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The Vinton record. [volume] (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, January 25, 1866, Image 2

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THURSDAY, - - -JAN. 25, 1SC,(.
Thereare many strange things
, T .1 A
leaven and Larth than e er was
in Ileav
dreamed of in your philosophy.'
So spoke Hamlet. '
If he had lived in this day of fanat
acism he would have found alund.
ant illustration of that remark in
lin fivfra'vnr'.'int. iionst'liso and
malignant stupidity of our leKislu-
tors at "Washington. They have
traveled so fast and so fur on the
road to raving insanity, that even
the President of their choice is
unable to keep time to the fitful
variations of their "negro melodies.''
They cannot claim to have "kept
Btep to the music of the Union" any
regularly or uniformly than
From the first inception of the
rebellion, to the last knell of itsj
. . i 1 1 i
expiring nopes, no was us sreauiast
ana unyielding foe. lie proclaimed
Inmsell lor the Union without "it
"and" or "but." And when thel
confederate force laid down their
arms, and gave up the content, with
the spirit of an honest opponent,
who fought for principle and not
for vengeance, he too laid aside the
, ., , .
armor and the demeanor of war,,
and took, up the olive branch ol
When the South expressed
its willingness to remain in the
Union the professed object qfjiim-1
self and those with whomW la-:
. ,. , , Tr
bored was accomplished. lie was
satisfied and rejoiced over the pros-;
pect ot restored peace, fraternity
But the fanatics were not satified.
TT . . ... .,
Tholmonofour fathers was the
last thing they desired. Like the
who on being told bv the
Judge that he should have justice
........ .
replied "JUay it please yer honor,
;;f ,,-i.of fu,.r ,
thatsji, what I mafeard of -,
mese ieuows are airam inai tue
restoration of the Union will ring
the death knell of their political
ovatcmavT. Ami BIT fium Tliafl-
deus Stevens down to his meanest
parasite and echo, they all declare
that the Southern States shall not
comeback; that they are out of
the Union and must remain so,
subjected to the control of their
"down East" masters; that they
must bo treated as conquered;
. 1
provinces, and like dojrs eat onlv of
the crumbs that fall from their
master's table; that they must be
reduced to an equality with their
former servants and eat the bitter
bread of degradation, dependance
and dishonor.
While these men in contemplation
of whoso madness and meanness,
Governor Anderson exclaims there
are no statesman in our day, only
politicians continue to drive the
carof erovernment towards nprrlit inn
. . t .... i
at me present rate of speed, there
can be no restoration of public i
confidence, no security, and no
peace; '
it will be a greater merry than
we deserve if we do not become 1
embroiled in war before long, with
the two greatest nations on the
face of the globe. It was but the I
SLda4 t,f,at,C,,a t,,ei'
thTtVu S"101' Mlchl-a,,l-
the man who believed so much m
"blood-letting' the chairman of!
one of the most important commit-
tees-offered resolutions in favor f
-our Minister fro , he
Court of St. James and declaring!
non-intercoiirsp u-itli rivo.it l,.;t,'o i
At the . same tima WhiIp o,i
In the name of all that is marvel
ous, upon what meat has this our
"Rump Parliament" fed that it has
grown so great. . v
Does it expect to be able to
trample Republican government
and the right of representation in
the South under one foot, and kick ;
England and France into Eubuiis-1
Schenok cl idomnc genu, are clam-'
oring about Mexico and the "Mon-
roe doctrine." Truly "when the
Gods would destroy they first make !
w -
fion with the other. ;
:i , .i.Mi i .i , i. ,
. imuc ji. buu Keeps tne fcontn
eraomerea and at arm's length,
denying it any participation in this
government, does it intend to
throw in !its way the tempting
chance of an alliance with hostile
foreign powers ? These New Eng
land . nabobs had best we think,
jqake peace with their brethren
and secure unaninimitv at home
before they undertake to regulate
the afiaira of France in Mexico, or
pick a qiiarel with tliMisfreM rf
mc eras
JioWTOatiJfi arirrebc!--rr
lion winch if necessary,, would be
, ).
president Johnson Wuld tWVcJI
to give theso gentlefheiva taste cif
their own prescription, by Binding
a filu of soldierlj in td their African
debating society, and proclaiming
that the attempt on the part of one
h'alf of the representative? of the
States to ntlb the whole restored
of a "military necessity."
