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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, March 08, 1866, Image 3

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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The Lady'i Filond-dovoteit to' FuOilon anl
Literature. Beautiful cel engravings. Dou-
blo uze colored lushlori plate. 1 ho lulcst
pat'orusof Dresses, C'louks, Bonnets, Embruld
cry, Ao. Household reditu, music. fcc.
wheeler & Wilson'j Sowing llr.cliines given as
premiums. Send IS cla fur a tnrr.plo copy to
Deacon & PiTinfoN, 310 Walnut t.,lhila.
J utdiblied as u beiiiht mil is caiiion to
tocso klm nd others, who sutler from nervous
debility, prcmuturo tleeuy ot alauhood, Ac.
supplying ut thosnnio tinia.TiFviEAN8 tr itLr
ccub. By one who bus cured himself utter tin
il or going considerable tuuclii)ty. By eiiclnMinr
a p.'Si-pjua uuuresstm envelope, Hugia copies
froo of chi.rko, mty be hid ot the av.hor.
NAT1IAMF1. alAYr'AlU.Fq., Brtoklyn,
Kinfra co., Now York. fcbl-ly
tSTTlio Mason & Hamlin t'ubinct Otfuiis,
forty dilferoiit styles, adapted to tarred and
secular music, f..rS0 to tfuo rncli. i'if.T one
Gold ami Silver Medula, or other tiritt premiums
turded them. MuntrnteH cutnl 'iriiiis to. Ad
dress, mason & hamlin, Boston or mason
BUy'l'lltliS, New York. scpH ly
I.IIOIS III lllllll.
A Ocntlcinun who niflVrcd tor year from
Nervous Debility. J'rciiktnre Decay, and ull
thocfl'octa of youthful il discretion, v ill, for
take (if suflerii.r l un unity, hi d free to all who
need it, the rvciitit and uirictioi.s lor muking
the simple remedy by which ho wan cured.
Siiflorcri wial.ii ji to ri.llt hy tl.c advertiser's
eipcrWucc, cau doao bv address rs
joll-lr. No, 13 Cbamters St., K. Y.
To oiiiiuilivi'M.
The advorlisr, having been restored to health
in a few woek hy a very simple remedy, after
having suffered forBCcral ycuu with a scvero
lun(r alfoctlon, and that dread diseuse, Con
sumption is ut;xioits to mulio known to his
folio w-un"t'ront ihemcuns of tilre.
To all who desire it, he will send a copy of
the prose, iption used, free of chnrjro, with tho
directions fi r preparing and usinp tlio raruo,
which bey will Hud a suro euro for Cnusump
tion, Aathnia, Jirfincl.it i, Coughs, 6'ulds, and
all Throat and Lnntr Atl'ccrions. Tho only ob
ject of tho advertiser In semi iiR tho Prescrip
tion ia to hem fit tho alllictcd mid spread infor
mation which he cniu'i'ivia to he invaluable,
and ho hopes every r-ufl'ercr will try his remedy,
a it will cost them nothing and may prove, a
1'urtiea.whtlilnfl tho 'Proscription, tree, by
return mail, will please address,
William ihurgh, Kings Co.
January 11, lSrt-ly.
Strange but True.
Unifd Ptnteacan honr aomotliir.ff vorv much
to their adrnntnge by roturn mail, free of
chai go, hy kddr 'fsinjr tho undersigned. Those
having .any fears of being humbug cd will
oblige by not noticing this card. All ethers
will please addrers their obedient servant,
T110S. . C1IAI'MA,
joll-ly. 831 Broadway, N. Y.
M K. Villl.SIi:iiH
Do you want Whiskers nr .Mriistnchcsl Our
GruclntrCompnund will fonc thrm to prow on
ho smoothest faco or chin, or hair en bald licada
In Six Weeks, l'iico 1 1 Hint by muil any
whero, clnsely sealed, rn recciii' of price.
Address WAKFEli & CO., Box 138, Brooklyn
Kew Y'ork. foblO-ly
A Clorgymiin while residing in 8uth Amor
en as a missionary, discovered a sale und sim
ple remedy lor tlio Cure of Norvous WenkiioBH,
Early Decay, Dlseasos oftho TTrionry and
Keminal Organs.and tho whole train ol dianrd
dors brought on by harmful and vicious hahis.
Great I. ninlieis fiovo I ecu already cured by thin
noble remody. 1'romytcu by a desire to bcn
fit ho ir)llotol and unfortunate, I will pone
the rcci.o fur preparing at d using this niidi
e'no, in a aoaled envolopo,to any one who needs
it, Kbkk or Chahoe.
I'leaso incloso a pos'.-paid covclopc, address
ed to yoursolf.
josi:ph t. ikman,
Ktation B. Bible Hoofe,
Mra. lth IS i'i-iyr. ' Kow York
Agents Wanted!
. To sell tiricfi CortihYiites for
Ladies Jewelry, Diamond l!inrs l'lns, A.C.,
Only $5,00 Enth,
For nnv article drawn, Eetall price from
$10 to $2.-0.
All Goods Wnrrnntcd Genuine.
Trice of Certificates 25 ( 'enU each. Lib
eral Premiums nnd Commission
allowed to Agents.
Sample Ckbmficatkb eekt Ekee.
For Circulars ami Terms address,
Messrs. 1IAYWAHD & CO.,
22!) I5roatlV!u-, New York
Jan. 4, 1806, 3mo.
