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Official Organ of Vinton County.
tW Advertisements to arvear on Thurs
day morning, must be handed in not later
flan luesaay evening.
One year, $1 50
Eight mouths, lOO
Four months, 60
Payment iu advance in all cases.
One square, ten lines, $1 00
Each additional insertion, 40
Cards, per year, ten lines, 8 00
Notices of Executors. Administra
tors and Guardians, 2 00
Attachment notices before J. Pn . . 2 00
Local notices, per line, 10
Yearly advertisments will be charged
$00 per column, and at porportlonate
rates for less than a column. Payable in
lteliffious Services in Mo Arthur.
If, . CiitFCH. Treacling Subbath at half
pat tea o'clock, A. M., and half-past six
'clock, P.M. Subhatb Pcboo), 2 P. M.
Pbiibtthbian Ciirncii. -Services at 11 o'cl'k
A. M., and t o'clock p. u. Bubbath School at 9
o'olock a. m., every Sabbuth.
Christian Chi-kcii. Servicosat 11 o'clock a.
x., every Sabbath.
For Legal Advertisements see
fourth pnge.
Thanks To Hon. II. S. Bundy,
M. C, for public documents received.
Mr. J. K. Will has commenced
work on his new store room on the corner
of Market and Main et reels.
Lost. About ten days ago a
Medium sized brass key for a door, any
person returning the above key to this Of
fice wil receive a suitable reward.
Pianos. Any of our ladies wish
ing to buy or rent pianos, and let the rent
pay for them, can obtain the same at manu
facturers prices, by cnlling on mo, when 1
Masonic Celebration. A Ma
sonic celebration is to come off at Wilkes
ville, in this county, on Saturday, the 23d
The attention of our readers is
called to the advertisement, in another col
umn, of the Empire Sewing Machine. Thig
mtchine has the reputation of doing good
workas good, if hot belter, than that turn
ed,ofT by any other.
Tub board of 6chool examiners
for Vinton count; advertise in this paper
that they will hold but one eepsion in each
of the Bummer months, on the first Saturday
of June, July and August.
Musical Concert. Miss Mag
gie Merriam, of Chlllicothe, will give a
vocal and instrumental Concert at the School
House Hall, in this place, on next Tuesday
evening. Lei there be a good attendance.
See advertisement.
The County Commissioners, at
their present sitting, have granted a charter
of incorporation for the village of Zaleski,
in this county. It would seem that the
proposition met with considerable opposi.
tion from a portion of the citizens of that
place, on what precise grounds we have not
been advised,
A Bio "Bore" Artesian Well.
As will be seen by advertisement In an
other column, the County Commissioners
and Council ot McArthur, have determin
ed on sinking an Artesian, well, in the
Court Houso yard. Should they go deep
enough to strike "He," as well as water,
our readers shall be duly apprised of the
Petroleum. We see by a late
Iowa paper, that our former fellow-townsman,
Mr. John R. Newtor, is engaged in
the "ile". business, in that State, in con
junction with his brothers, Hiram H. and
William A. Newton, and Samuel and Pinck
ney Tarr, formerly of Hamden.in this coun
ty. Gentlemen may your enterprise turn
out oil right.
A man by the name of Lunley,
a hotel keeper in alt. Pleasant, in this coun
tywas arrested one day last week, in Ath
ens county, charged with pass
ing counterfeit money, and in default of
bail is now in jail at Athens awaiting his
trial. A man by the name of Steel was
also arrested at the came time on a similar
charge, but obtained bail for his appearance
at the next term of court for that county.
- Do you want to know where to
get' everything In the Drag line, at the very
lowest price ? Go to the Drug Store o'G. W1
SIsson, and you will And everything that yon
teed , He lakes great care to proonre pare Medicine-that
can be relied on and the best
Wines, Brandies, &., entioTLT for Medical
The attention ot Physicians, particularly, is
called so a large assortment of Nicbol'a prepar
ations, known to be the roost reliable Medicines
manufactured in this county, which will be
sold to Physicians at IS per cent, on the manu
facturer's price,
May,28 m. ' : i i : !
