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Official Organ of Vlaton County.
13" Advertisements to appear on TAur
iay morning, must be handtd in not later
than Tuesday evening.
Religious Services in McArthur.
'. M. . Ciicbcii.-Preaching Subbath at balf
rat tou o'clock, A. MM and half-fast tlx
o'clock, 'P. M. Sabbath School, 8 P. M.
Tsmbttmiam Ciicscn. Servieeeat 11 o'cl'k
a. x.. and ( o'clock t. xt. Sabbath School at 9
o'clock a. every Sabbath.
Casieru CncHcn. Services at 11 o'clock a.
II., every Sabbath.
For Legal Advertisements see
fourth' page. '
See interesting reading matter
on Fourth page.
Advertise in the RECORD.
Notice to Advertisers. All Ad-
verlisments paid for, in the McArthur
Dttnocrct, will be continued in this paper
the time contracted lor.
Pianos. Any of our ladies wish
ing to buy or rent pianos, and let the rent
pay for them, can obtain the same at manu
facturers prices, by calling on mc, when I
-Will esjdain prices and terms.
Mm. Uv th C. Brittos.
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During tlie year 18G5, 10,383 em
igrants arrived in Ohio, an increase of 100 (
over 18G4. . '
We understand that Capt. J. S.
McDowell is putting a large amount of ice
M bis ice house. Good Idea, that.
Advertise in the RECORD.
We are informed by Kev. Jonathan
Brine 'Keionlercf our Count) that he has
recorded 'near a hundred Discharges since
the war closed, and ten during thr pest
Suffer no Moke. We call atten
tion to the advertisements of. Messrs A.
Strickland and Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio, in
another column of to day's issue.
Tnis has been a very dry week
for locals and as a miller of course will be
sn apology for not having the 'local depart
ment of our rr, well filled.
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The following is the number of
marriage Licenses issued ty .Judge Craig,
since the 9th, inst.
John Wortman to Eliza Curry.
Ellis Willard to Jeruatia E. Kline.
We are in receipt of the Demo
cratic Almanac and Political Compendium,
for 1866. publi-hed by Van Evrie, Hnrtnh
ft Co., No. 162, Nassau street, New York.
It contains a vast ommint of valuable in
formation. We heartily recommend this
work to every Democrat in the county.
Price. Single copies. 25ets., Five copies.
ftl 00 $2 85, per dozen, Tost Paid, $15,
per hundred per express.
Advertise in the RECORD.
Another war Commenced. We
tali the attention of our readers to the new
adverlif merit of WyckoiTand Knler, of our
town, We heartily recommend their e
tablisTsnt, to thns? who are in of n?ed any
kind of Furnitim. They also keen con
stantly on hand Window Sasli nnd Coffin?
which they propose to fell twenty-five per
cent Cheaper then any firm in tho State
-of Ohio. Call and see ihem, be ore pur
chasing elsewhere.
iETNA Insurance Company In
another Column of to days isrue w e publish
a statement of the condition of the above
nsmed Fire Insurance Company, to which
we call the attention ,ff our reader'. Our
friend Wm. B.Davis, is agent here. Wil'iam
'is a fine young man, and those wishing their
property insured cannot do better than
calling on him.
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Something new. We call atten
tion to the advertisement of Duplex Elliptic
double- Spring Skirt. Though a recent
invention, has become very popular, and is
rapidly obtaining the preference overHher
xinds in use. The rods in it are composed
each of two delicate and well-tempe-ed s'.eel
spring's, which are inereniouslr braided
together edge to edge the lower rods heavier,
and hiving a doub'e covering. This pe
culiarity of construction makes thjs skirt very
strong anil durable, and also so exceedingly
"flexible that it rapidly adaps itself to tlie
form of wearer, and allows of anv amount
of doubling and crushing without injnry to
'its shape. These skirts are unquestionably
lightest, most desirable, comfortable and
economical ever made. These are advan
tage which ladies, who have experienced
he discomfort and inconvenience of single
springs, will duly appreciate.
