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State a criminal code to the exclu
bjonof State legislation altogether;
and if this ia so, what a work of
supererogation was it in the Con
stitution to insert a special provis
ion confiding to Congress the pow
er "to' define and punish piracies
arid felonies on the high Beas."
And yet thus to overwhelm the
powers of the State was this law,
avowed to protect the negro in
civil rights, chiefly gotten up and
On the 13th ot January last, an
order issued from the War Depart
ment to the military in the South
ern States, to protect from prose
cution or suit in any Stale court,
all -officers or soldiers, or any other
person subject to military authori
ty, for acts done pursuant to orders
and to protect all loyal citizens for
acts done against rebel forces, and
all persons, their agents or eiri
plovees. chanred with the nrrmnn
cy of abandoned lands, and the
possession and custody of any kind
of property; who used, possessed.
or controlled the same. nursuant to
the order of the President, or of
any civil or military department,
and also to protect colored persons
from prosecution in anv Ktrttft far
offenses for which white persons
are not punisneuin the samo man
ner anddesrree. That is to snv. the
citizen 6hall have no redress if any
military officer or the President, or
the head of -any department shall
have stripped him of his property,
ariven mm irom ms home, upon
some false or trivial charge, or to
gratify some personal hatred or ill
will. The order is more lawless
than the act could be. The judge
who would obey it, unless compell
ed bv mere brute force, would de
serve to be denrived of his office.
and to be made a by-word and
scorn among all men. I pass over
the infamy of embodying such pro
visions in a military order. In a
law they would be intolerable.
They are the fit means of subvert
ing not only this, but any system
oi iree uovernment.
And not content with striking
thus directly at the States, these
Radicals are attacking the well set
tled system of the Executive au
thority. They find now, in time of
peace, that the patronage of the
President is enormous that it may
be used to thwart their schemes
that it is dangerous to liberty. We
heard nothing of this when the of
ficers of a million of soldiers were
to be appointed by Mr. Lincoln,
and the Conscription law and the
Internal Revenue bill clothed him
with the power of filling the land
with Presidential partisans. They
now seem fo break down and de
grade the Presidential office, and to
reduce it to a mere dependent upon
the will and whim of this Congress
which has in its fanaticism and fol
ly degraded itself to a mere Cen
tral Directory. And these are the
proofs which I adduce of a desire
and a determination to overthrow
our system of Government.
I know, of course, these gentle
men will deny my conclusions. I
understand their theories and the
arguments by which they support
them. I understand their thimble
rig logic by which the States are in
the Union in order that they may
be governed, and out of it that
they may have no rights under
the Constitution when duties are to
be exacted, and not under it when
protection is to be accorded with
in the law when taxes are to paid,
beyond it when representation is
demanded. The President ot the
United States confronts these gen
tlemen. He denies their theories.
He brushes away their cob-web
sophistries. He stands consistent
ly on the ground occupied by him
and them at the beginning of the
war.' He denies the doctrine of
State suicide. He denies that the
ordinances of secession were valid
in law. Ho denies that they were
made effective by success of arms.
He maintains that the States nev
ei were, and are not now out of
the Union, and he is prepared to
secure to them the enjoyment of
all their rights, as they are ready to
perform all their duties. Gentle
men, let us give him, in ihin effort
a cordial and hearty support ; let
us give him a warm, effective, mag
nanimous support. Let it be the
more zealous and out-spoken,' be
cause he is not the President of our
choice, because we have no favors
to ask no offices to seek no pat
ronage to enjoy; let us verify un
selfishly the claim which we made
during the heat of the war, that we
were devoted to the integrity of
the Union, and the maintainance
.of the Federal compact. We disa
gree. with the President in many
thinge we dissent from many of
his doctrines we cuestion the wis
dom of many of his acts j but we
jagree with him on this present
Question of restoration and it does
seem to me to be our highest duty
to co-operate with all who will co
operate with him in making it ef
fective. There is no room for hes
itation or delay. The Constitution
is in peril. The Government is in
peril liberty is in peril. He 6eeks
to rescue them from the Radicals
and destruction ; the blind and big
oted Jacobins of our revolution.
