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OfflclalOrgan of Vinton County.
tST AdrertiaetAtnlr'ta ojpeaW.Tftw
day morning, mv( 6 hainltd in vol-, later
thun Tuesday evening. ,
Religious Services in McArthur.
M. E. ftimn.-Pr'cthirg;Siil.bili at half
pi t ten Vrloelr, A." .', tod lmlY-inff-kix
o'clock, P. M. Sabbath School, 2 P. M.
Presbttkrian rtiCBc'a.Hfe'rlctt U o'cl'k
i. and ( o'clock r. at. Sabbath School at 9
o'clock a. m., every Sabbath .... f .. , ?
Curistia Chcbcu. Servtoi al It o'clock a.
h, every 6bbatli. ' -
For Legal Advertisements see
fourth png. ,, '
jFyou want glass of anyv size or
shape, go to No. 66 Main . St.
The communioation from Algiers
Li., was crowded out this week. It will
appear in our next.
Snow. The first snow this win
ter at this point, fell" op Monday night about
two inches. '"" "
Arrested. J ames i Wilson . y as
arrested on a v ariant from JJsqr. Case on
charge of larceny, one day last week
held to bail and in default, was committed
Untill the next term" of Common Pleas."
Acquitted. IUchard Skinner
who was arrested on charge of larceny of
tl2l3,?0 (rom Harmlens Express Company .
at Zalebki a few days ago, was discharged
by Esqr. Case after a tedious examination.
Local Items are scarce this week
owing to the Junior being unavoidably de
tained some two or three days by some la
dies at Prattsvillc. Hope this firm will
meet no such accidents in the future, Jr.
says call was to "Come where his lore lay
dreaming," and he went.. We would'nt
done so. Tninft it was all wrong,
Revival. There ' has been a re
vival in the Methodist Eiiscopal Church,
durinq the past two weeks. Wo under
stand that some ten or twelve have joined
the Church, and that there is a probability
of a great many more after a while.' Keep
the bull rolling.
r-" ' " ,tOt
Great Economy in Farm Gates.
We have just seen a model for a Turin gate
mat can oe mane ami put up as cheaply as
a panel of board fence- It will never "sag,"
is as conveient as a hinge gnle; will last
longer, and can be put up by any person.
Mr. M. F. Timms. at the Hulbert House, is
the agent for this county and offers good
inducements in township rights. Call and
tee him. ...
The following is (he numher of
transfere made in the county during this
A.C. Dowd to 0. & A" II. Dowd. 52acre'i
lor. 2.51)0.
Alrqm Finney to Nathan Niman, for
4,50. : '
E. F. Bingham to Harry Bingham the
undivided one naif of 103 are Tor 82,60.
E. F. Bingham to Warner Bingham,
100 acres for 500. . - ,
Thomas B. Davis to Edward Holland In
lot No. 146 in McArthnr.for 8225.
Frances Payne to William Outtr, peice
of land in Tp. No. 9, for I2G0.
Additional Bounty to Volunteers.
I am frequently asked the question if any
law has passed to give More' Bounty to
Volunteers ? I would any to all our Volun
teers and their friends, that uo law has
passed yet, but there is a proposition be
fore Congrcfg to give an additional bounty
to all who enlisted in 1801 aud 63. In all
cases, I can obtain your Bounty's for you,
when a law shall be passed, as well as any
person.you will send your disharges out
of the conn ty, and certainly at as Tittle ex
pense to you. I would say td all our bojs
to. hold on till the law pawes. '
McArthur O. Jan. 25, 66 Claim Agt.
Pure imported Wines and Bran
dy for medicinal purposes atSissou's Drug
store No. G6,
The Lover of the Beautiful in
art, should call, at once, at the Gallery of our
enterprisii.g Pbotograpic artist and examine
the. picture on exhibition, belonging to JrC.
Garrett Esqr. of Vinton' Fornace. It is a
likeness of his son, a little boy, in a stand
ing posture.' The picture is a very large
photograph, most admirably taken, clear
and sharp in outline and detail, and most
delicately and skillfully colored, sunlight
and art hare combined, in jt, to make a
form and likeness of very attractive truth
fulness and beauty. The picture is framed
with a gilt oval, at once rich and massive.