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Personal. We had the pleasure
of tafcing the hand of our old friind and
townsman, Captain Samuel C. Gold, of the
15th Regiment Veteran Reserve Corps, and
would sy that "Sammy" looks as well as
ever. We publish the following order for
f . f - . i r-t I - - . ... ;
mo miormauon 01 ins ineuua iu una vi
cinity ;
War Department,
Adjutant General's Office,
Washington, Jan. 5th, 1866. )
Special OrJ era, I , -
No. 4. Extract.
12. The following officers
will report in person without delay, to Bre
vet Major General Baird, U. S. Volunteers,
Asst. Com., Bureau of Refugees, &c, New
Orleans. La., and bv letter to Maior General
Howard, Com., of the Bureau, Washington,
v. lor assignment to duty in said Bureau
to replace officers therein serving, whose
services may be needed with their proper
regiments and companies, or whose com
mands have been mustered out of service.
Capt. S. C. Gold. 15th Regt. V. R. C.
By Older of Secretary of - -
Ass't, Adj't. Gen.
, Exchanges Will l. do us a favor,'
by changing the address from Dcmocrut, to
Recoub. . -
Bro, Hood of the Marirelta Tints, rends
us a piper to each address, w don't wish to
tax our cotemporaries so much. We also
make oar best bow for complimentary
notices received.
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Transfers of Real Estate.
The following is the transfers of Real Es
tate in Vinton County, for the wee ending
January 18th :
Samuel V Dodge to Harvey Kobbins, for
350 00.
Leonidas H. Tripp to Stephen F. Tripp,
80 acres in Township No. 8 for 1 12 03
Jesse J. Tripp to Stephen F. Tripp, 40
acres in Township No. 8- for 300 00.
J. J. bhockey to Henry S. Hamilton, In
lot No, 116 in McArthur. O- for 13 00.
John Cox to Martha BaAer, 59 acres in
Township No. 9. for 500 00
Win. Eagon to Joseph Wilcox, 4 acres in
Tow nchip No. -9. for -50 00.
L. A. Arwood to Charles Trarhnean 100
acres in Richland Township for 3.636 50
Thomss A, Green to Joseph Wilcox, 4
acres in Township No. 9 for 35 00.
Francis Shades toAlferd A. Florence, the
undevided one-half of 103 acres ia Town-
(hip No. 11 for 1 ,1)0 J 00.
Richard VV. Bond to Henry tester, 77
acres in Township No. 10 for COO 00.
John Bell to Stephen R. Ellis 35 acres in
Richland Township for 100 00.
Alfred A. Florence and Nelson Richmo.id
to Micheal Hull, 103 acres iu Township
No. 11 lor 3 000 00.
Ass't, Adj't. Gen. Deaths.
CALDWELL Die! on tbo 14th inst., in
McArthur, aftor a Ion; fllnoee with Consump
tion, Nr., William Juriaon Caldwell, flgod 44
yoars, 8 months and 29 days.
Captain Caldwell was an old citizen of MoAr
thur, was a soldier In the Mexican war, was at
tho battle of Muiiteray, and enlisted In a com
pany raited in this county in 1861, elected Cap
taiu of the company, an! served in Co. D,of
the first organisation of the 18ta 0. V. I. He
also served in the 75th O. V. 1., organized for
three yeaia. lie waa buried ty the Masonic
Fiotc'rnlty, of which be wa for many years a
member on the 15th irat.
Ass't, Adj't. Gen. Deaths. Commercial.
McArthur Produce Market.
McArthur Produce Market. CORRECTED WEEKLY, BY D. WILL & BRO'S.
McARTHUR, O., Jan. 17., 1866.
Apples, (dilel,) 3 00
Butter 25
Chii'kcns 2i
i '.fT. o 85
White Mali 123
Cod Fisl U)4
Flour 11 to
Lard , 20
Onions 1 00
Pork 10 00
Sujrar 20
Ftareh 15
Flux 2 00
Whisky 3 00
Beeswax 34
Beam 2 00
Cheese 25
Kicks y.0
Muckurol 12tf
Feathers fit)
Leather (0
Molursea 1 00
Peaches, (dried,) 8 00
Itleo J
Salt 8 25
Tiuiothv 8 50
1'ullow ,. 15
McArthur Grain Market.
Wheat:, old Red 1 90
OldWhito 2 00
Shelled Cora 60
Data 40
Barloy 60
New Rid...-1 70
New White.. 1 90
Corn, Ear 50
Kjo 80
liny 8 00
Cincinnati Market.
