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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, March 15, 1866, Image 3

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Tta Lady's Friend devoted to Fashion anJ
Literature. .Beaufifal steel engravings. Dou
ble size colored fnsblon plates. The luteal
pattern of Dresses, Cloaks, BonnctR, Embroid
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Wheeler Js Wilson' Seeing lluclilucs given as
premiums. 'Send 18 etsfor ai-an.pla copy to
Diaoow A TtttRfOK, 319 Walnut at., I hila.
Published as a benefit and an a caution to
Youno men and others, who miller from nervous
debility, premature decay of Manhood, tc.
applying at thoaamo time Tin ueass ow uli
olkk. By one who hue cared himself after un
durguing considerable quackery. By enduring
post-paid addressed envolope, single copies
frue of ohitrge, may be had or the author.
NATHANIEL M AVKAlK, Esq., Brooklyn.
Kings eo., New York. fubl-ly
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dress, MASON & HAMLIN, Boston or MASON
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Lrrors ol l'miili.
A Gentleman who fullered for years from
Nervous Debility, Premature Decay, and all
the effects of youthful indhcretitn, vill, for
take ol suffering humanity, H-nd tree to ull who
need it, the receipt and directions for making
the pimple remedy by which ho was cured.
Ebfforcra wisbiig to profit by the advertiser's
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To Coiiuuipiivi'S.
The adverlisr, having boon restored to health
In a low weeks by a very simple remedy, alter
having suffered for several years with a severe
lung affection, and that dread disease, Con
sumptionis anxious to make known to his
fdllow-eufferers the moaua.of cure.
To all who desiro it, lie will send a copy of
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directions fir preparing and using tho tame,
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tion, Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and
all Throat and Lung Affections. Tho only ob
ject of the advertiser in solid ng tho Prescrip
tion .is to benefit the afflicted and spread infor
mation which he conceives to be invaluable,
and he hopes every sufferer will try Aisromody,
as it will cost them nothing and may prove a
Parties wishing tho Prescription, kike, by
roturn mail, will please address,
William iburgh, Kings Co., N. V.
January 11, ISOO-ly.
Hritii but True.
Every yonng lady and gentleman In tho
Unlt'd Slates can hoar somothinc vorj much
to. their advantago by roturn mail, free of
charge, by addressing tho undersigned. Those
having any fears of being humbug ed will
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Grsclan'Componnd will force th era to grow on
he smoothest face or chin, or hair on huld hoads
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where, closely staled, on roeolp of price.
Address W AKFEK & CO., Box 133, Brooklyn
New York. fcbl6-ly
A Clergyman whilo residing in South Amer
ca as a missionary . discovered a sal'o and sim
ple remedy (or tho Cure of Nervous Weakness,
Early Decay, Diseases of the Urinary and
nominal organs, ami tho whole train ol dlsord
ders brought on by baneful and vicious habits.
Great bcmbei a have been alroady cured by this
noble remedy. l'romytcd by a desire to hon
ill rue line tea anil nuiortiinuto, l will seno
the recipe for propuring and using this mull
e'ne.in asealedenvelopo,to any one who needs
It, Kbkr or Chaiioe.
Ploaso loclose a posV-paid eevelope, addross-
u vo yourseu
Station D. Bible TIocie,
Mrs. Ithl365-iyr. . Now York
Agents Wanted !
To sell nrico Certillrntes for
sanies .leweiry, iiiiinioiut icings, inns, Ve
Only 85,00 Each,
For any nrtk-tc drawn, Retail price from
1U 10 ?L',)U.
AH Goods "Wnrrnntcil (iciiuino.
Trlee of Certificate 23 Cents each. Lib
eral Premiums anil Commission
allowed to Agents.
Sample Ckrtifioatks Skent Ebee.
For Clreulars and Terms address,
Messrs. 1IAYAVAKD & CO..
229 Broadway, New York
oan. 4, intiu, amo.