Cotnposed ol highly concentrnted extra rcls
fiom roots and herbs of lite highest medical
value, inlallibie in the cure of all deceases
of the IJver o: any derangement of the Di
pe.tive Organs, They remove oil Impuri
ties of.the Blood, nndara uneqnaled in the
cure of Diarrhae, Jjundice, Dyspepsia. Scro
fula, BiliotismeM, Liver C. mplant, Fevers,
Headache, Piles, Mercurial Deceases, Here
ditary Humors. Dose for adults, one pill in
the tnoti.itig children half a pill, From one
to three pills wil! cure ordinary cases, anil
from one to three boxes will cure env curea
ble case of no ma'.ter ho.v long standing:
Price $1 00 box, Tradtj-supplied
per or sent
by muil
une 1st 1865-Iy . 62 Fulton St N Y
A. Coiiffh, Cold,, or Sore Throat,
Irritation of tub LrNos, a Perm a
- nent Throat Affection, ok an In
curable Lung Di?eae.
For BRONcmhsj Asthma, Cataraii,
Consumptive and Throat Dis-bapes,
trochees abe osed with always ooou
Singers and Public Steakkkb
will fipd Tbocees useful in clerinc,lhp
voice when taken before singiiic; or speuk
inj;, and relieving the throat after an unu
al exertion of the vocal organs. . The
Tbocheks are recommended and prescribed
by Physioians, ami have had testimonials
from eminent men througout the country
Being an article of true merit, and having
proved theirefficacy by :a, test, of niany
years, each year finds them in new locali
ties in various parts of the world; end the
Trochees are universally pronounced better
than other articles.
Obtain only "Brown's Bronchial Tro
chees," and do not take any of the Worth
less Imitations that may be offered.
Sold everywhere in the United Slates,
and in Foreign C- intries, at 35 cents per
tow oct26-6m
iZT,rni .r.-r-r
Otticiul Orsnu ot inton County,
', t3 Advertisements to a fear oil 1'hmt
ilaj tii,.'tij. uitist he handed in not laur
t an Tusday evening.
Oiip year, J J T;)
F.ijrlit months 1 )
Four montlis, u()
l'ayincMt In advance In all ra.-cs.
One sijtiare, ti-ti lilies Jf:l
j.iicn miciitioiini nis-i-nidii
I 'it n Is, i r vcar, li'ii litu-s
Mol !' of Kxc( ntor. Administra
8 CO
tors and (iiiai'tliaiiK 2 CO
Atlafliniciit notices U'forc J. 1, . . ' 2 tiO
Local notices, jut line, 10
Yearly iidvertismeiits vlll be charged
flCO ix'r ('(.liiiun, and at ixirpoitionate
rates tor less than a column. Payable hi
AX KS of every
at this olllce.
dcscrliition. for sale
Religious Services in McArthur.
M, . tin in ii. -I'n ml. iiy Fiihhhth atlulf
pt ten o'cii.ik, A. nnd hull'-) ut tix
O'clock, P.M. Htbl.nth ffilool, 2 P. M,
Tuts DYTrmAN CiuiieH.--f ervlceaat 11 o'cl'k
a. ii.. and oVhek p. li. r-iibbulh Echdol at 9
o'clock a. u., ctry jJ li.t li .
CmtmTiAv finriicn. Servlccnat 11 o'clock a.
u., every tulilinth.
Atlvortise in the iJiXOKD.
Fob Lognl Advertisements see
onrtli png.
Suhscrihe for the lUX'OKD,
Timsks To Hon. II. S. Bund v.
i. inr public dopuniPnU irceivru.
.... . '
Advertise in the ItECOIJI).
Jion. A,,l.f5waim, will accept
ouruiaiiHS mr public atnumenia received.
Subseriho lor the IlECOKI).
reading matter on fourth
Advertise in the IJIXOKD.
See newadvertismentsin to-days
Subscribe Tor the IIIXOKlV
ilcm of peiieral inlcrest,
paits of the county.
giving news
solicited from ull
Advertise in the ItrcoilD.
See change of time of the M.
C. R. R.
Subscribe for the KECORD.
Take Notice. All persons, in
(h btcrl either by note or a count, to Dr. A.
Comlee, or th firm of Con dee Si Intminiier
nre iiereb) notilied to call and setlle up by
the 1st day of Mpril 18fi6, or their arcounta
will be left with the proper ttuthorith's lor
collection m.3-3t
Change. Wo call tho attention
ofour Wideri to the fuel tliul the M. & C,
R It. are now running into Cincinnati, on
their r.e-w track, and the Clifton Housn in
that city only four squares from their depot,
nuking it convenient for passeimers to 6to;
at lb Clifton. Seo advenisemeiit m
another column,
Arrested. A man named Jlalen
Tln mpsoit, ns a rested at London, Ohio,
this week, who it is supposed, was engnjrrd
in the abbiiiJ of our County Treasury.
He woa brouit Iisipou Frida anl cuiifiiie!
in the countv j-ii', when he whs taken be
fore lisqr. Case to answer the charge n,Min.-t
him. Ho waived an examination end was
held in t7,000 bail. He says that h
United States dx'tcctive.
is a
The Rhetorical H'TEnciSES of the
McArthnr Union School will hereailer be
held in lite School House Hall; upon alter
nate Fridays, beginning t half past two
o'clock, P. M. Pationsend Iriends of thp
School nre invited to attend. The next
meeting is upon Fri:!a cf this week. (9th
inst) We would suggest the propriety oi
pa'entstakiiuait inteiej' Inline u,0 much
neulecteJ brunch ol education and providing
their children with suitable bonks from
which . to learn their p-ices. Eieiy man
mint, in' a country like this.he something of
an orator,iind th culture derived from these
exercifes will b? an ornament lo the purest
The Treasurer of
a Defaulter in the Sum of
a Defaulter in the Sum of $89,000.
Uu Sdturdiij morning, we Rave to the
public the ttatement ol the Ci.illicoihe Ad
vertiser, that the Ro county U'reasurv; ha I
been entered about 7 o'tljck'on the evening
of the 27th of February nnd robbed of fc400.