Coffee. We quote common Rio at 27a
28c, prime do. at 29a30c ; choice do. at 31c.
common Java at 45c, and prime do at 45c
per lb.
Eoos Market dull and closed at 25a28c
per dozen lor fresh, in good shipping or
der. Flour We quote Superfine at $7 00a
7 CO, new wheat extra nt ?7 7"n9 00. old
wheat extra nt 58 75a9 25, Family nt 9 25
nlO 25, And Fancv nt $10 mVi 00. Rye
Hour $5 00 perbbf, Buckwheat Sour $1 00a
4 BO per 100 lbs, aud S3 OOalO 00 per bbl,
thclattcr for Eastern. Corn meal Is active
atSl 50 per 100 lbs.
Grain Wo ouotc prime old Red wheat
at $1 90al 95, with an occasional snlc of
choice nt 32 00. New Red SI 75 for prime
and 1 251 60 for inferior. Some lots of
old White tre offered at$2 30a2 50. The
demand for Corn is still active, and prices
remain firm for ear at 53a55c per bushel,
bhellei SJaGOc for mixed, and 75c including
sacks. Oats in fair demand at 39c, and 40c
for choice. Rye in little demand, at 75c for
prime, A few sales of prime fall barky
reported at $1 15al 20.
Sugar We quote raw at 13alGc; yellow
refined, 4Ca47c; white soft rciiiitd, lGalSc;
hard refined, 19a20c.
Cincinnati Cattle Market.
Beef Cattle, There was some inquiry
for cattle for feeding. All cattle oll'ered
were sold. Quotations per 100 lbs gross
Common, $1 00; fair, $4 25a5 00; prime,
S5 25a5 75; extra, $0 OOaO 50; extra ship
ping 87 00.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Jan. 17.
Slock Is dull and heavy, and common
gradea are 10a20e lower. Sales at 17 9&u8 20
tor extra State, 3 60aS 80 for extra round
boop Ohio ; end S3 9010 20 for trade branda,
the market closing heavy for common grades.
Wueat la dull and nominally la2o lower on
common grades. Sa'.eaof now No. 1 Milwuu
kie Club h( 1 &7K.
Corn Ia dull and lo lower. Sales at 81ft89o
for unsound, and 9l a93o for bound mixed Wos-
toro, attoat and in store.
Oats Are dull. Sales at 46a53 forutsound
and 6H62 fore Kind.
Provisions Pork U heavv and irresnlnr.
Salea at i? 75a?8 00 for new men?, cloning at
t'ii cash ; t277 75 for I864-& mesa, cloving
at t'3'' 50 ra.ulur ; $21 5022 for prii.ie; md
822 50 for irime mem alao. hhli nnt
ine'sfor Februtry. Mnrch .and April, sellers'
option, at 27 75a2j. lievf la quiet. 6'utmcaU
are quiet, atllulSc for Shouldora ana 2i$-
lor iisinw. isncoa ih dull , rales or ioug-nnbed
for January, sellers' option, at UUo. Dro wed
Hnga are lover, at llallUe for Western, acd
raiva torcity, i.ard ia heavy at i5al7c.
Agents Wanted!
'iu sell price Certificates for
tactics Jewelry, uiamonu itings, nus, otc.
Only $5,00 Each,
For any article drawn, Retail price from
iu to zou.
All Goods Warranted Genuine
Price of Certificates 25 Cents each. Lib
eral Premiums and Commission
allowed to Agent.
Sample (Jkbtjficatks SKENt Esse.
For Circulars and Terms address.
. Messrs. HAYWAED & CO.,
: 228 Broadway, New York
Jan. 4, 1866, 3mo.
T Consurnptlvei. ;
The advsrtlar, having been restored to baal th
In few weeks by a very simple remedy, after
having suffered for eaveral year wltb a severe
long affection, and that drtad disease, Co
somptioD ia acxionf to make known to hie
fdllow-ruSerera the roeana of cure. ,, .. . !
