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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, February 22, 1866, Image 3

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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Headache, Piles, Mercurial Deseases, Here
ditary Humors. Dos", for adults, one pill in
th.emori.inff children half a pill, From one
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Price $ I 00 per box, Trade supplied or sent
Dy man
una 1st 1865 ly - 62 Fulton St N Y
A Cough, Cold, or Sore Throat,
Requires . immediate attfntion, ado
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mkntToboat Affection, oe an In
give immediate belief.
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box. . oct36-6m I
Oflltinl Organ of Vinton County.
tW Advertisement to appear on Thurp
day morning, mutt be handed in not later
than Tuesday evening
One year, $1 50
Eight months, 1 H
Four monthsj 50
Payment in advance In all cases.
One square, ton lines, $1 00
Each additional insertion, 40
Cards, per year, ten linos, 8 00
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tors and Guiinlians, 2 00
Attachment notices before J, P., . . 2 CO
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Yearly nilvertisnients . will be charged
$00 per column, and at porportionute
rates for lua tliim a column. Payable in
LAN'KSof every description, for sale
111 him oinee. .
LOCAL MATTERS. Religious Services in McArthur.
M, y. CiiVHcii. -Treacling SalibaLli at balf-
- .tl.,.l, 1 . J V.la a. . !
o'clock, P. W. Sabbath School, 2 P. M.
Pbeb bttkbian CnoBcB. Servlcetat 11 o'ol'k
A. m., and A o'clock r. m. Sabbath School at 9
o'clock a. m., every Sabbath.
' CntiisTiAN CiiCHcfl. Services at 11 o'clock a.
M., every Sabbath.
AAcrtise iu tiie RIX'OUD.
For Legal Advertisements see
ourth page.
Subscribe for tho RECORD.
Thanks To Hon. II. S. Bundy,
ai. u ior puDlic documents received.
Advertise in tho RECORD.
Hon. A. J. Swaim, will accept
our tnanxs tor public documents received.
Subscribo for tlte RECORD.
We understand that the small
pox is at Zalcski, in this county.
Advertise in the RECORD.
See new advertisments in to-days
Subscribe for the RECORD.
Correspondence, giving news
items 01 general interest, solicited from all
paits oi the county.
Advertise in the RECORD.
The Court of Common Pleas is
still in session. We will publish the pro'
ceedings next week.
Subscribe for the RECORD.
Be sure and attend the Mite So'
ciety or the Presbyterian church next Wed
needay night.
. The hotels have been filled
during the past week, with persons attend
ing.court. Our exchanges speak of the pros
pects (01 a good wheat crop this year as
very discouraging.
There are .seven hundred and
and thirty-five convicts iu the Ohio Peni
Mrs. Henry Tenrod, of' Ames
township, Athena county, on the 31st ult..
gave Dirtn to tnree children all girls.
ETuey manage things curiously in
California military funerals, for Instance.
After burying the deceased, the band conies
back and serenades the widow.
Tiie sugar making time is close
at hand. Nothing, says an exchange, will
pay better than the manufacture of maple
kugar and molasses.
Mr. "William Hatfield, 5Cth Reg
iment 0. V. V. I., now stationed at Algiers,
La., will accept our thanks for New Or
leans papers received.
1 ... mam
We regret to learn that Noah L.
Wilson, Esq., has bad ' another relapse, and
his friends have serious doubt about his
Hogs! Hogs 11 Our corpora
tion authorities inlorms us that the mar
shal will commence taking cars of all hogs
running at large within the corporation.
Mb. T. A. Martin will commence
to dispose of his entire stock of goods at
auction, in Hamdeu, on next Wednesday,
the 28th instant.
. The Zaleski Company intends to
erect a commodious railroad ' depot at the
foot ot Commercial street, in Zaleski.
Size 25 by 60 feet. . ' ,
The past week has been a very
disagreeable one. There . being an abund
ance cf rain and mud with a little snow for
Notice to Advertisers. -All Ad
vertisments paid for, in the McArihur
Democrat, will be continued in this paper
the time contracted for.
We call attention to the Presi
dents message vetoing the Freed man 'a Bn
reau Bill in this weeks issue. We detain
ed our paper a little iu order, to give it to
our readers,
- 1 1 : .
