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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, April 12, 1866, Image 3

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sn DteT of Tins mohthlies-
. Th Lady's Filoud devoted to Fanhlonsnd
iltoralur. Beaulifal steel engravings. Dou
tl sire tolored fashion platec. 'i be . latest
pfct'erueof Drasio, ClwVs, Bonnets, mbtuid
trr, to. Ucustl.old rnieii'ta, inuclc, &o.
TV bsvler & Wilson's Sewing Michae given
premiums. Send IS c In for a tarr.pl copy to
Diitox A I'liiboN, 319 Walnut st.,'Phlla. '
Published hb bt ue lil and as oactioh to
jouns MN and others, who suffer from nervous
dn'iilitv, premature decay of Manhood, &c,
suppliing si tbu Mine time The miaki or uli
iu. By oue whu baa eured himself after un
wurgoing considerable quackery. By enclosing
post-pid Addressed envelope, single copies
free of charge, may be had of the author.
NATHANIEL MAYFA1B, Esq., Brooklyn,
kings -co., Hew York. . febl-ly
taTTb Mason fc Hamlin Cabinet Onm.
forty different .etylea, adapted to sacred and
secular niuaio, for f 90 to 4u0 each, fifty one
Mold and. Silver Medals, or other first premiums
awarded them. Mustrsterf catalogues free. Ad
drsss.M ASON t H AML1N, Boston or MASON
BKoTUeUS, New York. sepW ly
i;rror ol Youth.
A Gentleman who suffered for years from
Vervuus Debility, lren.hture Decay, arid all
the effects of yi utlit ul indiscretion, v 111, for
ake 'ot suffer iiifl Lunanit j, ctnd free to all who
need it, the rectii.t ami directions for making
tbetiuiple remedy by which be was cored,
fcutkrem wiel.ir.fc to pioiith) the ad vei User's
wxparUuce, can'doso by address ng
Jell-lv. yp, IS Chambers 8t., N. Y.
To Conttuiupilveit.
The adverlisr, having bees restored to health
la a few weeks by vory simple remedy, alter
laving suffered for several years with a severe
lutig affection, and that diead disease, Con
sumption is anxious to make known to his
fallnw-auffarera the means of cure.
To sll who desiro it, he will sond s copy of
lbs prescription used, free or cnarge, witnthe
directions ftr preparing and using) the tame,
which fbey will nod a sure Cure for Consump
tion, Astliuia, liriTBcliltls. tougns, oolus, ana
all Throat and Laos Affections. The only ob-
Jeot of the advertiser in send ng the l'rcscrlp-
lion is to oontnt tne anitcteu snu spread infor
mation which' he conceives to be invaluable,
nd he hopes every sufferer will try hieromedy,
e it will cost tbeui Bulbing snd may prove a
leaning. ' . . i . : , .
Parties wishing the rreMription, run, by
return mall, will please address,
- William iburgb, Kings Co., N.Y.
January 11, 1-Srtrt-ly.
' Strnus bt True.
Zvsry yonng lady and gentleman in the
TJnit'd Sutes cau hear eomotbinr von much
t their advantage by return mail, free of
ejisrge, by autlr-ssinglne undersigned. Those
having 'any fears -of being humbug ed will
oblige by not noticing this card. All others
Will please aadrors ineir oncment servant,
1I10S. f. CHAPMAN,
3-11-ty. 831 Broadway, N. T.
Do yon want Whiskors it Moustache Our
Griciau.Compuund will forcothcra t' .-.ow on
he smoothes! faco or chin, or hair c ,Bfa heads
SnSix Weeks, Piice 11,00. fc oymaileuy
where. closoly sealed, on rece' of price. .;
Address VV AKFJCK k CV ... 133, Brooklyn
Hew York. ' fcbl6-ly
A Clergyman while rflslillng io Surah Amcr
ea as a missionary dificotured nsal'oaiid sim
ple remedy (or Uii) Cure cf Nervous Weakness,
iCsrly leoiiy,. .Dtcii. 'of the'.' Triuary anl
Beiniusl.'Jruuns. end the whole trnin oljljfurd
ders briniKblonb bniicful uiid .vicious bahiti.
tSrsaVbtsmbviatave already cured by this
nobis, romoily.' l'iin t;J by a. dp,sir.e to beu
Itjiie (5llotci j an-fni .iriiuiatu j will sctie
tbs re:i, e 1 r (in-j.iiri'ig uiirt "ii.siri!( "this PKili
' lie. in Aftii.lrJ tos elf'i i'. lo ufiv one who needs
tt, s'stK or t'l.Ai"' I . . .
rieato incline s pr.-'- I fevelope, sddreee
i to yonrwjlf.