To all who dcir it, he will aend a copy ef
the precc.iptioa oed, free of charge, with tho
directions 1"' r preparing and using the rams,
whicb ibey wilt Hod a nre cur for Consump
tion, .Asthma, Bronchitis, Cough, Colds, aud
all Throat ai.d Lung Affections. The only ob
ject of '.he advertiser in aond ng tlie l'reecrip
lion ia to benefit the afflicted aod spread infor
mation which be conceivea to be invaluable,
and he hopes every mD'orcr will try his remedy,
aa It will cost them nothing and may prove a
blowing. '
Parties wishing tbe Prescription, rail, by
return mail, will pleave addresa,
Kov. liDWARU A. W'.LBON,
William burgh, Kings Co., M. V.
January 11, lS8-ly.
Crrors ol Yuuili.
A Gentleman who suffered for yeara from
Nervous Debility, l'remture Decay, and all
t ha effects of youthful indiscretion, v.ill, for
sake of suffering humanity, send froe to all who
need it, the receipt aod directions for making
the simple remedy by which bo waa cured.
Sufferer wishing to profit b) the advertiser's
experience, can do so by address ng
jell-lv. Vo, 13 Chamber Bt., N. T.
Strnnge but Trite.
Every young lady 'arnd gentlonan In tho
UniW Stateacan hear awmet-hing very much
to thoir advantage by return mail, free of
charge, by addr asing the undersigned. Those
having auy fears of being hnmbag ed will
oblige by not noticing this card. All othora
wi'.l please addrosa their obedient servant,
jcJl-ly. 831 Broadway, N. T.
A Clergyman while residing in South Amer
ca as a missionary, discovered a safe and aim
pie rer.ndy for the Cure of Nervous Weakness,
Early Decay, Diseases of tho Urinary and
Sominal Organs, and the whole train of diaord
dera brought on by baneful aud vicious habits.
Great ncmbeia have been already cured by thia
noble remedy, l'romyted by a desire to ben
fit (he filleted and unfortunate, I will Bene
the roeij.e fjr preparing and using thia nudi
e'ne, in a sealed envelope, to any one who need
it, Krif. orCuAHOK.
PIoumo locliiee a post-paid oovelopo, address
ed to ynnmelf.
Station D. Uidli Hocss,
Mra. Kth 13AS-iyr. New York
Composed of highly concentrated extrarcts
fiom roots unit herbs of the highest medical
value, iulallibie in the cure of all deceases,
of the Liver o: any derangement of the Di
gestive Organs, They remove all Impuri.
ties of the Dlood, and sra onequaled in the
cure of DiarrlitD, Jjuti'lice, D.vspepsia, Scro
fula, Biliousness, Liver Cvmplant, Fevers,
Headache, Pile3, Menii'ial Deseases, Here
ditary Humors. Doss for adults, one pill in
the nion. nip- children naif a pill, Jrom one
to three pills will cure ordinary cases, and
from one to three boxes will cure rnv enrca
ble esse of no matter ho lone standing:
Price 81 00 per box, Trade supplied or sent
by muil
V-ftlUlT TALWJTr M.I). U Co
une 1st 18G5-ly 62 Fulton St N Y
Editor of Democrat With your per
mission i vi,h to fay to the readers of vour
paper, that I will send, by return mail, to
all who wisli it, (tree) a Kecipe, with mil
directions for making and using a simple
Vegetable Ualm, tluit will eft'ectnally re
move, hi ten days, Pimples, Blotches, Tan.
Freckles, and all Impurities of the Skin,
leaving the same solt, clear, smooth and
beautiful. .
I will also mail free to those having bald
heads, or bare faces, simple direc'ions and
!nformntion that will enable them to start
a full growth of Luxuriant Hair, Whiskers,
or a Moustache, in less than thirty days.
a1! vpplicutiofi3 answered by return mail
without cha rge.
Respect fully yours.
831 Broadway, New York.
To Consumptives. The undersigned
having been restored to health in a lew
weeks by a very simple remedy, after hav.
ing suffered several years, with a srvere
lung affection and that dread disease,
Consumption is anxious to make knoVn
to his fellow sufferers the means of cure.