Composed oftiiglily concentrated extra rets
Jtoni roots und herbs of the highest medical
value, iniallibie in the cure of all deceases
of the Liver o: any derangement of the Di
gestive Organs, They remove all Iminiri
ties of the Blood", and nra uneqimled in the
cure of Diarrhaj, Jjundice, Dvspepsia. Scro
fula, Biliousness, Liver G niplant, Fevers,
Headache, Piles, Mercuiial Deseases, Here
ditary Humors. Dose for adults, one pill in
the moiling children half a pill, From one
to three pills will cure ordinary cases, 'and
from one to three boxes w'll ruro env curea
ble ease of no matter ho,v long standing:
rrice$i uu ier dox, trade supplied or sent
Dy mail
line 1st 1865 ly 62 Fulton St N Y
A Cough, Cold, or Sore Throut,
Requires immediate attfntion. and
nent Throat' A tFECTKN,oa an In
curable Lung Diokae. 1
Fob Bronchihu, Asthma, Uatarah,
CoNanMPTivs and Throat Disrapes.
will find Trocees useful in clearing the
voice when taken before singing or speak
inland relieving the throat after an unu
I exertion of the vocal organs. The
Trochees are recommended ai.d prescribed
by Physioiaiis, and have had testimonials
from eminent men througout the country.
Being ail article of true merit, and having
proved their efficacy by a test of many
years, each year finds them in new locali
ties in various parts of the world, and the
TroeVesare universally pronounced belter
Jhan ether ankles. ' ' ...
Obtain only ;'Brown's BVonchial Trr
chees,"and do not take any of the Worth
less Imitations that may be uftered.
Sold everywhere in . the United States,
and in Foreign Countries, at 35 cents per
, pct3G-6m .
Oniclal Or?iiu of Viutou County.
VJ Advertisements to appear on Thurs
day morning, vm.it be handed in not later
than Tuesday evening, . ,
One year, $1 fi(
Kijrlit months, : 1 (H)
Four niontlis, CO
Payment in advance In all eases.
One siiuare, ten lines,' )J(l o)
Kaeli additional insertion, . 40
Card mt year, ten linen. 8 00
Notieesof Kveeutors. Admlnistra-
tors and (iiiardians. . 2 OO
Attachment nntleen before J. 1 . . t OO
uotlees, ptr line, .' lO
Yearly advertismenfs will be charged
$00 per column, and at noriiortioiiate
rates for less than a column, l'ayuble in
Religious Services in McArthur.
M, K CimiicH. Pi t-acliirir Fnlibnth lialf
pa t ton o'clock, A. M., and hnlf-iaHt fix
o'clook, P. Mi Subbnth Pchool, 2 P. M.
Prebbttkhian Cih'rcii. Services t 11 o'cl'k
A. M.. nna o'vlct k p. 11. gubhath School at 9
o'clock a. if., every Sabbath.
CimmTiAv Piii'Kcn. Servlcoat II o'clock a'
u , every frablmth.
Atlvertlso in the KECOUD.
For Legal Advertisements see
ourth page.
Subscribe for the ItECORD.
Thanks To Hon. II. S. Bundj-,
M. C, for public documents received.
Advertise in tho RECORD.
Hon. A.J. Swaim, will accept
our thanks far public documents received.
Subscribe for the RECORD.
matter on fourth
Advertise in the RECORD.
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items of penerol interest,
nng news
icitei from all
paits ol the county.
AdvcrtiM in the RECORD.
See chango of timo of the M. &
C. R. It.
Subscribe for the RECORD.
Next Saturday, the 17th inst.
ik St. Patricks day.
past week.
-Rain and mud, for tho
Thanks. To Hon. John Slier-
man, M. C. for copy ol speech recoived.
The H. & C. llailroad is comnle
ed and trains now run intu the Indianapolis
Liepot, at, me loot 01 reari uneet.
We understand that our towns
men Col. Phillips and . Florence, hive
purchased the new'Sieam' Flouring Mill in
Aruested. Mr Joseph Gaillard
U. S. OITicer, was arres cd on last Mini
dny at this lace charged ts an accomplice
in me bounty s.iIh matter. Rlr u ulUrd s
character in Cincinnati, is said to be above
. Educational. Attention is call
ed to the advertisement of the SohoM Di
rectors in another column. There is now
an'opportunity oflV red ti non-re-.idents to
be admitted to the McJithur II gh Sc hool
Attention. Those Mishing any-
tlung 111 the millinery line, can not do bet
ter thtn by cuMin? on Mrs. E. B. Puli,
one ooor east 01 tne .MPtiiotiisi r.piscniui
Church. See new afivertiieinent in another
column of this issue.
Ilemocratic State Convention.
Elsewhere, in this issue will he found a
call from theSute Central Committee, to
be held in Columbus on the 24th day ol
May. 18(16. Vinton County is entitled to
three delegates.
Take Notice. All persons, in
debied either by note or ai count, to Dr. A,
Condee, or the firm of Con dee & Isaminger
are hereby notified to call and settle up bv
the 1st day of April 1806, or their accounts
will be k it with the proper authorities lor
collection m3-3t.