Tiie Zanesville Courier learns
that the spotted lever is nrninir in Browns
ville, Licking county, and that several
deaths have already occurred from that fatal
maiaay, .....
WEhad'tha nlengnrA rif tati'ncr
the "fist of Our Ptattaville rnrro.nnnH.nl
this week.' He is looking well and says
there has been no bloodv cnnflir.t n thai
city since.bis last. . .-' .:' J
There is a report that there have
been 'several casts tif small pox at-Middle-ton
and Buckeye Furnace. Some deny that
it is the small-pox. It is said that
a son of Dr. Crumit,of Berlin, bas it.
Wm. EoBtssoN Was killed at a
dance abaut thirteen miles north of Kelsorl
Ville, on last Friday, the tth Inst. Three
of the parties engaged we iinderbtsnd hf.ve
been arretted. One boy escaped.
We are informed by the Athens
Messenger, (hat the soldiers of that county
will hold a meeting at the crurt-house, in
Athens On the 24th instant, to express their
views upon the rights of soldiers. Good
idea that.
'Some cowardly villains entered
the office of the Washington Couuty News
on the night of the 12th instant, and knock
ed into pi a large quantity of type, and
carried off some material belonging to the
office. .
The Zaleski Herald. This is tho
title of a new paper just started in Zaleski,
Vinton county. Ohio. It Is the same altte
of the Record, and the f.rst number is very
neatly piinled. It is edited md published
by William L. Edmiston, Esq., formerly of
. u - i o - ... . I ur:il:
una piace. auctesn ai'.euu you, miiiibiii.
Shot Himself. Jas. Callaghan,
at Cross Roads, Jackson county, recently
attempted to blow into his gun to see if it
was loaded, holding back the hummer with
bis foot. foot slipped and the gun
went oft. and sending the ball through his
brain and killing him instantly.
The Lancaster Eagle understands
that the stock in the Hocking Valley Rail
road has all been fully taken by Columbus
and New York capitalists, and that the iron
horse will soon go sweeping down the Hock
ing Valley from Columbus, stop for a drink
at Lancaster and continue his course down
to Clauncy on the Ohio river. Advertiser.
Attention, 0. N. G's. We fake
nlenfiiirp in annniinr nor to tha memhera nf
companies 'Q' and 'E' 1 48th Regiment of
-v ml . a i -t . .
unto national uuards.iiiaitne "certincaies
of thanks' from the President of the Uni
ted States, to each memhet, have been re
ceived and the members ran get poise.sioa
of same by calling at Dan Will & Bro's
Cheap Cash Store, Mc Arthur, Ohio,
Horse Thieves. The public
should be on its guard ' against this class ol
Trrfmccir a I f Vt i a vo a us a ma t ArAl!aaSnna I trm
the yeason, that clans of these kind of
thieves, are organized by a working system,
which evades detection and pursuit of the
tlnef. In many ol the counties north and
west in this State, horse dealing, (judging
irom the number of notices that come to
hand), has become a geneial business. :
Our Delay . Last Wfek. We
were not able to issue the Recobd last week
until Saturday, owing to the fact that
Thursday morning, just upon going to press
"our devil" took the roller to the stove to
warm it, and forgetting himself, went away,
upon return in?, iu ahout filteen minutes
he found that the roller had melted, and oi
course we had to make a new one.
Hereafter we will be out every Thursday
morning promptly.
Slightly PERS0NAt.--The pub
lishers of Pennsylvania, at a recent meet
ing, adopted the following resolution .
Resolved, That we' have full confidence
In the integrity and financial ability of S3.
M. Pettingill &. Co., and we consider
Mather & Co.,. and Abbott & Co., as un
mitigated scoundrels.
We desire to record our vole in favot of
that resolution. Holmes County Farmer.
Same down this way. We have tried
them, but will try them no more. They are
anything but the nu-thing. Highland
We heartily endorse the above, except
that portion in regard Id Abbott ii Co.,
who bare always "come up to time" in
business transactions with us.
Railroad Matters. The project
of building a railroad from Athens to Col
umbus, up the Hocking Valley, is on foot,
with the probability of success.
The Galllpolls papers, as stated elsewhere
are discussing 'he importance of a railroad
connection with Hamden.
