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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, February 15, 1866, Image 3

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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The Lady's Trlend devoted to Fashioa anj
Literature. Beautiful steel engraviugn. Doa
ble eiie colored fashion plater. The ltet
patterns of Drestos, Cloaks, Bonnets, Einbroid
trjt &e. Household receipt, musio, tfto.
Wheeler A Wilson's Sewing Machines given m
premiums. Send 15 ete for a temple copy to
pAcow A I'tTiBtow, 319 Walnnt ft., MiiU.
Published tit benefit end aa a caution to
todno ixn and others, who Buffer from nervous
debility , premature decay of Manhood, Ac,
supplying ai tho same time Tin means oi sklv
crai. By one who has cored himself after no
dorgoing cousidorsbla quackery. By enclosing
' a pout-paid addressed euveluie,.aiirrle copies
free of oharpo, may be hud ot tho author.
NATHANIEL 11 AY FAIR, Esq., Brooklyn,
Kings oo., New York. fubl-ly
fiT The Mason & Hamlin Cabinet Ogan,
forty different styles, adapted to ssoreif and
ocular munto, for S0 to ,8t)0 each. Fifty one
Gold and Silver Medals, or other first premiuma
a-varded them. MnstratsH catalogues free. Ad
drew, MASON & II AMJJN, Bottou or MASON
BKUTHtUS, Kew York. aerU ly
. ferret ol YomiIi.
A Gentleman who suffered for years from
Nervous Debility, remntnre busy, and all
thooffecta of youthful indii-orotirn, vill, for
cake of suffer iig luimoriity, Mnd freeto all who
need it, the receipt and directions for making
the aimplo remedy by which ho was cured.
Sufferers wisbirg to profit b) the sdveith-er's
experience, can d o so by address ng
jelMv. !Vo, Chambers 8t., N. T.
To CnrtMiMiptlvcs.
The advertisr, having been restored to health
In a few weeks by a very lirnple remedy, after
having suffered for several years with a severe
lime; affection, and that dread disease, Con
sumption is anxious to make known to his
rollow-euflerer the means of cure.
To all who desire it, he will send a copy of
me proscription utea, tree ot cnarge, witn tbe
directions fcr preparing and using the same,
which they will And a euro cure for Consump
tion, Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, a d
all Throat and wing Affections. The only o
ject of the advortieer in rend nt? the l'reneri.i
tion is to benefit the afflicted and rpresd infor
mation which he conceives to be invsluuble,
nd he hopes every iiirVercr will try his remedy.
as ii win cost mora naming and may prove
Parties wishing the Prescription, run, by
return wmi, wiu picaae snnrcss, .
William ihurgh, Kings Co.,K. Y
January 11, 1366-ly.
Mimik bui True.
Evert young lady and ucntleman In the
Vnitd States can hear something verj mueh
to their advantage by roturn mail, free of
charge, by addr wing lie undersigned. Those
having any fears of being hnmbui' ed will
oblige by not noticing this card. All otliors
wilt preaseaddrem their obedient servant,
, Jcll-ly. - 831 Broadway, N. V
AYI11SUI.RS. wisisiitris"
Do yon want Whiskers or Moustschtsl Our
Oricion.compound wjJI force tbora to grow on
he smoothest faco or ehin, or heir on bald heads
in en weens. nicefi,uu. tenx Dy mail any
where, closely sealed, on recoip' of price.
Addresa WAUFER& CO., Box 133, Brooklyn
now lurs. leniD-iy
A Clergyman while rasldinc in South Ann.
a as a missionary . discovered a as fe and sim
ple remedy for tne Cure of JNorvous Weakness.
Early Decay, Diseases ofthe Urinary and
, Seminal Organs, and tho whole train of disord
dera brought on by baneful and vicious habits.