J0Si:i'H T. IWMAN,
Station D. Bibli liotnit,
Vra. llth l30i-ir. New York
Agents Wanted!
'lb soil price C'ortifleati'8 for
Ladies Jewelry, Dinniond Kings. Tins, &C,
Only $5,00 Each,
For any article drawn, Retail price from
10 to $250.
All Uoods Warranted Oenulnc.
Price of Certificates 25 Cents ouch. Lib
eral rremiums and Commission
allowed to Agents. .
Sample. Ckrtificatbs bEEKT Ebee.
Tor ClrcUlnra and Terms address,
Messrs. HAYWAHD & CO..
22U Uroudway, New York
wan. i, icHjo, amo.
Cyntposed of highly concentrated fxlrarcts
from roots and herbs of the.highesf medical
value, iulallibie in the eyre of alldeiaset
of the l.iver or any derHngement of the Di
geilive Oreans, They remove all Imnuri
ties of the Blood, and sra unequaled in the
cure of Diarrhs, Jjundice, Dyspepsia. Scro
fula, BilidUstiefiS, Liver Crtn'plant, Fevers,
Headache, files, Mercunal Desesses, Here'
ditarv Humors. Dos: for adulu, one pill in
ths moning children half a pill, From one
1o three pills will cure. ordinary cises.i and
from one to three boxes will cure sny'curea
ble caw of no matter how long standing:-
Prictj 31 00 per box, Trade supplied or sent
dt man
V- M OTT Tii LUOTT M. D. , Co
unt 1st 1865 ly 62 Fulton St N Y
A Coitirh. Cold, "or Sore Tliroat.
RaquiBts ; inncdiatk attthin, and
Irritation of thb Lcmos,-a Pebma
'HKtr Throat Affkctii-n, ob an In
oucablb Luno uiseapb.
oivt in Midi ate belief.
Fob Bronchitis, Asthma, C'atabah,
will find Tbocees useful in clewing the
luiu ucu i.ku wiwio singing or speaK
log, and lelieTing the throat after an unu
al exertion of the vocal organs. The
Tiocheks are recommended and prescribed
by rhysiuians, and have had testimonials
from eminent men througout the country.
Beinn an article "of true merit, sad having
pmred their efficacy by a test of mauy
years, each year finds them in new locali
ties in various parts 0f the world, and the
Trochee are universally pronounced better
thaiiiitliei article. ....
-Obtain only "Bronn's Bronehial Tro
chees," and 4p not tnke ny of the Worth
lsss Imitations that fliar Le offererl.
Sold ey,erv where in the United States,
nd ioToic'f .CuU4;fi,.At Hi cents er
ls. tlje-6Bt.
Official Organ of Vinton County
t3 Adx'erliiemtHtt to aipeUf on Thwt
day morning, must be handed in not later
(Aon 'iMaday txening
One year, $1 60
Eight months, 1 CO
Four months, CO
Payment In advance In all casea.
One sqiiarei ten llutsi ..., $1 CO
Each additional insertion, ; 40
Cards, per Vearten Hnes, 8 0
Notices of Executors. Administra
tors and Guardians, 2 OO
Attachment notices before J. P, : . 2 OO
Local notices, per line, 10
Yearly advertlsments will be charged
$00 per column, and at jwrportioiiku
rates for less than a coluuiu. Payable In
Religious Services in McArthur.
II. K. CiicncH.-l'reachitifr P ahbath at hslf
pa t ten o'clock, A. M.. aud half-iaat tlx
o'clock, P. M. Sabbath School, 3 P, il.
raiaaTTKRUN Cnracu.--?ervlcesat 11 o'cl'k
a. ., and S o'clock r. u. 6ubbath Bchool at 9
o'clock a. M., every habbath. - . '
CuaisTtAN Chvrch. Services at 11 o'clock a.
m , every frabbath. ,
For Legal . Advertisements 6ee
ourlh page. ,
Thanks To lion. II. S. Bundy,
M. C. for public documents icceivtd.
lion. A.J. Swaim, will accept
our thanks for public documents received. .