Newspaper Patronage, News
paper patronage is enrious ttiinglin'tne es
timation of some people. A man lives near
you never took your paper, it is too small
don't like the editor don't :like the poli
tic too Young imericsnish too foggish
or too something else." Yet goes regular
. ly to his neighbor and reads by a good fire
'finds fault with its contents, disputes with
its positions, and quarrels with Its type
Occasionally he sees an article that he likes
saves half a dime and begs a number.
This is newspsper patronage. Sentinel. '
The Constitutional amendment,
piohibiting returned rebs from exercising the
right of suffrage, in West Virginia, has been
adopted by the people of that State.
Committed Suicide. A man by
the name of Joseph Boggs, residing about
five miles south of Wilkesvme, in this couu.
ty, committed suicide, on Mondav last .about
10 o'clock, under the following ciroumstan
ces: He had joined the Christian church
the evening before, although he had previ
ously, persisted that be never would attach
himself to the church, or submit to the or
dinance of baptism, and on Monday morn"
nig he was to be immersed, at about 10 o'
clock, and when he was called upon by his
family to proceed to the place of baptism, he
was found lying upon his bed with the muz
zle of a gun resting about an inch above
the right ear, where the ball entered, causing
undoubtedly. his immediate death. Religious
' o
excitement is assigned as the cause of the
unfortunate act.
The Cholera. Dr. Bigelow, a
noted physician of Boston says ;
"From our past observations I do not be
lieve that cholera, should it appear in this
country, will be so likely to .trouble New
England as it is to visit the malarious regions
of the South and West."
Among all the many difleient remedies
advertised there are none that act so com
pletely as an antidote to this malarious pel-
ton, end which give vigor and strength,
than Dr. Roback's Stomach Bitters and
Blood Pills- The Blood Pills art directly
on the liver.causing it to throw off the delet-
erous matter, and the Bitters restore the ap-
pejue and invigorate the whole system,
throughly keep ine off the terrible scourge,
MRS. RUTH C. BRATTON. Bounties to Soldiers of 1861 and
MRS. RUTH C. BRATTON. Bounties to Soldiers of 1861 and 1862.
Passed March 2, 1866, by unanimous con-
Bent of the House of Representatives in
Refoved, That the Committee on Mili
tary Affairs be instructed to inquire into the
propriety oi providing by law Hint soldiers
who enlisted in 1861 and 1862, and served
more than one year, and were (Uncharged in
consequence of disease contracted in the
service, shall receive the Government boun
ty to which they would have been entitled
had they served two years.
All sold tera so discharged should immedi
ately send their discharges for collection
of said bounty to me, end I will get their
money lor mem as soon as the same can bo
obtained by other
MIlitary Claim Agent, McArthur, Ohio.
Tower's Perpetual Broom. Mr.
J. M. Kr.int, the agent for this invaluable
patent, in this county, called upon us one
day this week, and exhibited to us one of
the above brooms. It is justly celebrated
for the following reasons:
1. Lightness. It being not perceptibly
heavier than a common tied broom.
2. Beauty. The head of polished brass
makes the broom so attractive, that the la
dies universally say, "What an elegant
3. Durability. Hundreds have tried the
strength of this broom, and after weeks of
such trinl as no other broom In Ohio would
stand, it is yet as good as new.
4. Economy. After the first outlay, ten
cents will furnish you a new broom, nnd if
you can raise the broom-corn, even this ex
pense Is obviated.
Mr. kerb designs selling Township
Rights, and, when not absent, on business,
can be found nt the Jackson House in Ham
den. myl0t3
The Coshocton Age spys thaf'within two
weeks, within sight of town, over 400 head
of fine wooled sheep have been killed by
The contract for completing the new
building for the Idiotic Asylum has been
awarded to Meters. Hall, of Columbus, at
$104,000. It is to be finished by the 15th of
August, 1867.
..The Urban Citizen and Gazette says a
gray wolf ;was killed in Union tow nship,
Champaign co., a few days since. His ap
petite for muttou had rendered him peculiarly
The (Vorgan Herald chronicles the gar
roting and robbing of Isaac Plummer, of
880, a few days since. There were three
rascals engaged in it.