The citizens of Ironton are moving in
the matter of completing the Iron R. R., so
as to connect with the Portsmouth branch
of the ol. ot C- R. R.
The question of building a railroad from
a point in Kentucky opposite Portsnouth,
to Lexington, Ky., via Grayson, is being
These are all important projects, but of
no more importance than the contemplated
road from this place to Hamden. Our rea-
aers wm see oy tnis that other places are
wide awake to their interests in such mat
ters, and we should emulate their example
in this regard. Middleport Gaxette.
A Monument to Samuel Medary.
It is proposed that the Democracy of Ohio
erect a monument over the remains of the
late Gov. Medary. , It is a (act well known
to the intimate friends of that distinguished
Democrat that at the time of his death he
was poor. If ever there was in ' Ohio an
honest man, Samuel Medary was one. He
was a hasty, impulsive man, ardent in his
likes as well as his hatreds, but withal one
of the kindest men the sun ever shone
upon; The Democracy of Ohio in erecting
a monument to Governor Medary would only
be justly commemorating the memory of a
mi n who, for years, was one of their fore
most leaders, Judge Thurman,, General
Prentiss and Dr. , Trevitt, of Columbus,
have agreed to act as custodians of the mon
ument fund, and any money forwarded to
them will be applied to this'purpose. Any
Democrats of this city or county desiring
to contributed can leave their luhscaiptldns
at this office, and we will forward them.
Important to Discharged . Sol
diebs. We clip the following extract from
the Chillicothe "Advertiser," whieh we
heartily retommand to our returned Soldier
Friends: .
"Certain traveling claim agents are flood
ing the country with hand-bills advertising
in glowing terms for Soldiers' Discharges,
andpromisir.ff speedy collection of all claims
due discharged solaiers. upon very liberal
terms &c Now these .men may be honest,
and then again thevtnay not. Atanv rate.
Uie Attorney's and claim agents of our own
county can do this business just as well,
and most probably better, living whee it is
an eaty mattei to procure additional testi
mony,. if needed. In any event your, local
agents and Attorneys have every ii.ducemen t
to discharge the . business honestly . and
promptly, while Attorneys, Agent and
Brokers, living in a distant city, and . who
uever expect to do any other business for
you, care but little whether they maintain
the good opinion of their clients or not, and
will in many instances charge exorbitant
fees if they do not swindle the claimants
out of the half or the whole of their claims.
Employ no person whom you do hbl know,
aod none oettlde ofyour,own coUnlyt
LOCAL MATTERS. Religious Services in McArthur. Marriages.
MILLER--BARBEE On the lSiK inst.,
by Andrew G. Elliott, J. P-, Mr. James
Miller, of Shelby, Illinois, to Mrs; Phoebe
Ann Barbae, of Vinton county, Ohio.
McArthur Produce Market.
McARTHUR, O., Feb. 22, 1866.
Apples, fdriod.V 18 00 liectwar 2!
Butter 20n25 Beaut 2 00
Chlckeni 25 Cheew..'. 85
i '.iff..- -fii ita.. on
Wbit Flub 12X MuckareU 19
Cod Fish-.. 12X Feathers 50
r lucr ii uu reamer eu
Lard 29 Molieaes 75
Onions.- 1 60 Peaches, (dried) ( 00
Pork 10 00 Bice 15
Sugar.... 1&120 Bait 8 25
Starch 15 Timothv 3 50
Flax 2 00 Tallow'"""-.. 12
Whisky."..... i. 3 00
McArthur Grain Market.
wheat, old Red 2 00 New Red.; ; 12 00
Old Whito 2 10 Naw White., a 10
Shelled Corn 45 Corn, Ear 5
Oata SO Kja 80
Barley 60 11 a j 8 00
Cincinnati Market.
Cokfke. We quote common Rio at 27a'
28c, prime do. at 2tlu31c : choice do. at illc
common Java at 42u, and primo do ut 45c
per id.