Election of U. S. Senator.
; h()nor t() State by ro.on of hk
great ability, hU culture, his un
more , blemished character, and his un
he. ! challenged Democracy.
The Ohio Legislature, Jn joint
convention Thursday afternoon, re
elected Ilun. John Sherman to the
i .United States Senate, to serve for
six years from the 4th of March,
lbU7 the .vote standing:
John Slit'rutnii .01
Alii-ii (.!. Tim nun n 41
Judge Tiii'RMAM received the
votes of all, the Democratic mem
bers present a compliment justly
! imuf nwil nr.nn n trim id nn
T ofThaddki's Steven's'
jnffa3 to.the effoet produced by
i Tuaddei's Stevens' latd speech:
jf you want to hear a Southern
man utter maledictions both loud
j ami deep, grit his teeth, Hash his
: c'e 4nnJ . vaticinate generally,
ventilate tins speech. It 13 now
Uy weU . ominated over
Gooricia, nml it'etirs 4lie tiger pas
peace. j sions of the people. . Said one man
to mo, "If the policy of that speech
to be the policy of. the Govern-
jnent,; ih 11 be another nip
. i hire. Haven t you had enough of
wai.r I asko(1 "That has nothing
to do with it," he replied. "We all
I have but one time to die, and bet
and 1 tor lo tnan to bo trodden down
j fot i?ominiously into the
i dust. .1 he vocabulary of execra-
, (if(U aml scorn are llot ' extensive
I enough to express the public feel
prisoner ing about the speech. If Stevens
i Sm:ntiTil0 Rome' fCia.V corres:
poudent of the Cincinnati Corn-
,...; (.0iniminicntp tli follow-
should take a sudden desire fo'ititP
i.:., i:v n u,.a
' 1 ' ' , , . 1
he apt to accommodate him with n
,LlulLU .csieniay ax rmsourg.
,S'ie ma'e a confession oil the
A new 81 00 counterfeit, National
currency, has appeared in New
York. It is well executed,
General John P. Slough, lato of
'this city has been .confirmed as
Chief-justice of Colorado.
There are no white troops in
Kentucky. Their places have been
supplied bv no-ro soldiers,
Ttl ,i, r ,,i :', ' t. u
T In the V 1.lllck3 lloU9 rs,tcr"
d:,y ? 1-ol;'tloT)vls P"onted . re
withdrawing Sr1"? lh- "i0-" ?c.n nY
XoTCln 1,13 ?eat, m C"'
'l- oni went mto election
f,,r L,llted Mates Senator, with the
i, 0W1"S rcsult ; Wiean 93;
1 lu,r,nan 41- Sherman's majority
F. I
nearly deserted, Plunder and oil-ltri-:i
i . ,i . i ..
Gold closed at 13SJ.
It is significant that President
Johnson, on his New-years recep
tions, retired before the negroes
were admitted, and did not see
them, as President Lincoln used
The Columbus (Mississippi) 7:V
hrjnne of the 15th says the small
pox is raging extensively amoner
l'1G negroes in the South. Thereis
I II .1 l ! r
,JU1U1J !l Luyn mans iree irom
The Vera Cruz paper3 regard a
war as certain between the United
States and France on Mexican
all airs.
The Reverend Win. C. Blunt, of
the Methodist Church Portsmouth,
Va., was fatally shot on the ICth by
an assassin. His supposed assassin
is a negro by the name of Jim
Mrs. Grinder, the poisoner, was
,i .i i ii. i t
. The Ohio Legislature on the lSth
The steamer Continental sailed
yesterday from New York for
Washington Territory with seventy
live women in search of husbands.
Mr. Mercer,s enterprise is a failure.
Wc have further and interesting
details of the. late attack
Bagdad by the negro filibusters in
American uniform. Baedad is
jage -js uninierrupteu. . a small
party of Liberals are fortifying the
A letter from the Collector of
CostomB at Clarksrille, . Texas,
states that a regiment of colored
troops, under Colonel Davis, took
skill's and crossed the river and cap
tured Bagdad. They then began
plundering the place and killing the
people. The scene is represented
to be indescribable.' Citizens were
skot-dofcn for refhfiing lo-jfiro'tneirf
Tfi Fre'nch minister in Washing.
jbbn iij.feald to have made 'a demand
upon our uovernment lor miorma
tronvrelatiye t6'tha "recent capture
of Bagdad, Mexico, by the United
States negro lillibusters. No offi
cial information, however, has been
received. '. ;, i j
""Geiferal Mejia; '"the" " ' Imperial
commander, is! buildiug earthworks
between Matamoras and the river.
