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' '' 1 I ' 'I -r-r-rr--rr ? ;
Official Cigtn cl Vinton County.
tW Advertisements, to anear on Thurs
day morning. tiivtt It handed in not later
than Tuesday tunivtf.
LOCAL MATTERS. Religious Services in McArthur.
M. t, CtCH.T-,PiacMr,g PaljbMb at half
fat (tin oVlo:k.'A.i tr.d .lalf-iaat aix
Vcluk. P. II. fulhath fflr'o). 2 P. M.
rsKBTTfiiiAN Cnrsc8.--F,rvicfaat 11 n'cl'k
A. nJ o'dfci : ." Sabbath Eihiol at 9
o'clock A. M., every Sabbath. y
ChmittaW CucKSH.-Servlceint U o'clock a.
it .eijeiy&abba'ht. "J -. ...
, , Foe Legal Advertisements 6ee
dirto page'i: tK ' : i " . i :
ThanksTo Hon. II. S. Bundy,
M. C, fur putlic documents received.
.-'i ,. - ...
Hon. A.J. Swaim, will accept
O.uMhanks fur public documents received. '
We had a little sprinkling of
snow here on Sabbath evening last.
Over. . two hundred line Litho
graphs anc" Steel Kngrtviugs for salem cost
ut Sisson's Drugstore. II 2t
'':!' 1 .... :
We are informed -, by Rev. Jona
than Brine. Rernnled of our county thai th
number of Discharges record, d Iroin the 6'h
of June 1865. to Jamjar 31st lSGli is 111.
Notice to Advertisers. All Ad
yertistnents , . paid , for, in the, Mc Arthur
Democrat, will be Continued in this paper
the time contracted (or.
Lost. A Black waist belt and
Urge caivedsteel Buckle, in McArthur. or
on the rood north of town. The fimter will
be su lably rewarded by leaving the same
t thii office. ' '
Stiil''Anotiieb, Wp are inform
ed lhat (here is in session, at the Christ iun
Church, on High Street, a. protracted meet
ing. Whether there are any members join
ed up to the present date is more tlmn we
re able to aayv We wish them all success,
and -heapof Chileans."
Improvements. Mr. Columbus
Word, of McAt'.'iur, is putting up a build
iug in the rear of the old slund' known to
our readers as Arnold's Hard warp Store.
It is the. ijiirnlton we ore informed to miike
a store room there". This is about the
amount of the improvement, lately, in Mc
Arthur. Still Going ox. The revival in
Uie M. E. Chu.nh U still in progrers. with-gntanj-
iiulii atioi.s of Mop.ii g. We me
informed (list some twenty or thirty per
soiih huve joined this branch of the Church
We hopr. that those who have enisled in
this cause vi!l jrova fa i thru! and not turn
back as so many hare done in the past.
Ladies and Gentlemen, if you
wsMiV'ih' ' "tunlctl as well as the vutett
cuinip Valentines you ever seen, jut call
iW at Sisson's Drugstore. fi-2t.
' Books 1 Books ! ! AVc take plea
sure in aonnuuiing to the uhlic - that Mr.
James . Gibbons-has' on hand o large and
splendid assortment of Buolr?, Stationary
fcc. which ha intends, felilng al Ciriuiiinaii
trade' prices. Mr. Gibbons is a perfect
gentleman and any.qne. wanting any thing
in his line ' can not do' better atlv otlu-r
.' FlourI Flour ! ! Wo call the atr
tention of our readers to the fact thai nolo
and Kiiketidall. of our place keeps con
stantly on hand the best article of Flour in
liecpur.tr, As they .flatter themselrs
that they have lieretolore given entire sat
isfaction to llmir customer!", they extend to
them their thanks with the expressed hoie
that they will continue to favor them with
their call?; at; I others will come an.l do
li&vwise." .
Transfers of Real Estate.
The following is the transfers of real enate
in Vinton county, for the week et.ding
Feotunr; 1st lst,6,
James Duffy to James DufiV Jr. 80 acres
for II 250.
E!izaleh Wliortenhetr, William Stanley
land in Knox Tpt lor 1 199.
t Alfred Harden' to the Trnstee ofPreshy
terian Church three quarters of an acre for
675. . '
: 'Iarriace Licenses. The follow
ing it the Marriage Licenses issued b the
Probate Judge from the 1 3th dav of January
to the 3lst day of January 18(J6
John Slots to Nancy Shull,
James Lung to. Mary E Gee. ,
Matiiew Sh sser lo Mary Tenan. '
Lee Ogan to Amanda J. Kama.
