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The Vinton record. [volume] (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, March 22, 1866, Image 2

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, tt 3H u t iMl f f 1 f (1
; M VIM! ' c W U.
"white men sham. i:ri.K A"!:i:k a.
THURSDAY, ?.1A!C. 12: IK'i.'J j
Dr. C'omJocN h:t X'oJIut.
All persons that hare ac ct'n!-'
atit lut nu the. amlr.'.-iiyurt!,
will lco.w pi'c.'cnl the in for
ixnirai-id hj tin- ' of A pr 't' ;
Ond (ill )ei'tOii.- ind I'did an.
a. i
'iv.l i.o: u i:
or ny.ic;-lit..i. '
' ''', ol j, ii '-riii
f,' O'.f Iidil (fin. :'..
( ;,.;! 'Vt', (?'.. ii'll i. !
i'' jrii'tlf ::dc Ik !r,
it,. - ' Apri .
Dr. a. :l ::.
Democratic State Convention---
Thursday, May 24th, 1866.
The Annual State Convention of
the Democratic party of Ohio, will
be held in Columbmis, on Thuis
day, the 2ithday o'T.Iay, ImJ io
transact such business as iaay
come before it, and put in nomina
tion candidates for the iuiicwingo!-:
iSi crrtftri (f S; if i ;
Jttthji' of tin' 'Si'ju'i ite Ci vi 1:
jlfoitbti' if the JJvard i f Pullic
, - : I
. , , t. f
Tho basis of representation for ,
nslffi-OnnieVejS'e'; !
11 l ' J e D 1 t;!"
county ; one lor eyery.v htnuyf
!S ( tUornV!f oc'o
loi Uovenoi, iasl Odor el,
rotes tiven lor Oen. Oi;oia;j; W
Ioi'.gax for (iovenor, last Oclo!
and an additional one lor eery
fraction of two lundnd a td ,,;'''l'A
and upwards.
The great issue before the people
ia n'linlhni fill llifi tl' l!it-
' .,,11 1 . . i '
eruincnt snail ue eonceutraicu m
the hands of the ( ieueral (iovcrn
mcnt the States being reduced to
the conditions of counties and a
consolidated despotism be thereby
established; or, whether those
rights of local self-government
whichour father enjoyeds and which
Ave inherited from them, and with
out which there can be no real lib
erty, no wise government, no ; :;!
lie economy, no light taxation, shall
be preserved. A powerful faction,
represented by a majority in Con
gress, have conspired to overthow
the free and benlicent institutions
of our fathers, and to substitute
therefor an Oligarch ol privil
ii l ,i .!
eged classes, crushing the mass of
? ' 1 .,11 ?; ,, M !
the people and all individual liber
tv litulrtr fhrt ir"ioltt ni' r trit: iri( ii I
and unrestricted (ieneral (iovern
mcnt. To effect this object, they,
in plain violation of the Constitu
tion, exclude, eleven States from
representation in ( ongic.-s, and in
sists upon conferring upon negroes
tli" right to vote not out -of re
i..ird to the negro, but because Ih.ey
i-.Nt eet lo be able with their money
r"i..'ijl Lis vote, and tlieivi
p.-rpenut'c fbr-ir party
a-eiideitt.n .
ia t every iti:-.'! aim
the scht-na'.- of ihe
oppo.-ed I"
i on 'pira!' a'-'.
v. h a i i.-ri-he t in- in.-: n! i i -j""!ii!'ied
Ly our f.ifher-. who ni'oie
ei i'"s. tin- necessity and loi.ou:
of local Si':!'iro,1 ernnu-n!, whi i-op-
in, -i d to seeing the i!
( )!;i.i sh'-rii of htr i.i
-eat fal.' of
'tiiiy and re-
.1.. ...I o. ili. iieiienni tit
..I in the dcDcnd'.nt i mi-litioii
of a county, or who is opposed to
iiirage,.p-in wiin uie uvm-,
. . ... .
y in rescuing our country
; rain t in p-r.isn o too riantO
By order of the DoiiiotT:it sc j
State Central Committee of Ohio. ;
JOHN G. DUN, Chairman.
Election at Mercer, Pa.
On the ICtli int., there was an
election lor Burgess at Mercer, Va.
The contest wa? animaled. John
C. Glenn, an active Democrat iiml
a supporter of the President's oI
icy, was the Democratic candidate
Tlie Republican candidate was S.
II. Miller, editor of the Dispatch,
who is a popular gentleman, but an
'opponent of President Johnson's
policy. The Democratic candidate
was elected by a majority of twelve.
Hitherto the Republicans carried
the place by majorities , ranging
from fifty to sixty.
Election in Bedford, Pa.
t the election in Bedford.