In these days of danger to our
liberties, when in its irenzy, the
central power is seizing upon all
the guarantees of popular rights,
where shall we hnd a place of safe
ty for our Constitution till this
darkness bo overpast, and the sun
light of reason again appears. Two
centuries ago, in a crisis of deadly
peril, the true men of Connecticut,
in the haze of the twilight, snatch
ed their charter from the council
table, aud placed it in the Charter
Oak, within whose sturdy trunk
and under the protection of whose
brandies, it was hidden from the
reach of the tyrant. That noble
tree had for centuries escaped the
lightening of the tempest, and the
violence of the tornado. By this
event, it acquired an immortality
of fame. Two centuries longer it
stood unscathed but it exists no
more. It bowed its head to the
storm during our terrible civil war;
and the hiding place of the charter
was exposed to the gaze of its en
emies. We have an ark of safety
for our Constitution more effective
than this Oak. It is the ballot-box.
It invites us to use it. We need
not approach it in darkness, as the
men ot Connecticut were compel!
to do but in the bright sunlight,
under the canopy of full day, we
ought in solid columns and with
measured tread, as performing a
sacred duty to approach its open
portals; If we do so rightly, we
shall hear from its inmost recesses,
echoed in thunder tones, the still
small voice of the silent vote, even
as of old, from off the Mercy Seat
itself the Israelite heard the voice
of God.
THURSDAY,---JUNE 7, 1866
[Election Day, Tuesday, Oct. 9, 1866.]
For Secretary of State,
of Shelby County,
For Supreme Juihjt,
of Hamilton County.
For Member Board of Public Works,
ol Ashland County.
The Platform.
1. Resolved, That the Democra
cy of Ohio will adhere in the pres
ent and in the future, as in the
past, with unfaltering fidelity and
firmness to the organization of the
Democratic party, and to its an
cient and well settled principles as
enunciated by Thomas Jefferson,
the great Apostle of American
Democracy, and as acknowledged
and accepted by the party from
the foundation of the Government;
and especially of equal taxation,
and of representation of all States
subject to taxation.
2. Resolved, That the one great
question of the day is the lmjiepi-
AL Union under the Constitution;
and that we will cordially and act
ively support Andrew Johnson, as
I'resident of the United States, in
all necessary and proper means to
carry out his policy as directed to
that end; and especially in secur
ing immediate representation in
the Senate and House of Repre
eentatives. to the eleven States
from which it is now unconstitu
tionally and arbitrarily withheld,
unless on the degrading condition
of inferiority in the Union, and of
negro political and eivil equality
enforced by the Federal Govern
ment. 3. Resolved, That for the purpos
es above set forth, we will cordial
ly co-operate in public meetings,
conventions and at the polls, with
all men, without reference to , past
party positions, who honestly and
by their acts and votes, as well as
by their professions, support the
President in his policy of restora
tion as now declared.
Advertise in tlie KECOKD.
The estimate ot destitute in Ala
bama is 100,000.
It is stated there were 61 suicides
in this State last year.
The Illinois penitentiary has 000
convicts in it.
In Paris a man is on trial for the
perpetration of eighteen assassina
tions. In 1861 there were 30,238 insane
persons in i ranee.
Trial by jury has been introduc
ed into Russia.
European news is not as favora
ble as anticipated.
The "entire volunteer force and
militia of Canada have been called
General ruin stares nearly all in
the face in South Carolina.
The New York Tribune wants
Jeff. Davis either tried now or per
mitted to go at large.
Ruck Terry, a notorious thief,
was shot dangerously by a police
man on Monday at Cincinnati,
in attempting to arrest him.
There is said to be a project on
foot among the Israelites to build a
magnificent Jewish theological col
lege in the United States.
Mr. James Stephens is pronounc
ed "a thorough 'confidence man'"
by the Philadelphia press.
In Poughkeepsie, Mew York, a
cniid uiea recently lrora eating poi
soned ice cream.
It is stated that President John
son will deliver the oration on the
laying of the corner stone of the
Douglas monument.
A rat nest built of. greenbacks
amounting to $32 was confiscated
at Indianapolis the other day.
Fort Erie, Canada, is a ruined
wooden work, thrown up by the
British during the war of 1812.
The Fenian invasion of Canada
occurred m the same region where
General Scott won his first laurels
and on the day when his remains
were consigned to the gi ave.