A thing of beauty is a joy forever and when,
as in this case, it serves to perpetuate the
budding beauty, of a darling child, at the
most charming point of its life it becomes
to the parents, in a special sensfc a very
well spring , of pleasure. No more appro
priate or valuable ornament for the parlor
could well be imagined. Let every body
go and see it. and let those parents', who
have the means of indulging in so expensive
a luxury when they see what Mr. Garrett
has done, go and do likewise;
, ' At ' a meeting of Delta Lodge
No. 207, F. A. II, held At McArthur,
January 22d, A. L. 5800, the follow ing pre
amble and resolution ere adopted u
..Whkbeas; It having pleased the Grand
Waster of the universe, to remove bv death
our worthy; Btother, Samuel L. Wilsou,
from "the level oftinie,""to that bourne
from whence no traveler returns." and
Whebeas,, In his death,' 'our fraternity
has lost a Worthy and 'esteemed brother;
Community ,an honorablo ami tisoful citi
zen ; His Family, an affectiounte husband
and father, Therefore. . ...
Resolved, That as an evlclened' '6r the
worth and virtues, of our deceased Brother,
our Aall be draped, and. that we wear the
usual badge of mourning for the space of
thirty day- . ,,r ,,t ,
Jiesolted, That we sympathize with the
friend of the deceased, and especially with
the widow, arid orphan, in this sad breave
stent, ". ' ' 'if f ri
'.ReioUed ThatUie Secretary,' be directed
to furnish the friendsvOjf;,the deceased.
Brother, with a copy of the resolutions, and
that he iliO .furnish a copy, to. the Vinton
EncoffFfHihMeatlort.' I
fi"gStQre': , - ;., it
j At a meeting of Delta Lodge No.
207, F. A. M .held in McArthur, January
22nd, A. L. 6866, the following preamble
and resolutions wie adapted ; t .
WhsbeajJ God io his providence, has
seen fit to mmmbn from our' midst, our
worthy esteemed b.'olher .Judson VV. Cald
well, and
j , Wjiebias, . , IealH oyr . Fiater nity
has sustained a loss, 'deeply 'felt' by ill its
members, community a valuable citizen,
and his family an affectionate' husband and
father. Therafnre ,
Resolved, That wesympathize with' the
friends of the deceased,' ' and to the widow
and fatherless "little one." we especially
tender our warr.iPFt sympathy.
Resolved. That in token of regard, for
the memory of our deceased brother, we
(!roe our hall in mourning, aud wear the
usniil badge for thirty (lavs. 1
Resolvuo, That the Secretary.be direct
ed to furnish' 'he family of the deceased
biathr, with a copy of the resolutions, and
that he also furnis h a copy, to Thf. Viktor
for publication.
Tii axes To Hon. II. S. Bundy
M. C. for public documents received.
From the New York Sunday Times.
To understand the value of the Sewing
Machine, and the happy changes which it
has effected in the social and family rela
tions, one must be familiar with the quiet
households, scattered throughout ihe Eist
end West, the North and South, ot this great
and thriving country.
Everywhere in the interior domestio as
sistance of any kind it so difficult to be ob
tained, that it is scarcel 7 looked (or, and
every good housewife relies upon her own
exertio.is, not only to Aeep her housa in or
der, her larder well supplied with tho es
sential luxuries of home made bread, cake,
and pies, but her own, the children's, and
frrqiienily her husband's wardrobe (urnished
with all tho useful, if not the ornamental
articles of dress.
This necessity provided an immense
amount of work for one pair of hanuu to
perform the femalo head of the house, the
nurd tasked wife and mother, found not a
moment for relaxation. The drudgery of
the kitchen was succeded bv that of the
'Vork-bssliet, whose pile of thirls and small
garments steme never to decrease. Not a
moment of time could be afforded for the
gratiQcation of any simple fancy, even in
ornamental needlework, all, to the lust mo
ment, ami far into Saturday night, was ex
hausted in the necessities oT the plainest
work upon little iprons, frocks, and drawers,
and the inevitable weekly collection of fam
ily mending. -
In a largj number of these households,
tho case is now widely different ; the.' Sew
iug Machine, generally the Grqveu'&
Bakeh, occupies an hon'crcd place in the
fumily sitting-room, and accomplishes more
and better than the most skillful seunvross
It is in a sense, which only thusts can ap
preciate who have known whatit is to sew
all the hou-ehold gurments by hand, the
fa nilv friend. It is looked upon with eye
of real affection. .