At Uie election in JJOHlorU, I'ji.,
i.i i y n it i r-
oii the 16th inst,, the Democratic ;
,,;n on w. foil w, .in
Pike's Opera House Burned
On Thursday ni-lit al.ont twenty
liiiiniles i.ast eleven o'clock, J'ikeV
,, ,. i. ,
,'l.l';,L,:!';r lovm.dnLe,mirtrof
l,nv Ji:e I'da.v was concluded
iibcut ha'l'an hour before, and the
audit n :. had retired. The entire
liiildinjr v; as destroyed together
wii'.i Sunnier c: (Vs, Sewing 3,1a.
chine dep!.riment, I 'Jii!is it I Vs.
I'iaiio manufactory rooms, Carrol
i'c Cos. boo!: store and several oth- j
er establishments. Los ; ami nctu-1
, , , . . , !
.;.!.. age m t yet received, as we :
got oar news by the night Lxpress I
that left the city when the tiro was
racing, at . on Friday morning. ,
Tlio loss iiiul count bv' Lnndreds
of l!;!;'.! -ands. It was one of the ii
iicsl l,ui!Iiiig-i in the )'est. 1'iro
lui'.e oriuimited in the
1 i;e;
-iii!iaii !':!iiiirer ofiice
!: yio. at'd the eiilire
! : ;::i;-y east of l'ikes
T .;ai io.-s will run to
(1:1 .
r iv,
-!y .!
!.'. I:,.
about I wo millions.
- -
, . ,. ,, ,, . i
U;:Tw!i!,' ''r'rll'ours
the l"'';
.1... iniiTon, fine sv.-t-an now in ,e !
n. ,t.4'ow:( ,..,.,. ' '
'' -Va t ,:,at iVa-io .o,l e,- '
' .
I'.'r J'i-i.
i i .t I ;u!
:'i!t a:!i! Iif! v :iji;'.!'vimN.
i :.l l;,t ii;iii..i.itiil ten West
s. ia ac nri.'auri' a il!i the law
i.; ' enag ia-" 1 ..e ciilivi' t ajiiraat an
i:a '.!!y tea C'a'Id- IV" in tin-couairv
laig". '
in ;:,! . Tail: 1 i- lO''Tiviwarv
!.:.s jirciun it a ::i"::t !' th" cnatfuii'ii
i;!' iTn- .'.ti(i-.;il :iii:i!'.',i,. liii-li w ill I." iP'
I i .i:gr'- H.-n a!!' v tin- iiKintli
Iy tf.!'-i:if.it nf l;i" isi!;i.-'.-it will lie pn
lai'i' ai.il jialili-hi-il liy C ii-iii-iatl
!u a-i-i.r.laa.-i' with a suggest ioa fivui li.v
ociftary ef llie 'J'icisiirv.
ica. v o.ilio aaiau.u a .f si.:: a u i.-mii
v i ila-Tri asi.n Ci iniaiii a.t isin, ,.i-
T!:" ;iMTii.!i'i
i-"a (iaily ili-liv
tin- I'liatia-rlii-
iVo in .:i.:aiu to-suia.-'
V11 II! ll'Moi
mil oiirnaicv.
T!i:-I'.iacoril (Xc.v ,'I.niip-liirc) l'nir
that tac luajoril - f.ir I lisimiiiiii
' ' i
t!:ai. Siai.-wT.I i. -.:.-ial-i-llv' n.lnml
iVmii la-t year. It thialis it i- on-iliiil
l.'ss. u si.vs iho Dt'iimiTaiy ili.i .-is vol! ns
M'llM I'a rxjierti'il when tlio firt i-i ffia-i'l-cri'i!
thai wlmlo j)-. : r.ui:' jr of tlio I'ri'--iV;.i
v.a-.-iill-cvo.! to b (! jo -:tl:it the
;'iao.''- c.f I'i- .lii-y.
Tli- S. i raan ul' i!,.. Tr.-.-istiry. Mi'. Mi
( i il .rii. v.;:i not roj.Iy to l!.o !:it- inijn lii
:i".t ! '.a I'of 111.- Ci.m:-..:!. i-id' !!.r Cunvn-
iy. m.- ( !;.,!... I: v..w ,!,!,!,, l t, mm.ve '
''u' t-A '.'.! f.;;tr:!''r, ,1M :
rZZ' ; :::::::t:z:::
'. i . .1 i;:;!i i'.'iit liy Uio Sounti.. If
I In.' ti-aiin- of lii (illico. it is n iniicli
ar-i'" a. 'li-iiiauloat oiio thnii ti;;it (,r ii (. :(.(..