Great ncmbet s have been already cured by this
nooie remeay. i romyieo Dy a tiesire to ben
nt inq iniicied, anu ursiortunsM, I will sene
the recipe fjr 'preparing, jnd UHing tWs rmdi-
o ne, in a sealed envelope, to any oue whonoeds
It, Fain or Chaiiob.
Pleaso inclose a posV-psld oevelope, address-
a io yonrsoir.
Address ' " "
' Station D. Biblx noons,
Mrs. Uthl365-lyr. ' New York
Agents Wanted!
To sell prion OrtindntM for .
Ladles Jewelry, Diamond Rings, Pin, Ac,
uniy $3,00 isacli,
. For any, article drawn, Retail price from
All Goods Warranted Oonnino.
Price of Certlneatos 25 Cents each. Lib
eral Premiums and Commission
allowed to Agents.
Sample Certificates Beekt Ebee.
Tor Circulars and Term? address, .
Messrs. IIAYWAKI3 & CO..
229 Broadway, New York
j an. iftwi, onto.
Composed of highly concentrated extrarcta
from roots end herbs of he highest medical
value, infallible in the curejf all deceases
of the Liver o; any derangement ofthe Di
gestive Organs, They remove all Impuri
ties ofthe Blood, and are unequaled in the
cure of Diarrhae, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Scro
fula, Biliousness, Liver CWplant, Fevers,
Headache, files, Mercurial Deseaees, Here
ditary Humors. Dose for adults, one pill in
the mori.ing children half a pill, From one
to three pills will cure ordinary cuses, and
from one to three bones will cure any curea
Die case of no matter how lone standing:
Price $l 00 per box, Trade supplied or sent
py man
tine 1st 1865-ly 62 Fulton St N Y
A. Cough, Cold, or Sor Throat,
Ibeitation of tub Lckgs, a I'ekma
nkkt Thro Afr Affection, ob an In
is orran th rzsdlt.
Fob Bbonchihs, Abthua, OATABAti,
Consumptive and Throat Oireapes,
trochees abe used with always good
Singers and I'cbuo Sfeakikb
will find Tbocees useful in clearmj the
voice when taken before singing or speak
ing;, and relieving the throat after an unu
1 exertion of the vocal organs. The
Tbochees are recommended and prescribed
by Physioians, and have had testimonials
from eminent men througont the country.
Being an article of true merit, and having
proved their efficacy, by ' a test of -many
years, each year finds them in new locali
ties in various partrof the world, and the
Trochees are universally pronounced better
than other articles. . . , ;. ;! .
Obtain only "Brown's Bronchial Tro
chees," and do not take any of the Worth
less Imitations that may be offered, -, .
Sold everywhere In the United States,
nd in Foreign Countries, at 35 cents per
Official Orfrsn ol'.Viutou .County.
tW Adverthtmtntt to appear on Thurs
day morninO, mut be handed in not later
man Ivetdny evening.
One year, , :.. $1 60
igbt months, 1 OO
Four months, H)
raymeut in advance In all cases.
One square, ten lines, 00
Each additional Insertion, 40
Card, per year, ten lines, 8 OO
Aoticcs or f.xecutors, Administra
tors and GuardUtia, 2 00
Attachment notices before J. P, . . . a 00
Local notices, per Hue, 10
Yearly udvertismenU will be charred
ffW per column, and at porportionaW
races lor less tnan a column. 1'ayable In
auvanca .
TL.AKS of every description, for sale'
U an
; this olllcc.
Religious Services in McArthur.
M. E. Cni'Bcn.-ruarbine Sahbath at half
att ted o'clock, A. M., and half-past tlx
o ciovK, r. m. eannaio ccnooi,xr. ii.
Pbisbttkrun Cm nen. --fen-loo nt 11 o'cl'k
i. m., and 6 o'clt'Cl r. u. Subtuth Stheol at 9
o'clock a. every Sabbath.
CuniaTiAN Chi iicii. Services at 11 o'clock a
u., evry Hahbath.
1'or Legal Advertisements 6ee
ourth page.