The interior of a country house, at Ihi.i
season of the year, is as pleasant as can be
i-nagincd : and it Is mado so, in a great
degree, by tho presence of the Sewing Ma
chine. An hour's woik In the afternoon,
upon a bright, rapid, wonder-worcing Gnu
vtn & Baker, will accomplish more than
could be done by a weary hand working ut
most into midnight. It will not only finish
the dozen xhirls in "less than no time," but
it will tuck drawers and chemises, ruffle
nightgowns, stitch trowsers, quilt linings
and coverlids, and all this, and much moie,
with such strength, beauty, ui:d precision,
as would throw lite neatest hand work into
thethiide. - .
A yewing Blachine needs only to be
purchased once in a life time, it is jiherefore
of the greatest importance to get the best;
the one which, all things considered, is
most perfectly adapted to meet the requiie-
This we sincerely believe,; ana. the ppin;
Ion is corroborated by the hsghest authori
ties in tho commui ity, is the Guover &
Baker Machine making the celebrated
"Grover &. llAKiR"stitch, the only stitch
as far as we Auow, sullicii'iii'y clastic, to bo
adapted to all kinds of family sewing.
The peculiar quuli.ties of the Grover &
Baker Machine, are strength, beauty, elastic
ity, and versatility, or adaption to any kind
of work. It compasses the whole range ol
family sewing completely, arid without any
of the vexatious delays in rewinding, faste
ning, and finishing, which are common (0
other machines, und which occupy so much
time, and waste so much nati rial. It
makes a beautiful, smooth, elastic seam
upon cloth or. cambric, which gives when it
is washed or stretched wiiout breaking, end
In which every stitch is so firmly locked,
that the soam can be cut off between every
half dozen stitches without impairing its
Testimonial letters from ladies and house
keepers all over the country, speak unitedly
of the beauty end supe'ior elasticity of
s'.ich. One lady says, It is the only ma
chine that can :'qnill;" another, that it is
the only one "hXfor boy's trowsers." end a
third, thatshe is particularly d.eliglited with
the way in which it mues"woolcri drawers
and flannel garments.''
The Gbover & Baker stitch is the only
one that can be properly used upon' bias
seams, and is therefore adapted to an im
mense variety of garments containing such
seams, and also seams which are subjected
to much stretching and wear; In addition
to lire fact that no rewinding and no fasten
ing is required, a great deal 0 1 time, and
temper too. is saved to the .operator, by the
simplicity,' regularity- -anil ease of the va
rious movements, the adjustment . without
change of tension to different kinds oT work,
and (he method by which it is thrown from
the machine, without delay or embarrass
nient, and'alsoin such way as to enable the
operator to maintain a pleasant and giaceful
position. ' to-. . . .
For dress-makers, the Gbover L Baieb
Is the only suitable machine; it is the only
one that will accomplish 'catiafactotly, and
witlr an immense': saving of lime, all tut
plain sewing, tlltchinfr, and quilting,, which
they' have to accomplisli.ii t.i . :
For thehceda of famUiesiit is evnally
valuable. It will do everything. It .is
simple, reliable, perfect 'n it .operation,
easy to ba uudscstuod, no( easy to get out of
order, and feives such thorough satisfaction,
:s tQ leaye no lycm fo? tomplainu n.- f; , .:
' TTl.'SO-On.the 17th instant, Samuel
L. Wilson, aged 29 yarsC' months aud 10
davs. . "
(The deceased' as wounded at the battle
of.Uiickasaw Bluft. near Virksburtr, Ilw
2a, 1802. causintr the. imputation of liUleft
ltg. aiid att'r his rt covory and discharfro,
lie returned home. JnlfGS, Jie was elected
Clurkof the Common Pleas, court, w idth
place he honorably, filled Until, within a
few .weqis prior to his. desccase, Rev. A.
Turner, of Keutwky, delivered an able fun
eral discourse, ufter which ho was eou
signeU to his restinjr place, by his Masonic
brethren, with the honors of tho traternlty,.
of which (we are Informed) he was a wor
thy member. Is uiM.tho community has
lost one of Its best citizens; honorable in all
of his actions; upright in nil business trans
actions. He was kind, temperate and good
and well it may be said; we leel thelu.-sof
Ii i 111. He leaves an amiable wife, and or
phan boy, to travel life'a rough journey
Where life sinks apace, and death is In view,
The word of ids grace shall comfort us
Not fearinj; or doubting, w ith Christ on
our Blilo,
We will die triumphant, the Lord will provide.
