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The Vinton record. [volume] (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, May 03, 1866, Image 1

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XV. E. & A. XV.- 11 !t A T TON
, At Jlrattou's Building, Kaat of the ; ,
t Court-I louse. ,
One year,....:.......,..... $1 fiO
Mgbt months, 1 OO
Four months, :., 50
ft l.yiiienfc hi advance In ll cases. . '
B I. onXlTILI,
Allien, o'
31a Arthur, 0.
Constable and Constable,
McArthur, - - - Ohio,
WILL attend promptly to all biiblness in
UDtteil to tliair euro, In Vinton ami Alli
en counticour any of the courts of ilie 7th
Judicial ONt., Mil in tli Circuit eonrts of tho
V. H. fr th 8ontharn district of Ohio. Claims
n (fa in it tin Government, yenajona, boliUy an i
batuk pay colluded. , jun4lf
McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio,
WILL attoml to all lopul bnoincra intruded
to thaircareln Vinlon.Alliors, Jao irn,
Koita, 'lock inn, and adjoining con mio. l'nrtie
tilitr attention g'van to the collection of soldier
claims for pom-inns, bounties, arrears of pay,
ele , atfulnvt Ins U B or Ohio, inilutii. g Mor
gnn raid (ilttiru,1 . rjio4
i -., ',,., ,.u , Vi .ii.
fv ? Watte.
tt. XV. J. WOLTZ,
t&uMJ E W EL RY,
' A N D
Musical Instruments,
Uui.nKit'i's Ucilmno, -McAirniuit,
... Ohio.
. I
.... AND . ,
Fancy Goods, Toys Ac.
! 'Mrs. Maggie J. Dodge,
RKHl'i.'CT FULLY annomicoA lo tlio ciiizons
of lloArthur and vicinity tl.at she lias
just opoiiud,a liur rosUhnce
A large Mid well selected stock of
. k" s ii ELOWEUS,
HOODS &c. dr..
of all kind, alt ol whiah will bo sold cli-ttp
forcash. novSO Bin Mm M J DOlHiK
Kinney, Bundy & Co.,
BANK A3 it S ,
SOLICIT Uio accounts of bnaincss men nnd
iudi TiduuU of Juuknon, Vinton, and adjoin
ing counties ('.eulira in exeliantco, nnenrront
.Qonty and coin nuiko ol lections in nil ports
of ths country, und remit proceeds promptly
it ill day wo gat returns. Uovornmeiit sccu
rHinaud rovonui) taiii lwiiys on lmnJ and
fur sal. . f3J"!li)terost pnid on tiitio deposits.
BtoosholokSs : II L Uliii mun . President; II
e BuidjrVjBj'rreHidoiit; T W Kionoy Cashier;
Win kimioy; K 11 Lutlwick; a a Austin; J 1)
tMurk; W N Kurke; V Lodwick. ... no30m8
Brown, Mackev, and Co.,
- "Wholesale Grocers.'
No. 22 Paint Htrcotjciiillicotho, O.
MKlip'IIANTB of lIcAWhiir and surround
ing country, aro lespeetfuily invitod to
call and cxnmiso our htoek coin-i.i'ing of cvry
thilit' ln tho (loccry lino, which wo will sell us
low lit tho lowehi und all iroods wnrruutod to bo
Junt as raprosented. lleforo purclnif ing elfO
whara'you will do well to cull and st;e us, an we
will offur you inducements not to bu bouten.
No ii Piiint streot, CliUlieotho, 0.1 door south
of JlcKellVQueuiswiiro ioro. do21in3
Railroads. M. & C. R. R., TIME TABLE.
lKOM. December 3rd 13'i.", Trains will
A leavo station- named as tollowa :
" ' ; ooisa east.
Matidnt.'- Mail. Night Ex,
rinclnnRtl, "' .9 TO a m Vi If") a in
tJliillieotnc, , ' . 3 00 p m . A 05 a m
i llAiiuk'ii, ' .' . , 3 -15 p in'- ( 31 a in
Zaleskl, . , '. 4 18 p m -.701am
MarrhJtta,' 1 ' 8 20 p m 11 10 u m
1 i ' ' aOINQ WEST, '
fttalionii Mail. Kiijht Ex.