I hanks To Hon. II. S. Bundy,
i, j wt puDiic aoruments received.
lion. A.J.tbwaim will accept
TT a w
vui iur puufir nocumeme received
Ti 1 .
x tholum jias Deen aiscovered
to be the best preserver of wood that csn be
compounded by chemists.
We had th.o pleasure ofshaking'
lhn 'fiat' nf n... foil . .
..w win ic-i.i.vv IUiTlls:iltlll. ivir.
Georoe W. WAtTi, last Satmday. George
io luuHing tot) wen.
hie past weeK lias been a-ery
di?ag:eeable one. There being an abund
ance of rain and mud with a little snow for
. Notice to Advertisers. All Ad
yertisments paid for, In the Mc Arthur
Vetr.ocrol, will be continued in this paper
tne time contracted (nr.
. 1
informed br the Cincinnati Gazette of th
6th inst., that trains will commence tunning
over me new tracK; netween Loveland and
Oiiicinnkti, on the 19th inst.
Titers will be a special election
in Washington county, on the 17th Inst.
for tne purpose of choosinz a Renresenta
live to fill the vacancy caused by the death
01 A. u. tiasnins, Jaq.
Horse Stoles. Mr. E. . Lamb.
- . - - .....
living in me vicinity of 5dina, had his sta
ble entered on Saturday night last, andaUne
Day mare stolen which he valued Very
.iM-af r-j... i' '
Singular. A Judge in Knox
county issued, last month, license to two
young nw n to marry the same young ladv.
Whrit the result has been, no one knoweth
in tins regiop.
We learn by the Circleville Dem
ocrat that our old friend and schoolmate,
upi. i. hawk has purchased a stock of
gooas in ircieviiie, where ho inlands to
m ke himself permanently located. Success
to you, Lafe,
Fire Alarm. Last Friday morn
Ing the Tin Shop, in the tear of George
Lantz's Hardware Store, caught fire. The
fire was extmguishe I before mnch damage
was done. It was caused by the dropping
i ure oiutd ipc uui u i iiib cm nney.
InE citizens of Warren county,
unio, are circulating pennons praying the
Legislature to submit to the vote of .the
electors of siid county, the question of the
removal. of tbe county-seat from Lebanon lo
Shootisq Affray. We are in
romed by .the Highland ' Democrat," that
a shooting affrau occurred in Union town.
ship of that county, on the 26th nit., in
which five persons were wounded, though
none oi mem moriany.
Ide Umllicothe Advertiser gets
off the following.' "The "nigger," who for
merly located in the '-wood nile." has finallo
got out, and when last heard from wis
holding high carnival In the Hall ofthe Ohio
House ol Representatives."
Stolen. On WednesDav nieht
31st ult., two sorrel mares, belonging to
Alex. Taylor and Frank Maddox, were sto
len irom the flit, sterling meeting house. A
liberal reward is offered for their recovery.
Circleville "Democrat."
Correction. We take pleasure
in announcing thut our informant was mis.
taken in regaid to Esq. Kelch, of Hamden.
moving out west. He intends to remain in
"Little Vinton," aud wll! always be found
at his old stand.
We call the attention of our
readers to the advertisement of the Home
Insurance Company, in another column of
this Issue. William B. Davis, of McArth-
ur, is agent for this countv, where vou can
be iusured as well as in any other place.
Another Firs.--On Tuesday
last, about half past twelve o'clock, the
woodhouse of Mr. Francis Shades caught
fire. They were smoking pork in the wood
house and one piece fell in the fire and set
the bouw on fiie. Damages about $15 or
20. .
Tue revival , in the ' Methodist
Episcopal Church is still in operation.
There has been a great many young ladies
and a few young men of our town " 'listed
for life." . We sincerely hope that they may
prove faithful to the cause in whit b tbey
nave enlisted.
$1,900 REWARD!
' . . . . . .
