirty dollars.
- Specimens of its work will be sent to any one de
sirous of seeing them, by letter, or the Machine and
work can be seen at the agents1 residence, next door
to Dr. Train's Office, near the Bank Building.
Sole and exclusive agents for Meigs, Athens and
Washington Counties, Ohio. . Jan. 3, '59. I-tf
New York Prices.
ness and simplicity of the Machine; the
beauty and strength of stitch being alike on
both sides, impossible to ravel, and leaving no
ridge on the under side, economy of thread and
adaptability to the thickest or thinnest of fab
rics, has rendered this the most popular Family
Sewing Machine in use.
Trinted instructions accompanying each
Machine, to enable purchasers to sew ordi
nary seams stitch, felt, quilt, gather, tuck
and bind; also, to keep the Machine in order.
Each Machine is warranted for three years.
For Further particulars apply to the under
signed agent. C. E. DONNALLY.
Pomeroy November, '59. tf
Chalybeate Restorative
A n nnriflnt snd Stomachic nrenarntion of IRON
u rifled of Oxygen and Carboi uy combustion in
Ivrtrno-nn. Sun-tinned bv tho highest Medical Au
thorities, both in Europe and the United States, and
prescribed in their practice.
The experience of thousands daily proves that no
preparation of Iron can be compared with it. Im
purities of the blood, depression of vital energy,
pale and otherwise sickly complexions indicate its
necessity in almost every conceivable case.
Innoxious in all maladies in which it has been
tried, it has proved absolutely curative in each of
the following complaints, viz:
In Debility, Nervous Aflections, Emaciation, Dys
pepsia, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Incipient
Consumption, Scrofulous Tuberculosis, Salt Rheum,
Misxnenstruation, Whites, Chlorosis, Liver Com
plnints. Chronic Headaches, Kheumatism, Inter
mittent Fevers, Pimples on the Face,kc.
In cases of Gknkral Dkbimtt, whether, the rofiilt
of acute disease, or of the continued diminution of
nervous and muscular energy from chronic com
plaints, one trial of this restorative has proven suc
cessful to an extent which no description nor written
attestation would ruider crediMe. Invalids so long
bed-ridden as to have become fjrgotten in their own
neighborhoods, have suddenly re-appcared in the
busv world as if Just returned from protracted travel
in a distant land. Some very signal instances of this
kind are attested of female Sufferers, emaciated
victims of apparent marasmus, sanguineous exhaus
tion, critical changes, and that complication of nerv
ous and dyspeptic aversion to air and exercise for
which the physician has no name.
In Nervous" Affections of all kinds, and for reasons
familiar to medical men, the operation of this pre
paration of iron must necessarily be salutarv, for,
unlike the old oxides, il ls vigorously tonic, without
being exciting and overheating; and gently, regu
larly aperient, even in the most obstinate cases of
costlveness without ever being a gastric purgative,
or indicting a disagreeable sensation.
It is this latter property, among others, which
makes it so remarkably, effectual and permanent a
remedy for Piles, upon which it also appears to exert
a distinct and specific action, by dispersing the local
tendency which forms them.
In Dysrepsia, innumerable as are Its causes, a
single box of these Chalybeate Pills has often
sutneed for the most habitual cases, including the at
tendent Costiveness.
In unchecked Diarrhoea, even when advanced to
Dysentery, continued, emanciating, abd apparently
malignant, the effects have beuu equally decisive
and astonishing.
In the local pains, loss of flesh and strength, de
bilitating cough, and remittent hectic, which
generally indicate Incipient Consumption, this
remedy has allayed the alarm of friends and physi
cians, in several very gratifying and interesting in
stances. In Scrofulous Tuberculosis, this medicated iron
has had far more than the good effect of the most
cautiously balanced preparations of iodine, without
ary of their well known liabilities.
The attention of females cannot be too confidently
invited to this remedy and restorative, in the cases
peculiarly affecting them.
In Rheumatism, both chronic and inflammatory
in the latter, however, more decidedly it has been
invariably well reported, belh Is alleviating pain
and reducing the swellings and stiffness of the joints
and muscles.
In Intermittent Fevers it must necessarily be a
great remedy and energetic restorative, and its pro
gress in ihe new settlement of the West, will prob
ably be one of high renown and usefulness.
No remedy has ever been discovered in (lie whole
history of medicine, which exerts such prompt,
.huppy, and fully reparative effects. Good appetite
c implete digestion, rapid acquisition of strength,
with an unusual disposition for active and cheerful
exercise, immediately follow its use.
Put up in neat flat metal boxes containing SO pills,
price 50 cents per box; for sale by druggists and
dealers. Will be sent free to any address on receipt
of the price. All letters, orders, etc., should be ad
dressea to
R. B. LOCKE Co., General Agents, N.-Y,
Oct. IS, -60-40-1 j.