McArthur Produce Market.
McArthur Produce Market. CORRECTED WEEKLY, BY D. WILL & BRO'S.
McARTHUR, O., Jan. 17, 1866.
Apples', (drlel,). f8 00
liuUer ,SUo25
t'lili-kcns 23
CnlTte ..... 85
White Mah 12
Cod Fish - .12)4
Flour 11 eO
Lard SO
Onlona 1 CO
Pork 10 00
Sugnr SO
Stiirth"'--' 15
Flax 2 00
Whisky 3 00
Ilecswox.... .... SO
Iicans 3 00
Clio efo 25
T.tgn 20
Muckerel 12
Fcntlicra 60
LcMlior..;.. .... - M)
Molutses 11
Fcac hen, (dried) 8 00
Iiii'O 15
Suit 8 35
' Tlmotbv 8 60
Tallow 15
McArthur Grain Market.
Whont. old Red It 90
Old Wbito 2 00
Shelled Corn CO
Oats 40
Barley CO
New Rod....l 70
Nnw White-- 1 90
Corn,Kur.' 50
K50 So
llu; 8 00
Cincinnati Market.
Cofi'ke. We quote common IMo nt 27a
2Sc, jirline do. at 2!)30c ; choice do. nt 31 e.
common Java at 43c, and prinio doat .-l.jc
per lb.
Ji(His Market dull and closed nt 2"ic
per dozen for fresh, In' good shipping. or
der. Flour Wo quote Superfine nt $7 00a
7 fit), new wheat extra nt $7 73a9 01). old
wheat extra at S3 75aO 25, Family nt $!) 25
alO 25, and Fancy at $10 SUall 50.1 Kve
four 5 00 perbbl, Buckwheat Hour SI 50a
5 00 per 100 lbs, and 8 OOalO CO per bbl,
tho latter for Eastern. torn meal is active
at SI 50 per luO lbs.
Grain We quote prime old Ucd wheat
lit $2 (Mhr 05. Xew lted SI 80 lor prime
and 81 OOal 50'for Inferior. ' Some lot of
old White arc offered tit $2 30uS2 CO. The
demand for Coin is still m tive, and prices
remain linn for cur at B3a.Ve per bushel.
Shelled fiOaUl'c for mixed, and 7r.'liiclwliiir
sacks. Oats In fair demand at 37c, and 30;
for choice. I'yu in little demand, nt 73c for
prime, A few sales of prinio fall barley
reported at $1 lOul 20.
ScoAiiWe quote raw nt 13alCc; yellow
refined. 40a47e; white soft refined, lUalSc;
hard refined, lOaSOc.
To Coiisiiuipiivcs.
The adverllHr, buvlng been restored to health
In a fow woe lis by a very ;irnpJo remedy, alter
having sutl'ored fursaver&I years with severe
1 11 ii fr Direction; and that dread disenxe, Con
snniptlon is ur.xiou to malco known to hit
follow-tuiTiTcn) the moans of cure.
To all who dciro it, bo will send a cony of
tho prcpciiptioa uoiV, freo of chnrgo, with the
directions Kr prepnrinfr and ning tbo mmo,
wbieh bcy will Had a niro euro for Consump
tion, Asthma, RnnchKis, Coughs, Colds, mid
all Throat ai d Lnnj Affections. Tho only ob
ject of the advertiser In solid ng tho Prescrip
tion is to bgnillt tho afllictcd and rpraad lnfur
mation which bo conceives to bo invaluable,
arid ho lii.pcp every nill'crcr'will try hisreniody.
as It will cost them nothing and may pro vo a
I'urtics winbinn tho Prescription, free, by
roturn mail, will plenso ii'ldrcss,
Kev. KUWAlfl) A. WILSON,
William ihurgb, Kings Co., N. V.
January 11, lSfl(t-ly.
li'n oi s 01 Voutli.
A Gentleman who suffered for yoars from
Nervous Debility, I'roiniituro Docay, and all
ho effects of yuiithful indiscretion, v. ill, for
sake of suffdring liumniiity, coml freo to all who
need it, the receiiitaml direction for mukin;
theiiinplo remedy by which Ira w'as cured,
tfiiffurcrs wishirjr to profit l) tbo advertiser's
vxperiouco, can do to by address ng
jell-lv. Vo, U Chamlors St., N. Y.
Strmigc but True.
