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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, January 11, 1866, Image 2

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Sopposing-that the cessation of
the war would soon put an end to
the necessity cf these ascnt., niM
beins; lirml v convinced cf the relicy
01 closing all war expenditures, a-j ,
rapidly as possibly, with t!u; war'
itself, anil of coining imirtiately
and fcvorely down to a j.oajc is- j
tablishment, be-fore nidi 1. Ulcers
and expenditures thall lecomu;
chronic through mere continuance.
I notilied all tliuso agencies to j're
pare for an early tlW if their i
duties, and some of t-liem I specially :
required to do so ly liic '.'.'. of,
Januarv. Jint it r.ov i-har.ces that
tho Sanitnry C'oiiiiiuV.-i'.'n, via;, e
officers have been don:;; inuoii
other lsiiuliieer,cs to the ttoMicrs, an
excellent service, in pnilniltw-ly
collecting the cluinw, ha-; determ
ined to eloseout all thi-ir I'liMne-:--.
This misfortune (iV.r sueii it ) has
thrown an increased 1 u.-ine-s of
this sort upon our Stat-.' arret its ;
and in several of them their duties
of this kind are really inuwrcd
instead of being i'i'.iiini-Iic I, as vc
anticipated. The soldiers just at
home, in debt, and, many rf thim
unpaid and desperate in their feel
ings, as in their finances are
thrown into their traps and under
the devices of .1 set of sharper
ami swindlers, the likos and equals
of whom were perhaps never seen
upon the earth before; (.iod grant
they never may again. I mean
ine ciaim agents 01 ine ciicu eiiics
01 rcnuezvous. 1 Know very wen
how unjust and imprudent, as a
general truth, is all broad denun
ciation of whole clasrcs. And I
know, and take pleasure in slating,
that there are many very honora
ble exceptions to this character
among this profession of brokers.
These exceptions are all the more
honorable that they are honest and
sympathetic with the soldier, in
spite of and against the opportuni
ties and temptations which they
have to extort from the necessities
and despair of these noble patriots.
And besides this, they are in re
volt against the interests and bad
esprit du corps of their own class.
Beyond a doubt, an hov.c-l and tender-hearted
claim-agent. 111 trt be a
more honest and tender-hearted
man than one in another business
Nor need we be surprised or dis
couraged at these developments of
evil habits and characters by this
huge war. We have the best au
thority, that where the enrca s is
there the vultures will gather; and
where or when before were there
ever so many or so great carcasses
of lucre to bring out the already
bad or to tempt into badness the
good around them, as arc now and
Meantime, unless Congress or
the States do something for our un
fortunate volunteers, their Isles un
der tho influence and control of
these private claim agents, arc
plain enough. Con ',"(--, whoso
sole business it is, seems to be oc
cupied with what it may con -ider
more important and grand;;1
schemes of usefulness to the world,
if not to their country. This makes
it necessary for Ohio, even under
the unjust weight of her other
loads of taxes, borne for th? gen
eral or national welfare, to see that
some plan is devised niel put
promptly into execution to remedy
these evils.
It is not to be denied, however,
that it by r.o means follows
that our soldiers have r.ot been
and may not bo largely defrauded
and robbed by other than private
agents; on the contrary, there is
much evidenceto warrant (ho fear
and shame, that in many cases most
ingenious and covert systems of
robbery have been practi.-cl by
public officers of tho general, and
perhaps State governments. If,
therefore, any legislative action
shall follow this rocommendr.linv.,
great care and wisdom ought to be
used to prevent our own agents
from committing these fraud's,
they are called into power to pre
vent. The report of the Quartermaster
General embraces a succinct ac
count of the operations of lho.mil
itary agencies during the past year.
We Should Think So. The Chi-1
cinnati Enu'inr, in referring to
the tact that last Saturday, on the
occasion of a terrible accident hnn-'
Demnfron tho Xow York Central
ranroaa, a passenger irom wii-'
watiKee raiseu ine winnow ana put
his head out to see Avhat was the
matter, when the tender struck his
head and cut it off as if done l a
knife, and that "hediut insianthi !"
Ohio Statesman.
Clean Votes. Marion township,
Mercer county, gave SOofvoles for
Morgan, ana none lor cox, Jackson
township, Auglaize county, - '5
ditto, and Palmer township, Put
nam county, 4i ditto.
According to the New
Herald, some startling facts have
come out in reference to tho coun-
Treasury notes.
ft; c ST f 11 1 rt t Stt f ( ii Y t
" " g'L.g.r f.lv
"wjiir:: mex eiiall iulk amluica.
'in 1 ij'j'fi fini(Vr":: '
..JcAH , I
..I AX. 11. isnn.
The Mexican Question.
The Americans are a belligerent
people. "When they get the smell
of blood, it is cry difficult to draw
them from the chase. Ilegardless
of every consequence they push on
over brier and brake, through jun
gle? and over bogs, with panting,
eager, restless, reckless speed, in
tent on victory and conquest.
