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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, April 05, 1866, Image 3

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The Lady 'a Fl lend devoted to Tasbionanl
llterluro. liceuiiiul tcel engravings. Dou
bit il colorud fashion plutes. Tho latest
pattern of Dresses, Cloaks, Bonnets, Embroid
ery, 4o. Houri-HId receipts, tnui-ic, aVe.
Vliitle Si Wilson's Sewing aluchlnes givon a
premiums Send IS ct Tor a tarcple copy to
Dmom & Tt TiBfON, 319 Walnut St., I liila.
Published as a bi ne fit and as caution to
Tooxa mim and others, who toller from nervous
lbiliiy, promaturo decuy of Msuhood, die.,
iiiipl)inK ui thosanio tiinu Tiik hum cr n.t-
tiK. By one who hue cured Liniiolf alter mi
dsrgtdng considerable quackery, iiy ODclufliig
a post-paid addressed envelope, single copiva
free of clinrno, limy be lud ol t he author.
NATHANIEL M AYr'AIK, Etq., Brooklyn,
Xing cp., how York. fobl-ly
t37"Tli Mason Hsmliu Cabinet Ogans.
forty different styles, adapted to sacred und
ecular niuic,fur 30 to tiu) each. Fifty ona
Uoid and Silvor Medula, or other first premiums
ardad them. I'lustrntod dual guts free Ad'
dr.,6, MASON & HAMLIN, BnHun or MASON
BKUfHtKd, Now York. scpU ly
Lrrora of 1'ouilr.
. A Ointleman who tuflV-rcd for years from
Kervoua Debility. 1'renn.ture Decay, and all
tkeelTcote of youthful inditcretlon, vill, for
sake of suffering l.uninulty, send free to all who
need it, iha receiiit and directions for making
the kiinple remedy by which ho was cured.
trutH-icrs wishiig to profit by tho nd vol titer'
experience, can do to by address ng
Jel I -If. .'Ko, 13 Cliamlors St., N. Y.
To Consumptives.
Th adverlisr, having been restored to health
in a few weeks !y a vory simple remedy, a tier
having suffered forsoveral years with a severe
lung alfeoLon, and that dread diseaso, Con
sumption is si.xious to make known to his
ftllow-tutfuren the means of cure.
' To all who doire it, he will send a copy of
the prcvciiption uod, free of charge, with tho
directions t' r preparing and using tho fame,
which they will Hud a sure cure for Coiisump
tion, Asthma, liMLchiMs, Coughs, Colds, and
all Throul m.d Lung Affections. The only ob
ject of the ud vert ie r in send ng tho Inscrip
tion is to beni. fit the aflliuted and thread infor
mation which ho conceives to bo invaluable,
and ho hopes every sufferer will try hit remedy,
as it will cost thoui nothing and may prove a
blessing. .
Parties wishing the Proscription,' ruin, by
(turn mail, will plesso address,
William ihur gh, Kings Co., N. Y.
January lrTlflH-ly.
Mruiigc but True.
Every young Imly and gentlomnn In the
Cnitd hiuttscin hear soinotliii.i; wry nuieh
li tlroir advnn'sgu by return iniiil, fioe of
c.iargu, by addr ssiiiglho underpinned. '1 hope
having ny tears of being humbug ed will
oblige by Hot noticing this enrd. All others
Wilt l.lcuse ailtlrei-c their obedient servant,
Joll-ly. 831 Hmudwsy. N. V.
Do yon want V hiskcra or Moustaches! Our
Grecian. Compound will foreo them to grow on
he smoothest facii or chin, or hair en buld heads
In Six Weeks, l'i ieo 1 ,00. Sent by muil uny
whero, closely senlcrl, on rocuip of price.
Address VVAl:lElfc CO., Box 13d. Brooklyn
New York. fcblO-ly
A Clergyman wh'le residing iu Bonth Amer
a as a missionary . discovered asnfo and sim-
le remedy for tho Cnro of Nervous Woaknos.
arly loc.iy, DUosso of the Urinary and
Seminal Organs, and tho wholo train ofdisorn
ders brought en by baneful und vieioiis hubitN.
Oroat ncmbeis Imvo been already cured by this
noble remody. Promyted by a dcsiic to ben
tit iis -filleted and mifort uiiuto, I will sene
the reilfio fjr prepari'ig and using this nudi
e'na, In a sealed envelope, to any one who need
It, FltlF. orClIAHOE.
l'leaso liieliiso a pos'.-puid oovelopo, address
ed to yohrself.
ISt.ition D. IIiiilb llocen,
Mra. Uthl3i)5-1yr. New York
Agents Wanted!