Egos Market dull and cloned nt 23c
Scr dozen for fresh, In good shipping or
or. FLOun Wo quote Superfine nt $7 Ofl.i
7 50, new wheat extra nt $7 75a'J 00. old
wheat extra nt $8 75a9 25, Family at $0 25
alO 25, and Fancv at $10 COall 50. live
flour $4 75 per bid, Buckwheat Hour $i 00a
4 25 per 100 lbs, and IJ8 OOulO 00 per bbl,
the hitter for Eastern. Coru meal Is active
at $1 50 iht 100 lbs.
Gbain We quote primo old Red whrnt
nisi hum w. Jsew Red 91 80 for prime
ami 41 OOftl CO for Inferior. Stnnnlot of
old vv hito are ottered nt $2 30ni$2 50. Tlib
demand for Corli is still active, nnd prices
remain firm for' enr at 63n55c per bushel.
Shelled 55n50c for mixed, ami 7oo Intituling
sacks. Outs in fair demand at 37c, anil 30o
for choice. Rye Iti little demand, ht 75c for
prime, A lew miles ot prime full Imrley
reiwrtod at SI 15al 20. ;
Su(un We quoto raw at 13al(lc; yellow
retlned, 40a47c; white soft rclined, 10al8c:
nuru rcuiieu, luaauc. .
"Put IJIoney in thy Purse."
5 AAA Active and reliable agents, mnlo or
)VUU female, and of all agon, are vantod
to canvass every city, town, village, hamlet
woraanop, ana tacror tnrougnout tne entire
world, for the sale of onr
Mutches, Jvictlry, Silver' Ware, 3Iusicat boxes
Albums and Other Articles.
Enorgetio persons cf good habits and fair bus
iness tact can clear over 2S por week in tho
couniry,and a muou larger amount in thickly
settled localities I
No Capital Required I
Samnlei of our articles, to tho amount of 3
will bo sent hy mail for ii spection and if not
Striecdy sadatactory no charge. Bond your ad
resn, if yoa are of an industrious turn of mind
and in quest of immediate wealth. Direct to
PAKK1HS0N ft CO.,lmporters.
fot8-8ra 208 Broadway, N.Y,
48 Tagcs, 48 Pages,
TS published In anasnn to bo reooived in pgar
1 1; all parts of the Unitid Sutoa east of the
Kocky Monntuing, on every Saturday of its
daw. it will do dovotea to. .
. . Science and Art,
It will contains:
The beet Popular Talen,
The beet Dometio Stories,
Tha bust Sketches of Travel,
Tha best 1'apers andJPopular Science,
The but Short Popular Essije,
Tha best Poems, Biographies, eto.
It gives .
More and Better for the Money
Than any other Magazine ever published. ' tta
selections embrace the best articles from Dlck
ena Chambers The Cornhill and other leaj
Ing foreign Magazines. published frosh on the
arrival of etch steamer, and a grcut variety of
uriKiuai maivuroj lDe oesi aninors. we begun
January 18th,
How I made a Fortune hi Walt tl.,
How I got Married
A splendid, original and true story, written ex
pressly for the New York Weekly Magailnejby
a gentleman of great experience,- who knows
all the ins and outa, and who wiil give moro in
formation about the straight and crooked ways
of that celebrated street than ha aver been
published- . To be comploted in a few weeks.
As the Magazine is stereotyped back numbers
can ba supplied at ten conts each. All.news
dealers should havo the Magazino, hut when
thoy are not accessible, we have tha following
cash In advance
One copy, fine year. $ 4 00
OnrJ copy, throe months : 100
Two copies, One year 7 00
Five copies 1 yr and 1 extra to agents 20 00
Specimen eopiea sent by mail on receipt of
ten cento.
Its 8 ccisa.- This Magazine has so ex
actly me a grervt hnblio want, that
20,000 Copies are now Printed
with evory pr Jepect of a Tastly greater edition
as soon aa tha public is aware of IU merits.
Audresi, 0. H. BAILEY CO., Publishers
N. Y. Weekly Magazine, Ko. 7,Beekman street,
new lora leDB-XW
Piahos. Any of our ladies -wish
ing to buy or rent pianos, and let the rent
pay for them, can obtain the same at manu
facturers prlees, by callinsr on me, w hen I
will explain prices and Wrme. -
Hnlberts Cor Opposite Conrl-hoaie,
Drugs, Medicines,
and Chemicals,
Painty, Oils,
' . ' . . and Dye;Stuffs,
And Famy Aftiictts,
ITIcdical Purposes,
IETTEK, Cop, and NVe pnPcr; Tort lTniion,
J Port Monius, Uianrics, I'ockot Knives,
Writing Fluid and other articles kept by Orug-
gihts gonerallv. Tho ubove articles have been
ought low for ctuli, selected with great care
and will bo wurrcnUd as represented and sold
at the p - .