"What care they for blood or
treasure expended? What though
the mountain of debt is piled till itj
kis the heaven?, and the taxes 1
make bur lens on men's shoulders
heavier than lliey can 1 ear?
Yu have just emerged from a
gigantic and desolating ciil con-
llict, and our war path is marked !
by burning and desolated home?,
while the cries of women and chil-
IfAll lllW-ni'l'll lIlAI'fl'lli TV-7Mffl
lllll 111:. v. j I. 1 nv. ( v ill. i ;u 1 v 11 '
commerce, and prostrate finance
arc consequences staring us in the
face. And (he immense debt,
State and municipal,
jnn,,.,, jjj.
amir, nue a portcntious storm
cloud over the future prospect.
That debt is as great, considering
the enormous interest' whielr-we
pay, as that which C!ial Britain
heaped up
forlv year?
the hand
with toil
The rich m
receives government iioiuls lor
forty thousand thus doubling his
money and then gets his interest
in gold, payable semi-annually;
and, on this hanusoine invcsimi
he pays no taxes. But to pay
which the government h;'.s
given him, both principal and interest-,
the toiling poor are taxed
taxed in every conceivable shape
taxed upon every tiling that they
consume or wear, or enjoy from
the cradle to the grave.
Thus we stand to-day, with tho
seeds of bankruptcy or revolution
sown broadcast over the land, amid
the wreck of our brightest hopes
and most cherished traditions of all
our chartered rights, and boasted
Ye!, wonderful to believe, at such '
an hour we hear men in public anil !
iii private life men ol every oe-j
give and of till parties crying out
that we must once again "let slip'
the dogs ol war,'' and engage in a
struggle for an
willi the
A warlike nation of the globe.
''Mexico' ;ind '-the Me:.T,oi: doe-
trine" are in everybody's mouth.
What is Mexico to
or we to
Mexico, that we should weep for :
her. lias she another California
that we desire to appropriate? But !
we are told that it
riiaiul.hn Kepublica
o:i this continent,
same way that we
I'epublicm form of
the Soul hern States
p.; i rr.iVc. 1
wo not had enoutrh of canning hv-
pocracy i AYe had better, set ourj
own hon e in t rder, before we go j
to regulating other people's. We;
have a big beam in our own eye '
never mind the mote in our neigh- i
bor's. Me:;ico has never, been a
icejuiblic notiung but a uisgrace
to the name. She is a chronic an
archy, and if Napoi.i:o. and Maxi
miixtax will only establish a stable
and (iniet government among our
mongrel neighbors, it will be doing
uod s service.
If wo keep on mongrelizing and
amalgamating, and sowing the
seeds of discord and anarchy, in
this countrv, at tlie present rate, it
will not 1-e vcit lonsr until it be-
comes necessary ior ine peace 01
society aim tue fiuuii a inmiaiuiy
for some one to perform the same
office for us.
ill .(wo centuries and
; (!f war. And.lor all this
,.C l-.l.or nrnAv7u-l- mil 1
ol laboi iniitTNw.ik out .
and sveat tlnViiavment.
an who ltfxiicd the gov-
i ...,. iflC,n.i ,ioi',v.: I
11111 UIOU. UHH Vri..t .-,
. .... ,1..!,. 1
is our du.v to i
n government ,
How ? 1 he I
"guarantee a J
to I
j or not, as they see fit, for the retail
The Liquor Qit.stiox. M. P.
Caddis, one of the members of the
Legislature from this county, is
framing a bill to repeal all laws on
the statute-books of Ohio on Uie
subject oi temperance, jus oojecr
is to throw the responsibility for
the repression of intemperance
upon each cit y, township or county,
giving to tho municipal authorities
in either the power to issue license
tril es in Kansas have been made, '
by. which I heir lands are re m-,
'I H -led, .Mid l lOV g.) to the Indian
"' i
T, , u,iU !. . V i . . ,
0,10 "I. s ""r Isi
..tM , r-.l. 1 .Hi Of
At Columbus, Mi?s., an oil and
mining company has been organ-
i2''1! to operate in Mississippi and
AiaLn,:,.1 Thoy have MOO acres of l
land, and Iiavo made
Business is falling ofT in Texas.
Cloods can be bought cheaper in
(uilveston than in New York. Fears
are entertained of a general smash-
Semincs' counsel have made np-
I . 1 .1 o . p ,1 i
p.ication to the Secretary of the
to fix a dav for his trial. Tho !
lifelines tod., so on the
. ,r . .
that he has not a sufficient j
number of oliicers of tho proper I
rank unemploved. The breach of
faith in his trial is one of tho most
eriii!!ous ami scandalous recorded
in history.