To all who desire it, l e will send a copy
of the prescription used (free of charge
witn the directions for preparing and using
the same, which they will find a sure cure
lor Cunsuinotion, Asthma, Bronchitis,
Coughs, Colds , fie. The only object of the
advertiser in sending the Prescription is to
benefit the offlicted, ami spread information
which he conceives to be invaluable, and
he hopes every sufferer will try his remedy
as It will cost ibem nothing, and may prove
a bleesing.
Parties wishing the prescription, will
please address
Williamsburg, Kings county,
New York.
October 26, l865-3m A. & c.
A GENTS WANTED. Wantid. Active,
.X energetic ana reituoie men, in every town,
county, and villsge in J he oountry, to hell Mj
Ketzie'a Ten Thousand ItaceipW.inall the use
ful and domestic arts ; constituting a complete
nnd practical Library, n lating to Agriculture,
Horticulture Cements, Bleaching and Dyeing,
Brewing. Cookery, Canning, Confectionary,
Fish Culture, Fa riiciy, Medicine, Oil.-., l'uinta,
and Varnishes, Metallurgy, Perfumery, Pre
serving, Tanning, Wines and Liquors. &o., dec.
llein an entirely new tdiliui, uLd contuiuing
the improvement and discoveries ap to date
of pubitcutinn, October, 1363. Writ en by a
corps of over forty persona; embracing some
of (ha most relent ifio gentlimun iu this coun
try,, the ranies of whom will be given to those
enritan upon the tul'jicL It is unquestiona
bly the hist book of tho kind ever published
iu thia country or Europe. Medicine i trouted
by the President of onu of tbe fine. Medical
College in thia country. Tie subject of Chol
era an' its treatment, revised by four of the
best pbys iciana of tbe city of I'hiladolphia,
nnd containing the results of their experience
daring thi last visitation of thia fearful dis
ease. It the several subjects treated of in thia
boot were printed and hound in the uaual or
der of houkmaking, they could not be sold for
less than twenty-five or thirty dollars. Price
five dollars. Copiea tent by mail on receipt of
trie aoove rue, ana tne money r -funded it (lie
book does not give satisfaction, if retu.ned iu
as good order tr when received. Liberal in
dticcments lo Agents. Men possessing the re
quisite qnunncauous, ana wnoaipiy immeui
ately, will And thia woik to offer rare induce
ments. Address, enclosing postage stamps for re-
turn postage, and aiecifying territory wanted,
JOHN K tiTKTLtU, No. 15s Suruca ttreet,
viovciauu, v. . .
January 11, 1368-3 w.
John Hawk's Estate.
NOTICE ia hereby kiven thai the under
signed baa been appointed and qualified
a Exmntnr. with IhA will innpfiul aI ih. .
tat of John liawk.late or Vinton ooanty, do-
ceasea. JVU3 B. HAWK, Ex'r..
Janaaryll, WM-w.
Ilulberts Cor Opposite Conrt-hoate,
vxaxn IN
Drugs, Medicines,
and Chemicals,
Paints, Oils,
and Dye-Stuffs',
Axd Taxcy Articles,
Itlcdical Purposes,
LETTER, Cap, and NVe paper. Port Ki.llos,
Port Moniui. Diaarlea, Poctret Kn'ves,
Writing Fluid ana other articlea kept by Ding
aisle iroiierailv. The ubove article have beon
bought low foretell, selected with great care
and will be warrootd aa rci ruteiited aud aold
at the
Very Lowest Cash Price,
N. B. Physlclons Prescriptions carefully
Juuuar) 4ih 1 SO J-tr.
Fancy Goods, Toys &c.
Mrs. Maggie J. Dodge,
r ESPECTFULLV announces to the cit
IA izens of McAriliur, ami vicinity th t
alio ha3 just opened, at her residence on
A large and well selected stock of
HOODS &c. etc.
of all kinds, all of which will be soil
cheap for CASH.
Miss EMMA RANKIN, will allend t
doing tip and trimming Bonnets, lists &c.
in the latest style and to order.
Ladiesare respectfully urged to call and
examine her stock, which sli will take
great plessure in exhibiting to all person!
whether they purchase or not
Mrs. M. J. DODGE.
Nov. 30th 65 3mos
Horton & Holbert,
At E. P. Bothwell's old stand, on High St
AVTNG bought out the stock of E. P.
uotntvel., and brought on a
NIW 5T0CK or
And evety other article in the
All of which we will
Than any other establishment in the coun
ty. Call and examine our work and see
loi yourselves. All work warranted.
