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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, February 01, 1866, Image 4

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8hr.3jf.itt tori tto x d.
.- t m i
I stood apod tha maw in of a stream, 1
WaWh' tl.a suidipht triad nrs luimt uoj fleam ,
, Quod it placid breast, . v "
' Sj.almtn itaaweet rwt.
) threw a rubble half-way from the ahore,
And saw ila culm surface lib inoie ;
But tiny wartle . fro-n thaceDter wont.
And Jitjinn circles 1 h the cit, blent,
And snch,euiil I, iulife,
tknYitlmesall fiiM troni 'rifa.
Tl a heart n ponti cureless happy calm,
' Till turn I'irht trill nil it wiia lriti,
A pebble iaihe atrearo,
' A heavy c!o"J awept o'er tbo ixnre sky,
Tbe stream grew itark as it j'i.t twiti'y I J :
. . 1 Sar tr. samlvwa there,
Twa- Juik where onto "was fair.
' A l!t!l brriif came with ihe d.irlBiiiiij olocd,
Tho w:liw on the hank hefof-t it biwed.
The tmnb'vd water rippled ,euu.t the shire.
' Aedplaintiva Ma-hoi' weareet re.it uu more.'
iiow in ikIi. tald I, iit this,
LU life's irano fldiil hlk. ;
A liftl, cknd, a br cid swjtp o'er our aky,
And a! I our hopes and jys ,'row dar aud d'e ;
A shintow on the Mr. vn.
The Proof of Love.
Kin;; of Armenj n t liilfilimg his
fi'-iRenirn!, Cwtia en If reel the ct uutry
and beving taking him aud a l hi family
tritouerf, uidrnj il.eni inutility before
hi in.
"Atmeniua " said he "you arc fiee , for
you ere triisible ol your cnur. Ami wha:
will you give me il I res. ore jour wife to
ycu V
"All that ! am b!e."'
Wht il I iMtme vour children ?"
"V.I tha'. I am i.b'."
t'Aml cu, Tijfrei.es." sid he. turning to
th cn. '-what woiiki ytu do to tave )oui
Wife from servitude 1V
Now Tisanes wes hut lately nvirried.
end had fat love hr his wi'e.' "Cyrus."
he replied "in me her Iroui servitude, I
wo, willing')' !uv dnwn my life."'
Let each h: v his own'awin," at id
Cyrus ; and when h depirie', one spoke o'
hi rlemercy. nu:her ol hia valor. aiiothei
of hit beauty, and th unices of his persou ;
upon width Tijjranes rke4 his wife ' if the
tlu'Uglil him h-ndsi.me ?"
Really," uid she, -I diJ nut look nt
.'At whom, then, did ynU lmk V '
'At him whd oflVr-d to Uy down hii liff
for aie."
G'ntt love hath no man hn this tlmi
he ihonld lay down hi life for his fiirnd-.
Tiranes va willing to din for his w i r.
But while we were ' enemlea Christ died
fort. How far lllia loCiill earthly lovr
fXif Is !
The wife ol Tgraiirn did not look it the
Kii g in his lieautv. She mold only look on
him who wan willing to die fi r her W h'
shall we di-.-ire in Iiimvph ir0re tlitm to lo k
tin the fare of Him who did die li r oh ?
'Ihere if be;uiiy ph rv, infinitely resplendent
glory in heaven, and ry hnth not ffen r
hran tiTii.f ived it, but iioihiiighere wit
ao atlraclthe believer' gnze, m the fare ol
Him who gme his U e lor iuner. Wonder
ful lore! Uii'penkihiV .we ! Anu we
may look i n Him nft Invpliin loiever
A ymvg man win had !osi his tnmher.
:owhm he was kiom tendeiiy tia hed.
hid ofien exproa'xl a urong diiie to k t"
heaven that he nrg'it oixe imru meet his
beloved iioth.T. Aa he had no interest in
religion, Ms deite foi heaven had itohWi-'r
object than this. 'Soine ti,n, a lcrward he
became ia , Cliriiwn. and when in. k d about
the anticipations of nnetuiir his itolhcr in
heaven, he raid. '"It m. nut tine as ill
thnuhl waiit'to g ze upon ny Svior a
thousand yrfs, bel re lliiiikin ol anv one
Christ had IM down h's tifc furliim. He
would nut Icrk m enoih-r. ,
The Spectral Face that President
Lincoln Saw.
a reicnt lecinie by llinhup S:rnpson
he relate iininy intriev.ing particulars and
ncidin so' Mr. L nruli.'s (irivie life, and
rrp,ited the story which he hud herd from
Mrs. Liiuoln ; ilm! wl cn ihe news ol Mr
Lincoln's first tie cliuii leHihed his home in
tprii gfield. he mv a 11 fleciion of hi own
face ueai in ihe gU'js bc-ide (he reflect iuu
oflhe l viiig iouii ernince. When he liril
saw it he thuiightii wajuii uptiial deloi.m
and turneil away liom the gliie, bijt when
hehwkedinit I'ginig he saw the" double
reflection. Af'er resting Mime tniuiies he
toiiej in the g!aig tlm ih'inl time mid Hg.Mii
saw the spectral fa. e hrliin I Ina mvn. Tiie
circnmatjixe iriinle a deep iinprerMoti upon
hia n ii d but he neier ypuke of it until
about two week- befw ihe lte I'les'idetitial
elettioii, wheu he nlited it to his uif .
She wan ifailul thit he would not be ie
e!cied,aiid he to d hi r ot thi i imhleni
wish the iii'trpretttl'-n he put upon it-tint
he would be re elott.d. hut w. u d not Ir e
out hit term And elte(wad. when the
piausol the future were dis m-ed uiid he was
a-kedvvliathe would do alter tic seroiid
te in ol I'flice had exp rrd, ne ah ays u lied
With the p.nvia i -11 I live.'' Tin- Bii-hop
said he cm o not exulaiii tho cirruinaiatice
ord-termii.e whetlicr it was merely an nnti
Cal delusion or an Intimation ol warning
from on h'gh. Mr. Li.itoln alwa re
garded it as the latter. .
Duties of a Lady in Her Household.