Opposite the If. S. Hotel, and two Doors
North of Col. Smith's Store.
fully inform the citizens of Meigs and ad
joining counties, that they are now prepared to
furnish to order,
Monuments, Head-stones, Counter-Tops,
iable-lops, JMantles,
and everything in their line, of the most ap
proved style and very best quality of
Foreign or American Marble.
Those wishing to obtain GOOD WORK, of
this kind, at prices which cannot fail to suit,
will do well to give us a call before purchasing
elsewhere. We are resolved to give full satis
faction to all "who may favor us with their pat
ronag, personally, or by order.
Aug. 17. 1-33-tf
an extensive assortment of Groceries, Pro
visions, Queensware, Shoes, etc, &c. at Jen
nings' ond stand, near the Rolling Mill, which
will be sold UNUSUALLY LOW,
Constantly on hand
Buckwheat Flour, Prunes,
Cora Meal, a Cranberries,'
Oat-Meal,' Sugar,
Dried Apples, Coffee,
Dried Peaches, Tea,
Potatoes. Molasses,
Hominy, Sirup,
Pearl Barley, Vinegar,
. . Beans, Bachn,
Peas, Dried Beef,
' Raisins, " Codfish,
Currants Mackerel,
White Fish, &cn &c.
Pomeroy, March 1. 2-9-ly
OF the Sugar Run Tlaning Mill, has a large
assortment of Lumber, either rough or
planed, on hand, which will be sold as low as
anv other establishment can afford to. As he
is a practical mechanic, lie will guarantee that
his work will be executed in a manner to suit
purchasers, and prices shall correspond to the
quality of the material.
All orders addi-essed to JOHN S. DAVIS,
Box No. 75, P. ()., Pomeroy, or Montgomery &
Hoadley, Wharf-boat, Pomeroy, will be promptly
attended to. may 22, I860. 3-20-y
JOSEPH r.vrrox.
Having recently formed a partnership for the
purpose ot carrying on tne
In nil Its departments, respectfully invite the atten
tion of this community to our present stock ol
To which will constantly be added new supplies, as
the demands f trade may require.
The junior partner having had a long experience,
in the business in this market, is enabled to procure
just such stocks as is required for the market, at
Prices to Suit All.
Country merchants will do well by giving us a cull
before nnrnhnsini? elsewhere.
Our stock comprises Sugar, Molnsses, Coffee, Tea,
Rice, Tobacco, Cigars, Hams, Codfish, Mackerel,
Halibut, Confoctienaries, Willow Baskets, a large
lot of Matches, &c, and all tne mce-uacKS usually
kftnt In Kiirh establishments.
Country Produce wanted, for which, tho highest
market price wilt be paia.
We also purpose doing a
Our Establishment is on Front Street, under
the "Gibson House," Pomeroy, O.
April 20, 18G0 3-16-tf
Whitmore, Wolff, Duff & Co.,
Importers and Dealers in
No. 58 "Wood St., three doors above St.
unaries noiei,
TTAVE now In stock a full assortment of English,
j-jl trrman ana American naruware, oi every ae
scription, which Is unrivaled in extent and variety
bv nnv other establishment in the country.
Having direct connections with tho manufacturers,
our facilities for obtaining goods are such as enable
us to sell at prices as low as can be found in any of
tne tASTKRN Markets.
Buyers will promote their own interests by exam
inins our stock and prices before purchasing.
We are agents for the sale of Wilson, Huwksworth,
Ellison & Co. 's Celebrated Steel ; Wntrouss, Ship-
man 6i (Jo.'s Adjustable Handle Drawing rkiuves,
Troemuer's Philadelphia Scales, Kingsland's patent
Box Irons; and sell at manufacturers' prices "Nov
elty" and "Variety" Locks and Latches; Lippincott
& Co. and Newmyer & Graffs Axes, Shovels, Saws,
&c; Dodge's Kentucky Cow Bells, patent and com
mon Boring -Machines, Brass Kettles, Apple-parers,
Butcher's Spencer's and Horner's Files and Rasps,
Witherby's Chisels and Drawing Knives, Coe's
wrenches, v ostenholm's Knives; Jahleann pocket
Cutlery of Best Knglish and American brands; Sleigh
Hens, Anvils, vises. Bellows, Chains, eve, oce.
sept. Sfi, 1808. 38-5t
rilHE undersigned will "pay the highest cash
JL market price for rags. Also, i elts, 1 urs,
Sheep Skins, etc.
Wrapping Paper, Cigars, Nails, &c, given
in exchange, when desired, and constantly kept
on hand, in sufficient quantity to supply the
market, at low figures. .
