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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, February 08, 1866, Image 3

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The Lady'e Friend devoted to Fas-hionand
Literature. Beautiful steel engravings. Pou
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Published as a benefit and as a caution to
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supplying u tho aame time Tun means or uLg
ci iik. lly one who baa cured himself alter un
dergoing considerable quackery. By enclosing
a post-paid addressed envelope, single copies
Irco of charge, niny he had of tho author.
NATHANIEL MAYFA1K, Ltq., Brooklyn.
Kings co., New York. febl-ly
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Errors ol Youili.
A Gentleman who suffered fcr years from
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thecU'ects cf youthful Indiscretion, vill, fur
sake of suffering huninnit'y, send free to all who
need It, lha rsoeipt and directions for making
' the simple remedy by which ho was cured,
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To all who desire it, he will send copy of
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non ts to rieni in me tnnctcd ana spread infor
mation which he conceives to be invahiublc,
(mil he hopes every sufferer will try his remedy,
cs it will cost then nothing and may prove a
Parties wishing tho Proscription, rntt, by
rotern mail, will please addrors,
William iburgh, Kings Co., N. Y.
' January 11, 1866-ly.
Strtingc but Tine."
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Address W AKFEK & CO., Box 133, Brooklyn
aisw lorn. K-oni-iy
' , A Clergyman whllo residing In South Amor
ca as a missionary , discovored a safoand sim
ile remedy lor the uure ol nervous weakness,
Itarly Decay, Diseases of the Urinary ond
Seminal Organs, and the wholo train of diHord
dors brought on by baneful and vicions habits.
(ireat nr.tnbeis havo been already cured by this
noble romedy. Fromyted by a desire to ben
fit (he afflicted and nnfortnnate, I will seno
tho recipe for preparing and using this midi
o'ne, in a sealed envelopo,to any one who needs
ii, r her orirunoE.
Please lncloso aost-paid oevelopo, address
cd to yourself.
Etatioh D. Bible TTotsr.
Mr. Kth 1385 lyr. New York
Agents Want ed !
To wll pricp Certificates for
.utuics deweiry, uiumowi i:nis, rins, &c
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111 tn S&ili.
All oxl Wnrnuiicd Genuine.
Price of Cortlllcntos 23 Cents each. Lib
' cntl Premiums and Comniisslon
allowed to Agents. ,
Samtle Ckhtificatks Seekt Euee.
For Circulars and Terms address.
Messrs. HAYWAHD t CO..
229 Broadway, Jiew York
Jan. 4, isoo, itao.
Composed of highly concentrated extrarcts
Horn roots and herbs of the highest medical
value, inlallibie in the cure of alloVceoses
of the Ltver o: anv derangement of t.'ie Di
gestive Organs, They remove all Impuri
ties oi tne uiood. and era unequaied in the
cure of Diarrhae, Jaundice, Dyspepsia. Scro
fula, Biliousness, Liver Ci m'plant, Fevers,
Headache, riles, Mercurial Deseases, Here'
ditary Humors. Dos? for adults, one pill in
the mo!i.inr children half a pill, From one
to three pills will cure ordinary cases, and
from one to three boxes will cure any curea
hie case of no matter how long standing:
Price $1 00 per box, Trade supplied or sent
Dy man
line 1st 1865 ly 62 Fulton St N Y
A Cougli, Cold, or Sore Throat,
Irritation of the Lcngs, a Perma
nent Th boat Affection, oe an In
Fob Bronchihs, Asthma, Uatarait,
Conscmptivk and Throat Dipeapeij,
'trochees abe used with always good
Singers and Pdblic Speakers
will find Trocees useful in cleiring Ihe
voice when taken before singing or speak
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Trochees are recommended and prescribed
by Physioians, and have had testimonials
from eminent men througout the country.
' Being an article of true merit, and having
proved their efficacy by a test of many
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Trochees are universally pronounced belter
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Obtain only "Brotvrf .Bronchial Tro
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Sold evervwhere in the United States,
and in Foreign Countries, at 35 cents per
box.-,.' ' . oct26-6m
Official Organ of Yintou County,
ffT Advertisements to appear on Thurs
day morning, must le ImmltJ in not later
than luesauy ex tiling.