Subsequent exauiimi'ion by the C-uniy
Comniisioners di.-closed (he lact that there
was a deficiency of fe9.l'0l) in the Treasury.
Report declares that tlie , T.easun r, Win.
Rii'erhouse. is a delimiter in that sum.
Wp can hardly believe this, to be true;for
the reuson that since the commencement of
the War he has been inveteraiefy 'loyal,''
ami has been chairman of the Republican
County Central Cummittee. in that county,
and has been a sort of general nuiMger lor
the pnrty in the county for borne time.
Ilis.liatred of Demoi rats.of whom he always
spoke as Copjicrhends," was , intense,
w, it is "hardly possible that a man of.tius
descrip'.ioti would be' guilty ol dei'ilcatiou .
It is true that he was in de'ut wheu he be
cime Treasurer of the conirj: it U true, tint
riuce enler ng the Treasure.' office he has
bought fine ftm - boirp city property end
speculated in oil lands in Pike county, b .
yet e cannot imigiue how he should Have
become a defau Iter and we shall he gratified
lolcam that the facts relieve! him of all
such auspicion. We sympathize with the
tax-payers ot that county. It is very true
that a lot of most infernal scoundrels have
managed to g tinlo office lhtouh .' proleE
sions 01 extreme '-loyalty ," t ongii it was
supposed that Ross countv had been spaiej
such au inflicti m. Slales'ma".
Waiiriage Licenses. The iollow
!n? the Marri- LicenM'S iratiod by ll e
' I'orba'e Jndg from ih 31th .'av ol Januury
i .,, ,r 8,hlf,v , LVbniv .c,.
Pp'er Wa.ua t R ah R-inpr.
Jatnfs Kirki-r tn-G -nru l Wit'iTf poon,
JuinsE Tivlur Jr. ti.R.ch. E. .Murphy
Ji'liu Lani-mi toSUriili J Rtack rT I,
Ft li Grintra tn El zib-th L. Ret!J,
t) F. H ,rlo Jl E.,risrk,
Rii haril IT. 'GUfoii li Ani is .1. Geer,
Mirliei' lin er lo Briilit L-.uv,
Rit l urd J F. Hi-i'wh to Ann i M Tturns,
Jiii'- Mi'lcr fo Pin-be Aim K.irher,
Juliii H Linn to Nnncy J .ne Cia'Aford,
John (J Jliiorf t" R' bnrra K. Karnes
John Finze to Rntii ?o"fyiIi,
1. 1'. Ai frl to il.nv li. Sievi'iis,
Thoir.a Sim li t P!;p! o K, Ufy,
J'.idiiii Fuiit in S; r h IIu-toil,
Tlionus Buwtii In Cymlriilt Anilerson,
The Schoolmaster Abroad!
Wo gliould be gin. I lo think mi. but i!ip
InilicationsHre either that ha is not or ilia'
he is devoting his valuable lime ami m..r.
rips to the -lnjjl er hranrh-s" ntul has drop
ped rpellint; frcm his bill of facr. A cure
ful exoiiiiiiaion of the brief nn Gpogr p' y
presented at a recent ineiti'jof ;)nuit
Bihool Fx:miiners reveals the followii.tr
viirietirs ol fpelliiijr.
Aihniiiinarel fruulilii, to
Lonjj island
long Island
Purges Siihhh!
ptiets '
Misi ipn'a
pacific ocean
caiiiiiio .
A lipinnrl
S.ir lina
Si iota S . le'fna
. Si'iutij Ml' l'g;ear
S'.Wa . scotliind
Sioiia lilaml
Pi-ily k'phtiH key
Cesily i-i'aml
sieily Ynci'iin
Siscily PuPiiees
l ily iicrih sea
faPltco. rlitinel
qitpen Chsrlotie'.i Cvpre!s C'vprus)
ThT (Thames) Weles (Wales )
Sevpral of the.-e mistakes
Transfers of Teal Estate.
TIip following is the trHiisfers of real estate
in Vinton county, for the montli endiir
March 1st. lPfill
Lydia Devault to Andrew Filzsimmons,
80 acres, SOD 00.
Auditor of Vinton Co., to D4vid Piniier
i Hete 0 53 4. . ,
T. R. Join s rb Wm. T. Jmd SO acres
S00 TO.
J C T Brown to John - Re-Id. S3 acres
2tJH0 00
J'.hn Redd lo John SHaifk, 23 acre.
900 CO.
Lo enz.. D Barnes fo Jo'in S II uwk, 23
ncips 875 00
J nie Uufiee to James Duffi e Jr. 80 ictei
Elizabeth Wtntobe to Wm. Slanlfv 199
M W Mitchell lo G II Piles 1G8 acres
4000 00. .
Nancv L Miller to Alex Belford Ir.-lot No
15 A! e iaville 125 00-
Suwn Gieathoiise to A lex Belford one
half of lot No 16 llensville&O 00
CWHi.ff Ptal.to J W Uuir40acre
500 00.
C W MtilT lo J W Huff 40 acres 5.r0 00.
Alvan F,nuey to Natlun Winn 40 acres
150 00.
V Dodft loE P Botliw. ll lot No 111 in
McArthcr COO 00
W P Liih-y to J J Higjin Iii-lut No 9 in
llaiiiden 300 00.
B C S-evetis to J Sto'.ts fmrre? -tOOOO
Sainiiel l'i. ken.' to H II Tuack. r ln-lol
No 6 Raysville '03 ot)
Win Dole to Titotnis Djies 40 acres
500 00.
Wm Shrinerto Theodure Webo. 40 acres.
COO 00.