See new advertisments in to-days
paper. "" ''
See Road notices in to-day's is
sue, "
' ' . . '
tW What length ought a lady's crino
line to be ? A little over tr. o feet.
House and. Jack Bills. We are
prepared to print Hoiseaud Jack Bills' with
neatness and dispatch.
r -
Correspondence, giving news
items of general interest, solicitel from all
patts of the county.
Knox Township. The whole Dem
ocratic Ticket was elected by an average
majority of 20.
Take NoTiCE.--See notice to all
indebted to Drs. Condee & Isaraingerjn an
other column.
Five Mile Furnace. This Fur
nace under the management of our old
friend "Jack" Garret, will" be in operation
a''out the middle of next momh.
There was a large- quantity of
enow fell at (his place oh Sat unlay Inst.' 1 1
is sold to.be-the largest eniivv storm since
the winter of '4 and '5. (
i sasasHBvMM
A.trealyias. just been concluded
hrtwrrn tj:e United Slates, and the Dacotah
and 8ioux Indians by which thete tribes are
to discontinue all attacks upon the heigh
boring tribes. ' .
An exchange asks if the poor
fi'rls Gov. And tews sent to Washington
Territory are to be sold like Circassian
eauties. by the weight and plumpness.
We suppose not. VVe infer they will be
sold by liquid measure, so much per gal.
President - Johnson has been
elected an honorary member of the leading
Democratic Club of the city of New York,
which honor he has accepted. His full
length portrait will be taken to adorn the
The negroes Fred Douglas and
George T. Downing, appeared in the white
people's gallery of the Senate the other day
They were politely requested by the officer
in charge, to take seats in the colored gal.
lery, but they wtuld'ntdo it.
Pianos. Any of our ladies wish
ing to buy or rent pianos, and let the relit
pay for them-, can obtain the same at manu
facturers prices, by calling on hie, when I
will explain prices and terms.
. . . Mks. Ruth C. Brattok.
Eagle Furnace. We are in
formed that the above Furnace Compaur
will have the Furnace in good running or
der by the 1st of June. It is now in the
hands of Hamilton, Nye & Co.; who are
old and experienced furnacemen. Success
Good IIotel. Any of our citi
zens who have occasion to visit Logan, w ill
bor in mind that the American House is
the best hotel in that place. iVfr. Wilson,
the proprietor is a gentleman, and does eve
ry thing in bis power to make his guests
School Exhibition. We under-
staud ih at Mr. Waikins.Superintendent of
me an Annur ocnoois, cnte-npiatesgiving
a puonc exniDi'.ion in me school House
Hall. on Friday the 20 th iustant. There is
no doubt but that this will prove a success,
Every body should attend.
A certain employee of the eov-
eminent in one of the departments denoun
ced the President in hitler tcrma. RiH ha
"1 never kuew s President who came into
power by accident who was not a d d
scoundrel." In a few minutes later he was
teen lesvine the department with his head
under bis arm. He was discharged at once.
We had the pleasure of visitine
the pkaeant little village of New Ply
mouth last week. The citivnt of this
place' are trvinir to set a road from New
Plymouth to Hope Furnace, on the M & C
R &, with the intention of establishing a
mail route on the tame. I bitf is a good
move and we cannot see why It would not
be a matter of great Interest to- the citizens
of McJriliur. VVe have not space to say
more .on this subject Ibis week, but will.
speak of ,tbe importance of ; the establish
ment oi this sosul route is "bture; -.
Advertise in the RECORD. . ..
NoncE.Ai & E. Wolf. EaVe re
moved their fine horsn. Revenue, aivl their
well-known Bpai.lsh Jack, to their farm dne
half a mile west of McAribur, 0. The
highest price will be paid for . rolls. Call
on . A.&E. WOLF
New Stork!! NeW PRicEsllU
Mr.T. . Msrtin has removed his stock of
goods from Hamden to this place, and will
be found in Brstton'a building two doors
east ot the Court-house. He is. selili.g
goods tinder cost, and we would say to our
resdets to give him a call and bring witb
them a good supply of 'greenbacks."