To tiie Ladies. We are under
obligations to Mr 11. Zimmerman, Agent
for Merrills London Wus'ig Compound,
or a bottle of this excellent fluid, whli-h
we have thoroughly tried. and would recom
mend it to the ladies or Vinton. It will
innke no difltnnce whether the clothing be
waauea 111 rtarj or sou water.
Tiie Sprins" terra of MeArthur
High bchoul, opened on Monday last with
an increased attendance. There isB'ill,
room lor a lew more pupils. we under
stand the directors are prepared to admit
non resident pupils ci the most reason ble
terms. Laxly application shuu d be -nade.
; . SUPT.
M. and C. R. Ii. A meetinc: of
the Stockholders of the Marietta & Cincin
nati Riilroid, was held at their oHi:e. in
Chillicothe. yesterlay. ( Weuiie-day.) for
the Election or Uirecturs fur the ensuing
year. 1 ue. lollowiug geutlemeu compose
the now Board; -
N. L Wilson. L- Lochwood. W. Hope.
New York.S B Leva. Ciucinnati: J Mede-
ria, D A Schnt t 31 S Cook, Chiilkoihe.
W PCu.ler. CoiiBiitutiou: F J Hese tine.
Zhlcski. J Hvre. GreenhVLl. U Putnum
Harmsf, E H Woore, Athens. . .
Eclipse. On the 30th of next
month there will be a total eclipse of the
moon, visible throughout the United States.
It will begin at five minutes ' pt nine
o'clock, become total at twelve minutes past
teu, and begins to disappear it about eleven.
Loo.k out lor it !
Escape of a Convict. Divid
Reutley, sent about a year ago to the Peni
te.itiaiy Iron Cleveland for burglary for fix
years, escipej from the Prison on Monday
ni;:ht. He mined from his cell into the
air chamber and thence through the wall or
the buih'ii'g, and family clam'ereil over
the outside wall by "means ol an ingenious
contrivance ol his own , efiVcled his exit.
He bus not yet been retaken.
SometUino New. We call tho
attention ol our readers to the fact that our
old friend John Robbins is manfucturinz
Looms, of an entirely u'W pattern. They
are emended to weave Larnets. C'nshneie
Sutinett &c. It will not oreupy much inTe
'oo in than a common size I tibia, anJ
child twelve ye.irsoll ca'i woili it with
perfect ease. We have not seen one of
these Looms, but those who have pronounce
it a ueciueu success.
Insurance Co., op North America
We pubhs.i in this issiip of our paper (he
statement of the oMest Insurance Company
111 tne untied s ales "The Insurance (Join
pany of North America of Philadelphia
This Company has a business experience of
sevcnly-lwo vears, and it 1 stated baa phi
over 18.000.000 oflosces. It is consider-
ed one of the veiy soundest institutions of
the kind in the country.
Win B. Davis, of our town is Agent for
tne atiove. Loin pan v. Uivehima cull.
Religious Services in McArthur. Marriages.
TINRIIAM-HVSON.- On (he l3tlnnslat
(he residence of the bride father in Zalesk
by Rev. II. II. Farris, Mi Geoe W Tink
ham to Miss Eliza Hyson all of V01.I011
Count Ohio.
KLINE SWEPSTOX.-On th l3thinst
111 McXrilmr, by S. C. Case Esar. Mr,
btephen Kline to Miss Leali Swepston, all
of Vinton Cuuntv. Ohio.
Religious Services in McArthur. Marriages. Commercial.
McArthur Produce Market.
McArthur Produce Market. CORRECTED WEEKLY, BY D. WILL & BRO'S.
McArthur Produce Market. CORRECTED WEEKLY, BY D. WILL & BRO'S. McARTHUR, O., March 16, 1866.
Apples. (driel,)-3 00
rcenwux f 25
Butter !J025
C'liii'kena 2)
1'i.tRo.. - 85
White rUh I2';f
Co,l FiHb iyt
Flour 11 iO
Liird 20
Onions 1 00
IVrk 10 00
liottiik no
ClioeH) 25
Flftfd o
Mackerel.. 12J
'cuthcr 50
Atlir tu
MiiIu.-kcii 75
I'eaehcH, (dried) 6 00
Kii'0 15
Suit 3 25
Timothy 8 S'l
Flux ...