Lewis Remy to Hiram Reuiv a nart of
SCO ai r. s. 300 00.
lnhn W kemv to llirum Remv a Part of
200 acres 50 00.
J Hawk jrtoDjvid Hawk, 40 acre?,
000 00.
G W Juckson to Millev West. 40 arrp.-.
COO 00.
E P Bnthwell toE C Brown, lot N J 111,
in McArthnr, 050 00. i
Genrir? Iloulev to El ivnril A rrtnirttin
lot No GO in W ilkeville t5 00.
Lharles F Heruesheir to Jacob GaNkill.i
acres 240 00.
C'arinda Biake to J Munhonton. 40 acres
350 00.
U W CEnzep t-i H S II
Furnace propi;rtc 15 000 00.
n S Btitidy lo 11 S liainiltiin one-six-tcemli
tif Eigle Furnace, 4.0J0 00.
James Patterson to John Paiterson. 55
acres 310 00.
J.'spph Foster to J F Melviiight, 80 acre
900 0 J. .
Ji.ues P itterson to Rebecca Haski tt, 4j
acres 100 00.
L- i.i Benh to Wm A McGee, SO acres,
734 00. . , . . ...
E A ii A A Sissou to Fiaiuis Strong 163
cre. &.000 oo. .
G it w.i lo ll's A Caldwell, in lot
No 8. Mclrthnr. 75 00.
I M Wycii. ff t Friimv. M Slsaou, lot No
13j in M. Arthur, to 00.
'fl'ut jrioncy in Ihy Purse."
K A.otivonn'' roliahlo agents, jnule or
J)JjJ feaialu, and of all ugen,nro -auted
i cunvui.8 every city, (. wit, villnpe, liamiel
workslmp, and faeo throughout the outiro
world fur tho salo of onr
Watches, Jeirelry. iSilrer-Ware, Musical boxes
Albums and Other Articles.
Enerirotio pemons cf (jojd liabiui and fair hits
iness taoican clear nvtv per week in the
eiiuniry.nnil u much Inrgor amount in thickly
settled Inc.iliiios l
JVb Capital Required !
Samplei ol our aniel.a, to ttie amount of3
will be font hy muil for iriKpcciion and If nut
U'lrl'ocily Hntisfuctory no-Ii ire. Send your ad
ens. if yon are of an indii-irioiis turn of mind
nnd iu quest ..I'lmm-iliHto wnltli. Direct lo
l'AliKlNSON fc (:0.,lniK,r-crs.
fotS-Sra 2i)3 Broadway, N. Y.
Bridge Notice.
f'lIEGK will ha a petition presented to the
1 cnniiiiisnionern of Vinton county at their
meeting hi March next, prayin? that honorahlo
body fur their action uf the (treat necoaity of a
bridgo ueniBS a branch of iiuecoon croak bear
A'aw Plyinduth, on tho McArthnr road. .
On the nt day of January 1SI:0, made fo
the Auditor oj Ohio, j uiauuul to the
( Ad! time.
ij:.ik am location.
1M1E imn v i i tl.is c"iiij uny i th; Ilnino In
j Mit;ii:'j I'cB'.imy, inei r nr:iti; 1 in 1:J,
ml luaitd in the iij of iw Vurk.
. I.-CJM'ilAL.
The c:i Iti.l of'mid c u.puuy aotaelly
I aid iip in cci-h ii i 0 C,(OO OH
Tl.o i.Hrj.lu m thu. 1st uny of Jan.
liiiii l,4ll,9i7?'.'
Total unit of cr.pinl and siirilas,
. II. Al..
Cufh Ij CentincBiii! Hank N. V.
c'ur-li in I :i 1 1 n - ut i,gta uu J Id ci.uico
hi truiijinis-iun
I'. r. n it un J lunp.atovk 1;S1 mar-
kit vulni
5C,TI1 40
1T3.10 M
l,l5i,iJ4 l;0
IS KO uu
P.1 CO
1S,"00 10
Kii.i (n
l'.t I ' tin
I'll Hi
I'll .'.I'll I II
I!. S. B n !, 1-"i1 inakrvt vidua
lc . talu boudi-1 pr ut ma.tvt vul
, . C, " " h " "
Teun ' ' " " "
Wia. 11 " 8 " " "
jllt ii ii 0
. i i, i, 8 ii ii .1
'H II ll 7 II ii (
('i.niifctiitit etnto h ;nls "
N Y.city ven id " "
t5 o 0 0
!.'i,r,5 to
tiuciii ciuuty " ''
Lii'liinond c.. " "
Uroi.klTn water " "
ati.TSo ;io
it, ion tm
ll i.iOU CO
l.nr k n'avkn
1. .Jinn, on boi'di and mnKcrgoi", he-
inirrlrxt lien oi kc. rd mi niiin-
I'Utiilivrrd real etute, nonh ut
h im', ti 4yii.tn'0, ruto of inttrcct
und 7 i.r out 1.19i3,5i2 5U
I. on ot rUi:!v an I InnJn a)H'.lo
on dcm.iii I i l.o in rk.'t v'Aiiie uf
Hi i'iiriliiH iluljio l in lciit,(ll'4,
, I'-'u 97.3!i2 1'8
Sum liter .Miijinet uud wrdvkinjf ap-
piruuw 83,453 t i
Duo I t prvmlnnm on p'dicie ipnej
ut clli. o ( tiro mluiid und nmriiiu) 40,141 3
liillrt roceiviihlo lor r. n iulaa on
inland navigation, rir'ki ifeo , 4'', 1 "3
othor .repcit,v mihct lhmooinitoiRa i;i,m 6 13
(iovommtnt utainp 110 uo
Int. duo on hi Juminry, 1 S j 0 17.4S1 M
TotuI Aiiscta of the company
I II i.iAiui.mi'j.