T!ie of.icial vole of Ohio for
("iovcrnor w
s promulgated to the
vesterdav, and is as
, i.ifi' 1 .- 1 n.rinn
1. si .. ... r
1 1 1 1 1 11.1 I it. Ill j... .111 1 Lil 1. 1
1!;k'i07; Long, P.fiO; scattering, oO.
This give
Cox a majority of 'J!,a'5ri
Jfy?"' and VCr Iop?
j0n" "' ,'0'
Tlr'n three
artesian wells near
... ,
io are turned to good account.
An iirea tf thirty acres has been
f' . i 1 . i. 1 .I - ... .1-.. .
v.uucii up, into which toe waters
up, into wnici
tnd the coinpanv have
liT.out -!0,0(X) tons of' crystal ice,
which iney are sionii- tiwuv 1:1 .111
immense ice-house. It is Jrojiosed
bv the coinpanv to furnish our
. , 1 , .
citizens with cheap ice ne?ct sum-L:l
1 .t . .
The negroes are to have a con-
vention in Washington on the 1-th i
The Chilian fJovcrnment has !
en constructing torpedoes in
Wir Ynvb: lr ilf sfrov tho Nnnnish !
Heel. This is the way we keep our i
neutrality. j
Jeremiah Donovan and Thomas
Bimgan, Ionian leaders, have been
iiiiii, i eiiiiin le iUie-i , iiin u ueen
vieted in Ireland, and sentenced ;
, . .' . 1
ive years imprisonment. i
ci n vie
J .. I!..
iu il e ( cilia jiiipn.Miiiiiiciu. '
Another coal-mine has exploded ,
111 Lllgland, Killing thirty-two per- j
. .villi HI mi' II I l ll .'I'lH"' 1
Nvnf-al fvmillna xrif h n, mil '
i.f.1 tiiiiiii it 1 .iiwii,iii. i
A Frank Admission of
there is a little deficit of .c"55.DOO
or MiMiiiu in jiis accounts.
i i:e
amiabio Doctor adds : j
"This amount has been improp- i
erlv used bv me wdiile holdin;r that :
,,iii',.r il Va Inst in sine!; snoeii. i
lations in Wall street." !
lie nc'iuits the (wrPniiecx of the I
oflico of anv blame.
lie says:
was entirely
"The defalcation
from the use of securities bclong-
to various estates, which were
deposited in the safe in the office,
and taken therefrom by me, and
hypothecated as margins in stock
One Doctor Bradford, who signs
himself late Public Administrator
i.f Hip I'Uv t f New York c(.,,(i. 1
,oi llietih U A oik, FUHls a.
r-n nil illicit on hi I hr ( hv ( ninici.
in which he regrets to inform them
' ' tltll'ls, il :ciMMl Dill HUM'
, 1 .I t i i
knew that I improperly became
j,,,,-,, f,f tHC securities so used,
ilni 1U) jiving creature has directly
or indirectly derived any pocuni
overnment"' ary or other advantages from my
: e ii !i n
Jiiipiopcr use ot ine sectti .1 les.
He winds up by saving that his ;
.,,llm.n, l.(OI,' .,u...S,,oi1 1a I en- '
opei ,y lias been asMgncd to Ini.s-.
to ay lus bondsmen, and over
flint winch remains to the citv
This card, in the coolness of its
admissions, is another illustration
ol'the demoralization of the limes.
Stealing money belonging toothers
is termed by the Doctor 1110110
improperly used.
i '
The Sumner Faction to be
Disposed of.
In the Ith-hnrmrt '(Va.) IiqmhUc
of the 1st instant, we find the
'Tn o sinnneli riinrln V Wv T-.h
Ca ot Vnui.viiin .brir,r i,c'
on,i fifths woe i. issmio .,
..I.- i r ,ini,.,wi
hiot ilia i:.,, i,i
not ))C permanently restored and
rf.nlnl,lislif.,l until lmtl. if i it-n
factions should be overthrown and
destroyed, to-wit: thoso respec
tivclv headed by Jefferson Davis
and Charles Sumner, which were
equally responsible for the war.
He added that the end of Davis
tens snrm In o nml (lint ilmf r.f
Sumner, and his faction, must follow
jn j.0per course. It is v
proper course. It is very plain
that, having made easy his mind
on the score of the South, he has
now , turned his attention to the
disloyalists of the other end of the
Union." . .. . ; ,,
Read the new advertisements
in to-day's issue'.
SENATE. FRIDAY, January 5, 1866.
of the 1-. deral debt ; Ami to the end that t
; ; , ;,", (,,,re.i to
so inodilV lis legislation that every dollar
of aremnnlatcd'wealth shall bear ltt.ju,t
and proper burden of taxation.
r 'ute V r t he , w
in of iu stite (i,.ver,ni."ub is iuhereot.