8ep. 39, '65, 6m E. A. HULBERT.
"We are Just in Receipt
18 0 5 aud 18 C C
Consisting of
Hats and Caps,
Boors & SHOES,
They Will Positively Sell
Other Establishment
in tub
September 21, IdAA. 9m
Times of Holding Court
7th Judicial District of Ohio.)
' Clebk' Office, Cocbt Com. PtKAS,)
Vinton Coustt, Ohio. V
McAktuue, Dec. 28, 1355.)
Slate of Ohio, Vinton County.' '
I SAMUEL L. Wn-SOX, Oerk of the
Court of Common Picas, within and for
tlie said county of Vinton, aud State of
Ohio, do hereby certify the following1 to be
a iun anu irao cony or tne orucriortne
times of holding the District courts and
'Common Pleas courts, within and for tho
7th Judicial District, of tho State of Ohio
for the year A .D. 18V5. to-wft :
"Uruereu tnat tlie mstrict ana Common
Press ceurU in the 7th Judicial District
of Ohio, for tbe yaar 1S00, be fixed as
follows :
Washington, Ap'l. 12, Perry,
16, Vairrlold,
Lawrence, "
Scioto, "
18, lltxiking,
20, Athens,
23, Vinton,
25, Jackson,
First Sub-Division.
Hockin'f. February 20, May 15, Oct. J;
Perry, March 12, May 21, Oct. 15;
Fairfield, March 20, June 4, Nov. 6,
Skcoxd Sub-Pivision.
LawTence, Feb. 13, M.113, Sept. 25 ; .
V inton. Fob. 13. May 15, Sept. 25 ;
Jackson. Feb. 27, May 29, Oct. 19 j
Pike, March 13. June 12, Oct. 30:
Scioto, March 20, June 19, Nov. .
Tiiibd Sub-Division.
Gallia, Feb. 19, May 21, Oct. 1 ;
Meifzs, Feb. 28. May 28, Oct. 8 j
Washington. March 10. June 11, Oct. 23;
Athens, April 2, Jane 25. Nov. 7.
John P. PtYLET, "I Judges of
P. Van Trump, J 7th Judic
W. W. Johnson, fial District
E. A. Guthrie, J of Ohio.
December 21. 1805.
In testimony m hereof I, Samuel L. Wilson,
Clerk of g'nld court have hereunto set mf
hand and the seal of said court, at McAr
thur, Ohio, the day and year lirst above
Clerk Vinton Com. Pleas.
Dec. 23. 1805 21w0
Special Tfrm of District Court In
und lor Vinton Co. O., .
A 'failure having occurred on the part of
Judges to hold the regnlarlv prMcribed
terms of the District Court in Vinton coun
ty. State of Ohio, for the year 1805, and it
appearing to the Judges of the Court of
Common Picas, In ami ' fur the 7th judicial
District of Ohio,' that their is important
business pending in sitid District Court, in
said Vinton countv. It is hereby ordered
by the undersigned Judges of the Court of
Common Pleas in and for said 7th Judicial
Distii.-t of Ohio, on conference with one of
the Supreme. Judges of said State, that a
Special term of the District Court be held at
the Court-hotisp, in McArthur, in said coun
ty of Vinton, commencing On the 7th day
of February, 1SC0, nt the lmu'r of 10 o'elock
A. M., and continue from day to day there
after until tho business pending in said
Court be disposed of. All litigants having
cases pending iu said Court will take notice
and act accordingly.
W. W. Johnson, ) Com. P. Judg
P. Van Tbvmp, I of the 7th Judi
K. A. Guthrie cial District of
JOHN- P.l'l.YLEY. J Ohio.
January 1st, lsGG. Iw4t
McAktuub, O, Dec. 23, 18C5.
TTWERK will be a meeting of the stook
JL holders of the Vinton Iron and Coal
Company, of Ohio, at Vinton Furnace,
Vinton county, Ohio, Febraury 8, 1800, at
nine o'clock, A. Mn to elect Directors, aud
transact other business.
GEO. F. WORK, Secy.
Doe. 23, 1803 3w.