F, M. Kelton, of Columbus a prominent
merchant, died on Friday night, from the
effects of wounds received from falling from
the third story of Gwine'a Block, in that
Fos'tona News says a young man named
Castius Davis was arrested in that place,
last week, for stealing a horse and buggy in
Mount Vernon.
W. T. Coggshall his been confirmed as
Minister to Ecquador. He has resigned his
position as private Secretary to Gov. Cox,
to take effect June 1st, and will be succeed
ed by Col. Gustavus Ilascora.
The amount of the Cadiz Bsnk money,
still unrecovered is accor ling to theStuben
ville Herald, $40 000. This with the re
ward makes the loss 860,000 a large
amount but much better thin 8360,009.
John R. Tennison, living near Felicity,
Clermo.it county, Ohio, murdered his wife
last week, first shooting her with a gun, and
then striking her with the same weapon re
versed. He then went to Felicity and gave
himself up to the authorities, but an hour af
terwards made bis escape and has not since
been heard of. ,
Isaac Larrison, awaiting trial in the Fair
field county jail for horse stealing, com
mitted suicide on Tuesday of last week.
The Shelby Democrat assures the public
that one of the beat and most prominent Re
publicans in Shelby county has announced
his intention to abandon the Republican
P'r--. ;
Mr. J. H. Baker, while at work in his
saw mill near Celina, Ohio, feel, against the
circular saw and was cut in two. The saw
entered his light hip and passed ; upward
through his left side. .' . V .
What is Congress?
The Constitution says :
"All legislative powers herein
granted shall be Tested in a Con
gress of the United States, which
shall consist of a Senate and House
of Representatives." .
The Constitution further says :
"The Ilouse of Representatives
shall be composed of members
chosen every second year by the
people of the several States," &c.
It further says:
"The Senate of the United States
shall be composed of two Sepators
from each State," &c.
These two bodies, therefore, con
stituted are made a Congress, in
accordance with the chief law of
Dayton Empire.
And yet a "rump," comprising
Representatives from only a por
tion of the States set itself up as
the Congress, and excludes the
Representatives of eleven States,
notwithstanding the Constitution
declares that "the Senate shall be
composed ef two Senators from
each State," the "rump" of that bo
dy excludes twenty-two Senators,
More Amendments.
In view of the fact that the Abo
litionists in Congress have propos
ed some eighty odd amendments to
the Constitution, a facetious fellow
in Kentucky, olleis the annexed
amendments for the consideration
of the Constitution tinkers:
1. Every freedman shall have a
bureau for himself, with a looking
glass on the top ot it, if he likes.
2. Every freedman shall have a
3. Every freed boy or girl shall
have a wardrobe.
4. Every freed child shall have
everything it cries for.
5. White people, whether tree or
not, must behave themselves.
6. All people of every color, ex
cept red, must vote.
Disfranchising Deserters.
Harrisbcro. Pa.. June 4. The
Supreme Court having adjourned
witnout announcing its decision, as
requested by the Governor, on the
Constitutionality of the act of Con
gress disfranchising deserters, the
mil passed the late session of the
Legislature for carrying into effect
the law of Congress, has this day
oeen approved by the Uovernor,
that immediate nrerjaration of the
records and certificates required
by the act may be commenced and
time afforded for the correction of
errors in the records.
The Fenian Invasion of Canada at
an End.
Yesterday nnd last night's news from
the Canadian border, seemed to justify the
conclusion that the Fenian Invasion of
Canada is at an end for the present. With
the Canadian authorities guarding one side
of the border and the United States autho
rities the other, the invasion of Canada by
the Fenians could not otherwise than prove
a failure. The Fenians that fell into the
hands of the United States military at Buf
falo have not been handed over to the
English authorities, and there Is a doubt
whether they will be handed over to them.
an End.--[Statesman.
To the Democratic press, the
proceedings of the Democratic
State Convention its platform and
its nominees gives the most un
bounded satisfaction. Never be
fore were they better satisfied.
Ridgeway, Canada, where the
Fenians met with some success
the other day, is a little place on
the Buffalo & Brantford railroad,
about ten miles west of Fort Erie,
on the route to the Welland canal.