Between three and half past
three o'clock on Sunday morn,'
ing, February 11th, 1866, the
county .safe, was llown open.
The burglars had opened the
two outer doors ' of the room by
means (as is siwvbsetf) of false
keys. TJie two outer doors of
me sate, are large and heavy,
were blown off w ith tremendous
force, tearing the hinges and
throwing the doors across the
room, mashing the counter and
sinking the ; corner of one door
in the west wall of theouudinq.
The front part of the safe was
torn to pieces, the jtartition wall
between the lreasurer s and
Clerks offices was a perfect
wreck', and the papersonhle of
the clerk in cases against this
wall were mixeil up with brick
and mortar in admirable wiir
fusion. The damages done to
the Court-house and safe is
probably over $1,500. The
robbers were disappointed hi
not getting into burglar proof
saje, and only got some loose
change, amounting lo about
$200 belonging to (he countu.
and we understand, about $6u0
belonging to individual deposi
tors. It has hardly paid for
engineering, and we. think little
Vinton has come off first lest hi
this raid. The above reward
ivill begiven for, the apprehen-
sioii ana conviction oj me our
glars. -..-.-.. : . ,
The following, from' the Circle
ville Democrat," may be of interest to onr
readers : "Lewis H. Bond, formerly of this
city, now oi umcuina'i, nas been appointed
Assistant District Attorney for the South
ern District of Ohio, . Mr.'Bond was elected
Prosecutor cf this countv in" 1861. In 1862
he joined the" 88th . Ohio Reeiment. . Sta
tioned at Camp Chase, and the greater part
of his term of service held the position of
Judge Advocate." 1
A Surveyor, near. Waynesburg,
Pa., lately fomid-a. atone, by ih roadside
marked, Due east 2 4 6. " Two rods, four
feet and six inches from that spot he found
an iron box, a few feet cinder 'ground, filled
.with silver coin. On the other side of the
lucky . stone was, "Due west," with the
aame figures, and at the asrae distance from
it a second box, like, the other, filled with'
gold coin. When the money was put
mere, or n nouia it, is a mystery.
Court of Common Pleas.-Jhis
Court com menceJ it3 February lerm for
1868, on last Tuesday. , Hon. John P. Plv
ley, presiding. Theie hat been no cases of
Importance yet disposed of, and the Grand
Jury is in aeion at the tiae of going to
presa ,
We notice in attendance the following
gentlemen of the bar t Messrs. M. Clark,
a. vapie. and S. S. Cook, of Chillicothe
H. S. Bundy. Prosecuting Attornev Hast
ings, snd Levi Dungan, of Jackson, aud A.
i. Drown, ot Athen.-
. A Monument to Samuel Medar.
It is proposed that the Democracy of Ohio
erect a monument over the remains of the
late Gov. Medary. It is a 'act well kno-vn
to the intimate friends of that distinguished
Democrat that at the time of his death he
wa9poor. ir ever there was in Ohio an
honest man, Samuel Medary was one. He
was a hasty, impulsive mm, ardent in his
likes as well as his hatreds, but withal one
of tbe kindest men the sun ever shone
'upon; The Democracy of Ohio in erecting
a monument to Governor Medarv would only
uc jumiy commemorating ine memory or a
m n who, for years, was one of their fore
most leaders. Judge Thurman, Gensral
Prentiss snd Dr. Trevitt, ol Columbus,
nave apreeu to act as custodians of the mon
timent fund, and any monev forwarded to
them Hill be applied to this purpose. Any
Democrats of this city or county desiring
to contributed can leave their juscaiptions
at this office, and we will forward them.