Without r gulari . mi ,u.se ran be
managed with anv degree of economy or
comTort. N'i M istress or head of a . hniise
hold, thueloie yhnuld trurt lur domoiie
with tie rare of More toom, closetn. nnd
kiicheii.wiihou' ketping a Hrelul snpervic
ion over each of them liersell. Tiie fem
hiur for inspect jon in icard to itie-e mat
tera. tF-iniinediately after breakfa-t. All
the materials or store, as well 'he ne
cesearv dieciiou niav then be given out.
Bh should alto see. f'.r he sell, that every
thing is m.'de Ihe lest use of by I host- M
whom fhe intru?t the. iluinarv ojeraiinn.
ttifl thtt lioihiug is left the chance of disor
4xt and waste.
I'unc'ualitv in Ihe management of all
home affair 'is a ' iud epennab'e. Tie
me!g Mu uld elwajs un e s uimvi iilabe
Ctumaliiii g intervene, be ready at the ac
customed hour. U the mistre-s i piine.HH!,
the domestio w ill o un be so. and Hum the
tnind o the husband v ill not be ruffled, and
there wil he no ronlusion and no bicker
ings. but harmony and beer ,il apj r riat o I
ol every meal lolii-wed b general relaxation
and pleasant ro.nersatiou
" These are no trifl.'e. however they ap
pear ta ome. !f die jnsdlvencr of th us.
amis could be traced to its source it would
be found 4o hare commenced with the nnn
performance of these h uehi.d du ie by
tmj wife or other 'emale he-xl of affair
for, 'without order there is no ecoiiomr."
" An old man with an aquiline not wear
epcetadas on bin owo book.
Duties of a Lady in Her Household. Legal Notices.
Legal Notice.
Stale $ OKiVHio$ thunlji
Jaukauu Woriiimu, I I n
I'.lUlu t. w .
v.. I titiou-iu Court
W'rn. H. Trip, et al. DeH.j of Coinrn u f l'a
T ILLI Ail II. TUII'l'. .f thvC'it- il
Hhtlby. Scuta at tlli n i, Duvi I t. I ii p
of Ihe Cnuuty ft' Viuion, Smie of Objo. uow
srvir.jr In Ilia U S. Arm;. Ilyl.lin M. Tripp
of di'id Vinton county, hf'pbvp.M. K. Tlipp
of tho oouo'y of .'ck.-oB, biatv of UIJu. Junn
I! Trii'P. of Jtk-oa ccnt , Ol.ia. nwetiv
ii ST In tha V. S Aniiy.nirwrT. Tripp, of .ib!
V iato'i count;. no NrviiiK in t e U. S. Arm;,
L'j...i.la It I'ripp. a ininor, of hcoun JM
juvfpoii. rtits ct nil', l.i ma trtpp mur
niuriiiJ iih ltuhorl r Jui.i, of iiiaiom.(
of Wo!l, Sta a nf Imiiuiia. Kl'Ziibaib Tripp,
ii formirricd W'i AluX.n.ler i..viinr.i'.in, or
kiM Vii.fi i county, Kjlie.vn I'rtpp. into -married
with Kaii I.ura, f eni I .onnlj ot
Vinton, M.ir Ann Tripp, Int 'nn irricd i:h
Levi Liviiiatiui. ofnuid comity f in on. and
Louisa M. Tripp iuiriuuriit. with i.oiru W.
I.n i a, of eui l c lUDt ot Vii to i, l.o an
children and birK4'Ur of Jfd ii I 'I.
Tripp do-i.i' l, and U-nanta in ci n: nmn il b
iba petniitiier. in the pr.ni e In roi al'rr i r
crill. Nancy t. I'ripp. widow of 'A'iliiam II
A.Tripp di-ieiiM-d ol tbovnuiity ot JuckMHi.
Slati) of I'bl'i. who is emit'ud t ib.air in the
whnlo ot id puini-ms, unJ Vty K Tripp
wi.low of Jea J. Tripp, dec wt (tliu ur
an bir ut law of WiUin II. A. rip(.) of tl
connty of Juukmiti. Sit of t'bio, .u4ia cn'.t
tic I tod mar in Uu part of .ai.l 'p clni e.
"wimd liv aai I Jvrm -I. Tripp, itieearuil. and
bUhul. nl lu a-i I min r c'.ol '. ran, t wit :
llurvev 1-Tripp I.'hcIhI A 'Ir pp l.mir.i ,
Tripp, Willium E Tripp and Mary A. Tripp
of JtM-ke-iii voiinty, S(mot 'nii, who io un
ai)t In coiiinmn w it Ii I ha putili-ilier in file add
lraiiiiaea, will laka intco Hint a efnlmi ain
fled uifaliint tb. hi on tbx 59 ill dty i S vein
her. IJHS, in the oinf of ('nimoii y- u mkl
in ami fir tbo ni I cmntynf v niton, S'ate
nio. bvuackMiu W'iriui in. and i iiiiw pan.l
nf wbcrL-in auid .lackwu Woirmuu di iuumlr
p.iT'itioii nf tiie filliiu ..o.d E-tul, iiuu
ted In tbe mild county ot Vinton, o-wit:
'Tfcj North Kt .qiiartfr i.f'tho S.inth
Wunt iUarfar ofSi fion A'umber .ua in T"n
rhip Nniribor Klirbt of Killed NutHhrfr- Kifli
oin.cotuinin forty aurer ; uLd tbat at tin
next nriii of mid 'nurt, the uid Juukw n
Wcrtinan will upply for all order thai partilion
ma bo made of i pru ilfta.
Rv rirat'on A Muy i, bUAU'y.
l-e 2' 13l iir
Sheiitr'8 Sale!
fHntt of Ohio, l-'iiifon County: '
Tbe tfi.ii of 0 do, 1 1 It In Court nf
va , Ci in. i'lcaa
Frniiklin Thncker und W.-h. Jack-or. Co
iinr'on TliKiker. Pil'la J Ohio.
I)L'KSUaNT to the eon inal.d f an es i-u-tinn
in (he alx vo rnu-o t" me diirvtrd
fr"iii li e Court id Common I l.-mi. of the an re
an Id county i f Jackiii, I ill , AVr al ublit
eal.i, ul Ibo dm r ol Ibe com t-hoinw in the
town ol Mi'Anbiir In Hie en'tnty rf V iiii n.oii
Siiturdity, Ftlruary 3t, I860,
Atthefaftir. it I nVlnk T Moi Miiodu),
llio lull living iuocribad luuda ami tviiviiieuU.
to wit
Tho cOHrhwoKt quar'ei of tha niphwr-nr-qn
irtcr of aeriion niinih ir llilny Ix ,',s'i)in
mii xliip nuuibur iilni', (?, und oi rm t I tun
bur niiiuteen, ( lit) ."iiiiiiiniiie ti rty (4i )a nr
and tun -ono bun lledtlia (10-100) o au avn
iinini or leen , f...