Call at the Pomeroy Wharf-boat, Pomeroy, O,
Sept. 28, 'CO. 38-1 y T. BRUNKER.
Road Notice.
"XTOTICE is herebv triven'that a petition will
be presented to the Commissioners of
Meiers County at their December session, A. V.
18C0, praying for the vacation of that part of
the County road which is on the front part of
100 acre lots No.s 178 and 17a, ana in .Lebanon
township, Meigs County, Ohio, and known as
the "Crall Estate;" now owned by Aaron Hall.
October 16, I860. 41-4t AARON HALL.
TUST RECEIVED, a complete assortment of
i i : .. . : r 1 1.... nnAa
Books & Stationery, Hats, Caps, Bonnets, Trim
mings, Notions, Hardware, Queensware, Stone
ware, Groceries, Oils, Manilla and Cotton Rope,
Cord and Twine; Wall and Window Papers,
Clothing, Shoes, Comforts and Oil Cloths, Nails,
Glass, Steel, Musical Instruments, and any
other Goods that people want.
Oct. 10, 18G0. 40-tf WM. II. REMINGTON.
Carr's Run. Application to be made to
M. Heckard, Esq., Pomeroy.
Aug.l6,33-t g. W, POMEROY.
Thousands are daily speaking in the praise of
and why? because it never fails to afford instan
taneous relief when given in time. It acta as if by
magic, and one trial alone will convince you that
what we say is true. It contains ,
No Paregoric or Opiate
of a Try kind, and therefore relieves by rexovino
tiiu supfkrinos ol your cuuu, instead or by dkadkn
in its sensibilities. For this reason, it commends
itsell as the only reliable preparation now known
for Children Teething, lliarrlioea. Dysentery, Griping
in the Bowels, Acidity of the Stomach, Wind, Cold
in the Head, aud Croup; also for softening the gums,
reducing inflammation, regulating the Bowels, and
relieving pain, it nas no equal oeing an anti-spasmodic
it is used with unfailing: success in all cases of
Convulsion or other Fits. As you value the life and
health of your children, and wish to save them from
those snu anu ungating consequences wnicn are cer
tain to result from the use of narcotics of which all
other remedies for Infantile Complaints are com.
posed, take none but Dr. Eaton's Infantile Cor
dial, this yon can rely upon. It is perfectly harm
less, and cannot injure the most delicate infant.
Price. 25 cents. Full directions accompany each
bottle. Prepared only by
tuuiitsi uui'onrr,
No. 409 Broadway, Mew York.
IIiAL-rtiT human Blood upon being
always presents ns with the same essential elements,
and gives, of course, the True Standard. Analyze
the Blood of a person suffering from Consumption,
Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Scrofula, &c, and we
And ill every instance certain deficiencies in the red
globules of Blood. Supply these deficiencies, and
ii ri oi i r. i i . i
you are iiiuub wen. j no niuuu rvuu is luuiiueu upon
this Theory hence its astonishing success. There
adapted to the deficiencies of the Blood in different
diseases, For Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, or any af
fection whatever of the Throat or Lungs inducing
Consumption, use Ho. I, which is also the ?fo. for
Depression of Spirits, Loss of Appetite, and for all
Chronic Complaints arising from Over-use, General
Debility, and Nervous Prostration. No. 2, for Liver
Complaints, Nn. 3, for Dyspepsia. Being already
prepared for absorption it is Taken by Drops and
carried immediately into the circulation, so that
what you gain you retain. The No. 4 is for Female
Irregularities, Hysteria, Weaknesses, ozc. Bee spe
cial directions for this. For Salt Kheum, Eruptions,
Scrofulous, Kidney, and Bladder Complaints, lake
No. 5. In all cases the directions must be strictly
followed. Price of the Blood Food, $1 per bottle.
No. 409 Broadway, New Yi-rk.
By ----
Aud by all respectable Druggists throughout the
country. 3-4-y.
and has become an stablished fact, a Standard
Medicine, known ami ap
have used it; -and is now
fidence in all the diseases
It has cured thousands
years who had. given up
the numerous unsolicited
session show.
The dose must be adapt
ment of the individual
such quantities as to act
Xet the dictates of your
in the use rf the Liver
will cure tiver Com
Stomach, Chronic Diar
tacks, Dyspepsia, Sum
entery, Habitual Costive
Cliolcra Morbus, Cholera
Female Weaknesses,
be nsed successfully as an
Medicine. It will cure
thousands can testify,) in
two or threo Teaspoon
commencement of an at-
A1I who use it are giv
iii its favor.
rtroved hv nil that
resorted to with con'
for which it is recoui-
within the last two
all hopes of relief, as
certificates in my pos
ed to the tempera
taking it, and nsed in
gently on the Bowels,
judgment guide you
Invigorator, and i
plaints, Dropsy, Sour
rhoea. Billions Al-mer.Complainls,Dys-ness,
Cholic, Cholera,
Infantum, . Jaundice,
Flatulence, and lnay
Ordi ary Family
Sick Headache, (as
twenty minutes, if
fuls are taken at the
ing their testimony
Mix water in the mouth with the Invigorator, and
swallow both together. .