A colored man who was refused
cabin passage by two steamboats,
from Duvall's Bluff to Memphis,
has sued the captains for 4,000
damage each.
Miss Sallie H. Polk, daughter of
the late Right Rev. Leonidas Polk
(General C. S. A.,) was married on
the 1st inst, to Capt. F. D. Blake,
late of Charleston, S. C.
army withdrew from Fort Erie ear
ly yesterday morning, returning to
the American shore in the best way
they could. Thirty-two of their
number were captured by the Ca
nadians. Col. O'Neil, commander
of the expedition, is among the
prisoners in the hands of the Uni
ted States authorities. The British
troops occupied Fort Erie soon af
ter the evacuation.
It is stated that the movement is
merely a feint, and that the impor
tant move will be made immedi
ately from another point. That
point is most likely to be Ogdens
burg, the town of Prescott, and the
Canadian seat of Government, Ot
tawa, being the objective points.
Cornwall, Sarnia and Windsor, are
also expecting an attack at any
moment. .
Two thousand Fenians are re
ported opposite St. Johns, threat
ening Montreal, and two or three
thousand are near Cornwall. Hea
vy reinforcements are arriving at
Montreal hourly. Two British men-of-war
are en route from Quebec
for that point.
The Fenian camps in the vicini
ty of Ogdensburg and St. Albans
are quiet. Reinforcements are ar
riving hourly.
The Collector of the port at Og
densburg received instructions yes
terday to prevent any crossing to
Canada in nis neighborhood. The
revenue cutter Chase, carrying two
Dahlgren 24-pounders and a 30
pounder, was placed at his disposal
with orders to sink any vessel car
rying Fenians across the river.
Every effort is being made by the
authorities to preserve our neutral
ity. From every part ot the country
the Fenians are moving for the
border, notwithstanding the disas
trous news. -
Gov. Fehton will not call out the
militia unless, the General Govern
ment orders it.
General Sweeny left Albany yes
terday for Potsdam.'
The sales of bonds at the Rob
erts Headquarters was brisk yes
terday. The news of the surren
der of Colonel O'Neil was not re
garded as a disaster, and the move
ment of men to the front went on
as briskly as ever.
A proclamation to the people of
British America, signed 1. A. fcswee
ny, Major General commanding
the armies of Ireland, is published
here this morning. After reciting
the grievances suffered by Ireland
at the hands of Great Britain, it
states that war is now being made
to deliver Ireland from the tyrant,
the despoiler, the robber. It says
the Canadas is the true point of at
tack at present, but the Govern
ment which rules over them. It
appeals to the Irishmen, French
men and Americans in the pro
vinces to rise and aid the movement.
Buffalo, June 4. All quiet on
the Niagara. The arms of the cap
tured Fenians are on board the
Michigan, also their colors and
those captured by them at the bat
tle of Ridgeway, which the Cana
dians call Limestone Ridge.
Buffalo is filled with special re
porters from all parts of the coun
try, but there is absolutely noth
ing transpiring at this point.
The Express this morning says :
While we had assuredly in this
city 6ome two or three regiments of
Fenians well armed, equipped and
drilled, and while liberal detach
ments have been reaching here
from abroad during the past week,
amounting to more than another
thousand, the whole augmented ar
my in the field only amounted to
about one thousand men. Where
the balance are it is difficult to un
derstand. It is a significant fact
that among the three or four thou
sand troops at Fort Erie yesterday
not a Catholic Irishman was to be
found, and not an officer of the force
was Irish.
A gentleman just from the other
side states to as positively that at
the battle of Ridgeway only four
of the Canadian volunteers were
killed and about twenty-five woun
ded, three seriously. The report
in the papers that Lieutenant-Uol-onel
Beaunorth was killed is pure
fiction, no such officer being with
the force. In fact, the only officers
killed or wounded cn the British
side, so far as known "here, are En
sign McEachem, killed, and Routh,
of the 13th battalion, seriously
wounded; Lieutenant Campbell,
arm broken by bullet ; Captain J.
B. Bousted, of Toronto, Queen's
Own, not dangerous; Ensign Fa
hey, leg broken and doing well.