1 . .. . .. . ... I.'. .1 I
Mr. Willi ttoil'ercd for adoption tuefol
un lo'.vlug:
'ih.kkas; T.,trr stuiding nnnles mid
I"-.-'" naiiim-al dciit nn (letnment.ilto the
iui' i'i s:.s ot l! i)'iiilies : mid
Wim io as. Their perpetuity U inoompat
Xavv pk with tin- rxMeniv ( n "purely repub
Sc.T0t:iry '' " lor.n of government . .,,
Wui r.r.AS. the history ot the rl iro
gnmnd ,,r,.H!l( downfall of lt-pni-lie iv.lutto
these a iMtent agentsof theifdestruelioa;
V 1 1 M I I I I I l I L I.l.t'l I'l' 'I.. I 1-1 UH I'M
r i In iliiili'ii iiii.iil
iiiwi ii'iii iin ii vi in i , n I'i'iii'iii inn I'l ii'
Mr. Sadler Of a bill to itnifiid at'ctioii 1
of au act to 11 x tlieroinp)C:iatiim of niciu-
hers ami MIitm 01'
- PjrWi,;.1N1'
tlte iiiMicnu A'-iomuiy,
on li'avo.
liitroiliii'iMl n
lill doslariti'il to
o s.Hpe.ul the operations or 1
i.i tune ot peace, but to .
skeletons available in time of
tin- militia net
leave tlirnitu
ivar. . r.i':il the Ilr-1 iiimr.
Mr. Golden, oa leave, pave notice of a
bill Using tin-limes of holding court la
llii' Till IliHrli-t.
Wjiik!:.s. J hey tire, nnd have ever ueen,
r.owii as tue ie''iuin:ue ueuiiiiiiaiiMuem
of moiiareliieal I ioveninieiits ; and
Win i:i:as. In lime of c!om"-tle IronbUs
and viidera e the wealth of a" ntin!ry U
leadily pa-slug from the lauu! of -the
111 inv to 1 he lew ; and
Wiii.KKAS, I iiiilnu' the la't fm;r year mot
of the iieeiimidated vealrh of toe eoiiutry
,....,,1 in ..i.lill.lfltil'lill' fiivl' I IK.
i ir 11 i u I I i i.iii 'uiiiim i i ........
' .. . . - . 1.
tie- mi)-! of wh'n li ioiTvorheil In th"" bonds
and oilier, st eiu ilie- of thelieneral (Idvei n
inent ; mid
Viu:i:l'AS. 1 lie-holders tliereot. wluleeu-
III I' "I. II lllil vn-
linronal : theivfor
Jt'r,nlr-;l. Iff thi' Cviit nil Arscnil bi uf the
H'llt nf Ohio. That our Henalor-t In Con-
. . 1 . ....-( -l it.. l..l.,lll I Hi' t IMljitlul tltlll
;r ,.,,,., M.,,tntive retpie.-ted. to lisi' their
iiilluem-eto enai t proiHTlaw whereby the
military ib,e,. ,.r tn ; ;"""y S ,,i):
cailva dav 11- i eonijiatible with pul'lur
lH,-,v,,Td ton minimum; pence
"I IM t IIII'I Hi' 1 ill " mu t
1U- iler'l, Tiiat tlie taitli ot ino federal
nieiitin conflict therewith iire inliiieiuilis
nt" t!ie nrMnie law. naliiable iuh'.tions of
tliereeri (l rights of the Stat' and the
Ipeopie.and de-tnu tiN e or that Just VM
propereiMiilibiiuin helweca Sl:ite ar.d l'eii-
t;iI anthoritv whi.h has ever const uuteji
the beaulv. the harmony and the
1 1 en l; i 11
of oursv.-tein of govcrrnieiiV.
y.Vit .-;. That ilnj plea ol piumc neecs-
ty: "'-'I
derw hieh ti'.e bonds and .t:ier se
curities (f the (leiioral tiuverniaeiit weiv
exempted from taxation, if ever Justiiiable,
can nulnngi r be urged. lint a higher ne
i.i.iJiv. flu. Ii,itil.l i;i,'i;i nt' the l-'edei-.d debt.
the preservation of the national credit, and
t lie picservalion 01 ine iiaiionai eieuu. a.m
tin- .'roteetlon f the laboilag cIkcs from
their present in- list burdens ol taxation,
nnw ifK.nivelv h'iuat:d that they be tax-
now iiill
Jl lhe lv,ollltiolls
were laid mum the table to be printed.
j.iyimr all the bleinps and advantages of
the tfovi riiiiient. tear few of the burden:,
taaiioa tor iis suppf.it; mid
Hi.ni.iAS.The pro.luelug and laborhu:
ela-sei are unjustly iitiideuded with tnxa-
tin. and their energies and indii-tiy para-
aineiided by an net pa-.-ed Mami U. lsiw.
yMt r ,Ni.;i,;- lawsthc nnria.,ig.icd'
counsel to def.Tid juuoer erhnimds but nl-;
lows .... f,t ; this hill allow s iWs for ;h-!