'io s(dl prifc ('crtitiontcs for
Ladies Jewelry, Dismioml KiiiRs. Tins, &c.
Only $5,00 Each,
tor nny article drawn, Itetail price from
$10 toSijO.
All Oootl.s Warranted (lennine.
Trico of Ccttlflcfttea 25 tVnts cwli. Lib
eral I'roiniums and Commission
ul lowed to .Agents.
Simple Ceutificatu) Skent Ekee.
Tor Circulars and Tortus address,
Messrs. HAYWAltD & CO.,
2JI) Broadway, New York
Jan.4,18G6, 3ruo.
. Composed of highly concentrated extrarcti
from roots und herbs of the hijjbcs! medical
Talne, inlallibio in (he cure ol all deceases
of the Liver or any derangement of t!ie Di
gestive Organs, They remove all Impuri
ties of the Blood, and nra unequalcd in the
cure of Diarrhae, Juumlice, Dvsiepsia. Scro
fula, Biliousness, Liver Ci mplant, Fevers,
Headache, Piles, Mercurial Deseases, Here
ditary Humors. Dos? for ndtil's, one pill in
the mon.ing children half a pill, From one
to three pills will cure ordinary cases, and
from one to three boxes will cure any curea
"ble case of no matter ho.v long standing:
Price $1 00 per box, Trade supplied or sent
Dy man
tine 1st 1860-ly 62 Fulton St N Y
A Coiiffhj Cold, or Sore Throat,
Ieritation of tiik LrKna. a Purva
nknt Throat Affection.ob an In
a? ar. '
bavim01 direct imfluesce to tub parts,
give immediate belief.
For Cbokchiti6, Auhma, Catarah,
will find Tbocees useful in clearing Ihe
Toice when taken before singing or speak
ing, and relieving the throat alter an una
I exertion of the vocal organs. The
Trochees are recomtmnded and prescribed
by Physioiaiis, and bate had testimonials
from eminent men througout the country.
Being an article of true merit, and having
proved their efficacy by a test of many
years, each year finds ihem in new locali
ties in various parts of the world, and the
Trochees ate universally pronounced belter
than other articles.
Obtain only "Brown's Bronchial Tro
chees," and do not take sny of the Worth
Itss Imitations that may be offered.
. Sold everywhere in the United States,
and in JWgB Coontriei,' it35cenTs per
Official Organ of Vinton County.
3P" iletrerliscmen's to apj ear on Tit-
ilay morning, wtt It hantieU in not later
than TuMlay etening.
One year, .' $1 f0
F.'.glit months, 1 00
Four months, . 50
Payment in advance in all cases.
One sqtuire, ten lines, $1 00
F.iU'h additional insertion, 40
Curds, per year, ten lines, 8 00
Notices of Kxecutors, Admlulstra-
tors nnd Guardians, 2 00
Attachment notices before J. F, . . li 00
Local notices, per line, 10
Yearly advertisments will be charged
$00 per column, and at porportiomite
rates for less than a column, l'uyublu in
Religious Services in McArthur.
M, . I niBcii.-I'rtnchinp Sulibslh at hslf
pt tvu o'cluck, A. M., and half-rust six
o'clock, P. M. Sabbath School, 2 f. U.
Presbyterian ClitacH. fervlccsst 11 o'cl'k
a. h., and S o'cli ck r. m. tubkslh tk'hool at 9
o'clock a. u., every fcabbuth.
Christian Cnciicn. Services at 11 o'clock a
k , every feubbath.
Bouties to Soldiers of 1861 and
Passed March 2, 1EBG, by unanimous con
sent of the House of Representatives in
Reso ved, That the Committee on Mili
tary Affairs be instructrd to inquire into the
propriety of providing by law that soldiers
who enlisted in 1861 mid 1863, and served
more, than one year, and were discharged in
consequence of disease contracted in the
service, shall receive the Government boun
ty to hlch they would have been entitled
had they served two years.
All soldiers so discharged should immedi
ately send their discharges for collection
of said bount) to me, end I will get their
money for ihem tsioon as the same cult be
obtained by any other person.
Military Claim Agent, McArthur, Ohio.
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FoRLegal Advertisements 6ee
onrlh page.
Subscribe for tho KECOKD.
Thanks To lion. II. S. Buncly,
M. C, fur public documents received.
Advertise in the RECORD.
Hon. A.J. Swaim, will accept
our thanks for public documents received.
Subscribo for tho RECORD.
See new advertisments in to-days
Subscribe for the RECORD.
IIonsE and Jack Bitr.s. We are
prepared to print Horse and Jack Bills with
neatness and dispatch.