. Thomas J. Grant o Margaret Samftionsw
. icheal Doyle to Julia Dunn.
Robert Ratter to Lurr Stanton. '
Jacob Shry to Susan Crow.
John C. Cooncy to Mary M. Moore.
Henry Sampson to Sarah E. Kinney.
MoroaitRaid Claims. We quote
the following article from the Chillicothe
Advertiser, hi the benefit of those interes
ted; ' 'Quite a large number of the citizens of
Ross comity are interested in the passage
of an art providing for the payment of the
damages WKUined , by persons livirg along
the route of flielMoTgm Raid, and -ut would
advice them to circulate prtitidns ami send
thetn up to the; General, X'sembly tracing
that an appropriation be made to liquidate
t lt. . .
mese oeois. n any, colored draeiicaru. of
it.: .1. . 1 . .... ' '.
jiiitao ucMeui ium any pronerir ( urine he
d. be.caretul to note if ut the petitions,
uWfll have ereat' weieht1 with ihn ur lea
and reverend lawmakers whu comprise the
majority of trie 'present Legislature. 1 We
are a State for mutual defense as well as for
Biu,maljbdrlefii;iind when 1 the. Common
wealth rs invaded by a hostile foe and a
portion of the ipso!; despoiled- and plun
dered, the State, and not certain of its citi
zens should bear. .the, burden . t When-, - the
State -was invaded Cheesedom and , Western
Ohio, as Integral pit.o',tbe whole suffered
from' the, cbrantm calamity, and shou ld nqt
endeafur to shirk their just portion of the
amount ueceaFar). op). these c la iron for
damage. let the people bl Southern' Ohio
preae tbia natter vigorously, and tbey Djay
roccsed In Hearing their lights?1 "-
Iiako!?. Any of -our ladies wish-,
Ing to buy or rent pianos, and let the rent
pay for Uit b. can obtain the same at manu
facturers prioes, byeallingj on tne, when I
will explain prices and terms.
Additional Bounty to Volunteers.
Iam fiequeirtly asked the. question if any
law has passed to givft more Bounty to
Volunteets ? I woidd sy to all our Volun
teer! And their friends, that no lw has
passed jet, but ihere is a proposition be
fore Congrrfs to give an additional bounty
to all who enliMrd in 1661 aud 62. In all
cases, I can obtain your county's for you,
w hen a law shall ue pasted, as well as any
perenn.you will semi your disharges to, out
of the county, and certainly at.as little ex
pense to on. 1 would say to all our buys
to hold on till law rtescs.
McArthur O. Jan. 25, 66 Claim Agt.
Railroad Matters. We quote
the following from the Chillicothe G izette.
"The to'al earnings of ilia Marietta &
Cincinnati Railn nd (or the year, 805 were
one million, two hundred and twenty-two
tli"iirund. seventeen dollars, and forty-six
cents ; beinr an increase of one hundred and
ninety five thousand, eight hundred and
eighM-one dollars and seventy one cents
nvirtho earnings of the pre.-eeding year.
This is a very handsome increase, and it
will be gratilyingto all fiiends of the Road
to know th.it its prospects are so flattering.
Whol is moat encouraging is the fact that
about nine-tenths of the earnings were from
local business, showing that the conntrf
through which the road runs is amply able
to su.-tain it, without taking into account
ihs heavy through business it must do when
the improvements now in progress are com
pleie'd, and the necessary additioiiMl earning
facilities are secured. . A heavy amount of
wo'k was done during the last year, and all
ol a permment character. Most of-the
rack isnow in first clafs condition, and all
needed improvemeuts are being rapidly
made. In a few weeks the trains will com
mence running regularly over the new track
Irom LovelaiM to Cim inna'i. cutting oUa
heavy item of expense (800,000 per year)
and sicuring a'lso increased facilities for
both freight and passenger buhiness.''
[For The Vinton Record.
What a Vinton Soldier Thinks.