,n llot exceeding
c-i. !...,,.
"Mr. Hid oileml .he following preamble
hereby rciiuispil to use their inthience to
procure the passage of a law by Congress,
'Jv,us, , '. s(,ldiers who enlisted or vol
es tcei-ed pi lor totlie year lscj. one hundred
lr. Thornliiil introdueeil a Mil. which
wiii read the lir-t time. To nni'in feet ion
11 of an ait dim ting the mode of trial In
criminal cases las-ul '.March 7, ISill. as
n'd resi 'In lion, which were laid'im the table
illal Clileieil to Ue prmieii.
Vi:i:!:i:.s, Tiiat pmvi-l'in of the Internal
lleveuiie lawol the I't.ited Stales, provi I-
lVir t'i.c a -ses. lii'-nt and eollei lion of the
iiiternal revenue by Federal ollieeis (thus
meat mu' sw arms ol lax gatiierers anil cm-
leelors throtigho'.U the country). U wholly
nn".ece.-ary and is biirdelis;oine to t'uepcij-
p'e; and
ViI1:i:as, i ue io eesii v oi i,n; iiiuiui.i
reonire lb-mo,t li-idecoiimnv in the puh-1
lie i Npeiidilures ; Hierelore. be It
Jt'.i 'lo-i. I j llm (ii imiit AxmiM'J " the
Sinti'jif Vlii i, TliatourSeiiatoi'sand d'epn;
' sentatives ia t'niigress bo reipie'ted to cx
: cil their iniiueiu e' in procuring an ameiul
: ment to liie Iiiternal Jleveuiie law so as to
permit and authorize the collection of the
internal revenue ol'the I'nited States by the
local authorities of the several States in the
aine mania r as is now or may he provided
l).v law foi the assessment and collection of
taxes in the respect ive State,
jMrThornhill oilered foradoition the lol
: low ing resoliitiniis, wlileli were laid on the
tabic and ordered to be printed.
Jlr.i iv7. ;; llm- tletwntl Axsmhhj of the
; talc cj' Ohio. That our Senalnrs aiid llep-
re.-oulativcs in t'on"rrcss l;e and they arc
mid .-ixt v acres of land each, or in cquiva
lent in money.
iiVWrcV. That thcOovcruorbc requested
to fiirwiud a copy cf thiresi)lutio:i to each
of our Senator." and i'epresentativua in
Proposed Amendment of
the Constitution of Ohio.
Senator Kellogg, who represents
tho Ashtabula District in the Sen
ate, availed .himself of tho first
opportunity after the organization
of the Senate to introduce a pro
nosed amendment of tho Constitu
tion of the State of Ohio, so as to
allow the privilege of voting to tho
negroes who are now in Ohio, or
who may hereafter seek a residence
in it. Oluo hiaicsman.
L Ve
no noc Know
i .1
but it would
effect on the
i H a 0 a WllOlCSOJlie
i t 1
qiie!on 'of, S suffrage ;in the
South to have an expression of
Ohio on the subject at home. Mr.
Kellogg's amendment, submitted
to the people, would be voted down
by not less than ten thousand
majority. .Unfortunately the ques
tion can not bo submitted to. the
people before October, 18G7, rather
-LJ- ' ' .
too late a period ior any i good.
The sagacious Senator from Cheese
dom proposed , to submit it next
October; but he ha3 not read the
Constitution, which requires it shall
be postponed until the year , when
members of the General
Cin. Enquirer.
The Amendment to the
Constitution Declared Carried.
j ie "uucb 01 1.1. .101s iumkil- im;ihu,
j ; ' '" :inT V'
ll1-" V '
Massachusetts', Pennsylvania, ir-
ginia, ' Ohio, Missouri, Nevada,
Lmiuianti, Minnesota,
AVisconsin, Vermont, Tennessee,
fc 1 , i
.. I T11I..-I. 1 1. .1 T .1 ...... .1
i iM'inu utr i (nnni ini ' vii'
; for (J10 publication of tho laws of
, rnj,Vl Ntos and for no other
t,)0 l-"tod Matt and lor no ot.ier
purposes," do hereby ccrtny that
tho Rmendment aforesaid has be-
... ... .
romo valid lo an mien s a ra pur-
, puiiisnmcni lor crime, wnereoi 1110
partv fihall luiVO been duly C0I1
of vilnil ulioll ovi.-f in 11, lTiitii1
! J.,cfc,I s""1 c)l 't .
; States, or any placo subject to their
To all wlium thejo presents may come,
Know ye, that, whereas, the Con-
s 0f tI United .Stales, on the
!T .. T, . .
1st ot Icbruary last, passed a reso
lution winch is in the words lollow-
ing, namely :
MA resolution submitting to the
Legislatures of tho several States a
proposition to amend the Constitu
tion of the I'nitod Stales.