, ' ... , , '; ,
'ly !,llllrll. V,!aM.;i. 1.0 -.n.,,,.,l l,y till-
I'l-'-'nIoia nli'iic, aiai w illiuiiUuiy n ason
I'r.iili-tit.f.iiiii.oa. ia n ply tn a ilispnt. !i
flll New Orliaa-. -in jr ! (l.-av tin-
un- iionjiio, uy ,-i iarjro majiij-it v
tlio l.itir -!-i-i i. -n .
voivd it '
. .-C.I'.!l!!' t.l III.
i-.T Na;.c!i .ii, da.
-t n pfiit- tli? Tan
on :M-,;i'-n:ili-T.I'-x-
01'!ii,i !;! Ilil ;;-. 'd
I':"- !ar..-..a: .1:1 1 i. ,ii
till-'A il '..I I (.. Ii ,.
.. ia a ",-ir
Un-. ..j.i.
i-i,ii., i; r.
iiv..v".llit i
Tlo- i
I f Pill:.
ii - iiin. r .a.i.i. K ajs-n l iuitro.
Ti.i-ra i- iniicli
--a! i-
o ti.ii: i n oii
ill ' Prii.'.',' !,-iij--!i;ii. Mm iif Aapoloou
l.nv ii u yours nf li'iuiil bo liiuiiiiia-
il !K Pn -lik'iit of tin- ooaiiii!' lVoi-M'
l'iiir in Paris, in tV spring.
'I'l.o llnnii i.r (..i......i,t.i!;,.,.;, ,i ii, .. 1
Kl;llip c,,,,.,,,. to a()5our.,oll
.... ......... .-, .i - nkti ii,, r, in i .t;
- Tliaivlavin Mav.
'l lo-io m-o on ,.: ti.-m oa,.i,.i;, ti,..
mtl hhmi ini.l.-r ui-ms In -:in:u'!:t." Tin- c-x-
eio incut is tiviia-Uons, and the greatest !
pivpai - atloiis ait- Liiag made- to lVL-oive the
I.cl.iul ini.toi- the suspension of the hah.-as !
co.i.s. of wiuiiii forty-two were lisisli- 1
Tin; General -ppriiiri:i(ion Till in (lie
Oiiio I.egi-l-.iti'.ro fi-ot-. up .l.(;rii!.W O. lin
ineiise in this sum U for tlio tux-payers
are liifoj nii'il that it will be largely
TiioXew York X -'-i' V-'ipiiiiifrlon corro
spouilont says the President will veto tlie
nil Illglits jNegio j:ill. whieii has boon in
hauls a-veral !:vs. l-'ieni mi aiii. ie j
" .v.v..er.m t!,.. st:i.j,, t-
lieuugtit to ilo it.
Tlie l-'n ( I'.iueu'.s bureau in Virginia ami
Ciiii)ii:ia have turned over neo-ro limi-
to theeivil authorities. V'iiy should
Hot (to so y Tiiev lire mere i:itei lonei-s
ii-im-ii'-h nitnotales. witirno rigiit
, . . . r . I
;"iiti.... ity totry any body, why iiouid
V.':.s t 1 lhUia"ie authonucs
t2i.it try white men?
.i.i.nii. .i-iii-.i.c. on Co. s.ivs i int io
siioiiilurmaiioiiiliat wi.iililjn,tify sticii ,
lX':,A: s " ''
',,'' i" , ,
J...- ;,. S,s,t.!:H!l,!,,ia no-l
gn siiUiitg.- law. in l.u-i-of tho lmt tint
! tii. im.rratfc start- c..iiv.
! iuiotlo Mum! has wet, ami njuur
IICll witli
! out iimimii;.; nominations oi State ollieor-
It jKHSi'd re.-olutioiis iniloisiiijr the President
ami favoring the administration
the Souihern mem tiers.
A Question Answered.
March 12, 1866.
i To tIie I'Mitor of the fin. Kui. :
! would confer a favor;
i on a subscriber and constant ad-
your valualde raper by
; i vin the followim: information
Are out door laborers included in
the late act passed by the Logisla
ture making
r eight hoard a day's
j ending in the Legislature is a
"Sn'- 2. That in all engage-;
meats to labor m any mechanical
(,r Ill.l!u.nu.t liril!. lllsinos.s wIu.n
contract i silent on the subject
or where there is no express con-.
tract to the contrary, a day's work
of eight (,) hours.
The language of the statute now
ami an pngaireuienl cor.lractl or
agreements for labor in such c:fses
shall be so construed.''
If tlio 'out-door" work is of -a
'mechanical or manufacturinir"
charaiaer, then the eight-hour act
:. Jf any (ue-tion arises tin-1
di r the act it will be upon (he con-
s iruetmn to be given those words,
or manufacturing."