- Price On Dollar per Bottle.
Pure Vegetable Extracts, and put vp in
Glass Castes, Air Tight, and will keep
in any climate.
The Family Cathartic Pill is a gentle bnt active
Cathartic which the pro
practice more than
The constantly incrons
who have long used the
tion which all express in
induced ine to ldacc
The profession well
thurics act on different
The Family Cathartic
ence to this well estab-
ounded from a variety
xtracts, which act alike
iuieutary canal, and arc
case i where a Catliar
Dcrangementa of the
Back and Lions, Sleepi
and Soreness ov?r the
den cold, which, t're
end in a long course of
a Creeping Sensation
Restlossuess, Headache.
Inflammatory Diso.-ises,
Adults, Kheirratisui, a'
Blood aud many diseases
(prictor has used in his
twenty years.
ingdcHiund from those
iPilU and the satisfac
! regard to their nse, has
tliem within the reach eT
know that different Ca
'portions of the bowels.
Pill has, with due refer
jlislied fact, been com
.of the purest Vegetn'jle
!on every part of the al
jgoed and safe in all
'tic is needed, such as
St. much. Pains in the
iness, Costiveness, Pain
whole bodv, from sud-
quenlly, if neglected,
Kever,Lossof Appetite,
of Cold over the Body,
or weight in the li--:il 1 1
Worms in Children or
great Purifier of tho
to which flesh is heir,
tion in this udvertise-
Io numerous to mull-!
incut. Dose,! to 3. I
The Liver Invigorator and Family Cathartic Pills
are retailed by Druggists generally, and sold whole
sale bv the trade in nil the large towns.
S. T. V. SAN.FOKD, M. D.,
Manufacturer and Proprietor,
3-4-y. 333 Broadway, Now York.
Just Published, in a Sealed Envelope,
A LECTURE on the nature, treatment and radi
cal cure of Sperniatorrboea, or Seminal Weak
ness, Sexual Debility, Nervousness and Involuntary
Emissions producing Inipoteucy, Consumption aud
Mental md Physical Debility.
The important fact that the awful consequences of
seu-auuse may ue eueciuaiiy reiuuteu wiliiuui inter
nal medicines'or the dangerous applications of can
sties, instruments, medicated bougies, and other em
pirical devices, is nere cieariy uemonstraiea, anu
the entirely new and hignly successful treatment, as
adonted bv the celebrated author, fully explained.
by means of which every one is enabled to cure him-
scli perfectly, anu at tne least possioie cost, inereoy
avoiding all tho advertised nostrums of the day.
This Lecture will prove a boon to thousands and
Sent under seal to any address, post paid, on the
receipt of two postage stamps, by addressing Dr. CH.
J. C. KLINE, 480 First Avenue, New York, Post
Box 4,5B6. may t, eu i-jyj
A Benevolent Institution established by special En
downient. fortbe Relief of the Sick and Distressed
afflicted Willi Virulent and Epidemic Diseases,
und especially for the Cure of Diseases of the Sex
ual organs.
MEDICAL ADVICE given gratis, by the Acting
Surgeon, to all who apply by letter, with a de
scription of their condition, (age, occupation, habits
of life, &c.) and in cases of extreme poverty, Med
icines furnished free of charge.
Valuable Reports on Spermatorrhoea, and other
Diseases of the Sexual Organs, and on the New Rem
edies employed in the Dispensary, sent to the af
flicted tr. sealea letter envelopes, iree ot cnarge.
Two or three Stamps for postage will bo acceptable
Address, Dr. J. SKILL1N HOUGHTON, Acting
Surgeon, Howard Association, ISO. a doutn ninth
street Philadelphia, Pa. EZRA 1). HEART WELL,
GEO. FAIRCHILD, Secretary. President.
Sheriff's Sale.
S. A. Burnap and J. Cartwrlght vs. George Stivers
and Joseph Patton, et al.
By virtue of an order of sale to me directed
from the Court of Common Pleas of Meigs
county. I will offer for sale, at the door of
the Court-house in Pomeroy, at 10 o'clock A. M.,
On the 5lh day of November, 1860,
the following described lands and tenements,
to wit: situate in the town of Pomeroy, on the
east side of Butternut street, described as fol
lows: the undivided half of Lot No. 220, and the
undivided half of so much of the north-western
part of Lot No. 221 as is not owned by Thomas
Whiteside, with the Mill, Building, Engine and
Boiler, and other machinery attached thereto.