"JiCsulveJ, By the Senate and
Bouse of Beprcsentativcs of tho
United States of America in Con
gress assembled, two-thitds of both
Houses concurring, that the follow
ing article bo proposed to the
Legislatures of the several States
as an amendment to the Constitu
tion of the United Stales, which,
when ratified by three-fourths of
said Legislatures, shall bo valid to
all intents and purposes as a part
of said Constitution, namely:
"Article XIII.
"SixnoN 1. Neither slavery nor
involuntary servitude, except as a
. .1. . 1 .1
., nnnm.n,a ltnvtt
on gross
power to enforce this article by
appropriate legislation."
Ami, whereas, it appears, from
official documents on file in tliis
Department,' that tho amendment
j to the Constitution of the United
'states, proposed as aforesaid, has
been ratified bv the legislatures ot
shire, South Carolina, Alabama,
North Carolina and Georgia, in all
twenty-seven States.
A:n, wiiKKEAS, tho whole number
of States in tho United States is
thirty-six ;
And, YiTiekeas, the before specially
named States, whose legislatures
have ratified the said proposed
amendment, constitute threc
i'oui'ths of the whole number of
States in the United Stales;
Now, therefore, he it known that
I, William II. Seward, Secretary of
State of the United States, by
virtuo and in pursuance of the
second section of the' act of Con
gress approved the 20th of April,
IMS, entitled "An act to provide
poses as a part of tho Constitution
of the United States,
In testimony whereof, I have
hereunto set my hand and caused
the seal of tho Beparhnent of State
to be rdlixed.
Done at the city of Washington,
this IS til dav of December, in the
nil io i l
year ot our Lord ISoj, a:wl ol tho
Independence of the United States
ot America the t'Otii.
Secretary of State.
Legal Notice.
CV1AI.LES SMITH, whoso resUcDOO h tin
J kni.wii, iif lioruliy notitij'1 Unit Mary A.
Smi li iliit.oii ihu 10; li du; cf J;uiuiry A. D.
1 -i;i'i, ti!ii l.cr pmitioii in tlie i.lil.o c! ilio l.'lurk
nt' llm L'mii of C'liiinion I'lem within unit fur
tlu county o'. Vinton mid Suta of Ohio,
I'lmriii th.it nt tha time tho roiil OhHrlo.i
Smitli wui imirrioil to .Mury A. S tiit.li. u itl
lud !':,! hi Miid imliiion, l:o, tho .'i I Chrlut
Suiiih, liuil u fur.uur wil'u living, nnd ajkiiiK
thut tha int.) Iir di ViictfJ If"m tlu Miid
Cliurli's Sniilt; nnilmiiil niurriiij?J ilooreed null
unit Vukl, unit tli it i-liw bu iu9lurixl to lier form
er numu. M:ny llol.lurittur which intiliun
ill ntuiiil lor hearing tit thu next tmm of saiii
court. .MAltV A. SMirU,
J5y J.iscih J. .McDowell, her Atl'y.
Junu.iry 11, lS'i I 6r,
A GUMS WAN I'KD. Wantid. A.rtivo,
biivritctlc and rcliablo men, inoverr town,
enmity, uuil vilU'go iu tho oountry, to bell Mj
Kclziu'r 'leu '1 lu'Ut-und UeeciiiU.iu all thu use -h'l
n nd di'im-Htie una ; coiutiu.ing a coinjiktu
und irue'.ieul Lihrnry, ti latlnif to Agriculture,
lloilieuitjro, ( eiuinlK, liliiiclniip ninl UjcinL',
llrcwintf. Cti'Utry, Cniinii.e, Oonfectinnnry,
Finh Culture, l'u 1 liety, Jlcdkirio, Oil, l'aiiit.s,
und Varnishoit, ilotuilurpy, IVrfumery, I're-i-ervinff,
Tiuitiin, Wines und Liquors, ct;., kc.
)itin' tin ciitirefy new cdilicii, und Cv-iitniuin;
tho improvement. nnd difooveriea tip to duto
of uliic:;ti"ii, Cetoher, 1S85. Writ en by a
ecrjn ol over forty lersoiit; cnibraeinj80iiio
i.f 1 ho most i-eieutilic guutlvmcn in this coun
try, tl.o rainc.s if whom will bo given to those
cu riiin upon tho Mil'jiet. It in imqucstii.im
bly the In i-t Tjo k f tl.o kind over u'litlicd
in tli is ci'iintry or Eurupo. Mcdieinu ii truutcl
Dy tho rreniueut ol du of tho Iir-. Meilieitl
Oolloo.H in this eoiiutry. 'I lio nnhjeet Ol" Chol
era mi-' iu treutiiieiit, revised by fi.ur of tho
Ijj.t I'l.ja iuiiiiit of tho city of l hi!udeliliiii,
mid eoiitainin tho KMilts of their experieueo
daring tlii lout vihitutioii of thin fctiil'ul dis
iiiso. It tho several suljeoU troited of In this
bouK wvro printed und hound in thu ukuuI or
dor of I cokiuukiiiir, they could not ba sold lor
It iu than tweiity-live or thirty dollar.. 1'rieu
tivo dullurii. Copies cent by mail on reeciptof
lliu ubovo ri.-o, und thu money r Ituiiloil il iiie
I b ifood ordo r e when received. Liberal in
,liilUiiii..i1t.ln Ailtitu.' Mull l.n.U.Ui.;i.. tliA V...