!"!Z "'''( a
Arrest of Sterling King.
l ' ""'I .'in-ill i
in his cell, recording a mo-t
v-0dcrful confession. King said
I-H-oln and attempted to a.-as,,n-;
ate the Sewards; that Wilkes lJooth
h o Rc!d t!ie horse at
the back door of t ie 1 heater : t
(i;".:i;e.i l.ooui on ine stage ai
s 'l'!'t:,.l'-,r was Laura Kecne,1
au who was an enemy of;
r i, mr.L.nt 1 1 i.m i .i-iv,u- in ..ivn
full account of the confession.
man named Sterling King was!
arre-ledin Lowlmg Orcen, Ken-;,,.,.:.,,
lucky on theiharge ol horse-steal-1
!";V .,JIetl.yi:s lr,)ll-!lt ,icre1"1 15ul
iins man escaped lrom
several j-risons i:i the I'nited States
where he was coio'ined under .-cn-
t1-'1"'-' of death for being a spy, Oic.
lie was well known in your town,
escaped from Covington
and aitonvard from Cincinnati jails.
Yesterday, he sent for IJHga lier-:
general dellersou C. Davis and den-
oral Watkins, commanding this
post. 'I hey went and spent two
' ''"'-'k ooor ol tlie theater; that
the omy j ersou who said they roe-!
hootli s, ami tool? tins opportunity
to ruin his character as au actor
inai iiiier tlio iieetis were diMie lie
. 1 1 ) ..!.. .1 .1 .1
.I, ..111 i ii
um iM,,ul n,,lt5 "joiner iiirougii
Maryland and osoaijctl into Can a-!
da. From there they went to Cu-,
La, where Uooth now is.
He also states that the man kill-
e l in the I, am was not Uoolli, and
tnat no person has ever yet worn
that it was llooth who was killed.
lie gives dates, incidents, eve, of
the whereabouts of certain docti-
meals which are hid, all of which
!ie:,,,,s YUo tnithful.
yfr v
woinlerJiu conies sioll in lull to
Washington, and to know what to
io -nun mo prisoner, j.a i nignt,
he opened a large vein in his arm
with lus kmlc with ihe intention
of putting an end to himself. Ilo'
will no doubt die, as' the doctors
have no hope of his recovery. The!
in York, Pa.
thel ,th a niimicim. election
.was held at ork. T'n. lie Dem-!
ocrats made a large tea in electing
their candidate for flavor by a ma
jority of M7.". Nowhere in the
Stale, so far as we have been aide
to h.-arn, have the Uepublicaiis
d tiieir own at a mikjic munici
pal election bold since the Repub
lican State Convention nominated
a candidal e for Governor and ro-!
fused to indorse President Johnson, j
Pennsylvania is not a XcwKnirlaiid
That account.s for the re-!
m the elections.
are makimr :i i
?10f!f P'111""' J!S't i" Connecticut.
,st vt'a!" 1 -v wcre ''iten over
uiou.-aiul. It is, perhaps,
expecting too much to expect that
they will carry the .State at this
l'ecl1011 ! 1,11 1 they will assuredly
milc'1 reduce that majority.
iPt" The Senate was engaged on
Ihe 11th by the discussion of the
bill to reorganize the regular army;
after which it was passed. It pro
vides for iifly regiments of infantry
and twelve of cavalry. Eight reg
iments of colored infantry, and two
regiments ol colored cavairv
proviueu lor, out are lo i,e ollicered
i i , i :
h.v white iiieii selected from merit-
oriou9 Volunteer ollicers. Ihe
... . . i .1
'!'"; . "w,r'-
eran I.eserve Corps as an organi-;
oi ) as an organi-i
zation was rejected U.is bil will
V , llia
rv comiiiitie oi inai ooii' nave a
bill already prepared to report as a
guhlitute for the Senate bill.
Thoughts on the Times.
once .
Hc is giving Sumiior and Stevens
sits." and
U making -breaches" in the Ke
u ; ' miMiran i;rtv
' The la'publicans will have enough
J j0 do a mending their ruptured
party, without troubling the Con
. j .lihuion.
' T,H Radicals don't like the .vV
1 (lf .fohnson's speech
They say it is the spirit of Hyp
I We' should think so, from" the
! SVay it riled them.
W0 don't blame tliem.
apphe It was verv rude toward them,
The Froodnion's bureau was to
; ,avc ,eon composed of man v draw
mechanical j 0..,froiu the public treasury- '
It was fitting that it should bo
l.rotigl.t to a close (clothes.)