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School . thREcfbRs' Election.
The following ia the vote for Uuion School
Directors on last Monday:
James Gibbons 69
G. W. SUson Id
0; W. Gilmin 87
R. Craig 10
J. A, Felton .16
For colored gents t
This elects Messrs. Sisson and Gibbons.
A Republican journal says that
"Andrew Johnson knows the public men
aiid their antecedents ' Of course he. does.
Ht did not speak al random nheri he char
acterized Steen f, Sumne; snd Phillips as
hammering away at the Union at one end
of the line, and tie understood what he was
ssying when he declared that they must be
put down, if we woulU pteieire the Uniott
and our Republican form of Government ;
Advertise In the RECORD.
' New Paper. The Marion Den
derails the title of a live DemocittW, paper
published in Marion, Ohio, by Will' am
Hubbard, Esq. Mr; Hiibhanl was for ma
ny years connected with the Logan Gazette,
where he earned the reputation ol being one
of ihe ablest jiolitical wi
He will furnish the tried
iters in me Maw.
rarv of littla Marion" that which thev hare
so long stood in need of t leafless and
ably conducted paper. ' .
Jonx Miles," sexton ' of -Mound
Cemetery, in this city, while digging a
grxve there, a fev days ago, struck' upon a
mass of arrow-heads, sundry stone hatchets
or hammers, a stone -implement-fashioned
much like a corn cob, and a piece of metal
about the shape and size of a brick, com
posed of silver and a dross substance. It
is supposed the silver is worth about I70.H1
There seems to he something curious about
this. Marietta Times. ".!
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LooAN."-We had occasion to vis-
the flourishing town of Logan Inst Wednes
day where we met a number of our old ac
quaintances and schobl-niates, nnd were
Introduced to a Inrge number of the citi
zpiis, among whom wero.Inrige Case, Au
ditor Huston, Treasurer, McCarty.' Mewrs,
Floyd, of Logan, Moore.' of Hocking Fur
nace, Gould of the Jloeking Sentinel, and
others. Thursday evening .we had the
pleasure of attending a spcml party at Mr.
Baker's, where, we 'were Introduced to a
host of tho 'fairer set" of the cltt', and we
would say that it has not been our fate to
meet with' a 'more Intelligent .or social
crown ofyoung gentlemen and ladies for
some time. We liope we may have, the
pleasure of meeting them again lu the fu
ture. - '
The Southern States either sece
ded from the States, or thev did not. If
they did secede, it was because they had
the Constitutional rif;ht todo so, and the
war against them was an attrorious crime,
If they did not secede, they are still in the
Union, and'are entitled to representation in
Congress; and the Abolition majority who
depnve themof this right" right inesti
mable to them, and formidable to tyrants
oniy- commit an act oi despodsm which
involves t red son to Constitutional liberty.
We are not particular Which horn of the di
lemma the implicated par y adopt. . As the
sbowman sain tn tne man -'who paid his
money," they can taketneit chbice.--Ma-rion
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The Celebrated Thorough-Bred
Horse, WoosroRO. W0 take pleasure in
announcing to the citizens of Vinton coun
ty, that we have seen the above horse, and
would say that Woodford has all the point's
of a splendid horse. He is owned: by'Afr
Warren Locke, ol Logan, Ohio, where ths
liotse will be lound uuri.g the present sea
uu. j cr?yiia w lautii tu laisti u.io BlULK.
hid better improve this opportunity, and
Eire Woodford a trial. Price for insurance.
25,00. M, Locke is a peifect gentleman,
anu aiso very accommodating, eee saver-
tisemeut in another column,
Calvin Farm Oil WsLL.-Thii
institution caught fire from the furnace of
the engine on the 8d inst.. snd has been
burning ever since. On Saturday night the
Diaze averaged aoout 80. feet nigh, snd
lighted up the country fur miles around.
the light was plainly seen from our town
on the night of the 7th, a distance of about
nine miles. On Saubath a laige concourse
of our citizens visited the well! ' The blow
ing out and burning oi the well has mane a
surface opening of about fifteen feet, and
has commued -"widening! We regret to
learn that Major Riddle was severely bum
ed when the well ignited. It is geaersly
neneved that thee is a good deal of oil be
ing consumed in the flames.