It is more than intimated that
Wendell Phillips inherited his great
wealth from ancestors who made it
out of the manufacture of, and
traffic in New England rum and by
the African slave trade. Is this
true ?
The Leader of Monday morning
said that bo far as it could learn
very few of the Cleveland organiz
ed Fenians have as yet joined in
the movement against Canada.
Arthur Sheldon, the newly mar
ried young Indianian, who was sen
tenced to the Penitentiary for
three years" for mail robbery, has
been pardoned by the President.
According to a London paper, of
the 20.000: persons who attended
the Derby races recently
left the course beastly drunk
Thirty-six persons were convicted of
criminal offenses in the County Circuit
Court just closed at Sprinfleld, 111.
Secretary Skwabd has promised to at
tend the Douglas monument ceremonies at
In the event of war, the Italian and Aus
trian Governments have announced a de
termination to respect Swiss neutrality.
It is stated that a detachment of colored
men In New York city have offered their
services to fight for the Fenians.
So popular Is Gen. Ben. LeFever, that
Republican journals insist that some popu
lar military officer must be nominated In
opposition to him to insure success.
Dr. Hale, of Rock county, Wis
consin, has just had damages to
the amount of $786 86 inflicted on
him "fn Mooi'nr f Vi A wi'i'a rf TT
w aiajAii whj n iiu ui uxi xx a,m
vens, of the same county. Kissing
..1 J A 1. .1
wumu seem to do expensive in mat
A young man named Nazel, of Shelby
county, Ohio blowed into the muzzle of his
gun to ascertain if it was loaded, holding
the hammer back at the same time with bis
foot. His foot slipped, the gun went off,
and the contents went through his mouth
and the back part of his head.
Every man should take his coun
ty paper.
France is putting her army on a
war footing.
an End.--[Statesman. Commercial.
McArthur Produce Market.
MCARTHUR, O., May 31 1866.
Apples, (dried,)-18 00 Beeswax $ 23
Butter Beaut 2 00
Chickens 23 Cheose 25
Coffee 80a85 Eggs j
White Hah 12 Maokerol.. 12k
Cod Fish 12V ? allien 50u6O
Flonr 11 00 Leather 50
Lard 20 Molasses 73
Onions 1 00 Peaches.fdrled) I 00
Pork.... 15a20 Rice-... 13
Sugar 16U20 Suit 8 33
8turch 15 Timothv S JO
Flax 1 60 Tallow." 12
Whisky 3 Off
McArthur Grain Market.
Wheat, old Bed 12 00 New R.d-...2 00
Old White... 2 10 New White- 10
BhelledCorq 55 Corn, Ear 51
Oats 50 Kjo 80
Barley 80 Hay. a 00
Cincinnati Market.
Coffee. "We quote common Hlo at 27a
28c, prime do. at 2Ca31c ; choice do. at 31c.
common Java at 42c, and prime do at 45e
per lb.
Eggs Market dull and closed at 25c
per dozen for fresh, In good shipping or-
Flour Wc quote Superfine at $7 00a
7 60, new wheat extra at $7 75a9 00. old
wheat extra at $8 75a9 25. Family at $'J 25
alO 25, and Fancy at $10 OOall 50. Rye
flour $1 75 perbbf, Buckwheat flour $1 00a
4 25 per 100 lbs, and $8 OOalO 00 per bbl,
the latter for Eastern. Corn meal is active
atfl 50 per 100 lbs.
Grain We quote prime old Red wheat
at $1 80al 00. New Retl $1 80 for prime
and $1 OOal CO for Inferior. Some lots of
old White are offered at $2 30a$2 50. The
demand for Corn is still active, and prices
remain firm for ear at 53auoe per bushel.
Shelled 55u50e for mixed, and 75c Including
sacks. Outs in fair demand at 37c, and 3!)c
for choice. Rye in little demand, at 75c for
prime, A few sales of prime full barley
reported at $1 15al 20.
Sugar We quote raw at 13al0c ; yellow
rettned, 40a47c ; white soft rcllncd, llial8c :
hard refined. 10ii20c. ,
Cincinnati Wool Market.