Iu'vSow of ianv letters, Cov
A orn(j,. C'ox mav be laid to be all
r,.on, t!l0 W;1V l!l0 pi;;dicas rich
i into" his last epistle
nijail. ti ,;.,), t i. 7.-h ,l
President Jolinson is still follow
inr tlio tailoring business
(The Radicals still call it Tyler
iiir luisiness)
l.ut that dun t make any diller-
; Ii don't "suit'' them a bit.
; He has "sewed" up Funic v
; The tailor's -'goose'' has turned
l(, )0 a "doal duck."
Andy don't like mUli-work"
)i lu'rwise railed ni.hirfmentn.
: 'I'l.t. i;Miil,'b:nv: nnw siu.n t w
name of the past month J'ln ne
ar ;i.
They rue the President's speech
c lt,j(
'' '
, less uurneii. j ne acciueiu nan pen-
! ed between this point and Yiiiton
I killed
on the railroad east of this place,
on Monday evening, lie was Iv-
ig on the track, and was not dis
JlOROAN ,,u i.r,ul nntll i.,l,in i i.mvi
: e were also informed Ciat an-l.'iitoi-
othov.mm was lying on the track a
few rods lieyond the one run over
'going east on last Saturday morn
Laying ; ing, (,n the M. it (J. IL IL, a spark
I from tho locomotive set a car on
lire containing forty-nine hogs
j Twenty-two were burned to death,
and the balance were all more or
fli" While the Stock Train was
less burned. The accident happen
covered until loo lale to prevent
running over him.
and very narrowly escaped the fate
of the
Some six or reven cars were
. . . . . . . ...
thrown oil tire (rack ol the ai. ec (.'.
j. !.. on last Saturday afternoon.
at the tunnel near Mo'onville, some i
Jen miles east of this place. A
mnnlicr of the track hands staWed I
fr..in Hope '-tation, oim hand tar,
to si.-tin getting the cars on tlie
track again,' when they met villi
an accident on the tressel across a
.!iv! linn mtin ! i T 1 -
bntised and cut lv being catigh! on
the crank wheel, and another had
wc hoard that
one man was drnv.-neil. loir, nfler.
wards the report was contradicted.
Zaleski Herald.
New Hampshire.
inic ,ii,w.i, i ........... -. oni .:,..o..
beinir a fdi-dit'.-ain of nlmnt niio'
Last year the Hepubiican State
t i.-ket had 7,-tOO ma oril y in New
allll)SllirC) i!U-l(lfling the soldier
....... 1 a-i .i. '? i '
Dayton (Ohio) Journal
"The Hopuhliean Slate ticket
majority. Vv'e would impure of
the Jiiuriinl upon what side it
counts its gain of 2,0!.!0 voles?
The Civil Rights Bill at Washington.
do not look through Iladictil eyes,
f'10 (-,'v' lights Hill, which is still
ln l'i0 'iaiull ol" t11t, President, is ro
Slatc. ;u-(,-"1 ils a detestable abom
sult jination than the Pre edm en's . Hn-
reau Hill, and yet there are Rcpub-
lican Senators and Kopresenta-
lives who profess to believe the
iy persons at ai innston who
President will approve the bill.
Public Debt Increased Seventeen
Millions in January.
It was expectation of the
public that the debt of the Federal
Government would be decreased,
now that the War is over. The ex
pectation was just. They will there
lore be surprised to learn from Ihe
regular monthly statement of the
National Debt by the Treasury- De
parteinent. 'hat it increased seven
teen im'!io8 during the month of
January. Sliitesiianx. '
The General Assembly to visit
of the Gcneral
cu,n,u, .t,
iC.-Vllll IJUIV IHMl lilt
invitation ol the Cincinnati Cham
i,, ,,( fv,nn n,i ;n ,u,,
i,,- ne i,nn-n n,i ;n t-tn,i
for that cilv on the 1:40 train, on
Nkver confide secrets to your
relatives-vblood will tell.
Comfort for the Tax-payers.
A deliciency in the State Treas
ury preventing tho payment of
current expenditures, and an in
crease of seventeen millions in tho
Public Debt of the Federal Gov
ernment during the month of Jan
uary! There's comfort for the tax
oppressed people. Tho holders of
bonds, who are exempt from taxa
tion, however, look on serenely.
liather an expensive luxury, t!ov
eminent in the hands of L'epubli
can politicians and Revolutionary
Indiana Convention.
We learn from various reliable
sources that the late Democratic
Indiana State Convention was a
perfect success; that its proceedings
passed off to tho entire satisfaction
of (he people, and that no doubt
exists that tho Democracy will car
ry the State by a largo majority.
J'u'j it ii'i
Pauk compound of oddity, frolic
and fun, to relish a joko, and rejoice
llfAN'IKli! AirontK. Halo iiinlF.nul ul
to J 130 .ist moiilli to null tlio Cclu-
mm im F.miLV mm
91 A V II I N L ,
MICE, $18,00.