Messrs BrattoD's: I drop you n few
lines, to let the citizen? of Patriotic littb
Vinton know, through your columns, (now
that you have got out of thn columns of
the army ol the Cumberland. Into the col
umns iiewspaporial) that there are yet a few
Veterans fiom Vinton out in df.fekcb ok
Nf.w Obleaks, (to preserve their free
Bureaus.) Ii has been four years since we
left hemes and firesides lo put down the re
bellion, end still we ate in the seivice.
Why is thisl The citizens of the south ote
all for re-cotisi ruction, and in my opinion
the way to do tliat,i- to withdraw'ihe troops,
and let us all go to i-ur respective homes.
I To tne all tired of uldiorilm and kt.nw the
war is over. We sMrted out niv firnt ral
for troips. Imve done our duty and fiiiMifil
our woik. Tiien why can we not be al
lowed to return 'in our home? many'ofiis
want to go home toour families, not having
been home since 1861. Herein the sun
ny south all ia peace, yes pear h'is spread
her balmy vins over us all as a Niiinn.
and down hero when t'ie booming of can
lion and the shout of victory wa heard
nought now is htard but t lie voire of the
farmer following his plow.' and the shrill
whistle of the ' locomotive looming over
the late Southern Coufedero'.'y, laden ed
with p.i.-sengers and freight.
Many tint left nomrf when we did , will
not return they have fought their laSi fight
and their bones lie on hundreds of -battle
field Tuese things makes you and I Took
upon tha' old Flag of Washington, torn
and rent' anew by tall and ' shell. ' That
grand old Flag that has waved over us
since the days of '70 when our fathers, with
only a uandfull of men saved us Irom the
tyranny of England aiid by it to swear, that
no Traitois hands ahull ere pallnte or For
eign loe tyranize over us as a Nation, aud
that white men shall nd will rule America.
We are vi'h your motto, ol the Record.
Yours ' -
Wm. HATFIELD, Co. C 56th Reg. OV. V. I.
Algiers La., Jan. 16. 66.
. We clip' the' following complimen-tarv
articles from our txehaugps. . .
Tub Vistok Recciiu We ha'vo re
ccived the Gist two mimoers of the Vin
ton Rtco'rd, publi.-hed by VV. E. and A. W.
Brattou , It takes the place of the McAr
thtir Dimicrut. It is printed on new type,
and piesenlSH neat appeamnce. Snrce-s lo
the ne"' publishers. Porhmoulh Times.
We liBve received the first Number of the
Vinton Htcord. publi.hed it McArthur, bv
vv. E. & A W. Bratton. It Is ihe size cif
1 he Standard, inid is printed oft new type.
I; is a vast improvement on the old McAr
thur Democrat. It is "Democratic'' in
politics. We wish the publishers success
in a pecuniary point of view. Juckwn
Standard. . .
We have received the first number of the
Vinton Record, a new democratic journal,
just issued ,'ai McAnhnr, by VV. E. & ,A.
W. Bratton, sonsof Maj. E. A . Bratton, of
the BIc Arthur Democrat, which paper has
been suspended to mate room, for the new
one. "Th Rrcord, having an entirely new
dress, presents a respectable aopearance. and
its columns give evidence of the ability of
its editors. Success to you, gentlemen.
Marietta Tint's. ' 1
The McArthur Democrat lias.also changed
hands, and bai teen much imp raved in its
typographical appearance. TFaverlj Demo
era. . ' .
The ViKTbir Record. This is the title
of a new Democratic paper , wMch hat
recently been started rit McJrthur Vinton
county, Ohio, by Messrs. W. E. A. A. W,
Bratton, formerly of the JWivlrrtur Demo
aat. It is of imperial tize, looks well, and
advocates the right ' doctrine.1 The pub
lishers hfjive our best wishes for its success
and for their own political aud pecuniary ad
Highland Democrat.
a copy
of the 1 Vinton Retgrd, Vol. I. No. I, pub
lUhed .t iVi Arllinr. Vii)toit- County, ,Ohi,
by W.E.' &'A W.'Brltlorl,. It Is il suc
cessor to H e McArthur,Z)morrfl. formerly
published by' E. ' A:.' Bruit oil, 'Esq. V
ihuiigh there hs beeu a change of riame, and
a ch-nge' of puulishert.jhe politics bf,.the.
paper is not changed -it is still Democratic.