t3,S9S.6 .1 14
Lch'Ck djtii'tcd, due and in. nd
Lupki'h itifiiind ut.d in i roitm of
Loi-m'ii reported and on 'which no
uct'on 1 hi- I ceti tukeii
('liiiiini loi Icmus rt'i-i- ed l.y Co,
Divi.lcndu dcolund and duo ami
ii in. i d
Dh i.W.iln cither cupIi or scrip, dc-
vluiid .ii' m.t yut
Mm i y h(,rroo I
Aluu.ir exiting clulma itguinat
tl.o I'ouiiiii.y
132j-tO 24
Tntl irfcs,eliiii'iiiiid li ii i;iliti t i:.l.7l'i '.'l
'I'lie Kinitft knoum ii.M.n.l mi uny oi rii-k
Mr).lit.,.nt j ii t h it H'Mrnl riil. ixoio
41t.ll'ii. JleriiiiKi,j lm.nocifrnl itileui.
to tl e nmnniit ul...P, t be infill'.- inm j city
towi villugui.r b eck. Mif poverntd in tl.ir
inutter in t'uul. cso hy 1 1, pm. ml iharm ti r
f l.uihliiigs, wdtli of MnctH iiiLhifiuH lor I ut
tinif nut lir, ,te. i ci rtltK-,1 copy i I tho
clikili-r cr uet of iner.rj i iuIIcii, ua amended,
nwiiini unieu u previoiu ituten.tut.
Mate or f rw Von,
l iiy und C.if.,ty of New V,.rk ( t7,
('l.iirm J . Martin, l'rci-idcn'. and John Mc-
ttcu, Secretary, m t!,.i 11 6 InMiruncc Cotiii u-
ny, lien p cverally mcrti de..n) Hti I my mid
eiuh l.irhiinelt n.yn, tint Ui fonp,ii Uu
l, trno aid iM.rnc a'.utt-ii.cnt i.f the Htluiri-i.l
thuimd ci i .,ti,i:oD, i,i.,i tl,t tl.iy arc ll.e
nboiedmriUd dliiern H i renf.
iiaiii i.H.I. Maiitin, I'ns.
Ji'ii.N Mitii i:, tiirrotnrv.
SuliHrnhi'd ni (1 pwuiii l ulum n i- tin lioi'li dav
(I. Jiitt lvi.'i.
Thus. K. (i.ii'iuiicn.
L.Stiunp.j Soul.
Notary 1'uldie,
i I'M MIllH. On In. J in'y )!! ' ill.! 1 -
I Oi rlilj tlmt the fort'c linjr in n eorni't cn.y
tlio ch.li iiii.iit nf cunditinn i f the Ilnmo In
Miriui.'e Cnnpny of New V..!;. inndetoiind
riu'.l ii thin i.lliof , fur tl o yi ur l-.;'i.
v. Itnte.1 my liuudud Mini ollieiiillv.
iil.l .I I, ii
i , ".' II. VIUIIV.,,1,
AttditiT of .Siiito.
f't i tiru ato of Autlxu'ity.
To expire mi tho ilNt d:iy .1 .l;,n..urv, 1 5f7.
t.'u i. i: or Tin-. "Ai iht b (ifStati:.)
rotrviil-, (.'., .liiiinnrv 2H, Ifilii J
VTiiKtieA-t. Tlio II oino IhMirui.co t'liinj.ni'y,
lccutc.l in Kew York, in the tutc cf New York
hue tiled in tliiii i.f.uo u umimi Mulirnt-nt of iti
I'onditi.'ti: ii reqiiinld hy tl.o first cetini of the
"'I n re'iiiutii itiMirui.eo rompunivH n t inei.r
piirutod hy iho Stu'o nf Ohin," i.x.e I April?.
i.SSrt. aid nmciided Felirti'.ry !). 18'". I; iiml
In reus, cnid eontpniiy Iuik furnUliid tho in
.letsiKncl Katinl.ii tKiy evidenco rhnt it i: j.us
kimi"1 of ut li'imt Ono hiiiidred dollurf of netin.l
cnpitul Itivosted In n'oeliM b n Is, or in ninrt
aiireHo' reulcntttto, worth double tl o hiuoiiii',
whieli I ho mmo i nmrtpuifrd; nnd whi rer.s,
cointuny linn fi'cd in the i lliee a written
ittstrnnictit under it corpmuto cctl s;pn.'d hy
I'renidont und SecteUiry thereof, iiiithpriz
uiff nry Ktri'tit or tie.-nti- of raid ennitmnv to !-
kiinwh dgn cervleo of prneeiw fur und iu beliull
Mini cuiipany aecoraiiig to thctetnis of i-aid
Now theicforo, in pnrr.norioo of tl.o firt roc
tion of tlio nfi.reFu d.aet. I, Jameii II. llodnmn.
uu. i.i i-uiu ut vi iii, nn nereny certny,
that miid Hnmo Insiiruiuo Cnmi'iiny of New
irk,i oii'lu r'zul to trim net tlio hnsiiuhn ot
Firo nnd Muiii.n Iiinnranca in this Stuto until
thirty-flrit dnv nf .lunnary in thoycurono
'loti-nnd i ii;h: hundred und KXty-seven.
witness wherenl 1 have hereunto nuhK-rihcd
my tinmo and citincd thofoal uf my otlleo to
ho illixod tlm day uud year uhovc written.
Peai- Jas. 11. Hodmas,
iStnnin.'l ' Anili'r.i .f SmSo.
fcllj-aw JlcArtluir, Ohio.
Road Notice.