To be sold as the proderty of George Stivers, at
the suit of S. A. Burnap and J. Cartwright.
Appraised at 1,100. Terms of sale, cash.
Oct. 5, 1800. 39-5t J. J. WHITE, S. M. C.
SEPT. 1860. SEPT. 1860.
J. F. 1WELL,
I HAVE just returned from the Eastern cities with
an immense" stock of
American and European
Hats, Bonnets and Notions,
which are now in store and ready for inspection.
My stock will bo found, as heretofore,
Iiarge and A--ttx-.ot-K7-o:
and composed mainly of safe and staple goods,
which will De solum me
vuannnaihlA und nrnmnt merchants . It the neigh
boring counties in Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia, will !
save time and money by calling on the undersigned, j
Bent. 28, '60. 38-ly J, F. TO WELL, I
TENDERS his professional services to all in
Solithern Ohio aiid Northern Virginia, who
are afflicted with cancer, in any of its forms.
Cancerous and othc'fr malignant tumoVs re
moved Without the Use of ihe Knife.
The followingj among many otlerfe that might
be adduced, are testimonials frojpfphysicians of
extensive and loag-coittinued practice:
Albant,TOuexs ,Co, Oan. 12, 18(10;
Dk. G. Colir rjtar Sir: Having seen several ob
stinate cases of Cancer cured by your treatment, I
have no hesitation in saying that a speedy and per
manent cure ef Cancer in any of its forms may be
had, if application be made to vou before the tumor
affects the vital organs. JOHjJ EARHART, H. D.
Hariusonyille, Meigs Co., Jan; 6, I860.-
I take pleasure in certifying that Dr. x. Coier's
mode of treating Cancers is completely successful,
as many difficult cases resulting in quick and perma
nent cures, inrongn nis treatment, nave come unner
my notice, as a practising phvsician during the last
12 years. JOSEPH MOORE, M. D.
Office and residence, opposite ITugg & Coe's
Drug Store, Middleport, Meigs Co. O.
January 24, 1860. 3-4-y
National Dispensary for Private . Diseases,
established January 1st, itsou.
Three Eminent Physicians in constant attendance.
The facultv of the institution, consisting of
Member of the Roval College of 'Surgeons, London.
Late of Phil., a member of the Society of Friends, and
Late of the London and Paris Hospitals;
Guarantee under a Penalty of 8500, x complete
cure of every Sexual Disease, however aggravated
by neglect, and without mercury-
We are perfectly safe in making this offer, because
wel will not undertake any case that we are not sure
of curing.
The Physicians or tne national uispensary havk
discovkbed the ONLY REMEDY in the WORLD from
all tho effects or early iMPRPDEitcE. - Relief in
twenty-four hours. A cure wariautcd in from one
to three weeks.
Married persons, or young people contemplating
matrimony, who are aware, oi fearing any physical
weakness, deformities, or organio dobility, should
ninke application at on re.
They who place themselves nnder onr care, may
rely religiously in our honor as gentlemen that their
secret will be inviolate, and that a CERTAIN CURE
will follow of the following diseases:
.Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Self-abuse, Weakness of the
Back, Strictures, Affections of the Kidneys and Blad
der, Involuntary Discbarges, luipotency. General
Debility, Nervousness, Dyspepsia, Languor, Low
Spirits, Confusion of Ideas, Palpitation of the Heart,
Timidity, Tremblings, Dimness of Sight or Giddiness,
Disease of the Head, Throat, Nos or Skin, Affections
of the Lungs, Stomach, or Bowels those Terrible
Disorders arising from Solitary Habits of Youth
those Dreadful and Destructive practices which ren
der Marriage impossible, and Destroy both Body
and Mind. .
The Mountain of Light, or Medical Protector,
A Book of near 300 pages, containing full informa
tion aboptall private diseases, and a guide for those
who arc married or thinking of mairiage, will be
sent on receipt of 53 cents. This book contains the
most valuable information in the language.
Useful alike to male and female, but should not be
in the hands of very young persons, as it contains in
formation that might be perverted to unworthy ends.
Also a full and explicit key to all the hidden and de
lightful sccrctsof Marriage. Love and Beauty, never
revealed in anv book In tho Enelisli langnage. Price
50 cents one of the cheapest books in the world.
Send for a Circular fully describing it.
Very liberal terms to those who buy in largo or
small quantities to sell again, made known on appli
cation. iue low price ui whicii ni" mtvn. icwncu
(50 cents) renders it one of the quickest selling books
in the market- Snecial inducements to clubs.