We learn that the flame went out . on
Monday last about 3 o'clock. ... .
Boutics to Soldiers of 1801 And
Passed March 2,. 1666, by unanimous consent
of the. Home, of Representatives in
Reso ved, That the Committee on Mili
tary Affairs be instructed to inquire into the
propriety of providing by law that soldiers
who enlisted in 1861 snd 1869, end served1
more than one year, and were diacMrged in'
consequence of disease contnetea) ia the
service, shall receive the Government boun-'-ty
to w hich they woold have ben' entitled
had they served two years.
Allsoldiers so discharged should immedi
ately send tbeir dischaboes for collection
of said bounty to me, snd 1 will get their,
money for them ss soon as the same can be
obtained by any other person.
E. A. BRATTON. Military Claim Agent, McArthur, Ohio.
Advertise in the UECOltD.
A list of letters remaining in the
P. O. at McArthur, 0., April 1st,
1866. -- -Baker,
John W Belshier, Maloa
Brown, John L Blazer Mordica
baVis.E R
Geary Msblod
Hebron, J B
Leach Mary
McMahon Mrs
Marlow J A 2.
Ravenaugh John
RolliUk Maneria
Geary Dauiel
Gregg Emma
Hemblemod A fl
Ud) J
McGiffia W. f
Reynolds Nathaniel
Sh'uster J. S.
Welch Calvin
Wilsoa S.L.
WILKESVILLE, April 6th, 1866.
Editos RbcosD: The election for T. P.
officers passed off very quiet I in this Town
ship on Monday last. At the last election
for : Couuty . officers, this township went
from three tu eleven Republican, Earn is ton
receiving ths largest majority. At the elec
tion on Monday lait.the'-tonditiou" of the
Township wss decidedly changed. Dan
iel Uwler, Beni. RadcliOe and ChaS. Gray,
Democratic candiiintrs .lor Trustees were
elected by majorities from 30 tu 55. John
Cooney (Dem.) was elected Clerk by 4 n.s
jority, Patrick Kelley (Dtm.) elected 'reas
urer by 15 majurity,' Beuj. Hawk, (Rep.)
elected Assessor, a" great many Democrats
voting fur him. Abiaha:n Morris, that pa
tient, longsuffering patriot, who has fought
ahd bled foi" the office of Justice of the
Peace -for the last fifteen yeari was. on
Monday list elected by an overwhelming
majority. A large number of Democrats
voted for "Abe" lor the simple reason that,
of tht two candidates, Old Abe wis deci
dedly the best. i. A. Strong, Chas. Hawk
and J. McDaniel were elected Consta
bles. Hereafter 1 think you can count on
Wilkesvilte all 0. K. for
W. M.
. S. 0. KII,
; 9'HC ,. is otr-
! JttjCElViNG and OPEJiINQ
at tail
She "Will.-Positively Sell
Other Establishment
at vai
Neatly oppsiita Dr. Wolf's oa Vain Slrssl
' ' Lewis liemyg Will.
NOTICE Is hereby (riven that en the 7th day
of March 1864, thSDnderrfarned was dnly
appointed and qualified os administrator witb
the Will attested of the estate of Lewis Ramy
w minii V'uuiii7,aecessea. Ana ins I6s;a
tens under said Will, or their legal represents
tlves are hereby notified to present their differ
ent claims to me tor allowance ant settlement.
LEWIS A ATWOOD. Administrator
with the Will annexed of the Estate of Lewis
Ksmy deceased. - Mar. 89, S-8w
v V ITS te $150 per month to sell the Cele
- n A C II I R E i
MICE, - - - - ... $18,0O.
Thla Uu.t-.tna sill Att Vlnil. -. V 1
to the high prioed Machines, and la the only
fl the World. 8n tot desorlptlve" Circulars.
A-t4J.'u RffPOUtf m. rtrk S.LI.- ....
ntiuiow- w . lV., . PICMKOJ 111.. Or
Cleveland ; Ohi. rMnctbal Offlo, No. I Caa
sraHottiaiWiCMArim. hfHra
Sheria't Sale.
In Comt of Cammon TUoa.