District Attorney Dart will arrive
at Potsdam by this noon, and will
look after General Sweeny and his
base of supplies.
The report that Head Center 0'
Day had been arrested on Cana
dian soil is untrue, but he is not
visible to the naked eye on this
A ridiculous rumor is published
by the Post of this city that King
ston has been captured.'
Watertown, N. Y., J une 4.
Gen. Meade and staff passed here
this morning en route for the north.
General Sweeny and one hundred
and fifty Fenians were on the same
The United States Marshal
here seized nine boxes of arms and
accoutrements on Saturday even
ing's train.
All quiet north of Ogdensburg
this morning.
New York, June 4. A Montreal
dispatch of last night says the
Royal Mail steamer Hermilleyea
has arrived at Quebec with the
Canadian 109th, or Prince of Wales
regiment, together with . the 43d
regulars direct from Malta, to meet
the defense of the est.. Lawrence.
Two gunboats have been improvis
ed from tugboats plying . in these
waters, equipped and manned
by marines- from Iler Majesty's
The Plyades.is lying at this point
and the Aurora at. Quebec. . These
gunboats will : be equipped with
Armstrong guns and twelve-pounder
howitzers. They sailed to-night
under sealed orders. The 7th Fu
sileers from Quebec, with the. 4th
battalion of the Rifle Brigade, and
the Prince Consort's Own from
this city, are . under marching or
ders to-night . ..Reinforcements are
known to be on the way here from
Halifax, and the steamer Belgium
will bring troops from England.- ,
Hemmingsford is at this moment
(12:30 A. M.Y the threatened
point. The Canadian forces are
strong there.
St Albans, Vt., June 4. Anoth
er company of .United States Ar
tillery from Fort Independence ar
rived this morning. The United
States authorities are using every
effort to preserve neutrality. The
Fenians are preparing for a movement.
special to ald
from St. Armanda on the Cana
dian line, says :
The village is filled with British
volunteers. Reports are current of
an expected J?eman attack. A ru
mor that an 'attempt was to be
made to capture a bank at Bed
ford, Stanbndge Station, caused
the sudden removal of deposits
therefrom last night. A camp of
the 25th Highlanders is located at
St. Alexander, a short distance
Toronto, W., ex
citement of the Fenian invasion
has rapidly subsided everywhere.
Exposed points are al 1 fully pre
pared for any emergency, and mil
itary arrangements are constantly
being perfected. Traffio on the
Great Western and other railways
is going on with the usual regularity.
Milwaukee, June 4. The first
regiment of Fenians start for Chi
cago to-morrow to join the Fenians
there and proceed to the scene of
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Having: been Educated at
the Institute for the Illind,
WILL give
Vocal and Instrumental
Music !
At McArtliur School House Hall.
on Tuesday Evening, June 12,
Admission 23; Children 15.
EDoorB open at early candle light.
ah may jjiarry iiaunny,
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iiiiuriauuiiiBDv; illustrated ci roniars sent Tree
Call npon or adiisss, Bhaw ft Clark, at Bidde
ford, Maine, or Chicago, 111. jane7-iswly
rpHE Trustees of Elk Township will meet at
a. me uouri uouse, uo&rtnur, u., on Satur
day, July 7th, 1868, for the purpose of issuing
Bonds to such Veterans as may be entitled
Veterans in person, or bv legal renresenta-
tive, will be required to produce their 'Veter
an uiscnarge,' accompanied with Adjutant Gen
eral's certificate of credit to Elk township; alao
uoinowjrj pruoi inai ue applicant nasnot re
ceived any local bounty as Veteran.
By order Jams Eobbins,
Jambs Johnson,
. j Bam'iB. Ullok,
june7wS Trustees Elk Tp., V. CO.,'
NOTICE Is hereby given, that the Com
missioners of Viirton County, Ohio,
will meet at the Court Uouse in McArthur,
on Thursday, the 28th day of Juue, at one
o'clock P. M, for the purpose of receiving
sealed proposals for the sinking of au AR
TESIAN WELL, to be sunk at or near the
northwest corner of the Court House lot.