Msrrietta, B 45 a ra 7 05 p m
Zitleski, - 0 28 a ni 11 00 p m
Jlamdort,' ' ll 00 a m 11 12 p-m
Chlllicp'thc, " , 11 58 a m 1 20 a ni
Cincinnati, . w 4 55 p m G 00 a m
to and from rortainbulb 0.
xiniua uuiinovb lutiiiocu nibu iuun iruiu,
Corner Sixth anil Elm Streets,
' Tcriiis $2,00 ier Day.
DMN1UUSSS. entry al, pa-wongcrs to and
frou tli can. Tho new depot of the
- Murfictta - snS Cincinnati IUilroad, ecrper
f'lum (ind Tesrl streets, ia only four squares'
rora this home, making it convenient for pas-
engorstostopsi tho, V'Ul'ton. , . j, , ,d2-Cm
) , ,"'(' ' ; .".'f '
mi h., j..,;llW.Wrt.P0U8
nntinrT nuT'nuii
IS sksrmntod to M tlio onfy prepurulioi.
Ttnown to crtro Cobglis', Cold, Hoarsonops,
Asthlna, 'Whoqplnjf CourIi, Chronio Couglui,
Consmoptlon,' Bronchitis and ;Cr6up. ', liciug
prepafur from' 'Honey vid Uorbs it IS fiealtng;
- softBiihig, ud -axpeotoratinir,' an 1 particularly
mitt)to To all affeclPcns of thThToat 'and
Iioav'Fof al b all Drutfzut ereryirnefo:
cAnrtif 9V1B ,ly,
. ' . v"" ' 1"v"- ea'
VOL. .
Linvn . . , Or
"T ta,
Railroads. M. & C. R. R., TIME TABLE. Poetical.
I wish I was mi alitor,
1 ri-tilly do indeed ;
It si''ins to mi' that editors
. Ot everything thi-y ueid,
Tlioy K-t the hijrgost mid the bet-t
Of everything tlint grows,
And jrt't in free to circuses
1nd other kind of shows. 7 '
And when a mammoth cheese is cut,
They always get a slice,
For guying Mrs. Smith knows how
, To maka it very nice. ;
The largest pumpkin, largest beet,
And other garden stutT,
Is blown Into the. sanctum .
Ily an editorial pulf. '. ,
Tho biggest hug will speak to' them,
, 'o matter how they ilrcss
A shabby eoat is notlilng, if
You owu a printing press.
At ladles fairs they !renl most huggud
liy pretty girls, you know,
Thai they may nrac-k iiji everything
Tho ladies have to show.
And tints they get a blow-out freo
At every party feed;
The reason Is, because they write
And other pcoploread.
Something ever doth impress us
With a souse of right or wrong;
Something waltcth still to bless us,
As we journey life along;
Something view less whispers to us
Words of hope and promise sure;
Voices speak prophetic through us,
Of a life that shall endure.
There Is a silent, voiecles teacher,'
Striving with the human will;
i Unto each weak, earth-ixirn ere attiro
Wisdom's letters doth instill;
Heed them, better grow and wiser:
They will soften life' hot fray ;
Duty make your stern ndviser,
Aim to reach the perfect day.
Trust the hinh hopes that Impel us,
Ami inspire our linn belief
They uloiio can well foretell us,
Uuinau works how frail anil brief;
Trust the (iod that reigns above us, .
Faithful to his precepts be,
lie w ill gnidc. and guard, nnd love us,
Through a blest eternity.
Herd the heavenly aspirations
That imbue with hope the soul;
31a rk the glorious life-creations
Flow lug in without control; .
Sci in all things truth and beauty,
' Love nVrrlowhig from tlio skies; '
Exercising Faith and luty,
Earth Would bo a paradise.
BY NEAL BERNARD. Miscellaneous.