Every letter must contain six cents in stamps, for
which tvill be sent a rm.r.. written Reldv: also. Toe
Dispensary Cir(plar, a truly valuable advisory doc
unieut lor old or young, marrieu or uninarrieu, auu
especially for all who have made themselves old
yoi-mo MtNby a certain secret practice. It contains
more valuable information than many books.
Af. Vki.feac's BEArTiFviKo Powder. it imparts to
the complexion an exquisite bloom and transparency,
and effectually prevents the formation of wrinkles,
blotches, freckles, pimples, wens, etc., etc. Price 81
per box, sent by mail.
Dr. Jackson's Fkmai.k MoxTni.v Pills, invaluable
ill female irregularities, but not advisable to be used
during pregnancy, lest they should mar tlio hope of
offspring. Used fn the Doctor's private practice for
30 years. Price SI, forwarded by mail.
Dr. Jackson's I'kri-ktcal Preventive, is the only
article in the world that without inconvenience or
danger will infallibly prevent conception. Thous
mdsof married ladies too feeble to bear children ex
cept at the hazard or life have had reason to bu
thankful for this invention. It resembles no otlur
preventive in use and is superior to all. Forwarded
to anv adilross.
Address Drs. JACKSON, HUBERT & Co..
nrsimply P. O. Box 435. Cincinnati, Ohio. Office 1G7
Sycamore street. Medicines anil instructions sent
prnmpllv to any part of the country.
!-3! 6m.
The only w Safe Preparation
That does not Dye, but xcill restore
To its original color, by Nature's own process, is
Prof. O. J. Wood's Celebrated
In proof of the above assertion, read the following
testimony from distinguished persons from all
parts of the country.
Hon. Solomon Manw, Ann Arbor, Mich., says his
wire, whose hair had become very thin, and entirely
white, was restored to its original brown color, and
thickened and become beautiful and glossy upon,
and entirely over, the head. Others or my family
and friends'are using your Restorative with the hap
piest effects.
Hon. Junos Breese, Ex-Senator of Illinois, says my
hair was prematurely gray, but by the use of Wood's
Restorative, it has resumed its original color, and I
have no doubt permanently so.
Hon. H. L. Stewart, says my hair was very gray,
but after using two bottles, it restored it to Jts origi-.
nal color. "
Rev. J . K Braoo, Brookfleld, Mass., says it has re
moved from my head inflammation, dandruff, and a
constant tendency to itching, and restored my hair,
which was gray, to its original color.
J. W. Davidson, Monmouth, 111., says my hair was
two-thirds gray, or rather white, but, by the appli
cation of the Restorative as directed, it has resumed
its original color.
Dr. G. Wallis, Chicago, says, after using a great
manv other preparations, all to uo effect, 1 used one
bottle of your Hair Restorative, which has cured a
humor in my head of two years' standing.
Benjamin Lokoridoe, 954 Seventh Avenue, New
York, savs, having lost my hair by the effects of Ihe
Ertsipelas, when it began ts grow, instead of black,
as heretofore, it was well mixed with gray. Having
tried many preparations to restore the color without
effect, 1 was induced to try yours, and in spite of all
my doubts it has bad the desired effect.
H. L. Williams, M. D., Peekensville, Ala., says, I
have used your Restorative, and find it all it is rec
ommended to be. I have tried it for Tetter and find
it a certain cure. '
W. M. Woodward, M. D., Frankfort, Ky., says, he
recommends it in his practice as the best prepara
tion for the hair now in use.
Edward Walcott says, three months ago my hair
was very gray; i. is now a dark brown, the original
color, smooth and glossy, all by the use of Wood's
Wilson Kino says, one month's proper application
will restore any person's hair to its original color
and texture.
J. D. Hoes says, a few applications fastened my hair
firmly, it began to grow out and turn black, its orig
inal color.
Betsey Smith, North-east Pennsylvania, says that
her hair had, for a number of years, been perfectly
white, but now it is restored to its youthful color,
soft and glossy.
Dr. J.W. Bond, St. Panl, says that his hair Is
strong, thick, and black, although a short time since
he was both bald and gray. The people here saw
its effects and have confidence in it.
Morris Goslino, M. D., St., Louis, says that after
trying inanv other preparations, all to no effect, he
used two bottles, which covered his head with a new
and vigorous growth of hair, and invites all to come
aud see it.
Sarah J. Brown says her hair was rot only gray,
bnt so thin she feared its entire loss but after using
two bottles it has restored both the color and growth.
Prepared by O.J. WOOD & CO., 114 Market street.
Saint Louis, and 312 Broadway, New York, and sold
by all Druggists and Patent Medicine Dealers; also,
by all Fancvand Toilet Goods Dealers in the United
States and Canada. Aug 7, 1800. 31-3ml
WE invite the attention of buyers, to our large and
well assorted stock of Ware now on hand, to
which we will receive additions during the spring.