AUo, ilio sintheant qtmr er of tiiaori hcuat
quoiter of netii n iiutlib r tbirtjflie 8A)
lownxblp- tinnibi'r pine, (9) r a n'Jfffian m tr
til net. en ( 19) coiiiin.iin-i rut tha wot'lnn Una
whirs (lia iia vfmm ihi mad. riinnina' on
bd line foit.v (4.l)rnl mid twenty-Heel. )
t'ovt tboncn imrth on fald H.c ion In a ll inv
ix (84) m U to ald c -m t) r a I. iheiica nl- nu
annl loud fltv-f u- (5 ) mda M.ld liir'eeii i IS )
'u.'t to (lie plavo of bviniiiiig, c.iuta nlng tour
t) iKrrfiuor .i Lea. ' "
Tke it a tSo property ' of VrVh'rg'nn
ThneUer, to mitisfv a j ulgai -nt ol af rud
Court infivor of Tlio tStnta o l:n.
Apprai-i-il a fiitlnwa tn-wi' : The firt do
seril trac vprnleil ' riir Imndruil doll r
(J WO W) i;d i In- aie-Mid b-m-rhvd fruc sp
prnixed ul ti.rtv iMara, (fin 0). ami nm t
hriii )f to-thirds of that tim respectively-
lamia v a. le, M.h iu kit d .
Fbir V. Co. O.
W K nTr?.ns. i t 'y fin, M'ff.
Jan 3 IS'l-f Hit .
Auditor's Sale or School
TTi;iE undersigned. Auditor of Virion
X county, will offer for sale nt puWic
ati. tioii at lite door of tiie Court-hou-c. In
McArthur. on ., . '
Saturday, February 17, 18f!fl.
At t!ie hour of 1 o'clock I. M.. of said day.
the follow ing described renl estate: situ
ated in the enmity of Yiiiton. ami tow nship
of Wilkcsvillo. to-wit:
The w est half of the north-east quarter
of swtfhtn number sixteen, township tium-
iicri'iguu or r"ige ntimnct sixtecu, con-'
tain Ing eighty acres mere or lets.
Anpniiicd at 5 3U per acre.
Also. tli: east half of the north-east quar
ter of section, township, and range afore
said containing eighty acres more or less.
Appraised at S3 uo per acre.
Each parcel of hunt must bring the ap
praised value thereof..
Terms of sale, one-twelfth In cash the
residue IneJeteii equal nunual ltistalmenta
with interest from the day of sale, to be
paid annually.
II. C. MOOltE.
Auditor V. CO.
McArthur. Deo. 25 21wtf
Sheriffs Salel
State.qf Ohio, Viulun County,
Jobu A.lin.wu, t'lHiniilT. 1 1 in Conn f
' ririoiil ' Coin. P. onti
K.A . nratt'.n, nt nl. I), fr' j f aula Nn 9
) L'KsUAiT In li e ci rim. in d of an o dor l
aale .Ii t be above yuiin lo lilt-linei .1 fr. in
tlia I'oiirr of Oou.imni Pia of tb af-ria.
ei.imty nf Vinton. wHlnffurat onblic ul ut
the dnor i f the Court U.te, in the town ii
McAi'luir. it. il l-nt'orHrai ntitv nt Vint-,, on
Tuet Jay February Me Gth A. D. 156,
at tin-hi.urof oneo'ulock. I. U.. ot wi.l Hat
thafvllowin pr. party. t.!t: in-lot Number
sixtv twn(2 ,, the town of McArthur, V in
ton tVun'y . Ohio
Taken na tba proirlr of K A. Rraitrn t
satisfy u judKinen of aforesaid Court, la favor
ot John A. Krowo.
Appraie-I ut fine thwuanj six hnmlrod
dollr,od must -.bring two-thirds o that
emu. ' ' "
TKKMS OK SA T.K oaih in hand.
Sheriff Vinton finntv
Grojrbun. I.'lppry ' a i. Ally's f.-r Pi ff
Ji niM I ii ! JJ i
Legal Notice. NOTICE.
MCARTHUR O., DEC. 23, 1865.
w ill be a meeting of the stotk
X holders of the Vinton Iron and Coal
Company, of Ohio: at ' Vinton Furnace,
Vinton county, Ohio, Febraur R l.ykt. at
time o'clock, A. M, to elect Directors, and
transact other business. '
J.iiillw4-2 GlO. F. WQIiK. Secy.
Legal Notice.
i nn
V t known, i. berei.y noiitiud tbar Mury A.
Srm h did on :he 10th diy . f January, A I).
IBM. fil her pviHw. in tbetflii ji i-ti4;k-rk
"f tha Com of Cnmnmrt I leas tri-hln and for
th u niity o' Vii t-n ui i Mule of t'hio.
charmim (hat at tbe time the e id ( lu-rlia
Srniih was married to Jlur A. 6 . Ith. as al
ledircd in said petitii n. be. tho -aid t'barle
Smith, had a for.ner wifo living, and aakiiig
that the n-ij. be d' V iced .Irom.lhe raid
tbarlt-B Pmith aadsubl mnrriaifj dcufeert nnll
ant vi.id.-and tint ! be restored t-fier 'onn
er name. Jlaiy llnldeiiter-wbii..h petition
will utand for bearing aitl n it term nf raid
3oJn; . . ' ' MARY A- PMITII.
..ByJ.epbJ. MePowell, her Atty.. jl!w
i -."iit v.
Legal Notice. Legal Notices.
Times of - ilildln f . CJiirl
V'V''.'!i - V ri -IN WE-T- .-: 'y.'. .,.
7th Judicial District of OMo;
' C'U.RK'0KHCK. 0l Rr(OM.pLKA8l
McAktuv. Dec 20, ljo; )
Slate tifClhm,' Viit'mt nvhlu.