F.very yonnx lady and. (rcntloman In tho
United States can hear somethiuir very much
to their advantagd by roturn mail, free of
charRO, by addfSfiojt the andcrsiirned. Those
having auy fears of being humbug ed will
obligo by not notioine this card. All others
will please ddront their obodiont sorvant,
joll-ly. 831 Broadway, N. Y.
A Clerpymnn while residing in South Amor
ca as a missionary, discovorcd a safe and sim
ploremody for tho Cnro of Nervous Weakness,
Early Decay, Discasoa of tho Urinary nnd
Somirral Organs. and tbo wltolo train ofdisnrd
dors brought on by baneful und vicious hablK
Great Liunbeis havo been already cured by this
noble rtmody. I'romyted by a desire to berr
fit he "frtlctoj and unfortunate, I will sens
the recipo fjr prep&ri-rg and using this mtdi
o'ne, in sonlcd envelopo,to any one who needs
it, Krer or Ciiaooe.
Please inclose posVpaid oevelopo, address
ed to yourself.
Address - ' 1
t'TATtoN J). Bible IIodsc,
Mra,ltlilS5-ir. Now York
Composed ofhighly conentatel ettnrrcU
fiom roots und herbs of the highest medical
value,' inloHibie in the cure of all deceases
of the Liver or any demngement of the Di
gestive Organs, They remove all Impuri
ties of the Blood, - and m unequaled in the
cure of Diarrbae, Jjandice, Dyspepsiu. Scro
fula, Biliousness, Liver Cemplont, Fevers,
Headache, Piles, Mercurial Descases, Here
ditary Humors. . Dos; for adults,'one pill in
the mori.ing children half a pill, From one
to three pills will cure ordinary cases, . sod
from one to three boxes wul cure eny curea
ble case of no matter how longstanding:
Price $1 00 per box, Trade supplied or sent
by mail
une 1st 186J-1T' - 63 FulionSlN Y. :
Sul)9riljr; (or tlw ltECOKD.' 4
. ii lit ::'.
Iloiberts Cor Opposif Court-house,
. . 1 .
Drugs, Medicines,
1 1 . .' -
1 " ' and Chemicals,
Paints, Oils,
And Takcy Articles,
1 ' FOB
Medical Purposes,
J El E L R Y ,
IETTF.R.Cop, and No(o paper, Port Folios,
J Port Monies, Diaarles, i'ocket Knives,
Writing Fluid and othor articles kept by Dnig
glbti jontradv. The kbove articles have been
bought low for cash, selected Witt) (treat care
and will bo warrootod us reprutcnted and sold
at tlm
Very Lowest Cash Price.
JJ. B. Thysiclons Prescriptions carefully
Junuar) 4th 18G!-tr'.
I'ancy Goods, Toys &c.
Mrs. Maggie J. Dodge,
RESPECTFULLY announces to (he cit
izens of McArthur, and vicinity th t
sho ha3 just opened, at her residence on
A large and well selected stock of
, HOODS &c. &c.
of all kinds, all of which will be soli
cheap fur CASH.
Miss EMMA RANKIN, will attend t
doing up and trimming Bonnets, IIuls&c.
in the latest style and to order.
Ladies arc respectfully urged to call and
examine her stock, which she will tuko
great pleasure in exhibiting to all persons
whether tliev purchase or not
Mrs. M. J. DODGE.
Nov. 30th 65 3mos
" Horton & Hulbert,
At E. P. BothwelPs old stand, on High St
HAVING bought out the stock of E. P.
Bothwel., and brought on a
new stock or
" Bedsteads, .
Tables, t
, Cliairs,
. ' .. Kockers,
Ami every other article In the . ,'
All of which w will .
Tlianl any tVtlier establUhmciit In' the cuun
ty7. Call ami eainioe 6ut Work and ace
foi yiJurselvea, ' All work : warrant id." ;
' 1 '"iPJtnifl'Hru
8.'39,:65; 6ra 1 " tiriBEf, '
AVc are Just in Receipt
1 8 G 8 and 18 0 0
Consisting of
Hats and Caps,
Boors & SHOES,
.1 . ' .
. '
: c'A ....
iT TftI
i i.
They "Will Positively Sell
v: mmm
Other Establishment
. . . . ,
-, Kf, THE ,
O . ; .0' .
' . ; ". ii. .J , A
Brptcmlfcr 2J, .1868 J j : V iTil. ; M
-mm mm.