LOCAL MATTERS. Religious Services in McArthur.
V. . Ciircn. rreachlrc Frl'Ltli sthalf-r-t
ten o'clock, A. M., nml Imlf-rsnt ix
O'clock, P. M. talibuth r-choi'1,2 P. V,
Frei bttkrian Carrcn.-KfrvlcosBt 11 o'ol'k
i. u., and a o clock r. fahbuth School at 9
o'clock a. M., every Sabbsth.
CnRisTuic Cnrncn. Services at 11 o'clock a.
m., every fabboth.
For Legal Advertisements see
o ttrth pnge.
Thanks To Hon. II. S. Bundy,
M. C, for public documents received.
lion. A.J. Swaim, will accept
our thanks for public doriimenls received.
' We had a little sprinkling of
snow here on Sabbath evening last.
Oveh two hundred lino Litho
graphs ant) Steel Engravings for sale at cost
at otsson 8 Drugstore. ll-lit
Esq. Kelch has sold his property
in Ilamden. and contemplates niovinjr to
uiei i ar wef l in tne siprng.
A PArER is soon to bo started at
ZalesAi, in this count, by Wm, L. Edmis
Onio's "War Expenses. Tho Au
ditor of State's Report says that the 'expen
ditures of the State for war purposes, during
lha rebellion, was $10,410,233 71.
The.Taxfor 1866. The Auditor
of Stale gives it as his opinion ihnt the levy
fm Slate pu poses th if year i;ecd not exceed
lour mills on the dollsr.
Oir, Population. Our popula
tion, in Ohio.. in the year which ha juet
closed according to the Report of the Slate
Auditor, was. 2,514, 974.
Notice to Advertisers. All Ad
vertifments paid for, in the McArthur
Democrat, will be continued In this paper
the tima contracted for.
Ladies and Gentlemen, if you
want thi sweetest as well as the vultst
comic Valentines you ever si'en, just call
in at Sisson's Drugstore. fi-2t.
Oil in Meigs County. We learn
that a valuable well of heavy lubricating
oil, has been atruck near Rutland, Meia
county. It is the property of an Eastern
Col, Sam -Pike, that veteran and
able newspaper publisher is now engaged in
the publication of hia twenty. snth p.per,
at Hilleboro, O. The title or the paper is
the "Highland Democrat," and is ably ton
dueled. Slay success ever attend the efforts
of our veteian friend.
Last week the Aholition mem
bers of the OhLo'House of Representatives
granted the use of the Hall to the negroe
of Columbus for a meeting. On la&t Satur
day the white working-uien applied for the
same privilege and were refused !
The niggers of Middleport, Meigs
county, have been getting up a huge revival
in the First Baptidt Church of that plare,
some thirty "Free Americans of African
descent" being immersed on Sunday last.
Rather in the wrong time of the year to
wash wool.
District Court. A special term
of this court, for this county was called for
yPhterday.and only lion's. P. Van Tiump
and J- P. Plyley were present.
We noticed in attendance M. Clark and
Alfred Yaple Esqr's of Chillicothe, and
tunny parties and n'itnesses. We don't
know; who foots the bill.
Books ! Books 1 ! We lake plea
sure in announcing to the public that Mr.
James Gibbons has on hand a large and
splendid assortment of Dunk?; Stationary
&.c. which he intends selling at Cincinnati
trade prices. Mr. Gibbons 3 a perfect
gentleman and any one wanting any thing
in his line can not do better any other
The Piqua Democrat says there
was considerable excitement in the streets
of that city on Monday last, growing nut ol
a report that a preacher at the United Breth
ren Chapil, ou Sundiy, had preached, nn
oldfashioned sermon, leaving politics en
tirely out of his discourse. Subsequent in
vestigation confirmed the report. The
preacher was from a distance.
Logan county has a Fox Hunting
Club. The season was opened on the 23d of
December by a short but exciting rhaw, in
the woodland between DeGrafTand Quincj .