Clsrrlsaa Dowd, tJanUff,) la Coartof
va y ComDon Pleas
Ervia Z. Dowd. dafsadanta,) Order olaala No. I
I M parnusaos ef tb ommand of a order and
X 4oo-Mic .h above cause tons direots frbra
UsCoart of Common Ilea of the aforesaid
county of Vinton aha But of Ohio, I will offur
at publio aals at ths door of ths ceurthoo-s
In ihs town of itoirtbar In aforesaid eoubty
at VlLbn, eh
Monday May 7tht I860,
At the boor of ona o'clock in of saiddsy,
Ths ibllewlof described premises tti-wit : Bs-
f iDhinjr lor lbs same elevsa chains and twenty
iuk tttst of ths north-east corner ol section
number thirty-two, 82) ia township namher
ten, 11" df rings hummer aiiteen, 18 Ohiu
Company's purchase; thence truth furty- one
chains and laiDlV fltH link', thence wast thirty-two
ohaini. and ninety II dka, tfas.ee north
forty-one chains and twentt-fltra' (Inks, tbunce
east thirty -two chains aua sbventy liuki, to
the place of beginning containnlDj on hundred
and thirty-five ( Ui) acres more or lass.
Taken as the property ofErvlnE. Dtiti to
asliaty an order and decree of afoiesaid CtfUrt,
IH fator or Clarriasa Uowd,
Appraised aa follows, to- wit- Twenty,
eight hundred dollars sad mast bring two
thirds of that sum.
Tsrml Of sals, cash t hand.
. Chvio? V. V. 0.
Brattoa 4 Ifayo, att'ys for plt'ffe.
April S. '18s- 9w9pf 1150
SheriiT'i Sales
In Court of Common Pita.
Ejra I Sothwell, plaintiff, )
v I fJrde'of
Samuel V. Dods-e and ! Sale. Rt 1
Elihu A. Uulbert. deft's. j
IN pursuance of the command of an order of
faleiu the above satise to me directed
Irom the Court -of Common fleas ot ths afore
said county or Viuton aud titaU) of Ohio, I will
offur at publ'o sale, at ti.e door of ths court
house in the town of McArthur ia aforessld
County of VittoDjou
Monday, May 7th, 18C6.
At the hour of one o'clook p.m., of said day,
the following described lands and tenements to
wit: I'artof In-lot number slity-l, (is.)
commencing twenty-four faet eaat of the n-rth
west corner of-eatd ln-lo( thence south fifty foot,
tbsnee west thirteen Inches, thence south fifty
feet, thenea east thirteon inches, thence S . nth
sixty-six fuet. thence eaM alfrhtusa feet, thoncs
notlli.one hund'ed and slity-ii feet, thencs wee!
eighlien feet to the fl&co Of beginning. The
above described premiws aitusied ia the town
of MoArthur. V iuton County Ohio.
Takea aa the property of Samuel V. Dodge,
to satisfy au order and decree of aforesaid
Court, in favor of Ezra P Bolhell,
Appraised as follows, to-wit: Two Thousand
Dollars, and must bring two-thirds of that
Terms of sale, cah In nand.
' . . Sheriff V. Co. 0.
Joseph J. McDowell Aty for 1'ltff.
April 5thl868,-6w.pr 1150.
Sale of Ileal Eitate by
Order of Frobate Court.
flsassWM ' '
State of Ohio, Vinton Co.
George W. Whenne sdminitra or 1
of the Estate of William Whet, j Petition U
one deceased. Plaintiff, i sell isnd.
vs I
Samnol Whetstone tt al Defend't J
"PURSUANT to an order of sale made In
JL the above case on tho day of Marsh,
Isca granted by the said Trobate Court,
within and for the said county of Vinton,
I will otrer for sale, as such administrator
as aforesaid, to the highest bidder, at pub
lio auction, on
Saturday, May 5th, 18C6.
at one o'clock In the afternoon, on the prem
ises, In Vinton Township, the fdllowlnir
aescriDed real estate as the prppsrty of
niuiam Whetstone, deceased situated In
the county of Vinton and state of Ohio, to
wit: Beginning at the south side of Ste
phen C. Eakln's Mill-yard; running east
tw o chains and fity-one links to a stone cor
ner;. thence south four chains to a stone
corner; thence west two chains and forty
links to John Calvin's line In the creek;
thence up the creek to the place of begin
ning, supposed to be one lore more or less,
with an Incumbrance of lease made by de
cedent to Joshua Wood, for the period of
one year, executed August 1st 18C5, and ex
pires August 1st, 1800, appartsed at six
hundred dollars (1000.) Said land to be
sold on terms as follows : One third cash
In hand; one third In six months, and the
remaining one third In twelve months,
with Interest from the day ol sale. De
ferred payments to be secured by mortgacs
on the premises. "
Adm'r.of the estate of William Whet
stone, dee'd.