For the Month Ending June 1, 1866.
Ohio Coarse. .! 42 to 45
Medium 45 to 60
Fine 60 to 55
Extra 65 to 02
Receipts aro beginning to come forward.
Prices very firm. Stocks in the Eastern
markets at the present time much reduced.
Demand aetive.
We would caution our friends making
Eurchases of wool in the country, not to
e over sanguine as to future prices, basing
their views on the present aspect of the
market; for notwithstanding wool is said
to be the lowest commodity on the market,
other commodities are as likely to come
down to meet the price ot wool, as it is to
take an upward turn to meet the prices of
other articles. Woolen goods are very dull
of sale, stocks of both imported and do
mestic are heavy and accumulating ; and
while in view of making early sales, the
recent temporary advance in gold and
light stocks of wool eastward, are pleasant
to contemplate, they might prove unprofi
table if taken as a basis for purchasing with
a view to selling during the summer and
fall months, after wool has commenced go
ing forward in quantity.
Produce & Commission Merchants
28 South William St. N. Y.
Sales made tor cash, and prompt returns
assured. Liberal advances made on Con
signments. All Goods fully insured on ar
rival. Mark Goods distinctly and brward
invoices. Wc quote for the week ending
April 10th, 1860.
flour O. R. II, S ,pcr bbl 8 15a 8 BO
O. E. T. Brands. . " 8 50aI2 00
rtk flour " 4 25a5 50
CORN AfKAL 3 00a 4 25
wheat Chicago spring prbu 1 COa 2 40
byk " 00a 85
corn mixed western u 77a 79
ycl & w western . .. " 73a 81
oats western " 55a 57
barley " 80a 1 25
seeds clover pr lb 8a 12
flax prbu 2 50a 2 70
timothy " 4 00a 4 50
beans medium and pea. . " 1 20a 1 50
hay pr c't 60a 70
butter O. com to good , pr lb 32a 38
pork mess ; ...prbl 25 25a26 00
prime "21 50a22 00
potatoes Dyckman .... " 3 00a 3 50
Mercer " 3 00a 3 25
Peach blows. " 2 50a 2 87
Pr Albert. ... " 2 25a 2 60
BEEF Mess " 15 00al9 00
Extra Mess " 20 00a24 00
cut meats Shoulder. .. pr lb 11a 12
Hams 16a ' 18
bacon Rough Sides " 23a - 14
Bellies 14a 15
Middles....:.'.1.. u . 14a 17
LARDIn Bbls & Tierces " 16a 18
IuKgs& Tubs... IGa 21
tallow . " 11a 12
beeswax.. " 39a 41
GINSENG : " 70a 00
tobacco Seed Leaf " 5a 25
furs Mink each 1 25a 6 00
Marten " 1 50a 6 00
Muskrat " 20a 40
maplk sugar In blocks per lb 18a 20
Small cOkes " 22a 25
Toe heat of the monthlies devoted to Liter
ature and Fashion. 2.60 a year. We give
Wheeler A Wilaon'a celebrated 5S Sewing
Machines on the following terras:
Twenty eopiea and the sewing machine 170
Thirty . V " " ." . 85"
Forty ' " -.'.lOO
Bend 1J ctsfor a sample copy to Duoow A
riTrniV, 319 Walnut it,, rhilalelrhia.
28 South William St. N. Y. Special Notices.
w - "wvu v -4 a 1 1 1 1 1 u vauiuui vs aur.
fort; different atytea, adapted to aacred and
secular mniio. for 130 to t8u0 each. Fifty-one
Qold and Silver Medals, or other first premiuma
niraea mem. I'insiraleo catalogue free. Aa-
d reM.M AtiUN & HAMLIN, Bnaton or MASON
BROTHERS, New York. eoplt ly
Errors or Youth.
A Gentleman who suffered for years from
Nervous Debility. Premature Decav. and all
theeffecta of youthful indUcrction, v ill, for
sake of m during humanity, rend free to all who
need it, the receipt and direction for making
the aiinple remedy by which he was cured.