We have no hesitancy in saying that we will, and
do sell, good styles and qualities or ware lower than
thev are sold in any other Western market.
All orders carefully selected and well packed. We
solicit an examination of our stock.
13-Tv. Front street, Portsmouth, O .
- sucrlff's Sale.
Warren L. Bissell vs. Adanijah Smith.
BY virtue of an execution to me directed
from the Court of Common Pleas of Meigs
County, I will offer for sale, at the door of the
Court-house in Pomeroy, at 10 o'clock a.
On the 30A day of November, 1860,
the following described lands and tenements,
to wit: the west end of the south half of the
north-east quarter of section No. 18, town No.
2, range No. 13, in Salisbury township, being
32 acres, wore or less. To be sold as the prop
erty of Adanijah Smith, at the suit of Warren
L. Bissell. Appraied at 288. Terms of sale,
cash. " J. J. WHITE, S. M. C.
Oct. 15, 1800. 12-5t 3,00
Blood Purifier and Blood Pills.
WHEN DR. ROBACK, the celebrated Swedish
Physician, introduced his Blood PnriHer anf
BlooVl Pills in the United States, he set forth in plain;
language tacit curative properties. This was years
ago. The task .of ecoinmending them has since , r
been taken 6'ut,6f Ijfs) hands. Enlightened men
whoio character for sound. judgment and philosophy
give! Hieir opinions weighf tn tne community, men
who observe, reflect, and make "assurance doubly
sure'" before jhey decide are .everywhere ap
proving and argiug the use of these wonderful Prep
arations. All who confide in the wisdom and hon
esty of this class, or who choose to investigate for
themselves are now of one mind on this important
subject. .
Dr. Koback Invite? the attention of the sick to the
Original Letters,
from member of tH) $erfical'. Profession, Editors of
public journals,-well kTio'wn Jnerchaptsand Farmers,,
and Ladies of (Be Jiighe'st fespectarYiljty, giving ac
counts of extraordinary cn'res wrpngh't by the re me -dies,
of which curej lhey the'mselvei we're
Eye Witnesses. '
These parlies nikfpe consulted personally or by
letter, by those who1 nave any doubt upon the sub
ject. The evidence' in the possession of Dr. Roback,
which is H all times accessible to the public, cstab
lishes the following
That the "Blood Puriflef 'and' a8tood Pills" have'
been proved by analysis to
Contain no Mineral:
That they euro the almost universal complf ut
with unerring certainty, and in a very sliOft time'
That after all other medicines have proed useless;
they relieve .
Liver Complaint,
and restore the health and strength of the sufferer.
Tha .
Sick Females,
who have languished for years in helpless weakness '
and despondency, recuperate with great rapidity
under their invigorating operation. That all sexnal -disabilities
are removed by their cordial and gently
stimulating properties. That thoy recruit
Shattered Constitutions,.
however they may have been trifled with and abused , -that
their direct tendency is to lengthen life, ano:
render it enjoyable. That, operating directly upon
tL i poisonous disease in the blood, they
Catise Soon to Ileal,....
and discharge from the system, every taint of Scrof- '
ula, whether hereditary or otherwise. That they
Recruit the Debilitated,
and that there ts no disease of the Stomach and Bow
els, the liver, the nervous system, the skin, glandsoc
muscles, arisino from impurities or the blood aud
skrbetioks, in which they do not give prompt relief, -and,
(if administered before the very citadel of life
has been invaded,) effect a painless and perfect cure.
Bear in mind that the "Scandinavian Vegetable '
Blood Pills" are endorsed by experience of thou-
sands of living witnesses, who, In letters, affidavits,
medical works, and by word of month, proclaim
them to be the very best preparation of the kind ever "
offered to the broken-down victims of ill-health.
They hunt disease through every avenne and organ
of the system, and to expel it thoroughly and perina-:
No one can donbt their superiority after one single
trial they are not only better, bnt, in fact, cheaper
than any other Pills, for it takes a less number of
them to produce a better eifect. .
Price of the Scandinavian Vegetable Blood Pori-'
fler, $1 per bottle, or 85 per half dozen. Of the'
Scandinavian vegetable- Blood Pills, 25 cents per'
box, or 5 boxes for 8 1-
In difficult or complicated Cases, Dr. Roback may"
be consulted personally or by letter, enclosing one'
stamp for the reply.
From Rev. Mr. McMnllen, Pastor of Roberts Chapel.
. Indianapolis, October 6, 1WK.
Dr. C. W. Roback Dear Sir: I havo used your
Blood Purifier for a nervous affection, from which I
have suffered much at times. While it is pleasant
to the taste, it certainly has u happy effect upon the
nerves. Please accept my thanks for your kind re.-
gards, and believe me Yours. -
Principal Office and Sales Rooms, Nn. 0 East
Fourth street, 3d Building from Main street, Cincin
nati, O. Laboratory in Hammond street.