'J hin M.icliinu will ilo nil kin.U of wotk iqimi
to lli liiiii priced Miicliiiics, 1111J it) tlio m.Iy
pr c'ii'nl uikI reliulilu (. iK-np tSuurtEjf Mni'liiiiu
iilliuWmlil S.iiul fr dn-oriptivo Cirt'iilara.
AiIiImmv-SKi'OJIB A CO., ('I.lmsto, III., or
Clttwliiiiil , Ohio. 1'iiiK'lpiil Ollicu, No. 2 Cus
tom llou-o I'liiJO, Cliii'iijio III, ii 1,22 .v ly
Probate Notice.
BENJAMIN' PII.L. Ginr.liau of HuI.ocob C.
Ymior, has flUl hh in-c.iuiitii nnd vtaii'lior
i:i t!iu l'n liuto t'liiirt of Viiiinn county, Ohio,
for iiixpcrinn uiul tin il hiUK'iiiuiit, und ll.ul
liny will 13 for liouriiijr in raM C'onrl on Hutur
d .y, tin- H'.U day of April, ISi;. )t.-d Mmcli
Sil. lilCJI tUU C'KA (I.
inch. 2i. -vr. 12. I'rolmlo Ju.Mo.
Sheriff's Sale!
Rate of Ohio, Vinton Co.
Iiajs.'lm'.li Muitb, rit'fl, 1
In Court of Com
. 1'o.iy, Duf't. I
mon I'Iu.ib. An or-.
Oo rsi L. l'oily, Duf't. ) dur and Jucreu.
l)L'i:SU NT to the oommiind of un Order
X und Dicroii in i ho ub .'o uiiii.i io me di-ri-i'tcd
t r--in tli. i (.'on i f,ol C' .innioii I'Ims, of liu
nl'oru-iiid c imt.v o Vinloii I will . Il' r at pub
l.u ilc, hi tlio i .or ol tho Ooiut-lloio, in tl.o
lowii of MuArtnur, in ul'orua.iid coauly of Viu-
toll, ou
umlay, 23d of April, 1SCG,
at Iho hour of 2 o'clock 1", M of faid d;y, the
I.. l.r.vinL' Lu.oU und Ten iiiicniD t
Ia tin eU'tuiid i-f Fruoti m lliir'y-ono Midi-ii-u
t.iwnhip, Vinton county, in tlio Suite of
ottio, und in tho Ohio Compuny' piirchuEO,
c..t7jhiiii ..liiriy-on i acres.
Oidi.r. d to be told an the property of Ooorgo
I.. l.-:ty. to t iti.sfv mi ord .r unJ Docrje o
uioreHuid Court in fuv.,r ul' K.izi loth Smith.
Appruiaa I u-t foil wn to--Four hundred
und X!)-four d illuM, uud mua', biiug two
third, of that s-.un,
Tuiiua uf tulo ea.ih In bund.
SheriU V. Co.. O.
K. A CoiiK'nolo, Att'y forl'lt'u".
Mi.ro '.'i, t--jii, 5-w pi 1170.
SJierhT's Kale.
Andrew Wolf, Plaintiff, In Court Common
vh V Plean.
Culvln Kccton DefendantJ Order of Sulo.
i)ClisUANT to the oommutid ,nf un order
of culo in the u'-ove c:mo to mo direc-
from the Court of Common Pleis, of tlio
al'orewud county of Vinton,! will illVr at pub
lic calo, at the door' of the court bouse, in the
town of MoArthui, iu uforeeuid county of
Vinton, on
Monday, April 23d, 18GG,
At the hour of two o'clock p m, of miiil day
tlm following premiHox nitmitcd in ths county
Vinton mi l Siute of Ohio ud bounded und
dccib!d ui follow i (o wit :
One undividjd sixth .art of tho west liulf of
tl.o Miiuhvact quarter of geeion number three
3)of toui.iiip iiuinber eleven (11) ofrniu'O
n.iiiibcr dcventeen ( 17 , eonluinii.g eijrhiy (8rj
acred more or lew.; Mibjcct to the dower c.-tute
Miirutot Kcoton w dow of John Keeton,
.tppruisol ok follows, to-wit, : Two hundred
fifty dollar l25o W)
Terms of buiu, cash in bund.
tSherilf V 0 O
Jouopli J. McDowell urt'y for pi 11'.
Mar. h 12, lsilti-6wl2-i.fll7U
Legal Notice.
Stale of Ohio, Vinton Co.