Eloquent Extract—The Union of
the Atlantic with the Pacific.
Tiik magnillcent project of uniting the
Atlantic Oe'eari With the Pnclllo, by rail
road connection, and of accomplishing in a
few hours ii journey across the breadth of
the continent of North America, which for
merly,, required months to effect, and of
causing the commerce of the East to flow
through tho gates of our principal cities, is
we'll calculated, although n utilitarian
scheme, to give the hue of poetry and ro
mance to the speculations of those w ho aro
engaged in forwarding- the great wttrk.
The idea Is so splendid ami great that even
our nuwt sober, and sedate statesmen, who
in general confine themselves to prosaic
facts and figures, will insensibly, in their
allusions to it, use the most oratorical and
splendid illustrations. When we contem
plate the advantages nnd results that would
flow from it, the changes that it would pro
duce in all the groat enterprises of life, it Is
not remarkable that it is a line theme for
forensic displays. The classic and eloquent
Keitt, a member of Congress from South
Carolina, in a late speech at Charleston, at
a railroad celebration, handled the subject
as ably and as beautifully aa we have ever
seen it done. He said :
"The march of tho States is on
ward and onward still nor can it
pause until tho sun is right over
our heads ; nor will ' tho edict of
Destiny he met until the people of
these regions are bidden to a mar
riage feast grander than any spread
on tho records of time. Tho Pa
cific, vexed by storms, and restless
upon his lonely, bachelor bfcd," for
unnoted centuries, has sobbed to
the rock-bound coast the story of
his baffled love ; but American ge
nius and American energy, like
carrier-pigeons, are now bearing
the sutor's gentle plea over, plain
and mountain, over forest and city,
arid they soon will carry back tho
pligh ted maiden's vow of the blush
ing Atlantic. - - ' ' .'
Much have you of the South and
"West already done, but much still
remains for you to do.. The lordly
Facific, like an awakened giant, is
stopping forth to demand and wel
come the bride he has already
wooed and. won, and it is for you
to solemnize, the magnificent lly
men of the oseans with a' chain of
iron ,Vibiesses.'( '.When you have
done .this, , you will have laid your
hands' upon the gates of the East,
aofl the long procession 'of. the
traded .will follow in ': your track
way ttf seize 'and hold the -' golden
keys,VThe;;.sIileiidjd ; commerce,
which' erstwhile, enriched Thebes
and, fttlmyrdj :Venice, . Genoa ,:and
Holland, ind which now plants the
grtfat commercial nervo of tho
world on the Exchange in London,
will 'comb to. you a bidden guest.
Tho use of tropical productions
is fast becoming a test of civiliza
tion, nnd they arc rapidly elaborat
ing themselves into tho very ele
ments of national greatness nnd
power. Great Britain sees thin,
and hence she is pushing her con
quests through ruined India, and
treading over shattered thrones, to
lay her hands upon tho sources of
tropical wealth. Trance, too, has
planted her Lillics upon tlio soil of
Africa, and, stretching on to tho
accomplishment of the samo end,
is marching over liery deserts ami
through the smoke of burning
Arab villages. Nor does this great
law of modem progress and civili
zation stop ith these two powers.
Nicholas, of Russia,' when in his
midsoar of ambition when stretch
ing to tho very sun, liko . -
'Tlio feathered king, '
On balanced wing,"'- . , ,
ho was struck down by. tho shaft of
death, was gilding up tho loins of
his huge empire, for ; a . mighty
spring through jho gateway of VhW
na, upon the possessions of Great
Britain in ,tho East,' in order to
grapplo. those -,vast regions to his
already colossal empire, and re
found his power and reyime upon
tho wealth and commerco of the
East. This great scheme precolates
through tho minds of the .rulers of
Russia. This race to tho tropics is
ours, too. God, geography and na
ture have combined to enablo us
to outstrip nil our rivals ' in this
high career of power and empire.
Marry-the Atlantic to tho Pacific, '
and obey the mandate of destiny,
and you will have your hands upon
tho necessities and luxuries of tho
world, while all tho arts and all tho
trades, and all the sciences, will
circlo in festive throngs around
you." . ;
A Good Rebuke.