Sufferer wialiirg to j'U.flt b) the adverUaer's
experlouce, can do bo by address tig
Jell-lr. Vo, 18 Chambers St., K. Y,
Striingc but True.
Every young lady and gentleman In the
United States can hear something verf much
tl their advantage by return mail, free of
elarge, by addr-asing lie undesigned. Those
having any fuara of beintr humbusi ed will
oblige by not noticing this card. All others
will please addres their obedient servant,
jell-ly. 831 Broadway, N. Y.
Do yon want Whiskers or MonsUchtal Our
Grtcian'Comnonnd will force them to erow on
he smoothest face or chin, or hair on bald heads
in Six Weeks. Yi ice 1 1,00. Sent by mail any
where, closely sealod, on receip' of price.
Address W AKFEK & CO., Box 133, Brooklyn
New York. . fcbia-ly
A. ENCK or AN intalid.
Published as a benefit and as a caution to
tocno men and others, who suffer from nervous
debility, premature docay of Manhood, &e.,
eupplying at tho sumo Umo Tin means or tur
eiRK. By one who Iibb cured himself after un
dergoing considerable quackery. By enclosing
a post-paid addressed envelope, single copies
free of oharge, may be had or the author.
Kings co., New York. fobl-ly
SEXU4L SYSTEMS new and relia
ble treatment. Also the BRIDAL CHAM
BER, an Essay of Warning and IiMruclion
Sent by mail in sealed envelopes, fiee of
charge Address. Dr. J, S K I L L I N
HOUGHTON, Howard Association. No.
3 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Oct. 13th 1865 lyr.
A Clergyman while residing in South Amcr
ca as a missionary . discovered a safe and sim
plo remedy lor the Cur of Nervous Weakness,
Early Decay, Diseases ofthe Urinary and
Seminal Organs, and the whole train of disord
ders brought on by banoful and vloious habita.
Great nnmboi havo been already cured by this
noble romody. l'romyted by a desire to bon
fit lie iflllctod and uu fortunate, I will Bono
the recipe fur preparing and usiDg this nudi
o'ne, in a sealed envolope.to any one who neodn
it, Kusr or Chaboe.
Pleoso inclose a postpaid oevelopo, address
ed to yourself.
Station D. Bidls Ilooiit,
Mar. lsth 1865 lyr. New York
To Coiixiimpllvcs).
The advorlier, having been restored tohonlth
In a few weeks by a very simple remody, after
having suffered for several years with a severe
lung affection, and that dread disease, Con
sumption ia anxious to mako known to his
fellow sufTeront the means of cure.
To all who desiro it, he will sond a copy of
the proscription nted, free of charge, with the
directions h.r preparing and using the same,
which hey will flDd sure cure for Consump
tion, Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and
all Throat ana Lung Affections. The only ob
ject of the advertiser in sending the Prescrip
tion ia to benefit tho afflicted and spread infor
mation which he oonceives to be invaluable,
and he hopes every sufferer will try hi remedy,
as It will cost them nothing and may prove a
Parties wishing th Proscription, trei, by
return mail, will please address,
William iburgh, Kings Co., N. Y.
January 11, 1368-ly.
Solomon Finney's Cstate.
NOTICE. Abram Finnoy administrator of
tho estate of Solomon Finnoy late of Vinton
county, Ohio, deceased, has filed his Account
and vouchers in the Probate Court of said
county of Vinton and State of Ohio, for inspec
tion and partial settlement and that the same
will be lor hearing in said court on the 18th
day of May A. D. 13-16, at 11 o'clock A. M. of
said day. May 8d A. D.18S8 . 9w
John Kennedy's Estate.
N OTICE. John R Kennedy Exocutor of the
estate of John Kon"edy, late of the
county of Vinton , and State of Ohio, deceased,
has filed his Accounts and vouchars ia the
Probate Conrtof said county of Vinton, and
State of Ohio, for In pection tnd partial settle
ment, and that the same will be for hearing in
said court on the 18th ''ay of May A.D. 1866,
a 11th o'olock A. M. of said day. Dated Mo
Arthur May 8d A. D. 1368.
May 8d 1866. 8w. EICIIARD CRAIG
Probate Judge.