Court o Cummoh Pleas
Henry Williams, I'luiutiir,
Timothy E. Stuntey, Dcfi-nd't J
'I'lM THY It. STANLEY, of Chattnnoojra,
1 in iho Stutu ot'TenneHNte, wil tikoiioiice
tint Iknry Willinnin of tho comity of Vinton,
tlio bum of Ohio, did on tha 21st dny of
Murcli.u. d. lSiiG,lilo his petition in tl.o Court
of 1 1. minon I'io.h within und f.r the comity of
inuii. in huicl S '. of Ohio, uguii.st the raid
Tiuioihy K. Munh-v deknd.iii-, ncttlnir f rth
Unit tlm Miid Tiinoihy I. Similuy Ik indebted to
tliOMiid il:-iBiilf, Henry WillUms, in tliu hiiiii
of one huu lied und Itventj-fiva dullurt (fl25)
u'.ili interest from tho 1st day of April u.d.
18'iJ, lor work nrd hihor nnd iwrvii'SMuii n body
teiVH t at the request of uiJ dcfeiidaut, Timo
thy K 8.anl,y, und pruyinfr lor a judgment for
id Hum of one Hundred and twonty-flve
ilollurs (1'.'5) together with the interest tuoro
on The n.id defendant Timotiiy R Stanley will
ids) lake no ice hit (lie plaintiff. Heioy W.l
liumf, n ihe am duy, to-wit: the 21-t day
March, a. d g.;6 filed his afliduvit and ob
luinod au ordor of a tachn er.. in aid cuae
niruiiiot tin- ied Timothy R Stanley, lor iho
ncovfry of -aid nun ol one hundred and twen-.)-fivo
dollars ( 125) with interest tnereon
r..m the 1st day of Ai ril a. d. 1802: and the
lito.thy K. Stanley is notifii d that he is
qmnsl to appear and answer eidd petition on
ortH-rorethe third Sn nr.lm . after Ihe S6th
dny of April, a. d ISrtrt. Daied March 21at.
16-1. '
mh22-6wl2. ByR. A. Cbnstahln hiatty.
TITIS Celebrated Tlinrono-i,
ltri.il IImi.ii IltirA in liPiirlv 111 lir.n.l.
hiiih, I'haittuu', Weil nuiho.ilod and el.n-
I ed, u brought to Ih.soonniy U taeaaon. at d
jiroicd liimsolf a race hcrse, by his own Buccem
O'.n 'e d utnilift gooi Mirodid ilo ren, nit
1 o i garucuin this county, iw i ia leiigrt'e
illnhow. The tollowinif letter which was re
ceived Iri.m Mr K. Aitchlson Alex.inder, of
Woodford county, Ky., who raked this CoLt
rt oouoKo.und M'dd h'ln into Oh in, in oiiq.ioB-tio-'ul.lo
orc.ol b youd ditpute cf the 'edigrie
of Woodf r l :
tvuiKO Station, Woo.lf ird Co,, Ky.,
Jiiiiuary 1Mb. 18U6. f
Mb Wabkkn Looks Urxii Sib : Your of
.i5.li Dccoinb.r, arrived daring my ubsonc
I'min h mo of h, voiul wcua durution; I now,
n my reiurn.lia.tua to answer : llulow I bond
pedigree desired of cliOHlnilt coll :
Oientnut Uwe Ilreil ly James Long, of
H'usltimjtim I) ( 'fmlleil ISlg; iijuld Jlimlou
(mm o l'iiiwleiiu) best sun o Sir Arcliy.
I iluin Mirtilla. jr (il ol OuN-undraJ by B Amly
i d Old 1'lirlilltt, by Sir A ruby;
3 d lv imp Kuoin lit-d Lroa,t,'(9on of Sir Poter
i lv imp (ib.-cuiify, (son of O'Kolly'a Eclip'o;)
5 d old -Viimui kin, l.y imp WiUlnir;
i d liaLuncy'a imp t'u i mure by Cub,
7 d AihuihijUi..b' diuu by Second;
3 d the itmn of Lcodo,
1'luaU, Fop, AS., by Star I r:
9 dam by oi l l'a't,.er;
M dum by Ureyhuuud,
II dum by Mnkelo-is:
12 dum , by Krimnur;
IS dam by Place's Whito Turk
1-1 dum by Dodhworth;
l" dum I.iiytoii Barb Muro.
1 dum Knur y Mill, imp by Monarch ;
'i leu Allercniu by imp Yi.ui g X rullle;
it dum i huuimiia by l'liuntoinj
4 dum l.y Walton;
5 dum Alleprai ti by IVvuhu-i:
6 dum 0MUeSmec2er by highflyer;
,i uiini .oi oii'iu izjr uy .iiutciijm;
8 dum Lndy l.y Sir C Tumor' Swo
U dum pypuon
10 dum
1 1 dum
VI d:.m
1J dum
dum by Patriot;
oy eruti
Ly lluy llolt in; '
by Ourwiu'e Buy Bnrbj
by t'urwiu'sold Wool;
t'V White lecrffed Lowrliar
11 d:.m
loilum v intncr niara B rb;
The above Uol wussold at my salo in Juue,
lSo'iJ, to ISuni'l Aloxuudi.r, Uroeu county, Ohio.
l.'pecifuily, K. A. ALEXAMJIiK.