The fox crossed the river on the ice several
times, and eluded the hounds by taking to
willow pui.ds for about two hours. He wa
caught on th? farm of Mr. Pool, near De
Graff, and proved to be one of the largest
gray foxes the Club haj ever taken.
Flour ! Flour 1 ! We call the at
tention of our readers to the fact that Bubo
and K'ukendall, of our place keeps con
stantly on hand the best article of Flour in
'he cour.ty. As they flatter themselves
that they nave heretolore given entire sat
isfaction to their customers, they extend to
them their thanks w ith the expressed hope
that they will continue to favor them with
their calls; an. I others will come "and do
Interesting to our Farmer
Friends. It will be a matte' of interest to
our agricultural friends and real-estate
owners to know that the AndhVir of the
State of Ohio, Mr. Godmak, rocommends in
bis report that County Auditors he author
ized by law to add twenty-five per cent, to
the valuation of real estate, for the tax du
plicate of 1866. ,.Thia will be a very
handsome addition, if concurred in by the
Legislature, to the State . and local, tajres
next year, which are already i.thnense.
From Prattsville.
Errron IJEconn: I am, this morning,
pondering over the result of a bloody afl'ray
which recently occurred In our usually
finlet metropolis city, between two ladies.
The conquest w as of long duration, and the
onths from either party wu hurled promis
cious.lv in and about the city, wounding
many spectators. 1 will heiv npoak ofthe-j
cool, sen-posscssiou iiiaiiiiuineu ojr ine
merchants of the city throughout the con
test, staying in their stores w aiting on cus
tomers with the same zeal that a Methodist
preacher devours n roasted chicken.
The sale of liquors for tho past week lias
been very dull, owing to the ice blockade.
There ha not b cu e many cases of sunky
boots." You may talk about ice and big
things, but 1 would refer you to this Com
Son of Petroleum V.
Feb. 6, 1866.
White Man Killed by a Negro.
At Wilmington, O., on the Oth iust..
Vm. B. Lang was shot by Ishmeal Pal
mer, a neuro, and wounded so severely that
he died in about tweniy-six hours afterward,
Palmer fled, but was pursued by Corpornl
James Pike, of llilifborfnigli, the noted
Federal scout, and Sam. Harris, of Wil-
mington.and arrested bctweent Xenia aud
IJBton. He claims to have cone the
fchooiingin telf defense. '
The Wiiminslon Republican savs "Mr.
Lang was a young mm of great promise and
extracn'inary business capacity.' Although
only in his 23d year, lie was Cashier of the
First National Bank of Wil ninpton. He
was a soldier in the Federal arniy during
tne war.
The NeT York Weekly Magazine
ti,; ,., n,i i.. -!,. h.. i.
. in. IIU llii irilliSI llinofciur nn I -
ken a f rent start in favor. Tho number for
January 1 3th contain '.he first chapters of a
new popular tale, entitled '-How I Made a
Pnrhln. in Wull Rlraol .nrl NntV I Rol
Married," written by a gentleman of long
experience in tne tons and outs ottnat cele
brated locality: Tne great charm of llii
story Is that it it. a collection of lads, wit!
rtulu a j-liuiirra if nnmaf ml If nrnmitai i
u t ilting- IIIIIIIDOi Willi iiuniio'n 1
(treat deal of inforniaiion that will be of
inriiiing interest to ma ffiierai r-anrr. end
nf nurtipiilnr imAnfUum tn t,'ftri' nnA ,vhi.
... . . . ......
wishes to know how fortunes are made
and lost In New York. Tuii Magazine has
lorly- ellit hanilsnma pages, anil contains a
great variety of popular tales, do'nestic sto-
. J t . i . r a I i
nes, punv esfnysmia sxetcnei 01 travel, and
is reinnrkshly cheap.
We learn that tho news dealers already
lako fiventy thousand copies a week. For
terms, see advertisement!
trict Court. Our readers will recollect
the Dietricf Court is only hold once a year
in the Beveral counties of the Slate. It is
usual It composed of a Supreme Judge and
the Common Pleaa Judges of the District.