The publiaiieis being young men of energy,
aiid B4 th practical printers, .hey will.rfouhl
les meet with iticcese fn their under! 8in'g
as the
Middleport Gazette.
Viriok Ilicoso We have received the
first number of this paper published- at
u.i v:.,, j. ni.f i. n.V 't
di'Al 'A'y Bratton. It- is a tery ne6 ami
handsome ihret. and its cditoiial depart-
rnent diaplaya- ability and m&nlineu in a
bold and leailefs advocacy of Democratic
piinciples. It has for its ' motto "White
men shall pile America," accept our hand,
gentlemen, we arc, raiting under the some
May prosperity attend you. Park
trtburg Dimocrat.
We omitted to notice the 'Vinton Record'
last week.. It if a new paper just, started at
Mcdrtbur, Vinton county, Ohio, Messrs.
Bratton' editors and publishers. It is a
neat ami well printed, paper of the Demo
cratic part. We witli tliein surcess i
everything exi-ept politics. Athens Mown-
per. . - -
The Editors of tho'articles above will
please accept cur thanks for the notices.
and we will etur.i the compliment in fu
lire.' May success a'tend you gentlemen
8HUY-r:RQW-Oa tlio 29t1i ultimo, hv Rev
Jonntban Brltia E. J.C.,at ilia reii()iiea nf
AmoH Miry, Mr. Jacob Shry, to Mies Susan
Crow,' nil of Viut on County.
RU TTER ST ANTON Oi, tlio aamo by tho
same, ultbo roMileiieo of Mr John Millar, Mr.
Robert Rutter, U Mi bo Lucy Stanton, all of
V lllhl'll .(f. Vltltf.
McArthur Produce Market.
McArthur Produce Market. CORRECTED WEEKLY, BY D. WILL & BRO'S.
McARTHUR, O., Jan. 31, 1866.
Apples, (drial,) f0 00
Butter 20a25
Chifkcns 25
t'otlto ii
White Hah I2.l4
Cod Fiah litf
Flour 11 no
Lanl 20
Oniona loo
Pork 10 00
Sugar-" 20
Starch..- 15
Flax 2 00
Whiaky ... .. 3 00
lleoawax SO
Beaut 2 00
Chcem 2S
Krj( 20
Mackerel liU
Mothers... tio
Ieothor SO
aloluises 75
"caches, (dried) 8 00
Rico 15
Salt 8 25
Tiniothv 8 50
Tallow". 15
McArthur Grain Market.
Whont.olJ Bed. ....! 90
Old WMto 00
Shelled Corn 60
Outs...., f 40
Hurley '.. ...... . 60
Now R.d.w. 1 70
New White 1 90
Corn, Ear 60
H)o 8il
liny 8 00
Cincinnati Market.
Cofkkk. Vv'e quote common Rio nt 27;i
2So, prime do. nt 2Gn31e ; choice do. at 31c.
common Java nt 4:2c, and prime do nt 45c
per lb. .' m
Ecus Market dull and closed nt 25c
per dozen for fresh, In good shipping or
der. -. .
Flouu We quote Superfine at S7 00a
7 60, new wheat extra nt S7 7.'m!) 00. old
wheat extra nt $S 75a!) 2 Family nt$fi 25
alO 25. and Vatiey at $10 50all 50. Rye
Hour 54 75 per ubl, Biiekwhcat flour $1 ()ia
4 25 per 1( 0 His. and $3 OUnlO CO per Ud.
the latter for Eastern. Com meal Is active
at SI 50 per 100 lbs. , .,
Chain We quote prime old Rod wheat
ut $1 80al 90. Xew ll.nl 1 80 for prime
and 81 rjo.nl CO for inferior. Some lots nf
old White are ottered nt $2 3Pa$2 60. The
demand for Corn Is still active, and prices
remain firm for carat 53a53c per bushel.
Shelled ."a50c for mixed, and 75c including
sacks. Oats In fair demand at 37c and 3!)t
for choice. Rye in little demand, nt 75c for
prime, A few sales of prime fall barley
rcpurtcd ht.$l 15al 20.
IScoar We quote raw. atl3ulflc; vellow
reliiicd, 4(!a47c; white soft rellned, lOulSc;
hard rciluvd. 10.i2iJe. . . .'i ' . ',-.