ISAMUEIa L. W1T.SOX. -Clerk T the
t'oiirt of Common l'lens, w ithin and for
tiie- salii county of Vinton, mid State of
uuio. uo iiereoy vemry tne rotiowiiig to tie
a full' mill true -opyi of tho order for the
times ot holding the bit ti kt courts and
C oir.nion I'h-as courts, within and for the
7th Judicial District of the State of Ohio
for Uie year A .!. lAXs to-wlt :
Ordered that the Di-trh t .ttul Common
l'lea courts In the'Tth JixlU-lal I'irtib t
of Ohio, for the yaar lskw, be fixed as
follow: i.i'
Washington. ApT. liTerrv. Sept. 4,
Meigs. - Ili, Fulrltelit,
Callia. " lMIw-Hig, 1
I.ftwrvirce, ' " 2o. Athens " U
Soioto, " 2;i Vinton, . i 17
l'ikc, " . 2o. Jackson. It
Ftiisr SfB-Divtsiox.
llwUnpr. Febriiiirv 20. Mav 1". Oct. t:
retry. Mar.-!) 12. Mav 21. Oct. 13;
Fairiclil, March -0. June 4, Nov. 5.
$hom hi'ii-l)iviiiux.
I.nwwtrre. Feb. III. Mav 13. cpt. 23 ;
Vinton, l i b, l;t. Mav l'5. Sept. 23;
Jackson. Vb.i7. Mav i!). Ch 1. 10;
like, March U June 12. 0 t. :id;
Scioto, March 20. June 'X Soy. 6.
Tmun SiB-Divisto.N.
Gallhu Feb. lii. May 21. Oit. 1;
McljM. Fob. 2A M iy 2X. Oct. 8 ;
Val.ingron. March 10. Jnue 11. Oct. 12;
Athens, April 2. June 23. Nov. 7.
John I. I'lvu.v.I Judge of
1'. Vax Tbijup. 1 7tli Ji'ilie
W, W. Johnson, jial District
Ii A.Gifiiiun, J of Ohio.
December 21. 1SU3.
In testimony whereof I. SaintielL. Wilson.
Clerk of said court have hereunto set my
hand and the seal of said court, at MeAr
tiittr. Ohio, the day ami yvnr llrst above
Clerk inton Com. l'kas.
JDec. 2S. 1?05 21 w 0
Joseph AV. Finiu'j'a Heirs.
N n I It 'K n her by. iun In" Jiuucn Gibbo
ll T I in ol ii-fi' 8 Kinn.y. 8i ii.in i II
K'tniy Flno'iice Ki 'in y M tl.i I. f' Finney ami
Py v!a Kinn.y, Im- li l I I- uu tint- and vmtclo
ut for inp iilnii in. I 0 ul rwliliiun oi'Suiii
iii-l It Fit i cy Kbirmice Ki-nc) . Mriah Fininj
and Syltli Kmn y. aid tlkt lln-y ill bo .-
liPHrinir in Hi" l o h a e nr' nf V n'm. cmii t)
Ohio.M" ih- lTth d.y of F hrinrv it ui
o'cliKik a in. . Ill il.Mil'i fltAKi.
anli.S8w4 - I'n bate .I nrlgti V V '
Insurance Companies.
S T A T 13 Jfl , JIJ .. IV T
It I ' 11 111
ill IhUllil.l
On tht 1 day 4f Jammy.lMA, made to
the Auditor nf Ohfa, inaua,t to tht
statute ij that Hate.
iA.MK A ) l.'x.'Ai IOV
I'll K lian-e in' Iiw Compni.y a .K t lyaur
uiicu Cotiip ly a-id lilucited l' llurlford
I - eriTt.
Tbeanv nr. rf IsCai-ilal 8-i-ck la "
Two Mil n 'l nn linn. Ire laid
' Kif y Thousand Undies, ai d is :
l'-id up . f2 VS.i.lOn Ot
II.- rf.
I Ch oi band ia Hank, mJ
wilb Affetna.' Sf3,lll :M
i Kual Kstate nti'neiim'.ored, . H t" Si
S. 'I hit bunds ai d sk eksi.wn.-d be ' y
r tiie Cnnpaiiy (a M-bodn d
filed.) Imw K.itt e i. and ; b
rate of interest tberioN, ; . $.5J7,57 SI
Total aMet of tbe Company, 14 0.7.115 411
III - l lABILITItl. .'
I.oascs ill jiii-to.l hioI ii, -i ii he 1241 191 4't
IV.- vifct'i t.x ou.' '
Tbe fr at t i li.iil ,i nlh.aril ijy
be ul. h t. Ii.'iti'tjri'iliuariy i im
C . nii.vi; ivu or block Va'la
llip sl.eti wilb California 7t - ft'
WLvoru-in go po,
iTprno'Soo li'l.C' 0
" 4 a.
A py tl e i'liter. or Act . f I 0 ri r.-
il... i ..i . .r I ........ ... r- i i.i. ...
... , y.w. ,r nie wiiu bite AUUl-
t..r f ') i .
l-TATi. or C.Nt T f CT, I
I ..inly o Muitford ' f sa
Th 'tuu A. A li Xiiii.Ur, Treat I n f . .-d r.ncjtti
J. 'I.n no. S.cretur). or ibr X ,m lo-nrini'
''' "I y. bid t evcrullv in. doaan a d
y iliatli.-f..r.yi I- a toll tiit and eor
r-t Btutninenl of thei ffiira of aid t e ni y
"attbeMiil in nranu- v n.pn- y ! tbn bona
tido oanrruf al bant lino Hni,'.lr.-l Thou and
lo!le f ic'ii I C'n-ll I'nt.ital i naitcd in
s'mk , a i. bnii.t that -ha v d --cr h t in
iei.t eots nor at y part tbcr.i.f a e inndu f..
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i i' lb-, utaiianire.m.iit of M .'otiipai j i iiln i
Ur V l-.-id. 111. SivaiHry, Tmh-iikt l ii',c:ot in
lb. ise, ai d vbar H.ty aio b . b vo rloeeib
ed i ffl ra ot a il I nnn - u:;c ' paiy.-
Tn.. Aiixjii.i H, t',e-id.-nt.
I i cits. I ' i.miie SuTiiiir
Sul.-criheUn.la'A4iHt.efi r- me H la .1,
"r ''"') lf- lli.m F- wirn.