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Correspondence, giving news
items of general interest, solicited from all
pills of the county.
New Store. Mr. T. A. Martin is
receiving and opening a New Stock of
Goods in Bratton's building, second door
cast of the Court House. Mr. Martin pro
poses to'scll goods nt lower prices than
they have been bought In McAi thur for in
the past three years. Call and see.
The election on Monday last pass
ed off very quietly. Nothing of importance
transpiring during the whole day.
We wish our friends would send
in the returns of the different Township
elections by next Tuesday, so as to insure
their publication next week.
Madison Townsuip. The election
inthis township Ksultei in the election ol
a 'miied ticket, composed of both parties,
under the name ol the 'People's Ticket.'
Clinton Tbwnsiiip. The whole
Democratic Ticket was elected, except one
McArtiiur Election. The fol
lowing are tho officers of our corporation;
Mayor, Joseph Knler, Recorder Q. W.
Shockey, Treasurer John P. Dunkle, Mar
shal Parker Rankin, Street Commishoner
G. W. Pilcher, Council John H. Kin?, L.
Sprague, P. Horton, A. H. Dowd and E. A.
Vinton Cotnty Elections. The
electious in the vuriuus townships of this
County, paed off on Monda-y last wiih
out excitement. The result shows an en
dorsement or the policy of the President.
Scarer ly a man of the Democratic party but
Rives a hearty approval of the course that
President Johnson pursues, and the general
belief is, that it will restore peace and uni
ty to the peop'e and promote general pros
perity. In Elk township the Democratic
strength was not out, and in fact no exer
tion was made, only the Saluidar befjre
the election, a full ti:ket was nominated by
a few persons. If Democrats want to be
sncceas'ul they must commence work soon
er, and give noticj of their acts publicly, so
the people can know what is guii g on, and
Who Ihe rjimliilstpa are Ail In iVia jiih.
ter Townships heard from Democrats elect
their tisketfor township- officer..
Datton elects her Democratic
Mayor by handsome majority. This is
welidone.for the lioma of Vallandigham,
When we take into consideration that last
vear it wis larirrl RonnMirsn rw km.
true it Is "that time makes all things ven." ,
' .' . I SMSSS1 '
AdVertlso- in the JIECORD.
Spring Election.
The following is the official vo"e given
on last Monday, for towiuhip 'officers in
Elk township, Vinton county, Ohio.
FiA Ju$tit a the Ftaee.
Joseph Rait r. Rep. ' ' 187
Henry Reynolds, Dcm. 135
Kalers majority
For Tounthip Truitees.
James Robbins, Rep.
Jonas Hatfield, Dtin.
Robbins majority
S B Ullom, Rep.
Vo.-s HuUliuies, Dein.
U lonis maj
Jamfs C Johnsi n Rep. "
John lliilui, Dem
Johnsons msj
For Townthlp Trtaturer
J P Dunkle. Rep.
O W Gilir.an, Dem
Dunkles maj
For Toicniihip Clerk.
G W Shockey, Rep
lames Maloue, Dem. .
Shockey s msj
For Toicmship Alienor,
Alexander Ward, Rep.
Henry .Reynolds, Deirt.
Wards mnj.
For Conitallm.
Sae. Rp.N
Wilson, Dem.
Sig's maj
Cliarman, Rep.
Dowd, Dem.
Chapmaus mj.
Cincinnati has gone Republican
by a greatly reduced imijoritr. Next fall
the cny will be Democratic wo have no
Ahead. Ames township ahead.
Mrs. Henry Penrod ia the mother of three
imert sting responsibilities, three days old
to-day, Feb. 3d. All girls. Who can beut
it? All doing well. Athens Messenger,
A lady at Roisvllle, in this coun'y, a
shoit time since, gave birth to triplets.
Tlnec buys 'vhorr, sho named Grant, Sher
man and Sheridan. We cun husband you is
Mr. Mencnger, and after they get msrried,
they chu fnise their own bfats. lunes
ville Courier.
C'immeiil Is nnnccessary. Poitmcuth
A lady In this county gave birth to 3
triplets, 4 girls and 3 hoys. Mown ulieid.
(Morgan County Hr-)..
Pass in your chips, gentlemen. : linens
Pais out your ours, ludief. Washing
ton Co. News.
A cotemporary says: 'There is va
man up in our country who always puvs for
the pa,ier in advance. He has never been
sicks ilny in his lil'e, never had any corns
nt t.ir.itiuilit Iita nntalnps never rot. ihft
weevil never cats his whent, the frost ucver
kills hi3 com or beans, Ins bnoies never cry
in the night, and most wonderful of all, his
wife never scolds.'