Tiik talented editor of the PcorlaXation
al Democrat, handsomely rebukes a neigh
boring Abolition editor in the following ; .
"The Pantagraph, a disunion pa
per published in Blooniington,
anxiously enquires in regard to tho
President's Pence Proclamation:
'Does this Presidential Proclam
ation look to such a result? Aro
we not on tho brink of another
civil war?'" :
No, sir, We are not on the brink
of any such thing. The, coup de
tat that your party intend to mako
to get hold of tho Executivo power
ot the nation, will bo so .suddenly
squelched, that it cannot bo digni
fied with the name of insurrection.
We shall have no civil war, because
those who attempt to innugurato
it would hang as high as llaaman
before the emeuto was twenty-four
hours old." .
Taken Aback.
A handsome sleigh came dashing up to
a swell mansion one day last winter, in line
style, nnd, stopping, out sprang a sprucely
dressed little fellow, who might have seen
a dozen summers, but Who had the air of
one who labors under the impression that
his father is considerable his junior ia
years nnd experience; Accosting a passing
boy, probably a year or so older than him
self, he haughtily exclaimed : ,
' " Hero, boy, hold my horse 1"
Tho boy stepped up, and, look
ing at the animal, asked ;
" Can one boy hold him ?"
"Yes ;. certainly,".
".Well, hold him youjself, then,"
continued he, passing on, leaving
our hero quite taken aback.
Ah amusing dialogue lately occurred ia
one of the American camps between a pri
vate, who was' acting as sentinel near n
hospital, and a general. On the approach
of the latter, the former neglected to give
the accustomed salute. ' The general then
sharply asked :
"Who stands guard hero?" :
' "A' chap : about my size," an
swered the private. : "
General-Vhat aro your duties
here?" ;- ' 1 :
"To allow tho sick to como out,
and to keep the well in." ' :
" Call your corporal." !
" You won't catch me doing that.
I don't intend to stand here two
hours longer than usual to please
you.'? Tlio sentinel alluded hero
to a rule which gives corporals the
power when they are unnecessari
ly called byi sentinels, to punish
them by imposing ' on them two
hours' extrrt duty. '-if v - -
,Tue willow, ;wluchj bends, to. the
tempest.often escape better, than
tho paly Tji'hich resists it ; and so in
great calamities it sometimes,. hap
pens .that light.and, frivolous , spir
its, recover their,, elasticity, sooner i
than thoso of lofticr-lv'haractcr. ,,
Brick Dust for Sore Heads.
..IIekk is a chut from " JliucK'Touajtov's
locker In fart, a whole 'broadside." Jt
lakes 'Ililek" to excoriate Abolitionism:
t' "This reminds us of a little sto
ry I , Say, you radical, nigger-loving,
Anna Dickinson, Fred" Doug
las, Pen. Butler, stylo of Republi
cans, how do you like Johnson ?
How do you liko going out of tho
Union for a President ? You men
who nrcach that (Joil isrmitrfilliiH-
eS'cnts political as well as eternal ?
llow do you like lennesseo states
manship? How . does it compare
With flat-boat style?
And fiod said let thero bo light,
afid thero was light ! This is bible.
."And being in torment, they
Tilted up 'their eyes and' saw" not
Abraham in tho bosom of Lazarus,
but Andrew Johnson in tho White
House. Pretty picture, isn't it,you
freedom-shrieking, press-mobbing,
jjcinocrauiianging, cotton-stealing,
women robbing, plunder loving,
prison advocating, Democrat abus
ing, ballot-box stuffing, oilicc hold
ing sepulchres full of nigger's
bones ?
. How do you like tho President?
Wouldn't you choke gently on
Booth's windpipe, if ho were still
al;yc ? How do you like this going
into tho Democratic party for a
horse to hitch up with your mule ?
Tho seed of while men shall bruise
tho head of republicanism, and
Johnson will be the next President.
