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The Vinton record. [volume] (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, February 01, 1866, Image 1

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'"M urottcn'i uuuuing, tast or tne
''Vf' '": Court-House. '
Odd $:.'.". $1 ro
Hiiiontua, : lOO
FtW Oioutlis, GO
r Aajfmuit In advance in all cases.
t .X, (ultllkLII, M. 4 CoSllK.
Constable and Constable.
:',-:.A.nUi,iNEVa.Al LaW
JIcArtUur, - Ohio,
WH,h alli-nd promptly in ell rnirlnem m
UiKleii to ll ir Cro, III Vinli'D mid Atli
en. count Ion, ur any of tl e omrta of ilie 7'li
.tu.dioiel tliit.. and in the Circuit court of Uiu
V. $.J rtl48iutliinc!ii.trktt.f ()in. Clalmr
vplittl flovtriiiuent. uioori, bcm.ty an
back pay cullectc.1. jm.'ttr'
i'.-Ai BUltroV HI'II vvo
'A '1! T O K X tl ICS A T L A V ,
McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio,
WI. L attend to al tpu bin-liitr intiu-tvil
lo tlmir cmoiti Vinton. Athci,Jc a u.
Koia, Utx'klntf , atidailjninirificounlieK. 1'nrliu
nlir attoiiiinn g von totii ci-lleiiiun of Miller
Claim fT pt-hrlciin. bountira, arr:ar of pay
to , apuine' I he U S or Ohio, InJuJi Mi.r
yait' r-.M f.'nlm in 4
Professional. Watches
. W. J. U OLTZ,
MAUIl lit AND HIPAIK li or
Musical Instruments,
i lieiiii-.iu'o buu)iNo I
MrAK-nil'H. . - . Ohio,
i.-.ii '
Professional. Watches Military
Fancy Goods, Toys
, Mrs. Maggie J. Dodge,
Rmi'i'i T V LL hiiU)ui cia in iliu t ii tuiih
of UcAnl.ur and vioiliit) t al rli lia
nupiiau.a; iterro.-Mince
. A Imjte and nifli sclecleil hiik k if
' '.' " Nl'MfX
. HOODS &e. Ate.
ToYft Foil ti:e holidays
t.f all kind ', nil M which will ha n.iM eh ai.
forcajh. nv8"-si Mra M J Iti'DliK
"5i ILL lTiCilY TT
Mrs. E. B. Pugh,
0K dt.nr aii.i .if the M K Olnir li. i tun
tanily rceiviii(r iicw u'ldliiuiistolur lurcv
took r.f "
i ., ,;.f 1-LU3IKS. RUCHtS.
(JlC. &!!.
Havinr it bor cnii loy a lull forca n( xper
iuncud taaiHtaiU'e lin i we'l ITrpH'fl to
promptly mill neatly. Call and m o bur Mock
Professional. Watches Military Bankers
Kinnsy, Bundy flc Co.,
ii a ft k in ,
J4Kto. ;. II, Odli.
SOMCI r ihe iifoi ur.tn ot busima men und
iiidividutilii nf Jm.'knn Vintmi. an 1 tdj iin
Inir conntio--dealer. In riclnitiKe, uncurtoiit
nouey and cnla--inuko rolln'tiniu. in ai! pur
of tho country, and remit r cd promptly
on tim tUy yut return. Gnvmn n -n t uen
rities and ravaimu Httii(w Uhj on band and
for aa'd. Jr"nlerul piid on limn t'rn-wili.
Sr,cxmn.ii ki : II I, th, l'rcidmn ;
8 lliindy. View IWMent; I' V K:nney tVliii-r;
W'o Kinueyj K II l.udwivk; . a Aii-titi: .1 I
Mark: W V Hiul-i-: T l,M...i..r. r.:ilnii
Brown, Mackey, and .Co
AVhoIt'salo Ciroccrs.
So. 22 Paint street, ChillicoUie, O.
MKKCIUNT8 o! MuAr.'liur and niru ut.d
in Country, aro ropeetln ly Invitad to
chII arnl exuniuiq nur ftwk cminiaMn t uvar
thing in tbe vioeery line, hicii wo aill iell ar
1)W lit tlia biwof and all ifooH wnnatitod lo b
just aa repruiciijd. Hi f iro pureha ir.fr ado
wbore y. u will do wall I call tu t m-c ai. aa wc
will ff.ir yon Induemianta not to bis bc.t.en
No H Piniit Htre.'t. CUilliotlio. 0.1 d..or ni.tnb
of V K"I'V (jnintww iro n ir-. .tciiti,.