Wooillord nt Colnnibiis, July 18(5.)
iid duy-1'iimo $jSo, inila heuts, best 2 in 3:
!! A. AUxaiid.irVi-li o Woodford;
(ii-ii. Moore's b s Hum;
II. Wullt-rVn m Kute Itotton, by Lexington dura
Annu iSi-litns by lm. TniBteo.
Woodford wum tlio tuvorito, winning thi 1st
und 3d beats, unii lius diatiuiiuished himself ul
Kevi-rul riu-OB. iWilUe's Spirit of tho Timeg.
W hut muy bo uid o! him ho has never yol
hud u I'nir eliaueu to show what ho could do.
Ilo never hud tho proper hundlinif and was
run invariably out ol condition boin-i in hands
uiittcaluiiluted with ruee horses. Vlist wus
dsne, wus but the remit of his uneuItivBted
speed and his grout ondurunco, ha being a clnsi
desoetidnnt ol old Huston mid Bir Aruhy. No
ooiter Idoed over run in tho veins of ix Horse f
Wooilford was piirchaBed and brought to tb'
comity (or tho pnrpo.-o of in.provini; tho stock,
and wi I siulid tlictarly puit of tho coming sou
son f,r a limited numbi-r of good maros ut tlio
very lo,v prico of f 25 lor the in-urmco. Mares
from a di.lunce will receive good aitention und
be kept ut reiisonubl ) rules, en pasture or uuj
kind of feed the owners mny diiect.
Probate Notice.
BEVJAI.1M HAWK, Adminis ralorof the es
tate of Jucon Ili.uk, 3d. doce isid, hai liLd
bis iiee.iunlH and, vouchers i n thel'robiilo Court
of Vinton county, Ohio, foi iufpection and final
sottlement, and that they will bo for heurintr
iusuid Court, on Saturday tho Mill day of
Ap.il, A. V. 18 JO. Dated MoArtlmr. March 22,
Meh,22. 3 w. 12. ' T'oUto Judgo.
One door east of tho M. E. Church,
IS now rfreivinjra nplendid stock of SPUING
M1LLINEKV, confuting in part of
Bonnets Made to Order.
Kitaihino neatly and promptly executed.
3f" l.'oniitry produco received in exchango
fur good, from it Payment Desired.
March 15, lSilO 3m.
McArthur High School.
rplIIE Directors feel confident In rccconi--X
nieiidiiir this School to all who desire
-1. t.. u...
inoiouii iiauiori; in inu L'seuLiais (Ji r.uil-
cation. Thu .spring term has- just begun
with largely increased attendance. Koom
for a few non-resident jmpils. Terms rca
soiiahlt'. "Tlie best Normal School is a school with
a live f wAcr." Ai)ilieants address.
in I.') w 1-11. W. W ATK1X S, Supt.
Manlioud; how Lost, how Restored.
.jR T FST puWished, a new edition of
,4: tl Dr. CiilverwuH'a Ct-Iobratod Ea
v '"J 011 tue "! enre (without
Aas..k-lmcdii.'ino) of 8permatorihnea, or
uininl Woukncss, Involnn'.ary 8etninel Loitsei
lmpot-nt-y, Mental J-md l'hyiical Incapacity,
'mjiedinienta to mi.r-iao. eto ; ulso.Conaunip
t;on. Epilepsy, and Fits, inducod by aclf-indal-goncn
or'-ectiml extruvufranco.
tW Price in a houIo! envelope, only 9 cents. '
Tlie celebrated author in this admirable easay
loarly dtmonKtratca, from a thiity yoars sue
coKitful practice, that the alrrming conuequouces
of elf sbuie may be radically cured without
the dangerous use of internul medicine or tho
application of the knifd pointing ontamodo
of cure atorcetOmple, certain, and effectual, by
means of which every enffirer, no matter what
bin condition may be, may cure himself cheaply
privately and radii-ally.
KT '1 his lect iro uliouid be in the hands of
every youth and every man in the land.
Sent, under peal, in a plain envelope, to any
address, post piid, on receipt of aix oenta, or
two pr: Htani.s. Address the publishers,
CIIAS .1. C. KLINE CO., 127 Bowery, N.
Y., lVt Ollice box 4.588.
BLANKS of every description, for gale
at this office.

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