Verily wo say unto you, now is tho
time to repent! It is a bad time
for ypu fellows to swap horses
when crossing a stream 1 Why
don't you republican, wench-hugging,
freedom shrieking, law break
ing, Union hilling, members of the
duly treasonable party in tho Un
ion, get drunk and parado with
torches ? Stand by tho President !
Tho President is tho government,
you know 1 . ' .! .
. ' Ulessed doctrine, thought divine,
' Hut this President dodge Is line I
'" Ho who speaks n gainst the Pres
ident is a traitor. Let tho traitors
bo ; hung I ' Why ; don't you get
drtl'nk;burn printing 'offices; mur
a few democrats, thfow a; few
printing presses into 1 tho street,
stop your newspaper, hold prayer
meetings in barns and get drunk
as owls, as you did when tho other
President spoke? "Who's pin here
since ish pin gone?" Who, elected
Johnson? Why in tho thunder
don't you get out tho Widc-Awakes,
burn democrats in eiligy, shoot at
them as they go around corners,
waylay them in postollices, shout
'rah for Link Johnson, and hold
fast to the prize you found down
South? .
"Way down South in the laud of Dixiel''
Ain't that a pretty little song?
How 'do you liko this "expediency"
dodge? Why don't you cackle
when your President lays an egg?
Why don't you celebrate, jubilate,
investigate, operate and arid ton
sils irrigate as you used to once?
"Come, ye sinners poor and needy,
, Weak and wounded, sick and sbre,''
Johnson ready stands to save you
rov this cruel war is o'er! I
Why don't you laugh smile
talk, say something, if it is not so
all-fired smart!s Gracious, but you
fellows are busy about now I This
is your President. God gave, him
to you. You selected and elected
him! What's tho trouble in your
camp ? Oh, but you are a wet set
of roosters I Well, never mind.
Wo shan't hurt yotu -Wo won't
mob you prison you hang you
abuse you harass you in' business
malign you insult you rob you
and use you as you have for livo
years used us. You needn't look
scarey like when you see a rope,
prison or a gun !
Get out of the Wide Awakes.--Call
out the loyal leagues ! Get up
some Sanitary Fairs. Appoint a
few Brigadier ' Generals. Raise
some colored iroops. Turn your
prayer meetings into electioneer
ing booths. Ooutrol the telegraph'.
Lie to' the .nation. . Open your
mouths and guffaw when tho Pres
ident speaks. Be, social. ' Don't
act liko wandering drops irom a
grand funeral procession.. Why
you look pleasedly good, joy struck,
happy, angelic when Lincoln died
compared to the way you look now!
Poor republicans how dreadfully
grief wears on 'you !
;,r ' : ,i -..
A white stole a chicken, and a
black a hog, in Goldsboro, North
Carolina, . recently. They .were
each tied to the whipping-post and
subjected to fortv lashes, suve one
on. the bare back.-. : ' ' v '.! :
Dan. Rice: now in Wasliimrton.
f 1 ,11. 1. - C" j
reports the- mass of the; Southern
people well affected t toward , the
Displaying Their Proper Colors.
TnnXew Y ork Jinl'i mlmt, a n-llgious-politico
journal,, edited by tho notorious
Needier, In Its hist ksiie.vcry justly n llec-
iciiine principles ortlie opposition to the
Democracy when he said:
"The plain fact is, that a city
liko New York, with a population
iransienr, heterogeneous, unassim
ilated, not born on the soil, but em
igrants from all lands, not expect
ing or desiring to live hero perma
nently, but only so Ion r as business
constrains them, and with an im
mense and increasing amount of
profligacy in it, can not be govern
ed on tho purely democratic and
autonomous (self law-making) the
ory. It presents not n social sys
tem, for thero is no real system in
it but a vast and accidental hu
man agglomeration, to which tho
principles and laws ot self-government
have no proper application."