Cholra. We have heard of but
very little preparation being mode by either
private persons or corporate authorities to
receive that terrible scourge the Asiatic
Cholera which, it is confidently predict
ted by those whose judgment is considered
aeliuble, will visit us the coming yeat.
Burglary by Wholesale. On
lust Thursday night the Burglars of Pome
roy broke into five sloirs and the postolfice.
They took some three or lour begs Of mi'il
from the office. Among the stores broken
into wa learn wns Capt. 0. W. Branch,
clothing esialli-hmeiit from whicli they
took considerable clot.ig. Thev fsi ed to
get open the post ofiice safe. Messenger,
Street Crossings Depreciated.
The Round Toble hns had much to say ol
the coiset manufacturers of the East driv
ing a tremendous business in the manufac
ture sad sale of artificial calves for fashion
able ladies. The editor of the Sandusky
R gister tak"s up the question end makes n(
local application ia Hit following 'Jarewol
expressions .'
'Patent adjusted silves! Farewell ro
mnnie farewell to shapely ankles and the
attendant thrill! Street crossings have lost
their value, and society is a cheat. Hail to
the cimival of false hair, fr.lse teeth, false
breath, ana. false calves I
- In (he course ol the article referred to it is
stated that 'quite a number of ladies who
have created thrilling sensations, on the
skating parks have been harnessed in false
calves.' Down here during the tkating
season, we duln t see anv ladies 'hs'nessed
in false calves,' but In one or two casea we
guess they were harnessed to great c.tlves,
judging trom the way their male partners
ban led when they chanced to break through
the ice.
List of Marriage License issued
by the Probate Judge for the month
ending March 31st, 1866.
Thomas Brown to Cindnlla Anderson,
Dav:d 1. raible to Mary J. Perkins,
John Drake to Mary Ann OVerrv.
Hiram S. Honnold to Mary F. Vest,
Andrew J. Vest to Mary L. Walle.-,
George W. Tinkbam to Eliza Hyson,
Henry V. Horton to Marv G. Goff.
Siephen Kline to Lea try Svrepstun,
David Wilson to mary Ferrell.
Alfred H. Ksrnt to Son.h E. Herren,
Nicholas H. Karns to Mary L. Dennison.
George Hoop to Lillv Belle Steece.
John W Wjatt to Junietta Claypool,
lease George to Mary Fuuk,
Samuel Reeves, Jc, to Anna Miry An
derson. Emmett Forinash to Ruth Ann Morris
Jacob S. Will to Rebecca M. Davis
William O'Rourk to Ellen O'Brine
Willard U W a I if a to Rachel B Ihomas
Henry Hep pel to Louisa Renck-
Fairs. A state fair is a (jfiieen.sn agri
cultural fair ia farmers daughter, a church
fair is a parsons wife, an editors fair is the
best looking girl he can get hold of. a char
ity fair is a female pauper, and themos. nil-
popular fair in the universe is boarding
ooum fare.-
Planting by the Moon. The Ila
I'ehurst (Miss.) Copiahan enlightens us
thus upon this abstruse subject;
There are a great many who lidicule the
idea of Planting by the moon, but experi
ence is wiser than science, and many of
ihe most successful gardeners observe rigid
ly the rule of planting accord ing to the
changes of the moon An old friend, iu
wh'isrf judgment we have faith, assures us
that all vegetables of the vine kind, as
beuns. ss, potatoes. &c, bear more luxu
riantly if planted in the first three or four
days after full moon, and that corii planted
on the decline of the moon will make heav
ier ears than if planted at any other time.
Lt our gardeners and planters remember
this, and make the expeuuitiit.'
New Milllnery Goods. Sirs.
King announces the receipt of New Spring
Millinery for 181(5. at greatly reduced prices
and cheaper Mian the cheapest. Give her
a call.
Pianos. Any of our ladies wish
ing to buy or rent pianos, and let tho rent
nny for them, can obtain the same at manu
facturers prices, by calling on mo, when I
will explain prices nnd terms.
MRS. RUTH C. BRATTON. Marriages.
WYATT-. LAYl'UOL.-On the 22d inst.,
by J. A. Martiiidill, Esq.. Mr. John W.
Wyatt to Miss Jenuctta Claypool, of
Vinton County, Ohio.
Dikd. Mr. Willis I.ench, who resided
near Hamdcn, was buried by the Masonic
Fraternity, on last Monday. Wo under
stand Mr, Leach was 75 years of ago ; an
honest and esteemed neighbor and citizen.