Corner Sixth and Elm Streets,
' Cineinnati OJito.
0 Triri8 2,00 per Day.
MN1BUSSKS tarry al. uwei.tf -rn tand
fro.. i tha cara. I'ltMcnurra can -taks the
atnotciM at the Little Viuml and M A 0 U R
dji.o'-. to lie cotm-r of Fourth and Walmit -ta.
nil f n- on'ir. fr' m li li,vt, ti n
M. & C. R. R., TIME TABLE.
L'.tWM 'ecn.ucr 3rd J3. Iraii.awill
A leave Stutionn named f dlowa : . .
going East.
8 a in
9 ."55 a in
1 15 pm
2 4!) p m
3 li p in
3 2S p m
3 40 p m
3 52 n m
Xfyht Kz.
( in. Ftirnaee,
Hamilt'ii, .
Viatou Furnace,
Zaleaki, .
Hope station,
vi W p ill
II 03 p ii)
2 22 a m
3 40 a in
4 02 a ru
4 14 a m
4 26 a in
4 38 a in
4 51 a in
8 27 a in
Xiyht Ex.
; 7 oo p m
10 48 p m
11 04 li m
11 18 pm
(11 30 p m
11 42 pjn
12 C4 a ru
1 27 .a in
4 07 p in
7 47 pm
00IXO Vr.BT.
G 35 nt';
' 10 ?tt a in i
Acs tfoM.
Marriutta, . .
Hopr Station, ' '
Zalek, .,'
Vintwn Furnace,
McArthur, . ,
Cin -Furnace, '
Lolnhd.' -
iu 43 a m ;
10 57 a m
11 00 a in
rll 32 a m '
Lll 48 am
4 40 pm-'
I 40 a m
5 45 a rn
o ou pin
Traina oonnactat Hnmdeu with M,l
to and from P.-rtunionlh . dwT-65
NOfXCZ -Any permin . obtaiuing; Van enb
cribea, aad aondlng oa the money f r t
rtw aoti.taa.'ahall reoeira th4 Vintos Bicoao
94 ear gratia. - - - - , . r (, , ( .
. V ,'jf I I U a . 'A-ir , " Jl I V . IA m. l , I Av A A . . - I II
'.: ' . i . :V.-. i.7 v. .ill . J - ' i! r.y'.-! ;
- - - -- 1 " 1 - - 1 '-' r . 1 ..J
r A
j'V OH 10. , HBKUA HY
j ua-ljY, i tin: rAh::: bi-vu-,i)
I." Ini(. r 5.
M. & C. R. R., TIME TABLE. Poetical.
Hi-ap liieli the farmor's wintry lioard !
Heap high the jrolden corn ! ,
Xo rielitT gitt lias Atittumi uoufed
From out the lavish liom!
Let other lantlg exultlnjr. glean
The apple from the pine
The orange from Its jivpy green
The clutter from the vine.
We betti-r love the hearty gift
Our ruggml vales bestow.
To cheer un when the ft or in Khali drift
Our harvest liclil with show.
Through vales ofgras nnd mends of flowers
Our ploiigliK their furrow nmde,
While oil the hills the miii ami showers ,
Of changeful April played.
We dropiied the seed o'er hill aud plain,
Beneath the aim of May.
And frightened from oxi'r sprouting grain
The robber trow s aw ay.
All though the long bright rtnvs of June,
It- leave grew bright ai d Iiiir.
And waved in liot tnidMuimier noon,--
Its soft and yellow hair.
' -. . -,
And now with Autumn's moonlit eves,
Its harvest times has come, 1
We pluck awny Its frosted leaves,
And dear iu treasures home. , ,
There richer then the fabled gifts,
Appellrtshowemi of old.
Fair hands the broken grain shall sift,
Aim Kiieau us meat orgoiu.
Let vapid idlers loll in gtlfr. . , '
Around the eo-t I v Lonnl;
Olve us tire howl of soup and milk,
uy nomespun neauty pound.