In these few lines is displayed
tho intenso hostility o popular
government, and free institutions
which has cvp'r been tho disgusting
characteristic of tho opposition,
which, uiu.or different names, have
fought tho Democracy of tho Uni
ted Statos ever, since Ibo sulnnl inn
of the Constitution. It is not al
ways frank enough to admit tho
fact, but tho views of its leaders
and its general policy have ever
been to take from tho manv llioir
rights and bestow them upon the
iow who aro to Do tno rulers while
the masses aro to bo rovrrnri1. Its
stanch adherence and advocacy of
l no propriety ol property qualifica
tions for voters, its friondsliin fur
centralized power, instead of its
ucing jocaiiy distributed its pro
posed exclusion from tho ballot-box
and citizenship of all nion who
were not born in tho nniintrv if
adherence to banks, tariffs, . and
corporations, with exclusive rights
and privileges not cranted fn i li
many its contempt and disregard
oi wnticn conslitulions its direct
opposition to tho people of tho
Territories deciding tho character
of their own institutions arc proofs
conclusive that it is not friendly to
the princijdes and ideas which lio
at the basis of our Government.
Was Burns Happy at Home?
Hut why not say that tlio thrco
years ho lived at Elliesland wore
all happy, as happiness goes in the
world ? His wilo never had an
hour's sickness, and was always
cheerful as day, one of thoso
"Sound, healthy children of the God of
neaven,: , ..,-.' ; , ,
whoso very presence is positivo,
pleasure,, whoso silent contented:
nes's with her lot inspires .comfort
into her husband's heart, when at
times oppressed with a mortal hea
viness that no words could lighten.
Burns says, with gloomy grandeur,
"Thero is a foggy atmosphoro na
tive to my soul in tho hour of care
which makes the dreary objects
seem larger tluin life." He who
suffers thus can not be relieved by
any appliances save thoso that
touch the heart the homelier the
more sanative and none so sure,
as a wife's affectionate ways, qui
etly moving abouT; the house affairs,
which, insignificant as they are in
themselves, aro felt to bo little
truthful realities that banish thoso
monstrous phantoms, showing them
to be but glooms and shadows.
Professor Wilson's Essays.
A NAxunALiST says : "Last sum
mer, while walking in my park, I
observed a green woodpecker
alight on the ground some fifty pa
ces before me, look round to see if
ho was observed, then De down and
simulate death by stretching put
motionless and hanging his tongue
out as far ns possible. He occa-,
sionally pulled it in his bill. Ho
had selected a placo near an ant
hill. ' Tho ants, thinking him dead,
would cover his tongue to devour
him : when it wais black with ants,
lie would swallow them and repeat
the trick: until fas maw could hold
no more." ,
A 1 Ccriofs Illustu ation. "Mr
friends," said a returned missiona
ry at a late anniversary meeting,
"let us avoid sectarian bitterness.
The inhabitants of Hindoos tan,
where I have been laboring for ma
ny years, have a proverb that 'Tho'
you bathe a dog's tail in oil and
bind it in splinte; you. can not '.get
tho crookjaut of it.r" Now, a man's
sectarian bias is simply, the . crook
in tho dog's tail, which can not be
eradicated, and I- hold that every
one should be allowed to' wag his
own peculiarity in peace I".1 : -
.: '.' j - ! . i i ' t ' l ; i ' v m';'
.,UKiwho is a tiger in his own faiiF
ily is generally a thoei,in society.
One square, ten lines. $1 OO
Each additional Insertion, ()
f iiriK x-r ycarvten linos. 9 00
Notice of Kxecntors. Adnihdstro- '-
tors and Guardians, ...;. 2 CO
Attachment notices before JVV : ) i 'Jt OO
Local noting, per line, . : 10
Yearly advertismunts win' W charged
ffiiO per coin inn, and ut pornurtloiiute
rates for less than a Column, -l'nyable'in
advance . 1 j k - ;
Tiik Texder Passion. Wheaa
man fs in love with one woman in
a family, it is astonishing how fond
no becomes with every "one con
nected with it. He .ingratiates
himself with the maids; he is bland
with the butler; he iuterests him-,
self with the footman ;he runs on
errands for tho daughters; he jives
and lends money to the young son
atcollege; ho patslittlo dogs which
ho would kick otherwise; he smita
at old stories, which would makoj
him break out in yawns were.. they
uttered by any other ono but papa;
he drinks sweet Port , winej for
which he would curse tho steward
and the whole committee at tho.
club; ho bears even with tlie can
tankerous old maiden ; aunt he,
beats timo when darling : littlQ
Fanny performs her piece on the
piano; and smiles when wicked
lively little Bobby upsets the. cof
: ,
Beautiful. At a Babbatn school
anniversary in London, turn liif lft.
girls presented themselves, to re.