April G, 18C6.-w5.-pf-15C0.
One door east of the M. X. Church,
ISnowrIvia, a splondid stock of SPBINI
MILLINERY, consisting in psrt of
Bonnets Made to Orde
IbrAtantw aestlv and promptly assented.
taW Country produoa received in hiIimm
foiroods. Prompt Payrasnt Desired.
Mareh 16 ls 3m. -
From ths subscriber oc th 14th cay-of llarth.
IS6) . ona Bay mar abont eleven years' old wlfn
a white SfvinAAIl lu. am .
iofprmatiottoforte urninrhertonie Har
den Fnr ;soe, VinloQ CcBWy, be liberallj
rew trd ei,
Order ' of Frobate Court.
James Daogherty, admtuistratoi ' . ,
ol thtertate of Joha UntV I PeHrlea
erty deossssd plaintiff, a
, va 1 f.U la4.
Roiref Dauaherty, defndasl, j .
PCftSOAKT to ai order of sale made Ut (La
above cause on th? S'.h d7 of staruh, :si,
frsntsd y I lis said Inibaio Coon within snd
or the said coi.ntT nf Vinton, 1 will i,nr tor
aale as such administrator as afireaUi tutus
highest bidder at publio suction, is , .
Saturdayj April 14th, 1866,
Atone o'olock in tls afternoon, on the premi
ses in Wllkesvllle towoi-hlp, the followinf
described reel eiisto aa ths proper' y of Jcha
Usugherty. deceased, sJtnated ia the vouuty of
ViiKon aud State ef Ohio, to-wit :
Ths went half of .the southwest ana -tor of
section nuniber 5 five, Jown.hip number i
eight, and of range nnmber 18J aiiteen, eou
Uloings venty-four U acres.
Appraised at Five hundred and uinetr-tws
dollars 692 00. ,
Said lands to hi sold free and nninoumbor
sdand npon tsrmi si fnllows:
One-third cash in hand, one-third la 1
inohthi, and the remaining one-third in twelve
mouths, with Interest from the day of sale.
Deferred payments to be so c red by mortgage
on the promi.os..
of est. of John Dangherty, deo'd.
Brattoa a Mayo, atly'a fur petitirnar.
March 8, lB6S-10a-4.
Sbcrlff'a Sale.
Andre Wolr, riaintiff,) In Court Commoa
v Flea.
Alvln Keaton Defendant, J Order of Sale.
PURSUANT td the eommaud ,of aa ordar
of sale in the ShoVecaute tome di reef
ed from the Court of Common l'les. of th
aforessld county of Yidtbn; I will offer at pub.
Ho ealo, at the door of the court bouse, lb. the
town of IlcArthur, In aforesaid tdunti of
Vinton; oh '
Monday, April 23d, 1866,
At ths hour of two o'clock p m, of said day
lh,l"lloiiig promises situstod ia the oounty
or Vhton and State of Ohio and bounded anil
described a. follows owit I
One andivided sUth part of the west half oiT
the soutbeaet quarter of seclion number three
) of louuship number eletsn (11) of rang
number te von toe n ( 17, eonieiniug eighty (I )
acres more or leas; subject to the dower stat
of Margaiet Keetun w dot of John Kevton,
deceimd: ,. .
Appraised as follows, to-wit I Two huaJrea
and arty dollars 23l 00 '
Terms of sale, cash in hand.
Sherin V 0 0
JbsepK JlMcPowell stj for pi f.
Munh ta, 166-6wl3-p(1170 ,
Sheriff's Bale.