CINCINNATI, Jan. 31. Special Notices.
rPIlE rOM"'.SIO.NS A1V1, EX ft Ul
1 ince or AN invalid., ,
Published as a bunctlt und-nx .b caution to
tocno HN and othdra, who HinV from nurvona
duliilhy. pr.Miiuturo deeuy of Manhood, &e.,
aiippljinrf tit tho sumo timu Tiik iiEAN'a (-f ielf
ci iik By one who hua cured himscif after n
durgning conhlder.tblu quackery. . Ily onolutiiig
a pat-paid uddreaud crivolope. siulo copica
free of ch ruo, may be hid ol tho ai.lhor.
NATHANIEL MAYt'AlK, Esq., Urooklyn,
King co., Now Vork. febl-ly
tSTTha Mason &. IUnilin Cubiuul Okuiis.
forty different atylea. adupted to auered and
Mcular inuiic, forJSO to t600 each. Fifty one
Gold and Silver Modulo, or other lirnt premiums
a-varded tliem. I'liwtratnd cutul suca f roc. Ad
dress, M A SON & II AM LIN. Boston or MAS' N
RrtOTHEKS.'Ncw York. sepI4 f
Li t ot a ol Vmli.
A Gentleman who auff. red for ycara from
Nervoua Debility. Preinuturo Decay, and ull
lie effects of. youthful indiforetion, v ill. for
sak of Kuffuring huiniinity, send free to all who
need it, tlio receipt and directions far (mil; inn
iho Hinplo remedy by which lio wna enrod.
f'liffiirors wialiii'frto profit by tho advertiser's
experiauce, cun do so nv nddruso ng i
jell-l v. No. UChamtera St. , N. Y.
. To CoimimiHlVi'S. ' , :
The adverliar. having been reatorcd to health
In a few week by a very simple remedy, a fter
having atiffjtod for savorul years with u pavers
lung alfcct'.on, (nd that draad diaoiOe, Con-mimption-ia
uciioup to make known to bia
fellow-mfforora the means of cure. -
To all who dcre it, ha will send a copy of
tha proscription utd, frea of ohargo, with tha
direetimiK f r preparing aud using tha lame,
which (hoy will find a euro cure for Consump
tion, Asthma, Bronchitis. Coughs, Colds, and
all Throat und Lung Affections. The only ob
jcot of the advertiaoi1 in send tig tho Prescrip
tion la to hentlt the afflicted and spread infor
mation which ho conceives to be. invaluable,
and ho hopes every sufferer will try hia remedy,
as it will cost them nothing and may prove a
bleMng. I' '
Parties wishing tho' PreMilption, trie, by
return mail, will please address,
. . t Kev. EDWARD A. -WILSON, ,
Wiiliam iburgh, KiDgs Co., N. Y.
' January 11, 1886-ly.
' i I StruiiRe but Ti ne. '
Every yonng lady and gent'ernan in the
Unifd States can hear something vory much
to their advantage by return mnil, frea of
charge, by addr ssinglhe undersigned. Those
having any foars of. being humbng ed will
oblige by not noticing this oard.. All others
will please add roes their obediaut serv ant,
jell-iy ' ' 831 Broalway, N. T.
A Clergyman while rosidiog in South Arncf
ca as a missionary discovered a safe and sim
plo romody for the Cure of Norvons W eakness,
Early Decay. Diseases of tho Urinary and
Seminal Organs. and tho whoto train of disord
dra. brought on by hanofuljanil viqions habits.
Grenur.umbeis have been already enred by this
noble remedy. Promyted by a desire to ben
fit (ha afflicted and unfortunate, I wilt Bene
tha revi! o 1ir proparing and using this midl-i
o'ne.in a sealed envelope, to any one who needs
it, Frr or Chakoka , v- ' -
Pleasn Incloso a postpaid oevelope, address,
ed to yourself. v . .. ( -, . ; ; . ,
Addresa , ' - i I
JOSEPfl T. mMAW,- A . c
. ' ' ' Station D. Bibli Ilocti, ': .
Mra Hth 195 J -lyr. Nsw York'
Doyoo want Whlakaraer JloaaUchcaf XTul
9jiii Compond(wiy tore tham ,to jrowrj
oa'smoothast 1cd or chin, or finir on bald beads
in 8i -Weeks. Pjlca l,CO.- Btnt br mail any-t
wbare, ctnacly MV(lf, oorecelp'of prie.
r Addjesa W AKFEK 4 CO., Bc 133, Brooklyn
New York. , , - , , febl-ly.