Very Lowest Cash Price.
N. B. rhyslclons Proscriptions' carofully
Jtmuurj 4th 1606-tf.
Soopi sum.
The Great Invention of the Ape in
J. W. Bradley's Now Patent Duplex Klliptio
(or double) Spring Skirt.
Tha. jnvontloh consists of Puplox (or two)
.elliptic ruro nencea oioci springs, lngBniouly
braided tightly and firmly together, edge to
edg making the tougho&t, moat inflexible), elas
tic-, and diiniblo Spring ever uied. They
seldom bend or break, like tho. tingle springs,
ana conscaucnuy proserve tlieir perluct and
beautiful Hhape more than twicoos long as any
ringio epiing eaiji, mat eor uas or can ue
The wonderful flexibility and great comfort
ana pleasure to any lady wearing tho Duplex
Elliptic Skirt will bo experienced farthulurly
in all crowded assemblies, operas,. carnages,
raMroad ears, church pows, arm chairs, for
promenade and house dress, as the skirt en be
folded when in use to occupy a small place as
caany ana conveniently aa a si IK or muslin
A lady having enjoyed the ploasure, comfort,
biiu xTi-ui conrenionco or wearing the Duplex
Elliptic Stool Spring Skirt for a single day will
never afterwards dispense with their nxo. tor
c In wren, Misses and young udios thoy are
superior to nil others.
Tho hoops are covered wih wo nlv donhla
wistcd thread ihd will wear twico as long as
iuu ouiiiiu j am covering wnicc is uoeil on all
Singlo Stool Hnop Skirts. Tho three bottom
rods on every Skirt are also double stool, and
twice or double covored to prove it tho covering
irom wearing on tno roas wnon limbing down
stairs, stono steps, etc., eto., which thej are
constantly subject to when in nse. -.All
are mado of the now and clrcant pnnlsd
tapes, and pre tho best quality in every part,
Kiviun to u s nearer, mo most, grs,cclul and
perfect shape possible, and are unquestionably
the lightest, most durable, comfortable and
economical skirt ever mado.
' .WK3T8' BRADLEY & CAKY, Proprietors
oi int ravenaoB, ana sole manufactnters, 97
Cnatooers, ana T and 61, Head streets, Kew
- 'Tor sale In all flrst-elasa stores in this city,
and thronghont the United States and Canadas,
Uavanna da Cuba, Mexico, 8outh America, and
the VVctl Ii dies.
1 BT Inquire for the Duplix Eliptto (or
January IS, 1866, 3mo. A 0.
GRKaT combined talent of
Europe and America are
the men to consul t : Dra. Bon
aparte & Reynolds, ot 182
Sycamore street, Cincinnati, is the only office
in the city whero a permanent cure of private
Diseases can be had without the nse of murcury
or change of diot. W gnnrantoo to cure Oon jr
hcea. Glee, Syphilis, Impotency, Nocturnal
Emissions, or Solf-Abuse, Diurnal Emissions,
Female complaints,, in short, evory possible
form and viiriety of Sexnal Diwano.
rapid, th ongh slid permanent, and fees mode
rato. Como ono Come all.
Great hedicio omcctAS sent for two 8 oent
t BKNcn f Arts A sure preventative to disease.
Price, tl each, br three for 2, or $7 per dozen.
Sent by mail.
Dr. B.'s Invigoratinc Linimmt. Price. 2 00
per botle.
Great tronx ox private diseases, the obioe
to health, ikboneficial to all, male and female
tha old and yonnr. should read this book. It
will enlighten those who grope ia darkness.
Fnce,23o by mail, mountain of light one dollar.