Mfst important cases go to this court upon
ppeal or etrorfom the Common Pleas. In
this District we have for the sub-dirision
including Vinton county, an additional
Common Pleas Judge thus giving to this
District four such Judgea. while most of
the Distiicts have but three. The District
Court is, at best, a cnuse of great delay in
the administration of justice: hut when it
mils for a year in a county, the evils result
irg from such failure are great indeed. We
had no District Court in tois county during
.he year 1865, all the Judges failing to at
tend in September last, thus disappointing
many parties and conn. el at home and 'mm
a distance, and tubjVctiiig them and the
county to great expense.
The next regulr term was appointed for
September 17, 18C6. In view of this, s
special term was ordered for February 7th,
18G6. Many parlies witnesses and conn
scl from a distance, as well as at home
were in attendance, at mnch expense and
trouble in preparing for the teim.
JuJgesP'yley and Van Trump were in
attendance; but it requires three Judges, at
least, to constitute the Court. It is anid
Judge Johnson's family were sick. The
whereabouts of Guthrie, or his excuse, is
not known. Hence, court foiled ; anil a
double vexation has been inflicted upon us
in a short time.
We feel it our duly to call sppcial atten
tion to this subject now ; and if the same
thing occurs in ftirture to visit the delin
q nancy with severe reproach, oilier people.'
time is about as important to them as a
Judges is to him.
T.ve Lady's Friend. The pub
lishers of this beautiful magazine have is
sued a mugnifiecnt number for January.
The leading steel engraving, 'The Forfst
Gleaner," is a perfect gem of bpauty. We
do not know where the publishers ol ihe
Lady's Friend get such beautiful designs for
their engravings. Then we have a gorgeous
colored plate, "The Hand Bannfr Screen in
Chenille on Velvet," which the ladies sav
is mngnifiemt. The large double colored
Steel Fashion Plate is as usual superb we
nad almost said unequaied. Anthpr en
graving, called "Stephen Wharton's Will "
which illustrates a fine story, is verv
gestive. Then we have a beautiful plate of
Children Skating, intended to illustrate The
winter styles of children's clothing w ith
numarotis other plntes illustrating Hair Nets,
Winter Dresses, Borders for Jackets, various
new stvles nf Bonnets, Winter Casaques,
Paletots, Jiicts, Emhroidery, Clipnvss,
Night Dfess, Xucient Head-Dresses, Patch
work, &c.
The literary mailer is excellent. Among
he article, we note 'Stephen Wharton's
Wiir.'Jlrs- Trunk,' bv Frances Lee j 'Paul
Story, or French Lessons, 'Clarice' bv
Mnrusfa Bell,1 'The Two Nikhtengales,'
Stories of our Village,' hv Beatrice Col
lonna, 'In Illness.' by Flo ence Percy,
'Rachael Dana's Lcgxry',' by II. A- Hevdon.
'Arthur's Wifp,' -Loving Mary.' Editors
Department, 'lhe Fashion, Househould Re
ceipts.&c. ,
Price 62.50 a year, 2 copies $4.00, 8
copies and one gratis Slfi. Now is the
time to get up rlul s for 1866. Sperimen
numbers for this purpose will he sent for
IJi cents Wheeler & Wilson's celebrated
Setting Machines are furnished an Premi
ums in cariaih eases. The Pr.tspects of this
magazine for next year embodies a splendid
list of contributors.
Address Deacon & Peterson. 319 Walnut
Street. PhiUdrdphia.
Probate Notice.
John 8. ITawlt, one of thsexecntnranf the
Last Will and Testament of Lomnel Lane do
ceased, haa filed hia aeffonnts and roncrMrs in
tne Probata Conrt of Vinton conctj , Ohio, for
inspections and final settlement, and that the
nftmo will he for hearineir enid court, on the
22d day of February A. D. 18(8.
Feb.S-Sw. Prohate Jnrfga.
Probate Notice. Commercial.
McArthur Produce Market.
McArthur Produce Market. CORRECTED WEEKLY, BY D. WILL & BRO'S.
McARTHUR, O., Feb. 8, 1866.