On the lit daf a January ,.1866, mod ., , ,
A Auditor of Ohio, vwiuant to th4
isiume oj mat pine... . .... .
!l t
'IIIE oimaoi lha Company It J'oa Iamis
I anci t'oiop.cy.and ltcaiadlit IlarUord p
Conn. ., i . , .. , ' .
i I-CAriTiL.
Two Million Two IlnndraJ an ir 1 ". '
A T . . 1 1 . 1 ! . I
paid ud . . ll.aS0.O4 00. .
, II. ia. , ...!
I. Cash or hand, in Bank, and '' '
wlilAgonta, IJ.llf U "
.' Koul Katnle nn'ncumberad, (4,0119
3. Tha b.nda and atockatwnad bf ' ' '
tl.e Company, (aa par acbadula .
filad,) how Mcurad, and itha . ., ,
raw of interest thereon, , IT,MT,1
ToUl aerotK oftha Company, 4,MT,iS5 48 ''
11 I t. IT. I. i !l !- T .
Losses nnjufted and not due - ' tU,U U
I v. MlaOII.LA.tlOVS,
Tha (troate.r amount allowed by
tha rulea to hf inmred id anr ona
citr.lown, vn (re or block ' Tarias. ''
Ilcpoaited wilb California 7l,C0O
liiwa : 1 . r- ' . 1S.0O4
Wincorisin $lflOQ
Teanerisoa , , , ' . 80,000
Ohio ' ' ' 43,000 ,
A crpy of the Charter, or Act of Jnaorpora
tton ot said compinr la on lie with tha Auflv
torof OU.
btatk of conmdTrcer, 1 , ; .i '
County of llartlbrd. J aa. :
Thomas A. Aloxandor, VravHont. aoj Loslua '
J. Ilcndce, Kccrctnry, of tha M na lnauranca '
Company, being eeverally aworn, dopoaa and
any, that lbs. foregoing la a full, true and cor- '
rovt atutomrlt of the affairs of Said company, .'
Ihatthosuid insurance oonipany is tha boqa
tide owner of atloavt One Hundred Thoaraod
Dollars of actnil Cash Capital invaated, la ,
stock raid bonds that the abovo described in
vestment nor any part thereof, ara mada for
tho bmetUofany indivllualexorciaing aulhori- '
ty initio mannnKomant of said Company aithaf
as 1'rotidont, Secretary, Treasurer, Director or ,
otheiwitte, ond hat they are the above describ
ed otll:ers of said lusurance Company.
TuoUAt A. AiEZiKDKB, Kroaldtnt.
Lccivl J. Hindee, Secretary.
Fohwribcd and aworn baforamethia lat daf
of January, 1S6C. IIinrt Kowim,
I't11 , , Juaticoof thafcaoa.
Orrict or tin Ai niTfiB or SrATi.l
- ; . 'Co'.umbos.Uhiq, Jan. 10, Dj6.(
It U hereby certified, that the foreeoiuir It a
e rrcotcopy of tbo btntnmcnt of condition of
tho A TN A 1 iSSU R A NCK C M P AN V, of Hart,
ford, mode to and tiled in tills otiico. tur the year
Witnosj my band and a officially ... ., ; .
Jam ks H. Godmaw. .
IstAi.l stamp. AulitorofBtala.
(I'o expire on the 31st day of January, !84T.)
Orrica or Ttir Ai ditob or bTATB,k ','
Insurance Department, I
,. Columbus, O., Jan. 10, 19J. .'
WntiiFAS, The.ttnr. Insrrance Company, lo-
cated at Haitfurd, in tho Stato of Connacticnt,
has rllod in this office a sworn statement of tta V
condition, aa required by tha first aaotion of tha
acf'To repulaio Insuru'jco C'ompauioa not lp-.