John Keeton'8 Estate.
NOTICE is hereby giveu that the tindor
signed has been appointed and qualified as
administrator of the estate of Johu Koetonlate
of Vinton county, O., deoeaaed. All persons
having claims against the estate, will present
them for allowance, and all persons Indebted
to said estate, will please come forward and
settle immediately. Dated at McArtbo', 0.,
April 2, A. D. 1864.
"William Haburn's Estate.
NOTICE is here y given tbot the subscriber
has been duly appointed and quilifled as
administrator on tho estate of Wm. Uaburn.
late of Vinton connty Ohio doceased. Dated
at McArthur this 24th dy of May A D. 1868
Vinton Probate Court.
NOTICE. John Wall er adminisiutor of the
Estate of Samuel G. Scott, late of Vinton
county, Ohio, deceased, has filed his accounts
and vouchers in the l'rrbate Court of Vinton
county Ohio, for inspection and partial settle
ment, and that the saraj will be for hearing iu
said Court on Sat irday the 9:h day oi June A.
D. 1S68 at 1 o'clock F.M of said day.
MaT,M.8-w Probate Judge.
William M. McManus Estate.
NOTICE 1 hereby given ihl tb undor
signed has been appointed and duly quali
fied administratrix of the estate of Wm. M. Me
Manu deceased, lata of Vinton county, Ohio,
Joshua Speakmau's Estate.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
subscriber ha been appointed and quali
fied as Executor on the estate of Joanna Speak
man, lata of Vinton county, Ohio, doceased.
Dated at McArthur, this 24th day of May A' D.
1866, -w JOSHUA 8. SPEAKMAN.
rrobate Court.
VTOriCE. Jesse Brown Guardian of the per
il sod aid eclat of Mary M. Dixon, a minor
and log-. I representative of the eetare of Joseph
Dixon, deceased, has filed his aeoornt and
vouchers ir tli.' Probate Court of Vinton eonnry
Ohio, foi Inspection and partial settlement and
that the same will be for hearing on the 9th
day of .lane, A. D. 1866 v at 3 . o'clock P. M. in
said Court, Dated Uay t4th A.D 1866 8w
Probate JuJge,
KINO'S ; r:
GRAY-HEADED people leva their locks re
stored by if to the dark, Initroos, ailkea
tresecs of youth, and are happy I
Young people, with light, faded or red hair,
have these unfashionable color changed to.i
beautiful auburn, aad rejoice I
I'cople whose head ars covered wlth'dand
ruff and humors, us it, and have clear, coat
and clear and healthy scalps I
Bald-headed yeterana have their remaining"
lock tightened, and the bar spo soovared
with luxuriant growth ef hair, and dance tor
joy I
Young gentlemen tie it because it is riohl
perfumed I
Young ladies use It beause it keeps their
Lair in place I ..
Everybody must and will use It, because it 1
the cleanest and best article in the market I .
For Sale by Drug-gists Generally.
From Hot . Warren Chase, the Lccturor.
My hair and whiskers have been many year
gray. 'Ring's Vegetable Ambrosia" ha re
stored both to their original color, blaok.end,
covered the baldness oi the top of ray head
with a fine growth of black Lair. I have sev
eral friends who have used it with the same
results, and I cordially recommend it as on of
(he few medicines that will do what its label
and ciro'ilarsclaim forit.
October, 1865. Wairxn Ciiasi.
E. M Tubbs & Co., Tropriotors, Feterboro
New Hampshire. A B Msrriam 4 Co., Whole
sale Agonte, Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr J 8 Strong,
Agent, McArthur, Ohio. may8I-ly
f ANTED I Agents. Male and KemaM l
V tT 5 to ISO per month to sell the Cele
MICE, $18,00.
This Machino will do all kinda of woik equal
to tho high priced Machines, and is the only
practical and reliable Cheap 8owlcg Machine
f t the World. 8end for descriptive Circulars.
Address--SECOMB & CO., Chicago, Bl., or
Cleveland. Ohio. Principal Office, No. 8 Ct
tom Hous I'lace, Chicago, 111. mh2Jwly
Empire Shuttle Sewing Machines
Are Buperiort all other for
I'OSES. CONTAIN all the latest Improvements; are
speedy ; noiseless ; durable; and easy to
Illustrated Ciroulars free. Agents wanted.