Apples, (drll,)-l3 00
Butter UlaSS
Chi'-ken 1
lflt 85
WhitaHih M4
CndFIsh lvX
Flour 11 (0
I.srtl 20
Onions 1 00
Pork 10 00
Suiptr lGa20
6trch 15
Flax 2 00
Whisky 3 1)0
leeswix 23
Beaut 2 OJ
t'lieena SS
Tut SO
Msokerel 15K
Foathera..-' .. CO
Lotthor f0
tolmms 7
1'csches, (dried) 00
Kice IS
SI5 (I oo
Timothv 8 80
"Tallow' 12
McArthur Grain Market.
11 90
Old Whita 2 00
Shelled Corn 60
Oats 40
Barley CO
New Rod.... 1 TO
New White.. 1 90
Corn, Ear 50
Hje So
Hay 8 00
Cincinnati Market.
quote common Rio at 27:i
2Sc, prime do. at 2C:i31c ; choice do. nt ille.
common Java at 42c, aud prime do nt 13c
per lb.
Eggs Market dull nnd closed at 2."c
per dozen lor fresh, in good shipping or
der. Fl.orit Wfl mintr" fcnnpi-flnn nf 7 fin-i
7 00, new w heat extra at $7 7.1a9 00. old
wheat extra at SS 75a9 2'. Family nt $ti 25
alO 2i and Fancy nt S10 SOall 60. Rvc
Hour $1 75 per bid. Buckwheat Hour $1 00a
4 25 per 100 lbs, and $8 OOalO 00 per bbl.
the latter for Eastern. Com meal is active
at$l 50 per 100 lbs.
Grain We quote prime old Rod wheat
at SI 80al 00. New Red r?l 80 for prime
and $1 OOal CO for Inferior. Home lots of
old White are o tiered at S2 3(!uS2 &M. The
demand for Corn U still active, and prices
remain firm for car at o3u55e jor bushel.
Shelled $5a5Cc for mixed, and 75c Including
sacks. Oats lu fair demand nt 37c. and 3'jc
for choice, llye in little demand, nt 75c for
prime, A few sales of prime fall barley
reported at Si 15al 20.
Kcqar We quote raw nt ISalCc; vcllow
rellned, 4Ca47e; white soft rcllncd, lCalSc;
hard refined, 10a20c.
F-D II i 1 T U SI E !
Hcilcn &. Hulbcrt,
At E. P. Bothwell'a old aland, on High St
HAVING bought out the stock of E. P.
Bothwel., aud brought on
And every oilier article In the
All of which we will
Than nry other establishment in the coun
ty. Cull nnd examine our work and ace
loi yourselves, All work warranted.
Sep. 29, 'C5. Gm . E. A. IlULBtRT.
E call the at ton Hon of trie citictni o
Vinton county, to tho
Wyckoff & Kaler's
Spraguc & Wyckoff, Mc Arthur, O.
Whoro rhey keep op haod every variety of fur
niture, cousinting of
. Bedsteads,
And every thin? in the furnilnralinc.
Which thy will xell chenj-cr then tho cheap
ext. C'oISiih alwaj on hand and cold twenty
five per cent, heiiper than any other cutabll ih
men tin the State of hio Also, window Sash
on hand for rale low for cash. Jan. 18-6in
Probate Notice.
Jeihna Word. edminlMrntor of the eefate of
DariiiH Ferrell deienftrd, hut filed hi aceonnta
and vin,olire, in tfTo I'rona'o Conrt of Vinton
county, Ohio, for i'nrpectinn and final M'tle
men., and il at the eamewill hnfo hearing
in eaid conrt, on th e 24th dny of Fobrndry; A.
Feb. 8-3 w . Frabate Judge.
J OR IR1NT1NO executed with rntn,
and dispatch at the Bzcobd office, BraU
toa'i Balldinf, one door eat of Cearl 11 cum
("pttein.) t
II alberta Cor Opaobit" Court-house,
Drugs, Medicines,
and Chemicals,
Paints, Oils,
and Dye-Stuffrj,
rune ivi.xls axd brandies
tletlical riirposc,
rTTI.-IJ n,.w Vt. n..A 1n V..1tn.
j .Mnn:.i lll..n.U. IV... lit l.- !.-'
Writing Fluid Bnd oilier articles kepi by Dnij.