Then ulianie on all the proud and vain, .
Whose folly laughs to scorn .
The blessings of our hardy grain,
Our wealth of golden corn.
Let earth withhold her goodly roof,.
Let mildew blight the rys
Give to the worm the orchard's fruit,'.
The wheat HoUh to the ily ;
But let the good old crop adorn
The hills our fathers trod ;
Still let us for Ills golden corn
bend up our thanks to God. '
There's not a cheaper thing ou earth, ' '
Nor yet one halrso dear;
'Tis wtutli more then distinguished birth,
Or thousands gained a year;
It lends the day a new delight, ,
'Tis virtue's firmest shield.
And adds more beauty to the night'.
Thau all the stars may yield.
It mrketli poverty content,
To sorrow whispers peace ;
It i a gilt from heaven that's sent
For mortals to li c ease.
It meets you with a smile at morn,
It lulls us to repute ;
A flower for peer and peasent born
And every-blootning rose.
, . , - -- -
A charm to banUh gncf way, -
To snatch the frown from ciire;
Turn tears totmiles, make dullness gav i
Spread glaifyicsa eyery where) it J
And yet, 'tis choai) assuniuirr'sdvAv';
That gems the iilly's breast
A talisman for love its truo ,. .
As ever man pi;s-cssi d.
What may this woudefous spirit be,
With power unherd before
This charm this bright dilinity ?
Good temper nothing more?
Good temper! the most blessed gift
That mortal homeward brings,
And can the poorest peasent lilt
To bliss unknown to king.-.
SOMETHING CHEAP. Miscellaneous.
"Man's work is from sun to sun.
but woman's work is never done, (
quoted Mrs. Keith. j
She had just finished her work for j
the evening, every thing was sided,
and she was taking up her .sewingx!
when Mr. Keith upset a 'vineger j
bottle and a bowl of gravy in the '
kitchen cupboard, rumaging after a '
which was in his pocket all
the time.
Mrs. Keith relinquished her idea
out to set matters in order again, j
Keith followed to oversee her ,
a habit some men have. ; -j
"I ; wish you would bo a little '
more careful, Henry. You do not
realize how many things I have to ;
see to." j
"Humph !"; said Mr. Keith sitting, 1
down in a basket of freshly ironed ;
clothes ; "I never would complain I
of such a trifle as that ! If I didn't i
know, 1 should think all the women
teaiA in clo t-ni-i. M
"And you would
Henry. You haven't
"Nonsense, Mary! ' Why,'I could
do your work, and three times as
much more, and get all through at
ten o'clock!"
"Could you, indeed?"
"To be sure, if you would only
give me the chance of it."
"You shall have it," said Mrs.
Keith, quietly. I have Jong wan
ted to visit my Aunt Susan. I will
do so now, ,an,d jou. may kepp house.
I shall', have . to cook' up i some
thing": ..' 7 '
"As if t couldnt cook I You will
dr nothing of: the kind, Mary, I
shall live like a prince, and you will
see how.'nie . I;t will keep eyery I
and Hie room decidedly smoky. .
'I'll go down cellar and bring up
some coal,' said he, nnd started
briskly down tho stairs. On the
second step he put his foot through
a rip in his dress skirt stumbled
and fell to the bottom of tho cellar
smashing a basket of eggs knock
knife ing over a shelf loaded with pans
his head, 'how do the women man
Mr. age with these infernal , long
dresses? I shall break my , neck
with this set!'
The fire made again, Mr. Keith
bethought him of dinner. He
looked at his time piece ; it was one
o'clock. Almost time for callers,
What should he. have for dinner?
He had heard his wife say that a
rice pudding and boiled potatoes,
thing. , You will hardly know ,the
house when you return." . i
"I dare say," remarked Mrs. Keith;
"but when can I go ?" -,', t
"To-morrow, if you like."
. "And you are 6ure ygu can man
age!" ' , -
"Sure !" what a look he gave her J
"you shall sec." ' ' ' '.( i
Mrs. .Keith laughed a little to
herself when her husband left her
at the derot,'nd turned his steps
homeward to- clear the breakfast
thhijrs mid 'prepare- dinner. She
only wished the could, be there in
visible and fee him manage;
"Let me sw," colioquized Keith.
entering the kitchen ; 'Til wash the
dishes first and I'll put on one of
j Mary's dresses to leep mo clean.