Tanr ' i r; .tii ju- ,,t ,, , t fao, ,
' r'TS or viiKj AcniT s or Sat r
nliiin im'iiIh ,. J ,i,, 1 Ij.jij (
I' Ik her by e.-ri ifl d thut Mm f..r jr i. a
rreetcpy ' th St .I'l'.nni ,.f t. a!ni ,., ,,f
tic -E f.N A I SSClt I f fK f -M I' N V ., t Ibm
n-rd. inada to ti.U filed iu this i Uk-o, to tl vyi v
llld 1 i
'itni my hand and serf fflulnlly t
." JAma II Goumav.
si:ai 1 stamp ' n liior of uta
t'KK i IF.Ca r OF lUl lIi'rorV
(To expire on the 3 a Ouy .nt .Imni y. ;87
vrrick.riHKA iiit. m nr -i ata i
Inaioi c i l!iarii.ieii', I
rd'iti bii.; .Jtn 10 j3 ;
Whlr fas, Tbt-ini: In t ratio, iVmp.iy. .
cated a. Hi.tf r l. n h Si ite of C-. .cluu,
hi tiled in Una office a iworii Kta'i iiie .t ot i
c'"iicliji..n, aa r. q lin-d by tbe H a a . Ii -n . f tbe
act -"o retfidn.- Im-urit'iee 6'.inn.i-ius i,..i ,
e r".tte,i ,y tha Siaie, f tlhin.'' p.a-od Airi
Si.li.lS3l; Bid ani.'l.ded V h-nurt Hth l-i;
and, V'liona-.. khii! cu nptnv liua Ul ni: beil Jbe
uuduis'ir-.ed (iiiafaol .ry e i.b int t at 1 Ik
aaa.eJ r at baa I'll. . Ilnndnd Tlmnaard
l.oil.ir "I ae ni i'up tul teataii in HiH'kv . r
H oid- M rtynifoi.1 KeuthMHie. woiib d. iiI Ic'b.
um tint fn hi b the kuiiix is iur g-g d - 4 ol
Mi-rii. mill I'.'mpan, las til 1 in iliia efflc
a wrntenioatrtitiiriit uni er i avHiporatesJai
Kinifwi by the IV- i .it ami S. creiurv tl i ro. 1.
autlmiiz nu any Aire-1 ..f Aveiiti.i.f will t!. mp.
nn; intb.aiaot acki.wit-d- cent pr.Kk.-s
tor im 1 iu lie ball ot Kid Cptnpuiiy, aio toil ft?
tho terms of aaid Uw.V .j
Now. Th-y f'Ta. i 1 pnrnA"c of the fl'l e
1i011.it theafoMct dlici. I.J iMKS l (HH)MtN
Auditor .0 S a'a f .il) j...,.i bot.-l .eitif. thr
.id' Alll t'iNSI'tAN' K t:mp.NT. ot
Hart orj.i- rudmrizl t.itrai-a..ei the bn-iue
ot Fire ai d Murine I mural c in fhi- R u'e utitiil
the thirty fl'Ht . ay .1 .lat.u oy infbeyea-oue
lb aan.l eif ht bni-dnd an. I kix-t-ki V. n. '
IN WHNKr-S WHfHtoF, 1 hv.- herenMe
snnK-)i ed n nann-anit miiMd ih -eal of n.t
ifficutobeafflx d third y ardyeari-b vewiji
ten J..M t ll (i(h)iHN
aTAJir. Ao litor of ia
A pli.a tn reel red and rdiri. r imi'-t
and br Wm. R. Iiatio. V Aril nr.' fiMJ-
8. W. Kaleh llamden, Oblot Jno. fthmiA
WHkMriil,t)bi. . ianMwfc
t I i fin
LI I 1
ii,oco,(Ka ' ' . ' $i.ooaooc,
Kl0 , MKH'DEoNs' : M W KO
v nn 1 1 1 ru.u.n T" v 1.1 v.
hsoiv what iou iit:cKii:
Splciidid l.i-t of Articles, all to be sold for
One Dollar Each.
lot) Cl-cla iK.unciiOa nil day
i-lo.lvs I I f( 1 1 1 ac from 40 lo '.Sit (.1. b
llM I'laiiix ol the best in till U
tii.fu-u 3" to 500 each
ISO Svviinr .iii'cliiiics, i fibu
hcsi i ui.ul'jt'.uro .- il)tn 1'i't ei.cli
-.TlO tiulH.' i I I lllllllilff-Cj ko
WrftihuK 501.. loUea. 1.
-.50 bob k' ti. hi ui d Kinim. l
lluii'ii if wn'iliH - S5to ,i) eu.d
ii'U ti-litf lliintil'K euro r-il--
ver wu'cl '.I.' 1 7 eiieb
idamaml linnrs &.in HO.ihI
1)00 O.blVat A it vk cii iin-. iu 3-' end
JieO (lo.l H; 11 RiunlitK- it' Seaul
H'tM .li t 101. 1 (io .1 llr ve eta 0 10 lOuaib
lH I'nali Killir (liaina a d
liiiurd I'b.iiiiK S to 2U ou.'l
7 !9 f-Vif.iii A ().. 1 K rot In a 4 to 10 each
.'1C00 t'.oa , t'piil and KmetalJ
Kin clna 4 to 8 eacb
HIilO Mo die. -let. Lava A Fioron
linn Fur llr.-pK 4 10 6 each
7) 0 Coral op iUiid Kwrld tar
I'mpa 4 to 6 enoli
4'-0o Culil' tida Diamond llioasi-
... pins.--.... y.iSoiolo oil
3.111.1 Cniii K.'U eat Wati-h key a 2 60 to 8 each
4.H.111 F"b ,v Vtst Kibmii hliilca -. Jtuluauvb
itiil) Sutaa ii inru SI eve-but to )s,
Stil l.. o 3t. g ea.di
30M ..,l I hiiiibliiK.I'enoii- An.... 4 in H ei.cli
lo'lU Miuia-uie L. cki-'i-... -...'J Do lo lo in I
40ot " " HiikIu
fprinit 10 to 20 each
Oil (...in, fm.ll.plo'..s Crosfta o-- 2 lo S each
.aicu I I.iiu Held llnijrt.. -- 4lnl0u. cb
JiUOCliaKud 4 loll each
I 8 ..uu ro' S'irnet lii i.jr--. 8 . ft-- r 0 10 0.11-I1
I al 1) ii'iioiid It tig 2 1 1 10 1-u.ch
750c buiK La lies' J;ilry Jel
ami ilold ' 5 to 15. aih
rtO''0 SetK LinticK J. wt'lry- t'aiiio).