Coafposed ol highly, concent rated extrarcU
fiom roots ami herbs of the highest medical
value, inlallibie in the cure of all deceases
of the fciver o: any derangement of the Di
gestive Organs, .' They remove all Impuri
ties of the Blood, andara unequaled in the
cure of Diarrhas, Jjundice, Dyspepsia. Scro
fula. Biliousness, Liver C mplant, Fevers,
Headache. Piles, Men u'ial Deseaaes, Here
ditary Humors. Doss for adul's, one pill in
the mon incr children half a pill. From one
to three pills will cure ordinary cases, and
from one to three Doxe will cure env cures
hie case ol no matter - how longstanding:
Prire$l 00-per box, Trade supplied orsent
oy man . ,
tine 1st 1865 -ly 62 Fulton St NY
A Cough, Cold, or Sore ,Throut,
Irritation op tub LfN09, A I'krma
NF.Nr Throat Affectk.n.uu an In
, ccrable Lino Disease.
- ia orrrcM tub ussclt.
For BRONCHirtB, Asthma. CatAraii,
Consumptivb and Throat Disbapej.
Singers and I'dblic Speakers
will find Trocees useful in, clearing the
voice when taken before singing- or speak
iug. and relieving the throat after an unu
al exertion of the vocal organs. The
Trochees are recommt-nded and prescribed
by Physiuiaus, and have had testimonials
from eminent men throogout the country.
Being no article of true merit, and having
proved their efficacy by a test of many
years, each year finds them in new locali
ties in various parts of the' world, and the
Trochees are universally pronounced better
than other articles. .
Obtain only "Brown's Bronchial Tro
chees," and do not take any of Ihe Worth
less Imitations that may be offered.
Sold even w here in the i United States,
and in Foreign Countries, at 35 cefils per
box. , , i , oct36-6m
CINCINNATI, Jan. 31. Special Notices. Furniture.
i . i I!
Horton & Hulbert,
At E. P. Boihwell's old sland, on High St
: Mc art nun, oiiio. ' !
HAVING bought out the stock of E. P.
lioiiiwel., und brought cn a .
t . ' . .
,,. , . VB toCKet . , .
. - f - -
; . dNetn tNd
Bureaus, ' , -
1 Bedsteads, .
And every other article in the
All of which we will -
Than nry other eslablishme.it in the coun
ty. ( Call and examine our. work and see
lot yourtelves. All. work warranted.
Sep. 28. 65. 6m E. A. IUILBI-.RT-.
E call tha attention of tn citisens o
Vinton county, to the
Wyckoff & Kaler
Spragrttc & Wyckoff, McArthur, O.
Where (hey keep on hand evory variety of far-
nnurje, coneieling or
. .Bedsteads,
-1 1 Chairs,
v : ' Crils,
,' Safes,.
' .' . .; .' Stands,
. . . ' . Vs -' Tables,
And evory thing in tha furniture lino.
Which th y wlil sell cheaper than the cheap
est. .Cotfins alwsj!-. on band and sold (ffexty
five per cent ieapor than any other estubli h
moii tin the State of - bio Also, window Sush
on hand for vale low for cash. Jan 13--6m .
JOli 1 KIN 1INU ex4cu;el with reatnssa,
and dispatch at the Kiooao offloa, Brat-too'iBajldiDf,oad-or
Mil of Ooar uaiss
(rp staTrf.). .
AT THti :
OP '
' I . ...
AVe are Just in Receipt
or A
18 6 S and 18 0 0
Consistinsr of
, 4 ' , .' '
...'- 1 ' '
Hats and Caps
Boors & SHOES,
C A S. 1HI
They. Will Positively Sell
Other Est.tblihnicut
' t'
'. IN TflE
- . :
September 2l, i9ft; wrn
1 f V t f
TTTTn.l . 'i 1. ty
i be t.reat invention or the A:e a"
J W. BrudkVa New l'atont Dnplcx ElllfitiV'
(i double) Sprlnj Skfrt. ' ' , 't"
Tho lrvoatlnn coni-lata of Duplex (ortwo)
Elliptic PurO Hvflrcd Sltil PnrinoK.inifnninn-lv '
hiaided tightlT and firmly .tofretbary edre to
trig .making the tonjrboi-t, iuos infloiible,f
lii, aiid du ruble 8irinit ever. nied.-v; Tjey
aeldom bend or break, Uka tha lioifUaprintta,
and coiiKcaucntly preserve their porfoot and
beautiful rliuro mora tbun twjeau liEfawiy
rii-gle pring ekirt that eer lias or can to
male. t -, i , ".