"iie lasiencu u arounu ins waisi
with a pin, rolled .up his sleeves,
and looked about him. The fire
! was out, but, after much trouble ho
' succeeded in rekindling it, and theji
S began to wash the dishes.
lie took them to the sink, plug-
ged up up the spout, and put them
i to soak in a pail of cold water,
j "There, they're washed," said ho
I to himself; 4'iicw for, something to
I wire them on. I'll take the table
: cloth. Such a fuss, as women do
make about work. Why, 1 could
I wash all the dishes m the neighbor
I hood in hail" a day. This stew-pan
ifmells of grease. I wond r what's
! the matter wi'h it f There, l'e got
; some smut on my- hand! there it
i goes on that China saucer, deuce
j take it! I wish there was no smut !
Uillo, there's one plate gone to
'smash! Oh, there goes the cream
pitcher! And I've stepped into that
potato dish that I set on the lloor
to dry, and that's gone to the
shades ! Xever mind, accidents will
happen. I guess I'll trim the lamp
next ; mother always trimmed the
lamp in the morning. Confound
'em, how black the chimneys are."
:'Tlnis conversing with', himself
Mr. Keith put tho chimneys into
the bnsin and cogitated a moment.
He had heard it said that boiling
water wis cleansing. So he scal
ded tho chimneys, and the result
was 4 abont-Jt' hundred different
pieces lo each chimney.
Hi ood gracious !" he cried, "who'd
have thought it ! There's somebody
at the door. I'll just step out as I
am. It can't be any body that I
care for, so early as this,"
. A small boy presented himself,
eyeing Keith with ' ill-suppressed
"lio you mistress of' the house ?'
'Yes that is, I am the master!'
said Mr. Keith, with dignity, 'what
can I do for you?'
'Nothing, I guess. Marin sent
me over to sec if you that is if
the mistress of the house would
take care of the baby while she
goes shopping.'
'Xo !' thundered Keith. I've
other fish. to fry.'
The boy put his thumb to his
nose, and Mr. Keith after slamming
the door as men always do when
they are out of temper returned
to the kitchen. The fire was out.
of milk.
. 'Duece
take it !' exclaimed he,
and broiled steak
He filled the basin with rice, stir
red in a little sugar, dropped in an
egg, and set the vessel into, the
oven. The potatoes he washed in
soapsuds, that they certainly
might be clean, and put them into
the teakettle, because thy would
"boil quicker. .
..The steam was fizzling in the
fryingpton, and he was proceeding
to set the table, when the bell ranf .
- Ile'caught up the pan from the
fireto1' keep, it from 1 burning
and made haste to the- front door,
Then he remember it would not be
just the thing , to go to j the, door
with a frying-pan in his hand, so he
depoite'd it on the 1 parlof sofa, and
answered; the ring.'::-','),'';'',; ',
Airs. vt. Mudge was on the steps
dreseed in her best.
n "Y'cH-r-Ivdsin say,? stammered
Kf "my wife is absent, and I am
flaying Lridget. ,. Walk in." .
("Mrs. Mudge sailed into the. part
IpTwhich v as darkened to exclude
the sun, and without, stopping to
fpok .pt hcrtejat, f uhk into the fry
ihgjan on tbe'sofa. . ... '. ,
j upiier. cnea jir. iveiin, "you
i;Me dene it, now.
Mrs, Mudge sprang up; the grease
ripping from the rich silk on the
carpet. . Her face grew dark. She
wits tempted to say something , cut
ting, but managed'to control herself
bowed haughtily; and swept out'pf
the house, : ' " ' . ' , '
jlKeitn returned to the kitchen, a
ultle crestfallen, for Mrs.' Mudge
was a lady before Whom he desired
to appear particularlv w.ell. '
Tliere was'a tremendous crack
ing the oven.' He thought of.
his pudding, and looked in. The
burnt rice had hopped all over the
oven; the basin had melted apart,
and the pudding was hot done. He
shut the 'door upon the ruins in
disgust, and looked after his- pota
toes only to find lhcni boiled to a
jelly- - ': ' . :
And mst as he made - the diseo-
very there was a'shurp '.peal 'at the
door 1 ell. ' -' . .