..lt- A..n.....tl Tli. ..1...I.. ..,,nl.i.
liio.c kuiiuiu;iii . iiw u t' iin.t'.iuvii
bought low forchsh, selected with grut earn
uinl will le warronted as represented uod told
at the
Very Lowest Cash Price.
N. B. Thysiclona rrsscriptlons csreful'y
com pounded.
Jacusrj fib lES'3-tr".
The best of the monthlie devotod to Lltsr-
ature and FKchion. 2.50 a jesr. We giva
Wheeler & Wilson's celebrsted 5S Sewing
Machines on the fallowing 'terms:
Twenty copies snd the sewing machiue at'i
Thirty ' fl;,
Forty ion
Fend 15 cts for a snmplo copy to Deacon &
rxTSKKiN. 311 Walnut ft., riiiladalphia.
Road Notice.
TOTI0E is hereby irlven tbat. a nstilinn will
ll be presented to tho Co mmisM oners of V'in
ion county, uino, at ttieir Ulsrcli action, 1BSJ.
praying tor the granting and opening of s
county road in Harrison township, 'otimieiifl
ine nt a stake in the stato rnnl, on the line be
tween sections fifteen nnd sixain snd on the
township roal layed .ut tmm that point t'
RuysTillo, Jachfim ennty, ()l.!o, about fifteen
rods southwest from the residence of II r. John
Clark sr, thciico south along the seetii.n line
boat fifty or fixty rods to a stake nesr the
bank of the creek marked P., t'lenco soios th'
eicek in a .KotitlicnHterly direction at the best
pluce that a bridge can be put across siddcrrsk.
theiico np the creclc toihe aforesaid township
road, theneo with Mie varioan meandarinirs of
said road in a sniithonsterly diroctinn to the
cour.ty road leading up to Kayaville at the
nor'hcit corner of .nmnol Pickens' meadow,
now owned ty one .1 II MeCormick.
Dn'od .Inmtiry 24, A. D. lSrtt.
lebl-4wi Mxitr riuTiONEa-.
Road Notice.
nTlF.RE will he a petition presented ta Ilia
1 comiiiifefor.cre of Vinton connty. Ohio, al
their n.xt uvular neeting, ia March, 1 5 j 6 ,
praying that hnnorshla bof!y for the granting
of a coiirity tosd, commencing near the MvKiu
ney brid;e serosa Kueeoon creek, thoi se in a
fuuthciisuirly diro'tion n tl"sr us practical)!
along sn old track that has boen traveled lor
thirty-nvo or forty joins and cross Iiig Sand
mnr tho l'.ono of (ieorgo Kertmi ami end st or
near the llopo Stition on tho II & C Kuilrond.
Any araonnt of Icb3.4w Pxtitioxibs.
Bridge Notice.
'TIIF.r.K will he a peti'lon prrsontel to the
1 commisHoners of Vinton connti at their
meeting in March next, praying that h innrable
body fur their action of the great acecsi'y of a
bridge across a branch of Raccoon cask Liar
New Plymouth, on tlio McArtbnr road.
ied3-4w. MANY TAX-PAYER'S.
Tho best of Monthlies devoid to Fashion
and pure Literature. f2,50aycnr: Two copies
ti: Eight (and oar gra'.is) tlA. WKeeler &
Wilson's Sowing Machines given as premiums.
Fend 15 cents for a saniplo copy to Deacon &
PxTrasoN. 319 Walnut st-. Philadelphia.
Siliglo numhorsfor salev.y tha News Dealers
Allen Hawk's Estate.
NOTICE is hereby given that tbe subss-iber
has been appointed and qualified as abnin
istrator of ice estate o' Allen Hawk, late of
Vintoncounty,Ohio, deceased. All persons in
debto d to said estate are notified to spponr and
ssttle the same, and all persons having claims
sgains t said estate will prtcent them immedi
stoiy lor allowance to the nodersigied adminis
trator. fcb9-8w DAVID llA'rt K.
Pianos. Any of our ladies wish
ing to buy or rent pianos, and let tho rent
pav fur them, can obtain the eame at manu
facturers prices, ty calling on me, when I
will explain price and terms. - -
Mrs. Rcth C IM.ttoj?.