N.B.Jo the ladies. No Lvlv shonld ba
without Mad. Lozieris Fomale Monthly Fills
safe and eflectnal remedy for all irregularities
and obstruction, from whatever catfso. Price
one dollar(a box; extra Una five dollars. Ctim
mnnicationa by mail sntirely lonfidontial. No
letters will be answered nnlmw they' contain a
remittance (trja potago stasnp. - Call or '!drete.
133 Syeamors 6t.(bot. Fifth and Sixth. en.( side
Cincinnai.O. Offlee lonrsj' 6 A.M. toSl'iM.
F U KI IT URE! ,t . .
Horton & Hulbert,
At E. P. Bothwell'i old eland, on Hig'j St
HAVING bought out the stock of 8
Both well, nd brought on a "
.' i.
Tables, , .
. ; Chairs,-. -Settees,
ABtl evcrjr Other article ia the r
AH of which we witl
Than nry other establishme.it id" the fOtiit
ty. Call ami examine our work and aee '
ioi yourselves. All work warranted.
feep.23, '65. dm E. A. HULBKRTv ;
R call tha sttontlort of tnt eitiienv'a
Vinton county, to the ..';.'::.!
Wyckoff & Kalafa
Sprnguc & AVjckolT, McArthur, 0.
Whora Ihey keep on hand avarj variety of for- -.-nltura,
eoosisting of . . ,
- Chairs,
. - Crih 1 ; .
Safes, .'. . ,
StaiulSi ',
. i .
And every thing in the furniture line;
Which thoy will soli cheaper than the cheap. 1
est. Cottins alwaya on hand and sold twenty
flvo per cent obeiper than any other aotablidi .
ment in the State of I'hlB. Also, window Bash
on haHd for rale low for talh. Jan. 18-6m
Tho beat of the monthlies devoted to Ll'Ur-
aturo knd Fashion. 2,S0 i year.' W"4g1',,
Wheolr& Wilson'a celebrated f iS whi
Machinoson tho followlngjtormsr "
Twenty ctfnles and the sawing mn..tir.a ' aM
Thirty " " " ': 8S
norty " " it .1 JqA
Send 15 ct for a sample copy to fiktbo
Peiibsom, 319 Walnut st Philadelphia.
! Pile Remedy
I TTA8 cured thousands?.
ttlinj i.l Dlaaot:.- tlu
th wrtrafe a .au w
It gives Imraediate rrlief. and effects a perma- ,
ntnt ciifb. Try it direotly. It is wrraoUd Ml
cure. For sale by all lruggista at M etoU par
bottle. 1
January 18, 1S8. ly. .
dflttPiH flit Sill "
o warranted to be the .only preparation
known to cdfe Conghs, Colds, Hoarseness,
Asthma. Whnnntni f'nn.V P1.h!. f . v.
, ,. UVV.,H wt,,, viuiyuiu( -VOra,
Consurrptlon, Ironchitia and Croup. Bring ,
prepar-d from Honey and Harba It la hsaNari .'
softomng, and expeetorating. an J particularly '
ruuBuio mr an artcciicns or m Thfb.t ahd i
Lbngs. For sale by all Drngsista eVelVwhera.
Januiry 13, 1866, ly.
, . DR.
I Cough )
Nd i
( MORE. )
' Strickland's
' ' r. SriifcxtaicD'a
Tam fa m. mii'
cnt rated preprUon of
isoouand HerDfl, VUD
. T aaaa U'vixo BUU vaa Mia m
tives to strengthen the stomach and nerveus sys
tem. It is a cenain remedy or Dyspepsia or In
digestion, Nervousness; Lo.s ot Appatlta
Acidity of the Stomach, Flatulency anf
Debility. It is not alcoholic therefor partioa.
larly suited for Weak. Nervous and Dysnptt
pertons. Foraale.br all DrngglsU avatiwkara
at one dollar per bottle. ' '"
January 18, 1S66, ly.
Bridge Notice.
THERK will U a pettlicai 'presents.) t.a J
X COmm. M (mar ft saf VlnfAn aJ(WM. aa. V.
meeting in March nalk, praying that honoraKla -1
DOO V fnr that- .-,tMn - .v. . .
, , r miivh vi .U vrmHMIlTfl av - -
v ""K croes a branch of Eiocoea creek near
w.f Vmontb, en the HcArthnr road. j
fed3-sw .,. MAN Y TAX-PA TIES.

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