''Creation! there's that abomin
able bell again. I wish folks would
stay at home! I'll lock nil the doors,
and cut all the bell wires, alter to
day.' '.. '
-At tho door he found Mr. and
Mrs. Fidget a td there children, '
"My dear Mr. Keith!- how do you
do!'?'eried Mrs. Fidget. "We were
in town, and thought wed'd just,
step into dinner. Where is Mrs.
Keith if" . ' . ; : ;. .
'She's gone avay," said Keith,
ruefully, wondering what he should
feed on ; "walk in, do. I am the
housekeeper to-day- T'- : u
'toT, so I should judge. ' But of
course you make a splendid one,
I remerhbeKyouusedto be frequen
tly telling Mrs.! Keith and myself
how' very easy housekeeping must
hev It must be mere play to you.
pnnt. put yourself out, I beg. ... 1
"rut myself,' l'mleed," crirea KeitTi
retreating to the kitchen. "Good
gracious! what shall : I do? I'd
give n hundred dollars if Mary was ;
only here! Where shall I begin?;
lie drew out the table and set it
without any.eloth ; . then took ofT
the plates and put on' a cloth,, the
very one he had 'wiped the dishes
on. -The task completed, he put on
some more potatoes and some moro
steak ; burned tho steak to cinder :
took oil' his potatoes when ho did
his meat, and put all upon tho table.
There was a loaf of baker's bread
on the c ip' o ird; ho paraded that i
and caiicd his guests to dinner.
A quizzical smile spread over
Mrs. Fidget's lace at the sight of the
repast. Keith was in a cold per
spiration, "Ma, my plate's all greasy, and
so's my knife. I can't eat on dirty
dishes," cried little Jo'inny Fidget.
"And my fork is wet all over
with water that's dropping of the
table-cloth ; and my tater ain't half
biled," cried litt!e .Tane Fidget.
A slight noise in the kitchen
drew the attention of Mr. Keith.
"Jupiter?" cried he, "if Mrs.
OTlaherty's dog ain't making off
with my steak!" . i
He jumped from the table and
started in -hot pursuit. The dog
made .the best of it ; Keith's unac
customed attire was a sad drawback,
and he made but little headway.
"Kill him,' .he yelled to the
crowd that joined in the pursuit;
" I'll give fifteen dollars for his
hide.' .
Mrs. O'Flaherty herself appear
ed on the scene with a skillet of i
hot water. r
"Tech him if yer dare !' she cried
I'll break the bones of evry moth
er's son of yees. Stand from forn
inst, orye'll rue the day
Keith took a step forward, step
pedon his skirt, and pitched head
lirst into a wine celler, where half
a dozen men were playing cards.
"The devil in peticoats !' exclaim
ed one gamester, and the place em
plied quicker than a wink.
The police picked up Mr. Keith,
considerably bauised and carried
him home. His company had taken
their departure, and somebody not
having the fear of the law'' upon
themihad entered' and stolen a
hundred dollars , worth of property.
Mr.: Keith semi the following note
to his wife by the eteningmail: '1
r DeabMaiiy: Come home I give
up beat. A woman; does : have a
great deal to do. I confess myself
incompetent ,, to manage. ' . Come
home, anfr Totr shall have a nerw
'T. -ij"i ' ,'
silk dress, and a daughter of Krin to
divide your labors.
Prodigality and Extravagance.
From the following, which we
find in a late number of the Macon
tournf and Mriwenyr, it would ap
pear that tho reign of extravagance
is commencing in the Sonth. It
says: ' '
'The ycry idea of economy, and
even of rcgulatinz expenses bv' in
come, seems to have departed from
among us.;., j lie opening of North
ern storehouses to our astonishel
visions, seems to .have run every
body crazy, the poor as well as the
rich. Women dress as if t hey were
locomotive -signs for the- milliner's
shops, and men smoke costly cigars,
drink fifteen-dollar brandy and
drive fast, hoi sc, as -it they were
loaded down with riches, had a
short time'to live, and nobody to
leave it to. We shall wake up from
this, delusion before many months
shall have nassel over our v heads ;
and when the crash comes, what an
awful fall 'it will lo!'
Impeachment of the President Demanded.