. IS
2 00
. 3 00
lalloW""..... 12
McArthur Grain Market.
wtioat.old Kuil.....2 tK) Now R.d....2 00
uni white a to Nw White., i 10
Miuiiwt uorn 4" Corn.Eur
'"I SO Kj ,
liaiky 60 liar ,
8 00
Cincinnati Market.
Cofkkk. We ftiotc conunon Jlio nt 27a
iSc, prime- (Id, nt ainUle ; cliolec do. at 31c.
coininou Java ut JJe, mill prliuc do at 4m
jn-r id.
j-.(i(is .larket dull ami closed at Me
per dozen Ibr ficsli, in good sliiiiiiiiiir or
L0fit o quote Suporllni! at $7 00a
7 on, new wheat extra ut $7 7."n! 00. ol
vt heat extra nt !?.S 7oa!) 25, Family nt S!) 25
nlO 25, and Fancy ut $10 uOalf 50. live
Hour $4 75 per bid. Iliiekwlient ilonrSl una
I 2 perlOO lbs. nml $H minlo (HI per hbl,
the latter for Eastern. Corn meal is aetive
ut 51 50 per 100 lbs.
Chain We quote prime old Red wheat
uri hoai yu. .M'V JJcil 51 HO lor prime
mill 91 OOal 00 for inferior. Sonic lots of
old w hlte are ollerei nt 'MiSi no. The
demand for Com is still aetive, anil prices
remain llrin for ear at 53a55c per bushel.
Shelled fwiiotlf for mixed, and 75c lucliiiliiiir
sacks. Oats In fairdeinatul at;i7e. mid :i!ie
for choice. lyc in little demand, at 75c for
prune, a lew sales of pi-lino fall barley
reported at $1 15al 20.
St OAit We quote raw at ISalfle; yellow
rellned, It!a47c; white soil rctiiied, lUalSc;
iiiini ri'iiiiiMi. iifJUtM',
Real Eslatc.
In Probate Court:
John Collins. Exccntnr "f thai
last will of Lovi Collin, da- Petition
ceasod, yiaintiu". to
vs Sell Lund.
Sus.n Collins, at al. Dcrtn.J
IJURSUANT to nn or.lor of nlo madft lu tho
ahovc easB on tho Rth i'ay nf February 1804
irrantud by lha said I'mhntu Curt wlihin ml
for tho culd county of Virtnn. I willollor for
sale ait such executor a ulorosaii tu tlio high
est bl Idor at public auutiuii, oc
Saturday, March 17th; 1SG6,
hotwocn the hours of ton o'clock A. M. sad four
oviolK 1, M., oii ttia nrumir-O'DiuiuleJ lu rum
Virton Cointy, Ohio, llm following doeuribeu
real esuita, to wit :
lliu nortlieu-t quvrter of the norlhjust nuar-
or, of eution uumber twouty-l'uur (24i,iii
lown-nip nunioor uino ui rnugn uaiuoor
ninotueii ( 19) i except Rixusen ( M) auios out ol
tho Bouthwe.-l euruer of Mid iut.oouvoved to
innii u ruioy.
aiho. tlw hoii ceanl qnarter of the southeast
tliianer ot seciou uuiubor th rtoun (18), in
township number nine itl), of rungo number
ulnetui n (l'J).
And hI.-o, tho northwest quarter of the norlh
wct qimrtoror wicliou uumlu'4. nineteen (l'J).
in twunbip i, umber niui (9 of raito number
eighteen (13). conuiniug in all oim huudrou
and twe.vo ( 112) teres more or lens.
The ifurcxuij raul valuta uppritiiwd at tho sum
of Nine haudrel dollars and will bu aohl clvur
of all enrU'i.brnnetjii.
TEIIMS OF S.V LE, ca-li in hand.
JtmNCOLLIs, Kxccuterof
Levi O IIiiih, deceased.
firnttnn & Mayo. Att'vs for iwtilioner.
Feb' 15 8wpll210
NOTICE Any persoi obtaining tan an h
scrihorK, and MnJinif ns the money, rrr
TEsanoLiaas, shall rooeivetha Viston Ktookd
one year gratis.
JOB rRINTINQ xcntl with teatnw,
and dispatch at lha Kecord PlSjg, lint
ton's liuildiDgjone door east of Court lilufe
(?p stair) f . . . f
Legal Notice.
State of Ohio, Vinton Co.
In Phobatk Coum:
Humphrey Clark adrninistra -or
of the etate of Uei ry Kd
warJa deceased, flaintitf.