Important to Discharged Sol
diers. We clip the following extract from
1 1. - tll! .1 .... .. .. ...
mo vnmicoine "Advertiser," wnieli we
heartily recommend to our returned SoIJicr;
Friends : ,
"Certain traveling claim agents are flood
ing the country with hand-bills advertising
in glowing terms for Soldiers' Diecharew:
mi promising speedy collection ol all claims
due discharged soldiers, upon very liberal
terms c Now these men msv be hones'.
and then again thev may not. Atanv raia.
the Attorney's and claim agents of out own
county can do this Dusiness just as well,
ana moat proDabiy better, living where it is
an eaty mattei to procure additional testi
mony, if needed. Io any event your local
agents and Attorneys have every inducement
to discharge the business honestlv and
promptly, while Attorneys. Agents and
Broken, living in. a distant city, and who
never expect to do any other business for
you, care but little whether they maintain
toe goou opinion ol their clients or not, and
will in many instances charge exorbitant
fees if they do not swindle the claimants
out of the half or the whole of their claims.
km ploy no person whom vou do not know.
and none outside af your own county. '
Religious Services in McArthur. Deaths.
GIBSON-Oo Sunday the 11th instant, at
thareiidence of hi brother-in-law. near
MeArthur, Mr. Joshua -G. Gibson, aged
i 1 years, 3 months and 35 days.
. Ht Gibson was member of ibe bar for
few, years past, and. also edited tbe Mc V
thur Register, of this place during its exist
ence.. :'He entered the army in 186a, as
Second Lieutenant of Captain John 8. Mc
Dowell's Co. B. 90th Reg't. 0. V. I., and
resigned on account of physical disability.
He was ayoung man of no ordinary intel
lect FULLER On Thursday, the 8th Instant,
at bra residence, in MeArthur, of Lung
Fever, Mr. Oliver Fuller, aged 72 years
and 4 months.
. In the death of Mr. Fuller, the commu
nity has lo. oi) a .of its best citizens. He
was honorable and upright in all business
transactiona ; he was kind hearted and
much beloved by his family and friends who
mourn his loss.
McArthur Produce Market.
McArthur Produce Market. CORRECTED WEEKLY, BY D. WILL & BRO'S.
McARTHUR, O., Feb. 15, 1866.
Apilcs,(dri1,) 1 00 Peoawax t 25
Butter 20a25
Beaua 3 00
Chickens V5
Co floe 8 J
Whito Kieli
Cod Fish
11 00
, SO
, 1 CO
Peaches. (dried) 6 00
..10 00
. 15
. S 00
.. 3 00
Kice 3
Suit t 25
Timoth 8g0
Tallow 13
McArthur Grain Market.
Wheat, old Bed J 00 New R,d....2 OO
urn wnne x 10 Tlaw White.. 3 10
BholltdCorn 46 Corn, Ear 51
Outs 50 Kje SO
Barley 60 Hay 8 00
Cincinnati Market.
Coffke. We qtiotn common Rio at 27;i-
'ide, prime uo. at Gallic : choice do. at 31c,
common Java sit 42c, aud prime do ut 4"c
pT ID.
Jioos ainrKet dun ana cl iscd at 2"c
r dozen for fresh, in good snipping or
Flouk We quota Superfine nt $7 00a
7 60, new wheat extra ut S7 75a!) 00. old
wheat extra nt 88 73a9 2ft, Family nt $ 0 25
alO 25, and: Fancy ut $10 OOall 50. -Rve
flour $1 75 perbbl, Buckwheat Hour f 4 lion
4,23 per UK) IIM, ami $8 OOulO 00 jut bbl,
fhiilatter for Kn.tern. t orn nical la active
at PI 50 wr IOO Hw.
Gbain We quote prime old Red. wheat
ntPr WKtl Ut). Aew Jletl ?l 80 for prime
and, L 00a 1 .60 for . In ferlor. Home lots of
Old White are ollered at $2 30u2 60. The
demaiid for Corn is still nctive, ml prices
remain Arm for Car at Maafic per bunhel.