I'u.ol i.p-it oihei Kf iii.'a. 4 to 15 end
0l) Id ; ens, -il.il hxlensii.ti
. . - holders uinl r'liuils 4 to 10 i-i.idi
Hli'00 Crnld e ns and ( old Miiatrt.
eil Hold, is 6toin(.nJ.
VrO'l . . v Fx vuil.tn lloldVJA o 2. eu. b
5"00 Llld'UK'Uilt A. lu- liucklcn....A lo 1,', u. ci
to)nO Hair bur. A b IIk-.1) lo 10 each
.Vkmi Silver fl hleli. Diinkliu cups A i. .'0 i-n.-h
"'' " f-li f I 5 to SU each
.ovu Fruit. Curd and ,ak
Ilaik-ia v 20 to 5n eu. l
30(10 d. Xi'tis Silvc Tea Sti.'otia..-10 to ii) p d.
iC'UiNJ ' Tu'du Spoon.- A
F oka -20 foil) . A.
!n toiireqiici.ee of 'he friem atuirnitlion nl
trade in the Maiitifaelttrinjr illatrld'h nt rrnice
und r i n land, a a.g. qtii'lituy ol' vo tiahlf Ju
i.ry. oi.fiiia'inti.. ed f r 1 In? Knro cull tur
kel. bn hi-ci. Kent ITf. r s.'e in t,e coiiiiltv
...d MC"T KJ1.D AT AW s f,'U FlCr" !
Under iIiish i-l'i'iimatnt ces MIVpiN Co
.ii-i if u A trill ts tor tbe 1 lincipal Kll'opcuti
Matiiitiie'ii .'r" hae fsnfd npoii a
Mi.biett to ihe ol low inj. u jji.lut ons ,
lir irii-ii as ot the vaiimia uniclct are fir-t
put into env I 'e, kcuI d up and mixed : and
ben mil. it.l aie a!ei .111 wl houi uiri r lto
- In-icu, und s. til liyninil. tl U" v. n all u luir
ih ill. e. tin feci Ipt of II certiflcnte, y. 11 will
m bill y l- ' V have, and tliun i' is a' y- tl
i. piimi t. koii'I thu doll.' r and tuke t e uniclu 1
n"t Tiiri-lmairK 11 uy thus olruin a piano Mei-
ii. Ip'.ii.S i 11 MiichiueK Onbl wutch Diunmnd
Kills' or any at of Jewelry 0.1 our Ha', fur one
Mild S3 C11IS for C. MlfVlite
la all iraiiaiicit 'ns by 1 bi1,wc sbu'l cha'jj-. fm
Inrwi.r.tii e t e veililie.itea, puj ii y p tt.'ne ano
i..'ni(t!ii tiiisinesa It e-ii'a each, which 1111 .-'
Iieetiel .aed whin 'becerrilica e isi-iii fur Five
ivrittcaiKS will bo m-M fm fl. tl. 'ill lur !.
thirty .i live doll. Kixr-flo lor ten doilara.
iiii.l 1(H) 101 tit'. in dodiu'K
AnKNTs. M. ul at-t-m. J.ciy town ain'
i- ttn'y in c.'tin'rv. ami t bow 11.1i.1V us an h
wi.lb "lloaeil 10 cents iieviry c.-if ifl.'u'e r
ilere.i by tin tn pri.i!cd their . r mittinru
um. tint loot c il Pu . .' a-i'iils will e-lbci 2,"i . Ik
lor evoiy eci tifl.nl f. ami remit 15 es inn..
i lur in eah o, poali (.. sutoa A sen's re
niitlinir at niu-i, ibir ndbi's i 1 he cini bd'..
1. b am 1 fid K-ilvtr Wa vh, atidulso 21)') ccr Iti
iatc. I'l a wii b jour Name, Town, fitnty and
ft iti. oluimy. ulni nddi-.. k- -ill or.lerK lo
II A VII.-' ON tf O .
Ap.stitK for Fr -lg Ann r enn M uoituc's
8ii..r.K.t.i rn h j.Vm.1 m. vm
Hit Libart H'r.-et ' Nov a?.-64 H i'
Gifts. Loans.
Js30,000,00u L0A.
f Tim
IWl.MV TrAK C vrn Pokd IN Sum or
yo. 1 1.0 t-'oo. 'nu 6i 000.
1 VI m: ks r s-iv k. i. r i: nt. . pa Va
LIE .11 "le Ci'H ol ! ?. YORK..
rrl.c pit1 ai.d lull 1'i-fet ava
blc I 11 ( I, It .
$10 0(0 'AO 10 b. ShliitrlXlY CENTS
: on the l-OLLK.
11. U. S , ( ur.eiict ; il.U" j it l-ling an i tei-
I St l IVn tl V) HEP ( IM IN OolD irffcVKN-
Tkia rut ciM m m bhlnlv, nt the pie em
ruieo. preiiiiimi 011 to d
Ihe Most IlLbllU '.I E 1WESTMENI
eier OFFER i-.D.
I.ttl NE 'I KACIri I.I MiMNO ANB Aolll-
cti.TU mi. Lam us, Mxiv Pi u I'm ol Piri
IH ts Hue. bis, r-ud 'I axis, in the S'li'.a ol
T'MVl L'l'A-at ll AX LUIk P.T 81, UrJ the
I in.HTib Fa I'l ll ot tit said Niries ami the
(rRtSi:AL Ui VEH Sali bT re AIL I'l-IUGKIi lor
the I. d. inptiini 01 the e 101. dean d pa.niiei.i
l iii'er. si
THE i: UltlTY 311'I.F.
t30 m U F. ( i rui i y v ill bi y 1. 1 per c
G.-I.i ILuid ol t50 '
lib 1 I fc tine-i ivi 1 Ii y a 7 ei it
Gobi Bond ..f n 0
f 31 0 i. L S I uiri-ii) V will liu) a 7 jerct
tJold 0 ltd oi t5'l'0 ,
CCOii I . urrouv will buv a7rct,
Gold Bond id $1,0 0
Cinulara forwarded and suli npiion re
c ied by
JOHN W C RLIE-S &Co .and
J.N.IIF'PT, Fii.am ia; ig ns the Re
pub i ol M-x icn 57 Biorf.lway N.Y
Sobsrripii is alwre. eiel b B.nkand
lljiikets gtneiatiy liiroUghoul the Unite "
N -ember l6ih 1865-6mo
JOB TKINn.NO execute.! with ncatnaea and
ill -patch at (hti.KixoHD .effica. Braitou'a
lin ldiug, oft do r aat uf t!oart lious, (up-aulra.).