Rachol EdwaMii widow of the
aula nenry rji wards decoawid I
and Murk-ela rd'vard'jJuinc J Petition'
Siownrt E Uunl", I'liuba Ann I to
Klward, Mary Juno Kdward j Soli luud.
ilurirarot June Fdwurd.
Krani-i- En-ma EJwarU and
Charles llairison Kdwarda I
minor cldMron and hsirs at f
Uw of mid Henry Edward
deeeuscd, UuteudunUj
rPIIR ahove named minor defendants heroin,
1 to-wit: Mord'-eui Edward. Jum-a Stuwart
Filwarda, I 'ho.-he Ann fMwar.U Mnryjane
Edward.-i, and Margarot ana Edwar-'n, will
hereby take notice, that a paMtion I" the
uljv can wan Iliad, on the 2ilth dny of Fi-b-ruury,
A. 1). ISC'l, in tle i'mhute Conn in and
fur the coilntr of Vintoa and State of Ohio, hy
Humphrey t-lurk. he udminlatrator, duly ap
pnlnt.di.nl qinlified. of the ea'ata of Henry
Edwurda, latu uf mid Vinton enmity, Ohio, ile
ceasl, 'ixkir.8 for tho aria of real estate to pay
he dobta if the said deco lent. That aaid pe
tition ret out in K.ibi-Uneo jhe fo'lowln g Inets
tu-wit! Thut the peri-onal eKtato of the mid de
cedent wa entirely inndoqiiute to ray the
valid claim airalnnt aaid extatn, and the custs
of administration; that ths aai l doocdenl at the
timo of Ida death was n-ized infee aimpleol the
lollowinff di-Kcrih d renlcMalo to-wii:
'l'lienortlicaHt quarter of the aoutheastqiiar
ter of auvinn number fo"r (4) of township
nunibertiine (9) and ranjra nnmher oiphteon
(13 ) In the district of land subject to aulo at
Chillicotho Ohio; contnininj tliirty-fivo (35)
acrea and slxty-aoven (07-100) of nn acre.
Aluo, the northwest of tho nouthwest quar
ter of section number throe (3) r.f township
number nine (9) of ran?' number tiphtoon (Is)
contaluiiifr thirty-seven acres more or less :
that the aaid deoo-lont lott n widow, ati'l livina
to wit: Hachael Edwarda (who
entitled to dower In said promises) rnd kln
iho followinii named minor children and heirs
at law nf tho aaid deccasod, to-wit: Mordi-eia
Edwards, Jumes Stewart EdwanU, J'hooho
Ann Edwurds. Mary .lima Eiwards, Mariraret
'ane Eilvar-ls, Charles Ilurrison Edwards, nnil
f rancin Emma Edwar.ls, mid Hie said petition
pruys that tho said ltuchnel E-l Wards, widow
of the said dececlont, and tne said min r child
ret and heirs at law of tho said decodont may
hi iniidu parties defendant to said petition,
hat they may ha notiliod o' lha ponduncy
'hereof aciordliiK to law, Bnd that, un (ho final
hearing o' ald canso, the said potitloimr
Htimplirey 6'larlt administrator of theestuto
of thoBald dpee.lcn', Henry Edwards, may ha
ordered to soil the aforesaid described piemlsea.
to pay tho debt (of I he suid decodont, occord
in to tho statuta in such case mud a and pro
vided. 1
The aoo'-e named parties will lo tnlto no
tice that said petition will be for hearincon
tho 24th doy nf March, 1S.
HUM I'll KEY CLARK. dm. of
the estate ol Henry E l wards doe'd.
Hy Bruttou dt Mayo hia Att'y.
Foh 22,lS6S-4wpf20
48 Pages, 48 Pages,
IS puMislied in ieiison to ba received in near
Iv all parts of tho Unit 4 State east of tho
U.sjky Mountains, on every Saturday of its
dato. It will be devoted to
Science and Art,
It will contains:
Tha best Popular Talos,
Thebjst Domotio Stories,
Tho best Sketches of Travel,
Tho bo-t Papers and.l'upular Sulonee,
Tho Kst Short Popular Essu)s,
Tho bost Poems, BiogrupUioa, eto.
It gives
More and Better for the Money
Thar, a.iy other Maeazino ovsr puhflshod. Its
aelectlm a embruci- th,. host articles from Dick-eua-Chumbcrs-Tho
Curnhill and other lead
i'ur fi rjiitn Magazines, pulilishod fresh on the
arrival of er.ch st. amor, und a (treat variety ot
oriiinul matter by tho beat authors. We begun
January 13th,
Uoxo I made a Fortune in Wall si.,
- AMI--
Il- 3 l Harried.