He recently moved to this county from W
Va., and that ho was out in Va.on business
and died suddenly from discascof the heart
Deaths. Commercial.
McArthur Produce Market.
McARTHUR, O., April 5, 1866.
Apnlrs, (iliio-l.Vf 3 00 I'ccswax t 23
Hultor-.'. ...ie.i25 llouns 2 ou
CliK'luns. 25
C'ilh.0 RS
win's Hah iy:
Cod Fish V,
Flour ll ill
I.srl 20
Onlnns 1 10
lVk 10 OH
Supir llia.O
Siaroh 15
Flux . 2 UD
Whisky 3 00
lYiiplii.iili-'iLit'l S oil
Kieo..... . -Vj
sal: .. a 25
Timothv. 8 61'
Tnllow ,, 12
McArthur Grain Market.
Wlienr.. old Kcd t2 (0 Now R. d .... 2 CO
Old Whito 2 10 Now Whito.. 2 10
Rhellii'-flrn 4"i Com, Ear W
Outs.... f0 Kjo fio
Barley CO liny 8 00
Cincinnati Market.
Coffit.. AVe quote common Kio at 27a
23o. prime do. nt 2(!a31c : choice do. at 31c
cohnnon Java at 42c, and prime do at 15c
per lb.
Kcos Market dull and closed nt 2Jc
per (Joen for fresh, in pood shipping or
der. Flour Wo quote Superfine nt $7 00a
7 CO, new wheat extra nt $7 7"m!) 00. old
wheat extra at S8 75a!) 25. Family nt $9 25
niu no. niut fancy nt siu oimil oi). live
flour $1 75 per bbl, Buckwheat flour 1 Ona
4 25 per 100 lbs, mid $rt UOalO 00 per bbl,
the latter for Eastern. Corn meal Is active
at$l 50 per 100 lbs.
Grain We quote prime old Red wheat
ntSl 8ual 00. Xcw Red SI 80 for prime
nnd $1 Oilal 00 for Inferior. Some lots of
old White are ollcrcd nt S2 3Pa$2 50. The
demand for Com is still active, and prices
remain firm for ear at 53a55! per bushel.
Shelled 55u5Gc for mixed, and 75e incliulinr
sacks. Oats in fairdciiiand nt37c, and 3!)e
for-ehoice. Rye in little dcinaiul, nt 75c for
prime, A few sales of prime fall barley
reported nt $1 15al 20.
Sugah We quote raw at 13al0c; vr-llnw
refined, 4Ga47c; white soft rcllned, itialSe;
hard rclincd. )a20c.
NOTI'.'E Any perOD ot)tuiiiii! tun sub
scribof.. an.l son.linn us tho mon-y, nt
tlxn oollahs, Hhdll rucoive tha Vinton Kicuko
orio jtiar gratis.
TOii IH1M1NU rxocutuil wiih itatii's,
l....nl. ... .1.. i . n -
lon's Uuildi rig, one duo r eusi of Ctiui IJutitc
LAN KS of every description, for sale
at tnis otnee.
Probate Notice.
John Collins, Executor nf ths etato of Levi
Lolling, di-crawl , has nlud Ins nccunts and
vouchors In ho I'robare Conrt. of Vinton Coun
ty, Ohio, for in.pcc'ion and final reltlomcnt.
nndtne snniOMll he fur liormnK on s.i'urdsy
the 2 1 it day of April A I) 18C in nid Court,
Mr. 29th 06-3iv PrurmtcJmlgo.
Lewis ItcmvR AV111.
MTICE Is burst y (riven that on tho 7th diiy
11 of March 1M6. the ondfrlRnud whh duly
sppotmea nmt qimnnod os administrator with
the Will srn'Xict of thn estate of LewURoniy
Ute of Vinton County, dreensed. And the log
tons under suld Will, r tlieir IcfTnl ropiesHiU
tives'aru han-hy notiftVd to present their differ
ent (llliim In mil fir ftl Intvnnpp nn t utt1m,innf .
T.EWIS A ATWOOli. Administrator
witn theW 1:1 annexed of tho ICs'ate of Lewi
Kuny Dcces.-cd. War. 29, 6fl 8w
WANTED! Asrenta. Male and Fimnl-a
73 t 150 per month to soil the Cele
PI A C II 1 N C .
PRICE, SI 8.00.
This Mst-hine will do nil kinds of woik eqnal
to tho high priced Machines, nnd is the only
fr ctlcul and reliable Chenp Kowirg Machine
i the World. 8nd for doreriptiva Circulars
Address- SF.COMB & CO.. Chicago, 111., or
iii-T'-ittnu, unio. I'nnclpal OUico,Wi.. 2 Cue.
tom House Place. Chios go. 111. n h22wly
Probate Notice.