The German radicals in St. Louis
have held a meeting'iu which they
bitterly denounce President Joux-i
som and his policy, and urgently
cill lor his impeachment, as follows:-
lWe, therefore, pray that the Con
gress may resist those dangerous
proceedings of the Executive, by
annulling forthwitli,'and in an un
equivocal manner, these experi
ments, and by providing ample se
curities against the alleged evil
nv. . .. .
agitators would like to
hjVjr.e Congress play the part of the
fo ;r'tclToryrar:iamer.t in Eng-
Ja; make war upon , the Execu-
Uxfeaiesse his
r-" ji i . - . . -
own hands, and ontircly subvert
M.i 1. 1 1
iLrfn ?r i'v ii w ii nit iituii
the Government to carry out their
own ends.'
Sovereigns of England.
ign, of Kngl?nJ; Wo ,.. om-
mence with the nresent ono. and
go back : Queen Victoria, William
IV, George IV, George III, George
n, oeorge 1, tueen Anne, William
and Mary, James II, Charles II,
(the Commonwealth of Cromwell),
Charles I, Jamtfs I, Queen "Eliza
beth, Queen Mary, Edward VI,
Henry VII J, Henry VII, Kichard
HI, Edward V, Edward IV, Henry
VI, Henry V, Henry IV, Kicharl
II, Edward III, Edward II, Edward
I, Henry III, King John, Kichard I,
Henry II, Henry I, William Hufus,
William the conqueror,
This carries the history of Eng
land back to 1 ,010, the period of
the Norman conquest, which was
about eight hundred years ago.
Since then some thirty-four kings
have worn the scepter.
The English La.vouack vs 1151.
The following is a copy of the
pn,tn!t s L'rmi published in 1151,
uy oruer oi ivmg nenry n. it is i
nteresting, r s giving us an idea of,
our language was in the mid-1
of he two 1th ce ntury :
I believe in Godladiar Almichh-j
Enpippcr of Heeven and Earth, and
Jhenus Christ his onelthi sun ure
Lorred, that is ivange Church and
Holy Ghost, bore bore of Mary
1 'libin tin ,1a tmha 1 1 M I
..u ,,.,.u l uia-u 4 uiu,
jjiuiu mi rune iree, ueaa ana is
buried, liecht into Hell, the trithl.t
day from death arose steich in to
Heaven, sit on his Fadir eitht bond
God Almichty, than is , eommande
to uene tlio quicke and the uede
1 nelievc m the liolv
nimcf oil :
holy chirche, mon of alle. Hailvcn,
luivifius 01 ouie, rieiss uprising,
Liff wihaaten end. Amen.
Woi i.d he Voted Down by 75,000
Mr. OAnbN'Ett (Hep.) in j
the House, on Wednesday after- i
noun, oiijei-tcu to suomimng me j
question of Negro PullVago to the j
vote of the people of Ohio, because,
as lie said, it would be voted down
by a majority of 75,000. Why, then
should Negro Suffrage be forced
upon the District of Columbia
against the protest of the people
thereof? a , -..'. f ... ;
. A LETTER from Richmond-: to a
New.York paper wys, that through. .
put the whole State of Virginia.-1
county meetings nave teen : iietd ,
lor'the purpose of fixing the, price
of labor. " In many instances thpv
have been fair, while in others they
have agreed on rates which will be
rninous to the working r.latsps and
productive of trouble in the future, j
. -r . --
Tme wjnnTe; ren iiirea.'. r.".. 7. . . JX
r.nt ii neumonai irtei tion,-. U-"-- 1
. artl. pr yf r, fen; li ... Jv. gTrlJ
Notice of Eietthck AcmiBlsW
tnm nr.n itnmrtHmna - 4
ttal,taliiVt1ti4lJl4J.17l-3 OO
Local notkea. ye4UM. .,,' .; 10-
-VVarlw faritfrtlsWent iA)t H
rate forded than koltuaill'r7tabl a
after tastlnp it. The liquor called
what "tangleleg" is said to be made of
die diluted alcohol, turpentine, sheet.,
lightning, nitric acid, red penpcrlt
old boot-legs and fix-twist tobacco,
and will burn a hole in your coat
sleeve if you should happen to wipe'
your mouth with it after a Bmilei of
m '
mg mat, sue snouia accompany fwr
parents to Boston next" morhi'rig.