He has notified General . Weitzol
that, if attacked from the ; Ameri
can sidev he will return tho fire, and
most likely some $hots will . lodge
in Brownsville. : .. t
The three men who were sup
posed to be incendiaries in - Titus
yille, Penni, are being tried by a
vigilance committee, and a gallows
has been erected to hang them if
they are found guilty. Cm the
vigilance committee are thirty of
the best men of the town. The
greatest excitement prevails.
In tho United States Senate yes
terday, Mr.. Sumner introduced an
amendment to the bill for the ad
mission of Colorado, that there shall
be no denial of the elective fran
chise, or any other rights, on ac
count of color or race, but all per
sons shall be equal before tho law,'
and the Legislature of that new
State shall by a solemn public act
declare assent of the State to this
condition and so notify the Presi
dent, who shall issue his proclama
tion aunouncing the same, and then
the bill admitting Colorado to take
effect and not before.
In tho House, yesterday, Mr
Brooks, of New York, presented a
lengthy petition to grant to women
the right of suflragc. When asked
by Mr. Stevens if ho favored the
right of women to vote, Mr. Brooks
replied, "I am if negroes are per
mitted to vote, I certainly prefer
my own color and white women
above the negro." Brooks' remark
was greeted with loud applause
from the gallery, which Speaker
Colfax checked, and said he would
use the utmost means to preserve
order. He failed to give this ad
monition to the negroes who filled
the galleries and made such tu
multous outbreak when tho negro
suffrage bill passed- "That was a
horse of another color."
The discussion of the negro-suffrage
bill injthe House of Represen
tatives is ended, and the bill passed
amid the most intense exditement.
The vote to lay the bill on the' ta
ble was negatived by a strictly
party voCe. Then, upon a motion
.to postpone, the Conservatives vo
ted side by side with the extreme
Radicals. They also stood shoul
der to shoulder on tho motion to
recommit, with instructions to
amend by prescribing property and
educational qualifications. The
question oi lnuiscnminato negro
suffrage in tho District of Columbia
was then brought to a square issue.
The dispatch says that the greatest
excitement existed, members pale
and motionless, counting every
vote recorded. When tho result
was proclaimed the negroes in the j
gallery broke forth in tumultuous
applause, for which the Speaker,,
instead of clearing the cralleries. .
quietly reprimanded the House.
Tho vote on the passage of the bill
was 11C yeas to 52 nays.
Increased Real-estate Taxation.
It will be a matter of interest to
our agricultural friends and real
estate owners to know that the Aud
itor of the State of Ohior Mr. Cod
Max, recommends in his report that
County Auditors be authorized by
law to add twenty-five per cent, to
the valuation of real estate, for the
tax duplicate of 18CG. This Will be
a very handsome addition, if con
curred in by the Legislature ' to the
State and local taxes next year,
which are already immense.
Crime. The past week has not
been prolific of news, except what
relates to the horrible. ' A poor girl,
betrayed and disappointed, in
Zanesville, Ohio, ends her life by
poison. A like case occurs in
Indianoplis.' Still another in Chi
cago. Twomurderes were hanged
in Pittsburg, last Friday. Deviltry
rides rampant over all the land. A
perusal of the daily newspapers re
minds us of the Newgate Calender,
or the Terrific Iiegister, published
twenty-five years ago. I3 the earth
filled with violence ?