Shelled 55a5Gc for mixed, and 75c Including
sacks. Oats in fair demand at 37c, nnd 3!)u
fop choice. . .Rye in little demand, at 75c for
'prlimV A' few sales of prime fall barley
TfporfraatM5al-20. . . .'. . :
.. 8rjoiR-4Ve quote raw at 13al0c ; yellow
refined, 4Ca47c: white soft reflned, 10al8c:
nuru rviiiiuu, jyuzve. .
WPjai Money In thy Purse."
..... i . . .:
5fVA Active and rolloble agents, iala or
yjjJ fcmalo, and of all ages, are wanted
U canvaas cveT city, town, village, humlet
woKonop, nna incwr tnrougliout tne entire
world for the sale of our
Watchei, Jewelry, iVfter-H'are, iUvsfcal boxes
" . ' ". Album and Other Article.
Knergetlo persons cf good habits and fair bus
iness taot can c leur over f 25 per week In the
country, ana mucn larger amonut in tuloki
suvMtu locniuior 1
tfb Capital liemirsd I
Sampletof one articles, to the amount off!
win d aeni ny man tor inspection and lr But
Snrioinr nuismviory nqenarre. oona your aa
raw, iroa are of an indnatrious turn of mind
aadln qnoat of lmmodiate wealth. Direct to
1'AKKINSON ii CO., Importers,
foh8-8m 808 Broadway, N.Y.
48 Pagres, 48 rages,
IS published In ueaaon to be received In ponr
ly all part of the Unit K States eant of tho
Kwilty Moootalns, on evarv Saturday of ita
data. It will be dovoted to
Science and Art,
1 1 will nntninr
The host Popular Tuloa,
l ne nest unmcno tstorio,
The boat rtketchesof Travel,
Tho boat Papers an.IJPopolar Soienee,
. The bt-nt Slmrt Poiulur taja,
The boat Poeinii, Biorraphias, ete.
It gives
More and Better for the Money
Than any other Magazine aver publsbed. lis
scleotloca embrace the host articles from Dickens-ChambersThe
Cornhill aud other leaj
lag foreign Magasines, publiahod frexh on the
arrival of ecch steamer, and a groat variety of
ungimu innituro; m oesi autnors. We began
January 1 8th, '
Uoio i Dxadty a Fortune in Yatt tt.,
I sot IWaTricd.
A ft)?fintiiil . nriirTnal sin I tma af ...
K ------ ' w, u v, obuij. nuiucA-
prcraiy for tbe Jrow York Weeklv Mo
a gentleman of great xporleme, who knows
au me ins aa oau, aud who will give more In
formation abont the straight and crooked way
of that eelebrated street than has ever been
published- To be completed ift a few weeks.
As the Magazine is stcrcolTuad back nu inborn
can be supplied at ten cente each. All nows
dealers should have tha Magazlno, hnt when
they are not acoeiieible, we have tha following
eash in advance
One copy,' one year $ 4 00
One copy;, three months 1 OO
Two Copies, one year ,.. 7 00
Five copies l.yr aud 1 extra to ageats 20 OO
. . Bpaciraao aopiea sent by mail on receipt of
ten cenfcw .
iy Ira opcciss - This Masazina basso sx-
aotly mca great fablio want, that
20,000 Copies are noio Printed
with every prospect of a vastly greaier edition
sssooa aa tne public is aware of ita merita.
. Address, O. H. BAILEY & CO., Publishers
N.Y. Weekly Magaxiat, No. 7, Bookman atreot,
New York rebS-?
Dr. x a STUONO,
Ilolbert Cor OpBitCort -hoese,
Drugs," Medicines,
ami Chemicals,
Paints, Oils, .
and Dye-Stuffs,
Medical Purposes,
TETTER, Cap, and No'e paper. Port Fnlios,
J Port Monies, Diuarles, Pockot Knives,
Writing Fluid and other articles kept by Drug
gists generally. The above article have beon
bought low for cash, selected with great care
and will bo warranted as repreK'nted and sold
at the
Very Lowest Cash Price.