William Whetstone's Estate.
NOTICK in hcrtby (fivonth:it tho anhscrl
bjr liua bacu uir.cintoA ami ouallflcd aa
Administrator on tho veiato of William Whet
stone, lute of Vinton county, aoceattd. All.
persons luvliig claims agnini-t said estate will
jroont tlii-m lo the undiTsigoed Immediately
January 11, 1SJ6-3W.
Important to Discharged Soldiers
BELIEVING that the soldiers who enlisted
tartar In tbe war. who firK tnrantr to arma '
at the country's call, and first placed themaalvea,
miu ii -mi i, m luuoivu ai ivmh nu vitiu
amcuntof bounty with those whoanliaUd f-1
rcr Doocmlxr 4ta, 1803, I. A. HtJrcinaos,of
Cutiunbns, Ohio, Wcneral ?ont for the colleo-1
tion of Miliary Claims, offjra hiaiervlcea, and '
with the axsislanca ol' tho aoldiera themBolvea
will undertake to aoetire it. Ho accordingly
invitoaalt coliliors who enlisted In tho army
prior to tin 24 ih if IVcombcr, 1SG3, and wero
licnorably iHdcharcod therefrom, receiving only
$100 bounty, or leas, no matter what ;ho cause
of discharge or length of time served, to for-
tvaid their direlmro papers to him immcdi
utoly, that a prpmpt and decisive effort maybe
made to ho -are what would seem to bo so just
ly due. Upon receiving the diatbnrges, to
coipta for them will bo promptly returned, ao-
Ait,l ,,! n a. Kf tia ia..nua.i ... nnno.a I . AAnU
particular case, witb full information.
TLis la a mnttor tlat must receive Immedi
ate attontiun, for,' nnrcsa It la attended to at
onco.and aupioTted by a sufficient number of
Interested names and npplicatiooa to induce the
iicceMMty acitoii, it will doubtless be postponed
and may be finullv dropped.
KT Sco to it then without delay. Already
quite a number of cucs are on file, and If any
a jldier thinks ho haa not alrea,ly recoived what
ia properly due, let him send his diaoharge,
with a clear elutomont of what he claims, and
an early reply will bk given.
The heirs or lo;nl representatives of soldiers
who enlisted prior to tha 2 1th of December,
1 ji3, aud died in tho service, or ia Kehol pria
oni, will alao be equally entitled to the bene
titHconfomnluted in this movement, and. they
are therefore requested to loose no lime in com
municatin with hin: on the subjoct.
aca n'oro, attention will te called to tho im
pcrtanceof ucting at onco ia thia matter.
If incccMkfnl, a moderate compensation will
ho asked ; if unsueeesslul, co fee will be called
All classos of Military Onims ettrasted to
him arc prosecuted to speedy aottlfment.
Ad.lrcsa all commnnicauona pUinly, I. A.
Hoicii son, V. O. box St.C'olumbua, O.
Fohlicrs are particularly cautioned against
selling their diiuhargee. It they are purchased
for any honest purpose, it must bo at a prico
far below tba real worth to tho soldier biro
if. KErEsrwcia.-non. Wit. DINNIf0, Tost
Waaler General; Jr t'oos 4 Co., Govern
ment Loan Agent; Aay Natiosal Baits in
Uavinjr, by reason of myelecticn as Post-"
master ot the lower Ilonse rf CoDgrsae, with
rawo from tho firm of Qivkn fe Hn cawaoir.
Military Claim Agerra, 1 dctiro fo thank tha
soldiers of Ohio for thoir liberal patronage
heretofore given tho Arm, a..d to aek that it
Ka .niitlmi.J ,a mm A . V ! i . .
vv vvuttHM. ,v, uu iiiv influence qi my irienuS
given, Mr. 1. A. linuhinaon, who aucceods to
l ho businesr. I roru a lone intimate acquaint
ancs and connection with Mr. HetdawaoM, I
moat ns.ruiy reco nmenti mm as beinfc prompt,
reliable and thorougbly versed in the different
classes of Military Vleimi, and know person
ally (hut bia arrangements are moal eoraplets'
and effeotive for tha speedy settlement ef all
baaioeea entrutSed to biin.
Jancsry 11, 1?J6-S.

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