Tho wcndorfnl lloilhlllty and great' comfort
and )deasi,ra to any lmy wearing the Dapbz '
Ell piio Skirt will bo cxpcrlc.nco.1 particularly
in nit rrovrtii l afL-mtnlilintt. nnnnii. ri iam
ra Iroud car, church powa, urrn. chira,4.r
prumenalo tind houi0 driaa, aa tio akirt cin yi
I'uldtd when in nx to occupy a small plncu na
ca,sily aud cctivctiicully.ru a ailk cr ruubiju
dr,a. ' . , ,
A lady having enjoyed the pleasure, comfci't,
and ffri-af cnnVitlit-nA nt WAaritiif tli.. Tl..l..
rEIliplic Rlacl Spring Sliirt for a firglq day will
uc vi nuijrwmiD niyir meir nie. JT.-r
children, Mic and young lidicv thc'aro
Mio.rior to nil other..
The Imopa nre covered wih two pfy donbh
rwi-tcd thread i nd will wear twl a aa l"iiif ai
the riiifflejurn covcrlin?- which la on 'nil
Siiitfle Steel llorp Skirta. The thrro bottom
redton every Skirt ara uIq douhlu steel, and
twice or double cr-vcrcJ to preve it the covorinjr .
from wearing t-ff tho roda when dni(fa'inedown
atuirf, atone rtepa, etc., cto.; which thuy 00
jonstuntly auhjaut to when in.iiio. 1 . '
All uro inaila of tho nov and clrgant eordud
tapca. iud aro tha bisi quality In every'ptirt,
diiiijj to tha wearer tho meat jrrucoiul ind
per fi-v t Khape po'hlo, and are uninht'onably
tha lightest, iuohI duruhlc, eo m for tab M and
economical al;i rt over mado. .
WKSTS' I1KAULKV & CAHY, I'ropriatora
of the In ven :ion, and 10 lo manufacturer. 9
thnmosr,. and 79 and 81, Head atreeta.KaV
YorU 1 . .'
' formula in all flrnt-clana atorca Irt tTdS V-ft-r,
aud thriujhnut tlu United Stateaaod Canada,
Ilavanna do Cuba, Mexico, Houth Amorict, aud
the Wbi 1 1
t-ST tuqiiira for the' Duplix Ellirtlojfor
doublo) Spmi? Skirt.
January 18, lCflii, 3m A. & C. '
' RKT combined talon to, t
X Kurnnn iitiiI lm,t,lAn.H
mu nicu toconui : ura, utm-
c-jcniiioro mrpei, iiicii;iiati, la the only otliv
in tho city whra a permanent enra of priv.it,,
UineiiaCH enn l hail without the Use of mnroufy
or eliatifro cf diet. JV guaraawo to tore Hon',--I
Oil, (ilert, Syphilid, lmrotir.cv, Ni etnrojil
Emlsflona, or Soli' Abuse, IlitirLal Emirona,
Eemala complniiirs, In ehort. every pnSsibl"
form and vtiriuty of bcxunl T,eitt. ' CurVa
rapid, th onph in.l poimancnt, and faosino.m
fate. Com'j onu Come all. -
C-BIAT IlkDI. AL CIBCUIAB Mnt for tvT3.gC8Ht
etampa ' ' , ,
' . PiiiNcii iMrra A sure preventative lodiacasc.
Tiieo. 1 each, or three for fi, or 7 nor dizcn.
Sent hymriil. 1 i.j
Dr. h.'H Iuvlgora'dns Linimmt, Price. 2 CO
per botlo. . . , , i-
to 111ALT11. i(.honc!! to all, male and funuilo
tha olj mi. I ymintr. shonld read this b'ok' It
will cnlihuti thi,,o who (rropo In darkness
m t. i y ,"',ll "-.rtui-a of hirht one dollar.