Mr. Stevens' Position. Through
out the whole of the late war, when
the rebels had entire possession of
from seven to ten'' States, the
Government and the people of the
United States mnintained that
those , States were : Still in the
Union ; now that tho war is oyer
arid the rebels have, conquered and
their bogus government displaced,
and we have possession, lit is pro
posed to consider thoso States : as
okt of the Union. ' This is an absurd,
position, and yet it is the one that
lli.Staxeas 1 .desires ; to put ,the
country in. .; ,,',:. ) ,j. ! -..,
Advertise In the KECOHD. '
Passage of the Suffrage Bill by the
'i ; TAsnrxoTps, Jan4 18.-r-The gal
leries of thf?; House ; were"' densely
crowded during the session to-day,
and owing to the pressure many
persons were unable to gain ad
mission. Tiej colored population
were!. present- in -largo. .' mjniberS',
every one, both white and black,
taking great interest in the subject
discussed, viz: the extension of the
elective franchise in the District of
Columbia. The vote. ; on the pas
sage of the bill M'fis much larger
even than its most sanguine friends
anticipated, and when the result
was announced the applause on the
floor and in tho galleries was al
most deafening. The bill, which
has passed the House, has got to be
acted upon by tho Senate. It con
fers suffrage without other 'qual
ifications than has heretofore been
applied to tho whites. ,
How Does It Suit Yoc In op
position to the votes of tho Demo
cratic and a few Republican mem
bers, the House of Representatives,
here in Columbus, was given to a
Negro Convention last night, in
which to deliberate on tho subject
of suffrage. "The logic of events"
is working. Was this done by way
of pacifying the friends of General
Sciiexck ? People of Ohio, how do
like the putting' of your State
O. Statesman.
Nigger Now. The Ohio House of
Representatives has voted to give
tho hall to the negroes for a negro,
meeting, with negro .speakers. It
lias been used for some years by the
party in power merely as a place to
consult lor the interests ot the no
groes, and it is only a slight change
in the programme to hand it over to
the negroes entirely. It is only a
change in the color of tho perfor
mers, they playing the same piece.
Margaret Nixon's Estate.
NOTICE it hortby givon that Andrew M Gill
administrator of tho cntuto of Margaret
Niioii deceased baa filed hU accounts and
vouchers in the Probate court of Vinton county
Ohio, for inspection and flntr sottlcracnt nnd
that, the uno will bo for hearing oft tho 17th
dny of Feb'y 1808. E1CH USD CKAM,
Jan 23. 3v4 Probate Judgo V C 0
Jaines Dodge's Estate.
NOTICE 1 horoby givon that Samuel V
Dodge administrator of tho cstnto of James
Dodge decease! has filed hid accounts and
vouchors as administrator and surviv.ng part
ner of nniJ estate in tho Tiobato court of Vin
ton countv Ohio, for inspection and partial sot
tlomonr,and that tho samo will be I'or liouring
in raid cojrt a ten o'clock a m on tho 17lh dav
of Kob'y 1S3. KICIIARD CKA10, '
Jan25.-8w4 I'robato Judgo V C 0
Joseph W. Finney's Heirs.
NOTICK in hereby 1 Iven that James Gibbons
guardian of Goo-bo S FinneT. 6nmuol U
JMunty. Fiormce Finney, Muriali 1' Finney and
Sylvia Finney, has lilod bis accounts nnd vouch
ers for iiifpcotion ind final settlement of Sura
uel li Fiuncy, Florauce Finnoy, Muriali Finney
and Sylyia Finney, and that they will bo for
hearing in the Probate court of Vinton county
Ohio, on tho 17th day of February 1SG8. at ten
o'clock a m. lilCIIAKD OKAIG,
. an 23-3t4 Probuto Judgo V C 0
John Hunter's Estate.
NOTICE is horehy given that Surah R Hunter
administratrix debonai. nnn of the esta e
of John Hunter deceased , has filed her accounts
nnd vouchors m tho Probate court of Vinton
county Ohio for inspection nnd partial notilo
mentnnd that the same will b lor hearing in
Mid conrt, at ton o'clock a m on tho 17th day of
iobruary 1S(I6. SICUAUO CKAIG,
Jin 23, 8w4 I'robato Judgo V C 0.
Henry Cassill's Estate. : .
NOT.'CEis horehy given thai Marlin CasIU
fxecutor of lliocs'a'e of Henry Cucsill do
ceased hag filed his accounts and vouchers in
tho Probste court of Vinton county Ohio for
infection nnd final sotlemcnt nnd that 'the
name will ho fir hoarig in raid conrt at ten
0 clock a ra on the 17;h dny of February 1S06 .
Jan 25, 4w4 Probato Judgo V 0 0
David Kiflle's Estate.