N. P. Phyticlons Prescriptions carofully
Januar) ith ISCO-tr'. .. . ,
The Great Invention of the Ape In
'. 1. W. Bradley's New Patent Duplex Elliptio
-. (or doable) Spring Skirt.
The Invention consist nf Duplex (or two)
Elliptic Puro Heated Steol Pprings, ingeniop-ly
bruided tightly and firmly together, edge .o
edgp, making the toughest, motf inflexiblo, elas
tic, and durable Spring ever need. They
seldom bead er break, like tha single Springs,
and conseauontly preaorte their perfect and
beautiful shape more than twiiSe ai long aa any
singlo spring skirt that ever has or can be
The wonderful flexibility and greitcnmfort
and plcsRiire to sny lady wearing tho Iuplex
Elliptic Skirt will be cxporioncod particularly
In sll erondel semblio, operas, carriages,
ra'lroud cars, church' pews, arm chairs, for
promenade and Iiouko drew, aa the skirt on b
folded when in uh to occupy a small place as
eanj ana conveniently as a silK or muMln
A lady having enjoyed tho ploasure, comfort,
nu grt-iii voavooiunca oi wearing ine JJnpltX
Elliptic Steel Spring Skirt for a single day will
never afterwards dispense with their una. for
onimren, aimaes ana young lidios they are
fuperlor to all others.
The hoops are covered wih wo nlv donhl
fwirted thread ind will wear t a ice as long ai
tnu Binirio yarn vovuriog wnicc lS.Uieu oa all
Singlo Steel Hnnp Skirts, 'l'bo three bottom
rods on every Skirt ure also donhla kImI. inJ
twice or double covered to prevent tho covering
irum wearing tit 1110 ran wnen uragjinguown
stairs, stone rteps, etc., etc, which thej are
jonslonlly snhjoet to w!;on In. iiao.
AU are nisJo of tha new ai d elegant corded
tapes, and are the bast quality in every part,
giving to the wearer the mot graceful and
perfect hhape p'oi-siblo, and ro unquestionably
the lighteHt, moat durable, comfortable and
eeonnmlcal akirt ever made.
WESTS' nRAOIEY A CARY. Proprietors
of the inven'Jnn, and iota manufactnrars, 97
Chnmoers, and TV snd 81, Head street, Kew
For aule In all first -class stores in this city,
and throughout the United Stntos and CunadaM,
llavanna de Cnbi, Mexico, South America, and
the West Ii dies.
t" Inquire for tb Dnplix Elliptic for
double) Spring Skirt. '
tnnnnry 18. IfjfiB. 3m.1 A. C.
fTS-CTgrn RAT eombired tilcntot
m'fcfJZ Kur'Pe nd Amoricaare
vV&5t tho men toconsult : Dm. Bon
TjlwNiJ aparte & Reynold, ot 1SJ
Sycamore street, Cincinnati, is the only office
in the tity whero a parrear.cnt cure of private
Discaxcs can be hal withont tho mm of murcury
or change of diot. We gmnntco to curs Oon r
losa, Goet, Syphilid, linpounuy, Nocturnal
EmUaions, or Sulf Abuno, Diurnsl Eniioions.
Female complaints, in short, every poraiMe
form and variety of Sexual Diteafo. Cures
rapid, tn ongh and permanent, and fees raoJe
rate. Come ono .Come all.
Great mkdical circdlab sent for two S aent
ratxen satxs Asnrcpreventativelo disease.
Piico, tl each, or three for s2. or t7
8ent by mail.
Dr. H.'s Invizoratinc Linimtnt. Prinn. oo
pr botle.
Orkat wob on prtvats dixa'sis, tb oumx
to HFAiTu, isboacficial to all, male and female
the old aud younr, should read this book. It
will enlighten those who grope in darkness.