Liberal discount allowed. No consignment,
Addri.s, EMPIRE S. M. CO., 586 Broadway,
New York. aaco may31y
Manhood; how Lost, how llestorcd
xffifs TTJST published, a new edition of
" Dr- Cniverwoli's Celebrated Ea
SKsay on the radical cure (without
ftwini SaitiT of Spermatorrhoea, or
seminal Weakness, Involuntary Seminel Losses
Impotcntcy, Mcntul Jand Physical Incapacity,
.'mpediments to marriage, etc.; also.Consump.
tion, Epilepsy, and Fits, induced by self-indulgence
or'scctual extravagance.
l-jT Prico in a sealed envelope, only 8 cents.
Tho celebratod authoi in this admirable essay
clearly demonstrates, from thiity years suc
cessful practice, that ho alrrming consequence
of self-buse may be radioally eartd without
the dangerous use of internal medicine or the
application of tho knife pointing out mode
of cure atoncosinplo, certain, and effectual, by
means of which every cofferer, no matter what
his condition may be, may care himself cheaply
privately and radically.
t3f" This led ire should be in the hands of
every youth and every man In the land.
Sent, under soal, In plain envelope, to any
address, post paid, on receipt of six cents, or
two post stamps. Address the publishers,
CIIA8. J. C. KLINE CO., 127 Bowery, N.
Y., Post Olfice box 4,!S6.
( Pile Rcmcdv
A8 cured thousands of
the worst eases of
Blind and Bleeding Pile.
It gives immediate relief, and offects a perma
nent ciue. i ry it directly it la warranted w
cure. For sale by all Druggists at 50 cents per
Jsnnary 18, 1968. ly. .
"Tut Money in thy Purse."
5 OA A Active sod reliable agents, mala or
aVvU fomalo, and of all ages, are ranted
to canvass every city, iown, village, hamlet
workshop, and factor.) throughout the entire
world, for the sale of onr
Watchee, Jewelry, Silver-Ware, Musical boxes
Albums and Other Articles.
Enorgotio persons cf good habits and fair bns
lness tact can dear over (25 per week in the
country, and a much larger araonnt In thickly
settled localities!
No Capital Required I ,
Samples of our articles, to the amount of3
will be sent by mail for inspection and If not
pirfecly satisfactory no charge. Send your ad -d
ess, if on aro of an industrious torn of mind
and in quest of immodiato wealth. Direct to
PARKINSON & CO.,lrupor'er.
fb8-Sm 203 Broadway, N.Y.
The best of Monthlies deroted to Fashion
and pure Lierature. 2,50syear: Twocopie
4: Eight (and onr gratis) 816. Wheeler fc
Wilson's Sewing Machines given as premiums.
Send 15 cents for a sample copy to Deaook ds
Petirson, 319 Walnut St., Philadelphia.
Single numbera for sal by tho Ne ws Dealers
The Lady's Friend devoted to Fashion anl
Literature. Beautiful steel engravings. Dou
ble size colored fashion plates. The latest
patterns of Dresses, Cloaks, Bonnets, Embroid
ery, to. Household receipts, tnuslo, &o.
Wheeler A Wilson Sewing Machine given a
Eremiums. Send 15 eta for a sample copy to
Iiaoo & Pitirsov, 319 Walnut at.,Phi!a.
Notice to Tax-Payers.
McARTHUR, May 10, 1866.
.rjllIE Books are in my hands for the col
X lection of the last naif of the Tax of
1S6S, . : . , k.j Z. .
1 will attend at my office In the Court
House, nt McArthur, until the 20th ot June
for the purpose of receiving Taxes.
mayl0w6 - -r i,
NOTICE, An t person obtaining Un sub
scribers, and sending o "the money, fir-
one ysar gratia. mv.i
JOB HUNTING executed with teatates
i and dispatch at' th Bicobd offl e, Brat
ton' Building, on door east of Conr t Hew,
(rp stairs.) .- L r. . . ....

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