corporatod hy tho State "t Ohio," passod April ,
3 L ! i , 1 ? ." .1 ; uLd aniCLdod February 9th, 1364 ;
and, Whefcas, said com(tny has furnished tha
uiidorsigned aatirtfuctory evldonae that it is ,i
POHKesAcd of at least One Uuadrad Thouaacd ;
Dnllnra ot actual Ciipital lnvealad in stocks, or
Uoiidi Mortgage of lteal Estate, worth double tha
amount for hit h the same is mortgaged $ald,
Whereas, said Company has tiled in this office
a written instrument nnder its oorporato seal,
ainged by the 1'rosident and. Secretary thereof,
auttiorizing any Agont or Agcntaof said Comp
any in this State to acknwledgcserriceof nroca
for and ia belnilf of said Company, acoc rding to '
tbo terms of snid law, i
How, rhrrjforo, in pursuance of the first too- i
t!onnftlieafornidaot,I, JAUE8 ll.UODMAN,
Auditor of Stato forOhio, do hereby certify that'
aid ;ETr.. IXSU3AN0E COMPANY, of ' '
llurtforJ, l. authorized to transact the busiueaa '
of Fire and Murine lnsnranca in lils State nntlll
the thirty-first day of January,. in ihe yea ona
thousand cicht hundred and aixty-sevon.
IN WITNKSS WHKKKOF, 1 have horounto
aubseribed n.y name nnd caused the seal of my
olHcctoboutllxedthisJiy andvear above writ
ton JAMES II (iODMANv- '
seal. sTAiir - Auditor of Stata.
Applications reel ved and politic rr.amp'.ly ls
sued by Wm. It. Davis, McArthur, Ohio:
B. V. Kclch -Ilsmdcn, Ohio: Jno. St'rottf,''
Vilkesvillc,Ohi(.. Jan. ISwS. .
Times of filoldin? Court "
' IX THE -7th
Judicial District of OlUo.
Clekk's Office, Coi ut Co-m.'4i.ea8.) "
Vinton CouxtV, Oino. V'u
McAkthi b, Dec. 20,1863.) VJ
Slate of Ohio, Vinton County,. ::
I SAMUEL L. WILSON, Clerk of- tho o
Court of Common I'lens, within aud for t
tho snitl county of Vinton, und istattfof '
Ohio, do lieroby certify tho following to bo "
n full and true copy of the order lor tho
tiuii's of holding the District courts pnd
t'oinnion ricns courts, within and for tho
7th Jiuliciul District, of the Stato of Ohiu
for the year A .1). 1S00. to-wlt :
"Onlcrcil that the District anil Common '
ri(.i courts in the 7th Jiuliciul District -
of Ohio, for the yaar lSUtl, be lixed
iouows: ,. ,
Vashingtou, Ap'l. 12, Perry,
" ,
Mcljrs. - 10, Fairllcld,
Gallia, "18, H.ickkia ; 1
Lawrence, " 20, AUiei). " It
Scioto, 14 23, Yinton, . .. IT;
Pike, . 25, Jackson, li
Fikst Srn-Divisiox.1 ' ? '
Hockiii'T. Fcbrunrr 20.MRV 15, Oct: If '
Pcrrv. Starch 12. jlav 21. Oct. 15:
Fairfield, Slarcli 20, Juno 4, Xov. 5.
Second Si'b-Divisiox.
Lawrence. Feb. 13, 3Iay 15, Sept. 25;- ' ' ' " ' '
Vinton. Feb. 13. May 15. Sept. 25; '
Jackson. Feb. 27, May 2i), Oct. 1G ;
Pike, March 11 June 12, Oct. 30;: , .
Scioto, March 20, June 19, Nov. 6V ' '
TllIED SlB-DlVI9IOX ..('
Gallia, Feb. 19, May 21, Oct.l; , , ,
Mci'jrs.Fcb.28,Mar2S,Oct.8; . .
Wasliington. March 10, June 11, Oct. 23; '
Athens, April 2, Jnne i& 'ov. 7 ' . '
Johx T. Pltt.ey,V Judges f '
P Van Trump, 1 7th Judlc
W. W.Johxsox, lal District
"' ' T.. A. Guthrie, J. of Ohio.
December 21, 18C5. ' - '
hi tesriinony whereof I, Samuel L. Wilson,
Clerk of said court have hereunto Bet my
hand and the seal of said court, at McAr
tliur, Ohio, tho day and year first abort,
written." ;
Clerk Vinton Com. Tleu. ..
I?.ec. 29. 18G3 2w6
Piaxos. Any of our ladies Visa
ing to buy or .rent, pianos, and let tho rent
pay for $hera, can optain tboaame at manu
factiirers prices, by calling ,(m tUf,' when 1
will explain prices and terms."' " ' ""
..!'" .,t 4 Mbk JJrhTi OtBBAiTdJt.
ii. :m. -jilt a.i''Ji iJi.-l ) ;."!

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