A splendid, original and into atory. written ex
pressly for the New VorU Weekly Muirazine: bv
ffi-nl Ionian of irreat experieme. who knows
all the ins und outs uu-l who wiil irivo more in-
lormatlon unout the Mtraiitlit and crocked wars
ol t lint eelebriittd street timo
published I'u he completed ii, few wicks.
As tne Maiuzinois atereotypad hsck numburs
can bo supplied at ten unnta loiob. All nno,..
dealers should have tho Maoizino. hut whnn
they are not accessible, we have the following
cash iu advanco
One copy, one year $ 4 00
One couv. three niontln 1 on
Tivo copies, one year 700
t ivc copies 1 yrand 1 extra lo agents 20 00
Spccinwn oopios sent by mail on rcceiDt of
tan cen.
W Its Sfcciss.- This Maofszlno has so ex.
aelly moll ffrs-it miblio want, thai
20,000 Copies arc now Printed
with every prwpeet of a vastly frrpnfer edition
rssoon as th public is aware uf ita merits.
Across, v. 11. 11 IUKX & CO., Publishers
n. 1. vcoKiy Jiacuzino, tio. T, JJeoknian street,
.ow 1 or lens iiw
Old and young should use
The Hair.
It prevents or stops tho Hair
from falling; Cleanses. Beautifies.
Preserves, and renders it Soft and
Glossy, and the Ilead froo from
It is tho best Ilnir Dressing and
Preservative in tho world.
Sterling's Ambrosia
Manufacturing Comp'y,
Tho best of Monthlies dovored to Fashion
and pti-o Liieruturo. 2.50aeur: Twowpios
I: Eiirht(and One rrn:is) lrt. Wheeler &
V ilson'c Sowiag- Machines given aa proininms.
8en-l (5 cent for.ii sample Copy to" Deacon fc
Pitersok, 319 Walnut St.. Philadelphia,
binjla iitmbors for sale by tba fiowa Cealors
Dr. J. 8. STRONG-,
Ilalberts Cor Opposite Court-house,
- blALEkIM
Drugs, Medicines,
and Chemicals,
Paints, Oils,
and Dye-StmTs,
Axd Taacy Articles,
ITIrdical rurposcs,
J Iff E L It T ,
IETTF.lt, Cap, and Noe paper, Port Kelios,
j Port Monica, Dianriea, l'ocbt Knives,
Writing Fluid and other articles kept hy briifr
iristti geiierallv. Tho ubuve articlim have been
lxiii(hl low forchsh, selected with irreat care
and will be warruuled as repruttnted and sold
.it th ?.
Very Lowest Cash Price'.
N. 11. Thyslclons Prescriptions carefully
Jan'iar) 4th lE66-tf.
new skirt ron 18G0;
Tho fJrt'iit Invt'iitlon of the Ape lit
J. W. liradloj's Now Patent Duplex Ellipiio
(or doublo) Snrinsr Skirt.
Tha Invention consists of Duplex (or two)
Elliptic Pure Itcflreit Steel Fprinifs,lnL'enou-Iy
hiaided tightly and firmly tnjrether, edire to
miff ,mak!nfrthe tonihost,rnos intlexihlo,etus
tiu, and durahle Sprinir ever mod. They
Beiaom oena or nreaK, iiko tne nnilo sprinirs.
ami cnnsennontiy prcservo tapir ucrreot ard
heantiful shape more thau twice aa longm any
sindle spring skirt that eer has nr can bo
Tha wonderful flexibility and (frost comfort
and plcnsi.ro to any lady wearing tho Duplex
Elliptic Skirt will ho experienced particularly
in sll crowded asmblicN, operas, cirriuircs,
ra Iroud cars, ohuruli pews, arm chuirs, for
promenade and house drtsa, aa the skirt e-in be
folded when In uso to occupy a amall plnco ns
easily and conveniently as a silk or mualin
A lndy ha vi n enjoyed the ploasnro, comfort,
and (jr-at convenience of wcurimr tUe Duplex
Elliptic Stoel Sprina Skirt for a sire'e day will
never afterwaida dispensa with tneir nse. Vox
children, Missos and youn? ladios thoy aro
superior to ull others.