VTOTICE is horoby givon that Eleanor Pifflo
i administratrix cf he estate of Davie, Uifllo
deceased, lias filed her accounts and vonchers in
tlioPrxae crurtof Vinton enmity, Ohio, for
induction and final settlement and that the
nine will be for hearing -in said eonrtattcn
o'clock a ra on the 17th . day of Fcbrua-y 1866.
Jau 25, 3w4 Probate Judga VCO
Samuel L. AVUsoi's Estate.
VTOTICE is hereby given that the subscriber
ll has been appointed nd qnnlifiod as admin
istratrix of tho estate of Samuil L Wilson late
of Vinton oonnty. Ohio, decoased. All persons
having cluims against said estate will present
them immediately foi allowanco and all persons
Indebted to the estate will make settlement of
tho samo immediately.
John M. Kccnan's Estate.
NOTICE is hereby given that tho subscriber
Las been qualified as administrator debo
nas or n with the will annexed of the estate of
John M. Keenan lato o .Vin:on cojnty, Ohio,
deceased. Dated at McAihur,thi2rth day of
January 1806. 8w4 JAS. A. GUNNING.
Guardian's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the Jr.nnary
term- 1366, of tho Oonnty curt of Clay
county. State of Illinois, the undersigned was
du'y appointed guardian of the porsons and pro
perty 01 Milton Kami Charles f Kcdd, minor
heirs of Eliza P Kodd deceaso'h late- of tin
county and stato aforesaid.
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Sherifl 's Sale.
r as Li w urown adm's or Jno In court of.
ai urown acca nt'n a
P G Brown princlpnl and 3 0
P Brown J 0 Awotland loour-
Common Pleas
ities. Defendants. ' J on Vend).
PURSUANT to the command of a vendi in the
nhntA An.ien .a ni a A i .notn.l fMm iI.a 1
" vv ...v ui.w.vm lug VUUrfc
I . f PnniniAn I1!... nf .Iia .fn.na.i.l . e
Vlntcn, I will offer at publiosale, at the door of
I...... 1. - I . L . .
.no iuui i-uuuso, in ne iowa ui Aicarvnur tn
aforesaid county of Vin'.on,on '.
Wednesdaj', Fcbruafy 28th, 180f.
nt the hour of one o'clock P M of said dny (ho
IUHVRJI14 iiuiuo buu lauuiuuiiia 10-Wlb
All of out lut number thrco(3)ln the town
-. iuuui;, vuiu,i;uiiinining
throo acres and forty-three ene hundredth of
.... uv.1 u , t puiiiuu ui Bniu one 101 convey
ed to I) l'innoy hy deed from P G Brown diced
March 5, 1859, containing two acres and nluo-ty-liverwls.
Taken aatho property of Pearly G Brown to
Mtixfy ajuclfmont of al'orcraid court, in favor
of 1' and L G Brown administrators of John M
Brown deceased. '.
Appraisod as followr, to-wlt: Two hundred
and twenty-five dollars and must brint-twp-thirds
of that sum.
Torms of sale, cash in hand.
M D Brown gnardian Slieriir VCO
January 23, 18t)9-6w4-pnM0
BY , ,
Order or Probate Court.
ON the 1st day of March, A D 136d, at one
o'clock p m, nt tho door of tho Court
honso In tho town of McArtfiur. Ohio, will bo
sold, to tho liighei-t bidder, the following real es
tate, situated iu Vinton county, Ohio, aslhe
property ol Jacob Hawk 3rd decensed to-wlt !
"By CHtimation.Four hundred and three and
ono-lourtln03) acres in fractional lots num
bered twenty-three and twonty four (No's 23
nnd U) in townahip nnmbcr eight ( N08 ) ranjro
numtcr sixtoon (No 18 ) In the Ohio company's
purchnso, and being ad thoso parts of said frac
tions numbors twonty-throo and twenty. font
Which IIS (in tlla en.t .Mn ..f main (.
--- - - - - - - .mw u.u viiuuue
ol Jig Raccoon crock."
appraised at f in,484 00.
Baid lamis to be sold frcoof dower and upon
terms as follows : Ono third cash in hand, one
third 11 ait ininil.nn.l 11.. ...,:..! A .
in twelve months whh iutcrest (rom the day of
sal. Deferred paymontaO bosecurod by mor
gagJ on tho rremi es.