JooK doe not givo MitiAiueiion, ii reiu n'iii in
iliieein-tits to AirentH. Meu io.-H.'ssiiii the n
quisilo (jiiulidcalions, und wh" u ply imuiedi
uiely, will hud this woik to offor rare induce
ments. AdJnus. enclosing pojtnga stgmps for ro
turn postogo, and vpecifyiujc t:rriiury wanted,
JOHN K. iSl'ETLtli, No. IM Spruco . treot,
Cleveland, O.
Jannary 11, 1866-3w.
BLANKS of every tloscriptlon. for sale
at this office,
N'OTICB. Any pernor obUlnlng tea tab
feriiiOM, ami iijii3inii ii th't mon ev, rif-
TilX l)OLLA'S,lillull rcCjiVdlui VlJllOS 1.1.C0HO
J..0 your gratis.
Johu llawk'a Kslatc.
"VTOTI'JE i hero'iy iveu ilui Hu under
i.1 hlKiied ha liaon appoiuto I an l qiiulilieJ
as Executor, with I ho iil t:iuxrl,ol thu es
ta'u cf Joh.i Hawk, lut i nr Vint -a a ntv, do
cruse.1. JOHN S. 11A A K, Ex'r.
Jutiunryll, iefil-5.r.
William W hitstoao'fi Jitata.
N OTICE 1 liereby given that tha a ihseri
b.r hn kuin np.( Intel mid quil.fi as
A'lnili i.tra'.or mi tho istita of Wilium i hef
ht"lii', lulo cf Viulon iiilil.ty, doi'easl. All
person h.I !' ehiinis ;u!i..i siid Cs'.ute will
jifesimt t!. in lo t!.o ULur. iu.;J iiamjiiutely
G no r.o. s w. wt.etstone.
J.ir.u.iry 11, ljiii
Ini'iortunt to DHcli&i'gtiA Sldi:rg.
BEfEVIXO that t'.io inh.licra wh" cnlistoJ
euily in t'J w.r, wli i':.l s:nsii( louruii.
at thscuiury' eull. ua.l tint pla's I thsmsdlves
lu tlu front, hhould rwvViv '. Ittiwt iu equal
union nl of I) on u: y witn tius w'.'.uulited af- .
rer Dei'tmbcr 4.u, lclJ. I. A. llon.'UiwN,uf
Ci liniib i. Ohio, i enjrul Wiiut fir ths collee.
ti.ui ot .Villi try t'i.iuis. i if i a I'.' sarviom , and
with ll.s -.itiu' of ih li, oi. tLo.'us lives
ni.l ua lnra!i to k.au it, a'curdiuitly
iliviusa'.l M'liUois l:o kklUlti in tls army
i iiurio thi '.'I'll if l'.i:iil.i.r, Ijj J. ai d weio
In liiii.Llj l'..wLi.ij I ;i.itjVj.u,uso'uin oiily
jli j lom.ty i t l., uj iu'.Ui.r ";:at (be caua
ofdiilaijj or !o:.t tf t'.t'oW aoivjd. t tor
Wiiid (1 oil lU.vhar.s Vi.;n to Li:u luitncli
uts y. ti.nl a i ri.n.pi si l lUii.iivn i dr. i l n ay he
ii. tg iu ti- iiii v. L it houI 1 hi'ui li ba so j 1st
ly il'... Upon rtv.iviug t' d:Liriit, rs
c'oii tor tl cm w U ' piouipily uturaul,
c iinpaiiiii.l by tlu t uvary ip: Iu '.li
paiiicul .r ei., wiib fall itl'iiinhUou.
'l liii i a ma lor it st in. 1 rsi-jivo iiiuui'I
a'e nt'.i'u lion, lor, unlo.j il I iilituiiiil Wat
lUiii.aiil sup) of ted by a luth-ikit tumlxr of
lbUii'.'.ttd I1 in urkiid k Iks i' us lo ii'.ues the
liivo sary ucl'-li, il w.li d i.hut.'s bo p .i OLed
n l m 'i y bu llii.ill. dn.pp d.
lf ri.e lo it tM.il uiihuiit iKlay. AlroaJy
q'li.i a iiiiu'ur ol -ro on S:.i'ul if uiiy
n 'I tier t K in kM hu h., i. i lrl, rv.ivsl iiit
is prupoily daa, l.( I im n.-L.d :.m iiii.Lsre.
wi ll a u' r n'nluiiiiiit of ahat h'' olr.its, ud
uu crly rip'y ti. yivau.