B EN J All N HAWK, Adminis ratorof tlises-t-
to of Jucko lUwk. 3d. riccessid. has filed
h's acennntsand vouchers in the Probate Cmirt
or Vinton e-mnty, Omt. foi inrpevtinn and dual
settlement, and that thev wilt be for 1, paring
Insaid Ooort. on Suturdsy ihb f4th day o'
flpTii.A.-ir. isiiB. iraien AicAHimr.iiarch 22,
Mcb, 2?. 3" w. t2l P-oUto Judge.
Probate Notice.
BEyjAMTN DILI.. Onrd-an of Rebecca' C.
Ysirer. has filed his si-counts add vouchers
in tho Probate Conrt of Vinton comity, Ohio,
for inspection and flnnl settlement, and that
they will bj for hesringln raid Court on Patar
dsy, the 14th day of April. 18fi6. Doted Murcb
ineb. W, -w. !!. Probate Ju 0
She Will Poaitivcl " Sell
Other Entablishinent
is ihk
Noarly oppssite Dr. Wolf's oa Vain flroat
McArthur High School.
milE Directors foci confident In rcccotn
J. mending this School to all who desire
I...MM..rl. ....I...l..n. 1.. ,1... ; . n ... . 1 1 n l.-.l..
illtriUllll liailllil 111 IIIV VPl'lllKllS Ul LUU-
cation. 'Ihe spring term ha just beruii
with larjrt-ly incrt'iiscd uttendnnce. ltooin
for n few non-resident pupils, Terms rcit-
"The host Normal School I ft pMiooI wltli
a lire teacher." Applicants address.
niliiw4-U. W. WATK1XS. Snpt.
The Great Invention of the Afro In
J. W. Erndlcj's Now Patent Duplix Elliptio
(or double) Hprinir Skirt.
Tho invention t-onsists of Duplex (or two)
Elliptic Pure llifircd Steel Fprh (is,ingeniou ly
braided t! plitly ond firmly tcijiother, coVo :o
nlge, niakiiigthe lonehcbt,inosliriflsxihlo,elus
tie, and durable Soring ever ucd. Tley
seldom bend or bieuk, liko the rinla j-prings,
and consequently prc.-ero their perfect ard
benutiful shape tnoro thun twicoas lnnfrai nny
single hpritig skirt thtt o;cr hns or can be
Tho wonderful flexibility and (jrett comfort
and iileusi.ro tosny lady weuring tho Duplex
Elliptic Skirt will ho experienced partienlurly
iu all crowded assemblies, epcras, carriupos,
railroad enrs, church pews, arm chttirs, for
promenade and houso dress, lis tho skirt cm bo
foid&d when in ne to ocenpv a small place ns
inily and conveuiently as a silk or muslin
A lady hsvir? enjoyed tho plcasnre, comfort,
and (rrrat convciiem-e of wearing tho Duplex
Elliptic Steel Spun Skirt for a idrglo day will
liever afterwmda dimicmo with tr ciriii-e. For
children, Misses and young hdics they are
superior lo nil others.
Tho hoops nra covered wih wo ply donblo
twisted thread md will wear t Ice nslorijt ns
the single arn covcrine which isnseil on ull
Sin(rlo Steol Iln. p Skirts. The three bottom
rodnon every Skirt are also donblo stool, id
twice or double covered to prevo it the coverlnc
from wearing off tho red when dmprzingdown
stairs, stone steps, etc., etc, which thej are
;onstontly anhjuct to when In nse.
All uro made of the new and tlrpnnt corded
tapes, and aro tho bosi qnal;t ii. every part,
(jiving to tho wearer the most graceful and
perfect shape post. hie, and are nnqnettionabl.v
the lightest, most dnrublo, comfortable and
economical skirt ever mndo.
WKSTS' HHAI.LEY.& CAtT, Proprietors
of the irivcn'.ion, and solo manufacturers, 97
Chnmoors, and 79 and 81. Kcid streets, New
Yoi k
i'orsaloin all flist-class stores In this city,
and throughnnt the United Stales and Cunndus,
Uavannado 'Miba, Mexico, South America, and
the West Ii dies.
f& Inquire for tho Duplix Elliptic (or
ilnitl.la K.,n tfl,-.., ' v
Jumiiiry 18, ISO, Smo.