OTIOE la hereby triveu that a -petition will
ho presented to tlio commissioners of Yin
county, Ohio, nt their Jlurch ae..i..n, lt-tij.
prnjinif for tiio prniitiiijr and cpeiiinR of a
county road in llurrison twt.shii, ?nnin!cno
ut a stake iu tho s'.ato rnud, on thclli.o be
tween tcctiuns filti'vn nnd six'xn and on tit,
township road layod nut Irnm thut p.-intto
KnysTille, Jacksui entity. OLio, aho-Jt lit'u-.n
sonthwost from the residence of 3!r. Join
Clark sr, thence anutli along the pcclien lino
uboiitUfty or sixty rods to a stnko neur tho
bank of iho crc k nmrliod II, thenco aeiosa the
cieckin a p.uithcMtcrlv- ditectiin at tho best
placa that a briduocan be ptit across sr.id creek,
tlieiice up tho creek tothu aforesaid ownshit
I, Itieiico Willi Uu varionn in.':inderints of
rouu in a n.iuicaslorly ilirectun to the
county rrud leadii( up to K.iVHvilb at the
northeast corner of atnnol rick'cua' meadow,
owned hy onej 11 McCnrmick.
Dated January 21 A. D. ISiii).
lohl-4wi AU;,, 1'e 1TI0NEBS.
Dissolution of Partnership.
of Lnnt ife Shades id this day dia-
solved by mutual consent, the b.ioki and
papers will bo louid ut present, at the ni l
stand, all persons idlobtod in t.a old flrtrr will
tin iriu tcre by settling their accounts
liforj.'o Lantz wlllico.r.tinno to.cerry on the
bnsincmtuind hopes rt marK. ln the fiHn.e, tlio
lib.jrul patronsgo wtiich the old firm has re
ceived.,... I (iKvJKOE iiANI Z.
fchS-f- WM. 'n SHADES.
Dr. J. S. STEONa,
Ilulbi its Cor Cppnuitprourt-housp,
Drugs, Medicines,
and CliemiLjak.
Paint, Oil;,
and Dyc-f:tufi,
JItdioaJ Purposes,
J E AV E L Ii Y ,
1ETTER. Cup, nnd K.o nrer, Port Fnl"oi,
i- I'ert Munieif, liijnrion, roelot Kniven.
Writing F:uid und other urlielei kept hy Dins?-t'li-t
trotierullv. Tl c ulmvu iirlielm Imvc heui.
Iiougiit low fur ei.nh, ndtvtid with (treat cut.
und will ho vvurrtiitid re rotetited tud hold
.it lli J
Very Lowest Cadi Price.
N. 15. rhjielona frcscrintiotis carclullv
ei li poll lid ill .
Juuuury I'.li ltOJ-ti. ,
The (Jtcitt Itivciilinn nf the A pi' In
J. W . Drii lley's Now 1'iitint Dni.lex Elliptic;
. tor double) Sprine Skirt.
Tho invention consists f Duplex (or two)
Elliptic l'uro ltfilred Stcol Tprinirs. ingctiioii-ly
hiuidod tljrlitly nnd firmly together, cdjjo :
eilir , ninhiiifr I ho loneliest . inns- inllexihlo, e'as
tie, and diir.ibio Hpri n ir ever mod. They
seldom bend or bieuk, liko Iho lin-le sprinirs.
und consoniiently proservo their perfect and
htiiiitiliil shupe moro thuu twice as Ini'jj ns ntiy
finplo prliijr skirt that ocr hug or can be
11. 11 I o.
Tho wnuderfiil fexihility nnd prot.t onmfnrt
nnd plr.asi.ru to any tmlv wearlnir tho Duplex
I'll ptic Skirt will I c rx j erieneed piirticulai !y
iu nil eroBileJ assemblies, operas, c.riiiip.is.
ra'lroud cars, church pews, mm chairs, fi r
prniiionade nnd hiin.vu driss, as the skirt on be
l.'h'ed hen in u-e t.i ocenpv a snmil plai c ns
iisily and cciivaniuitly as a silk cr n.ualiu
A lady havirtr enjoyed tho plea"i:ro, conifer!, '
mm frrini convc nenco ol winrtri? tl,o Duplex
Kiliplie Steel Sptitiu Skirt for n sirc di.y will
never nftcrwnida disrense with tl-eir t:: o. f, r
oliihircn, i!i-ses nnd ycutif h.lies ll oy nre
superior to till others.
Tho hoopn nre covered wih wo ply dcuhlc
rwlstcd tl lend I i d will wrnr twiio ts h-.;: ns
ho sinifle j nrn covering which is used nn all
Shiftlo Steel Hoop Skir1.. Tl o thn o ho'tom
reds en every Skirt nro also ih uhlo steel, nnd
ice or double covered to prove it the envorli'jr
'".ni winiinp ( IV the rod when tl ri.-?ii p down
stairs, stor.o steps, etc., etc.. which thoi are
.'nnstaiitly sul jiict to w hen in use.
All uro mode of the new and clr-fnnt cordod
tnpes, and are the bosi nunlitv h'ovorv n
irivinir to tho woater tho mrst rtncofiil u.i
perfect il are l oss blc. and iro tin nrs'lon-hlv
tlio lipiitest, most duruMo, comfurtubio nnd
ecnnomionl skirt over mode.
WKSTV UK A DLKY .fc CARY. Proprietor
oft ho invention, nnd soln titutiiifnetniors. VI
t'liumncrs, nt:J i'J and 61, llend Blrcets, New
York Forsn'o-ia illfrV-clafs stores in tl.is ei'.v.
"lid -th rouarlinnt the Tliit.-d States and Cai'iuda-!
Ilnvnnnn do 'uha, Mexico, South America, u;:d
ii'u . i esr i nies.
KSf liiquira for tho
i'iuiIiIb) Sp m Skirt.