Estate of Jacob Hawk 3d dec
Joseph J McDowell ntt'y.
Jan 24, 18 6-Jw4
A!ininisfra(iix's Sale
. , . . , In Probata Conrt.
Tacy Ray, adm'tnx of Wm. Bav,l PeUtion
deceased, Plaintiff, I
v V to
J B Kimball, & Coot nl .
PrncjniKT Dfend antsJ , Fell lard
L KSUANT to nn orJor of sale m ado In the
above ea e, on the 2fUh day of Janaary.
18B0 g anted by the in d Probate CuTt,within
and for tho said county of Vir.ton I will offc
forsalo, as administratrix of Wm Ray, de
ceased, late of said cuinty, to the highest bid
dcr at public auction nt the door of the Court
houso fn tho town of McArlhur.in said county
Monday, Fdruary ldth, 18GC, :
hotween tho hours of ten o'clock a m and fonr
0 cfuck p ra 0 raid dny.tho fullowlng .lesoiibed
real cstato, situated iu said county of Vin'on
to wit : . .
The southeast quarter of the south east quar
ter ami the northeast quarter of tho soutnoast
quarter, of section nainhoi wenty-flvo (25) in
township number tin (10) of rango mimbor
Dinctoen (19) and the northeast quartorof tho
northeast qnurter of section nnmbcr thirty-six
(86) In township and range aforeail, contain
ing 120 acres more 01 less.aforosaid anda boinu
subject to and encumbored by dower and homo
stead of said Tacy Hay and minor children
and heirs of said Wm Ray deceased:
Also the following real estate free clear and
unencumbered by dower and homostead situa
ted in said county of Vinton and known aa the
Montgomery tract, to-wit :
Tho southwest quarter of tho aouth east quar
ter ol sceion number twentyfive (25'nn town
thip number ten (10) of raogo number nine
teen and the northwest qnarter of the tortheaat
quarter of sectton number thirry aix (34)ln
township and r.nge aforeraid, containing 80
acres more or less. .; .
The first described one hundred and twenty
cre tract covered by doworand homestead ap
praised at the Bum ol fonr hundred dollar and
the sooond described eighty acre tract, clear of
all encumbrance appraised at five hundred dol
lars. Terras of Mto, one.third cash, one third in
one year and one third In two years from day of
sale, with interest, deferred payments to be
aecurod by niortemre upon the premises:
TACV BAY, administratrix of
, . . William Ray, deceased,
isratton Si Mayo alt'y for petitioner: - :
January 85, 18C6. . , n44w
) T- ' STBICELAlfn'f
LJ Tonio is a con
I centraUd preparation of
Roots and Herbs, with
' Strickland's
v . .. uscias ana carmint
tivos to strengthen the stomach and notvme sys
tem. It is certain remedy for Dyspepsia or In
digeition, X(ervonsnesj Loss 01 Appetite,
Tr', .: th s'maeh,' Tlatnleney and
Debility.. U is Hot iVjoholic; therefore parUen
larly suited for Weak. Nervoua and Dyspjplic
pereons. For sale by all Drnggista everywhere
at one dollar cm Wont, t 1 . . '
anuacids and carmint.
January 18, 1869, ly. ' 1 J
, 11 1 DH STRftlUND'3 1 ll
PILES"' iStJAScnrodUwoaandaof-;,
N ' Blin and Bleedlnir PIIm.
It gives Immediate rrUtf. and effects a perroa-....,.
cure. For isle ky all Druggist at 50 cent per '
fcottle. I . " j
January 18, 1368. ly. . '.: m. -?i
IS warranted to he the only preparation
X. known to care Coughs, Col. In, Uoaaenera
Asthma, Whooping Cough, Chronie Congha,
Consurrptten, Bronchitis and Cronpv Balflg
prepared from llonry and Uerbs it ia healing,
sofiening, and expectorating, aa 1 particularly
nii'tulo fur all atrec'icns of tb Throat and
Lungs. For saVe by all Druggists every whete.
January 13, lS66,ly. 1: .'
Mrs. E. B, Pugh,
One dojr east of the M. E. Church, is
constantly receiving new addition lo hr
large stock of ' 1 - " ' j
Having In her employ a full force of EX
prepared to . '. . '
prompt! and neatly. Call and see fctr
stock. . 4. ..