Prioo,25o by mail, mountain of light one dollar.
a.D. io tub ladies. -o Lilly should be
ithoutMad. hotiirm Fsmila -Sinnthlv Pi'l.
a sate and eflectual remedy, for all irreaularlLisn
and oliatruction, frum, whatover oaus, Prioo
one dollar a box; extra fine five dollar.- Cum-.
mumcatinns by mail entirely fonndonttal. No
letters will be answered nnlwa tha conuin a
remittanoeoraTKMtaf e stamp. Call or address.
189 Syeamoro St . hot. Fifth and Sixth. eai side.
Hncinnal.O. Ollice buurr. A. JJ. to- 9 P. M i
r. . . iiox ie.
F U K i I T II R E !
Hortoa & Hulbert,
i E. P. Bothwell'a old stand, on High St
If A VINO bonglit out the atoclt of E. P.
Bottnvel., and brought cn a
msw stock or
091 1f !M4
. Bedsteads,
And every oilier article In the
All of which we will
Than any other estohlishmeiit In the eoun
ty. Call and examine our work nnd aee
loi yourselves. All work warrmited.
8ep. 29. 65. 6m E.A. HULBERT-.
"furniture r
E call tha attonllon of tn cltizeni
VinU.n county, to tha
WyckolEf & Kalers
SprnJUe & WyckofT, MeArthur, O.
Where flicy keep on hand every variety of fur
niture, COUBitliLg of
Bureaus, .
. Cribs,
. Safes,
Sta7ids. '
' Tables,
? "
And every thing In the fnmitnre line;
Wl lo'i thoy will sell cheaper than the cheap,
ost. Collins alwayt on hand and sold twenty -five
i-er cent uheapor than any other sxtabliih .
ment in the State of t'hio. Also, window 6ash
uand for rale low for cash. Jan. 18-6ro
w v w
The best of the monthlies rl
atnre and Fashion. 2,S0 a year. We give
Vhoolerdc Wilson's ceffihrated 55 Sewing
Mncliines on the followingterms:
Twenty copies and the sewing machine T0
Thirty ' ' ' i it gj
Forty. ' " h .i iq,,
Send 15 ctsfor a sample copy to Deacon &
rtTMUQK, ail Walnut l PhiUdolpliiu.
! Pi2e .cmcdv
.a a
gives tnimodnte n lief, and effects a perma
nent cm. Try It dlrecly. It Is wrranUd to
cure, i'or tlo by all Druggists at M cents por
Jauuary 18, 1S68. ly.
18 warranted to he thH nnlv nMn.r.t;m.
known to euro Coughs, Cold, HoarHoneM,
Anthina, Whooping Cough, Chronlo Coughs,
tounnrrritlon, Bronchitis and Cronp. Being
prepnrd from lloucy and Uerbg it ia healing,
HOftanintr, aud expectorating. anJ particularly
suitable fur. all affuctirns of tha Throat and
Lungs. For sale by all Druggwta everywhere.
Jannsry 13,18fi6,1y.
v itiuur-. ; nntTfiTt n it n in
Tl. Strickland's
LJ Toxic ia a con
cent rated preparatioa of .
P.oota and Herbs, with
tives to streijgthen the stomacb and norvvnssya-
iem. uma wriain remedv tor UvsMDeia or in
digestion, Nervousness, Loss ol Appetite, '
n M t f w A lha B..nl. f 1 ... 1 . ...
Dobility. K ia not aWholio, thereforo partica
larly suited for Weak. Nervous and Djspsptio
persons. Forsalcbrall DrngglsU avorvwhsra
one dollar per bottlo. - '
January 18, 1888, ly. .
Bridge Notice.
THERE will bs a etilJoa presented to the
commissioners of Vinton county at their
mtotlsgia March next, praying that honorahia
be'y fvr their, astloa of Ihs gnat necesity of a
brltlffe arM.a . kMnith .f pmaam ami.
New Plymouth, on the MoArtlmr road.
hvicuafW a AAV TAX-PAYER?.

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