. f Al I
ceiyo me prize, one ot whom had,
recited ono verso ninrn limn f hn.
other, both having learned sovera.V '
thousand verses of scripture. :.: Thq.
gentleman who presided inquired r-
"av.nu couid you not nave.-learn-,
ed ono verso more,, and thus hayo
kept up with Martha?" , -".
kYef, sir," the blushing child rp-,
plied ; "but I loved Martha, 1 and-
ivcpi uacic on purpose. . ,
"And was there any , one of all;
the verses ypu have learned," again,
inq uircd tho president, 'that taught.
you that lesson?" i , ; i,, . . '
.rut it . - . 1
mere was, sir," she nnswcretL,
blushing still moro deeply: "4Iiv
honor preferring one another.' .7
Tiik Love of Fiiekdo.m. NonpcanJ
love freedom Heartily but . gootl;
men ; tho rest lovo . not freedom,,
but license, which never hath moro!
scope, or more indulgence, thau
under tyrants. Hence it is,. that
tyrants are not oft offended by, nor,
stand in much doubt of, bad ,men
as being nalnrally all servile ; but,
in whom virtuo and true worth riiosb
is eminent, them they fear in earn-',
est, as by right their masters;
against them lies all their hatred,
and suspicion. , '
Payment of Debts. Paying of
debts is, next .to tho blessing , pf
Gpd, tho best means in tho,', world
to deliver you from a thousand
temptations to sin and .vanity..
Pay your debts' and you ' will not
have wherewith to purchase a cost
ly toy, or a pernicious pleasure. 1
Pay your debts and you will not
have anything to lose to -a game--ster.
' In one word, nav vour debts.
and you will of necessity abstain
from many indulgences which wb'd
certainly end in tho utter destruc-J
tion of both soul and body. , ." '-'
President Johnson has issued iv '
circular directing , that preference x
shall be civenTto mA-itbrinna nnd'
honorably discharged soldiers, and
.uiui, et-i-uciuuy inyse uisaoiea
by wounds received or disease con-1;
tracted in the service in;np'pojnl
ments to oiltco in the several exec-i
utivo departments, - and thati''alf
promotions in such departments
shall be given to such persons in
preference to thoso who have not
served faithfully in the land or na
val forces. ' ,
A lllislmnd rAsiiHnrr In n email
villacJin the interior of ono of t.lm
States, thus announces the depart
ure of his dearly beloved from' his-'
bed and board : ' : 'i- :.;,
"My Annie Maria has been stray
ed or stolen. - V hoever retunis irpr
will get. his head, broke.. . As for
trusting her, anybody can dd that'
as scos fit for as I never pay my"'
debts, it is not at all likely 1 wiil
lay awake nights thinking of othei'
people's." ,,.:!. r..
A petroleum family has lately
started a fashionable life, whose" '
parlor is said to be so brilliantly .
furnished that they look at it once
a month, and then they do it thrp
smoked glass. . ,r
' Four of the Judges of tho Su
preme Court of , trie niteil1 States
are Democrats,' namely:' Nelson.1
Clifford, Griet and WaynJ.'-;;
'Tue ring-tail "monkey1 swingetli1 '
as asily by his' tail as by lis nriil . '
and the hypocrite acteth the saint
as easily as he .Aoth'th'e f n-r' jj
jThe oak off ages fighteth in-'vain
against the tempest, and man sue4
cumboth in the endtbucBtinybvbf
or liquor. . . K . SXL ' f

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