The hoopa are covered wt7h wo ply double
twisted thread 1 nd will wenr twice aa long as
'ho ainiilo )nrn coverinif which is nsed on all
Singla Steel Iloopfkirts. The three bottom
rods on evory Skirt aro also double steel, and
twice or double covered to prove it the covering
from wearing ofTtho rod whon draping down
stairs, stono steps, etc., oto.. which thoj aro
constantly subject to when in nse.
All nre made of tho new and clrgant corded
tapes, and are tho beat qualitv ii. every part,
irivinsr to tho aenror the most graceful and
perfect shape po"s ble, and are uno.ne'.tioiiabiy
tho lightest, most durable, comfortable and
economical skirt ever made.
WESTS' HKAI'LEV & CARY. Prnnrintor.
of the invention, aril sole manufacturers, 97
Chamocrs, and 79 and 81, Head streets, New
For sale In all flrst-clasa stores In this Mir
and thronehnnt the United States and Cunadas,
Ilavnnnado Cuba, Mexico, South America, und
the We-I I; dies. .
RT Inoniro for tho Durdix T.lllrttn tnr
double) Spring Skirt.
Jntiusrv 18. ISfiil. ?mn. A. & C.
Ppkj332aP RK''1' e-rnbincd talcntot
WrF&'it Europe and America are
'il:kHf the men to consul t : Ors. Bnn
itw'SSr apnrto & Reynolds, ot 1S2
y lllore atroot, Cincinnati, iS the only office
in tho city where a p-rmanent euro of private
Diseases can be had withont'the nse of murcurv
L -f.i:-. nr ... . ..
orcnaiiKuoi uiei. v a gnariinico 50 cure uun.,r
laa. Gleet, Syphilis, Impotfney, Nocturnal
Emissions, or Self Ahuso, Diurr.kl Emisii.ns,
Female complaints, In short, every possible
form anil variety of Sexual Dueaso. Cures
rapid, th otigh hi. I permanent, aud fees mode
rato. Come one Come all.
Kki-.ncii vAFEe A sure preventative o disease
Pi ice, tl ea.-h, or threo for 3, or $7 per dozen
Sent hy mail.
Dr. B.'s Invigorating Linimsnt, Price. 2 00
per botlo. .
Great wnns on trivate difeasm, tue obide
to iiialtii. it- nenencial to all, mule and tem.de
tho old and yonng, should read this hook, it
will cnligbton thoso who- grope in darkness.
Priee,2oo ly limit, muuntai'i of light one dol lar.
N. It. To the ladies. No Lidv should be
without Mat. Luiier Fomula Monthly Pitta-,
a safe nnd erleevnal remedy tor all irregnhirities
and oMrnction, frnm whatever cause. Prioe
one dollurtab x: extra tiie flvo dollars. Cum
mnnicutiiMis by mail emit fly lonfidcnliul. No
letters will he answered nnlnsg they contuln a
remittance or p.tgs stump. Call nr address.
UliX. IttlAArAKrl! ds KEYNDLDS.
15) Syoamora St ,hst, Firth and Sixth. ea sido
Ciaeiunai. O. Ollice llours: 6 A. M; tail'. M.
gfpal 3TJottffs.-- -i '
ShcriiT'M Sale
Court of Common Fleas.
Jackson Wortman, plaiatilT,: In partition.
,v ' Ordo' of
William H Tlpp ot al dofVYj Sals
IN pursuance of the com man 1 of an ordar of
sale in the abovs ca to ma directed hy
the Court of G'unmon Pleas In and lor tha
c"umy oi vnuon am Btato nr Uliio and datedi
the twenty seventh day of Fuhiusry, a d 1S8S,1
... v..,., .v. n. v at iu.m o uiiuii on at ine noor
of the court-houso in tho town of MeArthur,
in Said county of Victon, on
Monday, April 2d, 1SGG. :
At the hoar of one o'clocV p m ofsaid'dar,
Tlie following described promlsis to-wit : The
northcas quuncr ol Hhe southwest qnarterof
section ntimbor 11 nna n township number 81
eight of range number 118 oightaen containing
forty -101 acres more or les- situated in said
comity of Vinton and A'tnlo of Ohio, the same
to ho sold subject to the dower estatos of Nancy
A Tripp and Mary E Tripp.
Said premises aro appraise! at twelve hun- .
drd dollars, 11200. and mut 'ring two thirr's
of that amount.
'forms of aulo, one-third cash one-third in
oneycai and nnc-thlrd In two years with in
terest from the day of rale.
Sheriff V. CO.
Button & Mryo, stt'ya for. pllD.
March l.lSHii 59 pf 1150
Sheriff's) Sale.