Bids may be handed in to H. C. Moore,
Auditor of said County, up to the 27th day
of said month, inclusive. The said Com
missioners are to have the above described
well sunk in conjunction with the Council
of the incorporated village of McArthur,
of which the said Commissioners agree to
pay three-fifths of the expense of said
well, and the Couucil of the incorporated
two-fifths of the expense of said well.
if r r"Tii7i
juue7-w3 ' Fcr order of Com.
fefiiaf Kitkl.nJ To.. kin ill
Allenavllle. Vinton County. Ohio,
on bAlUKUA Y.June U, 1866. at luo'oloel a.
m., for the purpose of tasuing bonds to Veter
ans, who are properly entitled to I be same.
jun7-tl .
Internal Revenue.
As.scssob'i Ornoi Utb Dist. Ouio.l
Idsy 6, 1896. 1"
VTOTICE hereby given to all persons having
ll made returns to the Assistant Assessor oi
Vinton oounty, that I will attend at the offloe
of said Atais'ant in McArthur on Wedueadey,
June 18th, 1868, to hear and determine all ap
pea a then and tbore made, In relation to any
erroneous or Improp r assessments under the
Internal Revenue laws of the United Statei.
jun7tl , Awasor 11th District Ohio.
Countr Examinations.
rpHE Board of School Examiners ol Vinton
I r ,1H L.U . i L
A. tvuuvj win uum vukuu iuoo.iuh la Ol
the summer months, vis: npon the first Satur
day in June, July and August. Meetings at
Union School Uoue, McArthur.
june7mS J. J. MoDOWELL, Clerk.
Administrator's Sale
IN accordence with and nnder power vested
by the last will and testament of Alexander
Mcttrefeor, late of Morgan county, .but now de
ceased, I will offer for sale on tbe premises ia
Vinton county, Ohio, on
Friday, Oth day of Jidy, 1866,
at one o'olock P. M., tbe following described
roal estate, the property of the eiid Alexander
McGregor, decesaed, to wit:
AU of Section No. Twenty three (33), ia
Township No. Eight (I), of Bangs No. Sixteen
(18), which lies on the west aide of Xacooon
Creek, containing iti acres, more or leu.
Possession given on day of sale.
Terms cash. ENOCH HOUGH,
Admr. He bonis non,cnm test, annex, of Al
exander McGregor, deo'd. juo7tS
Order of Probate Court.
In rnoiUTi Court ;
James Gibbom, administrator 1 l'e'tition
of tho estute of Artor Kggle-1
aton, deceased, . pluiuliff, to
vt I
6 C Eggleston et al defendants. J Sell Land.
PURSUANT toan order of sale made In the
above csubooo the 24th oay of May, 1866 ,
granted by the laid Probate court within and
for the said county of Vinton, I will offer for
mlo at tnch administrator as aforosald to the
highest bidder at publio auction, cn
Saturday, July 7th, 18C0,
At one o'clock In the afternoon at the door of
the Court-house, in MoArtbur, the following
described real estate as he property of Arter
Eggleston, decearoj, situated ir, the county of
Vinton, and Stato of Ohio, to-wit :
Being the nortLwest oorner of tho east half
of the southwest quarter ot Section Number
86 tblrty-eixj Township Number (11) eleven,
ICange Number (13) sixteen, In tbe Ohio Com
pany Purchnse, boundod as follows: Beginning
at the northwest corner of the said land and
running south forty-eight rods; thence east for
ty rodo; thence north forty eight rods; thence
west forty rods to the beginning corner; con
taining 12 twelve acree.
Also ln-Iot Ne. ( 1 ) one in (he village of Now
riymouth, as the same la numbered and desig
nated on the original recorded plat of said vil
lage. Appraised first descl bed tract, or 13 acre,
at 1 500 ,00; second do. do. or In-lot No. l.at
$360,00. '
Ter ns of Sale : One third cash in hand on
day of safe; one-third in eixmoiths, with in
terest, and remaining tnird In twelve months,
with interest, and mortgage on premises. So .a
to secure deferred payment.
! tne estate of Arter Eggleston.
Joseph J. McDowell, att'y for petiiionor.
June 7, 1866. w5
GrtttMt Idiot Grcalu
Era Published!
aV-rifteMTTO large 1
tatter pagse ror two
I sent stamps.
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cular. jw7j
LANKS of every deecriptioa. for Ml
RT mi onice.

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