November 23rd 1865 3mrs
.-A.-- DR;
Couli V1'- -
Legal Notice.
CHARLES SMITH, whose residence is un
known, U hereby notiflod that .Mary A.
8mi:h did, on the 10th dny of January, A .T) ."
1 iflii, fill) hor petition in the olllce ot tho Clork
of the Court of Common Ploaa within-and for
the county o" Vinton and State of Ohio,
charging hat at th time tho laid Charles
Smith was married to Slury A. Smith, aa t
ledycd in said petition, hs, the said Charlos
Smith, had a fof.uor wifo Hvvn;, and askjng
that the mky' be diored from'--the'ai4-''
Charles Smith and said marriage decreed null
and void, and that sho bo roatored.to her form
er Dumoj Maiy Holdontter which petition
will stand for hearing at the noxt teim of said
Court. MARY A-. SMITH,'- ' '
Hy Joseph J. McDowell, her Atl'y.
January 11, 1366-6r.
WE call th attention of tn citiien of
Vinton county, to the ; ;
NEW FIR M '-.'
or . .
j Wyckoff & Kaler1
' t
Spragtio & Wyckoff, McArthur, O,
Whore they kocp on Iiand every variety of fiir
nituro, consoling of .....
Bedsteads,' '
And AVrtr t.titnf tn'(. AinlfNA ltn-
Which they will sell cheaper than the cheap
est. Coffins always on hand and sold taunt.
five ner eenl i.he&nnv t.Hn n nttin .v.ti.- -
mentiri thefitata nf itliiA. " Al.n mtAn ...
on hand for sale low. for cash. . .Jan. 18-6m
XEW fKIRT FOR ' 18B6.-.
The Great'lnveiitloii'of tho Ahi ' "
J. W. Bradley's New Patent Duplex Zlllptia '
(or double) Spring Skirt. -
Tho invention consists of Duplex (or two)
Elliplio Pnro Kcfieed Steel 8prings,ingenion ly
biaided tightly and firmly together, edge to
dig .making the toughest, inoei inflexible, elas.
tio, and durable Spring ever used. Tbey
seldom bend or break, like the lingle springs,
and conseqrncntly preserve their perfect aud?
beantiful shape more .than twice aa long as any
einglo spring skirt that eer ha or can b
made. ' ' ' . '
The wonderful flexibility and great comfor
and pleasure t any lady wearing tho Duplex
Elliptio Skirt will be experienoed particularly '
in all crowdeJ assemblies, operas, carriages
railroad cars, church pews, arm chair, for
promenade and bouse dress, aa the skirt nn be
to.dcd when in use to occupy a small .place at
easily and conveniently' aiikor muslia
A lady having onjay the,planMr,Vmfort.
and grr at conveaionce of wearing the Duplex
Elliptic Steel Spfing-Bkirf for a dngle day will
never afterwardadiapenc with, their nse. For
children, Mioses and young lidio thoy are
anperior to all other; . .. , .
The hoops are covered with two p, double .
tjri.Ud- thread md will wear twice as lona a
the single yarncovoring which 1 used eiaU
Single Steef Hoop Skirt. The three bottorh ;
rodaon ever Skirt are also double steel, nd'
twice or double covered to previrtB coverinr '
from wearing off the, rod when dragging down
stairs, stone step, , etc, etc, which thej are
constantly subject to when in nse.
All aro made of th new and elrgant corded
tape, and are the best quality in every part
giving to the wearer the most graceful and
perfect ha?e Tsibh), and are nnqnestionably
the lightest.jnont. durable, comfortable and
economical skirt ever made.
WESTS' BRA6LEF ft CAKY 'Pronrf.tor.
ofth.inven-Jon and .ol, mitW?$;
ChamDers, and 79 and 81, Head atreetrN.ir:
For sale in allflrst-elass stores inthicity.'
and thronghont the United States and Canada.:.
Hiv5JM.V ?.nb, Mexico.Sonth America, and -the
Wet-t lidies. . w
j 'pqnlw 'or the Doplix BUpUe tor.l
doubleSprmg Skirt. , ' . V ;i
Jntiaryl8,lg66,gmo-.1 ' "; - "A, AC5
Advertise Iu tli BEC9BD

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