Sewing Machines.
GREA1 ; I U lilEMS
l'.lllitr'.' rli Mai'llilK.
Siilttrmm 43H Boatuv N Y 230
iraiy'oi St U)thn.- 921 Chettnut t( .
I hlltdr jjlu'a
Ills .wAl'ilINE. I on-trusted on euttrel)
1 new j rin. ip'oi.f lin;. I aniK 11, p-a-a p
II any laru .lid vuloul 1" itu lOvenienA, liavina
Ken ex. m'liutl by tbe iiioki j uluiiyj expatts.
ami pr.iin.i n id 'o l a
.t hu a stra Arlit neu Tu. pcipendieular ro
111...C-the k r Siiotile "ilcli bicbi.
Nri'MrH K'ii nor K vit, and Ik a'iko on r.,i I.
id -: p.n loriua pi-. fee el' (r 101 uey il-a il.
i ii ot Uliilni,,l,lTt.tll 1." 11 a to the rlner-t iv ui
-..ok Miik i e itlicntti.il ilncn or k-II k tbr. ud
to 111 1 im c. urs. -1 to tbe liucKi . ti 1 -r.
Ii..vink- ii, i' h. r ('..a ie rC-o Win' it., ami Ii,
Uui-t Hi.-i. Ie fr'i-Mnii It lui.a a nil " tl a-a-lun,
and i-em lu.f ca 1 a
I' n rpiir. k . r iriv n k ikst. itta e .wtR
d Ivc i tin ti i.iin oihcr uni bine in lb.. mu ke
Aii" 'livm eurof ane can sork it a colli)
v tl out I'uti f'ic orin!ur tn b.-ul ll.
InKl'in.'ill und WilMIHHIt, nnei.'fftT 1. '
U 'li.lrtici 11 n-iiilir-i am 01 inipiiKK.blu 1.
rfe1. out ol on! r. aid I, i.iahiiami u by tin
eoiiiuny to irivo en I'esa 1-l'uctioi,
Wo rusp .'ui fully Invi 0 ult theao w ho may de--iret.i
nipf il.i tn elvis a i h a atip.'tior at 1
1 Ie to eome and examine Ibis VMUVALLiU lu
vbino. iie lulf liotira Inn'riii' I n is unflli-i.-iit. to
in.ib'eany a ri-on l work thia uoicl ilia '.
lb.ii entire saiefuu in
T. lolillKl.lli I IIAI.HAtl.) ISfTltlTIOM all
ha li'e-iallv .alt lib
A dents W a n T r u for all 1..wiik In tho U. I e-'
S'aiei. where Aii-nls are in I iilmii.l) rrl. ii-li, r.
ash. f. 1 Cu ia. M'Xi' t'ni'ral und 8.11111
Mne'ieu, to win tn u lib-tul lii-ctiiit will Le
N consb iirnf ii'a mmle nt nil Address
Empire Sewing Machine Mi"g
a o. ft. ,u iw Y N.Y:
r.i 'ciplu Airrnil-a KstabliKh. d: - I'ii ei.urir;
Prncsl A-tuvin It .'liiu'i-e, Tin.-.' rhunka.
Wh.cliiff. .1 . V11. W. I'.Siwkell Bro. t in
viun .ti. . Ma h -i A Wlla.n
N.v.iib.ir HO ll 1-HR ir
model mm WCHl
s'r..in fie New Y.ik Her .Id
r. 111 in nl "tii- iig .he lie. h iincal tri
.1111 bo l ib's 10. at i g.'iiicns uue, rem
im ll 'n lie-ly i'..ii-l ua 10 notice ihe Fill
pie 85 w i. g ,M o bine inim-tuled ..a j.ist-
s yb d pei'ect 0,1 ise f. , I's.-fiil ae ImV
bee 1 th vtiriuus M-wing nun him a, lo in
ilil.' to limit pict.ented 10 the iti'.ilic each
lie of them hs laecn cursed with ai nic
r tl.cal del. i'l. w hich di-truls frum gitieiul
U jlry Wuriied bv llie 1 xpeiii'iu e 1 I bis
ire.pcessors, ti e imenlor 01 tbe I lupin
Much lie has r.eliic. d im instriiinetit. mm
Inning all the to Hiu.tiii.es f..r wbi h o'ln r
aiev. tinted nod obriaiiiiK every deled
whi. hr.iii he dtirihuiel in ilirui bt the
no si ins' idioiH iritic.
Tiie Etnpir" Maeniue is h niHrvell. us com
iiiuHtiou ol rim Hi i.i ecoiioiiiv hi d petie.'t
iMiikiiiinbli.p, tieiu duriib'e tree In nu ii
Inliiy to get out ol ir. r. lod-etes,. a. id en
ay 01 opt rat um, lis tncrh .iiIchI cotiiii
v..iue is mio'i t to secuM siihility. free
.1. in I'm .111 u cideiit. ami ariuuicy aa o
woi km nhi Hy ihe u-e of 'be patented
slui'tie aim s:rui).lit needle if makes n
stitch, vv hi, h can neither lip i.iir rtnel
while, ai the .-ame time, it can operate
perlert'y upon every s,ecies ol tn 'en
r in l a h-r to ciiin'iric, with thtedds ot
cot 011. linen r tiiik fun the finest to the
tours si miiiiher.
A- the E.npite . Machine is ri!tullv
upp hiittnu its nior ant q-p rival. in
one iu want of n 1110 e u-nlul ies'ruiueu'
il ihi-. ilecri'li,iii. be he or she tailor
coai't innker ilreKsiniiker or sKMni-l.ess. inn
du olheiwise I'm 1 -ceur" of these e.ou. in
ii al and in mil utile m.ichi". s. -.ilited iiiiVe
lot In in i 1 - nod luiiiiu'nc'iiring purpo-e.