State of Ohio, Vinton Co. ;
Elisabeth Smith, rit'fl, 1 In Conrt of Com-
vs. mou 1'leas. An or -
Oe.rga L. l'e,ty, Deft. J der and dscres.
1Ul(SUiNT to the commend of an Order
and Decree In the above cause 'to me di.
reeled from the Court, of Common Pleas, of 'he
uforeaaid county of Vinton, 1 will offer at pub
no aale, at the door of the Court-Hottse, iir the
wn of McArthurj in aforessld cocflty of Vin .
ton, on
Mo'uday, M&day April, 1800,
at the honr of o'clock P. M of said diy, th
following La-ids aud Tenements 'o-i:
In the esstond cf Fraction thirty-one. Madi
lun township, Vlntou county, In th fltnte of
thio, and in the Ohio Cvmpuny'a purchaae,
containing thirty-one acres.
Ordered to be sold aa ths property of Oeorg
L. 1'etty, to ssliafv an order and Decree
aloresaid Conrt In fav,r of Elisabeth Smith.
Appraised as follows to-wit: Four hundrsj
and sixty-fonr dullars, and inuii brlDg twtr
thirds ol that sum.
Terms of aale cash in hand.
Sheriff V. Co., O.
R. A. Constable, Att'v for I'lt'ff.
MaM. 23 186S, 6-wpnitO. .
Sale of Real Estate by OT
dcr of Probate Courti
0N,,VI' Ur ot T, a. a. 1SJ9, afon
o P- m. on the prmlsts in Kiohlsnd
township, Vinton vonoty, Ohio, will b sold to
th highest bidder, th following rest stat.
slmsU in ssid Vinton County, OliioJaatha
property of Hen Edwards decesssdj to-wit:
"The northeast qnarter of the sontheat duar
ter of section number four (4), tnwnahip num
ber nln (9). rang number elghoen (18),itt
thn district subject tc aale at Chillicothe, Ohio,
containina thirty Uv and sixty-seea one bun
dred .ths ( 3S 67-100) sores, llio-; the northwest
f th southwest qnarur of section nnmber
three (I), township number nine (9), rsng
nnmber eighteen (IS), containing thlrty-eeveo
(87) acres mor or less."
ApprsieedatflSOV M.
Said landa to be sold fr ef dower and apoft
the following terms: ne-third cash ia hsud,
one-third in six months and th remaining
ons-thlrd i in twelve months wifrj interest fron
the day of aale. . ,
n .. Estate of Henry W wards, dss.
Bralton Mayo, at It's. - ' -
March 99, 18S 0l 8pfl00 '
NOtlCt Apy person obtaining ten aub".
scribers, Snd (tending uK ths money, r.
tmh DOLtaas, shall receive tbe Vimtos Bicoaa
one year gratis.
JOB rWNTIKG executed with teatpsN,
and dispatch at the Bicoaq. office, HraU
ton'e Building, on door east of Court Uja
(rp stairs.)
LAXKS of every description, for aal
IU1I U111CV - -
Probate Notice.
John Collins, Executory the. est sU of Lett
Collins, deceased, has filed his account snd
vouchers ia Ih Probate Conrt, oVlnton Conn.
ty'hio, for in-peo'.ion and anal settlement,
andth same will be for hearing on Settrdaf
th Slst day of April A D 18SS in ssid Court.
Mar. 8ih-S-3w ProbataJudg.
Probate Notice.
BENJALIN HAWK, Adminl rator of tUss.
Ute of Jacoo Hawk, td.decessed.ba filed
bis aoeonntaand vonohen i b th Probate Court
of Vinton oounty. Ohio, M Inspection and flnsl
settlamentrand thav thay will be fbr hearing
in said Court, on Saturday the 14th day o"
April, A. D. ISM. Sated Mo Arthur, March St.
. &IBUAKD CItAltf,
Mck,sa.3-w.t2. P-UtJudg.
1 J
Probate Notice.
DIVJAICIN DILL, Oaard:an f Kebona C.
XJ TagT, has filed ble accounts sad voocbsrS
In ths Probate Conrt of Vlton.ountj. Ohio,
fr inspection and final Mttlemest, aad that
they wiil b for hearing ia said Conrt oo Satur
day, th 14th day of Aj rll. 18, Datl Uareh
f-r. II.. . PrV.rs Jt.4A

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