For sale in Meigs Co., by D. Reed,,
Pomeroy; Hugo & Coe, Middleport; E..
S. Bbanch, Rutland; J. M. Cooper,
Pageville; J. K. Ellis, Racine; Rob
ebts & Tidd, Long Bottom; I. H
Hayman, Apple Grove; Welden, &
Bestow, Chester; A. E. Reed, Orange'
P. O.; W. M. Swallow, Letart Falls;
VM. Dickey, Harrisonvule; 31.
Smith, Syracuse; and by Druggists and
Merchants generally, throughout "the?
Union. : ? 3-7-y.
D K"."M AltTINI'8
Suffering "Woman
of tho Great Value of the
And that it Is without exception "
And an almost endless variety of other diseases at
tendant oa irregularities superind need by colds, by
over exertion, by a weak constitution, severe men
tal or physical labor. The simple remedy for all is
to get at the primary cause of tho disease; remove
it, and yon assist nature to regulate. ' This can be
done by the great ' ,
Which has never failed t effect a cure when prop-
eriy used, according to the. directions, and aTalr
trial given It. . - -
It is prepared from the recipe, and under the per
sonal supervision of a most Skilful Physician, who
for a number of years confined (ts use to his private
practicu. For the few years that it has been before
the public it has gained for itself a position that will
soon, by Its rapid Increase of popularity, place it at
the head of all remedies, heretofore offered for
Women's diseases. The. mure., especially those
above enumerated, which too often end in . . ,
cOHsruraoNi - - - -
For sale by most respectable Druggists through
out the Union and Canada. '
Price, $LOOper Sot-tie
N. B. When it happens that your Drnggist lias
not th article, the money can be remitted direct to
us, and if two or more bottles are ordered at one
time, the medicine will be sent free of charge for
Particular directiens as to nse, etc., accompanying
each bottle.
Druggists can be supplied direct from out Labora
tory, or by sending their orders to
BAKNES & PARK, New York, F. C. WELLS oc
Co., New York. S. B. HANCE, Baltimore, Md
DYOTl'S, Philadelphia, Pa. J. WRIGHT & Co.,
New Orleans, La. JOHN D. PARK, Cincinnati, 0
H. H. HAYS, Portland, Me.
Or to any respectable Wholesale Druggists In New
York or Philadelphia." Circular, with Trade Prices,
&c, for the Corrector, and our other medicines,
sent free to Wholesale Bayers.
No Medicine placed on Commission. '
General Agent for the United States and Canadas.
0 Ann St., New York.
July 10, '60. 27-ly .
Administrator's Sale of Real Estate.
IN PURSUANCE of an order granted by the
Probate Court of Meigs County, Ohio, I
will offer for sale, at publio auction, -
On the 24th day of November, A. D. I860.,
at eleven o'clock forenoon, upon the premises,
the following described real estate, situate in
the County of Meigs, and State of Ohio, to wit
beginning at the south-west corner of the north-.
east quarter of section No. 12, in town No. 6,
and range No. 14, of the Ohio Company's Pnr-
chase; thence east 78 rods ; thence south. 50
rods; thence east 26 rods; thence north 85 rods;
thence south 82 degrees west 105 rods; thence .
south 18 rods and 15 links to the place of be- .
ginning, containing 2b acres, more or less,
subject to the dower estate therein of Jane Ann
Wilson. Appraised at $150. Terms of sale,,
one-half cash in hand, and one-half in six
months from the day of sale, with interest; the
deferred payment to be secured by mortgage -.
upon the premises sold. W. H. NORTON,
Adm'r of Robert Wilson, dee d,
Oct 20, I860. 42-4t
Sheriff's Sale .;i
William Lyons vs. Elias Cross and Eli D. Cross.
BY virtue ef an execution to me directed-
from the Court of Common Pleas of Meigs
I County, I will offer for sale, at public auction,
at the door of the Court-house in Pomeroy, at .
11 O ClOCK A. If.,
On the 30th day of November, I860;
the following described lands and tenements, .
to wit, situate in Meigs County, Ohio: the east ;
half of the north-west quarter of section No. 8, .
township No. 9, range No. 15, of the Ohio Com- -
pany's Purchase, containing 80 acres, more or -
ft, , .1 i XMJ T
less, ao De soiu as tne propcny. w -Cross,
at the suit of William Lyons, adminis- -trator
of John Lyons, deceased. Appraised at i
$1500. Terms of sale, cash.
J. J. WHITE,' S.rM. C. .
Oct. 18, 1800 12-5t

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