The Great Invention of the Ag In
J. W. Bradley's Now Patent Duplex BUptU
(or double) Spring Skirt, i
Tho Inveatlon eflnUu of Dnples (or two)
Elliptic i'uro Hi-fired SieulSprlDaMnpnloaty
biuidcd tightly and firmly together, adfrt 'Jt
tig , making the tonghoti,uioe(. inflexible, le
tic, ami durable Spring ever ated. They
cldom bend or break, like the finale epringt,
anl cmiseoucnily prwerte their perfeot aod
bimniful fhupe more thun twice u long aa any
Mrjrlo tpriu ttiirt that a;tr haa or can m
The wendcrfal flexibility and freat eorofort
and . Ifafi.ro to any lady wearina the Duplet
l.il p'ic 8l;irt will be experienced particularly
in all rrovdei 8-emblio, operaa, otrrlaree,
ra Iroad cuts, church powa, arm chalra, for
protnenadd and houxe drfna, aa the ekirtmn ba
tu'.dcd when In ue to occupr a email place ea
ia!ly and conveniently aa a silk or muslin
A imly hiving enjoyed the pleasure, comfort,
and irrcut conva.iieuue of wosrinr the Dnol
Kiliptio Steel Spring Skirt for a single day will
never afterwards dinpenfe with their una. For
ctiilurcu, llle and young udios they ara
fiipirior to all other.
T ho hoops are covered wlh two ply donbla
iviMtJ thread i nd will enr twice aalong aa
tho sinirlo j urn covoring which is need on all
Sinule r?teorihnp Skirts. The three bottom
rdon every Skirt are also double steel, and
twice or double covered to preve it the covering
from v esting otf tho rods when drawing down
btitiri", stone rtepn, etc , etc. which thej ara
:ontuntly nibjuct to when in nxe.
All are madu of tho new sad eltgsnt corded
topes, and ara tho bast quality ic every psrt,
aiiiitf to tho nearer the most graceful and
p-rlcrt xlmpe ponsible, and ara nnqnestionably
the li'htus', moat durable, comfortable and
I'l'nii.iir.li'nl shirt ornr made.
WESTS' BKAULKY & CARY, Proprietora
nf the invention, nnd sole manufacturers, 97
Olmmocr.', aud 79 and 61, Head streets, New
Fur Kale in all flrst-clsss stores In this city,
nnd throughout the United States and Canadas,
Ihivnnna ilu Cuba, Mexico, South America, sad
tho Ve. I dies.
I'-eY" Inquire for the Duplix Bliptlo (or
inn tile) Spring Kkir'.
Tuiiii.irv IS, I'M, 3,no A. A 0.
GRfitT combined talent of
Ell rone and Amerieaara
the men to consul t : Ors. Bon-
a pane & Reynolds. o 18
Sy, ii,.r strct, C'iiicli.uuii, is the only offloe
in tha iy whero a permanent cure of prlvsta
Disnssescan he had without the use ofmiircury
oril.nngeof diet. Wd gnnrnteO to cure Oonjr-
on. (ili't, Spliili, Imnoirnry, Nocturnal
Emissinns, or Sell' Ahuno, I)luf tiki EmMons,
Fvmule rumplulnrs, in short, every possihla
lorin snd vnriety of FexunI D!esie. - Cares
mpiil, th nnirh ttd permanent, and fees moje
ru'ii. Come onu Come all.
(Ihiat MtDKAt ciacciAa sent for two I OSDt
FiiiNrit PAiti-A surepreventatlvaiodlsesaa.
Puce. 1 each, or three for 1, or 7 per doien.
Sent by mail. r
Dr. B.'s Invigorating Llnimint, Prloa. I 09
pr-r hotle.
Giifat wnna ow pbiwate diskasis, THt euioa
to health, isboneficial to all, male and fcmala
the ol4 nml young, should road this book. Il
will eniigVen thoso who grope la darkness.
1 rii.-e.2jj by mill, m"untln of light one dollar.