Ti.e lu.ir. o i;i.l r is.oii t i-.iv nf syl Muri
who vn'Uu-1 pi of to i ho itiuof Uj :;ib)r,
bid, a.i I difl i.i tha.er.icn, or iu U. Impris
ons, will m'.t.i hit rqnuliy unlilUJ to tie buo
CUeontiiii.ilVa I iu lt.i lu.tvoiu.ut, anl ttoy
lira ihorefi.fs n..iu.rlo.l u loox u.i tiuis in Coiu
I'lUiiUuiiu iih bin. i.u l!.i utijj I
' ine iroK', iuitl,u .l, bricil J ti tloim
prriuiii'4 of iwiii: ul -i. J iu ll... nis t. r.
If HUlVCK.snl, l ,11 ei.m Jli.lU will I
he u-l.td ; if ui "U.cc..it !, to K kill taeaUaJ
All chiwi r.f M'liry I'liiims o; trustsl to
I.iiu ur.i loMviiUd lo i. apicilysfiKh li.wul.
A'lil.H ul I 1'i'iiiiiiUi.ii it'., i,n pi iuly, I. A.
lll-.eii mm, I' (). b. a yt,.'ul.ii.iliu. O.
Ki.l.lii'fH am p.ki li 'Ui:.riy vauliubd 3'c.t
k ll'intf th.'ii 'iiii i..,rvj. l thv)' ui puiehass.l
fur any li.iii'nt purpow, it iiuij.1 st a pric
ii.r IjcIj llm ro.,1 wrth to the .l linr Lim-
Hirtntsris.-H n. V.'ii. C:vu ki, Tost
K.iia'.ar Vff u' .1 a ; Co n A in., Cvru-i!-.nt
iiOiia .n.i; Any Niio;ul t;. la
H.ivi'i, by won rf my eleetic.l as Tost
lu.i .ior i l H i. b r II iii-o i f 'ii1v.s, ith
I'ruwn tn. in the fiim i.f (i,tm , He ciiinmis,
M.litury C'i..iiii Ai.i I ,l,.iis i., ).nun tha
.l.lii r of hi. f.r li.rir li'i.i.l p.in.niigi
hnn'tnl irs uiv.-u li.r arm. a .1 to ark that i I
bf coi.tiiiiit.l to, n ot lli.i ii,tiii.,, ,,f my l.innds
liiwii, Mr. I. A lliiii l.iiiihiii, (,.. Miwrs.Uto
H.ii l.u-iii.if . J fi.ii. a l.ii.rf :i.li-iii . q i .iiit
s.i.'o i.'id 1'oMi'i'ii'iri i"b Hn.ini.s-oK I
iir-"tli nil. fiN' uifi.m.l him n4 hii. prompt,
MithU md li...uiii.-iil vnl in U, ii i!itnt
clawa of .V, ilPnry Claims, and kno pi'-on-ally
fhul his ar'aiii iiieiii. ars iiii.hI coiuplete
an. I nl'.'C'ive for tho kpo ty siiiU-mai. of all
bnniuuss eiitnirjd lo rjiui.
January 11, I'M 3r.
c. V. J. wolts,
pjZ:; KL'PAf iiKH Of
J B W B L R Y ,
Musical Iiistmincnts,
III l.liklil a rLlUlN0,
P U la IV i I ME!
rnvv i
: fi '
Hcston & Kulbcrt,
Al E. P. J)iihuel!s old nIsh-.I, on llih St
Mci:riiUR, oiiio.
HAVlNa l.oi'f'it out ths tacfc of R. P.
JJj.h Ael., and brought i n a
MiT "(TCtl tf
I ackers,.
AnJ every otl.fr article in '.!.a
All of which we will
Timi ary other estnbli3hmo.1t in tha conn.
ty Cull and examine ' our work and see
(01 yourselves. All wnrk wiirrnnUvl.
Sop. 29. C5. Cm ' K. A. IIULBI1RT.
Agenta "Wanted!
'iu sell jii-icc C';rtiticatf3 for
1 ...IT..-. T I T.I....; 1 T! I.!. .. 1. '
i.uuii's iiuvt dry, i'liiuiunu A.1113, I I us, (KC.
For any nrticte drawn, Hetail price from
J?10 to 200.
All Go)d.s TV'arr.intcd Genuine.
x rice 01 ciTiiiii'aies i;i t.t'ius encn. iao
eral Preniiimi3 and C'omralssloa I
allowfd to Agents.
Sampi.r ('KitTiii-iPATiiji Skrvt Fmrr
For Circulars and Terms address,
MesBrs. 1IAYWAKD & CO.,
229 Broadway, New York
Jan. 4, 1S6C 3mo.

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