Puplix Elliptic (or J
.Ii.ini'ir' lg. l.'flij, Smo.l A. A C
I ilt
I) 0 1 ) I m T 8 A L .
G IJj: T combined ta'ent of
Kiiropounl lmerio1lrt,
'!" -
the men to consult : I'rs. 1!
apurle A hVvnolds. nt
sy.-siiit.ie strvct, t . j : ,.-. i.-ui t , , is tn only n!!ico
mo ti.y wnern 11 p.niiiinjtit ctira of jirivute
Disensos can he I n I n itl out the nsa i f mnri'itry
ehatiiro cf diet. Wo p::ruD'.cu to iiira (ion .r
laa, (jWtt, Syphilis, Impottnev, Nocturnal
Kiiiissions, or Self Abuse. Diiiti.iil KmU-lcns,
Female complaiu'.s, in short, ovtry uirsiliia
Torm una vaneiy oi oxll.ll D: .ease, t'tires
rupi.i, rn rupn i-ini permnneiil, uud fees niodo
rate. (Vnm ono Como ull.
GnrATHfui al cinciLAti seutfor two 3 con
Fki.nc-ii pHtks A sure provsntiiiivc iodis"ao
I'lh'o. tl each, or three lor 2, or 7 per dozen.
Sent bv ri;nil.
Dr. B.'s Invigorating Linimint, Price. 2 CO ,
tit.itu. .
iif.ALTii. is beni t'ciul tn all. male nnd female
tho uld nnd yonnc should read this bwk. 11
enlighten thne who frono i, darkness.
l'iioo.25.! by mail, numiitai'! of liirbt ono dollar.
N.H. To the LAiiifs. No Ldv should be
without Mad. Izier Femalo Monthly Pills
snfo and rtloctnal remedy lur all irreirtilnrith's
and olistriielion, from whatever oano. Price
one dollar:.-! b.x: extra fine live dol'sri. Cum
mnnicutinnsby mail entiri'ly loi.fidontiol. No
leiinrs wm nc siiswcrcti niilass tltcy contain a '
ruinittanopor'n iostnir9stanp. ("sp or Mt,4 i
Syer-moro St .bet. Fiftli and Sixth. eas)ie '
Cinciunni.O. - Ofltc l nnrs. il A. M i i y
P.C . Cox 1S2. i ii .v..
)-1 At
t u
Jh Court of C;.ia.oji Pleat.
JaoUeoa Wortnan, p!aiii:.tl'. 1 in ir I'ion.
v '. ('.
William II T.'.'p er l d-fi'.j
I .N piir-iini't rlit' tho omm n i i.(
.1 I .1
l h.l .l in
lliU l.liwV
.1 In W
f.e t'ourt r.t C in. ii. M I
i.i.U y of Viiitnti a id 6t i :
il.ctci.y m v.-n' i: dm if F !-in .-y.
I will ll';r (or n. ii ni i .:' c i il. tuni"'.
I t.. COlirt-ll"IIM' ill tt.i. !' ;n Ll '.
ii tuiu cot.iity of Yi.t.c, tu
Monday, Ai , il Cel.
At tho hour of oni o' :
!'l : I'ulloWil g li'- :!
ii"e'i."iir quur er ". ...
i. li liilir.her i r, ;
'i..'.' . f i :ii uii.li i i
lori , Id: M!i t'l if :
e..'.ii.i) i.t' VirituC. i.i,.! A .
t i Li. .Id Mil jd.' t. i! .' :
A 'I'.i, ) at.. I ih-iij-1: 'l i';
Sil.i j.r- n iscH in.- i
d e.l u "I-.--. (,12t.V.ai..r
ut' thh' ii til mlit.
Tun. 4 i f nile. o' e t ..'.
"iio ,vi: i i n 1 i r -i j
Urii-t i'r'.n U.c du f r .;.
: p til o" -in
n "l i'l i. w .
I. '. -t r.'
: '. . jl ii:i;i
eltll Clll l'. I
' 1! i
!.' I'm :i
1 .! -
' .t I
ot j
. ( IVil ''H I
,.V) t Li.-.1..
::e'lM.-.l li:
. v..: in
V. c o.
Mn r. !i
ifc Mn'.
0 p't n;
fcTA'lEOF Oil in V xr.iv
In Court of C it(! j;.
V I' Uilil ., ..0 i i i
Ir.i S!.il:!, t oi ill deficit it
IX tir-v. in of t!
Mile in t he .
.iti'i i.
r.: I!
r.l f
one. i ;.,
'i.'irt i.f 1'.. Million I'l.'ii. in
I il.t' l. 1: 11. i Mlltu nf I. J.j.
bo tT'i c iv i.' I", h. u.iry . 1
. 1. ii! 1 11 i'o l.tiC'ltill lit tj .
Ull I 1 . -. I j r 1 .J-
i '. I " .. i it. i 1 1 i
d 'ir ' f r'.i . i: ...
ar iu m.J i r.ii.tv
't .0 III til : tl V. U
Vil tOSI, bit
cf ...
Monday April 2J, 1CG,
' cr.r i f o
' CWi'l'.' l'..-
i ot Ik i
i i . i .
:n ot' Ulld
- t'i v. t :
riie i.
111. Ih
'it... 1 M"
ill '.,
l no
' '1
', nr.i'r 1 1' I-..
IV. I.-!., l.U'l'll .
1 1 m mi'. 1
. ca''i ill : .li i
j lltri
f ratiL-" i tm. I ir ri
mi ciiii:v, oiu.i, t'i
:.n:i ti. I-
ry i i i :'. . :
.1 -.i
I " ('...u'ti es'.ite i.f
Paid preiiMM)' urn i
liars, and unb; 'j
llllll.'ll t.