N. BiTo the ladvs. No I.sdv should ba
without JUd. I.ozior Female Monthly Pills-.
a safe and efledtiinl remodj tor all irregalaritiea
nnd olistrnetinn, fmro whatever cause. Trloa
one dollar a box; extra fine five dollars. Cum
munications by mail entirely lonfldontlal. Na
letters will he answered unhws they contsia a
rcrnittunoe orn poxtugs stamp. Call or address.
1S3 RyeamoroSt ,bot, Fifth and Sixth, east aid
''inciiimd.O. fjflieo hoars, 8 A. M. to 9 P. 11:
P. C . Box 132. . "
Pil Rcmcd?
HAS cured thousands of
the worst essss of
V Blind and Rleedinv Piles.
It gives ImiMeillsto Hief. and effects a perma
luntins. Try it directly It Is w 'rrantsd ta
on re
1 or talo r.y all UniggUtb at 69 cents par
hot tii.
Jinittary 1?, ISC", ly.
-r- .
"V I il
IS Wftrmntpfl tn hm ia nnlv nransssiinr.
known to euro Coughs. Colds, Hoarseness,
Asthma, Whooping Cough, Chronlo Coughs,
Concur- ntion, Bronchitis and Croup. Being
propar-d from Honey and Uorbs it is healing,
softening, and expectorating, an I particularly
suitablo for all aifectirn of th Throat and
Lungs. For sal hy all Druggists everywhere.
January 13, 16o8, ly.
TV1, PTaicaiASD'a
IJ Tomio ia t con -)
contratcd preparation of
' Roots snd Herbs, with
sntianlds and earmlnw
tivo to strengthen the stomach sad norveus sys
tem. It is a eennin remedy for Dyspepsia or In
i!iption, Nervousness, Los ot Appetite,
U'idity of tha Stomach, Flatu'enoy and
Debiiiry. It I not nlcoholic, therefore particu
larly suiteil-for Wenk. Nervous and Dyspiptlo
port ons. For sale by all Draggista avory whara
at ono dollar per bottla.
.Tanuiirv 18. tp.llt. lv.
L). gal llotitcs.
Sheriff's Salo.
I A I h Ulll). VINTON COi
P & L (J Brown adm's nf Jno 1 In conrt of
.u lirown dec a j it us
P fi Rrown t,r!no!rnl ami .T H-Ommon fttU
V Brown J (t .Vvreilund recti r-
ii:s Difendsfts. j on Vendf.
PTJIISUVNT to tho command of a vendi In th
shuva cuvo to mo directed from the Cbnrl
of Common Picas, of the aforesaid county of
Vintrn. I will offer u public sale, ar the door of
tho t'onrl-housu, in the town of McArtnUr, lo
nf nsaid er.nnty of Vin'on.on
Wednesday, Febntary 28th, I860,
at tho hour of one o'cloct P M of said day the
following hinds nnd ter.emunta to wit
A'd of out lot number three (3n the town
of Pra'.sviile. Yinoneonnty. Ohio. containing
'three acres and forty-three one hundredth of
:ian acre except portion of said rti lot convey
fed to I Pinncy y deed from PO Brown da' ed
Txiarch 5, 1559, contaiiiingwo acres and aint-
ly-nvo roo.
' Tsknn as tho property bf Pearly 0 Brown to
satify a jncWinnnt of aforesaid conrt, in favor
of Pun i L 6 Brown administratora of John X
Brown deceased.
Appraised aa follows, to-wit: Two hundred
and twettty-flve dollars and must brjat two
thirds of tbat num. "
Terms ot salo, cash In hand. '
ur,. . WHNJ.SHOCK1T.
JI D Brown gnsTdian Sheriff V C O
Jannary 8,1. lS6-nw4-rifl(Ho .....
T,0lin eenun'n' Estate
1VO rioE is hereby given that the subscribe?
i.1 has been qnaiined as administrator dab.
VV "'.I1 with ,oe in naxad of theaatakaoT
Joha M.h.ensn late of Vin xin cojrrty.Oaio.
deceased. Dated at ifcAihur,thlsSStbdsyf
January u. fwi JAB. A. GONJiTlfS.

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