A. & C.
D' n. StmicklaSd's
ToSio is a con
I oen'iatcd preparation o'
Kontsand Herbs, with
auiiacids ond rarmini-
tives to strengthen the stomach and nervous sys
tem, ltisaceriaiu remedy for Dyspepsia or In
digestion, Nervousness, Los ot Apputito
cidity of the Stomach, FlalrJ'oney anr
Debility. i is not alcoholic, therefore articn
larly suited for Weak. Nervous ard Dj;J)pjic
perrons. Forsals b all Druggists evoffwhor9
at onn dollar per bottle.
.Timnnry 1818'i6. ly. .. .. '.
NOTICE. Anv .perscB obtainii g tcnenb
scrihers. and sending ns ih mnnu .-
runt dohass, shall receive tha Vjjttox Kjco
ona yoar' gratis.
THIS Celebrated Thorough
II red Race Horse ia uraily 13 bauds
hiah. chestnut, well musoelod and sha
ped, tat brought to thlsoouriry ! t season, ard
proved himself a rao hcrso, by his own auccos
contending against good Ulcoded llorsei, not
locolrga raceia this eonntr, a Lis paJlgr.-a
will show. Tha following leltar which was re-,
eeived from Mr. K. A itchUon Alexander, of
Woodiord oounly, Ky., who raised this Coir
WooDroHD,and sold h'm into Ohlo.ti nnqnea-tic-nble
prool beyoud dii-puts of tha TaUigrea
of Woodford : -
tr aisa 6tatio.h, WoolfirU Co., Ky. f
January 1Mb, Bi;j. (
Ma. Washix Lecsi Uiai Sia: Yours of
S5'.b December, arrived during my bomdc
from In me of si reral weeks duration; I now,
on my return, hasten to answer : liulow I u
pedigreo a desired of ehestnat colt :
by ringold;
Chestnut ifvrse Bred ly Jamei Long, tf
Wathiwjton It. C fouled IM2; lyold Dvtton
'ton of Timoleon) beat ton of Sir Archy.
Inm Hirtilla, jr (d of Cassandra) by 6 AiuIjT
d Old Flirtilla, h Sir Archy
d by imp Kobio lied Bfoait, (son of Sir Patar
Teailo; . ... -
by imp Ubjcnrity. (soU Of.'lfolly'S ii;pa;)
i d old blnmerkin, by imp Wildair;
4 DoLancy'a imp Vub mart by Cub,
T d AmaranthLs' dam by Second;
S d iho.dam of Leads,
Flush, Fop, dev., byKtar l g:
9 dam by old Partner;
10 dam bj Greyhound,
11 dam Ly Makelcss:
Wdaru by Drimmer;
13 dam l.y Place's White Tail;
Hdam byDodsworih;
IS dam Layton Bnrb Uro.
1 dm Fanny llill, imp brlloriaroh:
i dam Allegrcfito by Imp Toting Truffle;
3 dnm 1 bsutkmia by Phautom;
dum by Walton;
6 dnm Allegrarti by Pcgassns:
4 dum Orange Sqneexer by Highflyer;
7 dum MopSqneezor by Aatchain; ,
e nuiii i,uiiy by Sir C Turnor'a baaepa'aks!
10 dam
11 dam
'i dam
13 dam.
unn, jiuuo uam oy
by Crab;
by Bay Bolton , .
byCurwin'a Hay Barb;
by Curwln'sold bpot:
14 dam
iiiim Vintner maro Bi,ib;
The kOove Col whs sold at my salo In Jnoe,
1S63, to Sam'l Alexander, Green eonnty,0iio.
Ke.-pecifully, B. A. ALEANDfJi.
Woodl'ord atCoiumbus, July 1805
2d duy Purse (350, mile heats, beat 9 Iu I:
R' A . A lixmidor's oho Woodford ; .
Hen. Moore's b a Hero;
II. Wullcr'ss m Kate liokton, by Lexington daui
Anna Stephens by Im. Tinstee.. .
Woodford wus tho favorite, winning tho U
and 3J heats, and lius distinguished himself at
several raici.-iWilke's Spirit of tha Times.
What niny bo said ot him he has tevor yet
had a fair clianco to show what ha could do.
Ho never had tho propor handling and wm
rtln invariably out oi condition. beioj In hand
unacquainted with reo horses.,, What was
done, wus hut the remit of hia uncultivated
speed ana his grent endurance, bo being a clw
dcsjcndnntot, old Boston and Sir Archy. Uo
betu r blood over run iu the veins of a ilorso I
Woodlbidwas purchased and brought to this
comity lor tho ) urpose of improving tho slook,
ai.d wi Isinnd the early pan of the coming sea
sun for a limitoj number of good marcs at the
very lo price of j5 lor tha insurance Mare
from a diatunca will recoivo good attention and
bo kept at roasonublo ratos, cn pssturo or nut
kind of feed the owners niny direct. '
Maiihood; how Lost, how Kcstorcd-
rST published, a now tdltlor of
verwellV Lielobrato.1 Es.