. . 7." lAD'"---N Ldv should b
without Mul. Lui-.-r-a Fonub Monthly PilU
a rote and a..vtiul rems ly for all Irregularities
and I'liatruetinn, frmn vrlialover eanao. Prlu
onadullarabox;cxt.ra fina llvo dollara. - Cnmt
municationabv mail entireiv on(anti,A M.i
letter will le unawertd unlnas thev contain- a
rurntllanco or a p-vtaja atnnip. CmM or addrtaa.
ISi Sycr.moro St .bet. Fifth und Sixth, ea-t a'da
laeiiii iti. O. OIUco houre, 0 A. 11. to 9 p. M.
P. I . li"S I?2. ..
IPiIe Remedy
HA S ctirod thoafauda of
tne worft eaac of
lilin.l u,i tu;,. U!1..
, T ...... H..H ..imuiiiK t ilea.
i givea linmcaiaia rriier. and ctlecta a pcrma-
n,lir l-ll.A. . Trtf It flll-AMlllf If im t. .1 a
euro. For sale ty all Brugfclata at 50 ceota poi
Jauttary 13, 13W. ly. . ; ,
I warrnntcd ta bo tlio mily prepurutiv:
1 known to c ,ire Cough. Col lii, floarnoncfs'.
Asthma, Whooping Cough, Chronic Conglm,
Concur: ntlon, Jlriuohitia and Croup. Bting
pn-par-d from Honey and llctba it ia lialiog
of.cniiig, and expeetnratiitg, an! particularly
fiiiitnl.lo for all atfec'tens of tl.a Threat and
Lanira. Fi.r me by i Ilrngists Cveiywhora.'
. Junuary 13. 1 86 . ly. .
Tonio ia a con
I cen'iatid preparation of
1:001s and ilerba, lt
antianida and carmlnx
ti van to f-trciigihcn tin stnmneh and norvu y
torn. It i.i a certain remedy f.ir Dyapepaia or I11
digonllon, Norvousnena, I,o-s ot Appetite,
cidity cf tha Stomach, Flntu'ency and'
Dcbplty. t It not alooholic, therefore particu
larly auited for Weak. Nervous and Dyapiptio.
perrona. For sale hy all Drnggiata every whara
at ono dollar perhottlo. ,
.lanuary 18. lait. ly. " ' .
Shcrlir'a Sale.- . -STATE
P & L (r Brown admV of Jnol In eonrt of
M Brown dee'd l'lt'ffa ,1
P O Brown principal and J C ' Commn n
P Brown J (4 wetland recur-I '
itiee, Defendants ' J on Vrndi. :
Pi'RSL'AXT to tho command of a vendi in tka"
above caue to ma directed from tbo Court,
cf Common Pioaa, of the aforcaald county of
Vintcn. I will offer at public sale, at tha door o(
the .Ctonrl -houa, in the town of Wc Art Car, frf
af ircaaid county of Vin'on. on
Wednesday, February' 28th, 18f)0i
at the hour of one o'clocn 1 M of eaij day. tlx
following lands and tenements to-wit : .
All of out lot number three 31 in tho town)
of Prataviile, Vinon cotfnty, Ohio, containing
tkreo site and forty-threo cne hnndrcrtth of
an aero, except a portion of said out lot convey
ed to 1) Pinney vy deed from P Q Brewada-ed
March fi, 1359, containing two acrea and niuo-ty-fiverods.
Takonaathe property of Pearly G Brown r:
satiffy ajndmenlof aforeaaid court, ia farm
of Hand LG Urownadminiatrators of John
Brown deceased. , , -t
Appraised aa followp, to-rrlt I Two hundred,
and twenty five dollara and must bring two
thirds of thatanm. - !l
Terma of sale, cash In hand. ':: '
M D Brown gnardian Sherilf V C O t i
.Tanniiry j.y ISM-fiw4-pfl(H0 - . - ,
Johu 31. Kvcjiau'i Estate. - -n
IOTIoK ia hereby given that tbo ruhicribrt
lv has been qualified aa administrator debo- '
ass n 11 with-h-r-wlt smnexed'oTlTie ea'.ara ot,.
daceaaed. Dated at McAihnr,tblx 24th 'ToP -January
Mid. 8w4 Ja9. A. CCXKINi,.-

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