T ie ffice ol t'ie Empire Al inufac u iu"
Co. is hi No. Ji3li llroudw.v. New Y- rh
I'hy, where ihey are imw n'i,l vitty ti ese
linipne M irliin-s nl pri e- b r bt I iw ihe
e. mine ol the iiist'imiciits New Yoik
icrull. 1
N....lber.',0 lcti.r)-IV
Piano [...]
Grovcstecn & Co..
,iM i A i I
10!) IIro:i(hv;i)-, cw Vnrlv.
Til ;attenl on of ihe Public and the ir th
is invited to our Nr.v Soil.K 70lTAVK
HOi E WOOD I'l AN ) FoRI ES w-hbh
lor lo.umeapil p .rtv of t.ine are uti'iv till
ed, bv uni hither ti iT erjil in t is nnrk l.
I'hev con. aiu all the modern improve m.'iiti
Fienc.h, firHiul Ac ion. H.np IVd I, Ir. n
Frn e oveisiiiioo B.as et . nnd e eh in tiu
tnent la-iiiis made ill- ersouin supe vi-ioii
.IM'. J. il Gr.vb'ieen who Iks his m
pin'iicul expe'ie nee ofover 3". years 1-1 theii
miinufttc-.uie I-. fully warranttd in ev. ry par
Ituf'(ir v. fifecii IMhiiii F"rien" ro
C.i lViJ till' HWHtll III Un si (,vtT nil
i-tli. rn at tin; ceK luiited Worlds
Where were ei' ibited in-l'om-tits tr 111
:he oest makers o' l,..nihui Pari. innnv
Pbiludelphia llailiniore Bos'011 ami New
Y'.rk: and also at ihe American lti-tu ute
or live siicci asive te rs .h- gold and silver
itit'd .U I10111 bo h uf whii h can be seen hi
ur w .re r.-mf
. Uy ihe iiiierisliictiiinnf inipr.itm nl- we
make a stii" nee 1 er ect Pimm Foite. ami
til maun a H-rntr h.re y. with a siiiif
ra il sysieiu. ureei'i ihe i io offer theae 111
s r' 1 tii-nl Ml a pric which .wil. pr-vlnde all
c. 111. eii I ion.
I'k.ce-Ni I S ve.i () 1 iv r .11 1 1 corners
riiiM iv ).'lpi..iii ce $27-). .
N,. a, Seven Oc.Mte iniiini cornet.
R sevvooilhei'Vy Piould!in t3'X
N 3 Seien i)i-i ve r-'tiud i mnerK
Ko-e o..l L ui- XIV sty e fco2
rt ui-: X-t i' au In 1'iiririi Eiincls.
Dee. 7.h l-fi5- lr a. k c.
cthXU.4LNYVrEIS -new nid relia
h treainieni. Also ihe RRIDlLUllAM
GKR, an Em-bv of Warning an 1 lii-triioioii
Sent by mail in SPa'ed eiiieloie. Iter ot
chnijff . a Hres Df J, SKI I. LIN
HOUGHTON Howard AssmWtion Nn,
3 South Ninth street. Philadelphia, Pa.
Oct. 13th. 186 1r. : - .
.11, L M B O L D'S,
' iielmdoi.ds ru-'iui; P.-.
HELM 01. J)S IUCHU. : '. ..'.';
, HtLMPOLD'H BtJCitU.-i-t-"
' ' 1 '.'..'; '.v; j.i iI
TucCn'j Known Ceineily
C'OR these ilieeas. s V i truly a aovertten remi
Il edy. i.itl on mite can lint fa sa d In. its
prnisii. A rii g a d -k b:. a heii; kuowa lo ra
d V,; 1 1 e ''ik utf 01 v no.. 111a. .
,11,-y 1 Hi-ill I J 11 Ii 1 l a, I'l-'reaririJ piiiqla
be -.mall th, ba, k and tl r.'Uirb tl u I i, s t A
'ra po.,ntu adnyof Uulnibold'a Kucbu wilt re
lieve you.
I make n secret ef n jrvdia. Holnibotd's
Kx r.iel Bucbn l u,.ip..-ednf Htteha Cahebs-,
.01 1 Juniper Iteni, a. Mloete.t with iriei.t cars,
prepatid hi Vacuo a'ld j.Cconlli g to rules of .
Tha-e ingreoTrr'a are knovn aa tho most val
t able Diuraiica ff.id,il. ,
I. t"iat which acta upon the kidneys
Is ploasant In tuate and nd tr. fr from all inja.
rioiiK propuiics, auJ iiuiuui.biie iu i; aciiou. .
. t, '
Son Jfe.lic'lpr. pettlea ontiilne. In Dlsponsa.'
n.iyot tliu U- S., of 1.1 1I1 tbe I'olloAinif iaaeor
.. cepj :
I.e. lie Its n lor la atr"ngr. difft-iva and
luiwiia uro'nu iv I s tastd bit .eriah and a jl
niroiia 1 1 ibui of mill-. Iila (fivnn, cboiflr In
c tupbiiiit. of thu Urlnury Oriritia. Mitoll aa
Ct i.vi-l C't n.ii c alarm of tlio r;.ild o and
Uie h a: Dia iiae.of tha priwrat'.: nnd KetO'i
iii, 11 in in, 1 inc., 11 in, nee of Urine fr ma loss
.' t 11.1 in th,-p irt- cones rmd 11, itaevoi-italion.
I ha also ho-n recommended in la)ep.ia,
1 br- n c I, In 11 ma i-m Cu uvn, alf.clloiis, auJ
lr..sy. ' ,
rou FunniEu ixhon.MATioN
ie l'r feasor Paw-oca' va'uaMo work on-tha
p.uciie ..I pby-ic.
Suu t. lemurka Hindu by tho celebrated Dr.
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We ar g-ra ilied to hear of the continued an-.
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ciuiial piopiiia.I.ms,
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rl.Uli) .XIRai'I SAR.xlPAiaLLA1;
, r Establslad upwa.dsof 16 years.- .- 1
Pie, ared by II. T. HELMBOLD.
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PlilNl IPLE DCFO r. 1 - t
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WAKIHOU.SE 5' 4 Brrwrlwav NT
snl Hri.A.BOI.D'S ME I ICAL f)Erof!
1 04 Sou h Tenth Si. Philadelphia Pa.
KvVaJnW 1I,1M- li.

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