?Ri'. ; i'lsav on the
irikS"" y luuiuai euro l,wilU0li
iiieuicinei or, cnermutorrl rcn. or
t-ciuical Weakness, Involuntary Seminel Loses
Impoiintey, McntuI Jand Phvsicul Incapacity,
. inpiMimcu-jj to muriiago, oto.; alio.Consump
t on, Epilepsy, and Fits, indiioej by sdf-indul.
guno or'scctiinl extrnvaganco. . .
Itf' 1 rice in a seuled envelope, only t cents.
'i'lie celebrated author In this udmirabla csssy
.k'lirly dtmoustruics, from a thiity years suc
cessful practice, that the alrrming consequences
of self-'1111110 may he radically cured without
th j dangerous use of internal medicine or tha
application of the knife pointing outamodo
of cure ut occosin'ple, certain, and cffootnal, by
mouiis of which every sufferer, no matter what
his condition -may bo, may cure himself cheaply
privately and radically.,,
tSf' This loct.ire feimnld be In tho hand of
ovoiy yojitli and every man in tho land.
Sent, under seal, In a pluin envelope to anv
nddress, p ist paid, en recipt of six cents, cr
two p'Mt stamps. Addros the publishers,
CI1A8. J. C. KLINE CO., I'll Bowory,
Y., Post Office box 4 KG.
Tho oest of tho monthlies devoted to Liter
at nra and Fushion. f2,M a yoar. Wegiva
Vheolor& Wilson's celebrated 35 Sowing
Miichincson the f -llowlng terms:--Twenty
conies and tba aswlno n,...t,lr mtn
Thirty' "js
corty ii ,i lon
Send 15clsforassfnfle copy -to Dxicoit A
I-etk.;son. 319 Walnut st., Philadelphia. . .
K IK .
sewing machines
l.lii!Mlc Minnie Until In e.
C-l A r. V. ' . '
ouresrocm, oio Jjroaavay, JV..X. 250
Washington St. Boston. 921 CfcsMut, ,S ,
piIIS MACHINE, Isconstructed on entirely
. sissia.ifivs) UI IIIWIimUMIJ, pCFgeflSJIlg
n any rare tnd TAlanbla Improvement, liavina
.IRfiTI AVaminAl K 1. 1 .
... -n...IS4wu vj vu U4VOI 1'IUIVUUU OXDVIla,
and proimnnuca to bo -
It ba a straight neodlo. perpendicular act lor.
makes the "Look or Shuttle Slieh,' which will
I mnicn Kip nor Rvii,, and is alike on both
sides! performs pcrfoe; i-ewing on every des. rip
t'o" ot material, from Leather to the finest n
sook Muslino, with cotton, linon or silk thrrad.
from the coarsest to the finest number. ,
Having noithor Csm nor Coo WHitx.snd the
least possible friction, It ran as traoofb aa
glass, and is emphatically a
1 requires Iiftt hi cknt. lesa rowta to
dnv n then nny othor machine in tho jharker,
a irirl oleven years of age can work H Steadily,
w.'thout fatigue or injury to- health.
Iisstrcnglh and woMrzafci, s(iit.rrtTT e f
construction, renders It almost Imjiossible to
got out of order, and Is ovarbIttM by the
company to give entire satisfaction.
We respect fnlly Invito ail thoie who may de
sire to snppijr thmipelves aitb a superior arti
cleto cortlo and examine this OsltivALlkD Ma
chino. One half honrs fnstruitlon is sufficient, Vl
enablo nny person to work tbie machine t
tlitirontire sutisfaclir.fi. ...
KEuaioim and C'hAr.iTABLi rNSTrrCTioKS will
bo librullv dealt with .
- " "aii.u iuiiii owns in ino unuea
Stales where Agents are not alieadj establn-hu.
Alan, fftr Tivio llflv!,. la..! i a...i
-Amcncb.to Whom liberal dincnntit will h
given. t
- OOnKlfTtlTtiawnta maa ear 1 1.1-
. i. auurTKo
Junpire ScSving Machine Ill's
Company, -.
Princinlo Airenpins Tt.V,IUV,. 1:.. u
P.rncst Astne'ui Bsltiraore, Thoa.' fbank
Vtinolinr W Vo XT n.c.'l..ii . n r"."V
... i..kkssii a jinv. vLto..
clnnati. 0. Mather A Wilaan
Novarnbcr JOth I5-1it'

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