'!' r.ns of h:i!,i i.n.j i
i"U ,iii.d mi o tlii r U. i.i
'. HO !h ..t-:l tl-1
'birds cf th.it
j:;: third ia nni
l iv
yen r.i.
V. UU hiluru.i:
... day (I balo.
j.)ii:; .1. siioi'i-:
bhur'tf V.
& M ir.i ntt'. - '"! pl'.'d'..
1. lftii i' 5-v'l' ' I 80
t;. u.
- o r
Prclat' Court:
'ol n Cnllii f.I'rcen!. i
lust n i' of Levi C'jli
'us n Adlitis. et nl.
"f U
(I ;- I
- to
Seil Lr.
J ll'Ilsl'A XT t an r. lor of sa'o mnd.t in tho
I al.ov, ease 1 1 tl.-' c-ii i'ay nf l-Vb inn- IJiji
iintcd ') ll:-' said I'r .Into t'uirt wl-i.fa nd
r tho si:'., c .hi ly o!' Yi::t.!i, I wil'u.V'r It
lo OS Slli'ii P..c:.-.l UKUIOItM.it lu U'.t!.;.' !--t
hi Idornt J Ubi.C auc.l.ill, till "
'Hilnrday, 2Jurch 17th. 2SC0,
" twjpit thrt hr.nrdi'f c:i o'fb'i.;: ,. y . . f,..
i loo!; I
! . , ti . n :
e pi.;
i ii
.1 tun t'n
id ,'.,:..'c
Tl v. i.i .-
.'.it1, l.jj
ii-'j litscr
wit :
r:l.i :c t qu,'l
I no lo'iili 'U.-tiqtur.
v..'..(y-i.n,r i j . in
"t , .JN.j T
. "!';:" I' s o H
m Ji, .lite; ic! tj
'"'.-r 1 1 tl.o sou thrust
' 'ii i eon I i, in
! 1 ..iij i:i:",b'.r
'i'l irt.. r oftho n"rC;
iiibi Miicfecr. (;.,
' oi I ut jo 1iu:m.. i:'
i.i nil ono kir.id. . j
"."orio if..! r.t tV.i! mm
:.ti -:;. b.j.sold e'..-ur
. iCt : inn 1 1 : i :
vi. -hip li::ii,l.r t:,i:.,
itettMi I I'.i i ; ixpt
.- s; u . i.n .i.-1 curia
hi ii us l''nl , v.
Alsn. Ihi. K"ti 1 e(it ui
i"ar'r of ic.'fh.n r.ii-:''
"Wi.s'.;,i i : i n : tj,
our iii
i'l':e'..'.n ; i.. . .
And i.Imi ti
ves: fniiinemt
t.'Wi.ship i.n:i:!) i- ,
'trhti'iti I Is j i'iii,;..i
.'id tweivui llmcm
1 r.i .1 -ic-iii.l re .
Nic j I ni '!-, I ,1
'l i li 'ti" li- .ii.',.
! est-
rmiSOFiSAt.K.ea.t.i,, i
J'J.'l.S CI' I.! 'v.
1 .
.1 '!.
I : .,:-,,.
J r.t it on Si ,'.:.vn. Atfv
h'y l.'i flivpil-ju
liium .uiii'tnuiill. iilaiiitifl'.
Iu Court of
ColiittpOii ''
ll-.'ii.-, .
Vh.tiv.i (jo.
Obi. ,
. '
Doivitt C Fraznc, IKt,rv P.
lf..!UII.i''l Ul,il O'.vril T.
outtiiiiijr. UviauaiiU.
jJL totl.eooiiihifti i:uj' i'M e-rr-
('titioii in thi, ahi.ve entire lo n,f 'i!i-
r;'''t!'i' ,''f,".l till' Court r.f fnliim iu pl,... (,f
ttu':'.f..tvs.u.l cotiL.tyi.t' VI:,!,,;,, I tViil . for
l'lf.' s-a-vat t! thmi MMai'-kson Vvi-i-,
man in Kh-lihind tmvtuhjp. M5.t:d'
loutiiyol Viuu'ii. on
tlnf !im;r of t n oVhir
k V . M.-.oi" Biiid
r l):.-mi' I hi-aiw.i ... I .
'I'.... , - - o i 'Mj- i,t t'.'ttii.;
l.i.i-s..', two ox yokti u..d two i c!iala3.
Also, on i
i ' .
. Tiks'aij, r,clt IZlh, lfC5,
Eiylo Fti'n'..-.cp. Vinton ttrtnMp, In
aiori -iitd rottm v ot Vinton, at tin. brur of
'.i oi:li A. 3f, r.f s-Md dav. 1 v. i.) oflor
M-tv t.Mvit UlC followinS P''Oui.l pro-
nx'U th.rt.'1'ttboycc ami hearth rocf-. o; i
t.utl ,trsU', l. oi,. 1,., bar iron (til tc 's
tnor.' or lew ) en,, lot fu np irot, (: bo.it i-'o
i, V V. i x r' 'Mincu for ft hcu
'". Itlllllll'l.
. :v...v'
stttt litjoioo,,,- VtcTnonVrat
oncinii..te:ia. twootillts
iviur prur Diiutkoxs, . . i
il(.' 100K111o gljS4, and puc Tiroro...
T. UKrii as tho proi)ort.r cf Ileni-v :'.1Tar-. '
ilton to satisfy nn cxmitlon, oroiurl'iaiJ
iciirt in favor ot Uuilam ilttnlirdtll.-
iri ills-of sa'o, cns!i in haud. ; '
. JOII J.blliVKDY.
.1. .7. Mt Dowc-ll. att r Ar plt'ir.
iiarch 1. lSbf Swl'vti

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