She was much clate'd at the pros-'
pect of the journey, and when sha
Majority. had finished repeating her little
prayer, as she laid down to sleep
a v ai.uable cECRETi" The.Scien
tlfic American says heiirrpleas
ant odor produced Djt presjfiritibr.
i frcquentTy theitonrcebf jnuch
vexation to t;he persons whi.ftrf
subject to it( t Nothing' in jsjmpleif
more eflectually Iharl hyfthe Lkpi
plication of 'suchr origtieots;Iiiinrf
perfumes as are in ilk, o'itllc nanl
necessary to procure some'ofLthe
.ompound spirits of ammoniit, ian$
pjace about twota,Ue spop'sfvili in
a basin of , water. Washing "th .
face, bands and - arms "vvIth Hhis'
leaves the skin as clean.' Mt'Airi,
fresh as one could wish. The Waib
perfectly,: harmless; .and tent
cheap; It, is comniende lon.'lMj
authority of an experien'cea! 'jjVysi
Good IIitA certain. tiVht
listed , old codger of pmcirinaii,
hapened in at a . Philosophical I In
strument Manufactory; a few week
since: where he waLS slirSwri' ihK
Lord's 'Irayer engraved in -abo'tit''
inc. size oi a li Ve cent piecei, ilwOlv
which ho wasverv much mlAamtt..
Keturingr home 'he reUtsd.the
circumstance to his. family,' arid a
proaigai (f) son cominff into the
sitting-room the following enjued:!
'My son, vouldyou suppose .thatt
tho .Lord's Prayer . could be, en.
graved in a gpaco no larger tliAa
the area'of a half-dime?' J''" ",' '
'Well-yes,' father, .if & half-dime 1
is ns large in everybody's eye as -it1
is in yours, I think there would, be)
no dilliculty in nuttins it on about ,
fuur times V. .,
, .
PATrdOtrc Mr. Chase not Sal.
mon P. but a distinguished pat. 1
rot of that . name, who, : y,f sghjo
nccidprtt, became a member oif the
Ohio House of KenresentaU'vesVoftr
fered in that body '"a resolution
that Jeff. Davis ought to be tried '1
convicpei andhungrand other lead!
ing rebels executed." - That nmi'i
hie -. gentleman had Tprobably
forgotten ... that"., a , .irriVJ.oha7
son.- nro viilun liiil v1
President of these '; United . States: )
to wait until that distinguished !
-I... . ... .... . .'j
Confedernf i lfh,lr rhn Ko tn'oT aV.
cording to the established forms 'of ;
law. If not, then ho mnst do tiie '
best he can. Plain Dealer, -v "it.-if
WEAtTH. Wealth in this country !
may be traced back to industry and :
frugality ; and such is the: joint '
operation of the la wj and the cns i
toms of society, that tho wheel pf
fortune : is in constant revolution,
and tho poor of . one generation
furnish the rich for the next. The
rich man. who treats novertv 'with
arrogance and contempt, tramples
on tue asnes oi ins latner or his
grand-father; the poor, man who
nourishes feelings of unkindncss
had bitterness against.' wealth,
makesrwar with (he prospects of his
children, ond the order of things in
which he lives. '..'.!-..
Whisky in the city is now tested
l,y the distance a man ran walk'
wia upset a man at a distance of.
.four hundred v
ards from th r"mi..
john. 'lis said to be much better
than gun-powder for blasting ,roqk
quarries. . ' "
Gotxo to Boston. A swppt titrt
o-irl in ITatrAn nn)-. !...
years old, Was promis.cd one even,.
wie sam witn tne most exquisite
simplicity. Good btJ God Good
y, jestis- tnri8t 1 . am going to
Boston in the morning.'. . ...:.
. ' ', --it
'It is understood here that neither,
of the foreign committees will take,
any decided action upon, the i ques
tiom enforcing the Monroe Doctrine.
present. ' nence til the resolutions
that Con gf ess. . may. pass - will
us ajjni:uuie iu iUeXlCOJUSt .&t
amount to nothing more than bAn-
c amlje. .Mf. Sewarcl .has both c 'the."
committeesjn his; pocket,; jtnilie,
will keep them. there,,.: They silU
nevertheless, make a show of.:
sidering , the, documetJtS iotefotB)
4 '"

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