. , ' In Court of Cammon Pleas.
Jas.IIollhgsworlh andwifa pltir, In partition
. v Odor ol
Ira Slu Ilk t ot nl defendant. I aala
urina A ...
tne -mil day or rcuruary, 186H, I will offer for
saleat.piiblicaaotion at the door of tho court
hon.e iu the town of MeArthur in said county
ot Vinton, on
Monday April 2d, 1SGG,
At tho hour of one o'clock p m of said day,
1 lie following described premises to-wit : Tha
east half of ho northeast quarter of section
nunihor i throe in townshlu nnmbr 91
eight of rnneo number 18) eUh'eo containing
sevontyelght (73 acres situated In snid Vin
ton ennny, Ohio, tho amo to bo sold suojocl to
the d"Wor ostata of Mury Shililett.
Said promises are apt raisod at One thousand
dollars, aud mutt bring two thirds of that
Torms of snle, one third cash, ono third in one
yea , and nno third i.i two years, with iutercst
from tho day cf sulo.
Sheriff V. C. 0.
Bratton & Mayo, att'ys for plt'ffa.
Murch 1, 18HH-5w9pf 1150 .
IN ptirMiaucoof tho command of an order of
sale in the above cause to me directed by ths
Court of Common Pleas In and for the county
or Y intnn and Miito of Uli i an. I hs
THf nudersigned. Anditorof Vinton county,
will oiler forsule, at pnhllo auction, at tho
door of the court hoase, in MeArthur, oo
Saturday, April 14th, 1SGG,
At the hour of ono o'clock, P. MM of raid day
the lollun.g Ucacribed real estate fitnated in
u.eciui. vl Viutuu.aud township of Wilkes
viliu, to-wii: r.
Tlie weut half of lha northwest qnaiter of sec
tion number nxMjii,, iu township number eight
ol range number titcon, containing Eighty
acres more ur leas. Appruised at Fiva Dollurs
aud i ity ceuta per aero.
Also, thu eaal halt of tho nortliwosr A uart r
oftcctioii nuinbrfixieeu, of township num
ber cig it, d ruuu number sixtcan, oontalning
eighty acre inf.ro or leas. Annraisn.l its.n
ilullars pur aero.
bMli parcel ol land L ast btinj tho appraisod
valuo llieroof.
TtUMSUESALE, one-twelvthincash, th
residue in eleven equal annual inatallment
with interest from tho dav u sale, to ba nld
Mar: l,-C6-0w9 ' Auditor V. CO.
Pl Remedy
I T I AScuredthoiii-andsof
1 1 tlie worst case of
Blind and Bleeding Piles.
r- lief. and effects a norma-
It givos immodlate
ntnt cu e. Try it dir.dly It is w nuutod to
euro, r or sale ny all Urugglsts at au cents per
January IS, 1S80. ly. . . :!
warranted to no tho only jroparatiou
known to cure Conahs, Colds, hoarsonese,
Asthma, Whooping Cough, Chronic Coughs,
Consnr ptlon. Bronchitis and roup. -Being
prepar-d from Honey and Uorbs it is healing,
softening, and expeiitoruicg. an I pmticplar'y
suitable fur all anec'irna of tha Throat and
Lungs. Fur aala-hy all Druggists everywhere.
J aupory 13, 1360, ly.. - - -
U Tokio is con
con'raud preparation o ;
' Roota and Herbs, with
ntiaeids and carmins- ,
tivos to strengthen the stomach and jiiDrveussya-
tem. It ia a certain remedy for Dyspepsia or in
digestion, Nervousness, Los ol Appotita
cidity of tho . Stomach, Flato'cncy aniT .
Debility. Ir Is not alcoholic, therefore particu- ,
tarty suited for Vita. Nervous and Dyspjptio
persons. Fof sale by all Druggists every whera
at one dollar per b ittle. (
January 18, 1866, ly.
PiAxos. Any of our ladies wish-
Inp; to buy or rvnt pianos, nnd let the rent
pay for tlii'in. can obtain the same at manu
fiieturt'rs prices, by cilllp? on me, wbert I - t
will explain prices and terms. '- -
Jilts. RcThL C. Brattox. " -
NOTB'.E. Any person; obtaining1 ten snb
scrihon. and sending ns tha money, nr-.
tmn 'Vollaks, shall rccuivathe ViNToaKiicoaio
01)8 year gratis. ... V'-;
BLAXKS of f very description, for sale ,
at this offic?. .., . .'.;.':: -v;

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